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Day 03 [1230 hrs.] Routine Procedures

Day 03 [1230 hrs.] Routine Procedures

[ Dr. Nicander | CMO Office | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Argyros  
Over time, it became apparently clear that Doctor Nicander wouldn't be able to continue to lead the life of lies he had led so far. Now, when he had a firmer grasp on his own sanity, he should be warning them all, telling them what he was. He should let them know what he had seen in the abyss. That, however, also meant that he would have to be confined to the brig, and he would be unable to help the crew in his current capacity. Free, he could do far more, but that also meant that his sanity could be compromised again, and at that point, the thing inside would compel him to remain in the shadows.

This burdened him, the choice haunting him every hour.

Thus, benumbed, Lucan went about his duties in Sickbay like the spectre of the man he had been. Regardless how his state-of-mind did not infringe upon his efforts and results, there was decidedly a defeated air about him. He did not snap at the nurses or treat anyone unfairly, but the lines around his eyes and the plagued embers in his pale grey orbs did not pass the keen-sighted by. Eventually, after doing his rounds and his reports, delegating diagnostics and treatments to his staff, he retreated to his office and sunk down in his chair.

He sat there, studying the tattoos on his hands - remembering Envon and his youth.

The door opened, and Lucan supposed that he would, normally, straighten in his seat; all for the sake of maintaining his utterly professional façade, yet the will was not there anymore. So when he heard the sliding door, his hands remained where they were below his gaze. He heard the voice, and finally, he assembled a professional air about him.

"By all means, please," he said, finding a smile, and rose to his feet. He then saw that it was the new Chief CONN Officer. "Mister Veradin. I take it you have finally come for your physical, now that you've acquainted yourself well enough with this ship?"

The Trill appeared embarrassed about walking in on him, but Lucan didn't mind. It was not like he had been doing something untoward, like the parasite might.

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[ Lt. JG Derik Veradin | Sickbay, CMO Office | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] @Auctor Lucan
Wiping away the embarrassment of the moment before, Derik fully entered the room upon being greeted by the Chief Medical Officer. His voice was one that you couldn't grow tired of listening to, even if Veradin had only observed it for the length of two sentences, and his pale, yet bright eyes starkly contrasted his sharp, dark features. His first impression of the Câroon race was striking to say the least. Those eyes, pale gray like matted silver, were easy to fall into.

He quietely cleared his throat and offered a small smile to the physician, continuing into the office with a look around its walls. After the very brief moment of inspection, he began to speak again. "Pleased to meet you, Commander," he introduced, formally, yet still a little dazed by his previous intrusion and the features of his superior. "Yes sir, I'm here for my physical. I hadn't gotten around to it the past few days, what with trying to get settled in, so I hope now is an appropriate time if you're not busy. I trust I didn't interupt anything?"

It was pretty obvious that Nicander wasn't busy. In fact, he walked into the room and all he was was that he had been staring at the markings on his hands. Derik had done the same thing from time to time, looking at his spots in the mirror. Still, he felt it pertinent to ask rather than demand. Perhaps he had barged into his office during a moment of reflection or meditation. Perhaps he had interrupted a Câroon prayer or some sort of ritual that he had known nothing about. He should have asked one of the nurses or other doctors if Lucan was available, yet his impulsiveness had let him into another potentially sticky situation. It was comforting to see that he wasn't angered, however, or portraying any aggravated expressions. Another, hopefully, lucky break.

"But antiquated is a strong word," he joked, finding a seat across from his examiner, trying to cover up the fact he was nervous that he had done something wrong, "I've got the basics down. The bridge, my quarters, the shuttle bays, and now..." he inspected around the room once more, finding focus again to the blue-uniformed man, "And now sickbay. It's quite the facility. A lot bigger than my old ship."

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[ Dr. Nicander | CMO Office | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Argyros
The helmsman for the Resolve seemed to be polite enough, Lucan noted, having moved to stand already. While the Trill spoke, Lucan picked up a PADD and keyed up the man's medical journal, which hadn't been updated in the Federation database since before the Resolve vanished in the anomaly that sent them to the very far side of Romulan Space and the Beta Quadrant. Just like with the rest of the Resolve officers, there was a lot missing, none of the medical records on the Resolve having been saved since the ship had been destroyed.

"Not sure it is my place to say 'thank you' in regard to these facilities, it was hardly me who built them, but the medical officers, nurses and I try to keep it in as good condition as possible, despite how this voyage of ours tend to work against us in that particular regard," he said with a smile to the man, coming to stand before him. He folded his tattooed hands behind his back and looked into the Junior Lieutenant's eyes. By the winds, he was quite easy to look at, he thought idly, yet did not linger on the notion more than appreciating the Trill's favorable genetic heritage.

"It says in your old journal that you were Unjoined by the time the Resolve vanished," he stated in his accent and handed the journal over to the man, letting him see the latest dated notation made, back in the early 2378. "Yet since you still carry the same name, I don't need a tricorder to know you should still remain the same man you were three years ago. Well, perhaps a bit more experienced, but medically speaking. So, I don't have to spend time running diagnostics on a symbiont as well, correct?"

Having safely assumed as much, Lucan walked back towards his desk. "Since you are a member of the Senior Staff, and your health is paramount to the mission, I will be making a holographic image scan of your body. Please remove your clothing, though you can keep your underwear on. The scanner will be able to compensate for that much fabric. Thea, please lock the door."

[Yes, Doctor,] came the voice from the deckhead, and a chirp came from the doors that led inside the CMO office.

"Please, you can remain standing there when you are finished. I will just bring the device," he said, coming to the back compartments of his office to collect the holo-imager. It was not the most ergonomic piece of equipment in Sickbay, to say the least, but it was very effective and time-efficient.

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[ Lt. JG Derik Veradin | Sickbay, CMO Office | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] @Auctor Lucan
“No sir. No symbiont. I’m still Derik Veradin.” He looked over his medical history. It all seemed right up until he and his crew disappeared on their hellish voyage. “While back on Trill I was told I could have been joined, I found a different calling. I’m also pretty sure my lifestyle choices in my earlier years would have prevented me from getting one anyway. I’m content with being just me.”

"Since you are a member of the Senior Staff, and your health is paramount to the mission, I will be making a holographic image scan of your body. Please remove your clothing, though you can keep your underwear on. The scanner will be able to compensate for that much fabric. Thea, please lock the door." Doctor Nicander ordered.

Don't waste time do you? Derik mused.

[Yes, Doctor,] the AI responded.

Well this is…different. Derik flinched slightly as the door closed, half turning at the sound.  While physicals were necessary, Derik had never stripped down in someone’s office for an exam before. They had rooms for that right? Also, a holographic image? The most he had been scanned with in the medical field was a tricorder. At least he wasn’t self-conscious about his body. He’d worked very hard on it after all. Am I missing something? Perhaps it was just Derik’s mistrust of Doctors on Trill spilling onto The Theurgy. Back home, his parents had tried to get him to apply for a Symbiont. Doctors from the Symbiosis Commission poked and prodded him for three excruciating days before Derik decided it wasn’t for him.

“Sure thing Doc.” Derik began to undress, slipping his uniform jacket off and draping it over the back of a chair at a nearby small desk. He watched the Doctor walk to the back of his office, curious about the Câroon. He’d heard rumors about them but decided to make his own observations. As first contact with one goes, Dr. Nicander certainly was an enticing specimen. He could tell the Doctor was well proportioned, even with the uniform and coat.

Derik pulled his boots and socks off, leaving them tucked underneath the edge of the short desk, the floor cool on his feet. The pants came next, joining the jacket on the back of the chair. There was a stirring in his nether regions that he couldn’t help. The thought of stripping in front of a handsome guy like the doc was turning him on. He hoped it wouldn’t start showing. Derik glanced around the office for a second, looking at all the equipment. Derik was only sure what some of them did. The room was also clean. despite the regular abuse the ship had been put through. Derik was impressed but not surprised. Medical Personal prided themselves on clean environments.

