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PRO:S[DAY 01][0800]Mixed Communications and Translation Errors

[Kelistina Kavot Drova | Kelistina's 'Camp' | Woods outside City | Qo'noS]
ATTN: @rae

Kelistina had finally finished getting the last piece in place. While it wasn’t an exact fit it would have to do for now until she could find a friendlier place where she might have better luck.  Leaving the hatch open for now so the fresh air could circulate a little while she worked meant that it was a bit humid even inside the ship. There was a sheen of moisture on the walls but not so much that Kelistina even realized how much moisture had accumulated.

She hummed a haunting tune from her homeworld. It made her a little sad that she could not remember the words anymore. She thought to herself that she should have taken the time to write them down in her flight journal, but time for that was past. As it was she was starting to have a hard time remembering a lot of things from home. This realization made her feel sad and alone in the world in which she found herself. She had no friends, no one who she could even talk with.  She was starting to consider going back to where the others had settled, even if she was alone, she would be with people she could talk to.

The small metal piece she had spent hours modifying was finally in place and it was time to see if her repairs were successful. She brought the power on and let out a shout of excitement when the system indicated that all systems were operational for the first time in weeks. She clapped her hands and twirled around happily, “Cit ei Ka!”

Kelistina exited the ship, letting the engines warm up so that she could take off and leave the inhospitable Klin-onz once and for all. She quickly began bring her things into the ship and putting them away in the various rooms.  It was too bad she had not been able to thank the offworlders for their kindness to her. Maybe someday she would meet them once again and learn to speak their tongue. As the Elders would say, “ Hoa ne Tarrit lod eit vea atz-eh.”

Cit ei Ka!- Now I go!
Hoa ne Tarrit lod eit vea atz-eh - not even the Tarrit knows its future path

Tarrit[/i] - name of a beast from her homeworld of  Zarood

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Re: PRO:S[DAY 01][0800]Mixed Communications and Translation Errors

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[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | Woods outside D’Takka | Qo'noS ] Attn: @Eirual

“We want a rematch, Andorian!” Were it not for the increasing agitation lacing his words, the Klingon would have been repeating himself like a broken record.

“As I have already stated – multiple times – I am not the Andorian-“ Nysari began, keeping her voice as polite as possible, which was not endearing her to any of the small crowd encircling her. She doubted anything would truly sate him, save for her lashing out and punching him. Since that route would likely end with her in the hospital, Nysari was still hoping for a non-violent solution.

“WE WANT A REMATCH, HONORLESS PETA’Q!” He was so close now that the spit accompanying his words hit her face, the angry roar making her ears ring and antennae stand straight up, twitching slightly in shock. From the smell of him, Nysari was certain that he was one of the brawlers from Luyr’s Cart. They all looked different in the morning light, but the aroma of that soup was distinctive. Apparently, he was a regular.

“We cannot have a rematch,” she did raise her voice now, talking over the answering shout, “Because we never fought in the first place! That was a different Andorian.”

“It was you!” At least there was variety now. Finally. “You’re Starfleet,” He glared at the uniform she was wearing. “And you were with a group of Starfleeters last week.”

“There is more than one Andorian in Starfleet! If you want a rematch that badly, I will inform Lieutenant Zark-“ The rest of the words left Nysari’s throat in a gasp of air as he punched her in the chest. The meaty fist felt like someone had hurled a boulder right into her breast. Like the warrior she wasn’t, the diplomat fell back into the ground, hand instinctively reaching for a phaser she hadn’t brought. She settled for laying in the dirt and wheezing instead.

Thankfully, the Klingons decided not to jump her. Most of them were staring in complete confusion. They were looking for an Andorian who fought with deadly grace and speed, and this one had been taken down by the opening parry. It gave Nysari enough time to remember how to speak, though she remained in her undignified position on the ground. “I will inform Lieutenant Zark of your request. I’m sure she’ll be happy to oblige you.” If only she had more information on who exactly wanted the fight. Even if the Theurgy wasn’t leaving in an hour, they’d probably never find him again anyway. Considering how eagerly Zark jumped into a brewing fight, Qo’noS was probably full of Klingons nursing a grudge.

