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[Nathan Isley]

"Trust me, there are far better places my mouth can be then where my money is."  He gave chase, brushing people aside as he gave chase after Hannah.  She was making him work for it more then he would have expected her to.  With how much she had been coming onto him, he would have thought the fastest she could get him alone, the better.  Instead, he was playing some sort of game of tag with her, pursuing Hannah with intent to get hold of her, to cease her running away so he might show her exactly what he was capable of.  Once he had her within reach, big strong arms wrapped around her waist, lifting her out of the water for a moment, her legs flailing upward before he set her back down, but kept his hold on her.  He wasn't about to let her run off again.  "I can think of far better workouts, Nightmare, but we're still a bit overdressed for them . . . unless you are wanting to do something here."

The water was misty enough to not see through, and they were now far away enough to not arouse suspicion.  Men's underwear had that opening in the front for many reasons, but most found it served well to inconspicuously get one's manhood out   Just as easily, he could have pushed her underwear down, let them get to fully know each other in such a public location.  Surely there was a turn-on in that.

[Edena Rez]

As Ida's mouth left her breasts, Illya started working down the Andorian woman's body, lips finding her neck first before traveling down, feeling her way around in the darkness.  In a way, they were being cruel to each other, denying themselves the opportunity to see each other in better illumination, to fully appreciate the naked breasts in front of them.  Finally, her lips found Ida's nipple, a small laugh before her tongue flicked against the stiffened point, doing so a few times before her mouth sealed over the nipple completely, sucking and tonguing it further.  When she had good suction, she would pull back, giving the sensitive little bud a playful tug, only to go right back to it.  She listened to Ida's sounds, the gauge of her pleasure, and when she started to balance out, Illya switched to the other breast, the unstimulated one, and started the whole process anew.  By switching back and forth, she could keep spiking the pleasure levels.

"You name the time and place and I'll be ready to get naked for you," Illya said.  Edena had already agreed, so long as the work was not made viewable to anyone but herself and Illya.  Edena was a professional first and foremost, and would not have her fellow crewmen thinking differently of her if they saw what the blue skinned Security officer had created of her.  As long as it remained though, she had no objections.  She didn't hate her body enough to deny it the chance to be a model, though she was too nervous to sit in for the role herself.  Illya, with her confidence, was far more suited to the role.

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[Eve Jenkins]

Lucan offered to some pampering of her in return, something that sounded more than wonderful.  She ached not just in body but her mind and heart as well.  It wasn't something she talked about very often because a lot of people were sometimes uncomfortable with her empathic abilities.  The way she could touch and block pain was always welcome but there were some who were uncomfortable knowing she could feel the emotions of others.

And the emotions lately had been running in the more negative realm.  Sadness, anger, frustration seemed to come at her from all sides and only her mental shielding saved her from being overwhelmed at times.  There was still some of that but the nearer they came to the others in the hot springs, the more she felt the more positive things.  It was enough to make her sigh, as if someone had just lifted something off of her and she could breathe again.

"Memorable," Eve echoed in a dreamy sort of way.  "As if just looking into your eyes or having the pleasurable privilege of touching you isn't memorable," she replied with warmth though restrained herself from touching him right then.  They always maintained an air or professionalism around the crew and she wasn't going to break that protocol unless he wished to be more open about what had gone on between them in the distant and recent past.

He brought up something she hadn't expected and since she hadn't intended to ask him what had happened to him, she was slightly hesitant.  "That was a strange moment in time," she said finally.  "I had just taken breakfast to Khorin Douglass and was examining him, helping him with his level of pain as he sat up when a woman walked into the area.  She brushed her hand along my bum ... and then Khorin was miraculously healed and we shared an intimate moment ... if you could call it intimate."

Her eyes were troubled as she spoke of the incident.  "I remember thinking it wasn't right, that he couldn't possibly be well enough for that and also that it was inappropriate, that it could be seen as me taking advantage of him.  Yet ... the more primal part of me couldn't resist and I enjoyed him.  There is a part of me that wishes I had been able to control myself but ... given his condition now ... I have to hope that the encounter and then the battle was how he wished to go."

Since Lucan had shown up on Nimbus III, Eve hadn't been with anyone else and she had found no one truly drew her in the way Lucan did.  There was actually a tinge of guilt, something she'd never experienced after a sexual encounter.  She knew it wasn't anything she could have changed and part of her didn't want to, but it was the fact she'd been used by the Entity and been with someone she hadn't ever thought of being with in that sort of situation.

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[Aisha S'Iti]

She smiled softly hearing his answer; it was enigmatic to say the least. when his attentions turned to her body or rather how she seemed so 'at home' in this environment she couldn't help but give him a soft and slightly flirtatious grin as she moved her hand over her clothes still clinging to her body and pulling them flat as if to give his eyes an even better view of how her body would look under the clothes. "You could say that."  She smiled as she raised up a moment and slid down the rock sliding gracefully into the water giving a soft moan of pleasure as the water began to caress her body. 

She smirked as she looked up at him coming much closer than him.  "I guess you can say I just love it when things get hot and moist."  As she got closer to him and wrapped an arm around his head with a soft grin as she pulled him in resting her scaled neck against his shoulder.  "Would you care to make this little snake even wetter?"  she whispered seductively as she ran a hand down his chest making her intentions hopefully very clear to the fellow flight controller.

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[Natalie Stark]

Yes, she was sure he was flirting at this point, but she wasn't sure if that was his default setting, or if the charm was all for her. How do people manage to do this? she wondered to herself, and not for the first time at that. She was always better with machines then people, despite, perhaps, earlier interactions to the contrary. Social skills, to say the least, were not very highly ranked in the Lt.Cmdr's repertoire.

Natalie watched the bartender with silent fascination as he procured the plain looking bottle. Idly, she wondered how the bottles were kept cool and safe from the hot water, given that the bar top was practically surface level with the water. It would be a mildly fascinating bit of engineering. Oh sure, dermal coated refrigeration units probably took care of it, and a outward floating drawer would do the rest. But it was a welcome technological distraction to wrap her mind around and help her flatten out any awkward social gestures.

Still her eyes sparkled as Rory talked through the drink. The way he described the flavor made her almost able to taste it without having put the glass to her lips. By the time the bartender was done, she barely noticed the brush of his fingers on hers as she took a firm grip of it. "With a build up like that, Mr. Ca--Rory," she swallowed, correcting herself, "I'm sure it will be wonderful." Steeling herself for the bite she expected despite her words, she sniffed the wine (as she had seen done at a few formal dinner - again, not her strong suit), before taking a slow, timid sip.

A sip that became a longer pull a her eyes went wide. Sure enough, it did taste faintly of apples, with a sweet little rolling sensation as it washed down her tongue. She pulled the glass from her lips, gently letting her tongue flick out over them, subconsciously. "Oh wow," she exclaimed, soft, but clearly pleased. Taking another small sip, the woman's face lit up, betraying her younger aged for her rank. "You were right, this is delicious."

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[ Hannah "Nightmare" Slaverton ]

Caught and hoisted up in the air, Hannah cried out with laughter - her kicking legs showering the bathers close by in the mist with warm water. At the point she was set down and held against Nathan, the commotion had merely earned chuckles and laughter rather than curses and irritable comments.

"I was heading for the waterfalls, you big oaf," confessed Nightmare in her laughter and tried to break the hold Maverick held around her, to no avail. She could feel him against her lower back, and she threw a glance over her shoulder - biting her lower lip before leaning against his neck. Her big eyes were as challenging as they were playful. "I am confident you could have fun with me right here and I would not show these people anything about what you'd make me feel... Leave them all clueless..." she said boldly - setting the stakes for the new game of the evening.

