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CH06: S [D03|1710] Slipstream Suckerpunch

[LCdr Blue Tiran-Ducote | Aftermath | Sons of Bitches | Can't Get This Shit to Stop Being Fucked | Safety Check]
@Griffinsummoner @Nero

The weight of the world settled heavily on Blue's shoulders.  Working more than she should, not eating when she should, subsisting on energy drinks and sheer will power.  Blue was the kind of person that had never been good at dealing with her emotions, she was often seen as volatile but at the same time she was one of the people you could count on the most if given the chance.  Before the battle had commenced, Blue had gone into her office to work on some of the PADD back up which had grown on her desk without any ability to catch up in her current situation.  Paperwork didn't keep her mind busy enough to get Ducote and his death out of it, so instead, she worked around Engineering, and with her inventions hoping that she could get it together.  She needed to get through one more minute, one more hour, and more.  The Engineering sector of the ship had likely never run so good as it did right now even with the slip stream.  She had just dozed off moments before the attack started. 

No sleep for the wicked.

Now that things had settled down Blue felt bone-weary.  The kind of tired that probably wouldn't even let her sleep if she could even manage to lay down and get herself in a bed.  But, there was no reason to even try.  She knew that when she went home to Ducote's place.. to their place, she would be forced to leave soon and she would have to go to a new location and be alone.  It was not a fact she had been prepared to resume.  She was used to living with Ducote, and used to coming home to someone or at least coming home to where someone had been or would be.  To share their space.  To see her things moved or picked up, to move her things back where they had been.  Their war on fur.  It was always a lot of fun and she truly enjoyed all of what they had been, their dynamic had been perfect.

Now it was gone.

Blue probably needed a shower, she didn't smell or anything, but she hadn't really left the deck since she had resumed duty after Ducote's death and her small break with Cross.  As she stepped out of her office she corralled her vivacious curls into massive hand fulls.  Wrapping it around her hand in a quick not she secured it with a small elastic band which was black and allowed to blend into her hair.  It splayed out behind her but it was off her neck and no longer hot.  Some of her hair, true to form, escaped the band not quite swept up by the elastic and framed small curly tendrils around her pale face as the door slid closed behind her.  Blue eyes checked over her PADD knowing that they needed to get some safety checks done while they had the time. 

She looked up and her crystalline eyes surrounded by heavy dark circles of grief surveyed the scene around her.  She worked hard to make sure that the Engineering deck ran like a well oiled machine but she was also the sort of boss that didn't have time nor desire to micro-manage.  She needed people to do the jobs that they were hired for without her having to double check every fucking thing to make sure they weren't nitwits.  Luckily, the Theurgy seemed to have a relatively decent set of Engineers that allowed for her to do that, and she never needed it more than she did right now.  Her eyes alighted on Scruffy who was crossing her path like a man on a mission as though he was dead set on some destination or another.  She understood his feelings and how they might be with the death of Kiki Stevens, however, she had noticed a remarkable improvement in his behavior, work ethic, and usefulness. It was a welcome change. 

“LeBlanc.” she called out, because she fucking refused to call him Scruffy.  “Give me the reports, what the fuck do we need to slap a bandaid on before we get in another fucking fuck-fest again.” she said calling him over quickly.

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[PO1 Scruffy LeBlanc | Duty Stations | Main Engineering | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] @BZ

Having only just been released from Sickbay after his return from the Ta'Rom, inwardly he was still in a state of shock over the conclusion of that mission.  But with nothing he could do for Fisher, here he was back in Engineering, as all able-bodied crew were needed for post-battle repairs.  Although, at the moment, he felt like little more than an errand-boy, running messages between various officers when the comms kept getting interrupted.

And then he heard that voice.  The one that, so it seemed, could always cut through any amount of background noise to make itself heard.  He stopped, but couldn’t keep a wince from his face, pointed away from her, fortunately.  He heard her barked question as she marched across the open floor of Main Engineering toward him.  Of all the people here, she asks me for a status update?  Still, he wasn’t going to question her on it, maybe she knew he didn’t have anything specific he was doing at the moment.  He pulled his PADD out of its holster and, after giving it a tap when it didn’t boot up immediately, pulled up the damage reports.  The color rather drained from his face as the list of issues continued to scroll past him.  He removed everything that already had repair teams assigned and sorted the remaining issues by system priority. 

“Well, I suppose that depends on how long we’ve got.  Each Vector took quite a beating.  Even the Helmet has hull fractures.  We’ve got power fluctuations all over the ship due to damaged conduits, and even internal sensors and communication is flickering in some sections.  The only advantage we’ve got at the moment is that, with the ship fully integrated, we can redirect power to compensate, for the most part.  Vectors 1 and 2 have phaser arrays that will need repairs, due to intermittent emitter failures.  Both Vectors 2 and 3 have overtaxed the shield emitters over their warp nacelles.  They’re holding but far from optimally. Speaking of the nacelles, a few of the warp-coils might have cracked under the strain.  Don’t have a full report yet, but I doubt we’ll be able to even reach maximum warp anytime soon, let alone sustain it.  Ironically, the plasma injection systems seem to have come out relatively unscathed.  With the main deflector a low-priority target during the battle, we might just have more reliability with the QSD than the main propulsion, fuel issues aside.”

