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EPIL: S [D06|1530] What is it about you...

[ LtCmdr Vivian Martin | CSO Office | Deck 07 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BZ @CanadianVet


They had gained people from multiple vessels. Bellerophon, Cayuga, Endeavour and their crew on the Versant had returned to them. During that time the science department had gained several new members. So that was why Vivian found herself in her office, reading over the personnel files of her new subordinates. There were a couple she had already met, and a few more that she had not. As she read over the files, two people popped out at her. A Lieutenant, rescued from the Versant, and a Junior Lieutenant rescued from the Bellerophon.

A Botanist and Quantum Astrophysicist respectively, Vivian was unsure why these two stood out to her. She rubbed her nose and picked up her coffee mug, then sighed as she realized it was empty. Glaring at the empty mug, Vivian stood and made her way to the small replicator embedded in her office wall. She placed the mug in the replicator, and watched as it vanished in a shower of blue light. Taking a deep breath, she snapped out a new order for the replicator to fulfil. ”Coffee, black, hot”

Once her new beverage had appeared Vivian took it back to her desk and sat down, sipping the steaming liquid. She picked up the nearest PADD, and was rewarded with the smiling face of a Lieutenant Zephyr Praise. That wasn’t the one she wanted. She dropped it back on the deck and picked up a different PADD. Lieutenant JG Hieronimus Smith, nope, still not what she wanted. Why did these two stick out so much? Well, there was an easy way to find out. With a sigh Vivian tapped her combadge. ”Lieutenant Commander Vivian Martin to Lieutenants Zephyr Praise and Hieronimus Smith, please report to the Chief Science Officer’s office.”

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@The Ostrich @CanadianVet

Go see the Chief.

Martin-y person.

That was what she had been told so a quick message later she had sent her information to the Chief the person that she was supposed to check in.  Zeph had been a bit surprised that it was going to be Science and not Medical since she had done both.  She didn't mind Science, in fact after she had gone down the Medical track she had really missed getting her hands dirty.  Literally, as a Botanist she had always had soil and what not underneath her fingernails and things like that. She was the sort of the person that even after her switch to Medicine to further her Scientific research she was often found in the Arboretum and places like that because it was something that settled her mind and made her happy. 

Right now though, Zeph walked the corridors trying to figure out what she should do with herself.  She had worked out, she had made “friends”, she was still waiting on Khorin, and she was busy exploring the ship.  She had even eaten at some point in the mess hall because she was hungry and full on replicators were nice to have after the Savi. Though, those little sponge cakes that everything came with on the Versant was something she could live without.  Zeph had a thing for sweet things, but nothing that came with a coma. 

["Lieutenant Commander Vivian Martin to Lieutenants Zephyr Praise and Hieronimus Smith, please report to the Chief Science Officer's office." ]

Zeph nearly jumped in surprise when the combadge that she had been given along with a padd and her Quarters had chirped and suddenly there was a message from the very person that she was supposed to meet up with.  Swallowing the lump in her throat she wondered just how this was going to go.  There was so much that Zeph would not be able to tell Martin because there was so much classified in her files.  She hoped that didn't make a difference and that Martin would understand that there were things that Starfleet did that weren't on the books.  Zeph was part of that, and she couldn't talk about it.  She was probably already heavily wanted for the fact that she had run away from the Azurite station and she knew far too much.  Hopefully, the Theurgy was the perfect place to hide because they weren't going to turn up at any Federation Starbases any time soon wanting a Leave and some transfers.  No, she was just hoping, instead, that she could assimilate into the life here and find a spot for herself.

“Lieutenant Praise on the way.” she said responding  to Martin once she pressed her badge in order to do so.

