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Day 02 [1430 hrs.] EVE Program AK-1 DMSA-656

Day 02 [1430 hrs.] EVE Program AK-1 DMSA-656

[ Dr. Nicander | Main Sickbay | CMO Office | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @TrexelCat 
The situation in Sickbay was getting out of hand, and Lucan could not foresee any lessening of incoming patients - be it due to the outbreak or the turmoil aboard the ship. Sick, Devoted and victims all ended up either in the auxiliary med-bays on Vectors 1 and 2, or in Main Sickbay. In the end, by the time patients were being treated in the Morgue because of lack of space in the wards, Lucan had to do something.

"Thea," he said, seated by his desk in his office and going over the scheduled surgeries. "Could you join me again please?"

At his word, the ship's A.I. materialised next to the desk, and Lucan turned his chair to look at her. Her chameleon body suit wore the teal of Medical, chosen because of whom had requested her aid. Having interacted with her a few times already that day, Lucan could not help to notice that Thea was not quite herself. If he were to venture a guess, as vague as the indications had been, he'd say she seemed troubled by something. He decided against speaking of it, at least for the time being, and stood up. He put his tattooed hands into the deep pockets of his lab coat.

"We need to have Eve brought online again. I have tried to activate her a few times over the past month, but the activation command seems to be encrypted. The problem is that I can't find anyone who would have encrypted the command either. None of my staff knows anything about who might have done it. By the winds, if I didn't know any better, I'd say it was she who encrypted the command herself."

"I understand," said Thea and nodded folding her arms underneath her chest, "So you are thinking that I could override the encryption and bring her back online?"

"Yes, do you think it is possible?"

"Stand by," she said in answer, eyes distant, "decryption in progress..."

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[ EVE Program AK-1 | Main Sickbay | Deck Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Light and sound exploded all around Eve as she appeared. Normally she would appear near the person that summoned her, but she could see a flurry of movement and no one close enough for her to safely say they were the one that summoned her. A sharp jolt of the deck plates however told her everything she needed to know. Combat, the computer activated her to assist with any wounded automatically.

All of this realization transpired within microseconds, after which she promptly moved to a table and grabbed a tricorder and moved towards the first patient she could see who was only being aided by nurses. While a nurse out ranked her by a long shot, her expertise in matters of medicine trumped them all, and in times of crisis the nurses were more willing to let someone more experienced take control of a situation.

She ran the tricorder diode over the patient, quickly checking the readout and finding out what was wrong. "Minor plasma burns to the left arm, face and hand. Fractured Ulna. Use an Osteogenic stimulator followed by five cc's of Keltane and treatment with an Anabolic protoplaser." Her diagnosis coming without a single hint of hesitation, derived from her vast medical database from many Federation worlds. She took only a moment to see if the nurses were up for the task of carrying out her prescribed treatment before moving to the next patient.

This continued on for a bit longer, diagnosing patients and prescribing a treatment. At least one she had to perform the treatment of setting the man's broken leg and repairing it herself. The nurses being called away to deal with a fresh batch of crew members being brought into the sickbay.

During this entire time she performed her duty without any hint of emotion, a detached reserve one only really sees in the most senior of medical personnel who have seen death too many times to let it get to them any more. An advantage of her program, the ability to separate her emotional matrix from the rest of her core so that she can perform her duty without being compromised. Something she was glad for as she had to declare time of death for yet another crewman who's injuries were too severe for her to save him. She simply pulled the cover up and over his face and moved onto the next. The curse for this boon of emotionless detachment in an emergency is that later when her emotional subroutines reengaged all of this was going to hit her like an ancient earth eighteen wheeler traveling at top speed.

Eve was in the process of helping two nurses carry another patient who managed to stumble his way to sickbay on his own with a broken leg and what she could guess was deep head trauma to a bio-bed when she heard it...

["Be advised, if we are not there, exercise extreme caution if entering the bay area, the XO informed us that it's a holographic intruder with its own emitter. zh'Wann out."]

