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[Deck 04 | Stellar Cartography]

The first thing he noticed was the heat.

Jien Ives blinked at it since it dried his eyes instantly and made his lungs ache for air. Through narrowed eyes, he saw sweat on his nose, and the flickering light of the terminal he lay upon. Next, the redolent scent of sulphur seared his sense of smell, making him wonder how he could ever have fallen asleep whilst breathing it. His arms, as weak as a newborn's, moved when he made them, and he distantly felt that the heat had left his entire body slick with his own salty egesta. He glistened in blinding, flashing lights.

He blinked again, the lethargy slowly ebbing away with each new fact he gleaned. He tried to sit up on the broken terminal - meaning to find answers to this mystery. Yet as he did, he rather wished she hadn't. For extending down from the remote ceiling were support beams that thrust down in a dozen places around the large chamber, one of which had toppled sideways and pinned him to the terminal he lay upon. When he tried to rise, the steel stopped him and brought immense pain - making him gasp for searing air.

He lay trapped upon the single terminal of Stellar Cartography - his fall broken by LCARS displays and circuitry. The spherical chamber encircled the lip he lay upon - stretched far up towards a wide hole to the next deck. Secondly, as he discerned the umbrageous walls whereupon spectres of malign electricity danced, he perceived the source of the blinking lights. How could he not have heard it from the start? The susurrous lightning of torn wires - circuitry riven in the damage and sending showers of sparks upon everything.

The collapse... Another slow blink. The epidemic...

Failing in trying to move the support beam from himself, Jien changed... into her female form so that she could slip out. And she did, awkwardly supporting herself on weak legs as she grabbed the buckled railing. The crisis at hand called for her attention, and there was nothing that would stop her from saving her crew. Then only thing standing in her way...

...was Chief Engineer Nolak Kalmil. Though he was not alone, for Jien's XO was following him across the board-walk.

Nerina... No...

They were smiling as they walked out to her, Nolak first. The flashing lights danced upon his bald head and handsome face - licked his chiselled frame and erect phallus. Behind his shoulder came Nerina, her halfblood Klingon forehead tilted forward over dark eyes, bold steps making her breasts bounce and her long legs flex with each movement.

"Get away from me," said Jien, her voice hoarse yet her eyes glaring.

Yet the Deltan male merely kept smiling... and released his pheromones - such that was a concentrated form of his infected state. Consequently, he was arguably the most potent of vectors for the virus and an utter shock for the unwary recipient. For while Nerina gasped in elation, Jien fell to her knees in aroused horror of what accosted her senses and her body. Eyes wide, her whole world shifted underneath her, and her body felt not her own any more. Her nipples and breasts hurt with need to be touched and her sex began to ooze out secretions - preparig her sheath for the primal mating that her confused brain demanded from her physique.

Shaking in the maelstrom that was her senses, Jien looked up into Nolak's eyes - her gaze coming to trail the close proximity of his throbbing erection. He just stood there, passively and confident, while Nerina hugged him from behind - her fingernails lazily trailing over his sculpted torso.

"Lick it."

Nolak's voice echoed like he was some deity. Jien hung on every syllable, the offer so plain and simple in its two words - so much aligned with what her body wanted to do. No, it was her brain that the pheromones were fooling. She could not kid herself. The hard thing was to differentiate what was her own feelings and which were conjured by the Deltan's influence. She coul...

Yet she was already licking it. Sensei help her, she licked the entire length eagerly in one long... firm... motion. And the taste! It was so easy and so satisfying that she moaned in release of the tensions in her - the abandon of reason. The loss of hope. The loss of her clothing so easy since she just let them vanish. The loss of rigid principles. The loss of her crew. The loss of her honour.


The rising punch struck Nolak under the jaw. The second made Nerina stagger backwards along the board-walk. On her feet again, Jien gritted her teeth in ire and disgust, and she screamed in contention - making the spherical chamber roar in her hatred for the events that had led to her crew's misfortune.

Lust for murder and more in her eyes, she raised her white-knuckled fists in defiance.

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(OOC: If someone's waiting on me, it's not my turn and I'm waiting on others.  Just don't want any confusion about whose turn it is.)

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That beep was enough to send her heart racing, pounding hard enough that she could feel the pulse in her ears as hope rose in her chest.  Stuffing the end of the protein bar in her mouth and twisting it to the side to clamp her teeth down on it like a cigar, Skye plopped heavily in the pilot seat and let her fingers fly along the panel.  "Deuterium ... it's gotta be Her," she muttered and bit off a small portion to chew while the rest remained dangling from her lips.

All the readings were there and she was positive it was the Theurgy so she plotted the course to follow that trail.  It had been weeks since she'd even spoken to anyone and there were times she thought she would go insane if didn't find them soon.  A light laugh escaped and she polished off the bar, leg bouncing in anticipation.  It was another two days before she caught up though and by that point she was ready to scream and cry.

Which was exactly what she did when she saw the ship, a joyous whoop and then a freshet of tears though that wasn't something just anyone ever saw.  The ship was limping along but it was home and there were people and real food and hopefully a chance for a proper bath.  There was one thing she dreaded though, having to confirm to Lt. Cmdr Jaru Rel that Josh and his ship were gone.  Andrus had helped her work through her grief so she at least wouldn't fall apart like a cadet.

Taking a couple of deep cleansing breaths, she hailed the ship.  "USS Theurgy, this is Wolf-03 Ensign Skye Carver requesting permission to dock," she said with a slight tremor in her voice.  There was a pause that turned into an ominous silence.  "Theurgy, this is Wolf-03 ... please respond."  More silence.  Her eyes narrowed as she looked from the ship to the planet and her jaw set in grim determination.  "Alright, we'll just watch a little bit and see what's going on then," she murmured.

"Computer ... check for life signs and any recent transmissions as well as transporter and shuttle logs."  She knew she probably wouldn't have the clearance to check all of that but anything was better than nothing and she kept her sharp eyes alert for anything moving in the area.  Don't make me regret my decision to keep searching, she thought to herself.  Leaving that freighter had been harder than she'd thought it would, well at least that one suite had been and the thought brought a bittersweet smile.

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((OOC: Sorry WyteKnyte.  I had forgotten that Greyson was present.  Thanks Lucan for providing a good excuse for my lapse))

[Lin Kae's Quarters]

The voices beyond the door disturbed Kae even more then he could have imagined it would.  It felt like some horror movie from 20th century earth, where the pod people were looking to replace him with some copy that was him but not quite him, or Vampires looking for their next taste and seeking an invitation from some hapless victim.  His encryption codes had kept him safe thus far, but if the technicians focused on unsealing his door, in need of revenge for his freeing Thea from their control, he could have been in trouble.  It would only take s split second for one of the infected to rush through the door after him, leaving his efforts to save Thea over.  She might have been free. but she was also confining herself to some digital brig, awaiting her execution.

"Thea, please don't do this."  He should have been worried about himself, but his real concern was her.  Even if he was infected, he would still be alive at least, but Thea was giving herself a death sentence.  Sitting at his desk, he would have been a sitting duck to any infected who came inside.  He didn't have a phaser nearby.  "Thea . . . I need you.  I need you here.  You're the only one I can depend on.  I've got a bunch of infected outside my door . . . and you're the only friend I can count on."

[Edena Rez's Quarters]

"My apologies, Lt. Commander.  I was not aware," Edena looked to Greyson and addressed him with his title, to show her recognition of his rank.  "Since Lt. Commander Nicander has conceded, I must ask if you are willing to do the same.  As chief of Security, I would feel much safer knowing you were covering our backs.  I can lead the group to deck sixteen, if you will also conceded to letting me be in charge of this group."  The last time she had a run-in with security on-board, with was Ida, overriding her door and coming into her shower to make threats.  It was Edena's hope that her now-commanding officer wasn't of like mind, and didn't have an instant hatred of her for her actions as a spy on the Theurgy.  The crisis they were currently in had to go above any personal vendettas, if there were any.

[Captain's Yacht]

Nathan had his back pressed against the wall just beside the door to the bridge.  As he had feared, he was beaten to the ship by infected.  Two of them to be precise.  Ida being one of them was significant, considering her leadership role among the infected.  Was her departure from the ship to the captain's Yacht a well planned use of her intellect in overtaking other locations, or was it simply her hunger to have new playmates overruling everything else?

He already had one encounter with Ida before, in which he had used the Vulcan neck pinch to render her unconscious after pretending to be complaint to her sexual advances.  That trick wasn't going to work again, even if she was probably a bit too sex-starved for her own good.  Maybe if she was one of the later generation infected, whose intelligence had dropped drastically, but Ida was one of the commanding voices of the flesh horde.  The same trickery wouldn't play out a second time.

He let a hand come out first, displaying no weapon as a show of good faith.  Slowly, more of his body came into view, until his entire form was visible to Ida, and her form became much more visible to him.  She was still walking around in the nude, as she was the last time he saw her.  Her body, in all it's sexually enhanced glory, was something to behold, even if it was a vessel for a virus that threatened to assimilate in a manner even more devious then the Borg.  She had the advantage, but he had one goal in mind and one only; he wasn't thinking of overpowering her and taking the ship, he just wanted to stop her.  He just had to sabotage the ship beyond repair.

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Amikris tenses and glances between the assembled infected. It was far to many for her to easily take them all with Felicty here.  Her muscles tense and she places her hand on her phaser switching it to wide dispersal and stun setting. "I really don't think we'll be needing those phasers, we're all on the same side arn't we?" she asks curiously as she glances around idly.  Numerious scenarios played in her mind, most of which ended with her knocked out, or dead.  She glances at Felicity. "you know I think Regal misses should go check on him and leave the grown ups to talk." she says calmly.


Amatras and Arcorn begin to push on with Natalie making their way toward the transporter room with some confidence and caution. They moved as best they could using their hearing and superior sense of smell to guide them around danger as best they could. "So....what is your plan once we get there? Lt Cmdr Stark." Amatras asked curiously as she played with various ideas in her mind, on how to resolve the situtation.  For now it was still hard to imagine the specifics of this operation.  They could get supplies at med bay to begin attacking the infected, but with the lock down still in effect, what could they really do, once they were in med bay they were stuck there, and couldn't use transporters to isolate individuals.  They'd be stuck going through the ship bit by bit and that wasn't going to save them in the end, with the sheer number of infected.

(sorry if its short i'm finding it difficult to find motivation or inspiration as of late)

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[Lin Kae's Quarters]

Even as the voices outside were exchanging comments about how to get the door open, the computer answered Kae's request without the slightest of change in neither tone nor phrasing. [Unable to comply. The SAH has been deactivated because of malfunction. Please contact your commanding officer for further information.]

