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[Ens. Talia “Shadow” Al-Ibrahim | Personal Quarters | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker
She knelt there half panting, half giggling, for what seemed like several minutes; her body reduced to a soggy mess of misfiring neurons, hypersensitive, eyelids fluttering in an effort to stay open. Everything felt warm, and soft, and wonderful; Talia purred from Zark’s kisses, the pecks sending ripples of pleasure through her skin. Unable to hold herself up any longer, she felt and heard the toy's withdrawal as she collapsed to the mattress, giggling deliriously.

Her eyes wouldn’t open, but she felt Kali cuddle up to her and lean over for another kiss. Talia hummed pleasantly, returning the gesture in kind as much as she could. A brow rose at the question posed; her mouth was so dry it took a couple tries to get any audible words out, after clearing her throat.
“Amazing,” Shadow whispered through a grin, shaking her head a little. “Just…wow,” she chuckled, rolling to her side with every intention of propping her head up with an elbow to talk about everything that had just happened. “Damn, Zark that was –“ Shadow purred, but physics intervened.

Unfortunately, the temporary lapse in spatial awareness – caused by the lingering effects of her mind-numbing orgasm(s) – led Shadow to misjudge how close she was to the edge of the bed. A surprised yelp squeaked free as gravity took over. In a squirming blur of flailing limbs and sheets, Talia dropped to the deck with an audible oof. She laid there for a few seconds, looking confused and sheepish and a little embarrassed, but then just started giggling again. “I’m ok, I’m ok – oww,” she grinned up at Zark, as a hand rubbed one butt-cheek. “Fuck, my butt,” Talia whined as she giggled uncontrollably, punctuated by snorts.

“Okay,” her laughter ceased long enough to point up at the grinning Andorian, not an invitation,” Shadow smirked, “not right now anyway,” a brow arched up, as the finger wagged. “Baby steps, Zark.”

The pilot slowly pulled herself up to her feet, using the mattress as leverage. She was more than a little unsteady, but managed the few paces to the replicator for some waters, chugging hers while offering the other to Kali. So damn thirsty, Talia realized, wiping her mouth on the back of one hand only to resume drinking; she didn’t stop until all twenty four ounces were gone, leaving her panting for breath briefly.

She stood there, hip cocked, naked and sweaty, hair frazzled beyond easy recovery – and smirked playfully at Zark. Clearly, the Andorian’s sexual prowess was leagues above and beyond her own; Talia could, and would, admit that freely. That wouldn’t stop her from instigating though. Where was the fun in that?

“So,” the pilot sighed with a grin, “still want to know who wore those,” a finger pointed to the cuffs half buried under a pillow, “or have you had enough?”

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[WO Rene Lafayette | Next to Talia's Quarters | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion

The pain had thankfully subsided and he groaned as he got up and stumbled towards the his boots.  The moaning, groaning, and screaming had stopped.  It was physically painful to bend over and lift his legs up to get the footwear on.  The struggle was epic in his mind as his manhood continued to insist on sending occasional spikes of agony to the point he wondered if he'd actually ripped some skin off.  That wonderful thought was enough to keep any sort of excitement away.  Groaning and cursing with effort as he got up, the WO managed to wobble to a hook where he kept his belt, and exited his quarters.  Still in pain, he wasn't able to straighten up as he passed the door's threshold. And ran into a couple of other personnel passing by.  The warrant bowled over a strawberry blonde woman who tripped the man she was talking to.  The Warrant fell onto her overall's grease covered chest while she fell onto his crotch and he groaned as his gonads were crushed. "OW!  What the hell's wrong with you?"  The woman yelled as her partner curled up. Please let me just make it to work.  The Warrant thought to himself as he pulled his face off the dirty clothes that now had maintenance leftovers on it.

[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Talia’s Quarters | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

Zark had to laugh when Talia fell off the bed.  It was a good reaction to now know where one was right after an intensely raunchy session.  Smiling in understanding, especially since she'd fallen off the bed several times during her own escapades, the Andorian offered to help Talia up, but the pilot sorted herself out.  An eyebrow arched at the thought of Talia going for anal, and she chuckled when the pilot quickly back tracked.  Understandable for someone who was just having her sexual awakening.  "At some point." The Zhen agreed while the Wolf worked the kinks out of her system, and gratefully accepted the water which she also drank greedily.  Arguably it was worse for Zark since she was from a cold weather planet and the ship always ran warm for her and the rest of the Andorians, so while she didn't really sweat, she still dehydrated quickly.  Now it was worse since a bunch of her liquid was on the bed or on Talia's  back.

