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EPI: S [D03|2100] The Rhythm of a Timely Temporal Debrief

[ Lt. Cmdr. Cross | Corridor | Deck 14 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Griff

Cross went over the facts as he had experienced them and as he’d read through them one more time before he met once more with their newest temporally related crew member. Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt had saved their asses back on Praxis, and Cross looked forward to telling the man directly that very thing, in that very manner. But there was the added responsibility of debriefing Leavitt on the hows and whys of his presence on board, in more detail now that no one was actively shooting at them and a moon wasn’t about to explode.

The record Cross had found after his own debriefing with Ives showed Leavitt as having a temporary assignment on the Nova-class Eclipse as a mission specialist in the Department of Temporal Investigations, serving aboard when the ship went missing near a wormhole it had been studying around the time Cross had come aboard the Theurgy after the Azure Nebula affair. Aside from that, Cross would have to wait till he heard the story from Leavitt himself to piece together the puzzles of this manic mystery. Of course, it would be hasty to paint the temporal agent as entirely manic so soon. They had met under unique circumstances, after all, and even the most even keel could crack in such cases.

Shifting the PADD of data to his prosthetic hand, Cross pressed the button of Leavitt’s temporary quarters, alerting Leavitt of his presence outside. Thea had pinpointed the lieutenant here after a quick trip to sickbay with an arm wound once they’d disembarked the Allegiant. Glancing down at his prosthetic for a moment, Cross sighed. Sickbay was filled to the brim with survivors of the boarding party as well as the various missions that had been running simultaneously to Qo’Nos and Praxis. It would be many hours yet before their medical staff found reprieve.

Cross also knew that was where Hathev was, and once he was free from his duties, he would go check on her. He was comforted to know she was stable, at least, and that had staved off the initial irrational thought of reporting to her side before seeing to the rest of his duties. For now, Cross would remain in the moment, debrief Leavitt, and finish the necessary reports before retiring for the day and seeking out Hathev. Though exhausted, physically and mentally, his current energy came from his unfailing sense of duty to the ship and its crew. And, he admitted then, a deep curiosity for all things temporally related.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Officer's Quarters | Deck 14 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz


By the time Alistair left Sickbay, the gash in his arm fully healed, he was in a strange halfway state between exhaustion and alertness. He made for an odd sight walking down the hall; filthy, a sleeve ripped off, his uniform bloodstained. Alistair was far from the only injured individual walking the halls of the Theurgy, however, and in a strange way, he fit right in. Everyone seemed to be in a post-battle daze, either still running on adrenaline or suffering the inevitable crash. Alistair was, perhaps ironically, the only person onboard who didn't have a clue what the Theurgy had just been through, whom they'd just been fighting, but he'd caught glimpses of the enormous starship from the Allegiant's viewports. The ship had clearly been through the wringer, much like Alistair had, yet defying all the odds, both had survived.

As he walked down Deck 14, absent-mindedly searching for his assigned quarters, Alistair was barely even there. The insanity of the past few hours (indeed, the past few weeks) seemed remote, in a sense, as if none of it was quite real, as if Alistair was in some sadistic hyper-realistic holographic simulation. The thought lingered as Alistair ambled down the hall, and finally he stopped, frowning.

I'd be an idiot if I didn't at least try it.

"Computer, end program," he said firmly to the ceiling.

The complete lack of response was expected, if slightly disappointing. A passing security officer gave Alistair a wry grin as she walked by, phaser rifle in hand. "You aren't the first to think of that, believe me."

Alistair responded with a smile before continuing on his way. He finally found his assigned quarters, noting with bemusement that they were only marginally larger than the quarters he'd had on the Eclipse, despite the Theurgy's far larger size. Too worn out to give it any thought, Alistair did the first obvious thing: he stripped, tossed his ruined uniform into the replicator for disposal and headed straight in for a desperately needed shower.

When Alistair saw the "water" option on the control panel in the shower, he very nearly broke down into tears right then and there.

