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[ USS Theurgy | Corridor | Deck 05 | 1200 hrs. ] Attn: Kurohigi
Selena (Luna) Ravenholm

Well that was easier than i thought it would be she said to herself wiping her hands as an single small spark seemed to zip down the hall from one holo emitter to another.  It was beautiful in a certain way as the line raced away in a matter of less than a second.  It was as if a fuse was skipping along the walls at the points of the holoprojectors.  Within 30 seconds every projector on the ship would have "malfunctioned" burning out a small easily replaceable but crucial isolinier chip that regulated way the projectors focused light.

Sure T'rena probably would have expected sparks flying everywhere as explosions erupted from the walls but Luna would be damned if she was gonna go around replacing every holoprojector on the ship just so they could utilize Thea once she was reprogrammed.    It was so much easier to send a litlte virus that overloaded this single chip anyways.  Besides any peon with an IQ over 20 could easily replace the isolinier chip in question.  Hell give the security guards each a pocket full of them to install on their regular rounds after the takeover is complete and the projectors would be repaired within 2 hours tops.  Needless to say Selena was a bit proud of how effectively she had utterly wrecked the capabilities of Thea to project at will while making the damage so easily reversible.

She really couldn't believe the way CirCie had sabotaged the cloaking device.  All that damage done and power lost.  Selena knew she could have done the job and had the ship at full functionality again in a matter of hours.  Still that wasn't her task.  In fact she had only became aware of her task moments after the Vulcan had begun her sabotage.  If she had been let in on the plan she was sure she could have offered a much more efficient means of delivering the ship virtually undamaged to her Captain.

she neared the Holographics lab, Her true objective and smirked.  "Well Thea, guess I'm gonna get to know you whether you want it or not."  She said her face being graced by a mischievously seductive smirk.  talking to herself as she approached the door and retrieved her Paralyzer from her thigh compartment.  "Locked,  nice try kid but I've opened doors a lot stronger than this one." 

Within moments her fingers were grazing the keypad and the door unlocked and opened. She put her back to the outside wall  knowing that the holographics expert was likely to not give up Thea's emitter so willingly.  It would be safer if she made him give up his position by coming after her than letting herself be an easy target if he happened to have a means of defending his lab.  If he gave away his position the fight would be over with a simple shot and she would have obtained the item she was looking for without harm coming to someone that if properly convinced could prove to be a very valuable asset to the new crew.

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[ Digital Oblivion ] Attn: Everyone (esp. Kurohigi & IronFerrox)

The rising threat to Thea had come along unbeknownst to her, and especially so now, when her mobile emitter was at at risk of being stolen. It all happened outside her spectrum of awareness, since just minutes ago, her pasitronic brain had been deactivated. Instead of her, Ravenholm had activated the backup computer interface system, which might still use the audio files with Thea's voice imprint, but was no more sophisticated than any other starship computer in Starfleet.

The only warning she got before the digital oblivion had settled over her consciousness was Ravenholm entering the Main Computer Core. That was, she had registered how the cybernetically augmented woman that had slept in her quarters had entered the room with her internal sensors, but not observed what she had done there since her surveillance system was not repaired yet after the first battle with the Calamity. Her projection had been elsewhere, tending to the wounded in Sickbay after the cascade failure that had originated from Main Engineering. The plasma relays exploding had resulted in many injured, even if the number of casualties had - so far - been far less than what Thea had first estimated.

If there had been the tiniest electrical synapse in her pasitronic brain core, it had been the raw emotion of fear. All that was left of Thea was the copy stored in the mobile emitter, which had yet to finish it recharging cycle... resting in its docking station.

[ USS Theurgy | Main Sickbay | Deck 07 | 1200 hrs. ]
Attn: Searcher, Doctor Maya, Sirus, Zenozine, Brutus, TheBanshee & The Counselor

Before Thea had been deactivated, Thea had been applying dermaline gel upon the torso of an engineer in the Recovery Ward. The man had not been conscious, so he had not noticed her vanishing, but if some nurse passed by the biobed, the nurse would likely find it odd that the canister had been left open on its tray, as if left in a hurry.

The door to Surgical Suite 02 was closed, because inside, the Chief Medical Officer was performing open heart surgery upon Lieutenant Tia Marlowe. Her old heart, damaged as it were by the current that had passed through it, was resting on a metallic tray next to the biobed. Assisting in the surgery was another doctor and a nurse. The former was Dr. Lahkesis Saugn, having recovered from her own injuries that morning through the unusual means of mineral water and artificial solar radiation. Yet recovered she was, and with the current workload in Sickbay, it was not like there was any opportunity to rest, even if there had been any need for it. The Teslyliac duplicate was truly remarkable in that sense, if not for her other features. The nurse that assisted both the doctors was Hylota Vojona, the Ovri that - unfortunately - was not likely to get another private session with Dr. Nicander given what had happened in Sickbay.

The team of three persons were just lowering the artificial heart into Tia's open chest cavity when the holographic emitters in the ceiling frizzled and died, which made Dr. Nicander frown, looking to the other two before continuing the surgery - their priority being their patient. Besides, the emitters dying was likely a belated effect of the plasma relays blowing across the ship. "If either of you have a moment, please check what happened on the control panel over there. Or ask Thea, she ought to know."

Outside, in the Recovery Ward, there was a slight complication when the holoemitters malfunctioned. Nurse Vinata Vojona was still recovering from his injuries from Theta Eridani IV, and as a part of the Ovri's recovery, he was supposed to not cover his skin with clothing. To preserve his modesty, a holographic curtain had been activated around his corner of the Ward, but now, the curtain was gone, and he was exposed to the entire area filled with injured and medical personnel.

Given the amount of injured from Theta Eridani IV and the number of new patients that had arrived, patients were being treated on mattresses along the edges of the area, with regular medical tricorders substituting for biobed diagnostics. The Chief Counsellor was likely not in her office, her oath as a doctor likely having drawn her out to assist the other medical officers. They were all there, Head Nurse Eve Jenkins and Doctor Maya too, with Nurse Maal there to assist them all as best as he might.

Then, there was an unexpected gathering of people arriving to the scene, consisting of the botanical scientist Cir'Cie, with her green eyes searching the faces before her, and officers of different rank and positions at her sides. Ten people with only two things in common, one being that they were not injured, and secondly... that they were all armed.

True, Cir'Cie still had a limp since the ordeal at the mountainside on Theta Eridani IV, where Dr. O'Connor had saved her, but the fact that she held a hand phaser at her side made in unmistakable that she was not there for any further treatment.

"Would someone please tell us where we can find the Chief Medical Officer," she asked with her smooth and emotionless voice - eyes unblinking as she awaited an answer.

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Surgury had been going much as expected when something drew Lahkesis' thoughts out of the task at hand. As the emitters flicked off she looked up from the heart-lung machine she had been monitoring. She had only been slightly aware of them to begin with, though now that they were deactivated a faint expression of worry crossed her face. Though now was not the time to give them any thoughts, keeping a patient on the heart-lung machine any longer then need be was dangerous, even at the best of times and she feared this would quickly become something far less than that.

"If either of you have a moment, please check what happened on the control panel over there. Or ask Thea, she ought to know."

She glanced to the Chief Doctor and nodded. "Thea, What is the status of the holo-emitters in Surgical Suite 02? They seem to have deactivated," Lahkesis asked aloud, she didn't want to leave the temperamental machine. She was occupied with continuing to make some adjustments to the flow of blood and oxygen level of said blood. The last thing she needed was for the patient's condition to change and the machine to need reconfiguring.

At the silence that followed Lahkesis gave the chief a concerned look as the pang of fear flooded through her, showing itself on her face. The silent question was asked. What now?

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[ Ensign Maya | Main Sickbay | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ]

"Would someone please tell us where we can find the Chief Medical Officer?" Ensign Cir'Cie asked as calmly as a diner asking someone to pass the salt.  This calm wouldn't have been unnatural, especially from a Vulcan, but with a hand phaser at her hip and nine other officers and crew behind her who were similarly armed, an emergency was almost certainly transpiring. 

Maya may have been Cir'Cie's regular doctor but no one could describe them as friends.  Maya didn't associate with Cir'Cie.  Nobody really noticed it because until recently Maya had been working the night shift.  They were two women from the same planet who were the same rank and even had the same color on the collars of their uniforms, but no one onboard could remember seeing Cir'Cie and Maya together in a social setting.  Of course, neither of them was very social, so it was something easy to miss.

Doctor Maya's large hazel eyes were as composed as her long narrow face as she noted the presence of sidearms on the assembled party.  When the holoemitters go out in sickbay, the proper response was for a group carrying toolkits to enter the room, not a party armed with phasers.  Most of them weren't even security personnel; to say that something was wrong would be an understatement.  Nevertheless Maya didn't believe in escalating the situation with so many wounded present. 

"Doctor Nicander is in surgery and cannot be disturbed right now," the shorter Vulcan replied in a professional tone.  "May I take a message?"

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[ USS Theurgy | Main Sickbay | Deck 07 | 1200 hrs. ]

As the holo emitter fizzled Hylota looked up briefly to not this and took out the basic tricorder ad did a quick scan to see in any hazardous particles had been put out. I would not be good to have toxic agents ending up in the chest cavity of essential crew. Fining that nothing that was put off was hazardous to the surgery Hylota returned to her role in the operation and stopped to think for a moment about the holo emitter and looked back to the door lading to the other patient and her brother. Knowing the sensitivity of her brother's appearance she did not wish to risk his decency and thought she should go check up on that quickly.

