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Day 20 [1700 hrs.] Allegiant Amicability

[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | USS Allegiant | Deck 19 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BipSpoon


There was something distinctly strange about waking up a large spaceship. The Allegiant, the so-called 'captain's yacht', was large enough to serve as a starship in her own right, yet the vessel spent most of its time docked snugly inside its mothership. As Lillee entered the darkened craft, she couldn't help a shudder. It was superstition that ships had souls, but it was superstition that had been drilled into Lillee's bones since she was a babe, and somehow she sensed that the Allegiant was...not right. Restless. Agitated. Troubled.

Lillee was old enough not to trust superstition, but Romulan enough to be wary all the same. She walked through the ship steadily, lights flickering on automatically at her arrival. That caught Lillee's attention, and added to her unease. Modern lighting did not flicker like that. Sure, the Allegiant hadn't seen much maintenance lately, with the shuttles and fighters gobbling up all the resources, but even so...

Soon enough, Lillee reached the small Bridge. The forward viewport showed only the grey duranium of the Theurgy's hull, but even two months later, the memory came to Lillee's eyes easily.

Starships, broken and shattered. Bodies drifting through the void. Lillee at the conn, mentally plotting out evasion routes to distract herself from the horror around them. Yukimura, long dead now, giving the orders. Lillee, hiding the Allegiant behind the wreck of the Ark Royal, literally hiding amongst corpses in desperation.

Everyone watching in terror as two colossal cubes moved past the debris field. Praying that the Borg wouldn't notice, wouldn't care...

Back in present day, Lillee exhaled. Even if she lived to two hundred, those memories would still haunt her, as would those that came after. Shaking off her melancholy, she sat down at the conn and began running diagnostics. With the war heating up between Romulus and the Federation, as well as the war inside the Empire itself, the Theurgy was preparing to intervene once more. The Allegiant had to be ready.

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[ Ensign Cameron Henshaw | USS Allegiant | Deck 19 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff
It was an average day for the young yeoman, she’d woken by 0600, dropped breakfast off in the brig for her ‘friend’, and gotten straight to it. Most of the day was spent organizing crew schedules to be approved, with everything coming up, they couldn’t afford to waste any of their resources, most important of which was manpower. Besides that, she saw her crewmates all moving around her at top speed and her work was just…different to a degree. She certainly appreciated the reprieve from tactically analyzing battles across her holo-console, but she wanted to do more. To be more useful. So that evening after her own shift had ended, she’d volunteered to do some basic maintenance on the Allegiant, purging overdue buffers, ensure the EPS relays were solid…in other words, work a cadet could do.

To her surprise when she arrived however, the ship was already occupied. “Hmm.” She arched a brow as she headed inside. Lights were on, but the place was empty and silent as a tomb. Creepy as one too. A grimace formed across her soft features before she made her way for the bridge, humming a soft tune under her breath. As she worked her way up towards the bridge though, she noticed that because the ship was so silent, and so empty it carried her voice. “Hmmm” She hummed a note, and listened to the echo reverberate up the hall and somehow, even further. Perhaps through jeffries tubes or a computer glitch picking up and carrying her voice through the comms system. Her subconscious pulled at her though, reminding her of tales of horror and haunt that her parents- both sets of parents, had filled her mind with. Not to mention, the actual horror that she’d experienced firsthand.

When she reached the bridge, she’d been so lost in her own thoughts, humming away and reminiscing on the theoretical horrors of the ship, and the very real ones of the past few months. Within those horrors though, there was a light, one that she’d found and planned to hold tight to, consequences be damned. Ives knew. Nobody else though.


The door slid open and Cam was greeted not with an empty bridge, but with Lillee. Sheer shock took over as Cam dropped the toolkit, eyes wide…and let out a terrified scream, cutting herself off when she realized who it was.

“Lillee!” She sighed, breathlessly, her face slowly curling into a smile as her heart rate slowed.

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | USS Allegiant | Deck 19 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BipSpoon


Busy with the diagnostics, Lillee looked up with a frown as she heard an unmistakeable hum echo through the ship. The echo died out after a few moments, leaving an unnerving silence in its wake. Already on edge, Lillee muttered irritably to herself as she checked the engine systems...could oscillations in the deuterium flow were reading fine...

