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[ Eve Jenkins | USS Theurgy | Medical Lab 01 | Sickbay | Deck 07 ]

More than his words but his look of understanding both helped and made Eve feel a little more guilty.  She could sense his arousal strongly and it spurred her own, leading her to grasp his hand for a moment.  It wasn't just the arousal though but the need for that moment of a comforting touch.  Then she forced herself to let go and moved away from him just as he moved away from her, giving more distance between them.  "Thank you," she said and then hurried to help the two get out the back door.  "Be safe and ... good luck," she said then moved back to the open area to just in time to greet new victims.

Three men and a woman, not so great number-wise she thought to herself but immediately raised her hands as the rifles were aimed at her.  She needed all of them nearer, to inhale the pheromones her body was starting to pour out from her.  "I'm unarmed ... didn't do that," she said, letting her rich voice caress their auditory processes.  "They started arguing and then struggled over a phaser ... scorched the ceiling which set off the hazard alert.  Oxygen was being drawn out and I had to override the protocol, causing the masks to drop," she stated using the truth to her advantage.

"There was nothing I could do for them," she said, letting her tears of guilt well in her eyes and then slip down her cheeks.  "I've dedicated my life to helping people ... not hurting them," she continued truthfully, easing closer to the man and hoping she was close enough to the other three.  "I was here to start getting things ready for all the changes ahead.  We're simply not properly equipped for the amount of children that are about to be conceived," she said, hoping that would help trigger their more sexually based impulses regarding procreation.

[ Rory Callahan | USS Theurgy | Corridor | En-Route to Cargo Hold 02 | Deck 02 ]

Rory wanted to do more, say more, to help Natalie but he held himself at what he hoped was enough distance so he didn't distract.  Still that moment she had touched him had been enough to keep him bolstered.  He was helping, even if it was just his presence, and that's all that mattered right now as she led them about in this hellish situation.

When they rendezvoused with the group Thea had been guiding them to, his gut twisted when he saw Sten but even as Sten spoke out against him, he held his temper and his tongue.  He was determined to support Natalie, not put her in a position that she had to defend him and herself.  Natalie did defend him though and in a professional way, something that somehow made him even more proud than if she'd done it like a besotted school girl.

That didn't mean he still didn't want to punch the bastard and at a later time, if they all survived, he might just share a word or three with him.  It was obvious the Irishman didn't appreciate being looked down on the way Sten did but somewhere he found the strength to not say or do anything that would put Natalie in a bad spot when suddenly he was handed a phaser.  With a steady hand and steely gaze, Rory took it from him.  "No ... Sir," he replied, figuring the man gave him all he needed to know.  If the damned thing did run out, he always had his box cutter.

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[ Dr. Nicander | Corridor | Deck 02 ] Attn: Hylota Vojona, Heather McMillan & Simon Tovarek

With Heather McMillan's help, Simon Tovarek and Hylota Vojona managed to stun the two guards by the entrance to the cargo hold, and the latter quickly moved into position so that she might keep the people inside from getting out. It was time for the xenon gas to be released, and if Tovarek wanted to do it via the Life Support systems, it mean that they needed a maintenance access point adjacent to the room. Lucan knew the way, so he waved for Heather and Simon to follow him, but not before speaking to Hylota down the hall.

"This was your idea, so if make it, I will have you promoted," he called and gave her a quick grin. "Captain Ives will know what the Ovri are capable of."

Then he was off, having tried to bolster her morale and support her in the crucial task of keeping the mutineers from getting out. In the end, he had no interest in having the plan backfire on him and put him in unnecessary danger. It was just happenstance that his own ends served the people next to him just as well. With great haste, he led the short way to the wall-mounted hatch that would take them into the jefferies tubes, knowing that the maintenance access to the cargo hold was just inside. Reaching out with his tattooed hand, he turned the valve and swung it open.

"Hurry, get inside," he said, waving for McMillan and Tovarek, "Bring the canisters in there too. I'll cover you." He had his hand phaser out, pale grey eyes looking down both ends of the empty corridor in turn. The Red Alert klaxon made the bulkheads vibrate with the sound of imminent danger, and Lucan could but roll his eyes at the suggestion that the Calamity had found them right then of all possible times.

"Splendid," he said bitterly, not feeling very much as the clandestine manipulator when subject to such irony: That he might fall prey to the very design his kin had opted to use to destroy the Theurgy and stop its crusade. Did they even know he was aboard, or Acreth for that matter? Were they an acceptable loss after all? Had they thought them compromised after Acreth's reports fell silent? Either way, it was plain that he might fall victim to his kin's devices, and that was in direct conflict with his personal agenda. Yet what gnawed him the most was that he had so little means to oppose his own kin without using the crew of the ship. As it were, he could but have faith in Natalie Stark and the strike team that was heading to the Bridge.

Once Heather and Simon were inside, Lucan climbed in after them, and he crawled his way over to the maintenance access - getting up next to Heather so that he might see what Tovarek was doing with the control panel and the gas. "Can we help you somehow?" he asked, the brow he raised split from the brief fight against a security guard not ten minutes past. The Radiant, in her almost ethereal presence, smelled quite lovely when so close. Which was, of course, irrelevant to their current plight... but nonetheless pleasant.

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[ Search Party | Medical Lab 01 | Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Eve Jenkins

The shaved man tilted his head while the Head Nurse spoke, eyeing her up as he stepped closer. "So they struggled over a weapon?" he asked with his thick accent, looking like he might check the bodies but not quite ready to look away from the beautiful woman before him. "Which one was the Ives Loyalist?"

"It couldn't have been," said the other man with a red collar, the tall and dark-haired one with a southern accent. "These are both Harbinger people, Tactical Conn people, led by Phantom. They would not likely defect."

The woman frowned, looking at the bodies. "Neither have combadges, but there is only one phaser between them - which would make sense if it is like the Nurse says. There is no telling who was using the ship communication system, though. If there was someone believuing in Ives' futile cause, it could have been either.

The blue-eyed man in the golden jumpsuit was eyeing Eve Jenkins closer too, but as direct as his question was, the hostility in his tone was deteriorating under her influence with each word spoken. "Why aren't you wearing any combadge?" he said, eyes seemingly not ready to leave her chest area. "If you are preparing... for what is to come... why are you not..."

