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CH02: S [D05|2200] 7 Minutes in Heaven

Chapter 02:  Supplemental [ Day 05 | 2200 hrs. ] 7 Minutes in Heaven

[Lt. Zephyr Praise | Random Corridor #688 | USS Fakenterprise | Unknown Savi Ship]


It wasn't something that she honestly had experienced in a while.  She had enjoyed her work,her job, her projects.  She had enjoyed the secrecy of the base where she had worked and she had thrilled in discovering new things.  But, this, running down the corridor with Cross' badge in her hand after a Klingon that had a good head start; this was fun.  This was the kind of fun that brought a smile to the young Betazoid's face.  Her hair was bouncing all around her in it's subtle waves.  It could sometimes be curly, sometimes it wasn't, most of the time it was just waves and it was usually pulled up and out of the way anyway because she didn't like it falling in her face.  At one point it had reached down to her middle back but she had chopped it off after her failed engagement and never looked back.  She didn't want the long, hot tresses anymore they weren't her.  Back then she was naive, and young, and clumsy.  While she could still be clumsy when her mind was elsewhere Zephyr had grown quite a bit since then.

She was running, feet pounding on the corridor as she worked hard to catch up with Khorin.  She wasn't out of breath but with his long strides she could still feel that familiar burn in her lungs that reminded her that he was just taller than her.  She caught up enough that they were at least going at the same pace though she hoped he wasn't intending to go far because at some point she was going to get winded.  He might have extra lungs but she didn't.  They could only push her body so far.  Thankfully, she was able to keep up for now.

They rushed down the corridor to get the others to be safe, allow them to make their plans while they carried the commbadges away from them.  She looked over at Khorin and grinned as he realized that she had caught up beside him even though she was pushing her body and it's muscles to it's max and she figured he could likely run faster if he wanted but wasn't.

“So do you wink at all the dark eyed girls...?” she asked with a grin given in his general direction. 

“Only to the prettiest.” he replied a shit-eating grin on his face causing her to chuckle and shake her head.  She was doomed, he was charming, and adorable.  There was nothing she liked more than an adorable Klingon.  She had almost dated a Klingon once but distance and time had just not been right at the time.  Now, maybe, but then right now was neither the time nor the place.  She hoped that maybe, after all the shit finished hitting the fan, she would have time to enjoy some one on one time with the large beast of a man.

They came to a T cross, being able to go left or right.  She was glad for the pause for a moment her chest heaved slightly as they studied both directions.  She looked up at the large Klingon and grinned.  “Well I'd say coin toss but they didn't let me keep my pocket change so... right?”

She took off ahead of him this time.  She knew that he would catch up without any real effort but it was fun to have the upper hand on him for a few moments.  She booked it as fast as she could, and then sure enough, there he was.  She could see him coming out of the corner of her vision.  “Come on, you're a Klingon, you're not even trying.” she goaded him without looking at him over her shoulder but she could see him kick it up an extra pace which caused her to laugh without meaning to. 

“Over there!  I heard someone!”  called a voice that she couldn't put a name to. 

She paused and slid to a stop beside Khorin as they paused, breathing heavily, to listen.  The voice came again.  “I got combadge readings in this direction, it's definitely them.”

Zeph peeked around the corner of the closest corridor intersection and looked down.  Sure enough a few moments later there were four security officers coming down.  One of the men watching the PADD in his hand, the others with weapons were just watching the corridor.  She held up her hand with four fingers up so that Khorin would know what they were looking at.  Obviously, she couldn't read anything from them, they were holoprojections.  She pulled back so that they wouldn't be spotted.

“I say, we fight these guys.” she said in a low whisper.  “Pin the badges on them, then we go hide out a bit and see if any others come this way.  I think I see a door just around the corner, it either leads to a closet or a Quarters or something.  Either way we could listen from there and wait to keep the way clear for the others so they don't get surprised from behind or eavesdropped on.” she said looking up at her Klingon counterpart.

She unshouldered the rifle from her back and flicked off the safety with a grin.

“Ready to kick some holo hiney?” she asked raising her brow with a bright smile on her face.

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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Day 5 | Observation Pen | Precept-Ship Versant/ USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E | Corridors ]
Att.: @Blue Zephyr

A teaser. She was a teaser too.

