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Topic: Day 14 [1300 hrs.] The Fox and The Fool (Read 439 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 14 [1300 hrs.] The Fox and The Fool
Stardate 57591.63
24 March, 2381
Day 14

[ Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Gymnasium | Deck 06 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @fiendfall
Ensign Nix was breathing hard as she stepped off the treadmill and scrubbed sweat out her eyes with the back of her hand. Her white hair she had pulled back into a ponytail, though a few long pale strands had still managed to plaster themselves to her bare shoulders. Even in her Vulcine form, the Vulpinian still had the habit of sticking her tongue out slightly and panting when exerting herself as she had for the past 45 minutes on the treadmill. The Cardio done, she picked up the towel that she had draped over the arm of the machine and wiped her face with it before stooping and picking up the bottle of water which sat on the floor next to her. Tossing the towel over her shoulder, she opened the bottle and drank deeply, feeling thankful for the crisp, cool water.

Letting out a satisfied "Ahhh", Isel capped the bottle once more, turned away from the cardio machines and headed for the weights area. She paused at the slight wall which raised the weight area above the rest of the gym, dropping the towel and water and bracing herself against the platform as she began to stretch her legs, feeling the tightness in the muscles from her run. A few minutes later she took up her towel and water and made her way past the steps to the weight area, dropping her things once more next to one of the chin up bars. With a little hop, Isel grabbed onto the bar and exhaled, focusing herself, for a moment before she began. Deep breath, then exhaling as she pulled her body upwards, the muscles of her back taut beneath the black tank top she wore as she went through the reps and sets. Having finished her sets, Isel next made her way to the free weights area, rolling her shoulder and she went to work out some of their tension, a tension which arose from more than just the exercise.

Two weeks... Isel thought to herself, two weeks I've been aboard this fucking ship. Two weeks since she'd defected to the Theurgy, having been blackmailed, betrayed, shot at, almost blown up and splattered into pieces and accused of espionage in the 24 hours or so leading up to arriving aboard. And since coming aboard, it had been two weeks of mundane patrols, the odd mission and the occasional romp in the sack. While that last item had at least been some fun, the rest of the items on the list caused the Vulpinian's jaw to tense, her heartrate climbing with the anger she felt. Her tail swished angrily behind her as she made her way to the weight racks, a small slit in her black sweatpants allowing the appendage freedom of movement. Selecting a pair of dumbbells, Isel made her way to a weight bend and sat, letting her tail drape over the side of the bench as she laid back to continue her workout.

She had woken at 1200hrs that day, only six hours after she had got back from patrol. Unable to get back to sleep, Isel had decided to hit the gym before she headed to the mess for food. She had felt herself becoming increasingly frustrated at the monotony of the routine she had found herself in since the Theurgy had arrived at Aldea, and the workouts helped curb some of that frustration.

And so here she was.

She went through her workout routine, making her way through a lighter, full body workout rather than concentrating one of set of muscles, not wanting to be stuck in to cockpit of her fighter with painful aches that she couldn't massage away through her flight suit. She'd made that mistake once, and it wasn't one she was about to repeat.

To close up the workout, Isle decided to do some goblet squats, and took up a dumbbell. Moving to the side, she got to work, dipping deep into the squats before pushing herself up to a standing position. Her legs protested slightly after the cardio she had done, but she pressed on. After this last exercise it would be a shower, then food.







She felt the pain a moment before she tried to push herself up out of the squat, and found herself unable to rise more than halfway, the aching protest of her legs drowned out by the pain which lanced up her tail.

"Ow. Ow! OW!" Isel yelped, her mismatched eyes going wide as she turned to see what the cause of the pain was. It didn't take more than a glance, even twisting awkwardly as she was, to see what the source of the pain was.

Some dumbfuck had put a weight down on her tail!

"Tail! TAIL! TAIL!!!!" Isel yelped, the word getting louder each time she repeated it as she glared at the culprit with a mixture of panic and fury. The dumbfuck in question was a scruffy looking asshole who looked like a some crazy scientist had decided to cross a pretty-boy human with some sort of fucking Earth dog. What were they called again? Ah, that was it.

A fucking shih tzu.

"GET YOUR FUCKING SHIT OFF MY FUCKING TAIL YOU FUCKING JAGOFF!!!" Isel snarled, her legs beginning to shake from holding her in the awkward half-squat she was currently stuck in.

Re: Day 14 [1300hrs.] The Fox and The Fool
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[ Avi ] Attn: @Fife

Weren't the biggest fan of the old work out, honestly. Sucked arse, truth be; missed the good ole days when you was either fit enough or you weren't, when just breathin' got your heart rate up -- an' plenty'a other stuff t'do that, too -- when goin' t'somewhere as fuckin' posh as a damn gym woulda gotten your arse kicked out your damn ears.

Plenty he didn't miss, a'course. But 'just bein' alive is a work out, doc' was more efficient, at least. Woulda left more time for lazin' around, if that'd been a thing back then.

Still. Havin' access to a shower afterwards was a nice fuckin' touch.

So, yeah. Gym. Great fun, real laugh, everyone lovin' it. Gotta be done, though. Never know when some asshole's gonna try an' stab yous, an' you'd better be ready t'nut him an' run or else.

Never had a proper workout plan or whatever, mostly just went on them runnin' machines and hit a punchin' bag till he couldn't feel his hands, y'know, normal stuff. Some stretches before or whatever, not a complete madman, not lookin' t'get shanked over somethin' stupid like a pulled muscle or whatever.

Spent some time runnin', fuckin' mindless shit which was the worst, head could go real weird places when he weren't keepin' it on task, an' after those last few missions was plenty fucky places it could go. Like, alright, bugs in Command, yeah? Where else? Bugs in Intelligence? Prob'ly. Anderson a bug? Prob'ly not, but who knows? Bugs on this ship? No fuckin' clue mate, but don't go makin' friends too quick just in case yeah?

Y'know. Fun stuff like that.

(Pretty sure he had a good damn idea of a bug in Intel, but that was one of them things he was firmly Not Thinkin' About, so had t'go an' punch somethin' t'get his mind off it.)

Punchin' bags was fun, leastways. Couldn't keep it up all day, though; were more of a 'ducker an' weaver' than straight up 'hitty punchy motherfucker', so. Did the job.

Finished up, went for a mosey. Mrs Theurgy was a big fuckin' boat, arright? Never served on a boat, never even seen one this fat. Int'restin', seein' all the fancy shit they had. Gym was fuckin' massive, for one. Just kept goin' an' goin'. Plenty'a folks usin' it too; no one he recognised, course, but he'd get there. Knack for faces, our Avi, even if names never did stick.

Ended up in the weights area, not somewhere he'd usually come honestly, not really lookin' t'get all buff or whatever. Could do a few pull ups, decent right hook, was good enough for him. Didn't even know what half these damn weights were, all funky shapes an' that. Plenty'a standard ones, the long thin motherfuckers with fat heads an' asses, but off to one side someone'd left this weird little squat one off on its lonesome. Someone should prob'ly put that away, fuckin' trippin' hazard over there.

Well. Couldn't be that heavy, right?

Tried it. Y'know, for a laugh. Curious, whatever.

Fuckin' Christmas that weren't no joke, piss, no thanks. Dumped it first chance he damn got. Fuck that.

Realised his mistake as someone started yellin'. The shit? Tail?

Aw, fuck. Was some... some wolf motherfucker, like them whatsits, the damn-- what were they called, the fuckin'-- the damn cat people, one of them lot. K-something. Angry lot.

'Shit,' he said, an' scrambled t'pick up the weight again, arms strainin' 'cause this one weren't no joke, an' honestly fuck whichever bastard dumped it over here in the first place, inconsid'rate piece of--

Dumped it t'the side, thank fuck. Turned back t'the chick. 'My bad, dude.' Weren't pantin' even a little bit. 'Didn't notice the, uh... Y'know. Tail.'

Half considered tellin' 'em it was his first time off-world -- was even believable, now, what with bein' an ensign an' all -- but figured followin' up the old weight-on-the-tail with a one-two punch of lies an' stupidity prob'ly weren't the best way t'go about it. Hey, name's Avi, aka dickhead, good to meetcha. Nah. Weren't quite that far gone. Them cat folks had claws an' shit.
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Re: Day 14 [1300hrs.] The Fox and The Fool
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[ Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Gymnasium | Deck 06 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @fiendfall
"My bad, dude." Shih Tzu Man said, "Didn't notice the, uh... Y'know. Tail."

"Fuuuuck that hurt..." Isel whined as she finally managed to stand all the way up, the VUlpinian cradling her tail in her hands and inspecting it so ensure the weight which had been dumped on it... by some moron... hadn't kinked the fluffy white appendage. First palpating the tail itself, she found it to be free of lasting damage, though it still throbbed painfully, she then began to brush her fingers through the bushy white fur to fluff it back up where the weight had flattened it a bit. Raising her gaze as she continued to run her finger through the pale fur, she regarded Shi Tzu Man with a pained expression. "Your bad? You didn't notice the big, bushy, white furry thing that stands out really well against the black floormats? Seriously?" Isel's mismatched eyes narrowed in annoyance, green and blue orbs glaring daggers at the one who had tried crushing her tail. "Do you always just waltz around like a fucking airhead dropping weights on people? And who are you calling dude, dude?" Isel stepped forward so she was only inches from the man, hands on her hips and chest thrust out slightly so that he'd have an unavoidable downward view of the cleavage offered by her tank top. "Do I look like a dude to you? Hmm?"

Isel waited for the man's gaze to travel to the area she expected. Once she saw his eyes dart downward from hers, she enacted the next part of her plan, shifting form so that that cleavage, along with the rest of her body, sprouted white fur which matched the hair which had been one her head. Her face elongated, her ears shifting and sprouting fur of their own, until before the dopey weight-dropper stood now the young woman who had initially yelled at him, but something more resembling a werewolf form Human legend.

