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DAY 03: The Accipiter [1400 hrs.]

DAY 03: The Accipiter [1400 hrs.]

[ Ryuan Sel | USS Theurgy | Deck 5 | Holo Deck 1 ] Attn: All

After taking the morning to familiarize herself with the new rifle Sel had gone to the Holo Deck to prepare for her briefing to the senior staff and the security department. She had the computer make her a 1 to 1 replica of the gun for training and demonstration purposes. The holographic gun was meant to accurately give a feel of the weight and mass of the gun without risking any of the actual guns. She next went through some basic training simulations with the gun, making sure she had a good grasp of the weapons many firing systems and settings. The gun was by far the most brutal and lethal weapon she'd every used that did not have a blade. Once she had a good feel for it she checked the time and with only minutes to spare she quickly punched up the data specs of the gun and had the computer make a large table and 4 more replicas of the gun. She set them all on the table and then asked the computer to form some chairs for the senior staff and security department to sit at.

With only moments to spare she went to the door of the Holo Deck and waited. Any moment she knew the senior staff would be filing in to hear her briefing on the new gun and she only hoped that she would be ready.

It was only when the door slide open that she really processed that the Doctor would likely be there, this being the first time she had seen him since she had... well since they had fucked at her duty station. She wasn't sure how she was suppose to react, but she hoped she'd be able to maintain some professionalism.

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[ Captain Ives | Holodeck 1 | Deck 05 ] Attn: 1) Absinthe 2) CanadianVet + Anyone else present

In his male form, Captain Ives was conversing with Cameron Henshaw about a diciplinary-matter on the Yeoman's PADD, so he was the last to enter together with the Yeoman. Ahead of them stepped the majority of the Senior Staff and the higher ranking Security Officers. There were even a couple of Lone Wolves present among the gathering, picked by SCO Renard to attend to the demonstration. Doctor Nicander smiled to the Mistress-at-Arms as he entered the holodeck, inclining his head a little as he passed her and found a seat. Deputy zh'Wann seemed to have seen the weapons on the tables before, so she simply nodded to Ensign Ryuan before she took her seat. Evelyn Rawley, however, was not so modest in her appreciation for the weapons on display, chuckling and grinning as she walked a couple of turns around one of the tables. She also took her seat, eventually, with anticipation having her perched on the edge - likely eager to try out the futuristic weapons as soon as she was allowed to.

Thea was also there, projected in the golden version of her chameleon body suit, and she had come with the intention of helping Chief Engineer O'Connell to both upload and test the interceptor belt that he and another engineering officer had developed after the battle with the Calamity. She chose not to seat herself, but came to stand next to the holodeck's exit with her hands folded behind her back and her shoulders squared - waiting for her cue and watching the proceedings stoically from her position.

When everyone were inside, Captain Ives took his seat between Yeoman Henshaw and his First Officer - Commander Trent.

"I think we are all here now," he said with a faint smile and straightened his uniform jacket a little - a tendency born out of habit rather than necessity since the jacket was a part of his morphogenic matrix. "Congratulations on your promotion and your new position in Security. You may begin whenever you are ready, Ensign. As for what we know already, the people here have been briefed about how these Accipiters were found in the cockpits of the Reavers, but beyond that, we know next to nothing about them, so please, enlighten us."

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[ Ryuan Sel | USS Theurgy | Deck 5 | Holo Deck 1 ] Attn: All

With a nod to the captain Sel moved behind the table. She took a deep breath to steady herself and then picked up one of the new rifles. The holographic recreation was flawless, down to the weight of the gun and feel of the grip on the handle. The gun wasn't really that heavy but it was much bulkier than the phaser rifles she had been trained with in bootcamp. she paused for a moment and looked at the crowd. He eyes skimming over the doctor, only lingering for a moment. She had never given a briefing, much less one to the senior staff, but she knew the details and she had to share them.

