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CH02: S [D06|0020] A Well Deserved Drink

Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0020 hrs. ] A Well Deserved Drink

[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | Whetstone Lounge | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn @Numen

Eboh slid into a seat at the table they had selected upon arriving in the Whetstone Lounge, letting out a tired sigh as he massaged the bridge of his nose with index finger and thumb. He felt tired, though perhaps that word failed to adequately describe the level of fatigue that hung over him. Utterly drained might be a more apt description. Regardless, it felt good to just sit for a moment. It had been a hell of a few days.

Letting his hand fall away from his face, Eboh blinked several times before allowing his eyes to focus on the Bajoran engineering officer that sat across the table from him. Lieutenant Kala didn’t seem to be showing the signs of fatigue that he knew he wore on his face, though he had little doubt that the events of the past week had taken their toll on her as well. He had had limited dealings with the Cayuga’s Assistance Chief Engineer  in the past, found himself unsure of what to say to her. He suspected that was more to do with the fatigue he felt rather than having anything to do with the engineer, though. Having reported to the Vector 02 Engineering section on Deck 06, they had been told to take a breather before jumping into repairs on the ship, having been through more than their fair share of action over the past week. Eboh was grateful for the momentary reprieve, and was looking forward to a few moments of down time before he crawled back into the Jefferies tubes with a toolkit in tow.

”Well, ma’am, I know we shouldn't drink too much, since we’ll be back to work in no time,” Eboh said, giving the engineer a tired smile, ”but I can’t wait to just sit and have a beer.” The NCO rumbled as he chuckled softly, leaning back in his chair as he finally relaxed. ”I don’t think I’ve felt this tired since the war.” The half El-Aurian added, taking a deep breath and letting out a long, relaxed sigh. ”So much for our nice, boring survey mission! First the Borg, then the Theurgy, the Asurians, and the Klingons… It has been a strange week, hasn’t it, ma’am?”

Eboh turned his attention away from Lt. Kala for a moment as someone came to take their drink orders. The dark skinned man waited for Lt. Kala to order before requesting a pint of lager and a plate of fries for himself. As the server retreated, Eboh couldn't help but think that the frothy drink and some warm food sounded like heaven.

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[ Lt jg Kala Marika | Whetstone Lounge | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

Kala sank down into the seat opposite Eboh as they found a quiet spot in the lounge. She felt the way Eboh looked, and were it not for a quick stop in the head to splash some water on her face and straighten her pony tail as best she could, she'd probably have looked as bedraggled as she felt. She let loose a tired sigh as she took in the moment of quiet they had, a moment she fully expected to be shattered by another callous intrusion of life. The normal sparkle, that mischievous twinkle was conspicuously absent, at least to those that knew her. They called some training hell weeks back on earth, but those weeks were nothing compared to the one they'd just had.

Trying to match his smile, though she knew she was faking and so did he, she nodded slowly. "Honestly, right now what I really want is a good hard shot of Vodka, maybe a triple for the week this has been." She leaned forward a little, hands supporting her temples as her body felt weak, exhausted, tired. She knew she couldn't rest, not yet, but if all they had to worry about now was patching up the ship, she'd press forward, push till she dropped if she had to. In her heart she knew she couldn't let the week get the better of her, not until blessed sleep claimed her and she could sleep for an entire day.

"It makes even the worst days in the yard at Utopia Planitia feel like a cakewalk. I signed up to explore, not find myself hand to hand with some alien bent on revenge for some alleged slight another ship did them." She closed her eyes for a second, "Wierd doesn't even begin to describe this Chief. Clusterfuck, cocked up, maybe. Weird I'm not so sure. Weird is new aliens, new worlds." She looked up at him, "This probably isn't your first time at this is it Chief?"