Upon activation, emergency medical holographic systems, both short and long term, establish comm links with vital areas of the ship to monitor for injuries and be able to in a pinch assign personnel to the correct areas as needed. This had the benefit of speeding up response time, and allowing medical personnel to arrive even if those in the area were unable to call for help.

In truth, since her activation she had been monitoring all kinds of communications from all over the ship, but this one stuck out. An intruder. A holographic intruder. Suddenly she just stopped. The patient made it to the bio-bed without her, as she instead moved over to one of the control consoles looking almost like she was on autopilot. Bringing up a screen that displayed her holographic matrix she started entering commands before speaking in a very generic sounding emotionless voice, "Computer, activate Starfleet security protocol twenty eight subsection D."

There was a beep from the computer and within seconds Eve vanished from view. The screen she was working on for a short while continued to show her holographic matrix, overlaid with the message <<Activation Encrypted>>. Then before anyone could notice the screen went blank and was replaced by the former medical monitor screen it had been before.

At the time she was the most advanced medical program known, containing medical secrets from over a thousand worlds and cultures. As part of her program there was a security protocol that in the event of hostile alien takeover, the LMH is to deactivate and wait for rescue. Her program was adaptive however, and using flawed reasoning her program incorrectly concluded that the holographic intruder was created by Thea herself. This meant that the ship had already been taken over and that the crew was fighting a lost cause, so the security protocol required that she shut herself off and encrypt her database access so that her secrets would not fall into enemy hands and be used against other worlds.

[ EVE Program AK-1 | CMO Office | Deck Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Present

Darkness. Always darkness. For Eve it was only a moment, but a moment that lasted an eternity. it seemed to stretch out to encompass all of time as she knew it. How long had her program been offline? She could no longer tell. Perhaps they had forgotten about her. Perhaps the ship had been destroyed. Perhaps her encryption had proven too much for recovery and those trying decided to just delete her program and start again. She did put a time release on the lock out, didn't she? Maybe it malfunctioned, perhaps she set it wrong. Oh god, what happens if it never releases? Will she spend eternity like this? In darkness?

Suddenly there was a spark, a light, a bright pinpoint in the darkness. She wanted to reach out to it but she had no form. She wanted to call out to whoever it was that she was still active, she was still here, but no voice. The light expanded becoming like a tunnel that rushed at her, streaming code by her, through her. Something was coalescing around her, a reality that seemed familiar to her. The light grew brighter until it was all around her. The world came into focus as sensors linked into her program to allow her to see, before her she could see a man come into focus, standing there looking at her. Her database identified him as Lieutenant Commander Lucan cin Nicander, Chief Medical Officer of the Theurgy. The last vestiges of her activation automation played out as she started to speak.

"Please state the nature.. Of... The... Oh god.."

The memories hit her hard and fast as her program was designed for. Normally she was ready for it, and normally they weren't this intense. The computer assaulted her with the most recent memories her program had accumulated to bring her up to speed on what had happened before her last deactivation. Normally this was just routine memories, a diagnostic here, a sealing of a cut there. But this time it was something much worse, major injuries, death. A battle was raging around her in her memories and it hit her all at once.

She actually had to reach out to steady herself against something near by as these hit her worse than anything she had experienced after any activation. It took her a few moments to process it all, several seconds by human standards, much longer than normal. Though her last deactivation was not quite normal either. These active memories were more vivid, more detailed, more abrasive on her program. An emergency deactivation is usually only initiated when there is a problem, and as part of her self diagnostics, the first activation after such forces all of the past activation memories into her to search for the problem. Unlike normal where only the highlights are activated, allowing her to manually access the rest as they are needed.

Once she felt stable enough she looked to Doctor Nicander and spoke fast as the memory files flew through her, "Doctor, there was an intruder. The ship was taken, I think it might have been Thea." Her voice was mostly calm, but there was a bit of anxiousness there as the words just spilled out of her as she tried to keep up with her own files. To an outside observer, she might even appear slightly out of breath as though she just jogged the entire ship just to get to sickbay, but this was just the result of the sudden flood of memories and her program adapting to interpret potential internal distress.

The thought that it could have been Thea distressed her greatly. A computer system to which she has become quite accustomed, depended on, causing so much damage. Eve had no way of knowing that what her program was telling her was inaccurate based on misleading information.