Turning to the right to work at the smaller side console, Lillee scolded herself to stop being so silly. She was a grown rihanna, a warrior; if her children saw her now, they'd be laughing until she was old and grey. She briefly considered grabbing a phaser from the locker, just for comfort, but it was a ridiculous thought. There were no threats aboard the Theurgy. She was safe. Well, of course there was the Infested monster in the Brig, Lorad's suspicious indifference to her, the dangerous puzzle that was Hirek, the very real peril presented by Amarik, not to mention the possibility of an unknown enemy among the crew, or an infiltrator...

...No. She was fine. Fine. Besides, what use was a phaser against the angry spirit of a neglected starship?

The sharp shock of the scream jerked Lillee out of her chair with a cry of her own, looking back at the source in horror before recognising the other woman. "Cameron!?" Lillee said in shock from her undignified position on the deck, dowm on all fours. As embarrassment creeped in, she hurriedly hopped to feet to a more professional posture, hands clasped behind her back.

"I...your pardon, Ensign!" she got out, slightly out of breath, her heart racing. "I didn't...I'm sorry, I didn't know that you be here!"

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[ Ensign Cameron Henshaw | USS Allegiant | Deck 19 | USS Theurgy | Qo’noS ] Attn: @Griff
Cam saw Lillee there on all fours, herself having just let out an embarrassing and girlish shriek. Her hand was clutching at her chest before finally…she just burst into laughter. Not really at Lillee or herself, but at the sheer ridiculousness of the situation. They were Starfleet officers and they were startled by spooky sounds on a ship. “I-I didn’t expect anyone either!” She continued to laugh, absolutely in stitches before she took control of herself and moved closer towards the Romulan.

“Just came to get some maintenance done, figured I’d lend a hand.” Cam had no reason to be on edge in fairness, she felt quite secure on the ship, and the big threat that likely bothered many of her crewmates, Lucan Nicander, didn’t bother her at all. Not in the sense of fear anyhow, more in the apprehensive sense of worrying they’d be found out. That someone would take action against her or him, or think that now she herself had been taken over by a parasite. Her largest worries with Lucan were that in truth, she was worried she was falling in love, and she wasn’t sure if she could handle a loss like that, not after everything.

“What’re you working on?” She set her kit down on a console and popped it open, taking out a Tricorder and scanning the console, clearly momentarily lost in thought. “Doesn’t feel right just…sitting around on my off hours with everything happening. Want everything to be perfect…least as much as it can be.” She set the Tricorder down and meandered ever closer to the Romulan woman as she let out a deep breath. Cam looked…tired, tired but determined. “How are you feeling about…” She trailed off, not sure what exactly to all it. They were mobilizing against the Romulans, Lillee’s people. That had to be difficult for anyone, Cam knew if she had to fight against Earth it would be hard, hell…it had been ever since the crew had rebelled against the compromised high command of the Federation.

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | USS Allegiant | Deck 19 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BipSpoon


Lillee, somewhat put out and more than a little embarrassed, only managed a forced grin in response to Cam's laughter. She took a breath as her friend talked, trying to settle her frantic heart,  all the while. It was truly nice to see Cam again, she realised. The human was very sweet, something that Lillee had grown to cherish in her companions, both amorous and platonic.

At Cam's question, Lillee gestured vaguely at the diagnostic still running on the console, but she was much more hesitant at the second, not meeting Cam's eyes. Why, though? She'd asked Hirek the exact same question, and she trusted Cam's discretion far more than that idiotic fool. The answer came immediately.

She is an alien.

"How do I feel about killing my own kin?" Lillee said drily, smiling with thick bitterness. She tucked a lock of blonde hair behind a pointed ear as she mused. "You really do strike at the heart, Cam. Speaking true, I hate it, but so what? They're working for our true enemy, so they need to die if the Empire will live. If that means shoving my honour-blade down Tal'aura's throat and out her ass, so be it. I'm performing my democratic duty as a rihanna of the Empire. They can exile me, burn my name, but they can't take that away."

Lillee sighed, crossing her arms as she shook off her dark thoughts. "What of you? Nobody comes down here off-duty if they're 'fine'."

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