"Or..." she said and added the flip-side of the rules while she reached down to stroke him under the water again. Her thumb brushed the crown of his length. "We head behind a waterfall so that I can make you scream your lungs out, wingmate. Let me go, or give me your best shot... Your call."
She usually did not like the games where all parties were essentially winners regardless of the outcome, but in this case... she would be delighted in all possible outcomes.

[ ThanIda zh'Wann ]

Finding herself leaning back against the cliff-face and leaving her body completely at the mercy of the First Officer, Ida gasped rhythmically into the night air - blue fingers raking through Edena's hair. The hardened peaks of her aching breasts were vivid to her mind despite the fact that she could only make out their outline against the XO's ghostly face in the darkness. They were so roused and firm it almost hurt, yet Illya made them hurt in a very delightful way.

"If we... nngghh... can spare an hour or two for the preliminary sketches," she whispered breathlessly, "and not be otherwise distracted... I would like to begin soon...mmmhhhh... perhaps on the morrow? We cannot know how much time we get for... for... mph! ...for artistry these days..."

Ida ran a hand down her sweat-pearled abdomen and past the waistline of her own panties - seeking the third aching, wet spot in the darkness. Perhaps selfishly so, yet Illya was very good at what she did. She rubbed her herself slowly, until she had to quit and take the initiative - simply for sake of prolonging the inevitable. Her gasps were coming faster, and there was so much more she wanted.

"Should have known," she said through winded breaths, and turned them around so that Illya had her back against the cliff. She promptly, hurriedly kissed her way down her front, speaking in between each contact her lips made upon Trill skin, "I should have trusted you... Should have put my phaser away and shared Edena's shower with you."

Wrap and bikini were feeble obstacles in her path, made short business of before she lay her mouth to Edena's nether lips. One of the cranes cast them in peripheral light, and Ida's antennae danced slowly in appreciation of the taste.

[ Cale Winterbourne ]

Cale's light blue eyes analysed the way Aisha's scales made imprints against the stretched fabric of her tank, not exactly catching on to the innuendo at first but rather partaking in an odd field study of a Cardassian in her natural environment. A very thorough study, admittedly, since the subject in question was easy to rest one's eye upon.

It was not until she slid into the water and joined him, quickly drifting well beyond proper social distance for conversation that he caught on to what kind of development he had inadvertently caused. Admittedly, he found women attractive too, and Aisha was certainly all woman underneath her wet clothes. In his immature years, Cale showed great flirtatiousness and shallowness, yet after all that he had been through, his emotional world had been cased in ice. He saw beauty yet reacted no more.

The fact that he disjointedly, awkwardly, stood his ground in the hot water while she came to cuddle and caress him was not a sign that he might be thawing, but he had not disentangled himself either - his curiosity getting the best of him.

"How would you surmise I could make you feel wetter when we are in this thermal spring?" he asked for sake of saying anything at all, laying his hands against her back by reflex of a common embrace. He frowned, yet the shock soon subsided enough for amending his ignorant comment, making his eyebrows climb. Purely visual study had become something quite more. "Oh, you mean..? Can I..? How would I know? I mean, I just met you."

[ Dr. Lucan cin Nicander ]

Listening to Eve gave Lucan something to focus on, like immersing oneself in a book just so that one might escape reality. The reality was that the beast still seemed unaffected by the passage of time since the incident with Garen Nelis in Surgical Suite 02 -  remaining a dominant presence still. The story itself was what could be expected, in retrospect, of such randomness and fickleness that the Ishtar identity had shown. Besides, of course, his and Natalie Stark's fate.

"I think any pilot who'd had you before being shot down would call it a fortunate demise. You were in Sickbay when Commander Stark and I showed up, so I suppose you might guess that we were intimate when the Ishtar Entity 'played' with the ship. Our story is more grim, however, in how we came to relive what happened while the Theurgy orbited the planet Niga in the Mahéwa System. I am sure you have both heard the rumours and read the reports. I am bound by doctor-patient confidentiality in regards to Commander Stark's and - and by extension - my fate. The... acts of the flora we found there were not the most flattering for the victims, and especially not for us in the Senior Staff. We are supposed to be leaders for our departments. We cannot afford to show weakness. Not when we are in a situation where mutiny might be a risk."

Glancing to his side, he supposed he could tell her something else. Something less dark. Something that she, as half-deltan, might find quite humorous. "You know, I might get some indecent proposals from time to time aboard, women and men who think I might be interesting to flirt with. I know, it's hard to imagine, but it do happens," he said and gave her a lopsided smile, looking back to the path ahead of them, "I don't know what it is, but perhaps it has to do with the situation we are in: meeting new people that share our plight. In any case, today, one of the Harbinger's doctor's - whom I as a gentleman won't name - took off her lab coat and her undershirt in my office while blaming the heat. I said that if a nurse walked in, they might get the wrong idea, whereas she said that the heat was enough to excuse the state of undress... unless I had other ideas in mind."

Chuckling, Lucan continued, shaking his head while they walked. "Now, I admit that as a mere man, I was intrigued by the boldness and the situation. One thing led to another, but we had to break off what was about... since a Cadet walked in. I swear, it was like one of those comedy holo-programs from that point on. Before the Cadet arrived, the doctor hid behind my desk, I had to pretend like nothing was about, and try to fool the Cadet that there was nothing suspicious about the PADDs that had fallen off my desk, along with my bloody coffee replicator!"

Chuckling lightly with the telling of the story, Lucan ended with an off-hand gesture. "Anyway, after this hilarious sketch played out, the doctor and I parted ways and more or less agreed that it was not the brightest of ideas given the time, place or our obligations. Nonetheless, its like there is something in the air tonight - affecting people to live out ideas that would normally not occur to them. Or perhaps its just that neither of the crews have had any downtime in almost three months."

At that point, they arrived at the Thermal Springs Lounge. In the throng and the swirling mists of the open area, Lucan noticed a woman being hoisted out of the water in the arms of a man before being lowered down again - laughter drifting over the noise of hundreds of voices and the sound of waterfalls and the spring's low murmur. "Like I said.." he commented and threw Eve a knowing smile.

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[Aisha S'Iti]

She giggled softly "That naivety and innocence is so cute on you." she said in a gentle whispered voice as she nuzzled close to him. Her head rested against his shoulder as she relaxed enjoying the embrace.  "Well you could start by just treating me like you would any human girl.  I was raised by humans after all so there's no real challenge in deciphering some cultural divide with me.  How about you just start by holding me close like you are right now."

She sighed as it seemed to him she was almost more like a study in alien biology more than a potential romantic partner.  In a way though some complex romance was far from what she was wanting right now.  Catching onto his interest in her differences as a species he was less used to knowing so intimately she then added.  "Of course you are welcome to learn what you can about my unique physiology.  After all, tactile examination can be quite enlightening when it comes to the examination of a unfamiliar species." 

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[Eve Jenkins]

It was a compliment and yet Eve couldn't help wishing he'd seemed at least a little upset that she'd been with the pilot.  He is not committed to me she reminded herself and continued along with her hands clasped behind her back, surveying everything around them as they walked.  She'd started to tell him he didn't have to say anything when he mentioned doctor-patient confidentiality but he continued to speak and she was silent.

The reports she'd read and the things she'd heard and emotions felt left her with no doubts what had likely happened with him at the pretty engineer.  No wonder the woman had been out sorts!  To have endured that kind of trauma twice was enough to make her wish that goddess had been executed by the others.  Most everyone involved in the Ishtar incident were sent into pleasurable escapades so why was she so cruel to Natalie and Lucan?

He followed that with a tale of being caught in the act with a Harbinger doctor and though he was a 'gentleman' by not saying a name, she knew it had to be Dr. Duv.  He was laughing it off and though she smiled, she couldn't quite hide the pain in her eyes.  He is not committed to me she reminded herself again.  He was free to be with whomever he wanted and she was a mature woman.  This was one of those times she had to push her feelings aside.

