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Day 09 [1945] Mayhem over Mai Tais

[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Brutus

Sipping at her virgin mai tai, Enyd laughed to herself as her gaze flitted over the flora in the arboretum below. The last time she’d been here, Enyd had all but thrown herself at Drauc and, before leaving his side, had elicited a most curious outing to Qo’Nos that had resulted in more than what she’d expected. Her cheeks warmed as she moved her stare to the contents of her glass, stabbing her little pink umbrella against the floating ice cubes. It amazed Enyd how absolutely moronic she could be around Drauc, and yet he hadn’t fed her to the targs on their little jaunt up the mountains. Perhaps there was hope for her yet.

Glancing at the café door for a moment, Enyd’s mind moved from the spectacular contours of Drauc’s body to the woman she was waiting for, a much safer and more professional image to be sure. Similar to her intention in meeting Lieutenant Foval, Enyd had requested to casually meet Ensign Danvers. No motive beyond getting to know one another in a neutral setting. Enyd was presently living the consequences of not having enough time to grow accustomed to problem-solving tactics and paradigm preferences with Ensign L’Nari. For the good and bad of it, they’d been thrown together on Enyd’s first away mission aboard the Theurgy, and on every interaction since then, the seething disdain emanating from the Caitain toward Enyd was palpable enough to be considered an alternative energy source for the ship in case of dire circumstances.

Not wanting to repeat the same mistake while there was time to make proper acquaintances, Enyd hoped Danvers would accept her invitation and show up. After all, it had not been an order, and they were both off duty at this hour. Dressed in a uniquely seamed white halter top with a pleated khaki skirt, Enyd’s hair was combed away from her face but left loose to do as it may. She felt a semi-tropical-themed outfit would best fit the setting and hoped her casual appearance wasn’t too off-putting for the Ensign should she choose to arrive. It was one thing to have a casual drink with a superior officer, it was quite another when said officer chose to dress for the casual and less the officer.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz 

The days since the Rock Concert in the holodeck for junior officers had been relatively mellow for Faye. She hadn't needed to pull any extra shifts, and most of her negotiations with the locals had been similar low level attaché affairs in which certain information was requested and provided, in both directions. While that had necessitated a few trips down the planet and at least one meeting involving herself and Foval, one of her direct superiors, for the most part Ens. Eloi-Danvers had put in her 8 hours on duty shifts, mostly by herself, and made various reports to be logged and perused by her superiors at their discretion. She'd spent the rest of the time in various pursuits such and boning up on Klingon Literature and Opera - she had direct access to the source, after all; taking the occasional half shift in the Hydroponics Garden, or doing a little horticultural maintenance in the Arboretum; attending various physical therapy sessions; and indulging in various and sundry hedonistic desires, none of which had made it into the rumor mill that she was aware of.

So she had been a bit surprised all the same, to be invited to meet up with Lt. Madsen, one of the two new Assistant Chief Diplomats in her department, to share a few drinks and casually 'get to know each other.' Having not sensed any form of ulterior motive in the woman's surface thoughts and emotions (not that she'd gone looking for it exactly, but the surprise of the request had left her startled enough to pick up a few things nonetheless), Faye had readily accepted the offer for what it was at face value, and pushed aside any stray notions of either being in trouble, or being propositioned by a direct superior (it wouldn't have been the first time. Hell not even on this ship, though it was arguable if Lt. Commander Dewitt had been a 'direct' superior as they weren't her department head).

This had left her with the small conundrum of sorting out what to wear. In the end, Faye had pulled up one of her stored dress patterns from her personal files, a light, summery affair from her homeworld (which made it about a decade out of date style wise from the trends on Betazed proper). It was lacy, but solid enough not to be too revealing, and cut in a casual fashion that - as long as it wasn't sliding off her shoulder, which she had to admit it was want to do - wouldn't be too provocative. Not all humans were her Riley after all, and they all seemed to have differing ideas of what was and wasn't appropriate, most of which was laughably puritanical to the Betazoid Diplomat, whom perhaps idolized the tendencies of her peoples chief Ambassador to the Federation more than she should.

In any event, the outfit was completed with the addition of some comfortable tan sandals that wrapped up over her heels, and the ever present comm-badge clipped over her left breast. Seeing that it was secure and wouldn't fall off the light garment, Faye fluffed her hair, left a message on her console in case Riley dropped by (she had the night shift but had a tendency to drop in on her breaks), and headed on to one of her favorite places aboard ship.

The Arboretum, and its accompanying café, were a refuge to someone like Faye, who enjoyed spending her free time gardening. She had fallen in love with the little slice of nature when she'd first come aboard the Theurgy from the Cortes, the later being entirely too small a class of vessel to have something as extravagant as the Arboretum (even if the former troop transport had been repurposed for Diplomatic duties after it had been salvaged in the wake of the Dominion War). Although the emotional tenor of the place had shifted ever since the dedication of the memorial wall looping around the observation deck of the second level, Faye still found the place a source of peace and calm. She volunteered to help with the upkeep, and if she wasn't meeting someone in one of the various mess halls, or lounges, she was often taking her own meals on her own here in the Café - especially her lunches, though dinners were not unusual as well, as was the case now.

She breezed into the room and felt both the warmth and slight increase in humidity that accompanied the general atmosphere of the Arboretum bubbling up over the vine covered glass walls, that did not quite go all the way to the ceiling of the deck. Breathing in the wonderful scents of flora from a myriad of worlds, mixed with the mouthwatering aromas of various meals had the Betazoid's stomach rumbling ever so slightly. Perhaps all the extra therapy was improving that appetite, she mused. Coal black eyes swept the occupants of the room as she stepped slightly to one side of the door, skirt swishing around her knees, a couple of crewmen entering in her wake. Twirling one of the locks of recently dyed honey blond curls between her fingers, Faye spotted he quarry at one of the small, two person tables.

Enyd was almost unrecognizable, with her hair down, wearing clothes far more flattering to her form than a standard Starfleet uniform, and it took Faye a moment to connect the person at the table with the officer she saw while on duty. A smirk crawled over her face, and she decided she liked the Lieutenant far more when she looked comfortable and relaxed. Some people looked like they were never more at home than in an uniform - Foval was one of those, at least to Faye, whether or not that was the actual case. Enyd Madesn, she decided, was the opposite. Which was one thing they had in common she supposed. Faye loved any excuse to dress in something flightily and comfortable.

Smoothing out the front of her dress (and pulling the collar back up over her shoulder from where it had stylishly slid down), Faye pushed off, crossing the distance toward the other Diplomat. When she was a few strides away still, she gave a small wave to get the other woman's attention, put a smile on her face, and called out, "I hope I haven't kept you waiting, Lieutenant."

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Brutus

Swallowing her most recent sip of the fruity nectar, Enyd smiled at the fellow diplomat's approach and motioned for Faye to join her at the table. She was quick to note the woman’s dress and no longer worried about whether Faye would find her own casual attire bothersome.

“If I was bothered about waiting for other people, I’d never show up early, or even on time.” Enyd winked at the Betazoid as they assumed the positions at the table. “I enjoy being a part of the background atmosphere, soaking in the environment, listening to the varying conversations drifting about, watching how people interact with each other.” She nodded towards a trio of individuals sitting closer to the edge of the café. “It seems the young warrant officer there finds the ensign they’re having drinks with most attractive while his own roommate is pining for him.” She gave a feigned lovelorn sigh on their behalf. “Each species has its own kinesthetic language, and I’ve always enjoyed learning those subtle nuances that are so easy to overlook. Sometimes we get so caught up in the weeds of verbal communication that we buzz right by the physical.”

After pointing to her half-drunk mai tai, Enyd smiled, nodding towards the bar, “Not sure what your preference is, but this virgin mai tai is quite refreshing.” She waited a moment before daring to add, “And since we’re both dolled up for off duty, how do you feel about at least surnames, if not first names? While I respect the regulations and abide by them, I am also far from a stickler for off-duty hours. I would like to think that your use of my first name would not harm your professionalism in the line of duty. If it did, there’s far more wrong with your abilities as an officer than mere name-calling.” Enyd leaned back to hold up her hands briefly, “However, if you’d prefer to stick to rank, I am happy to abide.”

