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CH05: S [D06|1015] On the rocks?

PO2 Sithick | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy  ] attn: @The Ostrich

Sithick was free, the weapon had it's new place, and he had a meeting in 35 minutes to launch the Allegiant, everything was in place, and now he had precious free time to do with as the Gorn had pleased. He walked away from the fighter bay for a moment trying to think of how he could spend those precious minutes that he had free to him now. He was starting to feel the dry air of the ship get to him, and wanted to retreat to somewhere warm wet ,and humid. He had heard once upon a time that one of the perks of command had been a literal pool of water in ones room.

Sithick had only gotten a water shower in his room because of his need to remain in his warm, wet enviroment and stop the rashes that would form from too much dry air.

Command, he looked himself over for a moment, he would never really have that. The Gorn knew he would never be an officer in the Federation. He served his part loyally, but too many found him difficult to talk too. While he would have loved to be a chief engineer on a ship, that was a pipe dream he only got to live on those brief moments when he was in charge of the Allegiant's warp core. He chewed something over longingly wanting to have something like that, to be a chief of something.

The thought of the higher ranks brought him too Vivian, he hadn't seen her since before the ship got separated, along with his lettuce leaf the two women had vanished, but he was pretty sure that Vivian was back aboard the Theurgy now that they were all in one piece.

He paused for a moment, replicating a flower, that he had seen many an earth male give to females, a red rose, he picked it up ignoring the touch of the thorns, that barely managed to poke against his thick hide.

He tapped his com badge. "Sithick to Vivi." He had reprogrammed his settings so that he could use the nickname around the time he had given it too her after leaving the holodeck. "Are you free? I hass thirty minutz, if we could... meet?" He had never asked her out, their relationship had been a carnal thing poking up out of nowhere, and he was very fond of his scientist.

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[ LtCmdr Vivian Martin | Vivian’s Quarters | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ]


For the second time in the past couple of hours Vivian had managed to get back to her quarters for a few minutes of peace and quiet. She decided that a bath would be best, she would soak in luxuriously warm water until she was needed back on the bridge. She had run the bath, steam rising from the water, and was in the process of stripping off her uniform when the comm system activated.

It was Sithick. The Gorn she had met and spent some “time” on the holodeck with. She smiled to herself, he sounded a tad nervous over the comm. ”Hello Sithick, yes I am free. I’m in my quarters, would you like to join me here?” She was sure she had read somewhere that Gorn needed to keep their skin wet, or damp at the very least, in order to stay healthy, perhaps he would enjoy sharing the bath with her.

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PO2 Sithick | Enroute to Vivian's quarters | USS Theurgy  ] attn: @The Ostrich

The Gorn scratched at his neck for a moment, his normally deep green was starting to look a tad yellow, the last few days had been pure and total murder on his complexion, but even so he wanted to see Vivian before he had to go on the Allegiant mission. So any thought of returning to his own room to enjoy the humid environment he had set up so long ago was forgotten when Vivian invited him to join her in her quarters.

He had never seen the senior officer quarters, he had seen the junior officer quarters before and they had been lavish in comparison to his own, but more importantly the Gorn was going to see Vivian. He felt a touch more giddy, as he took the turbolift, he tried to look himself over for a moment, opening his maw to check that there was no reminants of his lunch in his teeth. His breath, well he tried to brush his teeth, but when you were a carnivore who's diet consisted mostly of roasted chicken and beef, there was only so much you could do to protect against bad breath syndrome.

He tried his best to groom himself with what time he had, the lack of hair made it easier, but he had to admit he wasn't his best most glamorous appearance. Normally his scales would have a slight shine to them, but as he touched his skin they were dry, flaky the texture of his skin had gone from a smooth leather, to a more rough texture. He just hoped Vivian would forgive him considering he had pulled so many double shifts lately.

Walking to her door, he tried his best to swallow, and wipe down his muzzle. Most humans didn't like to be drooled on, something he had a hard time avoiding due to his lack of lips. Getting to the door his legs shook slightly, was he so certain about this? Did Vivi even want to see him right now? He wasn't at his best, and even on a good day he was still... himself. That hadn't been a problem on the Holodeck sure, but she was bridge crew, and he was just an engineer, she probably had more important things to do than spend her free time with him.

Still he held up the rose, and pressed the button for the door. "Iz Here." He said his voice slightly shaking. He could still run... She hadn't opened the door yet.

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[ LtCmdr Vivian Martin | Vivian’s Quarters | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ]


While she waited for Sithick to arrive Vivian changed out of her uniform. She put on a pair of comfortable shorts, and a loose knitted sweater. It wasn’t long before she heard the door chime, and Sithick announcing himself from the other side. Quickly she opened the door and smiled at the Gorn.

”Hi Sithick, come in.” She took gentle hold of his arm and pulled him inside, quickly shutting the door behind them before anybody could spot them. Rumors would fly if people saw the large Gorn entering her quarters. It was then that she spotted the Rose he held in his claws. Oh yeah, that would be fuel to the rumors. ”A Rose Sithick, awww, that’s so sweet of you.” She gently took the delicate flower from his hands, then stretched up on her tiptoes to kiss the point of his chin.

She moved to her replicator and entered a quick command. A tall vase of water appeared and she placed the Rose into the vase. Smiling she turned and placed it on her table. ”Do you know what it means so give somebody a Rose Sithick? It is a very intimate gesture. In many Earth cultures the Rose is a symbol of beauty.” She smiled as she looked up at the tall Reptile, then stopped and frowned.

”Sithick, are you alright? Your scales look more yellow than when I last saw you. Is that colour change normal for a Gorn?”

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PO2 Sithick |Vivian's quarters | USS Theurgy  ] attn: @The Ostrich

Sithick walked with Vivian when she pulled him, giving no resistance to being moved as he was invited in. Though the truth was he was still very nervous about all of this. When Vivian asked Sithick if he knew what the rose meant he nodded enthusastically. One of his hobbies since joining the Federation was that he spent an inordanant amount of time reading materials from earth. He knew Vivian was from one of the colonies, but many terran worlds seemed to share cultures. The rose had been a sort of safe bet since he didn't know what other plants Vivian may have preferred.

He lifted a claw and tapped his translator, since he didn't really have the full words of it, his jaw moved, and she would hear the small tremblings of his voice in an alien tongue. Sithick did not actually speak Gornar's language, and Federation basic was his third language one he was still studying and practicing but the language Sithick spoke the most fluently and the one he was currently translating from was the language of Orion, Low Kolari, He knew it as the tongue of his slave masters from the syndicate, his muzzle and the hisses added into the language were that of a sort of off branch, a lower version of Kolari used by those Gorn whom were indebted slaves, it was the closest thing to a mother tongue that Sithick had.

On top of the slightly more romanticized version of Orion that Sithick spoke, was the Federation basic, spoken back not with SIthick's gruff tones, but rather a stiff feminine almost robotic voice, something that Sithick had chosen long ago because it sounded disarming to a lot of people, the feminine trait of the voice tended to make people laugh, and Sithick would always rather have someone laugh in his presence than scream and run from him. "The Human use the rose to show affection, it is used as romance, and a symbol of fertility. It  is a common gift nearing the earth holiday of valentine. Meant for lovers." Sithick said with a slight nod.