He had always been the one who winded up everyone around him. He had always been proud, full of himself and had always felt the need to remind others that they needed to strive to become as awesome as he was. And there was that woman, shorter, svelter, willing to show him that not only her abilities were equal to his, but also she was able to overcome them. Khorin was surprised and delighted at the same time for that. At first he had found her attractive, as all the bold women seemed appealing to him. Even though the emptiness in her eyes disturbed him, pointing her as someone who could walk freely through his mind at her own wish. In spite of it, he had been captivated by the fierceness of her gaze, the strength of her will, the delicate femininity of her figure. Obviously he had made eyes at her, how not to do it? And then the vulcan had tried to embarrass him, so he had to act quickly to regain some dignity. Nerina's communication had come like a ring on his finger, and it had given him the opportunity to challenge her and spend some time together, if she would allow herself to take the challenge. And oh boy, she took the glove up.

They ran madly down the corridors, he trying to control his long strides, she stomping the aisle just behind him, playing all her cards to reach his side. And as soon as she arrived, the tease began,a soft smile brighten her face. He knew the game and how to play it, even when his hands tinkering nervously with his damned badge, the pilot answered his jibe with a quick praise and an overconfident grin. She chuckled softly and his heart jumped bewitched in his chest with the musical sound. A moment later his hearthbeat accelerated without his consent, no for the fast race, neither for the quick pace, it happened when he looked sideways at the woman, his smug smile still splashed in his face.

The T-cross reached him still looking at her, unable to take his eyes off Zeph, so her quick decision about the direction change caught him misstepped. He stood in the middle of the corridor for a moment, stupefied, watching as she frolicked away like a young animal, just enjoying the sight of the movement of her body under her uniform. When he wanted to realize what has happen, she got the upper-hand. "Hey! Not fair, come here!" He shouted, his pride falsely wounded before he run again, hunting her. There was something inherently appealing in chase to a beautiful woman, and while his long strides cut the distance that separated them, he found himself grunting with pleasure, bare teeth in his mouth. He'd always prided himself of being a ladies' man, but probably for the first time he'd found himself interested in more than the shortest route to the bedroom. There was something about the way they fell into such an easy banter so quickly that seized their attention - and at  such  an opportune time, too. "Come on, you're a Klingon, you're not even trying." she mocked him, taking him out of his befuddlement and prompting him to give his best to reach her. Soon he was back at his side, a witty comment ready to left his lips when a bunch of voices stopped them both.

While Zeph take a quick look around the corner, Khorin seized his rifle. This was his moment. He listened to the plan of the scientific officer smiling ominously. "Always ready and willing, beautiful" He rumbled, changing his expression for a more brazen one. "Let's see who has better marksmanship," he added, hurling himself toward the intersection, catching the holograms by surprise. His first shots toppled one of the armed security officers and the man with the Padd, totally disintegrating them. Below his right arm, Zeph's rapid cadence ended stunned the other two. "Hey dork, we need at least two of them, remember?" She chastised him, her sparkling eyes belying her admonitory tone. "And the guy with the padd count only a half, he was not even armed so... I win the game!" She told, music in her voice. Khorin gazed her with a hurt and grumpy expression as they prepared the unconscious holograms, pinning their commbadges to their clothes. "Ok, you win,"he finally admitted, while he threw the dead weights inside an empty quarter. "But i've not lost. I left you win 'cause I'm a gentleman" He snorted, knowing smile in his face.

Soon enough, they were turning the corner again, and stuffing themselves in a tiny closet, too narrow to let the bulky klingon and the slender betazoid feel at ease, their bodies brushing slightly in the tiny space. They were silent for a few seconds, just waiting to listen to another security team tracking the badges, but as the minutes thickened without anything happening, Khorin tilted his head, looking in the general direction of the woman. He couldn't see her, but he could hear her breathing, calmer now after a few minutes of rest, and also he could smell the subtle scent of her skin, something floral and earthy, like a garden. Without thinking too much, he tried to open his mind to her, as he had done in front of the armory. ~So this is what you do in your spare time? Kidnap brawny men and lock yourself in lockers with them? My poor Ma would be scandalized~ He joked around, his daring smirk hidden in the darkness. ~Her little naif pup, at the expense of a breathtaking femme fatale~ He continued lamenting his sad situation until he found almost impossible to contain the chuckle that rumbled in his chest. ~You know, back in the Homeworld I'm a nobleman, what will they say in my House if they could see me now?~

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[Lt. Zephyr Praise | Unknown Closet |  Unknown Corridor | Unknown Ship]

There it was again, beautiful.