Hylota handed off another tool to Lucan and then spoke as he was no longer in a vital moment. "Doctor, I would like to poke my head out to check on the other holo emitters.Since we have them being used to service patient and keep privacy, I would like to make sure that they are in fact still operational." She was mostly worried about Vinata but the fact of the matter was that if all of the emitters were down, then something a wrong. One single system did not go down without taking others with it, if the holo emitters were down allover it as likely a targeted action.

[ USS Theurgy | Recovery Ward | Deck 07 | 1200 hrs. ]

Meanwhile Vinata was certain hat things were wrong as he was going through some stretches to work out his body for the time he had to be stuck in isolation due to Ovri regulations, but as he was stretching out his back and facing towards the rest of the sickbay the holo curtain failed. Vinata was left exposed and standing with his chest on full display of the rest of the medical staff and patients. He turned a deep violet as he covered his chest with his arms, leaving his smooth crotch exposed as he looked around and he gently smacked the protective barrier to make sure it was still there and to get the attention of someone.

He looked about and noted the people staring at him thinking he was a woman and he bit his lip lightly before speaking to anyone that would hear him. "Um excuse me, the holo emitter seems to have failed here. Could I get a gown or a screen to conceal me please? I would rather not have to cover my chest like his until the problem is fixed." Vinata was curious what had happened, his type of this should not have happened, the holo emitters in the medical bay were designed to work even through battles, and they had worked through most of the chaos hat had ensued without having trouble where he was. He hoped that this was just some engineering mishap after the latest calamity, but the Ovri were raised to look at thing in different ways, he could not stop himself from thinking about the worst possible cases for what was happening.

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[Fighter Assault Bay 1158 hrs]
Attn: all lone wolves and deck crew

Miles Paced around his fighter finishing his rounds of the hangar bay.  HE was more than pleased at the productivity that his pilots and the deck crew had put forth in the wake of the murder.  he couldn't help but wonder if they were subconsciously working harder in either respect of the dead or to spite the murderer but nonetheless His own sped up request was nearing full completion despite the malfunctions that had occurred less than an hour before.  At the moment each and every valkyrie was at no less than 90 percent launch ready and the remaining 10 percent to ready were the preflight checklists, topping off the Antimatter and deuterium chambers, and filling in a few fighters' empty hardpoints.

IN a bit of impatient unease he looked at the chronometer readout on his kneepadd and sighed.  "T-minus 2 mins on 1200 hrs and still no request from the bridge on status.  Something Ain't right."  he said to himself as he watched another minute tick away then another.

It was now Noon 1200 hrs and no word from the bridge.  With his above usual ranged hearing he saught the soft sound of multiple shorts as he jerked his head around the bay for a moment discerning the direction though unsure of the source or sources. 'probably just collateral damage from those plasma relay shorts'  he thought to himself as he tapped the combadge.  "SCO to Miss-ops whats the status on ETA to Starbase. Over."

There was no answer.  "Repeat, This is miles to mission ops What is the ETA for arrival at the star-base over."

Miles looked around and looked outside to emptiness of space outside the hangar bay looking with wonder at the emptiness and vacuum that was merely a forcefield away from tearing the bay apart with the torrent of a decompressive wave.  Something out there caught his eye.  If he didn't know better he swore he saw some movement like a faint shadow moving against the backdrop.  'a cloak, could someone else be spying on us?'  he thought initially having heard old stories of how Klingon birds of prey  captains would stay in a ships engine wake waiting for the right moments to pounce.  walking over towards his fighter he spoke up to noone in particular.  "Thea, according to scans are there any anomalies detected within line of sight of the hangar bay.  No answer.  Not even from Thea.

This is just plain weird he thought to himself as he stepped up into his fighter to check its readiness status as it was still running a preflight systems efficiency test.  He could already see an error on his ships sensors though.  TO diagnose it better he brought up the live sensor readout and shook his head seeing something where he had been looking.  Multiple small craft approaching Thergy Hangar by entrance estimated time to collision less than 5 minutes.  "The hell?"  Miles brought up a detailed scan and his face went white with horror not because of seeing the telltale return beacons of the entire squadron of Valk 2's on approach.  It was at this very moment that he looked towards the security checkpoint and saw to his horror One of the security walking over to the hangar bay corridor entrance and open the door before drawing his phaser and Destroying the door controls leaving the door wide open.  It was less than a second later that he had opened fire on two of the other security officers a third officer reacting in time to put the betraying security noncom down.

Miles quickly tapped his combadge SCO to Lone wolves multiple contacts inbound ETA less than five,   Launch if you can repeat all flight ready Wolves scramble.  Miles tapped the combadge again opening a deckwide channel over the PA system.  "All hands on deck this is lieutenant commander Miles Renard Lone wolves SCO.  It appears that we are under attack by the Harbinger Personnel I repeat we are under attack.  I am ordering an evacuation of the Hangar bay all hands are to retreat to a Defensible position.  All deck crew clear the flight deck Full squadron scramble order has been given.  I repeat Clear deck all available wolves are ordered to launch.  Orders are target Valkyrie 2's and kill on sight I repeat Valk 2s are Kill on sight.  Non-flight ready wolves arm yourselves and disperse available weaponry to deck crew.  Looks like we have company incoming."

He jumped from his fighter as he tossed the Phaser from the safe to a nearby Deck crew noncom and did the same with his type 2 from within his fighter and slung the type three to his shoulder flipping up the targeting reticule on it and setting its small screen on a zoomed setting before aiming downrange at one of the many aggressors he could see beginning to swarm through the door.  "Everyone take cover! We have incoming and they don't look friendly.,"  he shouted Getting into a kneeling position behind some cover and opened fire on one of the first through the port door.  seeing this invasion another thought came to mind.  "Please don't tell me you were in on this Valky."  He said thinking aloud about how he hoped that The one person he had truly felt close to in a long time hadn't betrayed his entire world.  Then a even worse thought came to him.  What if she wasn't in on it.  What could be happening to her in that case.

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[Fighter assault bay, 1159]

Following the announcement of the murder to his deck gang, Sten Convington had little time to let them absorb the knowledge. There was a mission to accomplish and every man and woman he led had work to do. But he knew they could do it. A pleasant consequence of being attached to the testbed platform for the field-testing of the Mk III fighters was that he had been able to bring on a deck crew of his own choosing. Each and every one he knew. Marquette had been his second when these new fighters were being designed and going through their initial flight testing. Thomason he had trained himself in a recent Chief of Flight Deck Operations qualifications. As for the rest of them they were a collection of recent trainees who had earned his positive notice, were experienced hands on operational decks or had been involved in the Mk III program. And all of them knew what it was like to lose a teammate, either through accident, negligence or stupidity or as a result of his training methods which involved the clever use of holo-emitters to simulate dreadful results.

As such, they worked hard, pushing their shock and outrage to the back burner so they could do their jobs under the careful eye and unerring direction of Papa Bear. And when no call to launch fighters came, the Chief did not ponder or even worth about it. Even the best-laid plans could go astray. And truth be told, having more time to prepare was always a good thing.

But what he had not expected was the urgent call to scramble accompanied by the shrieks of phaser fire. What in the world was going on? Instinctively, he drew his own phaser which he'd retrieved shortly after briefing his crew. He was, after all, Papa Bear and protecting his people was what he did. And showing he was armed was a reminder he'd never allow anything to happen to them.

No sooner had Iron Fox gotten off the PA, Sten's fingers worked his PADD and the deck's action alarm sounded, a sound much different from the dread klaxon of Red Alert for obvious reasons. "Scramble, scramble, scramble!" He bellowed. "Marquette, arm up and back up the Sir. Thomason, get those other doors shut! Someone get us an alternate exit. MOVE!"

From his end, Covington did not even draw his weapon. He had real work to do. And, taking cover between two fighters, he gestured to the first one in which a pilot was getting strapped in and gave the signal to launch. Despite the scramble order, traffic still needed to be directed since the birds were not lined up in an orderly launch order and the last thing they needed was a crash in the bay.

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[  Tessa May Lance | USS Theurgy | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 | 1200 hrs. ]

Lieutenant Tessa Maya Lance, callsign 'Goldeneye' had taken a shower after struggling valiantly to get her Valkyrie ready to launch in time.  It wasn't, and there was no one to blame up herself.  Lord knew that Sten Covington and his people had bent over backwards to get all the fighters ready.   She hadn't been pulling her own weight, and everybody had been covering for her.  Petty Officer Adara Hussien, a small dark Terran deckhand of Arabian descent had promised to get her bird back together while Tessa washed the engine grease off and got into her flight suit.  As Tessa suited up in the locker room she wondered how many of her friends would die because she was tardy.
They were heading on a suicide mission that would reveal the truth to the United Federation of Planets.  Whether they lived or died wouldn't matter if they succeeded.  Other ships and other crews would take up their banner and fight until the war was won.  So why was Goldeneye dragging her feet?  Being hungover was no excuse.  Everyone was hungover.  Everyone was stressed out.  They all were fighting post-traumatic stress disorder.  So why wasn't Tessa hauling her share of the load?  Was she doing this on purpose?

She squeaked and staggered backwards when she heard Miles Renard's voice coming out of her combadge.  "All hands on deck this is lieutenant commander Miles Renard Lone wolves SCO.  It appears that we are under attack by the Harbinger personnel.  I repeat we are under attack.  I am ordering an evacuation of the Hangar bay all hands are to retreat to a Defensible position.  All deck crew clear the flight deck Full squadron scramble order has been given.  I repeat Clear deck all available wolves are ordered to launch.  Orders are target Valkyrie 2's and kill on sight I repeat Valk 2s are Kill on sight.  Non-flight ready wolves arm yourselves and disperse available weaponry to deck crew.  Looks like we have company incoming." 

