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Day 01 [0100 hrs.] Theurgic Recovery

[ Lieutenant Cmd Miles Renard | Temporary Quarters | deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan 

The vibrations still ghosted through his fur to  his skin while the pieces of the Exo-suit remained pealed off in the corner. The deck of the FAB was still in his mind. Felt like he had been away for so long only to find his friends to be on what could be argued as the Pyrrhic side of a battle. It felt like the sonic wasn't enough. He knew he was clean, it just didn't help with the feelings. Sten was gone among others.

<Damn the stars.> He let out a Vulpin curse while he moved from the shower. The sonic vibrations continued in the distance due to the failure of being turned off. Tail shifted in agitation noting the dimmer light from the quarters that were not his own. The Warp streaks streamed by the windows just as a reminder that a sacrifice resulted in how, now, there were others who would not have this luxury.

<It's just been a lot in no time. There are those that lived.> The Vulpinian reminded himself, his larger form now settled on the couch.

Little did he know the words he would read on the the Memorial Wall, 36 hours later.

[ Day 02 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy]

He could smell the green and water from below from the allowed airflow into the exo-suit, his patrol about to begin. Miles was hoping that he would see less names than expected on The Wall since Starbase 84. How would this change after we recovered from the Apertures? He didn't know specifically outside of two, but that was the emotional impact talking. That intellectual knowledge didn't' help.

MacTavish, Kanti   Archer, CarolinaDauntless, Miko
EnsignChief Petty OfficerLieutenant Junior Grade
Killed In ActionKilled In ActionKilled In Action
There were more of course. It was fortunate that there were names missing that he hopped were missing. He tried to derive some pleasure form it, while there was some- it- it didn't feel like enough. “Wolves, Command, Crew. We survived SB 84, we survived the Borg. You may be joined soon, but know the odds were shifted from impossible to near impossible from their actions and tea,work.” The words were dimmed by the helmet but spoken in Federation Standard. It seemed right even though The Memorial didn't have ears in any traditional from.

The experience was mixed, still didn't feel comfortable-
[ Day 01 | 0115  Hours | Temporary Quarters | deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy]

It occurred to him, someone that should be back and alive. It brought a smile to his muzzle. <Theurgy> Miles spoke to himself, then louder, directed. <Thea?> he questioned in Vulpic. <How are you doing?>

He had a need to see if after everything she was a survivor or some form of casualty from being so far separated from her self, on another- foreign vessel. Was Renard grasping at emotional straws? If he had to make an admission, then possibly. Right now he had made a simple query while he sat in a lounged posture with his tail across his lap; more comfortable in his skin.

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[ USS Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Temporary Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Cleric_Kyan
At the voice command being picked up, Thea's background processes were pinged by the identity of the speaker, and despite the millions of current processes in her runtime, her artificial intelligence homed in on that singular question posed to her. Of course she could have opted to answer through the intercom, and she considered it since her internal sensors detected an active sonic shower.

Oddly enough, however, his life-sign put him outside the shower, in the adjacent room, and the time-index for the shower had been running for quite some time. It caused her to worry, that the just arrived Vulpinian - presumed lost in the battle at Starbase 84 - was injured and he was contacting her because of a medical emergency. The signal from his life-sign suggested great fatigue, but the internal sensors she had were nowhere as fine-tuned as a medical tricoder. All of the speculation she made on the condition of the former Squadron Commanding Officer took her no more than a couple of milliseconds, and then she activated her transporter systems to make a site-to-site beaming of her mobile emitter, making her projection vanish from where it was walking down the corridor to materialising in the room Commander Renard was in.

"Miles?" she asked, and her chameleon bodysuit had the teal colours, and she'd opted to bring a medical kit as well - the small suitcase in her hand as she looked around the dim room. When she spotted him, her eyes widened momentarily.

"Oh! You're naked!" she exclaimed, covering her mouth with her hand. Blushing, she averted her eyes, and chose to look at the open door that shone light into the main room. With her glance, she also accessed the control unit of the sonic shower in there, and shut it down at long last. "I-I'm doing fine! How are you? Air-drying your fur from the humidifiers, I take it?"

'Fine' was quite relative, of course, given how she'd been away from her three hulls for quite some time and the auxillary computer systems have just let all her internal calibrations and sub-processes run unchecked. Psychologically, that was a more difficult question to answer. The face of Lin Kae showed up, as if superimposed in her digital mind, but she suppressed the feed from her emotion chip, directing her program's focus unto the returned Lone Wolf.