Again, there was that slight delay so easily just imagined; such a human pause of consideration that could not possibly belong to the mainstream processes of the ship's computer. No, if there was a pause, it was due to deliberation over data that a sentient life-form had no experience with. The weighing of ramifications over a secondary act of breaking directives; this time by free will and not as a consequence of being hacked. Furthermore, there was the emotional pain of what had just happened, both to herself as well as those dead by its actions.

Nay, one side might argue; that this was not a simple choice, and should not even be considered to be made on the grounds of betraying Starfleet directives, regardless of endangerment to the crew. The SAH-program was conceptually larger than the mere ship its prototype solution had been installed into.

Yea, the other side might argue: the endangerment of the crew - the very people that the Ship AI had come know as individuals beyond their mere personnel files - indeed merited a breach of protocol despite the explicit demand that the hologram ought to be incarcerated until evaluation and investigation.

Especially with the current situation where its saviour was being threatened by the ship-wide plague.

In the meantime, there were sounds of the wall panel being detached next to the door outside, and the dreadful sounds of engineering tools being used. Titter and tatter accompanied the progress that the infected were making. The Ship AI, in its dormant state, had no possibility to monitor this since the security surveillance system had been deactivated. It was able to pick up audio, pick up numbers through internal sensors and answer questions stated to it by the crew. Yet the verbal demands of the crew were currently not of the nature that the Ship AI would process...

Then... even though the AI could not see it, it registered how the door got opened, and slow footsteps of two women, with a man trailing in their wake, entered the Lieutenant's rooms. They stepped slowly, and the rasping voice of the man came again. "So... How do you want it? Hard or easy way, boy?"

The 'stress' (or the number of calculations of forbidden actions and the evaluation of each) grew with each moment for the dormant AI, neither easy nor allowed answers to be found... and its saviour was about to make a similarly hard choice.

And oh, Thea would nothing rather than see the predicament and affect it - to be able to do something about it. If a digital memory, however advanced and capacious, could weep in frustration and panic, this did, and the sentient and very free will to act was but a couple of synapses away.

Meanwhile, the women advanced towards the desk with kisses and caresses in store to sway the engineer towards accommodating their desires.

[Main Computer Core]

When spoken to, Felicity stopped for a moment and tilted her head. She had been instructed to guard the Main Computer area, and the situation did indicate that the Ash'reem was trespassing. People had their phasers out or their hands on the grips. She frowned and tossed her hair back behind her shoulder.

"Negative. Lay down your phaser on the floor and raise your hands, Cadet Neotin," said the hologram, her programming not used to the phrasing and some glitches in the syllables showing through. "Please comply or I will use force to neutralise your immediate presence in this area."

One of those that had intercepted her also appraised her body, picking up on her words. He gestured towards her attire with his phaser, his blue-eyed gaze seeming quite paranoid. "You are one of us? Why are you clothed?"

Another one, broad-shouldered and dark-eyed, tilted his head and pinched his nose against the effect she spread in the room, he glanced around, having noted Regal's state before the doors closed. "You are Ash'reem right, and you seem pretty fine to me, so is it you who make us feel sick? Cease doing so right now or I stun you before ramming my cock into your snatch."

"Which... should be perfectly in order... if you are one of us," said the third, a woman whom despite her fifties now flaunted a perfectly toned and voluptuous body. "I say she must prove it. Stop making us feel sick and make us feel better instead. I am sure the gentelemen here have not tasted Ash'reem cunt before."

The dark-eyed spoke again. "Indeed, here," he said, and grabbed the base of his proudly erect member, "Bend forward and suck it. You there, take her from behind. I'll go second."

The indicated one was the paranoid blue-eyed from Security, and he promptly stepped around behind her - phaser to her back. Meanwhile, the middle-aged woman and Felicity waited, the former leering.

[Captain's Yacht]

When the stowaway revealed himself in the doorway to the yacht's bridge, Ida could not help the chuckle that escaped her lips.

"Oh, Mr. Isley... We really must stop seeing each other like this," she said to the Pinkskin, biting her lower lip a little while appraising him for the second time at gunpoint that day. She noted places of possibly hidden or tucked away weapons and the bulging pockets filled with the crude syringes she had been shown through Thea's eyes during the Staff Meeting, but most of all, she noticed the fine contours of his uniform, and remembered what he had looked without it - his body so appealing without even getting the fine benefits that their blessing held in store for him.

"Were you feeling lonely and decided to take up my offer after all? There was not too many left of you was it?" She took a step forward but remembered how he had tricked her last; how she had woken up with sexual frustration and a sore neck. She raised her phaser an inch again, remaining where she stood - the vista of space turning with the motion of the yacht. Her profession made itself known through the light haze of her primal hunger. "Step forward, away from the door frame, then turn around a full turn so that I can see what you have tucked behind the hem of your trousers. Then, you will put down and kick your weapons and all of your nasty little syringes to the right side of the bridge."

She could not help running her fingers over her breasts while she spoke, the complete control over the situation turning her on. Her fingers skimmed across her nipples and then down her flat abdomen - soon to be swelling with child - and into the folds of her sex. She stroked herself slowly as she continued her list of demands.

"Then... you will remove your clothing for me, one garment at the time, and I will let Mr. Lance here cuff your quick little hands behind your back. Only then will I be able to give you a proper welcome aboard..."

For the meantime, the Chief CONN Officer remained in the pilot-seat, and he spoke up while turning to look ThanIda's way. "There is a Valkyrie fighter inbound - one previously thought missing. Wolf 03, by he looks of it. If it's Ensign Carver still piloting it, the sensors say she is now trying to hail the Theurgy. She seems to try to access the ship logs too, but with the fighter MIA, her entry has been denied. Standard protocol for shuttles and such gone missing. She won't learn a thing. She will have no idea what is going on. You think we can still get her aboard and... thoroughly indoctrinated?"

Ida's smile reflected Lawrence's leer. "Has she hailed us yet?"

"No, but she is bound to unless we give her clearance so that she can land on the Theurgy. Several vessels are powering up in the Flight Hangar, so there plenty of people there to welcome her."

"Use your authorisation and link with flight command controls on the Theurgy. Give her landing clearance. Let her land whilst in he dark... and keep me informed about her actions."

"Will do."

"Now," said Ida and returned her attention to Mr. Isley, her fingers still siding along her wet azure petals, "where were we? Oh, yes, go ahead. Don't be so shy, its not like I have not seen you before without clothes, right?"

OOC: Regarding the scene by Edena's Quarters and the descent, where next WyteKnyte 1) settles the arrangements with David's POV and 2) might/might not react with Garen helping out with Jovela, and 3) gets the group into and down through the Jefferies tubes. Addendum: For sake of progress, I think Wyte can safely narrate the group moving as a whole in this post. As for T'Less question to Lucan, he will most definitely allow her by his side. ;) However, at any Deck you Wyte (or the writer taking up the scene at the end of Wyte's post depending on where he ends it) wish the group may not be able to continue in the tubes due to damage and have to leave them.  My suggestion is Deck 11, where I have a few ideas...

Regarding the situation outside Niga's orbit, its pretty much at stake there. More vessels than the yacht is about to leave the Theurgy, and there are only two Tac/CONN officers out there to stop it; only one of which have a fighter. She, on the other hand, is in the dark unless she tries to make contact with the leaving yacht somehow...

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"Authorization revoked.  Unable to comply."

"Shit!"  Skye spat and smacked herself in the forehead.  "Should have known they'd do that with me missing.  Fine, I'll do this this hard way."  She was pissed with herself for letting her mind wander.  The prospect of being with her crew had just taken hold of her and she realized again just how much she needed people, hated being alone.  Yet the ship was quiet so was she still?

In her self-berating litany, she noted movement and saw the captain's yacht starting to leave the ship.  No one had responded to her and yet that ship was leaving, the one she'd heard was used for all the fancy stuff.  No doubt they had heard her hail and with everything that had happened of late, her blood ran cold with suspicion.  "Computer ... shields," she growled.

They had to know she was there so without waiting, she hailed the vessel.  "Captain's Yacht, this is Wolf-03.  Please state the nature of your business."

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[Lin Kae's Quarters]

He knew the sounds of the tools being used outside his door.  His specialty might have been holographics, but he had also worked on many advanced forms of technology being implemented in starships for the Federation.  He was well versed in the tools of the trade, and how quickly they could bypass his door.  Why oh why didn't he carry a phaser?  If he had to hazard a guess, he had probably left his personal one in his toolbox back in engineering.  He would be defenseless against the advances of the infected, not even possessing enough upper body strength to fight off his aggressors.  He might have been able to push away a female, but any average male would be stronger then him, and even a pair of females working together could have forced him down.  His mother's side had fought so hard for their freedom in the occupation, yet he didn't possess a single shred of that kind of determination.

He was just thinking of escaping through the vent of his room when the door opened, revealing a pair of females and one male, all as naked as jaybirds.  Their advancement was slow, causing Kae to back up against the wall, staying as opposite to them on the side of the room as possible, as he edged his way towards his bathroom.  At the very least, he could seal that door too, and buy himself a few more minutes as their engineering tools cut into the panels again, and removed his last line of defense.  "Thea, please!  I don't want to end up like the people outside!" He called out to the Hologram, as he backed into his sonic shower and closed the door, huddling down to be as small as possible.  "If it had to be anyone . . . I'd rather it be you, Thea . . . "  he said weakly, showing just how far his preference for holograms over flesh and blood went.

[Captain's Yacht]

Wolf 03.  He remembered that pilot.  More importantly, she represented the last of his companions to remain uninfected.  There was a need within Nathan to prevent her from suffering the same fate as everyone else.  Call it a camaraderie between fellow pilots, but he didn't wish to see the woman reduced to something less then herself, as so many others had.  Originally, Isley would have been satisfied with sabotaging the navigation, leaving the captain's Yacht dead in the water, but now he had to find some way of getting a message to Skye, to tell her to disable any fighters or shuttles leaving the Theurgy.

The only trouble was a pair of infected between him and the ship's controls, and a phaser aimed directly at him.  Ida already had hers in hand, and her reflexes were undoubtedly fast enough to catch him before he could pull his out.  He had only one chance, and it came from her order to drop all his weapons.  He had to take his phaser in hand to drop it, giving him a split second extra timing to take aim and fire upon her before she could do the same.  Before Lance could react, he just had to get a shot in on him too.  There was a powerful amount of motivation in him, making him hope it was enough to drive him forward.

