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Day 02 [1800hrs.] Reunions

[ Lt. Asra Tek | Whetstone Lounge | Vector 2 Deck 13| USS Theurgy ]| Atn: @Tae

Asra was flapping around her quaters in a panic, technically she had gotten off duty an hour ago with plenty of time to get changed and ready to meet Nara for drinks. However she got slightly distracted going over Lt Arnolds notes on the installation of the QS drive and by the time that she had checked the clock she only had 18 minutes. Hence the mad rush back to her quarters, the quickest shower possible and now frantically grabbing clothes, pulling them on even as she left through the door. Asra ran through the corridors quickly stopping outside the doors to the lounge, skidding slightly as she smoothed her outfit back down. She had gone for a comfy casual look in cargo trousers and a simple Theurgy T-Shirt covered with a hoodie proudly bearing the emblem of the TSM. As soon as she felt like she was presentable she opened the doors, entering the lounge as she worked on slowing her breathing.

As she walked in Asra's eyes scanned the room looking for a familiar head of brown hair. Catching sight of her colleague already at a table she quickly glanced down at her arm pad checking she wasn't too late before sending a small wave towards Nara with a shy smile. Noticing that the older woman already had a drink Asra mimed her intention to Nara while walking to the nearest replicator. " CoffeeChocolate large please" She waited for the machine to make the drink grateful that she had managed to make it to this lounge earlier and pre-program her favorite beverage. Asra glanced over at Nara, taking in her outfit and hoping that she wasn't imposing and stopping the other scientist from getting to the gym.

Replicator finishing with a ping, Asra picked up her drink, in a thermos cup, and walked over to the table, both hands grasped around the beverage. "Hey, nice to see a friendly face out here, it’s been a while" Asra sat opposite Nara, face relaxing slightly into a tired smile as she actually got into the interaction. " Hope I'm not keeping you from something, you look ready to take on an entire gym" chuckling Asra gestured to Nara's outfit and took a large sip of her drink.

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CM 1 Nara Nueva | Whetstone Lounge | Vector 2 Deck 13| USS Theurgy] Attn: @Scavenger01

Nara was pleased to see the Asra coming through the doors in time to meet and catch up. She hadn't been in the lounge for too long, and she had a large glass of Sweet Tea in her hands. Nara hadn't been waiting too long and spotted the Trill in her TSM hoodie, waving her over. Nara's attire was a simple pair of khaki shorts and a blue tank top with fractals. While the design was overall abstract, the art was based on models of subspace turbulence caused when a ship entered Warp, something that she knew that Asra would be familiar with.

At this time of day, the lounge was pretty crowded with crewpersons that had come off duty and ones up in the middle of their night. So it made for a casual and friendly atmosphere. And if Nara hadn't been expecting and looking for Asra, she probably wouldn't have spotted her fellow scientist right away. Once Asra joins her at the table, she sits back and chuckles. It had been years since Asra had done her Master's research at the Daystrom Institute, and there was something different about her, mainly that it was Asra Nux anymore and was instead Tek.

"First of all, allow me to congratulate you on your promotion to Lieutenant. I always knew that you'd outrank me one day. I mean, it isn't every day that you get a Master's candidate that already has a different Doctorate. It's been too long, yes. And Nope, I prefer going early in the morning when there's no one there and getting more sleep after." As much as Nara wanted to ask about Asra's joining, the twitchy, almost neurotic behavior of Asra might have been a result of her joining, and she knew better than to pry into that immediately. So there was something else that they could talk about that she knew Asra would probably enjoy.

"So, I read the theses you wrote after the Insititute, on applied Warp Theory and Starship propulsion. And I have to say that your work was quite brilliant. I like the approach you took when working on the Cochrane-Archer methods of propagating low-warp fields. It's nice to see someone that took the old math and found ways to make it new. I'm quite impressed that you managed to find a way to correlate the formation of low warp fields with the stability of small platform starships. I'm not a pilot, and I have no idea if the SCE implemented any of the proposals for warp field formation, but I hope they did. I compared your work to the more recent methods, and your math seems a bit more solid, especially for anything under Warp 4." Nara smiled then and gestured to her shirt. The fractals were based on Asra's work, not just some random Warp fractals she'd found. Nara had a great deal of respect for the brilliant scientist sitting with her, and she regretted that they hadn't corresponded more, but each had undoubtedly made an impression on the other. Needing something to wet her mouth, Nara took a long drink of her sweet tea, needing the hydration and the sugars in equal parts right now.