"Drop anything on my fucking tail again, dude, and I'll tear you into mushy, fleshy ribbons and feed you to the Gorn we've got working in the Fighter Assault Bay!" Isel's ears were laid back along her skull, her tone was low, the words coming out almost as a growl. She honestly had no idea if the Gorn who worked in the FAB would actually eat such a thing, had never spoken to the guy, but the threat sounded legit, so she went with it.

And then, just like that, she shifted back to her Vulcine form, her face returning to the Human-looking woman with different coloured eyed who had been glaring at him earlier. "Got it?" This time, the words were spoke in a sweet, chipper tone, all the hostility of her previous threat seeming to have vanished and she smiled up at him. She stepped back, looking the man up and down as she crossed her arms under her chest. "Y'know, you're kinda cute. In a... dopey... "I have no idea what's going on around me" kinda way." Isel smiled at him, the smile displaying predominant canine teeth, though her eyes narrowed after a moment. "You're not some new replacement pilot, are you?" Her tone held suspicion as she asked the question. "The last thing I need is you trying to land a fucking fighter on me..."
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Re: Day 14 [1300hrs.] The Fox and The Fool
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[ Avi ] Attn: @Fife

Mate, been here, what, three days? An' already injured some fella. Weren't in uniform, a'course, couldn't even tell if Cat Lady was scary important or just scary.

Honestly, in Avi's defence, he was a fuckin' idiot. Felt like a right one too, stood all spare watchin' Fluffy feel up her own tail, look on her face like she'd been fuckin' stabbed -- an' like she was fixin' t'return the favour.

Ahh yeah, she was pissed arright. Half thought t'just, y'know, sneak off afore she got the claws out an' figured she might as well sharpen 'em on his dick. 'Cept a'course then he'd likely spend the rest'a the time on this damn boat -- which, by the way, was like t'be forever, or at least until someone finally offed him -- lookin' over his shoulder waitin' for Snowy here t'leap out the shadows an' shank him.

Also weren't no cover nearby. Nowhere t'hide, 'cept maybe behind some bloke's massive biceps. Wouldn't get that far. Could cat folk run quick? Never thought t'check. Prob'ly. Would make sense.

Snowy was talkin' again, so dragged his eyes over from tryna bet the best escape route t'listen t'her. Prob'ly a good shout, 'cause she was talkin' mile a minute an' angry t'boot, didn't wanna miss none of this shit in case she was gonna quiz him on it later or somethin', first wrong answer gets punched. Right, so -- black floormats, gotcha, fully right on that one; droppin' weights left an' right, actually only been one but fuck him if he hadn't been unlucky with where he'd put it; not a dude, sure, okay, semantics, whatever-- alright, okay, got the tits t'prove it an' all, thanks for the credentials Snowy-- uh.


Okay! Super not a cat! An' way more fur'n he'd thought! An'-- Christmas, her face! It weren't even a face no more, was more like-- well, gone full wolf, is what, all white fur an' canine nose, ears pricked, an' mate, those teeth.

'That's cool as shit!' he said, 'cause he's a fuckin' idiot what ain't never learned t'keep his fuckin' trap shut, not even when faced with about a hundred teeth belongin' t'some lady what was just itchin' for a reason t'use 'em -- an' not even in a fun way, neither. But hey, listen, this ain't somethin' you see every day. What a damn party trick.

Snowy, uh... didn't agree. Figured now t'be a good time t'go an' threaten him, which t'be fair, it really was -- she looked ready t'rip his throat out an' paint herself in his blood. Prob'ly look good on her an' all. Too bad for her his sense'a self preservation'd fucked itself t'death years ago.

An' then, just like that, she was all normal-lookin' again. Well. Less furry, at least.

'Loud an' clear, boss,' he said, hands raised open-palmed. 'Gotta be honest, 'm not usually on the lookout for tails, but that's on me yeah? Super un-tailed normative or whatever. Keep me peepers open for 'em in future, yeah?' Also would be avoidin' this part'a the gym in future too, but who's countin'?

Hey, least she hadn't opened up his stomach yet. Instead, was... kinda bein' chatty? Alright, fair enough. Could roll with that.

'An' you're kinda cute in a 'fuck with me an' you'll never fuck again' kinda way,' he said, grinnin'. On home turf, now. 'Y'all a fighter pilot, then? No idea Theurgy even had that shit.' Figured that kinda thing would be obsolete on a boat this big, but weren't totally fuckin' suicidal, weren't gonna say that shit. 'New kid in town, yeah, but ain't no pilot, don't gotta worry. Security. Or so they tell me.'
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Re: Day 14 [1300hrs.] The Fox and The Fool
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[ Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Gymnasium | Deck 06 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @fiendfall
The one who had assaulted her tail had a strange way of speaking, and Isel found herself staring blankly at him as she waited for her mind to catch up with what he was saying.

'An' you're kinda cute in a 'fuck with me an' you'll never fuck again' kinda way,'  Isel barked a laugh at the man's counter to her remark, shaking her head as a wide grin spread over her features. Maybe this guy wasn't that bad after all. Still an idiot, but not a horrible one.

The not so horrible idiot was talking again, she realized, asking is she was a fighter pilot, adding that he didn't know Theurgy even had those. He referred to himself as the new kid in town, adding that he ain't no pilot, but rather was in Security. Isel chuckled, shaking her head again. "Yeah, I'm a pilot." Did he say "y'all"? "And I'm pretty new to the ship too. Only been aboard two weeks." Who the hell says "y'all"? "Security, huh? So you're here to replace the ones who got blown up, shot or assimilated!" Isel grinned. "Well, "Y'all" better watch yourself. They don't seem to have a high survival rate around here."

With a wink, Isel turned and started to make her way towards a bench. She paused after a few steps, glancing over her shoulder at the Not-so-horrible-idiot-shi-tzu with a half-smile. "Spot me?" Isel gestured to the bench with a barbell on the rack above it. After a moment, she looked back at shi-idiot-tzu with furrowed brows. "Just don't drop the fucking bar on me." Without another word, Isel went about adjusting the weights on the bar before lying on the bench, waiting for shi-diot-zu to get into place to support the bar if she needed it. She glanced up at him with a suspicious look, wondering if shi-diot-zu was really someone she should trust with that job, then dismissed the thought as she began the workout.

"So... how did you... end up... aboard... the Theurgy?" Isel asked, the question broken up by pauses while she worked at bench-pressing the bar. Sweat began to bead on the Vulpinian's forehead as she pushed herself, her muscles straining as she forced the bar up and away from her chest. "Did you... get suckered... into this... shit link me? Or were you... an idiot... who volunteered?"

Re: Day 14 [1300hrs.] The Fox and The Fool
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[ Avi ] Attn: @Fife

Well whadya know, Snowy could be almost nice! That is, when she weren't lookin' t'rip your spine out through your throat an' drape herself in your entrails all fancy-like. Not that he'd complain, necessarily. Worse ways to go. Prob'ly look good on her an' all.

Anyways, pilot meant she was prob'ly a fuckin' loon, which honestly? Made sense. Only those folks what are good an' ready t'die goin' out in fighter jets in fuckin' space. Ain't this the 24th Century? They invented torpedoes an' shit, right, he didn't fuckin' dream that? Better ways t'win a fight than sendin' out a bunch'a folks in what basic'ly amounted to a paper aeroplane armed with noodles or some shit. Didn't actually know how them fighter jets worked, come t'think.

Aw shit. Weren't too hot on his Theurgy timelines but two weeks'd put her here for that piss up with the Borg. Mate. Wouldn't fancy starin' down a cube in a glorified sardine tin, Christmas. Fuckin' respect.

No wonder Snowy was new. Bet the boat got through pilots like nobody's business. Fuckin' maniacs, the lot of 'em. Must be. But hey, weren't judgin'. Knew a fair bit about bein' crazy hisself.

'From what I heard, ain't no one gettin' their full life expectancy on this tub,' he said, matchin' Snowy's smirk. 'Investigations, technic'ly, though ain't never done boat work so don't got a monkeys what that means out here.' Other than gettin' roped into murder on day one. Had t'hope this lot weren't makin' a habit of that shit, though. For his own neck if nothin' else. Rum deal t'get stuck out in space on a boat full'a murderers, an' nowhere else t'go.

'Name's Avi,' he said, realisin' she ain't told him t'piss off yet an' it was gettin' weird not havin' introduced hisself. Honestly hadn't expected t'make it this far down a normal conversation with the lass. 'Prob'ly won't matter come the next fight, though, so go ahead an' don't bother rememberin', won't be holdin' it against you.'

Figured they was done when she turned an' headed over t'one of them bench things, but 'pparently Snowy got other ideas. Sure, why not? Followed her over, stood at the head a'the bench, ready t'catch the weight if it tried t'kill Snowy or some shit. Weren't no lightweight neither, proper bastard, an' Avi not someone you'd confuse with a brick shithouse even if it was dark out an' you was pissed.

'Do me best, Boss,' he said.

Snowy managed t'speak an' lift at the same time, an' my my, weren't that interestin': Did you... get suckered... into this... shit like me?

Laughed. ''F by 'suckered' you mean 'blackmailed', then sure.' Was a simplistic way a'lookin' at it, an' he knew it, but still. 'Did some work in Intel, tried t'leave, didn't take. Ain't made meself too popular, so I guess Anderson figures he can ship me out here an' be done with it.' Looked down at her. 'You? Don't sound mighty pleased t'be here neither. Almost like it's a shitty fuckin' job, weird.'
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Re: Day 14 [1300hrs.] The Fox and The Fool
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[ Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Gymnasium | Deck 06 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @fiendfall
Shi-idiot-tzu introduced himself, giving his name as Avi before telling her she might as well not bother remembering. Isel gave the strange fellow a quizzical glance before shrugging. "I'm Isel" she finally replied before settling down on the bench.

She'd listened to his answer as she worked out, pressing the barbell up again and again. Blackmail, huh? She knew that feeling all too well. Avi went on, admitting he'd been in intelligence, which sounded strangely familiar as well, but that he'd tried to leave before...