"The RailGun - Mach 15 model 06 Phased Tetryon level 10 Accipiter," Sel began holding out the gun so that everyone could see. "This gun is unlike any now used anywhere within known space. It is perhaps a good thing that there are only 5 known to exist in this time period. The destructive capabilities of this rifle make even the phased compression rifle look like a childs toy."

She shouldered the gun and walked around the table. "With a warp field generator that rivals even the one in engineering it is capable of creating a short lasting warp bubble around a projectile and then shooting it at high velocity. The projectile of choice for this rifle is a 5 mm tungsten carbide bullet. Though not a very large bullet due to the extremely high rate of fire this gun can reduce even a titanium reinforced door to scrape metal in only a few seconds. With it's biometric exographic targeting sensor it can target through doors and even walls before delivering it's payload."

She paused in front of the table and turned. "The warp field generator is capable of forming a short lasting bubble and firing it without the bullet as well. This creates a concussive blast capable of picking up more than 500 kg and throwing it 50 meters. Though it is believed this is a form of stun setting it is also quite lethal in and off itself."

"Finally this rifle has a high compression phased tetryon beam emitter. This unique beam weapon does not have a lethal setting, but rather a heavy stun. However due to it's very nature it can quickly disable a targets shields. It has a wide range of settings designed for various uses."

She paused and turned to set the gun back on the table. She took a quick breath before turning back. "Any questions?"

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[ Commander Trent | USS Theurgy | Deck 5 | Holo Deck 1 ] Attn: All

The discovery of advanced rifles in the wreckage of the Reavers was no secret to Theurgy's XO.  Also, he had received a copy of the initial report that had been drafted about its capabilities.  And now that the ship's new mistress-at-arms had gone over those weapons as promised in the initial report, it was time for a demonstration.  And for policy in their use to be drawn up.

As Ensign Ryuan began to speak about the weapon, the Commander started taking notes on his PADD.  Indeed, he'd never heard of such a weapon in any inventory to this day.  And that piece of ordnance's lethal potential worried Trent.  Already Theurgy was marked as outlaws, and if they started using such a weapon against Starfleet personnel, the fallout could be catastrophic to their image, to their position. 

As the Bajoran finished her briefing, Trent cast a look to the Captain, and spoke.  "Captain, somehow I'm not surprised we found these on Calamity.  And we need to create a pretty strong policy for their use."

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[ Captain Ives | Holodeck 1 | Deck 05 ] Attn: Absinthe + Anyone else present

Seated to watch the demonstration, Jien leaned his head towards Trent a little when he spoke. The First Officer raised a valdid concern, even if the demonstration wasn't finished yet. If the rifle owned the kind of capacity that Ensign Ryuan told it did, then it a policy would indeed have to be set.

"Agreed," he said initially, his thoughts turning to a realisation that he'd had when the Bajoran security officer spoke. "I would hardly think this kind of weaponry would be standard issue in the future, but rather a heavy fire support weapon. Given its size, they would likely be too cumbersome in all situations. Yet given the fact that these rifles were found in the cockpits of those Reavers, the holographic pilots would not really care about the weight-issue... so the deployment makes sense."

Pausing, Jien considered what kind of policy would be adequate for the usage of the Accipiter, and to know that, he had to see more of it's destructive fire-power.

"Please proceed with the demonstration, Ensign, and prey tell, what policy do you think would be adequate for the Accipiter?"

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[ Ryuan Sel | USS Theurgy | Deck 5 | Holo Deck 1 ] Attn: All

Sel set the gun down and turned to the Captain, she had not expected that question, but she had a good idea of how to respond. "Currently there are only 5 examples of this weapon known. The weapons you see here are holographic recreation set with non-lethal parameters. The real rifles are locked a way safely. My suggestion is that these rifles be used only in situations where extreme force is necessary and only by members of the senior staff. These guns are lethal and should not be used unless the there is reason to suspect lethal force will be needed. I cannot stress enough that these rifles are not a replacement for the standard phaser rifle. In addition I recommend the triggers of each gun be configured to only work for a limited number of people. Each of the real guns has fine fingerprint and biometric scanners to prevent the weapon from being used by unauthorized personnel," Sel replied after a moments thought. She took a breath and went on after a moment.