A few minutes later, after dressing in a simple blue shirt and some comfortable pants that had been in the closet (Alistair had no idea what the word 'Thea' was meant to signify, but he was past caring), Alistair sat down at his desk. It only took a couple of minutes to deal with his mission before he went to the replicator, ordering the first thing that came to mind: spaghetti bolognaise, with some cider to go with it. He hadn't eaten the stuff in twenty years, but heck why not, it was that sort of day.

Just as Alistair sat down at his desk to enjoy his steaming meal, the door chimed with Alistair's fork raised in the air, poised to strike. He rolled his eyes, sighed, and went to the door, opening it. It took his weary brain some time to catch up, despite having seen the striking Vulcan on the Allegiant bridge mere hours ago.

"Commander...uh...Cross...right?" Alistair said uneasily. "What can I do for you, sir?" Then realisation struck. "Oh. Right. Debrief. Uh...did I miss something, Commander? Was I supposed to report to someone? I could've come to meet you, or Captain Ives, or Commander Stark...I guess I should've done that right away. As soon as I was out of Sickbay, anyway."

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Cross | Corridor | Deck 14 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Griff

Taking in the visage of the casually dressed man, Cross momentarily felt guilty about not waiting until the morning for this debriefing. While what Leavitt said was true, he could have requested the lieutenant to meet him elsewhere, at the same time, it had been a misguided sense of making things easier on the temporal agent that had led Cross to the man’s temporary quarters. Even from his present position in the corridor, Cross could see that uneaten dinner on the table, and while this sight fueled his earlier guilt, it also reminded Cross that he hadn’t eaten since that morning. He hoped his own instinctive stomach growl wasn’t too audible when it sounded before he could reply to Leavitt’s rapid-fire questions.

“You missed nothing, Lieutenant Leavitt, except maybe your dinner if I keep you much longer.” He held up the PADD for the lieutenant to see. “The captain requested I debrief you once he released me from my own debriefing this evening. By that time, Thea told me you were here, so I thought I'd make it easier on us both, and well, yeah.” Cross looked pointedly again at the dinner plate, and again, his stomach gurgled in protest of its empty state. Returning his gaze to Leavitt, Cross offered a lopsided smile. “As unorthodox as it may sound, I am happy to take your report as you’re eating or after, though if you insist on after, may I insist on having some as well? Your dinner just reminded me I haven’t had any of my own.”

He waited for half a heartbeat in silence before shaking his head with a sighing frown. “Fuck, I’m tired. Sorry lieutenant,” Cross suddenly held out his good hand then for Leavitt to shake, “I wanted to say thank you for saving our asses back there on Praxis and just know that for as long as you're onboard, I’ve got your back in return.”

Cross knew he wasn't operating at his optimum level of professionalism but then again he'd never been known to be the most by-the-book professional either. Given the hour, the nature of their reunion, and even the nature of Leavitt's presence onboard, he was getting flying colors for how well he'd handled things so far.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Officer's Quarters | Deck 14 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz


Somewhat bemused by the Commander's abrupt curse, Alistair was equally baffled by Cross' extended hand. Who was this guy? Alistair had clocked him for Vulcan at first, but he was clearly atypical. Sure, Cross could be Romulan, but there was something distinctly Vulcan about his manner, even disregarding the emotional gestures. In the next moment, Alistair shrugged; it was really none of his business. Better to judge Cross as his own man, not as some avatar of one or both Vulcanoid cultures.

Alistair shook Cross's hand firmly, smiling wearily. "I appreciate that, sir, I really do, but all I did was beam in and convey a message. You guys are the ones who saved the day, including my own backside. I don't know who your pilot is, but they are absolutely insane."

With that, Alistair half-turned, opening the way for Cross. "And yeah, oh yes, food. Feel free, Commander, because I sure will. I haven't eaten anything in...uh...twenty five hours? Twenty six?" Alistair mulled it over as he walked deeper into the room, grabbing a spare chair and setting up next to the one small table that his quarters boasted. "Not since Captain Jiji put us at red alert, anyway, and we were busy running from the Borg after that, so none of us kept much track. I don't even know how long I was unconscious on the Relativity for. Go ahead and replicate whatever you like, sir."