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz 

If there had been any doubt as to if Faye's attendance was actually desired or just some formality, the warmth of the greeting she got, in addition to the pleased emotions she was unable to avoid picking up on put that notion to ease. Everyone liked to be liked, and wanted to be wanted, even in such a simple fashion, and it brought a contented smile to the younger diplomat's face as she saddled up across the table from Lt. Madsen. A bubbly sort of relief settled in about the Betazoid, as she perched her elbows on the table and leaned in, drinking up the other diplomat's words. Answering smiles with smiles, Faye turned her head to take in the crew in question.

Now that Enyd was pointing it all out, Faye thought she could see what her colleague saw, map the clues to the situation unfolding. Nodding along in agreement, Faye allowed herself the briefest of glimpses at the emotions coming from the group, just barely grazing the surface. It was enough to pick up the clear desires at play, and to whom they were each directed. A situation that could end up being quite messy at some point if everything came out in the light, but thankfully none of the lot in question looked to be of species with hearing capable of picking up what her superior was putting down. All the same, Faye allowed herself a sigh of her own, and tactfully noted, "If they could read each others body language they'd see that they had a problem with only one solution. A threesome.. It would do them all wonders, really."

Allowing herself a laugh at the observation, which was perhaps not quite as tactful as she had intended, if nevertheless true, Faye looked down at the drink, then over to her fellow professional mediator. Her gentle laugh turned to a short snort, and she shook her head, turning her gaze to the bar and then back again. "After that concert the other night, and consuming entirely too many drinks with genuine alcohol, I think I'll stick to virgin options. I have no desire to repeat the mother of all hangovers I woke up with again, thank you very much."

There was a joke about virgins, her escapades, and how many years since the word had applied to her hanging around there somewhere, but Faye couldn't be bothered to find it and wasn't sure it would fit the tone of the encounter at any rate. She was here to get to know her superior a bit better, and this wasn't a stop over at Argelius or Risa. There was no need to be shamelessly hedonistic just because she was off duty. "I think I'll try one of whatever you are having.

"As for names,"
she pressed on, tuning out the impressions she was picking up from others around her, letting the emotions of the room blend into a collected mass and wrapping that around her like a warm cloak. "I think if I can remember which order to list all the titles that apply to His Royal Grumpiness the High Chancellor, I can remember to call you Lieutenant on duty, and Enyd off duty. I'm sure there are plenty of reasons to question my performance, but that won't be one of them." 

Tipping the other woman a wink, she offered her hand, "But with all that in mind, please call me Faye." Humans liked to shake hands, she reminded herself, and it seemed a fitting gesture. Afterward, she waved down one of the holographic servers that staffed the Café and asked it to bring her one of the drinks that Enyd had ordered. Sending it on its way, she turned back to the human woman. 

"So, is the plan to indulge in a little people watching? If so, you've picked an excellent place. We're even close enough that we could probably start making up stories about the people down in the gardens themselves. Pretty good view from up here, at least what you can see through the flowers and vines."

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Brutus

Enyd laughed at Faye’s suggestion, “Yes, that would probably do the trick, though I can’t say that I’ve much experience in that regard, so my assumption on its practicality as a solution is purely theoretical.”

Faye’s mentioning of the concert had Enyd grinning, “It was a hoot wasn’t it? I misunderstood the concert's theme thoroughly, but everything turned out well enough. I didn’t ingest as much alcohol as you seemed to have, and a definite far cry from my first night on Theurgy. I transferred over with a fellow officer and we may have imbibed a bit too much that evening while trading stories. Ended up basically raiding the pantry before the night was over.” Enyd leaned forward and pressed a finger to her lips. “Shh…she has a tendency to know all things so maybe don’t share that story beyond this table.”

Quickly leaning back with a wink, Enyd nodded at Faye’s choice of drink, and her smile grew when Faye thankfully decided upon first names. After ordering her drink, Faye quickly offered a hand, and Enyd was glad to take it, giving it a single firm shake.

“There was no plan aside from creating an opportunity to get to know one another in the hopes that we might work well together from that foundation of camaraderie when a crisis happens, which it undoubtedly will on this ship and in this line of work.” Enyd smiled and nodded towards the winding pathway in the garden down below. “And yes, this is an excellent place for people watching. I can only imagine the show I gave folks some days back when I met Mister Drauc down there.” Enyd stabbed the ice cubes in her glass a few times, not at all perturbed beyond her own weakness for Romulan men with husky voices. Smiling at Faye, Enyd added, “It seems I have a type of man I go weak in the knees at, and I basically became a puddle of nonsense down there when I was actually here for work purposes.” She laughed at her own past idiocy before asking, “Has anything like that happened to you before?”

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz 

Allowing herself a girlish giggle and a conspiratorial wink, Faye murmured, "Your secret is safe with me. Lucky for you I don't have the first clue who you are talking about. Couldn't tell them if I wanted to."

Leaning over the table with her elbows planted firmly before her, and her hands tucked up under her chin, Faye tried to recall how Enyd had dressed at the holodeck party, and realized that she'd been so utterly besotted with Riley that she hadn't really paid all that much attention to hardly anyone else. She was sure the other woman had managed to enjoy herself all the same, and was less certain, though considered it quite likely, that she hadn't even bumped into her superior during the concert. She was making up for that now, getting to sit and enjoy the other woman's company in an environment far less likely to lead to unwanted headaches in the morning and with far less chance of damaging her hearing. 

Despite being one to party herself, and happy to cut loose at a moments notice, Faye found it difficult to picture any of her colleagues in a situation where they were not completely in control of themselves, or at the very least carrying themselves with more composure, and thus struggled to picture Enyd plastered. True, she was far more relaxed and less...uptight wasn't quite the right word...reserved? than she was on duty. And she wasn't diplomatically butting heads with Faye. But again, between her, Foval - whom had a double does of Vulcanoid and Borg stoicism, at least in her interactions with the other man, and their boss, Lt. Commander Rutherford, whom Faye would wager 'poise' was the woman's middle name would never be caught behaving like Faye had the other night. 

Then again, off duty was very different from on duty, as Faye well knew. Plenty of command level officers liked to let their hair down. The memory of a certain cultural exploration after a long negotiation session with members of the Aldean council came to mind, and Faye longed for a moment for another one of those urun therapy sessions that were sadly not all that common on Qo'noS. She wondered if the woman across from her would like such a thing, and decided that pretty much anyone with a libido who didn't repress all their emotions would enjoy it. 

Maybe some of her more stuck up Vulcan associates would loosen up after one of those massages. 

The thoughts were there and gone again in a flash, and the two were settling on the use of first names, and the acquisition of a good drink for Faye. 

Idlily sipping the condition, she listened with rapt attention as Enyd covered her motivations for the meeting. She let out a little snort of a laugh at her fellow diplomats estimation of the likelihood of crisis enveloping the duo in their duties aboard the Theurgy. As the saying went, it was funny because it was true. Having had to rescue and protect the heir to the House of Martok just under two weeks ago was but the most recent example of the absurd situations that Faye had been forced to deal with since coming aboard her most recent posting. It was good to be back in Klingon space, but if she ever had to deal with that little shit again, it would be too soon.

Her eyebrows shot right up her forehead at the notion of Lt. Marsden becoming all flustered and bothered down in the Arboretum. She glanced over the railing and through the transparent aluminum barrier to take in the sight of a few officers meandering about the well cared for paths, and allowed herself another giggle. "You and Drauc? Mr. Tall Dark and Tragically broody? I'll admit he's certainly the type to leave people flustered though I've never had quite that reaction to him per say. Good for you though. I'm sorry I missed the show." She winked and leaned back in her chair, rotating the glass in front of her as she contemplated her answer. 

"Some of my Academy contemporaries would say that my type of partner would be summed up as 'whoever was willing' and leave it at that, though that's not quite right. I like to have a lot of fun and I find fun with a variety of people. I certainly appreciate a strong sort, that are say, in need of the occasional confidence booster," Here she thought of Mikayla MacGregor, the Klingon security officer whom was coming to terms with her own sexual preferences and  the changes she had undergone at the hands of the Savi. "Which is ironic because I also enjoy the company of those that possess a great understanding of who they are. Self-confidence is rather hot, I won't lie." An apt description of Lt. Commander Dewitt, or Lt. Commander Martin, both women whom knew what they wanted and were more than willing to take it. She'd never made a pass at Dr. Nicander but he had put off that kind of aura as well, and she'd found it almost attractive enough to off set the fact that she could never read the man. Now that she knew why, she wasn't sure how she felt about not making a pass.