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[LCdr Blue Tiran | Useless Crews | WTF Have They Been Doing? |  Fucking Klingon Destruction]
@Griffinsummoner @Nero

Blue didn't see the wince, and it was probably good that she did.  Blue on her best days didn't handle that kind of shit very well and with it being that it was all fucked up right now with Ducote on her mind it would have been even worse.  She knew shit had gone down, she hadn't escaped the deck while everything was fucking happening.  Despite her husband laying on ice, she hadn't been the sort that would skirt duty but that didn't mean it was really the best idea that she was here at all anyway.  Still, until someone told Blue to go home – which admittedly would be a bad idea – it was better that she didn't do anything but work.  For Blue it was better that her mind was busy than it was filled with too much time to think. 

Now, her husband was gone, not just a visit away and Blue felt that she was walking along a precipice of a massive chasm.  Should she stop for any moment too long the wind that howled around her whispering the name of her now late husband would push her into the depths of darkness.  Work would give her enough to keep her busy, work would keep her walking, work would keep her awake as she puzzled slowly through her feelings in the background and yet at the same time piled dirt upon the tops of them while trying to figure out how to get past it all.

As Scruffy fought to get his PADD started she waited and stood there with her sharp blue eyes shifting around the deck taking in that her people were working and which ones were currently not too busy.  Most of her crew seemed to have gotten to work and stayed that way she could see only a few tired individuals trying to make it through the heavy maintenance schedule before they would need to initiate the engines or jump again.  No one really knew exactly what would come next but the Captain would be expecting the ship to run when they pressed the go button.  Her arms crossed over her chest as he began to list all the shit that was wrong with her precious ship.  The list began to grow in her mind while she listened because she was the one that was going to have to keep up with all this shit and make sure it was done, that and she would have to delegate to her assistant chiefs as well. 

She really needed to do that more, but Blue was not always the best at delegation.

“Well you're a fucking ray of sunshine.” she said as he finished his report finally.  Brushing a hand through her mass of curls she thought about what was the most prudent thing that they needed to work on.  There was so much but already her mind was sub-compartmentalizing the things that were in dire need of repair and those things that could wait if possible.  Some things were minor and they could deal with during the next leg of whatever mission or journey the powers that be decided on.  Others were vital to the ship actually fucking surviving the next leg of the fucking journey of doom and death that they seemed to be going on.

“We start with the warp coils then.” she stated as she looked over at LeBlanc.  “On the way there, I want to check the slipstream where our crystal collection system has been working for a while lets see if we managed to collect any shit with our collective genius or if it's just bullshit we wasted our time on.” she stated as she motioned for LeBlanc to walk with her, he wasn't getting off that easy.

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[Savi Delegate Dipen | Modified VIP-Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attention: @BZ @Griffinsummoner

Dipen was not amused as he heard the bad news of a senior officer of the USS Theurgy getting caught by the Klingons. Any disturbance to the plan could possibly mean severe consequences to the Savi and their future. Dipen knew he was only an Antecedent to the Scion but it did not interfered with his loyalties. He was Savi and the Scion caste were his rightful leaders. Ever since the Versant has gone rogue and abandoned the Scion he knew his duty was into protection of the clandestine existence of their way. But now, after they made this fragile alliance wit these mere primitive Federation Ship, there was a profound danger to keep their existence secret. Klingons captured a senior officer of the USS Theurgy. The primitive artifical intelligence of the ship called Thea reported them that there was a possibility that the secret of their existence could be at risk.

The three Savi currently present in the modified VIP-Quarters exchanged concerned looks. Their black eyes met each other and it was clear that they had to take care of this situation. If the Klingongs became aware of the information their prisoner was in possession of their next target would be the USS Theurgy itself, to get hold of them and torture them to get what they need to find the Versant, to get a technological advantage against the forces of the quadrant, to establish a serious force of power. This was no option.

“Let the Humans take care of this. They know how to deal with the Klingons.”, claimed Schigin, on of the few female Savi aboard the Federation ship and opened the discussion after Thea left them alone in their modified VIP-Quarters.
“That would be a mistake.”, Dipen countered. “As soon as the Klingons get to know of our existence, they will hunt us down. We cannot allow that.”
“I agree.”, said Beneand. “But what measures should we take to keep the Klingons in check?”
“There are a myriad of possibilities, Beneand, but our best option is to keep it low and let the Human handle this predicament.”
The two Antecedent discussed more pro and cons to leave this situation to Humans, but it was this apathetic way that had brought them in this position in the first place. Dipen had enough of staying low. He had to protect the Versant and ultimately protect the future of the Scion leadership from these irrational primitives.
“We need to act now.”, he said in his calm manner.
“And what do you plan to do, Dipen?”, Beneand asked.
“I will prevent the Klingons from capturing the ship by destroying it once and for all.”

