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[Sarresh Morali | Main Sickbay] Attn: Dr. Maya

He had no idea or awareness of the Vulcan's mental fortitude, nor the strain it might put on her, dividing her thoughts. Despite the fact that her finger was spreading him open, he had no awareness of her either. Clearly the therapy was working, in so much as  his body was responding like any mans might. Clenching around the intrusion, burning slightly between his cheeks, eliciting moans. His thick member twitched and jumped, hardening all the more. It throbbed, the tip swelling, head purple and needy. Just as needy as the rest of the former Ash'reem. The only proble was - if you could call it a problem - that Sarresh thought all this was being done by his beloved. He had no awareness of what was actually going on. No real sense that his body was no longer the none he had been born with, and the woman tending to him was not the late Amikris Neotin. Her remains had likely long dissolved.

Dr. Maya was a complete nonentity to Sarresh, her presence preempted by the memory of the redheaded alien who'd made love to him time and again among the cargo containers only to spurn him not a day later after he tried to shield her from the horrors of her fathers untimely demise. And he had good reason, now that he could hear his lovers voice. It seemed far off, in his head, not in his ears, a bit mangled, but he could hear her, and he called out to her. Told her all the things he hadn't been able to before her fathers death. His love for her, his need for her. How she and she alone was giving him something worth fighting for in this time line, beyond the vague impressions of duty that his now memory locked former self had felt strongly enough about to sacrifice his future for. How he needed her, his anchor, his home.

He groaned out loud as her lips wrapped over his cock. The tongue dancing felt good, as impressions of water flowed over his skin. He leaned back in the tub (his body arching on the bio-bed) and he whimpered encouragement. A hand twitched, as if trying to reach out to his lover as he felt her finger slip deeper inside of his tight hole, stretching the ring wider. More muscle control seemed to be surfacing, as toes curled and a dab of precum beaded on his tip, dripping slowly down his engorged length. As far as he was concerned, he was getting the best bath time blow job of his life.

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The dab of precum tasted strange to her teasing tongue as it dissolved within her moist mouth.  Of course it did.  It contained elements of some of the last biochemical traces of his Ash'reem ancestry his body was going to produce.  From now on everything coming out of him would be created by terrestrial homo sapiens.   He may have been lying down but he was stepping into a brave new world. 

Maya cleared those thoughts in her head almost before she thought them.  She allowed the diagnostic part of her brain continue monitoring as she lost herself to the illusion Sarresh created for her.   His lost love Amikris had lost her father, and was probably just as lost in the universe as Maya was herself.   Without hesitation, she let go of her own identity and became Sarrash's impression of his lover.

She almost lost contact with his psyche as she removed her hand from his face to fondle his shaft.  Her finger poked more firmly into his backside as she instinctively searched for a reconnection.  Her lips slid up his member as she demanded more contact with him.  His true thoughts were fuzzy, distant, hidden, but his sensations and passions were still an open book to her. 

A quiet growl was came from her throat as her body tilted left and right as she tried to taste his manhood from all angles.  Finally she placed herself between his legs and emitted a soft grunt as head bobbed up and down on him.

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[ Recovery Wards ] Attn: Zenozine

That Hylota would have demonstrated her brother's internalised genetalia if he had not been frozen caused Maal to cringe and take a deep breath through his nostrils, almost as if to belatedly override the words with the sound. He was an only child, so he rationalised that he would not know the dynamics of siblings, but he figured that if such was an example of how cruel and disrespectful such could be to each other, then he felt better off having been raised a sole adopted son in a working class family on Earth. Despite the adolescent rasism he had suffered in school. Moreover, the mentioning of Hylota's own crotch and what lay hidden behind her uniform did not exactly ease his embarrassment either.

He was not sure if he managed to hide the awkwardness he felt before the female Ovri turned to a panel and pulled up her brothers body and the rendering of his thawing progress. She spoke of her species in general terms first, which eased Maal and made him step up next to her, trying to look professional as they studied the digital image of her brother's flamboyant body in all its tantalising glory. He merely nodded, but had to hold his breath to keep himself from saying something when she said her brother had been an object of desire after entering Starfleet Academy. It seemed to him perfectly... expected.

"Good to hear that he will recover from stasis in such short order," commented Maal in gruff relief for the change of subject back to the male Ovri's medical condition. "How much more treatment does he need after he wakes up? Do you think he will he be able to return to quarters today?" Maal pulled up Vinata's journal next to the image of him on the display, reading up to make his own judgement even though Hylota would be giving him the answer in a moment. Anything was better than the topics they had just touched upon, but nonetheless, Maal's eyes tended to stray to the image of Vinata while he tried to read the journal.

"What," Maal began to say in his deep tone of voice when all there was to do was to observe and wait in regard to their current patient, using the opportunity to speak with his new colleague in Sickbay when they had the privacy of the curtain between them and the rest of the wards, "do you think about Starfleet and the Federation so far? Ovri must be new members of the UFP. What was your first impression?"

Knowing that Hylota was female underneath her uniform, despite her bodily stature, caused Maal to have more uncomfortable thoughts, but he tried to keep his demeanour more professional than what his Klingon blood compelled him to when it stirred.

[ Main Sickbay | CMO Office ] Attn: Brutus & Doctor Maya

Standing behind the one-way mirror that the glass wall of his office had been rendered into, and with Sarresh's readings coursing across the cold surface, Dr. Nicander observed the proceedings with a quiet smile on his lips - as if he watched a play that he had directed and fooled the actors to perform - making them dance just for his own amusement. Or was it the parasite that had wanted to instigate this? He was not quite sure. Of late, the lines of his soul had been blurred.

Seeing that the Vulcan had increased the rhythm of the oral sex she performed upon the resurrected, their slick bodies locked in what would probably lead to the patient ejaculating prematurely, Lucan gestured with a tattooed hand against the audio link he had to Doctor Maya activating it, willing her to complete her undertaking in full - using the trance and hypnotic grip on her to make her do so.

"Sarresh Morali and Amikris Neotin were mates," said Lucan in precise, cutting syllables into her ear, "therefore, I think he will find it more plausible if you soon come to straddle him - letting him enter you. I am also concerned about the musculature and nervous system of his face, so I dare say kissing him while you stimulate the nerves in his temples and jaw with your hands will make him more... attuned to his new facial features. My readings suggest residual conflicts in the posterior auricular branch and the stylomastoid foramen."

