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Day 05 [2350 hrs] A most Unexpected Encounter

Stardate 57668.18
April 23, 2381

Attn: @Pierce

OOC: The continuation of An Unexpected Guide II

[Lieutenant JG Amanda Ashby | Public Baths | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy]

As she stood in the shower, Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby stared off at the back wall of her booth with a somewhat absent-minded gaze in her blue eyes. The blonde-haired Martian tried to understand what had happened that night but, for someone who had spent so many years trying to understand the psyche, she found herself coming up disappointedly blank. She knew only too well what happened; she’d given in to the idea of skinny dipping after catching Tessa May Lance in the nude weeks earlier, and in an ironic twist of fate the Fighter Pilot subsequently caught her in the exact same act. It resulted in an… encounter in the Jacuzzi between herself, Tessa and Ensign Lauren Pierce. While things remained innocent enough, Amanda nevertheless felt conflicted about what had happened to her and how it made her feel.

Or how it had left her feeling, rather. After all, she was in a relationship -a happy relationship- with Krat. They had been together for years, ever since Hillcrest Medical University, and over the years ‘her’ Vulcan Ranger became her counterpart in pretty much everything. While the distance between them had sometimes been an issue, with him being a Ranger in one of the Federation Wildlife Sanctuaries and herself being deployed for prolonged periods of time, Krat had always said that life -at least hers- was too short and that he didn’t want to limit her in enjoying her life to the fullest; at one point he had even mentioned, with his signature sense of dry humour that had attracted her to him in the first place, that he wouldn’t mind for her to find another partner, just as long as it was a woman so he’d “also get something out of it when we meld our minds again”. Back then she had laughed about it, but as the warm water rained down on her wet, blonde hair Amanda found herself trying to recall how long it had been since he’d last touched her.


She couldn’t even remember. Before her defection to the USS Theurgy she’d enjoyed two weeks of shore leave, which she partly spent on Risa with Krat, but the ‘renegade ship’ and her brother Ethan, who’d served as an Assistant Chief Diplomat aboard Theurgy when the ship went rogue, pretty much dominated their vacation. Either way, it had been way too long and, as she stood in that shower, Amanda could still feel Tessa’s hands on her breasts; holding them with the signature excitement which she’d come to expect of the blonde-haired Fighter Pilot. With a soft sigh, Amanda raised her own hands and tried to repeat Tessa by holding her 34E-sized breasts. It was a kind of excitement that couldn’t really be mirrored though and, as she felt her hard nipples brushing beneath the palms of her hands, all it did was draw out another, somewhat sharper sigh while Amanda squirmed ever so slightly because of how it made her feel.

Maybe that was the root of the issue. As Amanda repeated the process once more and bit her lower lip to stifle another sharp sigh, she knew that Tessa May Lance had aroused her; that was the entire problem. She was aroused, and at this point Amanda honestly didn’t knew how that made her feel, at least beyond a sinful kind of good. 

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[ Lt. JG Tessa Lance" | Public Baths | Deck 06 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nesota Kynnovan [Show/Hide]

After Lauren and Tessa had left the public baths, Lauren had decided to go back to her room. But Tessa realized that she'd forgotten something in the baths and decided to head back before heading to bed again. She'd enjoyed her time truthfully in the baths with Amanda and Lauren. Especially the weighing of the martians. But nevertheless, she was hoping to grab her items and head back. Although, she couldn't remember what it was exactly she had left behind in the room.

Traversing the corridor, her blonde hair swayed as it was still drying somewhat from the earlier encounter. Not that she had as much hair as Lauren but she'd only left maybe ten minutes prior. Her mind was still jostled from the crash but the heat from the hot tubs had helped. She knew she had to be up early-ish for the repairs on her Valkyrie with Scruffy, but something had drawn her back to the baths.

Despite her...interesting relationship with Kate, and Scruffy, she found that she also was intrigued and interested in Lt. Ashby as well. Something about her figure, her build, and her eyes just drew her in. Aside from that, she seemed to gravitate towards the blondes on the ship. She liked Lauren but they were just friends. Kate was a blonde and so was Amanda so...

She shrugged as she finally made it back into the baths. Glancing around the room, she failed to figure out what her reasoning was for returning.

"What did I leave behind?" She said quietly to herself while rubbing her scalp in thought.

Lance thought she'd left something of importance behind but it wasn't what she thought. Walking towards the showers, she heard a woman inside, tall, blonde and of a beauty she could only imagine. But it dawned on her quickly who exactly it was before her in the buff.

The thoughts of her earlier encounter of the size and weight tests came back to her mind and only elicited an interest in her that only grew. She watched as Amanda was lifting her chest in an attempt to do...something? Tessa wasn't sure what was going through the morale officers mind presently but she had an idea where it was leading.

Quickly she disrobed and tossed her garments to the ground in order to match the appearance of the psychiatrists own body. Tactfully, Tessa waited for Amanda to drop her hands and quietly opened the door allowing some of the cooler air in the room to swath in and chill their collective bodies. And before Amanda could turn around, Tessa climbed in quietly, shutting the door, and reached around Amanda's waist, grabbing her large 34E's, one in each hand before pulling closer into a back hug. Her own modest chest gripping the taller woman's back as she whispered not too subtlely or quietly, "Miss me?"

