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CH07: S [D03|1715] Here There Be Heroes

[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Detour | I'm Okay | Longer Than Expected | Missed You]
@Auctor Lucan

Ji was definitely tired, but tired was not something that meant anything when you had joined Starfleet.  She had been on the Allegiant and done what she could to keep that going and cloaked as much as possible.  Hopefully, she had doe her job well, she certainly had tried her best, and she was proud of her efforts there.  Now she was back on her home turf, the Theurgy, she had left without really talking to Liam too much.  Just a little bit.  So much was still unresolved and she was beginning to doubt that it would ever fully be resolved.  She had been taken advantage of on the other ship, but she had also voluntarily slept with Luca.  There was no denying her feelings for the infested man, as stupid as it might be.  She had a good thing going with Liam, and honestly, as much as she cared about him and enjoyed their time together she was still looking over her shoulder for someone else.  Most would think she was ridiculous, afterall, how could she care so much about a man that was infected, and yet, she found that she very much was.  There was something about the way she fit in his arms, the tone of his voice, the way that he spoke to her that melted her in ways that Liam had not. 

She knew she was making stupid choices, but that didn't help her change them.

Walking down the corridor she had just left her Quarters.  Having sent Liam a message as soon as she disembarked the Allegiant to report in.  Not only was she on the ship, but that she was heading to her Quarters to not only freshen up but to get a chance to write her mission log without having to do it on the deck where she would be pulled in many different directions.  She promised to return to the deck as soon as she was finished, though she also knew that she planned to take a small detour.  There was no way to tell how long it would take for her to get from her Quarters to the Flight deck and while she didn't have to stop at the Brig, it was technically on the way, and she really wanted to check in on Luca while she could.

Her hair was still slightly damp from her shower, she didn't mind a good sonic shower, but sometimes when she hadn't gotten actually wet in a few days she preferred an actual.  Especially having been on mission.  So with her hair still slightly damp, and a freshly replicated jump suit, Ji climbed into the Turbolift and headed to the deck where the Brig was located.  Just one deck away.  The ride was short and as the door slid open she stepped out and brushed her damp brown locks behind her ear as she worked her way towards the Brig.

“Back again?” asked one of the officers on duty.  “Bit of a mess back there because of the attack.”

“Is Luca all right?” she asked seeing the damage and the scorch marks on the walls definitely made her concerned. 

“Doctor Nicander remains unharmed.” he stated as he gave her the bracelet that would allow her entrance through the energy field which contained Luca.  She passed the Security check station and headed down the main corridor.  The damage was more severe the further that she went, her eyes following the marks, the bent metal panels and the sheer debris that had fallen into the corridor but was now shoved against the side while they waited for maintenance and support to come and fix everything back the way it is supposed to be.

Reaching Luca's cell, she stood there for a moment looking down the corridor at the damage letting out a low whistle of surprise.  Then she turned to face the cell that would contain the man that populated her thoughts more than was likely healthy.  Ji's shoulders relaxed as she stepped through the force field with the bracelet allowing her entrance the tingle of the field brushing against her skin.  She had the long sleeves of her jump suit rolled up to her mid-forearm in mostly even folds.  The top two buttons of her suit were left undone allowing a view of the skin of her chest and the top to middle portion of her black sports bra underneath.  Ji was still slight, but the musculature on her body didn't lie about the external strength which matched internal fortitude. 

“I figured you missed me.” she said with a slight grin, popping up one side of her lips.  Her dark brown eyes found the man in question and her grin warmed to a smile.  “I'm glad you're okay.  When I heard about the Brig.. I was worried.  I just got back about ten minutes ago.” she admitted giving a small shrug of her slight shoulders letting him decide how he wanted to greet her.  All she wanted was a hug, well.. and maybe one of his kisses, but she would settle for one of those good Luca hugs. 

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[ Doctor Lucan cin Nicander | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BZ  
As necessary as battles might during the Theurgy's mission, Doctor Lucan cin Nicander had little taste for them. Especially when they came to threaten his life, as the case had been a couple of hours ago, when the Klingons loyal to House Mo'Kai had boarded the ship. After that ordeal, he'd resumed resting after having used his abilities to espy the proceedings in the Great Hall.

By the winds, another visitor? he thought, hearing his name being mentioned from the Brig Officer's station, without really hearing who it was that had come. His thoughts were on the recent battle still, and he had his arm draped over his eyes were he lay on his bunk.

Evidently, one of the Houses had trained some Gorn to become some manner of brainwashed servants. Perhaps, even, breeding that particular kind of Gorn that had come aboard the ship. One of them had fought its way inside the Brig, yet there had been two Starfleet Intelligence officers present to fight it off. Lieutenants Byrne and Pierce, both of which had faced the thing while he had struggled to complete the task they had set for him: Determining whom of the Klingons in the Klingon High Council were one of the Infested. He'd already utilised the Farsight and seen the gathering of Councilors, and it had - in the aftermath of that ordeal - been a simple enough task of listening to voices and trying to determine who's eyes he'd been looking through. Simple enough, unless a Gorn was on the rampage and nearly got inside one's cell.

Worse yet, the Gorn had knocked over the transphasic light cannon mounted outside his cell, and there was no telling if it was damaged. He hoped not, since it was the only means in which he could remain sane if he were to use his abilities again.

Then, the voice heard pierced his weariness, and he raised his arm to see a figure inside the holding cell. "Ji?"