He seemed to have lost his train-of-thought - words tuning out. He was just as close as the shaved man, who - in turn - seemed to fall back on courtesy all of a sudden, regardless of the suspicious circumstances they had found her in. "Forgive me, Nurse," he said and cleared his throat, "A delightful pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm Crewman Dillard and this is Cadet Sherman." It was the muted man in the jumpsuit.

Dillard then introduced the woman behind him. "This is Lana Preston and my tall friend back there is Petty Officer Vargas." It was the red-collared man who was lingering by the bodies, hanging back, but Lana could not help but slide up next to Sherman. She was also a Cadet, despite her age.

"We might all be Harbinger people and a tad busy, but perhaps there is some way we can be of assistance?" asked Dillard, running a hand over his scalp as he circled the nurse - green eyes trailing over her body as he brushed aside the breathing masks hanging in his way.

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[ Hylota Vojona | Corridor | En-Route to Cargo Hold 02 | Deck 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Dr. Nicander, Heather McMillan & Simon Tovarek

As Hylota was praised for her actions and planing by her CO she smiled and nodded, it made her feel amazingly happy and proud. And putting in the idea that she might see herself promoted for this show of dedication. She nodded to her CO and spoke in her tired voice. "Thank you Doctor...I did come here with the intent to show the Federation what the Ovri were capable of, we wanted to prove ourselves as a valuable member of your Federation and even now with all that is happening I will serve to make my people proud and show that we will do whatever it takes to get the mission done."

Hylota watched hr companions go off on their own while she looked to the knocked out guards with  sigh an then across the hall at a door to some room. Taking a deep breath she opened the door and began to drag the guards into the room and separated them from their weapons and com badges in case they woke up and tried to call for help. Once they were in the room, for the third time that day Hylota took apart a door and too out the chips to begin shutting things down. When it was all over Hylota sat down in the hall and began to rest up after her adventure for the day. She just hoped that it would be over soon.

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[ Simon Tovarek | Life support systems access | Deck 02 ] Attn: Hylota Vojona, Heather McMillan & Lucan Nicander

As Lucan talked to Hylota about a possible promotion, Simon took the time to turn his attention to Heather. "I must say that what you did back there was pretty... Mind blowing." He smiled and looked at her in the eyes "I've understood that you are a scientist, so if you would like... After all this is over I would like you to join my team. I'm the Chief science officer aboard this vessel and I think that you'll fit in rather perfectly in our department. That is if you would be up for the task." He spoke calmly and determined and when Simon noticed that Lucan was ready he let Heather go first as they re entered the jeffries tubes.

Once inside Simon opened up the service panel to access the life support system. He started to work on it silently and shook his head as Nicander asked if he could help. "Not right now, just keep those canisters close. I just need to check the parameters of the cargo hold first and manipulate them before releasing the gas. A lot of techno babble would follow, but I don't want to bore you." he said with a sly grin and started to manipulate the values. "Unless you could turn down those red alert blares, that would be a help." Simon mumbled while his entire focus seemed to be absorbed by what he was doing.

After a minute or ten Simon leaned back a bit and nodded "Right, this should do it. Hand me over the canisters." He looked at both Lucan and Heather as they were sitting a bit cramped up in the tubes. "So in short, I manipulated the life support system in a way that the air that everyone breathes in will be taken much quicker into the blood system allowing the xenon to work faster and possible or well probably more effective." He started to connect the gas canisters with the support system so that the gas could be released in the room and he couldn't help but to smile like a mad scientist that was about to unleash mayhem. "Right, well all you need to do is press this button here and the gas will disperse into the room undetected. I would reckon that it will take no more than ten minutes before everyone will be out of consciousness. I'd say we leave the honors to the lady, do you agree Doctor?" Simon suggested to Lucan and he glanced over at Heather for a second.

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[Sarresh Morrali | Medical Lab 01/Corridor | Sickbay]

"Poorly," he replied just a quietly, but in a clear, concisely blunt fashion. He was breathing in through clenched teeth, because otherwise his nose would smell not only the lingering pheromones from the nurse, but any hint of arousal from P.O. Ryuan. Sarresh was swiftly leaning that the genetic resequencing was not a complete overwrite. Some of his Ash'reem abilities remained, if more muted than they had been before. His susceptibility to pheromones seemed as strong as ever, for instance. To call it frustrating would be quite the understatement.

"Suffice to say that if the circumstances were different and we weren't all about to die from a psychotic automated ship from the future, I'd be embarrassed by the....reaction I'm having," he muttered, navigating the bed around the next corner, rubbing against it with his hips. "As is, I am grateful for the...placement of the biobed. We've enough issues going on without my physical...reactions causing problems." Sel might be thinking of aggression, channeling her response to the poor half Deltan's abilities towards protection. He was thinking far less noble and more carnal thoughts, featuring the Bajoran woman in rather compromising positions.

He was praying the damned pheromones would wear off soon. He needed to focus on distributing the gas, not easing the growing need between his legs. Why they couldn't have left him with memory engrams geared towards repressing desire in the middle of situations like this...Just his luck. The sooner he shook this the better. If someone came around that corner now, it'd be anyone's guess as to if Sarresh would actually be useful in the ensuing fire fight or if he'd just trip over his third leg.

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[Dr. Hayden O'Connor| Main Sickbay| Deck 7] Attention: Maya, Cir'Cie, Vinata Vojona & Lahkesis Saugn

Although Hayden couldn't argue with Cir'Cie's logic with regard to Maya assisting with the necessary mind melds to restore the crew to some semblance of normalcy, the rest of Maya's instructions were clearly overambitious. Saughn and Viinata were in obvious shock and in no condition to treat patients, let alone take charge in sickbay, even though she deeply respected their desire to keep going and to do whatever they could to help. To say they weren't equipped to handle the stress of taking care of anyone else was not a criticism of their psychological fortitude, but simply a matter of fact.

In addition, even though Hayden was not the type to focus on rank and position, and in particular, whether she was being given the professional deference her rank and position required, it didn't escape O'Connor's notice the Vulcan was ordering the medical staff around as if she were the ranking officer. Hayden had deferred to Maya in large part, not because O'Connor was averse to taking a leadership role, but because as a Vulcan skilled in using telepathy and empathic senses to heal, Maya was in the best position to offer expertise in how to reverse the damage done by the toxic mind melds.

Given the added pressure of having to act now they were under red alert, Hayden could easily forgive Maya's eagerness to take charge despite Hayden being the ranking officer. Because O'Connor served as Chief Counselor, most people forgot she was a qualified physician in her own right. There was also the reality that, regardless of how dysfunctional it was for Maya in the long-term, her ability to suppress her emotional reactions to anything traumatic, allowed her to take action far quicker than even Hayden's emotional resiliency allowed.

