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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Turbolift | USS Theurgy]

Ji looked over at him as he told her that he had some patrols to take care of and then he was going to work on making the final decision on something.  Ji's brow rose, waiting for him to tell her more information which he promptly did.  He wanted to take the exam to move up to the next rank.  She had no idea that was an exam thing, she thought that was something that you earned through years of service and proving your worth.  But then, she wasn't an officer like he was, she was an Enlisted and it could very well be a very different system.  She had no idea, as she had never actually tried that kind of thing.  She had thought about trying to become an officer, but she didn't mind her rank.  It didn't control what she thought about herself. 

“Do it, if you want to.  Going up is not a bad thing, but it means more responsibility and more stress on your shoulders.  Take it from the P&P Chief, it's not all that it's cracked up to be, but I wouldn't give up my job for anything, that much is for fucking sure.”

He leaned against the wall, and she rested on the one opposite.  They only had four decks to go so they were almost there anyway.  He told her that if tonight worked out properly she could feel free to dress cute.  Her brow rose, as if he was saying that she wasn't cute all the fucking time.  Because she totally was.  Even in her mechanics suit.  But he told her she could also wear the shorts and crop top from yesterday, which caused that brow to shoot up into her hair line.  Apparently he likes the unprepared for a date look.  She gave a nod.  “No dresses... date four... wow.  Okay.”

She brushed her hand through her hair and took a long slow breath out.  She wasn't sure what was going on but she felt that everything was moving so very fast.  A bit too fast for her.  Not that she wanted to cancel tonight but she had to slow them down a little bit.  This was getting into that area where he was going to drop the L bomb on her on date two and she was most definitely not ready for that one.  She chewed on her lower lip.  He asked her what kind of food she liked or was allergic to or what she didn't like.  She shrugged her shoulders and brushed her hair out of her face. 

“Uhh well I like spicy food the best, but I don't think I'm allergic to anything.  If I am I haven't figured it out yet.” she shrugged one of her shoulders.  “As for the kimchi fried rice.. yes .. in theory but I'd have to start with making and fermenting the radishes and then make the rice, that would be something I could start but I'm going to have to get it ready.  I'm glad you liked it though it always reminds me of home.” she smirked softly.

The Turbolift doors opened and she stepped out.  She sighed softly.  She had to do something, take care of something.  Because.. since it had happened it had been bugging her, which meant that she wasn't ready.  She stepped into the corridor and looked around for anyone around, but there wasn't anyone.  She reached up into her suit and took the dog tags off her neck, and she took one of his hands and put them back into the palm of his hand.  Closing his fingers over them. 

“It isn't that I don't appreciate the gift, it was very sweet.  I understand what you are trying to say with them.  But these are .. something that is so precious to you and I don't feel like it's right of me to accept these yet.  So lets make a deal.  If things go well.  And we have more dates.  And we fall for each other.  You can give these back to me.  Because, I'll be ready to wear such a token around my neck.  But as it stands now, I feel like it's not something that Im ready for.  Lets... make sure we're going to work before we give such big gifts.  I hope.. you understand what I am saying.” she said softly, she felt bad, she didn't want to crush him but.. she felt that the gift was just too much right now.

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Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton|  Deck 20 | Arboretum Cafe| USS Theurgy]
ATTN: @Blue Zephyr

Chris listened to her as she spoke her mind on the subject after he brought up the whole idea of him wanting to try out for being a higher rank. "To be honest Ji, I don't care about the rank or anything like that after seeing how my dad and older brothers were affected by it..but after what I've seen happen over the past few months I want to do more for the squadron and if I have to be a higher rank to do that then I will." he said in a very honest tone as he looked at her. "I..I finally feel that I belong again and I'm happy, I want to shoulder more to help give that same feeling back to me crazy, but if I'm not cut out for the rank then no skin off my back because I just want to help more." he finished with a smile.

He noticed how her expression after bringing up the stuff about the dates and then rubbed the back of his neck a little bit. "Yeah, if we get that far that is and if we do, I kind of had this crazy idea of trying to cook for you an old recipe that my mom taught me once complete with all of the side dishes, my family never did anything small." he said before giving her a smile. "Don't worry, no surprises unless you don't like sardines or shrimp."

He noticed her chewing on her lower lip and that worried him a little bit as he hoped that she didn't think that he was rushing things when in fact that was the complete opposite because he was going off of what he did know and he honestly didn't know how he felt about her or if they would even live long enough to see a fourth date with all of the situations that the ship was constantly thrown into in her crew's attempt to stop the conflict that they knew was coming.