Perhaps it was a bit early to assume that he was Vivian's lover. But the point was clear, he knew why he had selected the rose. "I got the idea from a novel I was reading." Sithick rarely got to talk about the fact that he enjoyed what most people would consider trashy romance novels, It wasn't a fact that the giant lizard shared freely.

When she questioned about his scales, he sighed, and scratched at his neck slightly, some of his scales flaked as his claws brushed against them, though he was not doing so intentionally it was merely itchy. "It is a common rash. I normally have to hydrate myself every 16-18 hours, but the last few days have had me on claw almost non stopped. I think I have had... four... five hours of sleep in the last 2 shift rotations. Itchy, non contagious, harmless if a bit painful."

Self-care had fallen to the wayside when the ships had been seperated. If he hadn't been needed in the fighter bay he had been constructing a weapon, and if he hadn't been doing that he had been sleeping. For the last six days he had been kept busy nearly constantly with double or even triple shifts. The Gorn had the strength of four grown men, so of course he should show that he could do the work of so many.

"Engineering, weapons development, too many jobs being unfinished." The Gorn wobbled slightly on his feet, his claws spreading out to catch himself, but the stumble was clearly evident, and the Gorn's yellow eyes were also dull, normally they were sharp reflexive and alert like the apex predator the Gorn was supposed to be, but right now every part of him seemed dull, tired, it was clear that he hadn't looked after himself nearly as much as he should have in that time. Perhaps it was due to his time as a slave, but it seemed the Gorn was either unwilling or perhaps unable to refuse a request from those ranked above him.

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[ LtCmdr Vivian Martin | Vivian’s Quarters | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ]


”What were you working on that meant you couldn’t take some time to look after yourself?” It was slightly concerning to Vivian to hear that members of the crew were working to the point of exhaustion.

"Engineering, weapons development, too many jobs being unfinished."

He swayed as he spoke and Vivian leapt forward to catch him. Fortunately, Sithick did not fall, and Vivian realized that if he had fallen, there was a good chance that she would not have been able to hold him up, and would have ended up crushed beneath the large lizard. Instead she placed a gentle hand upon his forearm. ”Are you sure you’re alright Sithick? It sounds like you really need to hydrate yourself...and I think I have a solution to that.”

She took a firmer grip on his arm, and led him through her bedroom, and into her bathroom, where the water from the bath still rose in streams of warm steam. She smiled at the Gorn and gently patted his forearm, making sure she only touched the non-cracked looking parts where it hopefully wouldn’t hurt to touch. ”The tub might be a bit cramped for the both of us, but I think we can both fit. What do you think big guy?” As she spoke she reached for the zipper of his uniform and began to pull it down, revealing his strong body to the warm, moist air of the bathroom.

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PO2 Sithick |Vivian's quarters | USS Theurgy  ] attn: @The Ostrich

"I built a gravity cannon, also made shield harmonics, for possible defense against future gravity weapons, I sent you the details. Weapons building is easy, defensive measures less so." As Vivian moved him, Sithick put no resistance to walking with her, as she held his arm his main thought was that she was warm, much warmer than him, and that it was always comforting for him to feel her against him, even in his currently disheveled appearance her body was a source of warmth, and and tenderness for him. As she lead him to the back room, past her bed, and into the bathroom of her room, he blinked for a moment. The room was not something he had ever seen before. "You has a pool." With the loss of his shirt, came the loss of his translator and now it was only sithick's deep voice that got to speak.

Black Opal was a small outpost, and before that he had been in service of a defiant class vessel. The most he had ever been able to gain was a water based shower for his skin condition. Feeling the steam radiate off the small pool. Feeling Vivian's steady hand unzip his uniform he moved slowly to pull the fabric off of him. One would have expected his claws to rip the fabric, but Sithick took great care in preserving his uniform as much as possible, even going so far as to fold his shirt and place it on the counter.

Now shirtless, the Gorn took a deep breath, his chest expanding as he breathed in the heated air of the bathroom. He opened his maw in an approximation of a smile as his head inclined towards Vivian, two yellow, predator like eyes tracked her movements, as he slowly started to take off his pants, folding them in the same care he had with his own uniform till he stood in front of her naked and exposed.

He was still nervous about these interactions. His claws moved to Vivian's side, gently lifting the hem of her sweater, lifting the shirt up, and off her body. His claws were gentle against her body, avoiding any scratching, even as the texture of his leather touched her body. "We will fitz." He said with a small nod, as he took the first step into the pool, feeling the hydration. The water was displaced by his movements, but didn't spill over the side, the Gorn's body did not actually equate to that much mass in the long run, the largest pieces of his body, his torso, and stuck out of the water about half way. But considering the size of the tub it was easy enough for two people to sit, especially if Vivian were to sit on his lap as he gestured her to do.

Immersing ones self in water, was an experience entirely new to Sithick. He had seen the pool and even the public baths of the theurgy, but these were not places he had ever gone. The public baths more because it took a lot of courage for him to strip in the first place. If not for Vivian having made the first move in taking off his uniform he wasn't so sure he would have the courage to do so. Even so as he leaned back into the water he felt a sense of comfort.

His skin took too the water with a great ease. It wasn't immediate, his unique scales didn't start to heal immediately or anything spectacular, but the air, and the water in the room helped him to slowly begin regaining his more natural deeper green color, the bath doing faster than if he were to take a shower.

His eyes however, were locked towards Vivian, the far more elegant of the two creatures, his eyes studied her curves with approval. He watched her pale, pink skin and dark hair. He was infatuated with her to say the least. Her perky breasts, full lips. Sithick knew a lot of his terms from the romance novels he had read after their first encounter, and now he had a chance to articulate some of those terms in proper use. However something was lost more or less in translation, as he opened his mouth, and realized that he didn't have his Federation translator. His throat grumbled for a moment speaking low Kolari, before he shook his head realizing his mistake and tried again in Federation english. "You... look, deliciousss." He said with a smile. "Er... Beautiful."

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[ LtCmdr Vivian Martin | Vivian’s Quarters | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ]


The feeling of his claws scraping gently across her skin was odd, yet pleasant. She shivered slightly as he pulled off her sweater and her bare torso was exposed to the moist, steamy air. She resisted the urge to cover her chest with her arms, and instead let them hang by her sides as she watched Sithick climb into the bath. She wasn’t sure, but it looked like he was already regaining the shade green that she was familiar with.

They watched each other for several moments before Sithick spoke "You... look, deliciousss." He smiled at her, and she gave a confused smile in return "Er... Beautiful." Her expression cleared up, and she felt herself blushing slightly at his linguistic blunder. ”Thank you Sithick. You are very handsome too.”

Feeling slightly more confident around the Gorn now, Vivian quickly pulled off her shorts and panties, then climbed into the bath. There wasn’t much space, so she ended up sitting between Sithick’s powerful legs, her back resting against his chest. The water was warm and relaxing, and she gave a satisfied sigh has she felt her muscles relaxing. Calm and happy she laid her head against Sithick’s broad chest. There was something very comforting about the presence of the large lizard behind her.