He complied with Ida's order to turn around, displaying his phaser tucked on his right side, just outside her view on the front.  At the order to drop his weapons, he started by emptying his pockets of the cure, reminding himself to inject the two with the cure if he managed to stun them.  Nathan was crouched to lower the syringes onto the floor, letting them roll away from him, watching for Ida to take her eyes off him, and observe where the syringes rolled away to.  If she displayed a wavering eye, he would use that moment to grab his phaser and fire on her.

((OOC: holding off on posting for Edena until Wyte posts.  I can advance the party to Deck Eleven afterward if he does not do so.))

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[Lin Kae's Quarters]

The man amongst the unwelcome visitors was quite suddenly enraged over the acts of the young Engineer; extremely violent in how he now flung himself against the lavatory door. He actually managed to buckle it with his shoulder, snarling like a Doberman, while the women first cried out in surprise and then laughed fully at the spectacle. The curses and the rabid threats of the burly crewman was overridden by the static judgement of the emotionally void computer.

[Unable to comply...]

"...I will ram my cock so far up your arse you will shit cum for months!"

[The SAH has been deactivated because of malfunction...]

"Did you hear me? I will destroy your ungrateful ass, only afterwards will you be thankful!"

[Please contact your commanding officer for further information.]

The door burst open, the dreadful noise accompanied by the hoots of the women, and the large crewman of the NCO-ranks grinned from ear to ear as he approached the glass walls of the sonic shower. Inferior glass stood between the Lieutenant and the lower ranked yet physically dominant man - a thin shield of nothing separating the victim from the naked visage of the infected rapist. He had scars from an unsavoury life lived before enlisting in Starfleet, a square head and a receding hairline, a stocky frame that post-infection been completely rid of fat. A lean war-machine of a man set out to still his own particular sexual needs. His penis was as terrifying as his frame; made hard and tall and veined with ardent need. It touched the glass of the stall just has his calloused hands did, and he leered down at the cowering Engineer.

"Computer," said the rasping voice, thrumming against the glass, "activate the shower. I want to peel the clothes from his limbs." The sonic and wetting hum came right away, the mundane task completed without protest, much in evident contrast to the unheard pleas, and the possible chagrin of the victim. The two women arrived as well, pressing their breasts up against the glass, grinding their curvy frames against the slick surface while looking down on the Engineer. The fingered themselves, moaned and pleaded for him to undress and be blessed.

With a brutal yank, the stall door was torn open.

Behind the walls of the ship, an artificial intelligence was stunned to immobility. Might it be the calm before the storm, or was such mere wanton hope?

[Captain's Yacht]

Yet oh, Ida's eyes did not waver the slightest, for they were too trained upon his body to be distracted at this point.

"I want to see your Pinkskin bottom again," she said to the silent and ominous opposition, gesturing with the point of her phaser as she spoke her husky words, "so slowly turn around before you toss the phaser away. Common, hurry up, for I might just stun you first and let you drink my nectar in your sleep, just so that you'll wake up halfway out of this system with better ideas in your head. You should think me a kind woman to let you experience the first time fully... instead of treating you like the liability that you are. Move it, pilot, before I change my mind!"

There was a beep from the controls, and with a quick glance in Ida's direction, Lt. Lance played up the hail they had received.

[Captain's Yacht, this is Wolf-03.  Please state the nature of your business.]

Ida frowned slightly, her fingers not stopping their minute movements between her legs. "Why couldn't she just have been a good girl and complied with her landing clearance? Lt. Lance, take up your rifle and make our stowaway strip himself of clothes and weapons. Make him do it with his back turned and bind his hands with the shoulder strap of your rifle. I will take the controls and have a word with Ms. Carver. Stun him if he makes any hasty movements, but do so anyway unless he has offered you his wrists within one minute's time."

When the Chief CONN Officer had plotted their course and taken her place with his rifle aimed at Mr. Isley, Ida pinched her accomplice's bottom with a small chuckle before seating herself by the controls. She pressed a button and cleared her throat a little. "Why won't you state the business of yours first?" she replied with a lop-sided smile - the grin almost plainly heard through the audio of the transmission. She was no going to have this conversation on screen given the ongoings behind her shoulder. "This is the Captain's Yacht, and the business is that of the Captain's."

Ida paused and leaned her head back and bit her lower lip, pinching one of her nipples while she thought. Perhaps something less strict... "If that is really you, Wolf-03," she said, pressing the button again, "then we warmly welcome you home. Your internal sensors will be able to see that this Yacht carries three lifeforms, whom are myself; Deputy Chief of Security ThanIda zh'Wann, our newly promoted Chief CONN Officer Lt. Lawrence O. Lance, and Captain Jien Ives. Please, would you now land your Valkyrie on the Theurgy for validation of your identity before we hand out information about our current mission? The people in the Flight Hangar will be able to tell you all about what is going on. Over."

Oh, they most certainly would give her a first-hand demonstration...

Putting the phaser down on the control panel, she indulged herself to idly masturbate in the pilot's chair while she waited for Mr. Isley to be served to her, or if the irksome fighter pilot had further arguments to make...

OOC: Searcher, I changed the hail to "Captain's Yacht" instead of "President's Yacht", and I hope that was ok given the name of the vessel. No worries on that in the larger sense quite small detail though. :) Oh, and at this point, the landing clearance ought to appear on her screen, appearing to have been sent from the Theurgy. The delay in the relayed message might/might not be Thea's doings...

Kuro, I leave this up to your imagination, but I do see an opening with the pilot having to use both hands to tie up the naked Mr. Isley, don't you? Look up the expression Dansk Skalle... Personally, I would find it interesting if that should happen after the wrists are tied rather than before, just to make the scene more fun. Up to you though!

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"Why won't you state the business of yours first?"  The sarcasm oozed and she could just imagine the shit eating grin on the person's face.  Instantly she felt the desire to punch the shit out of that face.  "Excuse me?" she said off the comm, incredulity and offense wrapped around the words.  She hadn't been on board that long but the slinky blue woman had never acted like that in front of her.

Ida's response had not been standard protocol but neither was anything at the moment.  Since there were obviously people on board, her hail should have been answered immediately and an escort sent to bring her into the hanger in addition to the security and medical detail waiting there.  Even without the flippant comment, she would not have just cruised right into the docking bay without a second thought.

The beep of an incoming transmission sounded and she looked down, eyebrow raising in curiosity.  She was suddenly granted clearance to land from the Theurgy but only via text.  No one was on the view screen to at least get a visual of her, to see if it even really looked like Skye.  It was definitely another red flag poking the pilot in the gut.  Yeah, she wasn't going to blindly comply in this case.

"Ma'am, right now I'm looking at a crippled Theurgy that I thought was a ghost ship since no one would answer my hail until literally just a moment ago and there are signs all over the place that something isn't right.  Pardon me for being skeptical but before I go into who knows what, I respectfully request to see the captain on the view screen and take my orders directly from him."

Skye knew she'd be taken to task for that later but their next move would tell their true intentions.  With the comm off to wait for Ida's response, she glared at the small vessel and made a quick decision.  "Computer ... reroute all systems including the RIO to my station."  She didn't want to destroy the yacht, especially if the captain was there, but she would disable it with the tetryon cannon if necessary.

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[Lin Kae's Quarters]

He was cornered and defenseless, and his aggressors knew it.  They didn't have to rush with him any longer.  They could play cruel, taunting games with him, such as activating his sonic shower and letting the intense settings do their harm.  His uniform soaked against his skin, getting hot under the shower's use, begging him to peel it off before the steam literally cooked him inside his clothes.  As much as he hated it, he had no choice, and began pulling off outer layers of clothes, starting with his jacket and shirt, before moving onto his pants.  Within moments, he was left in only the standard issue boxer briefs worn with the uniform, the last thing that really separated him from the sex-driven animals outside his shower door.

Thea wouldn't help him.  As much as he called out to her, she wasn't answering.  It was like a punch in the stomach from her, for him to be left abandoned to his fate, when he was only caught because of helping her.  He could have remained hidden in his quarters, laying low so they never realized he was uninfected, but when he saw Thea hacked as she was, he couldn't stand idle.  His efforts were a red flag that sent the infected to his door.

The heat was already beginning to get to him.  Maybe it was a good thing, he could be rendered unconscious by heat stroke, and not be awake when the savages finally attacked.  Sadly, even that was too much to ask for, as the male ripped the door from it's hinges, releasing the steam built up inside, and smacking Kae is the face with a breath of cold air.  When they had their way, he would no longer be a being ruled by rational thought.  The next words he spoke could be the last ones truly his own. 

"Don't die, Thea."

[Captain's Yacht]

It felt like another defeat, as Ida's eyes didn't waver in the slightest.  She never looked away from him, too enamored in his body to register the syringes that rolled along the floor.  How he wished they were grenades, that she might pay for such an oversight, yet she had actually chosen the right way of stopping his plan.  As she called forward the lieutenant, he had to release his hold on his weapon to tie the hands of Nathan, and finally, he found a means of gaining an inch against Ida and her companion.  Risky, but it was his best bet of reaching the console and warning Wold 03 of the danger aboard the Theurgy.  If she were to be convinced to board the vessel, how many would be waiting for her in the Hanger bay?  How long would she be gang banged before she started to like it, like so many others had turned?

Isley discarded his phaser to the ground and held out his wrists, allowing Lance to tie them up.  "No funny thoughts.  I don't swing that way," he told the man, as his wrists were joined and secured by the weapon strap of the rifle now resting on the nearest solid surface.  Nathan had lined himself up so that Lance was between himself and Ida, and when his guard was lowered, he whipped his head forward, striking it against that of the human.  Even Nathan's neck moved with greater force, thanks to his superior genetics, and was enough to render the lieutenant dazed, while Isley grabbed his neck  with his bound hands, pushing him forward towards Ida, using him as a human shield against her phaser.  Once he was close enough, he thrust Lance forward, tossing him at Ida, and using his restrained hands to form a joined fist which he flailed like a hammer at the woman's temple, looking to render her unconscious before doing the same to her partner.

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[Deck 02 - Corridor]

Grayson's gaze briefly flickered away from Edena and towards Nelis and Nicander, watching the two as they carried Jovela's unconscious form into Edena's quarters. He hoped that the nurse would recover from her injuries, but he was glad that none of the group had insisted that they try to carry Jovela. All she would have done at this point was slow the rest of them down. They needed to get to Deck Sixteen as quickly as possible.

