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[ Hannah "Nightmare" Slaverton ]

Hannah moaned at the feeling of Nathaniel's cock slipping through her, arching her naked body before his eyes, teasing him with both her grin and her wet flesh. She went wild on him, with the waterfall hammering against the water mere feet from where they were - fucking at the at the very edge of the torrent. She ran her hands through his hair, stroking his beard as he made them grind together - moans escaping from her lips as he thruster higher and faster, pumping himself rhythmically through her and making her breasts jump with the force of it. Feverishly her hands gripped at him, squeezing herself up against him as he slid in and out easily - wet flesh on wet flesh.

"More, more..." She rocked her hips back and forth against him, rubbing her clit on his pelvis as she gasped and writhed in his embrace. Her hair plastered to her face by the waterfall's torrential blast. The tone of her breathless voice rose as she felt the orgasm begin to build in her, tightening her arms around him. She was panting against his muscled shoulder as she began to clench around him. Finally she went rigid, holding her body stiff, yet the cry then came, and she happened to lean back into the waterfall. It hit her like a fist, it's force slamming her down hard, rand she pulled him with her with her hands and legs.

The thunder of water pounding down upon them drowned out her moans and gasps. Struggle to find footing and to keep themselves together were secondary. Hannah screamed into the water in shock and climax. Despite it all, she managed to hold on to him and the shudders passed through her body, her teeth gritting, her nether lips clenching wildly over his cock even if he'd have to find her sheath again after the blow they'd taken. When she blinked water free from her eyes, she found that they were in front of the waterfall now, only hidden in the white mist of of the cascading water's proximity. He was still inside her, and she was still clenching around him. It had been the wildest orgasm she'd had as far as she could remember, despite the brief interruption. Only she was too taken to admit or say anything of the like while she still held on to her wingmate.

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[Rory Callahan]

Rory thought Natalie might decline his hand and the assistance to sit up out of the water warm enough to cook food after a certain amount of time but she had accepted them and he'd given her one of his gentler smiles to help keep her at ease.  If there was one thing his mother had instilled in him, it was that a lady liked to be treated nicely and that too many of the gallant or chivalrous acts had fallen into nonexistence.

He watched her as he sang, his gaze going about now and then to watch others but for the most part he focused on Natalie.  While it was a song asking to not be forgotten, there was also a message of taking your life into your hands and doing what you love.  For Rory, it was his music and making people feel good with his tunes so when he finished and she said she loved it, that boyish smile took over.

"I'm glad ye liked it so much, was a little nervous singin' it to be honest.  My style isn't always received so well but it's me an' I figure as long as I'm happy, an' maybe a few like you too, then that's all that matters."  He was quiet for a moment then, leaning on his guitar as he gazed into her eyes.  "I know we jus' met but I was thinkin', hopin' even," he said with a roguish smile, "that ye might do me the honor of havin' supper sometime.  Might be rations but the company would sure be nice."

[Eve Jenkins]

Eve nodded and had a rueful smile of her own.  "I know it hasn't been that long but it does feel like we've been going nonstop for days now," she said.  "And yes, you may 'do' me first," she chuckled at the innuendo in spite of the feelings going on inside of her.

As he began kneading her shoulders, a low groan issued so deep it was felt more than heard.  She was more tense than she'd realized and it was almost painful for him to work on her shoulders, but the pressure was just what was needed to force those muscles to relax.

When he slipped his hands under her bra, she considered just pulling it off but knew they had to keep up appearances.  Right now they were just two medical staff tending unseen wounds for all intents and purposes, just no one knew how deeply some of those wounds ran.

His words brought a bittersweet smile and she reached up to massage her neck more while he worked down her back.  "There are very few who hold my interest for long and most of those officers who can are already married," she replied with an ironic chuckle.

"It's even rarer when I can find someone I can let go completely during intimacy, who can stand against my father's curse.  Mmmmmmm, there's a sore spot," she purred when he reached her lower back, the place just where her backside started to curve.

Her throat tightened when he said he couldn't aspire to be hers, for more reasons than their positions with Starfleet.  "You don't give yourself enough credit, Lucan," she said as her hands slipped down the front of her.  "And I am merely a woman, no higher or lower than any other."

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[ Dr. Nicander ]

While massaging her - making her utter such sweet noises - Lucan was just about to slide his hands around her torso underneath the surface of the water... when he caught the meaning of her words about her father, in how him being such a rare lover to her might make the fact of her affections even more important to her. She had higher stakes in exploring their relationship than he'd initially thought, and it made it even more clear he might have said too much in admitting that he had fraternised with one of the Harbinger's medics. Eve might not give much clue to the fact, yet perhaps she was hiding her hurt for sake of his feelings?