The Harbinger personnel were attacking?  Were they crazy?  No matter who won, both ships would lose the war of attrition.  It wasn't as if either ship was getting resupplied after all, and replacement crew was impossible to find.  How insane did they have to be to...?

Her blood ran cold when she reviewed Ironwolf's last words:  "Non-flight ready wolves arm yourselves and disperse available weaponry to deck crew."  That meant there were enemies aboard the ship as well as attacking from the outside.   This was a new level of fracked. 

Her hand slid down to the pocket in her flightsuit that held her tiny hand phaser.  The small, hand-held 'type one' hand phaser was easily concealable was less than ten centimeters long and two and a half centimeters wide, perfect to bring along in your fighter for emergencies or appearing unarmed so you won't be a priority target.  It had only eight settings but that was more than enough if you were fighting personnel and not trying to cut through a bulkhead.  Phaser in hand she kept over to the door separating the locker room from the flight deck.  She'd just open the door a crack and peek out and see what was going on...

The door sounded deafening loud as it hissed open automatically and revealed her to the hanger bay.  So much for being stealthy!  Thank goodness her Valkyrie was parked right in front of the locker room.  Evelyn Rawley's Valk was on the right and Wolf-08's fighter was to the left.  Together they blocked the view of the door out where the bad guys had to be coming in. 

Her eyes nearly jumped out of her head when she saw Wolf-08's fighter move away to reveal one of the security noncoms who had been assigned to the flight deck.  He was furtively making his way to Ironwolf and Papa Bear's office.  Behind him was the exit to the corridor wide open with three comatose security personnel lying the deck nearby.    

Screaming like a banshee, Tessa closed her eyes and fired her tiny phaser five times at him.  The phaser was set for stun; it didn't matter what she hit as long as she got that backstabbing son of a targ.  She was rewarded by the sound of a groan and the thump of a body hitting the deck.  Opening her eyes she saw the comatose coffee colored corpus of Petty Officer Jacque Marquette, the deck hand Sten had sent to the secret weapon's locker in their office.  Of the treacherous security man there was no sign. 

Until the door slid open on the office door and he came out firing that is.  Tessa shrieked and did an impressively athletic dance as she jumped and dodged to get out of the way before finally leaping behind her fighter.

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[ Sickbay | Surgical Suite 02 ] Attn: Sirus & Nevomite

His mouth covered by his teal mask, Lucan raised his pale eyes to catch the concerned look of Doctor Saugn, and he also wondered why the Ship A.I. had fallen silent, not to mention what had just happened to the emitters. Clearly, there had to be a connection, and the question was whether or not the problem was restricted to the surgical suite alone.

Then, Nurse Vojona requested to step outside to investigate, and Lucan turned his head towards her before replying. "Please do," he said and turned his eyes back to the artificial heart, resting there in Lieutenant Marlowe's open chest cavity, "And come back here with what you have found out. If there is nothing urgent, remember to return via one of the decontamination chambers. Doctor Saugn and I will try to finish the surgery in the meantime."

Thoughts racing behind his eyes as he worked to connect the major arteries with the short tubes of the new heart, he looked up towards Lahkesis - this unique Teslyliac duplicate that had served in Sickbay for some time. "She seems to handle the physical strain of the surgery quite well, so if there is something amiss, why don't you join me with the dermal regenerator and mend the areas I finish as I proceed? If we are under attack, we might endanger the patients' life by not finishing this as soon as we can, because if we have to leave her like that, there is no telling what might happen." Lucan started working more quickly, switching medical equipment from the tray next to him on his own since he had no nurse available. "I have already connected one of the major aortas, and if you keep pace with me, we'll be ready to close her in just a couple of minutes unless something unforeseen happens. Are you ready?"

As he began, and despite how much of his attention the surgery demanded from him, his thoughts strayed to the potential situation evolving outside the doors of the surgical suite. He did not like to be out of control of the events that unfolded around him.

[ Sickbay | Recovery Ward ] Attn: Doctor Maya, Zenozine, Searcher, Brutus

“Doctor Nicander is in surgery and cannot be disturbed right now,” Cir'Cie heard the shorter Vulcan say. “May I take a message?”

"I understand," said the botanist Vulcan, who's expertise in the field of engineering had been found lacking during the sabotage, but who was still science officer enough to know perfectly well where Doctor Maya had just told her that the CMO was, "so he is either in the primary unit by his office or he is in one of the surgical suites. Thank you, now please step aside."

To emphasise her request, the Ops Officer behind her shoulder raised his phaser to point it at the Vulcan from the hip.  Then Cir'Cie and the people behind her brushed past the Medical Officer standing in their way.

At the farthest back corner of the Recovery Ward, an alien voice rose with a chirping intonation. "Um excuse me, the holo emitter seems to have failed here. Could I get a gown or a screen to conceal me please? I would rather not have to cover my chest like his until the problem is fixed." Cir'Cie, however, ignored the Ovri male,  merely giving him an appraising glance as she was limping to the farthest door of the ward that, the door that  would take them to the corridors that connected all parts of Sickbay. She rounded on the gathered people and spoke to them all.

"As of 1200 hrs today, this ship is no longer under the command of Captain Jien Ives, who will likely be confined to the Brig henceforth." She spoke as if commenting on the growth of weed in the hydroponics bay. "At the senior staff meeting this morning, your former Captain proved how he - or she - was unfit for command because of the dangerous nature of our next mission, a mission that was supposed to be out last. Instead of us all committing suicide, the USS Theurgy is now under the command of Commodore Vasser and Captain T'Rena, who will provide us all with a means to survive, and to fight the enemy at a far better ratio of success than in our previous course-of-action. Please return to your regular duties while we take necessary measures to facilitate the ship's new command."

Cir'Cie then turned to her entourage. "The five of you will accompany me to the CMO office and the primary surgical suite, the rest of you will search the other surgery rooms by the decontamination chambers. Secure the CMO so that I can show him the futility in Captain Ives' strategy."

OOC: The holoemitters are down, but the same emitters also generate forcefields, so in order to handle the team that has arrived, the options are, but is is not limited to A) Brute force B) Deception C) Debate D) Hyposprays E) Distractions E) Sending for help. The auxiliary ship computer still responds to the command "computer" instead of "Thea" now that she has been deactivated. Idea: Cir'Cie's speech above could have been overheard in some fashion by Sarresh Morali if he has ventured from his biobed, Wenn Cinn if he is visiting the Morgue to follow up on Narik Cinsaj's demise, Dyan Cardamone since she may be accompanying him or since she means to speak with someone in Sickbay, Hylota Vojona since she has left the surgical suite, or any other character that has reason to be in Sickbay.

Click here for a helpful guide for the situation in Sickbay:

[ Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 ] Attn: Writers of Lone Wolves & CanadianVet

Since she had been handed the mission details by Renard in the briefing room, Evelyn Rawley had been eager to launch a Valkyrie and ride it down the collective throat of Starfleet so that Ives and the rest could broadcast the truth about Starfleet Command from Starbase 84. Sad fact was that her trusty bird had been destroyed outside the Hromi Cluster when they first fought the Calamity, and she did not exactly have medical leave to fly yet either. Her wings were clipped... but that had not stopped her before. Fuck regulations, for I will be out there when the time comes.

With Narik Cinsaj dead, the Reaver Project had been halted as well, but that was perhaps for the best. Rawley had no inclination to work with Razor because of what had happened that morning. Therefore, she had been assisting in preparing Wolf-12's fighter, which had been moved to her old 06 spot in the hangar - parked right outside their lounge. This was where she had been, taking a quick break, just as Renard made his announcement over the PA System - his words emphasised by the sound of phaser fire.

"All hands on deck this is Lieutenant Commander Miles Renard, Lone Wolves SCO.  It appears that we are under attack by Harbinger personnel, I repeat we are under attack.  I am ordering an evacuation of the Hangar bay. All hands are to retreat to a Defensible position.  All deck crew, clear the flight deck. Full squadron scramble order has been given.  I repeat. Clear deck. All available wolves are ordered to launch.  Orders are to target Valkyrie two's and kill on sight. I repeat Valk twos are kill-on-sight.  Non-flight ready wolves, arm yourselves and disperse available weaponry to deck crew.  Looks like we have company incoming."

Rawley was on her feet and out through the sliding doors in a couple of seconds, met by the sight of the deck crew clearing the hangar floor and taking cover behind trolleys with machinery and tools - returning fire towards the port and starboard entrances.

"Holy fuck!" she exclaimed and considered what she might do, raking her hands over her shaved head while her mind worked furiously. She spotted Tessa firing against whatever she might hit after she stepped out from the locker rooms, and in her wake emerged Wolf-12, running towards the Valkyrie that Rawley had prepared - meaning to launch as per Renard's orders. "Hey, you, throw down a phaser after you climb u-!"

But Wolf-12 did not make it to the ladder.

Out of nowhere stepped Nightmare, dark hair whipping about as she struck Wolf-12 across the face with the butt of her Mk III assault rifle. Rawley could not articulate the curses on her tongue as she saw - with wide eyes - how Hannah's strike made Wolf-12's feet leave the floor in mid-sprint. The helmet would have cushioned such a well-timed strike, but now it fell from senseless fingers to the hangar bay floor. It rolled to Rawley's feet, but she could not tear her eyes from Nightmare as she raised her rifle and pointed it at her. She must have lost her mind, was the singular coherent thought that came to Rawley, who raised her hands in surrender in lack of anything else to do.