Damn it was hard though.  He wasn't wearing a shirt because he had been fooling around with someone else, not because he was trying to entice her.  If he hadn't been interrupted, he would likely still be with the doctor and she, Eve, would have been standing there waiting on him like a fool.  But she was a fool, simply because she loved him.  Looking at the two being playful in the water, she wished she could feel more of their happiness to override her own sadness.

"Do you want to get a drink or just find a quiet corner so we can soak our weary bones?" she asked to avoid any further discussion of intimacy with others.  The heat and humidity here was palpable and she unzipped her uniform top and removed it with a sigh, reaching up and rubbing the back of her neck to try to work out a bit of a knot that was forming and would only make the headache she already had even worse.  There was no doubt she would sleep like the dead when she lay down.

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[Nathan Isley]

Either scenario felt like a winning one for him, but Isley was well versed in the old saying of giving a woman what she wanted.  So he let her go, allowed her to head towards the waterfall she had chosen as her final destination.  Once behind it, the roar of the water crashing down on the rocks below was more then enough to drown out the sound of the other officers just beyond it, as he was sure they too were drowned out from the other side, the sound dampening of the waterfall likely better then any standard bedroom wall.  With the shelter of the water, he reached out for Hannah again, this time not being so discreet about his actions, her standard issue sports bra style top was pulled up, her breasts spilling out of them as his chest pressed against her back, his palms pressing into her endowments, lifting them, feeling their heft and shape with a certain degree of observation.

"Nightmare hardly seems like an accurate name for you when you're like this, Slaverton.  You're more like a dream . . . a wet dream, considering where we are."  His lips fell to her neck, seeking out that sensitive spot that all necks had, to start raising her arousal level, spurred along by firm hands giving her breasts a gentle squeeze, finger tips grasping her nipples with care to lightly pinch and twist, all in an effort to get her heart rate up, her breath starting to hitch in her throat.

[Edena Rez]

Some time for her art was something Illya agreed to with a nod of her head, before they were back to the important task at hand, enjoying each other in their private manner.  With her back against the cliff side, Illya's hands grasped at Ida's head as the woman began cunnilingus, soft gasps and moans leaving the woman as her fingers brushed through snow-white hair, thumbs caressed along Ida's antennae with the kind of care she would have given a pair of nipples, albeit very long ones in the case of the protrusions on the Andorian's head.  "Mmm, you are too good at this.  You've been doing it a long time, haven't you?" Illya said with a grin plastered on her face.  One of her legs raised up, spreading her thighs further apart as she rested the leg upon Ida's shoulder.  Easier access for Ida meant more pleasure for Illya.  "I was nineteen the first time I was with another woman.  A roommate aboard a Trill transport ship heading for a Federation Starbase.  I just left home with dreams of something more for myself, and I was feeling as daring as could be.  A combination of a very receptive Starfleet woman I was sharing a room with and a few glasses of something Humans call Tequila and I was spreading my legs for her to do exactly what you're doing now."

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[ Hannah "Nightmare" Slaverton ]

Caught and embraced from behind, Hannah made a bark of a laugh at first, until her breasts were bared to the spray of water and then warmed by her wingmates hands.

"Mmmhhh... But if I were to change my callsign, people might think I wet my bed," she said loudly to override the din of the waterfall. Her grin faltered into a sharp intake of breath when he pinched and twisted her nipples, yet she grinned and leaned back against him when he kissed her neck.

His hands on her felt wonderful and the privacy behind the waterfall did not make her feel so exposed - her bra hiked up underneath her armpits and over her globated breasts. She blinked away water from her eyelashes and moaned deep down in her throat. She pressed her bum against his erection as he kissed her. She reached back over her head with one hand - raking her fingers through his beard and his hair. The feeling of a man behind her and wanting her made for a perfect culmination for her festive evening - all the games played out and ending up where she was now. Enjoying his hands and his lips, she could but hope she would enjoy him inside her just as much.

What she did know was that she wanted to play with him too, but she let him feel her out thoroughly first - wanted him to explore her fully with those magnificent hands of his. "Mhhh, more..." she said and lay her free hand on top of his, holding it to herself.

[ ThanIda zh'Wann ]

Ida listened to the story and smiled against Edena's wet nether lips, her cerulean tongue scooping at the nectar covering the First Officer's clitoris. Images of Illya in the aforementioned situation made Ida lick more firmly against the clit and along the valley of her womanhood. It was intoxicating, this taste of the Trill that had come to her, looking out for her in a time of emotional and professional turmoil. A victim, even, to this turmoil, who was so magnanimous about it she rather saw it a benefit than a flaw to her character.

She had been asked a very private question, yet Ida did not suspect that Illya would ever meet any of those she had been with since she left Andoria. All of them had been on the briefer spectrum of relationships, and her being secretly romantic at heart despite all manner of pictures she might paint for others, she had come to think that perhaps all of them had been lacking in her love for them and instead earning her attention for the love of love itself. "Mmhhh... Well..." Was this what was happening again? Was history repeating itself? Far too early to tell, just like it had been with T'Less and Grayson. Not the thoughts for the occasion. Easily suppressed given the moment.

"Oh sure, it is not the first time, I'll admit. And while I like the male canvas, your smooth grain is much welcome tonight, I tell you that..." She slid a hand up Edena's inner thigh and thumbed the slit she was licking, "At one time, I... indulged in finger-painting together with a Bajoran I met on Starbase 39 - the one named Sierra near the Romulan Neutrual zone? It.. turned out we were doing body-painting instead, for some odd reason that escapes me."

Pausing, Ida began to squirm her thumb past the XO's labia - slipping inside her hot wetness. Her tongue paused for speech anew while she worked her way into her depths. "The first time I was intrigued by a woman," she said softly, her thumb working rhythmically, "it was when I attended an art seminar on Lya Station - ages ago. Topic was naturalism, and my interest was peaked by the model depicted in a holographic waterscape. I... never dared speak with her afterwards, even when she came up to me and complimented me on my drawing of her. It was as if she had snatched off both my antennae and my tongue - fumble-footed and speechless as I was."

Ida chuckled at the memory, and applied herself to what she was doing again - her tongue flickering fast over the Trill's smooth pearl while her thumb surged into her. Her free hand sought to pinch a nipple above her in the darkness, then caressing it soothingly with her palm.

[ Cale Winterbourne ]

Embracing the Cardassian who claimed to be human at heart, it was hard for Winterbourne to deny the effect she had upon him. The intimacy, the warm water, the mist swirling about her and her blatantly obvious willingness to engage in carefree frivolities together with him all sent the same message to him. The same message that his whole being had been sending him on that shift where the entire Main Bridge had turned into a heaving pit of naked bodies. The gut instinct that he had failed to adhere to.

Alarm. This was not ordinary. Before he knew it, he would surely be possessed once more. It was the outbreak at Niga all over again. It was almost as if Ensign Caletta's face superimposed itself over Chief Aisha's, and Cale's heartbeat actually quickened, something that rarely happened any more. His rational mind would cast aside the idea that the virus was present, yet his impulse in this situation had been rendered anything but natural. Chief Counsellor Nelis had even explained this to him before he was lost in the battle, yet still Winterbourne was haunted by the memories.

Memories, which combined with Aisha's proximity, made him hard underneath the surface of the water, yet petrified his hands from moving where they lay against her back. He had to say something, to let his rational thoughts win over instinct. "I am not a Science Officer, if that is what you think. I... was merely intrigued." Should he say the truth? It was the rational choice. "Your 'unique physiology' tempted me on a baser level than a Scientist's, despite how I am prone to put logic and analysis over recklessness. I am a pilot, after all, and in earlier years I had the same cavalier attitude towards life that any other Federation Fighter jockey had. Now, it would seem the endless fighting has seared away the baby-fat around my wits."

