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Which nominated scene should get the Pon Farr award?

    7 (58.3%)
    5 (41.7%)

Total Members Voted: 12

Voting closed: November 16, 2017, 09:55:03 AM

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Pon Farr Award Poll 2017

Awarded to the writers of an erotic scene that stands out way above the norm in terms of emotion, adherence to character, atmosphere and steaminess.

The poll will run for 7 days, in which those who cast their vote should take a few minutes to read the linked scenes first. The nominee(s) who get the most votes will receive the Pon Farr Award. If you are a Nominee, you may not vote on your own scene.

Here are the nominations!


Forum Name of Nominees: @SummerDawn & @steelphoenix

Primary Reason: I think they did an excellent job of keeping an appropriate focus on the biological imperative behind the act of love making but at the same time balanced it with K'Ren's and Deacon's personal history and their motivations. There are some aspects that stands out from the norm of scenes like these, and K'Ren being in heat is just one of them. There is also the dramatic build-up to the scene, with Deacon undergoing surgery to survive Virus 117, and the Devoted making an attempt at his life.

Link: Day 02 [1600 hrs.] Of Serendipity and Vicissitude


Forum Name of Nominees: @Mathis & @Auctor Lucan

Primary Reason: Some hot boy on boy action in a crashed runabout? I mean, there are ways to stay warm and then there are ways to stay hot and bothered...

Motivation: What stood out to me was the premise of the love scene between these two Resolve officers. There was great attention put on the situation that led up to the act, with attention to realism and detail. The needs of the wayward starship. The situation on the planet that the shuttle was heading down to. Furtive glances adding to the build-up. The realism didn't stop at the premise of the story, the plausibility of the development, but also the act itself, where a lot of attention was put on the details.

There was a lot of emotion too. Pretty care-free when the act began, but leading up to it, it seemed Liam was concerned about what was going on, and what the people on the Resolve would think. The concerns were dismissed in the end, but it was a good way to draw the reader in.

Link: Supply Run, Interrupted

Thank you in advance for your voting in this award category!

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan
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Re: Pon Farr Award Poll 2017
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Announcement made in the Main OOC thread. 😀

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan