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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Wolf 03 | Debris Field | Azure Nebula ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Fife @Kinvarus @Doc M. @Nolan @Havenborn @Griff

Chance had plunged headlong into the opening behind the Theurgy and her fellow wolves without a second thought, making sure that her tractor beam on Foxfire’s fighter stayed strong as she made the transition. And then the cosmic shit hit the galactic fan on a universal scale.

Chance wasn’t exactly sure what she was expecting but a narrow, twisting tunnel that bulged and encroached seemingly at random as they travelled was not high on her list. She moved her fighter a little further from the others to give herself more room to manoeuvre through the confines of the tunnel, but she wasn’t sure if that was going to be enough. Not when the Theurgy suddenly accelerated.

“Fuck me, if they want to commit suicide, they picked the wrong bloody tunnel,” Chance thought to herself as she advanced her throttles. But it wasn’t enough. She didn’t have enough power to maintain the tractor beam, the shield and go fast enough to keep up. And if the Theurgy was accelerating her bulk through this shitstorm, Chance didn’t want to fall behind.

Cursing under her breath, Chance began to shut down everything but what she needed to get through. Engines, tractor beam. That was all she needed. Her navigation systems were next to useless in the tunnel. Her suit could keep her alive, so she shut down life support. That gained her more power and Chance only hoped it would be enough as she transferred the power to her engines and focused on navigating the tunnel.

Time disappeared, each moment lasting an instant and a lifetime. All she could do was watch the fighters ahead of her and the Theurgy beyond and follow their lead through the tunnel. Perhaps it was for the best because as they reached the end, Chance was sure she would have panicked if she hadn’t seen her herself that the others before her disappeared rather than exploded as they reached the end.

As she reached the wall herself, she glanced down at the one system she had kept running. Wolf-04 still had a single Vulpinian life sign.

[ PO1 Mickayla MacGregor | Cinsaj's Cockpit | AC-507 Mk I Reaver | Debris Field | Azure Nebula | At Warp ]

Mickayla had screwed her eyes shut once again when they plunged into the subspace maw that was the aperture that the Theurgy had decided to use to escape. She didn’t want to see. Her mind was reaching overload; her outburst and punching Lieutenant Drake evidence of that. And she wasn’t sure what would await her when she reached the Theurgy itself.

On one hand, she had struck a superior officer, which would land her in the brig. On the other hand, doing that very same action had potentially saved another officer, one of Theurgy’s own. Maybe they would cheer her instead.

Either way, she’d take that step if and when they made it to the dreadnaught. One step at a time.

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[Lt.JG Alessia Garcia – “Angel” |Wolf 06 |  Debris Field | Azure Nebula ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Fife @Stegro88  @Doc M. @Nolan @Havenborn @Griff

As Alessia followed the Theurgy through the subspace tunnel she was very much aware of her surroundings, making sure to keep an equal distance between the Theurgy ahead of her and her fellow Wolves behind her as they all followed the home ship down the tunnel. Occasionally she would glance to her sides, just to make sure the wings of her fighter didn't touch the sides. Granted she didn't know exactly what would happen if the ship did connect with the subspace wall but she was pretty sure it wouldn't be good.

That was of course on top of navigating the subspace waves that came with the tunnel, all of which kept her on her toes as she wondered just how much longer they would be travelling through the tunnel.

She wasn't sure when she first noticed the fact that the tunnel seemed to be closing in on them until her wings were practically rubbing along the subspace wall. "Oh shit!" she cursed but before she could do anything, everything went dark. No subspace tunnel, no stars, no nothing. Even the Valravn's sensors weren't reading anything, it was as if they had just disappeared into the literal void.

"Now what the fuck is this?" she muttered, although as soon as the last word had escaped her lips stars appeared out of nowhere all around them causing the pilot to chuckle. "Well that's one way to transition back to normal space." hearing Fury hum in agreement behind her.

A quick glance at the sensors told her that all her fellow Wolves were emerging from the tunnel, they'd made it. Taking her place as they all the fighters took formation, lining up for their turn to dock.

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Devyrie Okhala| Cinsaj's Cockpit | AC-507 Mk I Reaver | Debris Field | Azure Nebula | At Warp ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Stegro88

When no one was grabbing the controls of the Cinsaj than it became much easier to control even with the dents. Devyrie didn't want to focus on the unconscious man, or unpleasant memories that she had been attacked and left with, she wanted to get out of the Reaver's cock pit, and get back onto theurgy, she wanted ten showers, and a clean uniform. She wanted a cup of hot coco, and a bunch of other things, but right now all of her focus was to go through the tunnel.

Which suprisingly was easy. The Cinsaj glided through the aperture with complete ease, her advanced stearing controls making the flight feel seamless. When they were out of the wormhole she let out a soft sigh, it was basically over. There was a bright light behind them, a small tremor as shock wave of the omega explosion went off, and their path out of the azure nebula was cut out.