His silence grew deeper when she said he held her in too high regard and that he underestimated himself. Still, his hands continued to work upon the indicated sore spot upon her lower back - fingers spanning her slim waist as his thumbs rubbed the area. The question of what he might say or do proved a minute dilemma, for he both wanted to protect her from his own nature and yet keep her close in order to treat it - to heal the scarring of his mind with recollections of the man he used to be.

Where do I take this pain of mine? he asked himself, considering whether or not to end the relationship. Perhaps even end it terminally. No. Eve, I beg you, you must tear me open... have to pour me out. There is something inside that scream and shout for blood. Oh, beware, for it wants yours too, and it... me - I - am something inside without a bloody care. Still, please, wash me with memories and affection until I'm clean. I do not know who I am. I do not want it anymore. And yet I do. Oh, I do. With her help, I'll tear me open, make you gone. No more will you hurt anyone...

When his focus shifted back to her and the world outside his seemingly endless perdition, he realised that he had wrapped his tenacious arms around Eve... embracing her. Perhaps a bit too hard than ordinary, so... what might he say to make up for his lapse? It had to be something affectionate. He kissed her shoulder and lay his forehead against it, as if continuing some kind of inner contemplation. Something which was no untruth at all. The rather innocent lapse proved the fact that unlike her, he would never be able to let himself go completely when close to her.

"I am sorry," he said, meaning a lot of things, "I feel that I have failed you, thinking that your Deltan nature made you else than the mere woman you claim to be. Perhaps... I did not take your words in the Hydroponics Bay as seriously as I should have. You certainly should not give me any credit in that regard, for perhaps I still remember you as the promiscuous soul from the Starfleet Medical years."

The winds scythe any onlookers that might have followed them out into the darkness to spy on them, for he hugged her still, not caring about the vitriol boiling inside or the heavy responsibilities of his Starfleet position. "I... need you in this madness we have to endure," he said, which was a grave understatement, knowing he might end up killing her or enslaving her when his kin seized the entire galaxy. "The winds of my soul are waning... a human might say I am loosing heart, unless someone can keep it beating true. I need someone to remind me about the goodness that we fight for. To keep me centred. Focused. For so many have died underneath my hands."

So very many.

OOC: Credit goes to the song "Until It Sleeps"  by Metallica, which I find could be this antagonist's theme, so to speak.

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[Aisha S'iti]

She acquiesced to his request quickly, eager to have her needs fulfilled. "Thank you."  She said softly her body shifting as they slowly moved to the edge.  She leaned back against him feeling his hands slowly slipping over her shoulders as she sat down slowly her soft gasping's real reasons being hidden by his hands on her shoulder.  By now she had fully slipped her undergarments to the side and had guided his erect meat into her waiting chasm.

She moved down slowly feeling his stiff member push past her already slickened walls.  Her ecstasy was only heightened by the warm water that was pushed deep into her in that first push.  Slowly she leaned fully back into his arms as her soft walls relaxed around his girth allowing him to dive fully into her body.

The Warm water surrounded them both as she inhaled the thick air relaxing into the combination of his hands delicate touch and the intense pleasure as the warm water surrounded his cock as he began to work a magic kind of touch that surpassed anything his hands and fingers were doing.  "It feels so warm," she said softly as she suppressed every urge to moan out in the ecstasy of a kind of pleasure that was long overdue for her.

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[Natalie Stark]

Yes, sometimes it was simply nice to be treated like a lady, 24th century sensibilities non withstanding. It left her smiling softly, with a warm little glow about her cheeks, to the point that the Lt. Cmdr found herself absorbed by his song, and the smile on her face, and completely failed to realize that others had floated near. Perhaps not near enough to intrude, but more then one person had paused to follow the singers words, allowing themselves a brief moment of respite.

They didn't even register to Natalie.

She smiled up at him, her eyes catching some of the fire light that ringed around the springs, seeming to flash, for just a moment. Natalie almost commented on the singer apparent nervousness, about how he had no reason at all to worry, but his gaze caught hers, and the words seemed stuck in her throat. She smiled instead, not wanting to break into what ever small moment seems to have happened.Eventually tho (hardly a minute, truth be told) Rory broke the silence, asking her to dinner.

Her face flushed, just a tad, and she found herself leaning back on the rocks a bit as she pondered the offer. He was right, they had only just met, but at the same time, it wasn't like she had a long list of folks waiting to take her for a meal. Her dinners had been, all in all, a lonely affair, save when she was eating with her team. "I...that is," she paused, took a deep breath, and then nodded "Actually, I'd love that. Even if it is just rations, Mr C--Rory." she caught herself again, and smiled. "Truth be told, I've no plans for the foreseeable future, beyond working on fixing the ships." Another deep breath, "Consider my evenings completely available to you."

Consider my evenings completely available to you? Really Nat, that's the best you can come up with, really? Good lord when did you become lame! The only sign of that inner rebuke was the slight blush on her cheeks.