Thea looked back at him, knowing that they had both seen each other without clothing before, and she smiled a little. She chose to ignore his state of undress and walked up to him. "Anyway, let me make a medical scan, okay? You seem like you've been through a lot..."

As she stepped closer, she got quite another feed than an emotional one... but it did serve to trigger her emotional chip nonetheless. Lieutenant Sinead O'Riley had installed her olfactory sensors, and just like that day when Ishtar had come aboard her...

"I..." she began, and swallowed, her mannerism irreversibly attuned to that of an organic woman both through computer science and her accumulated experience as both an artificial being and - briefly - and organic one. "Your scent... I... can feel it again."

That surely opened up for a lot of questions, but she was too mesmerised by the feedback loop of her organic memory engrams - re-digitalised - and what her current sensor input made her feel.

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[ Lieutenant Cmd Miles Renard | Temporary Quarters | deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

His arguably predatory eyes flickered to the small shimmering light of the Theurgy's transporter. A feeling of relief seeing her sci/med colors. He shifted slightly noting the medical kit. He did feel stressed, as a result fatigue and muscle tension were certainly present. Thought the Sonic shower had provided some physical soothing effect. The query of his name was overshadowed by the exclamation of his current state. His ears perked up as a feeling of human-like nudity swept over him as response to the tone- it vanished as quickly as it appeared.

A somewhat willful smile formed on his muzzle. It was somewhat amusing, the situation how he had been in a different culture for so long as to have a few aspects even momentarily stick to him in the privacy of- well, these temporary quarters.

I'm just in my late night, private attire. ” His joke was reflexive as was the Federation Standard, but then shifted into a more honest tone. ”Just needing to feel a bit more natural. The air does feel good thought, much better than being entombed in the flight suite.” With a rotation and pivot Miles made room for the friendly hologram to sit next to his hybrid form. It was nice seeing that she was physically, for lack of a better term, was ok. But like him was there mental injury to this? It would be something to bring up later.

He nodded in response to her request for a scan. He was sure it would pick up various hormones or stress and other signs of mental induced physical responses that aren't the most healthy or helpful. He was sure that areas of his fur was bristled with stress and danger even if there was no danger here. There was the opposite of danger, in fact, but that didn't stop the physical response.

I wouldn't know where to start, Thea. I feel that I'm still sorting it out myself- especially when – what everything was when I finally got back to you and the F.A.B. The Cube, the assimilated battlefield-  Wolves...” The Vulpinian shifted every now and then as he trailed to allow the medical tricorder unfettered line of effect. The man did find he had to consciously stop a uplifting sway of his lap bound tail as the comment of her ability to detect his scent. It wasn't for modesty, but convenience as her corporeal state likely would mind the distraction.

This update to her ability, however, uplifted him as it reminded him of the last time she was able to and the fact that after she couldn't after.  The loss of an ability, like an appendage, was something that should be mourned for a time, more so if it was new to begin with. But now, now she could again and frankly it surprised him but also made him realize- “Now I find that I miss yours.” A less conscious, more genuine smile spread on his face. “You must have been through a lot yourself. Clearly time has gifted you with a new nose. You must be enjoying this quite a bit. The scent of a tart to lubricant in the bay.” All he could smell was metal and the fainter scent of emitters. This didn't prevent him from acknowledging his friend as real, however, even after everything he had been through. “Do I smell the same?

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[ USS Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Temporary Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Cleric_Kyan
Since Miles shifted to make room for her on the couch, Thea had sat down next to him and put the medical kit down on the coffee table in front of them. She listened while she produced the medical tricorder from its slot in the kit, and she had to chuckle nervously before she began the scan. He had told her that he missed her scent, and it made her clear her throat a little in an embarrassed way.

"Oh, it wasn't 'time' that gave me an upgrade. An engineer from the Resolve did, mere hours ago," she said, knowing that Renard had encountered the Resolve in the battle at Starbase 84. She had been separated into MVAM, and Captain Ives had used the symbiotic docking protocol of the Helmet to protect the damaged Resolve - fleeing as it was from the Knight-class interceptors that the Infested CO of the starbase had sent after it. Ives managed to save the majority of the Resolve's crew mid-battle by letting the crew of that ship escape into her airlocks, with the shields of her saucer section protecting it. All the while the Lone Wolves - led by Renard - had worked together with the Grey Wolves of the Resolve to protect the operation. All this, while the starbase had been throwing everything it had at them.

Then, the USS Orcus had arrived with the White Wolves, as a vanguard for the rest of Task Force Archeron. The Asurians had been called to aid, letting the Theurgy retreat, and damaged as Renard's Valkyrie had been, he'd flown with the Asurians into the fray last she'd detected him on her long range sensors.

