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Day 02 [1415 hrs.] Putting Her Back Together

Day 02 [1415 hrs.] Putting Her Back Together

[ William Robert O’Connell | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | USS Theurgy ]  Atten. Nolak Kalmil, Sithick, Suq-Reylin-Efreya Xan (and Morgan Song?)

It was a new day.  The emergency repairs of yesterday had been done, but now it was time to repair the ship properly.  Temporary, or “spit and bailing wire” repairs were like “screwball” surgery, they merely kept the patient stable until proper reconstruction could be done.  In the morning, Acting Chief Engineer Master Chief Petty Officer William Robert “Billy Bob” O’Connell, newly assigned Assistant Chief Engineer Suq-Reylin-Efreya Xan from the Resolve and former Acting Chief Engineer Master Chief Petty Officer Nolak Kalmil had a meeting and reorganized the Theurgy’s engineering department.  Although Billy Bob would have preferred to make Nolak the Diagnostic Chief, the Deltan had volunteered to take Billy’s old job of Maintenance Chief since it would give him a chance to get out of propulsion and deal with nearly all of the other components of the starship.

The day had been quite a grind, as repairs in the field after a battle often were.  To their credit, nearly everyman resisted fatigue (both mental and physical) during the dangerous and grueling hours that followed.  Engineers and technicians that Sickbay had released that day volunteered for the most onerous of duties in order to prove to both themselves and their shipmates that they could do the job. 

Amazingly, Billy Bob found himself coordinating from main engineering on deck 25 rather than getting his sleeves dirty in the trenches.  Suq and Nolak started out assisting him but quickly got cabin fever and volunteered for more hands on duty.

Nolak, having Billy Bob’s old job naturally chose to execute one of Billy Bob’s old duties:  Repairing the hull.  After a mishap with one of the Azure Nebula’s many pockets of combustible sirillium gas cost two people their lives and put three more in sickbay, Nolak decided that a more experienced hand was necessary.  Billy Bob wasn’t about to argue.  It had been a rookie mistake, there should have been runabouts and shuttles using their tractor beams and bussard scoops to keep even the smallest trace of sirillium gas away from the hull.  Despite O’Connell’s misgivings, Nolak Kalmil put on an EV suit and went out to join Starfleet’s finest.

Suq in the meantime was having a rough time giving the orders from his HQ at the Vector 02:  warp core on deck six.  Finally, he put the propulsion chief he brought with him from the Resolve in charge and crawled into the Jeffries tube to fix the antimatter injectors himself.

O’Connell kept in contact with them, alternating between his office and the master systems display so he could keep up with their work and troubleshoot when the inevitable problems showed up. “O’Connell to Kalmil,” he said as he tapped his combadge. “How’s the weather out there, Nolak?”

OOC:  After Nolak responds Billy will call Suq.  I’m assuming that Sithick will call when he finds the torpedo and that if Morgan Song has been cleared by Sickbay (and Auctor Lucan) for duty he'll report to Billy in Main Engineering.  After Billy contacts Suq, things should be a bit more free flowing.

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[ MCPO Nolak Kamil | Outer Hull | USS Theurgy | Vector 03 ]

The nebula’s massive bellowing gaseous clouds surrounded him; the ship; and seemingly the entire universe. The brilliant merger of colors ranging from deep reds to light orange with clusters of dense  gas and other particles created the appearance of purple blue ‘clouds’ amid a universe sunset. These massive dark clusters may someday condense down and create new stars in this star nursery. Hidden within the nebula there were several young stars obscured directly from view but their light illuminated and excited the gasses and atoms with their solar winds creating this breathtaking painting among the universe.

The entire deck of the hull was bathed in the warm colors from the surrounding nebula’s light giving the ship an almost angelic aura. The hull landscape was massive from his perspective. The horizon was a flat checker board of defensive armor plates, each section up close had their own slight color difference from the vast amount of resources used to construct the ship during USS Theurgy infancy in space dock. Uniformly they were all nearly the same shade of light gray giving the ship a sleek look from afar, but walking upon its outer hull appeared nothing like a spacecraft, just a desolate flat metallic plain with majestic towering spires of the nacelle engines jutting out in the far off distance. For the most part the ship’s hull appeared unscathed from the battle a couple days earlier, the whitish surface reflecting the warm hues of the nebula around them. However, there were areas that took a direct hit, and the once smooth surface appeared jagged and frayed. From these areas the internal gasses from within the ship leached out and interacted with the vacuum of space. Gasses that normally would be invisible to the naked eye such as the breathable oxygen, instead created the illusion of steam or smoke like appearance over these blacken sections of external damage. A surrealistic image of volcanic vents crossed Nolak’s mind as he slowly made his way towards his first primary target, the blast that had knocked out the internal dampeners during the battle.

Silhouetted against the backdrop of the nebula Nolak could see the other two Vectors of the ship, as he walked across the outer hull of Vector 03. The ‘Helmet’ Vector 01 loomed overhead as it performed it’s various sensor sweeps, while it monitored the overall progress of events around it. He and O’Connell both delegated several repair crews to check out the locking mechanisms among the three vectors to check for battle damage. He had been concerned that merger of the ship as a whole was dangerous without a proper inspection of all the locking clamps, and airlocks. From the battle readouts, Vector 01 perhaps took the blunt of the battle’s direct assault as it assisted the USS Resolve during the engagement.  Yet, it still looked rather unscathed mostly due to its shielding deflected and held off the barrage surprisingly well. Vector 02 also faired rather well during the engagement, its shield also held off the vast majority of the direct hits it took. Vector 03 however, suffered the most physical structural damage when during the battle a glitch in the shield matrix failed and exposed the ships’ bottom hull to direct fire. The only saving grace that saved the ship was most of the attention was focus on both the ‘Helmet’ and the Resolve. Also the diligent protection and sacrifice the fighter squadrons provided, bought time for the glitch to be fixed although the shields were severely under power, and deflected some of the direct hits it withstood during the final stages of the battle.

The only sounds that occupied Master Chief Nolak as he traversed across the hull, was his own breathing and noise within the extravehicular activity suit (EVA), as the internal noise from the magnetic boots audibly clicked and clamped itself to the hull. Every once in the while his quiet peaceful jaunt would be interrupted as other crew members scattered elsewhere would report their status on the communication channels , but for the most part he was alone with his thoughts.

Nolak made his way across the deck marveling at the beauty from the vastness of the surrounding nebula. He was still thinking down his checklist of tasks and other duties he was out to perform. Nearby he watched as a shuttle craft traveled overhead, no doubt monitoring the activities of the repair crews, and the dangerous present of sirillium gas, which had already cost the lives of two engineers, and injured several others. Earlier in the morning a serious malfunction had occurred when less experienced crew members fumbled about and nearly started a chain reaction. In a worst case scenario the event could have engulfed the entire ship in a fireball from the unstable sirillium gas peppering throughout the nebula. Luckily the event was isolated, but it was the driving factor that gave him the excuse to be out among the stars.  Being outside the ship he felt completely at peace, and free from the strict confines of cramped quarters and the cluster of people constantly roaming around the ship. It was only him, the ship, and the stars, the three reasons he joined the Federation.

Once he reached the damaged section of the hull Nolak had to be ever mindful of where his placed his footing. The ‘crater’ left behind from the torpedo blast was a twisted landscape of melted metal, and exposed internal layers of the hulls thick defensive barrier.  The depression had dug in deep into the outer hull and left a wake of destruction. Although it wasn’t a complete hull breech, the concussion from the blast was severe enough to have rattled the ship and knocked the alignment of the damper field. Piping and various other areas within the damage zone, was seeping out the atmosphere from the ship, even though the ships force field in place to prevent that was operation at full capacity. The physical damage was extensive enough to leave small gaps in the force field.

