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Star Wars: Liberty's Answer - Judgement Day

[ Dao-Han Kataro, Ela-Ris Waldron, Alpha-13 “Bolt” & Sabyl “Angel” Falleatua| Bridge | Main Deck | Marauder-class corvette, Pax Totalus ] Attn: @Everybody
6 hours before Order 66...

“General,” said Bolt, code name Alpha Thirteen, “we're coming up on Dantooine. Shall we brief the rest of the fleet on the final parameters?”

Dao-Han Kataro opened his eyes, without turning his head, and replied, “I'll be right there, Bolt.”


The ARC trooper plodded to the briefing room. His build and armor significantly heavier and more solid than the standard clone trooper, that some jokingly thought that he was made from a completely different template, but Dao-Han knew his face was indistinguishible from any other clone. The Jedi Knight was standing behind the pilot and co-pilot's station, hands clasped behind him, as he watched the stars in hyperspace streak by, the Pax Totalus seemed to be careening through a tunnel of fractal light. His heart was deeply troubled over the entire matter. Pushing aside his concerns and focusing on the present, he headed for the briefing room.

Briefing Room | Secondary Deck | Marauder-class corvette, Pax Totalus ]

Several other Jedi were on board the corvette besides his Padawan, Ela-Ris Waldron. The young woman was a bundle of nerves and restlessness. Like him, she was sensitive to the call of the Living Force, and she undoubtedly felt the same sense of trouble that had plagued Dao-Han since the beginning of this assignment. It sounded benign enough, when they were told that they'd be surprising a secret meeting of Separatists and smugglers, none of whom were reportedly of any great import to the war at large. Many were still heady after the victory over Coruscant several months ago, when Anakin Skywalker slew Count Dooku, and many were beginning to look forward to a decisive end. This was supposed to be one such act towards the conclussion.

Master Oon Bandar was the leader in charge, but he had Dao-Han as his primary advisor and general on the ground, and they had held back a crucial piece of information, uncovered by their Intelligence Operative, Sabyl Falleatua, known on her native homeworld as the Angel of Naboo. She was something of an enigma, apparently gaining notice only five years ago, after she appeared out of nowhere. But her talent for obtaining information was second almost to none, and her most unusual constant droid companion, who never left her side much. She now stood beside Master Bandar, going through the data, and they both looked up expectantly at Dao-Han, who nodded at them and he addressed Bolt.

“Connect us to the rest of the fleet,” he said and stood on the raised platform, so that he could address those in the briefing room along with the rest in the handful of Corellian corvettes, the Consular-class charger c70 retrofits and the Acclamator cruiser (via holocomm) that was travelling with them, carrying a contingent of crack troops, among them, the newly revived Republic Trooper Corp, essentially a reimagined cadre of elite military forces consisting of non-clones. Each corvette had one or two Jedi on board commanding. “Attention Jedi Task Force, I'm Master Dao-Han Kataro, speaking on behalf of Master Oon Bandar, in command.”

He shifted in his stance, keeping his hands clasped behind him, “Many of you were aware only of the fact that we will be disrupting, and if possible, apprehending a large band of Separatists and smugglers meeting on Dantooine, for a tradeoff. What we were not aware of until recently, was what's being traded: people.”

There was a visible shift amongst those that he could see, especially in his own Padawan, when the concept of trafficking was mentioned. Ela-Ris herself had been near to slavery once, bearing the scars of that time around her neck, which she unconsciously reached to feel, probably recalling the sensations of having a rope around it. Heedless, Dao-Han conitnued, “Among them are prisoners from the war, members of the Republic Troopers, political individuals, and families caught in the crossfire. Which is why we have a contingent of clone troopers to help us liberate and rescue the captives, and to secure both the Separatists and smugglers responsible for the events here. We will be exiting hyperspace in fifteen minutes, coordinates will be given to you, to land your ships. Surprise is on our side, and we wish to keep it that way until we are on top of them. Make your preparations, and may the Force be with you.”

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[ "Captain" Temari Onk'alo | Seperatist meeting | Surface Clearing - Dantooine] Attn: all

Bending down to run the bared tips of her fingers through the grassy under brush around her, Temari had to admit that she could see the appeal of a place like this. Rolling fields, majestic plains, towering temperate forests. Hardly any of the humidity and dank swampland of Dathomir, where she'd spent many years while on the run. But it lacked the chill bite of the mountain air on her home world, so far away near the center of the galaxy. Dantooine was out on the banta's rear end of explored space. Pretty, open, out of the way, and beneath anyone's notice.

Perfect for the meeting going on today, distasteful as it had been.

Sharp hazel eyes glanced about, as she idly chewed on the earpiece of her sun shades. The devices would shelter her eyes from the bright Dantooine sun, when she stepped back out from the treeline. For now though, she clung to the darker cover the alien pines provided as she stood back up and swept her blond tresses from her face. A burst of warm wind had blown them forward, and Temari succumbed to the urge to unzip her jacket, to deal with the heat. This wasn't as bad as Dathomir had been either, where she'd spent most of her time there wearing naught more than body paint.

A teasing smirk curled on her lips. That was a habit she still indulged in, from time to time. Usually in the privacy of her ship. It was a small vessel after all, and until recently, the only other occupant had been a copilot droid. But that had taken damage and would not be easily repaired any time soon. That had necessitated acquiring a copilot for this little venture. And that in turn necessitated wearing more clothes around the ship than was her want.

Such a shame, she decided. Not that she had any complaints with the copilot she'd acquired. The girl was proving to be quite useful. They barely knew each other though, having just made the hop from the hub to Dantooine, but she'd had all her papers in order, and decent references that Temari could quickly back check. Up side of being as useful as she was to the movement - Temari had her connections. And those same connections were largely responsible for her being present on Dantooine, part of a large group there to make a deal.

She frowned and readjusted the strap on one of her finger-less gloves, and then again, the buckle of her gun belt, swung low on her hips, dark black against the navy leathers she favored, a long red stripe down a leg, fading into her equally black boots. She set her shades high on her head for the moment and planted her hands on her hips, pursing her lips. She felt a breeze blow the jacket back open, exposing the fine mesh leotard she wore, that went down, tucked into her pants, and the deep red, short top that was thrown over her chest.

A tingle ran up the back of her neck and her head darted to one side, looking over her shoulder, caution suddenly stealing away her mood. She was in tune with herself, and the area around her, and knew, instinctively, something was amiss. This wasn't the first time, far from it - skiing on the slopes back home, ducking around the streets in the capital, on the run across the rim, in the swamps, or on a mission, Temari had felt it time and again. Someone was coming.

Movement flickered in the corner of her eye, just out of sight, at the edge of her senses, really. Perhaps not even seen, just felt. It was enough to have her turn back and drop her shades onto her eyes, kicking away from the tree she'd perched next to. It looked like it was time to go see who was there. The tent in the field looked empty enough, but she could see a cloud coming from the other side. And she knew, all around her, in the edges of the woods, behind some of the higher hills, the others were here.

Show time.

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[ Dao-Han Kataro, Ela-Ris Waldron, Alpha-13 “Bolt” & Sabyl “Angel” Falleatua| Bridge | Main Deck | Marauder-class corvette, Pax Totalus ] Attn: @Everybody
5 hours 45 minutes to Order 66...
The Marauder cruiser emerged first, followed by the Acclamator, with the five CR90 Corellian corvettes and three Consular-class Charger c70 retrofits emerging last, in formation for a rapid insertion on the opposing side of the planet where the meet was expected to take place. Dao-Han Kataro had been explicit in his instructions to maintain cover and passive sensors only with a jamming field in place to mask their ships as they burned through the atmosphere of the planet ahead. Virtually all the ships except for two corvettes and one Charger c70 made their descent, the three ships were to remain in orbit and provide cover in case of any unexpected surprises.

Once they made it past the troposphere, the little fleet quickly descended until they were all barely skirting the trees, staying low and only a few kilometers apart, but they began to spread out as they drew closer to the mission starting point. The Acclamator-class cruiser, being the largest of the entire fleet, would land the farthest away from the meeting place, as the ship's sheer size and bulk, not to mention the sheer volume its engines generated could tip off the Separatists of their arrival, but the smaller ships could go closer before making a landing.

“Master,” said Ela, “I...I...”

Dao-Han looked at his Padawan, a gifted healer and oddly enough, a weaponsmith, as she stammered, trying not to express doubt and confusion, and he let her continue, because he felt them too. But he had to maintain control, keep everyone focused on the task. “I know, Ela,” said Dao-Han, placing a hand on her shoulder, “any other time, I would say we meditate on it, and seek an answer in the Force, but we simply do not have time. Focus now on rescuing the captives, and we will deal with whatever happens next.”

The girl nodded and left with Bolt to oversee the troop deployment.

“What about those of us who can't help paying attention to that sense of foreboding?” said Sabyl as she made her presence known to the Jedi Knight, who barely repressed a start as the young woman and her constant droid companion appeared. Not for the first time, Dao-Han suspected Sabyl had latent or concealed talents in the Force. She looked at the man with a barely repressed smirk, though her eyes showed nothing but the same pensive expression he had, “I dunno 'bout everyone else, but I've been feelin' pretty tense, in a mission that for all intents and purposes looks like a blue milk run.”

“Like I told my Padawan, Miss Falleatua, stay focused. Pilot,” Dao-Han turned around to look at the person manning the flight control of the cruiser, “keep the ship primed and ready to lift off at a moment's notice, the same goes for all ships, if you see a tactical necessity or opportunity, you don't need to wait for my order. I'm sure the Separatists will have droids for escorts. They never go anywhere with less than a hundred of them.”

1 hour 20 minutes to Order 66...

[ Separatist Meeting | Dantooine's Open Terrain | Dantooine ]

They had spread out their entire contingent to surround the meeting place. Oon Bandar had taken the northernmost tactical point of approach, which gave him the forest hills from the South Garang Path, meaning he would be the most concealed when he made his approach. Ela-Ris and the other Padawans were leading a force of clone troopers and a small elite squadron of the Republic troopers from the southern passes, which was high grass and thick forests. Dao-Han, five Jedi Knights and Bolt led the main force through the low eastern path. They carried the bulk of their military might here, while one last hidden contingent, arriving through shuttles, speeders and walkers, would entrap the Separatists and smugglers if they tried to flee westward, where the armored division awaited.

For some reason, though her job was strictly in the tactical and planning stage only, Sabyl and her droid had chosen to participate, which was why she was lying on her stomach on the grassy dunes beside Dao-Han, observing the meeting with a pair of macrobinoculars. The smugglers had finally arrived, and the prisoners were marching ahead of them. Among them was an unidentifiable Padawan with their hood upraised, and their wrists bound, who seemed to be biding their time. The Padawan looked towards Dao-Han, as if sensing their presence, and a sense of elation came from them.

“Everyone stand by,” said Dao-Han, speaking into his Comlink quietly, receiving a click from the various commanders and generals, acknowledging that they'd heard him. All the teams had their snipers aimed at the Tactical droids and the yellow-banded droid commanders. The B1 battle droids were relatively simple-minded and this kind of quick elimination of the leaders would be the quickest way to throw the bulk into disarray for a moment before the organic Separatist leaders could react. The over-reliance on droids had drawbacks, which the Jedi and the clone troopers had begun to exploit.


At the man's order, the snipers opened fire.

20 minutes to Order 66...

[ Bridge | CR90 Corellian corvette, Watchman | Dantooine's Orbit ]

Captain Ras Adnar stood behind the pilots, overlooking the planet below. He took the moment to enjoy the serenity as the world spun lazily. The years in the Clone Wars had taken a toll on the man, who looked twice his age, and he felt three times older than he looked. He hoped that there would soon be an end to the wars, and he could look forward to an early retirement.

“Captain,” said the sensor officer. “we're detecting an approaching ship, dropping out of hyperspace.”

“We're supposed to maintain passive sensors only, son,” said the captain, his tone patient, “we can't risk the Separatists detecting us actively pinging.”

“Yes sir,” said the admonished officer, “but sir, it's a Venator-class.”

“What?!?” Ras darted over to the sensor officer's station and looked at the readings on the screen. “Why is the Republic sending a Venator?” He looked in bewilderment towards the viewscreen, where the planet remained as placid as ever. “Don't tell me we got intel wrong again and there's more than just a small force of Seppies down there...”

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[ BH-7X - Designation, Bounty-Hunter Experimental Model 7 - Alias 'NX' | Separatist Meeting | Dantooine's Open Terrain | Dantooine ]
NX was a droid who was much more ancient than his rusted body implied. His arms were aftermarket and replaced over the years. Only his 'head' remained original. though the bandana around his collar changed in all that time, it did little to hide the bandolier of munitions and weapons in his sturdy frame. A lifetime ago, NX, the Bounty Hunter Droid was programmed to aid oppressed Wookies in guerilla warfare against Trandoshan slavers. It was less Bounty Hunting and more assassination, having many of the same programming of earlier IG and HK models. This one had a modicum of a conscience and had in that same previous lifetime aided the Republic in its darkest hour. Then He became instrumental in Sabyl's day-to-day operation  as per his programming.