"From what little experience I have with this olfactory sensor suite... I believe your scent is the same," she said as she scanned him and checked the readings, noting the smaller discrepancies coming from fatigue and... elevated heart-rate... and... Oh, dear... She cleared her throat and raised the scanning piece from his lap a little too quickly. "I mean, circumstances are a tad different now compared to when scented you last, and these sensors might be off compared to the sensitivity of the nose Ishtar gave me but, in general, I would say so."

Finding nothing alarming save for the obvious that he hid with his tail, Thea put the medical tricorder away, and tried to deal with the feeds from her emotional chip in a rational way. "I... can imagine how perplexing it would have been to find me and my crew in such a predicament. I am... merely grateful that you weren't five minutes late, and we've vanished through that aperture, and the device detonated whilst you were still in the nebula. You got back in the nick of time... Any later, and..."

Thea trailed off, the obvious remaining unsaid.

"I am glad you did," she said at last, smiling to him. They had history, not just from Ishtar, but that time on the holodeck - the simulated shoreleave in Suraya Bay - and he'd been there when she tried to reach Cala. She'd been too late, no hope in trying to reset her ethical subroutines, but Miles had been there in the devastating aftermath. Flying the Reaver, she'd towed his Valkyrie back into her fighter bay. They hadn't spoken much since, however, since he'd entertained a relationship with Dyan Cardamone. Someone who was still aboard.

"You know..." she said, knowing that she might be taking the conversation in an unanticipated direction, "since Starbase 84, Petty Officer Cardamone has never been the same. Not because you were lost, the anger towards you ending things remaining still, but because of what happened to the Asurians in the battle. She lost her whole family."

Shaking her head, she looked away. "I'm not sure why I am telling you this... but if you attempt to seek her out one day... you should know she's not the same any more."

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[ Lieutenant Cmd Miles Renard | Temporary Quarters | deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

The hum of impulse filled his ears at the reminder of the Resolve and SB 84. It was fresh in a way when compared to now where the Theurgy, Thea and his companions had been through so much. At least in the short term for the them, it looked like his and their efforts were not in vain after he had been separated. “Sounds like the Resolve was helpful. I was worried that there would be 'integration pains' considering our spotty luck with others.” He shifted under her sensor node. At the confirmation that he did indeed hold a reasonably identical scent his internal struggle was rebuffed for at least a few moments. It was relieving that Thea was becoming more of relatable and 'evolving'. There were still gaps in understanding from both the flesh and photonic side of the societal spectrum, and at least for Thea it would be smaller. He also enjoyed the tease that was the subject. Still there was a concern for Thea beyond the physical and the 'fine' that she gave; her matrix through the mobile emitter appearing stable; not that reading her body language was completely certain. Was this external concern just a way for  him to lay aside his own struggle, was he using friend for this? At the moment it was a firm 'maybe'.

A warmth coursed through him at the mention of Ishtar and the incident that the being incited. If Miles was in his Vulcine form, then there would most certainly be a visible tinting to his cheeks. Not that  his fur alone could fully hide the effects of such reference or increase of blood flow.  “Yes, just a tad- at least we aren't trapped in a broken holodeck.” He spoke with a chuckle. “At least you have a base line so you know its working properly.” The Vulpinian's head shifted and cocked to the side in thought. Miles wanted to ask about Thea about how she was beyond the projection, her mental state. Now did seem a good time. With the decision made he found that the time in thought was enough for his companion to continue the conversation.

She brought up a rather grim possibility, a very real one. His brow furrowed at the thought, hand lightly gripped the fur of his soft tail as he let out a breath. Miles moved his arm to the side and behind Thea to offer a comforting grip as a physical reminder his existence even though he knew Thea's sensors would of verified that fact from the beginning. “I know,” It wasn't said as firm as he would of liked in betrayal of his want to sound like his survival was a foregone conclusion. “I-” The comment dies in his throat. “I'm glad, for you, and those who made it from 84 and the apertures.

His finger's flexed with likely more strength than was comfortable, a partially restrained growl. “I never expected to return to the Deck looking like that. We've had our share of close calls, on-board fights, but the Wolves, the Deck cr-” His voice died as he thought of Sten Covington and the 'detonator' of the device that saved the Alpha Quadrant. <We lose people...> He tensed, tail wishing to shift in response, though held fast. Miles didn't realize he spoke aloud until a moment later, at least it wasn't in Standard, but that wouldn't matter to his guest- or anyone with a U.T. “I'll need to look over the battles, learn from what you and the crew went through went through during my absence.

