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Day 02 [2100 hrs.] Painters 'R Us

[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | Fighter Assault Bay | Vector 2 | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: none
Zrinka had been very happy when she had recieved a formal note that she had passed flight qualifications again from THomas & an additional record of the fighter she was assigned - the Wolf-02 one that she had flown in her test run, so she knew that it was time to go and do the next step which was a neccessity for her. Especially since she had also been scheduled for an escort mission for the SS Sabine. She didn't need to know anything more then that.

A lot of pilots didn't really do it these days, but Zrinka felt it was a good tradition to continue. At this time of night, the fighter bay was quiet so no one really noticed her sneaking over to her fighter with some spray-cans & stencils.

Slapping one of them up and making sure it was in correct alignment, she slipped on a mash & began applying a coating of cherry red to the nose area of her fighter, going around it. When she had done that, she moved to another section and changing to a different color of black, she applied stencils for her kill marks & applied them.

By now, the quick-dry paint of the nose art was done and she switched over to doing the black sections, waited a little bit more and then added the white sections in.

Standing back, she smiled as she looked at how her fighter now had teeth and angry looking eyes. Grinning, she packed up and headed back to her quarters to get some rest before the mission. As she headed back, she wondered how some of the new pilots were going to react - the original members would know that if anyone was going to pull stunts like that, Zrinka's name would be high on the list.

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[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | Main Sickbay | Vector 2 | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
Zrinka arrived back in her quarters after doing the painting and looked around. She undressed & threw her paint-smeared clothing into the trash - also to destroy the evidence sort of. She lay down on her bed and grinned as Bobo rolled over, snuggling against her.

Giving her tribble a kiss and cuddle, Rini smiled, "Bobo, I love you. I am glad you haven't changed - I think that this is going to be very difficult for me. So much has changed yet stayed the same, and I don't really know what I am feeling."

Rubbing her chest, Rini put Bobo down and got up, knowing exactly what she wanted to do. She needed to talk to someone, or at least try & explain herself. Slipping into a t-shirt & some leather pants, Zrinka went to a cabinet & looking through her hidden alcohol collection. Thinking for a moment, she stopped her hand over a rather surprising syntheholic version of a grape rakija. She wanted to be able to fly tomorrow.

Putting the bottle out, two shot glasses and some other items to use for her plan into a satchel along with a padd of the deck layout, she left her quarters and made her way to the nearest jefferie's tube. Entering when no one was around, she headed up one deck and then across, switching into an access tunnel used by engineers. Checking the padd, she continued until she was in the right place & then unlatched a hatch. Looking through, she smiled when she found that it was the right place & empty.

Using the rope she had brought, she lowered the bag down and then dropped down, landing in the med lab. Heading over to the stasis drawers, Zrinka found the right one and put her hand on it, "Evelyn, I'm so sorry. You shouldn't be in there."

Taking out the shot glasses and uncorking the bottle, she poured some of the strong distilled liquor and put one on the edge of the drawer. Taking the other, she spoke in Croatian and drank the shot, "Pozdrav. Častim svoje pokvarene pratitelje." (OOC: translated - Salute. I honour my fallen companions).

Closing her eyes, she begun singing a sort little song that she kenw from her childhood. She had known many people who had passed on, marines, pilots, family, lovers. Taking another drink, she leaned against the stasis drawer door and Zrinka let her tears come out as memories began swirling in her head.

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November, 2380. One day before the truth about Starfleet Command became known...

[ Lt. JG Evelyn Rawley | The 602 Club | Mill Valley | San Francisco | Earth ] @Josie
The walls of the 602 Club were decorated with many astronautical illustrations, including a portrait of Zefram Cochrane's warp drive prototype Phoenix, a DY-100 class sleeper ship, and an early version of the USS Enterprise - the XCV 330. Outside the windows, the street lay dark, people retreating to their docking ports or their apartments. Still, many continued to prowl the night.

A hazy mist filled the large room of one establishment. There were two humans working at the bar. One cleaning glasses with a cotton towel, while the other had been dirtying them with beverages from all over the Quadrant. Ale was common there; the froth leaking over the rim of every glass before settling. One of the women - one who had shaved her head - glanced around the room, noticing only a handful of other people. The band on stage, the Ferengi man at the end of the bar, and a group of people sitting at a table sipping wine near the band.

Evelyn "Ghost" Rawley sighed. "Bartender," she called with her British accent, head dropping on top of one arm and the other rising - holding an empty glass. "Another, phlease."