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[Lieutenant JG Amanda Ashby | Public Baths | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy]
Attn: @Pierce

Deep down in the back of her mind Amanda knew that, while it was only natural to feel some kind of sinful attraction to the pretty blonde-haired Fighter Pilot, it was just downright unwise to reminisce about the earlier hot tub events while in a public shower. It was a much better option to leave those things for the privacy of her own quarters, where no one could suddenly walk in on her. With a soft sigh she let go of her ample breasts and, in an attempt to come to her senses, the blonde-haired Martian looked directly into the showerhead so the warm water was raining down directly onto her face. Despite her arousal, it worked at least somewhat and the warm water allowed Amanda a brief moment of tranquillity.

Which is why she almost had a heart attack when someone reached around her waist to suddenly grab her ample breasts with both hands. Or at least, as much as fit into them. The hands were gently holding her E-sized breasts while the fingertips squeezed them in an overly familiar way, but before Amanda could even do as much as scream however, she felt how she was gently pulled into a back hug. Within mere moments she could feel how a pair of firm breasts were squishing up against her back, and the feeling of hard nipples poking against her skin was reason enough to realize that whoever was doing this was just as aroused as she’d been herself just seconds earlier.

It didn’t take long for said arousal to return however, because a familiar voice whispered something in her ear only a second after groping her and, as Amanda recognised both the voice and the way the other person was caressing her breasts, she had to admit that she actually did miss Tessa May Lance.

While a part of her was definitely angry over being scared like that, that anger quickly disappeared along with her earlier tranquillity just by hearing the tone of Tessa’s voice in combination with her actions. Instead, a soft gasp escaped Amanda’s lips in reply and she arched her back just ever so slightly; pushing more of her ample breasts into Tessa’s eager hands by doing so. ”That depends.” As she spoke, Amanda’s Martian-accented voice only made it too clear that the blonde-haired Fighter Pilot was a welcome addition to her shower routine. ”Are you here to compare some more?”

With those words Amanda turned around and, while it did break Tessa’s hold over her 34E’s, the blonde-haired Martian made sure to turn around in such a way that they jiggled provocatively as her blue eyes sought out the Fighter Pilot’s greenish-golds. It only took Amanda one look to know that this was completely different from their earlier hot tub encounter; while Tessa was always a combination of overly excited and playful, her eyes now lacked their earlier (possibly feigned) innocence and instead looked more… interested. A smirk began to adorn Amanda’s face as she brought up her own hands, almost teasingly slow, and softly caressed Tessa’s breasts. While it was only for a moment, just long enough to gently squeeze the Fighter Pilot’s firm breasts and brush her thumbs over the hard nipples just once, it was enough to get her point across. Or so Amanda hoped. “Because I might be up for more comparing…”

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[ Lt. JG Tessa Lance" | Public Baths | Deck 06 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nesota Kynnovan [Show/Hide]

Tessa smirked as she felt the other woman's startled nature at her own fingers caressing her fellow blonde's breasts. She liked the feeling it brought on and her own nipples were pointed at the notion of fondling the delicateness of her large chest. When Amanda reciprocated, however, Tessa felt much better at the prospect.

"Compare? I thought you'd never ask!" She yelled in her bubbly voice.  The excitement clearly building since their earlier encounter in the baths in which she had herself surprised the other blonde and felt zero shame at what she'd committed to.

The jiggle of the martian's 34E's sent a shiver through Tessa as she managed to somehow keep one hand grasping one of them in the turn to go face to face. The heat built inside her as she realized that the women were very close. She smiled warmly beaming her golden-hued eyes at the equally naked friend in the showers. She knew what Amanda was thinking because she herself was as well.

That was when Amanda brought her own hands up to the fighter's chest and gave them an equally proud squeeze. The feeling brought a slight moan to Tessa's lips as she closed her eyes in appreciation at the touch of her own breasts. The nipple rub gave her a shiver that rocked her to her loins.

"What did you have in mind?" The fighter winked and reached a hand down to the nether regions of Amanda's folds while rubbing the breast with her remaining hand.

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[Lieutenant JG Amanda Ashby | Public Baths | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy]
Attn: @Pierce

Just hearing how that soft moan escaped Tessa’s lips was enough to send a shiver down Amanda’s spine. Ever since their first encounter in the Public Baths, she had considered the blonde Fighter Pilot to be quite attractive; definitely a little clumsy, but nevertheless quite bubbly, cheerful and generally optimistic. Considering the predicament of the USS Theurgy and her crew, it was Tessa’s rather unique attitude that initially captivated Amanda’s attention and allowed it to blossom, through a series of unforeseen circumstances in which the other woman’s physical appearance definitely played a big part as well, to where they were now.