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[ Ens. Winterbourne ]

Cale felt her fingers deftly pull her sodden undergarments to the side, and given the state of his unyielding hardness, she did not seem to have any trouble aligning his rigid arousal to pass through her womanly gates.

His breath caught and he could not help the choked gasp that climbed his throat when she pushed down unto him - traversing his length slowly with her warm sheath - his hands rubbing her shoulders and keeping up a pretence about the situation that Cale had difficulty to maintain. She leaned bacl against him, and it made her grind down upon their joining. He felt himself throb in her confines, stretching her minutely with the blood that beat in his instrument. She felt even warmer than the water to him, even though it might be his own imagination. The presence of her slick nectar was undeniable though, in how it provided far better lubrication than the water they were submerged in - hiding the fact that they were joined in sexual intercourse right in the throng of people in the Lounge.

"It r-really does," he said in answer to the Cardasssian pilot's claim. He caught himself forgetting about massaging her shoulders and instead undulating his hips underneath hers, until a glance from one of the bystanders - a Vulcan named Cir'Cie - looked his way. He ceased all movement immediately. His slight panic not showing  - he hoped - he smiled instead and inclined his head to the Science Officer, fingers moving across Aisha's scaled shoulders again, until she returned the nod and looked away without a word or expression in response to what she saw.

"Let's slide d-down a bit further," he said, sliding down on the seat he had found a bit so that the surface of the water reached Aisha's collarbones. After a quick, breathless, look around, Cale began to roll his hips as best as he might again, and one hand vanished down below the surface of the water. For while one hand still kept rubbing her neck, the other slipped around her torso - his palm coming to explore the MCPO's body more boldly. His fingers sought their way up behind the weightless veil of her top... and explored her generous and reptilian bosom.

"Amazing," he whispered into her ear, breath catching again as he slid in and out of her at a slow pace.

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[Rory Callahan]

Rory had started to strum a quiet tune on his guitar, something light and unobtrusive that would just maybe bring a bit of joy and comfort to those who were starting to gather a bit.  His eye were on Natalie though, that easy going expression steady as she looked at him so prettily.  The firelight danced in her eyes and gave her such a warm look that made the already pretty woman even lovelier.

He worried though when he asked her to dinner, the way she set back away from him and seemed like she was about to decline his offer.  The sting of rejection was never enjoyable but he reminded himself that some women preferred to get to know someone better even before they shared a meal.  Not all women threw themselves at him, which made those few all the more alluring.

Then she accepted and the dimple in his cheek deepened as that boyish smile grew wider.  He was tempted to tease her about her choice of words but seeing the blush and the way she sort of held her breath gave him pause.  Respect a lady, and a lady she was in his mind.

"Excellent!" he rejoiced and then looked thoughtful.  "Perhaps tomorrow around six ... ermmmm ..."  His eyes unfocused for a second as he did a quick calculation and then corrected himself.  "About eighteen hundred hours?  Ye'd think I'd be better at the military time by now," he chuckled self-deprecatingly.

[Eve Jenkins]

"I'm sorry ..."  Two small words brought so much pain and Eve hugged his arms around her even tighter.  "You haven't failed me.  Like the Deltans, I have sought pleasures in many forms and back then part of the pleasure was the new and intense feelings that could be had with other partners.  Over the year though, I've learned there's a lot to be said for a little more stability," she said with a chuckle.

His next words cost him, perhaps she didn't know just how much but the sentiment was received loud and clear.  She turned in his arms, reaching up to touch his face.  "I am here, Lucan," she said simply yet was full of conviction.  "If I knew how to keep those winds whipping the sails of your soul, I would do so.  If I could reach inside you and gently pump your heart for you I would," she replied in a soft, loving voice.

She'd told him she loved him and she wished to tell him again but would it be pushing him?  "If there were a way I could ease your burdens I would, Lucan.  Just remember that there are far more who have been under your hands who now live and thrive.  Don't give up on yourself and know I will never give up on you."  Her lips touched his, a mostly chaste gesture before she wrapped her arms around him.  "We need rest before our weariness drags us into deeper, drearier thoughts."

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[ Dr. Nicander ]

In her embrace, Lucan's thoughts upon hers and his own fate slipped aside - the kiss and the bodily warmth shared mending the cracks in his sanity.

Yet still the notion of killing her lingered through the dark vein running through his soul, and the idea that she was good for him remained tarnished by thoughts of her making him weak. If he and his kin were to finish what they had started, he could not afford her to seed any doubts? Or were the doubts merited since the primal drives that animated him now would surely undermine his control? The clandestine approach would take him the furthest, his kin served best in that fashion, and if the doubts he felt in Eve's presence held any merit, then he would have the time to figure out what it meant.