She reached around and sought out his hand. His hand was very different to her own, four fingers to her five, and his claws were much larger than her nails. After looking at it for several seconds she gently lowered his hand and gently ran his thumb claw across her thigh under the water. She shivered slightly at the sensation. ”I always assumed Gorn claws would be sharp and unpleasant.” She confessed to him, feeling slightly ashamed of her prejudices. ”I’m glad I was wrong, your claws feel very nice on my skin.”

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PO2 Sithick |Vivian's quarters | USS Theurgy  ] attn: @The Ostrich

Sithick allowed his hand to be moved, feeling her hand manipulate his claws, he allowed her to do as she pleased, and when she touched his claw to her thigh he understood and continued to brush her skin. She commented on the fact that his claws weren't sharp, and he raised his other arm.

He placed the hand along her stomach, allowing all four of his fingers to touch her smooth body, feeling her, and having her feel his claws lightly press on her skin, not sharp, enough to tickle like a human's nails if they were longer, and slightly more pointed. He smiled as he felt her lean back against him, feeling her head resting on his broad chest as he touched her. She would feel the rise and fall of his body with each breath. Large, yet gentle he smiled. "I trim them."

He spoke in regards to his claws. "It makez ushing LCARZ easier. When younger zhey were sharper, more killing back then, now less of that more important to be gentle with GNDR parts, and you." His hand across her stomach, raised lightly touching her breast for a moment, before going to her hand, wanting to show her something. He took her hand gently in his claw.

"May I?" He asked as he guided her hand up towards his face, opening his mouth, allowing her to touch the side of his jaw, the point he was trying to get across was that nothing about him was particularly sharp. Even the large teeth, that so many often feared were actually very dull, unable to do real damage on their own, rather than sharp dagger points, they were more blunt. He released her hand, a moment or two after, allowing her to explore his physiology.

When he was free to speak he ran his tongue over his jaw line which felt funny from the touch. "Nothing sharp, My jaw crushing force, but nothing ish sharp."

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[ LtCmdr Vivian Martin | Vivian’s Quarters | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ]


His claws trailed along her sensitive flesh. She felt him put his other hand across her stomach and shivered in delight, they felt really nice. It was surprising just how gentle the giant lizard could be. She listened as he explained that he trimed them, making his work easier, and his time with her more gentle. She gave a small gasp as he gently stroked her breast, then moved to take her hand.

She was curious as he guided her arm up to his jaw, and the large teeth there. Gently she touched one, exploring it. Like his claws his teeth were blunter than expected. After a moment she dropped her hand back into the water, and he spoke "Nothing sharp, My jaw crushing force, but nothing ish sharp."

”Except your mind my dear Sithick” She smiled ”You need a sharp mind to be an engineer and deal with gravity cannons.” She sought out his leg under the water and gently stroked his thigh even as he stroked hers. His scales had a nice texture, smooth, yet hard under her fingers. ”And attract women” She blushed slightly ”Especially this woman.”

”You seemed to know a lot about what it meant to give me that Rose, Sithick. You said you got the idea from a novel? Do you read much? What kinds of novels do you enjoy?” She was curious about the large Gorn behind her. She knew very little about him, and felt that the best way for both of them to feel much more at ease around each other was to get to know each other better.

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PO2 Sithick |Vivian's quarters | USS Theurgy  ] attn: @The Ostrich

Sithick wasn't able to hide the shiver of pleasure that ran through his body when her hand brushed his thigh, his entire body shuddered for a moment and with her sitting in his lap, she would feel his breathing tighten for a moment before loosen and Sithick became more relaxed with being touched. His face an approximation of a smile as she said that he had a sharp mind.

He dipped his head towards her, his muzzle brushing her hair as she told him that she was attracted to him. His claws brushed along her stomach, having heard the gasp of pleasure she had let out when he had touched her breast, he felt her now to explore her. Both claws trailed over her skin, touching her upper body, following the curves of her sides, his hands running over her smaller body running down to her thighs where they rested as he thought about his favorite books. "I read lotz of books, but I do have a fazination with romance novelsss. Before I met you I had never been this... close to a woman, of any race. but I would... often read."

At first reading had all been technical manuals. He had gone through an accelerated boot camp when it came too Federation technology. He had been a fast study of the things he had to know, but sooner or later that had brought him to a fascination with various cultures of the Federation, and a thirst for knowledge that spanned various novels, and cultures, anything he could get his claws on that had been translated into languages he could read. While also learning Federation language. Till finally he was tired of conventional historical and nonfiction and started to read more for pleasure.

"I has the entire collection of a Vulcan love ssslave." He admitted though his voice was more quiet for a moment, the novels were often considered 'trashy' but ever since he had gotten a copy from of the first book he had made sure to hunt down all six volumes of the erotic inter-species novel of a love affair of a Vulcan and her many Suitors Ferengi, Orion, Human among others. The novel also went under the name The Arduous Journey of T'lana on the Road to Enlightenment. The Author had always remained anonomous however. Despite selling well across many worlds. "and a few collections of Vulcan Poetry by T'Voras."

"I also has a copy of jagh muSHa'ghach." The Klingon novel's name translates to Love The Enemy, and was about a Klingon Warrior, and a human captain, whom meet three weeks before a battle where both their ships would be destroyed in the Klingon Federation cold war. Sithick tried to explain that it was a heated passionate tragedy. And of course all the books he mentioned had some form of Pornographic element to them, some had even been made into popular erotic holo novels, though Sithick had always kept to the paper back versions, the imagination was much better than the holographic actors.

"So I think I mostly haas romance that span across stars. I like stories where love blossoms between folks of different cultures and species." He nuzzled himself against Vivian. "For reazonz I think you undersssstand."

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[ LtCmdr Vivian Martin | Vivian’s Quarters | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ]


Vivian listened politely as Sithick explained to her his love of romance novels. It was interesting to listen to him talking with such passion about these novels which many considered to be trashy. She hadn’t read any of the novels he had listed, but would admit to reading a couple of other Romance novels. She liked to think the ones she read wouldn't be classed as trashy, but she was sure there would be people who did.

She smiled as he explained his love for tales which spanned cultures and species. She rubbed the side of his jaw as he nuzzled her. Their relationship certainly fell into that category. ”I understand entirely my dear, and I must confess that I feel the same way.” She shuffled around in the bath until her body was facing him and she could look up into his face.

Her nude body was on full display to the Gorn, but she didn’t mind. She felt a strange stirring within whenever she saw Sithick, or spoke with him. She wasn’t sure exactly how to define it. Was it love? Or simply an attraction towards the large man? She wasn’t sure, and didn’t really want to try define her feelings at this time. All she wanted now was to be close to her lizard lover.

She leaned forward and laid her forehead against his chest. Her eyes closed and she sighed happily. She found a strange amount of comfort and security in his arms, as if nothing bad could possibly happen while she was with him. The water was warm, and she felt happy and safe. What more could a girl ask for?