She smiled a bit more sincerely at the person who came to take over the order. "Triple shot of Synth. And a large slice of new york style pizza, extra cheese and pepperoni would be awesome." She chuckled a little as the man wandered off. "Most people expect I'd order something like Hasperat and Spring Wine. Throws them when I order Terran foods. I grew up on earth away from the occupation so I'm not quite what people expect a Bajoran would be. Pampered and spoiled for living on Earth, definitely."

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | Whetstone Lounge | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Numen @SummerDawn

Eboh gave Lt. Kala another tired smile as she gave voice to what she considered weird. Truth be told, his description of the events of the past week had been a drastic understatement. Kala had given a more accurate description, albeit a more crude one. While Eboh tolerated cursing in others, he generally avoided such language in his own speech. When the engineer suggested the he had been through such a week before, he couldn’t help but chuckle. ”No, ma’am, this would not be my first time. I’ve fought the Borg and the Klingons before, and have been in skirmished with unknown aliens as well. Though this is certainly the first time I’ve done all three in a single week.”

When Kala explained that most people tended to be thrown off by her choices in food, Eboh couldn’t help but laugh. ”I’ll admit that I’m a bit surprised myself, ma’am. I haven’t met many Bajorans who default to New York style pepperoni pizza.” Eboh admitted with a deep chuckle as he leaned back in his chair. ”And if you don’t mind my saying, ma’am, pampered and spoiled on Earth is far better than living under the occupation. I don’t believe the Cardassians would make any kind of pizza you’d want to eat. Though I prefer thin crust with bacon and mushroom myself.” Eboh glanced up as their server dropped off their drinks, nodding his thanks. The dark skinned man turned his attention back to the officer sitting across from him as he took his glass in hand.

”To the week we’ve endured,” he said by way of a toast, raising his glass with a smile that reeked of fatigue, ”and may we never go through something like this again.”

No sooner had the half El-Aurian finished his toast then his eye was drawn by someone entering the lounge. The man was unmistakable with his scruff-covered grey face, his hair tied back in a small ponytail. It was none other than their half-Cardie shipmate, the scientist who was slowly proving to be a source of great annoyance and torment to the coffee-skinned NCO. ”Wonderful…” Eboh sighed, his level of fatigue suddenly seeming to double as the mad scientist scanned the bar. ”It appears Doctor Frankenspoon has found us.”

A Borg attack suddenly didn’t seem like such a bad thing. Or maybe the Klingons. Hell, even the Asurians would make for more enjoyable company than the cheeky bundle of smarmy sarcasm wrapped in grey scales that now made it’s way over to their table.

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Lt. JG Izar Bila | Whetstone Lounge | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

Att. @Summerdawn @Fife

When the chemist entered the Lounge, he was more agitated than he wanted to acknowledge. He didn't expect the encounter in the laboratory. He didn't expect to have acted as he had acted. He was ... better than that. He could blame his bad mood to exhaustion. Or to the medication. Or the state of constant tension to which he had been subjected in the last days. But despite all the excuses he could told himself, he knew that his behavior hadn't been acceptable. He rubbed the bottom part of the ridge that circled his left eye, trying to relax the tension that was beginning to build up in his temple that radiated to the cheekbone. The dull pain that had accompanied him since his awakening in the sickbay of the Cayuga had returned with renewed strength, to make his existence even more miserable. BBila sighed dejectedly and opened his eyes again, looking for some free place to let himself fall over and drown his sorrows until he would be barely able to crawl into Ravon's quarters. To his surprise, his gaze spotted two familiar faces in the crowd, the blonde  features of Lt. Kala and the scowling visage of Okotie-Eboh.He didn't know either of them well, but a late dinner in company seemed like a better prospect than swallowing a bottle of alcohol surrounded by strangers. Taking a quick decision, he approached his fellow crewmembers and dropped into the free chair of their small table, resembling a scarecrow blew down by the wind. He didn't ask permission to accompany them. Given the sympathetic expression on the other hybrid's face, the answer he would get would be negative almost for sure if he open him that window. And he was so worn out that he prefered not to face another pulse of wills with the Chief.