"Though due to the highly lethal capacity of the weapon I would also recommend each of the Senior staff come and see me sometime in the next few days to be taken over the handling of this gun and undergo some training for it." She paused and looked around the room, waiting for the next question.

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[ Simon Tovarek | Holodeck 1 | Deck 05 ] Attn: Absinthe + Anyone else present

Pitching in on the idea of bio metric security and fingerprint ID for the weapons Simon Tovarek spoke up as he looked at the weapons. "I'm sure we can modify the weapons with the fingerprints of senior staff, together with a DNA scanner built into the handling of the weapons so nobody can fire the weapon who isn't supposed to." he said as he looked over the newly acquired war tech.

"As for handling... Is it too heavy or too light to your liking ensign?" He asked curious. From afar the gun looked pretty heavy and he was confident that they could lighten them up a bit if need be to improve stability and accuracy if so needed.

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[ Ryuan Sel | USS Theurgy | Deck 5 | Holo Deck 1 ] Attn: All

Picking up the gun again Sel did a couple a quick flips with it before shouldering it again. "She's a hefty gun, but at this size you'd expect it to be," she began as she tapped some commands into the console on the table. "However thanks to it's gyroscopic stabilization it feels decently easy to handle. It's about the same as the standard phased compression rifle, though a bit more streamlined and less bulky. As for adding sensors, about every square inch of the gun is packed and as we only have 5 of them I would be hesitant to modify the ones that we have. Perhaps if we ever get around to reverse engineering one of these bad boys and making a few more would could talk modification, but at this point I would not recommend it."

She tapped a final command into the console and the room seemed to change, the back drifted away and several targets appeared on the far wall. "Now, if you'll permit me, I'd like to demonstrate the various firing capabilities of this weapon."

She turned and raised the gun to peer through it's scope. "Like all rifles it's a simple matter of finding your best shot, and thanks to it's advanced targeting sensors it will point out a number of best shots for you. In standard combat simple burst shot is all you'll need."

She pulled the trigger and in less than a second 10 bullets shot from the gun and slammed into the target and near warps speed. The sound was incredible as they broke the sound barrier in less than a second. The target was left as little more than rubble.

She tapped the console and the rubble disappeared and a new target appeared.

"For non lethal all you really need is a quick button push," she switched the firing modes, "and it will no longer fire bullets, but short lasting warp bubbles."

She took aim again and pulled the trigger once more. There was a loud bang and the target went flying into the far wall, breaking apart as it hit.

"Not to much of a kick in either firing mode, and none in standard phased tetryon beam modes," She said as she shouldered the gun again and turned to the group. "But she'll do some damage to whatever she's pointing at."

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Watching from his seat, Captain Ives reacted like many others did when Ensign Ryuan opened fire against the holographic target. In an age where phasers were firing with far less audible noise, the sound that the Accipiter made was a bit of a shock, yet he reckoned it still had to have been somewhat calibrated in its fabrication to not make the shooter deaf.  He had no idea what audio tolerance levels were acceptable in the year that the weapon had been produced, but it was a safe guess that the weapon was just barely below the maximum approved level.

"I cannot foresee any situation where this weapon should be used," said Doctor Nicander from his seat, the look in his face radiating with the dissaproval he had to feel towards the weapon. "Then again, I am a doctor, not a soldier. I am sure there might be countless excuses to open fire against living, breathing creatures or individuals - our worn-out justification being the importance of our mission. Yet as I see this... contraption, and what it might do, I am reminded about how far we have fallen from the values upon which Starfleet was founded. I realise that the spirit of exploration and benign diplomacy has become less of a priority given what might be at stake for us and the Galaxy as a whole, but there was a good reason our phasers were developed with a stun-setting, so that we won't have to resort to means such as that."