“It’s not the same Andorian!” The leader shouted, coming to the genius conclusion all on his own despite Nysari having told him more than five times. “Let’s get out of here. Fucking aliens all look the same!” He turned and stalked away, muttering obscenities along the same vein as he went. The others followed, though their comments were mainly focused on what a poor excuse for a warrior she was. For her part, Nysari was happy to wait for them to leave before beginning the painful process of standing.

“I am beginning to regret coming down here,” she sighed, every movement radiating pain through her new bruises. She didn’t even want to think of how black and purple her boob would look tonight once she got her uniform off. Of all the places to hit her. “But as long as I’m here, might as well finish what I came to do.”

Before she’d come to the unwelcome attention of Zark’s unhappy former sparring partners, Nysari had been on a quick mission of her own. Ironically, it was one that had also begun at the same stop on their culinary tour, where they’d met a unique and skittish alien whose language had bewildered the Universal Translator. Understandably, the red skinned woman hadn’t stuck around long for the endless scenes of chaos that had followed the group throughout the night. But Nysari hadn’t forgotten her. Once back on the ship, she’d pulled the language from the combadge’s buffer and let the Theurgy’s main computer work on it until it had developed a suitable translation matrix. Nysari disliked the idea of anyone being stuck without a means of communication, so she’d replicated a civilian model translator with the program to give to the alien. Unfortunately, it had taken until now to find her location, after a chance encounter with Lieutenant Kala in the hallway led to the engineer informing her of the exact place to look. After leaving the party, the Bajoran had escorted the red woman all the way back to her ship.

Nysari knew she was cutting it close, but she had plenty of time. She would give the translator to the alien, introduce herself and her intentions, then call the Theurgy for beam out. Per Kala’s instructions, she should be right near the camp. As though by provenience, that was the exact moment the Andorian came out of the trees and into a clearing. A small ship sat waiting. She didn’t recognize the design, but she knew it wasn’t Klingon in origin.

“Hello?” Friendly or not, she wasn’t about to barge into someone else’s ship. “Is anyone there?”

Behind her, far out of sight now, the crushed remains of a combadge littered the ground in pieces, another victim of a Klingon’s fist.

OOC: Special thanks to @RyeTanker and Zark, who can start a fight without even being on the planet (laugh)

Re: PRO:S[DAY 01][0800]Mixed Communications and Translation Errors

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[Kelistina Kavot Drova | Woods outside D’Takka | Qo'noS ]
ATTN: @rae

Kelistina was startled by a voice coming from outside. Other than the off-worlder with blue hair and the brutes that constantly screamed what she could only assume were obscenities at her whenever they saw her, she did not have visitors. But this was a gentler female voice that held a question. Hesitantly she walked to the door and poked her head out to see who it was.

The sun was still rising over the woods, adding an intricate pattern of shadows over the area. There in the midst of that pattern was one of the off-worlders. The gentler blue-skinned one if Kel remembered correctly.  Stepping out of the ship and raising her arm in greeting as she smiled, “alortinatza ve ni’Da! “  She had no idea why this off-worlder would be visiting her, but she was pleased to have a visitor that wasn’t throwing things at her.

Kel bowed slightly to her visitor and repeated her introduction from when they had first met,“Ei Kelistina, Ca Kavot neDroda.” [/color]Placing her hand on her chest in respect.  “Vei zovin ne?” Kelistina waited for a reply from the Blue Off-worlder. 

Once she heard the name she smiled even more. Beckoning her guest towards the ship she excitedly moved with short steps and a lot of head nodding as she invited Ni-sa-ri into her ship, “Kea, ei Vat.”
 She waited to see if Nysari would move forward into the hatch before she followed. Kel waved a hand around the inside of her vessel. It was obvious it was not intended for long travels and many repairs had been made over the past 7 or 8 years of the vessels existance.