Kataro gave the order and NX and the other snipers shot fast and shot first. With peak efficiency, NX's Bowcaster targeted the Separatists' Droidekas before they could deploy into their notorious shielded mode; NX had the advantage of having an impressive ability to leap buildings and astound the enemy with immediate altitude. The bowcaster's green magnetic accelerated blaster bolts were considerably more powerful than average blasters. The model itself was considerably powerful, but NX had since modified it for automatic fire at long-range, maximum at most 30 meters. Given the droid's assassin and bounty hunter programming, aiming was incidentally second-nature. He didn't even need laser dot sights. Not when he could use his wrist-blades and rocket thrusters in his ankles for draversing rooftops or bounding to second-story buildings, while carrying a passenger. In summary, he was Sabyl's bodyguard and getaway plan. The Old Republic BT-27 Enforcer the Droid was never far from had a secondary interface he could remotely summon for just this purpose. The Sidewinder as it was named, was in a close enough orbit providing real-time surveillance and combat data for the droid to use when picking targets for his bowcaster or handthrown explosives, either ion or explosive.

[ Mistress Sabyl, the Seps are sending Droidekas. Short of an airstrike, I'll make short word of those inferior models. Apologies in advance for out-scoring you. ] The BH-7X Rasped into secure comms as it sprinted carrying the reputably heavy rifle in his right hand while a holdout sidearm blaster picked off B1 battle droids and less-threatening units while oppressing the hard-hitting Separatist droids. It was then when the Sidewinder Detected a hyperspace jump signature in orbit. Republic IFF signal.... A Venator-Class. Excellent. Reinforcements. The calculus of the battle would change for the better, if a droid was given the ability to hope.

Lt. Commander Leon "Striker" Marquez
Chief Tactical Officer, USS Theurgy
"No one left behind."

Ensign James "Jimmy" Mariner
Security Officer, USS Theurgy

Lieutenant (J.G.) Alessia "Angel" Garcia
Valravn Fighter Pilot, USS Theurgy
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[ Moff Daniel Havenborn | Venator-class Star Destroyer, Supremacy | Command Bridge | Dantooine Orbit ]

Daniel stood on the bridge of his ship as it decelerated from lightspeed, the swirling tunnel of shifting hues of blue replaced with the blackness of space, a single planet in front of them.  Dantooine had once been the site of a major battle of the war but now had little more than a listening post planet side.  He had been reviewing intelligence reports when he noticed something quite odd, a large contingent of Republic vessels under the command of a Jedi had emerged from hyperspace over the planet, he knew about the Separatist group on the planet working a slave trade with smugglers and had passed the information on to Clone Intelligence but he hadn’t expected a Jedi to oversee the mission, they were after all needed on the frontlines.  Though to be honest Daniel had no love of the Jedi, or the Sith for that matter.  Both groups had narrow views of the force and limited themselves to only certain parts of it when there existed so much more.

“Sir, we’re detecting three Republic ships in orbit and seven Republic ships on the planet.  In addition the listening post has sent an encoded transmission that contains the Separatist strengths.”  His Senior Ops officer reported.  Daniel walked over to the holotank at the back of the room and brought up the display, the three ships in orbit relative to the planet plus the location of the other Republic vessels on the planet.  Daniel knew through a series of visions that Palpatine had something big planned and while had wanted to be on Coruscant for it he also wanted to know why the Jedi had taken such an interest in these Separatists and not on the frontlines where they were needed, the Outer Rim sieges were still in full effect and this type of mission was something that a detachment of Clones could handle and didn’t warrant the presence of the Jedi, at least as far as Daniel was concerned.

As he looked at the holotank he also noticed a lack of his escort ships, a Zenith-class Command Cruiser, two Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruisers, and four Arquitens-class Light Crusiers.  “Where are the escorts?”  He asked no one in particular.

“They’re about a minute behind us sir; our engine upgrades have given us a slight advantage.”  The Senior Ops officer reported.  He was glad that the crew didn’t have any clones part of it anymore; Moff Havenborn had not enjoyed their presence.

Daniel shook his head; he’d have to speak to Sector Engineer Parsons about upgrading the rest of his task force, being faster than then other ships in his task force would just not do.  “Understood, move us into orbit and prepare for full assault.” 

“And the Republic vessels?”  Asked the Senior Ops officer, Daniel looked out at the ships; they were loyal to the Republic, but more importantly they were loyal to the Jedi and the time of the Jedi was at an end.  More than that he wanted the element of surprise and they could possibly ruin that option, so they had to be destroyed.  Truthfully Daniel didn’t want to give the order but he knew that most non-clone Republic officers were tired of Palpatine’s wartime changes and his installment of the Moffs, which granted there were only a handful right now due to the Senate’s interference.  He sighed and resigned himself to the decision, he knew that Palpatine would understand his choice; this would not be the first time he had to do this after all.

“Launch Mu and Nu Squadrons; destroy them.”  Daniel said as he made his way back to the viewport, a moment later the Dorsal Hangar Bay opened, and twenty-four GAT-12C Skipray-class Blastboat Heavy Starfighters took off from their bays.  Daniel knew that it would take the officers aboard the ships time to understand what was happening, but by then it would be too late.


[ Commander Pontius Locke, Callsign: Swagger | GAT-12C Skipray-class Blastboat Heavy Starfighter | Mu Leader | Dantooine Orbit ]

Hearing the orders from Moff Havenborn Commander Locke smirked.  This wasn’t the first time they had done this, Task Force 616 was informally known as Palpatine’s Executioners.  He had heard from Baron Hakke that Moff Havenborn had gotten his position as a Moff due to his allegiance to Palpatine and his willingness to enforce Palpatine’s word and agenda throughout the Republic.  As he watched his squadron move into position he unlocked the safeties of his proton torpedoes, he knew that the other pilots were doing the same.  Their approach vector however was as if they were going to provide an escort, this was a ruse and their true intentions would be known shortly, but by then it’d be far too late for the Republic ships to do anything.

He got confirmation from Nu Leader that his targets were set and his squadron was ready, and with that Commander Locke gave the silent order for all Blastboats to open fire with their torpedoes.  His order was confirmed by his gunner, while his sensor operator kept him informed of the Supremacy’s status as they made their way towards the planet.  Each Blastboat carried twelve proton torpedoes; each one would fire at least half of their magazine for maximum damage effectiveness.  He didn’t have to wait long for the results as he watched the torpedoes streak through the vacuum of space, he could only imagine what the crews of each vessel were thinking right now, he watched as the Charger c/70 attempted to escape but the torpedoes found their mark and the ship was destroyed as well.  The two CR90s didn’t stand much of a chance against the barrage of torpedoes; his communications officer reported that the Republic vessels didn’t manage to get a transmission off.  He told him to inform the Supremacy that their mission as a success and that they were moving into an escort position.  Skiprays were not starfighters that excelled in planetary warfare and until the escorts arrived they’d need to be ever vigilant.


[ Moff Daniel Havenborn | Venator-class Star Destroyer, Supremacy | Command Bridge | Dantooine Orbit ]

Daniel heard the report from Commander Locke, three Republic ships destroyed and they were moving into an escort position.  “Lord Havenborn.”  A voice from behind him called to him.  Rear Admiral Persephone Nikos, his Executive Fleet Commander, approached.  “I do not recall our mission parameters stating the execution of loyal Republic officers and crew.”  She said.  “They are loyal to the Jedi, not to Palpatine.”  Daniel replied.  She stood beside him and nodded.  She could be just as ruthless as he was; she had to be in the primarily male dominated Republic Navy, although in this case she too had her orders from Fleet Command.  “Just keep in mind that those vessels that do surrender are not to be destroyed and their crews are to be detained until their loyalty can be established.  I shall overlook the previous three ships as we have more important things to deal with.”

“Sir, the escorts have arrived, they are moving into position.”  The Senior Ops officer called out.  Daniel nodded and looked at Persephone.  “Shall we?”  He asked her as he motioned towards the holotank.  She nodded and walked with him over to the holotank as it now showed the escort vessels moving into position.  The two of them watched as the Seneschal moved in alongside the Supremacy while the Appellant and Conviction took up a position to provide orbital bombardment then the Archon and Bloodhawk took up a rearguard role with Mu and Nu Squadrons with the Kingmaker and Fury making their descent into the atmosphere with the rest of the starfighter and dropship squadrons that were in the process of launching.


[ Colonel Garrison Jolder | Venator-class Star Destroyer, Supremacy | Ventral Hangar Bay | Dantooine Orbit ]

Garrison had been marshaling his clone-troops since the Supremacy had dropped out of hyperspace.  He knew that Moff Havenborn was to give the launch order as soon as they entered orbit of the planet and he wanted his troops to be ready to go.  He watched as the LAAT/c dropships moved into position latching onto their designated AT-TE walkers or onto the rapid deployment pods which contained AT-RTs and AT-PTs.  This mission was given a vermillion level deployment, which meant full mobilization of the entire ground force and starfighter force.  He walked into his designated LAAT/i dropship and greeted his clone second-in-command.  “We all set Rimfire?”  He asked the clone trooper.  “All set Colonel.”  The clone replied as he handed Garrison his DC-17m.  The DC-17m Blaster and the DC-15s Sidearm were Garrison’s standard loadout, the clone were equipped similarly with DC-17m attachments of various kinds.  Their armor also all the same, Mark-IV Katarn-class Commando Armor, the only difference being the rank insignia attached to each officer.

“Patch me into the regiment.”  Garrison said as Rimfire nodded then a moment later motioned to him with two-fingers that he was cleared.  “I’ll make this quick, our orders are clear, you’ve all been briefed.  If you don’t do your job I’ll shoot you myself.”  Garrison said.  It wasn’t that he didn’t like the clone troopers assigned to the ship, all of them had proven themselves over the past few years, no it more so came from the fact that sometimes they didn’t completely follow their orders.  Which was to be expected from clone troops, they weren’t always as good as non-clone troops but they were far better than droids.  As Garrison waited for the door to close he watched as a man clad in black armor joined one of the dropships.  That was one of Moff Havenborn’s Specialists, Tribune Flynt Roark.  He didn’t know that one of them had been assigned to the mission.  The doors began to close and the dropship began to lift.  Time for another fight Garrison thought to himself.
Defeat, Genocide; why quibble with semantics.

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[ "Captain" Temari  Onk'alo | Separatist meeting | Surface Clearing - Dantooine] Attn:

1 hour, 20 minutes prior to Order 66

Adjusting her sun shades a bit, Temari let her gaze sweep over the gathering around the tent as she walked about, stretching her legs for a moment, a break in the negotiations as the prisoners - merchandise - was brought forth. She had been one of the first people to set down here on Dantooine for the exchange. It was she who had been sent by what was left of the Separatist command to scout the meeting location and ensure that no one was there waiting for them. She was quite proud of her work, and was sure, as the others originally began to arrive, that the planet was secure. The listening post would have no idea that they were here.

Why then, she asked herself in silence, arms folded over her chest, foot tapping, Do I feel like I'm being watched? It was that damned tingle, the one she'd learn to associate with the Force (thanks to the witches on Dathomir, finally helping her tune her humble gifts) warning her that something was amiss. It didn't give her a clear picture however, which meant the threat was too far away. Or at least that's what she thought it meant. She would find out just how wrong she was in short order, but for the moment she lived in blissful ignorance.

There was the sleemo of a Hutt over there, in the shade of the tent, leering at her. He'd had one of his translators ask if her services were for sale, and of a personal nature. She'd whipped the S-5 Officer Variant blaster pistol out of her hip holster so fast that the poor man had barely been able to blink before she'd jammed the barrel up under his chin.  It was a sleek little gun, better for closer range, like this, than her DL-18 on the other hip. And it got the message across perfectly.

Then a battle droid had ambled up behind her, asking in that tone they all had, "Is everything all right, Miss?" Pogramed deference to a 'superior' officer - well that certainly helped things along. Even if Temari didn't have a formal military rank. Beyond perhaps "agent" when someone wanted to refer to her as something other than the captain of her own vessel.

The translator had scampered off, as the droid settled in at her side. She was important enough to merit an escort. Four troopers and one yellow striped command bot. "thanks," she had said then, and now, hours later, the same bot stood beside her at the ready, head bobbing along as it counted the captives. The soon to be slaves.

Hooking her thumbs in her belt, Temari pushed her open jacket back a bit, the red top fluttering in the wind. "We need to hurry this up," she murmured. "I hate this kind of exposure. And this damn work. Slaving is nasty business." Seeing slaves in their collards always made Temari feel like a metal band was being snapped into place. Moreso today, where it felt like a noose was tightening around her neck by the second.

