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[Deck 1 - Captain's Ready Room]

"It's Lieutenant...Isley, isn't it?"  The voice of Garen came forth, and Nathan looked his way.  It was his first time meeting the man, having avoided any opening interviews with the Ship's counselor.  He always thought such people, even in casual conversation, were psycho-analyzing him, leading Isley to avoid them as much as he could.  In this case, they were in a meeting, and Nathan felt he should at least respond to that much.  "Lieutenant JG."  he confirmed, not wanting to be given credit for a rank that wasn't his.  He was one rank lower in the chain of command, making him seem rather unfit to be running Tactical CONN, even for something as simple as a senior staff meeting.  It wasn't like there were any seniors who were able to attend, though.

[Edena's Quarters]

The Trill had managed to force her attacker out of the room, even if the damage was done.  Encrypting her door with Starfleet Intelligence codes made her feel safer from anyone else smart enough to hack a door, and prevent even a chief of security from simply waltzing in, no matter their clearance.  Sitting herself down in her desk chair, he tried her best to remain under control, but even the motion of shifting back and forth on the chair material was enough to stimulate her, while her hand was tightly held between her thighs, trying to rub herself but being denied by the rational part of her brain.  "Open a transmission to the Captain."  She spoke to the computer, giving a status update.  "This is Edena Rez . . . I am infected by the contagion loose in the ship, and unable to report directly to the bridge.  That said, my mind is still somewhat intact, and am willing to cooperate in whatever way I can in my limited fashion."

((Breaking Edena out of character lock with Bill Regal.))

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Natalie kept taking the slow deep breaths, trying to still the beating of her heart. Having the Security Chief next to her telling her to calm down sort of helped, as did the numerical computations she started working through in her head. Calculus was calming to her, not that she'd admit it to anyone.

"Are you feeling any better?" he added, briefly glancing at Natalie

She glanced back at the senior officer, and nodded slightly, "a bit. Head isn't pounding quite as much" she shrugs very slightly, and uses one of her hands to wipe some of the sweat from her brow. I am going to take one very very long shower after this.

As Natalie was about to continue the conversation, the infected woman stumbled around the corner. The young Ops officer barely had time to register the semen on the pilots face, or notice that the exposed flesh was causing Natalie's heart to beat faster, before Arcorn shot the poor woman down. probalby for the best Natalie thought as she let out the breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding.

"Might I suggest we take another way?"

Before she could respond,  the phaser fire picked up, and Natalie was on the floor with the rest of her group, sliding as close t the wall as she could.

"yes, anotehr way sounds like an excellent idea!" she called out, heart pounding in her chest. She fumbled for her tricoder, bringing it forward to see if she could get a good scan on what their options were.

"we can back up and hit the cross junction, sir," she addressed Grayson,  before trying to press herself further into the deck, as a particularly close beam passed over head

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[Deck 1 - Captain's Ready Room] Attn: Jien Ives, Nathaniel Isley, Edena Rez

Garen nodded his thanks to Captain Ives as he took a seat. "Well, sir, to answer your first question, Nurse Jovela and I were in Sickbay last night when one of the infected crewmembers beamed us into Transporter Room Three. I think he was just trying to transport Jovela, but when I removed her combadge to stop him, he switched to a wide-range beam and ended up transporting both of us, along with some equipment from Sickbay.

"When we arrived in the transporter room, we were accosted by the crewman, as well as several other infected members of the crew. During our escape, one of the infected was knocked back into the transporter controls and they must have activated it, because the next thing the two of us knew, we were standing on the surface of Niga." Garen winced as he continued his story. "I would have tried contacting someone up here, but my own combadge was damaged in the scuffle. Fortunately, some of that equipment from Sickbay was also beamed down with us. I'm no engineer, but I was able to replace the damaged circuitry with some from the Sickbay gear."

The counselor took a moment to gather his thoughts as he considered Jien's second question. "We didn't notice anything out of the ordinary while we were down there," Garen said, briefly glancing at Jovela before turning back to Jien. "But if I were to guess, it seems obvious that whatever this infection is, it started down on the surface. I would suggest that one of the members of the away team came into contact with something down there and brought it back with them, then began spreading it to the rest of the crew.