The winds could not cease to blow. He had to be the leaf on that breeze, and try to avoid loosing himself to the currents. He would act, play along, be the model officer still - urges stirring inside be damned. If he could, he would try to slake the bubbling blood-thirst with compassion, and let Eve try to ease his mind around the fact of his situation. This, he decided whilst he kissed her in the water, arms wrapped around her and thoughts churning behind his closed eyes.

"I know, and thank you for being there in these times of ours," he murmured against her lips, laying his forehead against hers, "Rest might do us good, and perhaps save some more lives since we have to stay sharp. I don't know how I could manage without you by my side."

He gave her another kiss in turn, and then he let go of her so that he might submerge himself in the mineral-laced water one more time. He came up with his dark hair a waterfall down his back, and he sat up on the ledge of their rounded alcove by the edge of the springs. His calves and feet were still in the water as he sat there, rubbing his face with a tattooed hand to rinse the water from his eyes.

"Times like these," he said and rubbed his hands together, looking at his nails, "it seems like there is no way to rinse the blood from your hands, no matter how clean they actually are."

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[Natalie Stark]Natalie hadn't quite noticed that the he'd been strumming again while the two were debating dinner, but she certainly noticed the way his smile seemed to grow when she said yes. Feeling like a school girl being asked to prom for the first time (a feeling she had not had in years) the blush on Natalie's cheeks seemed to settle in. He was clearly pleased she said yes, which in turn kept her cheeks a rosy red. It was a nice feeling, she decided, resting one hand on her knee now letting the other leg stretch out, then dangle back into the warm water.

"1800 hours it is," Natalie said softly, the brunette smiling wider, "And don't feel too bad about the whole military time thing. Took me a while to get used to it as well," she admitted, tucking the damp hair back behind her ear again. "Just add 12 to the time, and there you have it." Really, giving him advice on how to tell time? Come on! She mentally chastised herself again.

"Where did you want to meet up?" she asked, in an attempt to move beyond what she felt was her own gaff. She knew there weren't all that many options but she was curious none the less.

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She softly sighed enjoying every second of his exploration of her.  She gasped feeling his hands grasping at her scaled chest barely containing the moan of exited pleasure as she felt her nipples harden from his touch. Her inner walls stretched and parted with each of his slow methodical motions as water surged into her pressing against her cervix and flowing into every inner crease of her body's most hidden recesses.   Soon it was too much for her as she began to feel herself being pushed to her edges.   Her inner walls began to clench as she leaned against him pushing him in deeper as she began to shift her weight around his cock hiding her real actions as best she could as her body began to milk at his meat begging him for release her slick walls tugging practically sucking at his member wanting to be filed with his seed.

She turned round hugging him in a relaxed way as she hid her race in his shoulder as she bit her lips and panted her face hidden from other prying eyes as the intense pleasure washed over her the combination of the Hot water and the warm meat of her partner filling her made her eyes roll back in ecstasy as she held onto him and relaxed as her climax began to settle her mind so foggy in her side of the pleasure that she had no clue if she had even gotten him close.  Of course if she hadn't then there was always giving him the privacy he wanted to have with her.  And if she had satisfied him this would just be the first time of what she hoped would be a nights worth of gibing into a lust that was long overdue with being sated.

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The feeling of the Cardassian siphoning upon his proud erection with her weightless pelvis got to Winterbourne's head, effectively shutting out thoughts of propriety despite the exposed place they were in. He began to make excuses for himself, reasons to allow full enjoyment - wordless desire for more taking control of his mind. He told himself that the mist over the water shrouded them. That people were too preoccupied with their own to bother watching two heads sticking up by the edge of the springs in the dim firelight.

When she leaned her back against his chest, working her pelvic thrusts up and down his length, he let go of her shoulder with the other hand and slipped both underneath her zero gravity top. The contrast of the silky textile and her warm bosom claimed his breath. He slid his hands over her, fingers roaming wilder, feeling the hard peaks of those minutely scaled breasts scrape wetly against his palms.

Suddenly, she shifted position, sliding off him for a couple of seconds before she wrapped her legs around his waist, he almost came outside her. Her top was riding high underneath her armpits by then, so he felt her snake-like body completely against his chiselled and pale frame - felt it slide against him in the water. And as she sheathed him inside once more and panted hotly against his shoulder, Winterbourne soon did come together with her. He could not have foreseen how suddenly he did, for she clenched up around his thick girth and rode him over the edge - conjuring his climax with her alien hips. He ground his teeth together as he came, roping her insides with his seed, and held her tight against his chest while choking so that he would not gasp too hard.

"Ahhh..." was all that came out when the tremors subsided and the fire-lit world came into focus. He turned his head to catch her eye, his interspecies experience complete, and her lonesome hunger somewhat sated. Still, he could not help but slowly rake his palms over her body underneath the water, his throbbing manhood still inside her. What might he say to keep up the charade for the closest people? "So... it w-would seem we fly quite well together."

