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Alternate Universe 6257(The beast within)

Virtual Recreational technology was a new thing to the species known as the Xampree. Rooms with the power to create entire universes tailored to the wishes of who ever stepped inside. Anything from a relaxing sunset from the edge of a cliff to a hot steamy encounter with that woman you've always fancied. And since the participating characters were only holograms and not real people one could even indulge in the more violent urges inherent in most species without fear of reprisal.

Those violent urges were never more present than in the Xampree, a species molded by eons of war that destroyed their home system, and nearly an entire galaxy. Over the last six billion years they had managed to suppress those urges to a point that they were not considered a danger to the new species they found themselves encountering in this new place they now called home, but they were still there, just below the surface. This new technology though, gifted to them by one of the major powers of the area, allowed them to let those urges out once in a while to play, while allowing them to keep their relations with others civil. That was not the intended function of the gift, but it's what became of it.

In one such room stood a woman clad in a skin hugging black nylon like material. It had no shine to it, seeming to almost literally absorb the light striking it. Much of her species combat clothing appeared to look this way as a form of stealth management. The room she stood in was empty of anyone or anything else, just four walls, a ceiling and a floor forming what one could only accept as a perfect cube. She carried no equipment with her, nore any weapons as she stood in the center of the room. Her form was motionless, her eyes closed as she seemed to almost be in a meditative stance, reaching deep inside herself to dredge forth a rage and violence that most might attribute to only to the most base of animals.

She slowly took a breath in through her nose, holding it for but a moment before she parted her pale lips to speak.

"Activate Xen-sixteen-tahlar."

Her voice was steady and calm, but those that would know her would have immediately detected the forced nature of the calm. There was a small beep from the room and without hesitation a desolate planet surface appeared below her. The imaging system effectively disguising the walls and ceiling of the room to look like the night sky of the planet in question. Another moment and sixteen insectoid looking creatures appeared around her, all holding various weapons from the blunt and bladed to ranged particle weapons. Their skin appeared glossy black, almost like a hard oil covering their outer shell like skin. Other than their slight movement to solidify their position, none of the figures seemed to move as the woman just stood there.

The status quo seemed to hold for a minute longer before the woman opened her eyes, letting what little light the night could provide flood in. Things came into focus before her, and her eyes locked onto the creature directly in front of her. In an instant all the rage she had harbored inside for most of her life, rage practically built into her very genes exploded like a sun going nova. Every fiber of her being now driving her to attack and destroy the hated enemy, the Xen. To wipe them completely from existence and eradicate their memory.

Coming from somewhere deep inside the woman, a cry of pure war erupted from the woman's mouth and without any hesitation she launched herself forward with a speed born of pure desperation enhanced by her natural strength to allow her to move far faster than any other species she had ever encountered. The sound and sudden motion caused the aliens around her to react in a partly reactive motion, several of them moving to place more distance between them and the woman, others moving to try and close the gap and get in close to her. Her almost unnatural speed however made that hard for them as she closed the distance to her target but a human second.

But rather than attack straight out as one might expect in this situation she brought herself to a complete stop as fast as she had started, just within range of the alien's bladed weapon. As she had expected the creature lashed out at her with it, cutting through the air with a power that seemed to equal her own, but she was already ready for this. She dropped herself down into a crouch, extending one leg out to the side as she brought one of her hands down to the ground. As she dropped she could sense the blade passing over her head, she could feel it passing through her hair that was still in the air from the speed of her movement. Once she was certain the blade had passed by her completely, she brought both feet under her and pressed herself upward with enough power to cause her feet to leave the ground. As she did this, she reached out her hands to take hold of the armored carapace that comprised the head of the alien and used that as a pivot point for her body. Bringing herself up and around she found herself on the back side of the creature's spider like body, the wight of her body coming down causing the creature to lose it's footing slightly. Letting out another scream she summoned up everything she had and pulled against the creature's head, her end result was to rip the head from the body with a spray of violet colored blood, some of which splattering across her form and face.