He shut down the audio link and folded his arms across his chest where he stood, witnessing the show he was directing unfold before him. Too bad Doctor Maya would be made to forget his own involvement in the sexual development during the neuro-pressure treatment, being made to believe she had instigated it all on her own whim instead of the instructions he was giving her. He supposed he would have to make her believe he could not have seen what she was doing too; that he would only be monitoring the patient's readings by his computer and that the glass wall had not been clear from his vantage point.

Indeed, with a single word spoken to her after she was done with Morali, he would incinerate the manuscript by rewriting her memory...

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[ Recovery Wards ] Attn: Auctor Lucan

Hylota had not thought about how awkward she was making Maal, to her hey were both professionals and doctors, what was the discussion of anatomy to them. Of course in an Ovri hospital a patient wold be stripped so a doctor could examine their body fully. And sh ha needed to lean the anatomy of their internalized genitalia to the point where it was casual for the comfort of patients, to hr the displaying of her brother's genitalia was little more than showing a physical example of something she was talking about. It as this lack of understanding that was problematic for Hylota.

As Maal asked about the time frame for her brother Hylota looked back t her twin frozen on the bed beside her and she got a somber look as she placed her hand on the field and let out a sigh. "Although he will be free of this frozen unconscious state in an hour, he will need to remain in there for one more hour with the mixture of medications so his skin recover properly and any possible lung damage from the hated air is undone." She then promptly turned back to the panel and began to work out the time frame and put in an appointment. "I shall also have the ship councilor come down to give him an examination, I do not know how he will take the news that only he survived from his station at the triage center." She clenched her hand into a fist as the information was finished being written up and she stepped back.

A Maal suddenly changed topics again and asked about her feelings towards Starfleet and the Federation Hylota sighed and shook her head. "My opinion of the ideal organization who I was being sent to impress was positive, before Knowing h facts we do now, I thought they were a positive force in the galaxy that we as Ovri were wise to get to know and join up with. Of course based on what we were allowed to know of our first contact, your Federation was rather surprised to have not encountered any of us before that point. With how advanced we were it appears Starfleet thought they would have intercepted some of out transmissions by that point." She sighed and rubbed the back of her neck. "As for my opinion of them now, well my only hope is that this does not get used to drive the Ovri away. Your Federations infestation is not a problem I factor in, aside from a few of your people's leaders who should not have power or should have retired ages ago I am indifferent. I am flag that the Ovri are too far to bother infesting...not that it would work that well. Ovri leadership changes so fast and we hold so few planets that we usually do not get attention and plants get rather obvious when they try and hold on to power."

Stroking her chin Hylota hummed. "Of course if we went to war I seriously doubt we would win in confrontations. Your Federation is stronger thanks to it parts, your multiple cultures and view points is your strongest point. All in all I see the Federation as a wonderful Idea that is currently having a rather large problem. And based on what I have read on the matter, your Federation should have procedures in place to avoid this. So gain, good idea, just a lot of flaws, but you mean well and that is what matters. Sadly you might be too much or a risk for the Ovri, I think this might make our relationship to the Federation a less intimate one, with few Ovri representatives, I feel we will likely only hold a ceremonial position and we will let our distance keep us from getting involved."

Hylota shrugged and sighed. "But that is only the opinion of a Ovri who is not high in standing, and comes from one colony. For all I know I might have the minority opinion for Ovri."  She looked to Maal and smiled. "Now, since I answered your questions, how about you tell me about yourself Maal. I read that Klingons were...well to be frank the exact opposite of you. Why are you like this...and why do you keep acting so weird and holding your breath and stuff? Are you sick or something?" Hylota crossed her arms and looked at Maal. "Be honest with me, I might not be the best at social thing bu I can tell hen I am being lied to."

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Maal had listened with great interest to the Ovri's account of what she thought of the Federation and what it represented. Perhaps Hylota's own personal opinion might be moot in relation to the greater political standpoint of her species, yet his question had been a personal one, so the answer had been no more than he had wished for, and what he had expected to receive. He nodded to the assumptions she made, finding them of merit as best as he could tell.

Yet she switched the topic to... him, instead, so Maal was suddenly finding himself in a situation that he was not used to. Sure, the query was common, surfacing now and then, but since he had been around the same people for the last three months - serving on the Theurgy on its journey all the time - he had not been approached by a stranger for a long time. Long enough to give him pause to think before answering. Long enough for her to ask more questions, and to inquire about his behaviour. Lying? It had been his first resort, dissembling and changing the topic his second, but he was caught in the headlights... and he froze instead.

"I..." he cleared his throat with a quiet rumble, called out into the light and not sure how he might phrase his answer. "I am Klingon, I suppose, but not of any House. I am not of my homeworld. Orphaned. Raised on Earth. It was difficult, but after learning about the nature of my blood... the ways of my people, I chose to be who I was raised to be. I am more human than Klingon, in all but my physique, and I strive to be better than my blood kin. I do not... I... detest violence. I would not inflict harm upon someone's father, mother or child. My human parents, they mean everything to me. I entered Starfleet Medical because... I don't know. Perhaps to prove something. To myself. That I could be more than what was expected of me, better than the heritage of my native species... if that makes sense."

The other thing she had asked was more difficult to answer. "I am not sick," he assured her, clearing his throat behind his fist, "I am just unused to... you and your brother. It is nothing wrong with you, I just... I was startled with how your brother was male, and you are female. Nothing personal, and your countenance does look female, so.... I just had to think a little. So, who is our next patient to check up upon while we wait for your brother?"

Perhaps he could change the topic after all...

OOC: Link to thread from the day before with Connor Matthews:;topicseen#new , which contains helpful info on his condition.

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Hylota listened to Maal share his background and why he was the way he was. She had to admit he had an interesting life considering the challenges he face and overcame. And almost instantly her mind drifted to thinking about how well he would do as a mate. She silently destroyed those thoughts and she went back to listening to him talk. As he finished explaining everything and then shifted the focus of heir discussion she could see thing ere still awkward so she made an effort to wrap things up so they could move on.

"Well, I am glad you managed to get over your struggles and become the man you are today...a little sad you had to be on this ship, but then again, I am very glad to have me you." She sighed. "Sadly I am not nearly as interesting as you in my history, I have spent mot of my i'm buried in studies so I could excel while I spent my spare time working on helping my brother learn all of our medical information. And even into Starfleet that was how things were, always looking after him, always making sure I was at the top with him close behind." he smiled at Maal. "An do not worry about he awkwardness, you are not the first to have that problem,and you will not be the last." She patted his shoulder.