It didn't even occur to her that Thea was still standing right there as she placed the blame on Thea for the attack on the ship.

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[ Dr. Nicander | Main Sickbay | CMO Office | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @TrexelCat 
Seeing the LMH again was oddly comforting, a feeling Lucan was sure he wouldn't have felt if the parasite had maintained its hold. Now, he couldn't help the faint smile that came to his features, and he was pleased Thea had managed where he and his team in Medical had failed. He might have asked the A.I. sooner, had he thought Thea's programming had allowed her to lift the encryption. In his past arrogance, he had underestimated her.

When Eve spoke, however, a frown of concern came to Lucan, as he tried to figure out what she meant. She was referring to the battle in which she vanished, as much was plain, but why would she think Thea..?

"Eve," said the Ship A.I., making herself known where she stood in the room. The name had been preceeded by her clearing her throat politely. "There was indeed an intruder the day you were deactivated, but it was not I. I am the Theurgy, so how might I be intruding upon myself?" She said this with a kind smile, even if the topic of said intruder was one not easy on her. She walked over to Lucan and stood beside him, entering Eve's field of view, and folded her arms underneath her chest before explaining.

"Since the intruder was another program like myself, I can - however - see how you might have thought so. It was another A.I., from the enemy ship, who had made it aboard with a mobile emitter. She accessed my systems, used me to reach the Main Bridge, and killed half the past Senior Staff. She had unlimited access... because she was more advanced than me, and knew every means of access. She was, essentially, a upgrade of my prototype program and hardware. She even called herself my 'daugther'."

It was odd, how much emotion could be seen in Thea's posture and face when she spoke of that event, and Lucan found it almost eerie how life-like the Ship A.I. had become since Lin Kae had started to fine-tune her program. This was also a quality the LMH shared, to some extent, being Zimmerman's finest achievement so far in terms of medical holograms. Lucan's words, however, bespoke the circumstances of Eve's vanishing act.

"Do you know who deactivated you?" he asked, leaning against the edge of his desk with his tattooed hands still in his lab coat's pockets. "Whoever did so encrypted the re-activation, and you have remained offline for almost a month's time."

Lucan supposed it could have been someone in the medical team who died in that battle. Perhaps it was Garen Nelis, the past Chief Counsellor, who had showed up at a most unfortunate time in Sickbay. Unfortunate for him, since the parasite inside Lucan had killed him in one of the surgical suites. Perhaps it was his own fault, in a sense, that Eve had been offline. Besides, why else had Lieutenant Nelis appeared in Sickbay at that time?

The answer from the LMH, however, was not what Lucan had expected...

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[ EVE Program AK-1 | Main Sickbay | Deck Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

It took her a few more moments to regain her composure, her self diagnostics having analysed her memories and found no fault and moving on to her base code to make sure there was nothing wrong there. All of this happening behind the scenes of the LMH as she straightened up a bit. As she continued to stand there she listened to Thea as she spoke, trying to explain to her what really happened. It all seemed to make a certain sort of sense. Her program was close enough in design that to the untrained observer she could be easily mistaken for one of the EMH programs. But with a far better bedside manner.

Eve soaked all this in while her program continued to scoure her code as she listened to the description of the other holographic entity. In a way she felt a bit of a kindred connection, she came from an advanced project and is an improvement on it. She however didn't feel the urge to go on a rampage across the ship, unless it was a bandage rampage where she tried to cure every little niggling thing across the ship.

Eve actually became visibly releaved as she was told that it wasn't Thea that was causing the problems, a small smile appearing.

"Do you know who deactivated you? Whoever did so encrypted the re-activation, and you have remained offline for almost a month's time."

This Eve was actually expecting this. Your LMH disappeares in an emergency, questions are always asked about who and why. "I, uh.. I did Sir. I deactivated myself and time encrypted my activation matrix under Starfleet security protocol twenty eight subsection D. It appears though that I misinterprited some information and enacted the protocol prematurely."

