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Re: Adventures of Daniel Havenborn: Episode 01 ‘An Unexpected Romance’

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[Lt. Natalie Stark | Aft Compartment | USS Thames ]Attn: @Havenborn @SummerDawn 

As Daniel explained the game he wanted to play, Natalie found herself leaning forward in her seat and listening with rapt attention. She wasn't exactly the world's greatest hand a chess of course, be it traditional or the popular 3-D variant, and Regicide was almost utterly out of her wheelhouse. Despite the other Martian's promises that the game wasn't 'all that different' the ops officer was quickly getting lost, and assumed the officer was simply understating things so that he could get a game in to pass the time. Or perhaps he was being generous when it came to his estimation of Natalie's abilities.

Regardless, the brunette human watched Havenborn fetch a set out of the replicator and stood, adjusting her uniform before moving over to sit across a table from him, easing into the chair and rolling her shoulders. "Respectfully Major, I think this is going to be one of those things where I'll need to see it played as much as hear about it."

[ Two Days later | Cockpit | USS Thames ]

Natalie Stark sat in the copilot's chair, her foot propped up against the edge of the console and a technical manual braced against her knee. The ship was technically on autopilot and would remain so until the point in time that they were ready to enter an upcoming nebula for a fully targeted sensor sweep. It was one of the more prominent features along their assigned patrol route and likely as not a good place for someone looking to sneak across the RNZ to do just that. Now, that wouldn't necessarily mean that she was expecting their patrol to find an errant Romulan warbird that had darted across the line. According to some of the previously logged patrol records, that had not really happened in recent memory. 

No, the major concern from Starfleet's current perspective were smugglers. Plenty of fast, courier type ships, cargo haulers and the occasional Ferengi Marauder or Orion Interceptor would make runs across the border with hulls full of contraband; either purloined Starfleet medical goods or Federation trade shipments that had been pirated, and highly desired within the Romulan Empire, or, coming the other direction, holds full of Romulan Ale and other illicit spirits. This sort of event happened considerably more frequently than an actual Romulan incursion (accidental or otherwise). 

Of course, Natalie thought with a large yawn, reaching for her morning cup of coffee, frequent is all relative. As far as she could tell, roughly 84% of the patrols of this particular corridor, sent out from Starbase 84 were uneventful. This included not only Romulan encounters, pirates, or smugglers, but even interstellar phenomena or the occasional encounter with legitimate cargo vessels, science ships or mining operators. In short, the most exciting part about this leg of the patrol would be the change in scenery once they entered the visual range of the nebula.

"In other words," she mused, setting the PADD down for a moment to take a look over their current position relative to their approved flight path, "dull, dull, dull."

Re: Adventures of Daniel Havenborn: Episode 01 ‘An Unexpected Romance’

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[ Lt. K'Ren | Cockpit/Aft Compartment | USS Thames ] Attn: @Brutus @Havenborn
Like most patrols she'd been on, the flight to the patrol zone was quiet, too quiet for her, but then again, most of the patrol was quiet, a lot of time spend looking out the windows, or focused on her messages from home. In short, most patrols were like a short paid vacation. Not that she didn't enjoy flying fighters, but the change of pace was welcome, especially so close to going home to her family, her mate, and her cubs.

Walking into the front compartment she ordered up her morning fare, a warm hot beverage akin to coffee but native to her planet, and breakfast, another Cait dish she enjoyed. She'd packed some more casual clothes she enjoyed, some trips the other officers on the patrol were okay with dressing down, some were not so for now she'd played it safe, wearing the grey uniform jacket & dress, with her squadron jacket overtop. She'd also skipped shoes, her species were exempted from foot gear on starships and starbases, only when using environmental, EVA, or combat flight suits were they required to wear foot gear.

She purred, smiling as Stark expressed her feeling about the mission so far. "Most patrols are quiet Lieutenant. Not the most exciting if your looking for action and adventure." Going and sitting down, she glanced over at her fellow officer. "I'll watch the ship if you want to grab something from the replicator."