Words half meant for her yet mostly for himself. He needed not fear this situation. The virus was dealt with. "My base attraction for you comes from another time in my life," he said with his pale blue eyes staring into hers, "like an echo of the man I once were. I am as surprised as you by how it makes me try to make analysis where no such is due. I am, simply, of a mind to learn what being intimate with you would be like, even if you realised it before me."

Only then did he lower his eyes to her body, his palms beginning to run over the slick scales of her back between the two pieces of her sodden Starfleet underwear.

[ Dr. Lucan cin Nicander ]

"A quiet corner would be most welcome, for I have had plenty of the crowd for today - the Triage Centre being what it is right now," he said, while his mind dissected what little information he could derive from Eve's reaction to the two stories. She had not been her usual easy-going self when he had told her about either of the encounters - one expecting to get that effect yet not the other. He supposed he shouldn't read too much into it since they were both weary, yet something told him he might not develop upon the story with how he'd had to fool Cadet Amikris - that could sense the pheromones of sexual desire in the office - that he desired her instead, making a second thing lead to a third. In protecting Amelya Duv, he had to develop the friendship he held with the young Ash'reem while the CMO hid behind his desk. It had been... interesting, to say the least.

Too bad Amikris was destined to die quite soon, before she ventured from her schedules and entered Surgical Suite 02 and risked finding her monstrous child. Oh, he had taken precautions, yet there was no accurate way of telling if she could sense something behind the bulkhead. As much could be said about Arcorn Noetin and Sarresh Morali, and killing all Ash'reem aboard was a decision he had made the moment he stayed his hand from killing the small green foetus he had extracted from Amikris womb.

Stopping by the edge of the spring, Lucan opened his uniform pants and let them drop, removing shoes and socks too before turning to face Eve. "You ready? I think there might be a private area towards the back over there. If you are thirsty, I could buy you a drink before we retreat there."

Did he mean to kill her too because she managed to touch old sides of his soul that he rather lived without? Was the decision to head somewhere private truly his own... or the beast's? He truly did not know any more...

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[Nathan Isley]

"More, huh?" he asked, smiling at Hannah's request.  One of his hands, the one uncovered by her own, slid down her torso, cupping her underwear clad pubic region.  He rubbed against the underwear a few times before drawing back, fingertip working underneath the fabric to touch bare flesh beloe.  He made the journey intentionally slow, made her anticipate his finger arrival, when two of his fingers would finally reach her slit, each one working down either side to stroke against her labia.  While working her lower half with careful precision, warming her up but not trying to push her over the edge too fast, his hand on her breast squeezed more firmly, fingers pinched at the nipple, gave it a careful twist, a gentle tub, all to excite her body with the sensations that felt oh so good.  "I don't know if I can decide what I like better on you right now, these wonderful tits or your cunt.  I might have to keep playing with them for a while longer until I make up my mind."

[Edena Rez - Illya in control]

"Mm, once an artist, always an artist," Illya said, a small laugh accompanying it.  She started her love affair with women over finger painting, something which led to her and her partner's bodies becoming the canvas of choice, it seemed.  Illya's hips moved with subtle motions, only to deepen the actions performed on her by Ida.  "We're a lot alike.  We couldn't be restrained by what our people think is the right thing for us.  You're a warrior who found artistry.  I come from a race of people who dedicate themselves to science and all I wanted was adventure.  I think we were destined to . . . come together."  The choice of words no doubt were meant to signify the act they performed.  Indeed, Illya reached climax only a few minutes later, but rather then just crumble to her knees in pleasure, she pulled Ida back to her feet and saw to it the favor was returned.  The Andorian's pants and underwear were pushed down in one motion, freeing the blue velvet lips that awaited her.  Illya let her hot breath grace the slick petals first, before her pink tongue touched cerulean skin, starting at the inner thigh and trailing up to the womanly folds.  The acting Security Chief would get back what she gave.  Illya would see to that.

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[ Hannah "Nightmare" Slaverton ]

They were wrapped in their own private world behind the waterfall, where the sounds from the nearby crowd were drowned out by the cascading water yet where their own hands became more important than words. Hannah did hear Nathan though, leaning back against his strong chest as she were - thoroughly enjoying herself as her wingmate's hands roamed her wet body. While one hand rubbed her neather lips, he refused to slide any digits inside her heat, and the teasing was equally delightful and frustrating. At least he would make full use of his other hand as it fondled her aching breasts. She sighed and undulated her hips against his hand, blinking away water as she moaned. His words told her he still wanted to play games with her, which was much to her own liking.

"You don't mind if I make a preliminary examination myself, do you?" she said loud enough for him to hear, and she reached behind herself with both hands to pull down his boxers - feeling his arousal popping free against her back.  While one hand reached down to encourage his as he groped her, the other made a firm and hard grip around his wet member - milking it with the motion in which she undulated her hips against him. She took care to rub her thumb across his bulbous head too, teasing him as best as she might with her hand. "Mmmhhh... I would welcome this in any way you can imagine... Yet at the same time... I would gladly keep doing this too... just to see who popped first..."

[ ThanIda zh'Wann ]

If Illya liked adventure, she no doubt found some kind of merit in the hazardous situation that the USS Theurgy - and the Harbinger - was in. She said nothing, but applied herself more dutifully to her bountiful undertaking. Very pleased with having caused her First Officer to climax on her thumb, Ida's satisfied smile showed white teeth in the darkness as she looked up at the dark profile of Edena's heaving and shivering body. It seemed Illya did not need time to gather her wits about herself afterwards, and to Ida's delight, she was helped back on her feet and pressed against the warm cliff-face.

Breathless and shivering with her own anticipation, she could not help but make small sounds of primal lust as she helped rid herself from the remaining items of her uniform, gasping when the grifter's breath hit her womanly folds - made oh so very damp already. When Edena's tongue came, Ida leaned her head back - her eyes rolling on the waves of pleasure. "By Lor'Vela..." she moaned and ran her fingers through Edena's hair while Illya made wondrous acts with her mouth against Ida's gently thrusting sex. She was undulating her whole body as she leaned against the cliff-face, choking on her attempts to keep her voice down lest they'd draw unwanted attention from the crew that threaded  the darkness as they went to and from the new Lounge.

Ida was not going to jeopardise the First Officer's integrity. The crew needed not get the wrong ideas about their Executive Officer. She would keep her voice down no matter what. Regardless how hard it proved to be. "You said... I wronged you when we were at Niga too... in not trying to claim you for myself. I tell you now... I wish I had not sent William Regal in my stead when I was infected... as strange as that might seem... given the circumstances." What a thing to say, even if it was true.

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[Rory Callahan]

She'd started to call him Mr. Callahan and he raised an eyebrow and gave her a little sideways tilt of his head but she corrected herself and that dimple in his left cheek deepened.  "Not ev'ry drink gets that kind of approval but it's one that can stand up t' the praise," he nodded sagely.  Then he watched her swirl it and sniff, noting it was a very cute nose.

Both eyebrows rose as she finally took a sip and he could see the surprise in her eyes, could tell she was letting it roll around her tongue and mouth hitting every taste bud possible.  That sip turned into a long pull and he chuckled heartily.  "Aye, it's like yer not drinkin' liquor at all," he said at all and felt a nice little draw in his gut when she licked her lips.

"So I think we found just the right thing for ye.  It suits ye too, pretty an' sweet."  He took a moment to fill a couple of other drink orders but then floated right back to Natalie.  "So I know yer smart an' really pretty ... an ye don't drink much," he added with a little wink.  "What sort of things do ye like outside of work?  Hang out with friends?  Enjoy music?"

Sure he was fishing a little there.  "If ye like music, I can sing an' play a little, not too shabby if I say so m'self."  She hadn't mentioned knowing him so it was sort of giving him a chance to just be a normal guy, though among all the Starfleet guys he wasn't so sure that was a great thing.  Then again, he knew he didn't seem intimidating which in Natalie's case seemed to be a good thing.

