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Re: Day 01 [1700 hrs.] Washing Away the Memories

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[ Lt Thomas Ravon | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Havenborn  , @Triage  , @DocReno 

While glancing over at both pilots it quickly became quite clear that they were open for training with the Mark III's. Havenborn himself would keep flying with his older ship, which was essentially his right and Thomas nodded in acceptance to it. As for Krystal, she seemed to be more convinced and eager to start training with the Mk III. "Alright, I'll set up the simulation rooms for you guys to train in. Training should start tomorrow I imagine. I'll let you know about the where and when." he concluded, after that he took his shot in as well and his face pulled together as it burned through his throat. "God... Gotta love this..." he smirked before he shook his head and shook it off.

"As for introduction briefings lieutenant, there was a brief one just now by myself. I expect another one to go down once they've appointed the new SCO. Probably with a new squadron chart and the sorts." he answered as he looked at Havenborn. "Either way, it's a lot of new people on the flight deck. I'm sure you'll all get to know one another at some point." he assured the man before looking back at Tancredi who looked a bit absent minded. It made him wonder if now was the time to get to know them a bit more better or if now was the time to let them unwind.

After a brief silence he turned his glass upside down and tapped the bottom of it "Anyway, if either of you have any more questions or need something, feel free to hail me or come and see me."he said as he straightened himself. He looked around before his eyes ended on Husker, another new face in a squadron that should've been his own. He sighed softly before nodding at both pilots at his table "That said, I'll leave you two to unwind and get used to your new home. Welcome aboard." he smiled and pushed himself off as he went over to Slayton.

"Mind if I join you?" he asked the pilot.

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[ Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan & @Havenborn
“Peachy keen!” said Tancredi, and her head briefly nodded downwards on its own. What the hell was in that drink? Ravon handled it easily enough, and so did Havenborn. The redhead normally held her liquor very well. It took a lot to get her drunk, and even more to get her to the point of crying and telling everyone how much she loved them and possibly other embarrassing acts like pouring her heart out to Counsellor Ejek...on the public intercom. Stripping naked in a busy cargo bay didn't even count as embarrassing anymore, considering the amount of times she'd been rescued from various alien captivity minus clothing by various members of the crew, she doubted there was anyone from the Resolve who hadn't seen Tancredi in her birthday suit at least once.

Listening to Ravon speak some more, and when he excused himself, she nodded and raised her glass to him, “Will do, sah, and thanks fer th'drink.”

She watched him go to the other pilot she had "met" earlier, whilst helping the beyond-drunk woman back to her quarters. Turning her attentions back to Havenborn, she looked over the SCO of the Wolves of the Resolve, and gave him a small smile, “Meant t'talk to ya 'bout lotta things, sugah, but Ah guess they kin wait. Looks lahk we're all gonna be gettin' used t'how things work 'round 'ere.” She got up, looking at the Martian, and added, “and Dan? Ah've got yer back, 'kay? Any tahm ya need, jus' give ol' Meony a holler, Ah'll be there.”

She knew the stresses he went through, and while she yanked his chain as much as anyone else, she also always reminded him how much she cared with little simple gestures, occasional gifts or just being a good listener, something she would never admit to, but also something she was willing to provide if it was ever needed or wanted by her friends and family. “Gonna head out an' check on the others. See ya later.” And she left.

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Vector 3, Deck 28 – Below Decks Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan, @Triage 

Daniel nodded as Lieutenant Ravon explained that there would be simulation training for the Mark-III Valkyries sometime tomorrow.  Daniel honestly had no intention of learning how to pilot the Mark-III at the current moment, besides he had other things he had to take care of during that time, such as making sure his fighter’s software is up to date.  “I’ll see you tomorrow then Lieutenant Ravon.”  Daniel said as he stood up as Ravon left to talk to another pilot.  Daniel downed his shot of Vat 69 then took his seat again and leaned back a bit.  It had been a long day and it still wasn’t over yet.

As Krystal began to speak to him he turned his attention back to her.  “If you want to talk Krystal we can.”  Daniel said, if she wanted to take Lieutenant Daniels’s place as his confidant he was more than fine with that, he trusted her with his life after all.  “I might take you up on that offer sometime tomorrow Ensign.”  Daniel said as he nodded to her as she got up to leave.