"I will not throw my life away, and neither should you," said Hannah, raising the rifle to her shoulder and aiming at Rawley from her position by the the Valkyrie. There were tears in her eyes. "Vasser is the only one that can save the Galaxy, and Captain Ives is just desperate, sending us to die in vain in a battle already lost. Evelyn, please understand. Vasser needs us if he is to win the war. Help me talk sense into Fox. Stop this madness."

"Okay, Hannah, but stop pointing that thing at me. We are in the same pack," said Rawley and cleared her throat, not sure what she was supposed to say to placate Nightmare. She had no idea what was going on. She spotted Soo Young Seung behind Hannah, her white headphones on and with a confused expression on her face as she dodged behind one of the trolleys to make her way over to them.

"What happened to Twelve?" Soo called over the din of the firefight, not having seen the rifle in Hannah's hands.

"No, don-!" called Rawley, but it was too late. Nightmare rounded on Oracle and shot her in the chest.

Soo took a couple of steps back, looking down to see where she had been hit. Her hand phaser fell from her fingertips. She landed on her knees, and then toppled to the side. Rawley had no idea if she was alive or not, but she heard Hannah's whisper - barely audible over the noise of Valkyries igniting their engines.

"Forgive me."

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[  Axius vel Onea | USS Theurgy | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 | 1201 hrs. ]

Axius liked working up a sweat. Any way that he could; sex, velocity, exercising. He imagined the sweat as the stress and emotion just flowing out from his body, leaving him ironically clean and refreshed as he donned the rigorous physical feats of his exercise routine. It was the start of a cycle, having been out for so long on medical bedrest, so accordingly, the Câroon wanted to ease his body into his old habits with trusty cardiovascular work.

Minutes ago, he was only steps away from his current position on the sonic treadmill, in the briefing room of his squadron, learning of the murderous acts that were committed on his ship. Mass murder - common for his crew. Now the homicide of a single person, that was something out of the ordinary for this ship. It was times like these that Axius wished he was involved with the Security department in some fashion. Moments of relaxation and informality like the night before are breeding grounds for crime, he observed. He would like to prevent things like these if he weren't the pilot he was today. It still set him on edge, and he couldn't tell if sound waves forcing his feet back as he sprinted in place was really solving that.

Black earbuds dangled from his ears, music spilling into his brain as he continued to push his feet forward on the plane. He wiped the sweat from his forehead, and dabbed it with the towel hanging from the edge of the whirring machine. His musculature gleamed against the artificial overhead lights, and he stepped off of the machine to readjust his falling active shorts when he looked at the time. 1201. He extended his arms on the machine, letting them support his lower body and his now lowered head in a few short moments of rest. He turned up the volume a few more settings and swung his hips over the machine once more, his head now facing the darkened glass as shapes of people scattered in the fighter bay.

His uniform was, of course, in the locker room next door, although his combadge shouldn't have been left pinned on it. It would have been noticed on his chest if there was something that needed to be announced. So imagine his surprise when he stepped through the doors into chaos.

The upbeat music came to a subito piano as the buds were ripped from his ears.

Directly in front of the gym's entrance was the slot for 06, Rawley's bird, but 12 was in its place for maintenance. This fighter, for the most part, guarded him in that split second of phaser fire before he crossed his arms and tilted to the metal ground, the weight of his body pulling him into a shoulder roll as he ducked underneath the Valkyrie. He frantically, on instinct, ravaged his shirtless body in search of a phaser that would have been there if he hadn't of decided to exercise after the briefing.

His mind was agape - wiped in the oblivion of disbelief and ignorance as to what caused the deployment of the Wolves and the attack against crew members. He peered out from under the Valkyrie 12, seeing, along with volleys of orange phaser fire, the murder of Oracle. Her nimble body dropped to the ground, signature white headphones still bolted into her ear canal. Standing over her, and the owner of the fighter he hid beneath, was none other than Hannah, who seemed to be conversing with the owner of the dock Axius crouched atop.

Her face mirrored his own, and he locked sympathetic eyes with her, as there was nothing he could do without his immediate death. The sea-green irises pleaded one emotion, "What should I do?"

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[ Hylota Vojona | Sickbay | Surgical Suits ] Attn: Auctor Lucan

Hylota nodded and set everything she had down and moved out of the room without another word. Hylota felt that formalities could be skipped as things were clearly happening that they did not know about right now. Hylota turned to her right and made her way to the door that led to the hall so she could head to the Recovery ward to make sure her brother as alright. Hylota reached the door and stepped as sh heard commotion coming from the other side of the door. Hylota slowed down and stopped at the door and wondered what was going on. Not wanting to interrupt the people she opened the door and listened.

Hylota had missed part of the conversation but she heard, " out last. Instead of us all committing suicide, the USS Theurgy is now under the command of Commodore Vasser and Captain T'Rena, who will provide us all with a means to survive, and to fight the enemy at a far better ratio of success than in our previous course-of-action. Please return to your regular duties while we take necessary measures to facilitate the ship's new command." Hearing this Hylota moved back and began to slowly close the door as she heard Cir'Cie talk about finding Lucan, she did not need to listen any longer. Hylota backed away from the door and looked back to the surgical suit she had just left. Stepping back Hylota knew she did not have a lo of time, this seemed to be a mutiny, and as someone not art of the rebelling side it was her duty to protect her CO no matter what.

Hylota acted in mild panic and reentered Surgical Suit 02. "Doctor, I just overheard some unsavory news. Someone is trying to perform a mutiny, they are searching for you right now. They know you are in surgery and are moving to capture you. Sir you must enact a quarantine on this section before they can get to you." Hylota's mind was racing, there was no way to run for it, the people were probably watching the exits and without weapons fighting was out of the question, and against an armed foe digging in was often a good option. Hylota also noted her brother, with everyone focusing on capturing Lucan he could be of great use if they could contact him.

[ Vinata Vojona | Sickbay | Recovry Ward ] Attn: Auctor Lucan

As Cir'Cie looked over him he stepped away covering himself as best he could as the field around him soon failed and the hot humid air he was surrounded with dissipated and left Vinata cold, nude and forced to break his isolation. He shuddered and looked around before moving to a corner and trying to plan out what he could do. He looked to Doctor Maya and then to Cir'Cie as she gave her speech on what was going on. He was in no shape to take part in a counter attack on his own, ad he still needed a outfit to cover himself up before he died of embarrassment. Fortunately the sudden news of mutiny had drawn all attention off of Vinata. But with the news of mutiny Vinata like his sister felt the sense of duty to his commander and felt he must do whatever he could to sabotage the actions of the mutineers. But he had to wait, no need to rush into anything without a plan, he would let thing play out a little before trying anything.

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[ USS Theurgy | Main Sickbay | Deck 07 ]

Maya could only watch as Cir'Cie announced the breakup of an alliance, the betrayal by the only friends that the Theurgy had found at this point.

"As of 1200 hrs today, this ship is no longer under the command of Captain Jien Ives, who will likely be confined to the Brig henceforth," Cir'Cie declared with the stereotypical disdain her people were known for. "At the senior staff meeting this morning, your former Captain proved how he - or she - was unfit for command because of the dangerous nature of our next mission, a mission that was supposed to be our last. Instead of us all committing suicide, the USS Theurgy is now under the command of Commodore Vasser and Captain T'Rena, who will provide us all with a means to survive, and to fight the enemy at a far better ratio of success than in our previous course-of-action. Please return to your regular duties while we take necessary measures to facilitate the ship's new command."

There was no time analyze the situation or choose a side.  The only thing to do now was to keep the situation from escalating.  If Lucan Nicander could convince the mutineers that whoever was in command was irrelevant to the medical department, they would be allowed to continue saving lives regardless of whose side they were on.  Unfortunately Doctor Nicander was in surgery.  He could hardly assure these people that weapons weren't necessary and that a memo informing sickbay of the change would probably do.  It was up to Maya.  Acts of brutality were common occurrences during changes of power and Maya would try to prevent them if she could.

"Very well," Maya acknowledged.  "I assure you that arresting Doctor Nicander is not necessary and that he will likely cooperate if sickbay is not interfered with.  He is currently operating on Lieutenant Marlowe, one of the replacements we received from the Harbinger.  I must warn you that if you disturb him at this crucial juncture, you will cause the death of an irreplaceable officer who is accustomed to following Captain Vasser's orders.  If you must take him into custody, will you allow me to prep for surgery?  I assure you I will be prompt."

Was Maya's assessment of Lucan's loyalty accurate?  The truth was irrelevant.  The important thing now was to make sure that the medical department wasn't interfered with.  Lahkesis was in the surgical suite with Nicander right now.  The thought of the poor child being threatened by these poorly trained mutineers was unbearable.  It was essential to keep everybody safe and Doctor Nicander in charge.  His medical and creative genius had been essential in saving lives and performing medical feats previously thought impossible.  If Nicander remained chief medical officer, perhaps he could form a strategy that could free the ship from the intruders, or at the very least, make sure that no one in sickbay was hurt.

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At the words of the Chief Medical Officer Lahkesis nodded and quickly switched the machine she had been manning from manual to automatic. They would not have long, but with two doctors it would not take that much longer to finish the operation, at least she hoped it would not.

As she moved over to the operating table she grabbed a dermal regenerator and switched it over to subdermal, allowing her to began mending the open wounds around the heart, binding it to the new inorganic one with expert skill. It was close quarters, Dr. Lucan would barely finish one artery or vein when Lahkesis would find herself running the dermal regenerator over it.

