Jonas Arisaka (NPC)

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Personnel FileR-blank.png
Name:Jonas Arisaka
Position:Relief Bridge Tactical Officer
Gender:Male orientation=Heterosexual
Birthplace:Copernicus City, Luna
Height:5'7" / 1.73m
Weight:165 lbs / 74.84 kg
Hair:Dark Brown
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Ian Anthony Dale
Rhythm and blues
High-energy physics
Multi-dimensional math
Service Record

Jonas Arisaka was Relief Bridge Tactical Officer on the USS Theurgy. Jonas Arisaka aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.

Background story

Jonas is the second son of Hikaru Arisaka, a civilian weapons engineer employed at the Copernicus Fleet Yards, and Catarina Teller, a team leader within those same shipyards Starfleet acceptance inspection department. And it was following a rather heated discussion about a set of substandard components delivered from one of the subcontractors involved in providing the parts for a starship in the building slips that their relationship went from purely professional to something else.

Unlike his older brother, Jonas was hardly university material when he complete his basic schooling. However, his lifelong passion for weapons design still led him to Starfleet into the Tactical non-commissioned track as a Phaser Room specialist.

Before long, he rose to his current rank but that was where his career stalled. Simply put, he did not have what it took to make Chief and for some time he allowed himself to stagnate until his CTO at the time, seeing that he was dealing with a bright young man, pointed him towards the right resources to continue his education and work towards a degree. Indeed, Jonas does have the potential to rise much higher than his current rank, but only if he can get sufficient credits to even be considered ready for the OCS entry exams.

However, even if seeing Arisaka go was something he did not want to do, his superior recommended him for assignment on the Theurgy, where he would have ample time to further his studies and expand on his knowledge base, and hopefully complete his Bridge Tactical certification as another stepping stone towards an eventual commission.

Personality Profile

Driven, great attention to detail, extremely strong spatial sense.

Physical Profile

Nothing out of the ordinary. Just a lean, not overly tall, non-descript half-Asian man.