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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

Enyd blushed, eyes darting up to the wooden ceiling, “I’m not so amazing. If anything is amazing about me, it is because I had amazing parents and a fantastic grandmother. We are each of us the summation of all those who invested in us leading up to this point.” She sighed in contentment, eyes drifting shut as Alistair idly brushed his fingers over the sensitive skin of her stomach. “I’ve always been aware of one’s legacy. Not that it was unhappily drilled into me by my family, but it was a ready factor growing up.” Eyes still closed, she reached out and tapped the tip of her ear. “Something tangibly recognized. There were, or are, certain elements of my ancestry that even I don’t know, still tied up in classified files from ages past, but I do know that mingling with my human blood is that of Vulcan and Romulan.”

Enyd opened her eyes and tilted her head to look at Alistair again. “The whens and hows of that occurring are muddled at its origin, and I know more about the Vulcan side than the Romulan, of course. But I think that foundational aspect of my past is part of what made, or makes, me so vulnerable to Drauc. And what keeps me curious about every Romulan or Vulcan I come across. Thankfully, Valyn didn’t toss me out on my ear when I peppered her with questions, and we’re now great friends. And Hirek,” Enyd sighed, closing her eyes, “as much as he annoys me and grates on my nerves, I’ll grudgingly admit, has been intriguing to get to know.”

Enyd moved her hands over the back of Alistair’s hands, lightly tracing up his forearms. His question had her pausing. Images of the ranch came immediately to mind, intermixed with imagined vistas of alien planets. Squeezing the back of his wrists, Enyd smiled.

“To leave a posting better off than when I found it, for the time I’m in the service. Preferably to advance in my career and become an ambassador posted on a frontier planet for a time. Then return to the ranch in Montana and develop it from a working ranch as it is now to be someplace where war veterans or refugees or other marginalized individuals of any race may go to either work the land and with the animals and find some healing, or just stay on the property in some semblance of controlled isolation until they can stabilize again. My grandmother and I had talked about this in letters while I was on post-war Cardassia with Javec. Then,” Enyd closed her eyes and huddled closer to Alistair, “once I was released from the Director and given clearance to communicate back home again, she was gone. She’d died in her sleep about two days before I was rescued. The poor woman died not knowing if I had been lost like my parents.” Enyd suddenly sat up, turned to face Alistair, and unceremoniously straddled his lap and burrowed her face in his neck as she hugged herself against his chest. Her voice was muffled when she continued. “I know it is irrational to feel guilty about any of that, but I’ll admit I have fought against it from time to time. And fulfilling our shared dream is still strong in my heart. But at its proper time. For now, improve the area around me with my skills and time. Work towards an ambassadorship and then the ranch.”

Hands stroking up and down  his sides, lips leaving a soft kiss against his neck, Enyd sighed before tossing the question back into his court, “What about you, Mister Time Traveler?”

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz

Alistair held Enyd tight through it all, listening intently as she bared herself to him. He didn't say anything, didn't interrupt with questions even though he yearned to know more. He didn't even react when she straddled his lap except to hold her secure against his chest, aware though he was of her intimate proximity. Enyd's breasts pressed against his pectorals as she sat directly on his groin, his member ever-so-slowly engorging, but Alistair didn't react. Instead, he lightly kissed the imperceptible point of Enyd's ear as she spoke, stroking her back steadily while paying close attention to every word, to the love and loss. In their tiny hot sweaty bubble, they were completely naked to each other in every respect.

At her question and tender affection, Alistair chuckled under his breath. "Would you believe that I have no idea?" he whispered, planting a loving kiss of his own on Enyd's shoulder. He leaned back just enough to look down at Enyd with a sardonic smirk. "Really, I don't have a clue. I've spent the last ten years of my life dedicated to joining the DTI. I worked, I sacrificed, I even fought a war, all for that goal. Your dream is to make the universe better, to help people. Mine? It was just selfish ambition, nothing more. Anything that happened on the way, any good that I was incidental."

Alistair sighed, his eyes shifting away even as his hand lightly stroked the base of Enyd's spine and the other lightly cupped her rear. "And after all that, after I accomplished my dream, it just feels...empty. It's just a job. I love my job, I really do, but if we won this war tomorrow, I'd go back to the DTI and feel...incomplete. It's not enough. I need more." Looking into Enyd's vivacious green eyes, he smiled before kissing her forehead. "Maybe it's a triadic relationship with you. Something real. Maybe it's making a real difference, helping people more directly. Maybe it's both, or something else...I don't know. After everything I saw in the future, I just know that my old life is not enough. Not remotely enough."

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

“Well, I mean, not everyone has to have their life mapped out like a Vulcan.” Enyd giggled between sighs, thoroughly loving Alistair's affectionate kisses left on her shoulder.

Just as he had respected her with an attentive silence, Enyd did the same in return. Listening to his heartbeat and feeling the vibrations of his voice through his chest, Enyd tracked the myriad of emotions Alistair glossed over. There was much left unspoken, and yet so much implied with what had been spoken. For all his talk of accomplishing his dream job out of selfish ambition, Alistair was a humble man. He did not see himself as a hero and would balk at anyone’s efforts to do so. She could empathize with the desire for “more.” That drive was part of what kept anyone alive and thriving. Though, with that drive, it was also good to have a sense of contentment. And it seemed Alistair had rarely felt that up to this point in his life.

“I’d warn you about selling yourself short, Alistair, but I’d be a hypocrite for doing so.” Enyd raised herself off his chest. Something itched at her side, momentarily distracting her and looking down, Enyd saw a few leaves still stuck to her skin. Enyd smiled at the little indentations they left behind when she pulled them away. Still holding the leaves between her fingers, Enyd leaned forward to playfully trace them over Alistair’s forehead and cheeks as she spoke, “The wanting more is a good thing, in my opinion. That want for more is what brought us to this point as a species with all our accomplishments. Same goes for other species as well. But it is possible to be content and burn for more. That strange paradox is possible, and perhaps that’s something you’ll find.” Enyd suddenly dropped her hands to the tops of her thighs, eyes nervously darting away. “With me. With anyone else who enters the picture.” She took a deep breath, let it out through pursed lips, then returned her gaze to study his features. “And no matter what, truly and completely, you’ll always have a home at the ranch. I can say that with all sincerity already. I have a mental test I run through with new acquaintances, and if I can imagine them surviving a dinner with my grandmother AND get to the end of it having made her crack half a smile at least once, well, they’ve got a home with me in Montana.”

Enyd’s smile faltered a bit, one hand coming up to trace along the edge of Alistair’s face.

“She would’ve liked you.” Her hand going still, cupping his cheek, Enyd’s smile remained warm. “I’m pretty sure my parents would’ve as well, but my memories of them are from when I was a kid. It is hard to imagine what our relationships would’ve been like as adults so,” she shrugged, dropping her hand again. She was acutely aware of her state of nudity but was not yet ready to pay too much attention to that fact. Not yet. To distract herself, and perhaps Alistair, Enyd reached out and began to draw designs in the water droplets covering his upper chest. “What about your family?”

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz

When Enyd made her offer, heartfelt as it was, Alistair felt his breath catch in his throat. He didn't know why Enyd's invitation to her ranch mattered so much, why it caused that little tickle in his breast. He just knew that it did. The idea of a home, a real permanent home, a permanent relationship, even if their love affair failed and simply became was an unexpectedly powerful allure. Enyd's own regard of him, that she believed that her own family would've liked him and accepted him, was the cherry on top. Entranced, Alistair tilted his head into Enyd's hand, wishing that he could meet the extraordinary woman who'd raised Enyd.