His EVA suit was protected with various layers of harden materials protection from the many harmful elements and radiation exposure from being in open space. Yet he still had to be extra careful when working out in Zero G environments.  Only a thin layer of armor like shell truly protected him from the vacuum of space. He thought of this as he secured a crate filled with repair equipment he’d been carrying down onto the hull before surveying the full extent of the damage.

His comlink sprang to life as the familiar voice of O’Connell chimed in, “O’Connell to Kalmil.  How’s the weather out there, Nolak?

Nolak smiled slightly and looked up and away from the hull of the ship into the colorful nebula. “Well, Chief, the clouds above us appear to be brewing an awe inspiring sight, with a trace amounts of sirillium gas. But it’s not concentrated too dense here at the moment. All in all, I doubt anything outside this nebula should be able to detect us with any ease. Hell anything within it probably can’t see us. So be sure to remind those shuttle pilots not to stray too far away.”  He said taking a small rest from his walk. “I just reached my first objective and it appears this torpedo blast truly did knock us off our feet.  Over.

He closed the connection to O’Connell, then he open a channel to all crew members and pilots, “This is Master Chief Kamil, to all repair crews. Make sure to watch your step. Don’t want you to start drifting into space and have one of these space jockeys come in to pluck you up. Can’t give them one more thing to brag about, be safe out there. Over, and out.” He closed the channel and chuckled to himself as he leaned down and began to get his equipment ready to start work.

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[ William Robert O’Connell | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | USS Theurgy  ]  Atten:  FollowTommorrow

Nolak’s voice was a reassuring presence to O’Connell.  "Well, Chief, the clouds above us appear to be brewing an awe inspiring sight, with trace amounts of sirillium gas. But it's not concentrated too dense here at the moment. All in all, I doubt anything outside this nebula should be able to detect us with any ease. Hell anything within it probably can't see us. So be sure to remind those Shuttle pilots not to stray too far away."

O’Connell laughed bitterly before responding.  “Ah’ll be sure t’ do thet.  How’s your progress?”

"I just reached my first objective and it appears this torpedo blast truly did knock us off our feet,”
the Deltan replied.  “Over."

“Ah’ll let yuh git back t’ work then,”
Billy Bob drawled.  “It’s time fur me t’ see how Suq’s doin’.  Over an’ out.”  He tapped his combadge again as he left his office to amble out into the massive chamber containing the warp core.  “O’Connell t’ Lieutenant Xan,” he drawled as he ignored the fact that the thrumming of the warp core would be heard on the Efrosian’s end as the acting chief engineer strolled past and headed to the master situation display table.  “How yuh doin’ there Suq?  Got any idea when Vector Two’s antimatter injectors will be back online?”

OOC:  Once again, I’m assuming that Suq will simply report in and that nothing exciting will happen until O’Connell hangs up the phone.

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[ Lt. Jg. Suq | Vector 02 Warp Core | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy ]

Screwball surgery was practically his middle name. Suq Reylin “Screwball Surgery” Efreya-Xan. That sounded horrible put together, it fell down the tongue the way a piano falls down a cobblestone-paved hill, but it was true. He spent a lot of time on the Resolve performing unconventional repairs. Slowly, his specialty leaned more and more towards materials expert. More and more, he found himself analyzing alien compounds from their encounters, testing them, and replicating them in the industrial replicator for use elsewhere on the Resolve. His favorite invention was a spray-on alloy that reacted with oxygen at high temperatures to solidify. He used it to repair cracks and holes in the plasma conduits in a pinch. Just spray and go. It could even be used to repair the hull of a ship. Spray, apply plasma torch, and you're done. It was messy, ugly, and not a permanent solution, but it'd hold long enough to give engineering time to make a permanent repair. Highly convenient!

But that was back on the Resolve. He had a whole tool belt full of things that he in specific, needed. The canister of spray-on alloy, the plasma torch, a modified coil spanner, his favorite hyperspanner, a perfectly average, regular spanner...No, all that was left behind. He couldn't even recall the specific compound he used to make the spray-on, that was always stored on the ship computer. There was just no way he could remember the complex formula, chemistry wasn't even his best subject.

So here he was, the soles of his boots just resting on the ladder he used to get here, his body bent over the antimatter piping into the warp core holding himself up with his upper body strength so he could get into a crevice with a hairpin crack that he detected just a few moments ago. Quite a number of hairpin cracks, actually. Chances are, this thing hadn't seen any love in a long time.

Shame Suq had no love for the Theurgy.

He grumbled and complained to himself about his work, his life, anything. Nobody was listening, so he could grouch freely. The warp core was big and loud and used to be scary, when he was brand new. His sensitive ears picked up on every sour note and unhappy threat. Now, whenever he heard an off-key thrum, he scolded the ship;
“Pipe down your complaining, I wouldn't be doing this if you weren't such an energy drain. I've designed spaceworthy vessels out of a backyard grill and an old human car and it was still more energy efficient than you...I've met Klingons who fart with more energy than you put out. Now don't you make that sound again or I'll call those Klingons up, maybe have 'em teach you how to do, you hear me in there? I'll knock sense into you.”

He had the access panel to the warp core open. His arms were inside, he was twisted oddly so he could reach around the newly cleaned and repaired injector into the warp core and re-attach the overglorified pipe. The core was loud, but it had many overtones and undertones that took a trained ear to appreciate. She spoke—not like a person would, but like a spirit would, if Suq could apply religion to it. But it wasn't Thea, nope, not that evil holographic goblin-wizard...

When he heard his combadge go off, he thought for sure O'Connell had heard him calling Thea names, even though those were just thoughts. He jumped hard, losing his grip on the injector and knocking himself in the forehead with it. He found himself on the floor with stars on the edges of his vision. He placed his hand on his combadge to activate it.

“Doing alright, I'm just attaching the first one and I'll get started on the second soon as I'm done. They're not as bad as they looked, I'd give it... an hour tops? And that's if things are really bad. Start lining up another job for me to do is all I'm saying.”

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[ Sinead O'Riley | Warp Core | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow
Adjusting her optic modifiers to regulate the amount of light she was receiving, Sinead O'Riley trailed Suq quietly, stealthy from habit more than desire. She also habitually checked for a pulse phaser pistol at her waist that was no longer there, because she was no longer on the Resolve, nor was she in security. All things considered, she should be more at ease, but she couldn't help feeling naked, and frequently panicked, searching for a weapon, looking behind to see if she'd dropped it before remembering that she had turned in her weapon with Theurgy Security. Wearing a gold-necked uniform again, she was quite at ease in tight spaces. It was like being back in the tunnels and caves of Bringloid V.

She was rather glad for the change of position back to Engineering. It was like being on holiday, and if she was really lucky, she wouldn't have to kill anyone anymore. But she didn't hold her hopes up. After hearing the briefing yesterday, then today, about the virus (that crazy pilot Meony probably had something to do with it) being released and the Theurgy crew was now contracting it...things were likely to happen that would force her hand.

She worked hard to keep her reputation and moniker of the Grim Reaper behind her. A difficult task considering her inability to lie. Fortunately, most of her former crew knew she was a private person who largely kept to herself. Of course there was that incident back when they were still only a year into their voyage home. But it was in the past now, and they'd grown to trust her, understand her, and she them.

She smiled to herself, listening to Suq's tirade at the ship, and his response to their superior, William Robert O'Connell.

“But Suq,” said O'Riley suddenly, almost directly behind him, “what other work would you be best suited to? And I can verify the energy output of a Klingon's fart; however, I fail to understand how that can suitably compare to a starship of this magnitude.”

She was not being humorous, and completely serious.