Zephyr blushed softly, she wasn't used to such attention, not any more.  She had once been engaged but that had fallen though rather horribly some years ago and she had never really jumped back into the dating game.  She didn't wish to have her heart broken any longer and therefore had been far more careful in the past.  Though, instant chemistry was not lost on her, and she found her heart being pulled in the direction of the snarky and charismatic Klingon that she had taken off at a run with.  She had nearly dated a couple times, but the time in their lives never seemed to settle right, and both of them had fizzled before anything at all had begun.  Back on the Azurite station she had not found anyone that really struck her fancy and she tended to be far too involved in her hectic work schedule to go hunting someone down.

However, it seemed, perhaps if one were to believe in fate, that the right one had fallen into her lap after years of patience.  Though, she mentally admonished herself for such thoughts.  She knew that love was not instant, well, she assumed it for the most part because she had never experienced such things.  Though, she had heard of the word Imzadi and so forth, perhaps it was because she was currently full Betazoid and he happened to be in the right place.  Maybe her hormones were going crazy.  It was too hard to know, and not exactly the environment conducive to research.

He looked over at her, and challenged her to a marksmanship battle.  Her brow rose smoothly on her forehead as her lovely dark eyes zeroed in on his face.  “I think you underestimate me.  Allow me to prove you wrong.”

She winked as they both stepped out from behind the corner to the oncoming security team.  They began to lay down fire.  Shooting into the hallway, and taking shots from those that were coming up on them.  Both of them fearless in knowing that the holograms could not hurt them allowed them to be far more deadly.  She didn't mind the competition in fact she thrived on it, she never turned her back from a challenge and always was eager to at least try her hand at winning.  She was also not ashamed to lose because it just meant she needed to learn more.  Their banter back and forth was something of remarkable, and she enjoyed the easy way it was to be beside Khorin.  Even in battle it was like breathing.  They were battling each other, giving each other a hard time, and in the same breath doing the job that they were supposed to be doing.

They made an excellent team.

She won, hands down, of course there was some fancy mathematics at work but she wasn't about to let him win.  He didn't even fight her for it either, he seemed to concede to her causing her to grin widely.  He claimed that she didn't win, he had let her win, because he was a gentlemen.  “Sure, that's what you'll tell your buddies, but we'll both know what really happened.” she winked over at him with a smile that was even brighter than the grin from earlier.

They fixed the holoprograms with the combadges and got them prepped for decoys before she and Khorin quickly rushed into a small door way that lead, apparently, into a closet.  She couldn't see anything inside the closet and she didn't figure turning on the light above them was likely a wise decision.  Though everything was holographic there was no extra space.  She could feel the wall behind her, and straight in front of her, was the tall breathing form of the Klingon.  She could smell the scent of him, she wasn't sure what it was, but she liked it.  A lot.  She could hear his breath, and feel his body brushing against her own slender one.

She gasped slightly as she felt his mind connect with hers.  Zeph was still unused to such things like that.  She wasn't used to people just latching out with her mind so easily.  Especially, right now.  It was all very new to her, but the fact that he was letting her have full access to his mind was something of a massive trust thing for her.  She knew that he was trusting her not to go in and dive deep.  She smiled, though it was dark he enough he likely wouldn't see it.  He joked with her, in her mind, asking if she commonly kidnapped brawny men and locked herself up with them.

~Only the ones that keep my interest.~ she teased back mentally but telling him that she thought highly of him as well in the same breath.  ~Your Mother would adore me, I'm adorable.~ she shot back to him.  ~But would my father like a beefy Klingon with his daughter in a closed dark closet... I feel that I am the one that is truly scandalized here.~ she teased back she found herself very much drawn towards him.  It was neither the time nor the place for anything.. heavy but she still wanted to feel him.  She was very tactile, and so her hands found his own tracing the callouses with her slender well worked fingers.

~I think your noble house would not even remotely be ready for what's coming.~ she grinned her finger tips playing along the palms of his hands and the tips of his fingers.  Feeling his rough skin, the skin of a man that was not adverse to hard labor any more than she was.  Her eyes sought his in the dark finding his silhouette with her eyes getting used to the darkness.

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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Day 5 | Observation Pen | Precept-Ship Versant/ USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E | Unknown Closet]
Att.: @Blue Zephyr

Khorin had never believed in fate. Like many klingons, he had always believed that one forged his own destiny and that depending on how battle-hardened one was, each won his or her own rewards. And that starship, in some way, seemed to be rewarding him again and again, every minute he had been awake since his Correction. So, not for the first time if he had died and in those moments he was in Sto-Vo-Kor, glorified among the honourable dead. And that's why that woman, that formidable and beautiful woman, was there with him, their minds intertwined, her inner voice clearly proclaiming her interest in him, for his wondered awe. Although he allowed her to continue with her playful banter, he couldn't help but let out a pleasured purr, a gruff sound that born deep inside his rib cage and reverberate in the narrow space they shared.

