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Day 02 [1500 hrs.] Koreans, Coffee, and Chit Chat

[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] @Jm Von Cat

Off time.

So rare, especially for someone who's job was literally to put together the shit that other people broke.  And there was a lot to break when it came to fighters.  So she was glad for the hours she was going to have at the moment.  Get something to eat, something to drink, and relax it a little bit.  She hadn't been to the Arboretum Cafe in a while, she didn't normally have time.  She tended to go to her Quarters and crash out on the bed without so much as a thought as soon as she had a shower and scrubbed the grease from her body.  She was always finding it somewhere.  And even when she thought she was clean, she didn't always get everything. 

She had gone back to her Quarters and showered, feeling far better and more alive than she had before.  Now she just wanted some food and something to drink before she crashed out.  She had a shit ton of work to do in the morning before everyone wanted to head out for whatever was planned out for tomorrow.  She hadn't been told what that was going to be.  But she knew that it would be a lot of shit because that was always the way that it was.

She was wearing a pair of comfortable jeans that had rips and tears here and there but they were well loved and highly comfortable.  She had on a simple white tshirt underneath a blue hoodie because for some reason when she was off duty she could get chilled.  She tended to chalk it up to the fact that she was always moving and warm when she was at work, and so when she stopped her body just cooled down a bit.  The cafe was not too busy, a testament to how busy the ship was getting prepped for the next step in the mission.

She headed for an empty table and looked at the holographic menu that popped up when she sat down at the table.  She quickly put in an order for some coffee and some food.  She went ahead and ordered some ramen, duboki, and some Korean beef.  She might as well enjoy herself.  She sat back in her seat and relaxed.  Pulling one of her legs up into the chair with her she put her foot down in the seat.  Wrapping her arm slightly around her leg as she sat back and just looked around with her dark eyes.  There were officers and crewmen in here.  It was a good mesh of everyone that

Her coffee arrived first, and she poured four packets of sugar into it letting it all dissolve together for a moment before she took her first sip.  The hot liquid hit her throat and relaxed her even more.  She was practically immune to the caffeine that was in coffee unless she consumed it in a quick rate.  She didn't plan to do that tonight, for her the warm drink relaxed her and actually helped her just take a bit of a load of.  She didn't get to do that often, and it was nice to do it now.  Sipping her coffee she just waited for her food.  She couldn't wait to taste some of the food from her home. 

Omma, Appa... I miss you.  Sometimes I wish that I could see your faces.  Just for a little while, a quick video call.  But that would put us all in danger, and I can't.  I hope you know that I'm okay.  Saranghae. she thought, even though she knew that they couldn't hear her and would never know, but she still thought about him all the time. 

Now if she just had company.


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Re: Day 02 [1500] Koreans, Coffee, and Chit Chat

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] @Blue Zephyr
Ridun had placed a heavy hand against the light stubble on his chin, rubbing it firmly as he moved his hand back slowly to grip the back of his neck. The sensation of doing so an attempt to drag his mind to the present as he moved briskly towards the Cafe. His mind was rather distracted, given what he'd had to do on top of Vector one in that EVA suit. Seeing the worker bee being shredded like that? It made for a lot of report writing. He could not help but go over little things to make sure he had not forgotten anything, something. He muttered quietly to himself as he walked, going over everything as if to suddenly find some fault of his own, even though he'd just followed orders.

He really was terrible at the whole "unwinding" thing, especially when the tension seemed very palpable to him.. or maybe that was just his mind. He lightly clapped the back of his neck before letting his arm drop back to his side, the only idea that trailed through his mind for distracting it was to find someone to talk with.. or it was something like that, less a thought and more like a small spark of a half hearted hope. His next thought was then for food, of which he promptly remembered it was essentially going to be a smoothy as per the doctors orders. He briefly considered ignoring them, before deciding he would rather not return to stasis for something that stupid.

Ridun really was managing to confuse himself, perhaps not helping that he was not really sure how to exactly interact with anyone. Especially not after waking up from being in stasis for the better part of three months, all he could think was he had missed whatever had happened in that time. For all he thought, as he was letting his mind walk somewhat aimlessly, most of these people would not look upon that in the best light. He briefly moved a hand to pat down his chest again, going over the area where a chunk of ship bit into him. It was still a bit surreal to him, the idea that he had been that close to death and was now walking around just fine.

Just before entering the Cafe, Ridun shortened his step, taking a brief look around to observe a rather quiet scene. And, much to his dismay, very few individuals. The fingers on his left hand tapped relentlessly against the side of his leg for a few brief moments before he made up his mind, taking a few brief steps towards one of the fore mentioned individuals and quietly speaking. "Do you, uh, mind if I join you here?". He offered a light smile as he asked, he even seemed to somewhat relax having just asked the question.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] @Jm Von Cat

Oh sweet coffee.... why have you stayed out of my life since .. what .. three hours ago?