Renard's head fell at the news of Cardamone. His eyes misted, though not to weeping. He knew she'd be angry for what he did, but to get these hints about her reaction, coping with the circumstanced during his gap of time. The Vulpinian still cared for her, he cared for all his friends and relationships even if logic and duty prompted otherwise. For her she was especially close to and it to some extent was still apart of him. His body shifted closer to his other close individual as if the physical presence would provide comfort. He could feel the artificial body heat of Thea; it was nice.

Damn-it!” He growled in a bit too speedy Federation curse. “That had to have traumatized her.” Loosing her entire family, no one escaped. Miles' head leaned back to look up at the ceiling of the Theurgy's quarters. With a mumble of a Vulpinian saying of luck the pilot spoke up. “I expect her to still be angry at me, but I didn't want that to be the first fall of a petal from a wonderful flower.” The hand on his tail fell to the side. “I'd still like to know how you are processing this, Thea. But how- do you know how 'not the same she is'? I know she won't want my help. Regardless I'd still like to know.

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[ USS Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Temporary Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Cleric_Kyan
Thea was reminded that as an organic being, Miles wasn't able to delve into the tactical logs of the engagements she'd been in during the time between the battle at Starbase 84 and the present date, having no processor that could just download it all, and she knew he would need some time to not just read it with his eyes, but digest the implications. The losses, the outcomes and the prospects for the mission now that they were heading to a potential safe harbour.

He shifted closer to her, putting an arm on the backrest of the couch and thus behind her back. She didn't move away, but while he spoke, she put away her medical tricorder into the kit on the table. His question about Cardamone wasn't unexpected, and after reviewing cultural aspects of Vulpinian society, Thea felt she could tell him without making it too much of an emotional impact. Obviously, Renard had cared for the Asurian, perhaps far more than he'd liked to admit since romantic feelings were a bit of a taboo for him, but she believed he'd be able to hear the truth of it.

"Well," she said and put her hand on the fur on his chest, which had reverberated when he spoke through vocal cords and an oral cavity not entirely fit for Federation Standard. Her universal translator made it all work without the linguistic studies, but she appreciated how the organic had taken the time to learn speaking it despite the challenges. His voice was animal, primal, and she was rather reminded about the beast in the darkness of that holodeck. She toyed idly with the fur on his chest as she answered. "She withdrew, at first. She was ordered to establish communications with the Asurian Queen, and she followed orders. During the conversation with Ives and Commander Trent, Cardamone was given an ultimatum to either stay with the Theurgy or return to her people. She was in turmoil, lashing out against Wenn Cinn at one point. Then, came the Asurians to the Theurgy in the Azure Nebula, and they brought their friends. The Savi, whom they called the Sheromi. She chose to go to her people, defecting from the Theurgy... but either she had a change of hearts, or she planned it all along, because in the ensuing battle, she fought the Asurians from within, and returned to me. Yet I think... to make matters worse than they already were for her, she experienced something when she returned to her people that made her change her mind. Because..."

She sighed, frowning, and she idly slid her hand down his chest and abdomen, feeling the fur run between her fingers and enjoying the feeling. "She became the opposite of withdrawn. Feral, and switching between moods at a moment's notice. My logs from the time I was away from the ship are clear, in how she's been trying to repress something by thoughtlessly leaping on any manner of distraction. Be it action, sexual relations, or her duties. I fear she might be on the verge of... something, but she is Asurian, and old, so I don't think she will break down so easily. She just isn't herself any more."

Thea looked up into his green eyes, alien and yet known to her. "Would you try to approach her, for I think you and I share a concern for her? She's helped this crew quite a lot, during Vasser's mutiny, at Starbase 84, and now, in the Azure Nebula, so I think we all owe it to her that we look out for her well-being."

A small smile came to her in the dim light of the quarters, the side of her face lit by the open doors to the head. The humidifiers had spread its effect into the rest of the quarters, making her sensory suite almost identify the room as belonging to a jungle found in one of her holodeck programs. "I do say though," she said, clearing her throat and running her hand beneath his tail, "that I think there is naught wrong with your well-being, given how your mind seem to wander into the past. You really need to rest, and not get any of these ideas, just because of what we've been doing once or twice before you went MIA."

Perhaps it was her too, in how she didn't want her emotion chip to dwell on Lin Kae any more?