She then took her medical PADD back out and went over it. "But yes back to work. Let me see...i took care of the burn victims this morning. Vinata is on a 24 hour monitoring to ensure there were no problems...and most everyone is fin..we just need to do a once over of the people in the ward, see if there is anyone who needs to be discharged properly, update charts, prep and administer medications and then we will have some time to ourselves while we wait for Vinata to thaw out the rest of the way." She lowered the PADD and motioned to exit the holo curtain surrounding her brother. "So unless you want to ogle Vinata a little bit more I suggest we get going on our duties." She smiled indicating that she was just teasing her new friend.

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[ Recovery Wards] Attn: Endeavour & Zenozine

Hylota's story made Maal think of how it might have been with a human sibling to guide him through life. How much easier it would have been to follow by someone's example.

At the suggestion that he'd want to 'oogle' Hylota's brother a bit more, Maal was very quick to leave through the curtain, making an embarrassed sound deep down in his throat as he did so. "I was not..." he grated in half-hearted protest, guessing that nothing he'd say would convince the Ovri otherwise. Nor did he have any witty reply to make if she was - in fact - just teasing him. "I like women. I was just fooled by appearences." He grumbled and looked over the PADD to see who was next to attend to, yet somehow his mind kept returning to how Hylota had said that they would get some time for themselves once they had checked on the rest of the people that remained in the ward.

It did not disconcert him, but it was a bit intimidating that a woman would be so friendly towards him. He often let the opposite sex down since he was nothing like his native people, since women often expected him to... He did not know, perhaps crush a Gagh with his bare hands in some barbaric display of fealty? Ram a bat'leth up the posterior of a Targ to show his eagerness? Roar the highest to display the strength of his non-existent House? Klingon customs remained a mystery to him, and as he thought about it, perhaps he was a mystery himself because of the expectations upon him?

In any case, the patient first in line was a human, the Brig Officer by name Matthews. "One of Doctor Maya's patients," he commented on the way there. The major medical need had been to treat his arm, having been hurt on the planet during the attack. Post-surgery recovery and skin-transplantation procedures had left him staying overnight to let the area develop its own epidermis . If he had not scratched himself during the night, then he was due to be released before long. Question was whether he wanted to. Maal had seen first-hand what that prisoner, Sonya Acreth, had done to Doctor Nicander when she managed to get out of her cell on the Harbinger...

"Ensign Matthews," said Maal and handed the PADD with the journal to Hylota for her perusal. He smiled as best as he thought seemly, all things considered with the recent losses in the crew. "I'm Nurse Maal and this is Nurse Vojona, she having recently transferred to us from the Harbinger. We would change your linens, but you might be leaving us soon so we might be able to do it once you do instead," he said, the phrases rolling off his tongue without seeming too recited. "Did you sleep well? How is the arm feeling today? Any lingering pain or discomfort?"

If all was well, the current time of emergency left them nurses able to sign patients out and let them return to their quarters. Too few doctors and too many patients called for some lessening administrative regulations.

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Connor was strapped into a metal chair. All around him was gray stone. In front of him was a large shadow, not letting him see the adjacent wall to him. It seemed like an eternity that he'd been in that chair. Suddenly a voice came deep from within the shadows. At first the voice was so alien to his mind that he couldn't even think of to who it might belong to. The voice kept saying, "Connor. Connor. Connor." over and over again. Each time the voice said his name, it sounded more and more familiar. The name crashed into his mind like a bunch of cymbals. Sarah Johnson. The captain of his father's old ship. She slowly walked out of the shadows. He gray hair was pulled tightly back behind her ears and into a bun. There wasn't a single hair out of place. She had her hands folded behind her back. She spoke with a voice of disdain, "Connor Matthews. It's a shame it had to end like this. You've dishonored your father's memory. I want you to know that before you die." Connor couldn't speak. His eyes were wide open. He tried to say a word any word, but nothing would come out. He was in too much shock. Captain Johnson removed her right arm from behind her back and in her hand was a phaser. She held the phaser to his temple. Connor could feel the cold metal touch his skin. He didn't struggle. He knew he couldn't. How had it come to this? Where was everyone? Last night he was in the Sickbay, now he was strapped into a metal chair, about to die. "It's a pity the Matthews name couldn't live on for more generations. Goodbye Connor. The sound of a trigger being pulled sounded throughout Connor's mind.

And he woke up. Connor propped himself up on his arms, forgetting about the burns on his arm. He was sweating. Where was he now? Connor took in his surroundings. He was once again inside the Sickbay. Connor chest was heaving up and down. Even though it was a dream, it felt so real. Is that possible for dreams. It took Connor a couple of minutes to relax himself. Once he was calm the pain that was flaring up in his right arm caught up with him. Connor laid himself back down. His breathing had returned to normal. Connor lay there in silence for a few more minutes before he heard footsteps approaching. They were too heavy to be Maya. He then saw the two. He watched as the Klingon named Maal exchanged pleasantries as he introduced himself as well as the Ovri, Vojona. "I'd rather just change my own linens if you don't mind." Connor said without much emotion. Connor didn't want to speak about the nightmare he had just experienced, so he simply said, "Yes, I slept fine, thank you." Connor listened as Nurse Maal asked him about his arm. "It hurts when I make too much contact to quickly but it's fine. It won't kill me."

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Hylota read over the file quickly before she nodded and looked to Connor and sighed as he insisted that he could take care of himself. Hylota shook her head and frowned. She handed the PADD back to Maal and took over the situation. "Ensign Matthews, you suffered a burn due to proximity to an energy weapon blast. You suffered heat and radiation damage, as much as we would like to discharge you as soon as possible, we still must perform the proper followup." With that Hylota got a hypospray of Connor's usual medication for the pain and to dissipate any lingering radiation. "If you would please come closer for your painkillers, I would like to administer this before changing your bandages myself." She turned to Maal. "Maal, could you grab me some of the ointment for burn treatment. I think we should be able to move through this quickly so we can finally move some people put of these beds and back into the ship." Hylota knew better than to let someone expose such a wound as they were, if they did, the exposure to air would make the flesh sting, and without fresh ointment, the recovery could be much slower. And in truth he would need to get Maya to sign off on Matthews's discharge forms since she had been overseeing his treatment.

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[ Recovery Wards ] Attn: Endeavour & Zenozine

Upon being asked to bring the compound they used for burn wounds, Maal had it already on his mind so he turned with a nod, heading towards the medical supply storage. "I think we still have a minor stockpile of dermaline gel left," he said over his shoulder with his deep voice as he walked, "perhaps just enough to treat the residual hurts of all patients still here that were subject to burn wounds on Theta Eridani IV. I will be right back, and I'll bring a fresh uniform for Ensign Matthews as well."

