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Re: EPISODE 03: Unconquerable Soul [Chapter 01: Thermal Springs]

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[Thomas Ravon]

After their little downtime in Kestrel Thomas and Skye were making their way to the place where all the true relaxing and R&R were. Thomas gazed over the countless people that were visible or barely visible due to the steam. He grinned a bit "Well, looks like the real party is out here..." As they reached the spring itself, Thomas removed most of his clothing so he wouldn't feel the fabric of his clothes down in the hot water. He only kept his briefs on and went into the hot water. The feeling of it just blew his mind, it had been ages since he felt something like this and he enjoyed every moment of it.
The bar looked like a perfect target for them and as they made their way to it Thomas glanced over at Skye "So, what will it be for you? A screaming orgasm? Or did you manage to get one of those already..." He asked her, teasing yet taunting her as well.

Re: EPISODE 03: Unconquerable Soul [Chapter 01: Thermal Springs]

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[Natalie Stark]

Ohmygod even in her mind the words were rushed together, and damn, there went all of Natalie's attempts at keeping from blushing, just right out the window. Thank you ma'am and so long. He bowed over her hand and kissed the top like she were a princess and lord no one had done that before. Schoolgirl much, Nat? she thought to herself again. Lucan Nicander had a predatory charm to him that she'd been unable to resist in the moment, but Rory Callahan had a charisma all his own.

And then he had to go and flirt. Because she wasn't red enough. Because he wasn't already charming. Nope. She never stood a chance. A soft squeak burst past her full lips, and she ducked her head. Rather then tell him he was wrong, that she wasn't strong or worth any such praise, she just looked up at him, thru her own damp bangs, sitting there on the rocks. She squeezed his hands as he stood to leave, and managed a very soft spoken. "Thank you Mr C-- Rory. Good night. And sweet dreams." sweet dreams, really? She leaned back on the rocks as he left, and sucked her lip under her teeth again. He was charming. He was sweet. And he looked as good from the back as the front.

One cramped romp in the Jefferies Tubes and you're suddenly turning into a fiend? she shook her head. She had to get control of herself or she'd die of blood loss and embarrassment. Her cheeks were still beet red.

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Aisha smiled as she noticed his distance cross some of the others, especially the males.  "Looks like I'm not the only body you would like to share some fun with tonight.  She smiled as she looked to the Tac-Con pilot the helmsman had been staring at. "He ain't really my type but for you perhaps I can settle."  she said witha smirk before whistling out loudly, "Hey Ripper! Over here.  she said as the pilot turned around a bit.  "I'd like to introduce you to someone."

The specimen of a man waded towards them smirking, as he looked to the Helmsman and couldn't help but crack a smile.  "You have my attention."  he said looking to Aisha.  "Oh noting I just figured you might not want to wander around looking for some fun when I think I may have found you a sure thing.

He grinned, "And which one of you are you referring to, Little Snake."  he said reaching a rather firm hand under the water soon causing her to gasp out in reflex from whatever he had treated her with.

she flushed  little as she moaned from the continued public treatment by him.  Both of us obviously if you want."  she said through panted breaths Before the man took his hand out from the water and licked it off with a smirk looking to Winterborne with a gleam in his eye and predatory smirk that seemed to say 'Fresh meat.'

Re: EPISODE 03: Unconquerable Soul [Chapter 01: Thermal Springs]

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Oh, Winterbourne was quite intrigued by the development.

Not only would Aisha help him catch the eye of the incredibly male pilot that walked by, she even felt compelled to share in whatever the night might entail for all three of them. And what good fortune that the pilot fancied men as well, which was made clear by the way the man looked at Cale from across Aisha's shoulder. And since he had his arms around the MCPO's waist from behind, Winterbourne had a pretty good idea of what might have transpired beneath the surface of the water too.

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance," he offered the pilot, smiling quite warmly to him despite his usually passive demeanour. He reached forward with his hand and shook the man's while Aisha was still between them. The feeling of his strong fingers made him harden even more despite the fact that he had just had sex with Aisha just a few minutes ago.

"Not yet," said the pilot named Ripper in answer, stepping closer to both Aisha and Cale, "but I'd like to think so."