Two days past, Eun Sae Ji had come by to see him at long last, Lucan having feared the worst after his vision from beyond the anyonic phase variance. He'd sent countless messages through others, to ask if she was all right, and when she had finally came to see him, she had told him everything about it, and in hearing it he had seen it all in the darkness that dwelt inside. That she even came to see him at all was surprising, since she'd not just been subjected to the Niga virus, but being forced upon by his alternate self, right in front of the eyes of her Ensign lover. He had been glad she did visit, however, even if she'd said that she'd just accepted going on an away mission, and that she needed some time to deal with her feelings about it, before she came to see him again.

"I'm glad you are back, and that you are well," Lucan said hoarsely with a small smile and sat up on his bunk bed, remembering how he had offered her what little words he could give her for comfort, mere noises that he felt was entirely too inadequate, before she had to leave on her mission. What had happened between them right after visiting hours had been opened - many weeks back - remained a single event, and he knew not if Ji ever wanted to be with him after what she experienced. Was he even ready to subject her to his presence, after what she'd suffered at the hands of that Infested version of him? It remained entirely unresolved, and he knew not what to make of it.

Since then, Vinata Vojona had come to visit him, Jovela being killed in a bomb and him being promoted to Head Nurse in her stead. Vinata had looked like he's been through the roughest of storms, and in the shared grief over Jovela's death, they had found comfort in each other. Looking at Ji, it did seem like she'd decided to visit him once more, and that - perhaps - he still harboured some affection for him. Yet since human culture leaned much more heavily towards monogamy, Lucan did not know how to tell her that he had intimate relations with another.

"I did miss you, unsure how you were faring after your ordeal and going out on this mission of yours. Please don't tell me what it was about, though," he said with a chuckle, for while he had gathered intel about an Infested plot in Breen Space, there was no way that any away team would be able to deal with that unless they were very close to the Breen Confederacy, and that didn't rhyme at all with the current Klingon Empire affairs. He did not want to know where the Theurgy might be at, but it couldn't be on opposite ends of the Quandrant, right?

With great effort, feeling a tad light-headed, he got to his feet and approached Ji where she stood. She didn't back away from him, which was a sign his approach wasn't entirely unwelcome, and he recalled how she hadn't been adverse to him embracing her two days ago. So he did, barefoot and barechested, and laid his cheek against the top of her head. "How fare you? Did the mission bring any clarity? In either case, it is good to have you back."

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Exhaustion Two Ways | Short Visit | Uncertainty Abounds | I Need a New Hobby]
@Auctor Lucan

He was exhausted.

Just seeing the way that he lay there with his arm over his face hiding it from the overbearing lights above.  The damage just down the hall proved that some sort of battle took place here, but at least he had made it.  She had figured that the parasite would likely protect him.  Ji had not seen Luca well rested since the holodeck and the sprained ankle, and maybe the follow up appointment.  That was all before it was discovered he was the holder of a parasite and was now being used to get information at any given time and yet trusted with nothing because there was no way they could risk his parasite leaking information to others of it's kind.

Her eyes followed him as he rose from the bed and stood up.  He seemed a bit dizzy, probably from exhaustion.  Causing her to take a step forward so he didn't have to take but one step from his bed so that he was able to reach her.  He was still tall, dwarfing the young Korean woman as she looked up at him.  Ji was still extremely conflicted.  This was not the man who had raped her in front of Liam, this was not the man who had done anything badly to her.  But it wasn't just that, she had made a poor choice with this Luca and now she had destroyed everything.  She was unaware that Luca had slept with someone in her absence but she was not foolish enough to think she was woman enough to keep him to herself.  He had always been a free-agent, and something that Ji was not able to cope with.  But, she was drawn to him in a way that was uncomfortable, she was like a moth to flame, and she needed to figure out how to stop it.

Already, her relationship with Liam was shot.  There was likely no coming back from watching her get raped only after learning she had voluntarily slept with someone else.  She felt horrible, ashamed, and completely broken.  How could she look at Liam, it wasn't just the rape it was also the cheating.  She had planned to tell him, in her own way, to grovel and explain and hope... but everything was taken out of her hands and now everything was ruined.

Ji seemed talented at that, ruining things.  Oh Oma, help me.

“You seem tired, Luca.” she whispered softly now that they were close.  He reached out for her, pulling her to his bare chest where she rested her head.  As small as she was she fit just so in his arms and it was actually comfortable.  Ji didn't have a need to be with a tall man, but it seemed it was her 'thing' at least lately.  However, she saw no real future with either of the two men she had recently been with and Ji was struggling to figure herself out lately. Perhaps it was best that she just stay single and uninvolved for a while, it was likely the better choice.

“I faired well.  We did the job we were sent to do.” she stated, he hadn't needed to remind her not to give him details.  That was the other thing that stunted future possibilities with Luca, there was no way she could really divulge her thoughts, feelings, and experiences with the man that was a walking unintentional mole. 

“Come, you look tired, I don't have too long, but we can sit for a minute, I have to report for duty soon.” she stated as she moved him to the edge of his bed and let him sit first before taking the spot next to him.  Her knees bent over the edge and her boots planted firmly on the floor.  Both her hands gripped the edge of the small thin matress that they had given him to use for sleeping. 

“Can't they leave you alone?” she asked staring at her shoes and not him.  “Don't they realize how much you suffer when they utilize you all the time.  You look haggard, Luca, it makes my heart hurt.” she admitted, that last sentence just a bit louder than a whisper.

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[ Doctor Lucan cin Nicander | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BZ 
As they sat down on the bunkbed, Lucan awkwardly rested his severely damaged artificial hand on the knee farthest from Ji, the thing a twisted mess after he'd tried to destroy a forcefield emitter in the edge of his cell - the influence of the parasite having become manifest when he used his farsight. It could be that Ji hadn't noticed it before that moment, and seated as they now were, the fact of what had happened had been made plain. Her words had soothed him up until that moment, when the hand fell into sight. Rather than leaving the truth unspoken, Lucan cleared his throat.