Sure, it'd be a violation of the Temporal Prime Directive, but it'd very nearly be worth it.

Enyd's next question was to be expected, and Alistair sighed, allowing himself to enjoy the touch of her finger of his warm skin. He glanced down between them at Enyd's own sweat-slicked chest, but with his thoughts far away, there was no reaction of nervous arousal, merely the thought that Enyd was astoundingly beautiful.. His manhood remained (much to the relief of its owner) obediently at half-mast, still effectively concealed by the towel.

"My family are all...uh...still around," Alistair said delicately, one hand remaining on Enyd's hip as the back of his other hand lightly brushed her stomach, his knuckles exploring her belly. "I'm from a tiny colony, on the rimward frontier: Khajit. My parents are...uh, pretty normal, I guess. My mother manages the colony's exports, dad is a manager in the mines. They'd good people, great parents, leaders of the community, all of that. They had big expectations for us, hopes, but they tried not to pigeon hole us too much."

Alistair's knuckles began stroking further up, to the shallow valley between Enyd's breasts. "You'd love my sisters, no question," he murmured with a goofy grin. "Emilie, my older sister, she's is the wildcard. She always teased me for being too insular, too cautious...she'll go berserk when she hears about what we did on Qo'nos. Last I heard, she was on a civilian exploratory vessel in the Gamma Quadrant, probably getting up to even more crazy shenanigans than we are." Alistair's hand moved further upward still, his knuckles slowly stroking Enyd's collarbone. "Audrey, my little sister, she's more reserved, has barely ever left home. She's married, works as a surgeon. If she saw us now, she'd be warning me to take you out of here soon to avoid dehydration."

Which he very much should do, Alistair knew, but the last thing that he wanted to do in that moment was move. "I was always supposed to get educated then come home, get married, have lots of kids...serve the colony. Mom and Dad were supportive when I joined Starfleet, though...disappointed, obviously, but supportive. They joined the colony effort to be independent, they said, so they respect that Emilie and I are doing our own thing. Honestly, I don't even know if I'll ever do the marriage thing, or kids. It's just...never seemed like a viable option. I like the idea, but it's always, foreign, as illogical as that must sound."

Taking Enyd's hand in his own as he looked into her green eyes, Alistair bit his lip and continued in a hesitant whisper, "So...uh...what about you? Not necessarily with me, obviously," he added hurriedly with a nervous chuckle, "I mean, we're just at the beginning of this, we don't know what's coming, general?"

As he waited for an answer, his heart beating furiously, Alistair glanced down at Enyd's hand and his eyes narrowed as he spotted something. It was barely perceptible in the dimmed light and steam of the sauna, but without a sleeve to cover it, he finally noticed the scar around her wrist. He frowned in concern as he looked up at Enyd, but rather than say anything, he merely brought Enyd's hand up to his lips and left a lingering kiss on her wrist before letting it go.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

Enyd quirked an eyebrow, leaning back and smirking at the man beneath her, “What’s with the initial hesitation, Alistair? When was the last time you saw them? Is there some sort of deep-seated drama I should know about? I mean, if I’m trying to figure out something special to get you for your birthday, who would I contact?”

His descriptions of the family once he started brought a smile to Enyd’s face. They sounded like the type of people she’d enjoy spending time with, learn from, work with. For many reasons, it really was a shame that she had no family to share with Alistair in return. Of course, she had some cousins and aunts and uncles, but it had been a long time since she’d communicated deeply with any of them. As it was, she couldn’t remember a single birthdate of any of them to save her life.

“Your sisters sound delightful, and your parents as well. Thank you for sharing them with me. Or at least details of them. And we can go shower off and drink tea in just a few more minutes, eh?” She wiggled her rear before pressing against him like a cat stretching. “Going back to the colony, does living there and helping the community sound too small still? Too simple?” The way he’s spoken about going back to the colony, of the traditional expectations that had been put upon him, made Enyd wonder if her future dreams were also too simple for him.

She sat up as Alistair took her hand and nibbled his lip in thought. Enyd was already smirking with a mixture of anticipation and amusement when he stumbled through his question. She was tempted to playfully retort, keep things light, but then he’d kissed her wrist, right on the scar she’d kept from her time under the Directorate’s “care” and Enyd realized now was as good a time as ever to lay all her cards down. She’d alluded to past experiences before, more so regarding Javec than Victor, but Alistair deserved, no, needed to know the “gory” details of her life if they were going to be successful as anything more than a mess in the coming days.

Enyd drew her opposite finger over the scar Alistair had kissed, “I kept these scars,” she held up the other wrist as she spoke, “as a reminder of what happened on Cardassia with Javec. I didn’t want to make the same type of mistakes, endanger more people that I loved, and keep a tangible reminder of why creative problem solving is necessary, even at the detriment of my position.”

She shifted in his lap just enough to hoist her left leg closer to her torso, opening herself to his view, but with her attention on the scar she had on her ankle from the same experience. Blushing once she realized how she’d been so open to his view, Enyd resumed the more casual straddle.

“I’ve spoken to you of Javec, and Drauc, but I haven’t really spoken of Victor much.” Enyd rubbed her hands up and down her arms, not at all cold, but fighting against a case of nerves. “Not sure if you’ve met him,” she smiled at his look, “he’s on the ship actually. Didn’t know that until after my first away mission after my transfer. We were both surprised at the unintentional reunion, but it was a long time coming.” Enyd sighed, her shoulders slumping. “Finally have some resolution was something my soul needed, his too.”

Enyd grew quiet a moment, studying Alistair’s features, before taking in a deep breath and walking him through the chaotic history. How she’d met Victor on Vulcan during her master’s program, their near-deathly first date, the years-long correspondence that saw her through her officer’s training and that led to a long-distance engagement. She spoke as vaguely as possible about Victor’s preferences for physical intimacy, not wanting to speak too deeply about his own private nature, but still finding the detail important to allude to considering how things developed with Javec. Enyd faltered a bit before she soldiered through how she’d come to the decision to break things off with Victor, hoping to save him from himself if things went south on Cardassia—which, they had indeed, gone very south very quickly after she’d severed ties. She then once more danced through how things had blossomed, then ended with Javec before falling silent.

Glancing down at her hands, which lay softly on Alistair’s stomach, Enyd sighed again, “Again, I realize you didn’t exactly ask for all that but it is connected to your question in that even with all that, I still see marriage as a beautiful friendship, a permanent partnership, and I am keen on getting married someday. But, at the same time, considering my past experiences of loving two dramatically different men at the same time, and our present situation of my still having feelings for Drauc but also having feelings for you, I’m realizing that whatever happens in the future, it will not be the traditional dyadic marriage expected of someone like me from Montana.”

Enyd returned her gaze to Alistair and offered him a soft, almost apologetic smile, “You okay?”

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz

Enyd's question about colony life made Alistair wince. "That's exactly what my father asked, actually, the last time that I was home." Seeing the hesitance in Enyd's eyes, he sighed, the sound seeming abnormally loud in the intimate silence of the sauna. "There's a grain of truth to it. My life is technological, out in space. That's where I'm at my best.'s not like I hated life on Khajit, hard work, a simple lifestyle, working the cliff veins. I enjoyed it, at least when I wasn't being an young idiot. I just needed more. I still do, at least for now."