Turning, she pulled up her PADD and got herself a bit of a map to find the woman's office since she had no idea where the damn thing was.  She had hoped to check out the Arboretum but that was going to have to come later.  She liked that there was a cafe there and hoped that it meant more people would enjoy the natural life.  Because, it seemed that so many people on ships like this forgot all about the natural side of life.  Getting her map pulled up, she allowed it to lead her through the massive ship until she ended up at the door of Martin's office.  Finally, she took a deep breath and put her PADD back into her pocket before she pressed the buzzer to the office.

Once, she was admitted, Zeph gave a warm bright smile to the woman within.  “Hello, Commander, my name is Zephyr Praise, Lieutenant, Doctor and Botanist.  It's a pleasure to meet you.” she said warmly reaching her hand out to give a shake if she was willing.

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[ Lieutenant JG Smith | CSO Office | Deck 07 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @BZ @The Ostrich

When he had been rescued from the wreckage of the Bellerophon, Hieronimus Alcibiades Thaddeus Smith found himself confronted with a new set of data regarding the putative renegade Ives.  After all, a monster would have left them adrift in the Nebula, no?  When some of his shipmates decided to try and hold hostage the medical personnel who'd come to see to their needs and their escort, it hadn't been anasthesine gas through the air vents or an assault team that met them, but an officer and a single bodyguard who'd came to reason with them.  When the Borg boarded, those supposed criminals protected their unarmed captives rather than resort to the simple expedient of killing them to deny the Collective more drones.  And now, they were given an entirely different account, and some rather fascinating evidence. 

And a choice had been given: join the crew, or don't and be put off the ship at the earliest opportunity.  As a rule, he would side with the simple expedient of what would take him back to the science faster.  But this was different.  This was huge.  And it corroborated some of the suspicions he already harboured, and some of the notions he held had firmed up towards actual hypotheses.  No, he had to see that through.  So, he forwarded his name as willing to join Theurgy's company, and he was instructed to wait until contacted either by his new department head or the quartermaster to see him assigned quarters. 

And, until he would meet with his new department head, he couldn't get to work either. 

But, it would seem, he did no have to wait too long, and when he received the call, he answered curtly.  "On my way." 

However, as soon as he had done so, he found himself with a interesting quandary.  Where was he going exactly? 

Thankfully, the computer was able to provide him with a route to his destination, and when he pressed the chime and was ushered in, it was to find she who was obviously this Lieutenant Commander Vivian Martin, and another woman whom he did not recognize as being from Bellerophon.  But he did stop at something that resembled a very sloppy position of attention. "Lieutenant Junior-Grade Hieronimus Smith, as requested, ma'am."

And then he cast a sidelong glance to the other woman, the one who was on the same side of the desk he was.  "Ma'am."

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[ LtCmdr Vivian Martin | CSO Office | Deck 07 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]


Vivian was glad of the quick replies from Lieutenants Praise and Smith. Punctuality was important, and while neither had arrived yet, they had both responded to her summon via comms very quickly. It was only a couple of short minutes later that her door chimed, and Vivian looked up. ”Enter” she called

The door slipped open to reveal a woman waiting beyond, matching the image of Lieutenant Praise. As Praise entered, Vivian stood to meet her.

"Hello, Commander, my name is Zephyr Praise, Lieutenant, Doctor and Botanist.  It's a pleasure to meet you."

As she spoke, Praise had extended a hand in greeting. Vivian smiled warmly and accepted the hand, shaking firmly. ”And you as well Lieutenant”

She had barely finished speaking when the door chimed again ”Enter” she called once more. This time when the door opened, a handsome young man stepped in.

"Lieutenant Junior-Grade Hieronimus Smith, as requested, ma'am." He introduced himself, then Vivian watched as Smith cast a glance at Praise. "Ma'am."

”Welcome Lieutenant. I’m glad I could finally take the time to meet the two of you. Please, don’t stay standing on my account, take a seat.” Vivian gestured at two empty chairs on their side of the desk, even as she sank into her own.