After giving Rawley her neat whiskey, the bartender had turned towards another visitor and smirked. "What are you having, sweetheart?" he asked, making Rawley lift her head and peer up towards the figure.

After recognising her, Rawley lowered her head again. It seemed the newest Lone Wolf had caught up with her, and it was time to return to the ship. Commander Jaru Rel had likely sent her, wanting the pack to stay on the Theurgy until word about continued or ended shore-leave had been given. After a mere week of R&R after having been at Romulus for months, Rawley had wanted to make the most of the the night - suspecting shore-leave would be over on the morrow. Yet it seemed Jaru had another idea, the SCO asking the hot new wolf to bring her in.

"Honey Badger, right?" Pouting, Rawley put her chin on her hand and twisted the glass of whiskey around upon the polished table. Frowning, she turned her head to the Ensign. With her free hand, she reached down to the bar stool next to her and brushed aside the leather jacket that she put there. She hiked up the sleeves of her dark Tac CONN hoodie and gave the other wolf a grin. "How about a drink before we beam up?"

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[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | The 602 Club | Mill Valley | San Francisco | Earth ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
Back in November, 2380

Zrinka had found she was caught between two choices - check her messages or head down to Earth, and it had been the ignorance of direction one that she went through with. Beaming down dressed casually in a t-shirt and jeans, Rini made her way down the street and entered into the 602 Club, where she had spent a lot of time during her Tac Conn training. The smell of tobacco products hung in the air, and it brought back memories.

The bar was pretty quiet in way of patrons, and she spotted the shaved-head woman that was in her squadron at the bar with a glass. It wasn't exactly what she had been expecting since she had planned when she left the ship, but well,

Heading over, Zrinka nodded to the bartender as she stopped next to the bar and after he asked her what she wanted, she put a hand on his and smiled, "An Akvinta Sex on the Beach please."

Grinning as the man blinked and nodded, Rini turned towards Evelyn, "Aye, Ghost. We haven't really had much time to chat."

Smiling, she walked over to the seat and slid into it, "Well, the thing is that the ship doesn't actually know where I am and I am guessing they don't knoow where you are either. So there isn't actually any need to race back straight away. It isn't our fault that the communications never got through. Unless you want to go back, I'm sure we could find something to do for a last night before we ship out."

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[ Lt. JG Evelyn Rawley | The 602 Club | Mill Valley | San Francisco | Earth ] @Josie
When Ensign Agaixot said Jaru hadn't sent her, Rawley's mood improved a lot, and she sat up straighter instead of slouching - quite pleased that the new wolf had found her. She had been lacking company, thinking only she'd been so bold as to beam down, but there she was, this lovely new member of the pack that she would be flying with henceforth.

"Oh, I certainly don't have any desire to beam up unless I absolutely have to," she said ruefully and sipped her whiskey, turning more towards the taller woman on her bar stool. She didn't believe she'd seen Honey Badger out of uniform or exosuit before, and she had to say, the new wolf dressed down really, really well. She tilted her head, watching Zrinka getting her drink from the bartender, and once he had retreated out of earshot, she bit her lower lip in thought, looking out the window and then back at the other wolf. As she did, her hoodie came off her shoulder a bit, but she made no effort to pull it up, thoughts racing as she considered the possibilities.

"So," she said in a voice smokey from the single malt, "do you have any suggestions on what to do? It's not too often we're back here on Earth, and we can ask Thea to beam us anywhere... if we ask nicely."

Rawley wouldn't mind staying of course, since it was the company she was after, not the scenery...

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[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | The 602 Club | Mill Valley | San Francisco | Earth ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
Zrinka grinned happily as Evelyn seemed to be glad that she wasn't going to get dragged away. The part-Betazoid had sucky skills in actually doing any controlled form of empathy and reading body language, but it didn't take much to be able to read the woman's body language - or her own, Rini mused. Zrinka knew she was a pretty easy read even though she didn't like dealing with some emotions. As she looked towards Evelyn, she realised she loved the color of the other pilot's eyes, a beautiful brown color.

She was also glad when Evelyn was pleased about not beaming up and she sipped her drink, enjoying the taste of the the drink and the burning sensation of the strong vodka in it, knowing it would give her a reall nice buzz. She knew that she was rather wild even without some alcohol, but she couldn't help it. Smiling when Evelyn's hoodie shifted , "I don't really have any ideas off the top of my head. Thea is pretty cool from what I've found."