So of course, that was the moment that the head of the droid commander escorting Temari exploded in a shower of sparks and blaster heat. Only that instants warning in the back of her head ensured that Temari was already rolling away from the exploding droid, her blond hair fanning out behind her. In her chest, her heart began to pound, fight or flight reaction rising up. Suddenly her hesitation, that trickle of discomfort made sense. Her adrenaline surged and so too did her perception of the area around them. They weren't alone.

"What the?" "What the?" "What?" The surviving droids all seemed to be reacting to the shots as one, lost and adrift. The command bots were being eliminated. Panic ran through Temari, as everything seemed to slow down.

"We're under Attack!" She cried out. "The dunes! Aim and fire!" Orders - they needed orders. She was a scout, not a fighter. Not a soldier. Her DL-18 was in her hand without a conscious thought. In her other hand, her comm link flashed as she pressed the button.

"Becky! Ambush. Get the ship ready to go. Hot exit." She barked, unsure if her co-pilot would even get the call.  No time to worry about jamming now. Spinning roughly 90 degrees, on her right heel, she rose up and brought her arm forward from over her head. It was overly dramatic, as was often her case. 

The custom wooden grip felt warm in her hand, through the glove she wore. Carved from a tree back home, molded to her palm print perfectly. This was her ranged gun. Pistol, yes, but a damned good one. And her aim was always uncannily good. Breath in. Hold. Release half. Pull the trigger. A bolt of red blaster energy snapped back, towards the dunes, all done in less than 2 seconds.

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[ Becky Athena | HWK-290 Hawk-class Armed Light Transport, Three Little Words | Cockpit | Confederate Landing Zone ]

Becky was sitting in the cockpit of the light freighter, she had been working with the Confederacy for the past year but she had joined up with Temari only a couple weeks ago but so far the pairing had worked well.  She was currently meditating in the cockpit, reaching out with her mind as her master had taught her how to do.  She kept the fact that she was force sensitive a secret, she knew that her master was here and could feel him through the Force, the connection was brief but enough for her to feel the pleasure of his presence.  It made her shiver with excitement as she knew that soon she would be reunited with him and the others, however that excitement turned to disappointment as she heard the call from Temari.

"Becky! Ambush. Get the ship ready to go. Hot exit."

She smirked as she knew what was happening, her master was coming, she only needed to play her part for a little while longer.  She got up and sat down in the co-pilot’s seat then tapped the communications panel.  “Got it, powering systems up now, we’ll be ready to go as soon as you get here.”  She said as she started the engines and powered up the shields and weapons.  As her holodisplay came up she saw the C-9979B Landing Craft, which had been modified with a hyperdrive, parked nearby as well as a pair of Aurore-class Freighters for which the cargo would be loaded onto.
Defeat, Genocide; why quibble with semantics.

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[ Dao-Han Kataro, Ela-Ris Waldron, Alpha-13 “Bolt” & Sabyl “Angel” Falleatua| Separatist Meeting | Dantooine's Open Terrain | Dantooine ] Attn: @Everybody
1 hour 10 minutes to Order 66...

Dao-Han ducked his head behind the dunes just as a crimson bolt exploded and showered the man with shards of glass and sand, whoever made that shot had a very good eye, and chaos descended upon the field as the Jedi generals, the troopers, both clone and regulars, along with their light armour rose as one and moved in on the enemy position. They had to seize the advantage of confusion and surprise while they still had it. Although their current division certainly appeared to outnumber the Separatist forces, it was surprisingly well protected, with super battle droids, droidekas, crab droids even, and more.

There was far more to this whole thing than they suspected, and Dao-Han couldn't help but wonder if perhaps they were being lured into a trap of some sort. As it was, the number of Jedi committed to the task had been substantial, and also consisting of the Freelancers, the name applied to the Jedi who refused to participate in the Clone Wars, choosing instead to follow the will of the Force wherever it guided them. There were also a few Jedi and Padawans from the war, a group of them that had come to be known as the Questioners, for nothing other than their disgruntled opinion that the Jedi were never meant to fight wars the way they were being made to do now.

As he watched Ela and the Padawans lead the troopers with them into the fray, cutting off any exit to the south, and as he saw the Acclamator-class assault ship make its presence known, followed by its full complement of assault gunships and a number of ARC-170 fighters, he went back to a few months ago, just shortly after the amazing rescue of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine by Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and General Grievous had been sent running after a brazen attack on the capital of the Republic no less. A venerable Miralukan Jedi master, Edren Brodee, and his Padawan, the up-and-coming Jac Kester, met with Dao-Han and Ela, the two Padawans briefly participating in a clash of lightsabers, with Jac appearing to possess the edge in skill, while Ela was far better in her control of the Force.

“The Dark side permeates so much now,” said Edren, “it clouds everything, even my vision. Yet, I can clearly see the Dark Side growing within your Padawan, Master Kataro.”

“......” Dao-Han merely observed the two Padawans continuing their match, Ela frantically casting a pull of the Force at Jac's ankle as the young man leaped into the air, intending to bring his blade down on her head, but the girl was no less adept at keeping pace despite her poorer skills with the saber.

“Perhaps it is the result of the long years of constant warfare,” Edren went on, stroking his chin thoughtfully, “or perhaps...”

Dao-Han turned to look at the blindfolded man, “Perhaps what, Master Brodee?”

“Have you not felt it?” said Edren, “From within the senate itself, a great, powerful shadow, suppressed, but not quite hidden to someone with sight like mine. Be mindful of your Padawan's emotions, Master Kataro, and be mindful of what hides in plain sight. Jac!”

At his master's bark, the young man ceased the fight immediately, leaving the victor undecided, and he clasped a palm against his fist and bowed, deactivating his saber in the process, an act mimicked by Ela. “It was a pleasure, Waldron, 'till next time.”

Ela merely smiled and nodded, though she let out a sigh of relief once the two men, save for Dao-Han were out of earshot.

As he brought himself back to the present, Dao-Han watched as Ela and Jac now ran side-by-side, outstripping most of their peers as they increased their speed with the Force and sent a squad of B1s flying, and then cut a large swath with their blades. Before they could be overwhelmed, or before the B2 Super battle droids could change the tide, the other Padawans caught up, and their troops began whittling down the numbers. Igniting his dual sabers, Dao-Han and Bolt rushed into the fray, the Jedi Knight deflecting incoming blaster fire, while the bulky ARC trooper laid down a withering fire pattern that knocked down wave after wave of B1 battle droids.

1 hour 5 minutes to Order 66...

Okay, no one can see me. thought Sabyl as she hid behind a rocky outcropping, blaster in one hand, a strange cylindrical device in her other hand, so far so good. Maybe I SHOULD have stayed behind in the ship.

:: Halt! :: said a B1 battle droid as it pressed the barrel of it's blaster against Sabyl's back.

Ferglutz, Sabyl raised her hands and slowly turned around, “Hey,” said Sabyl, “how's it goin'?”

:: Identify yourself! :: the droid demanded, waving the weapon threateningly, but the ridiculous nasally and high-pitched voice made it hard for the young woman to take the droid seriously.

“I am Rude, First Class, Third Cohort, Second Maniple, First Yadda-Yadda!”

:: What??? :: the droid backed up a moment, then looked at the odd device in her hand, :: What's that in your hand? Hey, drop your blaster! ::

Wow, they're really slow... thought Sabyl as she lowered her hand which had the blaster, then looked at her device in the other hand, “Oh this? Well, if you hold it like this, and then press this button...” a yellow energy blade ignited and decapitated the battle droid, “...that happens.”

She deactivated her lightsaber quickly before the droid fell limply to the ground and looked around worriedly, “Did anyone see that?” She whistled nonchalantly as she ambled away from that little encounter, looking so innocent, while taking pot-shots at any droids. The Separatists were not to be shot and killed if at all possible, but if they were killed in self-defense, that was fine. Still, the real concern was that the smugglers might put a gun to the heads of the prisoners, but that was when the Naboo girl could see that a number of prisoners had wrested weapons from their captors and were turning the tables. One of them was a Jedi Padawan even! Well this was their lucky day wasn't it?

She heard her droid companion talking, and she replied to him, with an amused smirk, “Go ahead, NX, I'm not keeping count. Watch yourself.”

The ARC-170s and assault transports were performing a deadly aerial dance with the Vulture-class droid starfighters, Sabyl observed the two-fold battle across the skies and on the ground, with the Acclamator providing cover on the ground with aerial bombardments, and threatening to decimate any Separatist ship that tried to take off. Following up behind it was the Marauder cruiser, flanked by two corvettes and two Charger c70s. The cruisers provided more firepower against anything and everything. It should have been a slaughter, based on the intelligence she'd obtained pertaining to the Separatist's strength and numbers for this particular meet, but while she was prepared for a small percentage of numerical error, she'd been quite far off the mark this time, with nearly three times the number of droids including a large variety of types. And was that a hutt??? Sabyl gleefully took casual aim with her pistol and fired with reckless abandon.

Hutts were obnoxious and as hard to kill as they were absolutely hideous. She knew of a hutt that survived with literally only half a head and brain, and their toxic slimy skin was so tough, nothing short of a lightsaber and cutting them down to ribbons would kill them. Putting a few scorch marks on the hutt wasn't going to kill him, but he would definitely be smarting. Too bad she couldn't take out his eyes. That would have been quite the feat at a hundred meters. She had to dive for cover when a Droideka started coming for her, blistering fire forcing the girl to duck and roll much like a Droideka in vehicle mode.

1 hour to Order 66...

“Flank it, and concentrate fire on the lead roller!” said Bolt, barking orders to three clone troopers near him as they switched the mode of their rifles to fire a continuous coherent beam of overcharged laser. One clone took a direct hit to the abdomen from the Droideka's heavy repeaters, but a trooper with his own heavy repeater cannon began unloading a barrage of azure bolts into the shields of the forward droid while Bolt and the two troopers moved to either the right or the left, their continuous laser beams thinning the shields as its power drained, and when the energy bubble winked out of existence, a single blast to its head ended the threat of the droideka forever. But two more remained, and in short order the ARC trooper was standing alone, when both the clones and the heavy gunner were shot down.

Weaving between the droids, Bolt only took a glancing blow of laser fire against a pauldron, then he slid along the ground, dropping a timed mine by the foot of one droideka, and rolled a thermal detonator under the legs of the other. At almost the same time the explosives went off, destroying one and the other was tipped to its side, forcing its shields to shut down, and he let fly with seven bolts from his rifle. Seeing a super battle droid battering a squad of clones, Bolt rushed towards it from behind, kicked its knee, and as it fell, he grabbed hold of the droid's head, and fired a few precise blasts at the vulnerable thin neck, cutting the head right off. “ON YOUR FEET, SOLDIERS! KEEP MOVING!” he barked.

He could see the crab droids, more Droidekas, and tank droids moving up as Master Oon Bandar with a contingent of troops and Jedi arrived from the north, blocking the northern passes. The wedge of the three armies was forcing the Separatists and Smugglers to move westwards, right into the heavy Armour battalion waiting at the western canyons, once there, the droid air support would be pinched off, and the cruisers and Republic fighters would make short work of whatever's left. A perfect plan, and yet, “Intel was off on the numbers and strength,” Bolt commented to Dao-Han as the Jedi rejoined the ARC trooper, he grabbed hold of a human smuggler that tried to be tricky with him, but the heavy-set trooper simply dropped to one knee right as the man tried to slide between his legs, the armoured greaves pressing down on the man's chest painfully, and the last thing the smuggler saw was the butt of Bolt's rifle giving his nose a new look.

“We can still win this, but the margin of losses will be far greater.”

Already, reports of massive casualties from the eastern units were coming in, even some of the Jedi had fallen. But there was no time to count. Not too far away, Ela-Ris shrieked, and Dao-Han turned to see a massive thirty-foot droid approaching the Southern units, its massive feet squashing troops underfoot, its armour seemingly impervious to laser fire.

“Where in the blazes did that come from?!?” a Republic trooper shouted. “Fall back! Fall back! Use ordinance and explosives, lasers aren't doing anything to it!”

The goliath droid raised its right arm, which ended in the barrel of a turbolaser cannon.

10 minutes to Order 66...

[ Bridge | CR90 Corellian corvette, Watchman | Dantooine's Orbit ]

“Sir, the Venator's deploying Skiprays,” said the sensor's officer.

Ras Adnar did not really need the man to tell him that since he'd had the corvettes and the lone Charger turn to face the approaching cruiser. It was a fellow Republic ship though, so the man didn't feel the need to raise shields or arm weapons just yet, but he couldn't shake the feeling that something was off. “Let's send a burst transmission, ask them what's the purpose for their presence. They're actively pinging, aren't they? That'll give away our position.”

“Yes sir!” The communications officer was busy preparing the message when he glanced out the viewport to see the blastboats, and by the time he'd shouted for the shields and weapons to be online, the ship was already in flames, and then in pieces when the bombardment started. The other corvette and the Charger never had a chance, and the last thought of the Republic captain was to try and send a warning somehow to his brother, who was in command of another corvette, the Defender.