- Fin

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[Skye Carver and Rory Callahan]

"I dunno," Skye had replied.  "I kinda liked our little party once it got going," she teased.  She too stripped off her uniform, down to the standard issue undies and slipped into the water right next to Razor.  "Ooooooh," she moaned and sank for a moment up to her chin, arching her back and rolling her shoulders.  "We better be careful or we'll be parboiled to a fare-the-well," she sighed as she straightened and followed him toward the bar.

There was a playful look in Skye's eyes as they approached the bar and she laughed heartily over his suggested drink and question.  "Oh it was close but I think ... let's get a bottle of something really hard and find a spot where we can play some music.  I seem to recall you liking my Def Lepperd song quite a bit," she said with a lewd smile and wink.  Looking  at the Irish guy, she smacked her hand on the bar.  "I need something stiff and tasty, besides my buddy here," she said which brought a laugh from Rory.

"Do ye now?" he replied and after some rummaging around pulled out a bottle still half-full of an amber colored rum.  "From those words I'd say ye be wantin' the bottle an' no' the shots.  This should do fer a nice bit of fun but leave him still stiff an able," he said with a wink then looked at Razor.  "Got yerself a spirited lass there.  Have a real good night," he said as he handed him the bottle and watched Skye dragging Thomas off, sort of wishing a pretty little engineer would drag him off with a good bottle.  He'd wished Natalie sweet dreams in return, assuring her his would be the sweetest ever.

(OOC:  We can end it there for them I think.  Seems a good spot to call "CUT!"  :D )

[Eve Jenkins]

Helping him with the bra, Eve tossed it with a wet plop onto the rocks behind them and wrapped her arms around his head as he buried his face in her neck and began the sweet journey to her breasts, bringing her nipples to achingly stiff peaks.  Feeling his cock twitch hard against her, she realized she was neglecting that part of him so worked to at least roll his underwear down past his hips then did the same with her own except worked them down with her toes until she could nab them and toss them over on the bra.

She didn't give him time for anything else, lifting one leg and wrapping it around his hip then pulling herself up to wrap the other around as she lined him up and sank onto his rigid shaft.  Her chin rested for a moment on the top of his head as he suckled her breast, a drawn out moan of pleasure covered by the sound of the water crashing down around them.  Eve loved sex but more so with Lucan as she could drop those mental shields and just lose herself in the feel of him inside of her.

"Lucan," she whisper-moaned as her hips rolled and ground her against and along him, the purr in her voice enough to vibrate the eardrum so close to the lobe she sucked past her lips and tongued.  While he could smell and taste the mineral water, something more permeated his nostrils and taste buds.  For some reason she was sweeter, more enticing than ever before as her body melded with his.

Re: EPISODE 03: Unconquerable Soul [Chapter 01: Thermal Springs]

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It would seem Eve was as at least as eager as him to cast off regulations and copulate in the open, and Lucan obliged them both by continuing to tease her with his mouth as she made sure nothing would get in their way. In short order, she had peeled down his sodden underwear and tossed her own, wrapped her legs about him and helped him sheathe his rigid arousal.

The humid and hot air was thick with febrile lust, which was born from the need to reaffirm the way they depended one each other, and Lucan was quickly loosing himself in the intoxicating way her presence made him feel like a better man. Gradually, the haunting feeling of the parasite inside him being too much in control subsided with each kiss, stroke and thrust. His tattooed hands roamed her just as he made her grind down upon his cock. A madness that had been raised by the deed to kill the Chief Counsellor was now waning as he reminisced their past lovemaking, making him feel more like himself and not the last barrier between the nature of his kin and what they meant to do with all unjoined. Eve brought him to the here and now, the presence of her and the demand for him to please her aching body.

She said his name, and he could not make up his mind as to if he heard Kisane's voice or hers. Right then, it did not matter, for her Deltan pheromones were bringing him out of the shadows, and he repaid her for it in full, since she could never know what he might do next. In possession of his wits again, he might still not afford to forego his ambitions and control, yet at least he no longer felt the need to kill and maim at every turn and thought. There was a lot of work to be done, and now, he could at least carry out his goals without making a mess. Ambitions aside, he had now resolved the issue of Eve and her effect upon him. She was not just a treat, because she was key to make him rein in his darker half.

He could not afford to loose her, lest he might loose the remnant of what was left of him, and it suddenly seemed quite valuable to him. Because you easily knew what you might losse when it was about to vanish in darkness. Making love to Eve by the edge of the water was just the beginning of a night filled with soothing balm for his soul, and for her, experiencing his thurough gratitude.

- Fin

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