Ji grinned as she settled back.  There was a beautiful clear wall that separated the wall of the cafe from the Arboretum itself.  Where she was sitting, she could easily see a lot of the plants and botanical beauties that were available in the beautiful room that sat beside the lovely cafe.  There were plants here too.  Hanging from the ceiling, vines curling around the support beams, there was a lot of seemingly natural wood here and there, it was a whole natural like experience.  The tables were glass with the holo emitter in the center to pull the menu up.  Because for the most part replicators were a thing you could order just about anything, but the menus also seemed to access the personal replication records that coincided with the biometrics of the person sitting there.  Allowing for it to pull up things you liked to eat.  It was a nice melding.

There was some how a partnership between the modern of Starfleet and the natural world.  A large trunk seemed to appear out of the floor and flowering branches extended against the ceiling as though it had grown there naturally, even though she was fairly sure it was fake, or a holo emitter doing it's job again, the whole place was down right relaxing.  In one of the corners was a tightly wound and reached upstairs.  A balcony with more seating sat up there with far more clear wall space and more plant life.  The balcony was open air to the arboretum itself with only half walls separating it.  Allowing the tree boughs to infiltrate some of the high head room, the perfume of the flowers to waft across the opening allowing for a much more immersed experience. 

There was quiet conversation going on here and there, Ji wasn't much for wild life.  She found it pretty and everything but it wasn't something that she was passionate about.  But it was nice, to get away from all the modern and sleek lines of Starfleet and just get back to nature a little bit.  Sometimes when she came here she didn't feel that she was on the Theurgy anymore.  It was a nice escape for the brain.  She knew that she hadn't left the ship but she also knew that she had that moment to just gel and be the person that she was before she headed back to work and got more fighters ready to head out the next time that they were needed.

She was startled, slightly, though the only show of it was a rise in her brow, when a voice came over to her asking if he could join her.  She herself was sitting on the lower level.  It just was easier, quicker, and she didn't want to sit upstairs to watch some couple making out in the corner.  She had done that once before, and decided that downstairs was just safer.  At least when you didn't want dinner and a show.  Not that it was all the time, she just didn't want to chance it. 

Her eyes looked up, dark as they were, to the man standing there, looking as though he wasn't sure if he should have even asked the question or not.  She didn't recognize him, but that didn't mean anything, really.  Just because she didn't recognize him didn't mean he was new.  She didn't spend a lot of time off the flight deck and thus, she tended to find herself rather isolated.  Something that she wanted to change at some point, though she wasn't sure she had the time to actually do that.

“Sure, be my guest.” she smirked as she motioned, with her coffee cup in hand, to the seat across from her.  Once he sat down she put her coffee mug down and she held her calloused hand out for him.  “My name is Eun Sae Ji, you can call me Ji though.  That's generally the easiest.  Korean names just confuse the shit out of people.” she chuckled as she looked over at him with a smile on her face.  “I haven't seen you around before, but I could also be completely clueless.”

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] @Blue Zephyr
"Sure be my guest"

Ridun offered a grateful yet quick nod, which sent some of his hair loose and down his forehead. And issue which he fixed as he seated himself in the seat gestured by Ji. He also took the opportunity, no matter how brief it was, to look over the immediate area he found himself in. He quite enjoyed the natural theme that was present, it was a very different sort of feel than anywhere else on the ship. It was unique, and he could appreciate that, even if it did seem a little strange to him. Still, that had never stopped him coming back.

He briefly regarded the hand offered towards him before accepting it with a firm grip. His own hands were less calloused than the one he now held in his grip, however they were still rather word and rough. As he heard the woman speak her name he quickly realized he would have little hope of actually pronouncing that name without at least a little practice. He let out a small, quiet laugh at the rest of her sentence, she seemed well aware about her own name. Although, he could not quite place "Korea". A holographic menu displayed itself slightly off to one side of him, a quick glance revealed it was mostly a choice of what flavor of liquid did he feel like. He decided to ignore that for the moment.

"I haven't seen you around before...", he unconsciously patted over the area of his chest that had been punctured as she spoke. "I'm Ridun, I don't recall meeting anyone who has had trouble with Bajoran names." He offered a small smile after speaking before continuing. "You might have seen me, but it would have been a little while ago if you did. Although, its just as likely that you didn't." He would quietly trail off, tilting his head slightly to the left. "Uh, its nice to meet you either way Ji", he lent back slightly as he glanced over her clothing in a bit more detail.. or any detail. He had the distinct feeling of being overdressed compared to this rather slight looking woman, given he was still wearing his uniform, whereas she had more.. relaxed clothing on. No time to change that now, he simply had to hope she really did not mind that little detail.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy]  @Jm Von Cat

He seemed grateful for the seat.  Sitting down, she looked over at him watching his hair fall into his face and him brushing it back out.  She fully understood that issue, she had it herself.  Her hair was short and her bangs were short, but that was just how she was.  She liked it short so it didn't get in the way when she was fixing shit.  The last thing she needed was to get her hair caught in one of the mechanical pieces that she tended to work on.  As much as she liked to think about how she would look with longer hair she wasn't sure that it would work.  Maybe at some point it would, she wasn't going to push it and she wasn't going to worry about it overly much.  Right now, it worked, and it would take effort and time to grow it out properly.