Hoping that it wouldn't seem too much, Rini added, moving her hand forwards to brush against Evelyn's, "I would like to get to know you." Rini had only really head brief stories, but Ghost seemed quite interesting and Zrinka thought that the other fighter pilot was quite beautiful.

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[ Lt. JG Evelyn Rawley | The 602 Club | Mill Valley | San Francisco | Earth ] @Josie
When Honey Badger said what she did, and brushed her hand against hers, Rawley's grin widened a little while she kept looking into her new wolf sister's eyes. Oh, but the evening was improving by the second. After having resigned to having to beam up to Thea again, not only did Zrinka wish to remain planet-side, she seemed like the was looking for some fun too.

Momentarily, Rawley's thoughts went to Oracle, who she had started to get friendly with during the time at Romulus, but nothing had happened between them yet - merely furtive glances and innuendos - so even if Honey Badger was an altogether new acquaintance, Rawley really couldn't say that she was in any way owing Oracle something. At least not yet. It struck her, however, that if she started to think about Oracle when this fine woman might - or mightn't - flirting with her, perhaps whatever was going on with Oracle was serious.

Oh, but Rawley hated 'serious'. It just wasn't her. The notion that she owed Oracle anything at all rather made her want to take this opportunity and fool around a bit. Just to prove to herself nothing had changed.

"Well, the night is young," she said and pulled back her hoodie from her shaved head a bit, eyes intent on Rini's. Her grin had turned into a rueful smile, and she shifted a little bit closer to the taller woman. "And the planet is ours. I'm not much for sight-seeing though. Never interested me to beam into the Himalayas or to those ancient pyramids. Couldn't give a bloody toss about Venice or South Africa either. At some point, I had planned to check on the family business together with my brother, since it's my uncle running the Rawley Arms company."

She said it in an idle tone, not boasting in the slightest, just making conversation while she inconspicuously put her hand on Zrinka's thigh and leaned a bit closer, letting her in on a little secret. "Since Starfleet R&D decided on his Mk I Rawley pulse cannon for the Knight-class Interceptors, and that baby being considered for a lot of other upcoming, classified fighters and shuttles, I imagine he has his hands full. To bad it's late, otherwise I'm sure he'd let us shoot it."

Having spoken in a low, raspy voice in Honey Badger's ear, she didn't exactly pull back when she'd said what she did. She merely tilted her head a bit, brown eyes running up Rini's neck and face. "Speaking of having one's hands full," she said, that grin never really having left, but now emphasising what she said in an unmistakable way, "I would not mind foregoing the formalities and customary activities... and have those fantastic tits of yours in my hands. Sod it, you know? Life is just too short, especially with the mortality rate of us in Tac CONN."

Having said this, she raised her eyebrows in query, the unspoken words hanging in the air.

What do you say?

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[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | The 602 Club | Mill Valley | San Francisco | Earth ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Zrinka could tell that she got a reaction from Rawley, and it delighted her. There was a sense that the other woman was thinking about something and she was curious. If she had been a better empath or something, maybe she could a sense - but no, she had never bothered and it was just too hard and confusing now.

Rini grinned as Rawley pulled back the hoodie, and she couldn't help herself leaning in too. "Aye that's true. It gets boring very quickly, and I'm more into meeting people myself."

Zrinka hadn't known that it was actually the woman's uncle that ran that company. Often, she had heard mention over the years including when a Marine, and hadn't realised until now the connection. Not that it really mattered.

When she felt a hand on her thigh though, all sense of that went out the window as Zrinka's body began reacting. She was quite glad that she had come here, and over to her fellow pilot. And Rini was pleased that the signals she was getting were that of acceptance and more. One of her psychologists had used a term she hadn't liked originally, but she knew that her sense of reading people was very much off.

Zrinka smiled as Evelyn leaned in real close, and she was intrigued about why mention the canons. But the woman's voice was doing all sorts of things to her that Rini was delighting in, and she wasn't thinking straight.

But when the British woman made her next suggestion, Zrinka was definitly willing and found it actually pretty cool. Personally, Zrinka was never much into the long dancing around niceties either, and she could still remeber the poor ensign when she came aboard who ended up with a pretty nasty bump on the head when he had freaked and jumped back into the edge of her cupboard to crack his head after she had offered to sleep with him as a reward for helping her move her stuff in. But at least she had helped him to Sickbay.