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[ PO2 Sithick |  | USS Theurgy | Jefferies Tubes Near Forward Torpedo Bay | Vector 02 ] Attn:  @Doc M. @FollowTomorrow @Triage

A regular human found these tubes cramped Sithick was much more broad than the average human, a full two inches taller, and his hands and feet scratched the floor as he moved through them. His claws tapping and pulling against the grated ground. One would have thought that these halls would have been padded considering that most of the time you were forced on hands and knees. With such little space between the decks and so much wiring and piping running along side it was a small wonder that Sithick didn't find himself at all claustrophobic.

In truth these reminded him of more simple times. Klingon ships, and the ships used by the Orion Syndicate were small, cramped and poorly built. He would have even less room when he was a child, but he had grown up inside the innards of ships. He hadn't even step foot on the soil of a planet till he was six. In short these tubes made the lizard feel nostalgic. He sniffed the air feeling the heat of the small corridor as he went. The added climate, the hissing of steam vents all made these tunnels feel at times more comfortable than the actual ship. All of it reminded him of his youth.

If he had told that to a counselor he may have gotten a strange look. Why would anyone be nostalgic for the days when they were a slave, and a soldier? Why would anyone even choose such confinement over a career where he was given choices and a good bed? It wasn't the kind of nostalgia where one would want to go back, but there was something fond about those old ships, constantly falling apart, There had always been something to put back together. In Starfleet he had his fair of hard shifts, but ever since the domion war and his placement aboard black opal there had been no sense of adventure or danger.

Till now, now he was getting to travel down thea's intestinal tract to find the radiation leak. Playing a game of Lizard and Cat with some anomaly that had cropped up with the last fight. He wasn't exacty sure what he was going to find down here, but he kept going. His tricorder bleeped like a canary in an old mine. He had programmed it to inform him when Radiation levels would be too dangerous for other creatures. He had just passed the point that would have been acute radiation poisoning for a human. After this was all said and done he would have to report to sickbay and get a full body scrubbing to make sure he didn't accidently give anyone cancer. The inoculation for that one was apparently very painful. Thankfully Gorn were built stronger than other creatures.

After a bit longer wondering from tube to tube, and tracking the anomaly, wondering if he would ever get too see the outside of these tubes ever again, his mind started to drift from thoughts about lunch to Doctor Lhakesis, and Jaya. His new found friends. He supposed there was a chance that he would get to see the doctor at the end of his shift, but that was a long time from now Jaya he had no idea what she would be up too, and in truth between the two there was a part of him that wanted to see the doctor more. There was something so unique about the vegetable girl, she smelled entirely different from the rest of the crew. He was convinced it was just an odd fascination, or maybe even...

He paused to brush that aside. He had never had a crush or anything of the sort before. The doctor was kind which was why she got to occupy his thoughts it was little more than that.

As he crawled his Tricorder let out another beep, this time the sound was different and he actually had to squirm around a little to dig out the thing. Reading it the leak seemed to becoming from right above him now. Opening up the next hatch what he came face to face with gave the lizard a lot of pause. looking to the tools he had brought with him, he was no longer sure that it was going to be enough.

There was a pulsing red light, a black casing that was slightly cracked. His years working aboard black opal he must have signed for and delivered hundreds of these. He recognized the casing in an instant, along with the hole it had come from. They were lucky they hadn't blown the ship apart. His hand slowly went to his badge.

"Sithick to boz." The lizard sounded shaken as he spoke still trying to get a good view of what he was dealing with. Pho-Torp, the mark and serial number were burned, but he would have to figure them out to log into his report. "Boz, we has a torpedo that has been lodged into a Jefferies tube. Iz broken, emitting radiation very deadly, and armed.... please advise tactical not to use forward torpedo bays."

Oh he hoped they didn't get into a fire fight in the immediate future. At least not while he was anywhere near this place.

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[ William Robert “Billy Bob” O’Connell | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | USS Theurgy  ]  Atten:  FollowTommorrow, Hastata-Nerada

"Doing alright, I'm just attaching the first one and I'll get started on the second soon as I'm done. They're not as bad as they looked, I'd give it... an hour tops? And that's if things are really bad. Start lining up another job for me to do is all I'm saying."

Billy Bob laughed out loud as he reached the master systems display table.  “Don’t you worry ‘bout that Suq.  After a while, you’ll find out that yuh never run out a things t’ do.  Iffen you’re not fixin’ t’ have any time to yerself you’ve come to the right place.”

At that moment, he heard the disembodied voice of the only Gorn in Starfleet.  "Sithick to boz."

“I reckon Ah’ll let yuh go, Suq,”
Billy Bob sighed.  “Ah’ll call yuh back in an hour.  O’Connell out.”  Tapping his combadge, contacted the reptilian repairman.  “O’Connell to Sithick.  Whut kin Ah do fer yah, Petty Officer?”

"Boz, we has a torpedo that has been lodged into a Jefferies tube. Iz broken, emitting radiation very deadly, and armed.... please advise tactical not to use forward torpedo bays."

Billy Bob muttered as his large meaty fingers tapped on the master systems display table and brought up the schematic of torpedo tube Sithick was repairing.  As he repeated the information, his voice went from professional disinterest to borderline panic.  “You’ve got a torpedo lodged in Jeffries Tube 213166AA, and its broken?  Emitting deadly radiation?  And armed?  ARMED?!  Tarnation, Sithick!  Are you pullin’ mah leg?  Don’t answer that!  Do yuh reckon you kin scan it?  No wait!  Don’t scan it!  Just use visual only, jus’ lahk back in th’ early days before tricorders!   A too intensive scan might set it off!  O’Connell out!”

He glanced at his propulsion chief, Chief Petty Officer Lavar Manfredi, who was at one of the duty stations near the master systems display table.  “Manfredi, inform tactical that we got an armed but unexploded photon torpedo lodged in the Vector Two’s forward torpedo tube!”

“Aye-Aye Master Chief!” the coffee colored propulsion chief replied as he rose from his chair.

“Who we got not doin’ anythin’?”

“Petty Officer Song, boss,”  Manfredi answered.  “Sickbay released him early so he could help out so I put on light duty assisting diagnostics.”

“Well he’s gonna be assistin’ explosive ordinance disposal now!” O’Connell declared.  “Have him report to me on the th’ double and tell him to bring a PADD!”  He tapped his combadge again.  “O’Connell to Sithick, hold on there son!   We’re gonna talk yuh through this.  Back off an git yerself some protection from th’ radiation in the meantime, but help is on th’ way!”

OOC:  Now that the action has started everyone feel free to get the ball rolling on each engineer's emergency and don't forget to call Billy Bob at the most inconvenient time possible.

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[ PO1 Morgan Song | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | USS Theurgy ]

Morgan’s body ached as he walked into engineering and approached O'Connell. He had to admit, this was an unexpected turn of events, as apparently in the month he had been under, the senior staff of the ship had radically changed hands multiple times, and it was something he was going to have to get used to. Still, despite being enlisted, O’Connell very much outranked him, and Morgan was able to take some solace in the fact that he was still able to comfortably call the chief of engineering “sir”.

Morgan stood at attention and saluted. “Petty Officer First Class Morgan Song, reporting for duty Sir.” He said, as he kept his posture straight and at the ready. He clutched a PADD in his non-saluted hand, the purpose of which he could only speculate at. Aches continued to rack his body from his fresh interment in stasis, and he hoped that whatever O’Connell had in mind did not involve him crawling around in the jefferies tubes. Hopefully without any other new surprises as well, but given how things had been going thus far, he wouldn’t be surprised if the day ended with him being cooked alive on a pre-warp planet of teddy bear aliens. One way or another, he would find out soon enough.