For a moment he just looked at her hand, before he finally took it.  She didn't know what he thought was going to happen, she was just a human but then in the world they lived in she could be just about anything that was humanoid.  So, she could understand worrying if she was Vulcan and being able to read his mind through touch, or a Betazoid or half Betazoid and being able to do both his thoughts and emotions.  She personally didn't much give a shit if anyone could read her mind, she knew what went on in there and if they wanted an insight to the inner workings of Ji they could have it.  She wasn't the sort to be overly concerned about it.

His name was Ridun, and he doubted that they had met before.  He touched his chest and she wasn't sure if that was something that his people did or if that was something subconscious.  She would have to pay attention and see if she could figure it out, but then she was no counselor.  She doubted that she would actually be able to tell much of anything.  Still, she was all for getting to know someone that she hadn't before, as long as there was food and drink she could talk to just about anyone.  So long as they felt that they could handle her and her language preferences.  Apparently, he was Bajoran, something that she probably should have known but she wasn't good at all of that. 

“Just human here.” she chuckled with a shrug of her shoulder as the wonders of Korean cuisine were delivered.  Steaming thin sliced warm beef with a heavy sauce on top.  Duboki was a small spicy sausage eaten with a toothpick, and the bowl of ramen was just noodles in boiling water.  Chopsticks were given to her and she picked them up adeptly and began to eat some of the ramen while he talked.  Putting a large bite into her mouth and slurping up the rest of the noodles til they broke or were in her mouth while she listened, chewing slowly tasting the delicious flavors while he did so. 

Using a toothpick she speared a small sausage and popped it into her mouth tasting the heavy spice as he finished rambling about how they probably didn't know each other.  If she didn't know better, she would say that he was nervous though she couldn't figure out why he would be or should be nervous about meeting her.  She was just a mechanic. 

“So Security huh?” she asked changing the subject to something that he might actually want to talk about.  “Lots of phaser fire and action in the brig?” she asked, because honestly she pretty much kept to herself when it came to her job.  She was a mechanic and 90% of her day was spent on the flight deck making sure that everything was done right and that all the maintenance was done on time.  She was there to test shit, write shit up, and make sure that shit got done.  She made sure her pilots went out on the safest ships possible, if she could help it.

“Sounds thrilling though.  Me?  I just put broken shit back together and make sure my pilots stay alive save for their own stupidity.” she grinned as she took a long sip of her coffee.

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] @Blue Zephyr
Ridun raised an eyebrow slightly at the, to him, strange food Ji had ordered. The presence of which reminding him of the menu requiring attention, with a small hand movement he selected one of the various liquid foods available. The curious scent of this quite literally alien food was rather interesting, if not pleasant. It was overall significantly different than the food he had spent most of his life around, different smells still held some novelty for him. Despite having some service time in Starfleet's ranks Ridun's reserved nature had lead him to learn less about other races than one might have expected, although one could argue food is not normally something to study. Or, at least that was how he looked at it.

"So Security huh?"
, a question to which he replied with a short nod and light smile. That was before he tilted his head slightly to the right at her next statement, with a small amused look playing across his face. "I would hope not, that would probably mean a prisoner is escaping. Or something very bad has occurred.", He quickly righted his head and placed his forearms against the tabletop, where he leaned forward on them lightly. Ji's next words identified her as an engineer, although from the sounds of it one who stayed around the hanger areas. He himself had never really spent much time around there, tending to patrol deeper inside the ship, if not posted as a guard somewhere of importance.

"Security can have its moments, I am sure that feeling of watching something you have fixed come to life is nothing to sneer at though." Despite his original awkwardness, the more he spoke, or listened the more relaxed he seemed to feel. He noted a bit self-consciously. He drew a small breath, letting it out slowly as he leaned back into his chair, knotting his fingers together as he did so. He offered another faint smile and a rather curious look at her chopsticks as she used them, it was a rather odd way to eat so far as he was concerned.


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CPO Eun Sae Ji | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] @Jm Von Cat

Ji didn't have any idea what it was that Security kept themselves busy with.  She assumed, it was the Security of the ship.  But, what that fully entailed more than just patroling and looking badass with a phaser at the ready, she couldn't imagine what else that meant.  But then, she had to admit that she had never actually tried to understand it either.  Much like those people probably had no idea what she did all day long.  How could she fix fighters and talk to pilots and make sure that people were doing their shit right all day long.  But, that was what she did.  Passions in life took on various ideas and paths and she found that it wasn't necessarily a bad thing.  Most of the time, in fact, it was a good thing.  To find a passion, to be able to do that as a job in life, was rare. 

She was lucky, and she knew it.