The creature collapsed completely under her weight now and she had just enough time to see one of the other aliens at a distance leveling a particle weapon at her. She had just enough time to raise the head before the weapon fired, using the alien's face as a shield from the blast. The impact causing the armored head to explode and knock the woman back, covering the rest of her in the blood from the creature's head.

As the other creatures holding mele weapons closed in around her, she decided it was time to take this fight to the next level. Tapping into her species in born ability of telekinetics, she reached out with her mind to find the discarded blade of the dead creature and pull it skittering across the ground to her hand. Just in time too as the first of the remaining creatures attempted to bring what appeared to be a spiked club down at her. She brought the blade around and using her other hand to support it she used it to block the club strike, the force behind it causing the back side of the blade to cut into her hand. The pain only serving to motivate her more in her desire to kill. As the alien applied it's entire weight into pressing it's weapon down at the woman, she brought her feet up and struck out at the lower chest area of the creature driving it back a few steps allowing her to roll to the side and avoid the second attempt to crush her. Springing to her feet she was able to narrowly dodge another particle blast, using the motion to launch herself into a spin and bring the blade around to make contact with the creature's upper torso, applying all the force she could to press the blade through the armor, severing it's body and dropping another.

This was no holographic novel where the rest of the creatures would wait for the 'hero' to get ready for the next assault however. Seeing the loss of yet another of their comrades, the aliens let out a screaming hiss in unison and those still holding short range weaponry began to charge the woman. Their intent was to overwhelm her with numbers and kill her, and with the safety protocols off they could very well make that happen if not for the woman's training. And now that she had a weapon, she was definitely more lethal than when she started.

As she watched the creatures close in around her, her mind started working out how best to eliminate her foes while not sacrificing herself in the process. As soon as she felt they were close enough she sprang into action, bringing the blade in her hand around to throw at one of them, dedicating a portion of her attention to using her telekinetics to ensure that the blade flies straight and true. She launched herself at the next one, again reaching out for the creature's head. It was honestly relatively easy for one to grab one of these creatures by the head as they relied too much on their natural armor to protect them. But instead of an up-and-over move like before she brought herself around to the side, but like before she used the head as a pivot point. As she did this her feet cam in contact with a third creature and she locked her ankles around where one would expect a neck to be. Once she was had a solid grip on the second and third aliens, she used force of motion she had build up to spin her body and wrench both of the heads into a forced backwards motion, eliciting the sound of crunching as whatever supported their heads was twisted beyond it's ability to hold.

She released her hold mid flight so that she could bring her feet around under her and land, taking only a moment to see the first of the three drop down with a blade sticking out of it's chest. A small smile graced her pale lips, parting them slightly to show rather feral looking canines gracing her teeth.

This now caused the aliens to take pause for a moment, this woman of only five foot two was able to kill five armed and armored warriors. But the pause only lasted a moment as the creatures seemed to move in unison to reorganize their movements. The mele holders moving back and apart to allow the ranged holders a better unobstructed shot at the woman. This was going to present a bit of a problem for her as she was at a disadvantage now.

The creatures leveled their weapons, the auto tracking systems of the weapons able to change the angle of the variable direction nozzles slightly so that one only had to point it in the direction, and the weapon would do the rest. Extremely dangerous technology, one that in the past could have eliminated thousands of the woman's kind before they could do much more than offer a slight prayer. But in the eons since it's first inception her people had developed ways to survive such devastating technology. And as they each opened fire, she employed one of those tactics.

She launched into a sort of dance. While the weapons could be extremely lethal with their tracking ability, their weakness was that the projectiles they fired had to travel a straight line, and at a distance one could anticipate and avoid the projectile. Her dance allowing her to slip past one bolt, and then the next. Ducking under one she spun around once and reached out to telekinetically grab the sword she had used and pull it to her hand once more. Mounding up into a flip that was just as fluid as the rest of her moves she was able to spot another bladed weapon near one of the deal aliens.  Once she landed she brought her hands up above her head and twirled as two more bolts flashed past her on either side of her frame. One of them passing close enough to actually damage her suit slightly. Reaching out with her mind she summoned the second blade to her free hand, the blade itself seeming to change her dance from one of simple dodging grace to more of a more lethal precision.

