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Day 15 [0823 hrs] Starships Aplenty

Ensign Lauren Pierce | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @tongieboi [Show/Hide]

Lauren was tired after some random encounters lately. Between battles with the Klingons, the Gorn, being abducted and surviving without a sense of modesty at the hands of the Savi, she was tired. Work was slow while they were out for repairs. Her cybernetic hand was good as new with some new components added in the event they were needed in the future. Such as a hidden deactivated transponder, and combadge that could be compiled in a quick and dirty fashion for future events should the need arise.

But she'd bumped into a transporter operator whom she learned upon arrival back to the ship a week prior that he enjoyed time on the holodeck, and not to mention, Starships. Something that she too greatly enjoyed with the flight maneuvers she'd learned and the sleek styles that covered each one differently. One thing she'd never managed to hit was the Fleet Museum and the ships that were present there. Something that she'd wished she'd seen.

Her ancestor, Alana, had mentioned visiting the museum upon arrival in the 24th century and highly recommended seeing. So, Lauren with her thoughts wandering while she stood in her quarters decided now was as great a time as any to visit the place even if it were a facsimile on the holodeck with a fellow lover of starships.

Sending a message to Ensign Joe Adams was next on her list. She waltzed over to her console in her quarters and typed up a quick message to see if Joe wanted to meet with her at Holodeck 3 shortly if he had time to look at the various starships of various eras on display in the fleet museum with her.

After firing off the message, she decided to jump into some of her more comfortable clothing that she used to enjoy prior to being in Starfleet. A v-neck shirt, with the front wrap, akin to the old command green uniforms from the 23rd century in combo with her yoga pants for comfort and a nice pair of boots going half-way up her calf.

Finally settling on her look, appreciating the style she'd chosen, she headed off to the holodeck to meet him there.

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[ Ensign Joseph Adams |Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce ]

Reclining in his quarters, Joe would have been content to relaxing there the entire day, where it not for the console pinging with an incoming message.

Turning from the model starship he was midway through assembling, he raised a pair of magnifying glasses from his head and headed to the console, leaning over his desk. Discarding the half built Miranda Class model for the moment.

Raising a brow for a moment as he read the message, he couldn't help but grin slightly. Finally, an excuse to leave his quarters. Whats more, a trip to a starship museum! Even if it was only a holographic copy, it was still one he had many fond memories of. He  found himself actually looking forward to the 'trip'

A small while later, he was changed and heading for the Holodeck, dressed in 'retro' footwear and casual black trousers. His shirt was white, with a faded insignia of some Andorian band, the shirt had been worn in his academy days and was at least five years old, so the rock band's name, 'Thin Ice', had begun to flake off and looked more like it read 'Hin Ir' at this point. Sure, it wasn't the most presentable shirt, but it was his favourite since 2372. And a birthday present. Which meant he wore it often, hence the faded design. Years of both his home and foreign suns had beaten down on that shirt.

His shoes, another birthday present, specifically replicated to imitate an old brand of shoes, did draw the odd glance of curiosity as he strode down the hall. Few shoes nowadays had any sort of branding on them after all.

Eventually arriving at the section containing the Holodeck arch, Joe let his gaze wander further down the corridor for any sign of Lauren. A slight smile of anticipation on his face as he walked onward, quickening his pace slightly as he neared his destination.

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Ensign Lauren Pierce | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @tongieboi [Show/Hide]

Lauren waited patiently outside of the Holodeck for her partner for the special outing. Part of her was really excited to be hanging out with someone who wasn't Tessa and was more low-key with their emotional state but part of her was really jazzed up for the opportunity to see so many old relics in the fleet museum. She tapped her foot slightly as if to an inaudible music she might have been humming or thinking of when she saw Ensign Joseph Adams arrive. The transporter tech with an affinity for starships as well.

"Hey Joe! Thanks for meeting me here on such short notice! I had been planning to visit this place and figured you might have fun checking it out too. I've honestly never been here before so this will be exciting. Alana told me about it recently and it piqued my interest."

Her smile glowed across her face as her crimson hair shined in the lighting of the corridors. Standing at the arch, she keyed in the command to open and the door made a mechanical sliding as it opened to the office of the fleet museum for check-in.

An older officer stood nearby and looked ready to give them a tour should the need arise. She wondered if the man had actually served on one of these relics.

"Are you ready? Do you have a place you'd like to start with or a specific ship class you enjoy more than the others?"

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[ Ensign Joseph Adams |Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce ]

Joe seemed just as pleased. His smile mirroring her own. Once the large holodeck doors had slid open, it took an awful lot of self control to just stop himself bursting into the program like a dog let off a leash. Instead he walked calmly into the fleet museum, taking a moment to orient himself and recall the vaguely familiar surroundings. The museum had changed a lot from his childhood, but he still recognised a few key landmarks.

It had been quite a long time after all. He'd given the holographic museum officer a cursory glance before his attention was drawn back to the bright surroundings, only returning to focus on his immediate surroundings again once Lauren asked a question.