Taking a deep breath to center herself, Hayden recognized she needed to act. Turning to Maya, she said, "Ensign, you and Cir'Cie go do what you can to reverse the crew's conditioning. I'll take charge here until I am relieved by Doctor Nicander. I'll be sure to keep everyone is comfortable as I can until we know more." O'Connor avoided mentioning she would take care of Saugn and Vinata specifically, as she didn't want to speak of them as if they weren't in the room, but her eyes made it clear she was speaking specifically of them as much as she was speaking about any potential  casualties. Turning to Cir'Cie, O'Connor said, "if you get the opportunity, it might be a good idea to check with Sarresh as soon as you can to determine their progress in replicating the Lexorin. I have no doubt in either of your skills, but I expect you'll need the help."

Despite the seriousness of the situation and the fact O'Connor couldn't afford to be focused on anything except tending to Vinata and Saughn in the moments she had, Hayden hoped Maya wouldn't take offense to Hayden stepping into lead, if only because the two of them had established a more sincere and intimate relationship that was beyond rank and position. O'Connor couldn't help but want to avoid leaving the Vulcan feeling slighted, even if intellectually, Hayden knew such concerns were the least of their worries.

Turning toward Vinata and Saugn more out of necessity than a desire to be dismissive, she said calmly, "I'll grab some clothing for you and let's see what else can be done."

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Having been given the go ahead on her own infiltration Aisha looked over to the others.  "Alright, your signal that I am in place at the Conn will be an automated intercom message to all hands that mines are readied for deployment and advising that all hands should brace for impacts from potential shockwaves.  Computer, I mean Thea you got that, When I take the conn you should know I am at the station,  at that point make the shipwide intercom statement  That can be our signal."  She paused as she walked to the door to make her way to the turbolift itself.  "Also, I'm not going to deck one corridors.  I'm heading strait for the bridge itself.  with any luck Vasser will send the corridor guards a signal to head to the bridge when I arrive there too."

Walking calmly towards the turbolift she sighed steadying herself as she secured the type 3 on her body once again.  Walking into the turbolift she sighed and spoke to Thea's systems.  "Deck 1 Main bridge, and open a com-channel to the Main Bridge please.

Speaking calmly Aisha addressed the bridge and its current crew of traitors and their so called commodore, "Vasser, this is Aisha S'iti.  I am en-route to your location on the main bridge and am returning to take my station due to emergency circumstances.  Know that I am not returning out of some form of misguided loyalty to you or your mission but only out of the need that this ship has for a skilled person at the helm.  I will be arriving alone and armed and will not be relieving myself of my weapons in order to assure my own protection." she stated. "I suggest You instruct your officers and guards to stand down and allow me to take my place at the helm and I would suggest that you yourself take a station at tactical so that together this ship has the best chance of successfully disabling the Calamity.  For my own protection know that if I have reason to suspect aggressive intentions on the part of any members of your crew against myself, I will open fire without resurvation.  Expect me to arrive on the bridge in 10 seconds. S'iti out."

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[Ryuan Sel | Medical Lab 01/Corridor | Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Sarresh Morali & Auctor Lucan

Sel could not help but quietly smile to herself as she continued to move forward. She figured getting used to new genitals would take some time for anyone, but for the first time the pressure started upto get an erection, that was just unfair. So it was the least she could do to do her best to ignore the offending sex organ. If she had not needed to stay focused on the task she might have even offered to help him out with it, he wasn't that bad looking after all.

"I'll make you a deal, we get through this alive and I'll see what I can do to help you with that little problem," she said glancing back and shooting him a teasing wink. She was really only half teasing. Maybe it was the pheremones in her brain combined with the adreniline of holding aphaser rifle poised to gun down anyone who got in her way, either way she felt like she needed a good fuck, and from the looks of it he could use one to.

Her smile faltered when she got to the door to the Life Support Systems and she saw the wall panel. it looked like it had been shot numerous times with a phaser. The display was now amelted mess of wires and isolinea chips. "Son of a bitch," she breathed as she walked up to it and poked the melted polymers wth the muzzle of the phaser.

With little choice she turned back to Sarresh and set her rifle on biobed. "Watch my back while I try and get the manual override to release the door," she said and quickly crouched down next to the door to pry the access pael open. She was relieaved to see that the manual override lever was not broke or damaged in any way. She pulled a few isolinear chips out of the slots next to it and gripping the lever tightly with both hands pulled.

There was a hiss as the door's release mechanism disengaged and the lever broke in her hands, sending her falling to the floor. The jerk of the lever snapping caused it to move forward with such force that t knocked the wind out of the bajoran woman. She could do next to nothing as the door slide open.

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[ Eve Jenkins | Medical Lab 01 | Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Search Party

Eve shook her head and shrugged her shoulders, a move that drew attention to her lovely bust.  "I don't know.  I'd just come back from the supply room," she said, still utilizing truth to make her more believable.  "It's hard to tell who is loyal to who and all I care about is trying to make sure we'll be able to take care of expectant mothers and newborns."

When Dillard commented on her missing combadge, she touched the place it should have been and genuine confusion was etched in her features.  "It was just there," she muttered, thinking it must have come off in the supply room with the other two and she'd just missed picking it up before leaving.  Thankfully Dillard seemed to lose his train of thought and became quite friendly.

Introductions all around were made and Eve's lips curved up in a soft smile.  "I'm Eve ... Eve Jenkins."  Her eyes drifted to Preston, her smile warming even more.  "Are you going to be one of the mothers?  You're lovely so I can just imagine what your babies will look like," she said, complimenting the woman as Dillard began to circle her.

"I'm hoping they'll choose me to be one of the women," she said, the hands that had slowly lowered over time now brushing over her flat stomach.  "Of course the most fun is working on conception," she said, a hint of a purr in her tone.  Her face suddenly flushed and she lifted a hand to fan herself, sending the pheromones out further in Vargas and Preston's direction.

"It's hot in here," she said, unzipping the uniform top and slipping over her shoulders.  Sherman and Dillard would easily spot no lines indicating the standard issue bra underneath, see the soft giggling of her breasts underneath the thin gray material of her undershirt.  "I was going to work on vitamin supplements for pregnancy and of course something to stimulate milk production," she said.