His body floated through space and exploded in a spray of blood and guts as he collided against a skipray.

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[ Frances-Fox “Scimitar” MacKenzie, Wraith Squad| Overlook position supporting Republic troops| Dantooine ] Attn: @Everybody

Hmph, well, good news is, they aint spotted us yet… bad news, I aint spotted any of theirs either!” Spoke the small, lithe Mandolorian woman toting a rather large sniper rifle from her position flat on her stomach atop a boulder on a cliff-side not far from where the main Republic forces were advancing. She calmly flipped her macroscanner back up to its top leaning position on her helmet. “Boss, we’re clear to move in a bit, aint spotted anything ta worry about!” she spoke softly.

Behind her a group of four more Mandolorians, each of them wearing stealthy black and grey armor and toting various weapons loadouts quietly moved from behind various rocks and boulders, commencing a deathly quiet advance towards another overlook position, closer to the enemy lines. “Stick to the plan and wait for the General’s signal.” Spoke one with small, neat red flashes on her shoulder pads and helmet, obviously the leader, as they moved. Her name was Frances-Fox MacKenzie, a member of a clan belonging to house Viszla, as was the sniper who had signaled them, Frances’s cousin Amalya, the best shot out of all of them with a rifle, hence her sniper status.

We know boss, you really don’t need to keep worrying so much.” Spoke a gruff voice as a burly armored figure moved silently next to her, the groups heavy gunner, Paxon Hurn, another Viszla, they all were, from various clans under the great house and childhood friends, including the two others, their demolitions expert Hellena Orcan and the team medic Talon Farenzes. As they all repositioned. For their role as flank sniper support, all of them had equipped a long range marksman’s blaster of Frances’s own design. They called it the SB-LR151 Death’s Whisper, along with the other more regular weapon each preferred.

I know Paxon, one can’t help but worry about family you know.” The big man sighed and nodded. “Course not, but don’t worry so much, trust her, trust us, like you always do, we’ll be fine!” He said, patting his CO’s shoulder as they move into position. They had barely gotten into position when Amalya’s voice came over the comms. “Aha! Showtime, we’ve got some good sight lines here and looooots of klankers to pop!” She said softly, giving the team a thumbs up.

Frances nodded, singling for them to spread out. It had been a long journey, she certainly didn’t expect that the Jedi would not only contact her back so fast but be as impressed with the Skyflash as he had been, certainly not enough to want to literally build a squadron of the specially modified variant, not that they had just yet, only having his own special Thunderclap and hers. The ships were enough for now and were sitting in their Acclamator class flagship’s hangar, on standby. She smirked behind her helms visor at the knowledge. “Alright, this will be good, good work Amalya.

Frances tapped her wrist pad to change channels to the main command line. “Wraith is in position, standing by for the signal, Wraith one out!”  their way there had not been totally without confrontation, some separatist Klankers and a couple biologicals who wore their colours paid the price for their siding, this was war, she didn’t like killing others but did as she had to.

It did not take long for the command team to use the line to order the attack though and all hell began to break loose as multiple snipers from all around the Separatist meeting point opened up, many of them with the standard Republic sniper blasters, firing blue or green bolts of energy form their barrels.

Many Droids started going down, a good number of them not from blue or green laser blasts but bright purple ones, coming from an up high position, each salvo expertly placed with multiple Battledroids and other Separatist warbots finding their heads, torsos, powerpack backpacks and other appendages sheared off, molten, blasted or otherwise blow to smithereens. “Hah ye blew that droid commander’s skroggin head off cuz!” giggled Amalya in her ear though the comms as Frances blew a Battledroid officer’s head clean off with a shot.

The enemy was fighting back admirably but seemed to… “FRELL!” quipped Frances as a shot nearly got her but she rolled out of sight. “Okay! Wraith team relocate and find me that Separatist sniper Bantha Poodoo!” She said in an ice-cold tone as her team moved around her, scanning the area as they moved, relocating to a new Sniper Spot before opening up again.

They could see their troops and the Jedi going to town on the droids, the plan was to leave the living enemies, human or other, that way, alive so they concentrated on the droids, overhead their Acclamator’s air support wings were also getting in the fray, though some Vulture and Hyena class droid fighters and bombers were going toe-to-toe with the ARC-170s they brought with them. “Spotted their sniper, its an assassin droid, bearing 035, distance 450, elevation 15.” Spoke Amalya as Frances set up again, taking aim. “Got you, you sleemo!” She said coldly, squeezing the trigger.

The Assassin Droids head exploded, making it drop its rifle, body toppling over and falling onto an enemy Droideka as many of them rolled out to meet their forces. “Well Skrag!” She turned to Paxon. "We got anything to deal with Destroyers!?” The burly man reached into his backpack's side port and pulled out four roughly six inch long, two inch thick cylinders. “Got a few thermobaric grenades but not sure how great they would be against all that stuff!” he pointed down as spider droids and Goliaths joined the fray. “Oh for the love of!” exclaimed Frances, noticing them. “Okay people we’re going to need to get ourselves some bigger guns!” She said, grabbing one of the Thermobaric grenades and priming it before throwing it into a group of Destroyer droids that was blocking the advance of one of their squads.

After having thrown the grenade, Sephiria had to duck again as new enemy sniper fire hit them as well as some enemy droid troop fire as they;d been spotted. "Well Skrugg this!" Exclaimed her cousin as they moved into deeper cover, Sephiria nodded. "I think we're done playing nice!" She tapped her wrist-pad, soon after a small green light began flashing every second or so.

[ BT-7H Thunderclap “Skyflash”, Wraith one’s personal ship| Republic taskforce Accalamator class flagship’s hangar| Dantooine ]

A beep beep beep sounded in the Skyflash cockpit then went quiet soon after as a series of shrill titters, whistles and squeeks were heard before everything started coming to life. Soon the Ships outside lights flicked on as its lifter engines engaged, gently hovering the ship as its landing gear retracted, the Acclamator’s bay doors to the bay it was in opening as its engines ignited, the heavily modified Thunderclap blasting out and shrieking into the sky, Wings deploying as it homed in on its owners beacon under control of the teams astromech droid.

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[ General Mariner Triton, Jedi Master | BT-7X Thunderclap-Class, Voidshark | Akula-One | Dantooine Atmosphere | 55 Minutes until Order 66 ][Show/Hide]

Akula was an old human word for 'Shark'. It was the callsign that Kuati-born and recently minted Jedi Master Mariner Triton had adopted for his assignment during the outbreak of the Clone Wars. Geonosis brought Triton's decade-long hunt of leads for the Dark Lord of the Sith to a halt. During this hunt however, and as much a time training on Rishi with Matukai, the martial-minded Jedi General had made alliances with officers in the Republic Military and even the Senate Guard, in Chancellor Palpatine's early years in power, back when Rahm Kota was still somewhat of an instructor on the Jedi Temple. After Geonosis, Then-Knight Mariner was able to convince the Kuati Senator to commission a squadron of KDY-Constructed warships from the Republic's archives.

To Mariner, the BT-7 Thunderclap, while a relic, he argued, could make an effective short-range transport with the added benefit of being a dedicated warship, armed with the Republic's latest software, hardware, firepower and versatility. Aside from the refit of one vessel kept by KDY's Historians, the construction time for additional Thunderclaps would take time to meet the Chancellor's purchase of a fleet of Venator-class Capital ships. After combat shakedown missions, including mopping up after blockades over Christophsis and other worlds. Even Master Kota and Cin Drallig and their padawans were occasionally known to charter one of these Thunderclaps from time to time, despite Master Windu's admonition that Jedi were keepers of the peace, not soldiers, wondering why Mariner rarely if ever brought clones with him on assignment.

During the Blockade of Cristophsis, eight newly-built BT-7A Thunderclaps of the finally-operational Akula Squadron was intended to be first response and immediate commando deployment, a tactic separatists would be unaccustomed to fighting-- or expecting; Mariner had reminded Windu that it was ideal for rooting out the Sith Influence from within the Republic, his mission before the war. After the Destruction of the Invincible, Mariner and his craft seized two Lucrehulk Battleships and sabotaged them from within, causing disarray in the separatist-fleet when their core carriers were offline and destroyed from within, a nod to one of Skywalker's earliest victories.

"Akula 2, get to the surface and give 'em hell." Mariner was uncharacteristically foul-mouthed for a Jedi, likely attributing to his crews being run by former smugglers, privateers, mercenaries and even assassins. If they were given an enemy to fight, credits to earn, honor to be won and pardons to be received, they would sign up, on the condition that the Republic Navy issued 'liaison' officers, which was a better alternative to more conservative Jedi crewmembers. But necessary in many instances

"Akula 5 and 6, target the buzz droids. Akula-3, keep them from raining buzz droids."

"Akula 3 here, Dishing out some justice. Let's remind the Clones what they don't teach on Kamino!" The Corellian-born former Senate Guardsman was unemployed after faithfully serving on Chancellor Valorum's personal detail until after the Naboo Crisis. When the guard had to change, Jaden was given a promotion and allowed to retire, despite an ongoing investigation regarding a secret Trade Federation signal traced to the Senate Tower, and not from the Trade Federation embassy. Shortly after this dismissal, Jaden took up Bounty Hunting and Vigilantism, even earning a price on his head from the likes of Zam Wessel and Jango Fett for his 'heroics'.

[ Major Jaden Forrester | Republic-Deputized Mercenary | Akula 3 | Dantooine Airspace |]
The Corellian guardsman turned to Bounty Hunting and mercenary work before his arrest by Master Mariner after a prolonged dogfight over New Makeb, not realizing they were initially pursuing the same lead regarding the alleged conspiracy within the Senate and the secret transmission between the Dark Lord and the Federation Viceroy. It was only recently that the Battle of Coruscant confirmed the rumors of a high-level conspiracy, possibly even above the Senate itself-- at least an advisor, friend, minister or a well-placed Jedi Master at the very least who was close or at arm's length of the Chancellor. Mariner secretly suspected Master Plo Koon, given that he too practiced Electric Judgment; not unlike Vaapad, it was considered a taboo art rarely practiced, and the Kel-Dor Jedi was a long-time Jedi Councilor. In direct response to tempering himself against this, Mariner swore he'd master that ability some day.

"Vultures in the sky, I'm on 'em!" Jaden reported, activating his S-foils and letting his craft's trio of heavy cannons blast rotating bolts of heavy blue blaster bolts at the incoming Droid and Tri-Fighters which had been scrambled to cover them.

[ Commander Elara Zaarin, Republic Navy | Bridge | Acclamator-Class GRS Guardian ]
"Akula One, this is Guardian." Republic Navy Commander Risha Zaarin reported from her station at the GRS Guardian's bridge, monitoring their aerial and space assets. "Watch for Sabotage probes. Recommend short-wave EM pulse or hull polarization if you have any hitchikers." the Carida native was an all-business officer who was young for her rank, but earned for her aptitude and command results. She had captained one of Mariner Triton's Thunderclaps and only recently accepted a transfer to an Acclamator as a learning experience and a potential command opportunity of her own.

"Akula-1, roger that, Guardian. I'll cover you. Akula-4, Deploy commandos. Link up with NX and the others and cut off their escape. You're the first getaway plan. Everyone else, engage the enemy. Akula-2, Stay tuned for targets of opportunity coming your way."

Captaining his vessel from the helm of his own Thunderclap, General Triton was a Kuati through and through, being one of the Order's most proven pilots, called-for blockade runners and daring commanders. "Take prisoners and grab whatever Intel we've got. Their fleets, numbers and as many bases we don't yet know about." He was known for being always on the move once he'd committed to a course of action, going with as much patience and resources as he could afford, rather than act on instinct or attunement to the force alone.

[ Commander Cassian Thorvald, Jedi Padawan | Dantooine Surface ]
"Fight with honor!" Thorvald force-jumped out of his Thunderclap, twin viridian sabers drawn as the green-tunic clad Jedi sommersaulted atop a towering Droid unit, driving one saber into its central core while deflecting fire with his right saber. Born on Rishi to Matukai parents, Cassian Thorvald was discovered by Mariner and his master at the time during a mission, where at an early age, the young Cassian was seen accomplish astounding acrobatic prowess for a child; well for a pickpocket. The same who got ahold of Knight Rahm Kota's lightsaber and escaped, or so he thought. Padawan Triton had himself learned force leap at a young age and was able to reclaim the saber, that is, before other Matukai, and shortly after, the other Jedi arrived.

"We won't let you down, Akula-Lead." Mariner's apprentice, Cassian Thorvald responded as soon as his vessel landed. The apprentice was in a green-and-white tunic, akin to jungle camouflage with twin leather-wrapped lightsabers akin to old sword hilts. Cassian was a stocky, tall young man who spent hours a day in physical combat and training to be as quick-reflexed a fighter with only a moments' warning from the force or his instincts. His heritage and training meant he could perform impressive athletic capabilities many humans could only dream of.

