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Topic: Day 03 [1000 hrs.] Life’s a Beach  (Read 49 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 03 [1000 hrs.] Life’s a Beach
"Life's a Beach"

STARDATE 57563.66
MARCH 13, 2381
1000 HRS.

[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | Hondartza Luzea Beach | Aldea ] Attn: @Fife

The public beaches of Aldea Prime seemed nothing short of miraculous considering the ecological damage that the natives had dealt their home world of Epsilon Mynos III, locally known as the planet Aldea.  The new computer system known as the new Custodian that had been programmed with assistance from the Federation used the old shield emitter in order to compensate for the loss of the planet's ozone layer.  Outside of the city of Aldea Prime, on some continents, the ozone layer had been left to repair itself over time, and in some parts of the planet it remained dangerous to stay in direct sunlight, with elevated chances of cancer, skin burns and ocular cortical cataracts.

With the protective shielding provided, both natives and visitors suffering from art and culture overload in the city could escape to the sandy coastline of the Ibai Besi river outlet and actually strip down into nothing but swimwear without risking skin cancer or worse.  As a matter of fact, the area over the local beaches were so protected that one of the beaches, known in the local tongue as Hondartza Luzea, was clothing optional.

Visitors to the public beaches of Aldea Prime came from a variety of planets and cultures, each with their own conceptions of modesty or the lack thereof.  Everything from wetsuits, one-piece bathing suits, swimming trunks, bikinis, loincloths, to nudity could be found on a beach visited by aliens depending on the cultural mores and relative modesty of the civilization they hailed from. 

Lieutenant (junior grade) Tessa May Lance was in a blue one piece sport swimsuit, a rather unimaginative choice considering all of the options she was given.  To be honest, Tessa didn't even know there was a an open beach on Aldea when she beamed down given the planet's history, let alone an clothing optional one.  Packing a swimsuit was automatic now that she finally had the chance to leave the ship, beam down to the surface of Aldea and go outside.  She couldn't remember the last time she had truly been outdoors and not in a holodeck simulation.  After spending over six months with a roof over her head or in a claustrophobic exo-suit, the temptation to visit the clothing optional beach in the nude was overwhelming, but the her skittishness at exposing her nude body to men she didn't know made her chicken out and wear the boring swimsuit that was designed for athletes rather than sunbathers.

Tessa was supposed to have a 'swim buddy' when visiting the beach but each member of the Lone Wolves Squadron had to take turns when it came to shore leave.  When it was finally her turn Tessa paired up with Lieutenant (junior grade) Maya of Vulcan to see the sights.  Maya wasn't the best companion when it came to having fun.  The little Vulcan's idea of fun was museums, libraries, and universities.  Bleh.  After months of boredom, despair, and anxiety aboard the confining atmosphere of a starship, Tessa wasn't in the mood to learn anything.  She came to unwind and relax. 

And relaxing was exactly what Tessa was doing right now.  Lying on a large pink fluffy towel, the spunky pilot was mentally debating whether or not to remove her swimsuit so she could work on her tan.  Maya, ever the wet blanket, had informed her that getting a tan on this planet was still a challenge.  The clouds of protective ozone pumped over the beach meant that one could spend hours on the beach and still need vitamin D supplements because the level of ultraviolet radiation would be far below Terran standard.  At the same time there was the danger of the wind blowing the protective purple clouds away causing sunburns and skin lesions in minutes.  Even at Federation level technology, it would be at least thirty years before one could realistically work on one's tan. 

After indulging Tessa by swimming with her, Maya had left the fair skinned human to examine the physiques of the beach's other visitors, particularly the few who took full advantage of i]Hondartza Luzea[/i]'s unofficial 'clothing optional' policy.  The little Vulcan had promised to return soon but secretly a part of Tessa was glad to be rid of her.  When Maya actually chose to speak instead of staring at you with her creepy unblinking hazel eyes she tended to lecture about topics she likely knew very little about.  Talk about your know nothing know-it-alls.  Did everyone with pointed ears have a definition of fun that meant 'condescending and tedious'?

Speaking of pointy ears, Tessa thought she saw someone on the beach she recognized.  It was Lieutenant Commander Cross, the Theurgy's new chief tactical officer that they had rescued after the Borg had destroyed the Endeavour.  She had always found the taciturn tactical officer intimidating and had never actually spoken to him.  With his head shaved the combination of his Vulcan and Bajoran features made Tessa think about that old holonovel Nosferatu, and the way the tall and forbidding officer wore the black Starfleet uniform did nothing to dispel the notion. 

But now Commander Cross (Tessa still couldn't believe that he didn't spell his name with a 'K') looked completely different.  She set down her drink and sat up so she could take a real good look at him.  Right now Lieutenant Commander Cross was wearing nothing but baggy black board shorts with an impudent orange hibiscus print.  The reason why he was wearing board shorts was because he was walking out of the sea carrying a black surfboard with an orange stripe.  His pale muscular body was glistening with moisture, but thanks to his shaved head there was no worry about wet hair being matted to his scalp.  And even more incredibly, he was smiling, and to Tessa's surprise his grin didn't reveal a row of tiny fangs, but what appeared to be a perfectly normal and healthy set of teeth!  He didn't look like himself at all!  Instead of the grim and unapproachable gargoyle flapping his way through the corridors of the Theurgy, Cross just looked like... some guy.  He was just a surfer getting some waves.  It was like seeing Count Dracula wearing shorts and a tee shirt ordering food from a taco stand.