~ Oh! I see ... Then I 'm not worthy of your attentions? Then I guess I'll have to go to Betazed, to your Father's House and preach my deeds in front of his doors, proclaim the prowess of my ancestors and thus prove to that persnickety Betazoid that I am the only man worthy to receive the attention of his beautiful daughter,~ he transmitted with fervour, his mind unable to filter the enthusiasm of his speech. ~ Although maybe I could simply challenge your father to a duel. If i can't be the perfect son-in-law... ~ he continued, the jocular tone of his threat intertwined between his words, slowly seeping between their two minds. However, his brain soon became quiet, when he felt the light touch of her fingertips on the palm of his hand. It was a soft, delicate contact, which got him gooseflesh. Khorin gently closed his hand over those fingers, and toyed with them until his fingers interlaced with hers. His other hand tenderly fondled the inner skin of her forearm, tracing the profile of her arm and shoulder, running up her slender neck until he cupped the side of her face.

~ Anyway, you'll not get rid of me easily, beautiful. Because I've decided to court you and it doesn't matter who tries to oppose that: your father, my House or all this damn ship, but nothing or nobody is going to stop me.~  His low voice hummed softly in their minds, while he placed one of her soft curls behind her ear, stroking her earlobe before gently moving her calloused fingers along the edge of her jaw. His other fist brought her hand to his own face, and he passed the soft back of her hand across the bearded cheek, inhaling the fragrance of her fingers. Since his Correction, his sense of smell was much more precise than before and allowed him to appreciate the subtle nuances that distilled her skin, intoxicating like a drug.

His other hand continued the caress of her face until it reached her chin, and forced her to lift her head towards his. His instinct urged him to act in one way, but the rational part of his brain knew it was not the place, not the moment. He rested his ridged forehead over her smooth one and sighed, eyes closed. When he opened them again, in the dimness of the closet he was barely able to distinguish the vague silhouette of her face, but he was able to see how dim beam of light reflected in her dark eyes, making them sparkle like a rare gemstone. Unable to suppress the urge any longer, Khorin turned his head, his avid lips searching for her mouth, sealing the promise he had made her before.

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[Lt. Zephyr Praise | Unknown Closet | Unknown Corridor | Unknown Ship | Unknown Space]

The joke was on the Klingon, as he claimed that he would fly to Betazed and fight her father for the right to date her.  She chuckled softly, and brushed her hair out of her face, as there was that one piece that was forever bothering her.  Still, her father was the human one in the relationship, and the reason that until the Savi showed up she had been only half-Betazoid.  Not that she was going to tell him that, and not that her father would even blink twice at a Klingon.  He had been an Engineer during her childhood and she remembered him never really looking scared at anyone or anything.  Though, he had never had to let one date his daughter either.  Both her sisters, as far as she knew, were still single.  They hadn't found anyone they really liked enough to marry and her mother was constantly talking about setting them up with potential suitors.  Luckily, Zephyr, being the youngest had been spared that discussion so far.

Helped that until now she had worked on a top secret research facility.

~Well, I'd like to see you try.  He's a pretty tough guy.~ she said with a bit of a grin as her eyes locked onto his.  In the darkness she could only make them out just a little bit, but she could feel so much more.  The way his words resounded in her mind, over and over again.  The way that he seemed comfortable with her being in there.  It was odd for her, so many times she was judged for an ability that she was born with.  Now, she was just glad that he wasn't telling her to get out of his head and keep her mind to herself. 

His voice trailed off the moment that she touched him, her eyes bore into his in the darkness.  She was very glad to be close to him, she knew she was weak.  She didn't have the heart of steel that others did and she had been single and alone far too long.  She had been burned, hit rock bottom, and she could only hope that this time she was not falling far too fast.  But, she probably was.  That was the issues with being Zephyr.  She gave her whole heart or nothing at all.  It was a curse, and it was a gift.

He closed his hand around hers and threaded their fingers.  Zephyr felt a lump rise in her throat as she enjoyed the touch far more than she ought to.  Then, his other hand slid up her forearm, brushing the skin underneath her uniform and straight up to her neck.  She couldn't do anything but breathe at the moment, his words came back to her again as he told her that she was not going to be able to be rid of him so easily and then called her beautiful again.  His large calloused hand, now on her face, cupping her cheek.  Zeph found herself leaning into it a little bit, relishing in the warmth.