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She nodded as she relaxed against him, "Yes, we do." she said with a soft sigh nuzzling into his neck relaxing softly. "If you want we can go somewhere else now, or would you rather have a rain check on my offer." she said very quietly, softly kissing his neck gently so she wouldn't have to speak too loudly for him to hear.  "I suppose that at the very least I should buy you a drink for such a wonderful massage." she said more loudly as she began to pull away shuddering as his length pulled from her body and the rush of the trapped water and seed began to flow out of her.

With a soft pant from the sudden release of the built up pressure against her walls she relaxed back against the rock as her top floated to the top of the water which she reached out and grabbed and slung around her neck before she motioned towards the bartender, "Oi, Rory!"  She said in a friendly voice to the bartender whom she had gotten to know very well since being on the ship.  She didn't know him as well as she would sometimes like but well enough that he was used to her use of this failure of a faux-Irish accent to know that it meant she was in quite a good mood at the moment.  "Mind treating my friend here to a drink on my tab, whatever the Ensign wants, and a coffee for me and don't skimp on the Irish please."

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[Nathan Isley - Behind the Waterfall]

The act between Nathan and Hannah reached it's conclusion, both of them being rocked with an orgasm of their own.  Isley clutched Slaverton tightly when his came, though eased off after it had passed.  The cool down came next, which was helped along by the water that pounded down around them.  Nathan had never been the guy to go very long without a lover against him, but with all the stresses upon the crew as of late, it felt like ages since he had been with anyone.  Commander Nerina, Captain Ives female form, Ensign Skye Carver, as well as some minor encounters with the blue skinned Ida during the outbreak, and now Hannah Slaverton was among the women he had bedded since joining the Theurgy crew.  It was a streak of beauties like that which made him even more thankful for his posting aboard the ship.  He might have come for the chance to pilot a new fighter, but the lovely women had become an unexpected bonus.

"Just melts the stress away, doesn't it?" he said with a grin.  He had spoken of their act as being a good workout, but it also served to release the pent up stress in their body in the most amusing way.  After taking a moment to adjust their clothes, or what little of that they wore, they could rejoin the rest of the crew, none the wiser what had happened between the two.

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When offered the opportunity to take a rain check on her earlier, quite bold offer, Winterbourne did not know what to answer, at least not right then when his mind was still smothered by what they had just done. Thankfully, the other CONN officer did not wait for an answer, instead removing her sodden top and laying it over her neck before heading to the bar-counter. While submerged, it made for an enticing sight of her bobbing back as she headed away from him. Clearing throat, Cale adjusted his undergarments underneath the water and followed her - still a bit light-headed from the sex and the heat.

Damn she could fly, added Winterbourne silently in his thoughts as he came up next to her at the bar counter.

This 'Rory' must have been busy with another customer, seeing as he was still speaking with the Chief of Operations, since another bartender tended to their orders. On his part, Cale asked for a glass of wine - a Terran vintage - and used the time of waiting to rake his wet, white hair from his face. While short, it still tickled hos forehead. When Aisha had gotten her coffee and Winterbourne had his glass of wine, he turned around to lean his back against the bar-counter - propping himself up on his elbows.

"So how is it like on the Harbinger?" he asked, for lack of anything else that was innocent enough when they were in earshot. It made for a somewhat awkward turn of conversation given what they had done a short time ago. Still, he was interested to know, so it was a legitimate query. "I never piloted an Akria-class before. What is it like?"

Oh, but it was hard to not try to look in her chest-level, even though he generally preferred men. It was her exotic nature that had been the allure for him, and evidently, that allure had yet to wane. He tried to conceal his glances by sipping his wine - looking through the glass and thermal vapours when he could.

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[Amelya Duv]

Amelya showed up at the hotsprings in a darkblue bathing suit. Well it looked more like a crossover between a bikini and a bathing suit. It accentuated her forms and curves perfectly. She had tied her hair up with a couple of clippers so she had a large ponytail right now. There were still two flocks of hair running down her neck that stopped just in front of her collarbone.

She overlooked the springs from a small elevation and waited for rennan to show up. She didn't really know what to expect from this so called date. Yet the earlier encounter with Lucan still had it's effect on her. It looked like a lot of people were enjoying themselves at the spring and she couldn't wait to feel the warm water against her skin.

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She leaned back taking a drink of her coffee, "Humm, Its kinda hard to describe something like that."  Guess its kinda like a galaxy class when the saucer section is seperated from it.  No I would say its more like taking a Defiant and Scalin it up to the size of a Ambasador class and loading it with all the weapons it can carry.  From what i have heard your ship would be well from what i would imagine its like a scaled up starfighter when in MVAM.  She smiled as she leaned back inhaling the vapors and savoring the perfect blend of black coffee and wonderfully aged Irish Whiskey  her chest rose and fell as she relaxed breathing in the humid air.