”So, you’re probably wondering why I summoned you, and frankly, I’m wondering why I summoned you too. I’ve been running on too little sleep and too much coffee for a long time now, so for all I know that is what is doing the talking here, and not the real Vivian...but I digress. I’ve been reviewing personnel files for the past while, and your two files stood out to me, and not just because you’re new to my department. There is something about the pair of you, and for the life of me I cannot figure out why, of all the personnel in the science department, your files stood out. So tell me, what is it about you that I should know?”

It was a very open ended question, but Vivian had done that on purpose, in order to see how they would react. And if she was lucky they might be able to tell her why their files had stood out, and thus solve the damned mystery for her.

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@CanadianVet @The Ostrich

Zeph assumed, she was called in here for a reason.  Surely, there had to be a reason why she was meeting the Department Head of Science.  Something about her had trickled all the way to the Commander, and she hoped that she would be able to start working sooner rather than later.  She didn't want to be the sort of person that had no where to go.  She had always been in Starfleet, her father was Starfleet, but honestly, she didn't know if she could continue.  With the people wanting her, coming after her, she wasn't sure how to broach that.  However, it was also something she couldn't talk about.  Ives didn't know her history, no one did, except the woman that had entered the office to meet Vivian Martin.  She wasn't supposed to talk about it, all the Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements that she had signed weren't a joke and the last thing she needed was her family being in some kind of legal trouble because she couldn't take the stress anymore.

Right after Zeph introduced herself, the door chimed again, and soon a young man entered.  A Junior Grade with a nearly unpronounceable name.  Having been named Zephyr, she had never truly been one to judge names.  There had been that Engineer on the Versant called Blue, and she hadn't blinked twice at someone being named after a color.  But, here, she couldn't imagine a mother screaming that into the backyard when her kid was being an idiot.  She figured that 'Smith' was probably just best or H.  But, at least fate had sought to give him a completely normal if not cliché last name.

Martin told them they could sit, and Zeph didn't need to be told twice.  She sat herself down in the closest chair to her sinking into the well worn cushions.  It was odd to be in front of a desk on a ship again, the Station had always been more .. austere but also more personalized by the people there because you had to have something to keep your sanity while you were cut off from the rest of the world.  Zeph crossed one leg over the other and her long fingers intertwined over her thigh waiting to see what it was they had both been called into the office for.

Martin began to speak and it only confused Zeph more.  She didn't know why she had brought them here, she didn't know what had caught her eye about them, and the coffee-not the officer was currently talking to them.  This is the head of the department?!  Zeph kept her thoughts to herself, but she was quite confused.  She was sure the woman was tired, Zeph was the kind of tired that wouldn't sleep.  Her brain still had so much to process she couldn't begin to calm herself down enough to sleep.  Not without strong Klingon arms involved.  When Vivian told them to tell her why they called attention to themselves, Zeph sat back in the seat trying to figure out just what the hell to say about herself that wasn't already written in her files.  There was a lot that wasn't written down, she had legit disappeared for years during her work on the Azurite station but she couldn't talk about that.

“Uh, well, I have graduated the Starfleet Academy twice.  During a shut down of a station Arboretum when a mutated plant released infectious spores into the air I began to get curious about the hybridization of plant types and their uses.  I have always been a Botanist but this took my research to another level.  I pushed myself back to the Academy and became a full on Medical Doctor with specialties in gene and DNA research.  When I returned to Starfleet I was a double graduate, Doctor and Botanist, I began to research and mutate my own plants merging them with DNA that I harvested from willing Hermats in order to make self cloning skin that would be usable in the field without having the need of dermal regenerators which aren't always at hand.  It would, in theory, be kept in the kits that the marines, pilots, and other first responders to certain situations would carry with them.  Small enough to keep in a pocket, but large enough output that they could close off a wound, gash, or puncture with the device until they could seek actual medical care.  Inside, the cloned skin would be specific anitbodies that would clone the current person's blood type, race, and cell structure to not only staunch the blood flow but close the wound and it would be antibacterial in nature so that it would stave off infection.  I was then recruited to a special project because of my research and had only recently left that project having finished what I came to do.  I was then picked up by the Versant and well, the rest you probably already know.”