"The contaminated crew seem to desire nothing more than to copulate with others until everyone on the ship is infected. They appear to be driven on an instinctual level, and seem to have no concern for anything else. Perhaps there's a greater purpose behind all of this, and the infected are beaming women down to the surface to return to the source of this infection, though I can't say why without--"

Garen's analysis was suddenly interrupted when the computer chirped, signaling an incoming message. "This is Edena Rez . . . I am infected by the contagion loose in the ship, and unable to report directly to the bridge.  That said, my mind is still somewhat intact, and am willing to cooperate in whatever way I can in my limited fashion."

[Deck 4 - Corridor] Attn: Natalie Stark, Neotins

Grayson nodded at Natalie's reply. He could tell how nervous the young Operations Officer was, but he was pleased that she seemed to have managed to force her anxiety into the back of her mind so that she could focus on the situation at hand.

Before he could respond, however, the infected ensign appeared, her uniform torn and disheveled, her pretty face slick with human semen. David's enhanced sense of smell could pick up the woman's pheromones even from this distance, and he felt himself hesitating as they began to play with his thoughts, urging the man to give the ensign what she needed.

Fortunately, Amatras lifted her phaser and stunned the young woman before David could succumb to such thoughts. As the ensign crumpled to the floor, David suddenly exhaled, having not realized before now that he had been holding his breath. He heard Natalie Stark's heart pounding in her chest again, and in his peripheral vision he saw the young woman's chest rising and falling as she, too, began to breathe again.

David's jaw clenched and he shook his head, trying to clear the suggestive thoughts out of his head. This is getting ridiculous, the security officer thought, just before phaser fire erupted from down the corridor. David instinctively dropped to the floor and rolled away from the center of the corridor, landing on his belly and bringing his phaser rifle up.

"Might I suggest we take another way?" David heard Amatras say as he began to return fire.

"We can back up and hit the cross junction, sir," he heard Natalie suggest a moment later. He glanced her way and saw her duck under a phaser beam that had come a little too close.

David nodded in approval. "Go!" he ordered the three junior officers. "I'll cover you!" He aimed his rifle down the corridor again and fired off a few bursts, giving the trio covering fire so they could move.

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[Deck 1 - Captain's Ready Room] Attn: Edena Rez, Garen Nelis, Jovela, Nathaniel Isley

Jien Ives had attentively listened to the Chief Counsellor and finished relaying inputs to the Helm station on the Bridge when the voice of Edena Rez came from his combadge. Slowly, the Captain rose to his feet and considered a reply - the situation being quite unique. How much might he say, and what ought he to say, to best use this situation. The plight of their Intelligence Officer - however controlled - was plain in her voice. Not muffled the least by the static.

"This is Captain Ives, what is your location?" he said quietly, pacing out across the floor and exchanging glances with those gathered in his Ready Room. What might he ask of her? "You can cooperate by telling us what you know; give us information that can remedy the ship's situation."

That was plainly the first thing the Trill could help them with. Specifics... What could they learn specifically? "Whom infected you, was it anyone of the Senior Staff? Describe what is happening to you, and can you vouch for your sanity beyond this current hour? Can we trust you with any kind of Intel as to what we mean to do to bring and end to the epidemic?"

What Jien really wished to ask her, was whether he needed to send Security to her location, and to confine her before she could harm the ship... once her control slipped. The Captain's eye fell on Nathaniel, wondering whether he had any opinion as to how to proceed with the counsellor-turned-traitor-turned-officer. His eye fell on Garen next, and he might even have some means to preserve Edena's sanity for a while longer - some kind of mental exercise. Jien wondered if they even knew what kind of hazard Rez represented, should she become one of the infected.

Eyes hard, he urged them to speak up with a gesture, in case they had anything to add before the conversation came to an end. Jien could but pray it would be for reasons other than what he feared...

[Deck 4 - Corridor] Attn: Natalie Stark, David Grayson, Nerina

Amatras fired off another few shots after David Grayson ordered them to reteat, and Arcorn did the same by her side. Yet just as they were about to get to their feet, someone else joined them in the fray.