As the conversation grew ever more serious, Alistair could do nothing but sit, his hands resting on Enyd's thighs, as she shared her complex romantic past. He had known snippets already, but hearing the entire story was something else. Alistair had wondered about it, of course, but the reality was far more intense than he could've imagined. Enyd's explanation of the scars and their awful legacy drew a pained wince. He'd thought that his nightmare had been bad, but at least he hadn't lost a loved one, or been tortured, or been forced to make an impossible decision.

Worse was the emotion in Enyd's eyes, the tension in her voice, the nervous mannerisms that were so unlike her. Alistair contemplated whether he should hug her, hold her against him, but it just seemed...not right. This wasn't fresh pain that Enyd was feeling, but the dull ache of an old wound. Multiple old wounds, even. Despite their closeness, their mutual lack of clothing, their commitment to a relationship, even despite everything that they'd talked about, Alistair felt that Enyd's grief was a very private affair.

By the time she finished, the sauna  had noticeably begun to cool, the steam slowly dissipating. It was still quite warm, but no longer as blissfully hot as when they'd entered, and neither of them had thought to put more water on the stones. Still, Alistair made no move, simply watching Enyd evenly, barely noticing the world around them.

"I think you're really asking," he said softly his hands still resting on Enyd's thighs, "whether you've scared me off yet. I'm still here, Enyd. I mean...well, technically I couldn't go anywhere anyway with you sitting on me, get my point. Besides, I like you sitting on me. Wait, not like that!" he whispered in alarm, before chuckling under his breath. "Well, okay, that too, but you know what I mean. I know how much it means for you to share all of this with me."

After a moment's pause, Alistair continued softly, "I'm not usually that perceptive...well, I'm great with raw data streams, not so much with people, usually, but even I can see how fiercely you loved Victor and Javec. How much you still love them, one way or another. They sound like amazing men."

With clear reluctance, Alistair looked around the coolling sauna and sighed. "As much as I want to hear more about them, we really should wash up and drink something first before we both shrivel up. It'd be a bit embarrassing if we both ended up in Sickbay after our"

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting to use your gifts and talents. Especially when you feel accomplished and satisfied from using them. And yes, not all skills are indeed readily applicable to colony life. Or even ranch life, so there’s nothing to be ashamed about in that either.” Enyd giggled. “It just so happens that negotiation and diplomacy are required skills in all walks of life. But it is also true that life on the ranch often deprived me of the sexiest language I’ve ever heard.” She winked, drawing a finger down his nose, “Techno-babble.”

His physical touch was reassuring as the topic turned to her romantic endeavors, both the successes and failures. His expression never shifted into one of judgment, and neither did he recoil from her touch. Alistair was perceptive enough to note her real question beneath her question and she smiled, nodding as she put her hands on his as they rested on her thighs. She giggled at his word fumbling, feeling the melancholic weight of memory ease away from her shoulders in response.

“I like sitting on you too, Alistair. In every way.” She tapped the bottom of his chin with another giggle. His additional comment about his lack of perception and encouragement to vacate the sauna for health reasons had Enyd snorted. “Elro would likely put us on a restraining order from each other if we made it a habit of always ending up in sickbay after a date. So, yes, let's go.” It was awkward going, hoisting herself up and off his lap. “I do love both Victor and Javec still. I find it silly when people presume they only have room to love one person. Forever.” And because of the benches, it was very easy to fall to the floor in a heap. “But the type of love may change over time and because of circumstances, but the imprint of their soul upon mine will exist for as long as I breathe.” But thankfully, neither of them were drunk, and she didn’t break her neck.

Instead of moving back to the main door they’d entered by, Enyd went to the darkest corner of the sauna and pressed against the wood. It took a moment, but then the hidden door swung open to let in the cold air of the outside world. Glancing over her shoulder at Alistair, Enyd grinned.

“If I get to the lake first, you get to tell me your sordid history. If you get there first,” she tapped her chin, then shrugged, “you still have to tell me your sordid history, but you’ll have the bragging rights of getting there first.”

Enyd moved through the door without further ado, then kicked the door shut behind her. She wasn’t above throwing a few obstacles in his way. He was taller and likely quicker, after all. Giggling like a she-devil, Enyd took off down the hill toward the lake. There wasn’t as much snow on the ground this time, but there was just enough to chill her feet as Enyd moved at blitz speed toward the water. Physics was not her friend, however, and as she spared a glance over her shoulder to see if Alistair was gaining, Enyd tripped and careened into the snowbank. As painful and shocking to the nerves as landing in icy snow was, the rolling and hitting her back against the pine tree was worse.

Worse than that was the avalanche of snow falling atop her, leaving only the tips of her fingers for view. Naked as the day she was born, Enyd wiggled in the icy tomb, trying and so far failing to dig herself out. She wasn’t worried in the slightest, however. She knew Alistair would help her, once he got over his laughter if he’d seen the event, and she knew the safety protocols of the program would kick in before any serious harm was done. And so, Enyd laughed at her own clumsiness as she shimmied and wriggled upward until the top of her head broke through the snow, and she blindly felt around for further purchase to hoist herself out.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz

Somewhat bemused by the secret door, but very much enjoying the cooling air, Alistair frowned at Enyd's challenge. "Wait, you don't really mean..." he got out before Enyd scarpered, kicking the door closed behind her. "Right. She wasn't kidding. Of course she wasn't kidding."

Abruptly realising that he was losing ground, Alistair burst into action, barrelling through the door into the fresh Scottish chill and sprinting down the hill after Enyd. Running in the towel was cumbersome at best, so Alistair simply untied the thing mid-run and tossed it aside. As a result, he ran down the hill just as naked as Enyd, arms pumping, legs racing, dangly bits...bouncing.

Ow ow ow ow ow OW!

"Not fair!" Alistair called out to Enyd in protest, as much about the door as about their relative genital handicaps, but hearing her laughter passing up the quiet countryside, he ran even faster, determined to catch up, knowing that he was faster. The terrain was treacherous, however, and it was clear that with her head start, Enyd was going to reach the lake first...

...right up until she tripped and began making a far less graceful (but much more comical) descent. Still running, Alistair winced at the heavy impact with the tree and subsequent snow deluge, but upon remembering that they were in a holodeck, he grinned. After reaching the snow tomb and spotting her fingers poking out of the snowball, he finally burst into rib-cracking laughter.

"I think this means I win by default," he got out inbetween guffaws, barely able to contain himself, before losing control again when Enyd's head popped out of the snow. "I'm sorry, but that was just...uh...graceful, very graceful, absolutely. Excellent rolling, very impressive, ten out of ten."

Still grinning, Alistair eventually had mercy on his trapped paramour. He punched through the snow, gripped Enyd's biceps and, with a grunt of effort, pulled her free. After ensuring that Enyd was actually alright, he eyed her with amusement before glancing at the landscape around them, his mirth fading before the majesty of the Scottish Highlands. The warmth of the sun made for a pleasant contrast to the cold ground at their feet, the snow shining a pure white around them. The great hills that encircled the lake reinforced the profound solitude of the place, impossibly quiet and still save for its human intruders.

"Wow," he said wonderment. " You really did pick a great hill to fall down."

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

Enyd’s snow-splotched, red face grinned at Alistair’s laughing form, not at all finding offense or frustration at his obvious amusement. Still marginally confined by the snow, the effort to flick her hair over her shoulder in an age-old gesture of arrogance was hindered, but her effort to do so was only made the more comical by the snow’s hindrance.

“I like to put full effort into everything I do,” she wiggled her hands and made a pouty face, “that includes falling into snowdrifts. Now be a dear and release the Kraken, eh?”