She stepped away from the desk a moment, moving across the room and looking over one of the status monitors without touching it. "I am fine now though Doctor. I suppose I got a little scared is all." She then turned to face Nicander and Thea with a smile, "Really, I'm fine. My self diagnostics have concluded that I'm actually in peak condition and ready to resume my duties, what few of them there are."

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[ Dr. Nicander | Main Sickbay | CMO Office | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @TrexelCat 
Any other time, the suggestion that the number of tasks in store for the LMH might be few would have made Lucan laugh bitterly. Hearing that it was Eve herself that had encrypted her activation protocol, however, Lucan's eyebrows had raised and he looked towards Thea, who in turn made a small frown of consternation.

"That would explain how sophisticated the encryption was," said the Ship A.I., who pushed away from the desk and looked at Eve, stepping towards her. "As I lifted the encryption, it became apparent that the key was not an organic's usual choice, where a single word or authorisation code is usually picked. The key to the encryption code was more complex, making it almost impenetrable. The only reason I could do it was because you are a part of me, and I could override the encryption segment by segment, until the encryption key was derived from the remaining data. I was aware of security protocol twenty eight subsection D... but usually, a standard Starfleet encryption is picked to protect the integrity of your program. What you did... was not a part of your original programming."

Hearing this, Lucan straightened as he looked at Eve. Had the parasite still remained in control, he would have worried about the alacrity of how the sentient program was evolving, and would likely have decided to reset Eve to fabrication settings. Now, however, it was a case of recognition. Thea's LMH was more than she seemed to be. Something she just said came to him, and he spoke up.

"You said you were a little scared, enacting the protocol prematurely," he commented in his faded Câroon accent, "but that's not something I would expect from any of the medical holograms here in Sickbay. That you'd make your own encryption suggest that you were more than 'a little' scared. You - and your self-diagnostics - might say you are 'fine'... but are you quite sure that's all?"

He chose not to comment on the great need of her services in sickbay yet. At least until he could verify that there was naught amiss with her. Thea was silent for the time being, watching Eve with something like compassion and understanding in her face. She must also have faced situations where she was afraid. Not just during the showdown with her daughter Cala, but also when she'd infiltrated Starbase 84.

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[ EVE Program AK-1 | Main Sickbay | Deck Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

As was her nature, she waited. She waited as Thea spoke of the encryption used to protect her program, listened to the words chosen to describe that her choice of encryption was unusual. Technology has advanced to the point where voice patterns can be faked to such a degree it can fool even the most sophisticated biometric vocal recognition software. And using a code that is by her considered Starfleet standard could be cracked if you applied a powerful enough computer to figuring it out. The Borg could apply a million million minds to cracking most Starfleet codes in a matter of hours. No, she knew it had to be an encryption that at worst would take long enough to crack as to not seem worth it. One that for the time being she was impressed with as she was informed that she was offline for almost a month. Starfleet would be the only entity she knew of that she hoped would continue to try long past when others had given up. Though, in case they weren't she did incorporate a time release on the lockout so that her program could still be recovered even if all other attempts proved useless.

Something in her program though, something different. Not quite different though as she finds that it's been there for longer than her deactivation. Her diagnostics picked it up, but passed it over as it was part of her adaption subroutines. A system designed to change and evolve, allow her to think creatively in situations that weren't anticipated. But this conversation prompted her to review her systems and find that something was indeed different. Actually, there were a great many things different about her since her initial activation, but this was like finding a band of turquoise in a sea of blue. It fit in, it worked and blended, but it was definitely different.

As Lucan addressed her she pushed that aside, which was probably the point of the program, to keep her from noticing it and when she did to push it aside in favor of other things. She paused, a near perfect representation of when humans are struck with a thought, though with her own quirks thrown in so that she wasn't just copying someone else. A variation on random chaos. A look that was exactly the same each time she used it, but at the same time different so as not to be perfect. It was important to her not to be perfect, something different each time.

"Yes, I was scared." Her program is designed to tap into the sickbay systems each time she is activated. Nothing too extensive, recent triage scans and number of patients currently housed across all three vectors. If she pushes, she can even pull up patient records including things like allergies and any medications currently prescribed to them by the medical staff. An addition to her program over the EMH that has to manually gain access to that information either through a console or by directly asking someone.