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[ MJR Daniel Havenborn | Forward Compartment | USS Thames ] Attn: @Brutus, @SummerDawn 

As Daniel arose from his bed he noticed that he had an message awaiting him on his DataSlate, he knew it couldn’t be from any of his wives, he hadn’t sent a reply yet, maybe it was from Command.  He picked up the DataSlate and the stylus he then used the stylus to input a series of decryption protocols and finally gained access to the message.  Apparently it was from one of his harem’s paramours, Colonel Emily Sorrell, she was in command of the RSS Ruby Frost a Ruby-class Heavy Destroyer that routinely patrolled the region of space around Starbase 84.  Daniel continued to read the message learning that she was returning for a two week shore leave and she wanted to get together with Cammy and himself while she was there.  Daniel sighed, not only was Emily on the Ruby Frost but her third wife, Kendra, was as well.  “Well shit.”  Daniel said out loud to no one.  He’d have to send her a message back in a little bit informing her of his current status, but on the bright side maybe the two of them could distract Cammy from her work for a bit he thought to himself.

Daniel got up, headed for the shower and rinsed off, a few minutes later and he emerged.  Instead of grabbing his normal duty uniform he opted instead for his battle fatigues.  In many ways his fatigues were far more comfortable than the duty uniform.  The fatigues were meant to really only be worn with armor, but they still had epaulets which allowed him to pin on his rank pins.  He grabbed his pants and his sidearm in its holster, he thought about putting on the sword as well but instead opted for the smaller warknife instead.  Dressed and armed he exited his cabin and headed towards the cockpit.

As he stepped into the cockpit he saw Lieutenant Stark seated co-pilot’s chair, she had taken to Regicide fairly well and it was becoming a regular nightly affair.  Lieutenant K’Ren however had taken a seat in the pilot’s chair and had just offered the watch the ship and let Stark get something to eat.  “Allow me.”  Daniel said towards the Martian female.  “What would you like Lieutenant?”  He said making his way over to the replicator.  For himself he ordered a short stack of pancakes and an ham and cheese omelet along with a good helping of hash browns.  He had an increased appetite because of his genetic enhancements, as did anyone with an Alpha-class genetics package, some of the genetics packages for example didn’t come with the increased appetite but had their own issues.
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Re: Adventures of Daniel Havenborn: Episode 01 ‘An Unexpected Romance’

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[Lt. Natalie Stark | Cockpit/Aft Compartment | USS Thames ]Attn: @SummerDawn @Havenborn 

Hearing the Caitian's voice, Natalie looked up and back, tilting her chair backward and watched the other woman come forward, from an upside down view. She sat fully up and spun the chair sideways, twisting in a full circle, before stopping it again at an angle that would allow her to depart the cockpit. "I wasn't exactly expecting adventure out here. I understand a boring patrol is a safe patrol and a safe patrol is a good patrol and all of that," Natalie allowed. "I just wasn't expecting to come out here at all to begin with. I might have packed some better reading if I'd been given more than fifteen minutes notice."

Yes, the Martian girl was sounding slightly petulant but she felt mildly entitled to do so. As far as she could tell the other two occupants of this little patrol boat had known well in advance (or at least more so than she) that they were going to be posted to this mission. Natalie had been drafted at the last minute and she couldn't quite tell if it was out of spite or not. She was still too new to her posting on the station to be sure. Not that it would have mattered. Again, she was sure this all fell under the guise of further developing promising young officers. It was the favorite excuse of anyone with too many pips for randomly assigning an officer to anything that could be classified as 'cross-training'.  She'd heard Captains such as DeSoto and Picard were notorious for that. 

Then again if I were serving under DeSoto or Picard I probably would be too star struck to bitch about being bored. Accomplished though the commander of SB-84 was, they were no Picard. 

"Still a bite to eat might not be the worst idea ever," Natalie allowed, flashing a small smile over to K'Ren as the other woman settled into the pilots seat. She had just braced herself to stand up when Maj. Havenborn entered the front compartment, dressed in something that reminded Natalie of older vid recordings of MACO combat officers from the 22nd Century. Complete with belt knife for scalping the enemy, Natalie noted, though she didn't put much stock in that notion, not really. The Major had certainly given her no reason to suspect he scalped anyone ever. Even if she thought the knife more suited to a Klingon than a human. 

Remember, just because he's human doesn't mean his culture is exactly the same as yours. As you well know. And you have absolutely zero stones to throw, Missy. Her inner monologue was correct. After all Natalie had hastily stashed a blade in her go-bag as well, though hers had probably seen less practical use.

Easing herself back down into the co-pilots seat for the time being, Natalie shrugged a bit. "My coffee is still good to go," she said, wiggling the mug she'd had stationed next to her for the last hour or so. "I wouldn't say no to some Tamales though. There should be a recipe in there for bacon cheese and jalapeno breakfast tamales. If the computer read the isolinear chip I fed it properly."

She had made an attempt to update the offerings of the ships replicator the previous evening, after having transferred a copy of some personal favorites from her private PaDD.

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