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Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Chapter 1: Triggered Much? [ Day 1 | 1800hrs ]
Last post by Ellen Fitz -
[ Major Sareth | Deck 20 | Aboard the Tal’Shiar Ihnerha Faehht Emaifha Laeosa Mniohr (Tal’Shiar Second Secret Disease and Weapons Research Space Station) |  Romulan Space, approximately 24ly from Romulus ] @BipSpoon @Stegro88 @Nesota Kynnovan @Number6 @Dree

He found it most fascinating that a mere day after they’d finished their drills for a station breach, they’d been truly breached. Sareth had felt the jolt of the Starfleet ramming into the station, and so knew that this was no mere drill. He’d already been in the process of ordering everyone in his sector to arm themselves and switch on the Hvei’khenn units when the orders came in from Riov Vrikol himself to do that very thing. Sareth distinctly remembered the bloody the Hvei’khenn unit had made of the Nausicaan test subjects they’d pitted against it in its trial runs. He didn’t look forward to cleaning up the mess the unit would make of any unauthorized personnel it came across. Still, such messes were necessary when guarding the type of technology they had aboard this station.

Sareth paused in his movements when he heard Vrikol speak on the overhead.

[ Our station has been breached by Starfleet personnel. They are here to steal from us, to destroy us; we cannot let them. All station personnel are to remain armed and on the alert. Do not attempt to question the intruders. Incapacitate them in whatever manner necessary. Once you capture them, take them to the commander center for that deck for further processing. Do not abandon your stations; do not give up ground. ]

Sareth smiled, catching similar smiles of confidence from the men and women around him. A few smiles turned into looks of confusion when Vrikol continued, this time in Federation Standard.

[ We know you are here, Starfleet. We are hunting for you, and we will find you. ]

Sareth understood it plainly enough and happily translated for those who didn’t know, garnering another round of smiles. His personal PADD beeped, and Sareth glanced down to see the clearance for the Ghalai toxin. None of them were in danger, but for those Starfleet vermin seeking to steal from them, they would be very, very soon.

For reference, the neurotoxin is scentless and tasteless and spinning images and sensations into victims minds and leaving them temporarily mad and thoroughly incapable of fighting back. And the attack and defense units are this
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Chapter 1: The (hopefully) Great Romulan Smash and Grab [Day 1 | 1800hrs ]
Last post by Ellen Fitz -
[ Riov Vrikol i-Dorvik tr’Khev’ | Command and Control Center | Aboard the Tal’Shiar Ihnerha Faehht Emaifha Laeosa Mniohr (Tal’Shiar Second Secret Disease and Weapons Research Space Station) |  Romulan Space, approximately 24ly from Romulus ]  ATTN: @BipSpoon @Stegro88 @Sqweloookle @Hans Applegate @P.C. Haring @RyeTanker

“Damage report.” Riov Vrikol growled as he leaned over the shoulder of the Uhlan manning the monitoring station.

“The Starfleet vessel has embedded itself in the station, breaching the hull on decks 27 through 32. Automatic seals have been activated, and we are no longer leaking atmosphere.”

Sublieutenant Mensil called Vrikol’s attention, “There are reports of Starfleet infiltrators attempting to bypass the seals near the breach.” She frowned, looking more closely at her monitor before adding. “There also appears to be an anomalous energy fluctuation in the right-wing maintenance corridor of sector 3, deck 12.” Even as she spoke, more reports came in, and as she quickly read them, Vrikol watched her cheeks tinge green in frustration. “The Starfleet personnel have set their warp core to breach.”

Vrikol smiled. This particular group of foolhardy Starfleet personnel seemed to have come to play hard. He appreciated that.

“Send the Aehallh drones to surround the ship and emit the saeihr pulse. Their warp cores are not so drastically different from our own that the pulse won’t delay the breach enough for the Efw'khelh drones to dislodge it from the station and direct it deeper into the asteroid field.” He waited until the Uhlans received these orders and relayed them before continuing. “Order all decks to brace for the shock wave the breach will cause. Sublieutenant, order the Hvei'khenn A&D units to be brought fully online. I want them prowling the decks for any unwanted visitors. I doubt Starfleet expects to meet them, nor know how to deal with them.”