The Chief Science Officer saw Thea materialise in a cascade of gold - her body suit rippling in movement as she drew David's phaser-pistol from his hip and returned fire against the infected crew down the corridor. The hologram crouched down and fired repeatedly - her aim supported by her knee where she sat next to David - and the photonic woman raised her voice so that they all heard her words.

"I am under orders from the First Officer and the Captain to ensure that you are not infected, and you being Senior Officers, it is imperative that you get to the bridge immediately!" she called, and her last word became digital disturbance as a shot made her projection waver - her holographic matrix not stabilising for another couple of seconds, "I will try to extract Commander Nerina unless it is too late, but we cannot afford to loose several Department Heads in the process. Mr. Neotin and Ms. Stark, you will be the only ones from Engineering and Operations at the meeting, so you too as just as important as Amatras and David, so get back everyone! I will hold them off!"

And thus, the Ship AI advanced ahead of the group - dealing cover-fire with precise and cold detachment. She moved between the doors on either side as she made her tactical advance - her manoeuvres executed in complete lack of fear for her own well-being. Amatras could but stare at gleaming form for several moments before she pushed herself to her feet - seeing the truth in the hologram's claim.

"Let's go," said her mate by her side, also on his feet, "she is right, we are needed on the Bridge..."

They stood next to each other - Amatras and her mate - and they fired to suppress the assailants enough to lend David and Natalie time while they got up as well. Yet just as hey turned around, three other naked members of the crew appeared behind them. They were not armed, but they smiled - two women and one man - as they headed straight for the four who tried to retreat. The man went for Nathalie, and the two women sought out Arcorn and David.

Amatras bared her hard gums, and while not jealous in that sense, she had no inclination to let her mate be "attacked" by the woman. No, she shot that woman down brutally because they knew too little about the contamination, and did not wish to hazard Arcorn to be infected despite the low rate of probability. She only had time for one shot though, and that left Nathalie and David to fend for themselves against their physically perfected and pheromone-reeking attackers.

She turned her goggles their way just in time to see what happened...

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[Deck 4] Atten: Grayson, Neotins

Natalie had just started to get up into a good position to provide cover fire, when the ships AI materialized in front of the group. Unable to help herself, the Ops officer grinned, relieved to see Thea. She stands up as the hologram begins laying down cover fire, and turns to head back down the corridor with the rest of the group, when they are accosted by a set of naked crew members.

Natalie gulps as a rather large man focuses on her. His eyes lock on hers, and its as if the gaze sets off something deep inside her. Her legs buckle, and she sucks in a sharp breath as her heart starts to pound and a pressure seems to grow between her legs. What the hell she barely has the time to think, before the man steps forward.

She backs away from the approaching man, trying hard not to stare at his perfectly toned body. The almost sickening sweet smell fills her nose, drowning out the scent of sweat, burnt ozone and stale air. Her vision blurred as the man charges her, a grin plastered across his face. Natalie ends up backing into a wall, and sliding down it. And suddenly he was there, towering above her. The pheromones overwhelming her senses. The man grins, places his hands on the wall above her, licking his lips, his erection inches away from her face. And part of her wanted very, very badly, to find out how it tasted.

And then he crumpled to the ground, the stun blast catching him straight between the legs. Natalie sat there for a moment, phaser trembling in her hand. "oh god" she groaned, a shudder running thru her as she slowly pushes herself along the wall, away from the man. Her thoughts are foggy, muddled from the pheromones her assaulter had been pumping out, but the more distance she puts between herself and his fallen form, the clearer her mind becomes.

Tightly gripping her phaser, the Ops officer squares her shoulders, and pushes her fear and embarrassment to the back of her mind. She turns back around the corner of the corridor from where she has fled, phaser extended in front of her as she checks to see how the Neotins and Chief Grayson fared...

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[Deck 1 - Captain's Ready Room]

"We have worse things to deal with then just a ship wide infection."  Nathaniel spoke up, in response to the words of Garen Nelis.  "When I ran into Ida on the way here, she spoke of bigger intentions then just infecting a single starship.  She has her eyes set on commandeering this ship and flying it to the nearest starbase."  The population of a starbase numbered in the thousands, rather then a couple hundred like most ships of their size.  It would result in an exponential growth in the infected population, and if it continued from there, it could have struck base after base, ship after ship.  It was exactly why Jien had spoken to him about doing what was necessary.