((sorry its such a short post but i can't realy think up much more for her to say or do.  Besides I think all my other posts as my other characters should make up for my lack here.))

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Listening to the comparisons made, Winterbourne turned to his own thoughts for a moment. Or at least he tried to, given the circumstances. In the end, he had no comment save for answering her statement about the Theurgy-class and the MVAM-mode.

"We usually fly in SOM, so that's how you come to think of Theurgy in regards of her... identity, so to speak. Only she does have an identity, really, in how she has a projected... avatar, if you know what I mean? Our Ship AI hologram is one identity, yet us CONN officers by her helm have come to know her in a second way, just as our engineers have come to think of her when dealing with her Warp Core, or at least that is what I'd imagine."

He sipped his wine, wondering how much she already knew about his ship. He decided to tell her how he looked at his duties regardless how well informed she were. "In MVAM, there are two ways to go about it. Either we man the Secondary and Tertiary Hulls, our Vectors, given the meaning behind the MVAM abbreviation we are so familiar with. Or the Captain, the Tactical Officer or the First Officer utilises MVAM without manning the two Battle Bridges on the other Vectors. Then we do it by remote control, and we CONN Officers can - flight-wise - sit on our hands while Thea does the job as ordered. She is given attack and defensive patterns that are deployed in those situations. Usually, though, when there is a CONN officer present in the Main Bridge, you are not competing with Thea to fly your Vector. We are authorised to reclaim the helm by our station at any given moment. The working relationship is more of a symbiosis than a tug-of-war for the controls."

Watching the riveting Cardassian beside him, Winterbourne wondered who was in control of their situation. Her, because she knew what she wanted and got it, or him, because she was not really what he generally preferred, yet had nonetheless acted on his desire for her exotic nature. In the end, it did not matter, as long as they both benefited. Yet somehow, he could not shake the feeling that this woman was not just a better lover than he'd ever be, but also a better pilot. Why? He had no idea. It was just something about her.

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[Rory Callahan]

She'd said yes and now she was helping him with military time, something he actually appreciated even if he'd sort of figured it out already.  "I do that but sometimes run out of fingers an' have to use me toes, which is a bit hard when wearin' boots," he replied with a little pouty lip.  It was an expression that really brought out his boyish charm, playful and a bit carefree.

"As for where ... why not right back here?  I've always loved the water an' could prob'ly talk someone into helpin' me make somethin' better than those package thingies that someone stamped on as food.  That someone obvious had no sense of taste," she said with a wrinkling of his nose.  "I can guarantee one thing though," he said and tapped her glass.  "I'll be sure t' bring tha' bottle an' we can have it for dessert."

[Eve Jenkins]

Even though she could not read his thoughts or feel his emotions, she could see pain in his eyes and that gentle smile was there when he thanked her, then dipped under the water.  She did the same then, letting the water soak her tumble of hair and when she emerged she waded over to where he sat.  There were no words she could say when he spoke of blood on his hands but she reached out and massaged his calves that had dipped back into the water.

Expert fingers worked those muscles and then shifted up to work on his upper thighs.  "We need rest but you need more than that, Lucan," she murmured as she drifted closer so that she was positioned between his legs.  Even though she knew he'd done things with others earlier, his pain called to her and her only way of helping him was to offer herself.  As her fingers worked their way toward his hips, she leaned up and gave him a light graze of her lips on his.  "Lay with me tonight," she whispered into his mouth, then sealed her lips on his and let her tongue speak the universal language.

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To be approached by a half-breed Deltan just so, and hearing such an intimate offer, it was surely an experience to be envied. Even though Lucan wasn't susceptible to her kind's mind-related abilities, Eve Jenkins' allure was still undeniable, and her hands were only the beginning as they kneaded his legs, for her words made his heart skip a beat. Wasn't there some kind of Terran symbolism to the washing of feet? Such an errant thought. Regardless, the wet apparition of Eve in the misty warmth coming so close made him stir in more ways than one, just before their lips came together.

Their Starfleet undergarments had taken on a dark grey hue - plastered to their bodies and leaving nothing to the imagination. It was only the darkness around them, competing with the distant torches, that left them hidden from the distant crowd around the lounge area. Their private alcove might have been another world altogether, or perhaps, Lucan was trying to convince himself of that as he raised his tattooed hands and ran his palms up her arms - fingers slipping into her wet and silken hair as he kissed her. This woman who held answers that he both feared and longed for. He still could not make up his mind, yet the voice of the parasite inside him abated in the onslaught that was the taste of her tongue. The heat of her mouth upon his own.

"Aye," he confessed, even if his desires already betrayed him where he sat, "I may need to forget myself." Plain truth. For once.