“Have a good night Ensign.”  Daniel replied as he sat in the lounge for a few more minutes.  Maybe he’d take some time tonight to go work out, he was feeling the need for that again.
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[ Ensign Christopher "Husker" Slayton| Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Nolan

Chris was slightly lost in his thoughts as the slight drunken haze he'd been in since he started drinking with Cameron was slowly starting to fade away as his lips were still tingling with an almost electric thrill from his time making out with the young officer.

He was so lost in his thoughts that when he heard Thomas speak to him, he actually jumped just a little bit and then shook his head to try and clear it. "Sure Thomas, sorry about not responding at's been one of those days." he said as he motioned for his fellow wolf to have a seat. "Cameron lost a father figure, two ghosts from my past return...and I discover that my oldest brother was the commanding officer of the Orcus and who may or may not be alive...."

Chris pinched the bridge of his nose and then sighed deeply before releasing it. "So, how are you holding up and can I get you a James Bond as a welcome back drink?" he offered up then in a much warmer and friendly tone, honestly happy to be turned away from his own internal thoughts.

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[ Lt Thomas Ravon | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @DocReno 

Thomas could notice how the pilot wasn't fully there when he sat down next to him. His mind absent and probably sunken in thoughts somewhere else as he looked at the furred bartender. He diverted his eyes back to the pilot as he snapped back to reality and addressed him. Thomas nodded slowly as he brought up the ensign who usually tended their comms and when he mentioned his own brother being the commander on the Orcus.

He glanced over the man next to him before he gave him a pat on the back "I can't imagine what you've been going through Slayton." he started before he looked at his drink and sighed softly "I hope he survived, it's always rough to lose family." he said softly as he tried to feel compassionate for the fellow pilot. He decided to switch the subject a little as he carried on "In fact, we haven't really met before today I imagine. Maybe I've seen you in the corridors when the Harbinger crew dwelled with us, but other than that... I suppose this is a nice to meet you kind of thing right?" the pilot said before smiling faintly.

"As for that drink, I suppose I could be convinced to a martini... Shaken and not stirred if I recall correctly right?" he asked the man, he had remembered the lines when he saw it during his Academy days, a group film session that was organized to put the spotlight on twentieth century movies. Thomas had watched the movie about halfway before leaving the little theater, he had found it amusing, yet chased other things in his younger years. "I have a question for you by the way, concerning your bird. I noticed you're still in a Mk II, would you be convinced to fly the upgraded version? Considering you're a full fledged wolf..." he smiled ruefully.

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[ Ensign Christopher "Husker" Slayton| Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

Chris allowed himself a moment to chuckle when Ravon brought up that fact and nodded in agreement. "It's not your fault, I was still being looked at like I was going to snap like the other members of my former squadron until fairly recently." Chris said with a smile before motioning to the seat next to him. "Aside from what happened on the hanger deck earlier, yes is our actual first time meeting each other hence my following of an old Asgardian tradition which goes back to the events that lead to the founding of my home colony of buying you three drinks. One as introduction, One for congradulations for surviving a battle, and one for memories of friends lost and friends gained."

The Asgardian then nodded to Ravon's other question. "Yep but amusingly enough it's called the Vesper martini and it was named after the character who came up with the recipe which is three measures of Gordon's gin, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet at which point you shake it very well over ice until the drink is ice cold and then you pour it before adding a large, thin slice of lemon." he explained, almost like he was reciting it from memory before he shook his head slowly. "Sorry, doing memory excercises like that helped me survive some of the science classes at the academy because if you can recall smaller combinations like that then the harder stuff is easier."

Chris took a sip from his own glass as he listened to Thomas' question about his fighter and then he nodded slowly. "I wouldn't mind the upgrade, the one that I'm flying now belonged to someone named...Nightmare I think..who died during the Vassar Stupidity and while she's a good bird, her gunsights do have a tendency to jump to the right when trying to lock on with phasers during a turn left, might have been a setting used by the previous pilot that's still there."