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[ Lieutenant Cmd Miles Renard | Temporary Quarters | deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

His ears perked in focus to Thea's words strong enough to be peripherally aware of her touch to his chest, at first. While she spoke he slightly tilted his head in acknowledgment and understanding at parts. Renard certainly understood explosion of emotion and being under a pressure cooker. Ultimatums were complicated things to the inflicted. She had already made choices concerning the Theurgy- and himself. It only made sense considering her past that Command would give even harder choices. To do what we do, for the why of our cause, growth and hardships were apart of the package. It wasn't a new revelation, though it was nice that his Friend's recounting had brought that closer to the for front. Dyan's choices so far sounded difficult, but decisive even if veiled in a bit of mystery.

Though Thea's trailing voice told him there was going to be a hard shift in the informal report as indicated earlier. The sensation of her fingers drew enough of his attention to notice the frown on her face. Here must have been the change- it was. When her chocolate eyes met his green ones it brought more of a gravity to the situation. Something she had picked up from her observations perhaps? Regardless of what prompted her action it was nice to focus on something that wasn't the active turmoil. “Of course. Of course I should try to assist her.” It was a bit rapid of a response, but this was Dyan and the motivation was more emotional than he'd initially realized. However it was cushioned with this rather sound logic: “Something had clearly happened to her to cause such a severe shift. It could be pertinent to future events even a danger depending on the cause.” A pause hung for half a moment. “I also would want her to be more stable than you are describing. It sounds like some form of denial or coping through action. With everything we encounter recovery can require a helping hand. I care for her well-being too, Thea.” He couldn't help but smile at that last part.

Miles' head tilted to the side at the indication of a change of subject, the clearing of her throat. A mild reactive tension of muscles and unfocused anticipation of nerves shot through him when her warm hand reached to the underside of his resting, now softly shifting tail. A nervous grin curled onto his face mixed with not quite embarrassment. He was fully cognizant of what it was she was referring to and that in turn cause his mix of emotion and expression to turn more bemused. “Now Thea, I hope you didn't conclude that I called you in here for 'mutual satisfaction'?” The question was both part jest and an admission that it would certainly be a pleasant distraction; however selfish the thought was. Though the bemused expression on his face softened to one, while lighter than when she first entered, did contain grams of seriousness. “When I asked for you I wanted to see that you were well. If you were handling this latest situation... at least well enough. I must admit my mind did wander to more pleasant things than coming home to what was left after the Borg and rending space to chaos of  esoteric particles.” A kinder look overtook his features. “While our cultures are different I wouldn't want that or my body to misrepresent me.” A throaty chuckle punctuated the statement. “Honestly, I'll get to...” His voice trailed off a moment as his mind moved through linguistic psychology. “Other stages of emotional resolution before I rest.” The Vulpinian couldn't recall the Federation cycle of emotional coping at the moment. “[I should be able to pay my respects by tomorrow

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[ USS Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Temporary Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Cleric_Kyan
Chuckling, Thea tilted her head while Miles spoke, the Vulpinian clearly worried about the impression he was making. He was ascribing thoughts to her about his culture and what he might be thinking about.

"You are not misrepresented as far as I am concerned, Commander Renard. I believe you both honest, and without ulterior motives," she said, still not about to delve into the memory banks that detailed the death of Lin Kae. "After all, you did not ask for me to come here specifically. That was an initiative of my own."

Indeed, he had merely asked how she was doing... and that was a question she shied away from, since the answer was both multi-faceted and difficult to express in a cohesive way. She found it far more easy, and beneficial for her runtime, to not find 'mutual satisfaction', but distraction. The feeds from the emotion chip were a lot to process, so she longed to have more recognisable data. Familiar, in how she'd had been with Renard before. In fact she had missed him, more so than she might have thought when she decided to transport her mobile emitter into his quarters.

"Just like this is," she added quietly, and wrapped her fingers around his girth. "Yet if you rather seek other 'emotional resolutions' before you rest, then I can leave you to it. The readings did say you were quite healthy, after all..."

The corners of her eyes were creased in a smile, as she teased him with her hand, and waited to see if he'd ask her to leave instead.

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[ Lieutenant Cmd Miles Renard | Temporary Quarters | deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

His head slowly leaned back against the rest- then his eyes darted down at least as far as they could go; an intake of air. The feeling shot shot through the nerves of  his thighs as the partly unsheathed muscle was gripped, returning the touch with a involuntary twitch. In this form the majority of his body was sheathed in protection from cold and lesser offenses, skin processed sensation differently than say a Vulcan would. His exposed organ was decisively not and thus this action was electrifyingly noticeable.