The other two Savi looked at Dipen in shock and terror, but Dipen was sure it was the only way to grand security to his fellow Savi, even then if it meant to die.
“We cannot do this, Dipen. We are allied with this Ship.”
“Then you have decided to wich side you belong, Schigin and I am afraid it is the wrong side. I am sorry, but I can not allow you to stop me from destroying the Theurgy.”
Dipen wrapped his three-fingered hands around her neck and strangled her to death. Her meaningless tries to free herself were accompanied by her gargling as the last drip of life left her body. He let her go and turned to Beneand.
“Do you wish to share her fate, or do you let me proceed?”
Beneand did not move as he was in shock of seeing one of his kind being killed by another one. It was clear that he wanted to stop Dipen, but was unable to do so, so he let him go.

Dipen gathered his belongins and entered the airlock, to gain access of the rest of the ship. He activated his respirator and headed for the Turbolift. He was sure the fastest way to get rid of this ship was to overload the warp core.
“Main Engineering.”

[Savi Delegate Beneand | Modified VIP-Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]

Never before had Beneand saw a Savi kill another one of his kind. He was shocked and horrified by the fact Dipen went from friend to foe in the blink of an eye. Beneand let Dipen go in fear of being killed next. He stepped out of his way, his eyes fixed on the dead body of Schigin. Minutes after he heard the hissing of the airlock, he freed himself of his paralysis and knelled down to see if he could help his friend but it was to late. There were no signs of life anymore. Schigin was dead and he knew if he did not act, he would die as well. So, with a breaking voice he activated the internal communication.
“Security, Schigin is dead and Dipen is on his way to destroy the ship.”

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[LCdr Blue Tiran | Crystal Clear | Sabotage | Not on My Ship | Setting the Savi Back]
@Griffinsummoner @Nero

LeBlanc was completely quiet, Blue was unused to such a response out of him he was never quiet and she always assumed that one day he was going to move so much that he would jump out of his skin.  He was always moving, shaking, vibrating with energy she supposed that was why he got along with so many people, but then he could be the most laid back person in personality.  He seemed as though he didn't give a shit about anything that went on in the ship.  But, she was starting to realize that it wasn't the case.  Instead, he just didn't really outwardly show his concern and his thoughts, but she also wondered what had changed him because she still remembered all the times she hunted his ass down through the Jefferies tubes so that she could make sure he actually turned up at shift and held his fucking weight.

The detour didn't take them long, it was on the way across the deck anyway to the warp core, but she really did want to see now that the Slipstream engine was inert how much accumulation of dust had turned back into usable crystals.  The slip stream was glorious, Blue had no idea if they would actually be able to keep it, she hoped so, though they were going to have to figure out a re-usable crystal source if they were going to or perhaps use the Warp drive predominately but use the slipstream when time was of the essence.  Much like they did the cloak.  But, she wasn't sure and that was beyond her decision power however she was fairly certain she needed to have a chat with Ives about it.

Now that she was in the Slipstream area, she looked up at the not-quite perfect crystal restoration system that she and LeBlanc had put together between the jumps.  She could already tell that the recycled material had been added back to the main crystal.  The recycled material was no where near the quality of the original, but it was enough at the waste that would have once just dissapated in the area to nothingness was now actually useable and would allow them to push the Theurgy just a little bit further.

"It worked." she grinned as she held up the small stone to show LeBlanc.  "We will have to do some math, next time we have down time, to see how much crystal we grow per jump, and if it's effected by the length of streaming or if it's a constant number.  I don't like variables when I need shit like this." she admitted starting her way down the scaffolding.

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[ Lt. ThanIda zh'Wann | Security Centre > Corridor | USS Theurgy ] @Nero
Having disposed her scratched and dented exosuit in the Security Centre after she'd returned aboard the Theurgy, Ida's mind was still back on the Allegiant. Or rather, lingering on the face of Commander Dewitt in that Breen holding cell, hearing the pinkskin order them to leave her behind. All for the greater good and the mission.

Numbly, Ida had asked for a sitrep when passing through the centre office with all the surveillance displays. She knew Kingston held the fort while Kai Akoni recovered in sickbay, though if she knew that big man right, sickbay wouldn't be able to hold him for much longer. He'd survived the incident in the Spearhead Lounge, so she expected him to show up before long.

The present security officers gave her the casualty lists and reports about the damages to the secure areas of the ship. One of those was the incident in the brig, in which a Gorn had breached through the interrogation rooms and caused havoc, killing security officers in a mad rampage. If she read the report right, it seemed like Doctor Nicander had helped two Intelligence officers to neutralise the threat.

Moreover, there was another prisoner at the farthest end of the holding cells. The Klingon whom had infiltrated Martok's two hundred companions aboard the ship and detonated the bomb in the Spearhead Lounge. Apparently, Martok himself had hatched a plan together with Thea to catch that Klingon. Rov, son of Pekdal...

"Keep me posted," she said after reading the last PADD, returned it, and adjusted her grip on her duffle bag. "I'm just going to my quarters to dump my mission gear. I'll be back before we reach Qo'noS."

She could hardly believe the ship was riding some 'soliton wave' to the Klingon home world. Then again, she - if anyone - knew how resourceful the Savi were, so she shouldn't have been surprised when she'd learned that they were literally given a 'push' to their destination without even generating a warp field.