With that, Alistair returned to his desk, picked up a PADD, and set it on the table where Cross would sit. "First things first, Commander: that's straight from Captain Ducane on the Relativity. I haven't had time to read through it. He said it contained intelligence that should be delivered to the Theurgy crew. I've already uploaded the contents to the ship computer, sealed behind a level 8 security clearance. None of it is marked urgent, though. My main mission was helping you save Qo'nos from a second Praxis explosion. This was a secondary assignment."

That done, Alistair sat down at his desk, took a hearty swig of his cider, than began to attack his spaghetti bolognaise with all the grace of a starving man.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Cross | Corridor | Deck 14 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Griff

Had Cross been less fatigued and hungry, he might’ve noticed Levitt’s bemusement and curious about it, but as it was, he shrugged off the man’s humble response to his expressed gratitude, though Cross smiled at Levitt’s comment on Pierce’s piloting.

“Ensign Pierce. Yes, she’s a mighty fine pilot.” Cross agreed with a nod. “You’ll want to make it a priority to meet her. Great to work with professionally, and while we haven’t socialized a great deal off duty, I have heard that she’s got a penchant for adventure if you’re keen on such.”

Accepting Levitt’s offer, he moved into the man’s temporary quarters. Cross was quick about ordering a simple pumpkin soup and took his seat across from the temporal agent. While Levitt ate the noodles as the starved man he claimed to be, Cross lifted the bowl and drank directly from it, not bothering to use utensils. He would eat something more substantial later. There was so much bouncing around in his head right now that despite his hunger, Cross didn’t feel like eating a full meal just yet. He finished his soup before Levitt had gotten three-fourths of the way through and picked up the PADD, allowing the man silence and space to finish his food. Cross didn’t bother accessing the data just yet and instead shifted its position closer to his side of the table, so when the debriefing was over, he wouldn’t forget it. Even with the data upload, Cross intended to give the PADD to Stark first thing the next morning.

When Levitt finished and seemed far more humanly capable of carrying on a conversation, Cross broke the silence between them. “I bet it is jarring, interacting with so much that is different from your time and reality. Closest I can come to compare, if that’s even possible, is my first time on Earth after being raised in the Cardassian lab.” Cross didn’t offer further background context to his comment before continuing, “Everything was strange and yet people treated me as if I should know everything that was going on.” Shrugging, Cross nodded towards the door of Levitt’s quarters. “As I’m sure you already know, you aren’t the only temporal agent on board, and Sarresh Morali is someone you can probably find some common ground with.” Cross snorted. “Perhaps even compare time travel woes with.”

He waited a bit longer, giving Levitt a chance to have his food settle before Cross brought the matter of debriefing back. “So lieutenant, what can you tell me, if anything, with temporal directives understood, that might help us against the Infested?” Also thinking of his coming mission to the Azurite Station, Cross added, “Or of the Niga virus?”

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Officer's Quarters | Deck 14 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz


Alistair was quiet as he finished his meal, although he visibly reacted at the mention of Sarresh Morali, mouth agape. That was the last name he'd expected to hear. It made sense, though, if the runours were true about the mysterious time traveller. Despite everything that had happened, Alistair felt a flicker of familiar excitement at the thought of talking to the guy.

At Cross's questions, though, Alistair smiled ruefully. "Well, Commander, first things first, I'm not a temporal agent. I'm not from the future, at least not the way you think.  Until a few hours ago, my reference, I didn't even know that the Infested existed. Hell, I thought this ship was destroyed in the Azure Nebula. I even watched a recording of the Archeron blowing the Theurgy to smithereens. It definitely feels weird being in a ship that I saw die." He sighed, leaning back in his chair. "The Eclipse, the ship I was on, it got jerked through a wormhole six years into the future. In that future, that...uh...alternate timeline, this mission failed. The Theurgy was destroyed at the Azure Nebula and all of you were killed or captured. The Infested won."