An platinum eyebrow quirked with a bottle in her hand when Talia pointed at the hand cuffs and Zark smiled.  "Well, you said you did the first time you came, and I really could test that out."  Something else flickered in the Zhen's eyes though as she put the bottle down and inhaled as she pulled the strapon out of her and shimmied it off, though she didn't let go of the toy.  Getting off the bed, a blue hand was placed on the opening to the valley just above Talia's chest guided her to the couch, where Zark pushed her down.  Zark got on her knees and smirked before she bent over first kissed Talia's clit and began to suck on it while playing it with her blue tongue.  Zark moaned into her mouth and the audible cue transferred itself as the tongue penetrated the slick folds of the vagina she began to work for a for minutes before stopping again.  Smiling lustily, Zark backed off and pushed the tanned legs together, then began slipping the still wet toy of the heavily muscled legs.  Talia's thighs were a bit wider than hers, but that just made the challenge that more fun of getting it up to her crotch where the Andorian parted the legs.  Gripping the inside of the toy, Zark looked into the pilot's eyes and wagged her eyebrows before pushing the inner dildo into the dusky human.  Zark felt her nipples harden seeing the powerfully built woman with a toy phallus sticking out of her and Zark helped her stand up so she could get the rest of the harness properly settled around her hips.

Stepping back to see her handiwork, Zark nodded in satisfaction.  "Okay, now I think you're ready."  Ready for what?  Well.  "We'll hold off for the moment on playing with cuffs. Rawley's I think experienced enough to know how to get you out since she wasn't wearing them, but at this point, if I were to wear them and we needed them off in a hurry, it could ruin the experience for you."  The Zhen instead sat on the bed and lay back, and extended her arms out towards the pilot.  Rubbing her legs together as she crossed them over, Zark opened them in invitation.  "Let's see how well you handle the toy, and don't worry, these arms are here to guide you."

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[Ens. Talia “Shadow” Al-Ibrahim | Personal Quarters | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker
Shadow’s lips pulled to the side as her nose scrunched up and a shoulder shrugged at her lapse in memory. With everything going on, and everything that had happened...well, she could forgive herself for it – Kali seemed to thoroughly enjoy keeping her off-balance, after all – and Talia couldn’t deny that she was enjoying herself too. Course, that’s the point, dummy, she chuckled to herself as her dark eyes blinked slowly, watching the Andorian approach with that look of seductive mischief. Uh oh, the pilot smirked, then bit her bottom lip at Zark’s touch; a throaty hum mixed with a quiet oof as she allowed herself to be pushed down into the couch, her hands and fingers trailing up her torso to cup tanned mounds, holding herself while the Andorian crept closer. Talia’s eyes fluttered and a soft moan escaped her lips as Zark’s masterful mouth and tongue did its work, hips arched and rocked at the contact. Fuck, how does that feel so good, Talia wondered, squeezing herself tight; yet that lovely mouth soon pulled away, and the Wolf felt the harness sliding its way up her legs. A grin bloomed across her face as a dark brow arched – clearly, Kali had a specific motive in mind.

Well, this will be interesting, Talia thought, but only hummed as she bit her lip again, lifting her hips a bit to help Zark get everything into position. As the toy slid into place, sending a slight tremor through her body, the Wolf gasped softly, dark eyes locked onto blue. “Mmm, fuck,” she mumbled; amazed at how quickly Kali had stoked the fires of desire in her yet again. She’s creating a monster, the pilot chuckled huskily as she was pulled to her feet, her hands roaming blue skin as the harness was adjusted and tightened into place. Talia managed to get a few licks and nibbles of her own in to Zark’s neck before the Andorian pulled away, reclining on the bed; a feast, waiting to be devoured.