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[ Lt. Asra Tek | Whetstone Lounge | Vector 2 Deck 13| USS Theurgy ]| Atn: @Tae

Asra smiled bashfully at the compliment, right hand scratching the back of her head. "Well you knew me better than I did, I thought my plan was to avoid this like the plague", Asra gestured at the surroundings they found themselves in. Her face morphed quickly going from shy to sad " I wanted to say by the way that I'm sorry for dropping out of contact, I had a lot of upheaval at the end of that time and I just need to get away from everything." While speaking Asra's hand subconciously moved and rested over her stomach. Just as she was schooling her face and preparing to inject some new levity into the conversation Nara beat her to it. Whatever expression her face was origionally going for it lit up with a smile and excitement as Nara brought up her papers from the academy.

"especially for anything under Warp 4" Asra let out a gasp as Nara drew her attention fully to her shirt, with a large smile and a bit of a blush that someone would wear something with her work on " They did implement them". Asra stopped with a cough, choking slightly in excitement " The did implement some of them, though not so much my work at low warp. Mostly they took my work on shaping warp fields, we found that if you changed the coils so that they were asymmetric around their internal axis and then tesselated them so the asymetry in adjacent coils was opposite then by changing the plasma flow to each individual coil segment you can accurately control the shape of the subspace field generated without the need to physically move the nacelle placement" Asra let out a small squeek, stumbling over the last word as she suddenly remembered why those paper's weren't fully published " Yes but because of our work on warp field shaping I then went back to the old models of extending lower power warp bubbles and found that one of the reasons why smaller ships were having more difficulties is that the older designs still were using some very outdated limits and ideas of subspace, hence my final thesis on how by using the deflector as a partial secondary emitter you can compensate for the subspace turbulance that the old warp fields created, it also helps reduce the subspace damage caused by some of those old drives."

Asra took a deep breath hand going back to scratch the back of her head again in embarressment, she hadn't meant to just go off on science tangent, she could almost feel Seree and Kozu's memories judging her. " Anyway that's all about my research I'm more interested in you. Last thing I read that you were working on must have been.." Asra trailed of in thought tapping her chin " Oh, it was your work on the properties and generation of Thalaron radiation, it was a really interesting read, though there were definitley some avenues that I think you should have persued, it seemed slightly cut short. Also I read your now a Cm what happpppppp....." Asra trailed off a look of horror quickly forming on her face " Oh god Nara I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up" Asra suddenly became very interested in her mug, staring at it as if it would reveal the secrets of the universe, slowly swirly the dark liquid inside.

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CM 1 Nara Nueva | Whetstone Lounge | Vector 2 Deck 13| USS Theurgy] Attn: @Scavenger01

Nara continued to sip her tea, her eyes shining with mischief slightly, shrugging as if it wasn't a big deal. Setting the half-empty glass of tea down she smiles, and leans back, draping an arm over her chair. She was prepared to be lectured to and always enjoyed a lesson now and again.

"Well, honestly, Asra, if you hadn't joined up, I would have tried to recruit you. I think I suggested it more than once. Even if you didn't join up fully, the SCE still could have used your theories. Besides, you went off to your next chapter, and I got blackballed from academia for being right." Nara would come back to that in a bit, for now, though, and she got to listen to Asra geek out about her work and what they did and didn't do.

"Right, that's why the Intrepid's are unique so far, and the variable geometry nacelles never went anywhere. I'd wondered if that was something that you cooked up, and it's good using the deflectors as a secondary emitter. That's necessary, especially with the multi-vector modes that are becoming prevalent. I'm glad that your work has some practical implications and uses." It was a joy to listen to Asra, the younger scientist was brilliant, and Nara just had to sit back and be amazed by the brilliance that this young woman had, amplified a little bit, perhaps by being joined now. Watching and listening to Asra go off on tangents and follow the train of thought. It didn't put her off at all, Nara was in academia, and she understood it. When you got a specialist talking about their particular field, they could go on at length for hours. And this was no different.