"Aye, they have utilised my connection to the nameless darkness... and I warned them," he said quietly. The broken hand was a stark reminder of what dwelt inside him, and Ji - more so than most - knew whom he became when it happened. "I guess they didn't listen. The mission too important. I... learned crucial things, or so they claim I did. Still, I lost myself, so I bear the cost of it. The transphasic light cannon worked, however, and the voice of the thing inside is but a whisper once more. It did the same thing that Heather MacMillan did, creating a schism between me and the blackness..."

Lucan frowned, looking at the twisted machinery attached to the stump of his right arm. Luckily the artificial nerve mapping was busted, gone with any servos that controlled movement, so he was in no pain. It had prevented him from donning his uniform after he washed, however, and he hoped someone from Medical would come by and remove the thing sooner or later. They were in the midst of some kind of Klingon conflict, however, so he doubted he was any kind of priority at the moment.

Looking away from his damaged arm, he sought Ji's eyes, and he remember what she'd told him that day when she came to visit him first, after they had given in to their mutual passions.

She smiled brightly at him.  "There's always hope, Luca.  Even for you, for us, for the ship.." she whispered softly, her voice full of truth and kindness.  He brushed his hand down to her neck and pulled her in giving her a kiss.  Ji let the kiss deepen as she leaned forward into it letting their last moments today linger.  As much as she didn't want to say good bye, she knew that she needed to, it was time, and people would be making their rounds soon.  The last thing she needed was for Luca to be taunted by his chosen visitor or people remarking about their time together.

The kiss came to a natural end, and Ji smiled up at him staying close.  Her hand rose up and cupped his cheek.  "Do not lose hope, Luca.  I will be back.  Thank you for today, for your truths, and for.. everything." she said warmly.  A long sigh, she didn't want to leave, but she needed to.  She needed to head back to her Quarters and get sleep, though her body wanted to lay down next to Luca, in his arms and sleep there, she knew that would not bode well.  They had already tempted fate enough with their previous actions.

"I better go get rest for my shift." she said, regret evident in  her voice.  "I'll bring something fun to do next time."
Only there hadn't been any next time, because of what had happened to her. Next they saw each other, it had been two days ago, and she left on her mission. Now, the third time she came to his cell, even more had changed, and Lucan didn't know where things stood between them. He took heart in those words she'd given him, however, that there was always hope.

For what, however? My freedom? Even my redemption? A possible future where I can serve in sickbay once more? To be intimate with her without fearing to hurt her?

It seemed too much to hope for, given present circumstances...

"I... " he said, looking away. "I am too dangerous to be with, Ji. He is right there, below the surface, and if the cannon stops working, he'll be here to stay. I want you, and I would want nothing more than have you stay with me... but you shouldn't be here..."

It pained him a great deal to say it, making him frown and blink, but for her sake, he should try to push her away, even if he didn't want to. His ordeal had reminded him just how close to the edge he tethered.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Truths | Painful Truths | Batting Average = 0 | Long Road to Lonely]
@Auctor Lucan

As they sat down, his weary body just seemed to need some sort of respite.  As much as she wished that he was lively and able to have a full and actualized life, she knew that was not the case.  Until the parasites were eradicated and could safely be removed from a host he would never lead the life she knew he missed.  He had to miss it.  He had not asked to become infected, he had not asked to be a host to an unwanted entity nor to be utilized to spy on those in his 'network'.  She could only imagine the mental anguish of having to be removed from duty, thrust into the brig, and few people to visit while you pined for the life you had concerning decisions you didn't make yourself.  Something unusual caught her eye out of the corner, and she looked over to see his hand was marred and nasty, what had once been a nice piece of prosthesis was not gnarled and looked as though it would have to be replaced instead of repaired. 

“Luca..” she stated in surprise as she looked over at his hand which sat there on his leg as though it was a normal hand and yet, was not.  It was during his connection to the darkness, he explained to her, despite his warnings to the staff they had used him as a conduit once more.  Ji's face showed the empathy she felt for the man sitting beside her, to be used, against his will – well she knew how that felt.  The voice had apparently gotten loud, too loud, but thankfully the transphasic cannon had been in working order and brought the darkness back to a containable whisper.

“I'm sure someone will fix it.  I heard the Chief Engineer is really gifted at those things, she made one for the Chief of Tactical.  Everyone says it's nothing short of amazing.” she said with all the hope in the world in her eyes again, and a smile on her face.  Surely, he needed the light in his life where he had a seed of darkness in his center.

He searched her face, though she was unsure of what he was searching for.  Ji was tired, and knew that she needed to head to the Fighter Assault bay before she ended up falling asleep but, she also, knew that Luca probably counted on the kind visits.  Used for nothing but companionship, she had meant to bring a game or something they could do this time, but there had been no time to think of one and even less time to make sure they could play it.  So, that would have to be saved for next time, however, she wanted to make sure that she was a continual bright spot in his desolate life.  Something to look forward to, he needed light to counteract the darkness.  She was fine with being that person so long as he wished for her to come. 

Then he spoke.  It took several moments for what was coming to sink into her mind.  Swallowing heavily, she listened as he told her that he was too dangerous to be with.  That the being was always there just below the surface and he could never guarantee her safety.  If the cannon that protected the both of them every stopped working and the being gained full control she would be in absolute danger.  He stated he wanted her... even though his words stated the opposite.  He wanted her to be with him but, she should not be. 