Vrikol moved toward the communications console, “I want a station-wide broadcast.” He waited for the Uhlans signal before speaking in Romulan, “Our station has been breached by Starfleet personnel. They are here to steal from us, to destroy us; we cannot let them. All station personnel are to remain armed and on the alert. Do not attempt to question the intruders. Incapacitate them in whatever manner necessary. Once you capture them, take them to the commander center for that deck for further processing. Do not abandon your stations; do not give up ground.”

Vrikol was satisfied to know that all personnel had just finished a lengthy drill on this very scenario: station breach. Every deck could function independently, and each of the wings could be disconnected if necessary, operating under its own set of impulse engines. Theirs was not simply a single station but a collection of stations, a mass of capable and deadly vessels that could be maneuvered at a moment's notice. Not only that but only station personnel authorized for that particular deck or sector could safely pass through the dozens of bioscanners attached to automatic defense systems. Systems that were now very activated and ready to take down unauthorized targets.

He held up a hand to stay the Uhlan from terminating the broadcast. Leaning closer to the microphone, Vrikol spoke in heavily accented Standard so the intruders could understand. “We know you are here, Starfleet. We are hunting for you, and we will find you.” Giving the Uhlan a nod, Vrikol stood up to his full height.

“I think this is the opportunity Doctor Vrojos was hoping for,” he nodded to the sublieutenant, “inform the doctor that he has clearance to release the Ghalai toxin across the station at his discretion.” Vrikol’s smile grew as he imagined the Starfleet personnel, unaware of the scentless and tasteless neurotoxin as it took hold, spinning images and sensations into their minds and leaving them temporarily mad and thoroughly incapable of fighting back. All station personnel were inoculated against it, but for anyone uninvited, it was just a traditional sort of Romulan greeting to such as those.

So, yeah, y'all had better work fast and keep the heat off the Blue team for success. A reference image for their attack and defense units.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 15 [0823 hrs] Starships Aplenty
Last post by Pierce -
Ensign Lauren Pierce | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @tongieboi [Show/Hide]

Lauren smirked at the admiration that Ensign Adams had for the ships. She had the same feeling to be honest despite not growing up in this era and simply having seen it in a museum and in trainings. She nodded to him about the speed and deck counts. "It was by far a legendary ship outside of the fact most since have been larger starting with Excelsior Classes. But I love the designs too!"

Looking onward, she could feel his fascination with the ship and the uniform of the era. She liked it too despite it not being all that comfortable looking compared to current attire.

Hearing the inquiry, she paused. "Deck 7 is the transporter room but decks 4 through 6 include crew quarters as does deck 17. It's really crazy what they had back then. Not a lot has changed since other than space and crew counts. I think we're on deck 13 which has the observation deck."

She giggled and held her hand to her face with redness as she caught herself as the question was posed about the sign with directions on it for location. "And it's not like today either where you can ask the computer. I mean we could technically but it lacks authenticity here."

"Yes, the Bozeman is from the 2270's and came into the 2360's time frame from a temporal fissure. But yeah, my great, great grandmother was on the original Enterprise after her refit but before it was destroyed. She later joined the USS Eagle..." Leaving out the rest of her ancestor's history is better there.

"Actually, I served on the Enterprise-E in 2374-2375. Before the drama of their final mission. But nothing beats this design in my opinion." She stated matter of factly.

"Anywhere in particular you want to explore? Or any history you want to lay out on me mister ship aficionado?" Giving a warm smile back to him as she stood back with her hands on her hips.
Parallel Universes - "What if?" / Re: [2376] Entanglement of Chaos
Last post by RyeTanker -
[Ensign XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Ens. Zark) | Cardassia Prime] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Ensign Zark missed the fact that Trooper Eset had pulled up the security feed and saw the increase in the population of the safe house. Seeing they weren't Cardassians, he stopped the Andorian as she was about to walk out of the room.  The medic stopped her and gave her a smile. "That was some good work. I'd be happy to have you with us any time."  The Andorian gave a small smile and flushed a bit at the compliment, the stiffened as he leaned in as if he was going to kiss her. She tried to back away, but the arm held her in place as he went for her ear. "It looks like more of your people have shown up and I know how soft you Federation types are. Let me handle this." Ensign Zark stared at the Cardassian for a moment in confusion then looked down at her hands and realized what she'd done. She looked back at the Ompayan who wore a look of terror on her face and she could see the blood leaking from a split lip where Zark had hit her. Her head turned back around and her eyes were wide as she looked at her hands again and they flexed unconsciously. "Oh. I uhhhhh....."  Ensign Zark stumbled as she tried to figure what to say next and the medic shook his head. "I'll take care of it. They can't do anything to me anyway."