Faye ticked off another finger. "I am an absolute sucker for anyone that is good with their hands and can give a great massage. Though I suppose their job is to turn their clients into putty so I'm not sure if that counts. If we're ever back in Aldea, I know a great place," she laughed, thinking again on that night with the view of the Aldean skyline, the first time she had felt as if the world wasn't going to come crashing down around her shoulders.

"But the ones that really get their teeth into me are people who are naturally, unrepentantly kind. Sappy, I know, but I'm head over heels for that." Here she thought of Riley, who walked into her life, cared for her, and decided that they weren't walking back out. Blushing a bit, she tucked a strand of hair behind her head. "I have absolutely let myself be carried away thirsting after someone and making a scene or two. Which for a Betazoid is saying something, given how open we tend to be." 

Memories of a beach or two, once again back on Aldea, came to mind. In fact, most of her recent escapades could be traced back to that planet, and the chance to unwind that it had offered.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Brutus

Enyd blushed at Faye’s assessment of Drauc, noting that the Betazoid wasn’t too far off in her description. Chuckling, Enyd sighed out, “I can guarantee a show anytime I find a man attractive. I’m a complete nincompoop with such things.”

Enyd was careful to keep to herself more of the details regarding her “encounter” with Drauc, as there was no reason Faye needed to be subjected to the myriad of emotions and sensations Enyd had lived through during their little adventure to the mountain. Instead of letting her mind divert back to those memories, Enyd kept herself trained in the moment, listening aptly to Faye as she described her preferred partner. Some of what she said reminded Enyd of Valyn, and Enyd smiled at the thought of Faye and Valyn together, even if just as friends.

“It is always interesting how those who live outside our psyches can perceive our character or motives. In my case, I believe most of my associates would correctly sum up my romantic ‘prowess’ as haphazard and fairly tragic. But just because that’s what it’s been doesn’t mean that’s what it has to be.”

Enyd snorted at the comment about self-confidence, her mind briefly flicking to a certain Romulan that had NOT caused her stomach to flutter with butterflies at the sound of his voice. At least, not willingly.

“Have you met Hirek tr’Aimne? He was the Romulan defector who…’rescued’ me on Qo’Nos after the explosion outside the opera house last week.” Enyd sighed and shook her head. “He still insists that he wasn’t the one who kidnapped me or came up with the idea to kidnap anyone, but was certainly the one I woke up to, and he was also the one who shot me, dragged me through the sewers, nearly drowning me, and ‘saved’ me once we reached the others.” Rolling her eyes, Enyd gave a half shrug. “I only mention him because your comment about self-confidence had me thinking of him. He’s arrogantly self-assured in a way I’ve not noted in any other Romulan and, frankly, it annoys me that he intrigues me. And I know it has everything to do with how we met and how easily he gets under my skin just by showing up. There are certain things I don’t like being reminded of, and being captured and confined is one of them.”

Shaking her head, Enyd briefly wished she’d had an actual mai tai, before shaking her head again. She hadn’t meant to ruin the light mood, though her words had been spoken with a sort of sarcastic jocularity despite the heft of reality behind them. She steered the conversation back to  Faye’s preferences with a smile and a nod.

“The kind ones are always the best. And in that vein, have you met EnsignVictor van Vinter?” Her body warmed at the thought of her former-fiance, who was still, thankfully, her kindred friend. “He was recently made a Wolf onboard. I’ve known him for years.” Enyd blushed, holding back, for the moment, the fact that they’d once nearly been married. “And if ever there was a man born under a sappy moon, it would be he.”

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz 

Faye could only hope that she was around to see Enyd go head over heels for someone at some point, because that sounded like it would be a sight to see indeed. She noted that the woman specified a 'man' and locked that tidbit of information away for a later day. She knew a few guys on the ship that liked a good time - every ship had a few, especially ships with pilots. Still, it was far too early to play match maker.

Or perhaps not, Faye mused some moments later, her eyebrows lifting up high on her head as she sipped from her glass, enjoying the flavor of the drink, while being grateful it lacked the bite (and side effects) of it's alcoholic sibling

"No, I haven't had the pleasure yet," Faye admitted, running her finger over the rim of her glass as she listened to Enyd. She knew there were a few of the crew aboard that were of Romulan descent. The same crazy mad dash into Klingon space she'd been thinking of just a few moments before had been helmed by one of them, a rather nice blonde whom had put up with two diplomats and a spy very well, all things considered. But this new defector was an unknown to her. She was aware he was aboard but had not had the time to read up on his file yet - presuming she had the access. "He sounds like a real winner if he did all that to you, and they still let him aboard..."

The junior diplomat left the unasked question of 'why' hanging in the air and got an answer accompanied by a shrug from her superior. A flash of sympathy passed over her own features and she gave a little nod in Enyd's direction. "I'll admit almost every Romulan I've ever met had some arrogance to them, even the ones that are on our side. This guy sounds like a real winner. Intriguing though. I can see how that has to be frustrating. Especially if he's the type that knows he gets under your skin. Confident for sure though. Sound's like he's got enough of it to fill a parsec."

Even if the Lieutenant wasn't her superior in her department, such revelations called for, what her mother liked to term 'sisterly solidarity.' They shifted gears away from the Romulan defector and what effects and possible merits he might have in the human woman's estimate and over to others they served with. Faye let elbows rest on the table as she rolled her glass from one hand to the other, catching the low light of the room and splashing a myriad of colors of the surface of the liquid, which now barely came up to the halfway point of the jar. She thought over the pilots she'd met so far and had to shake her head, picking up a few interesting vibes from her drinking partner, even though she was steadfastly doing her best to be polite and stay out of the other woman's head. Sometimes things were simply felt too much, and Faye could tell there was a history at play.

"I haven't had all that much interaction with the flyboys and girls down in TacConn, to be honest," Faye confessed with a shrug. "I've interacted briefly with their Department chief in senior staff meetings, back when the entire Diplomatic department existed of just me," a less than stress free time, something of an understatement, "and he seemed like a decent bloke, though I heard some rumors that he had some trouble with a few women on the ship. Scuttlebutt and all that, mostly just sticking his foot in his mouth and something about an ex showing back up.

"Other than that I'm aware of Lt. Havenborn, who came over from the Resolve in the wake of our dust up at 84. Haven't met any of the newer pilots though. The way you talk about this van Vinter, sounds like you think pretty highly of him?"
She told herself she hadn't exactly meant to pry, but even she had a hard time fully believing that.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Brutus

“He is certainly winning in a few personality quirks,” Enyd glibly responded with a sigh, falling silent as she listened to Faye’s reply. With an amused smile, Enyd shook her head. “I am most frustrated at myself, really. I’m not clear on all the particulars, but he got clearance to come aboard from Ives directly so there’s got to be something about him that is misleading. He can’t be all bark without some legit bite, you know? And he is very clever and charming. If he turned that on someone else, I would find it entertaining to watch. I just happen to be one of his targets for the time being.” She gave another shrug, having accepted her fate of being the brunt of fate's fickle nature.

Enyd began swirling the melting ice cubes in her glass as Faye filled the silence with what she knew of the pilots and her past interactions with them. The woman's final comment about Victor had Enyd’s ears perking and a smile tugging at her lips.

“Well, you can add this to scuttlebutt, but Victor and I were engaged some years ago.” She took a sip, allowing the comment to take effect before she lowered her drink and took to pushing back and forth between her fingers as she filled her fellow diplomat in on the more pertinent details. “We met while he was on leave, and I was attending the Metternich on Vulcan. We struck up a long-distance correspondence that got us both through the highs and lows of our lives at the time, and gradually we grew to a point where marriage felt like the most logical thing for people who felt as we did for one another. We maintained a long-distance engagement as I went through officer’s training and was assigned to Cardassia, but,” she swallowed and took a moment to breathe deeply before finishing on a sigh, “I broke off the engagement, feeling it was the kindest thing to do since I had fallen in love with someone else and the circumstances I was living in were proving fairly precarious. We lost touch after that.” Enyd gave a half shrug before taking another sip and offering Faye a soft smile, “I was very happy to find him onboard, truly. And we have had more than a few heart-to-hearts since our unexpected reunion. We are still kindred spirits but not likely to put a ring on the finger for that this time around.”