Ji swallowed heavily and looked away back towards the force field as she gathered her thoughts.  She was just a royal fuck up.  Sleeping with Luca had destroyed everything she had built with Liam, they could barely speak to each other if it didn't concern work.  Then, she had come in here to give it a real chance, an odd chance, but to see if there was something worth giving up Liam for, only to find that he was giving her the back of his shoulder as well.

“I see.” she said softly as she rose off the bed pushing a hand through her hair the way she did when she was frustrated or over come by emotions.  Ji's heart felt heavy, like there was a weight pushing down on it.  I must not deserve to be happy.  Maybe I betrayed my country in a past life. she thought to herself, a common thing in Korea.  When good things happened, better than you deserved, you had saved the country in your past and when you had something bad happen to you (especially constantly) you must have betrayed it.

More and more it was looking like betrayal.

“Do you know, Luca, I never expected anything.” she said as she shoved her trembling hands into the pockets of her work-suit.  The bright yellow seemed to make her olive skin seem even darker.  “I just.. liked being around you.  I know it's dangerous, I know I'm an idiot for coming, I just.. I thought you could use someone that didn't use you for anything.  Just liked you for being Luca, would I have appreciated something more.. substantial?  Sure.  But maybe you're right, opening myself is the wrong thing to do right now because I clearly lack proper judgment.”  Not a single word of this was said with any malice at all.  She was resigned to the fate now, of being lonely.  “All those messages asking me to come visit, after-” she couldn't finish that statement, and it didn't matter anyway.

Ji shook her head.  “I- I hope you fare well Luca.  I won't come back, if you don't wish it.  Anyo, Luca.” she whispered saying goodbye in actual Korean which flowed off her tongue like any native speaker.  With that unless he stopped her, she would step through the field and head to the security station to turn in her bracelet. 

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[ Doctor Lucan cin Nicander | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BZ 
Ji reminded him about the desperate messages he'd kept sending her, when he had feared for her fate in meeting that version of himself - hoping that what he'd seen in the shadows inside were just his imagination. Only they hadn't been that lucky. He'd seen it through a murky lens of eyes not entirely his own, yet undeniably his nonetheless.

Yet what tore him up inside right that moment wasn't the experience of his visions, as horrid as they were, but the way Ji's sudden leave-takings made him feel. He couldn't handle the notion of her leaving so suddenly, even if that had been exactly what he'd asked of her, for her own sake. He feared for her life in his own company, but was he inconsiderate in making the decision for her? To dictate her will in the matter of whatever may rest between them?

Before he could stop himself, he'd reached out with his remaining hand to grab her wrist - his fingers closing around her skin and preventing her to leave his cell.

"I'm not..." he began to say, the sudden movement having made him feel disoriented. Vertigo threatened to imbalance him, since the tasking ordeal of using the farsight had left him weak and unsteady. He had to start over, blinking once to clear away some of the headache. "I don't want you to leave, please understand. I am trying to save you from myself, knowing what I am, because... It is the right thing to do, and the hardest thing to do as well. By the winds, if I could have you stay with me, I would, but it wouldn't be right of me to..."

He had to sit down, so he let go of her wrist and stumbled backwards, ending up sitting on the bunkbed again. His head was reeling, and he cradled his destroyed, artificial hand in his lap while he pinched he bridge of his nose with his other. "Ji, I am sorry. I just don't know what to do, but I do know that I... I shouldn't allow myself the illusion that I can be with you without you being in danger as well. I thought I could control it, but as use my abilities for sake of the mission, I turn into him. I become undone. You... risk everything for my sake, and I don't want to hurt you."

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Kai Akoni | Deck 7 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Auctor Lucan

The turbolift ride up the four decks took only seconds, but to Kai the whole thing seemed to take a lot longer. The last little bit had been a whirlwind to say the least. The last thing he remembered was being in the lounge having a drink and then suddenly being awoken in sickbay during a Klingon invasion. It had been disorienting to say the least. He chose not to remain in sickbay, as he was convinced there were people who needed medical attention more than he did. All of his organs both organic and replacement, seemed to be working as they should be. He decided he needed to get back to work and figure out what was going on.

As he approached the doors to the security centre he sighed and walked in, expecting a sort of organized chaos. What presented itself was something he wasn’t expecting, but it was a nice change. It was calm, but that was it. His people knew how to do their job…and do it well. He was proud to see it. The young ensign sitting at the desk upon entry greeted him.

”Good to see you Commander! Welcome back”

Kai nodded to the young man sitting there and pointed to his office as to say that he’d be in his office.
He maneuvered around the desk and headed for his office. Well, the office that was presumably still his. He reached the office and the doors slid opened. He stepped inside and the doors slid closed behind him. He looked around and saw that all of his stuff was still right where it should be. He wandered over to the replicator and replicated a new uniform.

A few minutes later, after having donned his new uniform, he sat in the chair at his desk. He reached down to the one drawer that had a biometric lock on it. He unlocked the drawer and pulled out a small picture in a frame. He lifted it and placed it on the desk in front of him. As he stared at the picture he felt sadness, frustration and anger. The most powerful one was anger. Anger at the fact that this had happened. That someone had taken her from him. He felt water building in his eyes, causing his vision to go blurry. He blinked a few times in a row to clear them.

”I’m sorry Annika” he whispered to the picture as he picked it up.

He stared at it for a few more seconds before placing it back in the drawer and locking it again. He told himself there would be time to grieve later, but for now, he presumably had work to do.

He tapped his combadge. ”Akoni to Reception…I need you to find someone to give me a briefing. Now.”