But then she watches Asra ask her questions and put the clues together. The work on Thalaron radiation, her current rank, hell, the fact that Asra knew about the avenues of work she was going down caused her to lift an eyebrow. And then came Asra's apology, which made her smile. Sure the topic was painful, but it had been a few years, so she'd mostly made her peace with that. Noticing that Asra was mortified by bringing up her demotion, Nara leaned forward and placed a strong, comforting hand on Asra's shoulder, squeezing it gently.

"Asra, it's ok because the reason that I'm even still in Starfleet is that I was right on all counts. I was right about how the radiation manifests, its wavelengths, and how weapons could use it. All of my theories proved to be correct due to the Shinzon incident. I'd moved to practical modeling in an attempt to find a way to shield against it, and that is when my superiors discovered my work. I kept a good chunk of it in my head and wrote a good portion of it down on paper, which I presented to Lieutenant Vanya when I came aboard just before my first shift. She says that she'll present my data to the Captain, and hopefully, we can find a way to stop future incidents like Paris. I always thought that Starfleet was wrong to make that research completely illegal, by the way. You need to know how to defend against a weapon because even if you don't have it, that doesn't mean your enemy doesn't." Nara spoke with conviction and let out a heavy sigh, seeming to relax then, though not wholly. She reached for her tea before continuing.

"Besides, I deal with the frustration now with way more training in the gym. Hell, you should see my abs. Also, just how high was your clearance level that you even knew about my work? Because that all got sealed." Nara winked at that and took up her glass to finish the sweet beverage. While Nara's comment might have been flirty, she was mostly teasing. She was significantly more into Asra as a peer and fellow scientist than a romantic partner. Besides, now they were in the same department, so there would have been a personal/professional conflict there. Besides, with as tight as her clothes were and that her arms and legs were bare, it was apparent that Nara had put on a fair bit of muscle in the intervening years. And Nara did pose an interesting question, looking paitiently over the top of her glass, curious about Asra's answer.

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[ Lt. Asra Tek | Whetstone Lounge | Vector 2 Deck 13| USS Theurgy ]| Atn: @Tae

Asra jumped slightly at the physical contact, tensing all over before relaxing as she looked up in Nara's brown eyes, picking out the forgiveness from all the other emotions rolling inside them. She nodded along as Nara explained what had happened, a look of amazement taking over her face when Nara mentioned reconstructing a lot of her work from memory, imagining the effort that took blew her away. She agreed with pretty much everything that Nara said though a flash of guilt emerged at the mention of Starfleet rendering research into Thalaron radiation illegal. Taking a big sip of her drink Asra was about to start talking when Nara decided to add her new coping strategies to the explanation. Unable to resist the urge Asra's eyes flicked down raking across Nara's abdomen before speeding back up towards her face, a slight blush on her cheeks.

" Ummm I was working on some very specialized projects for a few years, so I may have had; complete access to the classified database at Daystrom" The last sentence was spoken in a rush and more into Asra's mug than at Nara. Looking back up Asra looked straight into Nara's eyes, " Since you wrote them would you like your research papers back, I'm not sure how many I still have but they might help fill in some of the more precise data you couldn't remember" Asra spoke softly lowering her mug to the table so she wasn't hiding behind it, she could only imagine if her research was taken how much she would want it back, given that this woman had amazingly recreated most of it she couldn't see any harm in it especially if she'd already told Lt Vanya that she had been researching it.

No matter what Nara's response it was definitely time to get this meeting back to happier topics " So! What does Dr Nueva get up to these days outside of the lab, the gym is obviously a given" Asra gestures to Nara's body " I don't suppose you've finally given in and joined the modern world with holotech or are you still on books?" Asra's voice carried a degree of forced levity both from previous conversations and unused to being in this environment but her cheeky smile and body language clearly showed she was not uncomfortable with the current situation.

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CM 1 Nara Nueva | Whetstone Lounge | Vector 2 Deck 13| USS Theurgy] Attn: @Scavenger01

There was a seething pain and anger in Nara. A flash of it went through her eyes, not directed at Asra. Nara felt like she'd failed herself with her experiments. If she'd gotten further before being found out, maybe she'd still be an officer. She was getting lost in her head and decided to probably spend most of her night in the gym in the next few hours. Unhealthy, yes, but she had a few years of stress and anger to let loose finally. And Asra, a friend though she was wasn't the type of person to understand that much pressure.