[Eve Jenkins]

At the edge of the water, Eve slipped off her boots and then socks which she tucked inside then unfastened her pants.  Every move was slow and sensual though it was completely unconscious, just so much a part of the woman that she didn't even think anything of removing clothing in front of others.  Bending at the waist, she tugged her pants free one foot at a time and then folded them neatly to set by her boots.  Next she gathered the hem of the undershirt and fluidly pulled it up and over her head and folded it neatly as well.

Now she was like so many others she was only in her standard issue undergarments.  "I can wait for a drink for a bit so let's find a quiet corner," she said and slipped into the pool.  It was like instant relief, the soreness in her feet and legs evaporating into the steam and she groaned as the level rose to her hips and then waist.  "Sonic showers get you clean but there is nothing like a real bath or shower," she said conversationally as he led her along and found a more private area.

Only when no one was around did she show her real concern.  "I know you can't talk about what happened to Lt. Commander Stark but I know I felt a lot of things when I was examining her.  She's what some might call spikey, jabs of fear here and stabs of shame there.  From what I've gathered, she's suffered rape at least twice.  I think she should speak with a counselor as soon as possible.  I find her fragile and I'm worried about her ... just as I'm worried about you as well."

She was silent for a moment and then took both of his hands.  "From everything I've read, heard, and deduced, I know you were raped too and while I know I wasn't there and there would have been nothing I could have done, I wish I could have protected you somehow.  Circumstances have kept you pushing yourself without any break to try to work through any feelings you have but right now there's time and while I'm not a psychiatrist, I'm someone who cares.  If you need to talk or just be held, I'm here for you Lucan."

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[Nathan Isley]

"You don't have to play so coy with me, Hannah.  I know exactly what you want."  Sure, she might have been enjoying having his fingers upon her womanhood.  She might have even enjoyed stroking his length with her dexterous hands, but there was only one thing that was going to satisfy the two of them.  Nathan slipped away from Hannah's fingers, his manhood brushing against her backside on it's way to her womanhood.  One arm wrapped around her waist for support, while the other continued to enjoy groping her breast.  In a smooth motion, he slid inside her wet, pink lips, letting her feel what had been in her hand only moments before, and feel it far more intensely then she ever could have dreamed.  "Uhnnn . . . Damn, Nightmare.  You're tighter then I ever would have expected."  It wasn't to say he expected her to be some woman of loose virtue, but she was definitely an adventurous soul.  The idea that she might have had many lovers in the past seemed a no-brainer, yet the tightness of her love channel suggested that maybe she truly was more picky then he thought, and that whatever trauma her body might have suffered during the outbreak was healed and vanished.

[Edena Rez - Illya Rez in control]

Edena had simply been trying to survive the Niga outbreak as best she could, but Illya had to admit she had felt a bit rejected.  She had sent plenty of strong signals to Ida, and yet she hadn't come herself to infect Edena, instead using a proxy through Bill Regal.  It had been a little insulting, as far as she was concerned, but at least she finally got her chance at Babe the Blue Andorian, her mouth working as eagerly as the other woman's lips had only moments before.  "I can forgive you for Niga, considering how well you are treating me now," Illya said with a smile, before she was back to work   Illya kept working until Ida hit her climax, her womanhood spilling forth the signs of orgasm.  Illya rose back up, kissing Ida, each one having the taste of the other in their mouth, sharing that experience with the other.  "Was it as good for you as it was for me?  Or do I need to go back down there and give you another?"

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[ Dr. Lucan cin Nicander ]

Eve surely had a way of being a distraction in Sickbay, and in this atmosphere, she turned plenty of heads amongst both the present crews as she undressed. It was quite evident to Lucan that if he had not been by her side and clearly been her company, several of the present men and women would have approached her. While Eve might not have noticed, Lucan did, but pretended not to - acting as if Eve was a close friend yet nothing more for sake of appearances.

Following Eve into the warm water, Lucan led them towards the outskirts of the bathing area - wading through the shallow water. He felt his way forward underneath the surface with his feet - sliding along the naturally smoothed bedrock. The water might reach to his lower abdomen, yet the warm mist swirled about them both as they made their way to an area that was only dimly lit by the torches of the Lounge. The vapours quickly speckled his dark hair with droplets of water, and the heat not only loosened the knots in his body, but also made him sweat - giving his tenacious body a glimmering sheen. At Eve's comment, he could but chuckle and agree. "Progress does not always equal comfort or enjoyment."

At the time they were alone, having found natural seats underneath the water at the edge of a C-shaped nook at the far shore of the springs, Eve brought up her concerned about Lucan's well-being. He listened, his reaction twofold - one below the surface of his countenance... and the other being how his façade answered her concern by smoothing it over. "You are right in your classification of that happened to me, and while your concerns warm my heart and are altogether merited, fact is that the nature and effects of the flora and the virus made its subjects more... inclined towards what happened to them. Rest assured, though, that I have prescribed Ms Stark to seek counselling at her earliest convenience. As you have pointed out, her injuries are more emotional than physical - making the two of us inferior to the task of treating them."

His tattooed hands held by Eve, Lucan shifted the grip so that he held hers instead, gently pulling her forward so that their fingers were clasped between their chests. The distant firelight danced in his eyes as he looked into hers, and if she had known the danger she was in, the flames that burned there might have reflected the searing vitriol of hatred one half of his soul held for her. For her bloody concern undermined his resolve... yet the other side of him knew it might be the key to controlling the darkness that welled inside. His only means for control. He needed to draw strength from this face that belong to a time before he became a host to the alien within his body. Before the rape that was of true concern had occurred.

"As for me, you are already helping by agreeing to come aboard the Theurgy, joining me and the crew on this hellish crusade," he said in his deep voice - speaking the truth for once - and slowly spun her around with the grip on her hands. A gentle dance motion made in the waist-deep water. "Thank you, my sweet dear, for your care and concern in these dark times." Having spun her around, she had her back to him instead, and he still holding her hands, he pressed her close to his chest in a warm embrace. "I only wish I can help you equally in coming to terms with what might have happened to your grandfather."

He realised then, that despite of his best intentions, he had turned the tables on her. Manipulating her thoughts, he had turned her away from himself and made her face the darkness of the world outside, and what awaited her when they reached their destination. The fears of the unknown enemy that had lingered every day since she fled for Nimbus III, and an enemy that now had her in his arms. No matter where she turned now, she was trapped between the danger she was in, and what would come her way if she survived her lover and continued her journey. It made the malign spirit inside Lucan laugh with mirth. It almost made him hard thinking about it.

[ Hannah "Nightmare" Slaverton ]

Making a sharp intake of breath when he squirmed his thick girth into her, Hannah's eyes fluttered shut, and could not help but reach down and touch their joining - feeling his hardness slide into her wetness. "I-It's you," she gasped in a thick voice, reaching behind her shoulder with her other hand to rake her nails through his beard and his hair. "It's y-you who's so big. Was it just little ol' me t-that made you this hard?"

The waterfall cascading over their moving bodies, Nightmare let out small rhythmic cries of pleasure after just a short while - her wingmate feeling so good inside her. She thrust her hips to meet his movements as best as she might, even if the arm around her waist gave him perfect control of the situation. She continued to touch herself and his sliding shaft, rubbing her clitoris and his hardness in rhythm with their pagan dance.

It was such a relief, and even if Hannah had seduced the Chief Medical Officer before the battle, or at least she genuinely thought it was her that had seduced him, it felt like forever that she had longed to explore what it might be like to have Nathan between her legs. The drinking game had been her idea, having set her sights on Maverick a long time ago, and if it had not been for the battle interrupting them, she had planned to continue playing more games with him in private.