Pushing her empty glass to the middle of the small table, Enyd leaned back and playfully nodded as if in challenge toward Faye, “Have any stories to beat that scuttlebutt?”

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz 

Whatever gossip Faye had potentially expected her superior to divulge about this Victor that she knew, what was actually told far eclipsed anything the more junior diplomat could have come up with. Her eyebrows shot up high a long her hairline and her eyes got wider, as she hid the surprised 'o' her mouth made behind the rim of her glass. If the details of Enyd's engagement were in her personnel file, Faye might have noticed them - had she read the file ahead of time. She hadn't felt a terrible need to pry into her superiors record, having been content to take it on authority that the woman had earned her rank - until such time as she did something to cause the Betazoid to question that presumption. As the Lieutenant seemed imminently competent, Faye had minded her own business. Personal details like that were always hit or miss in official jackets in any event. 

Which was to say that she hadn't seen that coming at all, and was truly shocked. Not that she was judging her harshly, far from it in fact. "Certainly the responsible thing to do, if you no longer harbored the kind of feelings that would be the necessary foundation for a healthy marriage, as I understand the custom to be," Faye gave a little shrug. "It is far better to be honest about such things. Then again I come from a species of natural telepaths and a culture of openness that still shocks some members of the Federation, so my perspective on the matter might be a tiny bit skewed," she added, holding her thumb and finger barely a millimeter apart from one another, and flashing the human woman a cheeky grin.

Running her finger over the rim of her glass, Faye allowed herself a languid shrug of the shoulders. "Well, I can't say I've ever been engaged, and therefore haven't broken such an arraignment off with anyone, let alone someone on the ship. I have ah...heh," she glanced to the side, "I've certainly had amorous encounters with many members aboard, but that is fairly normal for me. What was it my mother called me? An unrepentant hedonist?" There was another one of those shrugs, and she curled her hands around the now empty glass. 

"I will say I've found more willing partners aboard than I expected, especially after I got defrosted. But I imagine that's mostly an outlet for all the constant stress we're under. During our stopover at Aldea...well, there were a lot of intimate encounters all over the ship. Kinda surprising considering how many of the crew had to deal with the Niga incident, and yet at the same time not a shock at all." A grin blossomed on her face as she recalled a party on the surface, aboard a mega-yacht. 

"There is a human saying about how the quiet ones will always surprise you, and I can confirm that. One of the sweetest, and almost terminally humble officers aboard I've ever met, over in the Counseling Department, was uh...shall we say enticed into a very public threesome in the middle of a yacht party. I would have never expected he'd go for it. Felt kind of bad actually, because I think I scared off his date. Had to make it up to him of course. One thing led to another and all the sudden we were dancing horizontal on the boats ballroom dance floor." She paused, then clarified, "Well, more like one of the tables along the edge of the dance floor, but close enough. If you can ever get him out of his shell Rhys Williams is fantastic fun. And like I said, total sweet heart." She figured the man could use a little good publicity.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Brutus

“That’s the thing, I did and do still love Victor. But there are as many forms of love as there are moments in time, and, at least in my limited experience, sometimes the best way to show love is to sacrifice it. A lot was going on, and I’d rather not go into some details here, but I did what I did in an effort to protect the two men I loved. No good thing goes unpunished of course, and one man died while the other had his heart broken.” Enyd smiled at Faye’s comment about Betazoid’s and nodded. “I grew up in a family that believed calculated honesty was the best policy. I know that’s quite the same thing as the full-throttle openness of Betazoid, but I do appreciate that culture. The freedom it brings.”

Enyd laughed at Faye’s confession. If she acted with one iota of the same amount of openness to sexual encounters while her grandmother was still alive, Enyd would’ve been tarred and feathered. The brief mention of the Niga virus sobered Enyd and she nodded.

“It isn’t surprising that people would seek out consensual encounters after something so traumatic as the Niga virus. And the Ishtar incident. When control is ripped away from us we often repeat the same scenario, only this time with us in control.”

Enyd allowed Faye to carry them on to happier tales as she relayed the memory of a threesome on a yacht on Aldea. Enyd finished her drink, scooped up a piece of ice, and plopped it into her mouth as she listened with a forced neutral expression. Enyd had never participated in a threesome. In fact, aside from her kisses with Victor and intimacy with Javec, she was a blank slate for sexual encounters.

“That sounds like it was a very relaxing and much-needed time off-ship. I can’t remember the last time I was on a boat, though I love boat rides. Maybe there will be some shore leave I can take later and scout out a boat of some sort. Hopefully, not one that encounters a sea monster, though, as I already faced down one on Vulcan, and I’d rather avoid the Klingon version.” She quirked her head to the side and added, “I met Rhys briefly at the concert a few nights ago, but we didn’t get a chance to talk long. I was lured to the dance floor and broke a heel.”

Suddenly peckish, Enyd caught the attention of a passing waiter and ordered a charcuterie board along with another round of drinks for both her and Faye.

“What is your favorite thing about serving on this ship, with this particular crew?” Enyd asked while they waited for the order to be filled. “This is my first starship posting and I’m always curious others’ opinions on the matter.”

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz 

Faye found that Lt. Madsen's - Enyd's, she corrected herself once more - attitude towards love was quite mature and refreshing, especially from a human. She might be a tad biased, of course. But that Enyd could understand that she felt a kind of love for Victor, but not the kind of love that might lead to a healthy marriage, was a promising sign of the woman's abilities to understand herself. Then again Faye might just be seeing the positive in the situation because she wished for it to be there. She had taken a swift liking to her superior during the course of their little chat, and wanted to think the best of her. A dangerous proposition in some circumstances, but so far she wasn't picking up any serious warning signs. 

"I am sorry that, despite your best intentions, parties were hurt in the whole affair. That is unfortunately a universal constant I think. We can only control how matters turn out so much. Still, it sounds to me as if you did what was likely right, regardless of the outcome." She paused, and, feeling as if she had been presumptuous, added, "Not that you needed my uh...approval? of the whole thing."

At least she had the courtesy to look slightly abashed about that. Not that the human woman seemed all that bothered by Faye's input. She thought to mention that as diplomats, one had to be calculated in honesty as well as just about any other tactic, but then, her boss probably knew that better than she did, so she simply nodded in agreement and flashed a smile of appreciation in turn for Enyd's thoughts on her own culture.

Dark eyes went wide as eyebrows shot high up on Faye's forehead, managing to hide themselves within the locks of hair that had fallen down around her face, framing her shocked visage. "Right, okay, I can safely say I have never encountered any sea monsters, Vulcan, Klingon, or otherwise. Though I heard some rumor that one or two manifested themselves on Aldea, but that was long after I had beamed back to the ship. I never really followed up on that to check to see if there were any official reports, just catching the occasional bit of gossip in the mess hall and the like. I uh...congratulations of surviving an encounter with one on Vulcan then. I'm sure there are some tour boats on Qo'noS, though knowing Klingon's like I do, I would place good latinum on sea monsters being a peak attraction, and not a hazard as far as they are concerned."

Sea monsters. We travel the stars and yet, sea monsters. She shook her head with faint amusement, still mildly startled. 

"I hardly remember that holodeck concert and who was there. I will admit that my idea of unwinding was to get utterly plastered. I spent the whole night with Nurse Patterson." And the morning after, she didn't say aloud, but a smile curled over her lips all the same at the memory of the morning. Well, once the hangover had vanished, the morning had been amazingly sweet. "My condolences on the loss of your heel though. I once landed flat on my face during a negotiation on Rigel when one of my heels snapped. Not my finest moment."