Finally, his shirt came off, the Trill taking a moment to place the pips on the desk so they wouldn't get lost. He draped it over the chair with the rest his clothes, crossing his arms over his chest when he was done. Left in just the standard issue underwear, 85% of his body was now exposed to the cool room, leaving Derik feeling a little cold. Another reason Derik didn’t really like Doctors. Being a Trill, he preferred slightly warmer environments, and medical facilities were always cold. The uniform compensated for such dislikes normally, but with Derik on the cusp of being naked, he couldn’t help but try and retain heat. He hoped the scan wouldn’t take too long. He needed to warm up soon.

"I'm ready when you are Doc." Veradin called loud enough for Dr. Nicander to hear.

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[ Dr. Nicander | CMO Office | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Argyros
A holographic imager was a device that recorded the form and appearance of a subject in three dimensions, so that it could be reproduced in holographic form. It required that the subject be captured from multiple angles, and in the medical field, the lens used delved beyond the surface layer of the patient, allowing to record his or her sub-dermal layers and internal organs.

Once he had collected it from the back of his office, Lucan returned to find the Trill almost completely bare and waiting for him. The sight was quite rewarding, the Trill obviously taking good care of himself. "Excellent," he said in reply and extended the tripod legs of the imager, setting it up in front of the helmsman. He gave the man a cursory smile, though focused on his task, "This holo recording of your anatomy will catalogue every detail about your internal biological setup, and combined with your medical journal - which I will update now that you are back in Federation space - my staff should be perfectly prepared to treat you as required."

Leaning down to make sure the imager was correctly positioned, Lucan made some final adjustments. "Hands hanging loosely at your sides, back straight and chin raised, please," he said, and once the Trill complied, he snapped the first image. "Now turn ninety degrees to your right and stand still once more. Thank you."

Continuing the process until Derik veradin had been recorded from all four sides. Lucan clicked the button that made the imager wirelessly upload the data to ship's medical database. He picked up a PADD and began to receive the images there, which he proceeded to add to the Trill's medical journal. While he did so, he walked up to the man. "Now, I will begin scanning you the traditional way, and corroborate the findings with the holo image. It won't take long."

He put the datapad on the desk and produced a medical tricorder from the pocket of his labcoat, and began to scan the man. In the back of his head, he noticed how the interest of the thing inside piqued at the close proximity to the psychically fit CONN officer, and of course - despite his professional detachment - even Lucan himself felt a modicum of attraction. Still, he didn't know the officer. Well, that wasn't entirely true. He was getting to know him medically, and the scans were somewhat revealing already.

"You appear to be in excellent health, Lieutenant," he murmured, stepping around the man and running the medical tricorder up and down his body. "I am reading a slight elevation of heart rate, but I assure you, there is nothing to be nervous about. I know sickbay is an intimidating area of the ship, but there is no cause for concern. Your well-being and health is my primary concern."

That was, however, when he read the slight tumescence taking place in the man's genital area, which held a double reaction. In part, the darker side of him wished to exploit it, while the part of him that the Radiant had made manifest loathed the prospect of indulging in any way or form - having taken such risks before with varying results. He did not wish to expose the Trill to any risks. He had to deny himself any such development, since it would be a violation of both ethics and morale on his own part. He had to focus on conversation instead of what his readings told him.

"Blood pressure, cholesterol level and blood sugar checks out," he added without much of a pause, coming to stand in front of the Trill and checking his eyes with his own, looking for discolourations. "Are there any hereditary medical issues in your family that you are aware of? Moreover, before I look at the holo image, have you been involved in any accidents during your time on the Resolve, and in that case, were there any lingering medical issues afterwards that I should be aware of?"

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[ Lt. JG Derik Veradin | Sickbay, CMO Office | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
"This holo recording of your anatomy will catalogue every detail about your internal biological setup, and combined with your medical journal - which I will update now that you are back in Federation space - my staff should be perfectly prepared to treat you as required." Dr. Nicander explained as he set up the imager.

Every detail? Derik was both intrigued and made nervous by it. The computer would have a complete profile of him. Every. Square. Inch. Inside and out. Anybody with access to the medical records could look him up and take a peak. In a way that both turned on and turned off Derik. So many mixed signals. Despite how nervous it made him, he followed Dr. Nicander’s orders, making sure to hold as still as possible for each picture. If it really did what the CMO said it did in as much detail as he said, Derik secretly wished he’d had one back at the Academy. There was probably a reason the schematics weren’t in the general replicator database.

"Now, I will begin scanning you the traditional way, and corroborate the findings with the holo image. It won't take long." Dr. Nicander continued, stepping up to the trill, his tricorder taking additional scans as the doctor moved it up and down Derik’s body.

The proximity only served to further entice Derik, a slow fire radiating from his loins. It may not have been appropriate but it did combat the cool air. There was a glint in the Doctor’s eyes as he worked. Eyes that lingered perhaps a second or two too long to just be medical. Was that…desire? Derik every so subtly flexed a few of his muscles, trying to test his theory, which seemed to go unnoticed.

"You appear to be in excellent health, Lieutenant.” There was a short pause. “I am reading a slight elevation of heart rate, but I assure you, there is nothing to be nervous about. I know sickbay is an intimidating area of the ship, but there is no cause for concern. Your well-being and health is my primary concern." Oh hell, that damn tricorder was literally showing the doctor the progress of his growing arousal. His heart-rate spiked again.

“Sorry Doc.” Derik murmured. He didn’t know if the doc heard him. He hoped not. Derik shifted his weight absentmindedly, trying to take his mind off the fine Câroon male examining him so thoroughly, something that only really happened when he was in bed with someone. He was not so lucky. Derik’s thoughts turned towards all the things they could do in this office to relieve the building stress. There were so many spaces for it. Nicander’s desk, the floor, a few walls. The blood in Derik’s body began to betray him, engorging organs that Derik was trying to keep under control. Then the CMO locked eyes with him, those pale grey eyes shimmering. Derik was oddly attracted to them. They were just so different than anything he had seen before. The front of his compression shorts expanded, trying to contain the rapidly growing manhood which was now even more visible.

"Are there any hereditary medical issues in your family that you are aware if? Moreover, before I look at the holo image, have you been involved in any accidents during your time on the Resolve, and in that case, were there any lingering medical issues afterwards that I should be aware of?" The question came at a good time, a bucket of cold water upon Derik’s fiery thoughts, freeing him from the downward spiral. He’d missed the first thing Dr. Nicander had said, hoping it was nothing really important.

“No hereditary issues.” Derik thought for a moment. “I was in a shuttle accident while on a supply run with CPO Liam Herrold. The locals were having a dispute between two factions and our runabout was shot down. I suffered some bruising but nothing major. As far as I can tell I haven’t had any lingering medical issues since. Other than that, I can’t think of anything major.” His shoulders shrugging.

Derik crossed one arm across his chest again, trying to save warmth again in the cool room. The other hand hanging down to try and cover up the front of his underwear. The thought of the time spent with Liam countered that cold bucket of water. Damn. So much for getting it under control.

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[ Dr. Nicander | CMO Office | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Argyros
If you hated yourself the feeling was always mutual. This was true for Nicander, but after the separation of his own mind and that of the parasites', he wasn't entirely sure whereupon he ought to place his hate.

Oh, the Trill was was a delectable specimen of Trill physique, and he decidedly appeared to be enjoying Lucan's ministrations, but in realising this, the Doctor hated both himself for wishing to indulge in something so inadvisable and unethical, and he hated the dark presence inside him for fuelling that fire of carnal interest in the helmsman. The evening before, he had - against his better knowledge - been unable to resist the Chief Science Officer when she made her advances. She had sought his comfort in the loss of Doctor Lyhn, the CMO on the Resolve, and he had given in, even if he knew she could be in peril if he did so. There was naught more to it than that, at least not yet, since there had been no words spoken in regard to commitments. He should have stopped her, kept her from potential harm, and yet he had surrendered to desires he wasn't entirely sure was his own.