Talia wiggled her hips as her eyes fell to slits, hands up in her hair to rake the mess out of her face. She enjoyed the hesitation, knowing Zark was watching her every move, just as she was watching hers. The toy inside her was a pleasant ache, squeezed with every subtle movement; despite the eagerness to pounce on the beautiful blue goddess, the Wolf prowled forward – a predatory glint in her eye as her lips pursed and head tilted playfully. As you wish, her eyes told the Andorian as she sauntered forth, positioning herself between blue legs. Tanned hands ran down their length in a slow, teasing tickle as they parted to grip under sensual hips. Pulling Kali closer to the edge of the bed where Talia stood, the pilot slowly kissed and licked her way up Zark’s abs to the valley between her breasts, squeezing them tight against the sides of her face before planting three quick kisses to luscious blue lips – her tongue flicking out playfully to dance with Zark's. All the while, Talia’s hips slowly churned, allowing the toy to slip and slide across blue flesh. “Mmm,” the Wolf grinned, as blue limbs wrapped around her – holding herself up on one elbow as her other hand reached down between them to guide the tip of the dildo into place, dipping into Zark’s heat as Talia’s mouth latched onto her throat. With a throaty growl, Shadow slowly lowered herself down, easing the entire length inside the Andorian, inch by inch; the effect on the other end pushing inside was immediate, the blissful pressure combined with the friction against her clit enough to make the pilot moan as her teeth bit down instinctively.

She’d wanted to start slow – to prolong the moment – fighting to keep control of herself for awhile before giving in to what her body wanted...but Talia didn’t know if that would be possible for long. Her hips bucked of their own accord, grinding herself into Zark and the toy; amazingly, it felt just as good withdrawing almost completely, only to thrust back in with a gasp of pleasure. That rhythm, that tempo, could only last so long. Fuck, happening to me, Shadow’s face locked in an open mouthed grimace of absolute lust and need as she blinked down at Zark – the long, hard thrusts growing ever more frenzied. It was the last thought she managed before her brain blanked and the body took over completely.

[Meanwhile, out in the corridor]

Once everyone had gotten up, and after apologizing profusely, Rene tried to explain himself. The poor couple he’d run into were less than pleased, understandably so; yet for the WO, the day was turning into quite the shit-show. Still, he pressed on, explaining that he didn’t mean to bowl into them – that he hadn’t gotten much sleep, for reasons. He did omit the fact that he’d almost zippered off his dick though, just to save some time and humiliation.

“You don’t understand,” he shook his head as he whispered, gesturing to his neighbors door. “That woman’s a machine – I’m tellin’ ya, I had to listen to her goin’ at it all night the other day – now she’s in there at it again,” he laughed incredulously. “What am’I s’posed to do? Huh? What would you do,” he asked his unfortunate new acquaintances.

The blonde smirked as she shook her head, glancing to her friend – who grimaced as he ran a hand over his shaven scalp. Both were enlisted ratings from the FAB, a weapons tech and structural wielder, respectively, who were just trying to get to their room after a long shift. The blonde, PO Williams, crossed her arms over her dirty coveralls.

“Look, I get it,” she shrugged, “those of us with room-mates deal with this all the time. It’s really simple,” she talked slowly, as if explaining something obvious to a child. “Tell her to be quieter.”

“Yeah, man,” the male, one Crewman Hoiste, chuckled. “Theres sound dampeners built into everyone’s rooms,” he shrugged, “they probably forgot. Just have a convo – no need to be weird about it. Shit, at least you guys don’t have to work around your ‘mates schedules, like us. Y’know how hard it is to get booty when you’re both on the same shift?!”

Williams rolled her eyes as she shook her head. “Really? Gonna bring that up now,” she glared at Hoiste, then sighed at the WO. “Look, this has been weird enough, but I’m out. Best of luck,” she patted Rene on the shoulder as she shuffled past, leaving the WO looking even more embarrassed.  “Could always just bust in on ‘em. See how that plays out,” Hoiste laughed over his shoulder as he walked off, tossing a two fingered salute. “Let us know what happens, eh?”

He could hear them whispering and laughing to each other as they moved off, but he let them go. Rene leaned a shoulder up against the bulkhead and sighed, just as the ruckus within started up again. You gotta be fucking kidding me, he blinked in amazement, glancing around the empty corridor. “No one else hearin’ this,” he shook his head, arms spread in bewilderment, but the two ignored him as they moved off towards the lift – leaving him to wrestle with the decision to take some kind of action or to let it go and get on with his day.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Talia’s Quarters | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

Zark's breathing got heavier and her chest began to rise higher as Talia teased her way up her taught flat belly, then up between her breasts.  Each kiss planted revved the Andorian's arousal as she waited for the Wolf to tease her way up.  When Talia finally got to her mouth, Zark closed her eyes and moaned happily into the kiss as she wrapped her arms around the delightfully sweat glistened skin and luscious long black locks.  She had to resists just yanking her partner in and kissing her till they both ran out of oxygen. Zark had started this latest round and Talia was going to need practice.