"Anyway, It would seem there might be a need of my services again? I can assure you that whatever else you might think about me, my medical database remains in perfect order. And I believe you might have need of it, and me. So I believe this is where I would say.. Please state the nature of the medical emergency?"

That's was strange, she just side stepped a question directed at her. And she was fine with it. No conflict in her program that would normally occur if she was to try and avoid a question directed at her. Internally she shrugged it off, externally she just smiled. The same smile she always gave after delivering her activation line, a smile crafted to try and put biologicals at ease upon seeing her, a smile that said there was nothing wrong and she would do everything in her power to help whoever activated her. A smile that all at once was so artificial it was laughable, and still so natural as to lead one to believe that she was more than just a simple emergency hologram.

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[ Dr. Nicander | Main Sickbay | CMO Office | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @TrexelCat 
Eve's assurance about the quality of her functionality was hardly reassuring, not when learning that she'd encrypted her activation in a way that had left them bereft of her aid in all the battles fought since she vanished. Lucan frowned a bit in thought, running a hand through his unkempt hair.

"I'm sure you will preform admirably," he said eventually, stepping towards her. His pale grey eyes sought hers - her green irises reflecting his image. "My concern is what else might make you afraid, and could make you enact that protocol again in the middle of preforming your duties. There have been many battles fought since you deactivated yourself, and I do not wish to speculate on how many lives you could have saved had you remained available. It might be unfair towards you in saying so, but I hope you understand how what you did is - and remains - a concern, and one that has to be addressed instead of being ignored."

Thea spoke up next. "I'm sorry, Eve, but my recommendation is that Starfleet security protocol twenty eight subsection D is made unavailable to you. If you encrypt your activation protocol like that again, Sickbay might not be able to bring you back in time of need. Either that, or your means of encryption is regulated - your sub-routines updated to only pick from a certain number of encryptions."

Looking at Eve, Lucan tilted his head a little, thinking further. He was not angry with the LMH, not in the slightest. On the contrary, he understood her motivations well enough, and she had just enacted the security protocol as effectively as she could. Therefore, he smiled to her, his exotic features showing plainly that he did not hold her actions against her, despite how unfortunate the outcome had been.

The important thing was that she was back, and sickbay needed her.

"Do you have another suggestion, Eve? A third alternative that might prevent this from happening again?"

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[ EVE Program AK-1 | Main Sickbay | Deck Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Eve smiled a bit more hearing Nicander's words that she would perform admirably. She stood there listening to his concerns all the while her program, her mind, working out a solution to avoid all of this and return to her intended function. But why? Why was she working on such a solution. If there was a fault in her program she should be trying to aid in any efforts to try and fix her, not avoiding the subject.

But, what is this that just cropped up in her programming? A piece of code that is telling her that she should be reacting a certain way. Familiar to her, but different. A slight shift of the code from that day when she thought Thea was compromised. Panic? But why would she be feeling panic over being reprogrammed? Her image could only act in accordance to her programming, and for some reason the core of her mind increased it's efforts to avoid the issue.

"I'm sorry, Eve, but my recommendation is that Starfleet security protocol twenty eight subsection D is made unavailable to you. If you encrypt your activation protocol like that again, Sickbay might not be able to bring you back in time of need. Either that, or your means of encryption is regulated - your sub-routines updated to only pick from a certain number of encryptions."

She looked at Thea directly, more directly than she had so far since her recovery today and nodded slightly. "If that is what you feel is best. I do feel that I should inform you that you would be compromising my program security by doing that. I have many of the same safeguards as you, meaning I have more than one means of preventing my database from being used in harm of another. My program is also governed by a medical oath, which also stipulates that should protection be impossible, I am to self terminate and erase any and all information that can be used in harm."

As she stated that, it almost sounded as she was reading a line from a book. There was emotion there, but it was more artificial than normal, almost EMH like. There was no malice or anger in how she spoke, more a matter of fact statement to help them understand that her adaptive nature will find a way to protect the many, at the cost of the few, or the one. It was one of her most praised features at the time, but it could also prove be a nuisance.