Thus he left Nurse Vojona and the Brig Officer behind for a short while, meaning to return with the gel and the uniform. In the meantime, someone else entered the Recovery Wards behind his back. Maal did not notice the arrival before leaving, but it was Phantom, or Lt Cmdr. Phanatos Kilinvoss, the Wing Commander of the Valkyrie Mk. II Dor'GhItlh Squardon from the USS Harbinger.

When he entered, it was as if a hush settled upon the wards, eyes drawn to his ghastly face. He wore his white-collared uniform, reflecting the milky white substance that had once been his left eye. The stark artificial light of the wards made the scar tissue of his face gleam, and when he laid his mismatched eyes upon the Ovri and her patient, it was like a kick in the teeth. He went to them both, his presence filling the area more than the fact of his body, and his tone was eerily polite - like a veiled death threat.

"I require pain medication, strongest available," he rasped, his voice as damaged as his face, "for obvious reasons. Would you mind getting some for me? I got some from your ilk down on the planet, but I don't remember what they were called."

Having made his request to the Nurse, the Lieutenant Commander turned his dead eye on the Security Officer on the biobed. "Good morning, Ensign," he said, baring teeth as he pronounced the man's rank, "I will leave as soon as I get what I need... so that you may have your treatment. I am sure you can wait for a moment longer."

OOC: Link to the Harbinger's Crew manifest and the bio of Phantom. Here are the images:

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[ Recovery Ward ] Attn: Endeavour & Auctor Lucan

Hylota was caught off guard by the sudden new arrival behind her and Phanatos's sudden insertion of himself into the situation. It was like looking at a burned anatomical model of a human, it took Hylota a moment to return her focus on the task that was asked of hr and she looked from Connor back to Phanatos and sighed. And here she was thinking that she would be able to get through this without trouble. "Yes sir, but if my associate returns with the treatment for Ensign Matthews I will have to return to him." She changed her attention back to he PADD.

She pulled up Phanatos's data and she looked it all over. Sh found what he had been given on the plane and then looked for if there was any of it left in stock still. As she skimmed over the data she frowned and sighed. "I am sorry sir, but the medication you receive on the planet is no longer in direct stock and I do not have the clearance to replicate any for you. If you would like you could take a weaker pain killer,or you could wait for my CO to conclude his time with Dr. Maya so he can meet with you about renewing your prescription." As she was standing there she pulled up the other medications they had in stock and looked for ones that has no problems being mixed with what Phanatos had been taking.

Finishing that off Hylota tuned back to Connor and she switched back to his information. "But right now I need to perform a simple exam to see how Ensign Matthews recovery is going."  She pulled up a little form and looked to Connor. "If you could, please touch your thumb to your fingertips,  would like to make sure that you have not had any damage to your motor functions. And after that we will go over some simple stretches and we should be able to get you out of here today if you prove to have no complications." She prepared to send the discharge forms to Dr. Maya for when they finished everything up here.

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[Surresh Morali | Main Sickbay]Attn: Dr. Maya, Auctor Lucan

The former Ash'reem sank further and further into the illusion that his beloved Amikris was there with him, holding him, doing things unto him that were an utter delight, that men of any species would enjoy. Well, granted not all male species that the Temporal Affairs officer had encountered - remembered encountering - had functioning prostate gland, so that bit might not have been as well enjoyed across all cultures. But really, that kind of conscious thought was stricken from the now humans mind. He was an overload of sensation, and was far past the point of knowing that something different was going on.

As far as Surresh was concerned, Amikris was there, wanting him more then she'd ever wanted him before. Needing him, because he needed her, and he needed her to need him. There was that ghost of a sense of loss, deep, terrible loss. Of being utterly alone. And she was his soothing balm. Was it from the fact that he'd been stripped away from his previous crew, restored to his proper place in time with his memories woefully unintact? Was it that they were the last two Ash'reem on the ship? Or was that lingering sense of loss something deeper, something more? It didn't matter. His lover was here. She was - oh yes - she was taking him down to the root. He could hear her, feel her gag a bit - odd, she'd never had that issue before - he didn't complain at all. Weak hands reached out. They ran though what felt like those luscious, long red curls, even when in reality they were anything but. His now pink fingers formed a tight fist in her hair - harder to do with Dr. Maya's shorter cut, but manageable all the same, gripping with a hunger as his hips rose up off the biobed. This in turn caused her finger to shift deeper, and his moans to grow higher pitched.

<Close, close> he moaned in his native tongue, something that Dr. Maya would more likely understand the mental impression of than the butchered phonetic representation his human vocal cords tried to screech out, as much as by the way his balls grew tighter up against him. He groaned in frustration as he felt those perfect lips pull back and away in response to his moaned out pleas, but only to hiss in joy when her lithe body crawled over him. In his mind, this is what his beloved would do. That it matched up perfectly to what Dr. Nicander had instructed - well, the good doctor knew a thing or two about how mates reacted, and how Amikris Neotin in particular behaved. It was no surprise that the hedonist physician's instructions were well received by the prone, aching male.

OOC: Dr. Maya - took just the tiniest bit of liberty with your character. Hope thats ok. If not I can edit.

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OOC:  No worries, Maya's telepathic sexual facilitator training has prepared her to take suggestion and follow her partner's need, I mean, lead.  When Maya makes telepathic contact in a sexual situation, it's practically an invitation for g moding!

Maya groaned as she lowered herself onto him.  She placed her fingertips on Sarrash's face so she would know exactly how he perceived this and what he wanted her to do.  The little Vulcan's secret to being a sexual facilitator is that she could use her telepathy to give her paramours exactly what they wanted and share their pleasure.  In this way she shared the sexual preferences of whomever she was with. 

But right now she was with someone who was unsettlingly similar to herself.  A temporal castaway, left utterly alone in the cosmos.  For the two of them there were no loved ones to go back to, there was no home, there was no company, no soul mate, no one they had anything in common with.   And both had lost the only other person they had made a connection with.   The similarities in their pasts threatened to make the feelings they shared dangerously genuine. 

Maya groaned as she pushed down on him to get him inside.  The muscles on her slender thighs flexed and strained as she grimaced at the sensation of his manhood pushing its way into her tight slender body.  She shook her head to clear the wild locks of red hair that existed only in her patient's mind and shuddered as he slowly slid up into her.  Then he bucked and her mouth fell open.  She felt the water fill her gills and the warmth of Sarrash's body. 