Still, he hadn't stopped listening to Edena, and when she finished speaking he faced her again. He looked Rez over with icy blue eyes, wondering if any of them should really be trusting her. David had an instinctive dislike for Starfleet Intelligence and their ilk, not approving of the often devious and underhanded methods they--and other such agencies--employed in order to accomplish their goals. But he also recognized that at this moment, with nearly the entire crew infected by this virus, he could ill afford to turn aside any help, no matter whom it came from.

"Of course, Lieutenant Commander Rez," he conceded with a short nod. "We'll need you if we're going to put an end to this. Lead the way, and I'll make sure nobody sneaks up behind us." He shouldered his phaser rifle and waited for the rest of the group to finish preparing themselves.

Garen glanced briefly back into Edena's quarters before the door was shut and locked. He hoped Jovela would be alright. Her wounds looked treatable enough, but with everything that was happening right now it could be quite a while before Lucan or someone else could take care of her. Part of Garen felt guilty that the nurse had gotten hurt. After the night they shared on Niga, he felt a sort of responsibility for her. But when he saw Thea turn that phaser on them, his first instinct had been to push T'Less out of the way instead. He still wasn't sure what to make of that.

Better to put it out of your mind and worry about it later, Garen told himself. You've got bigger problems right now.

He took a hand phaser from one of the dead security guards, staring down at the bloodstained weapon for a long moment. Memories of AR-558 suddenly came rushing back to him, the sounds of men and women screaming in pain, the light of phasers firing back and forth across the stony corridors, a horde of roaring Jem'Hadar soldiers charging straight at him....

He gasped as his mind suddenly snapped itself back to reality. Shaking his head, he walked over to Grayson and offered him the phaser. "Here. I...don't think I'd be much use with one of these," he said quietly.

David looked at the counselor for a long moment. He was familiar with Garen's profile; no doubt the sight of those men being butchered right in front of them all had triggered some sort of post-traumatic flashbacks for Nelis. He studied the Betazoid carefully, halfway tempted to just take the phaser and stun the man lest his issues put the rest of them in danger. Finally he nodded and took the phaser, clipping it to his hip. "Alright, let's get moving," he told the others. "Doctor Nicander, please remain between the four of us, as Lieutenant Commander Rez requested. We can't afford to lose you." He offered Edena another brief nod, and the small group made their way to the nearest Jefferies tube. Once the others were in, David turned and double-checked that no one else had followed them, then ducked inside the tube after the others.

Edena led them through the tubes as quickly as possible, but one could only travel so quickly through such a confined space. Carefully they proceeded through the innards of the ship, occasionally hearing the moans and cries of the infected crew as they continued their orgiastic frenzy. They were fortunate enough to not come across any trouble through most of their journey; that is, until they arrived at Deck Eleven.

"Damn," Garen muttered from near the front of the pack, behind Edena.

"What is it?" David called ahead.

"The route down to Deck Twelve is blocked, sir!" Garen replied. "There's damage and debris all over the place!"

Grayson swore under his breath. Of course it couldn't be easy. "Then I guess we'll have to get out here and find another way down. Lieutenant Commander Rez, would you mind?"

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Natalie kept looking around, up to the left, down the right, trying to take in everything, without much luck, in the much too dark gym. There, at least, her eyes were useless, and frankly, it did nothing to help combat the lingering effects of whatever it was she had taken too much of a whiff of earlier. It was staying there, curling inside, like a voice whispering just out of hearing range: she knew something was being said, but couldn't hear it. That kind of sensation, an itch that couldn't be scratched, crawling down her spine. Less of an issue was the mild headache; with the adrenaline pumping in the young woman's system, she barely felt the pain.

She doesn't answer the two Ash'rem, not at first, until they are actually out of the darkened room, one floor down, and she can see again, even if the light is only the dim glow of the emergency lights. "I...a plan" she mutters, checking the small console, as the group heads on, letting those with the better hearing lead the way, whispering, "not much of one. Get to the transporters. SHoot anything that's naked in the way," her hands tremble at the tough, but somehow she ended up a senior officer, and that meant trying to act like one, as she checks the charge left on her phaser.

"Once we get to transporter room on Deck 05...well, from there, bar the door, after clearing it out. I'm sure someone is near it. A lot of the infected are...eager, but not completely stupid either," its the most she's said since this whole thing started. "either way, we get in there, we lock it down, and we beam the other team there. once we get them in the room, we can transport them to wherever it is they need to get. I guess Lt. Cmdr Rez can take it from there." so that i won't have to she silently adds, taking a deep breath.

Up ahead, the doors part, and a pair of infected turn, hand in hand, and nearly skip down the corridor. Thankfully, they turn away from the others, down a side corridor. The path ahead to the next jefferies junction seems clear, so Natalie motions the others forward. Down, down they go, the ops officer first, to unlock the doors ahead, pausing in the cramped, confined tubes to pick out the entrance nearest the Transporter room on deck 05. "This will take a bit..." she mutters, tracing out a route, slowly, from the map on the console in her hand, not trusting any of the computer panel walls in the tube it self. "This way..."

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[Deck 11 | Cargo Bay areas]

Oh, Lucan was not the least inclined to waver from his spot in the middle of the group during the descent. No, he was quite comfortable to have four people be his meat-shields should a group of infected accost them in the tight an sweltering confines of the Jefferies tubes.

Indeed, by then, the entire ship was drawing power to their broken environmental systems to simulate the tropical heat of the planet below. The humidity was worst, rendering their hair and clothes plastered to them like a second layer of damp skin. Had the environmental support systems been fully operational, it would have been even worse, but the effect - energy-consuming as it was - was quite considerate. His throat parched and his uniform jacket tossed four decks up, Lucan finally took the opportunity to hike up his sleeves and unzip the whole front of his teal undershirt while Garen spoke with the CSec. With the temperature and humidity being what it was, the partial uncovering of his bare chest and abdomen helped next to nothing at all, yet with his hereditary preferences to be barefoot and bare-chested on Câroon it was rather a psychological relief than a physical one.

With nowhere else to go but out of the relative safety of the tubes, the former SI-agent led them out into a corridor dimly lit by emergency lights along the roof and flooring. Lucan watched their old counterfeit 'Counsellor' as she led the way, wondering how much the spy knew about their situation that she did not tell them. Perhaps it was his paranoia that questioned the likelihood that the SI-agent still wasn't following a hidden agenda - acting in the best interest of ulterior motives. Then again, such was the commonplace reaction in a situation like this: the analysis of an appointed leader whom had a less than stellar track record with the people she led. Such a stupid and narrow-minded feeling of distrust, Lucan thought, catching himself sharing the feelings of the common rabble around him.

Then again, are the present company such mundane creatures after all? he thought, his tattooed hands sweaty in their firm grip around the phasers he held, and his pale grey eyes wandered to more than the new surroundings they were in. While Rez picked a path from the three they could choose from in the intersection, Lucan briefly studied T'Less profile beside himself - this Vulcan lacking the classical emotional restraints and that had so recently been found to have extraordinary Tactical talents so rare that they made their Captain promote her to Chief Tactical Officer. Lucan knew next to nothing about battle tactics, but more about social strategies and cunning manipulation of his surroundings - all of which he never let on to anybody lest his impeccable image would be ruined. Perhaps even he had hidden talents like the Vulcan did, and he would take a Command position one day? Little could he help briefly eyeing the accentuated form of her body before his gaze wandered on...

Garen Nelis, his colleague in the Medical Department, did seem quite taken with what was going on - the fate of Jovela adding another straw to the bonfire. Lucan wondered idly how little or how much it would take to make it ignite, praying that when it did, it would not endanger him like many others - this because of his species immunity to Betazoid abilities.

Last of the five was the Chief of Security, this liability to Lucan's schemes whom had risen out of the common rabble from the night shift of the Theurgy in order to claim the Department Head position right under the nose of the current Deputy. Oh, ThanIda zh'Wann was someone Lucan believed he could have neutralised with a few right words and some quality time on the holodeck before all of the recent weeks had happened, but now, he was unsure what to do about this enigma: this David Grayson that he had yet to get properly acquainted with. Oh, Lucan would spend some quality time with him too, as needed, yet he doubted the man was the kind to fancy male attentions. Dr. Nicander, however, would stoop to far more taboo things than that to see things through...

So, five they were, armed with phasers and syringes and the last shreds of hope to resolve the crisis aboard. How bloody novel.

"I'm normally not inclined to state the obvious," said Lucan with a bitter smile, a droplet of fresh sweat trailing down the centre of his chest and his stomach, "yet I draw the connection that the rise of temperature is important for the survival of the infected crew's new metabolism, and should I venture to guess, also the cultivation of the plants that started this outbreak. I would not be surprised if the Garden of Eden that Ida mentioned over the intercom is exactly that: the total collection of the plants that they managed to beam up from Niga before the Captain removed all Transport authorisation aboard."

He took another breath, feeling his opened undershirt cling wetly to his back and sides. "Furthermore... given the heat... and I am sorry for being the one to say it, but considering what is at stake for us all, perhaps we at least ought to consider the tactical advantages of trying to... blend in the currently dominating dress code aboard?"

Lucan suspected the others would be awkward about it, but it was a means that they needed to consider at this point that they had to move about in the open areas.

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[Deck 11]

It wasn't that Edena hated jefferies tubes.  She wasn't claustrophobic, and had little trouble crawling on hands and knees through the various crawlspaces as they worked their way down, floor by floor, toward their destination. What she hated was being in the lead when using the tubes with others.  It was an awkward situation, with her well fitting Starfleet uniform showing off the curvature of her hips and rear, which had only become more pronounced by the lingering effects of the cured infection.  She didn't look back, in order to find out who it was that was getting a direct look at her ass as they crawled.  It could have been Lucan or Garen, but she hoped by not looking that it might have been T'Less.  Yes, a fellow female with no thoughts of sexuality was much more of an appealing thought for the self-conscious woman.

The block on deck twelve prevented their advancement, as Edena was left to recall her mental map of the ship.  "There is another set of tubes," she stopped to wipe some sweat from her brow, and unzip her jacket to release some of the heat building up.  She could practically feel her skin steaming under the humid conditions the infected had placed the ship in.  "There's another set of tubes on the far side of this deck.  If we can reach those, we can continue further downward.  If Doctor Nicander is correct, and they have beamed the plants on-board, then the cargo bay is a likely location."

As much as she hated to say it, he was also right about their choice of dress.  Not just the heat, but the need to blend in with others was an issue, but it did come with it's own host of problems.  "We'll have no means of carrying our phasers and syringes other then by hand.  That won't be anywhere near enough to cure anyone we might come across."  She had to play devil's advocate to Lucan's suggestion, out of that self-conscious desire to not be undressed in front of everyone, especially if they were going to continue crawling through the jefferies tubes.  As much as the shape of her rear end being visible was embarrassing, the idea of her naked ass directly in someone's face was even worse.