Alistair took a deliberate breath. He stood up, moving to the small viewport which showed the stars beyond. "The Niga virus was spread in 2383 from multiple sources in the Federation and neighboring empires. Billions died. Entire civilisations were wiped out, including Betazed and Pacifica. Then, in 2386, the Borg found a way through the Starfleet blockade at the Azure Nebula. They invaded. Everything collapsed. Starfleet was wiped out. Earth, Vulcan, Qo'nos, Romulus...the Borg assimilated everything. When the Eclipse arrived in '87, there was nothing left except dead planets and Borg ships everywhere. Like I said, the Infested...won."

The last words were said bitterly, and Alistair clenched his fists, his control hanging by a thread. "I don't know how much of any that helps. It doesn't, I guess...that's an alternate timeline, one that you all prevented from occurring when you won in the Azure Nebula. It never happened, so my experiences, the people we lost, it doesn't amount to a damn thing. I don't have any answers for you, besides what's on that PADD. I don't think even Captain Ducane has any answers, really. We're all just...muddling through."

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Cross | Corridor | Deck 14 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Griff

Cross noted Levitt’s response to Morali’s name and commented as such, “I take it you either know Sarresh Morali or have at least heard of him?” He couldn’t help but feel his own curiosity piqued. “He’s a good man to serve with; gets the job done, even if at times his give a damn for Federation standards and protocol appears to be skewed if not broken altogether.” Cross didn’t add that was one of the things he personally liked most about Morali. He figured Levitt had already pieced well-enough together that he was not your typical Vulcan and “suffered” from his own issues with protocol and standards.

As Levitt gave more insight into the where, or rather, when he came, Cross took notes on the PADD he’d brought. It was jarring to hear of the Theurgy’s destruction in Levitt’s timeline, causing Cross’ fingers to pause and hover over the PADD as he contemplated the death toll they’d already wracked up against the Infested and weighed that with his concept of mortality. Lowering the PADD back to the table, Cross shifted in his chair and tracked Levitt’s movements as the man continued, detailing the massive devastation and loss of life he’d had to suffer through in his reality before coming here. In many ways, Cross felt as if he were staring in a mirror, watching Levitt pace to the viewport and clench his fists, the emotional turmoil radiating off the man palpable almost to a bitter taste. But then, Cross realized, it was not Levitt’s pain that he was tasting, but his own. Blue’s name flashed once more in his mind’s eye, alongside the many others of those he’d come to call friends or damn good crewmates.

His eyes resettling on Levitt, who continued to stand by the viewport, his body tense and very nearly broken from the looks of it, Cross felt his respect for the man increase alongside his sympathy. That he was still stringing together coherent sentences was proof enough of his grit.

He felt no inspiration for moving words that might offer the man before him comfort, especially not when Cross still hadn’t come to terms with his own shitty present reality. Yet, Cross knew he had to say something.

“I read somewhere, probably on a tea towel or something in a café, that sometimes to keep on living takes courage. I’d add, especially after staring death in the face so often.” Cross shook his head. “I have to choose to believe that something you’ve shared here, on this PADD, or in your very presence on board, will give us a leg up against the Infested.” Shrugging, he added. “I’m not a sunshine and rainbows kind of guy, mind you, but I’ve survived enough shit in my life already to know that if you give up the battle in your mind, handing your consciousness over to absolute despair and desperation, then you’re well and truly fucked.”

Cross also stood from the table and moved to the replicator, ordering a hot tea to aid in keeping his own nerves calm. Sipping at it as he moved to stand parallel to Levitt, Cross collected his thoughts further. He felt his emotions rippling under his skin—anger, sorrow, a strange elation he had no real way of naming or connecting—each one taking its turn trying to demand his attention. He gripped the teacup tighter, then cursed when his prosthetic shattered the glass, crumpling the porcelain at his feet and coating his arm and legs in hot liquid.