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[MCPO Nolak Kamil | Outer Hull | USS Theurgy | Vector 03 ]

With a tricorder in hand Master Chief Kamil, stood at the edge of the damaged torpedo blasted outer hull. Using the small device he performed a sensor sweep of the damaged area gathering information of structural integrity. After gaining a better understanding of where the hull needed the most attention he attached the tricorder to a tether.

Leaning down to his crate of tools he grabbed a cutting torch and a metal grinder, and began the slow process around the entire circumference of the crater cutting and smoothing the jagged twisted hull. Beads of perpetration rolled down from his bald head and saturated his collar of his uniform. He even nearly compromised his life as one such bead rolled into his eye and instinctively reached up only to smack the protective visor of his EVA suit. The minutes slowly converted into hours before the once saw tooth landscape once again looked smooth, only the depression from the impact blast stood out. He worked mostly under radio silence only responding to O’Connell every once in a while for a status update or checking in on his well being.

He’d been saving any piece of metal larger than .3 meters (1 foot). The entire area after he was done had tiny bits of metal and dust spinning and drifting away reflecting the light around him and looking like some glitter confetti party had happened. With the spare bits of hull he’d been collecting which he tethered together, now looked like a wicked medieval weapon on a giant scale. He carefully made his way into the impact area itself. With an arc torch welder and cutting tool he patched up and sealed the venting atmosphere from the ship using the scraps of metal he had collected. This took some time but finally he finished his work and made his way out of the crater and scanned it one final time with his tricorder. He smiled and liked the readings he received and looked at his handy work. The once ‘volcanic steam vent’ now looked smoothed and a patch work job.

He chimed into O’Connell, “Nolak here, the job here is nearly done. All that remains is a replacement outer hull panel from storage, if any are available. Honestly I haven’t checked inventory in over two months. That said, if none are available this spot is sealed and sound.  Over.

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[ Lt. Jg. Suq | Vector 02 Warp Core | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy ]
The constant noise of the warp core concealed the usual tell-tale signs of someone approaching. There was no footsteps or breathing to go by, so Sinead's appearance was met with Suq's standard response; life threatening terror.

Three things all happened in unison, or so quickly one after another that it appeared to be in unison to the naked eye. He screamed, first of all. There was no dignity in a scream, and having two voices made it sound like an actual demon was rising up from hell, but it was a valid way of letting everyone around you know something was happening and that something was not good.

Secondly, he dropped the injector a second time. This time it hit the floor with an even louder and more worrying clang than before. Something had come loose, something that was not supposed to come loose. After the clang were several smaller tink-tink-tiiiiings, of metal rolling around on the ground. The injector lay on the ground, sad and abandoned, no longer connected to it's proper junction in the access panel.

Thirdly, Suq fled. Specifically, the little man jolted up from his feet, still slightly concussed from his earlier hit to the head, and bolted for the nearest Jeffries' tube with the speed that no man with legs that tiny should posses. If Sinead had a gun, she would not be able to shoot him, he vanished around the other side of warp core way too fast.

He swung open the entry to the tube and hurtled himself inside. If he was on the Resolve, he would've known where to go. He kept little caches hidden in the tubes for emergencies, first aid kits and an extra phaser or two. But that was gone now, and he hadn't been through these corridors yet.

There was a good reason he had not been through these corridors yet; because he didn't fit. He was a small, small man, but even he had his limits. He only got so far in the tubes before he realized this wasn't really a Jeffries tube, this was way too cramped! It had to be a ventilation sort of tube, or maybe it was for wiring, maybe for plasma conduits? Whatever it was, it was not made for crawling around in. His own panic was enough to get him to go straight up, but he could not get around the ninety degree angle. He was stuck, head and shoulders bent forward and the rest of him flopped around the bend. He could feel his heel caught on whatever footing he used to get up here, but he was pressed pretty hard from the upper paneling.

It gave him the time he needed to stop, breathe, and think. Though he squirmed, he didn't panic anymore, he could process what he heard and where it came from, more specifically, who...
“Sinead! For fuck's sake,” He gasped, more exasperated than angry, “Don't sneak up on me when I can't hear you! I thought you were a Romulan!” He laid his head down on the metal in front of him, it was warm. Funny, he doesn't remember any sort of access tubing being this warm. Not that he minded.
“Are you still down there? I can't see behind me!” He called out, hoping she was still around. And also hoping she wouldn't comment on how out-of-proportion his fear response had become.

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[ William Robert “Billy Bob” O’Connell | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | USS Theurgy  ]  Atten:  FollowTommorrow, Hastata-Nerada

Billy Bob looked up from the master systems display table to address Petty Officer Morgan Song.  "Song!  Whut do you know about photon torpedoes?” he shouted in his ‘chief voice’.  He shook his head.  "Never mind!” he barked as he interrupted any reply Song might make.   Previous experience had taught Morgan that getting a word in edgewise when in conversation with the master chief was a feat that few enlisted men could accomplish.  "Jest look up whut yuh can and contact Mister Sithick so’s he don’t blow hisself up!  If he does, he could take out half th’ Sword,” he added, referring to the Theurgy’s Vector Two stardrive section.  "Help him git the torpedo casing open so he kin deactivate th’ torpedo and talk him through it until I kin git someone from tactical t’ take over!   Do y’ think you kin do thet?”

After the petty officer responded, O’Connell clapped him on the shoulder and said "Good man.”  He was about to tap his combadge to contact the tactical department when he got a call.

"Nolak here, the job here is nearly done.  All that remains is a replacement outer hull panel from storage, if any are available. Honestly I haven't checked inventory in over two months. That said, if none are available this spot is sealed and sound.  Over."

O’Connell was grateful that Nolak was working on the third stardrive section of the Theurgy known as the stallion.  If the torpedo in the sword section blew there was a chance that the people on the exterior of Vector Three would be safe.  Of course, in a region filled with volatile gas safe was a relative term.  The problem with a nongravity environment was that there was nothing to stop slivers of debris from moving at the speed of sound in all directions.  But they weren’t there yet.

"Uh… that’s great Nolak.  Ah’m a mite busy raight now so maybe it’s time fer yer team t’ take a break and go in while you see if we still got some hull plating t’ spare yuh.  Somethin’s come up on Vector Two an’ Ah gotta give, Ah say Ah gotta give it mah undivided attention, gotta focus on it, that is…  Call me back when yew git yer team inside, O’Connell out.”

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[ PWO Rihen Neyah | Vector 01 Hull | "Helmet" Exterior | USS Theurgy ]
Blinking away the salty egesta from her eyes, Rihen Neyah tried to breathe deeper. Nonetheless, the nausea remained.

"I'm... almost done," she said inside the helmet of her EVA suit, chiding herself because she wanted to repair her allotted hull damage and not just quit because she was feeling a bit ill. The skin of her nose was rubescent by the heat, glistening with perspiration, and her eyes were dry like paper no matter how much she blinked. Likely a fever peaking after having felt fine when she began the shift. Her arms, as weak as a newborn's, still moved when she made them, but she felt that her entire body was slick with sweat inside the suit. Of course, she'd heard about Virus 117, but she was in denial. Well, perhaps she wasn't - already suspecting she had contracted it from the Resolve crew. Yet even if she had, she was not about to leave a job half-finished. She was almost done, and even if it seemed like the gloves on the suit were getting stiffer around her fingers, she could still push her thumb down on her plasma torch's trigger, and that was good enough. "Just a little more..."