It was the same with Nurse Vinata, the Ovri male thinking the best of Lucan, and he couldn't bring himself to turn him away - knowing that the trauma Vinata had suffered had yet to mend.

And here he was, standing close to this Trill, looking into his eyes for far too long than was seemly, and feeling himself answer to those readings on his tricorder. He should squash the bare notion of indulging, and yet... By the winds, stop it, he told himself, and looked down towards his instrument again, and in doing so, he saw both the minute goosebumps on Veradin's skin, and how the Trill couldn't quite resist a reaction.

"Thea, please increase the temperature by four degrees?"

[Room temperature at 24 degrees Celcius,] answered the A.I., and Nicander smiled to Veradin.

"I am sorry, I didn't think about how cold Trills can get. May I?" he said in his deep voice and put his tricorder back in his lab coat's pocket. Then, he picked up the hand that Veradin was using to cover the front of his body. Doing so, Nicander didn't want to do it, but he ended up brushing the back of his fingers against that bulge. He pretended like he hadn't, however - the touch left undressed - while taking the cold hand into his own. Trill had colder hands than humans, for example, as a result of their circulatory system adjusted in favour towards the area which might - some day - hold a symbiont. Warming that hand with his own, tattooed ones, Lucan continued, the faint smile remaining.

"Can you tell me more about the incident? I admit that some other officer must have preformed the physical examination of Chief Petty Officer Herrold. Was he more hurt by the crash than you, or were you both largely unharmed?" he asked, genuinely intrigued by how they both could have survived a crash unscathed. "I suppose that might be a testament to your skills at the helm? Then again, having heard about how you managed to dock with the top Vector of this ship mid-battle, perhaps I shouldn't be too surprised..."

Gently rubbing the Trill's hand to return some circulation, Lucan knew that he was treading thin ice, and that he should drop that hand and step away. He knew that the darkness presiding inside him lauded the development, and enjoyed the tension between him and the Trill, and realising it, Lucan made to step away...

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[ Lt. JG Derik Veradin | CMO Office | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
"Thea, please increase the temperature by four degrees?"

[Room temperature at 24 degrees Celcius.] Nicander smiled at Derik as the A.I. adjusted the ambient temperature. The smile was warm and inviting, somewhere between “oops sorry about that” and “let me take care of you”. The temperature change was very welcome, taking he edge off the chilly room. Veradin’s torso felt better, this goosebump production slowing. Even so the deck remained cool, fighting back against Nicander’s kind gesture.

"I am sorry, I didn't think about how cold Trills can get. May I?" His voice was deep, soothing. It was hard to resist anything that man said.

“Uh yeah. Sure.” Veradin wasn’t sure what the doctor was asking permission for however.

The CMO reached down, gently grasping and lifting the hand Derik was attempting to, and failing at, covering his arousal. The back of Nicander’s Fingers brushed Derik, his body twitching reflexively at the intimate contact. It felt like sparks of electricity. If the Doctor has noticed, he was doing a good job at not showing signs of it. Accident? Derik didn’t know but wanted to find out. The doctor’s warm, soft, tattooed hands felt so good against the Trill’s own. Their gentle warmth suffused his skin.

"Can you tell me more about the incident? I admit that some other officer must have performed the physical examination of Chief Petty Officer Herrold. Was he more hurt by the crash than you, or were you both largely unharmed? I suppose that might be a testament to your skills at the helm? Then again, having heard about how you managed to dock with the top Vector of this ship mid-battle, perhaps I shouldn't be too surprised..."

Derik’s cheeks started to feel warm. He was going to have to word this very carefully if he was to avoid being indiscreet.

“Honestly Doctor, landing that shuttle was a crap ton of luck.” The Trill began explaining. “The back of the shuttle was torn off in the crash and we were exposed to the elements. CPO Herrold suffered a mild concussion. I only had basic field medic experience and administered treatment as the tricorder directed. We both suffered several contusions from getting tossed around. The worst part was the cold. As you know Trill don’t do well in the cooler environments. We used a portable heater and blankets but had to initiate…” Derik paused briefly, “…survival and thermal retention techniques just to stay warm until rescue came.”

Dr. Nicander made a move to step way, perhaps uncomfortable with how intimate his ministrations might seem.

To hell with it. Might as well go for gold.

“Hey Doc,” Derik swallowed hard, taking a half step towards the Lucan. "You know, now that I think of it, I have had some stomach problems in the last few days. ” The Trill was fibbing, and for a brief moment, wondered if he should have said something about his spots instead.

Derik knew drawing attention to his stomach would require intimate contact. The zone would make for a short trip if the Doctor's hands wanted to wander. Either Nicander examined the area with his hands, and confirmed Derik’s suspicions, or he made some excuse to just use equipment and Derik would drop the matter. Dr. Nicander was gorgeous, but Veradin needed to know. The CMO was acting nervous, like he was unsure of himself. If Derik could smooth things over, the gorgeous man could act on whatever was bothering him. The Trill tentatively placed a hand on Nicander’s shoulder, his eyes and faint smile welcoming.

"It’s okay sir. You’re just doing your job. I promise you’re not bothering me at all. You’d be remiss if you missed anything… " Derik tried to be as calm as possible, despite his body eagerly awaiting what Nicander chose to do. The not-so-subtle hint was a gamble, but one that might just pay off.

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[ Dr. Nicander | CMO Office | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Argyros
Having heard about the escapade of the shuttle crash, there was no longer any doubt in Doctor Nicander's mind about the mutual interests at play. There were no uncertain terms in regard to the means in which bodily heat had been retained on that shuttle, the way the Trill said it leaving little to the imagination. Perhaps even less than the undressed state of the patient, who moved to stop him when Lucan stepped away.

A stomach ache. This was the leverage the Trill applied upon him to continue the physical examination. The scans had been clear on how there couldn't possibly be anything wrong with his abdomen. Yet Lucan found himself pausing his step, and he spoke without missing a beat, the conduct towards patients so ingrained in him that he was on autopilot. "Oh, that's not good. I'll take a look, but the tricorder couldn't pick up anything amiss."

The turn of phrase even suggested that he'd return to study the abdomen up close with his eyes, but this... Lucan couldn't do. The physical state of the Trill was too apparent, and he couldn't trust himself crouching down in front of the man and pretend it simply wasn't there. No, instead, he slowly stepped around Derik Veradin... almost as if it was a dance, this tension that presided in the office. The unsaid permeated the air, and Lucan kept himself from giving the other man anything remotely like a furtive glance. The pretense was his fortification, and he was not about to step beyond them.

What he did, was to come and stand directly behind Lieutenant Veradin, He put one tattooed hand on his shoulder, and ran the other one around his side, fingers slowly prodding the man's abdomen. "Relax," he told the Trill quietly, his mouth quite close to his ear, and let his fingertips slide over skin and corrugated musculature.

Yet this close to the CONN Officer, his imagination was getting the better of him, and he didn't know if it was Veradin who leaned into him or if he had come to step closer. He realised, however, that he could feel the warmth of the man through the front of his uniform, and listened to his breathing while he palpated the allegedly aching stomach. There was, of course, no sign of discomfort.

"How long... have you been feeling this way?" he asked, finding his voice a bit thicker than before, and before he knew it, his examination had traversed the abdomen all the way down to the waistline of his underwear, and... he had to continue all the way down the lower abdomen as well. His lips were pursed at that point, and he made sure his breaths came evenly, clinging to the notion that he was not entertaining anything untoward with the Trill patient... even though he knew what was about. Nor did he knew if the thing inside him had willed him down this path.

There was, also, no denying his own reaction any more, as close as they were.