“Damn,” he glanced at Levitt before moving back to a drawer near the replicator where he knew the crew kept towels stocked in these temporary quarters. “Still can’t get the fucking thing to cooperate sometimes.” Cross pulled the towel out with his organic hand, brushed over his uniform, and then took more time to dry off the cybernetic one. “The chief engineer, a…friend of mine, made it for me after the Nebula incident. Where we all died in your reality.” He snorted then, morbidly amused that from Levitt’s perspective, the man probably felt he was talking to a dead man walking. He stopped and threw the towel on the table, his voice lowering in pitch as a wave of pain-filled anger leaked into his words, “Now that she’s…dead, I’ll have to find someone else on board who can help keep it from fucking up further.”

Cross looked back to Levitt then, “You know, I haven’t lived through all the shit you’ve lived through. I’ve had my own share, of course, but hell, it's not a fucking competition.” He pressed a few flesh fingers to his forehead, trying to get his thoughts to slow down into manageable, shareable facts. “What I’m getting at, we have a good counseling department on board that you can make use of if you want to talk to someone trained in making sense of your ‘crazy,’ if you know what I mean.” He lowered his hand as he added, “And though the preferred lounge was destroyed in a bomb just a short time ago,” Cross fought the irrational urge to laugh at how ridiculous it was, the amount of shit they’d lived through in such a short amount of time, so accepted by those who had lived through it and yet likely sounding outlandish to those who hadn’t, “we still have a few places you can get a good drink and catch some downtime. Thea, the ship’s AI, can give you a breakdown of other places you can go, like the holodecks, or the baths, or arboretum. We may have a brief reprieve from chaos while we wait for the Romulans to get here, so I suggest you take what time is offered to get your brain wrapped around this new reality.” Cross rubbed the back of his neck and rolled his shoulders to remove the tension that had built.

He realized then that he’d come in guns firing and hadn’t bothered to ASK how the man was fucking faring or if he needed anything. Cross closed his eyes and shook his head. He really was a fucking idiot sometimes.

“All that being said, Levitt, do you need anything? I mean, I came in here demanding your time without checking to ensure that you had all you needed. It’s been a fucking day.”

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Officer's Quarters | Deck 14 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz


A few moments of silence passed, then abruptly, Alistair laughed. It was a weak sound at first, but as if the floodgates had opened, Alistair began laughing harder, clutching his sides. He covered his mouth in a vain attempt to control himself, looking away even as he cackled madly.

"I'm-I'm sorry," he got out inbetween guffaws, tears stinging his eyes in his mirth. "It's not's's're a's just so..." Finally Alistair regained some semblance of control, and he wiped his eyes, still grinning. "Oh. I'm sorry, Commander Cross, that was all kinds of inappropriate and dumb and...uh...sometimes you just have to laugh, you know? The universe does these crazy things and then you just have to laugh."

The insanity of suggesting that a Vulcan should laugh almost broke Alistair again, but he caught himself just in time, instead merely chuckling under his breath. "Oh boy, this is so messed up. Uh, I'm fine, Commander, really. Thanks. Don't worry about the mess, the auto-cleaner will handle it later."

With that, Alistair finally rose from his own fatigue long enough to properly look at Cross. It was easy to miss given how generally impressive the man was, but he was clearly on the end of his rope too. Despite that, he'd continued doing his job, was being nice about it, and even recriminating himself for not being nicer. That was after everything else that had happened. Instinctively Alistair stood straight, suddenly realising what sort of man he was looking at, and that he deserved to be treated with the respect he'd earned.

"I don't want to keep you much longer, sir," he said. "Uh...I guess it's a bit belated, but I'd like to join the crew, and the mission, if you'll have me. The Infested...they need to be fought. I'll do anything to stop them. Anything." Alistair paused, glancing out the viewpoint as Praxis came into view, still intact through their efforts. "There thing. I haven't really thought about it since then, that alternate timeline, we fought one of the Infested, though we didn't know what she was at the time. The details of all that aren't important, but I remember one thing very clearly. She had the ability to see through time, to perceive alternate timelines."