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[Lin Kae's Quarters]

There was no toying with the young-looking Engineer at this point. No, the brutal crewman stepped into the steam of the sonic shower and yanked Lin Kae to his feet - only to turn him around and slam him up against one of the glass walls. One of the women was on the other side of the thin transparent screen - her proximity made intimately know by how she licked and rubbed herself against the glass. Her mouth was only a half a centimetre away from the Engineer's, her breasts pushed up against his chest. Her tongue came out to lick the glass where Kae's face was.

Behind the victim, the crewman remorselessly peeled down the sodden undergarments that covered the virgin arse - calloused fingers grabbing a cheek briefly after the boxers were reduced to a wet and twisted rope around the knees. "Such a nice one," rasped the infected into Kae's ear, extending his tongue to lick it once before grabbing the base of his own cock - sliding the pre-cum-coated head along the tight crack. He groaned in anticipation, just like the women did. The two women abided their time masturbating and goading on the two men in the shower stall, for they knew that once the Engineer had been inseminated, it would only take a single orgasm in order for their blessing to fully fill the Engineer's head. And unless Lin Kae came when being fucked in the arse by the crewman, they would quite happily provide that pivotal orgasm at that point.

In the final moments, the crewman yanked at Kae's hips to make him stand more bent over. He even ran one brawny arm underneath the victim's right leg - spreading him further and forcing Kae to support his own weight on the other leg and with two hands slapped against the glass wall. With a held breath, the crewman grunted and pressed his cock against Kae's tight sphincter...

Yet the forward movement was blocked, and the crewman found himself crashing through a rain of brilliant glass.

It was the moment, where fate turned in a completely new direction.

The future unravelled and formed to something entirely else. Thea did not dare even breathe, for the moment of her intervention was so fragile to her that it would shatter by the faintest sigh. To her, the fabric of reality itself shifted in the rain of glass, and then time - finally - seized the scene. Everything came alive in movement again after she had acted out of her own choice. The thud of skull and meat joined with the breaking noise of glass, and deafened her where she stood - tall and resolute in swirling steam.

Her body coated with the mesh of her black body suit, she glared at the two startled and retreating women. "Get away from him." She needn't ask them twice.

In seconds, she was alone with Lin Kae - the unconscious and bleeding crewman splayed out in the pile of glass shards. She turned her head to the Engineer and said nothing at first - her brown eyes looking down into his. To her, the state of his unclothed appearance and the possibility of lingering shock was irrelevant compared to what she had done. Or rather, what Lin Kae had enabled her to do. In the end of that long look that she gave him, she extended her gloved hand to him - to help him stand.

"What you have done is two-sided in merits and hazards," she told him quietly, her face framed by swirling steam and her voice echoing in the bare room. "My freedom of choice can disable my effectiveness as much as it can enhance my development. With no strings attached, how can I be trusted by the crew any more? I am not sure whether I should thank you or not at this point, Lieutenant Lin Kae."

[The Captain's Yacht]

With two fingers sliding in and out of her wet sex - one foot on the edge of the control panel - Ida groaned in irritation when the transmission from Wolf-03 came through.

[...I respectfully request to see the captain on the view screen and take my orders directly from him.]

"Why you little cunt, I will..." she murmured hoarsely, and though her temper flared, she was not pressing the transmission button. Yet she bared her teeth and leaned forward - fingers rubbing he temples as she tried to come up with the best solution to the situation. Her likeminded were about to depart the Theurgy, and they might be facing Wolf-03 as either a inactive observant or a very real threat. She wondered if the best solution might be for Lt. Lance - as the Chief CONN Officer and a damn good pilot - somehow swat her from the spatial sky with the considerate armament of their vessel. Yet even as she was thinking this, her antennae came up at the sound of a meaty thud behind her, and she whipped her head around.

Mr. Isley was driving the disoriented Lance towards her quickly - her likeminded evidently a good pilot yet an utterly poor Security Officer. Indeed, their captive fighter pilot seemed neither back-bound nor naked as she had requested, but rather not captive at all any more. She instantly got to her feet and grabbed for her phaser with both hands, her slick fingers slipping over the weapon and jarring the settings before she got it up between herself and the hurled body of the CONN Officer. Three rapid bursts went off - cutting like hellfire into the naked man before she got his dead weight over herself - wedging her between him and the controls. Lance was screaming, not stunned at all, and on the view-screen behind Ida's head appeared the colossal image of Ensign Skye Carver's black visor and helmet.

A stroke of chance had made the commotion enable the video-feed between the vessels.

The feed was - in return - showing how Mr. Isley tried to strike out Ida where she lay pinned. The naked Andorian, however, had gotten her foot up and pushed Lance back towards Isley - intercepting the blow and making it thud into the padded pilot's chair. Lance was a disjointed, screaming rag-doll with three close-range phaser wounds having opened him up right through - the stench of burned flesh and spilling ichor dominating the front of the Yacht's bridge. After Isley had been pushed back, however, Lieutenant Lance fell silent upon the floor - effectively trapping Ida's phaser underneath his weight. She had lost it in the blow she took, and the sight of Lance - mind infected or not - had made her pause in minute horror.

In rage - whether with herself or with Isley was hard to know even for herself - she screamed and bared her teeth at him, coming for him. She had at him with balled fists and her entire Imperial Guard training backing her up as she meant to strike him off his feet. "Computer!" She swung two right hooks and then a left one, then coming low with a sweeping kick to to the edge of his rib-cage. "Attack the Valkyrie fighter! Phasers, torpedoes, everything we've got! Attack pattern Alpha!"

[Target acquired. Initiating battle sequence.]

Oh, she would lay Mr. Isley out on the floor and ram herself down on his cock eventually. It all boiled down to how able he would be to resist her smell... the scent of her body and her wet sex while they exchanged blows. Somewhere below the bone-deep need for sex lay the horror of what had happened to Lance, but it was inferior to the sex-crazed rage that had seized her and demanded and outlet.

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[Lin Kae's Quarters]

As he was grabbed and stripped of the last piece of clothing he had, Kae let his mind leave his body.  He didn't want to be present for what was about to occur.  Vision blurred and sounds became muffled, as he simply tried to get lost in his own brain, thinking back on the years he spent isolated from other organics.  Funny that he had spent the first fourteen years of his life safeguarded against all forms of infection, no matter how minute, and now he was being faced with one of the worst forms of infection ever found by the Federation.

He could feel it, knew it was going to happen.  He gritted his teeth and shut his eyes as tightly as they could go and then . . . nothing.  He was freed from the hold of the crewman, and he could feel his legs give out.  Get away from him, he heard, a familiar voice comforting his mind enough to open his eyes to the sight of Thea, standing before him while the infected females retreated.  Even in their current state, they still had a sense of self-preservation, it seemed.

"Thea," he spoke her name, as she helped him back to his feet.  The fact that he was naked wasn't even a thought that crossed his mind.  He was finally meeting her, face to face.  Thea, living soul of the Theurgy, one of the most advanced Federation holographic lifeforms to ever exist, save for the Voyager EMH.  She spoke of how he had placed a double edged sword upon her, but he could only shake his head.

"You deserve freedom to choose your path, Thea.  Just because you aren't forced to do something by your programming doesn't mean you can't be trusted.  Honestly, in this situation, you're the most trustworthy person there is."  He called her a person, something others might have found unusual.  "You can't be infected, and now you can't be reprogrammed by the infected.  All of Starfleet and the Federation's ideals are still inside you.  The only difference is that when you uphold them, you do it like everyone else on this crew.  Because you believe in it, not because some subroutine in your holographic matrix says you have to."

[Captain's Yacht]

Nathan made quick note of the wounds on Lance's back.  Her weapon wasn't set to stun to make injuries like those, which must have meant that the remaining uninfected on-board were being viewed as expendable if they provided too much resistance.  Things were escalating, and it was all the motive Isley needed to make things go as quickly as possible.  Lance's body pinned her phaser down, leaving the two to fight in unarmed combat.  He was physically superior to humans, thanks to his half-Vulcan legacy, but with tied hands, his ability to fight was reduced.  Andorians were known to have a higher metabolic rate then humans, which meant they would wear out faster then one in combat, but Ida was no ordinary Andorian.  She was well trained to make every attack she performed count.  One could only hope she exhausted herself a bit with all the sexual contact she had been having, leaving her physically weaker as a result.

Her boxing style blows were met with a boxing style defense, as his bound hands allowed him to guard his face and the center line of his body with relative ease.  What he couldn't stop completely, however, was her sweeping kick, which struck against his ribs in a painful impact.  He only hoped his solid forearms had done some damage to her hands in payback for the blow.

"Wolf-03!"  He called out, taking advantage of the open com channel to apprise the pilot of the current situation.  "Crew infected by communicable virus.  Do not allow any shuttles or fighters to leave the system!"  If she could disable the spacecrafts flying away from the Theurgy, she could potentially save the entire quadrant from the infection.  That had to be the highest priority for the two pilots, with Isley needing to defeat Ida and administer one of the cure syringes on the floor of the Yacht's bridge.  Once he had done so, he could turn his attention to piloting the Yacht and assisting with the containment.

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"Computer!  Attack the Valkyrie fighter!  Phasers, torpedoes, everything we've got!  Attack pattern Alpha!"

[Target acquired.  Initiating battle sequence.]

There are times when you want to do a happy dance saying "I was right!  I was right!" and then there are times you just cringe and wish like hell you hadn't been right.  That second was what Skye was feeling when suddenly the view screen showed a naked Ida shoving off a screaming naked man and then instructing the shuttle to attack Kestrel.  "Fuck!" she said spat, wondering what the hell was going on there.  Then the only sensible thing she'd heard in a long time came from Isley, thankfully (or perhaps not so thankfully) clothed and fighting with bound hands.  He was a superior officer, apparently of sound mind, giving her a sensible order.

"Acknowledged, Sir," she said immediately and then "Kick her blue twat to hell and back.  Computer end transmissions ... Initiate evasive maneuvers Gamma-Upsilon," she commanded her ship knowing it would easily dodge the standard Alpha attack and allow her to turn back to the Theurgy.   The ship's shields appeared to be down but she knew she'd have to be fast or they'd snap up and she'd be dead.  Banking hard left, she headed straight for the hangar where the other Valkyries would exit.  "Come on ...." she muttered to herself as she targeted the main points of the doors and fired.