Before his earring stopped tinkling because of the abruptness of his movement when he sat down, a person was at his side ready to noted down out his order. "Hasperat, extra spicy, please. And a glass of kanar, if you would be so kind." He requested with a tired smile shining between the scruff of his jaw. "On second thought, bring the full bottle if you do not mind," he added quickly. Today was one of those days when he would give a good account to his personal stash if he was on his own starship. A bottle of the thick, oversweet drink was the minimum he needed. "Lieutenant, Chief." He finally greeted, his smile becoming the mischievous expression he used as armor. "You can continue with your conversation, don't mind my presence," he added with an elegant hand gesture, downplaying the interruption that had been his entry into the scene. While waiting for his order to be brought, he observed the food and drinks that the man and the woman had requested. The presence of alcohol wasn't odd, given the hell of a ride they had shared. But the presence of greasy human comfort food in both dishes surprised him.Eboh was, after all, part human, but he'd expected bajoran food in Kala's plate. But the woman didn't seem to enter in any of his preconceived ideas about his mother's people. The engineer not only didn't carry an earring pointing out her faith in the prophets, as he did, but she neither seemed to have appreciation for the Bajoran meals.  And he couldn't forget that on the airstrip she had referred to him using his given name instead of using his last name, maybe mixing both, as some humans tended to do. Such disconnection with the customs of their people was shocking for the half-bajoran. Thus, the hybrid found himself staring at the woman with pensive expression, trying to solve her mystery.

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | Whetstone Lounge | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Numen @SummerDawn

Eboh watched as Lieutenant Izar dropped into one of the free seats at their table, wondering what sort of snarky comments disguised as charm would issue from the scaled man’s mouth. They remained silent as Izar placed his order, though Eboh wrinkled his nose at the half-Cardassian’s choice of beverage. While Eboh tried to remain open to other cultures, ideas and culinary options, he couldn’t stand the syrup-like liquid that the Cardies seemed to prefer. Alcohol shouldn't slither it's way down your throat, in his opinion, though now that he thought about it the description seemed to make the drink suit the Cardies all the more.

His order placed, the scientist turned his attention to those he had joined at the table. Eboh suppressed the urge to punch the man right in the spoon as Izar directed that irksome smile of his in the El-Aurian’s direction, his polite words and elegant hand gestures hiding the sarcastic and insidious nature that Eboh knew lurked within the snake of a man.

”Please, sir, won’t you join us.” Eboh muttered, his words dripping with sarcasm as he watched the grey face studying the young Bajoran engineer who occupied the table with them. ”Now that I think of it, perhaps it’s fortunate that you’ve joined us.” Eboh informed the recent addition to their party, his face splitting into it’s own impish grin. ”We were just discussing what sort of disgusting twist the Cardassians might come up with on the popular Human dish, pizza. Perhaps you could give us a more educated opinion on the matter, sir?” Eboh’s voice oozed false civility as he addressed the hybrid scientist, his eyes twinkling darkly as he spoke. ”No doubt it would be some sort of syrupy dish. Perhaps eaten with a spoon?” A weak attempt at an underhanded insult, Eboh knew, but with another officer present he didn’t want to be overtly insulting to the scaled Lieutenant. Lieutenant Kala knew nothing of their previous verbal fencing, after all, and Eboh didn’t wish to seem the bitter old racist war veteran. No matter how well the description might fit him in this case.