Alistair glanced at Cross. "A lot of what she said was nonsense, and I'll need time to work it all out. I did get one impression though, Commander. In this timeline, the prime timeline? This is where the real fight is happening. This is where it all matters. This is where we win or lose. Captain Sullivan didn't mention the Theurgy by name, but I'm pretty sure she was talking about you guys. I don't think those monsters can feel real concern, or fear, but the way she was talking...I think the Infested are worried. Not everything is going how they want it to. They're not as confident as they used to be. Everything you've done, everything you've been doing?"

Alistair took a breath, looking Cross in the eye. "It's making a difference."

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Cross | Officer's Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Griff

Cross shared in Leavitt’s mirth when the man fell into a fit of laughter. His lips drew back into a smile.

“Well, long story short, I wasn’t always full-blooded Vulcan but boast that claim now thanks to the Savi ‘correction,’ and I certainly didn’t receive a traditional Vulcan upbringing at the hands of Cardassian lab technicians and later Starfleet officers.” He shrugged. His past was part of his present, and while he had latent demons to wrestle with regarding said past, it was more recent turn of events from which he suffered nightmares. “I make no apologies for my swearing, mind you, but I recognize it isn’t always seen in the most professional light and so try, and fail, to edit accordingly.” Cross nodded in agreement with Leavitt then, “The universe is a bitch just waiting to fuck with you,” he winked, as if proving his earlier point.

Something about the man’s demeanor changed then after a moment of silent studying, and when Leavitt spoke again, it was in reference to the Infested he’d fought against in the other timeline. Though it was discouraging to hear that their’s was not the only timeline dealing with these fuckers, at the same time, in a twisted sense, that additional detail of making the Infested “worry” had Cross’ smile twisting into an almost predatory one.

“I agree, those fu…snakes don’t seem to have the ability to admit when they’re bested, and hoping winning out, it may be that we end up destroying them, and in the process, they’re still laughing in our faces about OUR destruction.” His laugh mirthless, Cross sighed before adding. “From what I’ve gathered, they aren’t the most rational creatures to gift the galaxy with their presence.”

At Leavitt’s request to join the crew and the mission, Cross drew himself up to his full height and gave the man a nod of respect.

“We need all the hands and creative problem-solving heads we can get. I will relay your request to the captain, and by this time tomorrow, you’ll be back in your quarters after a long day of duty. The captain doesn’t sit idle, fair warning, and doesn’t want people to turn off their brains when reporting for duty. No mere yessir yes ma’am when on this ship. Always keep your brains about you and never hesitate to share your recommendations.” Cross could remember more than a few times when the captain had adjusted missions because of such recommendations offered by team members.

Coming back to the present, Cross again eyed Leavitt, trying to gage details about the man’s preferences based on his appearance. “You best join in some of the holodeck programming slated to occur later this week in your off time. We have several socially active crew members who like to arrange themed parties, sometimes even fight nights, if you’ve a mind.” He winked then, hoping the man understood that either choice, Cross was not one to judge. “My advice is to take advantage of the time we’ve been granted between one ‘save the galaxy’ mission and another. I’ll be around if you’d like to get a drink off duty, or even if you want or need a listening ear for the inevitable misunderstandings or frustrations you’ll encounter during your integration with the crew.”

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Officer's Quarters | Deck 14 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Auctor Lucan


Alistair listened attentively as Cross explained the work environment aboard the Theurgy, his newly-filled stomach stirring uncomfortably as he realised exactly what he was in for. The Theurgy wasn't like like the Pioneer had been, or the Glowworm, or the Eclipse. It was a very different kettle of fish, and hearing about Ives' command style was intimidating, if also strangely refreshing. A captain who actually listened to their subordinates, who worked them hard but also expected them to have a functional brain? That was a rare CO, and an unexpected one.

Of course, I thought that Ives was a mass-murdering traitor until a few hours ago, so prior expectations are out the window...