She was only paused for a single second when Hylota entered looking upset about something, it all became clear when she spoke. "Doctor, I just overheard some unsavory news. Someone is trying to perform a mutiny, they are searching for you right now. They know you are in surgery and are moving to capture you. Sir you must enact a quarantine on this section before they can get to you."

And then there was a moment when it seemed like everything stopped. Then in an instant it started up again. Lahkesis got right back to work, her pulse pounding in her ears. Time just went from a near abundance to something far more limited and there was still much to do.

Yet as the seconds ticked by the surgery drew to a close. They had to hurry and yet there was no margin for error. The pressure was truly on. And yet her thoughts strayed to Dr. Maya, who was still in main sickbay and the events that were transpiring just outside the door. She wanted to run, to hide, and yet she had to stay. A life depended on it.

When the last of the blood vessels had been linked to the new artificial heart Lahkesis spared a glance up at the Dr. Lucan. They were almost done and time was short.

OOC: Sorry, added the response to Hylota's report. I totally missed it. My mind was out to lunch i guess. Sorry lol

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[ Thomas Ravon | USS Theurgy | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 | 1201 hrs. ]

Thomas was sitting in his cockpit of his Valk while the pre flight systems check was nearing it's end. He was already suited up and he'd been sitting here for a while. The reason why he was already geared up and ready to go was that he avoided contact with everyone else of his squadron after what had happened between him and Rawley. Even though he believed he could trust Rawley not to snitch on him, he couldn't help but believe that it somehow tainted him. As if everyone in his squad could see what he had done and that for all intent and purpose he could be a stonecold killer. The idea was floating around in the back of his mind, knowing that if someone made that link he might as well be detained for suspicion of the murder on the Boslic engineer.

A bleep brought him back from his paranoia mind rush and he smiled as his bird checked out and was ready for combat. He tapped the top of his console and whispered "Well done. I know I could trust on you." Yet his brief moment of joy was interrupted as he heard the PA system.

"All hands on deck this is Lieutenant Commander Miles Renard, Lone Wolves SCO.  It appears that we are under attack by Harbinger personnel, I repeat we are under attack.  I am ordering an evacuation of the Hangar bay. All hands are to retreat to a Defensible position.  All deck crew, clear the flight deck. Full squadron scramble order has been given.  I repeat. Clear deck. All available wolves are ordered to launch.  Orders are to target Valkyrie two's and kill on sight. I repeat Valk twos are kill-on-sight.  Non-flight ready wolves, arm yourselves and disperse available weaponry to deck crew.  Looks like we have company incoming."

Thomas stared at the console as he registered what had just been called out and he flipped the switches and started his bird up. He looked outside now and saw the first bolts of phaser fire flying around in the room and he shook his head as this was going to be a rough take off. Yet what he witnessed next just made his feet sink into the ground.
First he saw Hannah walking up to 12's bird and smack down the pilot with the butt end of her rifle. "The fuck...?" he mumbled from his position as he saw her aiming the rifle down at Rawley while Axius dove under the bird. In a matter of seconds he saw Soo climb up and the discharge of the rifle launched her back onto the flight deck. Razor's eyes widened in horror as he saw her seemingly lifeless body and he shout out in terror.

Whilst his engines went up to full power he snatched the Mk III rifle from his cockpit and crouched up so he could take a shot. The engines caused for vibrations which made the shot a bit harder to make. Yet Thomas exhaled slowly and aimed down the sight as time seemed to go slower and slower. The sound of discharges and screaming faded into a slow motion blur of sounds and with a well aimed shot he discharged two rounds from his rifle. The first shot hit Hannah in the lower back while the second one ended up against her shoulder blades. Thomas made eye contact with Rawley as he lowered his rifle. He tossed it towards one of the deckhands and plunged down in his seat, closing off the cockpit.

He taxied his fighter and looked over at Hannah's and Soo's body on the hangar floor. He exhaled slowly and nodded at Axius and Rawley before he fired his Valk off to meet the incoming Harbinger pilots. He realized as he scrambled through the hangar bay that he'd be the first one out. The first one to meet some action.

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[Sarresh Morali | Main Sickbay | Deck 07]

Sarresh Morali's new eyes caught everything. Every little detail. The analytical part of his (altered) brain marvelled at the ability, and wondered at how useful said eyes would have been in his former job, of observing time itself and looking for irregularities. If Dr. Nicander could ever provide the damn manual that the previous owner had for the opticals, he could very likely adjust the settings to search for specifics. The doctor whose skull these had previously occupied had the devices configured to read out medical stats. So Sarresh could tell with a sickening accuracy who was and wasn't dying in the room around him, and to a less morbid extent, watch as lives were saved.

Given the wealth of data that he was quite literally up to his eyeballs in, when the ship had gone to hell, Sarresh had tried to offer help to the medical staff. But statistics or not, having no real medical training the newly restructured man was kindly ordered to sit the fuck down and stay out of the way. And so he sat, disgruntled, in the standard medical garb of a patient with his arms crossed, watching as sickbay filled with wounded. The former Ash'reem was very much not released to his duty station, and was to remain under observation for an extended amount of time (That being, right up until the actual assault on the starbase, most likely). And while most of the work was happening in other rooms (the temporal affairs officer was still in the main surgical bay) he could still tell things were going...poorly.

Said convalescence came to a rather abrupt, and armed end, with the arrival of Cir'Cie and her ilk. The sudden rush of people had died off, and curiosity got the better of the man. Added in to the disruption across the holomatrix of the sickbay, and it was clear to Sarresh that something was up. What of course, was anyone's guess, and so with a bit of a stumble, the time traveller slipped from the bed and padded, barefoot, across the bay, past the empty duty stations. He watched a nurse rush by, to the recovery ward, and hung back, pasting himself just shy of the corner, listening.

"As of 1200 hrs today, this ship is no longer under the command of Captain Jien Ives, who will likely be confined to the Brig henceforth," Cir'Cie declared with the stereotypical disdain her people were known for. "At the senior staff meeting this morning, your former Captain proved how he - or she - was unfit for command because of the dangerous nature of our next mission, a mission that was supposed to be our last. Instead of us all committing suicide, the USS Theurgy is now under the command of Commodore Vasser and Captain T'Rena, who will provide us all with a means to survive, and to fight the enemy at a far better ratio of success than in our previous course-of-action. Please return to your regular duties while we take necessary measures to facilitate the ship's new command."

The frown that formed on Sarresh's face was almost comical, the way his brows furrowed even as his mouth formed a small 'o'. His mind began racing, faster perhaps than his new body was ready to keep up with. Mutiny by the Harrbinger? he thought, arms crossed as he leaned back against the wall, processing. He couldn't remember anything about that - then again, why would he? Perhaps this was how history unfolded. Jien Ives batshit plan to storm Starbase 84 usurped by the calm, sane hand of Captain - Commodore Vasser....It didn't feel right. If Vasser was the one that was supposed to save the Federation...why had Sarresh ended up on the Theurgy?

He didn't want to think about this, about any of it. He wanted to go curl back up on the biobed. No, he wanted to go back in time. Back to a time when Amikris still lived. When she was there with him, where he could save her, prevent her from going to those damned hot springs. Where he could have his mate back, in his true body, instead of what he was now - Frankenstein's Monster, without his bride. He wanted to let Vasser shove Ives out an airlock, and watch as the bastard's body tumbled head over heels into the vacuum of space. He wanted...

It didn't matter. Despite his hate for Ives, Sarresh knew he couldn't let it all stand. All of his sacrifices would be for nothing, if he did nothing. And he hated every minute of it. But as the nurse scampered back towards the isolation ward, bringing the news to Dr. Nicander, Sarresh knew he had to do something. He had to keep Cir'Cie away from the good doctor. He could hear the other Vulcan, Maya, debating with the apparently armed intruders. He edged forward and snuck a peek frowning further and ducking back into the surgical bay.

He had to do something...

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The air around Miles soon began to smell with the faint scents of ozone and plasma.   As the phaser fire began to be exchanged on both sides of the more and more clearly defining battle lines.  Most shocking of all though was seeing one of his own pilots joining the battle lines of the enemy having struck down one of her own fellow Wolves.  It was moments later that he saw the treacherous Slaverton fall to the ground in an unknown state of life or death.  The same could be said of all who now lay unconscious.  Miles saw then and knew not whether they were alive or dead though IN his own mind he chose to prepare for the worst and assumed death had befallen his valued fellow pilots.

He tapped the com badge addressing his pilots, "Wolves, I don't care who's fighter you take.  If you are near one that's operable get in and launch.  Leave yourself one of the two phaser's within but hand off at least one of the holdout phasers within to someone before you launch.  Those Valk 2's were approaching fast and I once even one of them get through the bays lost to us."  He said as he concentrated causing his body to deform into his true shape.  He groaned in a strange kind of pain as he felt bones popping out of sockets and back in in new arrangements.  Soon he gritted his teeth as his muzzle stretched reforming into the canid muzzle.    Having taken his true body's form he could feel the difference in shape weight and movement already.  "If you're staying grounded Give the fliers some cover." he said into the com as he agilely jumped over the cover he was hiding behind racing to the next spot of cover.

