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DAY 01: Meeting of the Minds [1300 hrs.]

DAY 01: Meeting of the Minds [1300 hrs.]

[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morrali | CSO Office - Upper Science Labs | Deck 04 ]  Attn: Simon Tovarek

Sarresh tugged down on the hem of his uniform jacket, and scowled slightly, his foot tapping on the floor of the turbolift car. Everything felt tighter, and dry, too damn dry. The teal shirt and grey undershirt rubbed against his skin. There was no longer any fluid filled vest, padding against his gills - for he had no more gills, nor need for the vest. His own potent brand of pheromones were gone, or at the very lest greatly subdued, and the ducts that lined his rib cage were sealed completely. Given all the adjustments to his physique recently, the TAO had received just enough rations to replicate better fitting uniforms.

Uniforms that felt too tight and dry, dammit.

The lift stopped and the doors slid open with a soft hiss. Sighing, Sarresh stepped out in the the dim lit corridor. Repairs were very much underway on every deck of the ship, and parts were still on reduced power. No surprise there. He stepped aside, watching a security guard lead two faces he didn't recognize down the hall towards the lift he'd just vacated. They had a dazed look on their faces, and Sarresh wondered if they were still under the effects of the Leroxin he'd helped pump into the ships systems the day before.

A flash in the back of his mind, of pale flesh against tanned, of sweat and moans, surfaced across his vision. He shut his artifical eyes, swallowing hard and willing the images away. Now was not the time to get lost in the heated passions of the day before, even as he visibly squirmed. Snapping his eyes back open he picked up his pace, hurrying along. He wasn't looking forward to meeting with Lt. Neotin's replacement. It would be another harsh reminder of all that he had lost since he'd come back to his native time from the Relativity.  But it might help him push aside thoughts of what he and PO Ryuan Sel had done in the heat of the moment, the day prior.

Coming to a stop in front of what was now Tovarek's office, Sarresh once more tugged on his jacket. The last time he had seen the now CSO, he himself had still been Ash'reem. A morbid part of his mind wondered how the human would react to his new appearance. The rest of him was bottling up every thought and emotion he could, burying deeper and deeper into his subconscious to focus on the task at hand.

Raising a pale hand, he rapped the entry button with one finger, knowin that on the other side of the door, a chime had gone off. "Lt. Morrali, to see Lt. Tovarek," he announced in a muted tone.

OOC: I couldn't find an entry in the Deck Layout thread for Chief Science Officer Office, so I assumed he would have a small alcove set aside as part of the upper Science Labs on Deck 04. I can correct if needed.

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[ Simon Tovarek | CSO Office - Upper Science Labs | Deck 04 ]  Attn: Sarresh

The office Simon had inherited from Lt Neotin felt a bit off the first time he had entered it as CMO. The furniture and decorations were not entirely his taste and thus Simon took the liberty to change it a bit more to his liking. It didn't really have much awe to it since the rations for replicating were limited. Tovarek had taken some of the framed painting and pictures he had collected over the years from his room and hung them up in the office to give him a bit of a feeling that this was his workplace. The paintings and pictures depicted various star ships from various races. Some of them were clearly detailed and Simon could just look at them and dream off whilst in his office.

Besides the wall decorations there was a metal alloy desk in the rear center of the room which held some documents and PADDs while Simon his workstation was placed against one of the windows that gave him a view of space. He had taken a rather simple chair for him to sit behind his desk yet it held some comfort instead of the stools he used to work on whilst in the science labs. Two more chairs with light cushioned padding were placed in front of his desk in case he had to talk to fellow scientists or visitors. Storage of all sorts were placed on the wall opposite of his workstation which left a bit of space to move around in the center of the office which also lead to the door.

As the door chimed Tovarek looked up from behind his desk as he was just finishing up his lunch behind his desk. His eyes met the now human TAO and it still took some getting used to. "Lieutenant.... Please come in, take a seat. Would you like something to drink or to eat?" Simon asked as he got up from his chair to welcome the fellow officer. His eyes went over him as his teal suit matched his nearly perfectly and Simon gestured Sarresh to take a seat in one of the chairs. "I'd like to say welcome back... But I can imagine it must feel..." Simon paused for a second as he looked for the right words. Were there any right words for this?