When Cross mentioned the holodecks, Alistair's eyes lit up even in his fatigue. "Oh, man. I didn't even think about the holodecks. I haven't served on a ship with holodecks in years. Oh heck yeah...I mean, uh, I'll be sure to look into it, Commander. When I have free time, anyway. You've got a real beauty of a ship here, and I need to study her from stem to stern if I'm going to do a good job...uh...that came out creepier than intended." Remembering all too well that the Theurgy had an AI, Alistair added awkwardly up to the ceiling, "Sorry...uh...Theurgy AI, if you're listening."

With that, Alistair looked at Cross more seriously and held out his hand. "I look forward to working with you, sir. And, you know, the whole saving the galaxy thing. That too. I'll take you up on that drink sometime."

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Cross | Officer's Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Griff

Laughing, Cross nodded, “I have a preference for holonovels myself and while I don’t always have the time to partake in them to the degree I’d prefer, they’re always waiting for me whenever I do make the time.” He tipped his head to the side to study Leavitt, “Do you like holonovels?”

When the lieutenant briefly gushed about the ship, then turned sheepish at how “creepy” he might’ve sounded, Cross laughed again, quickly waving away Leavitt’s concerns.

“Thea is used to that sort of talk about her, and she’s most patient with us flesh-bags, with what limited vocabulary we have to express ourselves adequately.” Cross leaned closer before adding, “Just wait until you interact with her in the ‘flesh,’” he nodded at Leavitt’s responding expression, “you’re respect for her abilities with grow exponentially then.” He didn’t add that a strange attraction for ship’s AI could also develop. That was the sort of thing every man, or woman, had to discover and face down on their own.

When Leavitt offered his hand, Cross smiled before taking it in a firm grasp and giving it an equally firm shake. So far it seemed the man could integrate well into the crew. Having come through so much in such a short amount of time and be apologetic for the things he’d thus far apologized for this evening, well, that spoke much about Leavitt’s character, and Cross looked forward to working with him more in the days to come.

Chuckling at the galaxy-saving quip, Cross let go of Leavitt’s hand and straightened to his full height again. “I also look forward to working more with you too, Leavitt, even on the missions that are less galaxy focused and more scrub the decks like in their routine.”

He inwardly scoffed. It had been far too long since things had been calm enough for them to have such routine hem-hawing like missions, yet Cross looked forward to the mundane whenever it did come again, for that meant there was peace in the galaxy.

“As for the drink, how about for later this week? Can see how well you’ve taken to the ship and answer any questions you might have after hearing the scuttlebutt of the ship between now and then.” And Cross knew already that his relationship with Hathev would likely be a part of the scuttlebutt Leavitt would end up privy to.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Officer's Quarters | Deck 14 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz


"Sure, boss," Alistair said, nodding. The appellation was a reflex, but he was too worn out to question it. Instead Alistair glanced out the viewport, where the broken world of Praxis had just come into view. The sight sharply reminded Alistair of everything that had happened lately, and he sighed, rubbing the back of his head. Strange. It had been...what, two weeks ago when he'd shaved it? And he still hadn't gotten used to it, although Nadia had liked it. Maybe Cross could offer some advice, the man made being bald look good...

Realising that his mind was rambling and that he'd been silent for a good few moments, Alistair blinked. "Uh. Anyway. Good night, sir." He glanced out the viewport again at Praxis, and Alistair smiled ruefully. "I guess that's something nice to go to sleep with. We saved that today."

Walking Cross to the door, Alistair didn't say anything else. All the aches and pains of the past who-the-fuck-knows-how-long were catching up with him, even the bruises and burns sustained on the Eclipse, despite the Relativity medics having surely treated them. Still quiet as Cross left, Alistair nevertheless stayed firm, nodding politely at the other man before the doors closed. At that, it was a simple question of staggering back inside his quarters, clumsily removing his clothes.

When Alistair finally collapsed onto the bed, for the first time in forty hours of terror, desperation, battle and horror, he was able to rest. Sleep was a mercy.


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