Nara had very nearly missed Asra's following words, even as she meets her friend's eyes, and a smile slowly tugs onto her lips. Being offered her old research back, that was a new one.

Damn, I wish Asra were my new CO and not Vanya.

Nara shook her head and smiled at the offer, almost blushing. Being offered her old research back was a boon that she'd never have imagined. And it was a temptation that Nara never wanted.

"Make sure those particular files are encrypted and buried, for the time being, Asra, because Vanya said that she'll speak with the Captain about my research. I want that, I do, you have no idea, but I was ordered not to recreate anything more until I hear back from Captain Ives about that particular line of research." Nara did her shrug then and took a moment to relax. It was easy for her by now. Put it out of her mind, and let it go, drifts off and put that behind her.

The comment from Asra about spending time in the gym made her smile, even if it was a bit of a bitter-sweet gesture. It was nice that her efforts were noticed, even if she did little to hide it. Though Asra did give her a few ideas, so she noticeable more cheerful this time around, moving on from the melancholies of the discussion.

"Asra, I have not joined the modern world with holodecks. Not for anything more than using a track or going for a hike. The embassy was nice, but they didn't have a holodeck because it is on a planet after all. I'm still reading books, though I have had to move to a PADD; enlisted quarters kinda suck. I'm in a bunk bed, even here, and I have no idea who my roommate is supposed to be. I think I might be alone, but I kind of doubt that. We'll see if I get anyone over the next few days. If you're asking if I'd like to go run a program with you, then sure, I'm happy to do so. I've got nothing going on for the next few hours."

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[ Lt. Asra Tek | Whetstone Lounge | Vector 2 Deck 13| USS Theurgy ]| Atn: @Tae

Asra nodded at Nara's comment about the files, she was glad that the older scientist would think about having them back at least. Fortunately she didn't have to worry about moving them, those files were already in a virtual vault and were not the only dangerous things in there. Asra was curious what the captain's view would be though, it was a dangerous technology true but there was considerable potential in Nara's research especially towards the defence against it. Though Nara's approach did bring up an interesting question Asra wondered if perhaps she should discuss some of her own previous research with Vanya. Shelving that though process for the moment Asra focussed back in on her drinks partner.

Asra chuckled slightly at the start of Nara's response before gasping in horror at the mention that the embassy didn't have a holodeck. Asra could barely comprehend not having easily accessible holotech. By the time she left her lab on starbase 343 it was almost a holodeck by itself due to the amount of various holo-emitters scattered around for various jobs. She was glad to hear that Nara was still reading though even if she had been forced to give up her beloved physical books. Asra's smile turned wry and she was about to comment on the book situation when her thoughts were completely derailed by Nara's suggestion. A brief gasp escaped before the biggest grin yet settled over Asra, she hadn't even thought about taking Nara to a holosuite but now it was an option it was a great idea. Asra practically jumped out of her seat bouncing slightly and grabbing Nara's arm " I hadn't even thought about it but now you suggest it. It's a great idea" Asra started pulling Nara gently towards the door before suddenly remembering  her drink, turning back she grabbed the mug, drained it and then resumed her efforts at pulling Nara towards the exit. Only once she had got halfway to the door did she realise how much attention her hyperactivity was gathering from the other patrons in the lounge. Pausing for a moment as if she was a frozen holoprogram, her face was overtaken in a blush as she suddenly calmed down, dropping Nara's arm but still walking alongside her. " Sorry about that, I was just excited. I think there should be a couple holodecks a few decks above." Asra muttered to the ground, though still audible to the other scientist.

Asra tossed her mug into the disposal before quickly heading through the door blush still firmly on her face. As she lead Nara towards the turbolift she quickly consulted a ship plan on her wrist pad before turning to look up at the other worman " There should be two holodecks on Deck 8, hopefully one of them is free. I really don't feel like having to change hull.". Asra kept her eyes ahead until the two of them ended up in the turbolift before she turned to the other scientist again " Sorry again, I just get really excited sometimes. You don't have to come if you don't want too. I realise I didn't give you much of a choice."

