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EPIL: S [D06|1830] Good Business


[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Upper Shuttle Bay > Upper Science Labs | Deck 11 > Deck 07 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy@Hastata-Nerada
Staying on the Sabine would have been a great way to spend the day if she'd had the chance to be alone. Sera certainly wouldn't have minded to conduct her makeshift repairs in private, biding her time with her own thoughts and planning her next step. Where she might go after she left the Theurgy. Zyrao hadn't been about since after the battle, stopping by in the afternoon, but by then, her quietude had already been ruined. No peace and quiet found.

The reason was the engineers that, as according to her agreement with Commander Big-Tits - was it 'Starch'? 'Storch'? - appeared at her airlock soon after the battle. By then, Sera had already forgotten that she was getting help from the Starfleeters to repair the Sabine. So, while she was happy to see the team begin to patch up her ship, and the interlude with Zy had been more than welcome, Sera couldn't enjoy being on her ship. Instead, she was constantly being asked questions about this or that, the repair team likely just trying to be friendly. She was positive one of them were trying to get into her date, and not taking a hint about her reluctance towards the kind but uninteresting Starfleeter. She was ready to scorch their collective eyes out by dinner-time, unable to stand a moment more of idle chit-chat. She hadn't even been able to enjoy her replicated Câroon meal in peace. So, by 1800 hrs., she'd had enough.

"Where're you going?" asked her oblivious admirer.

"I have business with your blasted scientists," she lied, eyes ablaze, and stuffed the majority of her loot into a duffel bag. She'd already pulled a frayed grey jacket on, covering a green top of Bolian cut and thread, and her baggy trousers swished above her brown boots when she stepped out of the airlock. She had her hair in a braid over her shoulder, and didn't look back when the damn Starfleeter asked if she needed help finding her way, practically bouncing after her like a canine mutt of Earth. "Burn you, no, I'm not new to this metal whale. Just get my flaming ship back in order, will you? Thanks..."

When she left the upper shuttle bay, she cast a brief glance towards the Reman shuttle, hoping to avoid seeing Lorrie... Loro? Lomad? The Reman that had hauled her ashes the night before. She was in no mood to demand those bottles from him, much less indulge in another session. She was far too irritable to sample the Reman - a second time - in a sober state.

Soon enough, stepping around several other repair teams and running Starfleeters, Sera reached the turbolifts, and she knew where to go. She'd scouted out the place soon after Starbase 84. "Deck 07," she said, her exotic accent wrangling the 'k', but the turbolift accommodated her. It didn't take her long before she entered the science labs, and looked around. All the sliding doors were locked to her, since she had no access with her combadge. Her only hope was to...

"Hey!" she said, raising a hand and calling out when a tall figure with a shaved head stepped through an intersection. She gave him a big smile, seeing that he was a dark-skinned human with... remarkably well- kept physique hinting through his drab uniform. She sauntered towards him. "Sera vers Aldnoah. I was the one who helped you Starfleeters get dilithium crystals at that hollowed-out moon. Heard they came in handy, eh? 'Could blast yourselves to safety from that white bug-ship, could you? Days ago now, sure, but perhaps you can hear me out?"

Sera didn't have to say 'please'. It was written all over her face, with a hint of intrigue as to who this Earthener was.

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[ Lt. Tyreke Okafor | Upper Science Labs | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ]

It was getting to be later in the day when Okafor checked the time. Around 1830, so, he figured, he should probably check on his results from one of the xenozoology labs. Even for advanced isolinear circuitry, some data crunching just took quite a bit of time, especially when factoring in most known exploration data from various worlds. As Okafor stepped into a turbolift, he paused for a second. Did he remember to input gas giants into the parameters? No matter, once he got to the labs he could check the results. “Deck seven.” he said, and the lift whirred to life.