And Amanda definitely enjoyed every last second of it. As she watched how Tessa closed her almost gold-coloured green eyes in pleasure before speaking up, the Martian Psychiatrist watched how the other woman’s innocent façade all but dropped away; whereas Tessa had initially just touched Amanda’s 34E-sized breasts back in the Jacuzzi and even teased her ever so slightly by casually running those nimble fingers over her nipples while giving a squeeze or two, things had changed now. Instead of the earlier teasing, the nimble fingers of Tessa’s left hand were caressing as much of her ample, by now perky right breast as the blonde-haired Fighter Pilot could fit into her hand. In the meantime, the woman’s index- and middle fingers were squeezing her rock-hard nipple while doing so and teasingly twisted and pulled it with every move the woman made. Amanda felt how the expert attention she received was creating a pleasant warm feeling in her stomach that began to spread up and down her spine; all the way up to her breasts and down to her cleanly shaved lower lips. Despite the shower, it was clear that Amanda was starting to get wet. A soft moan escaped the blonde-haired Martian’s lips in response and, as she arched her back further in order to press even more of her breast into Tessa’s hand, Amanda spoke up in a heated tone that perfectly reflected what she felt at that very moment. ”Hmm… that feels good. Keep-…” She inhaled sharply as a pleasant shiver shot down her spine. ”Keep doing that, Tessa!”

When Amanda felt how Tessa’s other hand began to trail down her stomach, she turned her blue-eyed attention down for a brief moment; just long enough to confirm what she was feeling. It didn’t require a genius to realize what Tessa was planning and, as she turned her gaze back to the Fighter Pilot, Amanda couldn’t help but grin. ”I’ll just follow your lead and… compare a little.” With those words, Amanda turned her attention to Tessa’s beautiful, perky pair of 34C-sized breasts. She began to caress the other blonde’s breasts a little firmer and, while doing so, first trailed her index fingers around the edges of her areola before trapping the hard nipples between her index- and middle fingers; perfectly mimicking what the Fighter Pilot was doing to her breast. As she began to tease the nipples in between her fingers, Amanda leaned forwards and opened the index- and middle fingers of her left hand just enough for Tessa’s entire areola to become visible between them. Without ceasing her caressing, the Martian Psychiatrist took as much of the areola into her mouth as possible and began to suckle while flicking the hard nipple with her tongue.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa Lance" | Public Baths | Deck 06 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nesota Kynnovan [Show/Hide]

Tessa quite enjoyed Amanda's personal touch and company. After all, she'd spent the earlier part of the night having a little fun too. She had to be truthful with herself. She was enjoying the appearance of her blonde friend too. The large, curvaceous breasts, the shapely body, and the beautiful face to match. She was mesmerized by her friend and the fact she was into what was beginning to play out now.

Her eyes kept closing unintentionally as Amanda touched her with definite intent. It caused more moans to be elicited from her lips. Lance's hand continued to rub gently but expertly on Amanda's breast all the while listening to the other woman's moans. Further feeding the hunger in her core that was growing stronger by the moment. Arching her own head back as she moved closer and felt more of their flesh colliding in the heat of the shower and each other.

"You keep...doing...that too feels great!" Tessa said as her hand continued to rub the other blonde's folds which increased in intensity as Amanda's tongue swirled on her breast causing a moan and a sharp jump to hit her. "Oh! Oooh! Keep doing that Amanda! So...gooood...." She said moaning louder now at the feelings hitting her. The feeling of the soft, wetness surrounding her nipples and the pressure on her breasts only caused her to rub more on the other woman's delicate areas.

After Amanda released Tessa's breast from her mouth, she pushed Amanda towards the wall, essentially pinning her before she opened her mouth and planted a long, wet, kiss with a bit of tongue. Her hands returned to the delicate but forceful touches of the other blonde's breast and folds. Finally, she pinned Amanda's arms to the sides with a strength she didn't realize she had as she kissed from her collarbone to the right breast, not quite getting the nipple after each kiss and nibble. Using her mouth she kissed the underside of the large breast before her and worked her way back up and finally took the nipple into her mouth, swirling her tongue on it before moving to do the same to the other side.

"Do you enjoy this?" She said with a smirk before taking the other nipple into her mouth and gently massaging it too.

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[Lieutenant JG Amanda Ashby | Public Baths | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy]
Attn: @Pierce

While Amanda was definitely enjoying this, it was the kiss that quite honestly shocked the blonde-haired Martian. In her mind, this little encounter in the shower was amazing and exactly what she needed right now, but the kiss only made that little voice in the back of her mind all the louder; that little voice that shouted at her not to do this and that engaging Tessa like this was something she couldn’t do. Shouldn’t do. As her blue-eyed attention focused on the blonde-haired Fighter Pilot while the woman began to lap on one of her nipples, Amanda tried (and subsequently failed) to suppress a moan. As she looked at the woman she felt like a hypocrite, to be enjoying this only to back down after a kiss, but it was precisely that kiss which had quite honestly crossed a line she never wanted to cross.

Definitely a hypocrite.