But right then and there, he was more concerned about the woman that stood on the other side of the lift from him and how she felt as his training told him from her posture that she was just as nervous as he was about this whole situation because they were entering a whole new thing..

When she mentioned what kind of food that she liked, he nodded but when she mentioned how to make the kimchi-he couldn't help but blink. "Wait a second, how could something so tasty be fermented?" he asked in a tone that spoke more of how confused he was.

When the lift stopped and she stepped off, he followed her and was about ready to say something when she stopped him before removing his chain from around her neck and placed it into his hand at which point he felt his stomach starting to bottom out in a cold dread that he'd never felt before.

That dread lifted somewhat as she explained what she was doing and he did understand but as he looked into those brown eyes of her's, he could see how she felt and as such, he gave a small smile. "I wanted you to know that I was being serious about this, Ji, and I really do want to try this with you and it was the only thing that came to my mind to show you that I wasn't just saying those words but I meant them." he said to her in an honest tone that had actual warmth to it to help take away any concerns that he was angry or upset with her for it. "But since we're building this on honesty I'm going to tell you that I'm honestly not wanting to rush us into something or anything like that but I do actually care for this smart and attractive woman in front of me who can make a mechanic's overall look extremely cute...but I'll take that agreement if you can agree with me that I'm serious about trying to be in a relationship with you, Eun Sae Ji."

Chris then gently cover the hand that had closed his hand around his tags and gave it a reassuring squeeze. "I could say something very corny right now but I'm afraid that you'd hit me..maybe with a number three spanner.." he said softly, trying to get her to smile.


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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Deck 16 | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy]

She wasn't sure what he was going to think or say.  He mentioned his mother's recipes and she wasn't sure if she was game.  It wasn't that she was afraid of it, she just felt that sometimes things were going too fast.  She had just had a rough time with Sten and then the whole incident with Nicander.  Then there was the fact that she had literally met Chris yesterday and he was giving her grand gifts, and wanting to cook for her, take care of her, see her.  Kiss her good morning, she was just not sure.  She felt almost suffocated in her own way and she wasn't sure if it was her or if it was him or if it was just the fear of something more developing. 

“Yes Kimchi is fermented, it takes time to make it, but it's very good, and spicy.  Some of it isn't but most of the good stuff is.” she shrugged her shoulders and looked up at him not sure what was going to happen next.  With Chris it was always a big mystery.  But she needed to get to shift.  Her PADD was pinging and that meant she had two minutes to get on deck or she would be late.  And Ji was never late.  She prided her work above all else in life and she was not about to change that now just because some guy was interested in her. 

She handed him back the necklace and she could tell that it was effecting him.  She felt bad, a little, because the gift was nice but it was far too much.  Far too much for someone he met yesterday and far too much for someone he had even met a week ago.  She knew that he was trying to be serious and honest but at the same time, she wanted to make sure that he understood she was not in the neighborhood to move quickly.  She would like something loyal and moving at a forward momentum but rocking forward on day two was making her vastly uncomfortable.  She didn't like to feel that she was out of control, Ji was very much in control of her life but there were times today that she felt like she was being hit with a semi truck or a Valravn in the side of her face.  So she just needed some time to think.

He closed his hand over his own and she looked up at him.  Mentioning that he was serious and he wanted to make it work.  That he was seriously wanting to make this work.  She knew that he was, and she could tell that much from all of his movements and the gifts, the breakfast, the dinner, the sweat shirt the foot rub, everything.  He wasn't a bad guy at all, she just.. wasn't sure that they were gong to be compatible in the way that they wanted to move forward. 

“I have to get to shift.  I can't be late, the Captain will be pissy and the last thing I need is to explain to Sten that I was having a conversation outside the turbolifts instead of doing my fucking job.  Take care.  Have a good day.  Be safe in whatever you have to do.  Thanks for breakfast by the way.” she smiled at him and gave a wave before she turned and ran onto the flight deck.  She checked in on the wall with her biometrics and chimed in just in time.

She needed to focus on work that was the most important thing right now.  She needed to get her focus on work and make sure that everything was going well.  She had a bunch of shit to do and with fighters going out today she needed to get her head in the game.  Dating and all it's shit could happen later.  Or whatever.  She would figure that out when she had the brain space.  Right now, it was game time.


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