The bar made a clanking noise as she slammed it home on the metal brackets which housed it when not in use. He must have thought she was just finished for the moment, because he kept speaking, asking how she'd come aboard the Theurgy, adding that she didn't sound "mighty pleased" to be there. She'd sat up as he spoke, her back to him as she scowled at the air in front of her. After a moment, she turned, her scowl still fixed on her features.

"Did you fucking say Andersson sent you here?" Isel asked quietly, her voice almost a growl. Isel stood from the bench, stepping forward and grabbing Shi-idiot-tzu's shirt with both fists. "That slimy motherfucker?" Isel's mismatched eyes burned with hatred as she stared up at Avi. After a moment, her grip loosened slightly. Isel let our a ragged, hissing breath before letting go of Avi's shirt altogether, turning her gaze away. "That piece of shit Andersson blackmailed me into this shit too." Isel admitted, the intelligence chief's name dripping with poison as she spat it. "Betrayed my trust, turned people against me, and held... something important over me."

Isel looked back up at Avi, her jaw clenched. "Fuck Andersson."

Turning away, Isel threw herself back down on the bench and took the barbell back up. Her muscles burned with fury as she resumed her workout, her eyes burning with anger. "If I... ever get... my hands... on that piece... of fucking... shit..." Isel grunted as she worked the weight, her teeth gritted and bared as sweat began to creep into existence across her forehead. "I'll... tear... his fucking... dick off... and shove it... down his... fucking throat!" The last words weren't so much spoken an snarled, the bar slamming back into it's brackets as she finished. Sitting up, Isel panted slightly as she turned to Avi once again. "So tell me, Avi, what did you do to piss that shit-sucking assbag off?" Isel stood, rolling her shoulders to relieve some of the tension that was building within them before crossing her arms under her chest and looking up at him. "Tell you what, I'm all done here, and let's be honest, you don't seem like you're gonna do shit here. Let me go grab a shower, and then we can go for a drink and bitch about that fucking asswipe together, yeah?"

Re: Day 14 [1300hrs.] The Fox and The Fool
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[ Avi ] Attn: @Fife

So Snowy's name was Isel. Not too bad, considerin'. Prob'ly even able t'say it without practisin' a bunch. Short name, easy sounds. Still. Always preferred t'get some prep work in, with new words. Didn't much wanna go makin' an arse of hisself all over some bint's name. Did that plenty already, no help required.

...What'd she say her name was? Cast around for a sec -- fuckin' already? Mate. Get it together, fuck. An' then-- Isel, got it, that was it, close one, phew. Repeated it a bunch in his head, tryna get it stuck in there. Likelihood of seein' the lass again weren't that high, diff'rent departments an' all that, but still. Seemed like the kinda chick what'd get mad if you didn't remember that shit. Already side-stepped one bullet from her, didn't wanna push his luck.

Was so busy tryna keep it in his head and talk at the same time, barely noticed her take a breather. Wasn't until she turned, face like thunder, he realised he'd somehow fucked up without even realisin'. The shit had he said? Scanned back, uh...

'Did you fucking say Anderson sent you here?'

Oh. Not an Andy fan, then?

Alright, super not a fan-- Isel standin', comin' at him, grabbin' his shirt like he was gonna give him a right old shake.

'Hey, hey, easy with the merchandise!' Tried t'back up from her, chick was somehow even more mad than when he'd dropped a fuckin' weight on her tail, Anderson's name some kinda beserk button for her. Must really hate the bloke. Join the club, ha.

'Ain't no friend'a his, if that's what you're thinkin',' he tried, aimin' at defusal afore she tore his shirt clean off -- worse things, sure, but rather not have his nips out for no good reason. 'Right git an' all.'

She glared at him a second longer, afore lettin' go; he took that step back, thank you very much. Least next thing she said made sense. Poor lass. Knew that story.

Barked a laugh at her next comment. Fuck Anderson indeed. 'I'll drink t'that.'

Isel weren't half bad, he figured as she went back t'liftin' weights like they'd personally fucked her off. Moved back t'spot her again, watch her speak. Threatened Anderson's dick -- prob'ly good for the bloke she was halfway across the pissing galaxy, or he might be in real danger.

She finished, turnin' to him once more, outta breath a little. What had he done t'piss Anderson off?

Grinned. 'Where t'start?' No, really. Got no idea when he first managed t'get on that bastard's radar, not really; had t'figure it was the whole... Ricci... thing, but honestly? Who fuckin' knew. Ain't a pie in the Federation that main ain't stuck his dick in.

An' then Isel, bless her furry fuckin' ears, goes an' reads his damn mind, suggests a drink.

'Fuckin' genius,' said with a grin. 'You're on.'

Trailed her t'the changin' rooms, split afore she started gettin' naked or whatever. Got naked hisself, could smell himself from here an' he ain't even got a wolf nose or whatever. Got done lickedy split, changed into civvies. Fuck the uniform, he weren't on duty. 'F someone got 'emselves murdered while he was out, well. They'd just have t'fuckin' wait for him t'change his damn trousers, wouldn't they?
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Re: Day 14 [1300hrs.] The Fox and The Fool
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[ Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Gymnasium | Deck 06 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @fiendfall
Isel grinned as Avi agreed to the drink and the bitching session, glad to finally have someone who didn't think that sunshine and fucking rainbows burst forth from Andersson's ass. It had been two weeks since her little spat with Donna, and Donna speaking in Andersson's defense about why he blackmailed Isel still rankled.

Pushing those thoughts from her mind for the moment, Isel smiled at Avi. "Meet you in the corridors in 20 minutes." With those words, she turned and headed off in search of a shower and some clothes that weren't drenched in her own sweat. Even in her Vulcine form as she was, she always imagined she could smell wet dog when she had been sweating like this. As she walked, she briefly glanced back over her shoulder and, seeing Avi behind her making his way in the same direction, called back. "Quit checking out my tail, ya mutt!" Isel chuckled to herself, giving her tail a swish before she disappeared into the changing rooms.

Isel stripped off her sweat-soaked workout clothes and disposed of them in the replicator before hitting the sonic showers. She did stay in the shower long, didn't want to keep Shi-idiot-tzu waiting after all, though she allowed herself a minute to enjoy the feeling of the sonic waves misting the sweat off her skin. Done in the shower, she dressed in her usual civvies, namely a tank, a Lone Wolves hoodie, and baggy black slacks that had a hole in the seat o accommodate her tail, and headed up into the corridors to look for her fellow Andersson hater. The Chief Intelligence Officer certainly didn't seem to leave a good impression on people, though Donna seemed to like the shitbag.

Isel caught sight of Avi as soon as she stepped into he corridor, and quickly approached the scruffy looking man. "Hey, sorry to keep you waiting. I gotta make sure my hair's dry, or I just smell like wet dog. Trust me, it's worth the wait." Isel grinned up at the shaggy fellow as they set off, Isel leading the way towards the turbolifts. "The nice thing is, there's a lounge on each Vector, so we don't need to beam over to another part of the ship just to get a drink. Though I gotta wonder if the shit would be more effective if it didn't have so much booze flowing around it." Isel rambled as they walked. She fell silent for a moment as they stepped into the turbolift, ordering it to take them to Deck 14, then glanced over at Avi as the turbolift whirred into motion. "So, Shi-... I mean... Avi..." Isel caught herself just in time. "What exactly did Anderscum do to screw you?"

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[ Avi ] attn: @Fife

Finished up gettin' hisself dressed -- nothin' fancy, weren't gonna see royalty or nothin', just some loose shit -- an' headed into the corridors. Snowy weren't here yet, didn't know how long she'd be, an' fuck if he weren't just knackered. Found a nice spot'a the deck, outta the way of folks passin', settled down all crosslegged an' nice-like t'wait. Half a mind t'lean his head back against the siding an' just take a quick kip. Had been a time, arright? No rest for the fuckin' wicked ain't never been so true.

Instead settled for just squintin' up at everyone what was passin' by, tryna place 'em. Real annoyin' the uniform colours meant more'n one fuckin' department, but made for a cute little game. This brick shithouse bloke in security or he an IT guy? This posh lady command or some shuttle pilot? This scrawny-lookin' kid a doctor or a scientist?

Alright, that last one didn't work so well. 'Blueshirt' an' 'nerd' was basic'ly the same thing. Still. Other colours were fun.

An' whaddya know, there was Isel comin' over, 'pologisin' for bein' slow: I gotta make sure my hair's dry, or I just smell like wet dog. Trust me, it's worth the wait.

Got t'his feet -- almost reluctant, was kinda nice down there -- an' gave a grin in greetin'. 'Don't doubt it,' he said as they set off, followin' her t'the turbolifts. Still gettin' his head round this whole ship thing, truth be. 'Specially 'cause this weren't just one ship, nah, that'd be too easy, was three fuckin' glued together, seemed like them folks at the dockyards had dreamt it up specially to fuck with him.

Snowy was nice enough t'explain as they went though. Lounge on each vector, huh? 'So no matter how lost I get, ain't gonna be far from a drink, is what you're sayin'?' Pretty sweet deal.

Stepped into the turbolift, let Isel do the talkin'. Deck 14. Where the fuck was that. How many shitting decks did this pissing boat have?

Shaken from his thoughts by a question: 'What exactly did Anderscum do to screw you?'

Laughed in surprise, couldn't help it. 'Straight to it, huh, ain't even gonna buy me a drink first?' Looked over at Isel, amused. 'Bet you think I'm that kind of date an' all. Have you know I'm a right fuckin' lady, don't kiss an' tell.' Grinned, amended: 'Not sober, leastways.'

Leant up against the side, tryna figure what t'say. 'Got dragged outta retirement by the old bastard. Left Intel a couple years back, for good I thought, until Andy there starts gettin' involved again. Don't want nothin' t'do with 'em, but...' Shrugged. 'Might got somethin' t'do with some shit that went down when I was Intel. Loose threads, y'know?' Might got somethin' t'do with a dead kid an' a broken collarbone, an' Avi ain't got a clue how Andy got the truth on it all -- Grindstone, Ricci, all of it -- but by fuck did he ever.