As he worked to pull her free, his grunts of exertion elicited more giggles from Enyd, as did his exaggerated check to see if she was all in one piece. She had to playfully slap away wandering hands more than once before they ended up side-by-side staring in wonderment at the beauty of the holoprojections Zark had programmed. Enyd couldn’t help but nod in agreement at Alistair’s statement. Holding her hand out for him to take, she resumed the journey toward the lakeside at a less careening pace.

“I’ve an idea,” she commented as they drew up to the lapping shore, the waters tickling over the pebbles and rocks that lined the alpine lake.

Partially because she was already cooled off from the sauna thanks to her snow dive and partially because she was feeling more keen on this scene than the house, Enyd worked with the program to conjure up a crackling fire in a dug-out pit next to the water, with a cozy array of blankets and pillows nestled as a semi-halo lying on the ground next to it. Next, she built up a small wooden table next to the nest of blankets with two steaming cups of mulled wine next to a plate of fresh fruit and bits of dark chocolate.

Thoroughly pleased with her efforts, Enyd turned back to Alistair and waggled her eyebrows at him. “Ready to meet Nessie before we cuddle?”

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz

It was remarkable that, contrary to initial expectations, Alistair felt...liberated. Most unusually, he didn't feel anxious or nervous at all as he stood, arms crossed, and watched Enyd construct a romantic picnic. The complete lack of breeze and the fierce sun ensured that, despite both future lovers not wearing a stitch of clothing between them in the snowy highlands, they were quite comfortable. Indeed, with the sexual tension broken by the aborted race, Alistair was quite content with the situation. Very content, in fact.

What is this woman doing to me?

"I like it," he said as he looked down at the love nest that Enyd had created, his eyes alight. "Very romantic." At Enyd's waggling eyebrows and invitation to meet Nessie, Alistair's own eyebrows shot up in return. "Okay, sure. Right. Yup. Absolutely. Meet the mythological monster in the really deep lake. Uh huh. Sounds good."

Thoroughly unconvinced that Enyd wasn't setting him up, but curious despite himself, Alistair gamely stepped up to the water's edge. He looked over the placid lake in expectation for a good minute, increasingly suspicious that Enyd had stayed put. Finally, confused, he turned around.

"Enyd," he called back, "is there a, uh, summoning thing, or do we set some food out, or-"
He was interrupted by an almighty explosion of water combined with a high-pitched roar as, only a dozen meters from the shore, the long-necked monster of legend surged out of the water. Alistair was, of course, directly in the splash zone, and he stood there frozen for a moment, quietly accepting his wet fate.

Eventually he turned and looked up at the fabled Loch Ness Monster, arms wide. "Come on, seriously?" he protested, and Nessie (who, size aside, didn't look that fearsome at all) answered with a long cry. "I mean, hey, I appreciate cooling me off, but you meant to scare the living daylights out of me, didn't you?"

Nessie cried out again, this time in something resembling gleeful amusement, before merrily dunking her head in the water again and sending forth another great splash. Alistair raised his arms protectively, for all the good it did him.

"Oh yeah, real mature," he complained to the great beast, who chittered brightly. "Well, do me a favour Nessie, okay? I'm on a date with an incredible and beautiful woman, and it's amazing so far, so could you do me a favour and be nice, please? At least until after...uh...after." Nessie hesitated for a moment before giving a mournful cry, then slowly moved closer to a nearby bank of weeds, evidently getting comfortable so that she could watch the festivities.

Thoroughly bemused, but not seeing any point in trying to educate Nessie about 'privacy', Alistair headed back to Enyd, carefully keeping a straight face. He warmed his hands on the fire before sitting himself down opposite Enyd on the blankets.

"" he said, trying to recollect himself. "You wanted to know about my...uh...'sordid history', right?" Taking a cup of mulled wine off the table, he sipped it with satisfaction before smiling at Enyd. "What do you want to know first?"

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

Doubling over in laughter, Enyd had to wipe tears away from her eyes as Alistair first got soaked by Nessie and then proceeded to have a yelling match with the monster. Not wanting to join him in being soaked, Enyd retreated to her comfy nest and snuggled under the covers as she listened to Alistair continue his conversation with Nessie. And it was a conversation as the creature garbled and chirped back at him at every correct cue. Smiling to herself at Alistair’s comment about the date being incredible while blushing at his comment on her beauty, Enyd pulled the covers up to her chin and proceeded to move her legs and arms up and down beneath the covers in an effort to preheat the area from friction for Alistair, figuring he’d be chilled from the water and air.

Alistair sat on the blankets before she could get one of her legs back, trapping it and leaving her awkwardly splayed open in a cockeyed fashion beneath the covers. His question had her smiling, as did her position and his part in it.

“Well, let me loose, and then I’ll let you know.” She jiggled her leg beneath his rear, angling a wink in his direction, then chuckled once she was freed enough to pull all appendages close and roll onto her side, covers up to her shoulders and tucked beneath her arm as she also reached for the mulled wine. “I won’t pretend to be a relationship guru. My earlier confession about Victor and Javec and my current predicament with Drauc and yourself is proof enough of that.” Despite the levity of her voice as she spoke, Enyd hoped Alistair knew she wasn’t making light of his feelings or Drauc’s either. After taking a tentative sip, careful not to dribble any of the liquid down her chin, Enyd continued, “I suppose I feel I need to know things about your past that will help me not be an absolute idiot with you. I mean, if I know what made you angry, hurt, or disappointed in past relationships, I may be able to check myself before I wreck us moving forward. Does that make sense?”

Enyd worried her lower lip between her teeth, curious if she was being too pragmatic and practical about this relationship-building thing. If Zark were here, she’d probably beat her breasts against Enyd’s head for talking instead of doing at this point. It was both a blessing and perhaps a curse, that the Andorian nymphomaniac wasn’t with them.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz

For a long moment, Alistair simply gazed down at Enyd, drinking in the sight of her as he pondered her question. He drew up one knee and rested an arm on it, bending the other leg under it, before looking out at the majestic highlands.

"Enyd, it makes perfect sense," he said quietly as he looked back at her. Amidst the silence of their surroundings (and a courteous Nessie), even a whisper carried easily. "It's just...I'll tell you all of it, of course, but...well, I'm not an egg." The absurd statement had Alistair grinning. "I mean...uh, relationships, real relationships, they're not fragile. They're resilient, or... they're supposed to be. However long we're together, whether it's a week, a year or a century, we're both going make mistakes, and that's fine. We'll forgive, adapt and learn. The thing is, you shouldn't worry about 'wrecking' things. I'm here. I'm not going anywhere."

At that, Alistair exhaled at length. "There's only one relationship worth talking about. The others didn't last long, never more than a couple of months. Either I lost interest, or they did, but there was never much commitment. I was too wrapped up in my career and too dumb to realise what I was missing out on. Min was the exception." He sighed, running a hand over his scalp as he looked into the fire. "We met at the Academy, even served together on the Pioneer until she got hurt. Min had been at a recovery center on Bajor for five months when she...she made a mistake. She sent me a vid-message from her bed, but didn't realise that the headboard was reflective. I wasn't sure what I was looking at, so I extrapolated the image and enhanced it. Turned out to be a man, naked, standing right in front of her bed as she was recording a message to me."

Smiling bitterly, he continued, "Min had fallen in love with another patient, and they'd been together for a while, even when I visited her. They thought it was kinder to wait for the right moment to tell me, since I was fighting a war. They meant well, I think, and he was far better for her than me...not that it mattered. They separated just a few months later."