When Okafor was delivered to his destination, he strode onto the deck, immersed in his own world. Nature was one of the most ingenious of inventors, creating wonders that still baffled modern researchers. Well except for some he supposed, but were they here to tell him otherwise? With PADD in hand he absent-mindedly strode towards the lab door when-


The PADD nearly fell from Okafor’s hand. Who in the- Whoever she was, she seemed friendly at least, and intent on introducing herself. Good, gave plenty of time for him to achieve some sort of composure. As he assumed a more open and helpful demeanor, he was able to gather that this woman had helped with the hollowed moon expedition. Okafor realized he still wasn’t entirely sure what exactly occurred, though he had a rough idea at least which was better than nothing. The “white bug ship” though… the Versant… that was something still fresh on his mind, though he could only guess as to what happened on the inside of that vessel.

“Ah…” Okafor began. He could see Sera was eager for something, and supposed there was no harm in hearing her out. “While I’m afraid I wasn’t present on either of those, mission or ship, I can still see if I can help. What do you need?”

Okafor paused. “Lieutenant Tyreke Okafor by the way.” He said, and gestured towards himself.

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Upper Shuttle Bay > Upper Science Labs | Deck 11 > Deck 07 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy@Hastata-Nerada
Oh, how excellent, the Starfleeter wasn't just dismissing her out of turn. Perhaps there was a chance she'd get the help she needed after all. Bloody ashes, I'm glad I left the Sabine. Perhaps Zyrao was right, the Fleeters weren't all flaming blockheads.

"Thank you, Tyreke Okafor," she said, her smile one of gratefulness and relief, her accent rolling over the unusual Human name. Not wearing any uniform herself, she left out the rank, since those pips in their collars meant nothing to her. Well, indirectly, perhaps, knowing which ones of them were higher up in their chain-of-command. "I am sure I won't be too much of a bother."

With a deft motion she pulled the duffle bag she carried off her shoulder and unzipped it. While she did so, she spoke of her request, her yellow eyes with their small pupils not leaving the man she'd caught passing by. "See, already rumours have it that we will be making port at the Aldea Prime Shipyards, and while you Starfleeters may not earn a shred of latinum for your services - at least not in that sense - I must make a living myself. Burn me, I need to keep my flaming ship spacebourne and I need to feed myself. Moreover, I need to ensure that the blasted equipment on my ship stays in prime condition."

The bag opened, she showed him a wide array of artefacts and trinkets inside. "See I am an explorer, and I have been all over the closest Quadrants. My quite honest business endeavours include the trade of things of high regard in both cultural and scientific societies. As you can imagine, however, the difference between me and any other peddlers in the flaming backstreets of any city centre is the legit nature of my merchandise."

Having let the Starfleeter see the things she'd collected from ruins and dig-sites far and wide, she closed the bag again. "That's what I need help with. Burn me, I have been told there is an archaeological lab aboard, and I need my things scanned by your equipment, and your sensor readings become Starfleet-signed certificates of legitimacy. Without these certificates, I will not be able to collect enough latinum to sustain myself - otherwise merely getting a small percentage of what the items are truly worth. Doing this, I will be able to do good business on Aldea."

Very good business indeed, she thought, and it certainly wasn't beyond her to lay on her charm a little bit, especially when the Human looked as fine as he did.

"Would you please consider letting me into the lab, and help me make the scans I need?" she asked taking a step closer, her eyes catching the overhead light of the damaged corridor. She made her smile almost breathless in anticipation for this valiant Starfleet officer to help a woman in need. "I have yet to make my request to Captain Ives, but I just figured that with the flaming time running short, and given the aid I could be to the ship, it isn't too much to ask? A woman does have to earn a living, after all."

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[ Lt. Tyreke Okafor | Upper Science Labs | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ]

“Burn me” and “flaming”. Were these swears? From some culture out among the stars? This woman wasn’t quite human, Okafor was aware of that to some extent due to her eyes. The possibilities were numerous, after all there were a number of humanoids in the Federation alone. Ardanans, zambeans, capellans, and yet more outside of the Federation’s borders such as eminians and câroon and zeons, and even the hunters of Neural. None of this mattered, Okafor reminded himself, after all Sera seemed intent on accomplishing some goal, and already seemed quite annoyed at something.