Had a choice between a new life, new career, an' gettin' hisself dragged back into all that shite. But had never been all that smart. Would take the path of greater fuckery every damn time.

Hey, at least he was consistent.

Turbolift stopped, deck 14. Avi nipped out, grinnin': 'Ladies first.' 'Course, didn't know which way he was goin', so still gotta wait for Isel. Turned t'watch her catch up. 'What about you? Figure t'whole story needs about a pint'a bloodwine, but a teaser'd be nice. I showed you mine.'
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Re: Day 14 [1300hrs.] The Fox and The Fool
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[ Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Gymnasium | Deck 06 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @fiendfall
Avi laughed as Isel asked him hos Andersson had screwed him over. 'Straight to it, huh, ain't even gonna buy me a drink first?' He looked over at her with an amused expression. 'Bet you think I'm that kind of date an' all. Have you know I'm a right fuckin' lady, don't kiss an' tell.' Avi grinned as he added 'Not sober, leastways.'

"Yeah? Well you gotta be the ugliest lady I've ever seen." Isel fired back with a grin, crossing her arms under her chest and leaning against the wall of the turbolift. "And I used to know this fucker who bought only the ugliest ladies he could find from the Orion slave markets, so that's saying something." She normally would never have made mention of the markets, just saying the words slave market left a bad taste in her mouth. Maybe something about this dopey bastard who could hardly speak standard had put her at ease. "And who says I'm buying you a drink? Let's just remember who's tail got maimed earlier!" Isel added, giving Avi a mock glare.

She listened as Avi gave her the gist of what had happened to him, Andersson having dragged the shaggy mutt-man out of retirement and forced him into working for him again. Apparently holding something form when Avi was in Intel over his head.

Great... more fucking intelligence assholes... Isel thought to herself, keeping her face neutral. Is this fuck here to blackmail me too?

"Oh, I know all about loose threads." Was all she said.

Avi sprang into motion as the turbolift ground to a halt, moving quickly past her as the doors hissing open with an uttered "Ladies first." Isel laughed at the idiot, aiming a kick to place the toe of her boot right on the bullseye of Avi's ass. "Damn, lady! You move pretty quick." Isel chuckled, leading Avi off in the direction of the lounge. Avi made a comment about a pint of bloodwine, and Isel looked at him skeptically. "What? You planning on getting little ol' me drunk? That's not very ladylike of you..." Isel giggled. "And don't you go talking to me about teases and showing me yours. Nobody wants to see that shit!"

Isel caught herself. She was feeling comfortable around the man, but she had to be careful. Shi-idiot-tzu had just told her he was ex-Intelligence. If he really was EX Intelligence. Who knows if Andersson had sent him here for some other reason. Still, she'd already told him the start of it in voicing, very clearly, her dislike for Anderscum the Chief of Intelligence.

"Fine." Isel finally relented. "Here's your teaser." Isel glanced over her shoulder, brushing just below Avi's waist with her tail as she gave him a wink. "I hope that doesn't offend you feminine sensibilities." Isel chuckled, then slowed her pace somewhat. "Andersson fucked me over. Blackmailed me into this shit. Nearly got me killed a couple time in the fuckign process." Isel glanced up at the man, eyes narrowing. "Want any more than that, and it'll cost you a drink. And not that Klingon blood-shit either!" Isel winked at Avi. "You may be a cheap ho, but this girl's got standards."

She left it at that as they approached the doors to the lounge. The doors hissed open ahead of them and they stepped through into the lounge itself, heading for one of the sofas in the far corner of the room. Once they had seated themselves a holographic serve approached, and Isel ordered for both of them. "I'll have a coffee with a double-shot of that Human coffee stuff... uh... shit... Kalahoo? No... Kahlua!" Isel said, then gestured to Avi. "And this fine lady will have... oh, what are they called..." Isel made a circular motion with her hand as she tried to remember the drink. She looked at the hologram for help. "Those crappy dainty little drinks that Earth girls order."

"A margarita?" The hologram suggested.

"No, that's not it..."

"An appletini?" The hologram offered, preparing to go down the list of Human drinks which might be considered dainty.

"Yes! She'll have one of those!" Isel said, beaming a grin at Avi. Isel leaned back into the cushions as the hologram retreated, her eyes scanning the room. From the sofa, they would be able to see anyone approaching or trying to listen in. Satisfied they couldn't be overheard, she turned to Avi with a shit-eating grin. "Alright, Little Miss Starfleet Intelligence. I bought you a drink. Now spill. In my experience not a lot of you spy fucks make a jump from Int to Security. What's your deal?"

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Re: Day 14 [1300hrs.] The Fox and The Fool
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[ Avi ] attn: @Fife

'Well you gotta be the ugliest lady I've ever seen,' Isel shot back at him, an' Avi decided then an' there that, yeah, this chick was alright.

Feigned mortal offence, hand on forehead like he was gonna faint. 'Cruelty! An' here was I thinkin' you was a gentleman.' His grin prob'ly ruined the effect, to be honest.

Mention of Orion slave markets was unexpected, had Avi lookin' askance at the lass he was sharin' a lift with. Snowy got much experience with that shit? Just, uh, from a distance, or... ? 'Cause if she'd been up close an' personal, didn't gotta guess which side she'd'a been on.

Mate. Honestly hadn't 'xpected somethin' like that outta her. 'Course, couldn't be sure, not without askin', but he knew a fuckin' trap when he saw one. Ain't no one wants t'hear the answer t'that kinda question; ain't no one wants t'have t'answer it neither. Everyone got their sob stories, didn't hardly wanna go diggin' up someone else's.

So when she brings the mood back up, jokin' about her tail, Avi follows suit, raisin' hands in mock surrender. 'Yeah, yeah, arright, got me there. Your tail wants a drink, I'll buy.'

Isel didn't got much t'say about Avi's trip down memory lane, an' honestly was fine with that. Less said the better, t'be honest. He'd fucked up, weren't two ways'a slicin' that one.

Snuck out the turbolift first, propelled by a kick from Snowy, grinnin' over his shoulder at her. Yeah, this chick was alright. Fell into an easy tease with her, lighthearted, an' she givin' more'n good as she got. Mate, that tail was a fuckin' secret weapon, almost stopped walkin' in surprise -- hadn't called that, but weren't hardly complainin' neither.

''M sure me feminine sensibilities'll get over 'emselves,' said with a laugh, almost coverin' how much he'd struggled t'get that sentence out, Christmas. 'Sensibilities' was a motherfucker.

Tone dropped after that, Avi catchin' up t'Isel as she slowed, matchin' her pace. Was clearly a whole pile'a shit there she ain't even touchin', knew a sore subject when he saw one. Was about t'say somethin' -- dunno, serious? Fuck if he knew. -- when she started with the jokin' again. Mate, was this how it felt t'be on the other end of his mood swings?

His kinda speed. Grinned back at her. 'Goin' drinkin' with me, aintcha? Standards must be low.'

Followed her into the bar, an' only then realised he'd been there before. One'a the first places he'd found, actually. Most important place on the boat, a bar, an' this was the biggest one or somethin'. Was pretty alright, def'nitely better'n those crappy student bars in San Fran, an' less danger of gettin' your dick ripped out through your throat than them bars in the First City. Which could be a positive or a negative, dependin' on your mood.

Isel picked a table in the corner -- good choice, good sightlines from here, an' comfy chairs t'boot. Threw hisself down, gettin' settled, doin' a quick survey'a the room. Not busy, but not empty by any stretch; Snowy'd picked a table with no one else around, though, so anyone approachin' would be obvious a mile off. That delib'rate? Looked over t'her. Naturally paranoid, or she got trainin'?

Happy they weren't gonna get listened to or interrupted or nothin', leant back in his seat an' watched Snowy as she started orderin' for the both of 'em. Appletini? Little tosser. She was right proud'a herself for that an' all, all smug an' cat-creamy. She was enjoyin' this.

Rolled his eyes as she turned back t'him. 'Yeah, thanks mister, just sip me apples shall I? Wanker.' No heat in it though, too amused for that.

Somethin' about the way she asked her question had 'im lookin' at her sideways again. In my experience not a lot of you spy fucks make a jump from Int to Security.. 'In my experience'. 'Spy fucks'. It just Andy she pissed at or this go further'n that?

Figure he might as well find out. 'Once a spy always a spy, yeah?' Was livin' proof'a that hisself. Not for lack'a tryin', though. Half shrugged: 'S'true, mostly. Don't 'xactly make it easy t'get out. Guess I'm just special like that.'

Looked Snowy over, thinkin'. Volunteerin' info didn't come natural, shockingly, never been the most honest'a folks even at the best'a times. An' didn't like talkin' about all this shit, 'specially not sober, Christmas. But Isel seemed t'be good people, much as anyone could be. An' certainly no love lost on Intel. So fuck it.

Flashed a grin t'hide behind. 'Didn't give 'em much of a choice in the end. Disobeyed orders, punched me CO in the face, got meself in a whole heap'a shit. Couldn't wait t'be rid of me. Honestly just lucky Sec took me in, that on me record.' An' none of it'd made a lick of difference, 'cept maybe to Ricci's pride. Still. Worth.

Weren't sure 'f Snowy'd be satisfied with that, but didn't much fancy goin' into detail, truth be. Felt suddenly self-conscious, like someone was watchin'; glanced around, just in case. Old habits. Only thing he saw was the server comin' back with drinks. Saved by the damn bell, even if it was a fuckin' Appletini.

'Their mistake is Theurgy's gain though, right?' he sad, sittin' up t'receive the drinks an' givin' Isel a smirk. 'Or loss maybe, whichever.'

Downed the Appletini, handed it back t'the server. Now, somethin' stronger this time, Christmas.

Was so bloody tempted t'get a couple shots of bloodwine. Weren't quite that des'prate, though. Might be day drinkin' -- so much as days existed in space, Christmas -- but that'd be a bit far even for him. Also Snowy hadn't seemed keen. She'd prob'ly judge him an' he was havin' fun bein' around someone what didn't entirely hate him.