Ensign Zark swallowed as her mind raced with what had happened.  It had all been so easy.  One wrong indicator, then another one, and the beating had started.  She mentally shook her head.  Time had been of the essence. They needed answers. She thought to herself, but it still rounded somewhat hollow despite the attempt at justification. She chopped off any more thoughts as Eset picked up the still protesting alien an opened the door to lead her out. Enyd had gone and the plain clothes looked at the bound alien in displeasure. Eset jerked her up and looked at his superior. "Sir, we got some information about the funds transfer. It looks like the transfer originated from Bajor of all places, but was routed through several other banks in the Federation before heading through other non Federation species. We can get more out of her with proper facilities."  That drew the attention of the plain clothes who were plainly more interested in the fact that several Federation worlds were involved in the recent round of violence on the war torn planet. "We'd like to question this woman..." Ghin Torlan jumped in quickly. "You can question nothing. One of your member worlds that we have a bad history with is involved.  You can't be trusted not to launch a cover up to protect them."  The officer practically sneered while the plain clothes leader looked on aghast before recovering. "That's not how we work and if one of our member worlds is involved, we need to start an investigation. It would go a long way to bringing justice to those who have been hurt here today."

The Ompayan looked like she wanted to chime in and Zark was sure she looking to see if she could cut a deal.  Eset silenced her by pushing the prisoner against the wall.  This seemed to raise the tension in the room while Zark watched the whole thing unfold.  Ghin Torlan and the plain clothes were yelling back and forth while Javec was trying to step in to intervene on why this was now a Cardassian matter and the Federation had no jurisdiction in it. This was a bit surprising to the Andorian, and she looked to Enyd for a moment. "Uhmmm, I get their point over who gets control of the prisoner, but surely there's a more equitable way for everyone to benefit from this?
Alternate Universe Stories / Re: Sprinkles on a Soup Sandwich
Last post by Hans Applegate -
[ LCpl Knox | Bravo Base | Gila DN6 | Imperium Frontier Space ]ATTN: @Ellen Fitz

Each of the 3 figures seemed to be about the same basic size and, at a second glance, possibly the same model of construct. However, each one was in a slightly different configuration. The two on the left were each standing on 3 legs, but the furthest left one had two large weapon-like things on what looked to be its shoulders. The rear leg of each was twice as wide and ended in a spiked-wheel tank track-like thing. The other robotic thing was leaning forward and on all four limbs. It had a set of 4 metal tentacles undulating back and forth, protruding from its back.

Knox struggled in his force field bonds before giving up and looking over at his friend Hirek and the embodiment of chaos, Lt. Madsen. They were equally bewildered by the 3 guests and imprisoned by the unseen force holding them. “Any ideas Lt.?” Knox asked as the mechanical creature on the right gracefully prowled over to them like a robotic leopard. He didn’t expect her to have an answer, but one never knows until one asks.

Knox didn’t get an answer before the creature was near enough to him to do…whatever it was it did. One of the mechanical tentacles opened up at its tip and revealed a lightly glowing blue light and it placed the sensor to Knox’s head. Knox braced himself for the worst. He could feel a faint buzzing like static electricity as the creature placed the object against his head. Then there was a flurry of electronic screeching and chattering among the 3 robotic entities as the two other two drew near. Fortunately for Knox that was the worst of it. Not so bad really he thought. At least so far.

Knox watched the same process happen to his two companions. The scan or whatever didn’t seem to do anything. And if these metal creatures were like any other being he had encountered, they were perplexed and frustrated by it. The middle creature pulled out a large handheld device and pointed it at all three of them. There was a full-body tingling sensation as a violet light enveloped them.

This only lasted a few seconds then all three of the robots seemed to have a small argument conducted entirely in mechanical chirps and buzz sounds accompanied by obscene hand gestures. But, once a consensus was reached all three of them turned back to look at Knox, Hirek and Lt. Madsen on last time before the 3rd creature pulled out a flat data pad from its abdomen and pressed a button.