The entire time the clinical part of Maya's mind scanned Sarresh's nervous system and monitored his blood pressure, heart rate and other vitals.   Her hedonistic side lost herself in his fantasy.   With her mental processes divided the way they were Maya quickly lost all rational thought and acted on instinct, responding to her patient's instincts more than her own.

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He could feel her touch on his jaw, on his cheeks, and he tried to nuzzle against those finger tips. It was as if he had a greater awareness of Amikris, but was unable to focus in on exactly what that awareness was. Beyond the obvious, that is. He was very, very aware of the slick, wet warmth that was sliding down along his aching shaft. It would be impossible to be unaware, in fact. The wet of her snatch was so different than the water that he felt surrounding them, different even than the secretions from her palms, the soothing, healing balm that all Ash'reem produced. It was that perfect, slick warmth that he longed for.

Those hands of his went to her hips, under the (nonexistent) water line. He held her firmly, as he bucked upwards again. There was a desperate need for his lover, to feel her taking him him, to make her moan for him and him alone. Oh it wasn't as if their species was exactly monogamous, but she meant the world to him. She was his reason for trying to put aside his hate, put aside his disrepair at the situation. It wasn't like he was doing it for Jien Ives. Sure, the man had said...had said...what had he said? Sarresh couldn't remember, and it didn't matter. His reason for living was righ there, ridding him in the warm waters they shared, squeezing every aching hard inch of his erection.

The reality of what was going on was lost on Sarresh. He had no idea that slowly, in the middle of coitus, the Vulcan doctor was rewiring his mental and physical pathways. That she was ensuring that once the time traveling now human woke up, that his new body would respond properly to the mental commands, most of them subconscious and automatic, that his mind would make. He had no ability to understand that he was, in fact, fucking a complete stranger, a being utterly alien to him in very way imaginable, and not his redheaded lover. Nor could he understand that said lover was well and truly dead, her remains long disintegrated in a pool of super hot acidic water, left forever on that hellish planet.

No, as far as Sarresh was concerned, he was having the ride of his life. His perfect mate was grinding down against him as he filled her tightly with his cock, aching for that sweet, heated release that only she could give him.

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[ Recovery Wards ] Attn: Zenozine

Phantom bared his teeth - on the side that didn't already show teeth - when it was suggested that the nurse's clerical shortcomings stood in the way for his pain medication. He was about to tear into her like a phaser canon when she mentioned that the alternative was to wait for Doctor Maya... and he set his teeth back together. While the ruin of his bad eye may have mimicked the movement, his seeing eye shifted towards the door to Main Sickbay, wondering why the Vulcan was there with the senior doctor...

Had he hurt her enough the night before to merit a physical?

"I will take what you can give me then," he rasped to the alien female, or male. He was not sure. His remaining eyebrow drew down as he realised he'd seen it on the Harbinger too. Good lips, no tits and narrow hips. Her alien voice sounded feminine though. Did she not have an Ovri brother that was far easier on the eye from the neck-down? It mattered naught to him. He just wanted his medication and to get off the bloody ship with his pilots. If the Vulcan decided to squeal on him, despite her promises not to, he did not want to linger. He took the small canister from the nurse's frog fingers and nodded with cursory, false gratitude. Behind his back, she turned to her first patient, and Phantom was about to leave for good... when he saw two patients sitting in another area of the Wards.

His scowl grew as he stepped towards them. "Smoke. Titan," he rasped as he regarded them, both looking like they had been in a fight the night before. "I don't care what you did as long as you can fly. Do you still have clearance?"

"Yeah," one of them said, "just some good old fighting over a skirt."

"I expect you to report to the Flight Deck at 1000 hrs. Clean yourselves up, will you?" He was already heading for the exit, thinking that perhaps it was not just himself that needed to leave the fancy starship before someone expected him to show up for a hearing in Security. On the way out, he spotted Husker as well. "That goes for you too. Make sure you are cleared to fly at 1000 hrs."

Inside, Maal returned, and together with Hylota, they gave Connor Matthews the last treatment he needed from them and then forwarded the paperwork to Doctor Maya for her perusal. In the meantime, it was agreed that he was free to leave and assume administrative duties with his department. And while he may have left, the rounds continued, and it was not until an half an hour had passed until they got the opportunity to retreat to the medical lab for something to drink. During the last couple of days, the medical labs had become a retreat for the personnel in Sickbay that needed to get away for a while - to collect their heads after seeing so much burn victims.

"I wonder what they will be discussing on the Senior Staff Meeting," commented Maal, nursing a cup of coffee in one hand - making the cup look like it was made for a small girl. "I'm a nurse, not a commander, but I think we are in a really weak position to do anything at all."

Maal opened the collar of his undershirt and sat back on the diagnostics table, collecting his thoughts a bit. He had stopped thinking about the mission and the poor tactical position they had for their mission, and his thoughts instead fell on his new colleague. "Odd how both you and your brother look like women, only more... pronounced when it comes to your brother. You must find the Klingon people to have strange appearences, being so different as we are to you."

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Hylota joined Maal in the Medical labs, she took a seat on a counter that had been cleared off for more sitting space since the room lacked chairs for the entire staff to sit. As Maal questioned what the senior staff was meeting about Hylota shrugged and added her own opinion to the mix. "I have not real idea, but I would wager it has something to do with the sheer amount of crew transferred here to the Theurgy. Probably talking about what our ships shall be doing now. I also think thy were talking bout what they could do to save your Federation, because we cannot exactly just rush off to do this, otherwise we might cause a justifiable war against the Federation to "Remove the Parasite Menace."" She shook her head. "If not for the intentions of our pursuers being to eliminate us, I would suggest we abandon one ship and fill it with benign chemicals that mix into a deadly toxin, take a page from the Ovri battle tactics."

She looked to Maal and smiled  at his comment. "Actually your race is confusing for our men, your females are like effeminate males to us, and your males are gruff and rough looking females in our opinion. But the biggest oddity is hair, we have never developed it." She shrugged and leaned back. "It is such a soft thing, although I cannot imagine the hassle of managing such a thing that is always growing, the sleek bald form of the Ovri is much more efficient." She chuckled. "But the overall female look of our people is probably attributed to the scents we produce, males produce only one, while females can produce several. Like with humans, they all produce estrogen, but males also make testosterone which overpowers it, but alter their amount of estrogen and you can make a male human look female." She rubbed her head as she pick up a glass of water. "I hope that makes sense." She leaned forward now.