"Different." he eventually said as he gazed at Sarresh "How do you feel? Speak your mind, no need to hold back." He encouraged Sarresh to open up a bit. Simon imagined it had to feel insane to live in another body that still seemed to be yours.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morrali | CSO Office - Upper Science Labs | Deck 04 ]  Attn: Simon Tovarek

Eyes no longer entirely organic swept across the room, so familair yet so clearly - painfully - changed. The picture frames, in partuclar, stood out. The previous occupant had used small holos, and even then, only one or two. Gone were images of fish native to the Ash'reem home world. Replaced with vessles meant to roam the stars. His jaw clenched a bit as he took it all in, but privately, the junior Leiutenant decided that he was glad that the place had changed. It would still remind him of those he'd lost, but at least the new decor might help ease the sting of it.

Or not. Time would tell.

Lieutenant.... Please come in, take a seat. Would you like something to drink or to eat?" The human male greeted him, and Sarresh nodded back politely, keeping his discomfort in check as he - briefly - shook hands. He understood the gesture, even if the Ash'reem had no readily available equivalent. Plus, he was no longer strictly Ash'reem, so he had better adopt the mannerisms of the human he appeared to be. As for the offer given, he responded simply, "Water please." Again, he was falling back on what he remembered of protocol from his time on the Relativity. Plus, everything was still too damn dry.

He eased himself into the chair and let his immediate superior verbally ruminate on the changes. Repressing a urge to snort derisively, the Temporal agent instead simply shook his head. Realizing that far more would be needed then that, he passed a hand over his face, before drawing a circle in the air with a wave of his wrist, elbow on the arm rest, "Different is an understatement. All this change," he indicated first the room, and then, sarcastically, himself, "A miracle of modern medicine. As I expressed to Doctor Nicander, Frankenstein's monster must be filled with utter envy when it thinks of me."

With a little cough, Sarresh set up straighter in his chair. This man across from him was not responsible for the changes that had been wrought to his DNA to save the information locked away in his head. Nor was Simon responsible for the deaths of the Neotion;s, and simply had the misfortune of being the next best candidate to fill the position vacated by the matriarch of that particular family. "My apologies. You did say speak freely but..." his voice trailed off, and again, he made the little circling wave of his hand. "I am, frankly, still processing it. From my point of view, it was but what...three days? Two? That I needed to sleep in a pool. Then I'm waking up in a new body, running around the ship in a patients gown -" Fucking a Bajoran woman I barely knew like a dog in heat - "And now I'm dressed to be presented to the teacher. Er - to you, sir."

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[ Simon Tovarek | CSO Office - Upper Science Labs | Deck 04 ] Attn: Sarresh

As Sarresh told Simon that he'd like some water, the lieutenant walked over to one of the replicator stations and waited for it after giving the command for it. When he took the glass of water out of the station he walked back to the desk and looked at Sarresh. He nodded understandingly as Sarresh spoke of modern science "I can agree to that... Some ethics were abandoned along the way I imagine..." Simon paused and thought about it. This probably was the wet dream of most scientists. A complete work over from one species to another whilst adding some organs in the progress. Back in the nineties it would be scandalous no doubt, yet here it seemed that Sarresh had to be preserved no matter what the cost.

Simon chuckled a bit as Sarresh continued to express himself yet the last bit made him frown a bit "Why would you see me as a teacher?" He asked a bit surprised "Anyway, I can understand that the entire process of change is... A whole lot to take in. It indeed has only been a couple of days since you got to get used to your to your body. So I'd give you some more time to settle down so to speak. Yet I just need to know if I can count on you coming back to our department when you feel ready. I'm not saying that you'll ever feel completely ready. To get over what they've done to you." He raised his hand a bit toward Sarresh as if he tried to understand how it must have felt for him. " But I think you know what I'm getting at." Said Simon as he nipped from his own glass.