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Lt. JG Izar Bila| Whetstone Lounge | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

Att. @SummerDawn  @Fife

A little twitch in his left brow ridge was the only outward sign of Bila's irritation at the gratuitous verbal attack. Deep within his being, all he wanted was to take a little snack and relax after the mission and the meeting with the unexpected Dr. Parnak. But his personal minion seemed determined to complicate the night for them both, making remarks that in his mind surely sounded more ingenious than they really were. Bila didn't deign to appear offended by such a puerile attempt at insult and simply adopted a thoughtful pose and answered with a lecturing tone, as if he were giving an academic speech. "My knowledge about Cardassian culture is far from detailed as I've been raised in Bajor, but as far as I know milk and its derivatives are considered children's foods, so it would be considered puerile for an adult to consume those types of products.  On the other hand, the excess of carbohydrates and fats makes that this is way far to a really balanced meal, so it wouldn't be designated as appropriate to be consumed by children. As you know, children and the family are one of the fundamental pillars of Cardassian society." IHe calmly exposed, without allow that his sweetened smile leaved his face. "On a personal level, like as fusion cuisine connoisseur, I would lighten the dish with some moba and alva, maybe a bajoran shrimp or two in each portion. I think there is a trend on Earth close to that, fond of add fruit to pizza. What it was ... pineapple? I think you need to agree with me in that it's the best option. " Bila knew well that this statement was controversial and all the humans he had met had very extreme opinions about it. Since Eboh was human, at least in part, Izar didn't doubt that he would have positioned himself in one of the two extremes of the opinion scale, and whatever his position was, he would surely feel upset right now. If he hated that fruit in pizzas he would be angry because he considered that the scientist was in favor of a culinary aberration. If both agreed, it would bother him to have a point in common with the half-cardassian, even if it was something as childish as that.

His smile relaxed slightly on his face, going from being an oily one to another more cordial. "What do you think about it, Lieutenant?" He asked the blonde woman in a light tone. He knew that his compatriot probably felt uncomfortableseeing herself just between the tug-of-war that seemed to dominate all his interactions with the Chief, so he wanted to give her the option to relax the mood. Waiting for his answer, Bila took a delicate bite of the hasperat that smoked in front of him, delighting himself in the burning sensation of the Bajoran spices in his taste buds.  His mother used to say that the hasperat wasn't good enough if it didn't water your eyes and could kill lesser life form, and the hybrid couldn't help but share that opinion. The contrast with the dense and alcoholic sweetness of the kanar he gulped next only served to emphasize each of the flavors separately. It almost did that the spirits tasted to something other than self-hate and remorse, as it was usual.

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[ Kala | Whetstone Lounge | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]
Listening to both the Chief and the Lieutenant verbally spar with each other, Kala was uncertain as to if this was just a friendly antagonism towards each other, or something far more serious. She could feel an edge to each man as they spoke, the barbs seemed almost genuine, but if they hated each other, why share a table like this? Why share food together?  She took a sip of her vodka, contemplating what she'd sat herself in on, feeling the burn of the liquid in her throat. Damn it felt good though, a reminder there were still some things in life that never changed.

She glanced up when Lt Bila asked her opinion. She'd not been paying too close attention so paused for a second, wracking her brains trying to decide what he was asking her about. Finally it dawned on her, he was asking about Hawaiian Pizza, a misnomer really, it was invented in Canada of all places. "Pizza you mean?" she finally asked, "I honestly don't see what the big deal is. I appreciate that traditional pizza is strictly dough, sauce, meat toppings, and cheese, but I'm also not against experimentation, trying different things on the pizza." As if to drive a point home, she took a bite of her's before she continued, "I do actually like Hawaiian Pizza for what it's worth, the fusion of both sweetness of the pineapple and the spice of the sauce with the saltiness of the ham."

Glancing at the Chief she shrugged, "I'll try almost anything at least once." Putting the slice down she leaned back a little sighing. "And right now I'm just glad we're still alive to enjoy pizza at all, even if it is on this ship of all places." Taking another sip of her vodka, savoring it she placed the now empty shot glass down, "Sorry about earlier Lieutenant. I know we barely know each other, definitely not on first names, not yet at least. I guess I was just happy to see a familiar face, alive and in one piece."