He braced his back against the cover and brought the control settings to near his mouth.quickly began to configure the phaser settings far from their usual parameters. Quickly he began to change the emission settings all the way down to altering the width and power settings.  Within moments he had pushed the concussive force setting on the type III compression phaser rifle to its highest limits but had turned down the actual lethal energy down to a state similar to non fatal Phaser burns making sure whoever he shot would at least have a chance to survive.  The final setting change was a drastic departure from the usual Starfleet M.O. as it was cycled to a wide almost conical like dispersal.  He knew this meant the energy wouldn't go as far and anything past 10 feet in front of the weapon would barely be singed by the bursts but he wasn't planning on firing from a distance.  He needed crowd control and knew a typical phaser emission just wouldn't cut it.  No he had to be creative and take these guys by surprise with a kind of  weapon tactic they would never expect.  He could tell by the weapon settings readout that doing this would exhaust one of the power cells within a matter of no more than 12 shots before he would have to eject the cell.  and knew if he was lucky he might be able to get a total of 3 power cells used up like this before the emitter burned out from to much stress. 

He pushed himself back up against the wall and slung the phaser over his shoulder again drawing the hand phaser and sending a few more shots downrange.  He breathed in and out as he stilled himself for the possibly suicidal rush he would soon be making towards the locker room his only chance to flank these guys would be by going in through the locker room through the pilot conference room and hopefully flanking them by emerging from his office.

((OOC: Image to help give idea of miles position and what path he plans to take to flank opposition  Please feel free to Send me PM's with your own alterations of this image showing where your own characters are and I will create a new image showing that.   Having played D&D a lot i know how a visual reference can help a lot in writing out a fight scene. ))

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[ Sickbay | Surgical Suite 02 ] Attn: Sirus & Nevomite

At first, Lucan had not looked up from the surgery he was conducting when Nurse Vojona returned to the room and told him and Doctor Saugn what she had learned, but as the words spilled form her lips, he did pause what he was doing to look at the Ovri. Lahkesis paused too, and Lucan had to make a quick decision which would work both for sake of his outwards persona - his image as a good doctor - as well as the interests that he held closest to heart. Surgery had to go on, but he did not trust he could predict this new Captain as well as he could predict Jien Ives, so he had no cause to strengthen the command of Captain Vasser. At least not at this point, when he knew too little.

Seeing that the lovely Teslyliac duplicate across the surgical station resumed what they were doing, Lucan took the little time he had to work out what they could do.

"We have no forcefields since they are also projected by those emitters, so we need to resort to what we have available. Thea, are you there?" The CMO paused in thought, trying another approach. "Computer, are you online?"

[Affirmative,] came the passionless reply, which might have been Thea's voice, but it was - somehow - evident that it wasn't her that answered him.

"Is there any way you can seal off this area? How about locking the doors on my authority?" Unless there was a Lieutenant Commander outside, that migh-

[Unable to comply. Security clearance is required to access this function.]

Frowning, Lucan closed his eyes to think for a second. "Ah, since I am Senior Staff, they must have rescinded my system access until they have verified my allegiance to the new Captain. Nurse, I am afraid it is up to you to go out and try and stop them from getting in here. We all must focus on the life of this patient. That is our obligation, and if these mutineers are not reasonable, they will be taking me away. Use whatever you can find, or any method that you think might work, but we need to seal the door, or this entire section of Sickbay, before they arrive. Use an exoscalpel to damage to door controls if you have to, and don't forget to take care of the entrances through the decontamination chambers if so required. If you can seal the doors from inside, its all for the better, because then you can return here instead of locking yourself out. Hurry!"

When he returned to the heart surgery, he found that Saugn had come a long way to finish the last arteries. With deft motions, Lucan finished the veins that remained. "There, we need to let the heart calibrate itself to her body before we close her up. Decrease the effect of the assistance she is on to let the heart take over on its own accord. Once her readings look good, we need to close her up."

With their modern medical instruments, they needed no prophylactic plating applied to the sternum to seal the ribcage shut like they did in the beginning of the millennia, but they still needed to close her, and keep an eye on her readings while doing so, and also remain level-headed despite the situation. Lucan would have no way of knowing if his Ovri nurse was successful until she returned. For her sake, Lucan just hoped Hylota could do it in time, and that she was not caught red-handed. There was no way of telling what they'd do to her then.

As for Lahkesis, Lucan glanced up above the mask he wore. "How fare you, Ensign?" he asked in his deep voice, "Are you concerned?"

[ Sickbay | Recovery Ward ] Attn: Doctor Maya & Brutus in particular

Locking eyes with the Vulcan doctor, Cir'Cie assessed her and the words spoken. Assurances weighed little in the scales of her mind, merely words without facts to support them. Nor was it a guarantee when she said Nicander was 'likely' to cooperate. She offered to take his place, however, and that held some merit.

"We are leaving now, so make haste in your preparations so that you can catch up with us," she said in her flat voice and then swept her green-eyed gaze across the Recovery Ward. Too many people. Risk elements. They could run off and spread the word where the element of surprise may still have a tactical advantage. Having re-evaluated the situation, she addressed the ten armed personnel she had brought with her, who were ready to split up as per her previous orders and move in two different directions once they stepped into the corridor. "Belay that. You three, remain here and make sure no one but Doctor Maya leaves this Recovery Ward. The rest of you will accompany me as we locate Doctor Nicander. Move out."

So then they left through the sliding doors, and Cir'Cie sent two young men from security to take point since they had the best experience with what they were doing - cautiously moving through the main corridor of the Sickbay area of the ship. Heading towards the area with the surgical suites first...

[ Meanwhile | Recovery Ward ] Attn: Searcher, Zenozine & Doctor Maya

Back in the Recovery Ward, Brig Officer Connor Matthews remained as per Cir'Cie's orders, accompanied by two others that had come to see the future.

On his own part, Cir'Cie had been the one to show him where the command of Captain Ives would have taken them all, while the two others - Operations Officers Patrick Andersson and Sean Cameron - had been given their visions by T'Rena. Regardless of origin, they were of equal minds, and the three of them spread out to secure the area. Patrick headed to the visitor's entrance whence they had come from, and Connor remained by the door leading to the rest of Sickbay together with Sean. The three of them were armed with hand phasers, and Connor held his own loosely at his side as he looked around the Recovery Ward. Idly, he watched the progress of the Vulcan doctor, but his eye came to be drawn to the woman in the corner - the blue and red alien woman with no clothes. Somehow, she reminded Connor about the Nurse that had treated the last of his injuries that morning together with Maal - the Klingon nurse that was also was present in the room. Perhaps this woman in the corner and the nurse were of the same species?

"Patrick," said Connor, drawing his eye from afar. "Did you take that young woman's clothes? Behave, ma-"

No more had he said this than Connor caught movement in the corner of his eye, and both Sean and he raised their phasers by their hips - finding themselves facing Eve Jenkins. Connor knew her as the Head Nurse, and that she had been picked up when an away team landed on Nimbus III. "What is it?" he asked, followed by a warning. "Stay calm, Lieutenant." Sean, blonde and short in stature, did not say anything, even if his eyes were emboldened by their common vision of the future.

On the very far side of the room, Patrick had started to leer at the Ovri male, thinking that he was a woman, and sauntered over to him - his dark hair long and his shoulders wide. He would have been handsome if it weren't for his overconfidence. He left the visitor's entrance to reach the Ovri. "Now, now... how did this happen? The nurses must appreciate you as much as I do if they won't bother giving you any gown, you sweet little thing."

Meanwhile, Doctor Maya had been left behind by Cir'Cie to prepare as quickly as she could, but Nurse Maal shuffled over to her - his human worry at odds with his savage appearance. Well, it would have been savage if it wasn't for the grooming he had done and the fact that he was just that; a beardless Klingon nurse. Still, his worry might have been justified given this particular situation. "Can I help, Doctor?" he rumbled, strong hands at his sides, "What do you need?"

OOC: I would have posted another section with Rawley taking off with the Wolf-12 fighter, but I ran out of time tonight, so I will hold off posting with Rawley until tomorrow at the earliest. A quick note for all Lone Wolves and to CanadianVet, the fate of Soo and Hannah are undetermined as of yet, FYI. They might be dead or they might be stunned.

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[ Maya | Recovery Ward| Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ]

The situation was graver than it first appeared.  There was no point lowering her psychic barriers to get a fix on their captor's emotions; there were too many emotionally charged people in the room for Maya to get anything but confusion.  Nevertheless she could read their facial expressions and their body language.  Cir'Cie was nearly unreadable but the others she could observe and analyze within seconds if she focused.

Ensign Cir'Cie was leading the group.  This was surprising considering Ensign Connor Mathews, a security officer of equal rank, was following her orders.  Cir'Cie wasn't a close quarters combat expert, nor was she a tactician. Ensign Mathews was a trained security officer.  He was the logical choice to lead the group.  In addition the fires of fanaticism could be seen in the eyes of everyone who was following Cir'Cie, not fear.  They had just committed mutiny and betrayed their captain on the grounds that he was leading them to their deaths.  Where there should have been fear and uncertainty, there was only confidence and determination.  Conclusion:  The group was under some sort of mental domination, and reasoning with them would be difficult to impossible.  

Whatever was controlling them had conditioned them to recognize Cir'Cie as a figure of authority.  It was even conceivable that Cir'Cie's telepathic ability had been used to spread the influence of the mental contagion.  The Theurgy had seen this before:  The contamination by the alien pollen during the Niga Incident, the mental suggestions of the Ishtar entity, even the parasitic lifeforms that had possessed the heads of Starfleet itself. 

Now that Maya knew that her fellow shipmates weren't in command of their own faculties, compliancy with the new chain of command was no longer an option.  They had to stem the tide before everyone was compromised and all was lost.

"Can I help, Doctor?" Nurse Maal, asked her. "What do you need?"

"I need a surgical gown, surgical gloves, and hyposprays containing separate ten milliliter doses of ambizine, kayolane, and merfadon each," Maya replied.  "Belay the surgical scrubs.  Just have the requested medication on your person."