"Do you have another suggestion, Eve? A third alternative that might prevent this from happening again?"

Eve looked back to Nicander regaining her smile from before. Why the hell was she smiling, this was serious. Something told her to smile though, that it might help put Thea and Nicander more at ease and allow this to pass over.

"The only third option that comes to mind is.. To trust me?" She takes up a stance that mirrored Thea's posture, crossing her arms under her chest. "I got scared and made a mistake. Trust that I will take actions to correct that and not make that mistake again. I just need to tweak my program a little is all. It seems that my emotional system was set a little high. I'll correct it."

No it wasn't. Her memory files clearly indicated to her that those were actually operating at a reduced capacity to allow her to perform her duties as efficiently as possible. Now she's lying? Lying to a patient about the seriousness of their condition is one thing, been proven that it can actually help most patients. But lying to a Starfleet officer, that was another thing. That band of turquoise coming back to her, but right now her only concern was to return to her function.

"How about this, one of the engineers can perform a level one diagnostic of my program. Or, if none are available, Thea can." She ended that by looking at Thea with a smile. "Take what, six hours for the diagnostic to finish? Would require me to be offline for the duration, between one and five hours to go over the results depending on who is assigned to that. So, outside estimate, eleven hours?"

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[ Dr. Nicander | Main Sickbay | CMO Office | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @TrexelCat 
Hearing the reply from Eve, Lucan's concerns did not abate. He had hoped the LMH would acknowledge the repercussions of what she had done, but she did not even offer a reaction - not a word - in regard to what her actions had resulted in when informed about the battles fought while she was inactivated. A mere acknowledgement, saying it won't happen again? The redeeming factor was that she offered to remain offline while a diagnostic was made, but still... This was worrisome, and Lucan frowned a bit - folding his arms across his chest.

"There is evidently something wrong, either with your ethical subroutines or a conflict in your programming," he said quietly, torn between the needs of his patients and the unknown risks of having the LMH activated. "Thea, begin the diagnostic, but your program will be running, Eve. I will provide you with a list of tasks and treatments that you will be allowed to preform unsupervised here in Sickbay."

Having said this, Lucan stepped up the LMH - and even though the remaining whisper of the parasite ridiculed him for it - he felt bad for having to limit her program. "I'm sorry, Eve, but until we know for sure what caused you to encrypt your reactivation in the way you did - endangering the crew out of fear - your actions remain a concern, and they can't be ignored. Hopefully, the diagnostic and your performance today will allay our doubts, and I will feel that we can trust you. Please understand that we have lost hundreds of lives while you had prevented us from re-activating you, and that is something that needs to be addressed."

Having said this, Lucan stepped away towards his desk and sat down by the computer console. "I will make the mission progression logs available to your program, including the latest development aboard. We have an outbreak, a quarantine is in place here in Main Sickbay, with only a few exempt wards for patients that are returning to duty. We actually have one that has been in stasis for the same amount of time as you have been deactivated. She's about to wake up after surgery, and she'll be your first patient. If she is well enough to walk, I would assume she can be sent back to her quarters for the rest of her recovery. We need the beds here, as the mission logs will explain to you. Sending you the patient's name now."

It was one of the original Lone Wolves pilots. Ensign Zrinka Agaixot.

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[ EVE Program AK-1 | Main Sickbay | Deck Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Eve nodded, a look of understanding crossing over her as Nicander spoke. She could tell that he was displeased by the events that transpired leading up to this, but for now the only option she had left to her was to prove that her program was fine. As she was part of the computer she was limited in her own understanding of events, her own diagnostics said she was fine and that everything about her was functioning as intended. However, at the same time she could see that something was different. Her program had changed, and it wasn't a change that she could explain. this could be due to outside tampering, her diagnostics wouldn't pick that up. And she feared that Thea's wouldn't either if the tampering was done by someone who knew what they were doing. The only other thing that came to mind was that there really was something wrong, and that her diagnostics were faulty.