As the waiter departed to fill the order, one that Faye was looking forward to sampling, the Betazoid sat back and pondered the other woman's question, tapping her finger on her chin. "Are we talking about before Jupiter Station, or after? If the former, there was the feeling that we were really going to accomplish something. A feeling of things being new for me as  well. I'd spent a few years on the Cortes - it had been refitted after its loss and recovery during the Dominion War into something geared more towards Diplomacy than Troop Transport - and assigned to Khitomer. Which was great, don't get me wrong, but after a few years it was nice to be on such a larger ship, with so much more space. And we were going to Romulus! You have to admit that is exciting." 

A faint simile seemed to fade from her face as she thought about how that mission went. The crews of the Theurgy and the Titan had done their best to broker peace in the wake of Shinzon, but they had left Romulan space far less successful or hopeful as they had been when they entered it. "After that, everything went straight to hell. I lost my entire department and ended up in stasis for months, while the crew ran from one disaster to the next. I didn't come out of things until after we had done our run to Starbase 84. 

"So from that perspective the best thing about serving on the ship was being able to rise to the occasion and negotiate our safe harbor at Aldea. The Azure nebula affair was a terrifying nightmare, but feeling productive and successful after everything we had been through was...well it was just what I needed. And then Lt. Commander Rutherford and the rest of you showed up and suddenly I didn't have to represent the ship all by myself. Thanks for that, by the way. I lost the quarters to the Commander, but Id happily give up that tub she gets for not having the weight of the whole crew and mission on my own little shoulders."
The gratitude shown forth in her words, genuinely felt and not just putting on airs. 

A break followed as their meal and drinks were returned, and Faye promptly spread some sort of cheese onto a spiced cracker, popping it into her mouth and making a pleased noise that might have drawn a few curious gazes from nearby patrons. Ignoring them all Faye turned a question to Enyd instead. "You said this was your first major shipboard posting? If you don't mind my prying, where were you stationed before?"

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Brutus

“Free will allows for many things, including mistakes and backfiring of best intentions.” Enyd gave a shrug, calm smile on her lips. “Thank you for the reassurance, though. Reassurance, even when it is illogical to offer, is always appreciated.”

Faye’s response to the sea monster fiasco had Enyd laughing, “What one of our colleagues has already come to realize is that I tend to attract chaos.” She did not want to immaturely speak poorly of L’Nari behind her back and so refrained from dropping names. “Probably why I am so pragmatic about problem-solving and put the mission first, expecting, if not demanding, that everyone around me also be up to speed with their training and to be professional in their work. So much can be lost on a mission if individuals don’t take time beforehand to remain trained and on point.” Enyd blushed, giving a quick shake of her head when she realized she’d veered into work territory when that wasn’t the point of this get-together. “In any case, there be beasties lurking in the logical waters of Vulcan and Victor and I met one. And if I can avoid meeting more, especially ones the likes of Qo’Nos has to offer, I’d be happy as a lark.”

She laughed at the mental image of Faye face-planting on Rigel and couldn’t help but ask, “Did you complete the mission, though? Sometimes embarrassing situations can diffuse negotiations and provide the fodder necessary to bring things back to a winning side.”

Enyd rested her chin on her hand as Faye walked her through her service history, in brief, of course. She nodded and occasionally hummed to show she was listening. Some of what Faye was sharing Enyd already knew but hearing it from the one who’d lived the record did make a difference. Enyd grimaced at the thought of losing the whole department and winding up in stasis. Faye was made of iron, Enyd decided then, far sterner stuff than what her appearance might lead someone to believe.

“Rutherford has commented on the integrity of your work while holding down the fort on your own. As she commented to me, she believes you paved the way for a lot of our present success.” Enyd giggled as she added, “I say push your luck and ask if you can use the tub, since she feels that way.”

Enyd did a little dance in her seat once the food arrived and the waiter barely had his hands away from the dishes before Enyd descended upon them. She’d been peckish before but now felt the full weight of hunger. Faye’s question in between bites of cracker was enough to slow Enyd down, preventing indigestion.

“First posting out of officer school was Cardassia.” She paused to hold up her wrist, indicating the faint scar along her wrist. “Got on the wrong side of the Directorate. Lost my fiance in the rescue, wanted to keep the scars to help me not be so naïve again.” Enyd took a sip of her refilled glass before continuing, “Got stationed on Vulcan after that, and that probably is what kept me alive, sane, and in the service. Went through some very dark times after losing Javec, and it took a Vulcan-esque pilgrimage to get my head out of my bum and back into the game. I got transferred briefly to Starbase 133 from there before the Klingon transport ship had me rendezvousing with Theurgy.” She took another bite of food and closed her eyes as she savored the taste and texture. After a hum of delight, Enyd opened her eyes and tossed a question back at Faye, “Are you wanting to remain a diplomat in the service, or do you want to eventually become an ambassador or of a similar ilk?”

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz 

Wishing to argue that anything L'Nari perceived about someone ought by rights to be taken with a heavy grain of salt, Faye nevertheless had to demure any quip or taunt at the Caitian's expense. She couldn't very well insult the missing woman when her immediate superior was so tactfully addressing - and admitting to - the perception of chaos that followed in Enyd's own wake. If Enyd herself felt there was some merit to the view (if not the way their wary colleague reacted to that) then Faye could not very well dismiss the notion or paint her rival in an ill light. So much the worst for her feelings regarding her fellow attache, but there was nothing for it and Faye offered up a sympathetic smile and shrug of her shoulders to the more senior diplomat. A small sense of foreboding bubbled under the surface of the conversation, as Faye wondered if she herself was as fully trained and mission first oriented as the Lieutenant might expect, given the nature of how things seemed to unfold around Enyd.

A worry for another day, she foolishly concluded as she set those thoughts aside to focus on the story of what had happened on Vulcan, of all places. A brief recounting left Faye wanting more details than she was going to get it seemed, as the lightly glossing over of specifics in lieu of generalizations was all she got. "I can imagine that once was more than enough for a lifetime."

Laughing at the memory of Rigel, Faye gave a small nod. "I won't say that falling on my ass was the key to winning the negotiations but it did perhaps break a bit of the tension. And while some parties might have looked at me with less respect than before, it did garner sympathy from a few participants that might have swayed things in a more favorable outcome over all. Admittedly hard to say, but I and the rest of the team did persevere."

Genuine surprise followed the genuine relief she had expressed at having a team around her to do the heavy lifting. While Rutherford was hardly the kind of officer that gave no feedback to her underlings, either had she been quite so expressive with her praise to Faye up to that point. To know that her Department Head was not only generally pleased with her work prior to their serving together but felt that their current good situation sat on a foundation of Faye's making was...well, it just felt damn good, and she couldn't help but preen slightly under the revelation. A giggle bubbled up all the same as she thought about some of what she'd already done in that tub and tapped a finger on her lips. 

"I just may do that. A long soak after a hard day is a treat I don't want to pass up on the opportunity to enjoy. Of course any hard day of negotiating I have would probably be even harder on the boss and I can imagine there are others she'd rather have in her tub with her." That little joke was perhaps more true than should be mentioned, and Faye allowed herself a mental Oops as she considered the relations between the Chief Diplomat and the Chief Spy of the Theurgy. Maybe she was a bit more of a gossip than she should be, and wondered briefly if Enyd had any idea that the two department heads were spending a lot more time reviewing each other behind closed doors. It was impossible not to pick up the tension between them, having been trapped in a tiny shuttle with them as she had on the mission to rescue Klingon royalty. 

Setting all of that aside with a wry, private grin, Faye listened as Enyd walked through her own service history, nodding at all the right times and making all the appropriate noises of understanding, sympathy, or excitement, as merited by the topic on hand. And it was an impressive little list. Faye idly wondered what a challenge Cardassia would have posed in the wake of the Dominion War, expressing appreciation and admiration in equal amounts. It sounded like a hardship posting if ever there was, given how she was talking about scars. But Faye wouldn't pry. Sympathy and understanding radiated off the Betazoid, as she rested her elbows on the table and nibbled at one morsel after the other. 

Finally pondering the question put before her, Faye shrugged her shoulders and chased a cracker around on the small plate in front of her. "Those are very different flavors of the same task, aren't they? The pomp and circumstance of an accredited Federation Diplomat in civilian service. The freedom that comes with it compared to the structure and rule set of Starfleet. I'd go to many different places, but some the same. Less chance for exploration though, which was what drew me into the Fleet to begin with. Frontier negotiation and diplomacy was the attraction. The Dominion War breaking out during my time at the Academy saw to it that I would get very little of that, and then here we are, fighting for our lives."