“So what do you do when something bad isn't happening?” she asked him curiously as she picked up the thin noodles with her chop sticks and put them into her mouth.  Slurping them up she chewed while waiting for a response.  Ji wasn't the shy type, she could talk to just about anyone if she needed to.  That was the good thing about her.  She wasn't the sort to feel apprehensive, if she had a question or something needed to be said you could bet that Ji wasn't going to hold back.  It was one of the things that was probably the best about her.

Ji looked over at him as he mentioned that watching something she built or fixed come to life had to give her some pride.  She grinned and swallowed the amount of food in her mouth before she answered.  “Well fuck, you're not wrong there.  Just like I'm sure that catching the bad guys or protecting the innocent does the same to you.” she gave a shrug of her shoulders as she speared some more of the spicy sausage. 

“Have some food if you want, I probably can't eat all this shit but it's from my home, I grew up on this shit so I just needed to have it you know?  I miss home.” her voice softened during that last sentence for a moment.  Her Omma, her Appa, Oppa, Unni... they were all on Earth doing their thing, living their lives, and now here she was on a Starfleet vessel that was heading off in the directions the Captain decided they were going in while running from the Federation for stupid reasons.  She forced a smile back on her face.

“So surely you have more shit that you do in life besides standing outside doorways and protecting shit.  So … what do you do when you aren't on duty?” she asked him curiously as she took a long sip of her coffee before eating some more of the sausages, her guilty pleasure from back home.  That and Kimchi Fried rice, and just flat kimchi, and .. well there were so many things about home that she missed and food was one of them.  The replicator couldn't make anything as good as her Omma could but she could appreciate the effort and it was close enough that she could forget, for a minute, that she wasn't at home.

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] @Blue Zephyr

"So what do you do when something bad isn't happening?", a fair enough question with a not so interesting answer. Ridun offered a slightly exaggerated shrug, "Patrol, stand guard on the bridge or important systems and locations.. More or less exist and have a presence." Some people might consider it a flaw, but he never dressed things up in order to make them sound any better than they really were. Personally he just valued honesty, rather liking the option to take and deliver things at face value. Perhaps it might be an out dated value, but trust and straight talking were valued during the resistance days and were rather difficult habits to break.

Ridun enjoyed the reaction Ji had to his mention of pride, he then promptly nodded his agreement with her following statement. "It might be more the idea of being able to help, the opportunity to do so is both good and bad. I think you might understand what I mean." He would hold his hand out palm up with a quick flick of his wrist, in an almost offering gesture alongside his words. His movements were now far more fluid than when he had first taken a seat, it was something he half noted as he listened to her next words.

Ridun noted the change in tone as she finished her sentence, but also the effort she seemed to use to make up for it having happened. Perhaps it was more for the best not to talk along those lines, after all, they had only just met. "I uh, I cant eat any of that. Doctors orders for a few days." he would once more tentatively pat over his chest as he spoke, he still could not quite believe what he was told about it. "It is also, at least from where I stand, a good thing to keep hold of home. Its part of why you are here." He would offer a slight smile alongside his words. His mind did briefly wander to home, but he had very little there to think on, perhaps to his benefit.

His smoothy like "food" arrived and he took a tentative sip, not that he expected it to be bad, he just was not particularly fond of eating through a straw. Regardless of his opinions on what his food was to be he listened to her next words and considered them for a moment, "I tend to read, or write a little bit.. which might seem a little odd." He would shake his head quickly and continue "That or climbing in the holosuite... I imagine you also have some things you do aside from repairs?" He lightly pressed his hands together, in a motion designed to pull and warm the muscles within.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] @Jm Von Cat

Patrol.  Stand Guard.  Exist.

Sounded fucking marvelous.  Marvelously boring, but then, if they didn't have people that actually did that job then they wouldn't have people that were able to do the other jobs.  She knew that not everyone in life could appreciate what she did.  Working on planes and making sure that they were ready to go, making sure that everything was good, meant that pilots were able to do their jobs and she was able to have a job.  Not to mention that literally doing her passion for a living was something that so few got to do.  While she knew that her Omma would probably rather her be settling down with a good Korean husband, or really any husband at this point, she was starting to get less picky, and make cute Korean babies, this was her calling.

He couldn't eat for a few days, which caused her brow to rise.  But, her Omma had not raised her to be a rude bitch and she had way more food than she could eat all on her own.  But, at least she could offer, one day maybe they would be able to get together again, and he could try some Korean food if he wanted to.  He didn't have to though, either way it was fine.  She could use some more friends.  “Well if you ever want to try, let me know, we can get together again.” she gave a shrug, she didn't find anything wrong with his refusal what so ever.

He understood how important it was to keep in touch with your home, and it was, she was glad that he could feel that.  She herself, missed home, it was like a deep ache, and most of the time she tried to keep herself busy enough that she didn't have to worry about it.  About her Omma and her Appa.  She didn't have to wonder if her brother and sister and extended family were doing well too.  Sae Ji tended to worry a great deal if she thought about them too long, it was never a good thing for her, so she tried really hard to only think about the good things and not the bad.  Though, sometimes they cropped up.  Sometimes she wondered if she would ever see them again.  She believed in their mission and their purpose out here, but that didn't mean she was immune to having lost her family.

