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Character Survey 2021 | Questions 3 & 4


Today, as the extended time to submit your Character Surveys have come to an end, I am posting the public compilation of your replies to Questions 3 and 4. I have made sure to remove character names so that your replies here are made anonymous. :)

First, I will list all the replies and give my answers (to those which needs answering), and at the bottom I will summarise the findings in terms of requested Story Objectives as well as Site Improvements. This thread will, of course, be open for further discussions about these findings, giving opportunity for clarifications and follow-up questions.

The next phase in dealing with the results of the Character Survey will be for me to compile individual Personal Messages in which you all find out who - at the time of the Survey - had ideas for pairing their character(s) with yours. That being said, I want to stress that even if you might not have too many names and ideas listed in the inbound messages, keep in mind that the turnout of the survey is not any kind of index on how many Theurgists it is that wishes to write with you, or how interesting your character is, but how many ideas there were for a pairing at that specific time. Some writers have also explicitly chosen to restrict the number of ideas because of RL commitments taking up their time.

Anyway, here are the results for Questions 3 and 4!

3. Is there anything you would like to add as a Story Objective during Interregnum 01-02? Do you have any ideas that you would like to share in order to enrich this new phase in the story of the Theurgy?

  • Well, there was a plan once upon a time for X and Y to go investigate a moon he had somehow bought as an investment from some shady Ferengi.

    Answer: Haha, sounds like a fun story, but hardly a Story Objective rather than a one-on-one thread? All ears to hear more when we get to the Interregnum though!

  • Not that I can think of!
  • None at the moment.
  • I think some departmental threads would be neat, especially unique challenges for those departments. For instance an episode focusing around a medical issue, and perhaps a tech malfunction, would be nice episodic asides that might provide for a lot of developments in each character.

    Answer: Perhaps not an Episode, but a Story Objective, for sure! I am all ears for Department-specific ideas, and I'll add my own too as requsted when the time comes.

  • The Theurgy has - since after the Breen mission - a handfull of Proton matter at their disposal. They should either try to use it or get rid of it. The latter could even be more of a challange than the first, due to it's highly instable properties. Just an idea, but maybe some tough extra figthing exercises for normally Non-Combat departments (Medical, Science...) After the boarding of the Theurgy by the Klingons it would maybe help them in the future. A little bit like the Voyager episode "Learning Curve".

    Answer: Proto-matter and extra Security training for non-Security officers as well. Check!

  • Tons of plot pointies with a Qo'noS setting. Such as: Uncovering a Tal Shiar plot recover science material from Chal and reclaim genetic material from the Chal chaqmey hybrids. (Comic tie-in and follow up on the Ashes to Eden novel and comic). Introducing the Klingon Imperial States, upset over the destruction of parts of the Azure Nebula and surrounding space. (FASA/Triangle tie-in). Kelvan Refugees from Andromeda that survived the destruction of that Galaxy at the hand of the Infested. (TOS tie-in). STO/Novel tie-in. Bajoran government leads a coalition of planets demanding members of the Cardassian government and military stand trial for crimes against sentient beings for actions taken during the Occupation of Bajor and the Dominion War. The Cardassian government refuses any request to surrender its citizens for prosecution, so the coalition appeals to the Federation Council and the Klingon High Council to join them in seeking justice for past crimes. (This would be a great way to incorporate our favorite Cardassian and explore how the Infested are causing political chaos in another sector of the Alpha/Beta Quadrants.)

    Answer: I'll have to do some research for a couple of these to see if there are any discrepancies or incontinuities in relation to our story, but a couple of these might work!

  • Happy to further explore possibilities regarding a dilithium reaction aboard Praxis.  Would be interesting, post Q'onos crisis, to further explore the development of the QSD, including the Benamite recrystalizing, finding a fresh source, and the establishment of a QSD "cruise procedure" to maximize Benamite lifetime.

    Answer: Praxis plot already underway so we'll see what's left to do there, but the Theurgy really do need to collect Benamite crystals so that's a given Objective, for sure!