She let out a soft sigh, and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, looking out at the Arboretum down below. "Provided we live through all this, I'm not sure where I'll land. In the happy world where we win, save the Galaxy and don't get clapped in irons for the rest of our natural lives anyway, and don't get blacklisted even if we stay out of a penal colony -" which seemed like quite the stretch whenever the usually optimistic Faye gave it any serious thought and consideration, "-I would love to actually get to go do First Contact type missions on a ship on the Frontier. Wherever that is. If that was the opportunity I could get, I'd take it. If that path wasn't open to me, then perhaps the civilian service would be less hectic and far less likely to end up with me dead or having some snake in the back of my brain piloting me about like a puppet."

Morbid much, Faye?

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Brutus

“Rosy retrospection and confirmation bias are typical for all of us, including Vulcans, I find. Some species, and within that, also some personalities, are more prone to Type I errors, seeing a false positive. Whereas others are more keen on seeing a false negative or Type II errors more readily. I find I have a bad habit of over strategizing and overthinking things and so tend to see relationships where there is no tangible evidence for a relationship.” Enyd shrugged. “No harm in preparing of the worst while hoping for the best. Comes with the territory of being a diplomat. But what about you?”

Enyd noted how Faye responded physically to her earlier praise and made a mental note that the Betazoid did well with verbal recognition and potentially public. Everyone was different, with Enyd preferring private verbal recognition if any needed to be had, and she was always keen on trying to identify preferences for the people she worked with. It could create further barriers if she gave them accolades in a manner that caused distress instead of building them up as a team, as was the intention all along.

Enyd chose not to comment on Faye’s verbal allusion to the relationship between Rutherford and Foster. To Enyd the pair had a blinking sign over their heads that declared each other firmly taken but she knew some things weren’t discussed openly, and she didn’t want to create a bad habit with Faye now. When it was Faye’s turn to disclose her thoughts on the service, Enyd took her chance to catch up in shoveling food into her face. She’d never been known to have a poor appetite.

Nodding in agreement with Faye’s summary, Enyd took a sip of her drink before adding, “I’ve always been keen on becoming an ambassador stationed on a far off world somewhere. Potentially on the frontier. And I’m with you. The beauty of the unknown and piecing together an alliance through diplomacy with a previously unknown species is part of the draw of the service for me too.”

Enyd took another sip and then smirked over the rim of her glass, “Morality question. Do the Infested deserve diplomacy at this point?”

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz 

The question posed by her immediate superior felt like a trap. This was the kind of probing thought experiment that, back in school, would have led to hours of debate over theoretical, hypothetical situations that a diplomat might encounter. What answer was or wasn't right would depend largely on the opinion of the professor, who may or may not have faced actual challenges along those lines in the field. Not everyone who lectured on or taught the subject had practical experiences with that which they taught. Put another way, 'Those that can, do. Those that can't, teach.' Faye didn't quite ascribe to that worldview, but she had run into professors that didn't have a damn clue how the world worked outside their classrooms. 

Faye however, was out on the bleeding edge of the situation. She was going toe to toe, sometimes even face to face, with the infested parasites that wanted nothing more than to tear down all reality. "We have to at least try. On some level, that is the core conviction of our profession. If we don't try we aren't living up to our ideals, and if we sacrifice all of those, what do we have?"

She barely let the question linger in the air before stabbing down at it from the other side of the coin. "We have our lives, of course. The nature of the threat we face is so much...more than anything else. Than a petty boarder squabble, or trade rights, or access to certain scientific data. Even the Dominion, horrible as they were, we have a common frame of reference and could, after a long, bloody war, come to terms for peace. I do not think we could negotiate with the Borg, but we can free the individuals from the Collective. Its damn near impossible, but we try when we can, and we end their suffering when we can't.

"That same principle, I think, is what we have to do here. If the egg heads down in the science labs can find a way to tweak that ray beam we cooked up so that we can pry the snakes out of peoples heads without killing them, then I'm all for it. Clearly these entities don't seem to want to negotiate, so that's the next best course of action. Free those they've enslaved. Rob them of their ability to wreck havoc by controlling others. Perhaps then, when they are no longer able to affect change on the scale that would lead to galactic wide destruction, we could try talking again. But failing that..."

The dark haired Betazoid set back in her chair and gave an expressive shrug of her shoulders. What else was there to say? If they couldn't free the infested souls taken over by the parasites, then wasn't the only other option available to stopping the threat to literally all life in the galaxy to kill the parasites wherever they were encountered, regardless of the innocent lives of the host? Not everyone was Lucan Nicander. Not every host survived behind the creatures control, did they? And even if they did...wouldn't death be a mercy?

Faye wasn't sure she liked that answer any better than what she'd already said. Scratch that, I don't like that answer at all. But really, what else was there to do? And just what are you trying to learn about me by asking that, Lieutenant? The thought stayed right where it was, in her head, and the words didn't break past her lips, no matter how curious she was as to why the other woman flung that moral dilema at them. Given they lived it day in and day out.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Brutus

Enyd listened without expression, nodding at all the right times to show she was listening and ingesting. And she was, finding Faye’s responses measured and balanced, and not so dissimilar from her own thoughts on the matter. Once the Betazoid fell silent, Enyd offered a half smile and nodded again.

“I have found that tactical retreats and strategic avoidance can sometimes be the only win in a scenario.” She held up a hand and shook her head before Faye could jump to conclusions too quickly. “Now I don’t believe a threat like this cannot be retreated from or avoided. But when considering the concept of a ‘no-win’ scenario, I think it is important to determine what a ‘win’ looks like. For us, in this time and place, what does our ‘win’ look like? Does it look like full on annihilation of anyone with a parasite, no questions asked? Does it look like the science nerds figure out a way to neutralize the parasites and we secure our borders, so to speak, to prevent further incursion? Does it look like us going on the offensive against them?” Enyd shrugged. “I almost feel like it would be more dangerous to draw a line in the sand of how we are going to respond to this threat and be unwilling to reconsider the methods as the days tick by than to admit to the ever-evolving complexities and remain in a responsive position.”

Finished with her food, Enyd went back to sipping at the watery dregs of her drink. She studied her colleague a bit more before giving a quick shrug.

“Didn’t mean to deviate into work there. The question came to me as I contemplated life on the frontier, facing more unknowns, and the scenario of how we would respond to the Infested if it was a First Contact situation.” Enyd glanced around the room before leaning forward and tossing another random question at the Betazoid. “If you were not a diplomat in Starfleet, what would you be? Obviously, we would both be completely ignorant of the threat of the Infested, and likely believe the propaganda about the Theurgy, but lets think about this outside of the context of the parasites.”

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz 

Faye allowed herself a moment of quiet to contemplate and absorb everything that Enyd had said, about her own views and questions of their mission. Where did they draw a line? What did a 'win' look like, if that were even possible. Questions that frankly deserved a stiffer drink than the one that Faye had, by a long shot. But having already done more than enough damage to her liver at the concert, not to mention her head, she was in no rush to repeat those mistakes in the near future, if ever again. Thus she was left with sober contemplation, balanced on the precipice of a depressing spiral into their odds of wining butting up against her generally optimistic, live in the moment mentality. 

Not a great place to be in, she allowed herself, even if she knew that their odds were considerably better than they had been at say, Jupiter Station, or even as early as when she was defrosted. No, the events of the last few weeks had put their mission in a better light, even if that was only relative. If you're going to be facing impossible odds, having the Klingon's at your side is not the worst place to be.

"What would I be if I wasn't a diplomat in Starfleet?" the Betazoid repeated her colleagues question, as much to confirm she had heard her right, as to give her some time to contemplate the answer. "The easy answer is a diplomat in another fashion, or maybe a counselor in the Fleet. But taking your question more to be 'what if I were neither a diplomat or in Starfleet,' hmmm." here she paused for a longer moment, once more curling back into her chair. She cupped her chin with one hand, holding the elbow of that arm in the hand of the other as a look of deep concentration passed over her tanned features. Her brow wrinkled as she gave it some honest thought.