Simon glanced over the former Ash'reem as he wondered how much he remembered from the incident on Theta. Yet what was probably more important was how much he still remembered before that. Did he still remember why he was sent here? "Now Sarresh, don't get me wrong here. But how much do you remember...? Before they body altered you." Simon asked now, carefully, not wanting to upset the man before him even more, yet feeling the need to know for sure.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morrali | CSO Office - Upper Science Labs | Deck 04 ]  Attn: Simon Tovarek

Ethics....ethics. Sarresh wondered at the irony of that word and the past 24 hours with the mutiny by the crew of the Harbinger. Declan Vasser had argued that because their enemy - and for all his megalomania, the man did see the beings taking over StarFleet as an enemy, rightly so - did not follow the standard morals and ethics of the Federation, that the crew of both ships that knew the truth should not feel bound to follow those self same morals. And Jien Ives had argued for the opposite. That they had to conduct themselves as Starfleet officers, hold to the ideals of their oaths. The morals. The ethics.

And yet here Sarresh sat, in what could be argued a gross violation of medical ethics. Argued as, rumor said, Dr. Nicander had done before preforming the admittedly miraculous work. One rather wondered how changing the very core of Sarresh's DNA to preserve his mind differed all that much from the genetic tinkering that had lead to the creation of Cpt. Vasser. A cheery thought to digest with what was left of lunch. He grimaced and sipped at the water as he continued to listen to Lt. Tovarek. Processed his words and nodded a bit at the questions, at first at least.

"Am I fit? Hell if I know. Sir," he added at the end, again reminding himself that the bitter resentment that seemed to have replaced parts of his heart - Now what if that was genetically encoded too!? - was not this mans fault. "But you are right. I do get what you're getting at. And if Cpt. Ives felt it important enough to violate a slew of medical ethics to result in all of this," his artificial eyes narrowed slightly and he sighed. "Well. I'm alive. I need something to do. And I did have a mission, even if I don't remember signing up for it." He belatedly wondered just how much Simon Tovarek had been briefed on Sarresh's unique circumstances. How the man had supposedly volunteered for all this, this utter hell, possibly knowing that he would loose his species, grow to love and lose Amikris, all of it in the process, in order to save the time stream and right the course of history.

It all sounded so heroic. Shame he couldn't remember that man. He could barely remember the man Amikris wanted him to be. Oh, but he remembered what happened, right before. The memories were tinged, with the afterimages of Amikris in his arms, telling him it would be all right. But he remembered, and his face shut down. He tensed from head to toe, and his left hand gripped the glass of water tight enough to make the surface tremble.

"Every detail, sir."

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[ Simon Tovarek | CSO Office - Upper Science Labs | Deck 04 ] Attn: Sarresh Morrali

Tovarek looked at the man as he seemingly spoke his mind, one idea came to his mind. Perhaps Sarresh would fall under the category of 'damaged goods' yet the idea alone made Simon repulse to even have thought about that label. The man sounded bitter and did he really have the right not to be? Simon couldn't help but to agree with the junior lieutenant yet there was little that he could do besides putting him back to work. By doing so he would managed to change his steam of thoughts perhaps. On a side note, perhaps a talk with the ship's counselor would help?

"Well, I can help with getting you back into work. I'll clear you for work again and add you on the detail again to find a more effective way to find the hosts that hide within Starfleet. We had a lovely encounter with Sonja Acreth as I have noticed by the reports." Simon looked down at his glass as the reminder of the what sheer force hid in these apparently sleeper agents. "Yet shooting people with rifles set to stun sounds a bit too... Barbaric. We need to find an easier way and perhaps less painful to uncover them." he said as he looked back at Sarresh.

"Also, I'd strongly..." He paused for a second as he doubted to just order Sarresh to see Hayden O'Conner. "Recommend that you take a few sessions with miss O'Conner. I know you might consider this as an insult right now or that you don't need it. But if your work suffers under the drawback of this transformation I'll order you to go see her. So I'll leave the choice to you. Can you agree with me on this?" Simon asked, yet it sounded more or less that the question was more rhetorical. Simon had pretty much decided his mind already and he only wanted the best for Sarresh. Hopefully the junior lieutenant would see that. 