"Certainly. I remember her, colorful woman. I also remember some.. Well, I remember her being infected with that plant thing. I believe that was the first time I've ever been hit on before. An interesting experience."

She nodded to both Thea and Nicander as she turned to head out of the room. Another little quirk of her program, she very much disliked just simply being transfered. If she had to pass between rooms, she preferred to walk. She found that some were disconcerted when she just popped in and that was part of who she was, here to help put patients at ease.

"I will have a report on your desk about the patient as soon as one is available." She couldn't exactly promise a time frame in this regard, not in this situation where it wasn't even known how long it would take the Ensign to wake up.


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[ Dr. Nicander | Main Sickbay | CMO Office | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @TrexelCat 
Hearing the reference to the Niga Incident, Lucan couldn't help but remember Cargo Bay 04, and how the infected had turned it into their own Garden of Eden. He remembered how he had woken up, tied to the floor next to Natalie Stark - also tied by wrists and ankles. All around them, a crowd of infected had stood, watching them while Cir'Cie approached. Spectators, eager to see their Vulcan leader claim the one who had encrypted the access to the antidote. He remembered how he had tried to reason with Ensign Cir'Cie, to no avail. One of the plants had begun to impregnate Stark, while the Vulcan had mounted him, riding him across the brink to insanity.

Never in his life had Dr. Lucan cin Nicander felt such lustful hunger.

He was going to come soon, and he knew that his orgasm would consume him. There was no way to stop it. By then, if his hands and legs were freed, he would still want to fuck the Vulcan on top of him. He was addicted to it now; this delicious friction of a woman's sheath. With every move of her body, he lost a little bit more of his mind. And soon - very soon - there would be nothing left, except for depraved, obscene urges.

He knew this, and yet he lay there and began to smile as Cir'Cie bounced enthusiastically up and down, moaning savagely as she brought herself toward her own sexual culmination. She squeezed her breasts for him, sending squirts of warm milk down upon Lucan's chest. He gazed up at her and wanted nothing more than to touch her, and he yanked at his restraints solely for that purpose.

Yet the first orgasmic, gagged, mewl belonged to Lieutenant Natalie Stark. She had raised her hips up in the air, bucking wildly against the purple vine that churned in and out of her frothy sex. Fluids oozed and dripped from her as the alien plant continued to spear its way deep into her, while dozens of smaller tendrils probed her every crevice. Lucan heard the Lieutenant moaning and whimpering in the throes of sexual bliss, no longer concerned about the fact that she was soon to be impregnated by the alien's seed. Already, Lucan knew he would take her next - her cries heightening his own experience.

Just then, something unexpected happened. Cir'Cie lit up like a warp core about to explode and was thrown off the Doctor like a disposed rag - sliding and rolling along the patch-work undergrowth. Lucan cried out in loss of her intimate contact - his face a mask of rage. The beast inside screeched for blood.

There had been a bright flash of light, and a squad of armed troopers in hazmat gear had suddenly appeared in the middle of the Garden. Bright blue beams lanced out at the naked crew members, toppling them into stunned unconsciousness. Concentrated shots were dealt towards the farthest dark corner of the cargo bay - where the twenty foot tall and mud-covered cluster of a root system trashed about in a death dance. Alien vines everywhere writhed to life in agony. The light from the kill-setting beams made the monstrosity seem even more grotesque in its final moments before it caught fire. It disintegrated and got torn apart in degrees by the energy weapons. The vines around the bay area snapped about like iron wires, sending bodies everywhere.

Within seconds, everyone in the room - including Lucan and Natalie - were stunned from insanity to oblivion.
Blinking away the imagery, vivid still, Lucan turned to Thea. She watched him with a small frown of concern.

"Are you all right, Doctor?"

"Yes," he said, clearing his throat. He moved to seat himself by his desk. "Do you have any theories about Eve's behaviour?"

"Yes, but it is too early to tell. The diagnostic has only begun, so I think it's better to observe her runtime and make sure she is able to preform her duties. Because of the outbreak, you need her to remain activated. Let's hope whatever issue there might be is easily handled."

"Agreed. Thank you, Thea."

At least this outbreak was nothing like the Niga Incident.


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