[Edena's Quarters]

"My location is in my quarters.  I have sealed the door with high level encryptions from my end to prevent it from opening on the outside.  I would suggest having the computer revoke any command privileges I possess and sealing it from the outside as well, just in case I lose it and try to get out.  I would recommend revoking all others in a similar fashion if they are infected, to limit their ability to travel."  It was a reasonable thing, which any ranking security officer would have suggested . . . if there was one who still had any clothes on.

"I was infected by Bill regal, from Below Decks.  According to him, he was given the task by Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann.  I apologize for bringing this up now and not before but . . . she seems to have it out for me, even before the infection.  She had threatened me in my quarters after using her security clearance to enter without permission."  It was a breach of protocol which should have been reported before, but Edena had let it slide, thinking it might only further wedge a gap between herself and the Lieutenant, when she was hoping to mend bridges.  It was also significant in that both Nathaniel and Edena noted Ida as being one who gave direction.  Was there something special about her that they should have been concerned about?

"I am not certain how much use I can be in my present state, Captain.  To be blunt, I am only keeping this focus because of my former host personalities.  They are unaffected by the biological effects happening to me, and have to keep . . . well, mentally bitch slapping me to stay focused, though it's still quite difficult."  To describe what was happening to her was hard.  She still had her sense of shame, and knew she would be mortified to explain what she was feeling to everyone listening in the room . . . that is, if they survived long enough to remind her.  "My biology is affected at the hormonal level.  Secondary sexual traits are heightened; my bust size has increased as if engorged, and my entire body is in need of sexual release to the point of feeling pain.  I've been forced to self-satisfaction to try and keep myself from having an aneurysm from mental strain."  She tried her best to keep from doing so during her conversation with the bridge staff, but she knew at the rate she was going, she would be lucky if she didn't stuff her hand into her trousers within the next minute.

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[Deck 4 - Corridor] Attn: Natalie Stark, Neotins

The corner of David's mouth tipped up in a small, grim smile when Thea materialized beside him. "Good to see you, Thea!" he said as the Ship's AI grabbed David's sidearm and joined the fight. After hearing Thea's orders, David nodded and fired off a few more bursts before turning to retreat. No sooner had David turned around, however, than he suddenly found himself staring straight at one of the infected crewmembers. She was a human woman, dark skinned, and very, very naked.

"Mmm, Lieutenant Grayson," the woman moaned as she sauntered toward David, her hips swaying with every slow, precise step. One of her hands, which had been pressed lightly over her chest, slowly slid down the curve of her enlarged breasts and over her toned, flat stomach towards the slick juncture between her thighs. "I've seen you down in the gym, Lieutenant," she cooed. "It's almost criminal of you to hide that body under that uniform." The tip of one finger teasingly slipped between her lips as she stared up at David with wide, dark eyes. "Why don't you let me help you get out of it."

David found himself transfixed by the woman as she walked toward him. At this distance, the pheromones she was emanating would have been overwhelming for a normal human, but David's enhanced senses increased the effect tenfold. The pupils of his icy blue eyes dilated, and his heart rate and breathing both began to speed up. When the woman came within arm's reach, every muscle in David's body began to scream, urging him to reach out and take her right there, at that instant. His fingers twitched, and he lost his grip on his rifle, which clattered to the floor. The woman smiled at that, and she stepped a little closer to David, victory in her eyes.

David's senses had been overrun by the woman's pheromones, but fortunately for him, his mind was far more disciplined. As soon as the infected crewman came close enough, David employed a technique he had learned from the Theurgy's last Chief of Security: the Vulcan nerve pinch.

The woman crumpled to the floor with a sigh, and David shook his head in an attempt to clear it. "It's Lieutenant Commander, now," he told the unconscious woman as he reached down and picked his rifle back up. "Let's get out of here," he told the trio of Natalie, Amatras, and Arcorn as he stepped over the woman's body and started making his way toward the cross junction.

[Deck 1 - Captain's Ready Room] Attn: Jien Ives, Nathaniel Isley, Edena Rez

Garen nodded as he listened to Edena speak. "Commander Rez, this is Counselor Nelis. Listen, I know that what you're going through right now must be incredibly difficult to bear, but we need you to hang on for a little while longer," he told her as he got up from his seat and began to slowly pace back and forth, his mind whirling. "Listen to your former hosts. They're there to guide you and protect you. They're your anchor. Try to focus yourself inward and forget about the physical."