As Sera referred to her honest  and legitimate (emphasis on those words) business, Okafor peered inside the bag she had opened. He couldn’t help but try to look for details in the intricate artifacts. Perhaps it was the scientist in him, but there was so much that could be learned from these relics. Each one was a window into the past. This was Sera’s living? What she called merchandise was a treasure.

With that in mind, her request was an interesting one. To allow Thea’s sensors to get detailed scans of these- why it was tantalizing to be sure. Had Okafor been living his normal life before this whole... crisis with the parasites, nameless dark, whatever they were, he might have said yes. But there was a feeling that he could not shake.

“Don’t you think that a stamp from Thea’s systems could be traced back to us?” He asked. ”I would normally be happy to, but things have not been normal for a long time now.”

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Upper Shuttle Bay > Upper Science Labs | Deck 11 > Deck 07 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy@Hastata-Nerada
Hearing those few words, Sera's smile died a little bit for each syllable, realising that the Starfleeter was all about protecting the ship rather than helping her. On her own part, she wasn't sure how much trouble she might be in just because the scan records were tagged with the Theurgy, but when she thought about it some... perhaps it was in her own interest that her mechandise wasn't affiliated with the ship either.

"Bloody ashes," she swore and looked down, having slowly closed the duffel bag. "Perhaps you're right. It would be in neither of our interests if that's the case, and if the scan registries would be altered - counter-fitted to show another ship - my buyers would have cause to question the legitimacy of the items anyway. Burn me, the scans would just be a detriment towards making good business."

Sera thought for a moment, wondering if there wasn't any other....

"Hey, didn't a blasted runabout shuttle from the Endeavour end up here on this ship? I think I heard about that," she said, unknowing that the man in front of her had orchestrated the deception that brought said runabout aboard. "I know it might be asking a lot... but could the required tech in the lab be moved to the small lab on the USS Niger?"

Was it the NI-ger? Or ni-GEER? She had no idea. Earth rivers were hardly commonplace knowledge for Câroon, much less those in exile. Trying to sway the scientist, she laid her free hand on his chest where she stood, her eyes big and her shoulders squared. "Please, I only have so many hours, and I don't want to sound petty, but I have received no payment for the aid I've given the crew. Not just for the dilithium, but I've also flown decoy with my ship to save the saucer section from the angry Starfleeters. Even managed to recruit six new fighter pilots in the process. Surely this is worth something?"

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[ Lt. Tyreke Okafor | Upper Science Labs | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ]

As Sera’s smile diminished here was a part of Okafor which felt guilty about withholding Thea’s sensors, but the risk of not doing so was… well it certainly felt substantial at any rate. Still, it didn’t really help the feeling of his collar being too tight as Okafor watched Sera travel on a train of thought which seemed to be headed directly for derailment. Okafor’s own mind raced to try and come up with a solution, but after the day’s events it was hard not to feel the strain of doing so.

But just as things seemed at their bleakest, Sera found what might have been a workable solution after all, a saving grace which opened up new possibilities. And amazingly, it came in the form of that thrice-damned runabout which caused a near brush with catastrophe under Okafor’s watch. The fact that it could now be a workable solution was a turn of events which ushered in a fresh wave of relief. Maybe there are more hidden blessings in the world.

Okafor’s back straightened as he said, “Ah, yes, of course. I’m sure it can be arranged, there’s just…” He trailed off, unsure how to properly explain what he meant. Or at least, how to do so delicately. “Well, it isn’t exactly in the best of conditions, I’m afraid that I am responsible for that. We might be able to salvage some of it’s equipment and get the computer running, but I’m not sure at the moment. It depends on how much progress the engineers have made.”