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CM 1 Nara Nueva | Outside Holodeck 02| Vector 2 Deck 08| USS Theurgy] Attn: @Scavenger01

Nara smirked, watching Asra gape in horror. Nara was terribly amused by her friend's expression and giggled playfully. Nara took a moment to bask in the abject horror and amazement on the Trill's face.

 "What? Having a holodeck isn't as necessary on planets with a habitable environment and a generally friendly civilization. I managed a few hiking trips to the mountains, and I even went swimming at an actual beach."

And then Asra was up and pulling on her to get her out the door. Asra's energy infected her quickly, and then the two of them scamper oy of the lounge, quite likely getting a few looks and maybe a rumor or two in the process. She smiled, running with her to the turbolift, very nearly giggling as they ran to the lift. Once inside, Nara leaned against the wall with a brilliant smile.

"Hey, last time we were in the same room, you were a master's student working on a thesis. We had to be professional. Now we're on the same ship fighting against impossible odds for an improbable cause. Seize the moment I say!" Her tone of voice was bright and bubbly, more than pleased to be doing something fun. Thankfully the ride to the turbolift wasn't very far, and Asra made good company. The lean scientist approaches the console and logs into it immediately, her lips quirking up a bit as her preferred programs list comes up—a selection of beaches, trails, and other outdoor sports venues. Nara couldn't remember precisely what types of programs Asra preferred, so she pages through before stepping aside.

"The Yosemite and Yellowstone programs are always favorites. There are plenty of things to do in either for anyone, but mine are usually a bit more athletically inclined. I'd suggest a beach, but those are usually more enjoyable the more people there are around, and neither of us is the laze around in swimsuits type. At least I'm, not if there's no one to ogle me." Nara winked playfully at that giving a cheerful little smile to Asra, about as flirty as she'd ever get with anyone she considered a friend and peer.

"How about we go for a hike then? Mount Fuji is easy enough but not too difficult. How about we do the lower elevations of that?" she looked curiously to Asra, more than happy to hear what her suggestions or preferences would be.

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[ Lt. Asra Tek | Holodeck 02 | Vector 2 Deck 8| USS Theurgy ]| Atn: @Tae

Asra followed Nara through the doors into the holodeck, smiling as her excitement infected the older scientist. At the offer she stepped forward and had a quick scroll through the options on Nara's list, tongue sticking out slightly in concentration. Listening to Nara's preferences an impish grin took over her face at the suggestion of a beach, she lifted her arm up to the console quickly navigating the menus of her pad with speed. Moments later she flicked a file sending a copy over to the Holodeck's computer. " Beaches, Hikes, why have to choose when you can have both" Asra cheered, smiling at Nara before turning and beholding the holodeck. " Computer run holoprogram Tek-MultiGym " Immediately the black and yellow wall vanished in a burst of bright light revealing an entirely new view.

Now Asra was standing on a black sandy beach. purple water gently lapped at one edge filling the air with soft sounds. The gentle waves only interrupted as bright green skutfish broke the surface, leaping into the air before gliding and plunging back into the water. Looking out over the sea several distinctive silhouettes rose; the Daystrom Institute, the Tenaran Music Academy and the Trill Council Hub all stood, separate, rising from the water far in the distance with no visible land beneath them. On the other side the sand quickly gave way to the towering slopes and faces of Bes Manev, the highest mountain on Trill, the lower slopes quickly leading to shear walls with a wide variety of different contours and surfaces, while the upper slopes teemed with wildlife. Green and purple plants waved in the light winds and under the weight of animals too far away to make out.  High above bright red Fenza birds wheeled through the clear Blue-Green sky. The entire setting was lit by the yellow star burning high above heating the coast to a pleasant 28oC.

Asra took a deep breath, closing her eyes and relishing in the familiar smells. She let out a happy sigh spinning out onto the sand before looking back to Nara " Welcome to all the best bits of me". Asra knew she was eccentric, she could be a lot for new people to deal with, not helped by a constant supply of caffeine, but she learnt long ago that sometimes you just had to jump in with both feet, open yourself up and see if someone could catch you.