Hylota took a drink of he water an sighed. "Although it has been put on the table in the past that males have the glands removed from them, give them a more fema..." She shook her head. "Sorry, male look to them. Unfortunately this has not been a simple thing,  the science has no purpose and a lot of risks, and it kills sex appeal for us." She shrugged. "Personally I think h thing we should focus on is a better ability to recover from small wounds, right now we have trouble with them and risk infection easily. An coming into a Federation where cutting off an are to fix it is not a reasonable response anymore." She chuckled before taking another drink of water.

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Listening, Maal's mind - while by far not the quickest but still keen enough - lingered on the cultural differences and physiology of the Ovri, since he had little more to offer than Hylota about the speculation about what the Senior Staff would be talking about.

"This hair-growth is my bane," he said, sipping his coffee with ill humour because of the topic, "I shave twice a day, and I have been forced to learn how to cut my own hair since I have to do it so often. These eyebrows perpetually want to grow upwards like two horns, and while my back was spared, my front has a thick jungle of hair that I don't know what to do about. Even though I have been raised human, I still have the hair-growth of the Klingon people." To show her, he raised his hand and unzipped his undershirt a bit further, displaying a the coarse, dark hair spreading from the centre of Maal's pectoral muscles. "At this point, I envy your people, who does not need to spend so much on personal grooming."

He zipped up his undershirt again and pondered the facts laid out about the gender specifics of the Ovri. He mulled it over while he drank some more coffee. "I see no point in removing body parts because of interspecies social exchange. That would be absurd. Instead, I think its just an initial threshold of unfamiliarity that both the species in the Federation and the Ovri have to cross. Humanity has become very accepting when it comes to expression of sexuality and love between same-gendered people. Four hundred years ago, such was not the case, but Humanity has evolved. More so than my native people."

Maal rubbed his chin, feeling the stubble even though he shaved early that morning, and looked out over the medical lab, seeing that many returned to their duties even if they had just sat down. "Its not common practice to amputate," Maal confessed, feeling a little squeamish just thinking about it."Especially for wounds that we normally don't treat with dismemberment... In any case, I find your species fascinating, and I hope you can forgive me for looking a bit too long at your brother because of his glands. I do not know about your pheromones, but I will try to help in make sure the other nurses on the Theurgy knows more about your species so that you need not correct everyone you work with."

Putting the empty cup aside, Maal thought some more. "Will you miss the Harbinger now that there is a lot of crew here that is unaware of your specific psychology?"

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[Maya | Main Sickbay] Attn: Brutus, Auctor Lucan

In the meantime, Maya was riding her patient while being completely lost in his fantasy.  "Oh!" the slender Vulcan moaned in a surprisingly loud voice.  "Sarresh!" she cried as the pinky of her right hand slid into the corner of her patient's mouth.   Her crotch slapped obscenely against his body as she increased her rhythm.  At this moment the part of her mind that wasn't monitoring his health was consumed by his need for Amikris Noeten, so now she needed him.  The emptiness in her mind was excruciating, she was using Sarresh's fantasy to fill it.  Or was it the strain of compartmentalizing her mind while receiving such intense stimulation that was excruciating?

In the meantime the analytical part of her mind received instructions through her earpiece.  "Very good, doctor," Doctor Nicander's deep voice purred into her ear, "the patient's neural network appears to be fully aligned, and you have been able to verify the health, strength and mobility of the patient's new body. You are allowed to climax at any time, and it would be beneficial if you could make him reach his own peak as well. This is his last moments with his the image of his mate, so make sure they count. If I were you, I would say farewell to him as well. Then, you will give him the sedatives in the hypospray lying on the table next to the biobed."

"F-farewell!" she groaned as the imaginary water in her mind surged around the operating room.  "Unh!" Hallucinations may have been healthy for the Denobulan mind but they weren't for a Vulcan's. 

"When I say the word that will wake you from your trance, you will not remember me telling you to remove your clothes or encouraging sexual activity with the patient," Lucan's commanding voice instructed, "but you will remember what you have done. I have not been able to witness your actions, never seen your naked body on your side of the glass wall, but I have seen the readings, supported you with my comments about his nerves, and detected a state of arousal in the patient. I found it natural given the manual application of the gel and the neuro-pressure massage. That you would have taken advantage of the patient for your own gain, or realised the need to help him come to terms with the loss of his mate and acted for his benefit... I leave entirely to you to rationalize. I don't care, as long as you do not remember my involvement besides the medical practice," he said before he spoke the word to release her from her trance.  "Birdcage."

She emerged from her trance to feel Sarresh's healthy member sliding within her moist tight body. 
"Anh!" she cried as her hips ground against him as she glanced about the room, momentarily bewildered.   The water had vanished.  Her skin was once more 'fish bait white' flushing lime green instead of the blue with green stripes of an Ash'reem girl.  "Oh!" she cried as she looked down and saw Sarresh's newly human face grimacing in ecstasy, her artificial eyes closed quite shut.  Suddenly she was Maya, Vulcan physician, who was grinding against her patient like an Orion slave girl in a Ferengi porn program.  Any pretense of Vulcan dignity was scattered to the four winds.

Her distress lasted less than a second before her training kicked in.  She had to reestablish contact with Sarresh and gave him what he wanted.   She bent forward, rolling her eyes as she pushed against him and placed her fingertips on his face.  She moaned out as his thoughts thrust into her mind and his masculinity thrust into her body.

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As Maal reveled his chest Hylota felt warm as she noted his strong musculature and well built form. She was about to think of his mating qualities before she stopped herself and cursed her fertility and adolescent desires. Hylota dragged herself back to the conversation and listened to Maal and sat quietly before he inquired about her status aboard the Theurgy and she sighed. "Well to be honest Maal the help would be nice, but in truth I had no friends aboard the Harbinger. When we learned the truth of the Theurgy my brother and I realized we would be branded traitors ad we withdrew. I was not interested in making ties outside of professional ones with my CO so I have come from nothing into nothing socially with this transfer." She downed the rest of her water and let what she said sink in for Maal.

"As for your other points, Ovri are quite often debating the need of males if we were able to master self fertilization or asexual reproduction. To become  genderless race with no need for sex. It is a popular idea among some of the theoretical science fields and a handful of biologists. I myself have thought about the value of losing genders for the good of the race, but the artists have made good points against the idea, to abandon so much of who we are as Ovri is considered akin to eliminating what the Ovri are." she raised her empty glass to drink again only to find out she had emptied it and she sighed. "Our sexual pairings have never mattered because a lusting female never goes after another female, they always find a male. When outside of that time we can have fun with whomever we choose. It educates us and can help us learn bout our bodies. Things have only gotten complicated as we have interacted with other races who do not share the same physical appearance."