Went one down an' ordered a Klingon ale. Snowy seemed good with her coffee, but still checked: 'You want anythin' else boss?'

Server headed off, an' Avi turned back t'Isel. Her turn, now. 'Yourself? Clearly ain't got no love for 'em. When'd you figure out they're all arseholes?'
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Re: Day 14 [1300hrs.] The Fox and The Fool
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[ Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Gymnasium | Deck 06 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @fiendfall
Avi hadn't seemed very enthusiastic about the particular drink she'd ordered him, much to Isel's amusement.

"Yeah, thanks mister, just sip me apples shall I? Wanker."

Isel grinned, winking at the security/spy officer sitting next to her. "You enjoy than, little lady." She chuckled, her shoulders shaking with silent amusement.

Avi went on to elaborate a bit more on how he had come a former intelligence officer, admitting to disobeying orders and punching his CO, speaking all the while in his strange, almost-Federation manner. She had to admit her was right, he was lucky that security had taken him in with that on his record. He went on to joke that their loss was Theurgy's gain, or loss, depending on how you looked at it. Isel chuckled as he downed his appletini. "You sure seemed to enjoy that! Want another one?" The dirty look Avi gave her caused her to let out a barking laugh. "I'm sure Theurgy will be happy to have you. If anyone can understand a word you're fuckign saying!" Isel joked as she gave Avi a light elbow in the ribs. She sipped her spiked coffee as Avi ordered another drink, Klingon ale this time. She wrinkled her nose slightly as his choice of drink, but looked at the holographic serve. "I'll have one of those too." If he was moving on to heavier stuff, she might as well join him. She'd just have to watch herself. She didn't want any more slip-ups, after all.

Avi turned back to her as the holographic server retreated with their drink orders, asking about her story and how she came to have little love for Starfleet's Intelligence branch. Sighing, Isel leaned back in the cushion behind her and took another sip of her coffee, the warm liquid with it's alcoholic additive sending waves of warmth though her. "Oh, trust me, it didn't take me long to figure out what assholes Intelligence are." Isel paused long enough to take another sip. "Though that's... is a bit of a lengthy story..." Isel said softly, staring out across the room rather than looking at Avi. "Let's just say that I used to work pretty closely with Starfleet Intelligence for around eight years. I wasn't hugely impressed with them at the time, and even less so when Andersscum decided to blackmail me into joining the Theurgy's crew." Another sip of tea, followed by a sigh. "Fucker used one of my dear friends to do it too, which only made it worse. I put my neck on the line for years for that fuck, and that's how I get treated?" Isel sipped her coffee again, then put her coffee down on the table before them, pausing in her story as the server returned with their drinks. Once the hologram had left them alone once more, Isel picked up her own Klingon ale and raised it to clink glasses with Avi. "To new friends, and not crushing my tail ever again." She said by way of a toast, chuckling as she sipped the strong ale. "Anyway, Andersson and his boys can fucking drop dead for all I care. I've got no love for Int assholes." Isel glanced at Avi. "I guess I'll leave you out of that, you being Security now and all." Isel eyed Avi as though she wasn't entirely sure if she should leave him out of it, though her gaze softened after a moment. "I dunno. I just don't see how a branch of Starfleet, which is supposed to be the morale upholders or some shit, can act the way they do. Using people, betraying them, threating innocents to get people to do what they want."

Isel let her head fall back against the seat and closed her eyes for a moment. "Anyway, that's the short version." Isel muttered, opening her eyes and rolling her head to her mismatched gaze fixed on Avi. "So what'd your CO do to warrant a swat in the mouth?" Isel asked, curiosity getting the better of her. "Or did you drop a weight on him, too?"

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[ Avi ] Attn: @Fife

'I'm sure Theurgy will be happy to have you. If anyone can understand a word you're fucking saying!' Isel said, givin' him a poke with her elbow. Caught 'im off-guard, laughin' with the surprise of it. Jammy little git, weren't she?

'Yeah? Fuck you too. Can't have everyone speakin' all fuckin' fancy, no fun in that.' Should see him without his damn ears in.

Snowy didn't seem mighty impressed with his choice'a drink, but followed suit anyways, orderin' an ale for herself. Huh. Maybe she hadn't been plannin' on gettin' much more'n a coffee -- Christmas, coulda stuck to it, he wouldn't'a minded gettin' in on his lonesome. Still. Folks always more fun with a bit in 'em. Harder t'understand, a'course, but it evened itself out. Normally, anyways.

Isel took a tick t'answer his question. Had expected the pause, truth be; lass hadn't seemed all that eager t'share nothin' earlier, had t'figure there was shit there. Didn't mind none, weren't hardly lookin' t'get hit in the face with someone else's fuckin' laundry, had enough of his own to avoid. When she did start goin', was with this distant look on her face, kinda quiet-like, not lookin' at him none. Yeah, good one Avi, walked right into this you bloody idiot. Shoulda seen it comin'.

Still. Chick didn't go into detail or nothin', skirtin' round, elevator pitchin'. Could work with that.

'Course, plenty he was curious about. Ain't no one workin' 'pretty closely' with Intel unless they was doin' his old gig, which would be a pretty fuckin' coincidence. Would make sense though, 'f that whole Orion shit was for real. Wondered if they got her out, like they did for him. Like they didn't for Syll.

Well! That was enough of that train'a thought, thanks. Weren't gonna touch none of it with a fuckin' bargepole, didn't wanna sent Snowy all quiet again, didn't wanna start gettin' all -- whatever -- hisself. Server with the drinks was a fuckin' saviour, frankly, glad t'have somethin' takin' the edge off. Or gonna take the edge off, weren't downin' this bad boy like he had the apples. Weren't quite that far gone yet.

'To new friends, and not crushing my tail ever again,' Isel said, mood shiftin', an' he was all too happy to oblige.

'Drink t'that,' he said with a grin, an' did. Lass was watchin' him kinda sharp-like, figured it was time to redirect. 'Don't go fuckin' leavin' me out though, just 'cause I'm in gold don't mean I ain't an arsehole. Fuckin' gimme some credit here.'

Had hit a nerve on Snowy. Or, fuck, she'd hit her own nerve, whatever. Plenty of shit there she didn't wanna get into -- fair enough, he didn't hardly wanna hear -- but was gettin' at her all the same. Honestly? Also fair enough.

'Oh yeah, Andy's a bastard, Intel's full of fuckin' snakes, an' Earth's only got one moon. Each as true as the next.' Went in for a drink. Weren't entirely right, a'course -- Ricci'd been fuckin' decent as, afore he'd turned into... Whatever the fuck that'd been. Plenty'a good folks gettin' into Intel tryna do some good -- had been one of 'em hisself, once upon. Funny as that seemed, lookin' back. But only takes a few bad apples when they're the bosses.

But he ain't seen nothin' yet t'say Management ain't all the same, Starfleet or no. Maybe the air up there turned 'em all into shitheads. Who's to say.

Weren't gonna get into that with Snowy, though. Lass got a chip on her shoulder an' so much baggage he was hittin' his damn shins on it. Nah. Almost relieved when she turned the focus back t'him, least it stopped her lookin' like she was gonna... dunno, pass out or somethin', all sad an' floppy on the back'a the chair.

'Yeah, funny story, actually,' he said with a smile. 'Real clumsy, that's me, just droppin' shit all over the place. Don't wanna see me with anythin' dangerous, mate, real safety hazard over here.' Waved her off kinda. 'Nah, nah, just the usual. "Do this", he says, "that's stupid", I says, "fuck you" he says, "no fuck you" I says, "you're being court martialled", they says. The reg. Y'know. Casual Wednesday night.' Ha-ha. Mate, he fuckin' wished. Always thought it was gonna be his damn mouth got him into trouble, an' instead it was -- what, his fuckin' morals? Like some sad punchline to a shitty joke.

Took a drink so he didn't gotta look at nothin'. Mate, really gettin' in on it. Still. Least Avi was still alive t'drink ale an' feel bad. Of the two, definitely come out of it better. Fuckin' Christmas, what was that about not gettin' into anyone's dirty laundry tonight? Fucked that one up.

Dredged a grin outta somewhere, his arse probably. 'Don't tell me you ain't never had a boss what could do with a bit of a whack. Figure it's somewhere in the job description innit?'

Suddenly occurred t'him he ain't got a fuckin' clue what this chick's rank is. Mate, would be just his luck if she turned out t'be some posh wanker.

Backpedalled. 'Unless, a'course, you're a lieutenant or somethin', in which case all of 'em are shitheads 'cept you, no need t'get them claws out, honest.'
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Re: Day 14 [1300hrs.] The Fox and The Fool
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[ Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Gymnasium | Deck 06 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @fiendfall
Isel laughed as Avi fired back against her comment about his speech, the man's claim that not everyone can talk "all fuckin' fancy" because it would be no fun amusing her. "There's a difference between all fuckin' fancy..." she said, making a poor attempt at an impression of him, "And speaking a language people can actually understand." Isel thought she ought to emphasize the point, so stuck her tongue out at him before letting out another chuckle.

She looked at Avi with an expression which blended confusion and amusement as he related, in extremely abbreviated fashion, the events which had unfolded between himself and his CO. He'd certainly got the gist of it across, though had done so in an impressive 6 seconds. Isel blinked as he referred to it as a casual Wednesday for him, then grinned as he made his comment about idiot bosses. The comment was followed up with a rather tidy exclusion of herself from the comment, the man apparently realizing her didn't know her rank, and worry having set in.

"Wow, people say I'm an idiot for shit like that, but I think you take the cake! Fuck!" Isel laughed, shaking her head slightly, her long pale white hair swaying slightly as she did so. She lifted her mug to take another sip of her coffee, pausing to blow a stray strand of hair out of the liquid before draining the rest of the dark beverage and pushing the empty mug away. Then she lifted the Klingon ale, taking a sip and wincing slightly. "God, I don't know how people like this stuff. I usually don't even look at it unless I'm already pissed." Isel stuck her tongue out and grimaced, then took a long pull form her glass. "Fuck, I'd court martial you just for liking this shit!" Isel glanced sideways at Avi then, giving him an impish grin. "Lieutenant? That's Lieutenant Commander Nix to you, shitbag!" Isel could only keep a straight face for a few seconds before she broke down, chuckling and grinning at the look on Avi's scruffy face. "Do I honestly seem like the kind of person they'd promote? You need your eyes checked, Avs. Get some nice flashy implants to go with your ears." Isel winked. "Ensign Isel Nix, at your service. I doubt I'll ever be anything else. I've got my own string of disciplinary records trailing me around."