Suddenly, the hull became brighter, and Rihen raised her heterochromatic gaze to the nebula. The vertigo or the motion almost made her eyes roll. The crepuscular sky above Vector 01 was filled with cloudy maelstroms - moving on winds unlike she'd ever seen in Suraya Bay or Nimbus III. Desultory, her eyes next discerned the umbrageous surface of the hull before her, whereupon spectres of malign fire danced. An explosion? How could she not hear any susurrous anlage of fire? She had momentarily forgotten that she was in space, and that there was no sound. Then, she saw the origin. Her mismatched eyes widened to the sight; fiery effluvium expanding, a silently roaring ebullition larger than her, and the sinuous motions of the molten flames. 

A pocket of sirillium gas had just detonated, expanding towards the surface of the hull she stood on.

"Oh, no..." she said, but before she managed to contact anyone, there was a voice heard inside her helmet.

[This is Crewman Fok in Work Bee Zero-Nine to all engineers.] The voice sounded brittle, as if on the verge of carefully contained hysteria. Fear barely tethered. [I represent the Devoted, and h-here are our demands. Unless Captain Ives resign, and Sarresh Morali is m-made new Commanding Officer of the Theurgy, I will detonate all the sirillium around the hulls. No more can we fumble blindly, dying because of Ives' ignorance. Let Morai thwart the enemy... and lead the way home.]

Screaming, Rihen had dropped her torch from her hand and started to run away from the firery cloud, but her legs weren't working as they should. Perhaps it wasn't her suit that was stiff, but her limbs swollen. "Neyah to Kalmil!" she panted, reporting to the only Chief outside the ship, "I can't get away!"

[Inform the Captain that h-he has ten minutes, but that's all. We are listening on this channel.]

Rihen cast her brown and blue eyes back once more, realising it was too late, and threw herself down unto the hull. Yet that meant her boots were no longer magnetically sealed to the surface. Still screaming, the shock wave of the conflagration swept her off the hull, leaving the back of her EVA-suit burning - the air trapped inside the suit's layers set alight.

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[ Sinead O'Riley | Warp Core | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow
Sinead O'Riley was accustomed to quite a few things. Suq's excitable nature, his horrific voice (when he screamed the way he just did), and his tendency to run like hell whenever she spoke to him without first announcing her presence. She had thought he would have gotten used to her after all these years. Then again, some people never did. Even Meony had wheeled around to judo-chop her once, back on the Resolve. If not for her own speed and readiness for battle, she likely would have been knocked unconscious by such an attack. As it was, all O'Riley merely arched an eyebrow at everything that happened, though her head did bob down to look at the injector, before turning back to look at where Suq went. He was like a rocket-powered mouse of a man when suitably inspired.

“......” The Bringloidi settled into a crosslegged sitting position, deciding to wait it out until Suq had suitably calmed, before following. Always best to let him run the course of his panic attacks. If she had given chase, she would have been slightly outmatched in tubes like these. Though she was accustomed to small spaces, having lived in caves and learnt tunnelling, she still couldn't move the way Suq did. He was a regular hamster. On coffee. Lots of it.

When he shouted at her, she uncoiled and moved with serpentine grace, easily following the path the Efrosian had taken, until she was staring at his lower torso sticking out of what looked like a ventilation tube that was too small even for him. Folding her arms under her breasts, she observed him quietly for a moment before replying, “I am here. Romulans have a high likelihood of shooting you first if they had the opportunity to take you by surprise, Suq,” said O'Riley, “Nevertheless, I apologize for startling you...again.” This would have been the umpteenth time. “You should consider a long shore leave, I believe you are becoming particularly nervous even for you. Can you come out? Are you stuck?”

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[ Lt. Jg. Suq | Vector 02 Warp Core | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy ]

Shore leave, good spirits, he'd murder for shore leave. Anything to sleep for 16 hours in a comfortable bed, in a room that didn't have the constant hum of a warp core to remind him that it could explode any minute.
“You know, if I had my way, we'd park this fat baby on Risa and have a month off. Maybe a year.” He sighed. The idea was so enticing...but no, he was not on leave. Not yet, maybe not ever.
“I'm stuck, I'm stuck in here pretty good too. The last time I did that was like..a week after we first got lost? This is tiny thing...” His legs dangled below him. He could search around for the footholds that he used to get up here in the first place, but he knew when he was very, thoroughly stuck, and this was it. Something about the panic must've given him the extra power to wedge himself in there firmly. He couldn't twist his shoulders around enough to match the weird angle of this vent. Is it a vent? Normally they don't twist like this. The metal looks warped.

“What is this anyways? The opening was built just like a vertical Jeffries, but this is all...weird.” He ran his hands over the metal. Very warm. Although the paneling felt mostly smooth, he could feel imperfect twists in it. And it creaked when he tried to wiggle out too, lord how it creaked, Sinead had to hear that over the din of the warp core.

Something about this tube gave him a bad feeling.

“Hey uh, can you go look up schematics and tell me what kind of tube this is supposed to be? I don't think this is ventilation...”

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[ PO1 Morgan Song | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos

Morgan tried to respond, “I know a bit-” before O'Connell cut him off. He had forgotten that this was O’Connell he was talking to, let alone that O’Connell was now the chief of engineering. This would take some getting used to. Straits had to be dire if they were down this many engineers. Not that he didn’t respect O’Connell, but still, Morgan had assumed that the original chief might still be around. As O’Connell barked orders at him, Morgan brought up the schematics for various models of photonic torpedoes. He also wondered to himself who the hell this Sithick person was. Either a crewman he never met or someone new, most likely the latter.

“Got it Chief, I’ll walk him through it.” He said, as O’Connell clapped him on his shoulder. Without wasting any time, Morgan picked up his PADD and tapped his combadge. “Morgan to Sithick.” He uttered into it. “Are you able to safely remove the outer access panels of photon tube, or read what mark it is?” If it was one of Acheron’s then it would most likely be one of the latest mark iv quantum torpedoes. Morgan called up a schematic of the internal specifications while he spoke. Quantum resonator, fusion thrusters, deuterium canisters, antimatter canisters, intermix chamber, the list went on. The whole thing was like a miniature warp core waiting to breach. A bead of sweat rolled down the side of Morgan’s head as he thought of the destructive potential which the small package could unleash.

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[MCPO Nolak Kalmil | Outer Hull | USS Theurgy | Vector 03 ]

After receiving the message from O’Connell, his immediate reaction as the former Master Chief was to request a status report on the situation. Yet doing so would only delay the younger MC from his focus duties. After extreme self restraint he just answered with a quick, “Good Idea, I could use a break, also my O2 levels are getting low. Inform me if you need any assistance. Over.” He then opened a channel to all his working crew members, “Nolak here, you guys have been doing a great job, finish whatever action your working on at the moment then pack up and head on in for some R&R. We can continue inspection of the hull after we get some rest, over.

He gathered all his work tools for the day and placed them back into the crate. After one final glance at the repaired hull he worked on, he glanced upwards to marvel at the nebula they were hiding in. Looming over head was Theurgy’s Vector 01 ‘Helmet’. It’s dark sleek form was a stark contrast the warm glows from the surrounding gas and dust cloud the ships took refuge in. He still wrestled with the thoughts in his head over the Theurgy Class ship, a concept he remembers arguing against back years ago when he sat on the Starfleet Engineering Council, when he worked at the Academy.  He was filling in minor details to his memory which was still a jig-saw mess from the time shift that happened while he was out of action. As he continued to ponder over the ‘new’ yet old memories, he’d been staring at Vector 01 half heartedly when a flash of light caught his attention. Then his comlink buzzed into action.

[This is Crewman Fok in Work Bee Zero-Nine to all engineers.] The voice sounded brittle, as if on the verge of carefully contained hysteria. Fear barely tethered. [I represent the Devoted, and h-here are our demands. Unless Captain Ives resign, and Sarresh Morali is m-made new Commanding Officer of the Theurgy, I will detonate all the sirillium around the hulls. No more can we fumble blindly, dying because of Ives' ignorance. Let Morai thwart the enemy... and lead the way home.]