After years of working together, Mariner was eventually tasked with training Thorvald, which led to their working together in their hunt for the Dark Lord of the Sith, and later, the Clone Wars. Ending them was one step further toward unraveling their shared mission.

Cassian lept to the ground to continue to deflect blaster fire while advancing his way into the droves of blaster-fire as trusted Akuka-squad's hired mercenaries with jet packs quickly descended from the rapid assault ship, firing mainly green and blue blaster fire at preference, mainly to identify themselves in contrast to separatist weapons. Among them was a clone lieutenant, one of few full-time stationed of his kind chosen to keep the mercs in line, but also to transmit the whereabouts of the Jedi to his own superiors, despite Commander Zaarin being left uninformed of this, though this did not escape the notice of allegedly-paranoid Mercenary Captain Risha.

[ CAPT Risha Eclipse | Republic-Deputized Mercenary | BT-7X Thunderclap-Class, Voidshark | Akula-One | Dantooine Atmosphere ][Show/Hide]
"Don't get cocky, Kid." Risha smirked as she flew her craft at a hover to lock onto a stubborn droideka trio that NX had painted for her ship's chin-mounted quad cannons, sending a shield-busting quartet of green blaster fire. Right now, the Republic academy dropout and former roommate of now-Commander Zaarin, the accomplished smuggler-turned 'good girl' had learned a thing or two about working the thin line between being a hired gun and a vigilante.

Despite coming from a proud military family from Corulag, Risha preferred adventure to duty and dropped out of the academy, rather than graduate in an act of defiance against her parents and siblings. She emerged years later as a smuggler and slicer but signed on for the promise, or at least intent of keeping one of the Thunderclaps for herself in the ambition of making a name for herself after the war."We'll be on overwatch, keeping the vultures and hyenas from you, now move it!" Akula-4 was in folded-wings mode, being only able to operate its chin-mounted quad guns via her wookiee co-pilot Therak, while Twi'lek mechanic Cerina Ava was monitoring the battlespace and the feed from their scoutship and the Squad Leader's droid on the ground. From here, she would read the situation on the battlespace to her CO and their task force flagship. The other Eight Akulas were dominating the sky. Clone crew or not, it was quality versus quantity; the Republic was proving its reputation as a proud military force attributed to its history in Cerina's eyes.

Things were looking good for the first several minutes. Even in atmosphere, the other eight members of Akula Squad, each with a Jedi aboard with varying numbers of Clone and Republic forces at the controls or awaiting the chance to commence ground operations as needed. All of them were itching for battle. The Clones were impressed by the reputation this non-Clone squadron had made  for itself in the last three years with just two of these ships or three, even four, but when their General had his way, they appeared over Cristophsis with 12 of them.  With enough time and Jedi-attuned maneuvers, Akulas 6-12 were hammering away at the Separatist fighters who had responded to the Republic attack.

The Dogfight was a clash of heavier weapons against overwhelming numbers. Three-by four Blue and green blaster fire exchanged against the red tide of the Droid starfighters' weapons fire and summary warhead exchange. Republic proton torpedoes and cluster missiles decimated hands of the more tightly-knit Tri-fighters, whose speed and computerized maneuvers were hard to hit, but easy to kill when hit by so much as one stray blue blast by the Heavy cannons or the green quad laser turrets remotely operated by the republic co-pilots. Two Republic Craft broke off to intercept a squadron of hyena bombers heading for the Jedi on the ground while another let off a salvo of buzz droids over a section of the aerial battle. Crashed vulture and tri-droids soon enough littered the Dantooine landscape in flames to the constant roar of blaster and plasma exchanges in brilliant displays of destruction. One Thunderclap took a direct hit from spatial debris lodged in its frame and had to make an emergency landing. Fortunately, the crew was able to bail out as its Jedi captain was able to turn a crash-landing into an act of gravity-defiance.

"Nice Save, Akula-7!" Mariner noticed, himself on the offensive against some persistent adversaries, namely 4 vengeful vulture droids, who were originally 8 just seconds before. Akula-1 closed its S-foils, rotated itself on its axis and performed a vertical spin to face them head on in time to align a linked burst shot from his quad turret and rolling out of the debris field, firing a spread of cluster missiles to fly over Akula-3, himself persisted by  low-flying Tri'droids in a turning contest. The Corellian always was one for the theatrical, but his unpredictability overwhelmed the droids as they fell to the quad lasers' gunner.

Mon Calamari Jedi Knight, Commander Narlock and his Clone Officer "Regs" were at their bridge as their Sullustan pilot continued to impress the rest of the squadron as they made an impressive display of whittling down the Separatist vulture droids, hyena bombers and tri-droids. Rapid-fire quad-guns at the Jedi's control were made all the deadlier as the latest in Capital ship heavy cannons fired from the Thunderclap's three main cannons to cause decimating alpha strikes, as another wave of Separatist air support appeared. "They're late, but the Seps could jump in more backup. Akula-Six: Let's finish off those walker droids then form up. Have we got a location on their origin point?"

"This is Wolf-10, we're tracking one, possibly a second point of origin. We're taking Akula 9 with us." Three other Jedi relayed this information as they set up sectors of perimeter around a 3 km radius.

"Beware of traps!" Came the Mon Calamari's reply.

BT-7 Thunderclap (Clone Wars Variant):
Lt. Commander Leon "Striker" Marquez
Chief Tactical Officer, USS Theurgy
"No one left behind."

Ensign James "Jimmy" Mariner
Security Officer, USS Theurgy

Lieutenant (J.G.) Alessia "Angel" Garcia
Valravn Fighter Pilot, USS Theurgy
"You're not the only one with a gun,"

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[ Frances-Fox “Scimitar” MacKenzie, Wraith Squad| In the thick of it against the Separatists, awaiting Skyflash arrival| Dantooine ]
Attn: @Everybody

Frances yelped as she dodged more droid fire. “By the ancestors!” She snarled and returned fire, slinging her sniper rifle, the rifle locking with a soft humming click to the mag clamps of her armors backpack before she drew two blaster pistols form hip holsters, took aim and unleashed a barrage of purple blaster laser bolts at the offending Klankers, popping holes in torsos and blasting heads to smithereens.

Her cousin giggled as she dodged a few more blasts before drawing her own pistols and firing. “These things never learn do they?” She asked while the others also started blasting away, trying to clear a landing zone for their imminent pickup. Sadly more and more Klankers started pouring in and it wasn’t looking good. Until something came overhead that is.

A squadron of heavily armed Thunderclaps roared overhead, engaging the enemy, Frances smirked behind her visor. “Bout time!” She said, her wrist pad started beeping faster, meaning the Skyflash was not far now. She tapped her comms. “Akula 1 this is Akula 2 mind getting rid of some of these heavy klankers coming at us on this ridge, my birds coming in but it’s only got R2-N7 flying it!” She said as she took cover again while their heavy weapons guy unleashed some fire on the enemy while the others supported him.

[ BT-7H Thunderclap “Skyflash”, Wraith one’s personal ship, Akula-2 of Akula Squadron| Arriving at homing beacon coordinates| Dantooine ]

R2-N7 tweeted and beeped rapidly as it manoeuvered the Skyflash in, circling around and strafing the enemy a couple times but even the Skyflash’s ample firepower was not going to be enough on it’s own. R2-N7 bounced about on its legs, making rapid adjustments with its control interface, head unit spinning about angrily as it shrieked in frustration at not being able to pick up its mistress and her team just yet.

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[ "Captain" Temari  Onk'alo | Separatist meeting | Surface Clearing - Dantooine] Attn:

1 hour prior to Order 66

Pushing herself up from the ground, Temari shook her head again and started to shout something foul back at whatever grunt had just launched a goddamned rocket at her, when the ground shook. She looked up, behind her, and watched in awe as one of the fabled Goliath Droids ambled past. The massive droid's foot crashed down on some poor sod, leaving him a stain in its wake. "Kark me," she breathed, a smile passing over her face for the first time since the battle had begun in earnest. Not that the ringing in her ears had died down enough for her to actually hear her own excited oath.

The past twenty minutes had been hell on wheels for Temari. Her hair was no longer in that tight tail she'd started with. It hung loose around her shoulders, streaked with sweat. Patches of dirt were on her cheeks, and there was a blaster burn that marred her jacket. It was the closest she'd come to being shot, and again, if it hadn't been for that trickle of forewarning, at best she would have taken the bolt full on through the shoulder. At worse, it would have ended her career, and her life.

But right then she wasn't thinking about how close things came. Temari was thinking she was damn lucky that giant Klanker was on her side, and not something she had to fight against. She was thinking it was nice to see a lot of the fire that would have been coming her direction going towards the bigger droid, especially since her own droid escort seemed to have been winnowed down in the crossfire. She thought it was especially nice that some fo the Republic air support was now more concerned with attacking the massive droid than it was straffing the woods to take out Seppies like herself.

And, she was thinking about the trooper that had just darted past the tree she'd been bracing up against, after having stood and regained her hearing. He thrashed down through the tree line cutting across her path, clearly intent on some goal further afield. It was going to be a shame for him that he hadn't been paying attentions to his surroundings.

"Nice knowing you, carbon copy," she muttered. The S-5 snapped up, almost of its own volition. The sights triggered right in the back of the troopers helmet, and the gun cracked off once, a green bolt - bless those Naboo - crossed the distance almost faster than she could track, smashing into the back of the clones head and sending the sun bonnet flying. 

Without missing a beat,  she walked over and gave the body a once over. Same face they all have she thought to herself as she snagged a few spare blaster packs and - "Hello beautiful!" She exclaimed in a voice better left for a bedroom, as she held up a pair of thermal detonators. "Oh you gorgeous things you." She gave a kiss to one of them, before clipping them both onto her belt. She stayed crouched, legs apart, keeping a low profile as she looked around. There looked to be a concentration of fire not too far away - yes, more republic troops, holding down a defensive position just past the tree line.

Without missing a beat, Temari rose to her feet and began to run down the same way this trooper had been going. Clearly he was making his way to this little hold out. At the last minute, she cut to the right, moving parallel to the men pouring blaster fire into a marching column of battle droids. She let one of the detonators fly as she darted back under the cover of trees, diving down among the roots and covering her head.

What followed was a deep, angry Thoom sound and an explosion of dirt and body parts. War was a nasty business, and so was slave trading. This is why I prefer to be a scout, she thought bitterly once again. At least the enemy was down one more fire team.

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[ Ami-Lee “Millie” Westar & Princess Liberty Solara | Separatist Meeting | Dantooine's Open Terrain | Dantooine ] Attn: @Havenborn, @Nolan, @Brutus, @Triton, @Firefox013, @Auctor Lucan
1 hour to Order 66...

Millie collapsed to the floor when a thunderous roar and the ensuing shockwave pushed her down, keeping one hand on her hat lest she lose it. Looking up, she could make out the shape of a squadron of large fighters or bombers that were closer to freighters in size, but she couldn't recognize the make and design. They had to be part of the Republic, however, judging by the simple fact that they were taking out Separatist droids and fighters. Though the majority of their forces were droids, there was an element of living beings, and it was they whom Millie was there for. Another explosion scattered the living division of Separatists, and the blonde woman rose up, weaved and dodged her way to slide next to one man who was still moving, albeit weakly.

“Keep still,” said Millie, “it looks bad, but I can fix this.”

She opened the kit in her hand and pulled out some bactade, applying generous amounts of the fluid on the worst of the man's wounds.

HALT!” a Clone Trooper shouted, levelling his rifle at Millie and the man she was tending.

Lifting her gaze to fix the clone fearlessly, she said, “I ain't fightin' ya. Let me tend his wounds.”

You're not tending anything. Hands up!” the Clone demanded.

A stray bolt struck the soldier in the back and the man collapsed with a shocked cry. Turning back to the Separatist man, Millie finished her ministrations and closed up his wounds. He would live, but he was done fighting. Then she went over to the Clone trooper. He was still alive. She knelt down beside him and removed his helmet.

What are you doing?!” the Clone feebly swatted at her hands, but she grasped them firmly.

“If you don't let me help, you're gonna die.” she told him in an even tone.

Why would you help me?

She looked at the man for a long time, then she finally said, “Because I can.”

The clone trooper offered no further protest or resistance as the frontier medic removed his armour carefully, then tended his wounds.

55 minutes to Order 66...


Princess Liberty Solara of the Rini was scared out of her mind, and almost blind from the daylight. Her people are notorious for being perpetually afraid and terrified...of everything. It was a wonder that they would have chosen a side and even actively participate in anything remotely resembling what the young near-human was being exposed to now. Sharing a common ancestry closer to burrowing animals, the dark-haired girl had small but strong hands ideal for digging into the soft soil, or climbing trees. She was actually stronger than baseline humans, but she didn't think she was, and these Clones, these Republic forces, Count Dooku had warned her and her people of the threat they posed, the absolution and destruction of their people was in the plans.