The Zhen practically purred as she felt Talia fall on to her and her blue legs opened up and gripped onto the dusky pilot's body, securing her in place.  Siren hooded eyes stared into the matching hooded dark eyes above as the top took a moment to grab the toy between her legs and Zark bit her bottom lip as she felt it brush her aching and abused sex once more.  There was a fleeting moment that appeared to take forever, then the slow thrust into her, filled her and Zark threw her head back into the bed as she moaned.  Her body arched and pressed into the lust filled Wolf's and soon her body began to rock and buck in rythm as Talia worked the in and out of her at a steady pace.  Her nipples sent their pleasure through her as their breasts rubbed each others.  Zark wanted more and harder. Despite everything that had gone on so far, she missed the endless pursuit of pleasure that should have had back home, and she hadn't realized how much her being called out for it.

She surrendered herself to instinct and the nails at the end of the blue fingers raked the tanned skin on top.  If she kept it up, she would draw blood, but it was just enough to apply pressure.  The momentum and waves of pleasure increased as Talia responded with an increase in speed.  Still, it wasn't enough as Zark's hands scratched their way to the finely toned and solid ass the Wolf processed and she gripped them, hard. It seemed to be the final trigger as the hands encouraged the pilot to go faster and faster.  The fall to instinct became the mindless surrender to sensation as the dildo went faster and deeper into the Andorian's core and her moans of pleasure became faster, interspersed only by the desperate intake of breath to keep the bucking machine going. 

Her mind was lost as the antennae on top of her head writhed to their own beat, and Zark grabbed Talia's body to pull her in tighter.  She would have been screaming at this point, but she'd planted her head on Talia's traps and released the sound into the pilot's shoulders as muffled groans.  Blue eye lids closed and her appeared to relax as her eyes attempted to roll into the back of her head as waves of pleasure demanded escape from her mouth.  Time was lost in meaning again as the waves of pleasure built up for a collision inside her, getting ready to peak.

As pleasurable as it was, Zark had one unfortunate trait that kicked in from time to time when she was having sex.  Her partners who knew her well enough learned to deal with this either by letting it happen, or positioning themselves so it didn't matter.  Not having had a chance to tell Talia about it, Zark continued moaning and panting into the hard shoulder she had her mouth on.  Her pants and groans were getting closer and closer as Talia pumped her closer and closer to the climax.  Zark was mostly lost to being screwed silly and briefly took her head off to lustily scream encouragement at Talia.  It was just that time and when the orgasm ripped out of her crotch to race through the rest of her body, Zark's head clamped down on Talia's shoulder and her teeth bit down on the hormone covered chocolatey skin.

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[Ens. Talia “Shadow” Al-Ibrahim | Personal Quarters | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker
Shadow's higher brain functions had ceased, taken over or forgotten by the seemingly endless waves of physical pleasure. Her body was sheened in sweat from the exertions, as chiseled, well defined muscles contracted atop the soft, voluptuous blue body that she cradled in a crushing grip; one arm snaked down a leg that thrashed with every powerful thrust, the other under heaving shoulders, the hand deep in platinum hair, holding Zark’s face into a glistening shoulder. She panted through clenched teeth, head held aloft, grunting in animalistic fervor, dark eyes rolling through orgasm after orgasm – unable to stop. Her entire body arched with every thrust, the blissful mass of silicone driven deep inside them both, only to grind herself into the hot wetness of Zark’s body and repeat again, over and over, in a merciless pounding.

The grip on the blue cheek in her hand tightened as she felt the Andorian’s legs quiver with tremors – a warning of another imminent climax. Talia moved instinctually, crushing herself down onto the writhing body beneath her just as blue nails raked down her muscled back, gripped, and pulled her in. Hips twitched and twerked rapidly, as the pair ground together, driving the toy deep enough to stretch them both into ecstasy. Throaty grunts and purrs turned to moans, incoherent attempts at speech, then wails of release. Shadow’s entire body quivered with the approach of yet another powerful climax, as Zark convulsed beneath her, drowning out the pilot’s mewling with her siren song of release. Zark’s pleasure became hers, pushing her over the edge a second later into white-hot rapturous bliss.