Moments later heard the panic words from Rihen Neyah, “Neyah to Kalmil, I can’t get away!

He immediately open a channel to Neyah and said, “Don’t panic girl. Keep your breathing in check. Help is on the way.” He said keeping his own voice calm talking over the remaining Fok message.

He then opened a channel to all the shuttlecrafts monitoring the repairs, “Master Chief Kamil here, all ships report towards Vector 01, now. Crewmember Neyah, is in jeopardy. She may be injured and adrift in space. Here’s that chance to be a hero.  I’m now reporting to the bridge, over.” He closed the channel to the space jocks.

Bridge, this is Master Chief Kamil here. What appears to be a sirillium burst on your outer hull has placed the life of Rihen Neyah in serious danger. Due to the interference and extreme nature of this Nebula our options are limited with the transporter. I’ve informed the monitoring shuttlecrafts of the incident but we may still need to go the extreme route and send jumpers. Best to get a couple members suited up ASAP.”  He then flipped a couple switches on his comfreq and encoded the rest. “It also appears some extremist named Foc, has commandeered a Work Bee suit Zero-Nine and threaten to ignite the whole nebula sirillium gas around us destroying everything with it. His only demand is to replace the Captain with some person named Sarresh Morali as Commanding Officer of the Theurgy. I have no clue who these people are but inform Captain Ives of the matter. I’ll do my best to coordinate things from here, over.

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[ PO2 Sithick |  | USS Theurgy | Jefferies Tubes 213166AA | Vector 02 ] Attn:  @Doc M. @FollowTomorrow @Triage @Absinthe @MasterRat @Hastata-Nerada

Sithick listened to Williams words and quickly put away his tri-corder. Working without one was going to be a pain, but he was right if this thing was as sensitive as they thought then any scans he took of this thing would have the potential to cause an explosion. Sithick would be fine, vaparization would be rather painless.

But the rest of the sword? The ship would likely be destroyed, or more likely start to break apart after the fact causing a lot of destruction and a lot more death. It was with that in mind that Sithick started to think. He could handle the radiation, and he couldn't beam out for the same reason he couldn't scan the bomb. He would be fine to work here for maybe an hour before he started getting sick. He would have to trust that medical could fix him after that point.

"Sithick to boz."
Sithick leaned back from the bomb he was going to have to disarm trying to find some way to get comfortable in the clustered tubing while he worked. Since the torpedo was slightly above him the best he could do was to find an area above the torpedo by crawling up a different intersection and finding his way back to the lodged weapon. His feet holding him so that the large reptile could see more as he suspended himself upside to take a look at the thing. The position was Bazzar, but oddly comfortable.

"I am going to begin visual inspection, but I would like to request  that a shield be put up around the tubes. If bomb goes off, we should try to funnel the explosion out of ship."
Sithick took a deep breath as he started looking at the torpedo, but another idea came to him. Pressing his combadge again for a different communication.

"Sithick to Medical." The oddly feminine voice of his translator kicked in. "I am beginning an inspection of a torpedo that is emitting deadly radiation. I can not be beamed out because it may move the torpedo. Could you send one of your smaller doctors to my location at jefferies tube 213166AA, with an inoculation against deadly radiation poisoning?"

When Morgan chipped in with his message Sithick slowly nodded his head listening to him. From his location he could see the model, and serial numbers fairly well. "It's a photon, Model Number, TS3V901, Serial number 800813SMKU," That should give Morgan more than enough information to look up the torpedo, and get back to him.


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[ Sinead O'Riley | Warp Core | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow
O'Riley allowed herself a small smile, at Suq's remark of taking a year-long shore leave. That would be his notion. The Bringloidi wasn't sure she needed a whole year off. She would get bored within a few days. Her smile dropped when he stated that he was stuck well and good. That was cause for concern, and she immediately prepared for action, inspecting the position and plotting how to extract him without causing him any injury or breaking anything apart. Damages sustained could cause complications, and it occurred to her right about the same time as it did to him that they ought to have a look at the schematics.

“Just a moment, Suq,” said O'Riley, and she pulled out a PADD, keying in data into it and requesting for information. What she saw nearly made her face drain of all blood. As it was she turned quite pale, “we need to get you out of there quickly.”

Pocketing her PADD, she wrapped one arm around one thigh as she spoke, “It is not ventilation. You are in a plasma conduit, a broken one.” She began to pull, gently but firmly, on his leg, trying to ease him out from the trap. “When we first got lost, at least it was just a tube of sorts when you got stuck. This thing will cook you, possibly soon. Try wriggling your body as I pull you out. See if it helps.” She made the moves again, trying to dislodge him without causing him injury.

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[ Lt. Jg. Suq | Vector 02 Warp Core | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy Attn: @Triage

Yes, of course. He would be stuck on top of a plasma conduit about to burst. He laid his head down on the metal and sighed in exasperation. Fear welled up in his chest, but it was well controlled by now. He'd been in much worse. If he began to smell burning flesh though, he wasn't sure if he'd be able to stay so cool. The memory of the scent was enough to make him nauseous again...

 “Right. Uh, Sinead, shouldn't we be more worried about the conduit? I mean...correct me if I'm wrong here, maybe they do the newer ships differently, but if there's a conduit under this panel, and this panel is all swollen and welled up like this, that means the conduit's burst.” It made sense to him. He's seen it before, but he's never been on a ship that's on the bleeding edge of technology like this one. He half expected the swollen metal he now laid on to part of some fancy new omnidirectional conduit conjunction, or maybe it's full of bees, or maybe Thea is punishing him. It's probably the latter.

 “See if you can get the conduit shut off through here. And can you call in to O'Connel, I kind of...can't reach my badge.” He wiggled, as if to prove it. Then he allowed himself to flop once more, a victim of gravity. He was smiling though, it sounded in his voice.  “Don't worry too much about me burning. Won't be the first time, won't be the last. I just don't want to move wrong and burst the bubble under me or something. Because then you'd be atomized, and where would engineering be if you were gone?” He tried to sound goofy, not quite cheerful but not taking this too seriously.

As he laid still though, he could feel the heat, and if he paid close attention, he thought for a second he could feel the metal rise under his hands. It wasn't bending, not quite, but something under the panel was hot enough to curve, and force the paneling—and Suq—up. He couldn't quite see over the lump of metal in front of him, but if he lifted his head up high enough, he thought he could see that the seam between the first and second panel was broken. They were tilted up. If he didn't know better, he'd say his panicked scramble to get up here is what knocked the last few bolts out in the first place and got him stuck. And now that the metal below was free to rise unimpeded, so would everything above it, and it would heat up a great deal in here too. It was an emergency, but struggling with getting him out would waste time that could be used to stop the plasma leak.

 He should have been afraid, but ultimately, it failed to come. It didn't even try anymore. Fear knocked on his door, then said 'At least I tried' and promptly gave up. Fear went home to take a nap. This is how he remembers handling trouble, not so burdened by guilt or trauma. He was all smiles, despite the inherent danger against his and Sinead's lives.
“If you can confirm it's a plasma buildup, we'll try to siphon off the extra plasma, and then get me out. Then you can be a hero and sweep me off my feet. Deal?”

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[ William Robert “Billy Bob” O’Connell | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | USS Theurgy ]  Atten:  Anyone playing a character in the tactical department, such as Striker N7 or DocReno 

“O’Connell to bridge, patch me through to the tactical department,” Master Chief O’Connell called out.  “We got what you might call a sitchiation in Vector Two.”

"Sithick to boz."  Billy Bob’s combage rasped in the Gorn’s reptilian hiss. "I am going to begin visual inspection, but I would like to request that a shield be put up around the tubes. If bomb goes off, we should try to funnel the explosion out of ship."