"Our nutritional needs can be met easily enough but even with all our technology there has never been a perfect substitute for a mother's milk."  A soft moan exhaled as desire pulsed within her and unconsciously her hands went to her breasts, knowing a stronger wave of the pheromones had released.  "And the feel of lips ... sucking ..." she whispered, eyes closed as she teased her nipples.

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[ Heather McMillan |  Corridor | Outside Cargo Hold 02 | Deck 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Lucan cin Nicander, Hylota Vojona, Simon Tovarek


McMillan obediently tried to keep her head down, but she didn't dare try anything more fancy, like dropping and rolling, as she believed that was likely to result in her hurting herself more than necessary. She was no action hero, just a civilian alien biologist. Both Tovarek and Vojona unloaded into the men behind her, presumably they scored hits. And she nodded as Vojona assured the young woman that she was safe, and she ambled over like a slight drunk, or a giddy child, due to her excitement of getting to use her full powered light. Presently, she was still glowing with faint light, even her hair was illuminated.

As she entered the tube, she was almost smiling, despite the situation. Her hair floated behind her like the tendrils of a jellyfish in the water being pulled along by currents. She decided to light up her palms, brighter than the rest of her body, not that it was drastically needed, but the Radiant couldn't help it. She wanted to light up like a Christmas tree now at the slightest excuse. She tilted her head slightly in Nicander's direction when he moved close to her. The location was a little claustrophobic, and was remindful of when she first met him and Vojona.

Just a little earlier though, before Nicander had entered the tube, McMillan was complimented by Tovarek, and the young Radiant blushed, meaning she flashed a slight reddish glow around her cheeks, "Th-thank you..." she stammered with a coy smile. And then her eyes widened at an offer to join his team under the chief science officer. "S-s-science team??? Crikey O'Reilly, I-I..uh...I mean...that's...but I'm just a civilian biologist..."

Her attentions were distracted by the plans to unleash the gas on the unsuspecting people in the other side of the room. And they wanted her to do the honors. She smiled uncertainly at them and said, "That's very nice, but it's quite all r-Oh bloody Nora!" McMillan had attempted to shift her foot to adjust herself but ended up overbalancing and as she stumbled in the cramped space, her hands hit two things when she tried to catch herself. Tovarek's foot, and the button. Tovarek was fine, considering that McMillan was literally a featherweight and less than half the weight that she looks, but that was still enough for the button to be depressed inwards...

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[ Theugy "Thea" NX-79854 | Strike Team | Corridors - Turbolifts | Deck 02 ] Attn: Fasha, Tessa May Lance, Aisha S'Iti, Sten Covington, Natalie Stark & Rory Callahan

The Cardassian had left the strike team, heading up to the Bridge in order to ensure their survival at the helm of the ship. The plan was set, with two teams heading up via the Jefferies tubes, taking care of the patrolling sentries - led by Fasha and Tessa respectively.  Once both teams reported clear passage to the remaining personnel on Deck 02, they would head up as well, using the turbolift,

Chief S'Iti would - by then - be handling the graviton mines and try to hit the Calamity before she got too close. With all thee parts of the strike team on Deck 01, they were to enter the bridge in a show of force and not with phasers blazing - this to not disturb bridge operations mid-flight from the Calamity.

[Good luck,] said Thea to the assembled people, [My surveillance systems are down so I cannot monitor your progress, but I can use my internal sensors to verify your success. I might also be able to warn you if the security guards change their patrol route.]

With a chirping sound, Thea ended her transmission.

- Fin

OOC: Busy days, but I have just started a long writing session tonight. More posts upcoming. With this post, the strike team planning is wrapped in Anodyne, and after IronFerrox posts in the new 07: Undoing, it is time for RosariaRosette and Doctor Maya to move out with their teams and take care of the security guards. Up to you if you want to do it in a single post or not. I am game either way. See posting order at the top of the new thread.

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[ Ens. Lukas "Bleed" Reed | Corridor - Life Support Systems | Deck 07 ] Attn: Ryuan Sel, Sarresh Morali

Unfortunately for the Bajoran Security Officer and the former Ash'reem, the intention had not exactly been to keep the Ives Loyalists away from of the Life Support Systems. The measures taken by destroying the door's control panel did serve such a purpose, but hardly as a permanent means towards that end. No, for the Tactical Conn Officer in hiding behind the access hatch to the Jefferies tubes, it merely served as a distraction. It enabled him to climb out of behind the back of the human with the patients gown, and once he did, the combadge on the gown chirped and emitted an unmistakeably Vulcan voice.

[Cir'Cie to Sarresh Morali. What is your status, over? We have been informed that you are about to disperse Lexorin on the ship. We need to know when this might happen. Doctor Maya and I are leaving Sickbay in order to try and find some means to remove T'Rena's telepathic imprint on the crew. The dispersal of Lexorin ought to give us the window of opportunity that we need.]

Mister Reed was only half-listening to the message as he stepped up behind the former Ash'reem, and without any pause, he reached around the man's neck with his arm and caught him in a choke-hold against his own chest. There had been no time to answer the Vulcan. Across Sarresh's shoulder, Lukas' stare was locked on the Bajoran who had fallen to the floor. While his complexion was pale, his facial expression was sharp - browridge drawn down over his deep-set, green eyes. In his free hand, his Type II handphaser was pointed towards the Security Officer.

"Stand up, slowly," he said in a quiet voice to the woman as he pulled Sarresh away from the biobed and the weapon that lay on it. Being a fighter pilot, Lukas had opted to wear his Tactical Conn Exosuit since the light-weight EVA suit granted some means of protection from phaser fire. He had only left his helmet behind, and his long, ginger hair cut a stark contrast to the white and grey of his exosuit's plates. "I could't help but overhear your conversation earlier. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Lukas Reed... but I am mostly just called Bleed."

He was the eight pilot of the Dor'GhItlh Squardon.

"My my, aren't you pretty," commented Lukas in his quiet voice as he looked at the security guard from the Theurgy. "Come over here, but stay away from the biobed. Now, you were saying that you were going to help this freak-of-nature with some kind of problem, weren't you? Would you mind showing me what you meant? I am sure the mutant wouldn't mind..."

With the Calamity inbound and the Red Alert sounded, Phantom was probably about to summon him to the Valkyries on Deck 15 any moment, but why shoot them when he could play with them a bit first? "If you don't wish to accommodate my idle curiosity," he added, setting the muzzle of the phaser against Sarresh's temple, "then I will simply remove the freak standing in our way... and you can show it on me instead."