"Is there anything else you want to bring up now that we're here?" Lieutenant Tovarek asked now as he wanted to make clear that for his part, this chapter of the talk would be over.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morrali | CSO Office - Upper Science Labs | Deck 04 ] Attn: Simon Tovarek

Lt. Tovarek offered him up an assignment, pushing him back into the rotation of things and off of medical leave. Sarresh welcomed that, something to pull his mind from the darker depths it had sunk to, if only just. And while trying to come up with countermeasures and forms of detection for those with a parasite in their brain wasn't exactly an assignment that best utilized his Temporal specializations, it was one that aligned itself rather nicely with his over all mission. Sure, he wasn't detecting temporal intrusions or trying to back track along the time line where incursions occurred - he'd set up what he could with the primitive tech available to him in his lab - it furthered the goal of stopping the machinations of whatever faction was currently screwing with the Theurgy and her crew, as well as the timeline as a whole.

"I assume those logs will be made available to me, Sir?" He asked, professionally as possible, as his hand still trembled slightly. Another thought had entered his mind. Those parasites were responsible for sending the Calamity after the crews of the Theurgy and the Harbinger on Theta Endrai IV. They were responsible for Amkris' horrible death. And they had one of those bastards locked up. He began to ponder just how invasive a test he might be able to conduct on Ms. Acreth before he realized that doing so would make him no better than Cpt. Ives, whom he'd just accused of ethically questionable moralities. A scowl darkened his face, and the unfortunate timing of all, the thought occured to him just as Simon made his follow up recommendation. Suggesting that he seek counsel from Lt. Hayden.

Well, he'd aired all of that out for sure Sarresh thought bitterly. Bitter was the best word for him, and it wouldn't' surprise him in the least that Lt. Tovarek could pick up on it. Judging by the way he looked at his junior officer and the careful tone, Sarresh was in fact sure that Simon was perceptive enough to pick up on the vibes radiating out of the TAO. And that request....Gently, Sarresh set the glass of water down on the table between the two officers so that he wouldn't shatter it. Embedding shards of glass in his hand would not be the wisest option.

"With respect, sir," he started, trying to project calm that he didn't feel, "I am...less than interested in her babble. We've spoken once already." Having met the counselor shortly after he was revived, his first impression of her was not a kind one. Calling the encounter a 'conversation' would be generous. Of everyone in the medical bay at that time the only officer present that seemed to have true compassion for what he had gone through was the nurse, Eve Jenkins. Whom was now not only unavailable, but directly responsible for the other memories weighing him down. The potent dose of her pheromones were the cause of his ill timed....tryst with P.O. Ryuan Sel.

Dry swallowing, he continued, "With that in mind, I will still take your recommendation...under advisement. I cannot promise I will seek her out tomorrow, but," he paused, sighed, and tried to release the anger swelling up. He wasn't mad at Tovarek, and again needed to remind himself of that key fact, "If my performance drops, in any way, I will go to her. You won't have to issue an order. Just...point it out to me." After that, he rolled his shoulders in a shrug, "Beyond that...I don't know what else to bring up, Sir."

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[ Simon Tovarek | CSO Office - Upper Science Labs | Deck 04 ] Attn: Sarresh Morrali

The idea of getting Morrali back to work was mainly to get his mind of things. Knowing that his temporal skills could be used otherwise had come up in Simon's mind, yet he wanted to shield the now human scientists from being faced with haunting memories that the job previously held. At least for now. The new job he had offered the lieutenant would be something of a fresh start and it seemingly did align him with what he eventually had to do. Stop the hostile takeover of the entire Starfleet and beyond.

"I'll see through it that you'll have access to them momentarily." Simon nodded in agreement and he tapped his PADD to give Morrali the access he needed to get to the files. As for the rest of the duration, Simon kept his eyes trained on Sarresh. He noticed the change in his face when he had brought up Hayden, yet he gave it no further comment. He heard the lieutenant out first as he spoke of an earlier meeting between the both of them. Judging by the words and tone Sarresh used, Simon could already understand that the talk didn't exactly go all too well. However, it seemed like Tovarek's point was made as Sarresh himself told him to just point him out if this performance would drop. "I will lieutenant." He nodded once more in agreement with a soft tone to his voice.

"Beyond that I think we're done for now. Would you mind if I walked you back to your work post? I feel a bit locked up when sitting in this office." He said and already got out of his chair as he put his plate away and drank the rest of his water. "Of course, I expect you o send me updates on your work weekly. On that note nothing has really changed in our department." He said as Simon walked towards the door and the shutters opened up. His eyes gazed through the hallways and he looked back to wait for Sarresh.