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | Whetstone Lounge | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Numen @SummerDawn

Eboh leaned back and popped a fry into his mouth as he listened to Kala’s opinion on Hawaiian pizza. In truth, Eboh loved ham and pineapple on his pizza, though the fact that Izar was a fan of it too was almost enough to make him cringle. Sharing something in common with the insufferable man was not a pleasant feeling.

Eboh found himself agreeing with the Bajoran as Kala mentioned that she was glad to be alive to eat her pizza, the dark-skinned man nodding his agreement as he pushed several more fries into his mouth, chewing quietly as Kala addressed Izar, apologizing for the use of his first name earlier. Eboh directed his eyes sideways at the half-Cardassian Lieutenant to see how he would respond, taking a long pull from his lager as he did so. Eboh let out an appreciative sigh as he lowered the glass back to the table, content to sit quietly for the time being so as not to disrupt the conversation between Lieutenant Kala and Lieutenant Izar. As the two spoke, the half El-Aurian closed his eyes and rolled his head form side to side, feeling some of the stress of the past week drain from him as he did so.

Eboh opened his eyes as he raised his glass again and took another sip, wiping foam from his lips with the back of his hand as he waited to see if Izar was going to forgive the young Bajoran or come up with one of his characteristically snarky remarks.

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Lt. JG Izar Bila| Whetstone Lounge | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

Att. @SummerDawn  @Fife

Bila allowed himself a wide smile when Lieutenant Kala agreed with him. That smile was unusually sincere and complacent, but the look he gave to Eboh was more malicious. A small victory, but he needed every little triumph that day. He leaned back in his chair and sip kanar. After so many years, it still tasted like failure and self-hate, he thought as the dense liquid ran through his lips. After that first shocking first taste... well, the aftertaste was very different. It was delicious, subtle, rich in flavours. He supposed that most palates never got used to that first taste punch, dense and cloying, so few really know what came after. Possibly the slight fishy taste did a disservice to the cardassian liquor. Bila chuckled when he remembered how his roommate had described it in the Academy: he claimed it tasted liketuna jerky smeared in molasses. He couldn't deny that there was some truth in those words. But his little reflection was interrupted by the apology of the engineer  woman. The hybrid played it down with an elegant gesture of the hand. "It's been ... refreshing, I can't deny it, Lieutenant. I'm used to some humans mess  my name up, as most bajorans I guess, but I didn't expect something in that lines from a compatriot, so it puzzled me a bit. I mean, it's... rare for me to be friendly approached that i don't thought you are addressing me informally . Then I thought that maybe it was a local custom, as well as the absence of an earring. " He explained, touching the ornament that adorned his right ear and ending the speech with a slight shrug.  Bila hesitated a moment, while pecking the hasperat of his plate, but finally let himself be carried away by his curiosity and raised the question he had been pondering since they disembarked. "Where do you come from, Liutenant? I came from Adarak, a charming little town in Kendra Province. I know I don't adhere much to the local phenotype, but I'm afraid I look more like my father," he teased, wrinkling his nose when a jocular smile spread across his features. That slight gesture made even more evident the five ridges that adorned his nasal bone, so different from the slender central ridge that was typical cardassian.

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[ Kala | Whetstone Lounge | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Fife @Numen
"I'm glad you are not offended. I've noticed some races of the Federation more formal about greetings, taking offense at informal greetings between those not closely acquainted. I will confess to some unfamiliarity with both Bajoran and Cardassian customs around greetings." She chuckled, "Odd as that seems given I am a Bajoran and one would think familiar with their customs." She leaned back in her chair a little, enjoying the informality of the moment, talking with two familiar faces. "As to the local custom, not unless there is a custom among those Bajorans settled on earth." She paused when he asked her what province she was from, a common enough question she'd grown used to. The answer quite simply was none. "Canada. Though I suppose if one wished to narrow it to a Province, I would have to say Alberta."