She ran her fingers across his chest, tracing the lines of his scales beneath her fingers. ”Do you like the water Sithick? Your scales look healthier already.”

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PO2 Sithick |Vivian's quarters | USS Theurgy  ] attn: @The Ostrich

Sithick helped Vivian as she moved, his eyes tracing over her feminine body as she moved to be with him, to look at him, he did not object, and in fact enjoyed her gaze. When he was with her in these situations he didn't feel judged or that he was an oddity among the crew. With her body against his own he felt that things were calm, that he was okay, and he felt he was free of the judgment of the crew.

His claws ran over Vivian's back tickling her flesh, and running along her spine fore a moment. He opened his mouth and let out a small sigh of pleasure. Her fingers moving along his skin felt good to him. It was an odd gentle sensation that he had never really known before his time with her.

He was glad that she agreed with him about romances featuring other creatures and races, while in Vivian's care he felt special, it wasn't something he ever got before. He felt the same with Lahkesis, the other woman whom had shared his bed once upon a time, The time he had spent away from both doctor and scientist he had spent mindlessly working hoping to see them again.

"Ze wahter ist.... very good." Sithick said moving his body under her. powerful claws moved down Vivian's back, caressing her round ass his jaw moving towards her as he drew in Vivian towards him. "But you are much better." His mouth was next to her ear as he mumbled his words to her calm and content. He nuzzled against her neck for a moment before his tongue ran over the soft skin of her neck.

"vhat do you do for funz? Vivi," He asked softly, before coming to the theurgy Recreation was something that Sithick never really got to explore, and then there was the other thing that he had never explored before Vivian had come into his life. His deep tone a little more devious as he whispered to her. "And pleazurez." He coo'd.

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[ LtCmdr Vivian Martin | Vivian’s Quarters | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ]


Vivian smiled as Sithick nuzzled her neck, and gave a small giggle when he licked it. His tongue was warm and slimy, yet it felt very nice against the soft skin of her neck. Sighing happily she closed her eyes, comfortable and at peace in his arms. His next questions however, caused her to open her them again, an look up at him with a mischievous sparkle in her eyes.

”What do I do for fun? What do I do for pleasure?” She smiled at him and ran a finger across his chest, tracing the scales there. ”Well handsome, there are many things that I like to do for fun...and many of them are also very pleasurable.” Her fingers continued their journey, moving down across his ribs. Slowly Vivian leaned forward and gently kissed the base of his throat. His scales were warm under her lips and she gently kissed him again, slightly lower this time.

Several more times she pressed her lips to his scales, her soft kisses moving down his body until she reached the centre of his chest. Her fingers too, continued their slow exploration, and had now reached his thighs. Her gaze flicked upwards and met Sithick’s yellow eyes. They were mesmerising, the tall slit shaped pupil, so beautiful and different from the circular pupil of mammals. She kept her gaze locked with his as one of her hands traversed his thigh and came to rest above his crotch. ”Would you like to know more about pleasure, Sithick?”

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PO2 Sithick |Vivian's quarters | USS Theurgy  ] attn: @The Ostrich

There was a moment, as Vivian's hand reached down to his thigh and brushed against him, that Sithick closed his eyes and let out a soft groan, his deep voice and wide maw letting his tongue roll for a second as his body reacted to the pleasureful stimuli of vivian's body shifting and moving against him, he heard her words and understood what they were about too do, he giggled slightly, a bit giddy about this.

His claws roamed over Vivian's back pulling her a touch closer to him, lifting her up so that her body would press tighter against him, his thumbs and claws roamed over her delightfully well rounded butt. He practically purred. "I would."

He looked at her, for a moment, were they actually going to do this here in the water? honestly he didn't want to leave, the Gorn were partly aquatic or so he had been told, and he had never known what that had meant till a few moments ago when he had submerged himself inside of this tub of heaven. He moved one of his claws, taking vivian's smaller more delicate hand in his own three fingered larger claw. He always tried to be gentle with her, always kinda worried that he could do something to harm her or scratch her with his claws.

Leading her down to his cock, the thing was unlike the rest of Sithick's flesh, aroused as he was it had come out from the internal parts that normally housed it, the sensitive milk white flesh, was soft, some would even call it squishy in a way, compared to the rest of his skin that felt like leather, this was more like holding a beating heart in ones hand, more so because it was directly connected to his vascular system. Sithick's heart could be difficult to hear or feel since he was protected by layers of scaled armor.

but this, twitched with his every pulse, moved in time with his breath and the beat of his heart it was literally the most vulnerable sithick could ever be. "You sure you want too here?" Sithick asked not denying her, never denying he wanted this as much as he imagined she could. "You hasst, a bed?" The two of them were completely soaked in the tub, and he didn't really know if he wanted to dry off or take that much time, but he would openly admit that the tub was not the softest ground for them, and the water, well honestly the two of them had been here for long enough that the steam had stopped rising the only thing keeping it warm was their bodies, her's so much warmer than his.

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[ LtCmdr Vivian Martin | Vivian’s Quarters | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Masorin


Vivian smiled as Sithick gently took her hand in his. Slowly he submerged her hand, and guided her to his pale, fleshy member. She smiled and tenderly wrapped her hand around his shaft. It was very different from the rest of his body, soft and delicate. She could feel his heartbeat through the pale rod. Ever so slowly and gently she ran her hand along his member, making him hard.

”I do have a bed, but it is over there, and we are over here.” She purred as she maintained working on his member. As she pleasured Sithick, she could feel a stirring in her own loins, an eager need for attention. She pressed her body against Sithick’s chest as she rose up from the water. She pressed her forehead to Sithick’s shoulder and nuzzled him. His firm, scaled body felt wonderful against her soft skin. She liked big men, she felt safe and secure in their presence, and being big down below was an added advantage.

Slowly she guided his member toward her warm, needy loins, and gently rubbed his tip against her swollen lower lips. He was very big below, almost too big. As they had learnt during their time on the holodeck, Vivian would require a bit of loosening, stretching and preparation down below before she would be able to take him inside and fulfil their needs. ” big...strong...handsome Sithick” she cooed ”I don’t think you will fit just yet. Do you think you can help loosen me up a bit?”

There was a mischievous glimmer in her eyes as she pressed her lips against his shoulder. Then darted her head across and buried her face in the hollow of his neck kissing him with vigour. One of her arms was wrapped around his body, holding her up and pressing her against the Gorn. The other kept gentle hold of his stiff manhood, pressing it gently against the sensitive folds of her womanly flesh.

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Vivian's purr was odd, he thought that behavior was more like a feline than a human. None of his books had ever really said that humans purred during times of sexual activity, and yet it felt oddly right, it also felt nice to have her warm body press against his own, her hand working his shaft caused his mouth to open, his tongue to dully flick out the side of his mouth as he leaned back in the water, and tried to breath.

HIs yellow eyes closed for a moment as he tried to work through the sudden touch enjoying the feeling of her hand as she worked him. Her words about the bed being over there, and them being over here, he didn't really understand the importance of what she was saying, but he did understand what she meant by help her. last time he had done so using his tongue, but it seemed that she wanted him to touch her. He nodded slowly his eyes opening as his breath was leaving him in heavy pants.