The Chief Medical Officer gestured towards the rubble that had become of the holographic target to emphasise his point.  The pause that followed in the gathering of officers on the Theurgy might have been filled with the Câroon's silent reproach, grant them all a moment of self-criticism, but before Jien could speak up to dismantle the situation, another voice was heard from the Lone Wolves.

"Oh, would you lighten up, Doc?" said Evelyn Rawley and laughed, running a hand over her shaved head. "Who knows what we will be up against next? I mean, lethal force might be our last resort, yeah, yeah, but if we have to use it, I sure as bloody hell want to come out on top. Thea and our Valkyries are already armed to the fucking teeth - or at least they will be after we've paid that secret depot a visit - but I would like to know that if I am to step out of my bird, I will be able to get some damn business done while on foot. With the blessings to use that weapon from Renard, of course..."

"Still, I maintain that a phaser rifle should be quite sufficient for any situation," said Nicander, adamant as he sat there with his tattooed hands in his lap and looked at the destroyed target. "I also think that we must consider the consequences of using a weapon like this if we are supposed to convince the entirety of the Federation that Starfleet Command is its true enemy - not us."

Jien had hoped to avoid a debate over this topic, but already, it had begun.

What he chose to do was to let a few people have their say on the matter before he would end it. Just like he'd let the Senior Staff have its say in regards to Thea and her request to save Cala before the mutiny, he would not prevent those present to voice their arguments and their concerns. Therefore, he listened in silence for a short while, making his own argument based on what was put forth.

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Miles looked at the weapon, "Ghost, as much a I agree with certain aspects of your sentiments, the doctor does have a point.  Overuse of a weapon that does this kind of, traumatic damage to flesh, would not be good for our reputation as holdouts of the best of Federation values and morals.  However Doctor I will say there are a few situations where I think that this weapon has its merits.  While I will agree a stun setting more than adequate for most jobs and we have a kill setting for the other circumstances."

Also, as for getting your hands on it, we will see.  If there is a mission where we need to disembark from the Valks as something where this weapon is necessary,  I will remember to keep you in mind for a position that the captain approves as requiring the use of the weapon.    Given its scarcity and potential value, I doubt we can afford to place one of the few examples of this weapon we own in any of our cockpits given the risk of our valks being lost in battle.  This of course includes even my own ship, as much as I would love to have one stowed on-board."

He paused, "That said, dispite the sharing of advanced technology from the Federation the vulpinian military still has uses for some projectile based weapons, while some consider these weapons barbaric there are certain situations where weapons such as the briefly used Federation model TR116 and TR120 are superior to our standard compression phaser rifles.  Case in point the victory of the USS Budapest's crew against invading Borg drones during the battle of Sector 001.  It was here that it was discovered that while able to develop adaptations in the form of localized deflector shields to ward against phasers the borg are unable to create a similar adaptation to simple projectile based weapons.  Also notible is while the 116 fires metal rounds the 120 fired adhesives that had electrical devices capable of electrocuting Jem hedar soldiers and incapacitating them for a period of an hour.

As for almost any standard projectile weapon,  there are some species with natural armored skin that has properties that tend to absorb or deflect even high intensity kill phaser settings.  In these cases a possible means to non lethally incapacitate the being would be to disable them from attacking via a projectile weapon wounding and/or disabling one or multiple limbs.  In a situation where killing is necessary the weapon would have sufficient means to penetrate said species natural armor as well making it a potential superior option to a Phaser based weapon.

He looked around and took the weapon in his hands tilting it and inspecting it a bit, "However,  this weapon does not appear to be one for a purpose as simple as killing ground personnel, using it as such seems to belittle the potential for the weapon.  If you want to kill someone you just throw a photon grenade on a vaporization setting or shoot them with a phaser on a kill setting.  Killing personell is far too easy to be the intended task of a weapon this specialized and radical in design. Besides standard weapons are much more effective at the job of killing or disabeling most targets.  Using this weapon for such a simple a task as it were seems to be a waste of its potential and the engineering it took to make it.