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[ Lt. JG Derik Veradin | Sickbay, CMO Office | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan 
"Oh, that's not good. I'll take a look, but the tricorder couldn't pick up anything amiss."

Take the bait. Please take the bait. Derik pleaded in his head. This was the moment, the one he’d been waiting for, the crescendo of all the tiny hints dropped. Would the good Doctor break down?

The CMO walked around Derik slowly, like a predator circling his prey. Butterflies fluttered in the Trill’s stomach, goosebumps forming anew from the mounting anticipation. The doctor made his way behind the CONN officer coming up behind him. Derik felt a hand on his shoulder causing the butterflies to become agitated.

"Relax." The doctor’s words came evenly, no doubt trying to hide his not so hidden interest.

Says the guy who’s making my body twitch from just his touch. Sticking me between a rock and a hard place here Doc.

Then there is was. Nicander’s other hand slid across Derik’s abdomen, exploring the skin and underlying muscles.  The CONN officer’s breathing became heavier and he couldn’t help but lean back a little into the good doctor. To his surprise the doctor had leaned forward and met him half way. Warmth permeated through the uniform into Veradin’s back. Nicander gently prodded at the Trill’s stomach, exploring the space as if truly interested if Derik’s stomach was actually hurting.

"How long... have you been feeling this way?" The hand on Derik’s stomach slipped lower.

“Umm I had some Bajorian hasperat for lunch two days ago…” Nicander’s hand reached Derik’s waistline.

Veradin’s breath hitched stopping him from having to further lie, a tiny gasp escaping from his lips instead. Lucan’s hand was brushing against his manhood through his underwear. His member swelled anew, desperate for release from its tight prison. Derik’s hands moved to support his body, quivering at the touch, one hand coming to rest on the doctor’s hip just at the waistline and the other reaching around to the back of his head. His fingers played with Nicander’s hair, encouraging him to do whatever he wanted. Despite his desire to just turn around and tackle the CMO Derik couldn’t help but wait. This dalliance was risky to be having in the middle of the sickbay but he could feel something start to stiffen behind him, pressing against his rear through the fabric separating them.

Oh hell…even through several layers of clothes I can tell he’s big. What the blazes have you gotten yourself into this time Veradin? 

“Doc….” was all the Trill could manage to get out, too afraid to say anything that might ruin the moment. His thumb on Lucan’s hip moved up to his waistline, playing with the edge of his pants.

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[ Dr. Nicander | CMO Office | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Argyros
The interracial dance had begun. This common language shared by species across the whole galaxy, and even though it was already happening, Lucan was denying it. He believed himself still in control, even when the Trill reciprocated his touch. In spite of how the man was reaching backwards, leaning against him, Nicander meant to keep up the pretence. Even when his own body had responded so quickly, and there was no doubt that the Trill could feel him, Lucan denied the obvious... even when he caught himself palpating Derik Veradin's throbbing arousal through his underwear, he spoke as if there was naught amiss.

"I see," he said, hardly recognising his own voice, hushed as it had become when speaking right next to the Trill's ear. "It must have been a spicy experience, if it still lingers until today..."

Why was he still stroking the helmsman with his tattooed hand? He thought he had moved on to the lower abdomen already, but he found himself wrapping his fingers around the tumescence and sliding his palm from base to crown - the cloth separating them hardly making any difference at that point. "Hasperat," he grated, his breathing a bit more shallow, "like any other zesty food, is good for blood circulation, metabolism and it even has anti-inflammatory properties. Capsaicin, an active component in hasperat, has been shown to slow and destroy cancer cells too."

Lucan made no motion to stop Derik's inquisitive hands, and while he believed this primal response to the Trill was pure madness, and couldn't rule out how the darkness coiling inside him hand pushed him as far as he had come, the arguments against letting this mutual desire continue were wearing thinner by the moment.

"Capsaicin can elicit intense short-term symptoms," he continued, and felt his other hand slide from Derik's shoulder, running down his side, and hooking the waistline of the Trill's underwear with his thumb, "like stomach pain, so that is entirely plausible... that you just ate too much of it..." Oh, how the helmsman throbbed in response to his touch, and finally, with the help from his free hand, he uncovered the warm member, slipping the cloth of the hardness so that he had full access to it. Thus enabled, he resumed his stroking motions - skin against skin - while the Trill's underwear was held down.

"Either way," said Lucan, his breath hitching a bit before he lay his warm lips against the nape of the other man's neck, "I would say there is nothing wrong with your blood circulation."

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[ Lt. JG Derik Veradin | Sickbay, CMO Office | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
“Hasperat, like any other zesty food, is good for blood circulation, metabolism and it even has anti-inflammato…” Lucan’s breath was low and shallow, needy, as if still trying to keep control of the impulse to touch him. He’d lost the battle however, his hand now rubbing the Trill’s aching organ’s entire form through the cloth.

Oh come on! Stop teasing!

Nicander continued trying to focus on the medical aspects of Hasperat and Capsaicin but the words were lost on the Trill. At this point it didn’t matter what the doc said. He felt the hand slide its way down his body, gently, finally, tugging his waistband down. Warm flesh pressed against his own, sending tingles up his body, a soft whimper involuntarily passing his lips. He was so sensitive and Lucan’s hands were so soft. Each pass of the crown made the muscles on his lower abdomen seize for a moment.

Soft lips pressed against the nape of Veradin’s neck, hot breath causing new goosebumps to form. This, all of this, was euphoric, amazing, and not enough. He was going to have to take control if he wanted move things along.

Derik turned around, one hand resting on Lucan’s waist and the other gently grabbing his coat collar. He leaned forward, softly locking lips with the doctor. He held him there for a moment to savor the taste. Deciding the middle of the room wasn’t the best place to move forward, Veradin pulled Nicander towards the desk. The trill’s butt bumped softly against the edge, causing the two of them to press against each other, Derik’s manhood pinned between them. He kissed Lucan again, tenderly, but with more passion and insistence. They broke sometime later, both breathless, for the trill to begin kissing his way down the side of Lucan’s chin and onto his neck. They were soft so as not to leave any color changes. As much fun as love marks were, Derik doubted the good doctor would like the snickering of his nurses at the sight.

“No more Doctor talk.” Derik whispered into his skin, just loud enough to hear. “Enjoy the moment.”

The Trill kissed his way back up, drowning any objection the magnificent Câroon intended to give him. He made a little space between them, popping the doctor’s pants button and pulling the zipper down. Nicander’s manhood was probably straining to get out by now from the way it stretched the side of his pants. His own stone hard organ pressed against Lucan’s underwear, desperate for attention once more.

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[ Dr. Nicander | CMO Office | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Argyros
The Trill took the initiative, and since his own objections to the development were a mere shadow to his actions, Lucan had answered that kiss readily, perhaps a little more insistently than the Trill had started it.

That the helmsman had turned around in his arms meant that he no longer stroked his throbbing length, but he embraced the man more eagerly than he had thought he might. Was he truly in control? At that point, he had no idea. Veradin's lips were rougher than that of a womans - than Vivian's - the stubble on his face pricking him, but he paid it no heed. He was Câroon, and his people were used to the scything winds of Envon. They were evolved for endurance against the harsh conditions of their planet. Derik's stubble barely bruised Lucan's skin, much less deterred him from indulging in his taste. As the Lieutenant said, it was time to cease with the pretense, as well as the talking.

In short order, Veradin had pulled Lucan along to the edge of his desk, and began to kiss his neck. There were certainly no objections left in him, his rational mind ceding to more primal instincts. At this point, Lucan's heart was beating in his ears, and his tattooed hands roamed the other man's bare body. He could feel the Trill's hardness trapped between them until the point when Veradin began to open his uniform trousers. A deep sigh of anticipation escaped him, as he pulled back his lab coat from his own shoulders and shed it to the deck behind him. It was more symbolic than actually baring any skin - the physical exam ended.