He moved a claw down the side of her body, touching her ass lightly, feeling the firm roundness of her ass, before his long fingers slipped under her, and he touched her womanhood. He had to be careful when using his claws like this, he blunted them sure, but his hands could be used to put in a lot of pressure, his fingers were also thicker and longer than most other human hands. He used the blunt scaly parts of his fingers to rub against her clit.

The odd leathery texture of his claws touched and brushed her clit roughly. He played with her for a moment, using his fingers to spread out her front hole, before finally he took a deep breath and let one of his claws slip inside of her. The long finger was thick and her inner walls actually felt tight against his finger even as they moved around inside of her. Still he was always gentle, he made sure that each brush of his fingers only ever brought her pleasure, he did everything he could to avoid scratching such a sensitive area, which meant slow and deliberate pacing had to be used.

Sithick was not someone who could go fast and rough without leaving heavy markings on a person's body, and Vivian's body while not flawless, was precious to him. "Does'th this help?" He asked curious, but at the same time knowing it would drive her on as he teased her. His claws were deliberate in how they gave her pleasure to crave, but never enough that she could completely loose herself. "Are you... loosening now?"

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Lt. Cmdr Vivian Martin | Vivian’s Quarters | USS Theurgy ]   Attn: @Masorin

From her position, her hand still moving along the length of his shaft, Vivan watched as her lover’s mouth opened as he leaned back in the bath and his tongue rolled out of the side of it. It almost made her chuckle at the cuteness of it.

Giving him a gentle squeeze as her hand moved down to the bottom of his length, she loosened it again for her movement back up only to tighten it again as she started going back down again, alternating occasionally between a tighter grip when going down to when going up and vice versa before using her fingertips to lightly caress the head before moving back down again.

Her body shuddered at the feel of his claw making its way down the side of her body to her ass, giving it a squeeze. It always amazed her how light and gentle he was with her considering the sharpness of his claws and how easily he could literally rip her to shreds. She was very quickly pulled away from that line of thinking when his clawed hand moved beneath her to her sex and let out a gasp and let out a whimper at the feel of his leathery yet pleasurable touch against her clit.

“Ooooh…” she moaned softly against his neck as he roughly played with her while her own hand continued it’s movement along him. “Oh fuuu… she gasped as she felt him part her lips and slide one of his claws inside of her, feeling herself grip him tightly as the digit moved around within her.

Shuddering slightly with the occasional whimper escaping her lips as his finger continued to please and tease her, her own grip tightened slightly around his shaft as did the speed at which she stroked him. If there was one thing that she could say about Sithick it was that he knew how to tease her with enough pleasure without losing herself…which considering what even his trimmed claws could do to her down there was definitely not something she ever wanted deal with should she start moving herself too fast on him.

“Ohhh y…yessss… she moaned softly in reply to his question of if what he was doing helped, another shudder rocking her body as she spoke also causing her grip to tighten around him briefly. At his followed-up question about if she was indeed loosening she nodded as she ran his head against her opening again. “I am indeed my sweet… she whimpered as she slowly and gently rocked her hips forward and back, teasing his head with her folds.

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PO2 Sithick |Vivian's quarters | USS Theurgy  ] attn: @Kinvarus

Sithick's claws gripped Vivian's hips, helping her to adjust in the cool water, helping her to get more atop him, and then sinking her down onto him. Their movements starting to mix together, causing waves in the tub that as movements became more energetic, cuased water to flow over the confines of the tub, causing a bit of a mess as water, and even some items got sent over the edge as the two lost themselves in the moment.

Sometime later, the two had moved to vivian's bed, His claws roaming over her body, a soft deep breath escaping him. His yellow eyes shared mixed views one of Vivian's beautiful body, and the other of the expanse of space that existed outside of the window. By now his scales had reclaimed their gleam to them, his entire body twitched slightly in the afterglow. His claws touched and roamed over the smaller human woman's body. Exploring her and touching her.

Today had been stressful, filled with unknowns, and yet it seemed that they had completely survived the ordeal, the ship was back in one piece. Limping along at a low warp, he could finally set his mind to do less worrying.

He looked at Vivian, and his jaw opened, a row of white teeth, and a long tongue stretched out of  his maw for a moment as he yawned and stretched, and then pulled Vivian closer. His arms wrapping around her, holding her in a firm yet gentle, and yet slightly inescapable embrace, he needed this affection. He paused for a moment, looking at her.

"Are we mates?" He asked trying to parse out just where the two of them were, and yet the moment he had spoken, he kinda wished he hadn't. Whatever they had now he wasn't really sure if he wanted it to end, and there was a chance that it could just by talking about it. Relationships were still new to him, and this was complicated... much more so than he had ever thought it would be, or perhaps it was much simpler, and he was just over thinking what they were doing.

Jaya had always said that sex was just sex, that relationships did not need to grow from them.

Yet Lahkesis, had picked him told him that he was special. Vivian was the odd in between not nearly as devoted as one and not nearly as aloof as the other.

So what did that make them?

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Lt. Cmdr Vivian Martin | Vivian’s Quarters | USS Theurgy ]   Attn: @Masorin

Vivian felt Sithick's claws grip into her hips, helping her adjust to the water and get on top of him, letting a moan escape her lips as she lowered herself onto him, his large, thick cock filling her, making her whole body shudder. As their movements started to merge the water in the tub rippled and splashed back a forth, eventually spilling out over the sides along with whatever items had been on the bath as the two lost themselves in their pleasure, the sounds of their moans echoing around the room.

When they had finished, the two had made their way over to the bed and Vivian let out a contented sigh as she felt Sithick's claws lightly roaming over body as she lay with her head resting against his shoulder., her gaze, staring out of her windows at the stars. She could feel the Gorn's body twitching in the afterglow of their latest round of sex, much like hers was as he continued to touch and explore her body.

It had been a long, hard day and stressful day for everyone on board and yet somehow they had managed to yet again survive against the odds. The ship was whole again and although they were limping along at low warp, they were moving, giving them all the change to take a breather and unwind a little. After such a day, Vivian admitted to herself that what she had needed was a good fuck to unwind and that's exactly what she had just gotten.

Still that thought caused her to return to her earlier musing about her Gorn lover and how she felt about him. She could freely admit that she cared about him a great deal, he was smart, kind and caring and they clearly had chemistry, both as people and in the bedroom, despite Sithick's lack of experience in the romance and sexual department, although he had certainly been getting a lot of experience from herself and a few others that she knew of.

Despite that however, she also couldn't argue that her original reason for approaching him was out of curiosity. Curiosity about the Gorn in general and curiosity about what having sex with one would be like and while it was certainly true that over time that curiosity had lead to both friendship and an attraction, she still wasn't sure what her feelings were for him. She cared about him, that much was true and she definitely found him attractive but beyond that she didn't really know and if was being honest she wasn't sure she wanted to look too deeply into it at the moment, happy to just leave things as they were. Although perhaps the reason for that was because she was afraid of what her answer might be and how that would effect their relationship.