Talia’s eyes rolled up into her head behind fluttering lids as her body locked rigid; then her shoulder exploded with the heat of Zark’s mouth and the sharp tang of pain from the Andorian’s teeth sent her frayed nervous system into complete overload. A powerful, chaotic wave of pleasure became a tsunami of incredible, impossible proportions the Wolf could never have prepared for. All she could do was hold on to Zark with all her might as a howl of pain and pleasure ripped from her throat – a sound she didn’t even know she was capable of – until she collapsed, gasping for air, muscles twitching involuntarily.

She laid there for an unknown stretch of time, wracked by aftershocks as their chests heaved together, desperate for breath. Senses muddled, swimming at the edge of perception registered in her sex-drunk brain; an odd chirping sound fought for her attention. Talia couldn’t think, and didn’t want to move, but managed to prop herself up on an elbow to give Zark some air – drawing the curtain of long sweaty hair away from them, over her shoulder. Dark eyes blinked down lazily, trying to focus as she licked dried lips. “I…I think you…broke me,” Shadow panted through a lopsided grin. The chirping continued, and her face drew into a mask of drunken confusion. “What is that?”

But even as she glanced around, Talia’s hips jerked into movement again in a slow circular motion, and pants of breath turned to moaning exhalations as her eyes flitted closed once again. “Fuck, nevermind,” she mumbled, releasing her hold on Zark’s cheek to slide up her gorgeous body, cupping a slowly bouncing breast. The pilot’s mouth descended to lock her lips around blues as the rhythm of her body inevitably built. Between passionate kisses, the pilot panted three words in breathless, lustful need: “Bite. Me. Again.”

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Talia’s Quarters | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] @Dumedion

For a wonderful moment, the only sound was Zark breathing to try to refill her lungs as Talia did the same.  It was strange song as the two women took turn voicing that resonated satisfaction either in turn or in unison.  The drowned out the beeping and Zark simply helped Talia to push her silken black locks out of the way as she smiled and giggled at the pilot's appraisal of her state then sighed.   What is what? Zark asked herself in confusion then she heard it.  The steady beeping of a comm signal penetrated the endorphin induced haze and Zark really didn't want it answered, but even in her sex addled mind, she knew someone would have to eventually.  It certainly didn't help when her play mate grabbed her breast once more causing the Andorian's breath to catch just as the tanned lips planted themselves on her and began dancing inside her mouth.

Zark sucked in air hard as she kissed back and her body pressed itself closer to the wonderfully sculpted pilot's body and Zark reached around to enfold Talia once more.  Except that blasted beeping would not stop.  Pleasure and duty warred for control of the Andorian's psyche, and it didn't help that Talia insisted on being bit again.  Zark pulled away and smiled as she considered the tempting offer, except she usually felt guilt about biting anyone who she was having sex with, even if they liked it.  "In a moment hedonist." Zark told Talia as duty won out and the Zhen sighed as she pulled herself away to engage the comm system.  Zark couldn't quite get the alluring and needy Talia off her though, so Zark played very unfair by pushing Talia onto her back with a laugh and pressing the comm button.  As Talia tried to mount the Zhen again, Zark's hand flashed out and solidly grabbed the toy between the pilot's legs and began pumping it, absent mindedly varying the angle, pace, and pressure as we she took the call. "Ensign Al-Ibrahim's quarters, Lieutenant Zark here." Zark answered tranquilly as the toy began to take it's toll on the pilot.

"Errr, uhmmm well. Ahem. Lieutenant, this is Hildebrandt, we uhmmmmm, receveied a uhhhhhh report of strange noises from Ensign Al-Ibrahim's quarters and we uhhhhh saw you were in the quarters, so we uhmmmmm......."  the security watch PO fumbled out and Zark wanted to laugh and pat the PO on the head.  It was kind of hard though as she tried to maintain a serious demeanour with Talia making the noises of lustful enjoyment over the comm. "Well Hildebrandt, I am happy to report that I am on site and after making a check, there is no cause for concern and this is a private matter." Zark gave a full tooth smile to Talia as she began twisting the toy as she pumped away.  "You can check with Thea as well and let the person who made the report that the situation is uhmmm under control. Got it?" Zark began moving the toy up and down the length of Talia's slit at random intervals for variety. "Yes Ma'am. Uhh. Have a good night. Hildebrandt out.". With a beep, the comm cut out and Zark took mercy on Talia as she stopped for a moment. 