And speaking of the Vigilant of Sa...

[Security to Deputy zh'Wann! One of the Savi in the Erudite delegation is heading your way,] said one of the officers she'd just spoken with, Ida having stepped off a turbolift, [he's just killed one of his own, and he intends to sabotage the warp core. Another Savi alerted us about his intentions. He'll pass through your corridor fifty meters to the aft.]

Shelat, what else haven't happened yet? thought Ida, dumped her bag to the deck so that she might pull out her pulse phaser, and then hurried down the corridor. She tapped her combadge mid-stride. "Deputy zh'Wann here. Acknowledged. Moving to intercept."

On the way there, she remembered the time on the Versant, and what the Savi had done to her. She could feel those suppressed emotions running through her. The white-hot rage and hatred for their kind, and she had to steel herself from letting it cloud her judgement. Powering up her weapon, thinking that the Antecedent might come prepared for an altercation, Ida took deep breaths...

...before stepping out into the intersection ahead of the Savi saboteur.

"Take one more step and it will be your last," she said to the tall figure, antennae angled forth and the muzzle of her weapon raised against him. Her eyes were cold and flinty, and she wouldn't hesitate a second if he made any sudden moves. "Why? Speak!"

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[Savi Delegate Dipen | Corridor | USS Theurgy] Attention: @Auctor Lucan 

It had been far too easy for the Savi to cross the ship, or rather this pitiful attempt at a space worthy tin can, unmolested. Dipen purposefully avoided populated corridors and detoured directly toward the ship's main engine room. His original path was unnecessarily obstructed by the pathetic crew of that ship, who were doing repair work to repair the damage done by the Klingon boarding parties that had invaded earlier. This forced him to rethink his route and perhaps even change his goal of overloading the ship's warp core. But after brief consideration, he concluded that this was still the most effective way to conceal their existence from the Klingons. For that was his ultimate goal and he would not let anything, or anyone prevent him from achieving it. Neither by these primitive ape-beings, their rudimentary ship with its pitiful AI, nor by his own kind. While Dipen regretted that he was forced to kill Schigin, she stood in the way of his goal. He could still feel his fingers wrapping around her yet very weak neck, her flesh offering virtually no resistance. It disgusted him, but at the same time it offered him a certain satisfaction.

From the repair crew that had blocked his way and had to do menial work in equal dozens, the Savi acquired one of those PADDs. It gave him easy access to the USS Theurgy's internal network and the federal database. After a few moments to get to grips with this primitive technology, the now probably former member of the Savi delegation plotted a new path to the engine room. He made sure to choose only corridors that were less frequented, but otherwise passable, so that he would encounter as few small minds as possible.

Here and there he encountered the odd limited mind and felt curious glances almost devour him. Dipen did not allow himself to be distracted by them and continued toward his goal. Just as Dipen did not believe in the legitimacy of the Old Code, he did not believe that these beings could keep the secret of his race, and more importantly, the secret of the Scion. Yes, he was sure: the destruction of the ship was inevitable, even if it meant his own death. Dipen was ready.

Dipen studied the deck plan as he followed a longitudinal corridor. He headed for a junction that he had to pass in order to get to the next level of the ship. But unfortunately, he didn't get that far, because a strange person blocked his way and had a gun pointed at him. She threatened him and demanded to know why he was doing what he was doing, causing the tall Savi to let his big black eyes roam over the blue creature with the white animalistic fur on her head. Her blue epidermis and the antenna-like appendages twitching aggressively on her head identified her as belonging to the Andorian race. Dipen knew of the multi-sexed Andorians, and he also knew of their need to breed enough offspring to avoid extinction. In this regard, the Savi reconnaissance was quite extensive after all. Their posture testified to their aggressiveness and Dipen stopped as instructed. Before he could continue to follow his goal, he had to overcome this obstacle. For a split second he thought and concluded that he could buy himself valuable time with an answer. Time, he needed to be able to use the cracked security system of the ship for his purposes in secret by means of the PADD and to create a force field between himself and the Andorian. He would then simply take another route.

"Andorian, female features. A Shen or a Zhen. Obviously of childbearing age. Interesting. Tell me Andorian, what gender are you? Have you performed your service for your people? Have you produced offspring?"
Dipen asked these questions with his usual neutrality toward aliens. He also did not expect any answer from his counterpart. These questions were only meant to confuse her puny mind and distract her from the bigger picture. But this seemed to be crowned with only moderate success. The savi scientist in him, who under other circumstances would have liked to talk to this representative of the Andorian species, had to wait and subordinate himself to the big picture. So, he tried again and addressed her question.

"Provided you can understand, I am willing to explain, Andorian." Dipen took a short breath. His fingers slid unnoticed over the PADD. Thanks to his above-average peripheral vision, he could make out the contents on it. "For ages we have lived in secrecy from the so-called galactic civilizations. We studied them, examined them, and experimented with them. The question we had was whether humans, Klingons, Andorians, Tellarites or Vulcans could serve us to improve ourselves to reach the next level of evolution. Many of these experiments eventually led to a new caste taking rightful dominion over our people: The Scion. The Antecedent caste, of which I am a member of, has served to protect them ever since. Even though the Voice follows the Old Code, there are still enough of us who want and need to put a stop to the rebels. We must ensure that the secret of the Savi's existence is kept at all costs."