She began to twirl the blades around her as she continued to dance her way forward, but instead of trying to completely dodge the bolts now she used the blade movement to act as almost a shield for some of the blasts. But instead of trying to fully block them which would definitely cause some forced resistance she was using the blades to slice through the weapon energy to cause it to dissipate before reaching it's target. Each contact damaging the blades a little more and putting notches into the cutting edges, but for the moment they were serving their purpose to keep the woman protected.

To say she crossed the distance with ease would be an overstatement for her, there was nothing easy about her movement. She had to keep focused on several variables at the same time, the angle of each bolt, the position of her blades, the position of her body, and the position of her enemies as they tried to reposition themselves. Quite a few things to keep track of in the heat of combat. But cross the distance she did, the creatures were never one who liked to retreat and the holograms were programmed with that stubborn determination to just kill.

But she just continued her dance, bringing her blades with such grace that one could wonder what effect they could have at this point, but with a power that allowed them to crack into the carapace of the alien exoskeleton, felling two of them almost instantly and relieving her of the nearly destroyed blades. She continued her forward motion on through, causing the aliens on either side to actually get caught in their own cross fire and eliminate each other. They were never bright to be honest. Once the seven with weapons had killed each other she stopped and turned to face the four remaining with mele weapons. She was panting slightly from the exertion of all this, but the fire in her eyes and the feral look of her face seemed to drive her to continue. Clenching her fists at her sides she seemed to be summoning her second wind, her breathing intensifying and a low growl starting to form. As she moved into a slight crouch she started baring her teeth to fully show her feral canines. She found that this unsettled most species she came across, however it didn't even remotely effect the Xen before her.

The Xen enraged themselves by all the deaths of their comrades started a charge at her. But the woman was through toying with these things. This was a nice diversion for her but it was time for them to die. She reached over with her injured hand and picked up one of the particle weapons that the others had been using. Quickly flipping the weapon around she leveled it on the remaining Xen and opened fire, pressing the firing stud as fast as her finger allowed to launch a lethal volley of particle bolts in a spray pattern. And she didn't stop until the weapon's power pack was expended, the amount of energy expended reducing the remaining Xen to barely recognizable goo.

Panting and still feeling the rush she stood from her crouched position, dropping the weapon to the ground she just stood there admiring her work when from behind her she heard the sound of clapping. Without even thinking she reached out with her mind to grab one of the mele weapons and as she spun around to see who this intruder was she flung the weapon through the air with the incredible force she had demonstrated earlier. Too late though she realized that it wasn't one of the Xen but another of her own species.

The male standing there was dressed in a black suit with what appeared to be a white under shirt on. As the weapon flew through the air he just raised his hand and stopped the weapon a couple of inches from striking the hand. The weapon hovered there for a moment before he lowered his hand and let the weapon fall with a smile. His voice was deep as he spoke.

"I see they trained you well."

The woman took a moment to catch her breath and regain some of her normal composure. She reached up and unlatched part of her own suit around her neck showing that she was not wearing the same white undershirt as the male was.

"They had to if I am to be part of the Queen's personal guard."

The male nodded his understanding, the Queen's guard was held to a higher combat standard than the average citizen of Xampar.

"That's what I came to see you about. The Queen wishes to see you. She awaits you in her chambers."

The woman raised a brow, but knew better than to question such. One does not joke about a summons by the Queen so she knew right away that it was important. She offered a nod and waved her hand at the battle field around her.


The simple command causing all the bodies around her to vanish, then after the planet surface was replaced with the room of before. Even the blood covering her from the aliens vanished as simply part of the simulation. She took a deep breath and gathered herself mentally before she started for the door. As she passed the male he took a moment to look around the empty room and offer an impressed look before following after the woman. This technology was still new to them, as such he had never actually seen one of these rooms in action before. He wondered what the possibilities could be with such technology.

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