Devyrie let out a long sigh, as she started to hear the other wolves report in. She activated the coms and gave her own sound off. "The Cinsaj reporting in."

As the other fighters started to move into formation she looked up for a moment, and saw the migrating pod of space whales. The pink creatures had their fins out collecting and sailing on solar winds, The sudden re-emergence into normal space seemed to have forced them to divert course. She looked at them for a moment, turning to Mickayla to make sure that she saw them as well. It was a rare sight, a bit of good luck as it were to see such creatures.

Dev felt a small pain in her heart, Laurel would have loved this site, and Dev silently had to realize that she would never see her sister again. That was perhaps one of the most painful things to accept in all of this. They had survived everything and gotten to this point, but now she had to go alone. She felt tears prick at her eyes for a moment, and swallowed them down. She was still in a warp fighter, there would be time to mourn her sister another day, right now she had to get the fighter back where it belonged.

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas 'Razor' Ravon | Kestrel | Heart of the Azure Nebula | Debris field ]

The eyes of the pilot kept looking at the shuttle with the Bajoran lifesign. He could only guess who it was yet he had a bad feeling about it. The full invasion force of the Borg was showing up and defeat seemed closer then ever. The rest of the wolves scrambled through the aperture, some with help as other could do so with their own strength. Chance and Foxfire were the last stragglers, though they seemed to receive a hand from the Allegiant to exit out of the war zone. With that Razor entered the aperture himself, looking over his shoulder using TVD to try and catch a glimpse of what was about to happen.

The alarms that went off however forced him back to the controls and flight path as the tunnel curved and narrowed. The spectacle of lights around him reminiscing himself about the test run he had conducted with Zrinka Axaigot. In hindsight this would've been perfect training for what was to come. The bittersweet memory only serving as a reminder that he again was part of those who survived, barely that is. Kestrel showed quite some damage according to the system alarms and there were a few systems that had been put offline.

The eyes of Ravon narrowed as the tunnel did the same, his eyes focused on the fighters before him. He could only guess what would happen if he broke out of formation or course. Would he end up somewhere entirely else? Or would he just disintegrate as a whole? It wasn't a theory he'd like to put to use just yet. Though he wondered where they'd end up. Out of the frying pan and into the fire perhaps? There was no more time to think of it as all of a sudden the tunnel seemed to show no alternative route. He braced for whatever would happen before he was dropped back into normal space.

The haze of the nebula they were in was rather blinding at first and Thomas had to adjust his eyesight for a second as he looked at his sensors. Looks like most of them made it and he let out a sigh of relief as he throttled ahead towards the battle scarred Theurgy. He let the rest of the wolves dock first before he contacted Mission Ops "Missions Ops, this is Razor, request docking. Where the hell are we? Over."  This would be the next step, yet it remained to be seen if it would be a step up.

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu (Callsign: Bloodwing) | Wolf 08 | Debris Field | Azura Nebula] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Doc M., @Stegro88, @Triage, @Kinvarus, @Havenborn


Even as the Wolves reformed into a ragged formation alongside the Theurgy before the gaping aperture, and even as Commander Stark told them of a cryptic plan to stop the Borg, only one thought flicked through Lillee's mind.

By Eisn's Fire, what is it today with all these tunnels!?

Still, there was nothing for it. Perpetually paranoid, Lillee kept rechecking her shields' status as the Theurgy and its Wolves pushed into the aperture. As they entered, the sheer jaw-dropping majesty of the structure hit her full force, roiling with mighty energies that made even the Borg seem puny. The tunnel suddenly banked alarmingly, but in a fighter with undamaged propulsion, navigating it safely was relatively easy, if mildly terrifying. Lillee was trying very hard not to imagine what would happen if one of the fighters or, worst of all, the Theurgy itself brushed the edges of great fiery tunnel. Keeping one eye on her own flying, she watched the battered dreadnought awkwardly bank through turn after turn. Having flown a warbird of the same size, Lillee winced with sympathy as she saw the Theurgy heave to and fro, buffeted by subspace currents as it went.

She realised bleakly that she didn't even know most of her fellow CONN officers, nor had she even met the head of the department, assuming that person hadn't been killed or assimilated in one of the many recent battles. Still she desperately rooted for whoever was piloting the Theurgy, and as the tunnel up ahead began to narrow and darken, moral support turned to prayer, hoping desperately that they'd make it...

And then, finally, after a seeming eternity, they emerged from the tunnel into the beautiful darkness of open space, the stars twinkling merrily. After a week inside the infuriating Azure Nebula, the black star-flecked expanse was a most welcome sight indeed, and Lillee absent-mindedly stayed in formation with the Theurgy and her squadron as they all accelerated away from the aperture behind them.

"We made it," Lillee whispered, sagging as she felt the tension finally drain from her body. "Stars help me, I need a drink..."

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