He waited a moment before continuing. "You said that Mister Regal was sent by Lieutenant zh'Wann to personally infect you. Did Regal happen to mention anything else while the two of you were..." He winced, trying to think of a delicate way to put it. "While you were engaged? Did he say anything about where this infection came from, or how it got started? Anything that we might be able to use to figure this out?"

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The voice of the ship's counselor was one she recognized immediately.  Under her false identification, the two of them had worked well together.  Kiya had a great degree of respect for his work, having been a doctor herself, though their backgrounds differed, with hers being medical, while his was based in psychology.  That momentary lapse in her attention allowed Edens to lose her grip, slipping a hand within her pants, only to be forced back mentally by her comrades, once their focus was brought back to the task at hand.  Though her hand remained in the space between underwear and pants, her thighs kept clenched tight, to deny herself access.

"I . . . don't remember him saying anything relevant to the origins of the infection.  He had more of a . . . one track mind.  He had enough sense to manually override the door lock, and to follow orders from the Deputy . . . seemed like more sense then a lot of others have.  Don't know the significance; would theorize that cognitive ability becomes weaker the further generations from the original infection."  It meant that the women directly infected on the planet were those who held the most intelligence, while those infected directly from them, in what could be called a second generation infection, were closest to their level of reasoning.  It was just a theory she put together, and could have been unfounded, but she couldn't help wondering what it meant for her, as a third generation, if that was true.  Would she have been better off, as someone fighting off the mental programming, higher or lower in the infection chain?


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[ Captain's Ready Room ] Attn: Isley, Rez, Nelis & Jovela

As the people in his Ready Room had been speaking, Jien had returned to his desk and leaned over the computer console so that he might issue strings of commands to the Ship AI without interrupting the strained words of their new Intelligence Officer. He noted Mr. Isley's observation about what Lt. zh'Wann had said, and not only did he revoke the command privileges of Edena, but of the Deputy as well, along with a few others that Jien personally knew had witnessed to be infected. Moreover, he had Thea seal Edena's door from the outside as well.

When Jien heard of what Ida had done before the bloody circus began, he gritted his teeth in ire. If they all made it through this, he would have a long talk with the Andorian - a talk that might mean the end of her professional career on board his ship. That Mr. Bill Regal had fallen victim caused a lesser amount of regret, given the rather strained relationship he had with the Senior Staff - the role he filled and the need of him that they had been forced to acknowledge under the circumstances. Still, he remained a privileged passenger, and Jien had made the decision to treat him accordingly, and he was a man and woman by his/her word.

The Captain looked up when the Chief Counsellor kept asking qualified questions - all the while supporting her with sound advise to listen to her former hosts. It seemed to be working, since Edena managed to relay her theory about how the virus might be mutating the farther it travelled between victims.

"As sound as any theory I have heard or made myself, 'Commander," said Jien, and stood straight after closing his console. One of the security guards appeared in the doorway and commented quickly how more Officers had arrived outside. Jien thanked him and returned his attention to the woman in plight at the other end of the comm. "I will run it by the CMO once he gets here, since the Senior Staff is assembling now. I hope you understand my disposition, but I will not include you in the proceedings over comm, since - frankly - I cannot trust you with any information at this point. Rest assured, though, that we will find some way to extract you after you have been administered the cure that Dr. Nicander allegedly have developed during the night."

There was not much else he could do for Lt. Commander Rez at that point, and Jien hoped that she believed him, and did not think that he made this decision based on the recent past. "My thanks, for allowing me to confine me to your quarters. After all that has happened, you should know that you have certainly proved your mettle, and you have my word that I will make sure you do not have to hold out for much longer. Remember the words of our Counsellor, and listen to the reasoning of your hosts - they are the certitude that you can rely on when in doubt."

Pausing, Jien wondered if he might say anything else to encourage her in her personal ordeal, and decided that the truth was the best choice.

"My apologies, 'Commander, for ever doubting you. In my eyes, you have redeemed your name. Ives, out."

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