Rini smiled mischieviously as she glanced around & turned herself so it would only be Evelyn see as she slid down the zip of her top and playfully held back the material to give a view of her lack of a bra, "That sounds like an excellent idea. It's upto you, but we could probably find somewhere less public if you want because San Fran police really do take that a bit more seriously I've found from previous experience."

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[ Lt. JG Evelyn Rawley | The 602 Club | Mill Valley | San Francisco | Earth ] @Josie
Of course Evelyn's brown eyes dropped to Honey Badger's chest when she inconspicuously showed her some more skin. She bit her lower lip in anticipation, looking back into the woman's eyes with her rueful grin remaining. This close, their breaths were already mixing between their mouths, and she wanted nothing rather than to close that last distance...

...yet propriety in the public space won out, for some reason. Perhaps she wanted the tension to build more, keeping the suspense of this ancient game they played a little while longer. Zrinka Agaixot was right, of course, in how a public display of what was happening between them was not seemly for Starfleet Officers, and the bartenders might take issue if she slipped her warm hand inside the opening of Rini's top. Tilting her head the other way, she looked towards the two behind the bar counter, and both of them were trying as best as they might to appear like they weren't staring at the two women.

"While I'm not too keen on hearing about those previous experiences," she breathed against Honey Badger's lips, and her intense graze returned to the newest wolf in the pack. Below the edge of the bar counter, out of eye-sight from the bartenders, she slid her hand up Rini's inner thigh. "I'd rather you showed me.... really... really carefully what got you in trouble."

The stroking motion ended before it reached anywhere too private, a mere inch shy of the intended destination. "I just realised," she said, her low voice reverberating deep down in her throat, "I think I have drunk way too much... so you'll find me in the ladies' room."

The look she gave Honey Badger when she slid her diminutive figure down from the bar stool, oh, but it was quite clear that she'd expect some company there. Getting down from the bar stool meant getting closer to Rini too, and she put both her hands on the woman's thighs while she did - looking up into her eyes with her lips pursed. "Don't wait too long," she said, keeping her voice low enough to escape the notice of the bartenders, even if they still might suspect what was going on. With a playful little wink over her shoulder, she ambled towards the back area of the bar, and vanished into the ladies' restroom.

Once inside, Rawley felt giddy. There was no one else there, and she found herself pacing the marble floor, waiting for Rini to show herself in the doorway. Damn, is this really happening? What about Oracle? No, fuck Oracle, I don't owe anyone anything. Bloody hell she is so hot, and looking for the same thing I am. Fuck the consequences, After Romulus, I need this. I really, really do.

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[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | The 602 Club | Mill Valley | San Francisco | Earth ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
Zrinka smiled playfully as she watched Evelyn, and ran her tongue around her lips, feeling quite flushed & aroused. She was pretty sure that if she did what she wanted  right now, to feel Evelyn against her skin, she was going to be having a rather long night speaking to San Fran PD again and get chewed out, possibly with no flying for awhile.

Evelyn was so close, and her heart was beating more. She saw Evelyn looked towards the people further down the bar counter, and it reminded her. Grinning as Evelyn spoke softly, just so close, Rini had to bite her lips to stifle a moan as she felt the other woman's hand moving up her thigh, sending electricity through her, and it took a lot of willpower to not succumb when the stroke stopped so close.

Rini definitly wanted to show her and grinned as the other wolf suggested adjurning to the ladie's room. "Aye. Showing will be far more fun."

That look, the wink & hands on her legs had bored straight through any resistance. So Zrinka turned a little to watch Evelyn Rawley make her way heading, watching the woman's beautiful ass and finished her drink. She knew it would be obvious if she got up straight away, but also knew that both her and Evelyn would be having trouble keeping up things too long.

Spinning around towards them as she got up, Zrinka knew that it was quite naughty but she deliberatly didn't zip her top up, so that her spinning motion ensured that anyone looking her direction would most likely see her breasts for a brief moment.

With that, Rini made her way across the room, not caring at all that the men would know exactly what was going to happen, and with her 'black sheep' attitude, she was quite pleased & didn't mind - in fact, it made it all the better for anticipation.

Sliding into the ladie's room, Zrinka reached to the lock & twisted it before moving to the door frame and turned towards it, leaning against it with one leg up as she lifted her hands up and then ran them down her body sensuoussly, finding the zipper which she had left open and continued it's journey downwards.

After the track came loose, she leant back a little to let it slide down and puddle on the floor, as she turned her head towards Evelyn, "I couldn't help giving them a little view."