Isel peered at his over the rim of her drink as she took another pull at it, her mismatched eyes twinkling with amusement.

"Had you going for a second there though, didn't I?"

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Re: Day 14 [1300hrs.] The Fox and The Fool
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[ Avi ] Attn: @Fife

Had t'laugh as Snowy tried her hand at what he'd gotta assume was an impression'a him. Mate, come on now.

'That meant t'be me?' asked, amused. 'Thought you was havin' a stroke for a second there.' Knew he didn't hardly talk regulation Fedspeak, but weren't that bad, right? Little tosser. Stickin' her tongue out again an' all -- what, she part frog now?

Frog or no, listened well enough as he sped through the whole mess. 'Local twink totally DOMINATED by Starfleet'. That. Didn't seem t'get her back up over it, neither, which was nice -- wouldn't hardly'a gone spillin' his guts 'f he'd pegged her for a stick-arse, but still, never could tell with Feds. Some folks got real leery over this kinda shite. An, honestly? Rightly so. Even he'd prob'y think twice afore trustin' his back t'someone with his record. Then again, he was a paranoid fucker, most normal folks just kinda assumed the best'a people, like total nutjobs. Fuckin' madness.

Still. Isel didn't hardly seem like one'a them lot. Been around the block, that much was plain as fuckin' pie, seen her fair share. Weren't hardly a greenie, that was sure.

Weren't a fan'a Klingon ale neither, 'f the look on her face was anythin' t'go by. Laughed at her complaints -- an' the tongue out again, Christmas -- raisin' his hands in surrender.

'Don't look at me, you was the one ordered it! Ain't even my fault for once.' Grin was full'a shit. 'Though 'f it's too much, they do them cute apples...'

Took a swig'a his own drink. Snowy weren't even wrong, this shite was pretty fuckin' foul, but he'd gotten a taste for it. 'Was on Qo'noS afore this,' explained. 'Would say that place'd put hairs on your chest, 'cept you don't seem t'have a problem doin' that yourself.'

Was still curious about that, by the way. 'Cause he'd not known many furfolk, mostly just Whiskers truth be, an' she hadn't gone in an' out like Isel seemed to. Leastways, not as he'd seen. Snowy somethin' else?

Snowy fuckin' Management, 'pparently. Couldn't help it, fuckin' eyebrows started gettin' snuggly with his hairline -- Lieutenant Commander? Fuckin' Christmas. Misread that one.

An' then she started laughin', an' him along too. Mate. Was only a joke, thank fuck. Didn't know what he woulda done 'f he'd really been drinkin' with a posh.

'Nearly gave me a damn heart attack,' said with a grin, lightly punchin' her shoulder, 'bloody bastard, no thought for me nerves. Lieutenant Commander, Christmas. Fully did have me goin' an' all. Wanker.'

Shook his head, goin' for his drink again. 'Mate, never know what's goin' through their noggin, promote all sorts'a folks these days. Even had a go at me afore they thought better of it. Reckon they'll try it on with you one'a these days. Try not t'be an arse with it.' Grinnin', showin' he didn't hardly mean nothin' by it. Hey, Isel was a laugh, an' a right sort with it. Weren't gonna go pissin' her off 'f he could help it. More fun like this.

Leant back, relaxin' into the couch. 'How long you been a Fleeter for anyways? You an Academy lass?' Humans said curiosity killed the cat, but he sure weren't one, and was thinkin' Isel weren't one neither. An' she'd been leavin' all sorts'a little threads hangin' around. Figured this was prob'ly the least shitty he could go tuggin' on. Weren't likely t'bring the Orion Syndicate crashin' down about his ears, at least.
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Re: Day 14 [1300hrs.] The Fox and The Fool
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[ Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Gymnasium | Deck 06 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @fiendfall
Isel let out a short burst of laughter as Madam Avirim called her out on her awful impression of him/her, sending a small stream of liqueur-infused coffee arching onto the table as she did so. After a moment of struggling with the combination of choking and laughing, she managed to right herself and turned back to Avi with a forced serious expression.

Her serious expression fell away, replaced by another sticking out of the tongue, as upon hearing her complain about the Klingon Ale, Avi reminded her that she had ordered it. He then began to mention that they had this cute apple drink. Isel silenced him with a kick to the shin beneath the table. "I'll give you apples, you cheeky shit." Isel laughed, scrubbing the last of the coffee form her face with the back of her hand. Avi joked about Klingon Ale putting hair on your chest, adding that she didn't seem to have a problem in that department. The remark caused another round of laughter, thankfully without alcohol spouting form her nose this time around.

Avi's reaction to her little rank joke, which earned her a punch in the shoulder once the blood had returned to his face, was perfect. Fear seemed, if anything, to intensify the man's accent somewhat. There were utterances of bloody bastard, wanker, Christmas, and a general air of good-humoured resentment being shoveled her way. Isel, for her part, received it all with a wink and a silent raising of her glass in a mocking toast.

The smug grin she wore was quickly replaced with another grimace as the Klingon Ale touched her tongue. She listened as Avi mused aloud the fact that they'd promote "all sorts'a folks these days" before telling her not to be an arse if she were to get promoted. "Not much worry there, Avs my girl. They'll have to be fucking desperate to go promoting me!" Isel grinned.

Isel watched as Avi leaned back in his seat, then asked how long she had been "A Fleeter", going on to ask if she was an Academy girl. "How long have I been a Fleeter?" Isel echoed, pausing in her answer to take another swig of the vile drink in her mug. After a second or two of pulling disgusted faces, she turned her attention back to Avi. "Yep. I'm an Academy girl. Graduated the Academy about two years I think? No, three. Then off to Tac Conn flight school. Then bumped all over the fucking place form one ship to another until I got asked to come over to the Theurgy." Isel pulled another mouthful of ale, then another face. "And I use the term asked lightly." Isel let her head fall back against the cushion behind her.

"Before that I was... uh... well..." Isel's eyed dropped to the drink she held between her hands, her jaw tensing at the stupid near-slip she had just made. Fuck. "Well, before the I was in a... different... line of work." Hardly the most convincing line, Isel. She raised her gaze back to Avi's, wanding if the bastard had caught on to the little slip. Ex-intelligence. She doubted he'd have missed it. "A contractor... of sorts..." Clearing her throat, Isel turned her mismatched gaze on Avi. "What about you? You an Academy girl too? How long you been in Starfleet?" Her eyes narrowed. "Wait, what are you saying about hair on my fucking chest. You got a good eyeful of hair-free chest earlier! Any why are you thinking about my chest, you perv?!" A slug in the shoulder accompanied her last question, as well as the silent hope that she'd managed to steer the conversation away from her "contract work".

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Re: Day 14 [1300hrs.] The Fox and The Fool
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[ Avi ] Attn: @Fife

'Pparently Snowy found him so darn hilarious she just had t'go an' snort her coffee all over the table. Alright, was a new one. Christmas, the lass nearly killed herself chokin' -- mate, they been starved for comedy over here or had he just gotten that good in his old age? She gonna be alright?

Managed t'get herself under control eventually, enough t'kick him at least -- arright, fuckin' ow, she was clearly right as raindrops. Got a sharp kick on her too, little devil.

Raised a hand t'his chest all wounded-like. 'An' here was I just tryna be helpful.' Grin prob'ly ruined the effect.

Lass took a second t'answer his question on her service record, pausin' t'make all sorts'a faces at the drink she was sippin'. Mate, if you hate it that much don't bloody drink it, he'd have it.

'Watch the wind don't change an' freeze you that way,' he said, cheeky. 'Not as most folks'd notice.'

Shut up t'let her speak soon as she got goin'. Academy lass, huh? Later'n him, wouldn't've crossed paths. An' flight school after? Mate. That's a lotta teachin'. Couldn't get a bloody read on her age, neither -- looked younger'n him, ish, but was clearly gotta be old enough to've been around the block some. Her folk age weird or what?

There was her 'drinkin' ale' face again, followed up by what he could guess was her 'thinkin' about Andy' face. Yeah, he'd got one of 'em an' all. Lass'd said Anderson blackmailed her, but nothin' more'n that. Would wonder what the bloke had on her, 'cept Snowy clearly didn't want him gettin' all sniffy, an' he'd 'ppreciate it if she kept her snout outta his laundry too, so. Couldn't help the curiosity, but weren't gonna act on it none, nor speculate neither. Would just guess hisself crazy. Crazier.

Still, hard t'miss the way she cut herself off halfway through a sentence, lookin' away, tryna cover up with filler words, bein' vague. 'A contractor of sorts', yeah? One what'd had dealin's with Intel, what'd got experience with the Orion Syndicate?

Yeah. Pretty good idea what 'sort' of contractor that'd be. An' mate, he'd said he weren't gonna speculate, but this weren't hardly guesswork this was fuckin'-- weren't obvious, lass weren't that clumsy with it, but weren't hard t'put two an' two together, 'specially when he'd done that maths for hisself back in the day.

Let it slide. She wanted t'keep that quiet? Have at it. Avi the last person what'd start makin' folks spill their fuckin' guts everywhere. Keep that shit inside, that's nasty, no one wants t'see that.

Was just openin' his mouth t'go answerin' her question -- by the way nice deflect there miss -- when she starts glarin' at him fit t'make him think he's managed t'drop another weight on her damn tail. Turns out, no, just about his comment on her chest. Ah. Yeah. Could see why. Yeah arright fair enough on that one.

