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Star Trek: ISS Paw

OOC: Been toying with doing a story set in the Alternate Universe following the Terran rebellion led my Myles "Smiley" O'Brien. Lots of edits as I flesh out and organize the backstory so please bear with me. :)

Following the capture of Deep Space Nine, the Terran Resistance grew in strength and power, achieving a number of victories over Alliance forces. From bases inside the badlands, they launched a number of offensives aimed at recapturing formerly held territory. Within a decade, in a war known as the great awakening, much of the former Terran Empire was recaptured, restoring the Terran Dominion to her place as a major power within the universe.

Fast forward to today, the Dominion has signed an uneasy truce with the Romulans. Violations are common but neither side is willing to declare war, for both empires are fighting wars in and on their own borders. Bajor is a conquered world, the Terran Dominion has a large starbase in orbit of Bajor. As punishment for their siding with the Alliance, Bajorans are a subjugated race, nothing more then property for their Terran masters' enjoyment.

Races like the K'Zin and Caitians, staunch allies of the (former) Terran Empire, fell to harsh treatment by the Alliance, their species decimated, the survivors spread across the quadrant. Few in number, they are held in respect by the Terran Dominion and are amongst the few non-Terran races afforded freedoms and status above that of most subjugated worlds. Other worlds afforded that status are Andorians, Vulcans, and Trill, worlds that rose up in open revolt against the Alliance during the great awakening.

Politically the Alpha & Beta quadrants are divided up among the big three powers: Romulan Star empire, Klingon/Cardassian Alliance, and Terran Dominion. Controlled territory is pretty much as it was before the outbreak of the Dominion war. Peace is uneasy and border incursions are common. As noted in DS9, the wormhole was never discovered, and the Q never took any interest in this universe so external forces like the borg and Domion either don't exist or are too far away to be a concern in this universe.

Two Story Ideas:
(prime story) ISS Paw: A small armed cargo vessel run by a former Alliance slave (K'Ren) turned privateer. A ragtag band of former slaves and free people, they roam the borders of the Terran Dominion, preying on Alliance vessels.  All crew would be weapons proficient from the lowest deckhand to the captain and expected to take part in running the ship. Crew complement is probably around 15-20 so room for a character or two.

Positions we'd want to fill:
Ship's Master (CO): K'Ren
Ship's Mate (XO):
2nd Mate (Navigator/Helm):
3rd Mate (Engineer):
Deckhands (security/cargo/etc):

(secondary story) ISS Redemption: One the Dominion's first large capital ships. It is given to a Commodore Denevre, an ally of the empress during her bid for power. Honored for her loyalty with one of the first capital ships, Commodore Denevre and her vessel are assigned to the Bajoran sector, officially to maintain border security, but also in secret to protect friendly vessels raiding Alliance territory.

I'll be updating this as I flesh it out but if folks have ideas or suggestions feel free to reply.

Few things I still have to flesh out are the classes of ship, the Dominion has stolen plans from Starfleet (how they got the defiant originally) for various ship classes and early on, they'd have built a lot of defiant class ships as they're quick and cheap to build, a good ship for a organization with limited resources. Probably see Akiras, Steamrunners, etc as they expanded, giving them access to more worlds beyond the badlands. Still nothing large. Only now, as they've regained much of their territory that they have the resources to tackle larger capital ships. The Galaxy Class (or Sovvy) would probably by the Empress' flagship, more compact classes like the Nebula would be claimed by Admirals and Commodores. Gunboats like Akira's are often task-force and task-group command vessels while the Defiant class forms the bulk of the fleet.

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