Taking a deep breath Zeph continued.

“So I am double trained.  I can assist you as a Botanist, as well as further my research by merging my Botanical abilities and my Medical Knowledge to assist your department, ship, and the people here.”  she smiled brightly and gave a shrug of her shoulders as if all her work was nothing, and not cutting edge, and not something that the Theurgy might be interested in.  “I should probably let Smith here, talk.. sorry.” she said a bit charmingly as she blushed slightly.  Zeph loved her work, and she could talk about it forever if given the opportunity.

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[ Lieutenant JG Smith | CSO Office | Deck 07 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @BZ @The Ostrich

When invited to sit, Hieronimus offered something that might be considered the ghost of the shadow of a nod, a silent and nearly imperceptible expression of thanks at the invitation before he took the other chair; a chair that was very much standard Starfleet issue for the people on the receiving end of a desk.  Which was to say, one size fit none really comfortably, let alone a certain scientist recently plucked from the cramped confines of an escape pod, to be plunked into a cargo bay, and watched an abortive attempt at trying to break out.

And now there he was, in the office of a Chief Science Officer who looked like she needed about a week's sleep, or a few strong cups of coffee.  Or both and not necessarily in that order. 

When she asked what actually did stand out about the two of them, Smith learned the Lieutenant's name.  Zephyr.  Pretty name; and a pretty woman, he had to admit even to himself.  A woman who launched into a description of her career and academic credentials.  Better than average ones, at that.  She had to be smart, for that to happen.  And given how she had set the tone, he followed suit.

"I got my first degree when I was seventeen.  Astrophysics.  Then I joined Starfleet and got my second one in Quantum Dynamics.  I have a doctorate from he Daystrom Institute after some expansion on both.  I have a Cochrane Medal for both."  He shrugged, as though it was really nothing.  Didn't just about everyone who contributed to the advancement of sciences get those?  But, he did continue speaking.  "I've done some work on Higgs boson-neutrino interactions, and with artificial wormholes; didn't have the time to reach a real breakthrough before I was reassigned."  And, there was one more thing he had to add one more thing he had to add "And on account of my name, people I work with call me Hats.  Stands for Hieronimus Alcibiades Thaddeus Smith."

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[ LtCmdr Vivian Martin | CSO Office | Deck 07 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]Attn: @BZ @CanadianVet


Vivian sat quietly and listened as the two officers before her introduced themselves, and spoke about their respective achievements. She nodded slowly to herself as they finished speaking. She now had a slightly better idea as to why they were standing out from the rest of her new staff. ”A Medical Doctor and Botanist, and an Astrophysicist with a second degree in Quantum Dynamics.”

She took a sip of her drink as she studied the young officers before her. They both had promising sounding careers ahead of them...or would have done if they hadn't ended up on board Theurgy. ”So to cut a long story short you’re both saying that you’re quite smart...hmm...that did not sound snarky in my head...I apologize, I’ve had too much coffee and too little sleep.” She rubbed her eyes with the heel of her hand as she took a moment to gather her thoughts again. ”I’ve reviewed both your records, and I must say that I’m glad to have officers of your caliber and talent in this department.”

”You may have been given your assignments already, but everything has been quite chaotic around here for the past few days, so I have no idea what you may have been told. Lieutenant Praise, Botany. The Arbouretum is at your disposal.  Lieutenant Smith, Quantum Astrophysics, we have a lab set aside.” She looked between them for a moment, watching their facial expressions, trying to glean some sort of hints as to their feelings regarding these assignments. Seeing as they were being put in their strong fields, Vivian assumed they wouldn’t have any qualms about this.

“Work hard, send regular reports of your work, come to me if you need anything. I want to keep the science department very open and friendly. If any of my officers has a problem or needs certain equipment I want to be able to provide that.” She smiled “In the vein of keeping open and friendly, do either of you have any questions for me?”