That was why they chose to join the Separatist movement, that is why they offered shelter to all Separatists within their cavernous mineral rich underground dwellings. She seldom made any noise or spoke, preferring to project images with her natural telepathic talents, displaying intent or making queries in that manner. But most of the Great Ones preferred speech. There wasn't a lot of speech going on now. There was only deafening explosions, roars of Sky Demons, and blinding bolts of light that sought to steal life, to deny the Rini of existence! It terrified her! Dropping to all fours, she dug in a circle with her hands, swiping great rents of earth and soil into the air, her legs kicking in a manner so specific as to complement the actions with her hands that she soon had a hole about four feet deep and four feet in diameter.

She couldn't see in the daylight, so she relied on her hearing, her sense of smell and her sense of touch, feeling the vibrations on the ground, she could tell if someone or something was drawing close. She regretted coming along with this expedition, but ever since the demise of the beloved Great One, Count Dooku, the Rini had been lost and more frightened than ever, they turned to the princess and her parents for guidance, for the next course of action. They felt it prudent to send the princess with the Separatist forces, to see if all that was said about the Republic was true. In hindsight, it was not the smartest idea, but Rini weren't known for being smart. Still, the princess was an unparalleled mechanic and engineer, capable of fixing almost any Separatist technology, or breaking down Republic tech, sometimes with her bare hands.

She popped her head up when she realized the fight was drawing farther away from her, and when the wind blew in her direction, she picked up a familiar scent, and clambered out of her hiding hole, sneaking on all fours at high speed, she was soon beside the Great One known as Millie. The woman was the only one who could understand Rini without requiring verbal input. It hurt so much to open her eyes, but she tried to for a while anyhow, Millie was nice, and Liberty was willing to endure a little discomfort for her. She regretted doing so, because Millie was tending to a CLONE TROOPER!!!


“Easy, princess!” said Millie, “he's not going to hurt you. Libby? Libby! Stop digging holes!”

The Rini princess hesitated in her efforts to dig and flee the scene, turning her head back to "look" at Millie, she was baffled by the woman's actions. How was she so fearless before a Republic warrior?

“He's not going to hurt you.” Several droids were drawing close, and Liberty stiffened, about to resume digging, when Millie waved them away, “This one's not a threat, go deal with the ones that are. Beat it.”

Reluctantly, the droids complied, and both women ducked their heads as more of those strange Republic fighters roared overhead, destroying more droid starfighters. All Liberty knew were Sky Demons were tearing rents in the great barrier above.

But as long as Millie was there, she ought to be safe, so she hesitantly approached the Republic Warrior. Reaching behind her, she undid a gentle clasp that held her long hair out of the way and let the strands run over the Great One's form. She was shocked by the information her hair sent to her. He was indeed, just like the other Great Ones, but he was badly hurt. She projected an image of Millie healing the Clone, and the other woman said, “Yep, he'll be all right. Ya got a name, soldier?”


“...guess I've heard stranger ones. Well, Lunge, this is Princess Liberty Solara, of the Rini. Libby, this 'ere's Lunge, a Clone Trooper. Oh, an' I'm Ami-Lee Westar, ya can call me Millie.”

You're not like most Separatists, are you?” said Lunge, “either of you.

Liberty backed away, again, intimidated by his harsh voice. “I ain't a Seppie.” said Millie, “Just born on the wrong side of life. Now I just wanna get by with as little violence as I can manage.”

Then you picked the worst place to be, Millie.” said Lunge.

“Yeah, don't I know it.” She looked around her, “looks like it's almost done anyway. You guys are winnin', even with that ridiculous monstrosity of a Goliath.” She patted the clone and placed his breastplate and helmet nearby. “You'll live, if you let that Bacta patch settle, and you don't get up this instant to fight. Excuse me. C'mon, Libby. Why'd you even leave the ship?”

Liberty projected an image of herself shaking hands with the Clone trooper, and Millie chuckled, “Uh-huh? That easy? Just like that, war's over.” she rested her hand gently on the nervous princess, “If only we were all more like you. Maybe this wouldn't have even happened.”

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[ Dao-Han Kataro, Ela-Ris Waldron, Alpha-13 “Bolt”, Sabyl “Angel” Falleatua & Madeleine “Maddy” Maplewood| Separatist Meeting | Dantooine's Open Terrain | Dantooine ] Attn: @Havenborn, @Nolan, @Brutus, @Triton, @Firefox013 & @Auctor Lucan
55 minutes to Order 66...

They had to end it fast.

The battle began to draw westward, as originally intended, even with the additional resistance and firepower presented by what was once thought to be a simple meet and trade between the Separatists and smugglers was turning into a drawn out conflict, and the loss of lives was beginning to mount in the Force, which Dou-Han could feel even as he concentrated his mind on leveraging the battle in the favour of the Republic forces. Every life was precious, so while he boosted the spirits of the Clone troopers and every being that was on the side of the Republic, and simultaneously demoralizing the living members of the Separatist group, he tried his best to manipulate the outcome towards their broken will and surrendering.

The Republic's Armoured Division made their presence known as the battle moved towards the westward canyon passes. All Terrain Tactical Enforcers moved forward ahead of all the other vehicles, legs poised and mass driver cannons ready. The six-legged tanks were deadly on the field, but between Dao-Han's Battle Meditation and their imposing presence, it was the hope of the Jedi that this show of force was enough to prevent further bloodshed. Strangely, he passed a woman who was clearly a Separatist, or at least not alligned with the Republic forces, applying medical care on wounded Clone troopers, along with her own people, and a terrified girl was following her. He didn't have time to wonder about them as MagnaGuards descended on the Padawans.

“Bolt, take the Republic Troopers and everyone you can gather to bolster the north pass,” said Dao-Han, “there seems to be a Separatist leader there who's making a push with whatever they have and they're hitting Master Bandar's position hard.”

“Sir!” said Bolt in acknowledgement and the ARC trooper beckoned aggressively for as many troops to go with him.

53 minutes to Order 66...

Ela-Ris cried out as the MagnaGuards approached, wielding their electrostaves with deadly skill. Each one of them were easily capable of matching most conventional Jedi Knights in combat abilities. She had heard that even Anakin had trouble with these things early on.

Everyone watch out!” said Jac, organizing the Padawans. Though several Troopers tried to attack the Jedi Killer droids, they were all pulled away to deal with the Goliath, or other droids, even Separatist combatants. The prisoners were mounting their own resistance, and doing surprisingly well. A few Republic Troopers guided them towards safety from the battle. “Back-to-back, cover one another!

The Padawans complied, and formed a circle with their lightsabers held forward in whatever guard stance they were trained in, all but Ela, who shut off her weapon and hooked it to her belt, closing her eyes. “You sure about that, Ela?” asked Jac, looking a bit pensive. She did not deign to answer him, as she instead trusted her instincts. She knew for a fact she was no match for the skills of the MagnaGuard, but what she had that the droid didn't was the Force, and that was how she was going to win.

Even as the other Padawans began to fight, Ela focused on as many droids as she could, seeking every joint, nut and bolt, and simultaneously began to undo them, and as quickly as that, half the MagnaGuards abruptly fell apart, completely taken apart into their base components. The Padawans began to gang up on the ones that were left. “Ela, that was amaz-” Jac's sentence was cut off when a MagnaGuard swung its electrostaff with such force, the Padawan's head was cleanly removed from his shoulders.

JAAAAAAAC!!! Ela felt the rage building within her for the loss of her friend even before she knew it, and as she threw her hand forward, drawing upon such untold fury, the bolts of lightning began to tear out of her hands to devastate the field before her. Some MagnaGuards tried to use their staves to absorb the Dark Side attack, but other Padawans took advantage of the distraction to cut them down, and still more droids fell to the girl's relentless fury.

<< Ela, stop. It's okay. It's okay. Don't give in to hate. >>

The voice sounded like Jac, but he was dead! How could he...? The lightning ceased, and Ela looked around frantically, ignoring the frightened stares of the other Padawans, who'd just witnessed Ela's power, and then realizing it wasn't even a fraction of what she was really capable of. Falling to her knees, she cradled Jac's body. It wasn't his time! It wasn't fair! The other Padawans began to mount a change of strategy as some knelt before Ela, trying to convince her to move with them, while the rest joined the push towards the west.

51 minutes to Order 66...

Maddy had commandeered an ARC-170 for herself, taking to the skies with the other fighters. Her eyes were closed and she was sitting in a meditative position, her hands resting on her lap. The controls of the fighter as well as all weapons were moving of their own volition as the Light Sith controlled the entire craft alone. She became aware of the panic of the combatants below when the Goliath made its presence known. Akula Squadron was taking a run at it, as the droid aimed its light turbolaser cannon in its arm at them. Flying lower than most pilots would dare, Maddy made her approach from a low angle, direction power to the forward shields as the droid's point-defense laser cannons and blasters took notice of her, and fired two ion torpedoes at the hulking droid.

The Thunderclaps soon finished off the droid with a hail of ion cannon fire. Her job done, Maddy took back to the skies, swatting vultures to the ground. She opened a comm channel to the ground forces, “We are almost finished up here,” she said in a clipped tone, “we will soon render assistance on the ground if the battle is not finished by then.”

50 minutes to Order 66...

Bolt was soon leading troops back towards Dao-Han's position, picking up the Intelligence officer Sabyl along the way, Oon Bandar had been able to secure his position far more quickly than Dao-Han had anticipated, and the Separatists had broken ranks already. To their surprise, a Hutt had appeared personally to oversee the trade, and it was most likely he was in charge of the smugglers that had arranged the prisoner trade. If the hutts were beginning to get involved in the war...Bolt personally believed they ought to pay a visit to the Hutt-controlled worlds to arrange occupation of their planets, keep them honest. Or else...

“You are surrounded. Lay down your weapons, NOW!” The ARC trooper barked at the Hutt and his personal bodyguards, most of whom looked rightfully terrified.

“What he said, guys.” Sabyl chimed in, and gestured at Bolt with her head, “Please don't provoke him. You won't like Bolt when he's mad.”

The guards dropped their weapons, the Hutt made a noise between surprise and disappointment, but in the end, he too had his short arms up.

Dao-Han ran between the B1 battle droids, his dual saber flashing dangerously, as he cut through them with relative ease. A few super battle droids tried to block his advance but were soon in pieces. And he had the living leaders of the Separatist forces on the business end of his saber, “It's over already.” he said, “Continuing to fight to the bitter end is pointless. Surrender now, and you will be treated fairly.”

Very well, Jedi,” one of them said, looking as imperious as possible, “you win, this time. All droids, lay down your weapons!

10 minutes to Order 66...

[ Bridge | CR90 Corellian corvette, Defender | Dantooine's Open Terrain | Dantooine ]

The battle was over, all the Republic vessels had landed, with the Acclamator and the Marauder corvette receiving the brunt of the infantry, vehicles and prisoners. The smaller corvettes and cruisers were already filled to capacity, Captain Wes Adnar oversaw the boarding, taking on only Republic Troopers, most of them injured. The Defender was equipped with more sickbays than usual, so it was ideal for them to take on the wounded non-clone troopers, while the latter division would be tended to in the Acclamator.

Captain, we've lost contact with the Watchman,” said the sensor officer. Wes approached the man and looked over his shoulder. Indeed, the sensors indicated the abrupt disappearance of the two corvettes and the Charger c70 that had remained in orbit. With the ground battle over, the Republic was becoming a little more relaxed about maintaining passive sensors, but even so, if there had been any sign of larger cruisers than anything that the Separatists had brought to the ground, his brother and his escorts would have notified them, breaking silence.

Something's off.” said Wes, “Pilot, finish the loading and seal up, skip the pre-flight checks, I want us up and in the air right this instant, plot a hyperspace-microsecond jump away from the planet as soon as you're able, and execute the jump. Do it now.

While highly unorthodox, the crew complied and with little more than a brief alert to the other ships, the Defender cleared the ground in record time, and made a jump to hyperspace even before they left the atmosphere, he had already sent a caption of what he had seen in orbit. The wreckage of his brother's ship and his escorts, and a Venator and other Republic ships surrounding the debris.

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[ Moff Daniel Havenborn | Venator-class Star Destroyer, Supremacy | Command Bridge | Dantooine Orbit ]

”Sir!  I’m detecting a hyperspace window being formed in the atmosphere.”  The Senior Ops officer said suddenly.  Daniel walked over to the man’s station and looked at the console.  It seems that our presence has been detected.  Inform Colonel Jolder to press his attack now, the element of surprise is no longer on our side.  The man nodded as he began to make the necessary connections to speak to the Colonel.  Daniel then made his way back to the front of the bridge.  Captain Valera, has Admiral Nikos returned to her vessel?  He asked the blonde woman standing next to the holotable.