”Tessa..” As she spoke, Amanda shifted around in the shower ever so slightly; moving them just ever so slightly so that her own back was towards the door. ”Wait, wait.” She brought her hands, which she’d previously used to caress the other woman’s breasts, up to her shoulders and gently pushed the other woman backwards a little to create a little bit of distance between them. In doing so, Amanda also took a step backwards and felt how she was now leaning against the shower door herself. ”We… I mean, why did you kiss me just now?” While she observed the other woman, Amanda tried not to sound hurt or make the impression that she was upset, but the way in which she leaned back against the door in order to create a little room made it only too obvious that something was amiss. ”I don’t know… aren’t we taking this a little too faaaa-…”

While she talked, the shower door suddenly swung open. With Amanda still leaning against it, the unexpected shift of balance made her topple backwards; making her flail her arms around wildly as her feet slipped and she fell, butt-first, onto the floor of the Public Baths. It was a scene worthy of a slapstick comedy that could have taken away any of the tension that she might’ve created between herself and Tessa but, as she winced against the pain in her butt, Amanda suddenly felt two smooth, long legs which broke her fall as she fell against them.

Looking up, all Amanda could see was the amazingly fit body clad in a bikini. From her perspective at the woman’s feet, a pair of ample breasts completely obscured the woman’s face from view, but she could still see a curtain of red hair on either side of the breasts. At that point, the pain in her butt was the very least of Amanda’s worries and she quickly jumped to her feet; a move which made her bare 34E-sized breasts bounce and jiggle furiously. Only after that, when Amanda stood in front of the other woman, could she recognise the redhead as Lieutenant Commander Alana Pierce, the Chief Intelligence Officer.

And the one thing that went through Amanda’s head at that very moment was “Shit”. She was busted by a Senior Officer.

Attempting to cover herself up with her hands, Amanda found herself spectacularly lacking; while covering her lower lips with her left hand, she wrapped her right arm around her ample breasts in an attempt to hide them from the green-eyed gaze of the other woman. While she managed to cover up her left breast, at least half of the areola of her right breast still peeked out from above her arm. ”Err… hello.” was all that the blonde-haired Psychiatrist could say at that moment while she laughed sheepishly.

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[ Lt. Commander Alana Pierce | Lt. JG Tessa Lance" | Public Baths | Deck 06 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nesota Kynnovan [Show/Hide]

Pierce had opened the door to the shower room not realizing that there were people inside, doing things, she'd never considered to happen in public, let alone in front of her. The shock hit her to the core. The male part of her brain was all for it, however, the female part of her brain was less than enthusiastic. Causing a stir and a torn indecision about the situation that unfolded literally in front of her.

She glanced forward and saw Tessa sheepishly hiding behind the steaming doorway as she turned her attention to the blonde woman below her. Or at least she supposed she was blonde. It all happened so fast and her own large bust was covering the view below. Another thing she wasn't enthused about was being caught wearing her bikini in the public baths as it was something she preferred most not seeing her wear.

Alana took a step backward to better realize the situation she walked in on. Knowing full well, the two of them were doing something better kept behind closed doors. And based on the embarrassment on the blonde women's faces, she knew it to be true. The quick response from Lt. Ashby was interesting as she didn't expect that being out of uniform but decided to roll with it anyhow. After watching the woman's breast jiggle before her as she stood and made the sorry attempt to cover up, a slight smirk broke the corner of her lip.

"Lieutenant...Ashby is it?" She asked rhetorically. Looking at the hiding face in the stall, she acknowledged her as well. "Lt. Lance."

Alana walked near and around Amanda, admiring the view as she passed by with an almost militaristic waltz before facing her again. "So, I see we're experimenting at the odd hours of the night, eh?" She considered making this hell for the two of them or not. Part of her wanted to and part wanted to be friendly...even to Tessa.

"Tessa, come out here. Now." She said sternly to the other blonde as she looked on at her birthday suit as well.

"Sorry sir, I mean mam, I mean..."

The redheaded woman walked closer and spoke towards Amanda. "Drop to attention." Waiting to see if the woman started to budge before cracking a smile. She grabbed her arm which was going to uncover any basic modesty that was long since forgotten. "At ease. I'll pretend I didn't see anything." She said winking.

"Truth be told, I contemplated showing some force but decided, we're off duty. Doesn't much matter right now."

Alana waved her palm to the hot tub. "You're welcome to join me. I wanted to ease some painful joints after a long day. Only difference is, I won't be dropping my clothes off. At least not here." She grinned playfully. "Seriously, it's fine. Sorry for interrupting whatever it was I walked in on back there. Or if you welcome the change in dynamic, I'm available to chat."

She began her decent to the edge of the hot tub before placing her long, smooth legs over the edge and sitting on the ledge. Letting the warmth and bubbles glisten across her legs. She rocked momentarily before finally sliding in to seat herself on the bench allowing her red hair to hit the water and look like a wave of fire behind her. She leaned her head back on the ledge giving her neck a rest as her large bust floated to the top of the water. Her light blue bikini soaking wet now, she began to relax for a moment.

Tessa looked at Amanda and gave her a look as if, do we continue our conversation or pretend it never happened as she debated the invite knowing the redhead was not fond of her in the slightest.

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[Lieutenant JG Amanda Ashby | Public Baths | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy]
Attn: @Pierce

As Lieutenant Pierce walked around her, Amanda realized that the worst part of the situation wasn’t even the fact that they got caught, nor that she failed to come up with any excuse that could possibly explain this to the red-haired Chief Intelligence Officer, but the sheer fact that she got recognised almost immediately. For the briefest of moments she had actually hoped that, aboard a ship with hundreds of officers and enlisted crew, she wouldn’t be recognised and could fade back into anonymity afterwards. It was not to be however and her heart skipped a beat when, amidst the green-eyed scrutiny which she was forced to endure, Alana Pierce simply dropped her name as if it was so very obvious. She tried to shift her arm ever so slightly in an attempt to cover up her right breast a little better, but failed in doing so; a little over half of her rosepink-coloured areola still peeked out from above her arm and Amanda could feel her hard nipple poking against the side of her elbow as if it too could slip out into full view any second now.