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@The Ostrich @CanadianVet

Zeph could tell that the man beside her found her attractive, but, she didn't think much of it.  Honestly, she was used to it.  She knew that she wasn't unattractive but as long as he kept things professional when and if they ever had to work together she was good.  And, she could always use her own mental shields if she needed to protect herself from the mental groping of other people.  He was being pretty professional at the moment and she didn't really have any issues with him thus far. 

H launched into his own accolades and she listened to them realizing that he was likely quite smart.  She hadn't earned any medals, well not the ones that he had, but she had been out in the field a lot and going back to the Academy for a double major was something that she had chosen to do.  Not something that she had to do.  Still, she felt herself a whole lot better equipped to work with people and being dual trained could only be a benefit to situations when doctors weren't something that they wanted to put in danger and yet still send someone with the knowledge.

And, his name was a mouthful.

The kind of name you didn't even try to mess with, you couldn't pronounce that, it was as if his parents had decided that they needed tof igure out how to throw some consonants and vowels together .. then they sneezed, and a name was born.  She almost wanted to hear how his mama screamed that out the back patio when he was being an idiot.  But then, she had a feeling he was the indoor.. chemistry set, kinda kid.

She mentioned that they were both smart, and that she was glad to have them in her department.  Zeph's brow rose, is that a job offer? she wondered to herself but didn't voice her opinion.  Dark eyes surveyed the woman that sat in front of her and how she was now talking about Zephyr being able to have the run of the Botany lab and H could do his own thing.  She rose her brow and gave a quick nod.  Viv asked if they had any questions and Zeph rose her hand up slightly.  Not like in school or anything just like 'hey I do' to get the attention of the Chief of Science.

“I would also like to be allowed to work in the Arboretum, the Hydroponics lab, and I would also like to request permission to work in Sickbay during a crisis or when they are short handed and I am not needed for my Scientific expertise.” she stated firmly, calmly, it was less a question and more of a statement but she might as well put her desires out in the open and see if they were taken for what they were.

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[ Lieutenant JG Smith | CSO Office | Deck 07 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @BZ @The Ostrich

Hieronimus did not hear any snark out of Commander Martin's voice.  But then again, even if there was some, it would be at best even odds if he picked up on it.  To him, all that had been there was a mere statement of fact; botany was not a field that interested him much, though he supposed there was plenty to learn about plants, but he was well aware that medicine was a very demanding discipline, so of course Zephyr Praise would be intelligent.  As for himself, well...

He was not surprised she was welcoming the two of them into the department either; science should always be a welcome thing, he thought.  And having a chance to practice it on the most advanced ship in the fleet would be interesting.  Even if this ship was crewed by renegades who had just blown the hell out of Bellerophon...

The botanist asked her own questions, more like a request really, and the Hats spoke up as well.
 Commander Martin wanted to keep an open and friendly department, but that could be difficult o do if one did no know much about their department head.  After all, science was such a wide and varied field of study, it tended to pay off if one took the time to know who else he was dealing with. 

And with the department head, it would also colour how he would write his reports, whether they spoke he same language, or if he would need to simplify matters for what would amount to a layperson.  "Ma'am, may I ask what your background is?" 

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Lt. Cmdr Vivian Martin | CSO Office | Deck 7 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]   Attn:

Vivian sat in her chair observing her two officers, curious as to what questions, if any they would have for her. Not to her surprise Lieutenant Praise was the first to speak up, her questions relating to where else she could work. It was a fair question to ask considering her fields of expertise and she had at least stated that she would only do so during a medical crisis and even then only when her science skills were not needed, which was something Vivian appreciated, it said something about the young woman’s character.