OOC: Perhaps this is the moment for Cir'Cie to make her entry either at the hallways or further down the labs? I'll inform Lucan about it.

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[ Ensign Cir'Cie | Hydroponics Bay | Deck 05 ]  Attn: Tovarek & Morali

After the fighter pilot from the Harbinger left her, Cir'Cie was alone in the Hydroponics Bay again, but he did not leave her without an impression. While her mind had been cleansed by Doctor Maya and she had made progress in reasserting herself after the mutiny and the battle, the visit of this "Husker" had upset her once more. If a mind could have scar tissue, the encounter had just torn the stitchings. Because since her treatment of the mind-melded had made her imbalanced to begin with, and Ensign Slayton had come to rock the scales. It had been an adequate encounter on its own, but in its entirety, it made her want to return to her quarters to meditate.

Emerging from her laboratory, she did so with warm mist rolling out behind her, and the - by comparison - cold air of the Science Labs's main area caused her damp face and uniform remind themselves. Her green eyes travelled the area as she made her way towards Lieutenant Tovarek's office, about to ask for leave to meditate. Yet no more had she set her pace than she encountered two humans emerging from the CSO Office. One of them were Tovarek, and the other... it made her remember what had happened in Sickbay.

"Who are you?" she asked idly with a quiet voice, "I do not think I have seen you before, human. Who are you to stand in the way of an idea you have not grasped yet? Would it not be foolish to ignore reality; to close your eyes to the truth of our former mission."

With a small motion she, gestured to the people around her. "A truth that has compelled so many to stand against the former Commanding Officer. Is your judgement so limited, or is it so that you have seen another future than us?" Training the sights of her hand phaser to hit the hand with the exoscalpel, Cir'Cie considered to give the order to have everyone to shoot at once... With a stun setting, there was only so much damage they - as a firing squad - could do to the aggressor and his captive.

The human had laughed at them, an eerie sound. "Do NOT lecture me on the future, you pointy eared menace. You have no idea, not a single one, what the future holds. Me? I've SEEN it. I've LIVED in it. I have breathed air in a century where you're bones have long turned to ash."

It was a reminder of her time being under T'Rena's influence that she didn't need, and yet she was Vulcan, and she did not deign to reveal the discomfort of seeing Sarresh Morali. With her short hair and uniform just as beaded with water as it usually was after spending hours in the Hydroponics Lab, she folded her hands behind her back as she faced the two humans. Strange to think that the Temporal Affairs Officer had once been Ash'reem, just like their late Amatras Neotin had been; the CSO that the Calamity hologram had killed on the Main Bridge.

"Lieutenant Tovarek, Lieutenant Morali," she greeted, addressing the junior officer second as per decorum, "I am afraid that I must ask permission to withdraw to my quarters. Recent events have yet to be fully processed, and unless I may be granted time to meditate, I will not be preforming my duties adequately."

Turning her green and dispassionate eyes to Morali again, she added, "My sincerest apologies for the weakness that left me challenging you in Sickbay. My misguided actions are what compels my request. It is, however, gratifying to see that you will be returning to your duties where I am forced to fail in my own. I hope your recovery does not entail any complications given the trials your body has suffered through."

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morrali | CSO Office - Upper Science Labs | Deck 04 ] Attn: Simon Tovarek, Cir'Cie

His pale hand reached out to take the glass he'd set aside just moments before; this time, with less shaking, and raised it to his lips. The emotional swirl inside him had left him parched - too dry! - and the need to quench his thirst won out over the risk of shattered glass. He could keep his hand steady long enough to drink. It was to be a short sip, but the nervous need for water left him gulping down a few deep mouthfuls.

"Beyond that I think we're done for now. Would you mind if I walked you back to your work post? I feel a bit locked up when sitting in this office." Sarresh looked up at his senior officer, artificial gaze and all, and took his queue, standing as well. He nodded, passing over his now empty glass to the CSO for the atoms to be recycled back into the replication system. "Once a week, I can still manage that,  I'd say. As for company," he shrugged and managed a small smile, quirk of the lips, really, "It's your department, sir. Lead on."