During the last words of his monologue, Dipen pressed the last button on the PADD, activating a security barrier between himself and the Andorian. "At all costs." He repeated his last words to make it clear to her that he would continue to pursue his goal and would not be stopped. Dipen lifted the PADD, tossing it carelessly against the force field locking eye contact with the Andorian woman. He was aware that they would block his access through this device, so it had become useless to him. He already knew what his path was. Dipen turned away and started moving again. He entered a corridor that would take him towards the main deflector.

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[ Lt. ThanIda zh'Wann | Security Centre > Corridor | USS Theurgy ] @Nero
When the Savi asked Ida if she had done her duty to her people, a white-hot rage filled her at the memory of what Sclergyn had done to Kelleshar sh'Zenne, IrnaShall ch'Xinya, Sehl th'Chilnes and herself on the Versant. Her finger squeezed harder around the trigger of her weapon, and she almost killed the Savi on the spot. The memory of having to refute the completion of the shelthreth out of personal principle, denying the bondmates forced on her to have the child they wanted, it filled her with such shame and regret, even though she still wasn't prepared to carry a child during the mission. The hurt of those events were all the more keen because of what Sehl th'Chilnes had done to her in his quarters, but worse yet, knowing that after he died, Shar left the ship when it was docked at Aldea, and IrnaShall was left alone carrying the memory of a child he never got to see. Shar had taken the stasis unit back to Andoria, without a word, and Ida had no right or place to comfort him because of her own refusal to participate.

And the Savi cur had the audacity to ask her that to her face!

Years of training and trigger discipline kept the member of the Savi delegation alive. Long enough for him to tell her how he didn't believe in the same Code as the Voice did, telling her that he still sympathised with the Scion High Council even though he served on the rebel Erudite dreadnought before he came aboard the Theurgy. An infiltrator among their ranks, no doubt, whom had taken it into into his own hands to protect the Savi from becoming public knowledge. Ida had no idea what may have caused the scientist to all of a sudden act on that rationale... but the thrifty bastard must have hacked Thea's security system, because just when she was about to answer him and tell him to stand down...

...he raised a forcefield between them.

Her brows lowered over her eyes, seeing him throw his PADD and then leaving, and she knew the hunt was on. Fortunately enough, the odds weren't great for the Savi. "Thea?" she said and glanced towards the deckhead when she turned on her heel and walked down the corridor in the other direction. "Would you mind helping out in this security matter? I am taking the long way around."

[ USS Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Her Own Corridor ] @Nero
When cued by the Deputy, Thea's subroutines were prompted by the personal request, it being something completely else than those which would be handled by the automated processes of her C-47 subroutine. And thus, accessing the logs and the comms traffic between the Deputy and Security, along with the report of a Savi casualty and the danger posed to herself, Thea acted.

Her transporter systems locked on to her mobile emitter, and made it materialise - along with her projection - in the corridor ahead of the Savi scientist. Standing in his way, she cocked a hip and put her hand on it, raising her eyebrows in his direction. "Where do you think you're going?" she asked, before she activated another program that Lin Kae had made for her. A program that the Savi had deactivated when she'd been captured and studied on the Versant, preventing her from using it, but that Ravenholm had managed to activate after she got back inside her own hull.

Her holographic pulse phase pistol, without any security protocols for it's simulation.

It appeared in her hand in a shimmer of light, and she raised it towards the dead centre of the Savi's body. "Do you honestly think you have the slightest of chance sabotaging me? For being a species priding itself on its intelligence, you sure are a bloody fool."

Thea expected the tall alien to try and run past her, or something, but her internal sensors told her that the Deputy was just about reaching the intersection that would take her into the present corridor, so even if she let him run, he'd have the Andorian do deal with a couple of yards farther down the hallway behind her.

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[Savi Delegate Dipen | Corridor | USS Theurgy] Attention: @Auctor Lucan 

Dipen showed the Savi equivalent of a smile when he saw the holographic image of the ship's AI appear before him. It was interesting to see that it was apparently modeled on a human and even had its sense of dramatic... what did humans call it...? entrances.

Still, Dipen was aware that this electronic mind would be a serious obstacle. He had to figure out how to get past it. His large, black eyes took in every detail on his generated counterpart. They showed him a trained, human weapons posture and a certain confidence. She held a phaser pistol in her hand and aimed it at the Savi scientist. Dipen knew from the records he had studied aboard the Versant that the AI was quite capable of generating and firing phaser beams. A circumstance he would like to avoid. However, he then realized again that he was dealing with Federation technology.

"I'm going to destroy this ship," the Savi replied to the AI's questions, suddenly not sure why he felt the urge to talk to it at all.

The Savi, towering over the holographic projection by more than half a meter, started moving. Since it was a product of Federation engineers, it could be assumed that it also followed their protocols. It was very likely to assume that the weapon was set for non-lethal use. If that was the case, then his clothing would protect him. He could probably take a few hits with a stun shot without encountering any major problems. That would buy him enough time to close in on her and take her out. Thus, he could gain the upper hand and continue his way. Dipen had to take the risk.