By that time, the Trill would have uncovered his own hardness, but it was Lucan who wrapped one tattooed hand around both their hardened members, and began to stroke them both firmly in his hand. His other hand slipped behind the helmsman's neck and pulled him in for another, deeper kiss. Slanting his lips against the man's, he pushed his tongue forth - seeking his. With firm, rhythmic motions, he stroked them both, pressing them together between their bodies while he worked the lengths from base to crown.

Eventually, Lucan's hand would run down the Trill's spots, until he could push the man's last garment past both hip and thigh, making it fall to the deck beneath them. Thus, completely bared, Lucan soon ended the kiss...

...and pushed him down onto the top of his desk.

Thus splayed, Lucan's fingers remained on Veradin's chest... but he leaned down with a rueful smile, so that he might taste the lightly spotted phaullus with his warm mouth.

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[ Lt. JG Derik Veradin | Sickbay, CMO Office | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
Derik moaned into their battle of tongues. The grinding Lucan’s hand inflicted upon their flesh felt so good. The battle of wills the doc had been undergoing was finally discarded, just like his lab coat. His own hands were roaming the Câroon’s body, one hand slipping into his pants to rest against his hip and ass. The other pushed up his shirt, tracing the taunt muscles along his stomach. Lucan was bigger than Derik down there, just like he suspected, but he didn’t mind. Just meant there was more to play with when the opportunity arose. Oh, how he waited for such an opportunity.

Nicander’s hand on his neck slipped lower, tracing the lines of his spots all the way down. Lucan’s fingers found their way into the waistband of his underwear, tugging at the cloth still clinging to his hips. Derik helped him, the cloth falling to the deck and being kicked towards the rest of his clothes. 

Here I am naked and you still have your uniform on.

Lucan let go of his shaft, sadly breaking the kiss. Just as Derik was reaching to relieve Nicander of his own garments, the Câroon’s hands applied soft pressure to his chest, pushing him down onto the cool desk with a mischievous smile.

Oh lord is he…

Derik gasped, warm lips encircling his length. He so desperately wanted to thrust up in to that hot cave but Lucan’s hands gently held him down. His breathing became hitched and irregular, unable to control himself from the raw sensations on his sensitive organ. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. He gripped the edge of the desk with one hand while his other found its way to the doc’s hair. He couldn’t help but rub the man’s scalp or grip his hair to encourage him. So much for foreplay. Once again Nicander had Veradin at his mercy. It was a very unbalance trend between the two of them. The Trill’s back arched as Lucan took the shaft in particularly deep. His wet, soft tongue assaulted the flesh, eliciting additional moans he had no control over. Derik’s legs spread where they lay, giving the doc as much access as he wanted.

“Not… fair… Doc…” Each word separated by moaning or trying to catch his breath.

Veradin propped himself up on his elbow, looking down his body at Lucan working him over again and again. He could feel his own pulse rise as the doc toyed with his flesh. The suction, the way his tongue would flick the crown only to encircle his length a moment later, drove his body mad. If the Câroon didn’t hold him down, Derik considered tackling him to the floor, just so he could get the good doctor out of his clothes and have his own fun.

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[ Dr. Nicander | CMO Office | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Argyros
Lucan was enjoying the game of teasing the Trill to the very brink yet keeping him from falling off it. The anticipation already high, with the foreplay of the examination, his previous doubts had now been cast aside. The thing inside him had made no motion to interfere, or at least he did not believe so. That was, of course, if his current actions weren't a reaction to that very influence. He did not like to believe so, having found the Trill attractive enough before things had become as heated as they now were.

Derik was enjoying Lucan's ministrations to the fullest, relaxing a bit and spreading his legs where he laid on the desk. For a moment, Lucan considered whether he'd take it as an invitation, and ease the man's sphincter open a bit with his finger, yet he felt that the pace was already high, and he did not wish to frighten the helmsman. He wouldn't have minded doing so, and then replace his fingers with his own hardness, but perhaps the Trill might feel taken advantage of, pushed firmly into a submissive role, and Lucan was quite keen on learning more about this officer from the Resolve.

So when he deemed he'd pushed the Trill to that precipice enough times already, only to go slower once he reached that stage, Lucan pulled his lips all the way back, releasing that hardened crown, and stood tall between Derik's spread legs. "This is not exactly standard procedure," he said thickly with a small smile, as he unzipped his own uniform jacket, followed by his undershirt. "Even highly irregular. By the winds, you're my patient, and yet I couldn't resist you."

Tugging at his sleeves, he soon shed his jacket behind him, his pale grey eyes drinking in the sight of the Trill, whatever he decided to do with the chance at taking the initiative. "I think it would be in both our interests to keep this to ourselves, agreed?" he said, heart still beating fast, struggling a bit with the thinner undershirt. "I have patients to treat, wishing to keep this position, but I promise... I can make house calls to the privacy of your quarters... Whenever you need me to."

Cursory words, almost lost in the heat of the moment, eager to learn what the Trill wished of him, now that Lucan had got a taste already.

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[ Lt. JG Derik Veradin | Sickbay, CMO Office | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
Derik lay there for a moment listening to Lucan proposition him and staring as he began to stip. For a doctor, the Câroon’s tongue was amazingly skilled, pushing Derik to the precipice time and time again yet never pushing him over it. Cool air made his skin tingle where those warm lips had just been, which only heightened the now phantom sensations. He sat up and slid off the table from impatience. Not impatience that he wasn’t being touched, but impatience resulting from a still partly dressed Chief Medical Officer.

“Don’t worry Doc. I will be very discreet. Never ruin a good thing if you can help it.” Derik undid the front of his pants. Which stayed in place from the package pressing upon them. Oh boy. “As for house calls…You know how to reach me if you need an extra pair of hands…” He left the doctor to tend to his shirt, crouching down in front of him. The Trill’s fingers laced into the waistbands, gently, slowly, drawing the standard issue fabric down.

Centimeter by centimeter the CONN officer revealed the flesh hidden beneath. Nicander did not disappoint in the slightest. In fact, it was rather intimidating. His manhood was HUGE, easily bigger than anything Derik had seen before, and the Trill had seen his fair share. It hung down below mid-thigh, which was insane and awesome all at the same time.

“Good thing I’m already in sickbay.” He smiled while looking up at those alluring eyes.

The Trill’s gaze returned to the organ hanging before him, unconsciously swallowing all the saliva building in his mouth. He tentatively reached out, drawing the crown into his mouth. Delicious. The smooth skin was soft upon his tongue as he continued to draw centimeter after centimeter into his waiting mouth. Glad I’m getting to do this before you could make this monster disappear inside me Lucan. The tip reached his throat, Derik having to push past the gag reflex to get more inside. A deep breath through his nose. He wanted it, desired to take it as deep as he could manage. He pushed for it, but as each tiny bit slid in, the girth became harder and harder to swallow. It wasn’t long before the Trill had met his limit, three quarters of Nicander’s length buried inside his throat, plugging it. He held it there, using an old trick of soft humming to vibrate it in that tight space. Derik wondered if he would’ve managed to take the whole thing with a little assistance.

Flames. Lungs burning from lack of oxygen. Can’t hold it any longer. Derik pulled back, holding Lucan’s hips with his hands to keep the chiseled male steady. With just the crown left in his mouth, he could breath through his nose again. Relief. A cool wave passing over him as his body relaxed. Not done with you yet. Again, Nicander’s girth was pulled inside, not as far though it did tickle the Trill’s throat once more. Veradin worked it over, taking as much of it as he could manage again and again. They stayed like that for a minute or two. Derik was pleased his efforts were good enough to keep such a fine male interested. Yet swallowing this serpent wasn’t all the CONN officer had plans for.

With a wet pop, the organ slid free. Derik stood up, his jaw hurting a little but determined to keep his momentum.