The seats behind the two needed for flight had obviously been moved evidenced by the marks on the floor where they had once been. Two of them had been turned into a small table where her repair tool rested. Hand drawn pictures and a couple of photographs covered some of the wall space. Reminders of a world that no longer exited.

Kelistina stood in the middle of the now open area and waited for her guest to look around, excited to be sharing her ‘home’ if even for a moment.

alortinatza ve ni’Da! - You honor me!
Ei Kelistina, Ca Kavot neDroda - I (be/am) Kelistina, out of Kavot in Droda.
Vei zovin ne? - Your name what?
Kea, ei Vat - Come, I show.

OOC: Zark does have that skill!

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Re: PRO:S[DAY 01][0800]Mixed Communications and Translation Errors

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[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | Campsite | Woods outside D’Takka | Qo'noS ] Attn: @Eirual

Thankfully for her time crunch, it was only moments before the alien she was looking for appeared, purple hair popping out of the hatch. Nysari smiled at her, putting on a calm presence in spite of – or perhaps in defiance of – the ugly encounter she’d just escaped. When the other woman spoke, the Andorian quickly pulled out the translator she’d prepared. It was an older model, not unlike a century old communicator in appearance, lacking the processing power of a Starfleet universal translator and the easy elegance of the current civilian models that were implanted in the inner ear. It fit in the palm of her hand, a small interface for inputs and a speaker grill. Once Nysari activated it, it listened to the sentences and repeated them back in Standard after a slight delay.

“Kelistina,” she repeated with a nod, recognizing the phrasing from last time even as it translated. “My name is Nysari zh’Eziarath,” for simplicity’s sake, she decided on using the shortened version of her name. “From Laikan, on Andoria.” A moment later, the translator worked in reverse, an expressionless computerized voice repeating the words in Kelistina’s language.

Satisfied that it was working, Nysari’s smile widened to something more genuine, then she followed Kelistina into her ship. It was immediately obvious that she’d lived her for a long time, though the ship had never been intended for it. Engineering wasn’t her specialty, so she didn’t recognize much of the work. Instead, she focused on the art, the photographs in particular. Careful not to touch anything, she did a slow circuit of that portion of the wall.

“I brought this for you.” She wanted to ask, but this introduction was more important. Nysari offered the translator as she spoke. Its function should have been readily apparent, but she explained anyway. “A universal translator. I noticed that you didn’t have one before. I’m not sure how accurate it is now, but the more you speak, the better the translation will be.” She didn’t go into detail on how it worked. Kelistina has a space faring ship and she was on a world that was clearly not her own. This technology shouldn’t be beyond her. If it was, then Nysari shouldn’t be giving out translators in the first place.

“Is this Droda?” she asked, turning back to the pictures. “Your planet?”

Re: PRO:S[DAY 01][0800]Mixed Communications and Translation Errors

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[Kelistina Kavot Drova | Woods outside D’Takka | Qo'noS ]
ATTN: @rae

Kelistina nodded and smiled when the small device changed words into her own language. Not all of them but enough that she got the idea. She bowed in respect of the gift she had been given and spoke, “alortinatz ei” and a few seconds later new words came from the device, ”I am Honored.”  She watched as Nysari looked at her drawings and old photographs. When she asked about Droda, Kelistina pointed to a small area of the map, “Droda Here, Kavot here.” Kelistinas finger pointed to a tiny pinpoint on the map. Then she moved her hand back and made a circle with her hand to encompass the whole planet, “This Zarood.” She looked at the image with sadness and turned away, “Zarood no more”.

Kelistina placed the device on the nearby table as she went back to work finishing her work on the final piece, making sure it stayed in place with a few fusing strips over it and securing it to the wall around it.  She looked up at Nysari, “I go soon. Not nice here to Kelistina. No like.” She stood once more and tilted her head, “You stay more?”