~If you keep calling me that, I'm going to get a big head and start to think you're interested in me.~ she confessed into his mind.  His fingers took that damn piece of hair that never listened and he placed it firmly behind her ear.  She could hear her heart beat and little else, it was probably good they were speaking telepathically rather than any other way considering she doubted she would have been able to hear his voice over the thunder of her own heart.

She wanted to touch him, but she couldn't move.  It was as if she was out side her body and watching even though she wasn't.  Grateful, he brought his hand to his own bearded cheek and she felt the rough skin and the coarse hair underneath her fingers.  Spurring her into actual movement, she let her thumb brush over his cheek bone, very much enjoying the textures of his skin.  She wanted to touch the ridges of his forehead as well, but, this was not the time, and she need not rush this; whatever it was.  Swallowing heavily, audibly, she wasn't sure how long this moment would last.  It had altered so quickly from friendly banter to the fact that they were having this highly romantic filled moment in a closet on a holographic ship.

His fingers lifted her chin up, he was taller than her, a fact that she loved.  Most men were, but the taller the better when it came to the preferences of Zephyr Praise.  He leaned in and she thought he was about to kiss her, her stomach slid down into her abdomen while her heart raised up into her throat but instead his forehead came to rest on her own.  She could feel his ridges against her smooth skin and didn't care much that it was there.  It felt nice.  Her heart still pounded away as she sighed and closed his eyes.  Her fingers brushed up, taking this opportunity to brush over the sides of his ridges, the outskirts of them just a little bit.  His eyes opened again, and she feared she had taken her explorations too far, but .. apparently she had not.

He was there, again, only this time he was kissing her.  She could hear the gasp of her own lungs as their lips met.  Her fingers slid out of his beard, and off his face and into the hair behind him.  Kissing him back as fervently as he kissed her.  Letting his large, strong, arms wrap around her slender body to bring them even closer together.  She was not going to let their first time be in a holographic enemey ship's closet.  But there was nothing wrong with proving an attraction between them ran deeper than just buddies.  Their lips were locked, hungry, and she was starving.  She could not get enough of the man that had made the first move.  Soft small little sounds, almost whimpers, escaped from her lungs as she clung to the man in front of her, the one that was holding her against the wall with his body and his lips and not a single moment did she protest.

The kiss broke, and she leaned her head back breathing heavily.  Her eyes wide, and her heart rate soaring to the point that she was certain it was just on high instead of the highs and lows that a heart normally had.  Flat-high-line, was that a thing?  It should be a thing.  Swallowing heavily, her hands cupped his cheeks again, this time both of her thumbs brushed his cheek bones, staring into his eyes more and more as the night vision in her eyes began to truly make out shapes.  ~You've started something you cannot undo, I hope you know.~ her voice, even in his mind, a heavy heated whisper as she still struggled to get her thoughts together.  ~When we get off this boat.  When we are safe.  I want to see where this goes.~ she confessed to him, bringing her lips and his back together, one more good kiss... one more and they could go.

They should go.

They needed to go.

They had a plan now, get off the boat, get to safety, and be together.

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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Day 5 | Observation Pen | Precept-Ship Versant/ USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E | Unknown Closet]
Att.: @Blue Zephyr

Khorin let himself be carried by the moment, his arms enveloped her to get as close as possible, her firm body close to his, only the fabric of his uniforms separating their skins. He could feel her hands entangled in his hair and the soft sounds of Zeph resonated pleasantly against his chest. The Klingon growled softly, pleased by her response, his most basic instincts taking little by little control of his body. He wanted to grip her hand and make her bleed, just a bit, and that she did the same with his. And so...

Then they broke the kiss, she struggled to breathe normally, and he could barely hear anything except that and the sound of their two hearths running amok. Her hands encircled his head, caressing the sides of his face, tracing the lower parts of his ridges and he leaned against her right hand, enjoying the feeling and the ardent gaze of her black eyes. He burned with desire for her, He wasn't able to keep his eyes off of Zeph. He even wasn't sure how or why she had betwitched him, but he embraced the spell with blindly trust. When her mind talked to him, the Lone Wolf spread his fingers up her slender back, pressing her even more against him. ~ I do not want to undo it ~ Even in his own brain, his voice sounded throaty, his want evident on it. ~ I promise you we'll get out of here, out of this Hu'tegh place and I'll woo you, i'll sing about the fire and the steel in your heart, i'll praise the air you breath and the floor you step and, sooner or later, you'll be mine ... and i'll be yours. I swear this to you, Zeph, for my honor~ Khorin wasn't sure what prompted him to say those words, but as soon as they formed between their two minds, he knew they were true. Maybe the stories were right when they said that one could not oppose the beating of two Klingon hearts. Even if one of them beat in a non-klingon chest. ~ If we join together, no force can stop us. ~ As he spoke, his hands went up her back and neck, to frame her face, just like hers did with his. At another time, in another place things would be very different. The fighter pilot would give free rein to his instincts, and to hers, but they were imprisoned in enemy territory, with a fledgling revolt and they had yet to surrender the weapons that he still carried on his shoulder. They should leave that place. They MUST leave it. Even if he didn't want to. Even if he hoped she did not want to either.