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[ Doctor Lucan cin Nicander | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @trevorvw 
At first, Ji said nothing to him, remaining standing as she were. Lucan had no way of knowing what manner of thoughts went through her mind after what he said.

Perhaps she lingered in self-reproach, for her betraying that Ensign on the flight deck, and questioning what she wanted? Perhaps she wondered if he was being genuine, and wasn't pushing her away because he had no interest in her? She had mentioned the many messages he sent her, and it had to be something that made her doubt ill intentions from his end, right? Surely he wouldn't have pushed her away out of disinterest after all that? Perhaps she wanted more, and she was trying to come to terms with the fact that he may never be able to give her what she wanted lest he'd been freed from the parasite? Perhaps she wondered if he ever would be free, when he aided the mission in the manner he did, by spying on the enemy through their eyes?

Regardless what her thoughts were, Ji eventually walked back to his bunkbed, where he still sat with his damaged hand cradled in his lap.

"I think I understand," she said quietly, and took a deep breath. "We are complicated, aren't we, Luca? This, here, between you and I? Well... I think I like simple better."

He thought it a rejection at first, but she crouched down before him, and she took his damaged prothesis and put it aside, so that she could hold his remaining hand with both of her own. While her eyes were damp, she smiled at him. "So let's make it simple instead. You fear for me, being with you. Stop it. That's not your call, Doctor. You don't get to diagnose this situation and treat it in the manner you see fit for me. You're in this too, and you are in more need of treatment than I, okay?"

This actually did make Lucan smile back, if faintly. "I would suppose so. Yet..."

"Nonono, shut up, okay? It's simple. I need you, and you say you need me. The rest is just ttong. It's shit. Keep it simple, and don't question it. Okay? Just... let it happen, and we'll see. No strings attached, and you don't patronise me by telling me what I should and shouldn't do. I will be careful, and continue to come here to keep you company. To take your mind off things. Like the mission, this bullshit circus trick you must do, which the silly cannon is there for."

That made Lucan chuckle, and he shook his head. Which he regretted, since the vertigo returned. He raised his remaining hand to his temple.

"I am here for my own sake too, because I like you," Ji said and replaced his hand with her own, brushing it over his stubbled cheek. Her almond-shaped eyes were creased in the corners with a smile. "So don't push me away just because you think I don't know how to take care of myself."

"Very well," acquiesced Lucan in the end, understanding her point.

"Hang in there," she said, and slowly climbed into his lap, straddling his legs. She lightly tapped his temple when saying it too. "Right there. Stay there, and don't let go. Won't forgive you if you do."

And then she kissed him, soothing any rough feelings that may have lingered.


[ Lt Cmdr. Blue Tiran-Ducote | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ]
Throwing an irritated look at the spook that walked next to her, Blue would rather have checked on the transphasic cannon without company. "What do you mean, you want to fucking 'sense' him? He's one of those damn weather-wizard people. I've heard you Betazoid's can't feel shit when it comes to them."

"After the Dominion War, one of my assignments allowed me to effectively sense the unique telepathic imprint of a Changeling," said Lieutenant Kile, his almost androgynous features not wearing a crease of concern or irritation in response to Blue's abrasive tone. "My hope is to sense something of that kind from the Câroon, because he is also Infested. I am unaware of my odds in this regard, however, but I would like to try. It is the only Infested we have access to, and while it is unfortunate that he is Câroon, there might still be something I can pick up. It would be very remiss of me to not even try."

"Fine, just don't disturb me while I make sure the cannon wasn't damaged. Apparently he damaged his bionic hand too. We'll see if I have the fucking time to deal with that as well." Blue would much rather have remained in engineering, but with the Theurgy dead still over the Klingon Homeworld, facing down a House Mo'Kai fleet, after having ridden some goddamn soliton wave there, she'd decided to check on the cannon she'd built together with the Science Department. If it was damaged in the last battle, the Doctor was shit out of luck if he'd use his fucking mumbo-jumbo trick to spy on the enemy.

When they passed through the security checkpoint, the stationed brig officer inside the brig looked up. "Ahem... Doctor Nicander's last visitor hasn't left yet, and..." Blue saw him blushing, glancing towards one of the monitors. "He's not alone. I..."

"What?" asked Blue, knowing she'd sent word in advance, glaring at the youngster before shouting down the wide corridor with holding cells. "Hey! Doctor! Time's up! You've got new visitors!"

There was a feminine squeak heard from the Doctor's holding cell, and some rustling of clothes. Whomever was there seemed to trip and fall too. Was that... Korean cursing? Blue shook her head and walked down the corridor with Lieutenant Rem Kile at her side, and she didn't bother looking into the holding cell when reaching it. Her blue eyes were locked on the transphasic cannon where it rested on its stand, and she pulled up her tricorder to scan it. Behind her, there was a light whooshing sound when the visitor stepped through the forcefield, wearing the bracelet with the biometric lock. When Blue glanced over her shoulder, she saw a Chief Petty Officer adjusting her yellow jumpsuit over her shoulders and hips, with her hair being a sweaty mess. Behind her, in the cell, Nicander was awkwardly trying to close his uniform trousers with one hand - being bare-chested and having bruises from fingernails across his his shoulders.

"H-Hi!" said the woman with the tousled hair, cheeks ablaze, "Do you need help with that, Commander?"

"Chief Ji, right? Shouldn't you be down in the fucking fighter bay by now?" said Blue, able to place the face after a moment. "The Lone Wolves have launched against an approaching Romulan warbird. I'd say that has more of a damn priority than canoodling with the Doctor, right?"

"Oh, shit!" Ji exclaimed, her face paling visibly.