"Yeah, I'm ready"

He replied with a small nod, although he didn't have any preference for a specific ship class. There'd be time to look at everything, or so he believed. The museum was massive after all. It had to be to fit so many historic ships. Starfleet had a long history, so it made sense there was so much there...

"Tell you what, surprise me!"

He suggested brightly, shrugging his shoulders and grinning again. Curious to see where Lauren might lead him.

"Am I right in thinking this museum can be reprogrammed to withhold any starship in Starfleet's history?"

He wondered, taking a few idle steps further into the interior of the program. That made sense too. It was also one advantage to everything being procedurally generated by a computer instead of actually being real. The museum could hold pretty much any historic starship. Not just the ones that its real counterpart might contain.

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Ensign Lauren Pierce | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @tongieboi [Show/Hide]

She smiled knowing that their attention would soon be gathered to observe various starships. Pointing and tapping her index finger to her lips, she pondered what she wanted to peruse. She knew Alana preferred the Constitution Refit class starships, which she had to admit were beautiful as well.

Tapping the controls on the holodeck, she inputted what starship she wanted to see. The Enterprise-A. Constitution Refit, sleek lines and beautiful design.

"Got one! And yes, the holodeck can do just that. The official museums each have their specific starships to explore. The one I've chosen is the one with the most legendary starships of their class commanded by legendary leaders. My....great...great...grandmother? Long story, but she loves these vessels. Her original ship was even in another museum. Just not this one."

The doors opened and within the familiar sounds of the old training Constitution ships could be heard with some obvious omissions. It was not as roomy, nor colorful as the ships of the 2360's or the Excelsior class, but it had a style all it's own. Lauren walked up and saw the uniforms of that era which were of different collar colors and a red militaristic design that was beautiful all it's own.

"We could put these on if we wanted to be authentic." She giggled. "She wore this design too."

"This is the Enterprise, NCC-1701-A. Kirk's' ship. We can always check this one out or can go to the Bozeman."

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[ Ensign Joseph Adams |Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce ]

Whistling at the sight of the Constitution class, he instinctively took a few steps forward. Brown eyes taking in the sheer size of the vessel. Even though their own vessel was many leagues as large, he still felt dwarfed by the Constitution.

"Wait, don't tell me...Top speed of Warp 7, about 23 decks, right?"

Opening his eyes and looking toward Lauren for approval, until his eyes fell on the uniforms as the doors opened, chuckling a little at the mannequins in the red uniforms, posed as if performing standard duties. He took to examining the red fabric closely. A hand lightly brushing across one of the mannequin's shoulders as if brushing lint from the holographic recreation.

"Oh, I remember these from my old posters! They used this uniform for ages... 80 years if I remember rightly. Yes, we might as well be authentic."

He agreed with a small nod, still grinning. his eyes now once again glancing over the starship interior as he sauntered further inside. Nearly missing her question in the process.

"I haven't memorised the schematics of the Connie yet, but there ought to be crew quarters or changing rooms not far from here. What deck is this?"

He continued to look around, now searching for any indication of where exactly they had boarded the ship.

"Oh, why is there never just a big sign with a number.."

He grumbled lightly to himself before finally, his brain caught up to his mouth and he whirled around to face Lauren again.

"Sorry, yes! The Bozeman? That's from about the same era, right? I mean originally."

Kirk's Enterprise was larger and arguably more famous, but the Bozeman, last he checked, was still in service.

"Your great, great grandmother had good taste. I'm a sucker for an Enterprise..."

He remarked, eventually seeming to reach a decision. Although they had plenty of time to check out both ships, right? That was his thought process anyway.

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Ensign Lauren Pierce | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @tongieboi [Show/Hide]

Lauren smirked at the admiration that Ensign Adams had for the ships. She had the same feeling to be honest despite not growing up in this era and simply having seen it in a museum and in trainings. She nodded to him about the speed and deck counts. "It was by far a legendary ship outside of the fact most since have been larger starting with Excelsior Classes. But I love the designs too!"

Looking onward, she could feel his fascination with the ship and the uniform of the era. She liked it too despite it not being all that comfortable looking compared to current attire.

Hearing the inquiry, she paused. "Deck 7 is the transporter room but decks 4 through 6 include crew quarters as does deck 17. It's really crazy what they had back then. Not a lot has changed since other than space and crew counts. I think we're on deck 13 which has the observation deck."

She giggled and held her hand to her face with redness as she caught herself as the question was posed about the sign with directions on it for location. "And it's not like today either where you can ask the computer. I mean we could technically but it lacks authenticity here."

"Yes, the Bozeman is from the 2270's and came into the 2360's time frame from a temporal fissure. But yeah, my great, great grandmother was on the original Enterprise after her refit but before it was destroyed. She later joined the USS Eagle..." Leaving out the rest of her ancestor's history is better there.

"Actually, I served on the Enterprise-E in 2374-2375. Before the drama of their final mission. But nothing beats this design in my opinion." She stated matter of factly.

"Anywhere in particular you want to explore? Or any history you want to lay out on me mister ship aficionado?" Giving a warm smile back to him as she stood back with her hands on her hips.

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