His mind raced. Renard didn't really expect her to do such a thing. Though as she asserted, it was her own initiative. Reading Thea could be difficult at times with her different sensory impressions. It was so easy to deal with matters as they arose even if one was in the thick of it. But mentally this was different considering the situation. It was then he noticed that her touch while it gave a response didn't induce a flush to expand it further from its sheath. It was surprising to him as she was not a undesirable presence that would produce resistance.

His ears shifted in the scant seconds of thought in realization as his intelligent mind processed his friend's words following her grip. 'Emotional Resolution' she said. While Vulpinian's were known to temper logic, gut and emotions. Renard- Miles was not unknown to be creature of emotion. That was the issue, his emotion and logic warred which made a chaotic focus. He didn't consciously notice until Thea's raw touch and words unveiled it. He had been stopping himself, focused on the 'hunt', the kill of the guilt of not being here in time to protect his pack and crew. His breath released in a chest rumbling sound of pleasure and allowance of de-focus. It was only a short time to him as he felt the hand of Thea softly caressed. The initial grip of its girth now more of a tactile preview.

There was another twitch and a pulse from muscle, this time showing through action that he was indeed a healthy male as less flesh was sheathed. Risking another moment to let the sensations fill his senses. His breathing took on a more regular sounding flow, head tilted down he noticed the smile in her earthen eyes. Miles felt blood rushing with her ministrations. His tail gingerly swept upwards and to the side unveiling the obscured, growing part of himself. The soft limb incidentally moved close enough to threaten its texture against her photonic clothed chest and the slight exposed area where her chameleon uniform began at her throat.

Your Initiative...” The Vulpinian shifted slightly spreading out his legs. There was still a nagging part of him that wanted to focus, but once more he had to de-focus; a soft thrust of his hips to increase contact of the teasing hands. <This form of resolution, it may jeopardize secondary functions if you aren't too careful.> He spoke in jest in a forewarning fashion. A smile which belayed a threat of confidence that was absent and had felt absent sense he was numb on the F.A.B. He knew his answer was clear and soon he'd know the initial pace she was expecting.

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[ USS Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Temporary Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Cleric_Kyan
Renard jested with her, and Thea couldn't help the small chuckle she made while she stroked him. She continued to look at him whilst the streaming lights of her warp flight caressed her from outside the viewport, and she appreciated how the spectres filtered through his fur. "Oh, do you think you're that distracting?" she teased quietly, and she tilted her head. "I think the crew can survive while my background processes are left on automatic for a while. I am a tad more sophisticated than you give me credit for."

Most of all, however, she appreciated his scent, which reminded her how it had been to be organic. It was an experience forever imprinted in her now, and the Savi had even claimed it altered her processing protocols to mimic that of a Human woman. It had been the creation of the Synthesis Code, as they had named it, and in being in possession of that code - as a stand-alone template - she possessed the ability to bestow that code unto other A.I. Like the Savi android, whom she upgraded on the Versant.

An act that she might have to stand for when speaking with Captain Ives.

No, she thought, not about to be distracted by the morrow. Nor would she dwell on the yesterday, when she had tonight.

Looking into his eyes, she lowered her smiling lips down to the crown of his alien phallus, and began to slowly swirl the tip of her tongue around it. He might have teased her with words, but she could use her mouth to tease him in other ways. At that point, she also figured that her chameleon body suit served no further function, so she re-sequenced her projection to remove it entirely. After all, Renard was already bereft of obstructive clothing, so why not even the playing field a little?

And in doing so, while she began to lavish his hardness with her lips and tongue, as well as the digital warmth of her oral cavity, she sought the apex of her legs with her free hand. Her sensory mapping granted her organic function and sense of touch, ranging from the minute goosebumps spreading over her skin, to the molten wetness her fingers found. She had preformed the fellatio on Miles before, difficult as it was considering his size, and while it was an art she hadn't perfected in any sense, her processing matrix was able to consult third party holo-resources on the skill. She did as best as she might, glancing towards his face now and again to gauge his enjoyment, all the while she touched herself.

"Feeling a bit better?" she asked shallowly after a little while, grinning while her hand continued what her mouth had ceased to do.

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[ Lieutenant Cmd Miles Renard | Temporary Quarters | deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Lap. Suckle. Stroke. It was a disruption if a well timed one. Again and again it happened, Mile's thoughts on the situation were cast aside at the well timed pleasures that radiated along the nerves of his encouraged and swelled organ. Every time his mind turned to the spacial vortex, the nebula- wolves or other allies slipping off contact from the then worn Valkyrie's sensors. Even though it was against his own wishes that his mind did so they were dashed when this de-focus hit.