  • Since I am still new, I don't have a lot of ideas yet. I just want to get X integrated into the crew and get some acquaintances.
  • Well, when in the Klingon Empire, we might as well have fun with the Klingons. There's lots of potential to explore Klingon culture and civilian life, plus see more of Qo'nos itself, depending on what the Theurgy is doing during the Interregnum. The Theurgy is also close to Federation space now, relatively speaking, with all the consequences therein. Otherwise, nothing specific comes to mind/ The Theurgy crew could have to deal with Starfleet Intelligence teams, I suppose, or even a starship poking around near Qo'nos.

    Answer: Great ideas! We could definitely generate some Objectives based on this.  ( good )

  • Just the development of the PDPC's (Point Defense Phaser Cannons) that X could oversee, working with various departments to see them designed, tested and then integrated into Thea in some fashion.

    Answer: Sure thing! The time at Qo'noS might be just enough to replace the depleted pod system with this kind of point-defence system.

  • Again Story objectives are not my strong suit. So I am not sure what to say to this.
  • Maybe some away missions? Would be fun to have some large group scenes as well such as a party like that they had on discovery too. I saw some people talking about a big memorial and that would be cool too. I'd like to see people have to resolve and come to terms with some of the things they saw and did leading up to the battle and such. Would also be cool to see repairs etc going on. I think it would be cool to see some "rumors" or something of the sort that disseminate around the ship as well about the battle and events of the days leading up to it that people can incorporate into their role plays. Sort of like a public knowledge listing but it's obviously not entirely accurate as rumors tend to not be.

    Answer: Great idea with a Rumour listing! This could definitely be added to the Interregnum somehow.  ( good ) There will definitely be away missions and a memorial ceremony as well, but the latter will not be a Story Objective since it's a group thread available for everyone.

  • I've already outlined a shit-ton above, and it's likely more than you were asking for, so I think I'm good. Heheh.
  • I would like to offer the storyline touched on above, breaking into the Starfleet network as a way to contact those who might be safe, or ascertain what Starfleet at doing to chase the Theurgy and their fellows.

    Answer: Great idea! Some kind of Darkweb thing? Worth thinking about for sure and it could open up for more development in Episode 2. The knife's edge to balance upon is to not have an information hub that destroys plausibility for some plot development in the war, though, so we'll have to be a bit careful with it, that's all.

  • Oof, not at the moment. I'll definitely give this some more thought so I have stuff to add during the next survey though!
  • N/A
  • I'm not sure.  Maybe something involving Romulan politics?  I'd expect the Tal'Shiar to know that Tal'Aura is acting strange if they aren't infected themselves.

    Answer: Tal'Aura is one of the Infested, yeah, but they are also able to act like themselves otherwise this would have been a short story, lol. I can definitely see some kind of Tal Shiar themed Story Objective though!

  • Currently not.
  • In case of a positive outcome down on Qo'noS a small permanent Klingon detachment could be added to the Theurgy. They can serve directly as soldiers at the front (while boarding ships or counter boarders abord the Theurgy) or they could bring their own warp fighters and support the Lone Wolf Squadron. In any case this would direct to the option to add KDF-Characters to the sim?

    Answer: No room for Klingon raiders (warp fighters) on the Theurgy, and while some Klingons might request secondment on the Theurgy, it would be on a case-to-case basis and not limited to boarding parties, since that's hardly the Starfleet way. :)

  • At this point I don't think I have any story objectives that I think would be suitable for a full crew to go after. Most of my objectives are character based at this time.  That said, I would very much like to see objectives that X or Y would be suited to pursue, especially since it's still uncertain whether or not Y will be able to get in on the hunt for the cloaked ship over Qu'nos.

    Answer: Can't tailor Story Objectives entirely for specific characters, so it is a matter of being available and ready to write when such that fit one's character(s) are listed! :)

  • This may be a better fit for the "Director's Cut" but I would like to see a traceback of the events on the Oneida that led to it becoming the "Freedom Sentinel" just to have more of a backstory for the crew of the Oneida to interact with as a Story Objective. However, again, it may be a better fit for the Director's Cut.

    Answer: Agreed, Director's Cut, but that doesn't negate the chance to have Story Objectives for that board as well! No problem.