" This is my favourite starting point but if you want to just go for a hike then we can jump to the top of these walls" Asra gestured to the lower slopes, which at second glance were clearly not a natural part of the mountain.  The blue stone faces rise straight from the beach before giving over to the much more naturally shaped slopes." Though if you wanted to swim I'm perfectly comfortable in Holo clothes" Asra shrugged at Nara, the sim was called a multigym for a reason it had all sorts of exercise opportunities built in.

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CM 1 Nara Nueva |Holodeck 02| Vector 2 Deck 08| USS Theurgy] Attn: @Scavenger01

Nara took some time to look around the Trill landscape after it renders, all of the scenery gorgeous and simply stunning, and it took her breath away. She just had to gawk at the picture as Asra let her into this part of herself.

"This is lovely, Asra. Thank you for showing me, but I have an idea for something that I'm sure you'll enjoy."

Nara then walked over to the arch and tapped a few buttons before speaking clearly. A mischievous smile proliferated on her face, turning her friendly visage into one that was humored and cheerful. She said the following words tinged with more than a little good humor.

"Computer, please begin program "Sand Pirates of the Sahara, Chapter 23, the lost Jungle tomb, use the current environmental and visual settings. Pause at Time index 00:00:01 if you would, and provide a wardrobe, changing rooms, and armory."

Nara stepped back from the arch as the program shifted slightly. A Large ruined temple atop the nearby cliff showed signs of stone ruins through the forest. At the top of the temple was a pillar of light reaching through the sky and clouds that glowed a rich blue color. The sight of smoke wafting up through the canopies of trees. Next to Asra and Nara were two wardrobes with period clothing ranging from the 17th to 19th century. The weapons provided also run in a similar timezone. Nara immediately selected an outfit for herself, knee-high leather boots, tight red pants, a wide black leather belt. A wide collar linen shirt with flowing sleeves, a cutlass, and a brace of pistols for her upper body, all topped off with a grey Cavalier hat finished with a red silk sash and feather.

She smirked at Asra, looking at her friend. "This will be more fun than just a hike or a climb. We can get our exercise in and have a bit of fun as well. have you ever run these programs before? You can read the storyline hanging in the air right there or listen to it if you want. But for this chapter, the goal is to fight through the jungle to the hidden temple, steal the lost gem, and them make a dramatic escape."

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[ Lt. Asra Tek | Holodeck 02 | Vector 2 Deck 8| USS Theurgy ]| Atn: @Tae

Asra couldn't help but look slightly put out as Nara turned away from the scene to face the arch, however the brief melancholy was short lived as she morphed her face into one of curiosity, seeing if she could catch a glance of the control pannel around the taller woman's frame. Asra raised an eyebrow at Nara's instructions to the holodeck, quickly retreating to make it look like she wasn't just trying to look over Nara's shoulder.

" And here I thought that you hadn't embraced holo programs" Asra spoke with a smirk.

She looked around noting as the world morphed, The cliffs breaking open as a large temple emerged before shattering the sky with a great pillar of light. Nodding she brought her attention back down to the beach and the wardrobes that now adorned it. A brief rummage lead to her gathering a billowy white cotton shirt and black loose cotton trousers, her concession to the theme of the program was a beaten leather tricorn with a large blue feather resting in it. Setting the clothes to the side she looked through the armory, emerging with a x-harness boasting many throwing knives, a belt with two pistols and a flintlock rifle.

Looking over at Nara at the sound of her voice "I've done similar adventures in the past, though none from this series. Sounds like a good easy goal though?[/color]" As Asra spoke she began stripping off her existing layers; hoodie, shirt and trousers quickly becoming a pile on the ground before she started work pulling on her new outfit, sports bra and panties disappearing underneath the holo clothes of the adventure. "You look like you're after more of a workout than me though. I never did get my head around bladed weapons that you need to keep a grip on." Asra managed to get the belt on by herself but after a minute of trying to secure the harness she looked over at Nara eyes asking for a hand " I'm afraid that while this part of the outfit certainly looks cool parcticallity was obviously not on the designers mind."

Having got her outfit now attached Asra gave one more survey of the area, frowning slightly at what she saw “ Computer Remove building from sky box” quickly the 3 large building on the horizon evaporated leaving no trace of their existence “ There we go, now the setting looks the part” Asra looked back over at Nara to make sure that she was ready to go, checking her own weapons and ammunition.