Ridun mentioned his hobbies.  Reading, writing, holo decks. she shrugged her shoulders at his comment that she might find it odd.  “Not really.  I  mean people have to have shit to do when they aren't working.  I watch Korean dramas, read of course, I work on trying to invent better ways to deal with fighters and their parts.  Maybe bypassing or creating better systems.  I hit the gym a lot.  And I'm kind of a nut about coffee.” she chuckled with a smile as she took another couple bites of the duboki before she put the little tooth pick down and lifted her chopsticks to finish off the last of the ramen because it was really good, but she didn't want the noodles to get too soft.  They weren't good when they were too soft and thus not really ramen.

“So what happened... that you have to drink your meals for a few days?” she asked, hoping that it wasn't something he didn't want to talk about, but it might be, and she could understand that.  She didn't really want to poke at things that would bother him, but she was curious what was going on that he was under doctors orders.  Might as well ask, that was Ji, not overly cautious about conversations.

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] @Blue Zephyr

He had to admit, the description he provided was not exactly stellar. Or perhaps it just all seemed that much more appealing to him, likely because actually doing something can ofttimes be different than describing it. Whatever the case was, Ridun did not overly mind. Unlike others he did not really have any idea of what else he could do, or might want to do. Then again, that sort of thing happens when you don't really think about it and now was really not the time to start all that nonsense. All being said, he did enjoy his job. He would however not be able to describe why, it was just something he could feel.

He noted the raised brow at his comment about not being able to eat, it seems this was not an answer she had considered. Or perhaps it was more curiosity, who was he to tell? Whatever the effect a smile played across his lips at her next words, "I think that would be an experience, your food smells rather different than most Bajoran dishes." he lightly tilted his head to the left as he spoke the last part, "Perhaps you could try some of that." He let out a short huffing laugh as his smile grew a little, "An exchange shall we say." Ridun quickly righted his head, taking another small sip of the "Food" he had ordered.

He lightly placed his left hand on his chin, the index finger extended across his lip and along the side of his nose. The elbow rested against the table top as he lent slightly forward. He circled his thumb slightly, ruffling the short hairs of his stubble before speaking in reply to her hobbies or after shift entertainment. "You mention the gym and, you work on fixing and maintaining. So I imagine you are rather strong.. I wonder how well you would do at climbing." It was a matter of curiosity, she seemed far stronger than she was tall. That and the idea of a challenge seemed somewhat possible, if not perhaps against him in the end.

As she asked for why he was unable to eat his right hand once more softly patted against the previously injured area, it was becoming something of a habit. Or perhaps it was a tick of some kind, Ridun really was not sure on technicalities. He just knew it was happening and he really had no idea how to stop it, similar with how his leg would bounce from time to time, almost absently occurring. "I uh, was just revived from stasis. I have been there for three months or so apparently... A chunk of Thea." Ridun almost appreciated being asked, despite his rather perceivable apprehensiveness about the subject. He might as well get it out of the way.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] @Jm Von Cat

He seemed game for trying her food when they were able to actually do that.  On a liquid diet, she was pretty sure that she would die if she was made to eat just liquid.  That or she would just end up being drunk all the damn time.  But then, that didn't sound like such a bad fucking idea either.  So long as she didn't have to go to work.  But she was always at work, as a chief it was important that she was doing her job and she couldn't fall down on the job just because she had to drink liquid.  But she felt for him, because she knew that food was good, and couldn't imagine not being able to eat food.  He then told her that she could try Bajoran food.  Her brow rose.

“Definitely not something I've tried before, it's a plan.  Once you can have real food, we'll meet up and have a huge feast.” she chuckled with a smile as she picked up her coffee and took another sip of it.  She leaned back in her seat looking at the man across the table from her.  He seemed nice enough, she thought.  He was a good man, she could tell, though he had little ticks about him and she wasn't exactly sure why.

He leaned forward as she leaned back, not because he leaned forward, just getting comfortable in her seat.  Her back against the back of her chair, her leg was still up in her chair.  Bent at the knee, foot on the pad of the seat and her arm resting softly on top of it.  He told her about the gym and about how she was a mechanic and therefore would likely be very strong.  Her brow quirked slightly as he mentioned that she might do good at climbing.  Her eyes shifted to the side as she thought about it for a moment.  She hadn't ever really thought about it, not that it was a surprise.  She was pretty busy. 

“Hmmm, I've never tried rock climbing, not that I'm against it.  Definitely worth giving it a shot.  Fuck, I'll try just about anything.  Especially if it actually takes body control.” she said with a shrug of her shoulders.  She was up for the fun of rock climbing it seemed very fun.  She could always appreciate a challenge, and it sounded like it would be one.  “Have you done a lot of rock climbing?  Is that something done often on Bajor?” she asked honestly not knowing much about the planet and the people there itself, probably no more than he knew about Korea and the people that inhabited her country.