Her moment of respite came, however brief, when Alana turned her attention towards Tessa. In all fairness, as she listened how the Chief Intelligence Officer called the blonde Fighter Pilot out of the showers and out into the open as well, Amanda actually felt a moment of anxiety; knowing Tessa, there was a chance that the blonde would say or do something to make this situation even worse. While she technically didn’t, Amanda noticed, in a mixture of shock and -in all honesty- admiration, that the blonde responded to the situation with her usual lack of modesty and stepped out into the open without covering herself. Just one look at those perky C-cup breasts and the almost painfully hard nipples that donned them, which Amanda had been teasing just moments ago, was enough to show that Tessa had enjoyed herself. However, Amanda knew that Lieutenant Pierce would definitely notice that as well and it didn’t necessarily help their situation in even the slightest.

Things got even worse when Amanda saw that the Chief Intelligence Officer turned her green-eyed gaze back towards her and stepped in a little closer before demanding that she drop to attention. For a brief moment Amanda stared back at the woman in disbelief before she, albeit reluctantly, began to lower the arm which she’d so carefully covered her ample E-sized breasts with. Or rather, that was the plan. Before she could even do as much as shift her arm, Lieutenant Pierce grabbed it and spoke up, suddenly changing the atmosphere in the room by… letting them off the hook? Amanda noticed the wink and listened how Alana explained that this didn’t matter before the red-haired woman surprisingly invited them both into the jacuzzi with her.

While Alana got into the hot tub, Amanda turned her blue-eyed attention towards the -still- uncovered Tessa and locked eyes with the other woman’s greenish-golds. It seemed that the blonde-haired Fighter Pilot was also struggling to process the sudden turn of events and, in an attempt to act before Tessa would come up with ideas that would turn the situation against them once more, Amanda slightly shook her head. She wanted to talk to Alana Pierce to make absolutely sure that this incident wouldn’t come back to haunt them and a part of her worried that Tessa’s usual enthusiasm would be counterproductive, albeit definitely fun. Lowering her voice, Amanda whispered ”Tess, get out of here. I’ll cover you and make sure we won’t get in trouble with Alana Pierce.”

With a soft sigh, Amanda collected her courage and turned around to walk towards the jacuzzi. ”Please bring me my bikini before you leave though!” Amanda had no idea if Tessa had heard that last part of her whisper, or even if the woman decided to follow her advice or instead follow her towards the jacuzzi. Instead, she forced a smile onto her face as she approached the jacuzzi. It seemed like the Chief Intelligence Officer had forgotten all about the incident and, as Amanda briefly glanced at the woman’s large, light-blue clad breasts floating on the top of the water, the red-haired Lieutenant looked fairly… harmless as opposed to how militaristic she had been earlier.

Amanda coughed softly to gain the woman’s attention and smiled, much more genuinely now, before she spoke up. ”I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience, Lieutenant Pierce.” While she spoke, Amanda carefully got towards the edge of the jacuzzi and slowly made her way in, mindful of her steps because she used her hands to cover herself. At least, to the best of her ability. When she finally got into the tub and sat down on her seat, a soft gasp escaped her lips as the hot water once again engulfed her. ”I… err… I hope we didn’t scare you.” As her blue eyes searched for eye contact with Alana’s blues, Amanda shifted her arm and crossed her legs before using both hands to cover her breasts, which were half submerged just beneath the bubbling water and threatened to float to the surface. ”It’s nice to meet you though, albeit under these circumstances.” For a brief moment she looked at her ample, half-submerged breasts before laughing in an attempt to make light of the situation. ”If I wouldn’t be underdressed I’d offer you a hand but, as it is, mine are full at the moment.” She turned her attention back to Alana with a big grin, hoping that humour would at least defuse the situation.

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[ Lt. Commander Alana Pierce | Public Baths | Deck 06 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nesota Kynnovan [Show/Hide]

Alana watched as the two officers her junior squirmed under the pressure. At least she did from a slit in her eyelids as she leant back in the hot tub. She knew she had them despite not wanting to creating enemies as the hard assed superior officer. She actually came down to unwind but the situation itself she walked into unknowingly made her curious to as far as this was going. Hearing Amanda's squeamish call to Tessa to grab her swimsuit despite trying to hide her rather large chest at the same time.

The heat from the tub was soothing some of her recent irritations from missions and stress. Albeit, she normally never came dressed in as skimpy an outfit, she felt comfortable here at this moment despite the two onlookers who were worse for wear. What they didn't realize was how she was previously someone who would have dove at them, but nowadays, she wasn't sure where she fit in. She had no affinity for the male anatomy in at least as far as others, but she did still have a deep interest in the female form, albeit, not her own despite her beautiful appearance.