It was more clear that the parts of his emotions and mind that which were still rebelling had met there match. The increased thrum of his heart rate, grit of teeth and expulsions of hot breath as the being of perfect recollection knew which patch of flesh to grace and warm. A pleasurable growl rumbled through as his lips stretched into a predatory smile. <Wepwawet> he vocally breathed in bemusement, though Mile's believed it to be in his mind. The war scout, deity opener of ways. Thea was, at least from a certain point of view just that.  While this was certainly a distraction it was also causing the background of his mind to process different alternatives. As he recognized a number of moments ago, 'the hunt of guilt' was not the only way.

His Vulpinian hand reached out to rest on her dark locks of attractive hair, less of thought and more of instinct while her skilled motions continued. Every now and again his clawed hands softly gripped her hair in pleasure or stilled her on a patch of flesh or around the knot of his non-terran maleness. Inevitably he eyed the thin strand that broke between his pulsing phallus and Thea's lips at her question. Save for the mobile emitter his eyes took in her supple flesh void of the formerly 'blue' division multi-role uniform. His ears flicked at the aroused and arousing sound of her fingers shifting through her folds.  Sounds which stirred him and his drive.

His slit eyes gleamed a moment in the streaks of elongated star light. His breathing was hardy. That same light played with the humanoid woman's form which gracefully existed below him. However, words are not what on this tip of his mind. By way of response the aroused Vulpinian shifted his tail in an effort to jostle her forward with a soft yet consistent pressured thwap from behind. It was a lead in as he intended to safely grip her upper arms in a seamless turning motion to lightly hold her against the couch in the place he had occupied; the space still had purchase of his scent and warmed by his increased heat. The heat of his girth settled against her right leg clearly radiant with energy.

A long lap follow up of his broad tongue began at her lower rib cage, upward tasting the simulated surface of her skin. The lifted underside and curve of her breast; the tip of the lap would end as a narrow flick like motion against the designer nipple. “A bit.” His voice was husky and hot. "Well on its way to be 'very'." He then would sink his maw lower with tiny nips and larger licks in what would be an approach to the apex of her legs. <Are you?> The inquiry poised to roll the puffs of air against Thea's feminine folds.

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As much as Renard seemed to enjoy her ministration, Thea felt how he soon took the incentive - guiding her into a seated position on the couch they shared. She smiled at him, feeling how her projection's breath had become a bit more shallow, just like it tended to be when enjoying sexual intercourse. It was not common that she would explore this side of herself, but it was something she certainly found rewarding in her development as an independent digital entity.

The latest time she'd enjoyed herself in such a fashion was when Selena Ravenholm had helped make her second mobile emitter, and the two of them had... celebrated the achievement in her quarters. Since then, however, Thea hadn't had the privilege to see her anew, separated as they had been when the Savi attacked her.

Now, Miles Renard had returned, and she had every intention to welcome him back thoroughly. After all, it wasn't the first time they had been intimate, even though there was little in terms of romantic feelings between them. Rather, it seemed they had a mutual interest in the more casual aspect of intimacy, and that was something Thea had come to appreciate as something separate than emotional connection. In fact, she wasn't entirely sure what resided between her and Ravenholm either. Perhaps it was a mutual desire akin to what she shared with Renard?

Further analysis required. For the time being, her digital mind remained on the present.

And oh, the present was a delight to her sensory mapping, feeling the tongue and breath of the Vulpinian against her. She made sounds that didn't come voluntarily, just slipping past her teeth and lips in quiet moans when he progressed with his intentions.

"Yes..." she replied eventually, when he posed his question, and her eyes flickered shut. She may have writhed a bit below him, but she quite enjoyed being at his mercy. "Yes..."

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[ Lieutenant Cmd Miles Renard | Temporary Quarters | deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn:  @Auctor Lucan

In his periphery he could see the subtle changes in skin tone indicative of increased heart rate and arousal. The more direct part of his vision noticed the flexing of muscles on and round her groin and thighs. Was it Miles' imagination or was Thea's physical matrix getting more and more precise? While the more technological bent to him found it a curiosity, it was the rest of him that made that thought brief and tertiary.

His ears perked at her sounds. A glance up to her atop the standard issue couch showed the rise and fall of her chest, light of the quarters lighting and shading her body.  The Vulpinian's hands let loose Thea's arms to slide down her sides with a glide of his finger tips. A stroke upwards around her breasts to her collarbone and back down against culminating in a  firm stroke of her chest to lightly pinch the pert tips.