"Greetings, my name is Rem Kile, and..." the Betazoid began to say to Doctor Nicander...

...and then the Theurgy rocked from incoming weapons fire - the sudden commotion unmistakable. Blue lost her balance for a moment, and the overhead lights flickered. There was a blast heard from the far end of the long corridor, where some EPS conduit must have overloaded. The power fluctuation caused by that made the forcefields of the cells shimmer, vanish, and then restore from its stand-alone auxiliary power banks. When Blue looked around, she saw Lieutenant Kile help Ji back to her feet. Nicander was still inside his cell, slumped across the fold-out table...

...but the sound of approaching steps told Blue that someone else just managed to get out.

She spun on her feet, her raven-hair whipping about by the sudden motion - momentarily obscuring the sight of the approaching figure. The fist hit the side of her head, and she lost all bearings. Disoriented and in shock from the pain, she eventually looked up at what happened above her from the deck plating. Someone was shouting. Nicander? There was a large Klingon there, his back towards her, fighting the Betazoid spy and the Chief from the fighter bay. They held their own against him, but he was Klingon, of greater strength than the two of them combined, and he was desperate - high on adrenaline. Cornered and dangerous.

Ji was the first to die, her head caught in a vice-like grip and then twisted around - the sound of her neck breaking sickening. Nicander was no longer shouting. He was screaming. It was like a nightmare unfolding.

The young brig officer finally opened fire then, and in the orange light from the phaser bolts... Blue finally got a good look at the Klingon.

It was Rov, son of Pekdal. The Klingon infiltrator wearing a false face. The one who had bombed the lounge.

Her husband's murderer.

The rage that built inside her helped her regain her footing. The deck plates were red from where her head had been, but she didn't care. She stood up behind Rov, whom had taken Lieutenant Rem Kile into a back-breaking hold, and used him as a human shield against the barrage of phaser bolts that came from the brig officer's station. The Betazoid was already dead by the time Blue screamed and attacked the Klingon from behind, digging her nails into his face. As she tried to take out his eyes, she could see Ducote dying in sickbay, after she'd had to shut off life-support and said her farewells.

Blue had no idea how long she managed to hold on to the Klingon, but eventually, she lost her grip. And when she did, Rov struck back, sending her stumbling to the side, snarling at her with a bloodied face.

That was when the phaser bolt hit Blue in the chest.

She fell, immediately, as if her strings were cut, and she had no air to voice her scream. She could but lie there and gasp like some fucking fish and see how the Klingon rushed towards the inept brig officer on the far side of the hall. She could hear Nicander, just next to her, more distraught than she'd ever thought he could be. He was screaming to Thea about there being a medical emergency, but it was too late for his lover just outside the forcefield. Ji was dead, and Blue could feel her life ebbing away. A small smile came to her, however, at the notion that she might be able to see Ducote again.

The last thing she heard, was Nicander falling silent.

"He's here," he said, voice raw with horror. "No... No, no, no..."

Blue had no way of knowing whom he talked about, no longer hearing anything.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Kai Akoni | Security Centre | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] @Auctor Lucan

The ship had been rocked by what felt like weapons fire, but Kai couldn’t be too sure. The overhead lighting had flickered momentarily in his office but not enough for emergency lighting to kick in. The unmistakable sound of an explosion came from close by. Kai figured it may have been an EPS conduit that had ruptured, as he stood up from his desk. He walked out his door and looked around. That’s when he heard it.

Screaming. Guttural screaming. 

He rushed back into his office and grabbed his phaser from his desk. With it securely in his hand, he made his way towards where the screaming had been coming from. As he made his way smoothly towards his target, he checked the power cell on his phaser.

100%..perfect, he thought to himself subconsciously. He was moving on autopilot at this point.

As he reached the Brig, he witnessed carnage like no other. He looked around trying to gather as much information as much as possible. One of his brig officers was dead, almost ripped in half. His entrails and blood littered the deck plating, accompanied by the very strong smell of iron floating in the air.

Kai moved further down the corridor and saw two more bodies outside of Nicander’s cell. That’s when he noticed something else out of the corner of his eye. A body slumped down against the bulkhead. An unmistakable phaser wound to their chest, still smoking. He knelt down and immediately felt sick to his stomach.
”Fuck…Blue..” as he felt for a pulse on her, knowing already what he would or wouldn’t find. The absence of a pulse didn’t surprise him. He felt a rage start to build within him. As he started to stand he heard a clattering come from behind him. Kai stood up quicker and brought his phaser to the ready. Pointing directly to where the sound was coming from.

A Klingon suddenly appeared, making his way out of the door as quickly as he could. Kai immediately started to run after the Klingon while also informing the rest of the ship.

”Thea…Medical Emergency in the Brig.” He started off with and then continued ”Akoni to all security personell, we have a Klingon running. Heading for the Jeffries Tubes. Lock down all decks have Thea update you with our positions!” Kai managed to finished saying as he too had reached the Jeffries Tubes access and followed the Klingon into them.

The large man lamented his size at a time like this. Jeffries Tubes weren’t the best under ideal circumstances, but chasing a Klingon definitely didn’t qualify as ‘ideal circumstances’. They were still on Deck 7 as best as he could tell, so Kai relayed information to his security teams to lock down decks 6, 7 & 8. As Akoni and his Klingon opponent made their ways through the narrow tubes, it looked as if he had an opportunity to take the assailant down. Kai stopped for a moment, aimed his phaser and fired. As it was dark, it was hard to see, but the only thing he knew for sure was that the phaser blast didn’t have any affect. Either it hit the Klingon and didn’t do anything or it impacted the bulkhead harmlessly. It was hard to tell. As he resumed the chase, Stark came on the comm channels.