The air was thick from the feelings that Amanda and Tessa were expressing before her entry and that made her want to ask more of what their intentions were but her distaste for Tessa, for whatever reason just caused her to want to gut punch her. Tessa could sense the change despite the call out from her comrade, the blonde mouthed, 'sorry' to Amanda and saw Amanda's own mouthing to get out of dodge to which she took literally, grabbing her towel and clothes and running out the door as fast as she could without hesitations or playful reactions.

Letting the frustration melt from her own face, Alana opened her eyes and sat down further in the water allowing it to engulf her more before taking a deeper dive under the water. Almost as quickly, she pulled back up, wiping the water from her face and collecting her hair behind her head before smiling back casually. It dawned on her that Amanda was a little...excited? She was surprised but then again, the stories she'd heard of Tessa, wasn't surprised. What did surprise her was Amanda's stares at her own large "E" sized breasts floating at the top of the water.

Amanda's cough allowed Pierce to focus on the other remaining blonde since Tessa took her leave of the pair. Putting her hand up, she waved off Amanda's apology. "No worries, Amanda. Can I call you Amanda?" She chuckled. "I feel like in our current situation, professional behavior is out the window anyhow." A smile still stuck to her pink lips. Seeing the woman still attempt to cover herself despite failing in vain at the situation.

"It's nice to meet you as well, regardless of the circumstances." She paused briefly. "I hope I wasn't interrupting anything...exciting?" She asked quizzically with a raised eyebrow much like a Vulcan interested in an unexpected response.

"I wasn't trying to ruin your fun, but was coming to take a dip at this late hour because..." Pausing again in thought as she knew she was going to need to get comfortable with it still. "Well, I'm not the best when it comes to comfort and being barely dressed. I have got it down in the gym thanks to Reggie now, but I still can't feel comfortable in my own skin sometimes."

She shrugged allowing the air to be filled with the bubbles of the hot tub.

"So...since we're hear, what else do you do for fun? Aside from the obvious, not that I mind." She smirked.

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[Lieutenant JG Amanda Ashby | Public Baths | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy]
Attn: @Pierce

A mild hint of annoyance had began to show on Amanda’s face after she watched how Tessa quite literally abandoned her. The blonde-haired fighter pilot had gathered her clothes and dashed out into the corridor without even pausing to get dressed first and, to make matters worse, she had completely forgotten Amanda’s bikini in her apparent rush to get away from Alana and any potential consequences.

Which subsequently left Amanda in a rather precarious position.

The only positive about the situation was that Alana’s mood quite noticeably changed after Tessa had left the area and, as the red-haired Lieutenant Commander spoke up, Amanda’s blue eyes came to rest upon the woman; curious as to what prompted the sudden mood change. ”Of course you can call me Amanda! I assume I can call you Alana then?” As she spoke Amanda noticed the smile on Alana’s lips and allowed a friendly smile of her own to form on her lips. ”Yeah… I agree that these particular circumstances are about as informal as they can get.” While her Martian-accented voice held a somewhat embarrassed undertone, she masked it with a smile and shrugged off the follow-up question about Alana having interrupted anything exciting. Given that it was already embarrassing enough that things had gotten that exciting in the first place, let alone that she got caught doing that kind of stuff, Amanda very much preferred not to bring it up again. Especially not because Alana seemed to hold some kind of grudge against Tessa May Lance and she really didn’t want to spark the Chief Intelligence Officer’s ire at that particular moment.

While she listened to the red-haired woman, Amanda nevertheless contemplated the position which she was in. It had been her intention to talk to Alana in an attempt to defuse the situation and get dressed in the process of doing so; which ultimately turned out to be a miscalculation on both points. To begin with, she never expected Tessa to abandon her without first dropping off her bikini and, maybe more importantly, it turned out that Alana Pierce wasn’t nearly as angry as she initially turned out to be so there was no situation to defuse in the first place. Regardless, she was still sitting in a jacuzzi with the Chief Intelligence Officer while being completely naked and, in all fairness, hearing how laid back the other woman was about the situation made Amanda feel even more ridiculous.

In an attempt to regain her composure Amanda simply smiled at the woman and spoke up once more, her Martian-accented voice holding a tone of confidence which it had lacked previously. ”Well, I have to say that the barely dressed look suits you.” As she spoke, Amanda’s blue eyes briefly came to rest upon Alana’s floating E-sized breasts and her smile became more confident as well. ”And please, don’t worry about ruining my fun. I can’t say that I have ever met someone under these particular circumstances, so I prefer to see it as a new experience instead.” Those words were further accentuated by an affectionate laugh which successfully allowed Amanda to regain her composure. Or at least the confidence which she had lost earlier, at about the same time when she tumbled out of the shower.

Further boldened by Alana’s earlier words about not being bothered by the circumstances, Amanda took a deep breath to mentally prepare herself before removing her hands from her breasts and stretching her arms out along the edge of the hot tub. It was a move that fully bared her half-submerged 36E-sized breasts to Alana; they immediately came up to the surface and, while it was a couple of minutes since Alana interrupted the excitement, Amanda’s breasts were still noticeably firmed up by her hard rose-pink coloured nipples and perky areolas. ”I do understand why you came to take a dip at this hour though, it has certain… advantages.” As she spoke, Amanda winked to further accentuate her words before another affectionate laugh left her lips. A laugh which, now they were no longer covered, allowed her breasts to jiggle in their defiance of gravity.