The Trill bit his lip for a moment, and came to the conclusion that he wasn’t going to wait. Lips found lips in a tender embrace filled with passion. His hands took advantage of the distraction to reach out, gently maneuvering Lucan onto his desk, just as he had done to Derik. But Veradin wasn’t satisfied just doing what his caretaker had done to him. No. He was going to do something…different.

I really hope you enjoy this…

Derik tugged on Lucan’s hips, drawing his body to the edge of the desk. Hooking his arms underneath, he lifted the Câroon’s legs, supporting them with his biceps and shoulders. His hands reverse gripped the massive spear and cupped the ample jewels, both lifting them out of the way and stimulating the organ with a slow and steady tugging motion. Their bodies now tangled in this supine position, Derik’s face dipped under, tongue slipping into that hidden space.

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[ Dr. Nicander | CMO Office | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Argyros
Oh, but the Trill did have keen wishes of his own. This, Lucan found when he rose from the desk and crouched down in front of him.

No more had Lucan shed his undershirt behind himself, when he felt that warm mouth encompass the pointed crown of his Câroon phallus. Whatever he had meant to say in response to Veradin completely escaped his mind, just like his breath left his body. What followed was the eager ministrations of a man who knew what another male - regardless of species - enjoyed when it came to the fellatio. The jocular comment about his size had earned a quiet smile, even if Lucan knew he was like most other Câroon men. Thoughts of apprehension sought to return, fear for the life of the Trill, in the case he lost control. Yet be that as it may, the helmsman dispelled any doubts about what he wanted. He reached down with one tattooed hand and ran his fingers through the Trill's hair, and sighed deeply in contentment.

He was reminded, however, about Vinata Vojona when Veradin hummed with his throat - causing vibrations through his hardened flesh. It was such a rare and yet enjoyable technique, shared by Trill and Ovri, that Lucan made a sound deep down in his throat. There were no promises made between him and the male Ovri. Rather, Lucan was reminded that he had enjoyed the attentions of a male the day before, and nothing untoward had happened. If he had managed to remain sane and spare the life of the Ovri, why shouldn't he be able to control himself in Veradin's company? Surely he could repeat that feat, and enjoy the distraction from the darkness and doubts of his precarious life?

The Trill was driving him mad, his mouth more than enough to have made him shed his seed, but like Lucan had done for Veradin, so did the helmsman on his knees keep him from finishing. No, instead he had other plans, and Lucan enjoyed the company of a someone who wasn't passive. Someone who knew what they wanted. It made for a better exchange, this dance of greed and gratitude. He might not have said it, before Veradin kissed him, but it was on his mind whilst he felt the taste of himself on the Trill's lips and tongue.

Evidently, the man wasn't finished either, since Lucan found himself perched on the edge of the desk. The tables turned on him. Breathing shallowly, his legs were hoisted high, and he found himself smiling with his pursed lips when he realised what the Trill was up to. Such a rare treat, yet one he enjoyed. Being a doctor and using the sonic showers several times a day between surgeries and examinations, his hygiene wasn't any concern at all, allowing him to prop himself up on his elbows and relax. He voiced his pleasure quietly, eyes drifting almost shut. It was hard to keep still, and not undulate his hips too much against Veradin. With the joint touch of his hands and his tongue, the pleasure was building very fast.

So fast, that Lucan had to lie down on the desk fully, and bite his lips together. He had lost control of his breath, much less the restraints of his pelvic movements. As other times, when receiving anilingus, he found himself a slave to the waves of pleasure that coursed through him. He feared that he wouldn't last for much further, and had to speak up.

"Inside me...." he groaned quietly, his voice hoarse as he tried to reach for his hair, "Please, I want you... inside me."

For if Veradin continued, he'd be finished already. He might recuperate, certainly, and despite his words, his internal conflict lay in how he certainly didn't want the man to stop either. Whatever the Trill's decision might be, Nicander found himself at his mercy.

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[ Lt. JG Derik Veradin | Sickbay, CMO Office | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
Slippery. Wet. Derik’s tongue dipped into that hidden place again and again. He made methodical little circles around the tight ring, enticed by every involuntary twitch and undulation the doctor’s body made beneath his touch.

“Inside me…” The voice reached Derik’s ears, raspy, needy, dripping with both desire for more and a warning that he wasn’t far away from release. “Please, I want you… inside me.”

Oh, I think I can accommodate you.

Derik’s tongue ceased toying with the tender flesh. He needed to catch his breath, lungs aflame from having not come up for air since he started. His olfactory senses were met with a natural musk, subtle, yet very pleasant, as he took in air through his nose. It vaguely reminded him of trees. Derik wondered if it was natural or a soap related. His exhalations slipped through slightly open lips, right onto the slickened skin.

Thoughts passed through the Trill’s head as he considered his options: First he could return his tongue to its work, pushing inside, and finish what he started. No that won’t work. I’ll miss witnessing the ensuing mess. Option two then: Replacing tongue with fingers. He’d get to watch as well as play with the massive organ before him. No. That isn’t enough either. If I only get one chance at this, might as well go all the way. One of us could die tomorrow for all I know. 

Veradin’s tongue found its way back to that secret space, leaving it freshly lubed. He stood, adjusting the good doctor’s hips in preparation for their joining. The Trill laid one leg back on the desk, while the other had its ankle upon his shoulder.

His flesh was like marble. How could he not be? The picture before him was a dream come true. “You want me inside you?” He wrapped an arm around the leg against his chest, running the hand down the Câroon’s body, from collar to groin. Neatly trimmed nails dragged across delicate skin, leaving thin light trails of skin disruptions as they transverse the peaks and dips. over the ribs, onto the taunt stomach, each muscle brushed as his hand slipped lower and lower. Those same nails trailed over Lucan’s glans, down the long tender flesh. His sack was heavy but tighter, clearly reflecting the fine line Derik was forcing him to ride.

Derik’s other hand slipped behind Lucan’s neck, drawing the doctor’s head towards his own. Their foreheads met, turning Nicander into an awkward pretzel with his face pointed downward, a feat Veradin was happily surprised he was flexible enough to accomplish. The Trill wasn’t planning on holding him in this position for long but hoped the Câroon would bear with for just a little bit. The view had to be intense: Looking down at yourself, the Trill’s hand lifting your heavy pouch out of the way and seeing his crown, half in view, pressing in that space. Lucan wouldn’t just feel it, he’d see it. With how wet he was too from Veradin’s tongue, Derik doubted there would be pain, and the friction would add a little to their copulation, but he settled for grabbing lube if Lucan wanted any.

“Watch” Veradin whispered, a soft growl following as the crown slowly eased itself in. Lucan was tight. Even with his ring so slickened, it resisted parting for him. The pressure mounted, Lucan’s ring stressed, and finally, oh so finally, it parted. The Trill felt himself slide inside the Câroon, warmth passing from one body to another.

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[ Dr. Nicander | CMO Office | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Argyros
Like the Trill wrapped a hand behind Lucan's neck, so did the Doctor reach for Veradin - the anticipation mounting.

Breathing shallow, and with one hand on the desktop behind him, he saw the black marking of the Trill's hardness - the same trail he'd run his lips and tongue across just a short while ago. The helmsman was about to oblige him, and as much as he had been teased by the Trill, Lucan was more than ready, even if he knew friction might hurt at first. Pain was, incidentally, something that the parasite thrived to feel, and Lucan knew that there was a risk - that the sensation of that hardness traversing his depths might summon the presence inside him. He had neither breath nor inclination to stop Derik, however, since right then, there was nothing more important than what he saw - the desire for more driving him mad.

Then, with his forehead against the Trill's, the Doctor saw the black markings upon the shaft move with that first thrust. He felt the hard glans pop inside, lubricated by their mixed saliva. Then, came that sublime, minute pain of friction, whilst Veradin squirmed inside him. His breath shuddered in response, and he let out a quiet groan of satisfaction. Everything became that much more keen to him, the sensation of Derik's breath mixing with his own, the way he touched his sac and member, and the way that alien member continued to fill him up.