Khorin stepped back to the other side of the locker, and that little step, that little gap between them, hurt him more than the brawl with HoloWorf. More than all the injuries he had suffered since he thaw out after almost burned himself alive in his cockpit.  The klingon heaved to heavy sigh, still looking at the betazoid into her unfathomable black eyes. ~ I ... ~ he began to say between their two intertwined minds, when a sound at the limit of his auditory range made him stop and look at the door, frowning. ~ ... Someone is coming ~

Even constrained by the limited space, the pilot found his way to seize the rifle and aimed it at the door, holding  his breathing. Soon, the murmur of voices became more evident, and it turned obvious that they gradually approached their position. He looked out the corner of his eye, hoping to find Zeph ready but also because he WANT to look at her, now that his sight had become accustomed to the darkness of his cubicle. What he saw didn't disappoint him and made him smile. He leaned slightly against her, brushing her side. Outside, the voices and the steps kept advancing towards them inexorably, fully audible in those moments.

"Team D was in this area when it stopped reporting, they had the trail of the two fugitives" Said a female voice with an authoritative tone. "Do you have their biosignals, Mr. Gloferv?" The reply came shortly after in the  sound of a Tellarite voice. "Those bastards are somewhere close around here, there are several signals of combadge, but they are confusing." The set of steps seemed to belong to a much larger group than the previous one. At least a dozen of them stopped in front of their door. Khorin felt trapped. He wasn't willing to let himself get caught up by those poor simulations of security officers, and let them drag Zeph with them. Without waiting to be discovered, he kicked the door, which hit one of his enemies and fired at first glance, a dreadful snarl growing in his throat. Immediately afterwards he left the locker, freeing the door for Zeph and prepared to put up a fight.

Hu'tegh → Damn

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[Lt. Zephyr Praise | Unknown Closet | Unknown Corridor | Fake Ship | Battle Time]

She feared, that he would mind her exploring his ridges.  She wasn't sure if they were something that often were touched but she found them interesting and as they slid underneath her fingers she loved the way that they felt.  So different, so alien, and yet, so beautiful at the same time.  She loved that he let her into his mind, she knew that most wouldn't.  They felt that it was an invasion and she tried very hard to keep her mind shut to those around her, even when she had only carried empathic abilities around with her.  Yet this, this was completely different.  He was open to her, he didn't tell her to get out, he let her feel him and see him and know him in a way that she had only dreamed would ever happen.  She had long since believed that the only way she could truly be open with someone was if they were half or full Betazoid like herself.  Yet, here was Khorin dead set to prove her wrong.

He pressed her closer, her chest stressed against his own with every breath but it felt good to be so close to someone.  He was solid, and strong, and yet there was something so fragile and gentle about him.  She could feel the way he wanted to take her, claim her, and yet there was some part of him that wanted to worship her and make her his princess.  It was a feeling and an emotional array that she had never expected to find in anyone, much less a Klingon.  But here he was, standing in front of her.  His hands sliding up to cup her face gently in his massive calloused hands.  Their faces only inches from one another and yet neither of them spoke at all.  Instead, they used her mental abilities and spoke in their minds while they enjoyed the closeness that they could afford. 

A few minutes, in what some would call, Heaven.

~I will take you as my own, and cherish our every day together.  Knowing that I have someone to call my own, to love and take care of.  I will make you proud every day that we can stand side by side.~ she whispered into his mind, she answered his own thoughts, his outpouring of.. whatever this was. 