It was odd hearing the device speaking right after she did and it made her pause more often than she would have normally. Maybe she would be able to learn this language and understand more off-worlders without the device.  As Kelistina listened to her guest she moved over to the controls of the ship and looked over the various instruments. Many were dark as they were used for docking with the now destroyed station back home. She hadn’t bothered to fix any of that. Besides she didn’t have the parts or the right tools for that job. Most of them had been lost when the station had been ripped apart.

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Re: PRO:S[DAY 01][0800]Mixed Communications and Translation Errors

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[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | Kel’s Ship | Woods outside D’Takka | Qo'noS ] Attn: @Eirual

“Ah, I understand,” she replied as Kelistina pointed out locations on her map. Interested as always in discovering a new culture, but that was quickly replaced by grief at the other woman’s simple declaration. As though any amount of words could make up for the loss of an entire world. Nysari knew an inkling of that pain. The city she’d lived in for years had been wiped off the map mere weeks ago. “I know it means very little in the face of your loss, but I am sorry.” Was this the last member of an entire species? The ship only seemed fit for a single person. But there could be more out there. Other shuttles converted into long term residences. Nysari didn’t dare ask. It was a cruel question, not worth asking to simply assuage her curiosity.

“Yes,” she replied, watching Kelistina continue repairing her ship. The Andorian didn’t know enough about engineering to judge the work, but it all seemed too flimsy for the harsh emptiness of space. “My ship is leaving soon too. More than soon. I wanted to make sure you got the translator before we left.” But it wasn’t like Starfleet, with their massive starships and their thick metal bulkheads, was any safer right now. There was something much more dangerous already inside.

Though she would have dearly liked to stay and talk to this strange alien further, Nysari knew it was time for her to leave. She had made a commitment to the Theurgy, and was already flirting with disaster by coming down here to late. “It was an honor to meet you Kelistina. I hope the next planet you land on has more understanding residents.” Now she was wishing she’d brought a star chart along with the translator, but that would have been too much. It would be up to luck to guide this ship out of Klingon space.

Nysari turned and walked back to the door, raising her hand to lightly tap on her combadge as she went. But all she felt was the fabric of her uniform. Still half inside, Nysari froze, wide eyes looking down at the now empty spot on her breast, vividly remembering being punched earlier. He hadn’t— what was the possibility that the Klingon had hit her in just the right spot… There was no way she was going to have time to get back to town, find a communications system, and hail the Theurgy before they departed.

Normally, Nysari tried to avoid coarser language. But right now she could think of no better way to describe her situation. “Shit.”

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[Kelistina Kavot Drova | Woods outside D’Takka | Qo'noS ]
ATTN: @rae

Kelistina nodded at the words of sympathy, “So few left, but no home. Not for an unmated female. Even then would be alone.” She sighed and went back to her work to ease the pain she was feeling. Kelistina tried not to think about what had happened and how the others had settled on a planet. It had not escaped her notice that none of them had even tried to convince her to remain. Kelistina nodded as if she was trying to convince herself before she spoke, “better this way.”

Kelistina had bowed in respect as her visitor headed back to the door. She was a little sad that NiSaRi was leaving so soon. She would have liked to learn more about the off-worlder and her friends. Kel was just turning back to her work when the female said something that the translator told her ‘cannot translate’. It was the tone of the word that made Kel understand it’s intent as meaning something was not right. She turned back to see the female still standing in the door way. Kel took several steps towards her new friend, “You see trouble come?” Kel leaned a little to look out the door wondering which sort of trouble was approaching, the young ones, who damaged her ship for fun, or the older ones, who damaged it to ‘punish’ for crashing in the first place.