He then told her why he was on a liquid diet.  She was surprised that he had been in stasis.  Probably another reason why they hadn't run into each other, he had been on ice for three months.  Her brow rose a bit and she gave a nod.  “Well if Thea wanted to get up close and personal with you she should have fucking found you guys a room.” she chuckled, it was a joke, hopefully to help lighten the mood a little bit.  She doubted that he wanted to talk about all his scars and the recent events of the past any more than she wanted to talk about all the times that she had been wounded.  Though she had never been hurt like he had.

“So you missed the last three fucking months.” she said with a little bit of shock in her voice.  “Well welcome back among the living.  Amid our feast of Bajoran and Korean foods we're going to celebrate with some booze.  Something like coming back from the literal dead means that you should get some fucking booze and get drunks.  Celebrate properly.”  she grinned at the man, spearing another duboki on her tooth pick and popping it in her mouth.  Seemed like a proper party was going to have to happen and she was feeling rather excited about it.

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] @Blue Zephyr

Judging by her reaction to his food suggestion it seemed she was certainly not afraid to try new things, that or he was a terrible judge of reaction. He rather preferred the idea of the first thought though, it was a much healthier reflection on his mind. He retracted the extended finger on his left hand, curling it into his palm so as to rest his chin on a loosely held fist. "A feast?" he offered a small 'the hell not' shrug with his right arm, a gesture complemented by an out splayed hand "Sounds like a plan to me, all things considered." It really didn't seem like a bad idea, he did however have the hope that she was somewhat exaggerating when she said "Feast", it was that or he would need to drag someone else along as well.

He offered a smirk and short laugh at her response, not one out of snark or deliberate rudeness. More a genuine amusement, accompanied by a short and slow nod to the negative. "Its uh, something that I did a lot. Not exactly something that everyone does." He shifted slightly, crossing his arms atop the table as he lent back into his seat. "Useful for getting places you probably shouldn't, also far more entertaining than pull ups." He made a slightly exaggerated face of distaste at his last two words, Ridun was really not a fan of more conventional methods of exorcise. There was no real reason for it, but he much preferred activities he could more directly use in his day to day. It was almost a two birds one stone mindset really.

He lightly shook his head at her joke, a small smirk on his lips. "Well, technically we are all inside her right now.." He offered a half assed shrug at his admittedly terrible attempt at humor, then again, he never did claim to be a comedian of any caliber. He did however draw his crossed arms back onto his chest and off the table. He rolled his shoulders after a moment then extended an arm to grab and take a sip of his smoothy, setting it down carefully he briefly flicked his eyes over her again. Curiosity might have killed the cat, as the earth saying went. But he did prefer to try and read people, that and he did not exactly mind watching her.

Ridun shook his head slowly with a laugh as she spoke, amused by her response to the situation at hand. "Sounds more like you are planning a party now, or do you just do nothing little." He tilted his head slightly to the left, it really did not seem like that bad of an idea. Even if it was perhaps not one he would normally consider, then again, it was not him who first considered it. Overall it might be said he was perhaps a little unsure of how to exactly feel about the idea, it appealed to him. But he had never really been much of a party goer. "I do admit I am not really the most.. experienced when it comes to parties." He shrugged slightly after his statement, it was something that needed to be mentioned. At least in his mind.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] @Jm Von Cat

She could tell that he was apprehensive when she mentioned that they could have a feast.  It wasn't like she was going to have a long table filled with food or anything.  She just wanted to share some things.  Bajoran and Korean.  It would be fun to see how alike and different that they were, though she had a feeling they weren't going to be remotely similar what so ever.  It wouldn't hurt to check it out anyway despite everything else, she was adventurous.  Too much for her own good, her Omma used to say all the fucking time when she was growing up.

He mentioned that he rock climbed a lot and that it wasn't something that everyone did but that it came in handy sometimes.  Besides, there was something about rock climbing that was better and more fun than just doing chin ups.  Ji chuckled softly and gave a nod.  Leaning back into her chair she grinned.  “That is so true, honestly, that .. is a fucking truth.  I hate chin ups but they come in handy for making sure that I can handle my job and all the tools and the sheer power that is needed to get in and out of a fighter and fix all the fucking shit that people break.  And they do.. break shit.” she shrugged her shoulders.

Her coffee was kind of cool at this point and thus she put it down.  She could probably ask for it to be reheated but she decided not to do that.  “Are you good enough in condition to rock climb?  We could go tomorrow, once shifts are over if you are.  I have some shit to do, and I think I have a doctors appointment coming up soon.  Sprained my ankle about three days ago, and I need to go get that checked out.  Apparently, it needs to be reassessed or something.” she gave a shrug, she had just been tying her laces on her boots tighter and dealing with the pain.  Resting it when she could, and trying not to over do it.  But her job was extremely physical so there was nothing she could do.