A mental inventory was already assembling itself in his mind. They would need imaging scanners certainly, a molecular imaging scanner would greatly help. Likely also biometric sensors to see if there is any DNA on the artifacts (aside from Sera’s own, from the inside of her bag), various spectral imaging systems- well, best not get carried away.

“I’m sure I can get some of the equipment from the lab, what in particular are you looking to scan for?” Okafor asked, as he decided it would be better to find out from the source before wildly speculating.

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Upper Science Labs | Deck 07 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy@Hastata-Nerada
Oh, how fortunate, there might just be a way after all, depending on the state of that shuttle. Sera's eyes almost glowed with elation. Responsible? This scientist? Why has he damaged a Starfleet shuttle? Unimportant. There was latinum to earn.

"Burn me, at least there is a chance," she said and had her answer about what kind of scans she needed ready. "My merchandise needs to be identified as authentic wares, so any scanning methods available for composition and age, along with any cultural markers that can corroborate my claims about where they were found. Your database should have numerous design markers stored for ancient cultures, so lists of matching elements would be flaming great. Thank you again..."

She glanced towards the closed doors, and then back towards Okafor. "I'd gladly help carry what's needed. It's the least I can do," she said, almost about to start flirting with the Human because her mood had improved, but she said naught - her yellow eyes just wandering the cut of his uniform a little. She truly wouldn't mind to confirm how well toned he might be beneath that drab uniform, if nothing else to just still her curiosity.

Being an explorer, curiosity was a part of her nature.

OOC: Fast forward to the USS Niger? Your call! :)

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[ Lt. Tyreke Okafor | Upper Science Labs | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] @Auctor Lucan

In the back of his mind, Okafor silently wondered if Commander Ducote held grudges. Still, the Niger wasn’t entirely too broken to repair. He hoped. Still, there was business to be done, and a mental list of the equipment that they would need assembled itself in his head.

“Yes of course, I ah… I think we can get the equipment you need. The Niger probably doesn’t have the information stored in its computer so we’d have to create a linkage with Thea. I do hope her mind- er, her computer systems, I hope they’re not too strained by the battle.” Okafor said, as he moved to unlock the labs.

“Right, let’s see…” He mentally scanned the room, identifying what they would need. “I think we might need some help to get all of this working.” He said.

About an hour later, filled with the very annoyed clicking of Crewman Rel’s mandibles, a haphazard hodgepodge assembly of components was plugged into the walls and computer of the Niger’s aft rooms and systems. It resembled both an interior decorator’s worst nightmare and tripping hazard all at once, but after spending this long a time on the Theurgy, Okafor had learned to say “this is fine” and move on.

“Thank you, crewman.” Okafor said, as Rel stalked away on her multiple spindly legs to wait for Sera to finish. As the kaferian left the interior of the runabout, Okafor ran some diagnostics of the systems to make sure everything was in order. “Okay... I think everything is hooked up.”

He turned back towards Sera. “You should be able to get scans and references of your artifacts.” Okafor gave what he thought was a reassuring smile before something occurred to him. “Ah… are you sure that your bag is the right environment for them by the way? Wouldn’t they become damaged or dirtied?”

Not that Okafor was an archeologist, but… He did know enough about biology and people’s carrying implements to know that the contaminants that would inevitably collect might be just a touch harmful to ancient artifacts. Heck, the oils most species secreted alone would stain or tarnish such delicate materials and- well. It wasn’t his business was it? He chided himself for worrying. This was fine.

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy@Hastata-Nerada
When the Kaferian was finished with the apparatus brought from the archeology lab, cables ran everywhere, dangling from the aft compartment's science lab. They poured out of open wall panels, crawling along the floor. The section of the runabout was lit by LCARS displays, and the helpful insectoid's friends had apparently been working on the Runabout even before they arrived. Apparently, it had been undergoing preparations for some kind of mission at midnight, but Sera didn't overly care about that. As long as she got her scans done, they could do whatever the scourged turf they wanted with the shuttle.