Sarresh fell into step behind Lt. Tovarek, but the duo had barely walked out of the office before their journey was derailed.

The Great Bird of the Galaxy clearly had a twisted sense of humor and a wicked sense of timing.

The two humans drew up short, as Cir'Cie came to a stop before them. Those eyes of Morrali's narrowed, servos whirling, piercing the veil of Vulcan decorum. He read her, quite literally, like a medical text book. The heightened blood flow and pulse rate, the flaring of various biological chemicals and temperature readings. He knew, without being able to put in to specifics, that she was not doing as well as her cold exterior might lead one to assume. The words that followed simply confirmed it.

"Lieutenant Tovarek, Lieutenant Morali," she greeted, addressing the junior officer second as per decorum, "I am afraid that I must ask permission to withdraw to my quarters. Recent events have yet to be fully processed, and unless I may be granted time to meditate, I will not be preforming my duties adequately."

As he was not her direct superior, the TAO kept his mouth firmly shut, in a thin line, even as he heard an echo of his own crazed laughter in the back of his head. He waited, listening to Simon's response, and then, as Cir'Cie continued, his focus remained hard, on her.

"My sincerest apologies for the weakness that left me challenging you in Sickbay. My misguided actions are what compels my request. It is, however, gratifying to see that you will be returning to your duties where I am forced to fail in my own. I hope your recovery does not entail any complications given the trials your body has suffered through."

Sarresh knew that, as a Starfleet officer, he shouldn't take any kind of joy in the Vulcan's apparent discomfort. But the memories of their encounter in the Sickbay and the ensuing fire fight were still fresh in Lt. Morrali's mind. He couldn't repress the visceral glee he felt in the pit of his stomach over how - he assumed - tortured the Ensign must now be. It was beneath him, or the man that he was supposed to be, and he was able to recognize that. Frankenstein's monster (the more he thought the phrase, the more fitting it seemed to him) really couldn't throw all that many stones, he knew, but it didn't stop what he felt. It didn't keep his thoughts from growing more and more disjointed.

No, that nasty, self-realization only affected his response.

"Do not dwell on it, Ensign. We are not responsible for the actions we take under others influences. As for my duties," he glanced at Lt. Tovarek this time, well aware that he was under his superiors watch, and it would not do well at all to have himself sent off to the Ships Counselor before resumption of his first duty shift, "I am looking...forward to returning to them, as well. Recovery remains to be seen."

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[ Simon Tovarek | CSO Office - Upper Science Labs | Deck 04 ] Attn: Sarresh Morrali, Cir'Cie

It was still a bit hard to believe for Simon that this was now entirely his department. It's not that he hadn't dreamt about being CSO at some point, yet it was the way it had happened that worried him the most. These thoughts had lingered in his mind since his promotion yet he had nobody to really talk about it. Sarresh seemed not to be the ideal person to start about it and when the duo came across Cir'Cie Simon frowned a little as he noticed that she wasn't entirely in her element. His suspicion got confirmed as she asked to return to her quarters for meditating. Tovarek eyes the Vulcan before him and he looked concerned at her, despite the things she had gone through she still seemed calm and controlled about the entire situation. "Permission granted. Do let me know if there is anything that I can do for you Cir'Cie. You're not in this alone." He spoke to her, not wanting to give the ensign the feeling that she could only solve this crisis by pure meditation.

Simon looked at Sarresh now as he spoke to Cir'Cie. He nodded in silence before waiting for Cir'Cie to make her move or a comment. Eventually Simon made his way further down with Sarresh to his working station. "Is there anything else I can do for you Lieutenant?" he asked as he remained by the door.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morrali | CSO Office - Upper Science Labs | Deck 04 ] Attn: Simon Tovarek, Cir'Cie

Sarresh watched after having delivered his response to the implacably - and falsely - calm looking Vulcan. The medical stats scrolling across his field of vision offered up a virtual cornucopia of hypothesis as to the root cause of Cir'Cie's current condition, but he did his level best to ignore them. Indulging in that form of speculation would only lead to feeding the laughing beast in the back of his mind that took its glee at her discomfort. Right now, that was a bad idea.