His lanky arms swung in time with his long strides. Within no time he would reach Thea, as the AI was called. Then the first shot broke, hitting the Savi in the torso. The impact was unpleasant and made him falter for it. Dipen put a hand on his chest in a shock reaction and looked down at himself. Even though he knew what could happen, it had still been a surprise. He was pleased to find that his assumption was confirmed. He had already overcome the distance to the hologram. He took a swing. With the backhand of his right arm, he struck in a wide arc. His aim was to hit its mobile emitter, triggering a catastrophic cascade failure in its holographic matrix. A bump and the abrupt stop, by the impact of the unit on a wall should be sufficient for this. But his swing slipped through the hologram. Thea had changed her density within a fraction of an instant, allowing his hand to wipe through her body unhindered.

Dipen grunted angrily. But there was no time for him to attack again. So, the Savi took advantage of the moment of confusion and relied on the benefits of his superior physiology and sprinted off, only to receive a second stun shot in the back. Again, it caused him to stagger in his movement and again his suit ate most of the energy. But Dipen now felt himself losing feeling in his extremities and it was replaced by a numbing tingle. But it didn't help. Dipen had to keep moving.

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[ Lt. ThanIda zh'Wann | Security Centre > Corridor | USS Theurgy ] @Nero
The third thing that hit Dipen was not a phaser bolt, but a spinning kick levelled straight into his kneecap - the Deputy using the element of surprise and her momentum to stop the Antecedent.

After the sprint around the corridors to intercept the Savi, Ida's heart was pumping cobalt blood in her ears, and she'd opted to incapacitate the lanky alien with the full force of her kick since she had no time to take aim - her run ending directly with her attack. Having made contact, however, she wasn't beyond using the phaser in her hand. Being as close as she were to the saboteur, she should have overcome her personal satisfaction in bringing harm to the Savi and shot him dead on the spot, but something welled up in her, and with her teeth bared, she rapped the handle of her hand phaser into the closest black eye, hissing as she dealt the strike as hard as she could.

Thea was approaching as well, phaser raised, but she did not fire again out of consideration towards Ida's proximity, not about to hit her by mistake. Ida wasn't even looking in the A.i:s direction, however, but put her foot against his shoulder, and pushed him as hard as she could, meaning to send him head first into the bulkhead.

Ida would be lying if she said she wasn't deriving immense satisfaction out of the opportunity presented - bringing harm to one of the Vigilant of Sa. The days spent on the Versant were burned into her memory. The abuse. The humiliation. Their arrogance.

"I almost wish there were more of you," she whispered, eyes ablaze, and finally raised her phaser to fire against his head, not having changed the kill-setting on her phaser.

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[Savi Delegate Dipen | Corridor | USS Theurgy] Attention: @Auctor Lucan 

Dipen felt a sudden and sharp pain in his knee. He had bumped into something. Instinctively, he reached down to his leg to rub the pain away. From a side corridor emerged the wild-eyed Andorian. Her kick had been so strong that his suit, weakened by the stun shots from the ship's AI, could not compensate for the impact. Dipen staggered forward and threatened to buckle. Only with great efforts did he manage to stay on his feet.

He looked for his attacker and immediately regretted that he had turned his gaze to her. The blue-skinned woman hit him in the face with her phaser. The Savi scientist felt his skin burst and blood seep from the wound. For a moment he lost his orientation. She took advantage of this to put her foot against his shoulder like a lever and forcefully pushed him against a bulkhead. Again, he acted purely on instinct. His hands went up and protected his head. Just in time, because otherwise he would have crashed against the metal without braking, fallen into unconsciousness and failed in his plan.

The Andorian woman now kept her phaser pointed at him and talked to him full of hate. She wanted more from him. No, he had misunderstood. She wished that more of his race would exist. No, that was wrong too. It was not a direct wish. She used a potential component in her words: almost. She almost wished that more of his race existed.  Dipen began to laugh softly. His hand wiped away the stream of blood over his eye.

"A hunt for us, you would not survive, Andorian. We know all about your people and a sterilization of your race can be brought about within a few cycles, even without our doing. We simply wait until you no longer exist. The Scion are more than aware of these options. They will emerge as the victors from this hunt, and you..." he looked the angry woman in the eye. "...You will simply perish."

Dipen assessed his chances, which were poor right now. Still, he had to do something. Finally, he realized the advantage in his height compared to the blue-skinned humanoid. Dipen stretched his leg and grunted harshly. The pain in his knee was overwhelming, but he had to ignore it. As best he could. He now tried to sweep them off their feet in turn. Even if he didn't succeed, he fervently hoped to get hold of the phaser in the resulting confusion.

Dipen was no warrior but tried to get up quickly and wanted to use his reach advantage over the Andorian to disarm her. He grabbed her wrist with both hands and forced the phaser away from him. A shot cracked, missing him by only a few tenths of a millimeter. Dipen felt the heat of the high-energy beam clearly on his skin despite his suit. It was more luck than brains. He had to try to knock the weapon out of her hand or keep her at a distance. He could not risk being hit by it. His six fingers closed tightly around her forearm and wrist. Dipen squeezed as hard as he could.