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Pierce was relieved to see that she could call Amanda by her first name. She'd already had a good go with Reggie and was hoping to use the albeit awkward situations she stumbled into to make friends of the female variety. Somewhat nervous inside despite being strong, and bold, she was damaged still despite her attempts to push it off. Her mental state needed friends more than she realized and part of her knew she needed to blow off some steam too. Something she kind of envied about Tessa was her boldness to just go for things. She hadn't had a sexual experience outside of checking herself out since the changes that brought her where she was now.

The thick Martian accent was oddly enough, enticing to her ears and it reminded her of the old British or Scottish brogues she was used to hearing in officers but different. Kind of hot to be honest. But it was odd that Amanda was apologizing despite the rank difference, she'd let it go because ultimately, she needed to relax before going into the thick of things again.

Alana peered at Amanda and her voluptuous 36E breasts. Something she was proud she shared with the woman was well rounded, big breasts sitting at 34E... She slightly lowered her glance to look at her own in front of her...something she had to get used to seeing instead of her stomach, or feet, or pelvic area since the change.

Lost temporarily in thought she heard the remark from Amanda about her appearance and looking rather nice with barely any clothing on. Something she hadn't expected but felt red in the face and slightly flushed about oddly enough. She could see Amanda eyeing her breasts from across the hot tub as she smiled and continued to reassure her that the fun wasn't ruined but added to the new experiences.

New experiences? She thought to herself. Is Amanda hitting on her? She couldn't be certain as the blonde warmed up to her after the casual yet unorthodox initial meeting mere moments before.

"Can't say I've met someone in this situation either." She grinned with a soft chuckle. Letting the bubbles of the hot tub work its magic on her back and rump. She closed her eyes briefly and winced in pain as her shoulders and upper back hurt. She knew partially because of the recent missions, the holodeck runs, the gym, and her weighted breasts. Leaning forward she hoped the jets would take the pain away.

Glancing upward again, Alana saw Amanda finally let her arms go and reveal her breasts in all their glory before her. She was slightly shocked but also had to attempt to hide the male brain inside her that was happily gawking at the sights. They bobbed and shook with the water as she saw the aroused nipples that were in no way hiding from her, causing her to have a stir in her loins and in her own nipples. What the hell am I doing? She pondered as she attempted to recalibrate to no avail.

The blonde spoke up causing Pierce to look back at the woman's eyes and not her areolas. The slight nudge and hint of the time of arrival and the advantages of coming so late weren't lost on her but she felt the conundrum of decorum still despite her internal feeling to throw caution to the wind.

Laughing a bit more this time, she felt her nerves somewhat as well as her redness which she chalked up to the pain in her neck and upper back despite watching the breasts jiggle in the water. "That is true about that." Her own breasts were bobbing up and down with the movement of the bubbles and her laughter.

"Truth be told, I come down here so late because I'm embarrassed to show my body off in such little clothing. I guess I'm not very comfortable in my own skin." She shrugged allowing her breasts to heave upward, with cleavage, and drop back to the water. The pain felt stabbing in her shoulder however and she nearly barrelled over.

"Ooo. Ouch! I hurt my back the other day on a mission, the gym, and a bad holodeck fall. It's been repaired on some of those accounts but I am in desperate need of a spa day, or masseuse!" She laughed again as she rubbed part of her back. Getting an idea to see how far the blonde woman wanted to go, and to see how far she herself was actually willing, she set the bait.

"Would to mind getting this spot in my back, please? My back is killing me!"

She turned around slowly allowing the show and then leaned into the edge of the jacuzzi tub, laying her face on the edge as she pulled her hair around the gap between her neck and the edge before finally placing her arms under her face. Either way, relief was hopefully coming.

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It was rather obvious that the Lieutenant Commander on the other side of the hot tub was staring at her breasts and Amanda couldn’t help but chuckle; it was only fair after she had stared at the ample breasts of the red-haired Chief Intelligence Officer as well. When her blue eyes came to rest upon the other woman’s breasts once again, the smile briefly weakened out of sheer surprise as Amanda saw how they slowly perked up. While Alana was still wearing a light blue bikini that was struggling to contain the woman’s huge globes, the hot tub had completely soaked it and that made it obvious to see that the woman’s nipples were gradually getting hard.

At least someone enjoys the view.

The smile immediately returned to Amanda’s face as the thought crossed her mind, partly out of a somewhat misplaced and perverted pride but for a bigger part because this meant that Lieutenant Commander Pierce wasn’t likely to report her to Lieutenant Commander Hathev. Regardless of her relief, Amanda felt that pleasant feeling of her own breasts firming up once more in response to Alana; contrary to the other woman however, Amanda’s breasts were bare though and she would’ve been able to see how her already perky breasts were firming up even more.