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CM 1 Nara Nueva |Holodeck 02| Vector 2 Deck 08| USS Theurgy] Attn: @Scavenger01

Nara rolled her eyes, walking up to Asra, her boots sinking into the sand on the beach, a smirk drawing slowly across her features. There was mischief in her eyes then, far more than just a gleam. She winked then and drew her rapier from her belt, laughing ever so slightly.

"Why Asra, I haven't. This series of programs is also an actual novel series as well, and I got the download code for this program from a promotional offer. They're fun, lots of action, adventure, a bit of romance sometimes. All in all, it's an enjoyable series of books. You'll enjoy this as well, even if the plot isn't followed completely by our actions. Computer, begin program!"

And with Nara's words, the sounds of the tropical jungle swelled in the background, a cacophony of birds and menagerie of insects coming alive, dense and oppressive. All of it backed with slow strings of a symphony of 'canned' music that seemed to come from everywhere. The music swells to a triumphal march at the beginning of the adventure as the intrepid heroes march forth into the deep dark jungle from the sandy beach. As the two adventurers step above the shoreline into the jungle itself, the chorus of birds falls silent all at once, and even insects seem to diminish.

The orchestra playing immediately shifted into a minor key, the temp of it slowed, and the volume decreased to background noise, the sounds of the insects now almost louder than the music, and there was something else there. Possibly it was the sound of footsteps, but who knew what kind they may be?

Nara smirked, casting a glance over to Asra then. She crouched low then and ran up to a tree taking cover to watch and listen to the sounds of the forest. Shapes were moving well into the treeline, things walking that looked to be striding on two legs, but she couldn't be entirely sure. Her brow furrowed while examining the treeline, her lips pursed tightly while trying to figure out what she was seeing.

Nara made a motion towards the treeline, signaling to Asra that she would move up slowly. She tilted her head slightly, keeping her sword at the ready moved slowly through the soft loamy soil. Her movements were quiet and steady then, at least until she stepped on a twig that seemed to echo through the dark forest followed shortly by an animalistic roar from a creature unseen to the lithe Human.

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[ Lt. Asra Tek | Holodeck 02 | Vector 2 Deck 8| USS Theurgy ]| Atn: @Tae

Asra broke into a light jog to keep up with Nara as the sounds of the jungle returned, she ducked down next to a different nearby tree throwing a smirk Nara's way as she unhooked a pistol bringing it to a ready position. She watched as Nara made gave silent instructions before nodding sliding out of her own cover to carefully advance and cover her partner. Eyes flicked over the treeline carefully searching trying to spot any movement, spotting a figure moving ahead Asra silently drew a blade from her bandolier. A she raised a hand to throwing position a loud crack echoed out from Nara's position.

Even as she glanced over to check on Nara, Asra knew it was a mistake. The animalistic roar rang out and Asra dived to one side as a figure barrelled out of the trees for her. As she hit the ground she got her head up, looking back to where she just was and her mouth opened in suprise. Stood on top of her previous positions was a large bird but with tiny stubby wings and a long coloured tail, Asra was almost about to exclaim about it's cuteness when it turned and hissed revealing rows of sharp deadly teeth. With a quick scream she lashed out with her foot striking it in the chest and punting back into the treeline.

" What the hell was that" Asra quicly got her feet under her as she gasped air back into her lungs. A quick scan around revealed more of the murder birds coming from the tree line, their green backs iridescing in the mottled light. Quickly stowing her pistol Asra grabbed another knife for her other hand. " Well then Poultry for dinner I guess " As she finished she dived forward, ducking under the one that had leaped at her head even as her trailing hand came up, blade easily opening it's chest. The dramatic dive did end rather abruptly when the finishing roll was interupted by a large branch. Once again on her back, now with her legs over the top of said branch,  Asra took a brief moment to stare up at the cannopy and reflect on this is why dramatics are better done by people who actually train. A moment was all she got though before she had to roll to the side to avoid a different bird, this one with a lovely orange tail, and get back to her feet to rejoin the struggle.

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Nara wasn't quite so agile in escaping the lunging velociraptor, one of the beast's claws slicing into the meat of her thigh, leaving a red streak across her pants where it hit. There wasn't any pain to it, but the wound was 'marked,' and it looked to be pretty nasty, complete with holographic blood running down her thigh, staining her pants a bright crimson, played from the natural color. But it was a 'wound' that would need to be tended to.