Alistair took a deep breath before smiling at Enyd, this time without the bitterness. "Don't worry. I've had a long time to process this, and it's long in the past. My point is that in retrospect, I wasn't bothered by her being with another man. I could've handled that, I think, without much issue, just like I think that I'm okay with you being other men. What hurt was the deception, That's where the betrayal came from, knowing that Min lied to me even when I came to see her."

With his tale complete, Alistair smiled again. "Any other questions?" he asked calmly, praying that he hadn't irretrievably dampened the mood that Enyd had set.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

Enyd giggled at his egg statement but said nothing more as Alistair continued, nodding in agreement with his assessment of the situation. The comfort in the air between, an element that had always been there, was growing. Yes, there was still the desire—even now, Enyd felt herself warm and shiver at the memory of his lips against hers—but there was also a type of familiarity that seemed strange to have with someone after such a short acquaintance yet…she’d felt a similar closeness with Victor soon after they’d met, and then again with Javec. The only person she’d been marginally intimate with who did not have the soothing solace of assurance was Drauc. That was perhaps one of the reasons why her mind and heart were still stuck, in a fashion, when she thought of him. The uncertainty associated with him, the confusion of where she ended, and he began, that was missing in every other romantic encounter she’d had thus far in her life. With Victor, there had been an immediate attraction of souls, a connection of the heart. With Javec, the mind. Drauc, the body. And Alistair, it seemed—so far at least—that the connection with him was a combination of all three.

Taking another sip of wine, Enyd watched Alistair closely, noting all the microexpressions as he spoke of Min. She couldn’t help but see herself in Min, and Victor in Alistair. Though she’d always told Victor everything about Javec, even asking his opinion and permission to pursue things with Javec, Enyd still couldn’t help but wince at the vague similarities in stories. She would have gone through with the double marriage in the end, sharing her body, soul, and mind with both men, if Anderson had not bid her to get involved with the nefarious nature of post-war Cardassian politics. Whether her desire to be with both men, openly loving both men, would have lasted long would never be known now. Javec was dead, and Victor had moved on, just as she had as well.

Enyd nodded at his reassurance, trusting his self-assessment just as he had trusted hers. She still reached out and ran her fingers along his jawline, providing comfort though he had not solicited any. At his question, Enyd snorted, dropping her hand to the blankets between them and breaking eye contact.

“Well,” she took a bolstering sip of wine, “when you say share me with other men, that leads me to picture intimate encounters without you around or with you sitting in a plush high-back chair watching everything while sipping cognac,” Enyd tossed him a playful wink before sighing out the rest of her thought on one breath, “whereas, what I believe I’d prefer, granted I’ve never been in this position before, is being together. Like truly together. Not experiencing people separately but together. You mentioned a sense of exclusion with Min, and contemplating it now, I think I would feel like I was excluding you, or being excluded by you, if either of us were to be sexually intimate with someone without the other one also being involved.”

Enyd tipped her head to the side, forcing herself to maintain eye contact while she waited for her words to be comprehended by the handsome man lying next to her. While she wanted to snuggle up to his side and resume the kisses they’d shared earlier, Enyd also still felt like they needed to understand things more before venturing further down the slippery slope of physicality.

“How do you feel about being touched, perhaps even kissed, by another man?” Before continuing, Enyd tossed back the rest of her wine in one gulp, swiping the back of her hand across her mouth to wipe away the bits that spilled out the edges. “Zark kissed me yesterday and made it very clear that she was sexually attracted to me, and while I am not sexually attracted to her, I do love her and cognitively know that she is attractive, and so I would not be opposed to physically sharing you with her. So I can say with assurance that the thought of being kissed or touched intimately by Zark does not bother me.” She leaned back a bit, scratching her head, letting the blanket fall to her waist. “I don’t know if I’d feel the same about any woman, though, so yeah. What are your thoughts?”

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz

Although Enyd was simply repeating an agreement that had already been made, Alistair still felt a rush of warmth at the idea that she wanted to 'share the experience'. Knowing that Enyd valued that, cherished him being by her side (or on top, or below...) through such things was profoundly uplifting.  With his eyes fixed upon Enyd's, Alistair was as happy as could be, a veritable avatar of contentment.

He was warming his hands on the fire when Enyd asked her next question, and he did a double-take. Did she...she couldn't...maybe? Enyd was sharp, and surely very perceptive...then again, she had also been under the influence of powerful chips and (understandably) distracted by a dancing Klar in all his nude glory. Settling, Alistair finished his own wine as Enyd explained her own stance, and after she finished, he glanced at her, biting his lip.

"My situation is a," he said hesitantly. Wanting to be closer to Enyd (and, quite frankly, wanting the warmth of the blanket), Alistair quietly moved to lie down beside her properly, laying the blanket across his own waist. He turned onto his side, his head propped up on one hand as he considered Enyd. Water droplets were still visible on his strong chest, still slightly wet after Nessie's prank, but he didn't seem to care.

"Remember when we watched Klar dance?" Alistair murmured, his heart beating faster. He didn't know why he should feel nervous about telling Enyd of this latest development, in light of their defined relationship dynamic, but the butterflies were there all the same. "When we watched him, didn't notice, I think, but my body tried to tell me something that night. I don't know why I never realised before."

Letting that sentence hang for a moment, Alistair absent-mindedly began tracing Enyd's chest with his fingers, stroking her clavicle softly. "Then, the night before last, I met Rhys. He's a counsellor. Very kind,'d like him. As we were talking, I started to...I started to think about him in a different way. He's fit, but sort of...lean. I started to imagine him...without any clothes. Kissing me. Touching me. His hand on me, mine on him..."

Alistair abruptly realised that his playful torture of Enyd was backfiring, the evidence of which was only just concealed by the blanket, but he continued, his knuckles gently stroking the shallow valley of Enyd's breasts. "Rhys is just a friend, if you're wondering, and we never anything. I'm not even sure that he would've wanted to. To answer your question...well...I'm fine with another man touching me. Kissing me. If you're there, if you're okay with it...I'd like to do more. To...feel what it's like to have a man inside me...pushing in. Harder. Faster. To empty himself in me. To empty myself in him."

Alistair's breath was short, as much out of erotic excitement as anxiety about Enyd's response as his fingers began circling Enyd's stomach. " point is that is that if we have any, and they're interested, we might both end up...playing...with them. How do you feel about that?"

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

As she listened to Alistair’s response, Enyd’s fingers danced lightly across his skin. The water droplets proved entertaining to connect as she traced designs between them, the watery lines growing larger drops that then sped up to the blanket beneath them. As entertaining as the action was, Enyd kept her full attention on Alistair’s words. When he mentioned Klar, Enyd looked up at him, giving him a nod at the shared memory. It was true, she hadn’t been aware enough of all her bodily sensations to have noticed whether Alistair’s arousal had been from her alone or from Klar. In truth, Enyd had only noted his arousal when she’d basically grabbed it that evening, so loose were the connections in her brain.

Alistair resumed his tale, and this time jumped from the realization of finding another man alluring to sharing about meeting Rhys the night before. Enyd had briefly met the counselor at the concert, but aside from that brief encounter, she’d not have much prior knowledge to go on aside from the man’s good looks and the memory of a shy demeanor. Enyd could hear the emotional confusion in Alistair’s voice as he spoke about his fantasies regarding Rhys. She found it intriguing that at the same time he spoke of Rhys, Alistair’s fingers did the same light dance on her skin as if he needed the physical touch to strengthen his resolve to share.