He spoke with his lips barely leaving hers, beyond caring if anyone with keen enough eyes could make out their silhouettes from afar in the swirling mists. It was unlikely, he told himself, as he could not resist - despite his constant control - to linger with her. He ran his fingers along her neck and her cheeks, over her forehead and back into her hair while he kissed her still - his own tongue speaking the same language as hers.

"I may need to remember you, and to reacquaint myself with the man I used to be... before this nightmare started," he whispered into her mouth, voice broken by desire and kisses stealing away both breath and words. "If nothing else, to forget about the lives we couldn't save."

Only then did his inked hands venture further down, to take bolder paths across her skin and underneath her clinging top.

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Aisha relaxed and closed her eyes listening to his descriptions of the Theurgy. "I'm a bit surprised really.  I would have imagined In MVAM your captain would have two skeleton crews designated for the secondary and tertiary hulls at all times or at the minimum a three man team of a tactical officer a helmsman and a commander.  Hell I could even see Main hull with bridge crew secondary with the three man skeleton crew and the tertiary with Thea running it as a ECH taking orders from the captain as a task force commander." she said imagining the kinds of decisions a captain in his or her shoes would have to face not just in these circumstances but with the command of a ship as versatile and state of the art as Thea was.

"You know I'd kinda like to meet her.  Thea I mean, she seems like the kind of girl I'd want to get to know.  I can only imagine what it's like to actually get to know your ship.  Sure we all feel like ships have a personality but usually it's just variations of the same basic Starfleet AI.  But from what I have read, she grows, she develops, she learns, but more importantly she has the capability to befriend, to even love.  I guess I just have a thing for ships.  The idea that a ship can feel how her pilot treats her, Its romantic." She smiled with a soft blush as she looked in the direction of the Theurgy.  "In this light she sure is beautiful isn't she?"

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Winterbourne had, on occasion, also had fantasies about Thea, yet not out of the same standpoint that Aisha now illustrated. While  the Cardassian pilot painted up a romantic image of the helmswoman and the AI working in symbiosis, with affection growing between them because of it, Cale had instead imagined something less poetic. Like... creating a copy of the AI's projection on the holodeck just to learn what she looked like underneath that body-suit she always wore. It had been a brief thought, though, both because his interest in women was fleeting but also since he figured Thea would know what he did to her image on the holodeck.

"Yeah, she is great," he said, sipping his wine and not knowing what to say to that without incriminating himself, "as for what you said about two skeleton crews on the other hulls at all times? Three man team or more? Like I said, we are in SOM most of the time so those people would be sitting on their hands unless there is a fight. The present, automated protocols for using manned Vectors during MVAM gives us quick site-to-site Transporter routines, where Tactical, Conn, Ops and a designated Command Officer instantly man the Battle Bridges as required. It used to be the Captain, the XO and the CTO... but that was before Lieutenant T'Less died. Now, I do not know who the third commander is. I suppose Thea could do a good job, but she has no real-life experience with Command. Just applied theory and records of old battles. She has never been tested for such a role, as far as I know. I think she is just a prototype too."

Feeling that the conversation had fallen back into the pool of duties once more, Winterbourne downed his wine and set the glass down on the floating bar counter. Then he waded up to Aisha, running his arms around her waist from behind. He whispered into her ridged ear, which was freckled with droplets of water. "I have never been with a Cardassian before," he admitted ruefully, "and I just..."

He trailed off, seeing an extraordinary sample of a man from the Harbinger's Tactical Conn squadron. The dark-haired, bearded man had just arrived and chose to drop his clothes entirely before stepping into the water, right beside Cale and Aisha. He swallowed and tried to collect himself. To remember what it was he had been saying. "I... I... Cardassian, yes. I... Where was I?"

The fighter pilot, as unknown as he had been extraordinary, slipped into the crowd without noticing anything.

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[Eve Jenkins]

They had worried about being seen but as their lips met she couldn't care.  There was only the water and Lucan, the feel of his muscles under her massaging hands.  She knew his body but she caressed him everywhere, rememorizing every part of him as their tongues danced.  Fingertips lightly grazed up along his sides and around to his back, nails drawing lightly just under his shoulder blades while she pressed herself against him.

His fingers in her hair, cupping her cheeks, everything was soft and gentle yet there was great intensity in every touch and taste.  "For now you are only a man," she whispered against his lips, bringing her hands back around his sides and up his chest.  Fingers kneaded at his shoulders as she shifted her lower half from side to side, letting her lower abdomen work against his hardened member.  By the gods he felt so good against her!

"Don't think of anything else but this, how good it feels and how it will only get better," she purred then sighed against him as his hands slipped under the wet bra and cupped her breasts.  "Right now there is only pleasure as we touch each other," she continued to croon as her own hand slipped down and under the waist band.  A single fingertip touched the head and made a soft and slow circuit around the flaring tip before it dipped to cross over the opening and ridge.