“Excuse me please hold,” O’Connell murmured contritely before tapping his combadge so he could speak to the Gorn. “Yer woosh is mah freakin’ command Sithick,” he bellowed in his ‘master chief’ voice as he turned back to the master systems display table and tapped on the display.  “Koizumi!  Arex!  Zol!” he shouted at a trio of engineers manning the consoles on the wall starboard to the master systems display table.  “Strengthen the structural integrity field around the sword’s torpedo tubes and activate the forcefields in the forward Jeffries tubes on Decks Nine through Twelve,” he ordered.  “Coordinate with th’ bridge an’ the folks on Deck Six an’ make sure if that torpedo blows the explosion is directed away from the main hull.” 

“Aye-Aye Master Chief,” Petty Officer Tenchi Koizumi  from Earthnodded before he turned and joined Petty Officer Zil Arex  of Bolarus IX and Petty Officer Eetak Zol of Ktaria VII in carrying out his orders.

O’Connell nodded back and leaned over Petty Officer Morgan Song to speak to him in a quiet conspiratorial voice.  “Song have you got the data on photon torpeda’s yet?”

"Got it Chief, I'll walk him through it."

“Good man,” O’Connell nodded as he clapped him once again on the shoulder and walked away from the master systems display table.  O’Connell drew a deep breath as behind him he heard Song to go work.

"Morgan to Sithick.   Are you able to safely remove the outer access panels of photon tube, or read what mark it is?"

O’Connell walked further away from the master system display and tapped his combadge.   “O’Connell to bridge, I need t’ contact someone in th’ tactical department,” he announced, “specifically the leading expert in photon torpedoes.”

OOC:  Yes, I know that I screwed a little with the timeline but Kaligos missed Hastata-Nerada’s last post in this thread and this was the best fix I could come up with.  Kaligos, Morgan Song is talking to Sithick right now, so don’t forget him!

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[ PO1 Morgan Song | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos

"It's a photon, Model Number, TS3V901, Serial number 800813SMKU,"

A bead of sweat rolled down the side of Morgan’s cheek as he looked over the schematics of the torpedo which Sithick listed. It was a recent model of photon torpedo, good for detecting the gaseous engine trails left behind by the ion engines of cloaked ships if you wanted it to, and it could blow up at any moment. Aches still racked his body but in that moment they were of little concern. All material problems vanished as he looked upon the plans, trying to identify the way to disable the torpedo.

“Okay,” He said. His voice betrayed none of the nervous tension he now held within the entirety of his form. His muscles protested as he stood poised over the PADD in his hand, but they were of no concern. The thought of lying in a stasis pod again suddenly seemed very appealing to him. “If you can remove the casing there should be a grey wire near the primary firing sequencer, if you start by cutting that it should disable the connection between-” Morgan’s eyes widened as he flipped to another page in the schematics. “Wait, wait, WAIT, not that wire!” he shouted into his combadge, panic beginning to edge into his voice. “Not that wire, the blue wire, blue!” A fresh bead of sweat came to life on the other side of his head and began its slow creep downwards. “That should disconnect the ODN relays that it uses to assess targeting information… I think…” He hoped that Sithick, whatever he was, had the same cells in his eyes that allowed humans to discern color. He also in that moment reflected on the fact that he might have wanted to wait a few more hours before reporting, as he was faced with both physical problems and existential dread. He wondered if there was a treatment for those symptoms.

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[ Captain Ives | Corridor | CO Ready Room > Main Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]

When the sirillium gas above the saucer section of the Theurgy had been lit, making the liquid detonation in space roll across the hull, the fiery malestrom had passed outside Ives' viewscreen. Immediately, she had gotten out of her seat and walked up to the view of the nebula outside the window. She could still see the sinking sediments of the conflagration, as well as shuttles changing course in reaction. It was not the first time it happened, she knew, but she hoped there were no more casualties...

[Bridge to Captain Ives, I... think you better come out here.] It was the voice of Jonas Arisaka, currently manning the tactical station. Ives was already moving before he finished.

"On my way," she said, and then she emerged on the bridge. She passed by Lieutenant Masuda Yukimura, who stood by the Mission Ops holo-display table, and Arisaka was waiting for her by her chair when she rounded the corner. "What's going on?"

Arisaka seemed like he had far too much to relay in too little time, eyes darting between her and the viewscreen and then towards somewhere towards the aft. "It's the Devoted, Ma'am. They have made a move. Detonated a sirilium cloud above this Vector, and while there are shuttles inbound to try and secure a crewmember that was caught in the blast, the residues may interfere with transporters. Chief Nolak Kalmil recommended personnel suited up an-"

"Then do so immediately, and bring whoever is in the security checkpoint with you. Yukimura, please, continue. Did they do it? Then what do they want?"

"The Devoted demand you resign, Captain, and put Junior Lieutenant Sarresh Morali in Command. There is one of them in a work-bee out there, claiming he represent them. Crewman Foc, ma'am. We have not confirmed it yet, but he might have detonated the sirillium gas."

Of course they did, thought Jien bitterly and seated herself in her chair. "Did they give any time-frame to this demand?" she asked quietly, oaken eyes upon the tactical display hologram in front of the CONN and Ops stations, showing Thea in her current MVAM mode and the shuttles moving around her.

"Unknown, Captain. Chief Kalmil is coordinating the shuttles to converge on the crewman in need," said Yukimura, relaying how if the Devoted had, the Chief was quite preoccupied.

"Yellow Alert," said Jien and began to tap her fingers against her armrest, meanwhile the alert was sounded all over the ship, from Engineering on Vector 03 to the dorsal airlock on Vector 01.

[Nicander to bridge,] came a voice on the intercom, the exotic accent of the Chief Medical Officer heard.

"This Ives, we have a bit of a situation here," she said with her jaw clenched, already at odds with the CMO.

[I already know about the torpedo, Captain, that's why I am contacting you,] said Nicander, almost derisively, [The requirements - not to mention the situation in all three med bays - prevents me to get the right personnel to the location. The smallest medical officer I have - that's not in surgery - is in the brig. I hereby demand Doctor Maya to be released so that she may save Petty Officer Sithick's life.]

"Request denied, Doctor," said Jien, lips thin while she tapped her fingers against her armrest. She could not guess at the critical nature of the situation yet, but she had a feeling she would learn soon. Were the Devoted coordinating a second threat?

[Captain, please. Given the report from her interrogation, evidence suggest it wasn't even her doing that led to Acreth's release. Give my officer the benefit of the doubt, and let her prove herself reliable. Even Ensign Cir'Cie has said she can be trusted again.]

Jien did not like it one bit, but she was already preoccupied. "Fine, Doctor. Coordinate with Thea and Security to get her there."

Yukimura then called for Jien's attention, patching through another call. [O'Connell to bridge, I need t' contact someone in th' tactical department,] announced the Chief Engineer from Vector 03, [specifically the leading expert in photon torpedoes.]

"This is Ives, Lieutenant Commander Marquez will contact you immediately," said Jien, and she did not just answer O'Connell, since the former First Officer of the Resolve had just entered the bridge from the security checkpoint. The man was one of those she had just summoned from her armrest, and her eyes had met his when she spoke to O'Connell. "Yukimura, brief Mister Marquez and have him coordinate communication with O'Connell. I also want to know how many shuttles are out there, and who's on them."

Jien could not shake the feeling that it seemed unlikely this Devoted would have detonated the sirrilium gas from a work-bee. Doing so without a phaser array was practically suicide.

"Patch me through to this representative of the Devoted, and keep trying to get a transporter lock on the victim of the blast out there. Rewind the tactical logs and show me the time of the blast," she said to Ops and Tactical both, folding her fingers in her lap with her eyes straight ahead. Her tone of voice was like crystal cutting silk. "This is Captain Ives. Please repeat the terms of your demands."