Zephyr had heard the tales of the pull of an Imzadi and yet she had never felt that.  Love, yes, but the full all-encompassing pull of someone that just made you want to melt into your shoes.  That you were drawn too like they were a magnet, someone that filled the part of your soul that you didn't even know you were missing.  That was this feeling now.  It was like he was the water that filled her when she was too warm, he was the solid foundation upon which she could stand, and the guiding voice in her mind that would judge, not.  She didn't know if it was only the circumstances that lead her here or not, she also knew that anyone could fill the role of Imzadi, it didn't have to be someone just like her.  And apparently, it wasn't going to be.  It was going to be a brutish joking Klingon that made her knees weak and her heart melt.  She wanted to know everything about him, she wanted to know what he liked, disliked, hated.  She wanted to know what he was passionate about and what he could go on living without knowing.  She wanted to know him in all the ways that she could and yet right now she could not explore those feelings.

He stepped back.

She felt cold.  Without his warmth, without his body right there against her she felt the cool air rush between them and instantly she missed the contact with him.  Why does it hurt to be away from him?  Is that normal?  Maybe the correction addled my brain? she feared as he looked down at her, with all his strength and kind eyes.  He was about to speak, and then.. he heard them before she did, but moments later she could hear the foot steps and the voices outside.  They were being hunted, and while the holograms could do no actual harm to the people on the ship she didn't need the distracted from their actual plan just because she and Khorin had decided that they had something going on.  She was already getting her rifle off of her shoulder, she stepped up to Khorin, he leaned into her and she smiled up at him.  Fighting beside him was fun, and she had a feeling that once life went back to normal she was going to have very few opportunities to do so.  She took a deep breath and let it out.  Okay time to focus, it's time to actually get shit done and get off this ship.

She hit the door button just as the thick of the group was in front of them, she wasted no time, darting out and smashing the nearest one in the nose with the butt of her rifle.  They were too close for her phaser rifle to do her much good but she was trained well in hand to hand and so she took to being a whirlwind of flesh and bone.  She took a couple hits herself, her nose was bleeding by the time she got to the point where she had taken a couple down.  Khorin had taken down his fair share as well and both of them were grinning at one another happily.

“Lets go catch up with the others, lets get off this ship.  I'm tired of living here, I want to see what's in store for us.. out there.  Whatever it may be.” she said as she didn't wait for him she took off running.  “Come on!  You've got long legs, I dare you to beat me!”

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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Day 5 | Observation Pen | Precept-Ship Versant/ USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E | Unknown Closet]
Att.: @Blue Zephyr

The holo-officers were too close, so the rifles weren't their best option. The Klingon didn't care. Headbutting and fist fights had always been among his favorite pastimes and now that he was more powerful than ever, he let himself be carried away by the thrill of the fight. However, every now and then, he looked away from his contenders to look at Zephyr. It was in one of those gazes that he saw how a holographic fist hit the face of the betazoid, making her blood flow. Khorin felt how a sudden rage burst seized him and he threw himself over the petaQ that had dared to pour the blood of ... whatever Zephyr was for him, not yet his bangwI' but at least his Kyamo. HIS. The pilot's answer was quick and brutal, and when Khorin finished beating the hologram, its face was barely recognizable as such. And then he discovered too that the fight was over.

His partner had finished with her share of security officers and, despite the blood trail that stained her fair visage, she smiled at him. And he could only respond with his treadmark crooked grin, his heart jumping happily in his broad chest like a targ pup. When she spoke, almost wording his previous thoughts, he felt how his guts melted and his head lighten. And again he wondered how that woman had grown to captivate him so quickly, if maybe she had used a spell to bewitch him or if that was the way the par'Mach felt. But he couldn't keep thinking about it for long, because she ran playfully again, and, another time, Khorin saw her dashing ahead of him, teasing him anew.

"If you keep fleeing from me I'll believe you're not fond me!" He shouted, a cocky smile drawn in his face. He saw her turning around and changed his expression to a face of hurt pride, and instantly he heard her laughing happily. Khorin smiled again, and begun to hunt her, and although he could have easily reached her, he did not, but limited himself to enjoy the chase, how she worked harder when she felt him close, how she mocked him every time she got increase the distance between both.  Finally, he caught her, hugging her from behind, looming over her shoulder. He held her in a way that she couldn't move, but he didn't mean to hurt her, the klingon just wanted to hold her tightly, to let her know she could rely on him. He could have talked then, but he did not, preferring to use that intimate form of communication they had shared in their particular Sto-Vo-Kor at the closed. ~There, there, what I've caught? ~ He hummed, pressing her close to him. The Lone Wolf felt his mind empty without her presence, he craved for her thoughts braided with his, he needed her in a way he hadn't feel before, not physicaly but as she was the only water that could shoote the thirst of his soul. ~ I'm afraid you would need to bribe me if you want to free yourself ~ continued, nipping slightly her right ear, brushing his check against her impossible soft hair, just enjoying to have her close ~This Wolf doesn't compete if he doesn't have something to win~ He purred.