She was brought out of her thoughts when she heard Sithick yawn and stretch before pulling her closer against him, wrapping his arms around her in an embrace that while gentle was firm and just tight enough to make it a little difficult to embrace if she wanted too, not that she did or was even worried about being in his arms.

However his question took her by surprise, causing her to skip a beat and then leap up into her throat. Evidently Sithick had been having similar thoughts to her own. "Are we mates?"[/i] There it was, the question that was pretty much the very thing she didn't want to focus on in her own head had just been thrown out into the open by her lover and it wasn't a subtle hint about where they stood but a direct question, making it that much harder to try and avoid.

Tilting her head to look up at him, she smiled softly "Well I suppose that would all depend on how you define a mate doesn't it?" she asked before immediately doing a kind of half frown, half wince at what she had said and looked away from him. That was a cheap cop out answer to try and dodge or at least delay the question and she knew it. Vivian knew exactly what it meant, were they an item? More than just two friends who had casual sex with each other. Were they a serious couple, were they in love?

Their relationship up until now had been pretty simple and open one. She knew that Sithick had been with other women and that those women knew about her too and that he occasionally referred to her as his girlfriend, which she supposed was true to an extent. Although admittedly she could not recall ever referring to him as her boyfriend, but perhaps she had. Her head still swimming in post orgasm bliss made it hard to think about much else at the moment.

That realisation actually made her feel a little guilty the more she thought back on whatever this thing between them was. He had always approached what they had as a nervous virgin in his first relationship with a girl he really liked, which was certainly true in his case, giving her roses and treating her like any good, proper boyfriend would treat their partner and she...she had more been approaching it from a casual thing. Granted an emotional one since she did like and care about him but there was still a difference between the two.

Looking back up at him she gave him another soft smile, although this time she already knew the smile didn't reach her eyes "I...I honestly don't know." she replied and that was the truth. Internally she knew this was going to be a long and possibly conversation they were about to journey into. She didn't know how Sithick felt about her and about them and hell she definitely didn't know how she felt about him and this...whatever this was between them and she most certainly hadn't wanted to have the relationship talk with herself inside her own head, yet alone with him and yet evidently this was exactly what was about to happen.

Well this will be interesting she thought, having absolutely no idea how this conversation was about to go.

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PO2 Sithick |Vivian's quarters | USS Theurgy  ] attn: @Kinvarus

Sithick's head tilted for a moment how did he define a mate? He had been reading romance novels for a while and he wasn't sure if he actually wanted those kind of grand gestures or romantic dates. He certainly didn't want to stand outside of Vivian's quarters with some outdated earth technology playing sad music.

Vivian said she didn't know exactly what they were. A green claw tapped his chin for a moment as the large lizard contemplated his position.

His yellow eye looked over Vivian's body with a type of hunger. He certainly didn't want to loose this connection. Vivian was beautiful and cute. Also smart she was not someone he wanted to loose.

He opened his maw for a moment when he realized he had not spoken for a bit. "I hast little experienze with relations like these." He admitted. "But i do like you."

He paused for a moment. Did other people suddenly matter? Honestly Sithick didn't really care if Vivian had others. He was often busy with work and could not guarantee she would get his full attention, and he was sure that the same was true for her.

But how exactly did he voice that kind of thing how would jaya have put this? She did not do relationships so perhaps his go too rolemodel was not a good example here.

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Lt. Cmdr Vivian Martin | Vivian’s Quarters | USS Theurgy ]   Attn: @Masorin

Glancing over and up at her Gorn partner she watched as he tilted his head and thought about what she had asked. Remaining silent she waited, her own thoughts still trying to figure out her position. Why did he have to ask the question? Things had been going great the way they had been, there were no questions, no doubts there was just them. Them and the sex, it was nice, it was simple, it wasn't complicated.

She caught Sithick's eye look down over her body with a hunger and smiled slightly. She wasn't going to lie, she liked the fact that he admired her and wanted her the way he did. While others looked at her that way as well, they were just interested in fucking her but there was no other caring emotions behind them unlike with Sithick. Nobody had really looked at her that way with those other emotions since Jessica.

At the thoughts of her former lover, a sharp pain shot through her heart, causing her to wince slightly and shake her head to banish those thoughts. Now wasn't the time for that. It never seems to be the time does it? her inner voice scolded her. Look at the people you've slept with since then, including big, green and scaly here. You never used to be like this but ever since Jess died you've turned into quite the slut haven't you? her inner voice continued, causing her to wince again and shudder. Shut up![/color] she countered and could have sworn she heard herself chuckle inside her own head. You know it's true, Vivian. You can't lie to yourself after all. People on the ship have noticed, you know. Lucky for us we're not the only ones sleeping around but that doesn't change much.

Lost in her own internal monologue, she was at least glad Sithick was still thinking on things and hopefully wouldn't notice she was a million light years away at the moment. Look at him. Go on, look. her inner voice continued, causing her to turn her head and look up at him again. Would you really have slept with him before what happened to Jess did? We both know the answer to that. Well maybe once out of scientific curiosity but beyond fact that IS why you slept with him the first time." it continued. I....[/color] she began to counter before her inner monologue cut her off How do you think he would feel if he knew that? Hmm? That his very first time with someone, took his virginity not out of love but out of scientific curiosity.

That comment caused just a big a pain in her heart as her thoughts of Jessica had. Why? Why are you doing this?[/color] she asked her inner voice. To make you think. Why do you think this relationship with Sithick is the way it is? Why do you not want to think about it too much? Hmmm?

 I care about him. He's smart, funny, kind, so sweet, innocent and adorable... Yes, yes yes he's all of those things and he's also got a big cock that makes for a great fuck, I know. Stop. Avoiding. What did you want from the future hmm? Marriage? Kids? You wanted those and even with Jess you could have had it. Can you say the same with him? You want to know why I'm doing this? Well here it is Vivian. You've been avoid your pain. The pain of losing Jess and the potential pain of getting close to someone else and losing them just like you lost her and experiencing it all over again.[/i] her inner monologue said, spelling it out for her.

While you were having one night stands, that was fine. Even when this whole thing with Sithick started it was a casual thing, nothing serious, no way either of you could get hurt. Even more so since you still don't know if you like him or are still just curious about the whole thing. Which by the way if you aren't sure by now should really tell you something by the way. But like I said that was all fine, until now. Because now you're lack of dealing with your issues might very well end up hurting dear, sweet Sithick too. That's why I'm doing this. We've hidden away from our issues for far too long and now somebody we actually care about is going to get caught in the crossfire.[/i]

With her inner monologue apparently done, her body shook slightly as she heard Sithick speak, telling her that he has little experience with relations like the one they had but that he did like her. Evidently her inner conversation with herself hadn't lasted as long as it felt like it had. His words caused a soft, yet somewhat sad smile to appear on her face. "I like you too." she whispered softly.

Her inner thoughts had really shaken her up, partially because she knew they were true. Of course they were and worse was that it was indeed her fault that she found herself in this situation. "I need a drink." she said suddenly and slipped out of the bed. "Can I get you anything?" she asked as she made her way over to the replicator.