Focusing her attention on Zephyr first, Vivian gave her a nod “Well we do have full time scientists here who work in those areas but since they tie into your work you may do so as well. I will inform those there that you have permission, although it might be a good idea to go and introduce yourself to them at some point. As for you working in Sickbay, I’m sure the staff there would be grateful for the any assistance during those times. As long as the CMO doesn’t have any objections and since you already stated that it would only be during times when your scientific skills were required, I have no objections to that either, so consider your requests granted Lieutenant.” she said with a smile, before taking another sip of her coffee and turning her attention to Lieutenant Smith.

Vivian had to supress the smile she felt when the man had asked what her field of expertise was in, not because she found it funny but because he was possibly the only one of the new people that she had seen who had actually asked her that question. “To answer your question Lieutenant my primary area of expertise is primarily in virology, specifically Biological weapons. I have published several papers on the subject, the first being Viruses and interstellar warfare as a vector of transmission and several others on the subject of bioterrorism and viral warfare. I’ve also spent some time researching terraforming and mycology and odd combination I know.” she answered with a smile. Whether or not he was actually interested in looking up her papers or not was another matter, it certainly wouldn’t bother her either way but it would hopefully give the man the answer he was looking ”I hope that’s a satisfactory answer for you although I can go into more detail if you wish.” she added.

Taking another ship of her coffee, she allowed her gaze to shift between the two again. “With that said do either of you have any other questions for me, now is the perfect time to do so. Considering everything that has happened lately and the backlog of projects we have to get started up again I’m not entirely sure when the next opportunity to have a relaxed talk like this could be, at least for the time being despite what I can assure you both will be my best effort to make the time should you need it.”

Vivian felt that that final sentence probably wasn’t necessary, the two of them both knew the situation they were in but it was better to be safe than sorry, especially given the fact they were all getting to know each other at this point.

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@Kinvarus @CanadianVet

It seemed that Martin was good if she wanted to work with medical during a crisis.  And only if she was not needed as the Science officer that she was.  Still, she hoped that they would get some time to work together, all of them.  She had worked alone a lot, on the Azurite station, and she knew that there had to be some curiosity regarding her being here due to the sheer amount of black out years in her folder.  But, she supposed that as a decorated officer herself, the Chief was probably used to seeing that from time to time and understood that there was just some stuff that you couldn't easily talk about even if you wanted to.  Now, Zeph was allowed to use the labs and help out Medical.  Her point here in the office today was complete and she was excited to begin her new work here.

H began to talk as well asking Martin about her background.  Apparently, brown nosing was a skill too?  Nah, she was just joking, mostly.  He probably wanted to know if they had anything in common and Zeph had to admit that she was pretty curious herself.

She did bioweaponizing and bioterrorism.  Zeph's brow rose, and thought about how they could work together.  She had done some Botanical Warfare at times and she hoped that they could link up at some point and work on a project together.  She had a feeling it would be something that could expand both their brains and hopefully allow for them to grow.  She could honestly see them working together and this actually excited her more than before.  She was really hoping that she would be able to work more with the both of these scientists.

Only time would tell.

The ship was huge, she wasn't even sure that she would see them all that often but, still, like minded people would only be a good thing.

“I think I'm good, so I won't take any more of your time up, thank you and it's nice to meet you Chief.” she said as she rose up and shook the Chief's hand before she turned and headed out of the office to hopefully head back to her Quarters.

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[ Lieutenant JG Smith | CSO Office | Deck 07 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @BZ @Kinvarus

What is it with all those life sciences types?  What's so fascinating with bacteria and cells and all that squishy stuff?  Of course Commander Martin was giving every impression to be highly intelligent and capable.  She probably even had doctoral academic credentials.  But not a physicist.  Which meant that if she ever asked for status reports, a certain Doctor Lieutenant Hieronimus Smith would have to remember to use small words, and speak slowly... 

However, one thing anyone could say about Smith was that he was socially inept... and he might not have fully managed to keep from rolling his eyes... But at least, mostly.