He kissed her tenderly on the cheek, contrasting the lovingly caress with the sinisterness of his words. Gently, he spin her around to face him and took his prize, kissing her again, savoring the metallic taste of her blood in her lips. He broke the kiss sooner than he wanted and gazed at her, worry in his eyes. He cleaned delicately the stain on her face, while guilt crept into his gaze. ~ I've fail you, my Kyamo, my beautiful ~ he apologized, searching for more injuries in her face. He smiled when he didn't find any more, and caressed her visage softly, with all the delicacy he was capable of. ~ I dunno what the future would bring, but, for now, tIqwIj bom chenmoH... You made my heart sing ~ He whispered longingly. Until then, the battle had been the only thing that had made his blood sing, epic songs of heroic deeds, of blood and war. But Zephyr shook his heart like no one else had. And now that he had found that song, he didn't want anymore.

bangwI' →Beloved
Kyamo → Beautiful
par'Mach → love, but with more aggressive or violent undertones
tIqwIj bom chenmoH. → You made my heart sing

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[Lt. Zephyr Praise | Unknown Corridor | Unknown Ship | Unknown Element]

They ran through the corridor.  Goading one another with playful banter and smiles.  It was almost as if they weren't on an alien ship in the middle of unknown space trying to get themselves rescued.  Or at the very least, trying to get themselves out of this horrendous situation.  But right here, there was something going on.  A connection between herself and this Klingon.  It was some sort of instant attraction the likes of which she had never felt before.  She had always heard tale of an Imzadi, tales of how you could meet someone that could just have that spark that made you really drawn to one another.  Nothing else was on your mind, other than the other person.  However, she had never truly felt that.  Though she had been deeply in love with Ethan she had also been crushed to the point where she had considered alternative options to the whole living situation.

He called after her and all he would hear in answer is a light melodic answer, nearly mocking because she knew that he could catch her if he wanted to.  She was strong and she was fast but there was no way that she could beat him.  He was stronger and probably much faster.  But, that was okay, she enjoyed their playfulness.  Now, whether this all continued when they weren't being faced with almost certain death it remained to be seen.

Khorin caught her and she grinned a large grin.  She hadn't figured it would take him long to do it.  He held her securely, but not tightly, against his chest.  She could feel him nipping at her ear and her insides melted against him.  She wished so badly they were alone, and they were in a place where they would be able to actually explore whatever it was that went on between them.  She wanted to know if this was something that would carry on when they were off the ship and into safety.  She knew that part of the attraction was finding something good in all the horrendous environments around them.  She just wanted to get off this ship and find out how they could continue to jive when they weren't in danger any more.

~I'll bribe you with kisses and lots of cuddles.~ she beamed against him. 

He turned her around and she looked up at him with those large dark eyes of hers and she smiled brightly as he leaned in.  He kissed her, and she wrapped her arms around him sliding her fingers through his beard and into his hair smoothly kissing him back.  She knew this was neither the time nor the place and they had to get back to the others.  They truly needed to get off this ship.  She was even more determined if that was possible than it had been before.  The kiss broke and she slid her nose against his, just letting the moment linger hearing his words heavily in her mind.  She never wanted to be fixed back to half-Betazoid if it meant she could keep the ability to connect to his mind.  To speak into it and hear his heavy voice that was all just hers.  His mental voice was all hers and no one elses.

Something to be cherished.

~You fail in nothing my Khor~ her mind whispered to his.  ~I do not know what the future brings either but I will stand beside you as long as we are able.~  He didn't know her past, what she was running from.  How she, this woman who belonged to none of the other ships, could be here all by herself.  She didn't need to explain herself right now but at some point she would have to and she knew there would be a lot of questions if anyone figured out she belonged to neither of the ships that were currently represented here.  She had a feeling that most people figured she was just from the 'other' ship.  It would come out eventually and she feared being labeled a spy or something.  Nothing she could tell anyone about right now.  They didn't need to know everything, she was an officer and it was something they could verify once they got back to … where ever they would end up after all of this was over. 

~come on, lets meet up with the others and get off this ship.~ she said as she kissed his cheek softly and slid behind him.  ~Give me a boost?  Lets be badass together.~ she said as she hoisted herself up onto his back and then his shoulders.  She felt very tall all of a sudden as she secured herself on his shoulders and got her rifle ready for all the holographic assholes they were going to take down.

“Lets do this.” she grinned darkly.  “Into battle!”


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