Oh, but the Bajoran would definitely serve for breeding purposes once all this strife came to an end...

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[ Cir'Cie | CMO Office | Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Hayden O'Connor, Doctor Maya, Vinata Vojona & Lahkesis Saugn

The hiss of Doctor Maya's hypospray gave Cir'Ce immediate releief and clarity of mind - the drugs in her system quickly being remedied by the counter-agent that spread through her veins. She blinked, watching what happened around her with a bit more acuity to her thoughts. At the suggestion that the other Ensign wanted to bring a medkit, Cir'Cie nodded in agreement and walked away to get one for her.

Meanwhile, the Ovri male volunteered his service to the patients despite his condition, merely requesting some clothing for his task. Cir'Cie raised an eyebrow towards the blue-and-red skinned Ovri as she returned with a medkit in her hand, thinking that he did not seem fit for duty so soon after his ordeals - whatever they might have been. As for the Teslyliac duplicate, she seemed even less capable of rising to the challenge, even less take command of Sickbay. It was obvious that assisting in killing the Wing Commander had taken its toll, but fortunately, the human counsellor volunteered to lead the work in Sickbay for the time being.

In parting, Hayden O'Connor suggested that Sarresh Morali might hold the key to simplify hers and Maya's task. Lexorin was a potent medical compound that could very well ease the impact of T'Rena's telepathic indoctrination, and if that was being synthesised in larger quantities, then it meant that the plan was to disperse it on the ship. "I will, Counsellor O'Connor. If we are facing the Calamity again, the odds suggest that there will be injured arriving shortly," she said before walking out the sliding doors along with Doctor Maya - carrying the medkit for her. Without further adue, she tapped her combadge.

"Cir'Cie to Sarresh Morali. What is your status, over?" she said as they walked, shoulder by shoulder out of the Emergency Entrance to Sickbay, "We have been informed that you are about to disperse Lexorin on the ship. We need to know when this might happen. Doctor Maya and I are leaving Sickbay in order to try and find some means to remove T'Rena's telepathic imprint on the crew. The dispersal of Lexorin ought to give us the window of opportunity that we need."

Yet there was no answer, and Cir'Cie turned her head to look at her fellow Vulcan. "It would seem we have to do what we can, assistance or not," she said, voice utterly passionless. "While I have the chance, I might as well express my gratitude towards your efforts to restore me through the mind meld. Your display of emotion bolstered my will to fight. It was... interesting how my response could be any different than I initially believed, and how your words seemed to alleviate the understanding that had me locked down. Thank you, doctor."

Having said this, Cir'Cie looked ahead down the corridor. "So where should we go first. Which area aboard needs us the most?"

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[ Search Party | Medical Lab 01 | Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Eve Jenkins

Upon being asked if she were to bear children, Lana Preston's already flushed cheeks turned more red, but she couldn't help but laugh nervously in giving her affirmation. "Yes, I w-will likely bear as many children as I can - all warriors blessed with Commodore Vasser's genes... regardless who may be the fathers of them all," she said, her voice a little weak and lips pursed as if she was thirsty.

Vargas had lifted his steely gaze from the bodies at thus point - eyes locked on the Head Nurse. Dillard, who had been circling Eve at first, came to end up on Eve's left hand side, and Cadet Sherman in his yellow jumpsuit on her riht. Lana Preston and Vargas slowly stepped up to her from the front as she fanned herself, and they were both was subjected to more pheromones. The mentioning of conception caused all four of them to hold their breaths in fear of misspeaking - the very same thing on all of their minds to greater or lesser extent.

Yet it was when the Head Nurse removed her uniform jacket and teal undershirt that they made audible noises - signs that they were definitely under her spell. They listened to her, hung on her every word - imagination taking them places where they usually didn't dare venture. Cadet sherman had even made a motion to help her get the uniform off her. The grey undershirt that remained left little to the imagination, but even less so when Eve Jenkins began to touch herself in earnest - fingers teasing the jutting peaks of her breasts.

"A source of great envy," said the eloquent Dillard, sliding up behind her and his hands spanning her hips - making their way up her abdomen. "One should hope such opportunities are presented at the state of conception as well, and not just as a part of maternity. A pity if these were wasted on the children alone."

His hands had come to hike up her grey undershirt as they travelled up her abdomen and her globated mammaries were bared to the air of the Medical Lab. The undershirt was caught underneath her armpits, but not in any way that disturbed the sight of the nurse's body. Dillard wanted to see as well, of course, and stepped up against Eve's back - looking down from across her shoulder. Stepping that close, there was no mistaking Dillard's state-of-arousal against Eve's lower back. Then again, there was no mistaking Varga's, Sherman's or Lana's thoughts either. Especially not Sherman's, who looked like he didn't know what to do with himself at the onslaught of Eve's pheromones. He ended up holding his own erection through his jumpsuit.

"The Red Alert is activated," said Vargas, breathing laboured as he watched Eve's breasts being fondled from behind, "we should be reporting to duty elsewhere..."

"I don't think..." said Lana, swallowing, and loosing traction to the words she had meant to say to object to Vargas. Instead, her trembling hand went to her jumpsuit - opening it all the way down to her panties. She was wearing a white tank top underneath. She tried again. "I think it is a bit hot in here too."

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[ Dr. Nicander | Corridor | Deck 02 ] Attn: Hylota Vojona, Heather McMillan & Simon Tovarek

Having followed the scientist's instructions, Lucan had bided his time in his own ruminations - trying to give the current situation some forethought. Such had been lacking for the most part during the past hour of crawling through Jefferies tubes and shooting phasers at mutineers. Of course, besides having been beaten raw by a younger man in Waste Management and nearly drained himself through his Câroon abilities in order to survive, he had the privelage of learning about the Radiants and Heather McMillan. A boon he had yet to fully wrap his mind around - her species something new for him to explore. For who knew what knowledge or benefits could be found in their DNA? The Asurians had provided him with the properties of the Velsren sac, so what could be gained from the Radiants? Oh, despite the altercations and the threat of being killed by his own kind, these were truly exciting times ahead.

"I think you will have to make due, unfortunately," he'd told the Russian human when asked about the Red Alert klaxon. He had helped connecting the canisters that they had brought from the other deck, and when it was time - two minutes having passed - Lucan simply smiled and nodded when Lieutenant Tovarek suggested that the Radiant would get the honour of pushing the button. "Certainly, we would never have been able to get here if it weren't for her. Please, Miss McMillan, proceed."