"Thank you, Lieutenant," Cir'Cie replied, nodding her head in deference to her superior before darting around the male duo and making her way back along the path the two other officers had just strolled down. With the slightest shrug of his own shoulders, Sarresh turned back now to face Simon, hands clasped - tightly - behind his back. They came to pause by the doors to the lab that the TAO did most of his work in and would likely need to reconfigure per the ordered task he'd been assigned not but moments before.

"Is there anything else I can do for you Lieutenant?" Tovarek asked, and despite his own growing desire to be alone, Sarresh gave his superior's question a moment of focused thought. There were many things that Sarresh wished to see happen, but unfortunately he could not think of a single thing that Simon himself could help bring to fruition.

Slowly, Sarresh shook his head, artificial gaze holding the CSO's momentarily. "Not at this time, no. Thank you, sir." Once dismissed, the newly minted human took his leave, entering the darkened lab. He looked around and sighed, softly. This light would have been perfect for him, before his transformation. Just enough hint of exposure from the LED strips lining the walls, to allow him to remove his goggles and enjoy the native lighting of his species, not restricted to near opaque lenses to block out the harsh glare of Starfleet Standard lighting levels. his eyes craved light, even as his artificial gaze readjusted itself to a thermal reading. "Computer...." he softly addressed the AI, remorse suddenly heavy in his voice, causing his tongue to stick to his throat. "Bring lights up to standard norm. And computer. Please replicate of water."

It was still too dry.

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[ Simon Tovarek | Upper Science Labs | Deck 04 ] Attn: Irnashall "Shall" ch'Xinya

After dropping Sarresh off at his workstation Simon made his way back up to his office when he noticed the presence of sthe Andorian called Irnashall "Shall" ch'Xinya. Tovarek stopped and saluted the science officer as he watched him over, noticing the stomp on his left antenna "Ensign Chan. Good to see you back on your feet. How are you doing despite the recent injuries?" he asked friendly as he leaned against the wall of the corridor.

The Adnorian was certainly a head taller then the human and he looked him over to see if he had any other visible injuries. Tovarek wasn't entirely up to date what all the science members were doing, so he waited for the reply of the man before asking his next question "Mind if I ask what you're currently working on?" he clarified why he wanted to know so it didn't come over as a check up on how far he was with his work. "I'm trying to figure out what everyone is doing nowadays since I got promoted.."

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[IrnaShall ch'Xinya | Upper Science Labs | Deck 4] Attn: Simon Tovarek

Gazing down at the computer screen, Shall could barely keep himself from growling.  For weeks he'd been trying to get Stellar Cartography back up and running, but no matter how much progress he would make something would either pull him away, or undo everything he'd done.  In fact, he was so engrossed in his anger that he didn't hear his new superior come in, or even greet him at first.  His antenna shot straight up in surprise and he barely caught himself from falling over when he shot to his feet.  "Lieutenant! I'm sorry, I didn't see you there."

While he didn't hear the first question, Shall noticed the looks Lt. Toavarek was giving him and he realized what it was.  "It's fine, nothing fatal.  On my feet though, sometimes that's easier said than done."  He gives the other man a faint grin.  "I was just looking over the Stellar Cartography status reports.  I've been itching to get back in there ever since we landed at Theta Eridani, but you know what's happened.  Astrometrics is fine to work in, but it's a little too small."

The thought of his wrecked lab brought a slight droop to the antenna.  "If I can get back up and running I'm hoping to be able to look for places that would give us a tactical advantage when the Fleet comes racing.  Hiding spots mostly."

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[ Simon Tovarek | Upper Science Labs | Deck 04 ] Attn: Irnashall "Shall" ch'Xinya

Toavrek nodded to hear the Andorrian report that he was on his feet but not a full 100%. As he mentioned the astrometrics and stellar cartography he caught the attention of Simon completely. Simon had used one of the holodecks to plot out a course to see where they could hide before they had hit Theta. His encounter with Thea was still somewhat fresh in his mind.

"Well, if you want you can try and see what you can do to fix the cartography section. I've looked into cartography a while back, but I think if one person would fully commit himself to the program we'd sure have some advantages over the enemy. So if you're looking for my approal I'm granting you the time and resources that you need." Simon said to the Andorrian.