Alistair’s next words had Enyd’s skin flushing as he described in staccato form what it would be like to share Alistair with another man. That he continued to touch her as he spoke only added fuel to the rekindled fire in her belly. His touch on her belly had Enyd recoiling with a giggle, her hands playfully coming up to brace against his chest as she rolled onto her back. Once he voiced his question through a heavy layer of vulnerability, brought a slow smile to Enyd’s face. Wrapping her hands around his neck, Enyd’s fingers played over the back of his head as she squirmed her way over until she was lying more directly beneath him, her every breath causing the tips of her pointed nipples to brush against his chest.

“Considering we are both sexually attracted to males, as your tale leads me to believe, I find no issue with the sentiment.” Enyd’s impish smile turned serious then. “I would add, however, that I’ve never seen myself as the sort to…casually play with others. I’ve only been with one man and while I’ve loved more than one man at once, I was emotionally and physically loyal to those two men alone during that time. I, uh, I don’t know if I have it in me to be more casual with my sexuality, if that’s what you’re asking.” She moved one hand from the back of his neck to trace fingers over the length of his jawline. “I do stand by my earlier sentiment of wanting to be there if or when you are intimate with someone else, and preferably to be involved. However, if you are already open to more casual flings, that may be something that takes me time to warm up, and even then, I may not be able to do that.”

Enyd flattened her palm against his cheek, blinking a few times, before raising up and kissing him. It was an unhurried kiss. A kiss of promise. And yet also a kiss of question. Every relationship required negotiation and patience, even unorthodox ones.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz

There was no resentment in Enyd's eyes, no tension in her voice, and her kiss was more reassuring than words could ever be. Nevertheless Alistair felt a stab of guilt, answering the kiss timidly as he processed Enyd's meaning. Even distracted as he was by the warm movement of Enyd's lips, the comfort of the palm on his cheek, the points of her nipples against his skin, Alistair resolved to be as clear with his new girlfriend (an astonishing concept in itself) as she had been with him.

"I understand," he whispered after the kiss was broken, gazing down into Enyd's green eyes. The blanket had fallen a little down Alistair's legs during the kiss, and the sudden chill of a breeze on his bare buttocks caused him to shudder. His erect manhood grazed Enyd's thigh in the process, but determined, Alistair pretended not to notice.

"I wasn't trying to pressure you, Enyd, I'm sorry," he murmured softly. "We'll take it one day at a time, and we'll deal with everything together, okay? I suppose that 'guest' was a poor choice of word...'tenant'? No, that implies a temporary status..uh...'co-habitant'? That doesn't work either...'bedmate'? I mean, it's better, but maybe-" Alistair's rambling was cut off by another kiss from Enyd, and after a few moments of losing himself in her, he grinned down at her. "Right. Got it. Staying in the moment."

After a moment's hesitation, a decision made, and Alistair's heart started racing all over again. "There is...uh, one more thing from our date that I should tell you." After planting a brief kiss on Enyd's lips, he began descending, first to lightly kiss her chin, then further down, to the shallow valley of Enyd's breasts. "Before Klar and Yuvvor stopped us, and we know..." (Alistair kissed Enyd's skin as his hands started to gently tease her nipples) "...I was thinking you might taste."

With thar, Alistair directed his mouth one of Enyd's breasts and slowly, sensually, began to lick, suck and kiss her nipple. It was a slow but deliberate build-up: the movement of his tongue, enclosing his lips around the perked teat. The other breast wasn't lacking in attention either as Alistair's fingers teased it. In short order he switched targets, his tongue and fingers gradually moving faster and faster. Another light gust passed over the two lovers, causing Alistair to shudder again as he descended yet lower. Enyd's belly was next, subjected to teasing kisses and suckles, her belly button in particular receiving a lot of attention.

Finally Alistair descended to his final objective, lying flat on the ground between Enyd's legs. "You can stop me any time you like," he reassured Enyd, kissing both thighs lingeringly, before hooking his strong arms around her hips. "Honestly, really do look delicious from here."

And with that, Alistair ever-so-lightly kissed the apex of her womanhood, savouring the moment, before slowly running his tongue along her waiting lips.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

Enyd playfully swatted Alistair’shoulder.r, “If I’d felt pressured, Alistair, I would’ve done much more than kiss you into submission.” Winking, Enyd couldn’t help but laugh as he stumbled through various terms to call whoever it would be to join them in the future. She knew there was only one way to get him to cease the babbling, and her kiss seemed to work, earning a grin from the man holding himself over her.

His next words had a single eyebrow inching upward on her face as she laid still, letting him kiss her lips, her chin, and the sensitive skin over her sternum. His words held promise, yet Enyd couldn’t help but feel a hitch in her throat as he continued his journey south, taking his time to lavish attention to her breasts, belly, and thighs. The last man to have kissed her so intimately, to have tasted her in quite that way, had been Javec. While Enyd had brought herself to climax since Javec’s death, she hadn’t been touched or kissed in certain areas since then, and to have Alistair move to do that very thing had Enyd holding her breath. She wanted it; no, she needed it, yet it was still so frightening.

Lying open to a partner left her so much more exposed and vulnerable than if she was the one administering pleasure through kisses, touches, or even reciprocal oral sex. Enyd remembered clearly the first time Javec had gone down on her, expressing a genuine desire to taste her and experience her sex in a way no one had before. She’d been a mess of nerves and hadn’t been able to orgasm because of that, but the semi-ticklish experience of feeling the warm press of his tongue against her folds, the firm presence of his fingers inside her, had released a coiled tension from her belly that left her yearning for a repeat performance. And Javec had been more than happy to oblige, with each resulting orgasm starting first in Enyd’s head, with her eyes full of lights and an almost numbing tingling working its way from her head down to her belly. He’d enjoyed holding one of her hands as it rested against her hip, often catching her gaze with his own as he sucked, nipped, and licked her into a frenzy. More than once, Enyd recalled feeling weightless, as if she were on the other side of the apex of a rollercoaster, drifting somewhere between heaven and earth; the pleasure he gave her had been so intense, she’d never doubted a moment his own pleasure in the giving of it.

Watching the delight on Alistair’s face as he moved further down her body and hearing the boyish curiosity and joy in his voice, kept Enyd from squirming like her nerves called her to do. She was idly curious if he’d be able to taste the lingering influence of the Vulcan fruit she’d been breaking her fast with regularly over the past few weeks, the last few seconds before he ran his tongue over the length of slit. Enyd couldn’t help the jerk this time, one hand reaching down to grab hold of his forearm as he held her hips securely in place.

“It’s good, Alistair,” she said reassuringly, squeezing his forearm with a shy smile tugging at her lips, “it’s just been a very long time.” Enyd took a deep breath through her nose and slowly let it out through pursed lips, gaze moving from the holographic beauty of the overhead sky to the handsome face poised between her legs. “Please, continue. If you want to.”

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz

"Want to? Are you kidding?" Alistair murmured with a grin, looking up at Enyd over her length of her body with simple honest affection. "Honestly, I don't think that even a horde of angry Klingons could stop me now." He glanced over his shoulder, as if expecting the horde at any moment, before shrugging and grinning boyishly back at Emyd. With that, he settled himself back down and, as the saying went, 'got stuck in'.