The Radiant had started to object, but ended up imbalanced in her protestations. She fell, and in the cramped space, Lucan instinctively reached out to catch her. He was not sure how appropriate he was in how his hands caught her from behind, it happened too quickly and she was so light in his hands, but it seemed like Heather was uninjured - even having pushed one of the buttons on the wall panel mid-fall.

"Did you...?" he began to ask, but the sound from the many canisters connected to the wall answered his question. She had activated Tovarek's protocol and the gas was being emptied into the cargo hold. The hissing sound they generated made it impossible to hear if Heather or Tovarek said anything, and the sound was so loud that it was likely to be picked up on if someone walked down the corridor outside. Lucan put his hands over his ears and grimaced, trying to get their attention somehow when he over-articulated the words he said. "Let's. Leave. Now!"

Lucan led the way, crawling out of the grate that had entered. He gave the Radiant and the CSO a hand to climb out, but no sooner had he closed it before they were almost trampled by at least ten people in yellow jumpsuits - sprinting past them towards the entrance of another cargo bay. Lucan recognised them as Operations personnel, and they belonged to the original Theurgy crew.

"What's going on?" he called to them, but he already had an idea about what they were up to, and so would likely Lieutenant Tovarek.

"The Calamity is in pursuit! We're going to oversee the gravametric mines deployment rig! We don't want one of those getting stuck on the way out! If the rig was damaged during the sabotage, we'll all die immediately!"

Cargo Bay 04. The Garden of Eden during the Niga Incident. Now the key to defeat the Calamity. Lucan looked towards Tovarek and then McMillan. "I'm just a doctor... but if Rennan Cooper's design was damaged, then even I can see how quick this battle will be over. Let's go help them."

Lucan had, after all, no interest in dying, even if the beast inside would rather have them all vaporised... The conflict of interest was not new, but for some reason, it had become easier to go against the will of the darkness inside.

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[Sarresh Morrali | Corridor - Life Support Systems | Sickbay] Atten: Ryuan Sel, Lukas "Bleed" Reed

"Deal," he snapped off his reply with very little thought at all. The hormones rushing through him may have helped short circuit the analytical process. Then again, he seemed to need some meaningless sex. It wouldn't be like with Amikris; no, this would be simply satisfying a physical need. Hopefully repeatedly, energetically, and very loudly. But not right then. At that moment, teasing smile aside, they had a job to do. Get that all sorted, and provided the Calamity didn't turn them all into subatomic ashes, then they'd see about acting on baser impulses.

it's not your back I'm interested in, Sarresh thought, but didn't say, eyes drifting against his will to her backside instead. Blowing a short, frustrated breath out from between his clenched teeth he turned his head to the side, while Sel worked her magic on the door. Unfortunately for the both of them, it was the wrong side.

Everything happened at once. The lever winded P.O. Ryuan, and Sarresh's combadge went off.

[Cir'Cie to Sarresh Morali. What is your status, over? We have been informed that you are about to disperse Lexorin on the ship. We need to know when this might happen. Doctor Maya and I are leaving Sickbay in order to try and find some means to remove T'Rena's telepathic imprint on the crew. The dispersal of Lexorin ought to give us the window of opportunity that we need.]

His half raised hand never made it to his chest as the armored limb wrapped around his neck, cutting off a reply. Artificial eyes going wide, the TAO let out a strangled grunt, and raised his arm instead to latch onto the reinforced plastic armor encircling his throat. "Don't," he barely managed to hiss, struggling as he saw the other man point the phaser at Sel. How had he been so careless? He should have smelt "Bleed" coming from a mile away. But between his mostly human nose and the overwhelming presence of the pheromones in his system, he'd completely missed the pilot.

Twisting did nothing for Sarresh, save to have the armor grind into his bare skin from the opening in the back of the medical gown. It made an oddly contrasting feeling to that of an emmiter pressed to his head. The Harbinger pilot wasn't squeezing tight enough to cause any vision issues yet, but it was something of a struggle to both breathe and squirm at once, forcing Sarresh to hold still and wait, to see what Sel might do. 

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[ Ryuan Sel | Corridor - Life Support Systems | Sickbay] Atten: Sarresh Morrali , Lukas "Bleed" Reed

Sel fought to catch he breath again, she was most definitely going to have a bruise on her sternum later. For a moment the world seemed to be nothing but a gray tangled mess as she fought for her breath, and yet somewhere between the combadge signal and the attack of the harbinger pilot  she manged to breath a little more regularly.

"Stand up, slowly," the pilot said. And as she pushed herself to her feet, tossing the broken manual release lever to the side, she held her empty hands up. Sel's eyes took moved from the phaser rifle on the biobed, to Sarresh, and finally to the pilot. Her sharp eyes took in every detail of him in an instant. He was in an exosuit, obviously he had been expecting some sort of fight to say the very least. He also was holding one of her colleagues at phaser point and looked like the type to shoot if provoked. He continued speaking. "I could't help but overhear your conversation earlier. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Lukas Reed... but I am mostly just called Bleed."

She looked to Sarresh to see if he know the man, but quickly became distracted by the feeling of the pilot's, Bleed's, eye's moving over her body.

"My my, aren't you pretty," he said. Something in his tone made Sel's stomach lurch. This was not going to go well for her. "Come over here, but stay away from the biobed. Now, you were saying that you were going to help this freak-of-nature with some kind of problem, weren't you? Would you mind showing me what you meant? I am sure the mutant wouldn't mind..."

When she hesitated for a moment he went on. "If you don't wish to accommodate my idle curiosity," he added, setting the muzzle of the phaser against Sarresh's temple, "then I will simply remove the freak standing in our way... and you can show it on me instead."

Sel looked from Bleed to Sarresh. No matter what she did now she knew that it would take some degree of skill to get the tactical advantage again. For now she was unarmed and would have to do what the sick man had commanded.

"I'm sorry," as all she could think to say as she moved toward the now human and slowly got to her knees. Her eyes darted from Sarresh to Bleed and back again. Though normally she would not have hesitated to fellate the pretty good looking now human, something about being forced to do it at phaser pint ruined the sensuality of the moment for her. but if she was going to do it, it was the least she could do to make it pleasurable for Sarresh.

She reached forward with her hand and gently wrapped it around Sarresh's manhood. Slowly she leaned forward and took the very tip of it into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. She did this at least until she could tell if Sarresh was enjoying it or at the very least if this was what bleed had in mind.