"Excellent," she'd said when the Starfleeter had announced that everything was hooked up. She'd helped where she could, but machinery really wasn't her forte. The Kaferian left them alone in the science lab, and Sera put her bag on top of one of the few empty spaces left.

Okafor took that moment to speak of the bag itself, and Sera gave the handsome, dark-skinned Human a grin. "I replicate air-seal firm on the Sabine and wrap them all, see?" she said and produced a neckless with a withered old band that may once have been some kind of leather. Holding it up to the moderate light of the displays around them, the plastic sheen could be seen around the multi-coloured enamel and the already decayed band. "No scrapes and no air to degrade the surfaces. Burn me, I'd love to have better equipment and storage units but a girl needs to eat too. Better to spend on food and accommodations in the ports I visit, and I might have to bribe authorities now and then in order to gain access to some of the dig sites."

Sera realised, of course, how that might sound, so she put the neckless in the scanner and started up the diagnostic of the composition before she turned to him with a rueful smile. "Don't you worry though, I don't sell on the shady markets. Museums and other official channels pay me well enough, and I'd hate to have the stuff I find end up in private collections. That kind of clientele might be paying well enough, but you can never turn your flaming back on them. Any given time they might try to blast me over so that they can claim my whole stock and keep their money. Learn that the hard way years ago."

Ambling towards the man, she gave him another once-over. "Thank you sooo much for this, Lieutenant Okaforrr," she said with the rolling lilt of her accent, feeling playful. "Now, however am I going to repay you for all the extra trouble you went through in order to help me out?"

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[ Lt. Tyreke Okafor | Dangerous Improvised Lab | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] @Auctor Lucan

To say that Okafor found Sera’s solution impressive would be an understatement. It certainly got his head running through ideas for preserving things. Admittedly it was a rather impromptu solution and not the best, but it was ingenious considering the scarcity of solutions that would be immediately available. He almost missed Sera’s statement about bribing local officials, which elicited a raised eyebrow and a concerned expression from him.

“Wh-” Okafor nearly said, ‘what do you mean’ but before he could Sera reassured him that she wasn’t planning on selling to illegal markets. Besides, she seemed the principled sort, not willing to sell to private collectors but rather to museums and places for the people. It was relieving to hear for some strange reason. …Of course the reason for such a principle was less than honorable but one couldn’t always pick and choose those days.

As Sera scanned her artifacts, Okafor wondered what it was like to be an archeologist by trade. Likely dirty and dangerous, maybe even a little bit tiring as one traveled between campsites and ships, and then spent days digging through soil and rock. The climate of the lab and home spoke to Okafor more. Then again, the climate of fieldwork wasn’t exactly good for pursuing his usual passion. Biology required the sterility of tools and solid walls, especially when one was working on creating it from scratch.

Still, one did need to venture into the field and collect samples. In fact, he had been meaning to look into the strange nature of what he had seen in Lieutenant Vanya’s wounds. It looked almost metallic, underneath the green romulan flesh and blood, or at least Okafor was fairly sure he’d seen the glint of dark alloys at any rate. It could be a biosynthetic replacement, but Vanya didn’t appear to be functioning as poorly as anyone else he knew when her arm had been slashed open. All of this was wrenched from  his head as Sera finished.

Slightly confused and more than a little bewildered, Okafor did his best to reply to Sera’s question of repayment. “Oh, uh, well,” not a great start. “I didn’t really think of that. Did you have something in mind?” Payment didn’t even cross Okafor’s mind, he had assumed that this was him paying Sera for her help to the Theurgy. Perhaps he had misread the situation?

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy@Hastata-Nerada
Having something in mind? Oh, but she had plenty of things on her mind all the time, for Sera was a fickle flame. She burned hotly for something in one second, and the next, it was just ashes in her mouth - the same notion cold to her anew. It was like that Reman, Lorad, whom she'd fancied because she'd never sampled one before, her imagination having fanned her flames. Did she burn her bridges too? Not always, she liked to think.