"Seems - ngh! - like I got more out of the bargain than just a d-drink, Mav," she gasped throatily and chuckled with mirth as she reached further down - fingers sliding across his swollen sack as he thrust into her. She flashed him winded yet teasing grin over her shoulder at her comment. "I'll make sure... to save your ass... more often... when we are out there."

[ Deputy Than'Ida zh'Wann ]

When the climax hit her, Ida had to grind her teeth together as the convulsions raked through her blue ghelnoid frame, just to keep herself from crying out and alerting everyone about their mischief in the dark. Panting heavily, she unclenched her fingers from Edena's hair and ran hands over her lover's neck and shoulders, heart beating blue blood loudly in her ears.

When Illya made Edena rise to her feet, Ida had nothing but a breathless embrace and pleased little noises to offer in response at first. The kiss stole the opportunity for speech anyway, the interspecies exchange of bodily fluids mixing in their mouths, and the Trill did have a quite memorable taste. The mere touch of those slightly colder hands had been a boon in itself during that warm night - each finger a chill delight.

"Was it as good for you as it was for me? Or do I need to go back down there and give you another?"

Faces close, Ida chuckled as her antennae languorously swayed back and forth - their glistening bodies lit by the crane high above. The peripheral luminescence of a searchlight was passing them by again, and Ida glanced up by reflex to make sure they had not been spotted. They appeared to have escaped notice from the crewman operating the crane as well as the throng of people a stone-throw away. "We shouldn't press our luck, I suppose, despite how much I'd care to taste you a great deal more. The both of us have things at stake that we might loose if we linger, Rez."

A name fitting current and past hosts, which felt odd because it sounded less personal in this case, despite how she preferred using the last name due to her upbringing on Andoria. "Illya," she amended with grin and lay her blue hands against the Trill's firm bottom - pressing her closer so that she might burrow her tongue behind the First Officer's collarbone. "Then again, my name is already dishonoured, so my deepest concern is for yours."

Strange, how she found herself looking out for her superior officer's repute despite how she - deep down - refused to let herself trust the Starfleet Intelligence operative. After all, hidden behind those brown eyes of her was the host of Jona Rez, whom was a facet that justified all her old suspicions. The thought of him watching her struck her, as they...

"Has... he been watching us?" she asked quietly, her face rising slowly just as her antennae drew down.

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[S'Iti Aisha]

She smiled with a coy grin as she listened to him and sighed softly at the feeling of his hands against her body.  Her scales were far smoother than they had looked giving her skin the feeling of an ultra exquisite snakeskin. "Ooh, your hands feel so warm." she said sinking into his body her own temperature just slightly colder than his own as she enjoyed his body heat against her nearly naked form.

She gently rested her head on his shoulder as she breathed in the steamy air closing her eyes nuzzling her head into his shoulder.  "I can't say my intentions are so noble as to want to learn." she said softly.  "I need this."  she said with a gentle whimper as her hands moved down from his chest to his lower stomach then down to his hardening member  gently wrapping her fingers around it slipping her hand into the shorts he wore.

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Natalie Stark

ok, she thought to herself, that smile could be dangerous. She found herself smiling right back at Rory, his smile truly infectious. It was so different from the heat laden smile that Dr Nicander had leveled on her, in the cramped confines of the Transporter room Jefferies tube. The thought of that dalliance had her face light up cherry red for a moment, and she hid it behind another sip of the wine. Rory's smile, she thought, was more...kind, and soothing, genuinely happy, not heated and hungry.

Natalie had to admit both smiles had their strong points.

Swallowing, and blushing at the compliment, Natalie laughed it off, "not that pretty," she replied, "but yes, the wine is quite sweet. Thank you very much." She wasn't quite feeling the effects of the wine, not yet, but the heat from the water certainly helped calm her. The bartenders voice went a long way to easing her as well. At his question tho...her eyes darted to the side, and down, glancing at the small waves in the hot spring, bubbling up around the floating bar. Her finger traced the rim of the glass, and she shrugged softly, "Music can be nice," she finally said, smiling back up at Rory.

The truth was, she didn't have any real friends on the Theurgy. The man she replaced, Hendricks, she could have considered a friend. The rest? colleagues at best. People to share a smile with, sure, but close to? They kept dying before she could do that. "I'd love to hear you play more," She said, meaning it, even if it also allowed her to dodge the rest of his question.

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[Eve Jenkins]

Eve was smart enough to see evasion and while she wanted to call him on it, that wouldn't have been productive to a time that was meant for relaxation.  In the slow twirl, she found herself facing away and her back pressed to his chest and this time he went for redirection ... or perhaps misdirection.  Many years past he had always been forthright, tackling issues with enthusiasm.  It was one of the little differences about him she was starting to notice.

"There is little I can do about my grandfather right now," she said softly.  "Until we figure out what is controlling him and others, how to combat them, and mostly until we can even get anywhere near home I'm just going to continue serving the crew to the best of my abilities.  I've learned that sometimes no matter how much you want to help someone, sometimes they're too far away to do any good so it's best to focus on those near you."

What she didn't say was sometimes even when you are right there with someone that there's absolutely nothing you can do for them.  Unexpected a tear spilled down her cheek as she thought about her mother, how her grandfather had tried so hard to help her and how she'd sit there and try to help her on visits to come back to the real world.  The only consolation was she was still caught in the euphoria of love and pleasure she'd shared with Eve's father.

In that same moment, she found her heart filled with doubts.  She couldn't help her mother and she didn't know if she could help her father.  On top of that, she was being physically held by a man who kept her emotionally at arm's length.  With all the recent losses and casualties, she knew she should think about others but her own heart was hurting.  Would they, or she, ever find the light at the end of the tunnel and the happiness that was supposed to be waiting there for them?

[Rory Callahan]

There was a moment when she seemed to blush for no reason and Rory wondered what was going on behind those lovely eyes.  He didn't figure it was anything about him as they'd only met, unless he was lucky enough to already have her mind wandering to delightful interludes.  "Not that pretty," she said and he wondered what sort of assholes had paid any attention to her.

Though she thought she wasn't answering certain questions, her looks and silences told him quite a bit.  She didn't hang out a lot, if at all, and the thought that such a lovely person spent her off-time alone saddened him.  He knew all too well how lonely it could be even when you were stuck on a ship with hundreds of people around.  Well then he'd just have to show he could be a friend so that she might seek him out when off duty.

Placing his hand over his heart and giving her a slight bow, Rory said "The lady's wish is my command."  The demand for drinks had slowed enough and he waved someone over, asking them to tend a bit while he played.  Taking Natalie's hand in his, he led her to the edge of the pool as if she were a princess.  "Before we're parboiled to a fare-the- well, have a seat while I get out my guitar."  He offered her a gentlemanly hand up if she wished.

In a fluid motion, he drew himself up with his arms and stepped over several feet to some of the extra boxes of alcohol where a case was propped.  Flicking open the top, he drew out an acoustic guitar and padded back over to Natalie where he sat down and took a moment to make sure all the strings were in tune.  "This is a little somethin' I wrote t' pass th' time once I figured out there was no goin' back home," he said and blushed a little.  "No one back home's heard it but maybe one day ..."

There was a bit of melancholy when he said that but then he smiled again, one of those easy going friendly kind and started strumming in earnest the intro.  It was a bouncy kind of tune, one meant to lift spirits speaking of directions and matters of the heart but most of all it spoke of everyone's desire to never be forgotten.

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[ Dr. Lucan cin Nicander ]

"So let us focus on those closest to us then for a while," said Lucan quietly and smiled a little as he tightened his embrace around Eve a tad and kissed her neck, "since we have taken the time to get off duty for the first time in what seems like forever."

