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Day 13 [0830 hrs.] A Dark Refraction


STARDATE: 57588.74
23 MARCH, 2381
0830 HRS.

[ Doctor Lucan cin Nicander | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus  
Curtly, the Brig Officer had woken him up an hour prior, telling him we ought to expect a visitor. When asking whom it was, Doctor Lucan cin Nicander got no answer. While he was used to the treatment from the security officers aboard, knowing it originated from the fact that his darker side had murdered three of their own during the battle with the Rotarran, Lucan couldn't quite stave off the frustration towards his current situation. He had no means to communicate with anyone aboard, just to keep him ignorant of where the ship was at, so he was entirely dependent on people actually coming to visit him in person. Not knowing who had alerted Security that they were coming was entirely unnecessary. It was merely an act of spite on behalf of the brig officer.

Thus, Lucan merely resorted to clean himself up using the modest facilities at his disposal in the holding cell. He ran his mismatched hands through his unkempt hair and donned the currently available uniform - the garments cycled in and out of the cell to grant him acceptable personal hygiene. The charred and damaged uniform that he'd worn when he was shot by one of the Devoted, back on the day the Savi and Asurians attacked the ship, had long since been recycled. The small act of actually letting him wear a Starfleet uniform meant quite a lot to him in regard to trusting the crew to not murder him in his sleep, but he could tell that there had been quite a bit of reluctance on the part of the Brig officers to give him that first uniform after the battle at the apertures. It was a visual cue that while he might be a prisoner, he still retained his rank pips. Despite what people might think of him, he was still a Starfleet officer, and a victim rather than an enemy.

Looking presentable enough, Nicander would abide the time waiting for the visitor reading from literature that Eun Sae Ji had brought him. Replicated paper books from the ship's library database. He had a stand-alone PADD as well, upon which he conducted his research to help in any way he could with the projects concerning the nameless darkness, but he had no real access to Thea's systems any more. When the sounds of the security gate finally announced the arrival of whom might come to visit him, Lucan put the book aside, stood up from his bunk so that he might smooth his uniform a little, and walked up to the forcefield. His pale grey eyes followed the shadow on the deck as it drew closer, and when the person fell into view...

...he wasn't quite sure what to expect any more.

She was one of those whom he'd wondered what she'd think of him, given what had happened between them during the time of his infestation. They shared quite a bit of intimate history, voluntary and not, and he could remember the night before the battle at Starbase 84, when the two of them plus Wenn Cinn had shared in memories of old - from when Thea had just been commissioned.

"Stark," he said in his deep voice, unsure if it would be appropriate to smile given the circumstances. She had every right to feel betrayed, even though he hadn't been the one in control when he'd made the advances he'd made on her in that Jefferies tube, of all places. "Congratulations on your promotion to Second Officer. I could think of no more appropriate candidate for the role."

He found himself chuckling at a sudden memory. By the winds, it felt so long ago. "Commander Hendricks used to say you were made for command, back when he and I were in the Senior Staff together."

How was he supposed to tell her, to convince her that he'd been a mere prism? A conduit for a dark refraction. Hopefully, she had already accepted this as the truth, given the fact that she'd come to see him.

Re: Day 13 [0830 hrs.] A Dark Refraction
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[Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Auctor Lucan  [Show/Hide]

Entering the room was the hardest thing that Natalie Stark would do that day. Not the eventual conversation that would follow. Not even seeing the man for the first time. No, it was stepping forward enough, to trigger the door sensor. Because up until that point, she could walk out. Theoretically, at least. And he wouldn't know she'd lost her nerve. He wouldn't know what it cost her. Those grey doors, standing between her, and him, and all the nightmares that had come to haunt her in the past few weeks.

Just turn around, and walk back to the lift. Let it sweep her away from the security center. Maybe go for a walk in the arboretum? Or take an impromptu trip down to the planet. She'd not really spent all that much time on Aldea so far. Treat herself to some shopping therapy? She'd heard that worked wonders for other women. Why not her?  There were the holodecks as well, of course, but there was an actual planet right there...

But if she did that, she'd let the others down. She'd been ordered here, and turning now would brand her a coward. An angry look flashed over her features as her disgust caught up with her thoughts.

She stepped forward. The door sensed her, and swung open after a momentary pause. One foot in front of the other. Step. Step. Step. Nothing else mattered. The guard stopped her then, and they exchanged a few words that, later, she wouldn't be able to recall. Just a confirmation of why she was here (as if there was any other reason for someone to be here, as if the guard didn't already know, possibly before she'd known for sure herself, that she'd be here). A quick check to ensure she wasn't bringing anything in she shouldn't. Just doing his job, she knew.

And then he led her to the cells. Through the security gate, letting her enter, standing to one side.

"That will be all," even to her own ears, her voice sounded tight. Cold. Those blue eyes were locked onto the gaze of the man behind the force field. The dark hair, the oh so familiar jaw line. There were differences yes. She'd read the reports. Seen the files. Seeing it in person was something else entirely. He looked...different. More rugged. Haunted almost. And yes, still damned easy on the eyes.

It turned her stomach.

She came to a stop maybe a foot from the field. Plenty close. Possibly closer than this required. She stood there, clenching her hands behind her back tightly, around the PaDD she held. Out of sight. Don't let him see, don't let him know. The grip was knuckle white, and she wondered which would crack first; the casing her one of her fingers. Try as she might, she couldn't keep her eyes from going just a bit wide, from something dark flashing behind them when he spoke her name. She'd not heard his voice in weeks. By choice.

Hindsight would say that was a mistake. If she'd listened to recordings of him, instead of just reading transcripts perhaps the sound wouldn't have hit so hard. Somewhere deep in her subconscious she'd expected there to be a sinister note in his tone but there was just...nothing. She missed her chance to respond quickly, and the man in the cell continued on. Praising her promotion, and evoking the ghost of a dead man.

And damn him, he'd managed to surprise her. She'd had no idea that Hendricks thought that about her. She was the mousy little assistant, more comfortable hiding in a Jefferies tube and getting her hands dirty, or talking to the ships AI, than she was talking to people. Even when she was helping teach them to do their job, like a good little underling. He thought that? He saw in me what I couldn't?

The thoughts were almost immediately followed by the suspicion that he could be lying to her. What it would gain him in that moment, she didn't know. But the mere thought of it soured the moment for Natalie, and her face fell back into something as vast and empty as her own surname. How could she trust the words?

"Doctor," she replied, carefully. Just like she was flying through a spacial mine field. One step at a time, one dip, one twist. "I would much rather have Commander Wenn alive and holding the position. The honor wasn't worth the cost." A rueful sort of look passed over her face then, as she added in a bitter tone, "Neither promotion was worth the blood paid for them." Natalie was hardly the first officer to find herself advancing in her duties and responsibilities because of the death of a colleague. Space was a dangerous place. But since she'd come to the Theurgy it was only through misery and attrition that she climbed the latter toward the command that others seemed to feel her destined for, and far too fast at that.
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