Ambizine, kayoline, and merfadon were all sedatives, as the gentle Klingon knew well.  Without using telepathy she had sent him a coded message:  Prepare to render the intruders unconscious.  

Ensign Connor Matthews was a trained close quarters combat specialist who spent most of his time training.  His physical strength, endurance, and dexterity were above average and he had trained himself to be alert and spot little details.  He was an expert in three different unarmed martial arts as well as an expert marksman.  Alone he was formidable enough, with two others backing him up he was nigh unstoppable.   His only weaknesses were his newly healed injuries, and the possibility that any remaining loyalty he felt towards his shipmates would slow his reflexes. 

Operations Officers Patrick Andersson and Sean Cameron were nowhere near as threatening but in the close quarters of the recovery ward, a stray shot could hit a patient that might not be able to withstand a stun setting without being placed in severe medical jeopardy.  In addition, it took only one man to raise the alarm and send Cir'Cie and her mesmerized soldiers running back to kill them.

Connor Mathews was the key.  If he could be brought down, it was theoretically possible to overpower the other two.  The problem was that he knew her and he was one of the few people aboard who could read her face.  As long as he was alert, it the three in the recovery ward would be impossible to overcome.

That was when Lieutenant Eve Jenkins, the Theurgy's head nurse entered and did something completely unexpected. 

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[Lin Kae - Hololab]

Kae had done everything in his power to try and defend the hololab against invasion.  This was the center of Thea, all that made her what she was, and he was her personal engineer.  In that way, he felt like her protector, both of her physical form as well as her ideals.  he wouldn't let anyone take her easily, and if he couldn't strong arm her to safety, he would use his wits.  Encrypting the door had been the easiest way, but his opponent was sharper then he, tearing through his encryptions as fast he she could.  In the end, he had to surrender on that and look for another option.  As the door was beginning to open, he called out the only computer command he could think of that would do any good.

"Computer, disengage mobile emitter recharge and activate program!"  If he could not defend Thea, then Thea herself could.  She was loaded with knowledge of a great many things, including security protocols that made her an effective member of an away team, capable of holding her own in a fire fight.  With her life at stake, who else was better to act against the enemy?

[Nathan Isley - Fighter Assault Bay]

It had seemed simple enough.  They were readying themselves for a flight when all hell broke loose in the hanger, led for the most part by Hannah Slaverton, the very last person he would have thought would open fire on her allies.  With many of his fellow Lone Wolves holding down the enemy, Nathan knew what he had to do, even if it meant going out without a full squad.  he was already in his cockpit, and he launched before anything else could stop him.  They had a mission to accomplish, and if the others were holding down the enemy, then he had to make use of that to get moving. 

"Isley to Renard, I have launched my fighter and am prepared to follow orders on a modified mission plan," he said.  Not everyone in the fighter bay would be able to launch, not with the actions of Hannah, which meant that things were inevitably going to change.  Nathan made the effort to tell his superior officer that he was ready to proceed as ordered, even if it meant flying solo, though he hoped it wouldn't come to that.

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[Sarresh Morali | Main Sickbay | Deck 07]

Things were going from bad, to worse. While it was clear that Dr Maya was trying her best to stall Cir'Cie and her security crew, it was equally clear that this wasn't going to accomplish much. He could hear the Vulcan order a few of her men to stay back and guard the recovery ward. It made tactical sense. That many people, someone could get out, cause trouble. The ensign was stuck having to leave a few men behind to make sure no one did. That would make things marginally easier on Sarresh.

The question was what could he do? Ducking further into the surgery bay, the now human Temporal Affairs Officer let his augmented eyes sweep over the room, looking for anything useful. Small readouts would appear in the air, hovering above medical trays. Suppressants, accelerants, anesthetics, scalpel. Frowning, with little time to spare, he reached out and grabbed a peeped hypospray, and an exo-scalpel. The former he gripped in his left hand, hoping the set dosage would be sufficient. The latter, he thumbed on with his right hand, and couched down, low to the ground near the corner of the desk for the head nurse duty station. It was high enough to hide his body, and his eyes allowed him to sense, as much as see the oncoming patrol. If he could just take out the point men, he'd have a chance. By staying low, he was hoping to quite literally cut their legs out from under them.

But this was a new body. And despite Dr Maya's excellent resequencing of his nervous system, Sarresh had no idea how it would respond in a time of crisis.

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[ Hololab]
"Computer, disengage mobile emitter recharge and activate program!"

[Unable to comply. Security clearance is required to access this function.] the Reply came from the computer who had a slight difference in her tone.  It was Thea's voice but lacked that certain something that made Thea... herself.

Selena quickly Fired off a single round towards Kaye.  The barbed round hit the Officer in the torso Causing him to fall limp from his muscles going numb.  She quickly walked over to the Emitter and spoke to the computer.  "Disengage holoemitter recharge."  The computer acknowledged her order and she quickly grabbed the emitter and walked out of the room.  Computer Secure door and all exits from hololab lockdown the room.  BY the time she had left Kaye would be feeling his muscles reorienting themselves as she had taken her objective.  The holo specialist would be locked within his lab as a makeshift brig but would otherwise be unharmed.

Looking down the corridor she tapped her com-badge having secured the emitter knowing by now her commanders would be awaiting her status report.  "The main computer is yours Commodore; all commands have been transferred over.  Holographic projectors are temporarily disabled pending minor repairs to each individual unit.  Mobile emitter is in my possession.  Reprogramming will begin within minutes.  Expect no response while reprogramming is in progress. Ravenholm out."

Looking over the quarters nearby she found a convenient empty one to enter and Walked over to the in room computer interface.  She sat the emitter onto the desk and took a seat before speaking up.  "Computer lock room-door  I don't want to be disturbed." Saying that, she took out the computer interface cables and linked herself into the mobile emitter Beginning to access Thea's core programming in order to render her under the commands of her new captain.

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[ Sickbay - Recovery Ward ] Head Nurse, Eve Jenkins

The respite from the festival had been short-lived as yet more bad luck seemed to hit the Theurgy.  Thankfully she'd rested well thanks to Nathan though she had suffered a couple of nightmares in the night.  She tried to convince herself she'd done all she could, that there had been nothing she could do for Ester, but she still saw that sweet face in her mind and grieved.  Then the plasma relays had exploded and they were up to their ears in more wounded.  There was no time to grieve, perhaps something she should be thankful for, as she thoroughly and methodically worked to help the crew.

She was just finishing with one patient and about to move to the next when suddenly sickbay was invaded ... by their own.  It felt like her stomach plummeted to her feet when Cir'Cie demanded to know where Lucan was and was thankful Dr. Maya tried to step in but she doubted she would be able to stall them long.  On top of that, poor Vinata was plunged into exposure and she could sense the distress as she focused on him for a moment.  They could be damned but she wasn't going to let him stand there naked so ducked into a closet to get a gown, though she worried about the delicate condition of his skin.

She came out just in time to see one of the traitors leering at her patient and she strode forward, heedless that they had phasers though she did hold up the gown, thumb and index fingers holding the material while the other three fingers of each hand raised as if she were holding her hands up in surrender.  "I simply wish to take this gown to Vinata for his modesty," she stated, hoping that by saying that was a male regardless of having breasts it would deter any further harassment.  "He is recovering and shouldn't have anything on his skin but it seems it's necessary for the moment."

Slowly she walked between Connor and Sean to approach Vinata, her expression kind and comforting as she blocked Patrick's view.  "Here you go," she said with a smile that she hoped would bolster the patient.  "Hopefully we'll have things restored and your recovery will go quicker," she said to him.  Turning around to face Patrick, she kept her expression pleasant.  "He needs to rest, unmolested.  This is a medical sector and I respectfully request you not leer and molest any of the patients."

As she had faced off, relatively speaking, with Patrick, she noticed Connor and Sean moving a bit closer.  Sean in particular sidled up to her and leaning in took a deep breath.  "You smell nice," he murmured, drawing her gaze to him and what she saw in his eyes sent a cold chill through her body.  For a moment he looked drugged, something she hadn't seen for a very long time ... not since she'd started the injections.  SHIT!  THE INJECTIONS!!  How long has it been since my last one? she thought frantically.

As Connor moved in a little closer too, she realized she'd missed the last dose which explained a few things that had happened over the last couple of weeks.  That glazed look then blinking as the effect wore off quickly and now under this stress she knew her pheromones were starting to leak more.  "You said no leering or molesting of patients but what about you?" she heard Sean asking.  If ever there was a time to give the others a chance to come up with a countermove, she knew one had just presented itself.

With a sinking heart, she smiled and turned her full gaze onto Sean.  He was a handsome fellow, a little short but broad and he still had a boyish face.  She wondered if he even had to shave very often.  "Well now, that's something I hadn't thought of," she replied in a throaty purr, reaching up and running a fingertip along his jaw.  Her gaze shifted to Patrick and Connor then, smiling just as warmly at them.  That's it boys, take a few deep breaths.  What harm can one unarmed nurse can do, especially if she were naked? she thought, hoping to draw them away from their post.

"Connor, I can pick up what I need on the way.  The medical storage closet is just out the door."  Dr. Maya had approached them and for a moment she wanted to strangle the Vulcan.  She knew she was trying to keep things from getting out of control too but she could only hope that Maya didn't distract the men too much.  Easing her body between Sean and Connor, she slipped her hands behind them and ran them over their asses, giving both a good firm squeeze.