"By the winds," he breathed, grinding his teeth together when the small amount of initial pain increased, but by the time of the second thrust, Lucan had accommodated almost all of the Trill's marked length. He knew, and he felt it, how the pain would subside, only to give ground to a kind of pleasure that wasn't comparable to other ways of copulation. For indeed, he could feel Derik's crown squirm past the walnut-shaped prostate inside him, and the sensation made him lean his head back, releasing another quiet groan. "Don't... S-"

Another groan stole the words out of his mouth, but he needn't repeat himself. The sentiment was clear, as he laid back down on the desktop, trying to run his tattooed hands over the Trill if he could reach him. He ended up with one hand above his own head, however, holding on to the far edge of the desk, and trying - despite the distractions - to quell the darkness that sought to return. His pale grey eyes drifted shut, from time to time, as he enjoyed the Helmsmans' attentions in full.

He knew with a certainty, that if Veradin were to touch his phallus, it wouldn't be a long until he came - rigid as he had become and yet wanting it sooner rather than later.

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[ Lt. JG Derik Veradin | Sickbay, CMO Office | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] @Auctor Lucan
"Don't... S-"

Oh trust me I’m not. You’ll be begging by the time I’m done with you.

Thrusts turned into pounding, Derik using the arm wrapped around Lucan’s raised leg to help keep him from bouncing off the other end. The doctor gripped the far edge of the desk, the speed and force rocking his entire body along its smooth surface. The friction was increasing, saliva being a poor long-term lube. Derik grabbed a tiny inconspicuous bottle on the desk, the code on the side indicating it was medial lube. The Trill only applied a few drops in-between
thrusts, keeping much of the friction but making sure it wasn’t too rough to tear skin.

“So tight…” The CONN officer grunted. His free hand gripped the doctor’s hip, pulling him back to meet each inward thrust, delivering slightly more force but keeping better aligned, ensuring Derik was brushing Lucan’s prostate. Each forward motion was like forcing himself into a space two sizes too small for his girth. It was glorious and he enjoyed every moment it lasted.

The Trill felt himself approach at that oh so familiar precipice, resisting the plunge for as long as he could despite the intense sensations. If the two of them were going to jump, it might as well be spectacular. Derik’s free hand gently brushed against the huge length laying against Nicander’s stomach, watching it twitch as his nails touched the delicate skin. His fingertips moved slowly and deliberately, following the veins. Veradin took care not to grip the organ knowing full well the consequences. He had to last just a little longer.

Lasting was the problem however. Nicander was tighter than he had expected and was remaining tight, despite the continuous abuse his ring was undergoing. Derik wondered if it was a something to do with the Câroon’s physiology, the doctor’s body squeezing involuntary, or if Lucan was just making himself tight. Not that it matters. I’m already past the point of no return.I just hope you are too.

It wasn’t long before he teetered, the precipice screaming Derik’s name, body begging for release at last. His hand moved of the hip and up the Câroon’s length, thumb running under the glans with and occasional circle of his slit. He did his best to push Lucan over the edge, trying to make the CMO climax as hard as possible as his thrusts rammed home like a jackhammer set to overdrive.

“Doc…” Derik panted, an unspoken question upon his lips he hoped Lucan would hear. All Nicander had to do was squeeze a little harder, and Veradin would fill him to bursting.

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[ Dr. Nicander | CMO Office | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Argyros
That feeling of fulfillment, of having another man inside him, it stole Lucan's breath as he laid there, on top of his own desk and with the Trill giving him everything he had. Oh, he had not deigned to tease him, just like Lucan had asked him. He didn't stop, and Nicander's eyes drifted shut in bliss.

With the rubbery surface of his prostate stroked ceaselessly by the helmsman's warm girth, added with the minute cool sensation of the silicone-based lubrication, Lucan wanted more. So he clenched his jaw just like he clenched his sphincter around the shaft. Câroon were made to survive the conditions of their planet, their skin resilient and hardy, musculature toned by countless years of evolution. Thus, he alternated between flexing his entire body around the man, and relaxing.

He gasped, however, when he felt Derik's fingers and nails against his hardness, and his pale grey eyes opened - seeing the Trill as he sought to tease him in the midst of it all. Breathless, he smiled ruefully and got up on his elbows again, sensing that it might be time for this happenstance lover of his to shed his seed. He was not too far off either, the waves of pleasure crashing through his entire body from their joining. Making it hard to think. Then, it came, that confession made in a single syllable.

His title. In warning. And it was evident too, in how Veradin began to touch the crown of his phaulls more, wanting him to share the culmination. Lucan wouldn't have minded, but in generosity, and gratitude, he closed his tattooed hands where he laid into fists, and clenched down upon Derik once more. This time, more so than before, finding pleasure in being able to push the Trill over the edge.

And so he did, even as his own member was nigh bursting from the helmsman's ministrations. Lucan felt it, how the Trill came inside him, and that molten warmth filled him up, making him groan in satisfaction. His anus felt raw, yet sublime all the same, and that balm provided even more ease-of-entry. So, when the Trill rode out the immediate aftermath, the messy state of their joining made it feel even better - almost pushing Lucan across the threshold too.

And yet, as close as he was to it, he remained hard and wanting. In a way, he was grateful of the fact, since that meant that this random encounter did not have to end just yet.

"By the winds," he murmured, and sat up, and the motion siphoned even more of Derik's semen. He ran his tattooed hands through the Chief CONN Officer's hair and kissed him hard, sharing breaths with him. Only after he let the man come down from his high in his embrace did he push him back a little, standing up on the deck. His thighs quivered, but he wasn't finished.

"My turn," he rasped against Veradin's lips finally, and gently set one of the man's hands against the desk, followed by the other, making him lean over the desktop. Himself, he had come to stand behind him, with that gel in one hand, and the other running over that sculpted back in appreciation of the sight. "I'll be gentle..."

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[ Lt. JG Derik Veradin | Sickbay, CMO Office | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] @Auctor Lucan
Like a vice cinching down on a hot piece of wrought iron, Lucan’s body clamped down on Derik’s flesh. Fuck! Derik tried to speak the word but all that came forth was an uncontrolled moan. If the room’s walls weren’t padded, and not set for privacy, the Trill was certain everyone in sickbay would have heard him. Quite possibly out in the corridors as well. He was less than subtle about his pleasure.

Veradin had no choice but to surrender to his body’s desires at this point, their long battle of push and resist inevitably reaching its unavoidable conclusion. With one final thrust that rocked Lucan’s entire body, and the desk, Derik exploded. Molten seed like liquid fire erupted forth. It coated the intervening spaces, forcing itself deeper and deeper as the pressure mounted. The seal of the Câroon’s flesh only trapped the liquid, preventing any from slipping free around his member. His climax lasted longer than he thought it would, body spasming eight or nine times before mercifully tapering off. A small part of him was disappointed at the lack of a similar mess spilling forth from his partner despite his best effort to stimulate the glans.

You’ve got amazing control over your body if you managed to hold back after that! He mused.

The Trill was out of breath at this point. “Holy crap…” His length, still as firm as iron, moved within Nicander’s body as the Câroon sat up, grinding the over stimulated crown deep within. It made him jump, his ragged breath hitching in the midst of trying to recover. He was assaulted with kisses and hands running through his short hair, further stealing his breath away. He reciprocated, his own hands wandering as they shared in the bliss. Clearly Lucan appreciated his efforts. Veradin couldn’t help but happily ride out the high in their shared state. Even so, things were far from over.

As the doctor moved to stand, Derik slipped free with a wet pop. A single drop of his seed hit the deck, having escaped from the abused orifice. To his great pride, Lucan’s legs were unsteady, thighs quivering as he put weight upon them.