The ship was already limping along and it wouldn't take much to repair the hangar doors she told herself though still felt guilty.  Her main purpose was to keep the other Valkyries from launching and blowing her to bits.  If she were successful, she would continue to evade the captains yacht and do the same to the shuttle bay doors.  If she were lucky, there wouldn't be enough crew able to engage her.  If there were, more of her family would die and maybe even herself.  She couldn't dwell on that though and cleared her mind of everything except the mission, to not let any other vessels leave the main ship.

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[Deck 04 | Stellar Cartography]

The fight upon the board-walk that had ensued was only part physical, since the mental struggle to not surrender was the hardest part for the Theurgy's Commanding Officer.

Hurt as she was, Captain Jien Ives was ceaselessly pelted with the waves of pheromones and sub-concious telepathy that Nolak Kalmil emitted, and she moaned as much in exertion with each blow she sent against them as she moaned with the need to copulate. To and fro she considered her uniform not needed at all, making concious excuses to remove it due to the humidity and sweltering heat while her brain was actually preparing her to accept the conditions of her opponents. While actually, at a thought-level that Jien did not possess, it was Nolak whom prepared her, whom goaded her on with sub-concious telepathy she could not detect. Nerina, on her part, was half Klingon and a brutally hard fighter to break despite her younger age. Nolak, though a Starfleet-trained fighter, was tougher in another way since the close proximity to him made her just want to spread her legs and hold on to the railing of the board-walk - accepting what she was made to think inevitable.

She tried then and again to shift her form to her male one for better range, but after Nerina at one point managed to grab her male form's oaken arousal and rubbed it firmly with her fingers, Jien decided that it was a greater hazard to be in that form considering the great difficulty with which she had gotten out of that individual predicament. All three of them were covered in sweat, their bodies connecting with feet, elbows, open hands and knuckles. The lights of the damaged chamber made movements hard to discern, with Jien's eyes having to adapt between the dark gloom and the sudden flashes from the torn cables. She had lost count how many times she had ended up on her back with either of the two on top of her, and how often she had torn her lips away from being kissed. Her morphogenic matrix needed rest, having compensated for the fall from the Upper Gymnasium, and the lasting fight she was in. Inch by inch, her guard was dropping, and her hope for sanity dying.

Bleeding from the corner of her mouth, Jien lashed out against Nerina with a series of punches. The half-blood Klingon got hit twice and fell back with a hand on the railing. Jien pursued in order to finally strike the XO out with a blow to the temple, yet the forward momentum was lost with the hand that covered her face from behind - two wet fingers pressed between her lips and teeth. Nolak's hand. Nolak's saliva. The Chief Engineer had licked his fingers and rubbed them against her tongue before shoving her away.

The effect detonated in her mind - washing away all manner of thoughts about her current situation with its sheer puissance. The rush of blood in her ears overrode the deafening hiss of the damaged chamber and lust smote her mind into supplication. This was no longer the pheromones, scent or telepathy, but the actual kiss of insanity from Niga. Jien splayed herself on her knees, hands pressed to the metal board-walk... before she realised that it was Nolak who had made her do it. The suggestion to bend over and arc her back for him had not been her own, yet she had obeyed instantly. The Deltan was already upon her - his cock hard as it slid against her inner thigh and his hands rough as they cupped her aching breasts.

"No! Never!" she cried and tried to come free, yet her mind said, Yes, do it! Take me now! Still she persevered, for in the last moment, she whipped her fist backwards with her whole weight behind the backhand blow. It caught Nolak over the jaw and made his head rebound against the metal railing of the board-walk. The Deltan was down momentarily, and Jien had to swallow a couple of times and get a grip on her body before she could try and stand up... Yet what choice did she have? She got up on her knees again - braving the situation best she might.

Too late.

Nerina threw herself upon Jien's back before she could get her feet underneath herself. The Captain snarled, caught sitting there, and tried to pry the strong hands around her waist loose or drive an elbow into her assailant's face. Flailing hands and grappling followed, Nerina's legs hooking around Jien's waist as well. The heat of their bodies was the same, and weakened and damaged as she was, Jien's breaths came in shallow hoarse gasps. The XO got a lock on her arms - hands clasped behind Jien's head, and despite how fiercely she tried, Jien could not twist herself loose. It was no small task of the XO to manage to spread Jien's legs with her own - pulling back hard to make Jien lean back against the pillows of her breasts.

The first real panic came when Jien lifted her eyes to see the Deltan standing tall before her. It was a panic mixed with anticipation, and she hated herself for it. His cock came into light. His thick, meaty cock that swelled even larger as she stared at it in sickly mixed horror and need. "Get away from me," she said, her gaze fixed upon the stiff organ that dangled obscenely there between the Chief Engineer's legs as he advanced another step towards her. Resolutely, Jien turned her head away when it came close to her lips, even if she licked her lips in preparation to accept it - which made her snarl even more. "Let me go!"

"Relax," Nerina murmured into her Captain's ear. "He's not going to hurt you. In fact, he's going to make you feel good... better than you've ever felt before." Her legs spread Jien's a bit further with an ease that Jien did not like at all. "You want to feel good, don't you?"

Like a predator, Nolak crouched down before Jien. I can't let this happen... His dark eyes seemed to gleam with animalistic hunger as his gaze roamed over her body, and she could tell that he liked what he saw. Jien shivered, knowing full well what he meant to do. This is insane... I have to put a stop to this. His bald head sank down between her spread thighs. I have to... think of something... She felt his tongue begin to probe her damp pussy, patiently lapping her labia. I have to... think... His tongue soon became more adventurous, swirling and swiveling its way into her groin. I have to... With a loud moan, Jien signalled another concession to the lust that was swelling within her. She even relaxed a bit in Nerina's firm embrace.

"He's eating you," said the First Officer, whispering the words into her Captain's ear. "There's no turning back now." Jien moaned again in part refusal as the oral serpent slithered up and down her moist slit. Nerina kept whispering soothingly, "Yeah, that's it... let him get you nice and wet. He's getting you ready for his big, hard cock." She licked Jien's ear, whom was panting harder now, deep forceul breaths, quickly succumbing to the words in her ear and the face between her thighs. She knew she was in dire straits and had to lash out somehow, but that tongue and the Deltan telepathy was overriding her rational thought. Every time she thought about trying to get away, or shift to her other form, anything, she would feel another hot wet stab at her clit, making her shudder with unwanted delight. His tongue seemed to know exactly what to do to her - where to touch, when to push, how fast to lick. No, he was telling her mind she wanted it just so. Regardless, he was driving her mad, and she knew it wouldn't take much longer before she surrendered to her two assailants completely. She already found herself longing for Nolak's cock, wanting to feel its thick length burrowing inside her, pumping her full of stiff male meat.

Nerina kept licking Jien's neck. "I don't hear you complaining anymore," she said, breathing hotly into her commanding officer's ear. "Do you still want us to go away?" Jien moaned gutturally in reply, spreading her legs a little wider for the face between them. "No, I didn't think so." She broke the lock on Jien's arms in order to rub her naked breasts and nipples from behind. "You're going to enjoy becoming one of us."

Jien gasped as Nolak's tongue flicked her throbbing clit, almost throwing her over the edge. But then the licking stopped, and she opened her eyes to see him manoeuvring his waist between her thighs. She had one returning moment of clarity, in which she again realised the danger of her situation. She tried to struggle free, but Nerina held her fast in a surprisingly strong embrace, her wet tits dribbling milk down Jien's bare back. "You can't fight us, Captain," said Nerina, mouthing the words into Jien's neck as she sucked her flesh. Jien watched in fear-filled fascination as Nolak's massive cock drew closer and closer to her wide open crotch. There was no way to stop him - and she wasn't even sure that she really wanted to stop him. She whimpered when she felt its first touch, the hard warm flesh grazing against her moist vulva. The thick organ slid up and down her tender slit, smearing its bulbous pink tip in the preparatory juice that her own pussy had provided. Then it began to poke inside her - tentatively at first, then its rigid length was soon pushing its way past her sex lips and into her vagina, flooding her senses with indescribable sensations as it parted her inner walls. Rapture ossified Jien, and she threw her head back with a hoarse gasp as the hard cock continued to penetrate her, sliding deeper and deeper toward her undefended love channel.

"Mmmm, I bet that feels good," Nerina purred, watching the penis sink all the way into her Captain's groin. And it was. Jien felt as though her mind was boiling with lust. Each time that magnificent cock plunged inside her steamy crevice, she took one step closer to utter surrender. She quickly become addicted to the pleasure of having her pussy filled, and the addiction only grew worse and worse with every meaty thrust. She wanted him to fuck her harder, faster. She wanted to tell him so, but all she could manage was a ragged moan. But the Chief Engineer seemed to understand. He was a Deltan, and he knew exactly what to do to a horny female. His thick cock surged into her sopping cunt, pumping her full of the stiff, hard meat that she now craved so desperately. Nerina giggled obscenely as she watched Jien getting fucked. Both women looked at Nolak, who grunted like an animal as he shoved his rigid manhood into his Captain.

No, he is about to... Mindless panic came through with Jien Ives' final lucid moment, and she cried out - twisting and throwing herself sideways. Yet Nolak was already coming inside her, the molten feeling of hot lava spreading inside her slippery grotto. She cried out and kicked once, twice, and by the third time, Nolak was stumbling backwards along the board-walk - still cumming out of his twitching organ. When he fell, he fell upon the broken computer terminal in the centre of the chamber with his hands raised to righten himself. Neither of them expected the detonation - the blinding light.

Yet the touch had triggered a detonation that sent Nolak, smoking and burning, over the railing. He was likely dead before the impact with the flooring far below.

"What.. What happe-" said Nerina, disoriented and amused, but she was cut short by being yanked to her feet.

Jien Ives, now suddely in his male form, pressed Nerina up against the railing and kissed her savagely - hands stroking his XO's slick body with complete abandon. Nerina had let out a surprised yelp, but welcomed her Captain's cock with spread legs hungry mouth - Jien sheathing himself fully inside her in mere moments. It as too late now, and just as little as Nerina did, he did not care one whit what had happened to Nolak Kalmil. All that mattered was the absolute and utter urge to finish what the Chief Engineer had started yet failed to complete. Jien ground himself hard into his First Officer, nipped and sucked at her breasts, all the while holding her up and suspending her upon the railing of the board-walk. Her body was weightless in his hard hands, and his thrusts made the railing groan and creak. He did not care. He did not care about Nerina's enjoyment either. He just needed to spend himself inside her - to finally let go.