  • Perhaps hints at Picard or Discovery related content and ideas (Zhat Vash, androids, stuff with Orions)

    Answer: Good idea, though 2385 is some way off still, so let's not jump the gun either. With moderation and care, we could use the Zhat Vash, but since they were a completely unknown entity as of Star Trek: Picard, we don't want their existence documented on the Theurgy (unless we break that continuity as well). :)

  • The idea of a memorial service for the crew members killed thus far, and I'd like it done Irish style, a celebration of the the life these people lived and affected

    Answer: Not sure about an Irish style, but I plan to have Captain Ives do another Memorial Ceremony, and perhaps pass the word along to other officers at the end of it, allowing for more people to speak. This is not a Story Objective, I believe, but a Group Thread open for all characters.

  • Feels like we're coming to some sort of cusp a point where what's been simmering below the surface is going to boil over into full scale war. Might be fun to explore that going forward, or some sort of option where Theurgy attempts to broker peace, turning from hunted, to diplomat. Regardless it feels like a civil war is brewing, and that could be a fun aspect to explore.

    Answer: Agreed, Diplomacy will play a larger role the more development happens between the different factions around Federation Space. Story Objectives focusing on that will be a great addition.

  • I don't have any ideas for the crew at large during the Interregnum, so far the only one I've had is the idea I pitched over discord: X gets a copy of an old 2250s Starfleet ops manual (captured during the war), and finds a strange reference to a "Black Alert", but no context, details, or anything, just the name.

    Answer: I like this idea for a tie-in for Discovery even if it is just a dead end, given the information suppression about the events revolving around the Discovery. Not sure it makes for a Story Objective, since they ought to support the story in way that truly matters, but it is a fun idea nonetheless!

  • Theurgy has been doing a lot of battling, a lot of running, and a lot of relaxing. But it has been largely avoiding one of the tenets of Starfleet - Exploration. It would be nice to both add exploratory side story missions and in turn, more planets and stellar bodies to the Wiki. It is something of great interest to me, and it would also benefit X with what strange and new Y she might discover.

    Answer: As long as we can tie in a more exploratory thread that supports the storyline of ours, I can definitely see the need to balance the story overall with this kind of theme, so absolutely!


TL:DR version, here are the ideas for Story Objectives that have a lot of potential for Interregnum 03-04! That being said, as I have stated a couple of times already, ideas and development doesn't have to be Story Objectives.

Quote from: Recent Newsletter
Keep in mind that the Story Objectives does not have to be essential to story progression either. They are merely a fun idea box for possible things that can be illustrated. The Story Objectives should never be considered the sole means to depict story development, nor the main Chapter threads. If people won't write threads unless there are Tokens attached to them, then I will simply have to remove the Story Tokens, since such a development would hamper the generation of content and progression. What you guys write - what threads you guys start - all of that content which you depict - is- our story!

So, it will be decided on a case-to-case basis if these will generate Story Tokens, or if they will simply have to be dealt with in accordance with interest from the writers to write such content for the story. I refuse to find myself in a position where I have to "pay" writers with Story Tokens to generate any story content and should I find that is the case, I will scrap the Story Objectives and be perfectly content without it. I knew from the start that introducing Tokens was a risk, and unless writers start to take on story development without Token payment, the experiment ends, so I suggest you all stop focusing on these as much as you already are.

In any case, if there are any Story Objectives going forward, here is the condensed list of interest stated in the Survey!