Her thoughts went back to Sithick, they had had an open relationship for now and she had known that he had been with other women before and while she hadn't it didn't bother her, but something her inner voice had said was echoing in her thoughts. About her future and what she wanted. She did want to get married one day and have a family. Maybe she would have had that with Jessica, maybe with somebody else but it was true. Even more so now that Mom was gone, Dad wasn't going to have any more kids and Salem was...well given his time frame he might not have children, if he even wanted them. Nor did she think he might even want to leave them fatherless at such a young age, which meant it was up to her to keep the Martin family going. Of course she'd clearly have to go to therapy and deal with her issues first but still...

"I want to have a family." she found herself saying. "Not today or tomorrow obviously but one day. I want to settle down, get married and have children, I always have. she continued as she keyed in a glass of red wine for the replicator and whatever beverage Sithick wanted should he chose something. It at least allowed her to speak without having to look at him as she said it. "While it's not something I plan on anytime soon, it is something I want and I doubt that whoever that potential partner might be will want to share me and I don't know if I would want to be shared either." she confessed.

Taking a shaky breath she turned to look at him. "I was in a relationship with someone on my former ship. Her name was Jessica and I loved her more than I've loved anybody." she said "I'm pretty sure I would have married her one day but she...she died and I have never really dealt with that. I didn't want to acknowledge her loss, I didn't want to deal with that pain so I just pushed it all down and ignored it. I've been doing that for a while now. After that I've kept things casual, not letting people get too close because I'm afraid. I'm afraid that if I do I'll lose that person and feel that pain again." she whispered only to chuckle slightly.

"Your friend Jaya doesn't do relationships and I get that. It's why I liked what we had. You saw other people and that's fine but now having this conversation and where it might go. I like you and I love the friendship I have with you and I don't want to lose that. Nor do I want to hurt you but I think I might and I don't want that. she said, sniffing as she brought a hand up to her face to wipe away the tears that had started falling down her cheeks.

"Jessica died and it broke me Sithick. You ask if we're mate and I don't know the answer to that and I don't think I will until I fix myself. I should have done it a long time ago, I figured I'd be okay but clearly I'm not and now you're getting caught up in that and I'm sorry, I really am. I shouldn't have let things get this far. I should have told you this a long time ago, I should have...I should have handled a lot of things better...."

She hadn't meant to dump all of this on him, or on herself really if she was being honest, nor did she know what to say or what to do, or what Sithick would say and do, if he even understood. Hell she wasn't even sure if she made any sense herself. It was all a mess. A broken mess, much like she was really. Rather fitting some might say.

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PO2 Sithick |Vivian's quarters | USS Theurgy  ] attn: @Kinvarus

Vivian looked sad, he wasn't sure why but something about that look on her face hurt his chest just a little. He was stepping into territory where he had no context, and was this conversation a bit too early? His other mate had been murdered only a few hours ago, he was still dealing with the fact that he would never hold her again, he wasn't sure he wanted to loose Vivian over something like this question, and he was still trying to sort out his feelings on the matter. She offered him a drink and nodded. "Ized Tea." He asked adding "and a straw." Knowing full well how his version of drinking tended to differ from that of a human's and he didn't want to bring to attention their many differences at the moment.

Then she spoke about her previous love, and he flinched. It brought up the question of the woman he had lost, it gave him something he could relate too, but he wasn't sure he wanted to voice that thought at the moment. He had lost so many people in his life he knew more dead than living yet Lahkesis's death was a fresh wound the like of which he didn't fully understand at the moment.

This actually brought into something that he had been unaware of females could date a female? That men could date men right? He mulled over that thought for a moment. He liked humans, which already deviated from what a Gorn was probably supposed to like, but what about men? He could safely say he had never considered the option. Honestly this conversation opened up a ton of different things to him that he wasn't sure how he felt or had any experience with.

He got up from the bed, walking behind her, he placed a claw on her shoulder, pulling her back to his broad chest. He pressed himself against her protectively after she had spoken. He put his chin against her head in the soft impression of him kissing her head for a moment. His hand gently touched her stomach.

You are not compatible with humans in that way, she wants children, and you know full well that your acids and her body do not exactly mesh well together. There has never been any kind of treatment. The doctor you asked about sexual relations with a human litterally laughed for over a minute before he realized that you were serious. He tried to shake off that thought, but his claw was already brushing down to her abdomin. The idea of a child, was about the scariest thing he could imagine. "I hast seen human female pregnant before." He admitted. "It looked painful."

He supposed that was supposed to come off as a way to lighten the mood. He had a lot to process at the moment. He saw Vivian cry, and couldn't help but feel a bit responsible for her current sadness. It also hurt him, but Sithick's eyes didn't tend to water in the same way of a humans did, he did feel a very familiar headache though, as his head dipped slightly at where he could see this going. Too many differences, that's how it always is. Your always put out to pasture, she was embarassed to even have you show up at her quarters that had to mean that she would leave you. He held her protectively still.

"Fix yourself..." He said the words like he was chewing them over trying to think on it. "I has also been doing therapy. Since I join the Federation I have been seeing the 'blue shirts'." He said equating shrinks more to their uniform color. "Therapy is long road, not easy. Even now I am still... awkward. I wish I were human."

"But is rewarding in own way. I still has times when I zhink I will wake up, that I hast been dreaming on a klingon zhip, zhat I will wake a slave again. Or zhat I will one day be accused for crimes. zhat zhe word of zhis Gorn is less zhan others. Or zhat I am too strange to has happy moments. I struggle lots with how different I am." He said reaching out to take his drink, and using the straw to draw in some of the fluids. Refreshing taste that was cold to his tongue helped to soften him slightly as he spoke to Vivian his eyes looking down her body as he stayed close to her.

He shrugged. "You already know we can't has children, species too different, you don't lay egg." He said softly. "But, zhat does not mean I do not want a Hatchling or two." The idea of family, that was a new one that vivian had just put in his mind, the thought of a pregnant vivian had a rather visual physical effect on his body, a pleasant shiver a slight twitch in his lower body, he found the thought... disturbingly hot, to the point where he had to swallow and take another drink of his iced tea. He said softly, trying to keep his voice low. "Gorn, Human, adopted, seminated, zhes things less important, how not important." His readings had told him about certain procedures that could be performed. artificial incubation of a human was a possibility later in his life... though he didn't know how long his life span actually was.

"But... Now is not good time, zhis ship... too many problems for hatchlings, much better than the breeding stock I come from but still too violent. When I has hatchlings It will be on a station." He said softly. "Stations more stable, less movement." The thought of a planet never crossed his mind since he had never been on the surface of one. "They will go to Federation school, has opportunities I never had." He painted a bit of a picture of a family, but that wasn't something he could have at the moment. "But we at war, for soul of the future, hatchlings have to wait. But when I am done on this ship, I take up post, chief engineer on a station, much safe job."

"Answer can wait till zhen too."