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[IrnaShall ch'Xinya | Upper Science Labs | Deck 4] Attn: Simon Tovarek

Shall nodded in gratitude at the news that he could personally work on repairing Stellar Cartography, and his antenna rose back up.  "Thank you Lieutenant!" he says a little too eagerly.  Spinning the desktop around he points to a few engineering diagrams.  "Thankfully the structural repairs were among the first things done after we left Niga, but no one took the time to see to the displays or data system."

Pointing to some blinking conduits housed under the main control board, "I think the main ODN conduits were severed preventing the operator to manipulate the data streams.  On top of that, there's a chance the screens themselves are damaged, but other than any visual inspection there's no way to be sure until the conduits are patched.  It'll take time to chase each fault down, one by one."

Smiling at the idea of the holodeck being used for cartography, Shall leans against his desk and crosses his arms in front of his chest.  "Back in the Academy I got to sit in a demonstration of the next generation of cartography labs.  It was nothing more than a dedicated holodeck that let the user stand right in the middle of space itself with the universe arrayed all around them.  No dedicated displays, you could bring up a data window or access terminal anywhere you wanted.  With nothing but voice command, hand signals, or whatever method you wanted, the user could control the cosmos around them to learn whatever they needed.  I've never seen anything like it."

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[ Simon Tovarek | Upper Science Labs | Deck 04 ] Attn: Irnashall "Shall" ch'Xinya

As Shall turned the monitor around, Simon leaned in and rested his hands on the desk, leaning forward to look at what the Andorian had presented to him. His eyes went over the schematics and he nodded as he listened to what the man had to say. It made perfect sense and Tovarek spoke once Shall stopped "Good planning you have there. Keep me posted about any developments on your repairs. Once the section is back to operational functionality inform me immediately." he stated to the blue skinned man. His eyes noticing the risen up antenna, yet making nu further comment to it.

"Trust me, you can't imagine how interesting it has been to use the holodeck for cartography. In fact perhaps you should witness the thing for yourself? Perhaps even try to incorporate the idea for Stellar cartography. Use some emitters to effectively use a smaller space as a guide for your plotting courses." he murmured as he thought the plan over "What do you think Ensign, would you be up for that challenge?"

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[IrnaShall ch'Xinya | Upper Science Labs | Deck 4] Attn: Simon Tovarek

"Trust me Lieutenant, I would kill for a chance to upgrade the lab to use holo-emitters, but that will have to wait for another day.  Just getting it up and running is my main concern."  Standing up for the first time since Simon had walked in, Shall realized the height difference between them.  It wasn't much, just ten centimeters or so (around the size of his hand), but it was noticeable.  "That being said, an Andorian never backs down from a challenge."

Starting to pace behind his desk (just a few steps in each direction), Shall's antenna writhes a bit as he thinks out loud.  "Any emitters would have to be mounted in the ceiling and deck, the current display panels would make it impossible to install a traditional holo-grid.  I would definitely require the assistance of either Lt. Kae or Thea herself, if not both, if we do this.  It wouldn't be nearly as immersive as a full holo-lab either, but would be of benefit during demonstrations at least."

This was pretty typical for Shall, when running through decisions or mental puzzles he would speak out loud regardless of anything around him.  He gets away with it for the most part since he'd normally be alone in a lab.  It also has another side effect, since few people can get a word in edgewise, it's very hard to stop him.  It's at least a full minute before Shall remembers that he's not alone at his desk.  "Oh, I'm sorry."  Standing up a touch straighter, "Is there anything else you would like to hear a report on sir?"

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[ Simon Tovarek | Upper Science Labs | Deck 04 ] Attn: Irnashall "Shall" ch'Xinya

Watching Shall pace back and forth as he thought out loud was amusing enough for the CSO and he nodded approvingly of the plans. If this project would be completed they would have a much more comfortable job at plotting and pinpointing locations of various places of interest. "I'll see what I can do to let Thea give you a hand. I will also address Lt Kae about the matter." he concluded at the request of his blue friend.

He shook his head when Shall asked if there was anything else he'd like to hear "No, that'll be all. I believe you're set for the coming weeks if not months. Do give me weekly sit reps about your progress and if you come across any problems feel free to contact me. Otherwise, keep up the good work ensign." he said and saluted Shall before leaving the labs to go back to his office.

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