But he did have a few more questions.  "Ma'am, what kind of lab setup can I look forward to?  This is the most advanced ship in the fleet.  Please, tell me the laboratory setup matches the ship?  What sort of processing power is available to me?  And how about support from the AI?  The AI is used for science too, right?"

Yes, Hieronimus was starting to get excited.  Access to the most advanced computers mounted on a mobile platform in Federation space was the sort of prize he could not turn his back on.  He could live with a science department filled with people whose vision was limited to mere life, but if he had access to the right tools to look at the suitably magnificent cosmic phenomena he dedicated his life to study, he would be one happy man.

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Lt. Cmdr Vivian Martin | CSO Office | Deck 7 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]   Attn: @BZ @CanadianVet

Vivian sat, observing the two scientists as they processed her answers to their questions. Starting with Zephyr, Vivian watched as the woman's eyebrow raised in thought and the CSO could almost see the cogs working in her mind as she thought, wondering what the woman was thinking. For Vivian the fact Zephyr had done some work in botanical warfare was interesting and something that she would certainly note down should she ever get back to her bioweapon research, which given the threat could one day be a possibility. Regardless Vivian got the impression that she would get on well with the Lieutenant were they to work together.

Vivian gave the woman a smile when she said she had no questions and stood up to shake her hand, which she returned. "Very well Lieutenant, dismissed and I'll see you in the morning." she replied, watching as the woman made her way out of her office.

As for Hats, he was a little more difficult to get a read on. He certainly came across as a competent scientist, certainly smart and knew his stuff, otherwise he wouldn't be here. That being said she wasn't a physicist and while being a smart individual would hope that he would dumb things down for her a bit. As long as he didn't do it like he was speaking to a child, Vivian did see any problems, although time would tell.

Unlike Zephyr however, the young man did have a question and couldn't help but smile. "Do you really think that Starfleet would design the most advanced ship in the fleet yet not provide it with the most advanced technology for it's science labs Mr Smith?" she asked. "The science labs are the most advanced on any Federation ship in the fleet so yes the lab setup matches the ship It's not a second tier operation Starfleet runs after all." she added with a chuckle.

"As for processing power the core's processor is capable of sustaining over 575 trillion calculations per nanosecond so you won't have to worry about that any time soon. As for the AI...well first of all, she has a name, it's Thea and she's very much self aware so I would suggest you learn to address her as such and not as "The AI" she might take offense. However if Thea is fine with you addressing her as such then who am I to argue? I'm just giving you a friendly  suggestion,. As for your other question, Thea is knowledgeable in the sciences and can assist whenever required all you have to do is ask her."

She could tell the man was clearly starting to get excited at the prospect of working with the technology they had, hell she was excited to work with such technology too so she could hardly blame it. Unlike him however, she had to run the entire department as well so her fun time with the tech would be limited on occasional but still, she knew the excitement he felt and almost felt bad for making him wait until at least the next morning before they could start work since it looked like he was about ready to dive in and start.

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[ Lieutenant JG Smith | CSO Office | Deck 07 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @BZ @Kinvarus

Staring at the CSO, Hieronimus was content with the information she provided. He found it quite absurd to denominate the A.I. because of its preferences. It was a machine, however intelligent it might appear. Being quite intelligent himself, he would certainly reserve judgement on what he ought to call the thing. As long as it could provide ample assistance in his work, he would consider himself content.

  "Thank you, ma'am. I will evaluate the conditions of the labs and submit a report on my findings. Based on what you're telling me, I am carefully optimistic about the results."

While Hieronimus was a bit excited, it was almost too good to be true, and he did not want to err in having too high expectations. He stood up, since Lieutenant Zephyr appeared to have not further questions either.   "By your leave, ma'am."

He left the office in relatively good spirits, until he realised that he would have to ensure that his quarters were also of adequate conditions. People told him he was a bit particular in his needs, but as long as he could replicate what he'd lost on the Bellerophon, he supposed he would manage. It would take him some time to adjust perhaps, and meticulously ensure that everything was in order so that he could focus on his work.


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