The easy-going tone and his following chuckle an attempt to lighten the mood of this brief escape from the Triage Centre, Lucan was actually suppressed the boiling urge to drown Eve right there in their small watery alcove. Like all other ideas that came from the dark well inside his mind, it was hardly productive to draw such suspicion upon oneself. Near half of all the bathers had seen Eve at the edge when she undressed, so it was reasonably clear they had noticed him being there by her side even if they slipped away in the fashion they did. No, Lucan needed Eve, even if he was not entirely clear on how just yet.

"May I have the honour of 'doing' you first?" he asked ruefully, and began to massage her shoulders, unlocking his arms around her waist to lay his tattooed hands on her.

He used his thumbs to slowly knead the minute knots away. He had a medical understanding of the procedure due to his two-fold education, yet the actual enjoyment of the treatment was something he had come to learn by practice. Since her sodden light blue top was in the way, he soon slipped his hands underneath it so that he might apply his hands directly upon her skin.

"You are quite an amazing woman, Eve," he said in a low voice in the darkness as he moved to treat the musculature that ran down along each side of her spine. "I would have thought you'd be married to some lucky Starfleet Officer the next time I met you after the Academy. Seems like I was proven wrong. Then again, the winds know it would take one rare and fine man to be worthy someone like you. I hardly think I can aspire to it either, even if I could, given the circumstances."

The chain of command and regulations were the main and official reason why they had to be discreet. Yet as Lucan massaged her, he realised he wanted to spare Eve from his own nature, and thus kept himself from dwelling harder upon the words she had said to him before the Ishtar entity had come to visit them. The realisation struck him deep, yet he said nothing.

[ Ens. Cale Winterbourne ]

The close and warm embrace was something Winterbourne could handle without his sense for propriety being uprooted. A hug was a hug, and naught more, and it was not like they were the only ones around that were embracing and taking about things lost and gained over the course of the recent past. He had to look around to verify this, of course, since he had been too distracted from the conversation about the Cardassian legacy and Aisha herself to notice much else of what happened around him in the Thermal Springs. Apparently, there was someone playing an instrument close by, and the music covered the heated words of the Cardassian Conn Officer - only Cale hearing them perfectly.

"I need this."

When he felt her slightly cold hands descend behind the waistline of his boxers and discover his involuntarily hardening member, he choked on the casually said word "What?" Which was what he meant to ask in reply. His eyes widened momentarily and he had to look around once more to make sure no one had noticed what she was doing. He kept his arms around her though, if nothing else to awkwardly hide what she might be doing to him. No, what she was actually doing to him.

"This is hardly regular," he said in a thick voice, swallowing as he tried to look everywhere at once yet also trying to act as if nothing was amiss, "nor advisable. We might be seen. Don't get me wrong, I meant what I said, yet... Here?"

Then again, it was something quite... striking about the situation. He dared not move his hands from where they were yet though.

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[Edena Rez - Illya Rez in control]

Illya grinned when Ida asked about Jona, and if he was present when the deed had occurred between them.  "Does that make you nervous, or does it turn you on more?" she asked, giggling a little as the two fished around for their clothes in the dark, looking to get dressed again before they rejoined the others.  Ida was right that they couldn't be taking risks with getting caught in the act, or Edena would probably never show her face in public again.  "When one of us is in control, there are still two others left with him.  We like to make sure that private moments are observed.  You see, to the Rez symbiont since joining with Edena, it's like there are three ghosts always following you around.  Usually, I'm one of them, but Edena let me borrow the body, and she and Kiya took Jona . . . let's call it for a walk.  They basically distanced themselves enough to lose awareness of what was happening here with us.  The first hint that Edena should get of what we were doing is when she tastes you in her mouth.  Mmm, I'm gonna enjoy seeing that reaction from her.  You're her first woman, even if it wasn't technically her."

[Nathan Isley]

"You know how to compliment a man," he told her, referring to Hannah's comments on his size.  There was likely not a man alive who didn't like hearing that.  If anything, it made him thrust stronger, deeper into her, seeking to leave her body ravaged, satisfied beyond all reason.  Nathan Isley could be a proud individual, another emotion that Vulcans would have looked down on.  Yeah, they could say they had no emotion, but they could damn well be arrogant, carrying around an air of superiority so thick their heads should have cracked under the pressure of it like a deep sea diver.  Nathan liked being proud, and his favorite thing to be proud of was ruining women for other men, to make every lover after him a downgrade.  It helped that intense one night stands could often be some of the most sexual, the kind of memories held onto by a woman when she wanted nothing more then to fantasize about her most satisfying moments.  "I wonder if we can make you orgasm so hard that someone could hear you over the roar of this water fall.  Shall we find out?"

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[ Deputy ThanIda zh'Wann ]

Whether or not Jona Rez was present as a witness was never the real issue to Ida, yet the nature of the ghost called for her to be careful with what she said lest it might be used against her at some point. "Not nervous, precisely," she said as she pulled her panties up her legs, searching for the right word. "Somewhat cautious, perhaps. Though I am gladdened for your sake to hear that the four of you can respect each other's need for privacy somehow. It would seem to me that getting to be alone for once would be somewhat of a rarity."

At the bold comment about the First Officer tasting Ida in her mouth when she'd repossess her body from Illya, the Deputy was not quite sure what to say, even though she saw some level of slightly embarrassing humour in the scenario. It was her First Officer they were talking about, and the idea that she would taste her... Well, it was not like Edena Rez wouldn't guess what Illya was about since there had been little more discussed between them at the times they'd met. Ida was just glad they had finally found an opportune moment to live out their desire for real. Ida's desire for Illya had only come to truly manifest itself after the Niga Incident, yet now - when Rez had been redeemed in the eyes of the crew and the Senior Staff - there was nothing that forbade Ida to consider the Trill as a lover. Except Jona, perhaps, given what had transpired on the Bridge a couple of days past.

"I hope Commander Rez can forgive us this little excursion into the dark," she said with a lopsided smile as she dressed, not necessarily mentioning the lingering smells and tastes that Edena'd have to take part in, "for this Andorian truly needed to unwind after all that has come about. I have lacked in fortitude because of resent events, admittedly, and after having tried to seek some mutual comfort with Lieutenant T'Less... she was shot down. Thank you seems an odd thing to say, even if it is gratitude I feel for you and Rez coming to speak with me tonight."

[ Hannah "Nightmare" Slaverton ]

"Mhh... I like the sound of that, so try as you might," said Hannah with a grin as she moved with Isley, eyes closed in order to appreciate the feeling of the water running down her body and the cock running up her womanly sheath. She felt her inner walls siphon upon the male meat that slid up and down in her slick juices, and she felt his length enter her at the tips of her fingers too. Her heartbeat was quick and her whole torso ached with need for imminent release - the tautness being the worst in her water-coated breasts. "Although, nggh... I would suggest you turn me around then... so that my little girl down there can feel more of you."

Without asking, Hannah disentangled herself from Mavericks embrace and slid off his cock - grinned as she wrapped her fingers around it when freed into the waterfall. Facing Nathan again, she got an undeniable urge to kiss him at long last. So she let go of his shaft and wrapped her arms around his neck - kissing him without quarter given for anything. Moments later, she jumped on his frame and wrapped her legs around him too. The kissing distracted her momentarily, yet she soon tried to reach down between their bodies and guide her wingmate inside once more - now able to grind herself against this new lover as best as she might.

"Harder... please," she said thickly in the din of the water, just as she managed to set him right and slide down along his length. "Mmph! Yes, more, give me more.. .Ahhh!"

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She chuckled softly, "Ooh I didn't know you were the shy type."  she said in a playful whisper. Her fingers slid around his shaft as she began to give it a few gentle tugs as a thumb rolled softly over his head.  Her lips grazed over the skin of his neck as she gave it a soft kiss then began to lick gently giving it a soft suckle.  "!"  she said in her exited whisper, "The water feels so good to me." she pleaded. 