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[ Maya | Main Sickbay | Deck 07 |]  Attention: Hayden O'Connor, Cir’Cie, Vinata Vojona & Lahkesis Saugn

"While I have the chance, I might as well express my gratitude towards your efforts to restore me through the mind meld.”  said Cir’Cie.  “Your display of emotion bolstered my will to fight. It was... interesting how my response could be any different than I initially believed, and how your words seemed to alleviate the understanding that had me locked down. Thank you, doctor."

“You are most welcome Ensign,” Maya replied with a formal nod.

"So where should we go first?” the taller woman asked.  “Which area aboard needs us the most?"

There was an old Vulcan expression: ‘Do what you can, not what you can’t.’  It sounded better in the original Vulcan, but the gist was that effort should be spent on what was possible to accomplish, not what was improbable or unattainable.  Only after accomplishing everything what was possible was it reasonable to expend energy on improbabilities that resembled impossibilities.  When Maya thought about, most of Vulcan’s paradigm shifting accomplishments had been achieved by those with too much time on their hands.

“We should concentrate our efforts on those you personally have compromised,” Maya announced.  “They will be both easier to find and more likely to allow us to get close enough to undo their conditioning.  We should start with Matthews and the enlisted personnel you brought with you into sickbay,” she suggested as she led the way into the intensive care unit where Connor Mathews and his cohorts were reclining on biobeds.   “It will give us an idea of how difficult it will be to restore someone in the field.” 

She was momentarily distracted by the sight of Nurse Maal convalescing and comatose with the rest.  It had been Maya who had suggested that he fight and apparently she had made the wrong suggestion.  Fatigue allowed illogical recriminations to echo through her psyche.  Not only was everyone needed at their posts but there was a personal factor to consider.  Maal was one of the few people aboard Maya considered a friend. 

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[ Ens. Lukas "Bleed" Reed | Corridor - Life Support Systems | Deck 07 ] Attn: Ryuan Sel, Sarresh Morali

Seeing how the Bajoran woman was so pliant and moved to indulge him, Bleed grinned behind Sarresh's ear - his straight teeth showing before he spoke. "Would you look at that," he said quietly, twisting the muzzle of his phaser hard against the freak's temple. "Women. So ready to obey their men. It is only natural that they accept their nature and become the breeding stock that they truly are."

Of course, Bleed would rather have had the Bajoran suck his own cock, but with his exosuit on, it was not very convenient. He was likely going to head out in his Valkyrie soon anyway. At least he got to satisfy his ego whilst protecting the Life Support systems. His posting had not been his first choice, but T'Rena's orders to Phantom had been adamant. The Theurgy's new Captain had likely foreseen whatever action this little resistance cell had meant to take before he intercepted them. As it were, Lukas Reed would get some viewing privileges.

"Tell me, freak," he said in his quiet voice as he looked down on Sel's moving head- apprechiating how the TAO's length came out glistening with her saliva every time she pulled back her lips. "What's in those canisters? Do you mean to sedate the whole ship? That wouldn't be wise since we are going to fight the Calamity soon. To think, I might have saved the whole ship by keeping you from getting in there."

Directing himself to the lowly woman on the floor next, he had grown impatient with her. "I don't have all day. Put some effort into it, will you? If you can't please a man, we will have no use for you. Make him happy or I might just kill you both."

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[ Cir'Cie | Intensive Care Ward | Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Hayden O'Connor, Doctor Maya, Vinata Vojona & Lahkesis Saugn

Being in accord with the Vulcan next to her, Cir'Cie entered the ICU of sickbay with head held high and a dispassionate look scanning the busy area. The few nurses and non-com medics were preforming admirably despite the circumstances - evidently not too agitated by the Red Alert. She noticed how Doctor Maya's eyes lingered on a Klingon she believed she'd seen in the Recovery Ward. Given the pause, Cir'Cie stepped up to him where he lay. She believed his name was Maal.

"This Klingon is not someone I bestowed T'Rena's mind upon, yet he appears to be breathing. It would be unfortunate if he died because of my orders whilst I was indoctrinated. It would compromise my emotional stability if he did, and I would meditate long upon his demise. I would honour his name in any way I could." There was no point in lingering, however, and their task was of utmost importance. She moved on to the human named Patrick Andersson, one whom she had touched from the Harbinger crew.

"I do not know who has shot him, but this man needs to be moved to the morgue. We will never know if we could restore his mind." She moved on to the one named Sean Cameron, and next to him lay Connor Matthews. They were breathing, staring at the ceiling. It was an oddity she had no explanation for. She lay her hand towards Ensign Matthews's cheek, but she removed her hand quite quickly. She touched Cameron's cheek too before relaying her findings. "These humans have been broken beyond my abilities... likely yours too, Doctor. I do not know what has befallen them, but the integrity of their memories and minds have been shattered  - residual shards suggesting an overload in the pleasure centres of their brains. I do not know the medical terms, but the devastation is... complete."

Had Cir'Cie been conscious at the time, she would have known that the two men had been present in the CMO Office before Sarresh Morali, Ryuan Sel and Eve Jenkins left to synthesise Lexorin in the Medical Lab. Sean Cameron and Connor Matthews had been the same when lying on the portable biobeds next to Eve Jenkins, and then brought to the ICU while Doctor Maya preformed the mind-meld upon Cir'Cie. As it were, she vaguely remembered seeing them through Doctor Maya's memories - a hint to the Doctor's foreknowledge learned from the mind-meld they had shared. "They were moved here, were they not? Did Nurse Jenkins tell you what happened to them?"

The rest of the Harbinger personnel that had accompanied Cir'Cie to sickbay lay - sedated - on the biobeds further on, and they were those the two Vulcans could try their hand on.

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[ Heather McMillan |  Corridor | Outside Cargo Hold 02 | Deck 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Lucan cin Nicander, Hylota Vojona, Simon Tovarek


McMillan squeaked in surprise when she felt hands wrapping around her, and it was none other than Dr. Nicander. Well, there weren't exactly a lot of choices of people who'd catch her. Still, the young woman looked particularly embarrassed, and she lurched backwards once the doctor had let go of her. There was not much time for thinking, however, as he was about to ask her if she pushed the button - which she totally did - The sound of gas hissing loudly made her similarly to Nicander, cover her ears. The doctor had little trouble with McMillan when he helped her out of the grate, since she virtually floated down, and then the girl sucked in her breath loudly, squeaking again.