Instantly, Knox found himself thrown through the air. Flying backward at a high rate of speed he then hit the dusty ground and rolled for quite a ways before coming to a stop. Groaning as he stood to his feet and dusted himself off, he looked back and saw that the 3 robots were gone. They hand undoubtedly returned to their subterranean abode. Turning Knox saw Hirek on the ground about 20 meters away and Lt. Madsen a little further than that. Both of them seemed ok other than a few scrapes and bruises. Still a little dazed Knox asked, “Any ideas about what the hell just happened?” as he finally spotted his bead gun a few meters away on the ground. He quickly jogged over to it and felt a little better being armed again. Smiling he asked Lt. Madsen if she had a chance to stab any of their captors.

“Break Break Break!” came Captain Sobel’s voice over the comms. “We have a situation! We are being ordered to return to base with all haste! They are under attack and all teams need to come back and reinforce the FOB! Stop playing with your robot friends and come back to the shuttle now!”
Director's Cut / Re: [2380] Starbase 12: Conversation with a Cosmonaut
Last post by Tae -
PO3 Valerii Anhel Arkhipiv | Tammy's Joy | Deck 285 | Starbase 12 ] Attn. @Griff

Valerii looked to the Klingon ship and sighed wistfully looking at the dented and pitted hull, regarding the ancient ship still plying the spaceways. Seeing such an old ship brought to mind a story that he'd read, and he sung a bar from the it, his voice soft and wistful, trusting Alistair's universal Translator to pick it up. "Ми молимося за останню посадку на земній кулі, яка породила нас....*" The bit of song cheered him, and he wagged a finger in the direction of the ship. "That ship reminds me of the fanciful ideas that we had about Spacetravel, so much of what was imagined never came to pass, but I slept through it all. Heinlein was a visionary, but he'd never have imagined this sort of world."

"Tangents are fine, we all have plenty of hobbies and habits and interests. Though I would say that you're still in logistics, you just went into the personnel side of it. And yes, I will never not claim to be one. My flag may have changed, but I still serve. I'm not a scientist, and I'm no longer a leader, but sadly what's important is that I'm still a mechanic, something I had to be even when I was a Squadron leader, I am still an engineer. Anyway, regardless, whatever we are my friend, and minder, we shall be drunk, now, it is time for Vodka." With that said, Valerii called up an order for actual Vodka, inputting whatever codes he needed to to get the real stuff, not something synthetic.

* = We pray for one last landing on the globe that gave us birth.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 19 [1430 hrs] A Quick Course in Cardiovascular Acceleration
Last post by RyeTanker -
[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Jefferies Tube | Deck ?? | Vector ?? | USS Theurgy] Attn: @P.C. Haring

The familiar singing shimmer ended and it was suddenly more cramped and quiet except for the occasional beep of some equipment or the steady thrum of the EPS conduits.  None of that mattered though as Zark gently pushed Reggie against a wall and closed her eyes to lock lips.  It was very familiar yet different as she pressed her blue lips into the tanned ones and squished their warm bodies together.  The Zhen still had control of the Wolf's hand and she moaned delightedly as her own tongue crossed into the Betazoid's and she went ahead and enjoyed the sensation.

She was enjoying it so much that her free hand caressed it's way down her back.  It was smooth and tantalizing the whole way down and long blue fingers traced a pattern the entire way.  She moaned happily as her pert nipples rubbed gently against the taut body.  Waves of pleasure encouraged her onward, especially since her partner wasn't making any signs to stop.

This did elicit a sense of chariness in the Zhen though since she felt like she was doing all the enjoying and Reggie wasn't responding as enthusiastically as she could have.  This caused Zark to pull away for just a moment and a thin trail of saliva linked the two as lusty blue green eyes looked on into dark brown on where to go next.

She didn't know why she got the sense that she should just continue, but Zark wasn't going to ignore it and she planted another quick kiss on Reggie's lips before helping to remove the interfering top and tossing it aside.  "Enjoy." was all she whispered into the Betazoid's ear, letting the warm air caress the tanned skin. Blue lips and tongue travelled down the exposed collar, teasingly brushed against dark nipples, planted marks of passion along the very fit belly, stopping to place a much more intense kiss on the belly button.  As she reached the narrow set of hips, strong slender fingers hooked on to both the pants and panties, and pulled them down in one smooth motion, leaving the delicate folds for her to admire.  Zark looked up once more for confirmation with a salacious smile before leaning in as her lips unerringly guided onto the nub at the top of Reggie's sex.
Director's Cut / Re: (2381) USS Theurgy: Got My Mind Set on You
Last post by Juzzie -
[Lt. Rhys Williams | Counseling Offices | Deck 13 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @joshs1000

One of the skills Rhys had learned as a counsellor was surreptitious observation. Keeping track of a the other person’s movements and reactions, but doing so without making them feel like a cell under a microscope. It was tricky and involved trying to avoid staring and performing as if this were a normal situation.