It had been a long time since Alistair had pleasured a woman in such a manner, enough for nervous butterflies to flutter in his stomach, but not so long that he had forgotten how. Recalling Davvi's gentle coaching all those years ago in a remote caldera, he started slowly, using his tongue to rhythmically circle Enyd's lips, then up and down and back around again. It was a slow sensual progression, with Alistair's arms keeping Enyd's hips secure as he worked. Even as his tongue licked, teased, encircled and penetrated, encouraged by Enyd's reaction, a part of Alistair's mind noted with lazy contentment that he could really get used to this.

It didn't take long before (after taking a gulp of air) Alistair moved on to a more thorough oral treatment, using his mouth to suck on Enyd's pearl, his tongue growing more and more aggressive, more random in its movements. Even as he devoured her, Alistair looked up at Enyd's face, intent on seeing how she reacted as he pleasured her, amping up more and more in time with Enyd's reaction. It was a powerfully satisfying experience, and Alistair felt his own manhood quiver between his waist and the blanket, his bare buttocks quivering between the warmth of the fire and the cool breeze.

Finally Alistair emerged, if only to breathe, his mouth looking quite moist indeed, not that he seemed to mind. Not wanting to leave Enyd unattended, he unhooked an arm, got up on his knees and started to stroke Enyd's womanhood. "It's just us here, so you can be as loud as you like...uh, if you want to," he said brightly, still grinning. A deep cry rang out over the loch, and Alistair glanced over to the side with bemusement. "Okay, just us and Nessie. Maybe one day we'll get to have a date with some privacy. Anyway..."

With that (looking into Enyd's eyes all the while), Alistair slowly inserted his middle finger inside his lover. She was every bit as wet and welcoming as he'd hoped, and so after a few experimental pumps, he inserted his forefinger as well, using both digits with relentless, robotic precision. Finally, after enjoying Enyd's reaction for a while, his grin gained an uncharacteristically devilish aspect, and even as he continued to pump his fingers inside her, Alistair lowered his face down...

...and this time, he really got stuck in.

For all his innocence and gentle nature, it was quite apparent that Alistair had no intention of stopping until Enyd cried uncle. After all, it only seemed fair recompense for her endless teasing...

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

Clutching the material of their blanket on either side of her hips, Enyd squeezed her eyes shut as she concentrated on her breathing. The only person who had touched her there in recent years had been herself, and before that, Javec had been the only man to pleasure her like this. Already, Enyd could note the difference in style and foci between her deceased Cardassian fiance and the very much alive and thriving human Alistair. She appreciated Alistair's anchoring hold with his hands on her hips while his lips and tongue stoked a fire in her core.

Enyd gasped, eyes opening then squinting shut again, as sparks of pleasure flared out from the hundreds of nerve endings Alistair’s ministrations were igniting. One hand found its way to the back of Alistair’s head as he drove his tongue inside her wet heat, tasting her intimately. Eyes wide, mouth parted on a silent gasp, Enyd braced herself with one hand while she continued to draw her fingers over the top of Alistari’s head and down to clutch at his shoulder. Her heart knocked at the cage of her chest, demanding release as she panted in her breaths, the pleasure building with every passing millisecond.

Alistair pulled back then, and spoke something about something, but all Enyd could hear was her heartbeat thrumming in her ears; licking her lips as she watched Alistair’s mouth move on words uncomprehended. She was unprepared for his finger in that at first touch, her mouth dropped open on a shameless moan and she broke eye contact with him long enough to watch his his hand thrust rhymtically, finger sliding in and out. When his forefinger joined in the sensual onslaught, Enyd dropped her head back and arched her back, keening out her pleasure as her hips began to move of their own accord, rising to meet Alistair’s fingers in a demanding drive for release.

For all this pleasure, it wasn’t enough. Her body, so long out of practice with lovemaking, had a strong enough memory to remind Enyd of how much MORE pleasurable Alistair’s manhood would be between her legs, instead of his fingers or tongue. What Enyd lacked in muscle mass, she made up for in lithe, fanatic, lustful energy in this moment. Reaching her left up and hooking it around Alistair’s back, gripping beneath his right armpit, Enyd jerked her arm back while bucking her hips and pushing off the ground with her right foot.

Her success in getting Alistair marginally on his back had more to do with the element of surprise and no doubt an element of curiosity than it had to do with sheer strength. Before Alistair could question her actions, Enyd wrapped a hand around the throbbing heat of his erection and gave a firm pump, dropping her head against his chest as she relished the silken steel feel of him beneath her fingers. Enyd gave his skin a tentative lick. Kissed away a playful nip next. All the while drawing her hand up and down his shaft, lulling him into the same near-frenzied state of arousal that he’d brought her.

With the same suddenness that she’d all but bucked him off, Enyd moved to straddle him, intent on riding out their pleasure. Pressing her lips against his, drawing his tongue deep into her mouth to taste herself on his lips, Enyd reached between them to grab hold of his member and guide it to the heat of her core. After playfully tugging his bottom lip lightly between her teeth, Enyd drew back from the passionate kiss just as she felt the tip of his erection brush against her folds.

Her heavy-lidded gaze took on a somewhat goofy expression as she whispered against his cheek, “Permission to come aboard,” before sheathing the length of him inside her, letting out a long, low moan of satiated pleasure as he filled her completely.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz

Fully occupied in feasting on Enyd's nethers, her cries of pleasure only driving him on as he mercilessly drilled his fingers inside her, Alistair was taken completely offguard as he was abruptly pushed off Enyd and rolled onto his back. Thinking for a wild moment that someone had pulled him off Enyd, it took him a moment to realise what had actually happened as he felt a warm grip around his throbbing member. Glancing to the side, he noted the wild look in Enyd's eyes, even wilder than he'd seen at Saq'wa. He groaned as Enyd enacted her retribution, pumping his manhood as mercilessly as he'd just been pumping into her.

Again he was taken off-guard as Enyd straddled him, her intent obvious, striking a memorable image against the backdrop of Scottish higlands and blue sky. The kiss they shared was ravenous, aggressive, Alistair holding Enyd to his body as he devoured her. The two of them might've kissed for a long while if not for the brief brush of their groins, and Alistair's eyes were alight with hungry need as Enyd reached down between them, making her erotic request as she did.

"Permission-umph," Alistair got out as finally he entered her, his sensitive member slowly filling Enyd's warm tightness. With sheer primal instinct, he withdrew a little before pushing deeper inside Enyd, exhaling as he did so. An ember from the fire hit his thigh but Alistair was so hot with need that he barely noticed, instead holding Enyd's sides firmly as he slowly repeated the action, in and out, looking into Enyd's eyes all the while and gauging her reaction. A tiny voice of reason in the back of his mind reminded him that as much as he wanted to do more, to drive up harder and faster, Enyd hadn't had sex in a long while. She should be the one to control the least the first time. After that...

The thought that he and Enyd could have months together to enjoy each other, maybe even years, was an even more powerful aphrodisiac than the Klingon body oil had been. As he continued to push up into her, Alistair grinned up at his lover. "I'm glad we waited," he said in a heated whisper. "This...umph...this is worth the wait. You are worth the wait..."

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

His hands on her hips acting as both anchor and motivator, Enyd circled her hips over Alistair. Her heart rattled in her chest as her body adjusted to the extreme sensations. His warmth on her, in her. The cold air closing around her arms and rushing into her lungs with each panted breath. Her softness wrapping around his hardness with the slick need of her gliding movements sent another rush of awareness through her body. Enyd’s hands began on his shoulders before moving down his chest, her torso arching as the nerve endings demanded movement, fingers tickling over the tops of his thighs before dipping down behind her rear cupping his balls as she continued to move atop him. Bracing her weight on her knees, Enyd experimented with her movements, rising up and down, rotating her hips up and forward, circling them, trying out a myriad of movements until she found the rhythm and type that fired the cluster of nerves both in her clit and deep within her body.