Without a drink she st the glass aside and leaned back. "As or what you did with Vinata, do not worry about it. You should have seen day one, he was put in the girls quarters and nearly had a heart attack as one of the senior students at the academy began to hit on him thinking he was a woman. Apparently he inquired about his mating habits and sexual desires...or was it fetishes." She smirked and waved her hand dismissively. Oh well, what is important s you got this out of the way before he was wake, just treat him like a normal male and you will be fine with him." he got up and patted Maal's shoulder and she had a strange feeling as her mind remembered the fear of the night before and pushing way on Lucan, but could not bring up anything other than a vague strange feeling.

Hylota stood there for a moment before shaking hr head and smiling. "As for the dismembering, when you get a gash in your rm, and it would take less time to cut it off and let it regrow than have it recover, what would you pick? Ovri medicine really lags behind in recovery terms, we rely quit heavily in our regeneration abilities." Her hand remained on Maal's shoulder, holding it more and more firmly.

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[Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Main Sickbay] Attn: Dr Maya

There was no break, no mental disconnect for Sarresh. There was no shattering of attention nor realization of his true surroundings. For Lt. Morali, the illusion of his lover remained intact. It was her finger he sucked when it slipped past his lips in an obscene fashion. Her pussy that was clamping down on his still very Ash'reem cock. It wasn't the lithe Vulcan woman suddenly fully aware of her position a top the newly reconstructed human male under her.

For Sarresh, the need was there to rut his lover, to fill her with his seed and claim her all over again. Some desperation from his subconscious - a latent memory of her death, perhaps? Driving him on to reaffirm their life together. Or just his species need to propagate despite all the difficulties inherent in their genetic structures, not unlike the Andorian peoples (though, as a gender binary species, the issues the Ash'reem faced were not the same as the Quaternary-gendered Androian's).

Regardless of the underlying factors driving the former Ash'reem on, the simple fact remained that Sarresh Morali very much wanted to have that release with the woman he thought of as Amikris Neotin. And that thought was at the forefront of his mind when Dr Maya placed her fingers back on his temples, eliciting a whimper from his newly pinked lips. He tried to reach up and kiss her, to claim her mouth with is in what felt like a natural coupling. His fingernails scored her back, the curve of her ass, digging in, and holding on firmly as his hips left the bio-bed beneath his body. His heels planted firmly on what he felt as the bottom of a river bed, 'digging in' to the 'sand' beneath them for leverage.

And then he began to well and truly rut her from below, hips pistoning, bouncing her against his waist, driving that cock as deeply as he could as he let out a series of increasingly obscene moans.

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[ Medical Lab 02 ] Attn: Zenozine

Hearing Hylota advise him to treat Vinata as any other man aboard, Maal nodded to the simple and sound advice. Knowing what he knew, he did not think it would be too hard to do so either.

He glanced up towards the Ovri female when she came to stand by his side, putting her hand on his shoulder. She seemed lost in thought for a moment, but just as quick as the spell had come it was gone, and she was asking him what choice he would make. "Well," he said to Hylota and put his own cup aside, thoughts returning to the abilities and biology of the Ovri, knowing there was more to them than met the eye. In Hylota's regard, she had just said that their sexual pairings were not restricted to matrimony. That females would always chose males in their stage of fertility, but would educate themselves with whomever they chose to outside of those times in their life. Therefore, Maal wondered if he was reading too much into her sudden proximity. Was she merely socialising, which he thought... or was she willing to mate, or just educate herself?

Clearing his throat, Maal answered the question. "It would depend on if I can still use the arm or not. I would not like to remove a limb just because some gash, since I have use of my arm in my duties and my everyday life. To wait for it to regrow seems to me... rash, and ineffective."

She was looking at him with those lidded black eyes, and had yet to remove her hand from his strong shoulder. Realising this, Maal wondered what she was up to but since they did not know each other well enough yet, it was not like he could ask her straight out. He slid down from the diagnostics table, catching his balance as he landed by the help from her hand and putting his own on her shoulder. She had the stability and strength of a human male, which belied her exotic face and lips. It was a contrast which still perplexed him, and he had never thought a male body like hers - patterned and scaled like snakeskin - would intrigue him. It seemed the education in Ovri biology had peaked his interest.. or there was something else happening in his mind. Was it pheromones? He let go of her shoulder.

"I need to go to the restroom before we return to the wards. I will be back soon," he said after she had talked about limb regrowth, and he walked off to collect his thoughts, stepping out of the lab and entered one of the medical staff's restrooms. He frowned as he looked himself in the wide mirror, knowing that he had no need to relieve himself in one of the stalls but merely to collect his thoughts... slow but keen as they were.

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[ Main Sickbay ] Attn: Brutus & Doctor Maya

Standing behind his one-way mirror of a wall, Lucan admired the play of light across the bodies upon the biobed, gratified to see that Mr. Morali had quickened enough to display the full sexual functionality of his new body. Doctor Maya was performing admirably too, responding to the development in full. The readings of the Ash'reem-turned-human were off the chart now that the sexual activity was at its peak, and Lucan could verify that even though Sarresh's body was completely regrown, the Asurian blank cells had not given him a body that needed time to regrow strength and stamina.

As for himself, he was appreciating the display beyond the glass the way an artist might, having manipulated events and medical practice to enable Sarresh to say his farewells to Amikris. He'd had already had sex with Doctor Maya in the medical storage room, but that did not mean he did not enjoy the sight of her glistening body riding on top of his patient. He was a bit hard from watching them, but he did not let his own arousal impede his thoughts and his focus upon the readings. If Sarresh had a problem in his new body, he had to be there to correct it else all the time invested in the project would be lost. So when the act seemed to come to its crescendo, Lucan made no haste in activating the comm-link to Maya's earpiece.

"Very good, doctor," he said in his deep voice, checking his nails as he spoke, "the patient's neural network appears to be fully aligned, and you have been able to verify the health, strength and mobility of the patient's new body. You are allowed to climax at any time, and it would be beneficial if you could make him reach his own peak as well. This is his last moments with the image of his mate, so make sure they count. If I were you, I would say farewell to him as well. Then, you will give him the sedatives in the hypospray lying on the table next to the biobed."