Hid in his ale, smilin', ended up sloshin' it half down his front when she slugged him in the shoulder. Dumped his ale, made a show of tryna fuss at the wet patch on his shirt. 'Aw mate, come on now, this shirt was basic'ly clean on an' everythin'.' Patch was still damp, nothin' doin' there. Turned back t'face the culprit. 'Listen now, ain't my fault you went givin' me an eyeful, shovin' yourself up in me face. That kinda picture sticks with a fella.' A grin. 'Still, 'f it makes you happier, I'll keep them thoughts to meself in future yeah? Now 'm I safe t'pick up this ale again or you gonna spill the rest'a it down me trousers?'

Watched her, amused; waited t'drink again till he was nice an' sure she weren't gonna come at him or nothin'.

Right, where was they? Oh yeah, her little deflect. Smart lass.

'Sure, was in the Academy, ten years ago now or somethin'. Fed work mostly kept me in Intel, only made the switch a couple'a years back. Afore the Fleet...' avoided her eye, rubbin' the back of his neck, 'guess I was somethin' of a contractor, too. Keeps you on your toes, yeah?' Weren't gonna push none, an' weren't gonna volunteer nothin' neither. Was just -- curious, an' knew findin' folks what understood even a lick of what kinda shit you been in could be fuckin' gold dust.

Still. She weren't the only one what knew how to divert. So, movin' on: 'This my first post on a boat, 'f you can believe. Bloody massive too, how'd you lot find your way around? Gettin' lost ten times a damn day, gonna get proper confused sometime an' end up starvin' t'death out in the bloody arse end of nowhere just tryna find somewhere to take a leak. All boats this shit awful confusin' or 'm I just lucky?'
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Re: Day 14 [1300hrs.] The Fox and The Fool
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[ Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Gymnasium | Deck 06 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @fiendfall
Avi apparently fancied himself a comedian, joking as Isel grimaced that she should be careful her face didn't freeze that way. His little comment that people likely wouldn't notice earned him a flash from a certain finger on Isel's right hand as her left tipped the mug of Klingon ale upwards, the Vulpinian deciding to chug the rest of the drink to get it over with. She continued to hold up the finger as she worked on draining the unfortunately large container of horrible liquid, making a rotating gesture with said finger until she finished the last of the ale.

Slamming the now empty mug down on the table, Isel gasped for air and stuck out her tongue dramatically, as though hoping the air might help remove the foul taste from her tongue. Then she signalled the server to come over so she could order something other than the piss Avi seemed so fond of.

Avi remained silent as she recounted her service record with the Academy and Starfleet, though as she punched him in the shoulder he spilled his ale all over his uniform which finally brought forth another attempt as speaking an intelligible language. This time he seemed to be trying to claim that his shirt had been clean, causing Isel to laugh. "Honestly, I'm pretty sure they use that shit to degrease the engines down in the FAB, so it'll still be clean now." Isel grinned at Avi as he continued to wipe at his shirt. "That or it'll dissolve the fucking shirt. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!"

" 'Listen now, ain't my fault you went givin' me an eyeful, shovin' yourself up in me face. That kinda picture sticks with a fella.' Isel's brow rose as Avi gave her a grin, though if the scruffy fellow expected her to blush at a comment like that he'd find himself disappointed. 'Still, 'f it makes you happier, I'll keep them thoughts to meself in future yeah? Now 'm I safe t'pick up this ale again or you gonna spill the rest'a it down me trousers?'

"The fuck?" Isel laughed, her mismatched eyes giving Avi a look of mock-indignance as she elbowed him in the ribs. "Go ahead and drink it, you pervert!" Again the Vulpinian laughed as she spoke, shaking her head slightly. "The last thing I want to see if your pants dissolving from that crap you're drinking!"

Avi started talking about his own time in Starfleet then, his words brief just as hers had been. He finished off by stating that he had been something of a contractor himself, leaving Isel wondering if they had used the term for the same line of work. The Vulpinian leaned back in her seat and regarded the scraggly, ale-soaked man with an expression of curiosity as he quickly moved on, changing the topic to the fact that this was his first posting to a starship. Or "boat", as he put it. He also complained about the Theurgy's size, worrying that he'd get lost and starve to death one day.

"Being a little over-dramatic there, aren't you?" Isel chuckled as the server finally approached. "He'll have another of that piss he's drinking, and I'll take a double whisky. Suntory, if you have that in the replicator." Isel turned her attention back to Avi as the server headed off to fill the order, the Vulpinian's eyes alive with amusement. "You're just lucky I guess. This is the biggest ship I've served on. I can't say I'm a huge fan of having to use the transporters just to get from one part of the ship to another, but it's also a lot nicer than some ships I've seen. Plus, it's got lots of bars, so that's something!" Isel shook her head. "Tell you what, if you get that lost, just call me on the comms. I'll come toss you a few scraps to keep you from starving." Isel grinned. "Or, you know, you could just ask the computer for directions. It's good for shit like that." Isel gave him a wink as she chuckled again, then shook her head as the server reappeared with the requested drinks, placing them down on the table before retreating once more.

"Try to get it in your mouth this time, yeah?" Isel teased as she took up her own drink raising it in a silent toast before taking a small sip. The Vulpinian leaned back in the seat with a soft sigh, her eyes half closed. "Oh, that's so much better than that Klingon piss..." Rolling her head to the side to give Avi a grin, Isel narrowed her eyes. "So, what sort of contract work did you do?" Isel hadn't initially intended on asking his the question, initially glad to have the topic changed after her own little slip, though the man's own admission had made her curious. "Asset acquisition? Private protection? Obstacle removal?" Isel sat up, her eyes narrowing further and her grin turning impish. "Oh, let me guess! Umm..." Isel took another sip of her drink as she thought, then snapped her fingers. "You were a recruiter for some freaky religious sect, weren't you?" Isel asked with a laugh, cocking her head to the side. "That or you were in some strange alien zoo, and you escaped before they finished teaching you to speak..."

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Re: Day 14 [1300hrs.] The Fox and The Fool
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[ Avi ] Attn: @Fife

Couldn't help bein' impressed as Snowy started just absolutely goin' for her drink, straight chuggin' it like a madman, an' mate she only fuckin' managed it an' all. Weren't many outside'a Qo'noS what could pull that one out, Christmas. For all her complaints, weren't no shrinkin' daisy or nothin', could drink with the bloody best of 'em an' all. Mate. She able t'shift into a Klingon too?

Didn't punch like one at least, no matter the mess she made'a his shirt. Saw her goin' for an elbow -- Christmas, spiky this one ain't she? -- an' tried t'limit the spillage this time. Listen, he ain't got clothes out his arse arright, don't make him fuckin' fuss around with the damn replicator again, it'd been bad enough the first time. Resolved t'finish up his drink fuckin' sparpish 'f she was gonna go around dumpin' it on him every five bloody seconds. Still, if'n she thought he was gonna copy that move she could fuckin' think again. Just gonna drink his like a bloody normal person.

Didn't mean he couldn't have no fun, though. She didn't want t'see his pants dissolve? Darlin'... You ain't the only little shit here, two can play at that. 'Just me trousers, then,' said with a grin. 'Best t'leave some things t'the imagination, yeah?' Hid his grin in his mug, preparin' t'get walloped again. Ah, well. Worth.

Elevator pitched her his own service record -- weren't gettin' into no fuckin' details, not sober, Christmas -- was right glad when the bird rolled with his change'a topic t'talk about the boat instead. Don't look now but they was almost fuckin' civil, havin' a decent little conversation an' all. Bless.

Server returned t'take their order; Snowy didn't ask him nothin', just ordered another ale -- better fuckin' get t'work finishin' his first one then -- an' a double whisky for herself. Bit posh, aren't we? Ain't never had that Sun-whatsit hisself.

Still. 'Pparently it weren't just him findin' Mrs Theurgy bloody massive. Big boat even by Snowy's standards. Though maybe everythin' looks big if you're used to pilotin' a sardine tin, what'd he know?

Lots'a bars definitely sounded good, though. Didn't mind that part for sure. Least whoever made this big stupid thing knew t'give it lots'a places t'drink. Got one thing right at least.

Isel seemed right tickled at the thought'a him gettin' lost. Grinned right back at her. 'Mighty kind'a yous, miss, right glad t'hear I ain't gonna starve or nothin'. Be sure an' leave them scraps in a little line so's I can follow 'em to safety, yeah?'

Ah, yeah, a'course, the computer. Thea. 'Already had the pleasure. Ain't like no computer I ever seen afore, but s'ppose these days unexpected shit's the new normal, right?' Seen plenty'a holos in his time, they was even gettin' served by one now, but from what he'd heard Thea was... kinda real? Actually real? Absolutely fuckin' wild mate.

Was a thing t'get your head around, for sure. Ship's computer was a person. She got access to everyone's files an' all? She able t'like... make decisions an' shit? Withold info from folks? Control the whole ship an' all its systems? She got emotions now, she able t'make a bad call a'cause of it?

Was a bloody security nightmare. Intel nightmare too. Mate. Welcome to the world, you bloody headache you.

Thought came t'him. 'They ain't all like that, right? People-y an' shit? Proper-like? On this boat I mean. Me PADD ain't gonna start talkin' t'me or nothin'?' Not as it'd be a problem -- more the merrier, right? -- but would like a fuckin' heads up, just so it don't give him a bloody heart attack when it starts talkin' t'him an' he's on the crapper or somethin'.

Eyed up the server as they returned. You got feelin's there, mate? Do he gotta remember your bloody name now too?

Thanks for the drink though.

Matched Snowy's toast, rollin' his eyes some at her comment. Cheeky bastard ain't she? Downed the last'a his first pint, started in on the next afore the aftertaste could knock him out. Smart. Done this before, ain't he?

Wasn't expectin' the lass t'zig the convo back, truth be. Had figured they'd piss around with some light shit, hit some stupid comments back an' forth, probl'y end up gettin' poked again for his trouble. After all their work circlin' away from anythin' dangerous, hadn't thought she'd send 'em right back in.