"I've never thought about it. Not in years anyway, since before I joined the Academy. Ever since meeting Ambassador Troi, I have had one vision, which was to get off that colony world and help the Federation. So maybe...hmmm, Doctors without Boarders? One of the Federation relief organizations. My father wanted me to stay on the farm but he knew that was never going to realistically going to happen, so he thought that maybe I could join some agricultural relief program. Helping colony worlds with crop rotation or some such nonsense. 

"He was right. It would have been much safer."
She wasn't happy about admitting that at all. 

"Same question, back to you. I don't see myself being a space farmer all my life, but I could see myself doing relief work."

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Brutus

“I think being a diplomat isn’t so different than being a counselor, in a fashion. We have to listen to desires and expectations and act as a bridge between expectations and realities, so that’s not too surprising to hear you say that. Though, as of now, I would not want to trade jobs with any of the counselors on this ship.” Enyd scrunched up her nose and shook her head. “Give me disgruntled Klingons instead, please.”

Enyd remained quiet while Faye mulled over the question further, pondering the hypothetical and serious fashion. When she did speak up again, she offered more insight into her character with her answer. It spoke volumes of the Betazoid that she was willing to give it this much thought at all, considering how keen she was on being a diplomat currently. That the other option also saw her as someone of a sacrificial nature, putting herself potentially into harm’s way to protect and provide, also spoke highly of the woman’s character. Enyd was curious what Faye would think of her answer and if she’d used it also as an avenue into the inner workings of Enyd’s soul as she had for her.

“Safer is not always better,” Enyd was quick to note before offering her answer. Unlike Faye, she’d already contemplated this before, more than once, and the answer was also the same. “I know the question was if we weren’t in Starfleet but I must say if I’d had my way as a youth just getting started on my path, I would’ve stuck to the Intelligence desire, following in the footsteps of my parents. But, as my grandmother put a stop to that, I instead went into diplomacy, which is the other side of the same coin as Intelligence. But as for something non-Fleet oriented, I’d remain on the ranch back home in Montana.” Enyd’s smile broadened as she leaned back, mind’s eye already tracking over the familiar images of Yew Valley Farms. “It’s been in the family for centuries and each new generation has added their own element to the place based on their personalities and skills. We’re much more than a mere cattle ranch now, having branched into renewable energy cultivation, botany-based medicine, recovery area for at-risk youth,” Enyd brought her gaze back to Faye and gave a half-shrug, “lots of different things, all based on the people who have come and gone before me and for me, if I’d remained there without leaving, I’d still develop down the route I’m already leaning towards, and that is offering up the ranch as a place where veterans or refugees may reside, working or merely staying, for as long as they need to get their feet under them.”

Tilting her head to the side, Enyd questioned, “Have you been to a ranch before?” It seemed easy to picture the Betazoid in a cowgirl outfit, and yet she didn't know if the woman was keen on that type of environment or not. "Ranch hands can be quite a sight," Enyd waved her hand near her face with a wink, "and the hard physical labor is quite satisfying."

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz 

Wrinkling her nose at the prospect of a job swap with the consoling department aboard the Theurgy, Fay could only agree with Enyd, and adamantly at that. There was no way she would want to deal with the mental trauma of the crew. She barely had a handle on her own, and that only came from leveraging her relationships with friends and her Imzadi. Even then, she probably needed to meet up with a trained professional, but something kept her holding back. Mostly a sense that others had it worse than her, and there were only so many counselors aboard ship. But then, there were only so many Diplomats as well so she was clearly needed where she was more qualified to be.

As a farmers daughter, Faye found herself naturally drawn and intrigued to the revelations about Enyds' past. Not only her desire to start in Intelligence - and the fact that authority figures in her family 'put a stop' to that, something she was absolutely curious about and would pry into eventually, if not tonight - but also that the woman had been raised in a tangentially related environment to the Betazoids own, cultural and planetary differences aside. The commonality was a surprise in any event, and she could not help but be intrigued. Her eyebrows rose up at the notion of a family ranch that had lasted so long, and diversified itself as much as it had. Her own family's farm was not quite that generational. It did go back to the Colonly's founding, but that was less than a century ago, and while she had no desire to run the thing, her father had other family that would help take things over when he was ready to hang up his plow.

"That sounds...wonderful, really. Maintaining a place like that as a form of healing and activity-based therapy. Certainly I can see how that would be a fulfilling calling." She pulled a bit of a face and only slightly tongue in cheek added, "I can see how many people aboard this ship would benefit from an experience like that, after everything we've all been through."

The question she got earned a grin in response, shifting back to her own experiences. "Yup," she popped the 'p' drawing it out and giggling slightly. "Budon Colony, where I grew up, was a major agricultural hub. And while we had plenty of farming technology, we also used animals. I know some cultures frown on that, but we took good care of our livestock. I used to love riding out with Daddy to one of the local ranches. They used to let me ride the ..." she paused her, and pursed her lips, "The word is kind of difficult to pronounce, frankly, but we'll call them oxen for ease of comparison, though thats not quite right either. But they were large, semi-bovine arthropods that we used for certain activities around the farm, and I loved going to vist them at the ranch where they were raised." She laughed a bit, remembering it.

"I also had a crush on one of the ranch hands growing up. He was a sweet boy, really. Didn't know what hit him when I took a shine to him. Once Daddy figured that out, I stopped getting brought along on the trips." She stuck her tongue out at the old memory, laughing.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Brutus

Enyd had an exaggerated welcoming gesture, “The whole crew is invited once this is over. Probably need to erect some old canvas tents out in the back pasture to house everyone, and most likely Mrs. Hughes will tar and feather me for suggesting it, but truly. Once we make it through this, and I do believe we will in some way or another, all survivors are guaranteed a bunk at Yew Valley Farms.”

Enyd listened with rapt attention as Faye shared more of her experiences. It was delightful that they weren’t so different from her own and it was at that moment, Enyd realized, with some surprise, that nearly everyone she’d met on the ship so far had a drastically different background from herself. Faye was the first, so far, to share in the more agrarian, ranching style of childhood and the shared kinship of such a past set a pleasant pang in Enyd’s belly. She wouldn’t get teary-eyed over it, as there was no need, but it was nonetheless monumental to note this reality and it comforted her a great deal.

“We had cows too, mostly cows, but also camels, alpacas. Even some imports from Vulcan, Rigel, and Qo’Nos. Not to create hybrids like some have done, but to help when people from those worlds visit and need a sense of home nearby to comfort them.” Enyd reached out and playfully patted Faye’s arm. “It sounds like Daddy was a very wise man.”

Leaning back in her chair, Enyd looped her fingers behind her head and gave a quick stretch, eyes moving over the various people populating the café around them. Once she brought her gaze back to Faye, Enyd couldn’t help the momentary eyebrow waggle.

“If you don’t mind my asking, what about now? Anyone you have a shine on?”

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz 

Promising herself that if they made it through this whole thing alive, and came out the other end of it anywhere other than in a penal colony, Faye would absolutely take Enyd up on the offer just extended to her (by way of extending it to the whole crew. Never mind if it was a tongue in cheek offer). Her father might be a tad miffed that she'd go stomp about someone else's farm and not come back and help out on their own, but this would be an Earth Farm, not some boring old Boudon one. Not that there was much difference, and Faye knew that damn well. And so did her father. Who wasn't even here to have the other side of the mental argument over hypothetical post saving the galaxy farm visits in any case. 

Grateful to be the only full telepath in the conversation, Faye buried her little diversion deep in the recesses of her mind to let some shrink to gush over digging it back up later on down the line. Instead, she flashed the Lieutenant a warm smile. "We'll have to pilfer one of the industrial replicators just to make enough tents, but I think it'll be worth it."

Having a common frame of reference with Enyd was nice. Certainly it set her apart from the rest of the department, none of whom she would wager had ever gotten their hands dirty growing crops. Oh sure, they probably got plenty dirty doing other things, she wasn't going to disparage any of their pasts (except L'Nari, but that was a given). But all the same, the connection was nice, and she found herself warming further to the woman across from her. Certainly Enyd seemed more approachable and relatable to Faye than the other Assistant department head, Foval. He was nice, in his way, but she could not at all relate to the Vulcan Ex-Borg. 