  • More Department-specific Story Objectives.
  • Use/Getting rid of protomatter from the Genesis Device collected during the mission to Breen.
  • Fighting exercises for non-Secrurity departments.
  • Tal Shiar plot recover science material from Chal (might not work, TBD)
  • Klingon Imperial States (might not work, TBD)
  • Kelvan Refugees from Andromeda (might not work, TBD)
  • Bajoran government leads a coalition of planets demanding members of the Cardassian government and military stand trial for crimes against sentient beings for actions taken during the Occupation of Bajor and the Dominion War. (might not work, TBD, shifts attention from the Theurgy story too much?)
  • Collect Benamite crystals plus establishment of a QSD "cruise procedure" to maximize Benamite lifetime.
  • See more of Qo'nos itself.
  • The Theurgy crew could have to deal with Starfleet Intelligence teams.
  • Even a Federation starship poking around near Qo'nos.
  • Development of protractible and automated PDPC's (Point Defense Phaser Cannons) to replace the torpedo pod system slots that the Theurgy depleted entirely to escape the Versant in Episode 05.
  • Story Objectives with away missions in general.
  • Dedicated repair Objectives.
  • Breaking into a Starfleet network to get more intel than what Anderson is already giving the Theurgy. TBD if we can have some kind of Darkweb to undermine the Infested at this point in the story, or if that will be detrimental to plot development.
  • Some kind of Tal Shiar Story Objective.
  • Director's Cut scene(s), with a Story Objective covering some events leading up to the Oneida siding with the Theurgy.
  • Zhat Vash Objective, TBD, as we have to tread lightly and not actually name this organisation in the story, since they were an unkown entity in Star Trek: Picard.
  • Diplomatic Department Objective(s), along with other Departmental Objectives, as already stated.
  • Story Objectives dedicated to exploration.

4. Lastly, is there anything you'd like added to the site, that you feel would be of benefit for the sim?

Next are the Site Improvements! Less input here, since many are happy with the sim and the wiki, but there were some great ideas!

  • Maybe a sub-board where people can post plot ideas they are seeking writers for? The discord makes it kind of hard to find specific openings when it gets filled with discussions.

    Answer: We already have this in different ways, and I keep hearing people would like this, and I keep having to point out where to go. Here are the places where you can post plot ideas and find writing partners:

    - Advent of War OOC Thread Here is the forum equivalent for the writing-request channel on the Discord Server. Post away! A new one will be created for Interregnum 03-04 once that board is created.
    - Aldea Anthology OOC Thread (though that board is closing down)
    - #writing-requests channel on the Discord Server.
    - For more overall Story ideas and discussions for the mission ahead, the latest Story Workshop is still open, with a new one being created for Episode 02 eventually.

  • Not that I can think of!
  • None at the moment.
  • I don't really have much else. I've enjoyed my time so far with Theurgy, I look forward to more stories.
  • Nope
  • I am working on a couple of things. I am working on an updated NPC roster. I am working on a list of Federation members list. NOTE, this is not a multipage species write up. I am also playing with a Path to 2382 bulleted time-line. I think these all will help our writers. The NPC roster to help populate our stories. The list of Federation members to help with diversifying our characters. And the timeline to help enrichen the history of our characters backstory. I think this will also help with generating an updated current state of politics in our Theurgy-verse. As the actions of the Infested become more wide-spread we should start to see signs of political instability. Ultimately, I hope, leading to the formation of the Typhon Pact, moving our story into 2382 and an era of political turmoil resulting in additional missions for our Diplomatic Corps.

    Answer: More NPCs to replace those we've killed off is awesome, and I look forward to that as well as the NPC generator that might see the light of day soon. As for the Path to 2382 it will have to be a with a fist of salt since we are in an alternate timeline. More like an advisory resource and not by any stretch of the imagination a manuscript or checkpoints to cover. I doubt the Typhon Pact will ever happen in the Theurgy verse, since we're only in April of 2381, but it could be good to know what the novel verse illustrated nonetheless.

  • In the world of forum programming, I wish I was better in the area of forum programming. A Play by Post game I was a member of before Theurgy had the forum programed with player marbles at the top of each thread that tracked Post order so that we always knew who was up next. The marbles were just round AVATARS of the player that moved to the right or left of the header based on the following key variables. Like an abacus, when a player posts their avatar stacked on the left. After 48 hours (for us we could say a week), the avatar would slide to the right. The person on the far left was always the person up next to post. I wish I knew how to program this.

    Answer: This idea has surfaced before, and unfortunately, there is no site support for this function. Worth keeping in mind to advise some kind of alternative however, so I will see what I might come up with to meet this need!

  • I'm too new to really know at this point.
  • One thing does come to mind. We could use some way of organising major story threads in the episodes, given how many there are now. It can be difficult to keep track of the various chapters, especially when they're happening simultaneously. Maybe if there's some sort of master page on the wiki, listing each chapter in the current episode with little summaries of what they're about?