He was certainly glad to here that Lok had suffered no physical ill effects. Personally, Rhys could not have imagined anything worse than being in cryo-sleep. He knew it was irrational as the procedure was safe but the idea of it creeped him out. Though when Lok mentioned muscles atrophy, Rhys couldn’t help casting an admiring look over his patient’s musculature and wondering if Lok was already this impressive how much more he would be without any atrophy. Rhys took a moment to recover and felt faintly embarrassed at his reaction and hoped Lok had not noticed.

When Lok explained the mental effects of what had happened. Rhys nodded slowly. It was a story he hard almost daily. Even without the added stress of loosing six months most people on the crew had some issue or another from the Ship’s situation. Rhys was a rare exception, there wasn’t really anyone waiting for him back home, no family. There was an old friend back in his home village but their relationship had grown increasingly strained anyway.

Rhys felt an overwhelming sense of sympathy for Lok, and setting down his drink he moved his seat closer to Lok’s and put a sympathetic hand on his leg. He did his best to not think about the muscle beneath his hand despite how nice it felt. He wasn’t that successful. Rhys focused on a particular word that Lok had used. “Why do you say selfish?” Rhys knew it was common for some people to feel that their own negative feelings were somehow selfish or self-indulgent. He wondered if that was what was happening in this case. “I’d say what you feel is normal and understandable and echoed by many on the crew. So why selfish?” He inclined his head slightly looking at the larger man.
Main OOC Board / Re: Main OOC Thread
Last post by Brutus -


  Ens. Cameron Henshaw                                           Captain's Yeoman

- Writer: @BipSpoon

  Lt. Valyn Amarik                                           Asst. Chief Intelligence Officer

- Writer: @BipSpoon

  LT. Amelya Rez                                           Asst. Chief Medical Officer

- Writer: @BipSpoon

Please welcome back to the fold @BipSpoon  they return with their characters, Cameron Henshaw, Valyn Amarik and Amelya Rez. Each character has an enticing and deep background and all have played key parts in the story of the USS Theurgy and we look forward to seeing more of their journey in the coming chapters ahead! Glad to have you back, @BipSpoon


One other minor note - I'll be out of town while I make sure my brothers wedding goes off without a hitch starting the morning of May 15th. I'll be back by Monday the 20th. In the meantime I hope everyone continues to have fun and I look forward to seeing what everyone has written and come up with while I'm gone.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 11 [2345 hrs.] Ships in the Night
Last post by Number6 -
[Lt Vanya | Xenobiology and Cybernetics Lab | Deck 17 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Brutus

Feeling her lovers body against hers only intensified the sensation of Vanya’s anticipation.   The game they were playing, immature, childish risky… and yet it was also liberating, to act on these fantasies was like some kind of game, Vanya had a thick anti authority streak in her – being the product of a renegade Romulan experient will do that do you.    While she understood the need for decorum, sometimes it was nice to let your hands of the helm console.  
“You have the right idea…” she said.  

Vanya finished her sentence by kissing her way down Nat’s smooth neck, first in short sharp packs a friend would normally exchange in relaxed public settings before settling on long, hungry kisses, the kind of  passionate hungry kisses a frustrated Vulcan might give on their marriage pon farr.   And yet, it was still tempred with thet tenderness that Vanya had felt for Nat since they gave into their feelings and embraced their passions for each other.    With an almost artistic grace, she was able to avoid interfering with the cortical monitor that her lover wore.   While the possibility of discovery was vaguely exhilarating, accientially loosening the monitor and was a sure way to expose them, and bring an abrupt end to the evening.  

As she continued to kiss around her neck and shoulders, Vanya’s long and nimble fingers moved towards Nat’s huge mounds, softly toying with them, again, lightly caressing them with her fingers, before firmly kneading them together, pressing her against her own bare flesh.   

“isn’t this relaxing my love?” Vanya whispered into her ear.  
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