Her will was becoming weakened  from the ecstasy the spring offered. The lightly sulfuric scent from the nearby active volcano, the steam filling her lungs as she breathed, the water soaking into her nearly fully exposed skin.  each factor made her relax more and more as she took a hand down to her fleet issue panties and pushed the strip of cloth between her legs to the aside as she slipped a finger against her slit finding that her panties had became wet from far more than just the water she was relaxing in 

"If we can just stay here in this warm spring," she practically begged. "Just give me one time here in this heaven and we can go somewhere else."  she offered in an eager, wanting, and--surprisingly contrasting her recent words and actions--very submissive tone.  "I promise I'll keep quiet in here."  she whispered in her soft plea.  "I'll even let you have me however you want after we leave here!" She added then sweetened the deal further, "And, as many times you want."  She offered as the water was ecstasy for her at the moment and she would give anything to feel the rapture of her body's climax here surrounded in this warm water.

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[Edena Rez]

"Honestly, after all this time, it's kind of hard to imagine being 'alone.'  When I was a host, I always had a bit of Kiya with me, her knowledge, her memories, even if she wasn't there in the physical sense.  Since the joining with Edena, the three of us have been somewhat alive again, ourselves within her.  It's sort of like Kiya and myself are Edena's room mates, and Jona is like that bossy landlord who won't leave us alone." A laugh accompanied that statement, as Illya adjusted the top on Edena's body.  Pulling her wrap around her waist and tying it afterward.  "I think this excursion was good for Edena's body too.  A little endorphin rush to get the bocy relaxed.  If only her mind could be affected so easily.  Poor girl is so stuck in her own head right now.  Identity issues have been getting to her, not to mention dealing with the idea that there is a member of the crew who actually wants her in a romantic sense.  I suppose it might make it awkward for her too, considering I was with him when we were separated during the Ishstar incident, and when we rejoined, she actually got the memories of everything me and the others did in the way that a joined Trill was meant to."  It meant she experienced having sex with Miles, and Jien through Kiya.

"I suppose I should stop mortifying her by telling her personal problems to others.  I should just mortify her with one last tease."  Illya moved in and grabbed one more kiss from Ida, deep and intense, only to halfway through it switch out, and leave Edena back in control of her body.  To her credit, it was half a second before she pulled back, a frantic, embarrassed look on her face.  She was speechless, her bottom lip moving like she wanted to speak, but couldn't find the words to say.  Dammit Illya, why do you do things like this to me!

Because your reactions are just so much fun, Eden.

[Nathan Isley]

Hannah's suggestion to turn around was taken, her body now pressed against him from the front.  She leaped up onto him, and he was ready to catch her, hands grabbing her full backside in his hands, lifting her upward.  It was the kind of position which would be exhausting for normal lovers, but Nathan was both three times as powerful as a human, due to his Vulcan blood, and also well trained in weight lifting.  Hannah was a sturdy woman, working out her own lean muscle, but she was still a very light woman, far beneath his limit.  It took a moment, but he worked his way back inside her, at which point his hands kept the work up where his hips began, lifting her up and down his length with controlled motions, feeling each and every movement made.  When she asked for harder, he wrapped his hands around her better for a better grip between her butt and her hips and was able to thrust her harder, faster, stronger.  Her breasts bounced in his vision, his mouth kissing at them when he could reach them, at her torso when he couldn't.  There was nothing romantic about what they did.  It was a biological fulfillment of need.  They both wanted the same thing, and they were getting it.

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[Natalie Stark]

The bow was a tad over theatric, Natalie thought, but the meaning behind it was appreciated, and it achieved its goal. She gave a small giggle, elbows resting on that floating bar, as she leaned forward, dark eyes following the bartender, watching as he set up someone else to man the fort. But to her surprise, he offered her his hand. Taking it, with a gentle squeeze, feeling the callous's that came from playing an instrument against the palm of her hand, she followed Rory to the edge of the pool. Quietly, with a fond smile now on her face, she let him help her up, mostly out of the pool, to sit on the smoothed rock edge. "Thank you," she said, earnestly charmed by his polite gestures.

Drawing her legs up and resting her chin on her knees (and conveniently covering the way her tank top now clung to her curves) the Lt.Cmdr watched the dripping wet musician pad about. mmm; The back view is rather nice too she found herself thinking, with a small, almost scandalized giggle. Perhaps that wine had started to get to her after all. She reached for the glass and took a sip as she watched Rory return, and sit down next to her. Quite close, but not too close; he seemed adept at judging her comfort zone, drawing the smile wider on her lips.

She watches him settled, watches his leg hang off the rocks, and most of all watched his face sink slightly when he spoke about the song. She wanted to reach out and grip his hand and tell him that for sure his song would be heard back on Earth. That they'd get home. But she didn't. Instead, she gripped her knees all the tighter, wet hair clinging and cooling against her back, and let herself get lost in his tune.

It seemed like such a small thing to say, when the Celt finished, but she smiled, eyes lit up, and whispered, "I loved it."

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[ Ensign Winterbourne ]

Cale did not know what to do. They were right in the middle of people talking and relaxing in the hot water, the bar was nearby, and there was no excuse - truly - for being any closer to the Cardassian woman than he already was. The hug might have made it appear they knew each other from before, and with her kissing his neck, it might be they thought them lovers of old. Yet that did not mean that regulations would allow them to do more publicly.

Still, the MCPO seemed so urgently to want him, and she had very easily made his body answer in his mouth's stead. Regardless, his mind was on the propriety and tried to find a way to acquiesce to the snake-woman's pleads without drawing attention. Something which was easier said than done since she was being very bold with her advancements.

"By the e-edge," he said thickly at last, her hand still working his length underneath the surface of the water. I c-can pretend giving you a shoulder massage." Rather hastily, he led the way to a spot with slightly fewer people. He settled down on a natural seat underneath the water, in slight disbelief of this actually happening to him. When she sat in his lap, he would try to keep his face straight while massaging her, even if his whole body screamed to lay his hands upon her generous bosom instead.

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[ Deputy ThanIda zh'Wann ]

In hearing the explanation of her First Officer's unique nature, Ida had naught but sympathy for the feeling of having an identity crisis. When she left Andoria, she had ceaselessly tired to find herself. She had been uprooted and adrift, with no culture or countrymen to rely on. No keth and no one to trust but herself, with no place in the entire galaxy to call home. To take that scenario and then have three people inside you striving for control simultaneously, with no chance to ever be let alone and have her own private time. It seemed to Ida, holding her undershirt in her hand, that it was fortunate that the Trill were trained for the joined experience through their young lives, and were prepared for the feeling if split personalities. Then again, no Trill had been trained for what the Rez hosts were going through.

Then, she was surprised by the kiss, even though she answered it immediately with a small sound in her throat. Tilting her head and welcoming the Trill's tongue against her own, the fabric of her damp bra grazed across her nipples as they were pressed tightly against the Commander's uniform. Her antennae had risen in surprise, yet then slowly lowered in contentment. Her arms wrapped around the Trill and... Gone were the lips and the embrace and the mix of tastes in their mouths, the interspecies mix of female juices, and Ida came to understand Illya's ploy - seeing the results in the startled expression on the Commander's face. Wicked, wicked Illya. By Lor'Vela, what should I say now?

Having let go of Edena, Ida cleared her throat and lowered both eyes and antennae, taking great interest in the undershirt that she held in her hands and the distant fires. The awkward pause between them remained while Ida folded her arms underneath her breasts and wrestled with the words that did not come, looking away again before meeting her First Officer's eyes. "It would seem one of your previous hosts have an odd sense of humour, Commander Rez. Apologies for the rude... awakening. I have a crew to protect, so I better be on my way. Thank you for... for the talk. Much obliged."

The darkness hid the darker blue shade upon her neck as she made her way away from the XO, having no idea where she might go quite yet.

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