When the Chief Intelligence Officer suddenly began to rub her back and asked for a massage, Amanda was definitely taken aback for a brief moment. In all honesty she had expected to talk to Lieutenant Commander Pierce long enough to get herself and Tessa off the hook for their little adventure and then bail as well, but it seemed the redhead was set on gaining something from this encounter as well. For a brief moment it left the blonde-haired Martian at an impasse; would she get out while she was still ahead or would she accept to give the other woman a massage and see where that would take them. Already aroused and previously brought to the brink of a mind-shattering orgasm by Tessa May Lance, the second option definitely felt more intriguing to Amanda and she was already making her way over to Lieutenant Commander Pierce’s side of the hot tub before she’d even realized it herself.

”Of course I wouldn’t!” As she spoke, Amanda’s Martian-accented voice held a tone of genuine empathy. She would often run laps in the corridors herself and sometimes visited the gym as well, if not as much as she actually should, but her own breasts would play absolute havoc on her back as well so she could definitely understand Lieutenant Commander Pierce’s pain. ”Trust me, I know the pain.” A smile began to adorn Amanda’s face as she took up a position to Alana’s right and she slowly reached out to massage the part of her back which the other woman had been rubbing earlier.

”You shouldn’t be embarrassed about your body though.” As she spoke, Amanda gently poured some water onto the redhead’s back with her hands before making contact with the soft skin and slowly beginning to rub the sore muscle underneath with her thumbs. ”You look good, many women would kill for such a figure. Plus,” A soft chuckle escaped Amanda’s lips as she slowly began to apply more pressure onto her thumbs to work out any knots in the sore muscle of Alana’s back. ”Compared to me, you’re terribly overdressed for tonight’s occasion because you’re wearing too much clothing instead of too little.”

While Amanda applied more pressure to Alana’s back she decreased the distance between the two of them without even noticing it herself; she simply shifted into a position that made it easier for her to massage the other woman’s back. In doing so however, her breasts bumped into the soft skin of the Chief Intelligence Officer’s back. It initially startled the blonde-haired Martian but, since it also felt rather nice, it didn’t prevent her from accidentally doing it twice more before she quickly backed away a little bit.  ”How’s your back feeling now, Alana?” As she spoke up, Amanda’s cheeks began to get a flushed shade of red out of what had just happened but her voice betrayed little of that slight hint of embarrassment.

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The edge of the hot tub was surprisingly warm despite the water splashing and the cooler air. Her face leaning into her arms as the hair on them started to chill somewhat, showing the bumps as it contracted. Her chest thankfully was still submerged or Amanda was likely to see the thoughts rolling through her head along with the impact of the cold on them. Somewhat thankful that there even had been someone to talk to at this point of the night. She felt alone since moving to this century. Sure she'd hung out with her great granddaughter, Reggie and Hirek, but she still wasn't fully ingrained in the ship's culture as of yet. Too much work, death and replacements of crew. Hell, she'd only been here for a few weeks too.

Shaking the thoughts as she felt the delicate hands of Amanda rearranging her muscles in her back, she groaned in delight. Eyes rolling in relaxation as she loosened up more and felt the calm hit her, which only amplified her other urges and arousal. Something she'd mildly experimented on after coming to terms with her current form but not spent too much time on due to not having a possible partner in that area. That and with her transformation, not knowing how her hormones or mental state would swing her yet. But her mind was still male, despite the physical changes and feelings.

Alana enjoyed the Martian accent as Amanda eased her back. She chuckled at the mention of back pain. Her mind wandered as she heard the response from the blonde about not being embarrassed for her body. The lubrication from the water on her back helped the hands glide and caused some other slight lubrication to begin as well in a most southern of regions. She felt the softness from Amanda's breasts rubbing on her back, poking her with the tips as she pushed into her more.

Heat was hitting Alana's face and she attempted to control her breathing more despite knowing what she should or shouldn't do. The compliment about her body looking good and that many would kill to have her figure only helped accelerate the feelings. She felt the thumbs pressing into her back more as she felt Amanda lean in and whisper about her being terribly overdressed. Feeling the blonde move closer after the statement, she smirked to herself. She noted the gliding of the skin to skin contact and welcomed it as Amanda backed up some.

Pierce turned around slowly as she pulled her head off her arms and flipped her hair over her back again as she stretched, only accentuating her large bust before Amanda further before clasping her hands together for a arm stretch, and pushing of her cleavage. "My back feels great! Thank you so much for that. You're a natural." She could see Amanda's cheeks looking flushed and slightly red. The other officer was clearly as heated up as herself. Decidedly she pushed the matter further.

"You know, you're right. I should probably make it up to you..." She smirked as she reached her hand around and pulled the string to her bikini, releasing her breasts from their tightly clad fabric prisons with string abound. The weight falling slightly further with a jiggle as they still stood pronounced and perky. Her areolas were enlarged as her face stood slightly red and heated as she felt somewhat shy for what she'd just done, but felt empowered by the compliments from Amanda.

She rubbed them together and released them as she scratched below the bulbous flesh. Pierce shimmied out of her bottoms as well setting the two-piece garments on the edge of the tub before walking forward. "So Amanda, what do you think? Is this a reward enough for interrupting your time earlier, and for the back rub, which was nice by the way." She twirled around showing her soft form before looking back at her face once more.

Alana closed the distance and looked at Amanda before she placed her palm on the other woman's breast with a squeeze.

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