"Hey!  Hey Commander!" Tessa waved from her towel as she stood up to greet him. This was her chance to make his acquaintance in a calm relaxed setting where no one was wearing a uniform and rank pips didn't matter.  "It's me, Lieutenant Lance!  I'm one of the pilots, callsign Goldeneye!  How zit goin' Commander?"

OOC:  Holy $#!+ this was long!  Sorry to blow so much time on the description but I had to explain how it was possible to visit the beach on a world where the people became sterile from too much solar radiation.
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Re: SD 57569.42: Life’s a Beach
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Cross | Hondartza Luzea Beach | Aldea ] Attn: @Doc M.
[Show/Hide]Cross let out a contented sigh of relief as he made his way out of the waters of Hondartza Luzea Beach, relishing the feeling of being on an actual planet rather than a starship. It seemed as though it had been ages since he had last had a bit of shore leave, and Cross was soaking in every second be being outside and in open air. He paused as he made his way out of the surf and onto the beach proper, stopping for a moment to wriggle his toes in the sand. He allowed himself the moment of indulgence, a smile spreading across his features as a wave swept lazily up the beach, swirling around his ankles and causing him to sink slightly lower.

Pulling his feet free, Cross continued up the beach and dropped his board down next to his bundle of clothing and towel, and had been about to flop down beside it when he heard a voice calling out.

"Hey! Hey Commander!"

It took Cross a moment to realize that he was, in fact, a Commander now. He'd just been promoted two days prior, and was not yet accustomed to being addressed by his new rank. A moment later the realization dawned on him, and he glanced about in search of the source of the voice. His eyes quickly zeroed in on the person calling out, a young woman who was both looking and waving at him. "It's me, Lieutenant Lance! I'm one of the pilots, callsign Goldeneye! How zit goin' Commander?"

Cross left his board and belongings lying in the sand and made his way towards the waving woman, racking his brain as he went. Had he met this Lieutenant Lance before? Being so new to the Theurgy, there were more than a few faces that he didn't know. Goldeneye, she'd said. Her callsign. Tac CONN then. Cross had met a few of the Theurgy's Tac CONN members aboard the Versant, though he was certain this Lieutenant Lance wasn't one of them. She looked Human, and not a hybrid, which made him certain she hadn't been aboard the Savi dreadnought. If she had been, she'd have been dead long before they got off the hell ship, liquified to feed the ship's population.

"Hey," Cross said as he came to a stop not far from the Lieutenant, "Lance, was it?" Cross spoke softly enough that nobody else on the beach would be able to hear them. "Easy on the ranks, Lieutenant. We're allowed shore leave, but we're still supposed to be keeping a low profile while we're planet-side. Cross is fine for now." Cross gave Lance a half-smile to let her know his little speech had been meant as a heads up rather than a dressing down. That smile took on a slightly guilty note as he continued. "Forgive me, miss Lance, but have we met before? You look familiar, though I can't say I remember meeting you." Cross studied the woman as he spoke, focusing on her face rather than letting his eyes travel over her swimsuit-clad body. The high cheekbones and greenish-yellow eyes which were framed by light brown hair did seem vaguely familiar, though it might be that he'd passed her in the corridors as some point, or sat near her in the mess hall. "Sorry, but I've met a lot of new faces over the last few days. I'll admit I'm still having trouble keeping them straight. It's been a <fucking> crazy few days." Cross glanced down at the sand before raising his gaze to her once more, the thought that his habit of swearing in Cardassian might seem strange to Lieutenant Lance never crossing his mind. "Mind if I join you?"
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Re: SD 57569.42: Life’s a Beach
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[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | Hondartza Luzea Beach | Aldea ] Attn: @Fife

"Oh no sir not at all," Tessa chirped as she sat back down on her towel and patted a section she wasn't sitting on.  "You were right about not us not really meeting each other.  We passed each other in the corridor once or twice but I didn't even know who you were until Captain Ives introduced you as the new chief tactical officer," she continued breezily as she shifted to get her legs crisscrossed, with each foot folded under the opposite knee.  "Isn't it weird the way we all have to use aliases while we're down here?  I guess the Aldeans don't want any computer records that prove they helped us when the Big Scary Conspiracy comes sniffing around, but how are they going to hide the fact that they are helping us fix our starship?  That's pretty major.  I hear they got a super computer they call 'the custodian' that's supposed to handle it, but I sure hope they know what they're doing. 

"So where yuh from Command... er, um, Mister Cross?"
she corrected herself.  "You can just tell me where your alias is from if I'm getting too personal," she chirped.  "I'm from Proxima Colony in the Alpha Centauri system in real life but while I'm on shore leave I'm..."  She paused as she wrinkled her forehead.  "What was my name again?  Oh yeah, I'm Tessia from the village of Pago Urbe.  It's right up the river from Aldea Prime.  Or so I've heard," she giggled girlishly.