Ridun claimed that she was starting to get to a party standpoint on him coming back and them eating together.  She grinned at the last statement.  “What's the fun in living if you can't do things big?  Right?  I mean fuck!  You live, right?  You get to go on another fucking day thanks to medical science I think that's something that should be celebrated.  She smiled when he mentioned that he wasn't very well versed when it came to parties.  She nodded.

“Well okay lets do this.  You and me, dinner and booze.  Small celebration that you're still alive.  Then, if you think you handled that well, without it being weird and awkward and whatever has you upset about it, we'll expand it to more people next time?  Or something.  I don't know!  It's not a date, don't over think, it's just two people, eating and drinking together.  Hardly a party, though there might be music involved and if I get drunk enough you can see my awesome dance moves.”  she grinned over the table at him. 

He seemed like a good guy and she kind of liked that he was a little awkward only because she hoped that she could bring him out a little bit.  That was what was important, bring him out of his shell, show him a good time.  Maybe introduce him to some amazing Kdrama while she was at it.  Who really knew what the plan would be, but she was willing to at least try and have a good time while doing it.  That was the fun of life, Sae Ji was the sort that was all about having fun in life.  One never knew when it was your last day.  It was better to live it to the fullest.

“So... are you game?  Can I lure you into a night of .. terrible and horrible fun and some food and drinks?”  Ji tilted her head to the side waiting for his answer.

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] @Blue Zephyr

Ridun turned his torso slightly, his arms still crossed and resting bellow his rib cage. This movement presented himself at a slight angle, allowing him to lean against the back of the seat with his left shoulder and upper arm. He smirked at her reply to his statement about rock climbing, along with the addition of the pilots delicate care of their ships. Although, he supposed the Mistress at arms might have a similar opinion about Phasers that end up worse for wear. Admittedly that was probably a lot less common than the fighters, at least from what he assumed. Whatever was correct, he used and sometimes broke things whereas Ji fixed them. All that mattered here was that he was not breaking what she then had to fix.

He half shrugged at her question about his condition, the inside of his cheek found itself bitten as he briefly thought of an answer. He let a small sigh escape his lips before he spoke, "I dont think so, light duties for a few days. Same as the food... So as fun as that sounds I would rather not need another new lung." He shifted his right arm out from its former crossed position, leaning his elbow against the edge of the table. A seemingly rather relaxed posture for him to adopt as he drew his left leg up and under himself. "Doctors would rather be safe than sorry, that and not walking is no fun." He lightly shrugged off the sentence he spoke, accompanied by a small, rather nonchalant "you know" gesture from his right hand.

Ridun smiled and listened to what Ji was saying next, it what seemed to him a rather enthusiastic tone. To him it sounded rather like she viewed this whole thing like a challenge, an idea that inexplicably amused him. He did have to offer a smirk as she mentioned "It's not a date, don't over think", which sounded almost like she was talking to herself a little. Although that could simply be him mistaking her words when they were infact caution to him. "Alright, a celebration between friends then. With some food and perhaps drink swapping, along with whatever else we consider." He shook his head briefly with a smile on his face, "I dont see why the hell not."

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] @Jm Von Cat

He couldn't go tomorrow, light duty.  That she could understand, she usually forgot about her ankle.  Sprained just a few days ago, it probably wasn't quite up for the challenge and work load of doing something like that.  She could understand waiting though and who knew by the time he was actually cleared for duty they might be able to climb some real rocks and not the holographic representation there of.  She hoped that her ankle would heal up soon, that was something that she needed especially if she was going to be using her body strength and hoisting herself up on rocks.  Whether real or holographic it was most definitely going to take a lot of her body's strength.

“Okay lets wait til you heal up.  I definitely don't want you to blow a fucking lung out there while trying to teach me the art of rock climbing.  I'm looking forward to it for certain.  Something new, I'm always game.  When I was growing up I was an adrenaline junky, so I'm always interested in trying something new.  So it's a plan.”

So they had a plan, they would meet up in a few days and they could exchange food and drinks and stories.  She was actually really excited, as stated, she was always game for trying new things and never afraid of it.  She loved diving deeply into the world of others, and learning more culture.  She had always been interested in culture of those around her and especially when it was stout much like her own.  She was just glad that they had plans.  Ji was always interested inn meeting new people, making good friends, and having that solid support system.  Unable to get in touch with her family back at home, she found herself creating a family out of the crew around her.  Eventually, she hoped that it would include romance as well.  One day, it would, and she was in no hurry either way.  She hoped that find the chemistry with someone.

Not just sex.  Not just easy.  Chemistry wasn't always easy but she would find it eventually but she was also perfectly fine being on her own.

“So what are you going to do with yourself for all these days while you're drinking your meals and doing … nothing?  Surely you have plans so that your sanity stays in check?” she asked him curiously as she allowed someone to come by and take the near empty plates and her cold coffee back behind the counter, the bill would come out of her accumulated credits anyway, automatically due to her biometrics and the like.