Her Light vanished immediately, and completely. She wasn't used to the sight of so many people, and didn't wish to reveal herself to them just yet. Nicander mentioned something about a certain Rennan Cooper's design, which was very very important to everyone's survival, and she nodded as she followed on tip-toe with everyone else, her long hair a reddish-gold glow and trailing behind her like wispy silken threads in the air. "What might I do to help?"

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[Sarresh Morrali | Corridor - Life Support Systems | Sickbay] Atten: Ryuan Sel, Lukas "Bleed" Reed

Needless to say, in all of the various fantasies that Sarresh had - unwillingly - cooked up in his head during the past few minutes, revolving around Ryuan Sel, getting blown at phaser point was not one of them. The pressure on his throat, and against his temple, forcing his head to once side, was far from how he'd imagined this happening. Oh, the guilt of it all was odd as well. It was one thing to feel bad that he wasn't having sex with Amikris - that he'd never have her again. That would eat at his soul for, well, probably as long as he'd lived, but he imagined that would become almost a welcome companion, the kind of loss that stayed there, was always there, that you got...used to feeling.

"I'm sorry." That's where the guilt came from. She had offered to 'tend' to his needs after they got everything else sorted. The Calamity, freeing the crew from T'Rena's psychic grasp and Cpt. Vasser's megalomania. Worthy goals. Things far more important then Sarresh getting his rocks off just then. And yet here they were, wasting time, because some asshole with a phaser and a twisted sense of humor got the drop on them. His fingers curled against that exosuit to no avail, but he met Sel's eyes and nodded, just the tiniest bit, as she sunk to her knees before him. In fact, he couldn't take his eyes off her, which made it rather hard to find anything he might use against the man who kept calling him 'mutant' and was the direct cause of all this mess.

Sarresh felt it as Sel moved the gown out of the way, the tent no longer a tent, just a long, curved cock, hard and on display for anyone to see. He shivered as the air hit it, surprised at how much different his skin felt, considering the medical gown was not the most restrictive or warm of garments. Another shiver came, much to his regret, when she gripped him. Even at phaser point, the need that wracked his body was great. It shamed him that he was quite as hard as he was during all of this, though the analytical part of his mind understood that none of this was really his fault. Other than not paying enough attention. He certainly was far too distracted to notice how large he seemed in her grip, but even Bleed rambling on about breeding stock behind him could hardly distract from the feeling of her tongue passing over his engorged tip.

There could be little doubt that yes, Sarresh did indeed like the way her tongue felt, not judging by the moan he bit off. A rather strained moan, but a loud and clearly pleased one all the same. P.O, Ryuan was the first person to taste that cock - as far as he was aware anyway. And his hormones, at least, were eager for more, much more. He was genuinely ashamed that she looked as good as she did to him then, there on the floor with his cock in front of her face. Not at all what he should be thinking or feeling, and it pissed him off, deep inside. Enough that his own response to Bleed was - less then diplomatic.

"No we aren't going to sedate the crew when the Calamity is bearing down on us. Do you think we're fucking idiots?" He snapped off, trying to ignore how every inch of his cock devoutly seemed to wish to be buried inside of the Petty Officer.

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[ Ryuan Sel | Corridor - Life Support Systems | Sickbay] Atten: Sarresh Morrali , Lukas "Bleed" Reed

Sel continued bobbed her head up and down on the Sarresh's shaft. She would start each bob of her head by taking the shaft deep into her mouth, at least until it began to tickle the back of her throat, all the while pressing the flat of her tongue along the underside of it. Then pulling back until just the head of the shaft was in her mouth she would swirl her tongue around the the glans of it. Slowly she worked up taking more and more of the shaft into her mouth and eventually down her throat. With her hands she gently massaged his balls, slick as they were from her saliva her fingers glided over them easily.

All the while her mind raced. She had to come up with a way to gain the upper hand, she had to take down bleed. He was obviously enjoying watching her fellate the now human Sarresh. Though the fact that he was making her do this and his continued threats of violence exposed his less than stable mindset.

And then the idea sprang to her. It was quite likely that after she had finished off Sarresh there was a chance that he would in turn wish for her to sexually please him. At that time she would quite literally have him by the balls. This meant that her time was precious. She had to make the show far more sexually appealing.

Without skipping a beat she reached between her legs and began to stroke her own sex. She was still in little more than her standard issue bra and panties, there had been no time to go hunting for a uniform or to replicate one. In addition the pheromones had quite the affect on her body. Needless to say as she touched the thin fabric covering her sensitive flesh she found it quite moist. She slid her hand into her panties and gave a low moan as she began to stroke her swollen and slick sex. As she stroked herself she bobbed her head, making a point to make the blow job sloppier and loads as she moaned loudly around his cock. Hoping that the more erotic display would in effect make the cod piece of Bleed's exo suit a little tighter.

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[ Ens. Lukas "Bleed" Reed | Corridor - Life Support Systems | Deck 07 ] Attn: Ryuan Sel & Sarresh

Hearing how the freak protested when accused of trying to sedate the crew, Bleed briefly considered what else the odd companions could have planned to do.

Yet his thoughts were quickly distracted by the fervour in which the Bajoran applied herself to the task of felating the Temporal Affairs Officer. Whereas he had thought his idle idea would have ended up in a game of cohesion and threats, it seemed the security guard was not only enjoying herself, she was also making damn sure that the freak was feeling good as well. Of course, he had threatened to kill them both otherwise, but the ease in which she obeyed shocked him. It made his mouth dry, and if he was about to head out to fight the Calamity, he felt he had a right to get similar treatment.

"Wherever did you find this one, time traveller?" he said and chuckled, then he looked around - seeing what he needed. "Stand still, or you know what will happen."

Bleed let go of Sarresh and circled around him where he stood with his gown hitched up and the Bajoran servicing him with her mouth. Lukas picked up the phaser rifle from the portable biobed and set it to kill with his thumb. With a hand phaser in one hand and the rifle in the other, he pointed both weapons at the companions - the muscle strength enhancement system making it easier to wield the longer weapon in one hand. Then he kicked the biobed towards the two, making a couple of the canisters roll of it and clatter against the deck plates.

"Let go of the freak and bend over it, female," he said quietly in his ominous voice, "then continue to do what you were doing to him. You, get back in position and keep your hands behind your head. I know you want her to continue what she started."

They could surely guess what he would be doing on his side of that biobed once the Bajoran had bent over it - her lower body presented to his mercy.

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