Nara pivoted on a heel to face her assailant. The human athlete levels a pistol at the breast and fires. If it were real, the shot would have gone wide, but since this was a novel, the large-caliber bullet punches through the dinosaur's chest. It falls over after letting out a shrieking scream, this particular dino the one that Asra was staring down, the orange tail whipping back and forth slowly. Seeing their fallen comrades, two more race out of the brush and tear away, taking the carcasses of the creatures with them. Deep in the jungle, Nara and Asra could hear a louder, resonant roar, some distance away, but behind the two intrepid adventurers. Nara stood and grimaced, playing into the pain from the wound on her thigh.

After the roar from whatever the enormous creature was, Nara looked around at the now silent jungle, with wide eyes and ears perked to try to get a sense of any sound. Nara could hear only the sound of the breeze and far away drums until the loud roar came again, a bit closer this time. No birds, no insects. Just the far-away drums and the sound of the mysterious predator.

"We have to keep moving; whatever that is is coming this way. And those were velociraptors, and they're a 'dinosaur' from Earth. I don't remember how long ago they lived, but it wasn't recent."

Nara moved to take a few steps and received a small electric shock from her 'wound' to remind her to take care of it. She went down on one knee and sat her butt down on a fallen tree, and began going through her pouch to bandage her leg. She'd have to take care of that before continuing onward.

"Right, uhh, you can get injured with this program. If it's fatal, it boots us back to the beginning. We have to tend to our wounds after fights end. I forgot I had that option turned on for when I do this with anyone." Nara looked sheepish, explaining something like this after they started it. She knew that Asra wasn't as athletically inclined as she was, but the Holo novel was tuned more for dramatics than to kill the players, so Nara hoped that wouldn't be an issue.

Nara tied off the bandage with a grunt and stood up, closing her pack and holstering her pistol again. She paused, and looked around, not hearing another bellow from the creature, not yet. Her eyes narrowed looking around, and she looked to Asra, keeping her voice low.

"I think this is the part where we begin running towards the temple. It's too quiet."

And sure enough, with those magic words, it was. Only the wind blew through the trees, and even the insects had fallen silent. There was a musky scent on the air, something strange and unusual, nearly the aroma of rotting flesh. Whatever the smell was, it was overpowering the dense tropical flowers and ripening fruits hanging on the trees. Off the distance towards the temple, the drums changed tempo, becoming faster and louder, an indistinct chanting rising upon the stilled breeze.

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Asra watched as Nara nailed one of the birds dead in the chest, the large bore pellet blasting a good portion of it out the back. She was also careful to note that the human's gun was not in alignment to make that shot so the program must be configured for dramatics over accuracy which made her life much easier. As she came to the realization and began swapping her pistol for knives she felt the jungle rumble with a loud roar, she dropped to a crouch, eyes immediately darting around trying to spot the source.

As nothing manifested, Asra slowly stood again, focusing on Nara as she began to speak. Asra nodded along but didn't really clock her partner's injury until Nara sat on a fallen tree. Fortunately she only got a small gasp out before Nara explained how the program dealt with injuries, Asra was mostly grateful as it stopped her burgeoning panic at seeing such a major wound. " Good to know, Even this" Asra gestured at the wound" Is a lot more graphic than the normal programs I use but I'm glad that it won't hinder you"

The background sounds had all faded from Asra's awareness during the fight but the sudden silence following the crewmembers announcement was all the more noticeable for it, with only the faint growing drums and chanting Asra felt an artificial sense of unease fill her, the unease that only comes from good sound design. " I think that running sounds like an excellent idea" Asra made no move to hide the unease in her voice, muscles tensing ready to start. As though the sim sensed her readiness a roar ripped through the jungle again, this time much closer than before, accompanied by the sound of snapping branches and foliage. Asra was off mirth bubbling up slightly at the fun of being able to run freely through the jungles of home. Deciding to lay down a bit of a challenge, even if she was sure to lose to the taller more athletic woman, she called back " Last one there gets the next observation duty!" Asra had no idea what Nara thought of observation duty but she found it incredibly dull to focus all of her attention on a single experiment for several hours.


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