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] @Blue Zephyr
Ridun offered a light hearted smirk at her comment about "Blow a fucking lung...", although the other words she had to say appeared no less amusing to him. Rock climbing was never a thing he had considered calling an art, even if she meant it in jest, it was just the idea of it that somehow caught his mind. Then there was of course the mention of her past, which for some reason he found amusing, perhaps it was her diminutive frame. Then again, experience had taught him that a strong will and mind, let alone a surprising amount of strength could be hidden in unexpected people. "Its a plan, providing nothing unexpected occurs." He drew a small breath before continuing "And believe me, I am with you on the whole Lung thing. Once was enough." Despite this being said in a rather light manner, he still found his left hand gently patting his side once more.

Ridun rather looked forward to whole idea, he had not exactly been the most outgoing or culturally exploitative person since transferring to Starfleet. Perhaps that was mostly his own fault, he just found it difficult to trust with any sort of speed or swiftness. Something one of his upbringing had to learn quickly, it was however a habit that seemed to hold little use later. Despite its persistence is sticking around. Whatever the case, perhaps now was as good a chance as any to learn something more about these humans. Ridun quickly blinked several thoughts away, overthinking is decidedly not the best thing to do when talking.

He lightly stroked the small hairs of his stubble as she asked how he would keep himself busy. A small smirk drifted over his face as he thought back to earlier in the day, just a few hours prior when he had needed to do a space walk. "Oh, the days provide entertainment enough, in what might be considered the most unexpected of ways." He offered a slight shrug, he saw no reason to mention exactly what had happened. "Books are good to for that sort of thing." Having said that he took a rather large drink of his "Food", lowering it with a mock grimace. He was in honestly not entirely sure how to take her inquiry, was it asked out of manners? Or is she genuinely curious about such, seemingly to him, mundane things?

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] @Jm Von Cat

He seemed game. 

That was good, she was kind of excited.  She didn't really know anything about the Bajoran culture, and sure she could do research but that wasn't as fun as finding out about it from someone that actually lived it.  Just like all the shit you saw on TV wasn't exactly how it was in Korean culture, though in the dramas they got a great deal of it pretty close.  That was what she loved about them, it reminded her of home and it made her miss it and yet feel at home at the same time.  She knew it was silly but at least she had that link.  She had no idea if there was some sort of Barjoran television that he could watch to feel at home, or if that was something that he had to figure out in his mind.

When she asked him if there were things that he did when he wasn't at work, on duty, he told her that he entertained himself by living life.  He found there were plenty of things to do and kept him fairly entertained.  She smiled, unable to keep herself from doing so.  Then he mentioned that he liked books, and she rose her brow.  Ji didn't mind them, but she tended to find herself completely without the brain to read or do anything of the sort after a long day of working.  Running the entire flight deck, and making sure all her mechanics were doing what was necessary was super important. 

It also took a lot out of her at some point.

He didn't seem to enjoy his drink, and she wasn't sure where else to take the conversation.  Afterall, they had plans for another meet up later, and there was no reason to force more and more talking when they could save some of it for the next time.  And it wasn't like he was staying here for the food, clearly, as it looked about as unappetizing as you might expect liquid food to look.  She didn't want to keep him here under some kind of false obligation.  That wasn't fucking fair and he probably could use some rest.  She had a feeling that having just come from stasis it would take some time for his body to re acclimate to everything that his body was going to be doing.

She could be wrong but, she was fairly sure she wasn't.

“Well, how about, you message me, when you're feeling up for it and we'll do it.  We can do it at my place if you want.  My room mate works the opposite schedule as me so it's basically like living alone.” she chuckled with a shrug of her muscular shoulders.  “I should probably head out, I have some shit to take care of... but.. take care of yourself.  Take it easy.  And... message me when you want to hang out again.” she said honestly as she rose and paid the bill for both of them, since he got nothing much and honestly, it was the nice thing to do.  With a smile, she gave a quick slight bow of her head and headed off bouncing in her steps as she made her way out of the cafe.

==ETL, Eun Sae Ji==


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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] @Blue Zephyr
Their conversation seemed to have reached a slight bit of an impasse, although one could hardly say that it was forced or in some way shocking as an occurrence. More just part of the little chat as a whole, really, what more did two strangers have to add now? Even more so given they had already made some form of plans for the future. Ridun quite simply noted the fact Ji had seemed to have finished eating, much the same thoughts going through his mind as had through hers about false obligations and holding her here. The reasons as well might be quite similar, yet suitably different given the nature of both individuals.

However, before he could figure out his words enough to speak she must have come to a similar conclusion. As she spoke about him messaging her and another detail or two regarding her life in general, "I will do that sometime, you watch yourself as well." He spoke with a slightly softer tone of voice, due to a distinct feeling of awkwardness, which seemed to have presented itself from almost nowhere. At least he had never claimed at any stage to be socially proficient. The fact she paid for his drink was something he was quick to notice, but had little idea how to really react to. He figured that it was fairly unlikely he could dissuade her, yet before he could pull himself together she had left.

It was not long after that Ridun left the cafe as well, having finished his mush of a drink and feeling distinctly than he had only a brief while ago.


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