"Daddy was a well meaning busy body who didn't like to have fun nearly as much as I did," Faye huffed, theatrically, then broke down into a fit of giggles. "Mother never complained about him though so I suppose he had more fun than I realized. probably for the best. Dont like thinking about my parents behaving how I behave." She gave a shudder she only had to half fake. 

The next question caught her off guard but dovetailed nicely from her own quip about her parents and her behaviors in turn. She rolled her eyes a bit but nodded. "I've always been a bit of a free spirit. Even for a free loving, open-minded culture that Betazeds are known for, my antics have been more in line with what one might expect from a native of Argelius, or Risa. I've never pretended otherwise.  If I had to count the people I've, as you put it, had a shine on, on this ship? I'd need my fingers and toes, easily. That said," she drew the words out slowly, before plowing forward. 

"There is a petty officer in the Security department that has struck up a friendship with me, after I got her a bit out of her shell. She was one of the unfortunate souls that got kidnapped by our now allies, the Savi, and 'corrected'. Needless to say she's been struggling to come to terms with who she is now, let alone how she feels in her new body. I've...been helping her explore what it means to be her and what she likes. Its been rewarding, to say the least, and I've enjoyed watching her grow into her own." She would spare her friend the embarrassment of knowing she'd been a topic of conversation and tactfully left the Klingon woman's name out of the conversation. 

"And of course there's Riley," she grinned, shamelessly, not realizing her face warmed up at the mere mention of the woman's name. "Nurse Patterson. She uh...she's probably the reason that I'm sane and functional, after coming out of stasis. I kinda fell hard for her. Like...head over heels hard." 

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Brutus

Enyd laughed, “My parents were openly affectionate, but I never really stopped to think about them in an intimate light. Likely because after I lost my mother my father became obsessed with finding out what happened to her and then he was just, gone, and it was grandmother, me, and a ranch full of a myriad of personalities and backgrounds to feed off of as I grew up. Some were more free-spirited, not much different from the picture you paint of yourself. Others were far more prudish than even my grandmother.” Enyd shrugged, a pleasant smile still on her face. “I was well-versed in the mechanics of things, for both human-to-human and human-to-alien scenarios, but had little experience. I can count on one hand the number of men I’ve kissed,” she help up five fingers, “and also one hand the number of men I’ve been intimate with,” Enyd lowered four fingers, and after pausing a moment, she laughed. “And, one hand, the number of women who have kissed me.” She lowered all fingers and gave another laugh. “But that’s not surprising. I find the female figure aesthetically pleasing, but I am not sexually attracted to females if that makes sense.”

When Faye mentioned security, Enyd’s eyebrows rose. She knew a few from security, and the one she did know from security who had been kidnapped by the Savi also happened to be the one who trained blades with her fairly regularly. She was not about to pry, pressing for confirmation. Instead she listened to Faye describe Nurse Patterson. Interestingly enough, despite the number of times she’d had to go to sickbay for the consequences of the chaos that happened to her, Enyd hadn’t yet met Nurse Patterson.

“What is it about Riley that merited such a response? Eyes? Smile? Laugh? Voice? Character? Mixture of all the above?” Enyd was always curious what sort of features first attracted people, and though she’d never been attracted to another female, she was curious what features attracted Faye.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz 

"It makes perfect sense. Each individual is unique, and everyone is wired differently as to what they find themselves attracted to," the Betazoid readily agreed, though she would privately admit that this was something of a shame. After all there was no denying that her superior was very easy on the eyes. Of course, any sort of affair with someone in a direct chain of command was tricky at best and usually frowned upon at worst, though she was aware that there was a significant relaxing of those regulations aboard the Theurgy. Given the daily stresses the crew of the 'renegade' starship faced, that made a certain amount of sense.

Setting those thoughts aside, Faye added, "I find myself more prone to deeper emotional connections with others that identify as women, over men. Not that both aren't fun, and visually pleasing. I've never found the logic in dismissing half of the general population as potential playmates or partners based on a simple matter of plumbing," she paused, and then grinned wide as she confessed, "I used that line on a Vulcan back at the Academy. Never seen one raise their eyebrows so fast in my life. Worked too."

Still giggling over that, she reigned her mirth in as she listened to Enyd's 'body count,' or lack thereof, but if she seemed bothered by the other woman's approach to things she didn't show it. Again, she knew that everyone's comfort zone was different and there was nothing wrong with that. She shot her boss an encouraging (or so she imagined) smile.

Sitting back into her chair, Faye crossed one leg over the other at the knee and looked out across the cafe, to stare down into the Arboretum below. She raised a hand up, fingers grazing her cheek and got a far away look in her dark eyes, her lips curling into a not so subtle smile. She pictured the nurse, her smile, her laugh, her eyes, the sound of her voice, the touch of her embrace. All of it. Glancing back at Enyd, she said, "Her compassion. Oh, don't get me wrong. Riley is beautiful. Gorgeous really, in that understated 'I don;'t realize I look as good as I look but I'm glad you think so' way. Her voice is soft and soothing, and her touch is...well, she's a nurse, and a good one. Knows what she's about and quite dexterous in all the ways' you'd want, especially for someone assigned to help with rehabilitation and physical therapy." Was that a slight blush on her cheeks?

"But it was her compassion that drew me in. She was there assisting Dr. Nicander when I came out of stasis. She was the one assigned to help me get my feet back under me, and come to terms with the physical changes in the wake of my revival." At this point she raised her left arm and rolled her hand around in a slow circle. "This is artificial from just above where the elbow would be, all the way down to the fingertips. It's been...a challenge learning to control it properly. She was the one that started to help me with it. To push me back into shape. You spend too long in Stasis and well, things are all out of sorts. The point is," she pressed on,

"I could sense how much she cared about her work. About me. Humans..." she paused again, laughed softly, and looked slightly apologetic, "I'm speaking generalizations here, but your species, you wear your emotions on your skin. You radiate so much, putting it all out there without realizing it. Like firefly's on a summer night, you light up the very air around you, and save for a select few of you, you're completely blind to it. Humans shine but Riley...she burns bright in a way I cannot really put into words. I've tried, more than once, and this is as close as I can ever get.  She draws me in like a Rigellian moth to the flame."

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Brutus

Enyd listened without judgment as Faye explained her own preferences. On a cerebral level, Enyd could understand why a feminine bond may be preferred over a male one. There was often more emotional support, an ease in perception, a certain amount of understanding that could be shared between the same sex that was often missing in opposite sexes. However, Enyd knew enough about herself and her own emotional ups and downs to desire a balance point in a masculine opposite.

Her inner thoughts were interrupted with Faye’s plumbing joke, and Enyd grinned. “I also enjoyed using uncouth or unexpected phrases while at the Metternich. In a way, they appreciated my sharing as it gave them insight into a realm of Terran culture they rarely get exposed to. Not too many Montanan cowboys find their way to Vulcan, or so their responses to my idioms led me to believe.”

Enyd found Faye attractive, possessing charm and wit that no doubt lured many a partner to her side. Yet, when she spoke of her paramour in the med bay, Faye lit up in a way not unlike how she described humans being with their emotions. Smirking, Enyd waved at Faye’s physique.

“It is a shame I didn’t record you describing her because you look like you’re glowing, Faye, and I’m sure Riley would bask in the warmth of your obvious affection. You look much like how you described us humans with our firefly radiation.” Enyd chuckled then and shook her head. “At least it is deathly radiation. I’ve met more than a few species in my work who found the human emotional spectrum to be more than a little alarming, if not downright nauseating. And I hope your relationship with Riley doesn’t result in either of you getting burned to a crisp, like the poor Rigellian moth. Though, it does help that Riley is already medically trained, I suppose.”

Stretching in her chair, Enyd glanced around the café, noting how many of the patrons who’d been there at their arrival had since left, and a new crop of patrons were arriving. Her hips also reminded Enyd that she hadn’t moved from her chair in quite a while. As much as she was enjoying the conversation, Enyd really felt the need to move around, and perhaps a change of scenery would spark another avenue of discussion.

“Care to take a stroll? I can’t feel my bum,” Enyd winked as she pushed off the stool and twisted her shoulders back and forth, “I’ve never been able to sit still for too long.”

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