Sera treated Okafor to a coy smile of invitation, tilting her head. "Oh, burn me, I just might," she said, not reaching for him, but just edging a little bit closer while she talked to him. "I mean, you've really gone out of your way to help me, arranging for all of this, and while I may have helped this crew as a whole with dilithium and playing a blasted decoy for your enemies... it was you personally who helped me with this - so that I can earn the most from my merchandise. I'm sure you had other things to do, but I am really glad you decided to help a poor civilian out instead."

She slowly tilted her head the other way, her hair shifting over her shoulder. She lowered her yellow eyes to Okafor's chest, and raised a finger - tracing it from his throat and down the pectoral musculature he hid with that drab uniform. "Burn me, I'm an explorer, and right now, I like to explore what my options are in thanking you," she said with a rueful smile, and raised her gaze to his face again, lips pursed. "I just don't want to come between you and some significant other, knowing I might cause a stir. Regardless, I just like to say... that I wouldn't mind seeing this body of yours, which you obviously spend a lot of flaming time caring for... with dieting and exercise, I'd imagine."

Sera raised her eyebrows in askance. "It's a shame you hide it, but I guess my offer is to... thoroughly appreciate your well-maintained body. In fact, I'd even consider it a..." she paused in search for a fitting term, her smile making the corners of her eyes crease, "...mutually satisfactory arrangement."

Oh, she knew that the forwardness of Fire Regioneers might be intimidating, and in some cultures, it was uncommon for a woman to ask a man to haul her ashes. She dropped her hand from his chest, not wanting to make the Human uncomfortable, if he found her too honest about her desires. Sera just waited for the answer, almost asking if she was making it hard for him... but refrained from teasing him any further if he had some jealous partner on the ship.

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[ Lt. Tyreke Okafor | A Surprising Shuttlebay Situation | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] @Auctor Lucan

Okafor could practically feel his pulse increase tenfold. As Sera spoke her intent became progressively more clear, to the point of blindingly obvious. To put it mildly, it was a degree of forwardness which practically floored Okafor in much the same way a torpedo interacted with a bulkhead.

He was also VERY keenly aware of the fact that Rel was not far outside the runabout. He wasn’t sure how well kaferians could hear but it was likely she could hear the current situation. Though whether she necessarily understood what Sera meant was a whole different issue considering kaferians reproduced via queens… No matter, that was just a distraction anyway.

Sera was beautiful, gorgeous even, for someone who lead as rough of a lifestyle. Her statements were appreciated, certainly, and even a compliment, but… Well there were still reservations because what the heck where did this come from why where who what how-

Okafor realized he was standing for a bit not saying anything and, well, anything breaking the silence has got to be better than nothing. “Are you sure?” He asked. “Don’t get me wrong, I uh- well I mean you’re certainly- well-” His heart was racing. What even was the right thing to say? Well as the proverb went, words were like spears, there was no going back at this point.

“We barely know each other, unless…” A thought had occurred to him. A reminder of efrosians and deltans, specifically. “Are your people usually this forward?” He glanced around and lowered his voice. “I guess I would not be opposed, but where? This runabout is a bit indiscrete.”

A part of Okafor’s mind was still in panic, though he tried to put his best foot forward. A million thoughts raced down that avenue. Was he doing the right thing? Should he have said no? Would he mess up? Had he already messed up? Whatever the case he had said his words and so fate would decide.

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy@Hastata-Nerada
Hearing the Starfleeter's reply, and weeding out the consent from his mildly panicked words, Sera gave him a rueful grin. Instead of making suggestions on a location, she chose to reply to his previous query about the culture of her people. She had already guessed that the handsome Human was unaccustomed to her kind of approach, so in her lilting accent, she spoke, and reached for the back of his neck.