A confused look crossed over her face when she did not see either. It was peaceful outside, well as peaceful as it can be with her engines running on idle to warm up before she could launch off this horrid planet.  Kelistina stood and looked at Nysari, with a small tilt of her head wondering what was really going on she moved to pick up the talking device and spoke, “Trouble for you is what? I help you, you friend!” Kelistina smiled as she placed her hand over her heart as an indication of a promise she had made that must be kept. 

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Re: PRO:S[DAY 01][0800]Mixed Communications and Translation Errors

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[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | Kel’s Ship | Woods outside D’Takka | Qo'noS ] Attn: @Eirual

“No.” She’d meant for the word to be soothing. After all, there was no danger coming, just an unlucky Starfleet officer who was going to be left behind. But her voice was laced with frustration, purely directed at herself and her own foolishness. She never should have come down here this close to the ship’s departure. But her companion, new to this region of space and with only a few minutes experience of this language, probably wouldn’t understand those nuances. “No,” she repeated, calmer now. “There is no one coming.”

Though she already knew there was no chance of making it back to town in time to contact the Theurgy, Nysari still found herself trying to plan it. Mentally retracing her route through the town to find any communications terminals she’d seen, estimating the time it would take her to get there, then work her way through the local comm network until she’d be permitted to request a channel with the Federation ship in orbit.

At Kel’s earnest offer of assistance, Nysari offered a wane smile, fully prepared to explain as simply as possible why she couldn’t be helped. A part of her – somewhere deep inside where she always avoided looking – was nearly relieved that it was going to end like this. Her treason cut off before it could truly begin, forced to return to the Federation Embassy like nothing had happened at all. Then she could go back to Federation space. Back to her family and her life.

“Coward,” she whispered. Of course, it wouldn’t be the same, no matter how much she wished it would be. Nysari knew too much now, and the city she wanted to return to no longer existed.

Maybe she’d been too distracted to hear it before – or maybe she simply hadn’t wanted to – but Nysari became aware of the gently humming engines of Kel’s ship. Why go back to town, when everything she needed was right here? “My communications system is broken. I cannot return to my ship in time,” she quickly explained. “Kelistina, you are leaving now? Could you take me with you? Take me to my ship in orbit?”

Re: PRO:S[DAY 01][0800]Mixed Communications and Translation Errors

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[Kelistina Kavot Drova | Kelistina's 'Camp' | Woods outside City | Qo'noS]
ATTN: @rae

Kelistina took a deep breath of relief in knowing there were no interlopers nearby, although technically speaking, she was the interloper here. But the tone of her response at first was concerning. She watched for the few moments that her new friend stood at the door and wondered what she could do to help. While Kelistina didn’t understand all of the words, she got the gist of the problem. Her new friend could not speak to her friends and wanted to go to a ship. This she could do. She nodded and bowed slightly, “Yes, I go now. Take you up to meet your friends. I will do this.”  She quickly turned back into her ship and waited for Ni-sa-ri to follow before she closed the outer hatch.  Moving to her control room she waved towards the only other place to sit and nodded. “We go. Yes, but way not... peace maybe.”
Kelistina wasn't concerned with the rough ride for herself, but she wanted to at least warn her new friend it could get a bit rough since she still didn’t have the thrusters completely repaired.
And while flying in space was fairly easy, she was not trained as a pilot so taking off could be less than smooth.  Kelistina sat down in her piloting seat and checked that the inner and outer hatch seals were engaged. She smiled over at Ni-Sa-ri, “Now, we go!” She pushed up the controls for the engine and felt her ship moving forward slightly. She quickly pulled back on another control lever and the nose of the ship started to lift.  Kelistina was concentrating on remembering what she needed to do and said a small prayer to her elders to guide her hands in the right way as the engines grew louder and her ship began it’s ascent. She knew she needed a lot more speed to break away from the planet.  She would need to climb slowly upwards while increasing power to the engine. It would be very nice to finally get back into space, but she still had to break away from the gravity of this hostile place.
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