Looked at her, curious-like. 'Course, she turned it into a joke right sharpish -- girl after his own heart -- an' he was plenty happy t'play along. 'I give off a religious vibe t'you?' Chuckled, shakin' his head. 'Zoo I could get behind though. Like the idea'a doin' that on contract. Spend me time in a glass box till I punch out an' head home. Pretty sweet gig.'

Couldn't tell if'n she wanted t'get serious or not. Wouldn't'a brought it up if not, surely? Only question now... was one ale enough t'get him feelin' all chatty?

No. It weren't. But he was curious about her, an' it was stupid the two of 'em dancin' round each other like eggs. Plus it didn't sit right just laughin' a proper question off, not when she ain't done that herself.


Short an' sweet, then.

'Interned for the Feds as a snitch for a time, only a few months but really helped me job prospects in the long run. Got some good networkin' in, you know? Office parties ain't nothin' t'write home about but when's a Fed party been any good anyways?' Barrelin' straight on so's she couldn't get a question in an' ruin the whole thing: 'Though sayin' that, bet pilot parties are fun though, y'all seem like a pretty wild bunch. Gotta be absolute nails t'go out an' do that shit. Prob'ly half crazy t'boot, though who ain't these days?' Words got kinda slurry at the end there, not focusin' on 'em enough, talkin' too fast, Christmas.

Just fuckin' take another drink, idiot.
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Re: Day 14 [1300hrs.] The Fox and The Fool
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[ Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Gymnasium | Deck 06 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @fiendfall
"Best t'leave some things t'the imagination, yeah?" Isel raised the eyebrow above her blue eye as Avi tried to hide the grin which had plastered itself across his face. The corner of her mouth quirked up in a faint hint of a smirk as she said sweetly. "Honey, there are a lot of things best left to the imagination..." Isel let the grin play across her face as she leaned in closer, her multicoloured eyes taking on an impish glow. "Besides, if I wanted your trousers off, I'd just change forms and shred it with my claws. But don't you worry you're your pretty little head over it..." Isel raised her free hand and patted Avi lightly on the cheek, giving him a sweet grin. "Nobody wants to see that shit..." Isel gave the man a wink before she leaned back with a chuckle.

Isel laughed as Avi thanked her for her promise of scraps, then requested she leave them in a trail so that he could find his way to safety. "Sure... safety..." Isel said with an overexaggerated look of innocence, though the expression didn't last long before it was washed away with a chuckle. "Or the nearest airlock. I guess it'll all depend on if you keep talking about taking your pants off."

Avi had apparently met Thea, who apparently ain't like no 'puter he ever did saw a'fore. He did have a point though. The unexpected did[ seem to be the new normal though. "Yeah... you've got a point there." She had to admit. "If I'd known what a cluster-fuck this shit was going to be, I might have handled the whole blackmail bit differently." She let her head fall back against the padding of the booth seat, her mismatched eyes staring off at nothing in particular. "If I can go more than a week without being nearly short, blown up or turned to fucking paste, I'll be one happy girl." She rolled her head to angle it towards him. "Though now I suppose I've got to add having a fucking weight dropped on my tail to that list." She grinned at him, then blew a few errant strands of white hair out of her face.

"And to answer your question, no. Your PADD ain't gonna start talkin' t'ya er nothin'." Isel informed him with a giggle as the server placed the next round on the table. "The PADDs are kinda snobby. They only talk to smart people. Maybe if you ask real nice though..." Isel gave him a cheeky wink as she lifted her glass, taking a small sip and sighing appreciately as the whisky washed away the taste of that Klingon swill. She had to laugh as he asked if he seemed the religious type, giving him a scrutinous look as he said the zoo sounded like a good gig. She could practically picture him in the zoo, sitting in a pile of straw and scratching himself. If anything, she was surprised they let him out.

He didn't seem entirely comfortable with her question about his "contract work", but his answered nonetheless. Intern for the Feds. Snitch. Networking. Apparently didn't enjoy Federation parties any more than she did. The things were always stuffy affairs, full of pomp and protocol. He apparently thought that the parties the pilots might have would be far more entertaining. "You aren't wrong about the half-crazy part. I seem to be wondering every fucking day why I chose such a batshit department." Isel took another sip of the whisky, then placed the glass on the table, staring at it as she continued. "To be honest, I don't really hang out with the other pilots much. I've only been on this ship for two weeks, and coming from a ship that was hunting them didn't exactly win be brownie points, y'know?" Isel looked as Avi, forcing a grin. "Besides, their parties aren't that good. Maybe a little wilder than the typical stuffy Starfleeter shit, but nothing compared to parties back in... well..." Isel took up her glass again, taking a slightly larger sip to occupy her mouth before she got herself into trouble.

Atta girl Isel. Ex-Intel Starfleet Security officer. Let's tell him about all your fucking dirty laundry. The guy seemed alright, but she couldn't afford to take that sort of risk. Last time someone had found out, she'd been blackmailed into defecting to this ship. "You ok over there?" She asked, realizing his words were beginning to become even less articulate than they usually were, which seemed quite the feat. "You sound like you're forgetting what little Standard you actually manage to mimic." Isel reached out and took hold of his chin with a thumb and index finger, peering into his eyes suspiciously. "You're not going to get all sloppy and handsy on me, are you? Fuck, I shoulda known that appletini would be too strong for you. I'll be trying to drag your drunk ass back to your quarters before the night's done..."
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Re: Day 14 [1300 hrs.] The Fox and The Fool
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[ Avi ] Attn: @Fife

Old half an' half here raisin' eyebrows at him when she was the one what brought up his trousers first-like. Threatenin' his clothin' and all -- what, drenchin' his shirt weren't enough? Carry this on an' he'd need a whole damn wardrobe just so he could survive bumpin' into her in a corridor.

Sobered up a little as she started goin' on about all the shite what'd tried t'off her in the last however many weeks. Figured them tin can pilots had more brushes with fuckin' catastrophe than most, but even then this took the bakery. Mrs Theurgy havin' plenty of fun, it seemed.

'Just keepin' you on your toes, miss,' said, givin' her his best innocent face. 'Can't have you goin' soft or nothin'. Never know when some wanker's gonna space an' do somethin' stupid. Gotta be prepared for them dickhead idiots out there.'

Was glad t'hear his PADD weren't a person or somethin'. Woulda gotten right awkward 'f everythin' on this ship was proper-like. Imagine a replicator gettin' smart an' tellin' him whisky and pot noodles weren't a balanced breakfast or some shit. Nah mate, no thanks.

They only talk to smart folks, huh? Cheeky twat. 'Guess 'm just lucky you ain't got them high standards then, huh? Must be real desp'rate t'scrape the bottom'a the barrel like this, Commander. 'Ppreciate you lowerin' yourself an' all.' Was mostly just playin'. Weren't bitter or nothin'. Certainly not what she'd see. Was fine.

Folks made assumptions, is all. An' they weren't even wrong, a lot'a the time, but still. Weren't no fan of bein' judged like that, 'specially when he knew he was gonna fuckin' prove 'em right sooner or later. Took all the damn fun outta it.

But whatever. Weren't hardly no skin off his, right? Now or later, same difference. 'F he bothered with what folks thought he'd never've fuckin' left home. No point gettin' all twisty knickers over it or nothin'.

Was right glad when she let 'im finish his whole thing without interruptin' or nothin', when she let 'im pass right over it an' keep goin', mile a minute an' all. Yeah, let's talk parties, forget that other shit.

Leant back with his drink, relaxin' now the topic was safe or whatever, let out a low whistle. 'You made the switch from the dark side? Ooft. Bet you're popular.' Knew she'd been blackmailed, ain't 'xactly been her choice'a assignment, but didn't know she'd straight up come from one of them bad guy boats or whatever. Lass didn't seem all that happy about it neither. Must'a been rough. Bad enough not wantin' t'be here without not bein' wanted here neither.

'Get 'em all drunk, have a go punchin' each other an' then do each other's hair or somethin', you'll be best mates soon enough.' Yeah, advice on makin' friends from Avi, the jokes wrote themselves. 'Any party where you can use the word 'wild' ain't a Fleeter party, darlin', count me in for that shite.'

Ain't missed her trailin' off neither. Curiosity in the back'a his throat. Back home, or... ?

Wrong fuckin' question, weren't his t'ask. Somethin' else, then. 'What's a good party look like in your book, then?'

Would be interestin', 'f she didn't mean home. 'Course she meant home. An' it weren't none'a his either which fuckin' way.

But if she didn't...

An' why else hide it? Then again, he ain't got nothin' t'hide about home but didn't 'xactly wanna go talkin' about it left an' right with perfect fuckin' strangers neither.

Gettin' bloody paranoid, an' too fuckin' curious for his own good. Take a step back, idiot. Christmas.

An' then there's a hand grabbin' his chin an' a face all up in his, eyes all pick-an'-mixy. Pulled away, battin' her off. 'Oi oi, I ain't sloshed yet, you ain't gotta worry.' Was on his way, feelin' it in his temples, or was that the beginnin' of a headache? Hard t'tell. Anyways. Weren't there yet. Was just losin' focus is all. You try doin' this in your second fuckin' language when you can barely fuckin' hear yourself think, let 'im know how that goes.

'Have you know I ain't sloppy or handsy, though with how much you've been goin' on about clawin' me up I dunno 'f the same can be said for you.'

Let hisself be curious over her comment on department choice. That weren't pryin' too much or nothin', was it? Nah. Nah, prob'ly not.

'Why'd you go for pilotin', 'f not for them parties? Figure it'd be your kinda speed, all that craziness, you seem the type t'go for that.' No need t'get the claws out, love, he's also crazy, he ain't judgin'. 'Cept... 'Things just goin' fast these days even for you?' 'Cause he knew that bloody feelin' well enough didn't he?  'Figure this Theurgy shit's sat at warp ten 24/7, right? An' we're just fuckin' parked up, 's only gonna get weirder from here on out.'

Shrugged, went back t'his drink. ''M just glad t'have a proper bed again. Wouldn't believe the rustbuckets I took t'fuckin get here, Christmas. Never thought I'd miss Qo'noS, but here we fuckin' are.'
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