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[ Lt. ThanIda zh'Wann | Corridor | USS Theurgy ] @Nero
The Savi delegate spoke in answer, which stalled Ida from pulling the trigger on her weapon - the instinct having been that the alien surrendered. Instead of a surrender, however, she got a barbed retort, but she'd already overcome the heat-of-the-moment, in which she had meant to neutralise the threat. An unarmed threat, perhaps, but no less resourceful. Her mistake was thinking the alien smart enough to know when he'd lost.

The Savi's sweeping kick, which was meant to unbalance Ida, might have worked better if the alien wasn't already sluggish from the phaser fire he'd already sustained, not to mention the kick to his knee. As it were, she stumbled from the impact of the leg, but remained standing. She resettled her aim to shoot the Savi, the threat having come to fight back, but the alien managed to seize her right wrist - the bolt missing its mark.

What followed was a struggle, as even if Andorians were twice as strong as humans, the Savi had length and leverage. Hissing through her teeth as she wrenched her wrist against the thick thumb of the alien, she realised that the thickness of the Savi's thumb digit prevented her from tearing free. Instead, she was forced to use her legs. So, she drove her knee into the diaphragm of the creature, just below the ribcage. She knew that the Savi that served on the Theurgy had replaced their lungs with artificial ones so that they could breathe Thea's oxygen. In dealing her knee into the torso of the alien, once, twice, and three times, she did so with the intent of affecting those lungs, breaking the casing somehow, and if any organic tissue was affected as well, that would just be a fringe benefit.

After dealing the brutal attacks to the Savi's torso, unsure if it was enough to short-circuit the lungs, she went for his flanks next - her knees embedding with the lower ribcage. Right, left and then right again. Throughout the abuse she dealt upon the scientist, she never let her phaser go, and struggled to keep the muzzle from pointing in her direction. She screamed and hauled her wrist around so that the phaser wasn't elevated any more, but pointed down towards the Savi's legs instead. Only then did she struggle to squeeze the trigger, repeatedly, in attempt to shoot out the legs of the saboteur.

"Deputy! We shouldn't kill him! It may break our alliance with the Voice! He's one of them!"

"Just shoot him, Thea!" Ida barked back, with no time to explain that this Savi was a traitor in the eyes of Echtand qi Versant.

Thea, however, couldn't fire without hitting Ida, so she tried to circle and get a good line of fire in the corridor.

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[Savi Delegate Dipen | Corridor | USS Theurgy] Attention: @Auctor Lucan 

Dipen tried to avoid the attacks of the Andorian as good as he could. He had to neutralize her and with her phaser he would finally be able to eliminate this annoying AI. So, the Savi scientist tried to avoid the well-aimed kicks of the blue-skinned woman. Unfortunately, only with moderate success and the intensity with which the pain was now slowly reaching his consciousness showed him that the integrity of his suit was weakening. Dipen grunted painfully with every kick she managed to land.

The Savi had to use his advantages differently. He knew he wasn't a soldier, but something had to occur to him. He felt her resistance in her weapon hand and knew he had to stop her from pointing it at him again. It was only with difficulty that he succeeded. What he had previously seen as an advantage in his height was currently preventing him from being able to apply proper leverage. For better or worse, he was forced to put more distance between himself and the Andorian. But even that was not an option, because he had to stop her from firing at him. Dipen was in a quandary.

More kicks from that pesky insect caused more severe pain. She concentrated on his torso and that, thanks to her attitude very focused. Dipen felt something inside him burst. She had done it. She had affected him. One of his artificial lungs had suffered severe damage. Dipen cried out in pain. So, whatever he was going to do, it had to be done quickly now.

The Savi did not have the weapon yet, but he had it halfway under control. But control was in danger of fading as his body began to drain reserves of power-intensive effort to use for pain relief and healing. If he couldn't find a way to get to the weapon, things looked bad for him.

Dipen felt the Andorian waving the phaser around in her hand so she could fire a shot at him. She shouted something to the AI, but it did not dare to fire. Most likely, her internal security protocols were the reason. She was not allowed to fire because there was a possibility that she could hit the Andorian.

Another kick. Dipen had had enough. He had to get rid of her. He used his long limbs and employed simple physics. Force times leverage. In great pain and breathing heavily, he braced his feet on the ground and himself up into the air. Dipen continued to hold her wrist and tried to close his fingers around her even tighter. He also wanted to pull her up into the air with him, so that she lost her firm footing, and he could throw her against the nearest wall or even better against the approaching AI. The Savi scientist wanted to use the resulting commotion to secure one of the weapons, kill them both and then head to main engineering to destroy this ship once and for all.

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[ Lt. ThanIda zh'Wann | Corridor | USS Theurgy ] @Nero
The attempt to fire against the legs of the Savi failed, leaving scorch marks in Thea's deck plating, and in a fit of desperation, the tall alien tried to lift Ida up into the air with the grip he had on wrist - which was hurting from the pressure and the oily friction of his pale hand. He even leapt up in order to use his body weight to unbalance her.