Meanwhile the Devoted repeated himself - stammering his words on the intercom for the bridge - Jien hoped to buy time. Time, for the injured crewman's life to be secured, and for the reports on the shuttles coming in. Time to learn more about the torpedo. All the while, her eyes remained on the tactical display hologram, watching the movements of the shuttles as they flew backwards, meaning to see which one of them had truly detonated the gas...

OOC: Attn: Any security officer who will get into an EVA suit and jump out of the airlock on Deck 01 together with NPC Jonas Arisaka. @Jm Von Cat and Varder, perhaps?

@Striker N7 , with Marquez arriving on the bridge, and @Doc M. to have Maya released, briefed and on her way. Can this be arranged with Security NPCs if no other PC can be made available?

@Even Angels Cry , in case you want Jaya Thorne on the USS Thames?

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[ Jonas Arisaka (NPC) | Main Bridge > Security Checkpoint | Corridor | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]
Jonas moved quickly and with a defined purpose at his captains words with a muted "Yes Ma'am" as he headed to the Security Checkpoint's door, a goal he reached in a matter of a few brisk steps. Once inside he turned his attention to a mildly surprised looking officer and in short order relayed the captains instructions, "You're with me, EVA suit prep." Then just as quickly he was out the other door and heading down the access corridor without waiting for the response, his pace altered to a jog as he made his way to the EVA suit storage and changing room. He did however briefly slow his pace as he saw Marquez, offering a "I'm heading outside with the security officer." Accompanied by a brief over the shoulder gesture as he continued to move, his pace gaining once more after a reply was given.

[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Security Checkpoint > Corridor | Eva Suit Storage/Changing room | Airlock | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]
Ridun quickly shook off his initial mild confusion, pushing himself to his feet he hurried after Jonas. He was able to stay only a short distance behind the man, in part due to his slowing to acknowledge a Commander he did not recognize, as they both jogged down the corridor towards the fourth room on the left. He was barely thinking about exactly what was going on, but nether the less half shouted a question towards Jonas. "Exactly what is going on?" There was an underlying tone of urgency and curiosity, a slightly strange mix but it was otherwise hard to explain. It must be something significant, the man had that look about him and it showed in his pace and movements.

Then came the reply, which was still being spoken even as the two entered the Eva Room. "A crew-member outside needs help, gas and Devoted, otherwise its Captains orders." It was not hard for Ridun to guess and grasp at the unsaid words and importance behind what the other man had said. It was certainly not an amazing looking situation and he felt the mans urgency more keenly now that he knew a life was on the line, questions quickly buzzed in and out of his mind. Why not transport them? No one else? What is happening in full? He pushed all these and more away, it was information he did not need to know or he could figure out if he took a second to think about it.

He quickly glanced around, EVA suits. No time for idle questions not if he was to put one on properly in any timely fashion, then again, to fast and he could miss something important. A quick breath, his head shaken out as he grabbed for the first pieces of equipment. His phaser and holster discarded, or more accurately stashed away, a few seconds of time lost to do so. Piece after piece the suits of both men are pulled and pushed into place, assistance offered either way as needed. Even so, a few precious minutes drift by as they prepare, their movements made awkward and labored by the partially donned suits.

Helmets, the last thing to go on even as both men head towards the antechamber. On-board computers run checks, systems blink their status as affirmative even as both pat down and visually inspect the other. Perhaps a needles undertaking, but it continues even as the two step through the door between antechamber and airlock. Everything seems like its working, the room is pressurizing, "Varder, comm Check." shortly trailed by, "Recived. Comms cleared.".

Then the doors opened, the two shared a quick, almost unnoticeable nod due to their helmets. The vastness of what lay outside seemed that much closer all so suddenly. "On your lead..."

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[ Sinead O'Riley | Warp Core | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow
Even as she laboured relentlessly to free her Efrosian friend from the clutches of the angry conduit, O'Riley heard Suq's concerns and answered him to the best of her knowledge. “I have studied as much of the schematics of the Theurgy-class starship that I could get my hands on. The engineering design is most unique compared to other starships. The plasma conduits in particular have secondary and tertiary bypass safety features and a universal lock to prevent a spread of plasma in the event of critical damage. But if it is welled up like you are saying, then it has already gone through all safety protocols, and you might be cut in half any moment now.”

She gently but firmly tugged at Suq's legs again, wrapping her arms around both his legs at the thighs, “Have you gained weight recently? I believe you are approximately three ounces heavier than the last time I personally measured your weight.”

At his suggestion to try shutting off the conduit, she tried exactly that. Looking about for a control panel, and at the same time slapping the badge above her left breast without looking, “O'Riley to O'Connell, we have a situation in the Warp Core, Deck Six, Vector Two. Lieutenant Junior Grade Suq has become trapped inside a burst plasma conduit, and it is on the verge of an explosion, with the man right on top of it. All safeties have been bypassed, and the final feature might attempt to close, cutting Suq in half. Can the conduit be shunted into another valve?” She tapped the nearby console, calling up schematics for all the pipelines, “There is an unused plasma feed going through to line four-oh-five, and it leads to Deck Seven. I think I can safely siphon the feed momentarily there if you would override the ablative shielding and keep Suq from being dismembered.”

She looked at Suq's rump and allowed a moment of anguish to leak into her words, “If I were atomized, Suq, at least I will be with Tristan,” she gritted her teeth and held back a tear, not even realizing she had addressed the late captain by his first name, and possibly confirming the relationship she shared with the man over the last three years. They even had plans when they found their way back, to Starbase 84. He was going to retire, follow her back to Mariposa. They was no matter now. He was gone, she lingered. And letting her emotions slip did nobody any good. Suq needed her full attention. “do not talk about atomization. We are living now, and we must aim to stay that way. Besides, where would engineering be if you are gone? I am transferring the plasma feed now.”

She pressed her combadge again, “O'Connell, sir, I am siphoning the feed, stand by.”

She looked at Suq again, or his rear anyway, “Your plan is of sound logic. Now let us try to get you out.” She began pulling at his legs again. She could hear the sound like a rushing wave as the plasma was vented through an alternate feed.

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[ Commander Trent | Main Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] @Brutus

Twin columns of light appeared at the Bridge's aft end, and as soon as they resolved themselves into the XO and Chief Operations Officer the tall Commander turned instantly towards Lieutenant Yukimura just as his ears were registering a stammering voice on a comms channel.  However, the man he'd taken on as his aide in addition to Lieutenant Commander Dewitt as his adjutant, even in a short time had become accustomed to the XO and walked up to him and handed him a headset, and started speaking quietly, and swiftly relayed the information at hand. 

Apparently, the initial damage control survey had missed an armed torpedo wedged into a Jefferies tube.  And that alone was a crisis in its own right.  But a matter at hand that was even worse was this Crewman Fok out in one of the work pods, threatening to detonate pockets of syrillium gas in the immediate vicinity of the ship unless the Captain resigned hir command and passed it on to Morali of all people. 

So far as the Commander had been initially concerned, the Devoted had been little more than a minor annoyance that hadn't really impacted ship's operations.  But since one of them murdered Edena Rez, things had gotten out of hand.  And now they were threatening to destroy the ship lest their demands were met. 

Once Fok was done, he closed the channel, stating he would grant the Captain time to make the arrangements. 

Only then did Trent speak beyond quiet acknowledgements of what Yukimura had been telling him.  "Captain, we need to get a mass driver out there, and a firing solution on that work bee.  If Fok is going to act on his threat, we need to stop him, without risking igniting the gas ourselves.  And we need Morali up here."

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