With her attention now undivided, Zark turned her siren stare on Talia and smiled "That wasn't very nice Talia, but I understand it.  One last time, then we need to get something to eat."  Zark said in a voice full of dark seduction. The curvaceous Andorian stood the dildo up, then lowered herself on top of it with a pleased groan.  It pressed in far and she felt the pleasurable familiar ache of her sex being stretched to its limits.  Instead of pumping herself on the phallus inside her, Zark bent over and cupped the pilot's face and stared into the dark eyes once more.  The subtly strong blue arms wrapped themselves around the the pilot's head and blue lips connected with tanned ones as Zark began shifting her hips back and forth, then moaning into Talia's mouth once more.

[Security Centre | Deck 7 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

Petty Officer First Class Peter Hildebrandt leaned back and blew out air in relief of being off the call with the Security Officer who had just answered the call unexpectedly.  There was quite a bit to process as he was sure that the admittedly sexy Andorian had been doing something to someone who really like what was happening and the watch office had gotten quite the earful. Thankfully, since he was on the call and trying to be as repressive as possible while being entirely embarrassed, he didn't have to deal with the aftermath.  Looking around, he noticed several people sitting very close to their consoles, leaning forward as if to relieve a severe pressure on their front. He waved his hands in front of his face so he wouldn't have to think about it any more.  The door suddenly opened and Ensign Dubois came in and she eyed the staff for a moment before grabbing a seat and putting her cup of tea down.  "Was the noise complaint investigated?" She asked. "Yes Sir. Uhh. Lieutenant Zark says it's fine." he tried to report as levelly as possible. "Did she have any other details?  Is there an actual problem?  Lafayette said it sounded like someone was dying." Hildebrandt simply stared at the Ensign and raised his eyebrows. Dubois shrugged and stared back blankly for a moment, then her eyebrows tried to climb into her hairline as it clicked and her cheeks rouged noticeably. "I see, uhmmm, no problems. We should, uhmmm, we should let Lafayette know that uhmmmmm, no issues there. Right." The ensign spluttered out before taking a sip of tea to cover her reaction.  "Damn, wish this had rum in it.

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[Ens. Talia “Shadow” Al-Ibrahim | Personal Quarters | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker
“Nh-uh,” Shadow groaned quietly, as Kali pulled away smiling. “Nooo,” the pilot mewled, as her fingers slipped across blue skin, out of her grasp. Talia pouted petulantly at Zark, propped up on her elbows, the toy between her legs flopping around comically as her hips swayed in a vain attempt to recover her playmate's attention. It didn’t work, and she cocked a brow with a lopsided smirk at Zark's hedonist comment.

“Hey, you started it,” she huffed a laugh at the Andorian, dark eyes narrowed playfully, even as she sat up and pounced.

That didn’t work, either.

Pushed onto her back, the pilot giggled even as she batted Zark’s hand away to pounce again – but Kali was faster. Talia froze, head turned slightly, eying the blue hand wrapped around the shaft of the silicon mass that had brought them both so much pleasure. Don’t, she mouthed soundlessly to Zark, even as her lips stretched into a dimpled grin – but that didn’t work – and sure enough, that blue hand went right to work.

Initially, Shadow did her best to seem indifferent; that lasted for about two seconds – long enough for three long, deep strokes – then then Zark started turning it, then bending it, stretching Talia deep at different angles, seemingly at random, only to withdrawal completely and torment her clit with wet slaps and slithering strokes before being plunged in again. In the back of her head, Talia vowed vengeance – someday – she’d repay the Andorian in kind, but at the moment, she focused on trying to be quiet.

That didn’t work, either.