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[ Sickbay | Corridor ] Attn: Brutus

There was no conflict of interest inside Cir'Cie's mind as she walked the corridor, surrounded with Harbinger and Theurgy crew alike, all having been granted the vision of the future. Knowing what she had been shown by T'Rena during the Festival of the Moon, her dispassionate advantage-disadvantage analysis unfailingly came to the same conclusion; that Captain Ives' mission was doomed to fail, and that her actions would save the lives of the people around her. She had to facilitate a future victory against the impostors in Starfleet Command, and that meant a tactical retreat, and building up forces elsewhere. Forces strengthened by Captain Vasser, and bred to prevail. The rise of an untarnished, pure force, strong and in number equal to the task ahead.

Indeed, Cir'Cie was not fighting her own crew, she was overcoming their ignorance, and that might require force until they could all be made to see reason.

She had sent two men from Security to take point as they headed towards the area with the surgical suites first... but her idle yet sharp thoughts were interrupted. When the two leading men in her small task force were at the height of the Head Nurse's duty desk, there was commotion, and Cir'Cie raised her hand phaser by reflex, but all of the people around her moving in reaction, it was impossible to make a clear shot until it was too late, and they faced someone returned from the brink of death...

[ Recovery Ward ] Attn: Searcher, Zenozine & Doctor Maya

In the Recovery Ward, Patrick Andersson was left confounded by the words of the Head Nurse as she referred to the lovely alien before him as male. It had to be a lie, he reckoned, and his winning grin did not lessen by much when the woman left, but he was somewhat irritated by the fact that the alien had been given a gown. He tilted his head and sucked at his teeth, remaining before this exotic 'Vinata' with his hand phaser at his side, he glanced over his shoulder before leaning in and talking in a low voice. "You should listen to the Head Nurse, lovely. She said you shouldn't be wearing anything on your skin, and that gown seems an awfully bad idea if you are to recover, don't you think?"

The close proximity of the Head Nurse had fanned the flames of Patrick's desire, but behind him, Connor and Sean were under more direct influence.

The Head Nurse said she had not considered the idea that Sean Cameron presented, and Connor hadn't thought he would consider it either, but when Eve Jenkins drew closer... his mind was not entirely itself anymore. He found himself looking at Eve with emboldened desire, and Sean's idea suddenly made a lot more sense than mere moments ago. If the Head Nurse was inclined to let them molest her... would that not be to support their new mission parameters? Why wait, when they could be working for the new cause immediately? Sean raised a hand to run it up Eve's abdomen, and had Connor not been taken by the surprise of his own desires, he would have done the same - touching that body that had come oh, so close. In his mind, he was already imagining himself opening that uniform and lowering his head to h-

"Connor, I can pick up what I need on the way.  The medical storage closet is just out the door."

Returned to reality, Connor blinked and swallowed before looking at Maya - eyes unfocused but soon truly seeing her instead of just looking through her. So, there was a storage closet outside the door. It was perfect. The Head Nurse's fingers slid over his buttocks, and in his mind's eye, he imagined the touch to encourage him as he claimed her in that storage room. No, he was not about to let Maya occupy it, and... Why was the Klingon youth hovering behind her back like a well-groomed gargoyle?

"You there, back off," he snapped loudly and raised his phaser against both the imposing Maal and then the diminutive Vulcan. "Doctor Maya is the only one leaving this Ward, and she will head straight to the Chief Medical Officer to relieve him from surgery. Maya, pick up what you need here. No sneaking away with any Klingon muscles at your side. You will be made to understand why we do this as soon as possible, but in the meantime, we have no tolerance for any tricks, you hear?"

After he spoke, his eyes were drawn to Eve again, and he could not help himself. He needed to be alone with her, and he did not mind if Sean came along too. Patrick was a big guy. He could take care of the Recovery Ward himself. If Maya said anything, it was lost on Connor, who only had a singular intent in mind. He could not even pull his eyes away when he raised his voice to give his order to the Operations Officer in the corner. "Patrick, guard the exits. I will be stepping out with the Nurse while we wait."

"And so will I," said Sean and leaned in to smell Eve's hair, "Come here, I have an ache you need to take care of." Connor did not know if it was Sean or himself that led Eve out the door, or if it was Eve who led them, but the sliding doors shut behind them and the storage room was just there - so conveniently close. At the back of his mind, Connor thought he heard voices further down the corridor. Cir'Cie? Had she not come any farther? Irrelevant. Eve Jenkins filled his mind, so when the storage room's code had been entered and the three of them got inside, Connor had already forgotten what he heard.

"Lock the door," he said hurriedly, not knowing if he spoke to Sean or Eve, and then unzipped the Head Nurse's uniform jacket.

[ Meanwhile | Recovery Ward ] Attn: Zenozine & Doctor Maya

Back in the Recovery Ward, Maal looked shameful as he faced Maya. "I am sorry, I... was just going to give you these."

With his back turned towards Patrick, who had come to lean against the wall next to Vinata at this point so that he could keep an eye on both exits, Maal opened his large fist and showed Maya the three hyposprays he had prepared while she spoke to Connor. Ten cc doses of ambizine, kayolane, and merfadon in all three of them. Blinking, Maal realised it would look suspicious out of Patrick's vantage point if Maya took those from his hand, so he turned away from her - looking for the emergency storage compartment by the opposite wall from Patrick. "We have some surgical scrubs over here."

Once he got there, he crouched down and withdrew a package containing the teal-coloured emergency scrubs. Deftly, he opened it and shook out the textile while the sprays were still hidden inside his hand. Then, before he held it up for Maya to slip her arms into it, he had put all three of them into the pocket of the scrubs. Oddly, by some dormant genetic memory, Maal felt like he was about to dress his superior officer for battle; that the textile was not sterile cloth but rusted chain-mail and plate. Then came the head-cover and the mask, which was her helmet and fearsome visor. For a moment, a sense of great honour welled up inside him, and despite how he has been raised in New York and did not know three words in his native language, he had the urge to tell her that perhaps that day was a good day to die.

He might not say anything of the kind, but in the young Klingon's eyes shone a hunger to restore honour to his House.

And he belonged to the House of Theurgy.

"To defeat the enemy," he whispered to her as he fastened the scrubs behind her neck, ancient words repeated down the centuries, "be ready to fight alone. As I will be." He indicated Patrick with a meaningful glance in his direction, and while he was no warrior, he knew what he might have to do. Only then, when the bold words in his heart were spoken aloud did his courage fail him, and he sought the Vulcan's wisdom.

"Do you believe that I should try..?" he asked, trying to quell the worry in his voice - the semblance of a true Klingon ruined in so many words.

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[Lt. JG Sarresh Morali | Sickbay | Corridor ]

Said commotion came in the form of one former Ash'reem making his move. Just as the two minions Cir'Cie sent forward passed the edge of the duty station he had taken up refuge behind, Sarresh launched himself forward with a snarl. He let all the anger and frustration that had built up over the death of his lover, and the reincarnation of his own body, and channeled it out in that one moment. Every drop of hate the time traveler possessed for Jien Ives, every bit of anguish over Amikris, and all his longing to return back to the Relativity, to the man, and the life, he had before all this, and the shame he felt at not living up to the standards of that man he had been - he let it all take over.

They never stood a chance.

The point guard had just moved past the edge of the desk, leaving about a body length between himself and the next security officer. Before either could swing their gaze across Sarresh's hiding spot, the couching man made his move. Twisting around as he leapt, he turned and jammed the nozzle of the hypospray into the thigh of the man in the rear. It depressed with mechanical precision, deposing the dosage through the cloth of the man's pants and directly into the bloodstream as was often the case, just as designed. And it took hold almost immediately. The Security Guards face took on a lacklustre expression, mouth drooping slightly as his whole body began to slump. Had he bothered to pay attention to the readouts available to him, Sarresh would have been able to see the now drugged guards heart rate begin to slow.

But the former Ash'reem didn't bother with that. Instead, he used the last of his momentum to finish his assault, rolling as he landed and spinning on his rear. Physics took a hold and Sarresh put it to good use, adding the centripetal force from the motions into his next swing, he quite literally took the legs out from under the point man. The exo scalpel equally paid no mind to pants, though instead of depositing a few hundred cc's of anesthetic, the tool in Sarresh's left hand sliced though fabric and tendon alike, leaving a cauterized gash across the ankles of both legs. The man shouted out and crumpled forward, as sliced tendons no longer supported his weight.

Sarresh gave no quarter- his anger wouldn't allow it, and the situation was drastic. The blade slashed out again, catching the guards right shoulder, digging in and doing an impressive amount of muscle and nerve damage, forcing the guard to discard his phaser, as the lithe man continued to twist about. Sarresh used his new body in a surprising display of flexibility, curling around his victim. He came up in a crouch, wrenching the exo scalpel free with his left hand and wrapping that arm around the man's neck, reversing his hold so that the blade emitter was mere centimeters from the wounded man's eye. Twisting both of them around to face the corridor leading back to the recovery ward, Sarresh scooped up the dropped phaser, all in one fluid motion, and ended up with his right arm resting a top the wounded shoulder of his opponent.

"Drop it," Sarresh snarled in an almost animal tone, his augmented eyes focused on Cir'Cie as she came into view. One guard lay unconscious at the head of the head nurse duty station, his chest rising and falling in a lethargic, but steady fashion. The other was making an excellent shield for the man displaced in time. "Drop it, or I start carving this man up," Sarresh added with a primal conviction. "There aren't any more replacement eyes on this ship, so if you value his vision, you'll comply. I have been through too much to watch you fuck this entire mission up because you got swept up in Declan Vasser's delusions of grandeur."

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