    Answer: Well, we have used the Advent of War Calendar and the Aldea Prime Calendar to this effect, but all threads haven't been listed, only those who has major effects on the whole crew. The problem with making a wiki page that lists all the threads is that it will be a nightmare to keep it updated, and I simply can't do it on top of all the other things I do, sorry. The alternative is to have everyone who makes a new thread also add it to that wiki page, and you can all imagine how that will turn out... It will be neglected and forgotten in short order, even if everyone were proficient in wiki markup. Instead, I suggest everyone strictly stick to the thread naming conventions, and sort the threads by subject on the boards to get the timeline perfectly right, without even having to leave the board. If someone have any alternative ideas, I am all ears! :)

  • Nothing that I can think of. Nothing easy to do or cannot already be done another way at any rate.
  • Nothing I can immediately think of.
  • No idea.
  • I think the site has all the info needed!
  • Not that I can think of, but if there's something from me that you think can benefit the SIM, please feel free to ask.
  • Nothing I can think of.
  • Nothing I can really think of, the site is amazing as it is!
  • N/A
  • Nope!
  • Currently not. I am perfectly satisfied!
  • Momentarily not, sorry.
  • I'm excited to see the completion of the Thea refit project and I'm hoping you'll be able to provide very high resolution scenes that I might be able to steal for desktops for my computer. Also, if the Oneida is going to stay around, it might be helpful to have a basic deck plan for her.

    Answer: If you check the USS Oneida page, there is a deck listing there! :)

  • The site currently works great for me!
  • I also think we should look at possibly forming a HAZARD team. Not a permanent element or a new list of characters, but a group of pre-existing characters who specialize in the areas of HAZARD operations. Perhaps just to handle the kind of missions like Sabine Crash. These are extremely hazardous away team missions. Death is almost assured. (Great way to eliminate some excess PC's or NPC's) Search and Rescue, Extractions, Insertions, Evac, etc.

    Answer: Since this wasn't on the shows, I don't like this idea at all. While it might make sense it steals the opportunity for other characters outside that team to take on such missions. I hate that these NPCs or PCs are supposed to be a go-to option, curtailing all and any unique ideas for away team compilations. I don't like the term Hazard Team either, so I want it gone in favour of the canon away team. Sorry!

  • X kicked this off, but in the absence of Marines, would it be good to have a formal Hazard Team on board?

    Answer: See above answer, and I have already stated my opinions about Marines and the equivalent many, many times over the past almost 10 years that this sim has been active. They are not on the ships on the shows, and they will never be on the Theurgy. I can't overstate it enough, it seems! lol :) Any kind of function that the Marines have planet-side, is handled by Security. Security is not just police constables on the ships, but the specially trained equivalent of soldiers that Starfleet have. That being said, away teams should never be exclusive to Security officers either, but consist of mission-specific skillsets.


I'm adding something that was brought up for Story Objectives, and it's the rumour listings at the top of the summary below. :)

  • Rumour Listing for Interregnum 01-02, where we have juicy stuff to incorporate in any and all threads, sorted by date that the rumours might start. Optional public "knowledge" to draw from. Love this idea, since it helps both inform characters In-Character and seed new plots and ideas!
  • Replenished NPC roster & NPC Generator
  • Path to 2382 listing (merely being advisory for plot ideas)
  • Tentatively, some kind of posting order function (can't promise anything here yet)
  • Calendar page upgrade, but difficult to add all threads to a wiki page due to the amount of workload and diminishing returns since the board can be sorted by Subject and you get an immediate timeline available that way. Open for fresh ideas.
  • Open for fresh ideas in regard to another means to find writing partners aside from those we already have. I would love to have more specifics on what you guys want to do in regard to list ideas and get attention for them. :)

That's it for Questions 3 and 4! Next step for me, besides the discussion that may follow in this thread, is to compile the individual Personal Messages that will be directed towards individual character development and pairings with other writers! I will be working on sending these out over the coming days, since they are individually tailored for all Theurgists whom replied to the Character Survey.   (L)


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