Pacing a little as he spoke, Lucan finished his instructions, completing his masterpiece. "When I say the word that will wake you from your trance, you will not remember me telling you to remove your clothes or encouraging sexual activity with the patient, but you will remember what you have done. I have not been able to witness your actions, never seen your naked body on your side of the glass wall, but I have seen the readings, supported you with my comments about his nerves, and detected a state of arousal in the patient. I found it natural given the manual application of the gel and the neuro-pressure massage. That you would have taken advantage of the patient for your own gain, or realised the need to help him come to terms with the loss of his mate and acted for his benefit... I leave entirely to you to rationalise. I don't care, as long as you do not remember my involvement besides the medical practice," he said firmly, speaking into her ear while she rode the reborn Science Officer, "Birdcage."

The word said, Lucan had brought Maya out of the trance as far as the practice was concerned... He watched what happened in the transition, smiling a little. Then, he said, "Treatment complete, Doctor Maya. I will compile the data for a while then I will come out there. Should take me two minutes or so. Make sure to clean up the patient after you have sedated him."

Oh, it would be amusing to watch her both trying to finish off Sarresh and also say her farewells as Amikris in that short time...

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Hylota being who she was, she did not realize that she was accidentally suggesting that she wanted to mate with Maal. She had not thought about such hings and it was leading to an awkward moment she had not intended. However as Maal inquired about the pain in limb and the loss of it Hylota decided to elaborate a little more. "Well gashes often do cause pain and leave scar, and this can cause problems by hindering movement or motor functions, so it is easier just to wait a year to let something regrow, rather than deal with long term damage."

She would have gone on to explain that it was also a good way to gather genetic samples for testing, pay someone for an arm an test medical ides out on actual Ovri tissue instead of synthetic materials. As Maal was off in the bathroom Hylota sat and relaxed, she had no real idea what she could do with her time as she waited for her brother to wake up, and she knew that she should not go  far since the patient they operated on in the morning was possibly going to wake up later on and she should be there for that if it happened. So for now Hylota just sat and waited for Maal to return, he was not gong anywhere and he might as well have some conversation with a hansom man while she was at it.

As she thought the last bit Hylota put hear face into her hand and groaned, why was she doing this? Why did she have to be so unrefined when she was in her fertile period, it was intolerable sometimes, and come on why was she now looking at Maal this way, he clearly was more interested in  woman that looked like...well a woman, and she was manly to say the least.She shook her head and groaned as she tried to think about something else, but it was too late, she was beginning to feel moist. Hylota bit hr lip as she placed a hand at her crotch and began to gently rub as she tried to relieve herself before Maal got back.

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[ Maya | Main Sickbay ]

"Ah!  Ah!"  Maya cried as she ground herself against him.  She fled the shock and humiliation of finding herself naked as an utblat and riding her patient by losing herself in his fantasy.  Right now it made no logical sense to be Maya the abused neurosurgeon.   Right now she wanted to be Amikris Noeten, plucky young cadet and the desire of Sarresh Morali, a man who had given up everything to come back into the past to save the future.  At that moment, not only was she willing to give him anything, she wanted to be the woman he loved. 

"Oh Sarresh!" she moaned in her closest approximation of his native tongue as she bent forward to let him claim her lips.  "Uh!" she cried as she sat up again as she shuddered in ecstasy.   "My love--"

Suddenly, Lucan's voice was in her ear, breaking her out of the spell she had allowed her patient to put her under.  "Treatment complete, Doctor Maya. I will compile the data for a while then I will come out there. Should take me about two minutes or so. Make sure to clean up the patient after you have sedated him."

Maya grimaced helplessly as her body writhed in her climax.  Once again she was Maya of Vulcan, physician, neurologist, and judgmentally compromised.   Reality came back and slapped her in the face.  It was impossible for the little Vulcan's normally pallid skin to flush any greener but the burning sensation she felt on her body meant that it was giving a very heroic try.   Moaning in shame, she pulled herself off her patient and crouched on the floor in a fetal position as she tried to organize her thoughts.

"Peace, calm, tranquility," she murmured in the Vulcan tongue.  "Peace, calm, tranquility."

In every person's life there comes a moment when they wish they had listened to their parents.  Maya's parents had warned her that emotions were distracting and clouded judgment and at the moment she was in no position to argue.   Emotions were an indulgence that had no place in the operating room and in fact they felt quite painful at the moment.  Shivering on the floor, the little Vulcan took a deep breath and concentrated on controlling her involuntary reactions and suppressing her feelings.  

After a moment or two, she rose from the floor and silently dressed in her surgical scrubs.  She picked up a small medical device and held it over Sarresh's groin as she used her thumb and forefinger to adjust the position of his masculinity.   A tiny cone of defuse white light shone out of the handheld instrument and where it shone their juices vanished.  Making a decision, she shone the light on her free hand and then placed it on Sarrash's face.  "Goodbye my love," she murmured in the Ash'reem tongue.  "Sleep."

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[ Medical Lab 02 ] Attn: Zenozine

Eventually, Maal exited the restroom, rubbing his head in lingering thoughts.

Not being the most confident about how to deal with females to begin with, given their tendencies to expect something else than he was from him, the situation with Hylota was confusing on another level. Now he had expectations for what females ought to be like, and she was not, so that ought to add up to his disinterest in her. However, given how she was unprecedented, and he had gained insight into her species and their culture, in her role in their society and how they might lead their lives, even in her as a person, she was no longer a stranger. She might be alien, different, and not wearing the kind of body females were supposed to in his culturally biased opinion, but she had become female in his eyes right from the start because of physical and behavioural traits besides the mere fact of her bodily appearance. She wore a woman's face and her voice, while alien in intonation, was decidedly not masculine. Moreover, he was confused about his trail of thought. Why was he rationalising his own interest in her as a female?

Had the catalyst been her touch and close familiarity with him? Something she said or did along the way? Surely he had not given her any kind of signal..? He had merely shown how hairy he was, which to him was not exactly flattering in any regard...

He returned to the corner of the Medical Lab they had taken for their own, stepping around the corner whilst being silent and in deep, slow thoughts. He raised his brown eyes to say they ought to review the journals to select the next tier of paitents that could be returned to their quarters... when he saw her touching herself.

"I..." he said and cleared his throat with a rumble, "I am sorry, I did not realise you were... Shall I go? I can start going over the next..." He lost the words in short order, and he just turned to leave instead before he'd make a larger fool than he already was, which was quite an accomplishment given how large he was and how foolish he felt.

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