Unfortunately for the Antecedent, that also meant he wasn't grounded either, and being a soldier and a fighter since early youth, Ida acted by instinct alone, her counter made without the need for conscious thought. Being pulled high, she raised both her legs, and she stomped her booted feet with all her might straight into the chest of the Savi - the downward angle sending him scalp-first into the bulkhead.

Since the alien still had a cramped-up, vice-like grip on her wrist, Ida ended up following him down to the deck plating, ending up on top of him. Her knee took a bad hit, but she was too angry and too stubborn to let that stop her. With her white hair unkempt and her eyes ablaze, she ground her teeth against the minute pain, and she put her boot against the alien's throat. Since the Savi was pulling on her wrist still, she used that for her own gain, letting that pulling motion drive her boot harder into the pale throat - his head at an awkward angle against the bulkhead. Unless the bloody fool let go, he'd end up choking himself out, and that was all fine and dandy for her. She used her thick thigh muscles in pushing as well, grinding her sole against that exposed neck.

"Looks... like brawns.... wins... over brains," she hissed through her teeth, "you pale... bloody... cur!"

In the end, she'd had enough, and wasn't about to just wait the fool out. As satisfying it was to see the Savi hurting and struggling, Ida would be a fool to give him any further chances to take her phaser from her.

So, with her free leg, she began to stomp his face into the bulkhead as well, meaning to finally rip her wrist free.

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[Savi Delegate Dipen | Corridor | USS Theurgy] Attention: @Auctor Lucan 

As much as Dipen tried to defend himself, this fight with the Andorian got on his nerves. She was using his actions against him. While Dipen lifted her to throw her away from him, she swung back and gave him a heavy kick that knocked him off balance and made him hit the bulkhead hard headfirst. Dipen grunted loudly in pain but managed not to lose his grip on his attacker's wrist.

She landed on him, which unfortunately gave her an advantage not to be despised. She braced her booted foot against his neck, cutting off his airway. Along with the damaged lung, this would mean his death sentence if he could not remove her from him now. His free hand searched for a good opportunity for another grip. He tried to claw into the creature's fur and pull it against the bulkhead as well. But his fingers kept slipping through her white hair without even reaching the slightly resemblance of a firm grip.

The rubber of her sole pressed deep into his skin, causing unsightly injuries where the sharp-edged corners of the profile sought new grip. Dipen was now doing everything he could not to lose the grip around her wrist. He could not risk letting her have the phaser. Breathing became visibly more difficult for him. He did not even hear their mockery anymore.

Then she began to kick at his face with her free foot, and the first kick alone damaged his left eye beyond repair. Dipen wanted to cry out, but the clenched throat made it difficult. So, he produced only a low groan. Each further kick of the Andorian only caused more damage. Being trapped between her and the bulkhead, he could not escape and his attempts to get away were abruptly interrupted by more kicks. Dipen felt a sharp pain as the top of his skull gave way and splinters of his bone structure were driven deep into his brain.

Dipen breathed his last breath, knowing that he had tried everything in his power to protect the Scion from the prying eyes of the aliens. Even if his effort was unsuccessful, he was sure that his leaders appreciated his sacrifice. Dipen knew that he was not alone in his opinion and that other antecedents would follow him. His body relaxed and his fingers eventually released the wrist of the blue monster. He had ultimately underestimated her, her strength and her will to fight.

The Savi Delegate died surrounded by the enemies of his people. He knew he would die for the survival of his Race and all their achievements.

Dipen was a hero.

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[ USS Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Her Own Corridor ] @Nero
Unable to stun the Savi since Deputy zh'Wann was in the way, Thea could but stand there with her weapon raised - seeing the struggles of the Antecendent die out along with him.

Once Dipen - the name pulled from her memory bank entry of the Savi delegation aboard - stopped moving, with his skull cracked and deformed against her bulkhead, Thea let the phaser vanish out of her hand, and she approached the winded Andorian. "Are you all right, Deputy?"

ThanIda zh'Wann was slowly climbing to her feet, finally tugging her wrist free from the lifeless hand around her wrist, and she stood tall - favouring one of her legs. "I'll have sickbay check on my knee, but I'm fine," she said between breaths, perspiration beading her brow. Her antennae were still coiling in anger even though the fight was over. "I couldn't let him take my weapon. That would have been the end of me, and you heard him. He was trying to destroy the ship. I will file my report Captain Ives, so that he knows what to tell the Voice."

Thea nodded slowly. "I have everything recorded, and the rest of the Savi delegation will be able to corroborate your report. Do you have any idea what drove him to this?"

Ida shook her head. "Shelat, how would I know? I find Savi sketchy to begin with, and this one even murdered one of his own. He said something about the Scions, so I reckon he is a traitor among the rebels that the Voice lead. I doubt there will be any repercussions from the Erudite. In fact, we just prevented this one from killing more of their own, so they should be grateful."

"I guess you're right," said Thea with a morose expression.

"Deputy zh'Wann to Security. We need clean-up at my location. Have medical take the remains to the Morgue."

[Aye, aye, Deputy.]


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