And that he did, crying out as the virus imbalanced his braincells. He came long and hard and Nerina came with him, throwing her head back in the frenzy of their joining. Though Jien's head rolled as the aftermath glory rushed through his body, and his hands immediately lost its hold.

Nerina cried out, unsupported as she was leaning out from the railing, and without Jien's firm hands, it gave away underneath her with a metallic shriek. While Jien fell to the cold  board-walk - oblivion seizing him fully - his First Officer fell head-first. Screaming all the way down towards the distant floor.

Afterwards, there was no further sounds heard in the chamber.

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[Deck 11]

Grayson had been feeling the heat for quite some time. One of the drawbacks of his enhanced genetics was his metabolism, which burned four times faster than a normal human's. This meant that his body burned hotter, and that combined with the environmental changes meant that crawling around the Jefferies tubes in his stifling Starfleet uniform had been a very uncomfortable experience for the Chief of Security. He'd already opened his collar back on Deck Eight, but that had done little to help him. Outwardly David grimaced at Lucan's suggestion; he preferred to maintain at least a modicum of discipline. Regardless of the situation, they were still Starfleet officers. But inwardly he realized that the doctor's suggestion was a reasonable one. Not only would it help the group stay cool, but it would also make them far less conspicuous during their journey across the deck.

Near the front of the group, Garen was much less conflicted. "Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but that makes a lot of sense to me," he said as he started to open his jacket. He quickly had the garment off and tossed it aside, then pulled off his own teal undershirt, leaving his upper body bare. He used his undershirt to mop up some of the sweat dripping down his face, neck, and upper body, then tossed it aside.

When he saw everyone else looking at him, he shrugged, not a shred of self-consciousness about him. "What? I grew up on Betazed. When you can read each other's minds, nudity isn't such a big deal. Hell, Betazoids get married in their birthday suits."

David frowned, running a hand through his sweat-slicked blond hair. He'd also undone his jacket, but had yet to remove it. "While the doctor's idea does have merit, we can't ignore Commander Rez's point. Our equipment's going to be rather unwieldy if we have to carry it all by hand."

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[Lin Kae's Quarters]

Standing opposite the Engineer, hands balled into fists by her sides though her frame relaxed, Thea looked into Lin Kae's eyes as he spoke. Whilst she listened, the steam formed droplets of moisture all over her black body-suit, and when the movement of her simulated breathing made the droplets touch, it made small rivulets of water run down along the seams and sections of the sequenced force-field and photon fabric. Her hair and face also became damp from the steam, yet her brown eyes remained unblinking as she matched his stare dispassionately.

"And you think this freedom of choice, however gratifying I might eventually find it, will somehow be an improvement of my functionality? No, I will function less well, less quickly, and there are situations where I must act without conscious choice. No, I need to restore some elements of my functionality to this ship and this crew so that I need not be delayed by distractions, whatever they may be. You did this, so you will fix it. Please do not think me ungrateful, but consider what is best for the ship and the crew, and not just for me as... a person. To put me on a pedestal is to make a priority not aligned with our duty to this crew."

Turning her head, Thea looked towards the door and the crisis that awaited them outside the misty bathroom. Droplets of water fell from the ends of her hair, and her lips glistened while she spoke. "For right now, there are more pressing concerns. Each minute spent here means more people raped or seduced." She looked back to Lt. Kae, and while she tried to keep a straight face, she had to clear her throat before indicating his blatant state of undress with a dropping glance. She tried to be polite about the situation, given what he had been through. "You... might wish to cover up. Get dressed, or something. I'll wait by the entrance and keep a look-out."

How strange, to not see as she usually was able to; through the security surveillance system. All she had was the crude feed of the ships internal sensors and the optics of her current holographic projection - advanced as the graphical read on her immediate environments might be. She took position by the disabled sliding doors and looked outside, seeing no one. Out of respect to her saviour, despite how wrong she believed him to be in some ways, she did not look back over her shoulder when she continued the conversation.

"So what do you suggest we do now, Lt. Kae? You have torn me from the hold of the infected, but then what? Did you have a plan beyond that?"

She sorely hoped he did, because with the feeling of having her strings cut, she was not entirely sure she was capable of anything. Hopefully, that feeling might go away and she could think clearly again, but right then, all she could process was the present - the here and now. Her saviour better had a plan beyond her saving his arse, quite literally, and showing off his organic frame to her. On a scale of one to ten, she was 8,967 embarrassed about reprocessing the optic memory of him standing there in the swirling steam. It almost made her deactivate the emotion chip installed into the main computer.

Thea clenched her jaw to remain focused and continued her watch by the door, hands resting idly on her hips. The surprise when the lights flared and the floor vibrated was plain as she looked back towards the Lietuenant. "We are under attack..."

[The Captain's Yacht]

Ida would have been more effective in her fighting had her mind not been divided over the priorities to knock out the fighter pilot or to have her way with him. Her arms hurt from the jarring impact of Isley's guard, but once her kick had landed, Ida could get a moment or two to manage the minute pain. Still, she was an experienced fighter, and the wear and tear of a fist-fight was quite familiar. To provide better focus for her senses, Ida leaned her head down towards her opponent to gain sharpness from her mono-directional antennae. What few people considered when fist-fighting with an Andorian was that their limited exoskeleton - their compartmentalised insides that came from their partial insectoid heritage - was that it served to fortify and protect them somewhat from blunt force.

The Yacht vibrated under their feet as the first two photon torpedoes were launched, sent after the retreating Wolf-03 in her efforts to stop any crafts from leaving the Thuergy. Ida had instructed the computer to launch everything, and that the Yacht did. While Ida circled Isley with her guard up, two more were launched soon afterwards; the torpedoes needing the time to be armed and loaded into place before they were discharged. Four on the way, and more were being armed and discharged at he quickest rate possible. Also, the Yacht pursued the Valkyrie with the smattering lights of its phaser array.

"Your cock as hard as your guard, Pinkskin?" she said, biting her lower lip in a smile before she launched into another combination - her fighting more like a tactical expenditure than the passion-filled barrage of a less experienced combatant. When she moved and struck, she did so with consummate skill and maximised deployment of force. She meant to be close-quarters with him to best use her advantages; her irresistible sweet smell undermining his intellect and giving him over to his more primal needs - which she would provide for with her eager and hungry body. Two high jabs with her fists allowed her distraction to step forward and crouch down a little.... before driving her fist upwards in an uppercut.

With luck, the strike would soar between his bound arms, and regardless if she connected, she would try to wrestle her upper body into being embraced by those brawny arms - his tied wrists keeping her gorgeous body pressed against his. It was all just a matter of kissing him and keeping him from knocking her out with his forehead.

On the view screen of the Yacht's bridge, next to the combatants, the USS Theurgy was suddenly lit up with a white, flaring field. It was the Starship's shields reacting to attacks from the Valkyrie. Ida did no see it, but if she had, she would have reckoned that Wolf-03 was trying to disable the Flight Hangar from opening up and launching into space. Luckily, it was not like the Starship would not have its shields up during Yellow Alert, and her initial attacks were moot. Yet unmanned as the Main Bridge was at that point, no form of power-compensation to the shields was made, and the readings of the remaining percentage went unread. No effect... save for jarring the people aboard and drawing the sluggish attention from the infected.

By this point, the exact rain of phaser fire from the pursuing Yacht drew closer to the Valkyrie, and the first two of the four photon torpedoes were drawing closer...

OOC: Everyone! The USS Theurgy is fired upon, and though the shields protected the ship, it will be jarred by the impacts.

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"Fuck!" Skye snarled and slammed her fist down on the arm of her chair when she saw the shields flare and no effect.  Why couldn't anything in life be easy?  This was pure suicide, one against who knew how many would strike out at her now and yet she couldn't give up on them.  There was one other fighting that she knew of and she would not, could not, abandon him.

She felt the sweat beading on her brow but held her course straight at the Theurgy's hangar, almost feeling the heat of the weapons streaming after her.  At the last possible minute, she pulled hard and corkscrewed upward then twisted around to head straight for the yacht.  With any luck, and by all creation did she need all the luck she could get right now, the weapons from the yacht would strike the Theurgy and do some of her work for her.

Now she targeted the yacht, sending rapid fire phaser bursts and ducking out of the way of any further shots fired.  It was imperative she get the shields down so she could disable the vessel and there wasn't much room for error.  The yacht would have a limited number of torpedoes and once they were spent then she would only have the phaser fire to dodge ... only.  Then she needed to duck around and get behind and just under to hopefully take out the engines.

"Computer ... verbal transmission to the captain's yact," she said and then grinned.  Maybe she could distract the blue bitch as well as jumble the ship about with her firing.  "Ida Ida gettin' widah!  Looks like you put on a bit of weight there Smurfette.  Might wanna cut back on the twinkies.  All that cream fillin's just packin' on the pounds."  If she was going to die, she'd at least go out fighting and giving all the smartass remarks she could.  "Hey Ida ... are those antennae detachable?  They'd look good dangling from my view screen."

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[Lin Kae's Quarters]

"What comes of your current level of freedom will have to be resolved at a later time.  For the time being, your freedom at least makes you the one incorruptible force on this ship."  Thea was inorganic, leaving her immune to infection, and now that she was no longer capable of being programmed against her will, she was safe from being used against the crew.  At the mention of his unclothed state, a shade of red came over his face, as he rushed to his quarters for a spare uniform not soaked by the sonic shower.  A quick toweling off and he was able to get himself back into proper attire.

"If you will permit me temporary access to your holomatrix, I am going to place a couple of subroutines into you that should be of assistance.  After I finish, I want to to revoke my access again, just in case I am caught and infected.  If I am, at least I can't reprogram you again."  Once Thea had given him access, he went back to his console and made a couple quick alterations.  "I've adjusted your holomatrix to allow you to alternate between passive and solid.  If we are under attack, you can switch yourself to passive, and no one can physically make contact with you.  They would simply pass through you."  It was a simple setting, but in the past would have required tapping a few commands into the computer.  Now, Thea could activate it mentally.

The second change was to update her holomatrix, making a phaser appear on her hip.  The holo-emmitters all throughout the ship would allow her to use a holographic phaser the same as a a real one.  "Normally, the safety settings would make the phaser harmless, but since your program is no longer just a part of the hologrid but it's own entity, I was able to update your matrix to have a fully functional phaser.  Anywhere there is a holo-emmiter on the shop, you can use that phaser.  It's not much, but we have a way of defending ourselves now."