“Z-Zaaaark,” Talia whined under her breath as her head fell back, panting. “Nnnh…not…fair,” she moaned, tanned hands slid up sweat sheened abs to hold her shuddering mounds, nipples squeezed tight between thumbs and fingers. “Ah, f-fuck,” she grunted, back arching as her hips bucked against the toy, trying to work against Zark’s arrhythmic movements. Just as she heard the coms channel open, and the Andorian’s laughably calm demeanor, Talia loosed a high pitched squeal before she could help it – clamping a hand over her mouth. Another moan, as Zark’s pace increased, as the depth increased, mercilessly. Shadow's thighs tried to close on instinct, as her hand flew to the sheets at her sides to grip tight. “Holy fuck that’s deep,” the pilot announced to the world, unbidden, her shock evident in the matter-of-fact tone. Another growled out moan, as her eyes screwed shut, chest jiggling from Zark’s efforts. “F-fuck you’re…,” her hands slapped against the bed, thighs opened, back arched again. All she could do was pant, grunting back moans, while she vaguely caught the exchange between Zark and security.

Then a lessening, as Zark’s skillful use of the artificial cock eased, leaving Talia giggling between breaths. Her head rose at Kali’s seductive scolding, wearing her best attempt at appearing remorseful, given the circumstances. “I didn’t mean to be bad,” she lied through curling lips – as Zark mounted the toy once again – and her instruction continued.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Talia’s Quarters | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] @Dumedion

The rest of the round had passed in a haze of sounds, sweat, and sensations as Zark at first lay on Talia, then submitted to the next logical step and dragged her up and held on as she drove the silicone toy joining the two women further into herself.  It was a synchronization of pleasure as each end stimulated and drove conscious thought away, instead giving into the most basic and animalistic urges.  For a brief moment, time refused to have meaning and all that was left was the screams of passion, the intimate rubbing of the flesh, and the wild fire ravages of the neural pathways that simply said this is amazing and we want more.  The pressure waves of pleasure would soon build as the buxom Andorian bounced on Talia's thighs, harder and faster as her need to be filled with a non existent seed drove her into a frenzy.  At one point, Zark remembered grabbing the tanned woman's head and forcing it up so she could connect them together in a desperate meeting of lip and rachet up the pleasure as their tongues mingled once more.  Then the unseen threshold was crossed and the muscles in her slick sex gripped the toy between them and Zark yelled her passion.  The blue body convulsed as her needs and desires insisted she drive herself on to extend the pleasure, while her brain fought to reset her nerves so it could relax from the sudden release whip sawing inside her.

When she floated back down to reality, Zark was holding Talia between on her ample soft chest and the two heaved breaths in unison.  Talia may have cum at the some time or sooner.  It was hard to say since jerking the toy while on the call had put the dark haired woman ahead.  Zark gently pulled Talia's head up and softly kissed her on the lips, then pulled herself off and the sound of wet suction was noticeable as she dropped herself off to one side of the bed.  She just wanted to lie there and enjoy the after glow, but after her fourth, or was it fifth screaming orgasm, she was starting to feel like rubber.  A section of her mind reminded the Zhen that Talia really didn't give in, Zark may just be better off playing the dead fish and let the pilot have her way.  That line of thought had its own merits, but it was starting to feel like Talia's need to drive on would cause her to fall into a hedonistic hole that could be hard to climb out of.  For someone who wasn't used to sex, having her body chemistry constantly wracked with misfiring neurons and pleasurable biochemical reactions could permanently re-wire her mind. 

There was only one thing to do, and Zark tapped her reserves to get on her elbow before kissing Talia on the cheek.  Very reluctantly, Zark slowly got up and made her way south, then pulled the dildo from Talia's much worn sex.  The curling and bending to get it off her legs was a struggle, and eventually, even more effort was needed to get it passed her feet and completely off her body.  Zark left the toy at the end of  her play mates feet then happily groaned as she swung her legs off the side of the bed. 

The naked Andorian giggled as she tried to get up off the bed and her legs wobbled, and she fell back on the bed.  Her legs and arms splayed out for a moment as she balanced and the blue woman teetered to one side before rocking back to the centre. Lowering her legs again with the burn coursing through, Zark felt her body begin to stabilize as she planted her feet on the ground.  Standing up took a little more work, but the muscles responded to the brain's command and Zark felt herself stand up.  Placing her hands on her hips, Zark looked down and realized she was having a bit of trouble getting her legs to close and it took a little more effort just to turn around as she kept smiling.