Captain Nike Valera was Daniel’s executive officer onboard the Supremacy and she had served alongside him for the course of the entire war.  Before the war she had been serving on the Havenborn Foundation vessel HFS-003 Halfdan, it was one of the Foundation’s most advanced warships and she had been so honored when Daniel himself had chosen her to serve alongside him when he received a commission from Chancellor Palpatine.  Yes sir, she’s just landed on the Seneschal.”  Nike said as Daniel had made his way over to the holotable.

”Send a message; I want both Miniaturized Gravity Well Generators launched and activated.  No one else is to leave the system without my authority.“  Daniel stated.  The Seneschal carried a pair of Foundation-built miniaturized gravity well generators which mimicked a planet’s gravity well and prevented ships from entering hyperspace.  He hadn’t expected the Republic officers to disregard safety procedures and attempt such a risky and foolhardy maneuver, it was likely that the ship took heavy damage pulling that stunt.  Nike nodded and began to send a message to her counterpart onboard the Seneschal, Commander Francisco Navarro.

Daniel watched as a pair of tugs launched from the Seneschal and its external cargo bays opened to reveal the mini-gravity well generators.  The tugs removed them then made their way towards different spots so that their coverage would be better.  Ops, inform Mu and Nu squadrons that they are to split up and cover each generator.  Daniel said as heard the affirmative come from his Senior Ops officer.  ”Captain, you have the bridge.  Inform me when the attack begins.”  Daniel said as he made his way towards the rear of the bridge and to the turbolifts.  Heading into the nearest lift he entered his command code and the lift began its descent towards his restricted deck.

[ Moff Daniel Havenborn | Venator-class Star Destroyer, Supremacy | Moff Havenborn’s Private Deck | Dantooine Orbit ]

After a short few moments the lift stopped and opened to reveal a deck that had red carpeting, and pleasing wall colors.  This entire deck was reserved specifically for him and those whom he trusted.  His Specialists were amongst those that had access to this deck, as well as his familial harem.  While Daniel had close to a dozen wives, he only kept four of them with him at any given time, typically his favorite four.  The others were primarily breeding stock so that he could pass on his genetic seed, which made it easier for him to transfer his essence into a new body when it was time, or should an emergency happen.

However his harem was not the reason why he was here, as much as he wanted to spend time with his wives he had more important matters to attend to.  He reached a red door that was guarded by one of his Specialists, Decurion Ashley Sears.   She stiffened to attention as he approached her.  ”Sir.”  She said curtly.  Daniel placed his hand on her arm and smiled at her.  “It’s alright Ashley, follow me.”  He said to her as he placed his palm on the palm scanner and the door opened revealing a large oval shaped room, in the room were dozens of artifacts, each one had a specific purpose and began to emanate an aura through the Force that Ashley picked up on.  She had only been in here one other time, when she had passed her Journeyman Trials and had graduated from Immunes to Decurion. 

She knew that each artifact had its own connection to the Force, some were influenced by the Dark Side of the Force and others were influenced by the Light Side of the Force.  Each one however had a purpose in this room; they enhanced a user’s connection to the Force.  Daniel motioned for her to take a seat in front of him as he sat down on one of the tuffet meditation pads.  She knew what he was about to do as he had done it with her as part of her graduation.

Daniel searched through the Force until he found was he was looking for, his son Flynt.  Flynt was standing next to the clone troopers as they set their gear and prepared for the coming battle, they all knew the stakes even with Colonel Jolder’s little pep talk.  Thankfully he outranked Jolder so the man couldn’t give him orders.  Technically none of the Specialists needed to take orders from anyone except Daniel; however a few of the younger ones hadn’t grasped that concept yet.  As they neared their objective however he felt a familiar presence enter his mind and he let it take over, he soon found himself looking at Decurion Sears and smiled at her.

”Hello gorgeous.”  Flynt said hearing Daniel’s voice, the first time that had happened Flynt had found it strange and unnvering, now it was just second nature.  ”We likely don’t have a lot of time so let’s make this quick.”  He said with a smirk as he began to remove Daniel’s uniform.  Ashley smiled at him. ”I had a feeling that this was going to happen.” She said as she began to remove her clothes as well.

[ Tribune Flynt Roark | LAAT/i Dropship 176 | Troop Compartment | Dantooine Upper Atmosphere ]

Daniel took a moment to settle into Flynt’s body.  He knew that Ashley and Flynt had a relationship and he encouraged his son to take her as his own but he hadn’t yet though why Daniel could not understand but he needed to focus on the at the task at hand.  It would only be a matter of minutes until they touched the ground and Daniel would begin his hunt for the Jedi on the planet, killing all those who resisted.  “Five minutes to drop zone!”  Came the voice of the pilot.  Not long now Daniel thought to himself as he felt some slight turbulence as the dropship passed through the upper atmosphere, he gripped Flynt’s weapons in his hand, an RSKF-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol and a Lightsaber Pike.  His son’s preferred fighting style was known to the Jedi as Soresu, where as Daniel preferred a mixture of all the forms having mastered them all.

More turbulence as the dropship shook, Daniel smiled the closer they got, he couldn't help it.  He had been looking forward to this day for a very long time.
Defeat, Genocide; why quibble with semantics.

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[ Dao-Han Kataro, Ela-Ris Waldron, Alpha-13 “Bolt”, Sabyl “Angel” Falleatua, Madeleine “Maddy” Maplewood, Ami-Lee “Millie” Westar & Princess Liberty Solara| Separatist Meeting | Dantooine's Open Terrain | Dantooine ] Attn: @Havenborn, @Nolan, @Brutus, @Triton, @Firefox013 & @Auctor Lucan
5 minutes to Order 66...

Considering the toll on both sides, the clearing of the battlefield had been nothing short of astounding in the alacrity in which it had been done. All the Jedi had a sense of foreboding, and in the aftermath, whilst Oon Bandar coordinated the loading of the ships and the assignment of the Separatists, smugglers and their droids were being overseen (they'd carted off the massive Goliath droid as well, seeing as it had been disabled, and the limbs and torso separated to prevent an unexpected reactivation), Dao-Han could finally take a moment to meditate on the situation, as well as offer what comfort he could to the almost inconsolable Ela, his Padawan.

“I couldn't stop myself...” said Ela, half-sobbing, half-furious, “...I wanted them to all feel my pain!”

“......” Dao-Han could only look on almost helplessly, wishing that he'd never brought her along for this, but then, the girl was stubborn and would have snuck aboard if he tried to leave her behind. She'd done so before. This war had taken its toll on her. On one hand, she'd embraced the Dark Side to such a degree that she could call forth a rage-born burst of lightning that he had heard only someone like Count Dooku, and perhaps his master, could summon. This was an alarming development and was even grounds for imprisonment before she delved further into the shadows, but on the other hand, her actions had saved the rest of the Padawans and the troops under her and Jac's lead.

“Do you still want to inflict pain on them?” asked Dao-Han, realizing that they now had so many Separatist prisoners on the ships, would they provoke Ela's wrath? Would the sight of the few captured MagnaGuards reignite the rage? His student, the closest thing he had to family and a daughter, was on a slippery slope, and he was nearly powerless to stop her from falling.

“N-no...” she said quietly, then she looked up at him shame-facedly, “Yes...he was my age, Master''s not fair!”

“Nothing about this war is fair, Ela.” said Dao, “Yet...”

“Yet we must remain in control of our emotions,” Ela finished for him, “and not the other way around. I've failed...again.”


“The Council will imprison me, won't they?” she looked up at him, and once more, Dao-Han Kataro filled with a profound regret, “Count Dooku's the only Dark Jedi who mastered Lightning in the Force. This...I can't excuse what I've done.”

Dao-Han's jaw worked as a moment of truth came across him, and he declared, “I won't let them, if that's what they decide.”

Ela's head shot up from its lowered gaze, and she had a defiant look, emboldened by her master's declaration, “I don't...I don't regret it. And I would do it again if I had to.”

Dao-Han had been about to answer her when a harried Republic officer contacted him on the Holo-Comm, “Master Kataro, there's an urgent transmision from Captain Wes Adnar of the Defender. Our orbital monitoring ships had been completely destroyed, and there's nothing up there but a Venator and Republic escorts.

Both master and student fell silent, and Oon Bandar's voice could be heard, evidently being included or made aware of this information simultaneously, “Conclude all further activities planetside, and prepare to lift off as soon as possible.

A dark sensation fell over Dao and he knew Ela could feel it too, because her face had become ashen. Even the Separatists seemed to feel it. Millie and her young charge, the Princess Liberty Solara, looked up from their work, tending to wounded. The two women had been allowed to move freely since neither of them appeared to share any genuine allegiance to the Separatists or smugglers, and Millie in particular, was more interested in saving lives. Some of the clone troopers that had been tended to by her, grudgingly vouched for her good intentions. The woman for her part, had been unperturbed by whatever decision they made. From them, Dao could sense the Force very strongly, especially Millie, who, either held great potential, or was actually already trained, somehow. For the time being, the Jedi were giving her a wary freedom to work.

“Hey, General,” said Sabyl, approaching the two Jedi, “What's going on? I saw a corvette tearing outta here like there's a Tatooine stock clearance sale and he had to get to it immediately.”

“More questions than answers, Miss Falleatua,” said Dao, looking at her worriedly, “we just learnt that...LOOK OUT!”

The Jedi Knight ignited his dual sabers about the same time as Ela and they stood in front of Sabyl facing several clone troopers who had levelled their rifles on them.

Order 66 has been executed...

“LOWER YOUR WEAPON, TROOPER, THAT IS AN ORDER!” said Bolt, aiming his pistol directly at the head of the nearest clone trooper, who had been about to shoot one of the Jedi in the back. All the remaining Jedi, Republic Troopers had then turned their weapons back on when the clone troopers began surrounding them, malicious intent in their movement and actions. The Separatists, smugglers and the droids had all just been safely stored away on board the ships when the clones suddenly moved and acted in unison, but they all seemed hesitant.

Negative, commander,” said the clone trooper to Bolt, “Order Sixty-Six.

“What's that supposed to mean?” Bolt demanded, “Explain yourself!”

The clone trooper's confusion and bewilderment was clear for all to see despite his helmet, “Order Sixty-Six, sir! Does that mean nothing to you?!?

Most of the ARC troopers had been released earlier than intended,” said Oon Bandar observantly, “during the battle on Kamino. It appears he did not receive whatever this Order Sixty-Six is.

“There's been no mention of an Order Sixty-Six to me, sir. Ever.”

Then you're with them,” the clone sounded both harsh and also resigned, “I'm sorry.

His hand squeezed on the trigger of his rifle, but Bolt was quicker, and the trooper fell. Blue bolts flew, the Jedi deflected what they could, and the Republic troopers opened fire on the clones, save for Bolt, who joined the Jedi, taking out a second pistol to fire simultaneously while still shouting, STAND DOWN! CEASE FIRE, SOLDIERS! NOW!

A few Jedi and Republic troopers fell before the clones started screaming and clutching their heads, “Can't...won't...! AGH!

One of the clones tore off his helmet and blood was flowing from his nostril, “Must...obey...!

“What's going on?” asked Bolt, looking questioningly to the Jedi.

I will attempt to see what I can find.” said Oon Bandar, and the venerable Jedi Master searched through the Force. “As Master Brodee had believed, there's something in their brains, a microchip. As evidenced, here, resistance to the control can be painful, possibly even fatal.

“So they're not in complete control of their actions,” said Bolt, and he aimed at the clone that had removed his helmet, “I suggest we take them all out now while they're in this state. We may not get another chance.”

There may be another solution,” said Oon Bandar, placing a halting hand on Bolt's, “stay your hand, soldier.

“Seems like a bad idea to me, General, but as you wish.” Bolt folded his hand back, but stood ready to fire again. He then noticed not too far away, Dao-Han Kataro and Ela-Ris Waldron were having difficulties with the clones they were facing, as they didn't seem to hesitate about shooting...most of them anyway.

3 minutes since Order 66 has been executed...

The clones were going insane, and Dao, Ela and Sabyl were defending or attacking, and when her guard was down, or rather, with her focus on the clone troopers, Dao could suddenly sense the Force in the intelligence officer. Not only that, but she was clearly honed and trained. Just how many Force-Users were there with them? Ones that had not been trained by Jedi? More clones were joining the fray against the three and one of them managed to break through Ela's and Sabyl's defence to confront Dao directly. Bringing his dual saber up to deflect the incoming laser blast, the Jedi missed, since the attack was aimed at the center of the hilt, and the ensuing shot shattered the hilt, splitting it in two.

The soldier kicked Dao hard in the chest and the Knight fell back, looking up, he could only watch as the clone trooper took aim and was about to fire when another blue bolt struck the soldier in the eye. Bolt appeared behind Dao, carrying him up with one hand, “On your feet, General.” He aimed at another clone and shot. Ela scowled, realizing how close Dao had come to death, thanks to these clones, who were attacking them unprovoked. With a shout of fury, she sheathed her weapon and thrust her hands out, using the Force to throw their weapons away, and then flattened them against the ground, pinning them.

“Ela,” said Dao, trying to calm her down.