Re: Day 01 [1700 hrs.] Washing Away the Memories

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[ Lt Thomas Ravon | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @DocReno

"I'm not saying no to three free drinks." Thomas chuckled and nodded "Thanks for the offer Christopher." To be fair Thomas didn't know much about the Asgardians. He made a mental note to do some research about them in order to somewhat get a better picture of the pilot next to him. He'd not go through the entire thing though, yet he would be interested in their customs and dealings with others in order to interact better.

Ravon had to laugh when he gave an extensive detail about the Vesper martini and he shook his head. "Regardless of you remembering that, you could always become a bartender if your flight career is over." Thomas joked and looked over at the pilot. "Either way, we all got our devices or aids to remember things, I usually tinker or physically work out in order to calm my mind."

"As for your fighter, you should've gotten another pilot's ship I think. Last I saw Tessa flying Nightmare's bird." the pilot smiled before he got presented the drink. He eyed it and ran his fingers over the edge of it as he looked back at Christopher "What shall we toast on?"

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[ Ensign Christopher "Husker" Slayton| Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

"Not a problem, like I said it's an old tradition on my colony." Chris said as he accepted he handed the empty glass back and then took a fresh one. "Shortly after Asgard broke ground, it was invaded by the Cardassians in a period before the war with them broke out and if you can believe it but it was a bloody trench war."

Chris' mind went back to the unknown status of his older brother, the man named in part who created the very tradition that he was now doing with a fellow survivor but he pushed those thoughts aside..there had been enough thinking upon matters of dying and death this evening.

When Thomas mentioned the bartending gig once his flight career was over, he couldn't help but laugh at that with an honest one at that. "Maybe, if I ever become grounded permenantly I'm thinking of maybe trying out for a spot in operations." he admitted with a hint of a proud smile on his face. "Despite my looks, I'm actually pretty adept at systems engineering..but bartending might be a good second."

"As for which bird I have, I really don't care because I'm still flying and if I'm flying for a pilot that's been lost then I'm flying double." he said as he raised his glass up at the question of what they should toast to. "To Killroy, the kludge that brought you's that sound?" he asked warmly.

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[ Lt Thomas Ravon | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @DocReno

Thomas had to laugh and he shrugged "I'm not going to comment your looks Chris." he answered before he downed his drink, the sting making a pleasant way down his throat. He closed his eyes fora second before he smiled more cheeky "As for operations... I'm pretty sure I know why you'd be joining that department." he answered as he'd have to report directly to Stark, who was quite easy on the eyes.

"Either way, I think bar tending would suit you... Hell you might even get your own lounge or something if you'e really good at it!" he teased further before he got a refill and laughed "But I suppose you're good where you are right now." he winked at him and looked the pilot over.

He simply nodded though at his comment about his bird and he let it slip "Fuck Killroy really... To home!" he toasted as he raised his glass to Chris and downed another drink in one go. He sighed and chuckled  little "Right, that said... I should probably get going. People to see, things to do." he smiled "Third drink is for later, if you can agree with me on that." he asked Chris as he pushed his glass more away from himself and stood back up from the stool.

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[ Ensign Christopher "Husker" Slayton| Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

Chris had to admit that it was good to see that his fellow Wolf had good humor after the last few hours and it made him laugh in turn before he downed his drink and setting the empty glass on the bar. "Sure, all the pretty ones do." he joked with a smile before shaking his head. "I wouldn't hit on Stark, she's in a list of people that I wouldn't even be in the same star league to be with and that pool is only three women on this entire ship to be honest..but I'm good at systems, yes I'm a very effective hand to hand specialist and I'm not denying that but my professors for my ops classes said that I had a knack at systems engineering."

Chris started to shake his head when Thomas then made his own comment about being a bar tender and it made him keep smiling. "Maybe..maybe once this is all said and done with the right woman, but until then I still have some asshats to shoot down on behalf of our home." he said as a fresh glass was put down next to him. "To home!!" he then returned with the toast as he killed off his drink.

Chris was almost lost in his thoughts when he heard Ravon's last words to which he simply nodded in agreement. "I'll hold you to it, Thomas..and in case you haven't heard it yet from anyone else." he said before stopping and holding up his glass in salute of the other man.

"Welcome Home."

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