She waited briefly for a reaction before she continued. "I am unsure what the Bajoran word is but humans would call me an ex-pat. My parent's were traders, and when the occupation began, my parent's fled Bajor, finding refuge on earth. As for the earring, or lack thereof, I am an atheist. I know the prophets exist, but they are trans-dimensional beings who live in a non-linear temporal reality that intersects our own. That they appear to have foreknowledge of events is merely a logical outcome of the nature of their reality. To deify them as some do seems to suggest either ignorance, or a blatant disregard of the truth." Kala ran her fingers along the bridge of her nose, "I accept though that not everyone would agree with me, and I hope you do not take offense Lieutenant that I have in a sense turned my back on the Bajoran faith."

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Lt. JG Izar Bila| Whetstone Lounge | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

Att. @SummerDawn  @Fife

"I'm more used to being treated in a distant way, actually, so I'll not complain about a more familiar approach," he confessed with a smile shining on his face. When she confessed that her customs were limited to those of the region of the Earth called Canada and she designated herself as an expat, instead of the surprise that she would surely expect to provoke, Bila smiled even more broadly. He took another sip of his kanar, looking at the woman over the edge of his glass, his hazel eyes full of mischief. When he put the tumbler back on the table, he leaned forward slightly, conspiratorially. "I'm afraid that we share that too. Before I got my citizenship, I was a refugee in the Federation. I spent my adolescence and I educated myself in Trill" He smiled widely at the woman before leaning again on the back of his chair, challenging her. "However I feel proud of my origins and who is my people and I have tried to integrate their customs in who I am, as a sign of respect for them. To fully know yourself you need to know where you come from. And, maybe, embrace it " Even though his words could sound like a scolding, his face was relaxed, his attitude almost playful. Bila toyed with her hasperat for a few seconds, before taking a small bite of it. "Maybe it's something characteristic of hybrids, we don't have an exact 'place' to belong. Or maybe it's something that belongs to those of us who cannot hide a part of ourselves, " he continued, shrugging his shoulders, while looking sideways at Eboh. The half-Aurian could easily pass for human and his status as a hybrid was difficult to verify at first glance, unless his records was studied as Izar had done. Remarking him that was kind of petty, but the dark-skinned man had been pestering him since the moment he had stepped into the lounge and he wasn't going to miss the chance to mess with him, highlighting the difficulties he hadn't had to face.

Bila recovered the thread of what Kala was saying, which at that moment explained her lack of faith in the Prophets. His smile remained in place, but his left eye ridge subtly twitched. "I respect your position, lieutenant, but I fear that my point of view is just the opposite," he explained calmly, stroking the chain of his earring. The ornament tinkled musically in response, a pleasant and soothing sound. "I wasn't always a man of faith. First at all, I'm a scientist, I trust in facts, even if they are mostly theoretical. When I arrived to Bajor, during the War, I believed the same as you, that the cult of the Prophets was a primitive interpretation of beings who, although strange in our reality, were subject to the same physics laws, or the equivalents in their own reality, than we are.  But, my sweet child, I've seen things that cannot be explained with science only. I've seen a whole Armada disappear in a snap of fingers. I've seen people come back from the dead. They prevented Bajor to suffer the worst hardships under the Dominion, whe they preventing it to join the Federation at that time.  I've looked into an Orb and I've seen things I keep close to my heart and that cannot be explained aloud. I've seen how the they listened to the requests addressed to them through the Tears of the Prophets and how they granted the fair requests, showing how they realy care for Bajor. Perhaps most deities are social constructs, ways to find comfort to face the difficulties of life. But Prophets are real, what they are and how they act is almost impossible to fully explain, using what we know or what we think we know. What it's sure is that they belong to Bajor. And as a bajoran, i've faith in them" Bila had exposed his position passionately, but he held his tongue and breathed deeply before he kept talking. He gave a slight swallow to his kanar, barely wetting his lips in the thick liquid before sentencing. "And in those circumstances, my sweet child, all we have left is an act of faith"

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | Whetstone Lounge | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SummerDawn @Numen

Eboh had simply sat back and listened as his two companions conversed, punctuating the silence by popping the odd fry into his mouth or sipping his drink. The two certainly had more to talk about than he and Lieutenant Izar had, and the lull in their bickering was oddly refreshing.