Personially, I think this weapon is likely not designed for "soft targets" but for "hard targets" such as vehicles or bunkers with shields and/or metal, composite or mineral armors. With the combination of the Tetrion pulse and then projectile fire this weapon could potentially bypass the shielding and energy refractive armors on our valkyries or the armor plating on one of the newer combat intensive models of the ARGO.  The warp field bubble has a lot of potential as essentially a concussive force weapon and as such could be used as a means of removing non fixed barricades, Causing a vehicle to wreck or crash while in motion, or destabilizing a type 4 Phaser turret from an entrenched position.  Essentially I see this function as quite effective at potentially filling the role once filled by Shoulder fired Missiles.

There is one ability of this weapon i have noticed wasn't mentioned.  To be honest its more a theoretical application based on coordination between air and ground forces.  But, given thesimilarity between its Tetrion emitters and the tet-canon on my valkyrie. I imagine that, like the tet cannons on our Valkyries, the weapon can be configured to fire a stream of Tetrion particles as a means of Painting a target.  not unlike the function of the Tetryon pulse launcher, which uses a tetrion pulse to calculate range and vector data about a target before firing a phaser bolt at the target.  These weapons can obviously be linked to a starship to, as the old colloquialism goes "Bring the rain"  As such a single advanced scout on the ground could probably from a distance put a Tetrion bead on a target and a pilot of a Valkyrie could easily fire their phasers, microtorps, or even a hard point mounted weapon at the chosen target with surgical precision unmatched even by the best of pilots.  obviously this coudl be applied to The theurgy's tactical systems in SOM or MVAM allowing for extrememly powerful surgical strikes even from orbit."

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Ryuan sighed. Didn't they get that as much as the Federation had their ideals, there were those out there that didn't share them? Phasers were nice, phasers were powerful, phasers were clean. But then again, so was the Defiant, armed to the teeth and built the sole purpose of killing things, and it was damn good at it to boot. "I could bring up the borg, energy dampening fields, any manner of scenario where energy based weapons are useless. And quite frankly, at the end of the day, a few exceptions aside, it's not the weapon itself that's immoral, it's the person pulling the trigger."

She glanced over at Simon who seemed more interested in the weapon itself then the ethics of using it. "The weapon itself is surprisingly light given it's apparent bulk. It's not something I'd want to carry around normally tho, it's a bit unwieldy."

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[ Simon Tovarek | Holodeck 1 | Deck 05 ] Attn: Ryuan Sel & others I imagine

Shifting in his place Simon continued to glance over at the weapon before his eyes went over the entire picture. His mind had , as always, been focusing on the weapon itself instead of the mistress at arm carrying the weapon. His eyes moving over her as she stood in place with the weapon firmly gripped. It did seem that the weapon wasn't too heavy yet more or less bulky.

"Well, if we can't reverse engineer it yet, perhaps we could look into 1 specimen for example to see what can be done about the bulk of it." he suggested to Sel "I mean, what good are we in the field with a weapon that's nearly unpractical to handle." he spoke up as he also took into account what stance Sel had used when firing the weapon. "I'm the engineering kids could find some way to make it easier to fire with or to produce if they ever get to that stage, but as a scientist... I'm sure I can tinker about to make it a bit more comfortable for you ensign." he concluded finally.

"Of course, if you'd want to supervise the process in order to make sure we don't lose of these demolishers on ship I would have no objection." he added as scientists were usually accompanied by testing malfunctions and or accidental misfires.

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[ Ryuan Sel | Holodeck 1 | Deck 05 ] Attn: Anyone present

"It's bulk is comparable to a heavy phaser assault rifle with grenade launcher, definitely fine in the field, not so good in the confines of a ship." She hefted the weapon a bit. "If I were to change it, I'd want to remove the Tetryon component as that's the larger energy draw and weighs the front down a lot, rearrange the internals to support a bull pup configuration and it would make one hell of a kinetic weapon."