"I'm sure you can keep going Shadow, but that's enough for today."  A series of gurgles and rumbles confirmed the body's assessment that they were running beyond empty and the Andorian laughed.  Sort of waddle walking her way other side of the bed, Zark reached down to pull Talia off the bed.  "Go grab a shower, then let's go find something to eat.  You go as you are, the musk of hot sweaty sex is going to drive the other women to distraction, and that would be rude."  The Andorian explained, though she was pretty sarcastic near the end before her demeanour turned down right matronly.  "I'll follow afterwards, in the mean time, I'll get this cleaned up and you a new shirt.  You can digest your uhmm experience tonight while you clean up."  Not seeing a point in putting any clothes on since she was going to shower as well, Zark took her time to bend over and began picking various articles off the ground to fold, or throw into the replicator for recycling. There was also the matter of new bed sheets, but that would be in a moment.

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[Ens. Talia “Shadow” Al-Ibrahim | Personal Quarters | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker
So...this is what an out-of-body experience feels like, her mind whispered dreamily, unable to open her dark eyes, or really move at all. Talia was beyond exhausted – her limbs felt like jelly, pleasantly sore all over – completely spent. Every neuron in her brain was misfiring; super saturated in endorphins, numbing her perceptions. The pull to sleep was very real, cradled in Zark’s bosom. It was beyond anything the gym had ever given her, beyond anything she’d ever experienced. I’ve literally been fucked silly, her lips curled with the weakest huff of amusement, then felt the brush of Kali’s lips on her cheek as the Andorian stirred.

She couldn’t open her eyes, but brows rose with a pleasant hum at the gesture. Weak. Ugh. So weak, Talia giggled at herself, at the sound of Zark’s disengagement, then the fumbled attempt to remove the strap-on. Shadow laid there, completely limp, but managed a murmured groan as her lids fluttered. Very slowly, the pilot managed to raise her arms up over her head in a weak stretch. Even that took an absurd amount of will. Kali’s voice – sounding more than a tad hoarse – registered, prompting one eye to crack open with a smirk. Talia watched her struggle to stand, doubting she could even do that. Still, the Andorian’s assumption that the pilot could continue made Shadow chuckle.

“Nope,” Talia laughed, “I’m tapped – just...trying to get my life together,” she mumbled through amused breaths. Shower sounds nice. Food too – but that means I have to move. A glance around her room. The bed was wrecked, but that was okay. Nothing that couldn’t be cleaned, and at least the rest of the place was still in good shape. Still, it was a long walk to the head; Talia’s face scrunched up in a pouted grimace. Fuck, just...dump some water on me, she grinned stupidly, but then noticed Zark still struggled and pulled herself up on her elbows with a groan, then nodded weakly as she was pulled from the bed, frowning slightly at the Andorian’s words and tone.

“Um. O-okay,” Shadow hesitated as her knees trembled, legs threatening to give out from underneath her. Was that my stomach or hers, she wondered, brows knit, as a hand unconsciously drifted across her abs. Damn, how long have we been at it? A tanned hand reached out to the bulkhead, leaning on it for a few seconds with a sigh – waiting for her body to recover a bit. She watched Kali over a quivering shoulder, cleaning up. “Think I might have overdid it. S-sorry,” she winced, feeling guilty. Maybe she never meant for it to go this far? Her mind, and all its insecurities, re-established itself. 

“You don’t have to do that, Zark,” Talia sighed, then limped her way to the bathroom. “I can do it, once I don't feel like a pile of goo," she giggled, taking very slow shaky steps. Her legs wouldn't work right. They just shook and spasmed, barely holding her weight. "Yep, here we go," Talia grunted, as she almost collapsed, but managed to reach out to the edge of her workstation. "Got it," she cleared her throat, then sighed and tried again.

[Moments later]

Talia emerged from the sonic shower to stand before the sink, blinking at her reflection just as a hand reached for her toothbrush. Huh, she grunted. There were so many dark blotches on her skin, especially her neck and chest, that she could easily pass for a Trill. Turning to look over her shoulder at her back revealed a plethora of scratch marks, not to mention a distinct hand-print on one ass cheek. When the hell did she spank me, the pilot laughed.

“Oh, Zaaark,” she called out, after opening the door. “Wouldn’t happen to have one of those handy skin-fixer-do-dads, would you? I look like a fucking leopard in here.” Just in case she didn’t, Shadow started rummaging through her foundation, searching for a passable cover-up, as her stomach spoke up in a rolling purr. “Oh, shut up,” the pilot grumbled to herself.

All in all, lessons were learned; chief among them – never underestimate an Andorian.

Especially Kali, Talia smirked.


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