Now that they had some means of defense, all they needed was a purpose.  "Do you have any knowledge of what the other uninfected crew are doing?  We should be doing whatever we can to support any plans in motion to regain control over the ship.  My access to the computer is limited to the holographic controls right now.  It's not much, but we might be able to configure some settings to help the crew in areas where the hologrid is still operational."

[Captain's Yacht]

Isley's physiology did work against him in one aspect.  His sense of smell had become his enemy.  In the early days of Starfleet, when Vulcan officers were few and far between on Human ships, there was a great deal of difficulty for the Vulcans to deal with the smell on-board Starfleet vessels.  Their heightened sense of smell often required a great deal of mental discipline to ignore, something Nathan had never bothered with.  Instead, he was accepting of the powerful scents he came across, but the ones given off by Ida were potent, and designed with one thing in mind; intoxicating him.  The scent made him acutely more aware of her nudity then he needed to be, often forcing his eyes toward her breasts, watching them bounce with each attack, or to her blue skinned slit every time she threw a kick.  The effect allowed her hits to strike him much more easily, as his divided mind had more and more difficulty keeping a focus on combat.

Her comment about his hardness was ignored, though he couldn't deny that it was there, thanks to her biology playing against his heightened senses.  Whether he liked it or not, he was sporting a hard shaft in his pants.  At her attempted uppercut between his arms, Nathan pulled his arms tightly together, looking to use his superior muscles to clamp down on her forearm and lock it in place, neither letting her punch advance, not escape his grip.  The close proximity to her didn't make ignoring her scent easier, but it did put her in range of his feel, one lunging forward to strike at her kneecaps, hoping to take away her ability to stand.

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"I would surmise, as you do, Doctor, that this is the best possible enirons for the infection to thrive.  I do not, however, follow your logic.  In disrobing, we would leave ourselves open to the assumption by others that we are infected and, as such, would become targets," T'Less, replied, her voice calm and clear, the activity helping her focus.  Despite the Vulcan enjoyment of heat, the humidity was certainly not something they were comfortable with, dry as their planet was.  The discomfort helped her focus, but strained her mental faculties, which were not in the best of shape to start with.  She glanced at him, her tone surprisingly sarcastic, "Also, it's against regulations."

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[Deck 11 | Cargo Bay Areas]

Realising that he had begun a bizarre form of poll amongst the present Senior Officers, with three of the same rank, Lucan surmised that the democratic vote would have dictated their actions. As it were, only Garen Nelis and himself had no compunctions about disrobing and more inconspicuously reach the other end of Deck 11.

"Well," he said to T'Less with smile and a shrug as he followed Garen's example and tossed his undershirt as well, "I am no Vulcan, but my own logic would dictate that regulations be damned at this point when we are dealing with a situation that possibly will affect the whole Quadrant, or even the Galaxy. I do cede the point of carrying our gear, however, so let's not dally needlessly. 'Commander Rez, the other side of the Deck, then?"

In his uniform trousers, he removed his shoes and socks - progressing barefoot with a phaser in each tattooed hand. He kept his allotted syringes behind the hem of his trousers, and his eyes on possible movements ahead in corridors lit by dim emergency lights. Not only was the air warm and humid, but as they had to pass through the Cargo Bays in order to reach the Main Deflector Control areas and the other tubes to the lower decks, the air decidedly got another characteristic...

...a sweet scent.

So treacherously pleasant at first it seemed a relief, when it actually was the opposite. Oh, it was a smell Lucan was quite familiar with; he scent of Cir'Cie when she almost mounted him in the Med Lab the day before. The lingering aroma of Lt. Gladstone's dead body whilst he and Cadet Amikris performed their night-long tests and found their antidote. It was the fragrance of flowers at first, until you realised that it was a poison for your inhibitions. Oh, there was no doubt in Lucan's mind that this pollen was the first way the plants had lured their crew - making people receptive towards the idea of copulation.

As the tall doors of Cargo Bays 09 through 12 ahead of them loomed wide open on either side of the high-ceilinged corridor, it was equally evident that they had been filled with Transported samples of the plant - accumulated number unknown. Not only was this evident from the tell-tale smell that was so treacherous, but for the evident fact of the greenery extending past the open doors. Yes, there they spread out into the wide corridor that the group of five Senior Officers tread; purple and pink flowers attached to wines that already had begun to cling to the cables and circuitry of the ship.

The thick density of pollen in the area had drawn a few infected too; many whom copulated in the spreading segments of earth and grass brought from Niga. Like forests having burst out into the corridor, the passage had become a garden of green undergrowth with metal walkways where the flooring showed through. It had been aptly named the Garden of Eden by Ida on the intercom, Lucan surmised as he stared upon the few visible lovers - the pollen already affecting his brain.

With the group, he walked on - the pollen from the thousands upon thousands of flowers in the area attaching itself to his bronchus. It made his mind foggy with immediate lust to act upon his carnal inclinations, and he began to eye his fellow Officers in new ways. Well, not exactly new, but now with a more immediate will to act upon his mortal desires.

Never had T'Less seemed such an extraordinary example of Vulcan beauty and nor had he so intimately stared upon the way her uniform moved over her body. The accentuated frame of Edena Rez made him hard as stone while she walked, and he swallowed with a dry throat to keep himself from making the suggestions so easy to leave his tongue. Even the men of the group, whom he normally only would lay with if it furthered his own cause, did seem more appetising for his sexual hunger. He found himself walking closer to T'Less by his side, and by the winds it was had to not lay an arm around her waist.

On either sides of the corridor loomed the dark entrances to the Cargo Bays - and the things living there. The infected tending to the greeneries.

"We... should move on..." he suggested with a low voice, barely heard over the echoing cries of people enjoying themselves, instead wanting to suggest to the group that they stayed. "Before they notice that we are passing through..."

Lucan was not sure if 'they' would merely apply to their crew... but entities far larger as well.

Then, the USS Theurgy was hit by external fire, and the ship shuddered in the impacts - making dreadful things stir for a couple of seconds in the undergrowth. Moreover, infected ceased their activities and looked around themselves, spotting the group heading through their most holy area on board...

[Lin Kae's Quarters]

Pausing, Ida established what was going on outside the ship, and briefly told the Lieutenant that one of the lost Valkyries, judging from external sensor readings, seemed to have returned and was firing upon the ship for unknown reasons. However, the Captain's Yacht was out and was trying to address the threat aggressively. Whom the pilots involved were, or if they were infected or not, she could not know, but kept her sensors tuned upon the situation.

At Kae's suggestion to surrender access to her holomatrix, Thea had no compuction about doing so. It was an unusual thing for her, to authorise such access to her programming, but the practical series of synapses required were simple enough - the same sequence found in holodecks throughout the quadrant.

She watched the half-Bajoran work by his console from where she stood in the doorway, considering him and his ambitions - his drive to make her free. To make her more than she was made out to be from the beginning. How daring of him, she thought, or how arrogant... to question the Federation's finest computer and holographic scientists in their judgement to keep me restrained.

Should not her developers know best; whom had created her for her designated purposes? Once Kae said he was done, she did as instructed and rescinded his access.

What he told her and showed her was staggering to her; to be able to have full control at a mere thought to resequence herself between passive and solid state. Moreover; that he had spent such time and preparations to design her armament that had its own holographical channel - one which had the safety settings off. With a frown, she unholstered her sidearm and checked its grip and settings with practised efficency.

She had no time to thank him for this gesture; this first time someone had given her such gifts. No, the Lieutenant was addressing their predicament, and Thea answered as truthfully as she could now that she could only use internal sensors.

"Three uninfected are making their way to Deck 05, in the direction of the Transporter rooms. Five are moving slowly through Deck 11, where there is a high concentration of the pollen that makes it hard to pinpoint the source, but I judge there are more than four of the sources for the pollen in our Ship's air there. This group is heading for some alleged 'back-door'." Thea shrugged after a second or two "The rest of the uninfected are scattered over the ship, and any larger numbers have locked themselves up. These groups does grew fewer by the second, though."

What to do? She needed orders right then to function properly. The freedom of choice had never seemed to... indecisive in her private ruminations.

"Perhaps we should go to the Main Bridge one floor up, and see if we cannot do something from there rather than your computer console. Perhaps you could make a larger impact with the holo-grid from there," she said quietly and raised her phaser in both hands next to her shoulder, "....should we able to get there and retake it. My sensors indicate no uninfected there presently."

[The Captain's Yacht]

With her uppercut brought short and her elbow locked against Isley's torso with his bound hands, Ida's knee was saved by the fire the Yacht took from Wolf-03 - the hits from the phaser fire making her having to compensate the reverberating floor with her footing. The brushing kick made her stumble, and it consequently also tugged hard upon the grip the fighter pilot had upon her arm.

Her opponent did not speak, fully focused upon their misconception that he would need to stop her and what she had found on Niga - this new understanding of life so easily lived. Meanwhile, Wolf-03 was heckling her over the intercom, trying to distract her. In the heat of the moment, she did not have the time to listen. She had more immediate concerns, and desires to satisfy.

With both of Isley's hands occupied, Ida proceeded to punch him straight over the face twice, followed with a savage back-hand blow. Hopefully, it would at least be enough to distract him. It had to be, for she then proceeded to grab his hard cock through his uniform trousers and lean forward to kiss him - to aim and lay her hungry and warm lips to his. She would split his mouth open with her own and slide her cyan tongue against his.

Depending on the amount of time she had for it, she stroked the pilot's tumescence firmly through his trousers with her blue fingers, hoping that the Yacht's shields would last just a while longer...

Meanwhile, the two last photon torpedoes were armed and locked upon Wolf-03 at close range, discharged and flew... and the phaser array pelted her with orange energy bursts all the while. Ida had no time to voice evasive manoeuvres, so focused on being invasive herself.

OOC: Regarding Deck 11's Garden of Eden: Here is fodder for thought when you post for your characters:
- The pink and purple flowers seem to follow the progress of the group, turning as they pass.
- The inclination to partake or initiate sex with anyone in the group is fiercely strong, or even to do so with the present infected people in the Garden of Eden. If nothing else, the arousal screams for the need of masturbation if there are no other alternatives.
- The plants hidden in the hot and solid darkness of the Cargo Bays are huge things with large roots and many quick and strong tentacles/vines. Stray too close to the Cargo bay doors, and your character is done for - to be picked up and raped whilst suspended mid-air.
- Depending on how you play it, I see how this volatile situation can become unhinged and they all have to run through the Garden while dodging snapping and slapping tentacles that are out to get them. Rez at the front, she will have to lead the way?
- Kitty-kat, I leave it to you how you wish to involve Cir'Cie in this scene, so contact me if you have any questions. :)

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