Eboh listened intently as the subject turned to religion, knowing full well that such a discussion could often turned heated should the various parties differ in their opinions. Thus far, the conversation showed no signs of following such a path, but rather seemed a simple, amicable discussion on the topic. The fact that the full-blooded Bajoran was, in this case, an atheist and the half-Cardassian was the devout believer in the prophets caused a slight smile to spread over the El-Aurian hyrbid’s features as he listened to the two of them. He raised his glass as Izar laid out his explanation as to why he could not doubt the Prophets, taking a long sip. He lowered his glass to the table as Izar finished, ending with the pronouncement of an act of faith. And calling Kala “my sweet child”, which Eboh thought was slightly condescending, though he was not about to point out the fact and fracture the calm peace that had settled over the table.

”While I do not acknowledge the prophets as deities as the Bajorans do, I’m afraid I must admit I am with Lieutenant Izar in this regard.” Eboh said, finally breaking his silence. ”While I’m half El-Aurian, I was raised on Earth and had little contact with my mother. My youngest years were spent being raised by a Human who was a devout Christian and I must confess that, with everything I’ve seen in my decades cruising the stars, I cannot help but believe that there is a higher power at work.” Eboh turned his gaze to Kala and gave the Bajoran engineer a warm smile. ”I would never go so far as to say that, as an atheist you are wrong, ma’am. I have no evidence to support my beliefs, and I view religion as a personal choice rather than something to be thrust on others.” Eboh glanced sideways at Izar, his smile growing wider. ”And I never thought Lieutenant Izar and I would find something to agree on, in any regard much less religion.” Eboh shrugged and took another sip of his drink. ”I’m afraid I know little of my El-Aurian heritage, and nothing of any religious beliefs they might have had, so I can’t comment on that side of my parentage.”

Eboh shrugged again, turning his full attention to Kala again. ”I’ve been to Alberta once, when I had left Starfleet for a brief period. I was visiting a friend who took my to Lake Louise. The mountains were very beautiful.” Eboh placed his glass on the table then, and popped a fry into his mouth as he resumed his silence, fearing that he had said too much to interrupt the religious debate that was developing between the two Bajorans.

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[ Lt. JG Izar Bila| Whetstone Lounge | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

Att. @SummerDawn  @Fife

That Eboh agreed with him on something, and even more on something as personal as lreligion surprised Bila more than any other comment during dinner. He looked appreciatively at the dark-skinned man for a moment, thinking that maybe thare were some way to build bridges with him. Maybe there was some way to get along with the other hybrid. However his intention ended in nothing when the only thing that could come out of his mouth was a loud yawn.

He looked at his plate. He had barely picked at the hasperat and had emptied a good part of the kanar bottle. He supposed that the combination of kanar with the stress of the day had exhausted the few reserves of energy that remained in his body. He knew he should eat, or the next day he would be hungry, but the prospect of embedding the remains of the hasperat wasn't seductive. Maybe it was better just drop in bed with a light stomach.

Taking a quick decision, he stood up again. "Igor, try not to drink too much, this Starship would appreciate more hands helping in the repairs and we don't want that you could suffer an accident like stumbling drunk down on a Jefferies and broke your neck, aren't we?." He suggested, his tone neutral enough so that it wasn't clear if he joked or not. "If you don't find anything to do, you can work in the ORE. It's in the xenobiology lab on deck nine, " he said next, before turning his attention to his compatriot. "Ma'am" he said with a witty smirk lighting up his gray features. "I hope we can keep with our discussion in later occasion, or maybe just dinner, I could introduce you in the cuissine of our people" he said with a small bow just before heading to the exit.


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