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Lt. Cmdr Vivian Martin | Vivian’s Quarters | USS Theurgy ]   Attn: @Masorin

Vivian couldn't remember the last time she had felt so angry, sad and guilty with herself than she did than at this very moment. She wasn't paying attention to where he was but the thumping of his feet as he moved through her quarters certainly were noticeable, not that she really had the heart...or the courage to look up at him as he moved to wherever he was going. When she heard him stop near her, she smiled softly at the feel of his claw on her shoulder as he pulled her back into his chest, his chin resting against her head as close to a kiss to it as he could give as his hand gently rested on her stomach.

It was such a sweet gesture and one of the things that made him so adorable considering his giant, lizard like features. It also made her feel horribly guilty about the fact that she was doing this to such a kind and gentle soul. He deserved so much better than her and what she could or couldn't give him at the moment.  Her gentle giant hadn't said anything yet but she glanced down as his claw slowly moved it's way down to her abdomen. The first words he did say however made her laugh, and not just a little chuckle but an actual laugh, despite her sadness. "Yes, yes it does." she chuckled.

Despite the inclination of where their conversation might well have been going, he still held her protectively. Another silence fell between them for a while until Sithick spoke again, telling her to fix herself only to go on and explain that he had been doing therapy too, ever since he joined the Federation. Vivian frowned, had he ever told her that before? She searched her brain trying to remember but found herself chuckling again when he called them the blue shirts. She didn't find it funny as a description but more because it was such a very...Sithick thing. Yet his words spoke volumes, he was a clever lizard, not that that was a surprise to her. It was his last words in the sentence however that forced her to turn in his arms and look up at him.

"Oh sweet Sithick, you... she began before tapping him on the end of his snout "...Are more Human than you give yourself credit for." she told him with a conviction to her voice that she only used when she was absolutely certain of something. [DarkCyan]"Physically you may not be, but here..."[/color] she continued, lightly tapping his chest where his heart was "...Here you're more Human than some Human's I've known and that's where it counts."

She listened as he spoke about how rewarding therapy was, about his dreams of being back on a Klingon ship, being a slave or being accused of crimes and that his word wouldn't be taken seriously, be taken as less true than others made her sad. Even more so that he was too strange to have happy moments, that one hurt a little since she was pretty much taking more happy moments away from him with this line of conversation they were having. It also made her realise how little of this she had known, despite their time together. Funny how certain situations brought up other things.

"Being different isn't a bad thing. I know it can feel like it sometimes but not always, sometimes it just takes people time to get to know someone. In your case people see a Gorn, but once they get to know you they see how little like a traditional Gorn you are, that makes you special, it makes you unique, it makes It's why I like you, why Jaya likes you and why Lahkesis likes you, not to mention other friends you have on board and I'm sure all of us would stand up for you in a heartbeat if necessary. I know I will." she told him.

She chuckled softly as he reached for his drink and sucked some of it through his straw. "I never thought I would be listening to a Gorn tell me about the advantages of therapy. See that alone should tell you something." she smiled.

She watched as he shrugged and nodded at his statement that they couldn't have children, even as she caught him looking down at her body. "I know." she replied although was a little surprised that he mentioned wouldn't mind a hatching or two some day. However whatever thoughts she might have had were quickly dismissed when she caught sight of his cock twitch and grow, causing her to arch an eyebrow. That turned him on? she thought before shaking her head as she forced herself to look back up at him as he spoke, talking about how adopted children or naturally conceived ones wasn't important. It was a very wise thing to think and one she agreed with. However if he was referring to them adopting children or just generalising she didn't know and most definitely did not want to think about at the moment, needing to figure out if she even wanted to be in a relationship was going to be a struggle to figure out first.

In fact, the very next thought that she had had, Sithick started speaking about. How their current situation on this ship was not the ideal place for children and found herself again nodding in agreement. [darkcyan]"Oh no, this is no place for children, especially given our current situation. If things were normal and we weren't being hunted and having to deal with parasites...I could possibly see myself raising kids on a ship, they aren't always bad despite the risks. Then again a Starbase or planetside would be fine too."[/color] she injected into the conversation. Although he did have a point about living on a Starbase. Then again look at what happened to Starbase 84, they might have been safer but not always. Then again SB84 was more the exception than the rule all things considered.

Vivian couldn't help but smile at his final words "Well if there are two things that I know for certainty Sithick, they are that one: You will make a fine Chief Engineer of whichever Starbase you find yourself on. and two: That whoever you have hatchlings with when that time comes, you'll be a great father to them." she said.

The very last thing he said though, about the answer waiting till then made her pause for thought, perhaps he was speaking about children with her? She wasn't sure, nor was this exactly the time to ask all things considered. Especially considering they might not be a they after she was fixed. There were a lot of things she needed to figure out, including her thoughts about him. Attraction or something deeper? Either way it wasn't fair to string him along until she figured it out. He deserved better than that.

Instead she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a tight hug...well tight for her, it probably wouldn't have any effect on him given who and what he was compared to how small and weak she was in comparison, while simultaniously ignoring the feel of his hardness pressing against her. "Thank you." she said softly. "For your understanding and telling me about your experience in therapy. I hope you don't hate me." she added. The last part she knew deep down wasn't true. If he did, he would have left and not stayed to comfort her...then again maybe he would, leaving her in the state she had been in just wasn't something he would do.

Yet another thing about him that both made him adorable yet made her feel like crap for putting him through what was the fallout of her own mess that she had been avoiding dealing with.

Re: CH05: S [D06|1015] On the rocks?

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PO2 Sithick |Vivian's quarters | USS Theurgy  ] attn: @Kinvarus

It took a few more turns in the conversation for Sithick to fully realize what was actually happening in this conversation, he was being 'dumped' he had seen it before a few times. Though most of the time the ritual involved a lot more yelling, throwing a uniform out into the hall. If she had been like that honestly it would have been a lot easier for him to process as it was he felt a little hurt, and a little betrayed. He would have stood beside Vivian as she went through therapy, and been a supportive claw, instead he seemed to be getting pushed away.

He nodded slowly. He felt a bit of pain go through him as he drank the sweet iced tea. When he opened his mouth to speak, he closed it again. It wasn't until she said she hoped that she didn't hate him that felt like he could talk again. And even when he did it wasn't exactly pleasant to speak it felt a bit like his tongue had been burried in sand.

"Hate? No, I do not hate you. I... admire you." He said softly, his claw brushing Vivian's hair for a moment, he was about to loose this. Which honestly sucked, even now looking over her in the eyes he felt sad because this connection was about to be gone from his life. Physically, and emotionally, well it had been emotional for him, for her apparently a bit less so.

"I do not want to leave you, but I get the feeling you wish to do zhis for you. I zhink I can wrap my mind around that."
He admitted softly, he didn't want to break off what they had, the physical part of it especially. But it was clear that he had to go. He went to retrieve his clothing. She hadn't told him to leave, but Sithick knew that was usually how this ritual of human mating ended. He retrieved his clothes, where they had been neatly folded in her bathroom, and returned to Vivian holding them out.

"Do you wish to zhrow these or scream? zhat is how most human break ups are correct?"
He tilted his head, this one just seemed somber, It was unique from the ones he had witnissed before.

"I... will be around whenever I am needed." He said shuffling his claws for a moment.

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