”All hands, prepare for multi-vector assault mode”.

Kai internally approved of the move, whether intentional or not from the bridge, as it would restrict his Klingon friend from reaching the shuttle bays.

As Thea neared the end of her countdown, Kai braced himself for the motion that temporarily overpowers the inertial dampeners.



Separation Sequence in Progress

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[ Rov, son of Pekdal | Security Centre > Jefferies Tubes | Deck 07 > Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]
Having hidden behind the brig officer's station, Rov had used the only opportunity presented to escape, and that was by heading out when the security checkpoint opened. A large human had passed both doors, having some kind of clearance that allowed him to pass the security gate doors without waiting for the first to close before the second opened. The Chief of Security, perhaps? Either way, Rov saw both doors opened, waited for the human to approach the bodies farther down the hallway, and then bolted out as quickly as his legs could carry him. Immediately, he knew he'd been spotted, and that the human would go after him. The last thing he heard from the brig was the other prisoner - the Doctor - shouting something incomprehensible. "Chief! Listen to me! He's here! The other one! You have to... No, wait! Wait!"

In the lobby, Rov saw security guards to the left, so he had headed in the other direction, and quickly found an accessway into the jefferies tubes, as Starfleet called the maintenance tunnels for some reason. With the rush of battle coursing through him, having been victorious up to that point, Rov still had to stay sharp, for the large human was in pursuit...

The benefit of the maintenance tunnels was that sound travelled well, so not only could he keep track of the human's progress - even to a point of escaping a phaser bolt in the nick of time - Rov had also heard the man instruct his security officers on which decks would be locked down. Knowing he had to either climb or descend, Rov picked the latter, since it was quicker than climbing. In fact, when he could, he let go of the ladders and landed on the decks below the rungs, and steadily made his way beyond the security perimeter. He would have gone farther, but he heard that the Theurgy was separating, and that limited his means to travel downwards. So, eventually, with his three lungs working hard, he soon tore an access way open on Deck 12, and emerged...

...into a transporter room. The dead Klingon gods must have smiled upon him, seeing the bright transporter padd and the means through which he could leave the ship! The scent of the room gave him pause, however... and a movement in the doorway caught his eye.

On the deck plating, faces stared up at him, bodies twisted and bloodied. Two wore the armoured suits of security guards, but the visors were shattered, the faces broken, and it appeared that whatever had accosted them hadn't been stopped by the hardshell exosuits. They might as well have worn eggshells, since the yolk inside was pouring out below them. The movement that had drawn Rov's eye... was a humanoid in the doorway, wearing a white lab coat, bloodied and opened in front. His hair was long, and his trousers rode low on his hips, and beneath the opened lab coat, he was bare-chested. Just like his tattooed hands, red and slick, the carnage had splattered his skin, but below the fresh coating of blood, layers of scar tissue ran across his torso, as if something had burst out of him, and the flesh had merely been given cursory medical treatment.

The most unnerving thing about the figure in the doorway - which had turned to look at Rov - was his face.

It was the very prisoner he'd left behind in the brig - Doctor Nicander - and his eyes were shining brightly white. When he spoke, the light spilled from his lips as well, and that voice seemed to reverberate out of some crevice beyond the room itself. "Follow me at your peril, Klingon."

And then, armed with a hand phaser, he stepped out, and the sliding doors closed behind him.

Rov didn't know what to make of it, his priority being his own survival, so he shook off the unnerving sight of the second Doctor and ran to the transporter controls. He had to jump over the bodies of two Starfleeters in plain uniforms, one teal and one golden in colour, before he could reach the controls. The LCARS interface was smeared with blood, imprints of hands and fingers plain. The second doctor had likely tried to access it, but failed. Rov's heart sank, for that meant he would also likely have limited success accessing the transporter systems... so he did the only thing he could given his predicament.

Seeing that the weapons on the deck plating appeared broken, as if twisted by hand, Rov returned to the accessway from whence he'd came, anticipated the arrival of the large human security officer, and pressed himself up against the wall next to it. When the man arrived, Rov lunged against the phaser as soon as it came into view, and tried to wrest it out of the human's hand. Fighting with tooth and nail, he began to grapple with the large human, knowing his only hope was to tear the weapon out of his grasp, and force him to access the transporter controls and beam him down to Qo'noS.

Screaming in rage, Rov may have been smaller than the human, but he was Klingon, and several times stronger than his size would suggest.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Kai Akoni | Jeffries Tubes Deck 12 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Auctor Lucan

Kai went through the tubes as quickly and safely as he could, he saw the hatch in front of him was open. Kai presumed that it was a transporter room if he had kept his bearings in the chase.

As he came closer to the opening, what he saw in the transporter room shocked him. Four bodies on the floor in a mangled heap on the deck plating. Blood was everywhere and then the smell hit him. Once again, the strong smell of blood wafted into his nostrils. It caught him off guard as it caused some flashes of memory from his past. Both during the Dominion War along with all of the other mutilated bodies he’s ever had to see. He unknowingly kept going towards the transporter room, with his phaser outstretched in front of him.

That’s when he saw it, but just too late to stop it.

A flash of a person appeared coming from the left side of the hatch opening, impacting the phaser and Akoni’s hand causing him to lose grip of the phaser as it skittered across the deck plating. Thankfully, Kai had managed to react quick enough to grab the Klingon’s wrist as the man started to go for the phaser. The Klingon screamed, seemingly in rage as Kai held on.