She paused, "All that said, you do realize that each 6 gram projectile is leaving this thing at over 5000 meters/second, almost 15 times the speed of sound, meaning the impact forces involved are extreme, basically each projectile is impacting on it's target with over 75,000 Joules of energy, roughly equal to a small artillery piece from earth's 21st century. Brings new meaning to the term Hand Cannon. Discounting the sonic boom that projectile will produce, which inside the confines of a hallway is enough to rupture eardrums, if not cause massive internal damage,  that's a hell of a lot of force to be releasing inside a tin can."

(OOC: I have to double check my math. Somewhere I screwed up my units.)

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[ Evelyn Rawley | Holodeck o1 | Deck 05 ] Attn: All present

Rawley had made her comment in answer to the CMO's complaint about the lethal weapon, and Renard had supplemented another function for the weapon that made it even more attractive in her eyes. She wanted to fucking have it in her cockpit all the time, finding it irresistible. Then again, perhaps she was biased in her opinion because of her background, since pasts of her family had been in the arms business since before she was born. She had grown up reading about old and modern armament tech, so seeing this baby from the future was like a wet dream come true. But of course, the white-coat they had in the room would ruin a perfectly awesome demonstration by complaining about the moral issues of using weapons. Bleeding heart, pointy-cocked bastard, would you focus on taking care of the wounds instead of trying to advocate gun policies for us soldiers out there?

She had smiled and nodded when the MoA - which looked rather fine, actually - said that 'it's not the weapon itself that's immoral, it's the person pulling the trigger.' She could agree with that sentiment overall, and hoped that they could move on to see more of what the firing modes could do next. Stalled, again, was the demonstration when the Chief Science Officer went on and on about the weapon being heavy, wanting to do some tests or some shit. Rawley was at the edge of her seat, frustrated about all the talking and the lack of rapid firing. But the response from Ensign Sel caught her attention, and her jaw dropped when the Bajoran girl began to talk sexy things, like modding the Accipiter to her tastes, preserving power for sake of more lasting battery time. The tetryon component had its uses, but like the Ensign said... Oh, the potential...

Just when Rawley was about to say that the helmets of the Tactical CONN exosuits could easily filter out the peaks of the noise, Doctor Nicander spoke up again, much to her chagrin.

"In other words, it is unsafe to use, and not just in terms of preserving one's hearing," said Nicander gesturing towards the big weapon as if Sel was holding a live crocodile in her arms. He had his arms folded loosely across his chest, still unimpressed. "The one that pulls the trigger is the one responsible, true, but not all who does pull that trigger have the proper training to handle it safely and in accordance to what the mission might be. Is a small child responsible for accidentally firing a phaser at his parents? Accidents do happen, regardless any good intentions. This abomination is new to everyone present, and regardless of 'training' in its usage, there is hardly any time to educate every potential user before the next mission, is it? I dare say that we are all children holding that thing, thinking that it is a toy, and before long, there will be people ending up in Sickbay because they did not know how to play with it. Regular phaser rifles, however, is something that we all have had training in. The risk for accidents is remarkably lower, so if we need to use weapons, then we should use those that we know how they work. We hold the responsibility to completely forbid the usage of this weapon, just like the parents are responsible for their child to not come near it. As I said before, in terms of our credibility in their eyes, Starfleet should not see us as children storming in with death machines we cannot use properly."

Rawley ground her teeth together, glaring at the damn doctor - wanting to walk over there and pop him right across the face. How dared he compare her with...? Oh, that bastard had another thing coming. Should she say anything? She looked around, hoping that she wasn't the only one that wouldn't stand by missing the opportunity to lay her hands on the sweet thing Ensign Sel had in her hands.

"That's quite enough," said Captain Ives, forestalling Rawley's cutting comment. "Your concerns have been noted, Doctor, but before we iron out decicions about the usage of this weapon, we should see the rest of the demonstration."


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