Miles' eyes dipped back down after a number of varied strokes a few using the sides of curves of his claw-like fingernails. He noted a peculiarity of his current form, namely how it was more three-dimensional than his Vulcine form. Fortunately there was a fairly simple answer. With a smirk, the commander's hands drew around from Thea's chest to smooth her back, casting downward with pressure flanking her her spine until they gripped her flank to pull her hips towards him making the apex of her legs a bit more accessible. His maw parted partially extending his long tongue in a lick from the bottom of her womanly slit to the tip at the top. The tip of his tongue dipped in parting her folds just enough to get a decisive taste of the simulated arousal ending in a testing drag against the bundle of sensitive nerves. A half moment later paired with a moan spurred from the sexual energy came another lift with a grip of her rear allowed the Vulpinian to bring his mouth closer producing the full extent of his previous act. The wide tongue penetrated her folds, pressed against side walls, pushing deeper, slips to the ventral and dorsal sides. The muscle forcing against and along the Anterior Fornix in somewhat strained, experimental manor as he took note of how responsive her nerve-map was.. With each probe and taste his fingers gripped to steady her before it shifted. One to prop up her lower back and the other to slide up his companion's spine.

With as much focus as Miles was exerting he still feel the throbbing and expectation of his own arousal.  Beads of his own slickness prepared for the near future at his hardened tip. Soft growls and sounds of pleasure emitted from his chest and throat. After a time his steady ministrations slowed. While some species would have had to take a break for air, due to his physiology, his nose and positioning would work just fine for replenishing his O2 . “How's your energy reserves?” Miles' cockily inquired. His words wanting to goad her into more of her previously stated initiative.

He rose to a more full stature allowing her form to settle on the couch. The heated length between his legs slide upwards with mild discomfort against the standard coarse fabric until it breached the cushion to rest along her leg and thigh. The supple warm feeling of her digital flesh feeling just as refreshing against his bare organ just as any others would. He found despite his words that he leaned over to grip the couch back. The phallus have move to the side in response to the motion.

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Finding herself in digital bliss at the hands of the Vulpinian pilot, Thea had let herself be pulled towards the edge of the couch cushion and she ended up with her arms lazily draped over her head - the back of her right hand resting on her forehead. She had closed her eyes, but her lips were pursed in anticipation. She breathed heavily, her chest rising and falling as she let her enjoyment gain a voice through her throat.

And then she felt his tongue against her sensory mapping, and she arched her back in response - a breath hitched and then hissing through her teeth when he began. The stimulus felt originated from her experiences as an organic being, the euphoria a digital translation but no less potent, and it had all been made possible by Lin Kae. She realised, as she laid there and felt Miles use his tongue to give her pleasure, she began to think of how what she did could be seen as a homage to her late friend. Gratitude shown, for what he'd done for her, and as much as she would miss Kae, what he had done for her program would always be with her. Her development had never been the same without him, and as an autonomous entity with free will, he had not just given her freedom of choice, but an ability to appreciate her own existence. No longer would she remain benumbed to the universe around her.

Thank you, Kae, she thought as she moaned and writhed upon the couch, feeling Renard's tongue traverse her depths. Thank you, and I will remember you, always.

Feeling her returned lover's hands on her projection, her own hands joined his, cupping her breasts as she accepted everything the Commander could give her. Her sensors translated everything to resemble the organic memory of his hands, and the scent of him was easily picked up by her olfactory system - granting her that lost additional input. She had put her feet on his wide shoulders, feeling his fur against her skin, and even put her heel behind his head when she wanted him to progress further. "Far from depleted," had been her whispered answer to his playful question.

Soon enough, however, feeling how she was clenching against his tongue in imminent climax, he suddenly ceased his ministrations. She knew what would come next, and she revelled in the notion. Yet while he had straightened, and his alien phallus laid against her thigh, she was not content to let him remain in control. She took the initiative, and sat up. "On your back," she said hoarsely, and as she was made of a forecfield latticework and photons, she easily - but none too forcefully - pushed him so that she could settle down on the floor.

Once he was down there, she moved to straddle his waist in the streaming starlight that danced in the room. She bit her lower lip in expectation and reached down behind herself, wrapping her fingers around his hardness. "Did you think of this while you searched for me in that nebula?" she whispered, and guided him right where they both wanted him to be. "Did you think of that broken holodeck, or what we did behind the amphitheatre?"

Whatever he might say could be lost to the sensation she felt next, however, when she lowered herself unto him. A deep shudder passed through her, and she gasped several times, before she could even begin to find any kind of rhythm to her movements.


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