Just as quickly as it had started, Kai managed to get the rest of his body out of the Jeffries Tube so he could be on even footing with the Klingon. The two stood toe to toe in the transporter room, with Kai still holding on to the other man’s wrist. He promptly twisted the man’s left wrist to the left in order to maybe gain the upper hand or at least hopefully break it.

His opponent moved his whole body slightly to the left, which Kai felt like he could take advantage of. Akoni kept twisting the wrist as hard as he could while simultaneously kicking the man in his left ankle causing them both to fall to the deck plating. As they hit the deck plating with a big thud, Kai kept twisting the wrist until he heard and felt a sickening crunching sound. The Klingon screamed louder, which Akoni took as a sign that it was a good time to let go. He decided now was the time to go for the phaser.

He went to stand up and scramble for the phaser, when his right foot slipped in some of the blood on the deck plating, causing him once again to end up on the deck plating. He started scrambling as quickly as he could, when he felt a tug on his pants and saw that it was the Klingon trying to stop him. Kai was just half a metre from the phaser and felt the Klingon manage to get into a position that was on top. Kai immediately knew he was at a disadvantage. He tried to thrash and get the stronger man off of him, but he knew the odds weren’t looking good.

The Klingon immediately started landing punches into the back of Kai’s head. One. Two. Three. He felt some stinging and the smell of fresh blood. His opponent definitely had the upper hand and lifted Kai’s head up and drove it forcefully into the deck plating. He did this again. The second time caused Kai to become dazed and he noticed his peripheral vision was fading. The Klingon once again lifted Akoni’s head and drove it forcefully down. Kai could barely see now. Between the presumed head injury and the blood running into his eyes, it wasn’t feeling or looking very good at the moment.

He felt the weight lift off his back as he could hear the man going forward and picking up the phaser. Kai rolled to his back. He was exhausted. His chest heaved up and down from his heavy breathing. He spit blood out of his mouth.

”Just fucking kill me if you’re gonna do it!” he yelled in no direction in particular, not knowing exactly where his opponent was.

I guess I’ll see you soon Annika…, he thought to himself as he waited for his seemingly inevitable fate.

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[ Rov, son of Pekdal | Transporter Room 03 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]
High on the rage coursing through him, Rov would have enjoyed killing the human where he laid on the floor - adding him as a body next to the other four. Yet before he pulled the trigger on the phase pistol...

....he realised that the human was the only way off the ship as well. He needed him, so he resorted to his original plan before the fight had begun, and hissed his command. "On your feet! You will access the transporter system and let me enter the coordinates, and then you will energise the transport, else you die. I said on your feet!"

Rov kicked the human in the side, prompting him to start moving and getting on with it. There was too little time to spare before more of Starfleet Security would reach the room. "Come on!" he bellowed, seizing the fabric of the human's uniform and hauling him towards the LCARS interface. Keeping the phaser's muzzle against the human's back, and with a firm grip on the uniform's shoulder, he pushed the large human to the screen. "Access it!"

Once the injured human obliged him, finally, Rov quickly tapped in the coordinates of one of his safe houses, meaning to vanish from there and having both the equipment and transport means available for it there. Once he had the coordinates locked in, he kept his weapon primed towards the human with the bleeding face while backing off towards the transporter pad. "You will energise immediately, or I will sear off one of your arms. You only need one arm to do it, but I think you would like to keep both after today, yes? Now! Do it!"

Not about to let him get any ideas, or dawdle in hope for reinforcements, Rov powered up the hand phaser to its highest setting, and repeated his command, teeth bared and chest heaving. "Do it!"

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Kai Akoni | Transporter Room 3 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @Auctor Lucan

Being held at phaser point gave Kai very little time to think or improvise. He wasn’t about to let this Klingon escape to the planet or anywhere else for that matter. If Kai didn’t cooperate, he knew the Klingon would probably kill him and find another way to escape. As his mind racked possibilities, Kai was very quickly running out of time just as fast as his opponent was running out of patience.
He thought back through all the training scenarios, war experience and anecdotes from fellow crewmembers. Then it clicked in his mind. He had his plan. The Klingon had already entered the coordinates. The other man then snarled a command at Akoni.

”Okay, okay. Get on the transporter pad”, he instructed the man, feigning compliance with the orders. Well, not really feigning, just not telling the whole truth.

The Klingon then moved to the transporter pad, all the while keeping the phaser squarely pointed at Kai. As the Klingon stepped onto the pad, Kai began the sequence to begin transport.

”Energizing” Akoni said out loud as his fingers glided across the smooth LCARS interface to begin the dematerialization process.

As the transport beam shimmered and caused the Klingon to disappear, Kai then pressed two more buttons to suspend the transport. This caused the Klingon’s pattern to remain in the transport buffer. He then pressed another button to disable the phaser while it was still in the buffer. As he locked the buffer into a repeating diagnostic cycle, to keep the man in the buffer, he thanked his lucky stars that he was a big history buff and remembered reading about how Captain Scott did pretty much the same thing to save his life when the Jenolan crashed into the Dyson Sphere.

Akoni tapped his combadge, ”This is Commander Akoni on the USS Theurgy to General Chu’vok. I have a House Mokai infiltrator here that needs to be taken care of. Where do you want him?”. As the reply came through, telling Kai where to beam the prisoner, he entered the new coordinates into the transporter system.

He began the dematerialization process.

After what seemed like an eternity, but in reality was likely on a few seconds, they confirmed that the Klingon was in custody. Just as that communication ended, two of his security personell entered the transporter room. He looked at them as he felt the blood still dripping from his face.

”Secure the room. Post guards outside…and start an investigation.” he instructed them as he left the room and made his way out. First to get the bleeding stopped and then to get some answers.


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