"Forward?" she said and chuckled, stepping up closer to him. She craned her neck when she looked at him with hooded eyes. "I am wildfire."

As much said, she closed the last remaining distance, feeling his breath against her pursed lips before she kissed him. She took her time with it, savouring the taste, before she parted from him. She made a sound of contentment deep down in her throat, before she leaned up to whisper in his ear. "Will you hear me roar?"

Waiting for his answer, she lightly bit his earlobe, letting her tattooed hands slowly wander his hidden physique - taking stock of what might await her beneath the uniform. She had no intention of leaving the science lab, trusting that the Starfleeter would have the sense to seal the room so that they might be undisturbed. After all, switching samples for the scans throughout the act would be fun, telling him of her adventures and how she'd claimed the artefacts... all the while expressing her gratitude in ways he might have never imagined.

Since he might not catch on, surprised as he seemed, she spelled it out for him in the end.

"Tell the computer to lock the door... This might take a while."

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[ Lt. Tyreke Okafor | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] @Auctor Lucan

Okafor’s heart hammered in his chest. He was fairly certain that there was a vast cultural here, or perhaps Sera was ever so slightly insane. The middle of the runabout- it was too inconspicuous by a long shot, the kind of thing an officer shouldn’t be caught dead doing. If this was how things were done on Sera’s world then-

The kiss was nice at least. Okafor’s own lips parted slightly upon meeting hers. Despite misgivings, he let her take her time with it. It was clear to Okafor that this wasn’t merely a gesture of thanks, or, well, perhaps it was but certainly not a reluctant one. He paused for a bit after Sera withdrew and whispered into his ear.


Sera asked him to lock the runabout. That would leave them in there, alone, Okafor and this wildfire of a woman. It was hard to deny the prospect was tantalizing, to just leap on each other then and there, it was exciting even. But… no, not here, not in the middle of this runabout in the middle of the shuttlebay. There were at least three superiors on board that would have words about this, and perhaps not kind ones. And besides, it was in the middle of the shuttlebay, who knew who could wind up hearing them.

Okafor glanced around and sighed. There were still many artifacts to go through. “Are you sure about this, Sera? We are in the middle of the shuttlebay, only temporarily using this runabout, it is a bit exposed.” His pulse raced as he chose his next words. “But we could simply go somewhere else for a bit, or try again later?”

Okafor briefly wondered what he was doing. Were those the words which would test fate just a little bit too far? Or should he simply forget about any of this and throw caution to the wind.

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy@Hastata-Nerada
And like that, the Starfleeter turned boring.

Sera's interest had flared brightly - the adventurous nature she harboured finding the notion of some carnal frivolities in the chosen space quite entertaining - but with the cautionary and passive attitude of the fine-looking Human male, Sera rolled her yellow eyes a little and backed away with a smile. "Can't leave if I am to get my merchandise scanned and authenticated, Mister Okaforrr," she said and swayed her hips a bit as she walked away from the man in the small science lab. The current item finished, she switched to the next, returning the finished sample to her duffel bag without looking over her shoulder.

"Offer still stands for later," she said, but had dismissed the idea to get her ashes hauled, all but abandoned in terms of fun development. She ignored the man until she realised he was still present in the lab. "You need not stay, burn you, just go off and do what you need to in your line of duty. I will dress for the planet we're heading for, and I'll wait for the green light before beaming down there. Perhaps I will see you then, when you don't have to lie in your logs about this conversation?"

She winked at the man, properly using Earth ways to flirt, before focusing on the scans instead.

Behind her, she heard the sliding doors part, followed by the Human's deep voice. "Rel, would you mind getting the equipment back to the lab when she's done?"

Then the doors shut, and Sera was left alone to finish the scans. She picked up a PADD while she waited, and bid her time writing messages - prepared for the only few people that she'd learned to know aboard the Theurgy. Tyreke Okafor was already gone from her mind.


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