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Scuttlebutt Announcements!


Hear ye! Hear ye! Here you announce (or whisper behind your hand) the rumours you add to our Scuttlebutt Page. :)


That way, those who want to implement rumours in their writing aboard the Theurgy will know when new ones are available.


Auctor Lucan

Re: Scuttlebutt Announcements!

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I'll start us off with the first one:

"Anyone notice that Daniel Havenborn and K'Ren hooked up so soon after Deacon died? The way Daniel was looking at K'Ren after the last battle? And how they went straight to his quarters? Has she been cheating on Deacon all these months? Did Daniel sire her cub?"


Re: Scuttlebutt Announcements!

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Victor vanVinter was once engaged to someone that he wrote actual letters to. This is backed up by when his personal effects were put into storage, they contained a decades worth of actual paper correspondence.

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