Alistair did not remain passive in all this. His grip remained tight on her hips as he likewise sought to match her rhythm as he pushed up into her. His words, spoken with such affectionate sincerity, prompted Enyd to abandon her hold on his balls as she leaned forward and sealed her lips against his in an impassioned kiss. It’d been so long, and this all felt so good, and as he’d said, the wait to this moment had acted like a days’ long foreplay. Enyd felt her body ready itself for the climax, the tingling sensation starting in her fingers and toes as the heat in her belly increased and her lungs burned for air.

“You…” Enyd pulled her lips from his and pressed a series of frantic kisses along his neck as her hips increased in speed, “too…”

She didn’t want to cum alone, though there was no guarantee he was as close as she. Still, that didn’t stop her from pushing off his chest and reaching once more for his balls with one hand while with the other, Enyd took one of his hands and placed it over her breast, kneading his fingers against the sensitive mound. Enyd maintained eye contact as she fought back the orgasm, not wanting to peak without him.

Her words were difficult to form, but eventually, though a series of panted moans of pleasure, Enyd conveyed the basic thought to Alistair, “We…oohm…do this…ahhmm…together.” The thought was not issued as a challenge or command, but rather a request, a desire to share further in the delights of this newfound intimacy between them.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz

Alistair was far from inexperienced when it came to sex, but even for him, the entire experience was novel. His groans and grunts, interspersed with Enyd's moans, echoed across the lake and hills with none to hear save for one bemused observer. The fresh breeze chilled their hot bodies even as Enyd sat up, fondling his nethers as the pace of their union increased to its inevitable climax. Realising that Enyd looked to be a bit closer than him, Alistair was content to go ahead and let her crest, but her breathless desire that they finish together...with Enyd rocking atop him, her eyes lidded, moaning with pleasure, her slick heat around his member, so insistent that he empty himself inside her...

...yup, that did it.

"Together," Alistair got out through gritted teeth, throwing his head back onto the blanket as he committed himself to the home stretch. Amidst the haze of lust and love, he briefly worried that he might not manage it, but upon hearing Enyd's orgasmic cry to the heavens, feeling her quivering body beneath his hands, he abruptly felt his own hot need burst. Alistair exhaled heavily as he emptied himself inside Enyd, letting the orgasm wash over him, feeling Enyd slow her ride as they both recovered from the euphoric rush. After she fell onto his chest, Alistair instinctively enclosed her in his arms, his manhood still inside her.

"So..." he said in a panted whisper, still slightly dazed as he looked up at the sky, "that was fun."

A deep moan from the loch seemed to express agreement, along with an odd smacking sound that seemed oddly like...applause?

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

Collapsing against his chest, Enyd drew in deep breaths, seeking to slow her heart rate. Her body thrummed with the afterglow of an intense orgasm, and her torso pulsed from the strength of her beating heart. Closing her eyes, Enyd let out a deep breath as Alistair closed his arms around her, his flaccid member remaining tucked inside her as they recovered from the exertion of their lovemaking. He was the first to break the momentary silence, his comment causing her body to shake with laughter. The unexpected applause, coming from a not-so-innocent-looking Nessie still bobbing in the lake, further fueled her laughter, and the pulsing vibrations of her body caused his member to slip from her folds just as she slid off his chest but remained tucked against his side, draped half across him.

“Yes, that was fun indeed.” Enyd grinned at her lover—thrilled she could now call him that. “I don’t think I need to hit the gym today. And,” she tickled her fingers across his chest before lightly tapping the tip of his nose, “if we do this at least once a day, I doubt I’ll need to watch what I eat from now on.” She allowed a few moments to pass before she let out another deep, satiated sigh. “You know, if, years down the road, they make a holovid out of the exploits of this ship, including the individual romantic encounters of each crewmember, I think the events that brought us to this point would be challenged as fictional.”

Though she hated the thought of extracting herself from his arms, Enyd knew they would be far more comfortable after cleaning up. Rolling out of his arms, Enyd stopped her roll just shy of the edge of their bed-nest and glanced back at Alistair, her question already bubbling through her lips as she pushed to her hands and knees, “Quick dip and cuddle times with hot cocoa?”

Standing, Enyd leered at Alistair momentarily before turning and practically throwing herself into the lake's cold waters.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz

With Enyd snug against his side, the fire still toasting the two lovers nicely, Alistair was so relaxed that it took him a moment to process what Enyd was saying. "Wait, at least once a day?" he blubbered, looking over at his lover in astonishment. "Okay, wow. If I didn't know any better, I'd wonder if you were using me for my body." After a moment's consideration, Alistair grinned. "I mean, not that I'd mind, exactly..."

He didn't respond to Enyd's pondering over the extraordinary nature of the crew's adventures, both literal and romantic, not trusting himself. Alistair's good cheer dimmed as he recalled his own knowledge of certain members of the Theurgy crew, especially their (very) private activities. Captain Ducane, or at least someone aboard the timeship Relativity, had judged it essential that he be able to prove his credentials to whomever led the Theurgy team on Praxis.

Exactly how the Relativity had such detailed records on the private affairs of specific individuals was a mystery. Could 31st century temporal sensors really be set to "gossip"? Who would even do that? Why? Regardless, it left Alistair with a huge volume of memorised information about his colleagues that he absolutely could never share and desperately wanted to forget. The Temporal Prime Directive was, as the saying went, a real bitch no matter when you were.

Lost in his own thoughts, Alistair sighed as Enyd rolled away from him, missing the warm comfort of her body immediately. At her proposal, however, he smiled. "Sure, that sounds-hang on, dip?"

Enyd was already off, of course, running down the beach at full tilt. "Enyd," Alistair called out in warning as he rushed to his feet and ran after her. "Wait, stop, the water will be...freezing..." he finished lamely as Enyd had already cannonballed off the edge of the jetty, shrieking as she hit the icy lake surface. Slowing to a jog (his manhood starting to ache from the whipping back and forth), Alistair watched with bemusement as Enyd reacted to the water. He stopped at the edge of the jetty and got down on one knee, grinning at his hapless girlfriend.

"So, uh, like I was saying," he said with amusement, "we're in the Scottish Highlands in winter. It's a bit...well...chilly."

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

“But that’s what I needed!” Enyd popped out of the water like a nymphatic daisy, face alight with mischief. “You make me too hot, Alistair! I needed to cool down before round two!”

Before he could comment further on round two, or her preferred method for fighting caloric intake, Enyd pushed herself backward with a yelp at the water's continued cold sting. Enyd swam a few paces, patting the water's surface, her eyes fixed on the shore, Alistair's eager face, and the murky depths. She felt the vibrations of Nessie’s underwater call and grinned.

“If you want me,” Enyd’s manic grin was as bright as the simulated sun, “you gotta come catch me!”

Nessie’s head broke the surface of the water just a few feet in front of Enyd. Instead of sliding down the creature’s neck to land on its back like she had with Zark, Nessia surfaced under Enyd so that Endy was already nestled at the base of her neck. Giving a very Montanan cry of delight, Enyd blew a kiss at Alistair as Nessie turned and water galloped across the water’s surface. Joy pumping through her veins at being able to share this sort of silliness with her…boyfriend, Enyd was curious how Alistair would “solve” this new dilemma.

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