“THEY TRIED TO KILL YOU! I WON'T LET THEM!” said Ela, and Sabyl backed up, looking nervously at Ela.

Before he could say or do anything more a powerful wave of the Force spread out across the surface like a shockwave, Dao felt a buzz in his brain before everything went back to normal. The sensation distracted Ela, who let go of the troopers, but they all cried out as one, save for Bolt, who just watched with guns levelled, ready to fire. When the clones rose up, they didn't reach for their weapons. But instead, one of them said, “We're's been deactivated.

“What're they talking about?”

“Something to do with an Order Sixty-Six, it's what the clones kept talking about,” said Bolt, lowering his pistols, “apparently the order is to kill non-clones and Jedi.”

Ferglutz,” said Sabyl, “knew I should've stayed in bed today.”

Oon Bandar's voice crackled on the holocomm, and Dao activated his, “Master Kataro, the immediate threat of these clones has been averted, but I fear this may only be the beginning of a very large prob-” the rest of the message was swallowed by static as turbolaser blast from the skies stuck Oon Bandar's position. The explosion and the impact threw everyone around Dao to the ground, save for the Knight himself and Bolt, who both managed to maintain their footing.

“BANDAR!” said Dao, but it was useless, the Jedi Master had been killed. Retrieving the remnants of his weapon, including the green adegan crystal, Dao shouted, “Back to the ships, everyone, now!”

The clone that had nearly killed Dao, now with a hole in his eye, was amazingly still alive, and the other clones hoisted him up as they made a retreat for the Marauder or the Acclamator cruisers. More turbolaser fire was raining down. The captains of the cruisers had all activated their ship shields first.

Master Kataro!” one of the Republic officers called out on the holocomm, “The ships in orbit are deploying interdiction fields!

Why was the Republic attacking them? And why were they being interdicted? Something was very wrong about the entire affair. “Ready the fighters, alert Akula Squadron to be ready to deploy on signal. Get ready for lift-off, but don't take off just yet, we need to get everyone else in.”

The plains were now left with only the dead or destroyed, with Dao and his team almost the last people left. He stood at the boarding ramp to the Pax Totalus, waving everyone else in, when a blaster bolt caught Sabyl right in the back.

“HAGKH!” The young woman's eyes were wide with shock as she collapsed on the ramp. Bolt and Ela carried her in further, whilst Dao took hold of the one-eyed clone trooper. Outside, Bolt saw what appeared to be Republic Commandos approaching them, one of them having fired on Sabyl. The last of the clone troopers that hadn't yet embarked turned as one and took up defensive positions at the ramp.

Close the ramp, General” said one of the clones, “We'll hold them off!

“Don't be a fool! You'll die!” said Dao.

Then that's our rightful punishment,” the trooper replied somberly, “we won't fail you again. Soldiers! Take your positions! Aim!

Any further protest was cut off by laser fire, and the reluctant order by one of the surviving Jedi to close the ramps. Several troopers from the acclamator had poured out just before the large ramp closed, fully intending to sacrifice themselves.

General...Kataro...” said the one-eyed trooper, clutching the hole in his helmet, “...Order Sixty-Six...kill all Jedi, send confirmation...Chancellor Palpatine...confirmation Coruscant, upon mission...success.

As the clone was talking, Ela was working frantically on Sabyl. The blast wound was so massive and powerful, the shot went through her back and there were burns showing around the front of her midsection. “...d...h-hur....” she gasped and spasmed in pain.

“Hang on, Sabyl, I can heal this, I can...” she concentrated on the Force, concentrated on knitting back together the burns, undoing the catastrophic damage to the young woman's body, but it was too little, too late.

Bolt looked down at the woman, kneeling beside her, watching her eyes begin to glaze over, as her gasps became further and further apart, and at last, she stopped breathing altogether. He reached out with a hand and pulled her eyelids shut. But Ela was still doing what she could.

“Ela-Ris Waldron,” said Bolt patiently, “Officer Falleatua is dead. There is little mor-”

“You don't know that. I can still feel life within her.” said Ela, her eyes shut but the Jedi Knights around her began to stir as they sensed darkness growing around the Padawan.

“Waldron, you are wasting your time and energy.” said Bolt, “There are many living who still need your help, continuing on a dead pers-”

“SHUT UP!” Ela's eyes shot open and she glared like a blazing furnace at him, “SHE'S NOT DEAD! I'M NOT GOING TO LOSE ANOTHER FRIEND TODAY!”

As she screamed she drew on the Force and violently threw Bolt across the room, and the ARC trooper crashed against the bulkhead. Three Padawans ignited their lightsabers but remained in place as they watched Ela. “You're not going to die!” Ela drew on the Force like never before, arcs of lightning danced around her fingertips as she called on both the Light and Dark Side of the Force, forcefully pushing Sabyl's body to complete the healing, forcing her heart to start beating again, forcing breath back into the girl's lungs and with a loud gasp, Sabyl's eyes opened and she sat up, looking terrified, but alive.

“I...I...” Sabyl looked at her hands, even as Ela gratefully embraced her.

When Ela did this, a massive ripple in the Force spread out as if a great stone had struck the ocean. Even untrained Force-Sensitives felt this and looked in the direction where it came from. Both the Light and the Dark felt the effects. Felt the fate of one be changed according to the will of a living being.

What in the name of the Force...?” said one of the Padawans, mesmerized by the feat just performed by Ela. Something that Dao had not failed to notice. But he had more important matters on his mind, namely what One-Eye had told him.

“Get us off the ground,” said Dao, issuing the order first. They were done on Dantooine, but there was still the matter of the fleet and the interdiction field above. Activating his comm signal to Mariner and the Mandalorian freelancers in the Jedi Task Force, he said, “Akula squadron, when I give the signal, get ready to deploy and fan out...I have a plan to get out through the blockade, do not respond to any messages, prepare to receive strategic telemetry.” He turned off the comm and looked at One-Eye, “Come with me to the bridge. We're going to play to their expectations.”

Order 66 has been issued. I apologize for the lengthy read, but I promise it's helpful. At least I hope. I'm afraid Havenborn will need to post one more time, and then me too, and finally it will be Triton and FireFox's turn. Brutus can post at any point, placing input for Temari regarding the entire scene. Dao-Han, Ela-Ris, Sabyl, Bolt are all on the Marauder, meaning the majority of the last scenes are taking place on the Marauder, so if Temari is on the Acclamator, she'll be in the dark way more about what's going on other than that the Republic is apparently attacking its own people. Maddy, Millie and Princess Liberty are on the Acclamator. A Light Sith and two Separatists. Millie and Liberty are moving freely among the Republic people due to their non-threatening status. So if Temari is there, she could speak to them.

The Thunderclaps are likely to be on the Acclamator since that ship has greater hangar space. My next post after Havenborn's will be much shorter and will simply move us into orbit.

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[ Tribune Flynt Roark | Ground | Dantooine ]
Daniel stepped off the dropship, Flynt’s body was in peak physical condition and although he kept his own body in good condition it always felt good to be in his son’s body, if even for a short time.  He watched as Colonel Jolder stepped off his dropship and immediately began issuing his troops forward.  Technically they were Daniel’s troops as they were created in his cloning facility but they took their orders from Garrison.  Daniel had chosen Garrison specifically because he had leadership qualities that he liked, but he also knew that the man was not a fan of his Specialists, particularly his son, but he didn’t let that bother him.

The troops around him formed up and quickly made their way towards the Republic landing zone.  They had met some light resistance from BX-series commando droids that had managed to elude the Republic forces but Daniel watched as his clone troops made quick work of them.  His cloning process was far superior to the Kaminoans, though he also had had more time to perfect them so he didn’t hold that against them.  Compared to the rest of the galaxy the Kaminoan clones were the best around.

Daniel was called over to a pair of Republic clones that had been taken captive; he could hear sounds of combat up ahead which meant that Colonel Jolder and his troops had likely engaged the Republic forces which meant that those clone troops had not followed through with Order 66, Daniel shook his head.  This was why his clone troops were far superior to the Kaminoans, they didn’t need biochips to make them follow orders, that was bred into each one and those that didn’t were recycled.  Though their loyalty to was to Daniel and no one else.

Daniel knelt down in front of the two Republic clone troopers.  He reached out his hand and spoke.  “You will tell me where the Jedi are.”  He said using an extraordinary amount of his will to coerce them.  One struggled for a moment then started to bleed from the nose while the other quickly did as he was told.  Daniel brought his Lightsaber up to the one that had resisted and ignited the double-bladed lightsaber pike; he spun it around and then decapitated both troopers.  He raised his wrist and spoke into the comlink.  “Commander Hawkwood, sending coordinates for turbolaser strike.”  He said as he got an affirmative response and then a moment later he heard the unmistakable sound of a quad turbolaser firing.  He watched as four green bolts streaked through the sky towards the coordinates of Jedi Master Oon Bandar, he felt the Jedi’s life force as well as several other Jedi around him suddenly wink out from existence and smiled.

[ Commander Scipio Hawkwood | Arquitens-class Light Cruiser, Fury | Lower Atmosphere | Dantooine ]

Scipio was standing on the bridge of his vessel as he watched the LAAT/i dropships land and unloaded their troops; dozens of starfighters also flew by on their way to attack those that would stand in the way of the New Order.  “Commander Hawkwood, sending coordinates for turbolaser strike.”  Came the voice of Tribune Flynt Roark over the comlink; Roark was one of Moff Havenborn’s Specialists.  A group of hand chosen personnel that the Moff selected to serve as his bodyguards, envoys, companions, and adepts all rolled into one Specialist.  He had only worked with Tribune Roark a few times and from what he knew of the Specialist’s second in command was that the man was almost exactly like Moff Havenborn.

Scipio looked around as his crew was fast to begin support operations, his second in command, Lieutenant Pilar Halfdan, was a recent addition to his crew after his last executive officer was promoted and reassigned.  Although it wasn’t common knowledge he knew that Lieutenant Halfdan was part of Moff Havenborn’s inner circle, but that didn’t mean that she’d get special treatment from him.  “Understood Tribune, strike incoming.”  Scipio said into the open comlink channel then a mment later when the channel was closed he turned to his executive officer.  “Lieutenant Halfdan, you heard the Tribune, lock onto the coordinates and fire a turbolaser strike.  Then coordinate with Rho and Sigma Squadrons, they’re out of place.”  Scipio said as he walked back towards the holotable which displayed the current formations and the gap that the V-19s had opened.  She gave him an affirmative as she gave the senior gunners their orders before moving to the holotable to begin coordinating with the starfighters.

  [ Colonel Garrison Jolder & Major “Rimfire” | Ground | Dantooine ]

Garrison was moving with Rimfire and the rest of first platoon, they had run into some resistance but it wasn’t anything they couldn’t handle.  Rimfire was once again proving his clone superiority over the Kaminoans.  Garrison and Rimfire had developed a good bond over the past few months and it was rare occurrence when they didn’t see eye to eye.  Garrison heard the blast of the turbolaser fire; he saw the familiar green streaks as they struck a spot about a hundred meters in front of him and his troops.  Rimfire shouted a rallying cry, “For the Chancellor!”  This was echoed by the other troops around, as they opened fire on the survivors of the turbolaser strike and those that were fleeing aboard the CR90s and Charger c/70s.  He knew that the Acclamator was too far for him and his troops to effectively get to, so he’d leave that to Baron Hakke and his starfighters.

They suddenly met more resistance than before as Republic clone troopers were firing on them.  Garrison looked through his HUD and searched, one of them must be an officer, and then he caught the HUD glyph of a clone major.  “Major Rimfire, I want that clone taken alive.”  Garrison said as he pointed out the clone officer to his second.  Rimfire nodded.  “Second squad on me, target is Republic clone trooper identified as HVT/1, capture alive.”  He said to his squad.  “First squad, stay with the Colonel.”  Rimfire added as he led his squad towards capturing the clone major.

Garrison stopped where he was as he watched the Acclamator lifting off the ground.  Then he received a friendly IFF code coming from the Acclamator, identifying itself as the RNS Guardian, another friendly IFF code appeared from the Marauder which identified itself as the RNS Pax Totalus.  Well it seemed that at least some clones managed to follow their orders and execute their Jedi traitors.  They were likely received instructions to head into a holding pattern in orbit and wait for a boarding detail.  He knew that the Seneschal was routinely used for boarding operations and that it likely would be doing that.  He knew the Seneschal’s troop commander, Colonel Valkoth Roman.  He was a good man and if anyone could find traitors onboard the ship it’d be him and his marines.  Garrison motioned for his squad to form a circle around him as he pulled out his holocommunicator.  “Jolder to Supremacy, groundside operations are wrapping up, resistance has been minimal.  Inform Moff Havenborn that we have prisoners.”  He said as he received a notification from Rimfire that he had captured the clone major as well as several other clone troopers and a Separatist droid commander.
Defeat, Genocide; why quibble with semantics.

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