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[ Lt. JG Evelyn Rawley | The 602 Club | Mill Valley | San Francisco | Earth ] @Josie
When Rini finally arrived, Rawley was leaning against the farthest wall, but when seeing that it was her who had indeed entered, she'd pushed way and ambled towards Honey Badger. Oh, but her new sister wolf made a tantalising little game out of it too, shedding her top and turning towards Evelyn. She bit her lower lip at the sight, and they met in the middle of the floor.

"Oh, I'm bloody certain they didn't mind at all," she said in her thick accent and ran her hands up Rini's sides, and she had to rise up on her toes so that she might slant her lips across Zrinka's. Oh, she tasted like her drink. Sex on the beach. It might not be a beach they ended up on, but Rawley couldn't give a toss. She couldn't help the small sound she made deep down in her throat at the taste of the other woman, and her hands were already - finally - cupping those tits she'd longed to touch in the locker room on the Theurgy. Aye, she had eyed Rini up already, but since she'd yet to speculate if there was any mutual interest. Evidently, that much was a fact.

Once her lips parted from Rini, Rawley found herself having ended up with her back against the washstand, unsure how she'd gotten there in the commotion of they kissing. She locked eyes with Honey Badger and grinned wickedly, lips never far from hers. "Hurry, get me out of these damn clothes..." she rasped throatily, and did manage to shed her hoodie. She began to tug at her own tank top, and yet tried to kiss Rini at the same time, not wanting to be bereft of the taste of her mouth. She'd never thought she'd get to have so much fun on the last day of shoreleave, the anticipation having made her wet already - her nipples hard against the coarse fabric of her tanktop.

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[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | The 602 Club | Mill Valley | San Francisco | Earth ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Zrinka laughed mischieviously as she moved over to Evelyn, "It's fun to tease. I can't help myself and why I do exotic dancing for fun."

Musing for a moment, Rini commented, "Hmm. I'll have to talk to the lounge managers about the possibility of that."

When Rini felt Rawley's hand slid up her skin, it was like electricity and shut her up as she leaned down, loving the feeling of Evelyn's lips against hers. It made her heart melt when Evelyn made a cute sound and Rini moaned as she felt her fellow pilot's hands over her breasts, cupping them.

She knew her eyes were full of lust and Rini wrapped her arms around Rawley, delighing in holding her new lover close and pulling her in. There was something she wanted to do as Rini knew it was fun and sensual, but it would be easier against something. So she quietly directed Rawley over towards where the sinks were, musing it would work good by giving something for holding. She could feel muscles in the other woman, so it would work.

Whne the kiss broke, Zrinka smiled, "Oh yeah." Grinning as she watched Ghost trying to undress & kiss in a mix, Zrinka slid in closer so that one of her legs slid between Ghost's legs, her thigh brushing between the beautiful centre as Rini reached out to help with the undressing, sliding her hands under the edge of the tank-top, loving the feel of the other woman's skin as she helped slide the tank-top upwards.

As she did, Zrinka leant in and gave her a peck on the mouth before sliding the tank-top up and over. She slid her hands down then, running her hands over Evelyn's breasts, before wrapping an arm around to pull Evelyn against her so that they were skin to skin,"You are so beautiful, Ghost."

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[ Lt. JG Evelyn Rawley | The 602 Club | Mill Valley | San Francisco | Earth ] @Josie
Finally free from her tanktop, Rawley found herself caught between the delightful pressure of Zrinka's thigh against the apex of her legs and the edge of the marble sink. If only their lower bodies had been skin to skin, instead of just their breasts. She moaned ruefully into Honey Badger's mouth, grinning as her hands came to cup her buttocks. She was already undulating her hips against her sister wolf, feeling how their puckered nipples scraped against each other.

"We're just getting started," she whispered hoarsely, waves of pleasure running up her spine as they moved together. She wanted more, and began to work on Zrinka's trousers, getting them open at last, "but I like what I see already... I just want to see more..."

Having said this, she took the initiative, and pushed off from the sink so that she could tug Rini's trousers and panties down to her thighs, and switch places with her. Thus, having Honey Badger at the edge, and her being taller than herself, Rawley could easily lay her kisses on Rini's bare breasts. Meanwhile working the clothes down those long legs, her lips sought those hard nipples, taking them into her warm mouth. In the end, she had to use one of her feet to push down the panties and her trousers, and continued her path downwards.