Her body was like a serpent, slipping along him as her nipples hardened against his palms.  The tip of his cock pressed against her palm as she slipped all of her fingers down his length and then drew back up with those light touches, just enough to make him yearn for a firmer grip.  Her lips, her hands, and her body all barely touched him in an effort to inflame.  This wasn't just sex or fucking, she was making love to him with excruciating precision on points she knew would elicit the strongest responses.

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Eve was asking Lucan to surrender himself to what they were doing. Wished him to forget all else but her and what she did to him. What he did to her. Nothing mattered but the present, and all the strife and misfortune was to be forgotten. What she did not know was that it also entailed forgetting who he really was, which was something that he desperately needed. Because since he had killed the Chief Counsellor, that question had haunted him. Who was he really?

Was he in essence the same as his kin, or was he still the man he used to be? How much of the old priorities were merited, and how much should the new dictate his every action and thought? When trying to retain and answer from that crucible of existence, he was always given two answers instead of one.

Yet his Head Nurse now gave him a third answer. To forget that the dual nature did not exist. That only they did. Right then. Despite mission and regulations. Regardless of the time and place. Could he truly forget himself, though? And afterwards, what manner of existence would seem like the right one?

That remained to be seen, because Eve was just getting started. So was he, lingering in the slow progress, and his focus upon her instead of his internal war became easier the more she enticed him - caressed him so lightly with touches promising so much more to come. Her mouth was driving him away from the deceiver he used to be, since he now used his mouth for else than lying. Her hand was stroking his desires to grow; encouraging the primal needs of sexual release instead of rational thought. The evidence of her success lay in how his hands became more insistent upon her, and how he really put his neck into the passionate kiss they shared.

He met her eye, hooked his thumbs underneath her wet bra and pulled it up, her breasts spilling free excitedly against his warm palms. Her hand was driving him away from thoughts of concealment and propriety, warm and hard as he throbbed against her touch. He leaned forward, his mouth leaving hers finally, to lay his lips and tongue against the side of her neck, trailing down her wet skin in a feverish rush to taste the water upon her skin. Her nipples tasted like the minerals of the hot spring water, and he swirled his tongue around one of them - the needs for words forgotten.

Perhaps, even his dual existence may be forgotten too, since the beast had fallen silent.

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Natalie Stark

So maybe he didn't need any help with military time; he still seemed amused by, if not exactly grateful for her advice. And ok, yeah, she really, really wanted to run her thumb right over that pouty lip, and where had that desire come from? Did he have any idea of what that look did to people? Or her, at least. It definitely did something to her, and she had to giggle, or she'd blush more. Still, it was way too cute for the bartenders own good, or Natalie's. It was certainly the kind of relaxed, at ease charm she needed tho.

"Back here then. Dinner for two in the hot springs," she repeated back to him, paraphrasing his words with a soft smile. She bit her lip a bit, sucked it between her front teeth, then nodded and leaned forward, resting her elbows on her knees. "It's a date," she said, doing so good about not blushing this time. She realized that she was looking forward to the simple company, drinks or no. "I look forward to seeing you," she said, pointing at him, and then moving her finger oh so slowly to the bottle, "And that, as soon as I get off shift tomorrow."

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[Rory Callahan]

That giggle was certainly something he enjoyed hearing and with a flick of his head he flipped those long bangs over to the side as the dimple in his cheek deepened.  Considering how she'd looked when he first saw her, before she'd been knocked into the water, he felt that maybe he had done some good.  He was always an entertainer, wanting to make people feel good, but he wasn't really serving in that capacity now.  He was just a man, a very ordinary man compared to those around him, and since things had deteriorated he'd felt a bit inadequate, useless even.  Now he felt a warmth inside him, accomplishment and the happiness of bringing a simple laugh from someone.  There was another warmth too as he looked deeply into her soft brown eyes, something responding to the way she'd looked at him when he'd pouted.

"It's a date," she'd said and his eyes sparkled with the joy he was feeling.  "A date, right here, and I and the bottle look forward to seeing you as well," he said and reached out to take the hand that had been pointing at him and the bottle.  With a genteel air about him, his grip not really a grip but more just his hand guiding hers, he brought her delicate hand to his lips and placed a soft kiss on her knuckles.  "As much as I'd like to stay here and enjoy such lovely company, I fear I should return to the bar for at least a little while so for now I bid you goodnight."  He paused then, his fingers still tucked under hers as he looked into those warm eyes.  "The Irish have many proverbs and when I look at you, I am reminded of one ... True strength lies in gentleness."  He smiled again, that boyish happiness shining through.  "I dare say I've met one of the strongest people in all the universes."  Reluctantly he let go of her hand and stood to put away his guitar, giving her another look and smile before stepping back into the water.

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