Might not have pushed you over the edge but I can tell it was good for you. You don’t have trouble standing if your body isn’t going through its fair share of pleasure.

“My turn.” The words hit him square in the jaw, like a mean right hook, having been spoken against his own lips. You’re going to use my body now? Veradin was pleasantly, if but a bit apprehensively surprised. It was what he wanted, sure, but Nicander’s length was nothing to scoff at. Lucan placed Derik’s hands upon his desk, one at a time. The support was welcome considering what was about to happen to him. A gentle hand rand down his back amidst the sound of a bottle popping open.

He’s really going to do this isn’t he?

“I’ll be gentle…”

“Gentle” Is subject to interpretation Doc. You’re fucking huge. I'll probably need reconstructive surgery after you're done with me. Derik’s stance widened slightly in anticipation.

“Go for it. I trust you.”

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[ Dr. Nicander | CMO Office | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Argyros
The helmsman had no issue with Lucan taking the controls, so to speak, widening his stance. The sight of the Trill's muscular back, and that bottom of his, it was highly inviting, but seeing him spread his feet to help accommodate entry was the truly rousing sight.

"Trust?" he asked, as he ran a tattoed hand over Derik, a bit of dark humour rising from the abyss, in how the Trill had chosen poorly in that regard. "I'm glad, because this might not be a very conventional prostate examination..."

While he spoke, he squeezed out a rich amount of silicone-based gel on himself before putting the small bottle on the desk - next to Veradin's hand. The bottle was nigh empty, spent as it laid there next to the Trill's hand. When Lucan then stroked himself, coating the pointed grown of his phallus as well as the hardened shaft, leaned forward over the trill. He scraped his teeth against his shoulder, not biting down, only to kiss the area afterwards. When he was finished with his preparations, he seized the base of his length and began to prod the tight sphincter that awaited him down there, massaging it so that it may relax. All the while he lay kisses against the Trill's back, running his free hand over his body in appreciation.

Eventually, however, he pushed a bit harder, and since his Câroon crown was pointed, it had an easier time traversing that tight entrance. The sensation was incredible, feeling that tightness that were seldom found in women. True to his word, he did take it easy, knowing that even if he had an easier time to enter the man, his girth was still considerable enough. So, he let that grown remain in there, and only rocked his hips slowly, gradually making the Trill accommodate him better. Small inches of motion, to make him relax, while his hands ran over that spotted skin of his.

Eventually, he was able to move more, the lubrication working in their favour. With each minute thrust, he gained new depth, and since he had been so close before they switched, the build-up was an amazing affair.

"By the winds, you are magnificent," he breathed, one tattooed hip having ended up on the Trill's hip, and the other on the opposite shoulder. With that as leverage, he continued to further traverse that depth that awaited him. Squirming past the rubbery surface of his prostate, and feeling his own glistening length being engulfed, more and more...

Re: Day 03 [1230 hrs.] Routine Procedures

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[ Lt. JG Derik Veradin | Sickbay, CMO Office | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] @Auctor Lucan
“Trust? I’m glad because this might not be a very conventional prostate examination…” A soft tattooed hand brushed down Derik’s back, causing the muscles to shiver under its touch.

Poor choice of words. The thought occurred to Derik. Though you’re still trying to be professional? After I just coated your insides in my seed? There was a pop as a bottle opened, followed by wet stroking noises. “Credit given where credit is due” I suppose.

Lucan set the near empty bottle next to Derik’s hand. Maybe so he could use the last few drops if he needed them? Veradin didn’t have much time to ponder the purpose, as teeth teased his skin. Quiet groans resounded from his throat. Teeth turned into kisses, only causing the tender muscles to jump under their touch.

Something soft yet hard, and decently pointy prodded up between his legs, quickly finding his entrance. It was slick with lube. The Trill didn’t need to look over his shoulder to know what it was. Lucan’s impressive phallus was beginning its go at the Derik’s insides. Veradin barely registered Nicander’s hand as it roamed his spotted skin. Yet like icing on a cake, it was impossible not to notice, those fingers causing his whole body to tingle

Oh hell. Here it comes…

The Trills fingers gripped the edge of the desk hard, gasping in both pain and pleasure as Lucan’s pointed crown finally pushed passed his ring, popping in and spreading him wide. Not having expected to be in this situation, Derik hadn’t stretched beforehand. To say he was a little underprepared for such a fat crown was an understatement. It was like being plugged by a Synthehol bottle that just kept going and going.


Derik’s breath hitched as each centimeter nudged its way deeper and deeper within his body with each gentle thrust. The feeling of being stretched was no stranger to the Trill, yet few were long enough to penetrate as deeply as Nicander was right now. He’d had that organ in his mouth earlier and it had hurt his jaw. Now he was being skewered by it. He could feel every beat of the man’s heart through his member as it pushed past his sensitive prostate, the pulses only serving to add to the intense sensations. It was like the man had a vibrator implanted in his length. Deeper and deeper his doctor sank. Veradin never stopped him, never complained, despite the occasional twinge of pain. He was determined to tough it out. The lube helped if just. Yet despite the intense sensations, Derik had to admit it felt amazing. Even though he had spent the considerable store of seed he’d had mere moments ago, the Trill felt his own length stir anew. Blood which has been flowing back into his body had suddenly reversed course, returning to the lightly spotted organ. He almost reached down to stroke it.  With the way things were going however, he doubt he’d need to even touch it to explode again. Besides, his hands were tad busy making sure he held still enough for the Câroon.

I think we need to start calling you Vlad doc…

Gritting his teeth, Derik decided to get as much of it in as his body could handle, pushing back ever so slightly to meet Lucan’s continued gentle thrusts.

"Doc I think you meant to say this would be a heart examination…” He teased, a soft wry smile touching his lips at his own joke.

Re: Day 03 [1230 hrs.] Routine Procedures

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[ Dr. Nicander | CMO Office | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Argyros
Oh, by the winds, how indulging the helmsman's desires had been joyous. Lucan had allowed himself, despite his hesitation and need for control, to become seduced - answering the evident advances of the Trill. He didn't think there were any cause for regrets, since the darkness inside him had remained in its quelled state.

By letting his tattooed hands run over the Trill during the process of sheathing himself fully inside him, Lucan happened to notice how Veradin was getting hard again. This time likely because of the way his thick length squirmed past the Trill's prostate with each slow, rhythmic thrust.  He was yet to increase the pace of what may come next when he heard the man's jocular words.

"I believe... there is a joke... in Earth culture... about the way to a man's heart... being through the stomach," he said with a chuckle, and then he reached around to wrap a tattooed hand around Derik's hardening cock. He began to stroke it as well, while his other hand had seized the Trill's spotted hip. With the two-handed grip as leverage, Lucan began to move a bit faster, even though he was not fully embedded inside the man yet.

He couldn't help the sounds of pleasure he let out, feeling how his long endurance was wearing thin. After the helmsman's stellar ministrations earlier, it was difficult to prolong what they had begun much further. The way his warm member was being squeezed and milked, and how the sight of the man's back and its rippling muscles teased his mind, Lucan indulged himself fully in the breach of patient protocol. The forbidden nature of these stolen moments was tantalizing in its own merit. The euphoria was climbing fast, and after another minute...

...he couldn't stop himself. He let out a strangled noise, and his fingers dug hard into the man's hip. By some kind of miracle, he kept on stroking the Trill's length throughout the duration, even continuing afterwards. The last thrusts had delved even deeper into the man, the last inches traversed in the last moments of passion. When he ceased to move, finally, he was fully embedded inside Derik Veradin, only minute movements continuing afterwards. He did not wish to leave those warm, lubricated depths yet.

Instead, he leaned down and lay his warm lips against the Trill's back, kissing him, and wondering if he had managed to make the man come once more, or if he wished that he'd give him one final treatment.

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