She glanced up towards Rini ad her lips and lay a trail of kisses down her flat abdomen, seeing her framed by the mirror behind her back and the marble ceiling.  Eventually, she hoisted those bare legs up on her shoulders, and lay her mouth against Rini's bare, wet sex. She wanted to taste her first, before letting Rini take back the initiative in their own exotic dance. The fact that Honey Badger could dance only served to intrigue Rawley more, and she hoped to get a show at some point, but right then, in the ladies room of the 602 Club, she would not be content just watching...

"Oh, you taste just as good as you look," she said, closing her eyes as her tongue flicked against the dewy clit.

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[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | The 602 Club | Mill Valley | San Francisco | Earth ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Zrinka felt her whole body aching, almost painfully, as she kissed Evelyn and moved against her. It was indescribale how good it felt, and she smiled playfully when she felt Rawley's hands at her hips. Arching her hips to make it easier, she heard the click and then felt a cold breeze against her hairless mound, which caused her to shiver with ectasy.

Twisting around so that her back was against the sink, Rini held on to keep her legs from going completely jelly, as she looked into Ghost's eyes and then she felt the other woman trailing kisses down. She could feel her nipples were very hard & puckered and knew that her body was definitly showing the signs of arousal, her pussy lips very wet already.

Gasping and arching as Ghost took one of her nipples into her mouth, Zrinka cried out "Ghost", unable to hold herself back. She had always been a very vocal lover, and she wondered if the door was locked - but didn't care.

Rini moaned as she was disrobed, happy to be completely nude and exposed to her new lover, because she wanted there to be no barriers at all. Evelyn was breathtaking. Looking down, she reached out, running a hand over the woman's bare head sensuously as Evelyn trailed kisses down her stomach, which rippled from the muscles that she had due to all the intense workouts she kept herself doing - because once a Marine, always a Marine was how the best way she knew to describe it. She was always prepared to fight, and she still held close-quarters combat training records at the Academy because of it. For a moment, she remebered Hannah and stopped moving, but then her memories reminded her that Hannah had been casual & the first person to say 'no attachments' - plus the sheer number of people since.

Rini lifted herself up by her arms to make it easier, something she knew she could hold for a fair while without any strain, as Ghost shifted Zrinka's legs onto her shoulders, and then Rini lowered her butt onto the sink, stable in holding on. Then she threw her head back and screamed as she felt Evelyn's mouth against her sex, and her whole body rippled from pleasure racing through her. Her eyes rolled and glazed as she found that Rawley was very very very well trained in the art, making some unintelligible cry that wasn't really any sort of language as her mind went to mush briefly.

Shudders rolled through her before she cried out, Rini moand, "Ghost.. I want you so bad."

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[ Lt. JG Evelyn Rawley | The 602 Club | Mill Valley | San Francisco | Earth ] @Josie
Hearing just how good she made Zrinka feel, Evelyn Rawley grinned against that wet sex of hers and looked up at her. The way she undulated her body and hips against her made it clear just how much she indeed wanted her, and Rawley meant to accommodate her in full. Gone were any thoughts of Oracle and the squadron, and she applied her hands to her ministrations - playful in the way she chuckled in response. "Oh, you'll have me..."

Saying this, she reached past one thigh to pinch and knead Honey Badger's swollen breasts, fanning the flames of her desire further. Yet her other hand? Oh, she imagined how Zrinka would feel it skirt down the other thigh, and run up between her legs. Then, she had to feel how she pushed one finger inside her slick sex, still flicking her tongue over that hard clit of hers.

Moaning at the taste, wanting the same from the dark-haired woman in turn later on, she began to fuck her with one finger first, but soon enough, she added her middle finger as well. She made sure to rub the roof of her passage, mercilessly sliding the tips of her digits across her sweetest spot, but did not let up in tonguing her either - her warm mouth not leaving her.

That was when the door opened.

Rawley did not let up with her fingers, but she turned her head away to look at the person in the doorway. It was a middle-aged woman who had no idea what she had walked into and she quickly apologised and vanished from the doorway. It made Rawley laugh, and turned back to look at Zrinka. "Let's hope she doesn't spread the word, yeah?"

"Yeah-h," said Zrinka, breathless at this point even if she had grinned at their temporary visitor and her hasty departure. "Just d-don't stop."

"Oh, I have no such intentions..."

Soon, the loud cries from Zrinka made the bartenders call the police, and the two sister wolves had to beam back to Thea in great haste, so that they could continue in Rawley's quarters.


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