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CH05: S [D05|2230] Cobalt Blue

Chapter 05: Supplemental [ Day 05 | 2230 hrs. ] Cobalt Blue

[ Lt.Com. Vivian Martin | Spearhead Lounge | Deck 14 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus
Two whole days since the escape from the Savi, five days in total since the destruction of the Resolve. Out of that five, only two might be remotely considered uneventful, but even that was not true, what with their encounter with a Reman vessel. Vivian sighed loudly, placed her folded arms on the table and buried her face in them. She had thought that the Resolve was bad, but they at least could go days to weeks in between without something trying to kill them. Lord was she exhausted and in need Vivian loved company. She'd invite Suq, but she also didn't feel like moving at that very moment.

Her mind was just going through a myriad of thoughts, like what to do about the Savi threat, how she'd like to take a very nice hot shower, go for a workout, how to finish up repairs to the Helmet, what she'd like to do to the delicious Faye, chemical compound mixtures, and Faye...again...since running into the Betazoid two days back, she hadn't honestly been able to get the woman out of her head, and she honestly didn't want to. It was...relaxing, and fun, to think about her. Well, and a whole lot of creative things she also wanted to try out in her quarters...get a grip, Vivian! the woman blushed despite no one being near enough to see her, and with her head still pillowed by her arms, it wasn't like anyone would be able to see how...excited she was getting with just the thought of Faye.

Maybe Faye had some Deltan ancestry no one knew about.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Spearhead Lounge | Deck 14 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triage 

Ensign Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers, recently promoted 'acting' Chief Diplomatic Officer of the USS Theurgy, and current auxillary communications officer of Vector 01 (Code-named The Helmet) was having a hell of a week. She'd been defrosted from Stasis, learned that months had past away while she'd been frozen, awaiting a replacement arm,  her ship on the run from the Federation itself, under the control of an alien parasite. Her entire department had been wiped out in an attack at Jupiter Station, where she had nearly died herself. Since then she'd been 'promoted', begun a physical therapy session that had not gone as planned, discovered she was having issues adjusting to her prosthetic, as well as keeping her mental abilities in check. She had been hit on by multiple crew members, many of which were transfers from a variety of ships along the way.

She'd started dating a nurse. A really hot nurse. Riley

The surprising realization for Faye was that she felt a deep connection to RIley. Whats more, she knew as only a telepath could, that it was mutual. It was so sudden that the brunette Betazoid had been terrified of chasing the human nurse away. And yet, this same woman seemed to understand the more open nature of Betazoid relationships. A woman who was content to flirt and play with others, and come back home to Faye. Someone that Faye could develop something real with.

This very special nurse, who was trapped on another vector in the wake of a horrifying attack by a technologically advanced race of sadists, the Savi, whom had kidnapped every half-breed on the ship and sent the vectors scattering in different directions. Faye had not heard from Riley in two days. Two whole days, without contact with a woman she had fallen so very hard and fast for that Faye was certain she had whiplash. Two days, pent up with worry and frustration, with need and fear. What she needed, do deal with the ever present stress (both her own, and that which she was picking up from the scared crew) was some way to relax.

And for the longest time, ever since coming into her own, that had involved physical comfort.  She needed to let off that pent up stress, to find someone she could roll around with, blow off the steam, be vulnerable and assertive and all the things that came with a good, rowdy romp. Thus, Faye found herself, off duty, changed into something far more comfortable - an evening dress of Betazoid design. A nearly see-through, black and mesh, long sleeve lace top, just modest enough for stafleet's propriety regulations, that clung tight to her modest bust and waist, and flared out at the hips into a long, solid back dress.

It was this attire she chose, to be enticing and pleasant to wear, designed to make an entrance as she walked into the Spearhead lounge. The room seemed subdued however, and fare emptier that she had hoped, as she let her coal black eyes roam the officers club. No enlisted personnel would be here tonight. An irony that Faye found amusing, considering her paramour was a Petty Officer.  There was probably some rule against that, but the Diplomat knew better than most that you could bend a lot of rules if need be.

But with Riley away, Faye needed some other outlet. She wanted nothing more than to curl up into the girls arms and fall asleep, clinging tightly to the nurse. She'd settle for some fantastic sex to try and burn off the stress. It had certainly worked in the Academy, and this whole ship seemed to be full of ...what was it Momma called them? Hound dogs, that was the expression. Her human mother (adoptive) was full of such colorful phrases. It must have been genetically coded into Human DNA.

Shaking the errant thought from her mind, she found herself tugging at the lace sleeve. She probed a bit, looking around to see if anyone seemed in dire need of the kind of company she'd been hoping to find - and felt her eyes going wide in surprise when she touched upon a mind that was thinking, very hard, about her. It was so completely unexpected that Faye's mouth opened and a heat rushed into her cheeks. She recognized the mind in an instant and felt a flash of guilt. She had promised to come back to Vivian and inform her of the outcome of her long conversation with Riley, sparked by Vivian's very vivid desires for Faye, and the Science Chiefs first meeting with the Diplomat.

Faye owed Vivian an answer, and this would be the perfect solution for her own needs...for the first time in two days, something seemed to be going right. Without further adue, Faye straightened her back, and proudly marched across the room, with a bit of a saunter in her hips. She could feel a few eyes on her, and the Diplomat preened in the attention, drawing a confidence to herself that she had not felt since coming out of stasis. It was like a shield, wrapped around her insecurities - fears and concerns that she only felt safe baring to one person, who was not there. Instead she cloaked herself in the desire of others and drew strength as she reached Vivan's table.

"Is this seat taken?"

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[ Lt.Com. Vivian Martin | Spearhead Lounge | Deck 14 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus
Vivian's head had a flash of thoughts flying through it at the sound of Faye's voice. A mixture of emotions also going through her like a bolt of lightning: Fear, horror, shame, mortification, elation, joy, relief...lust. Outwardly, the slight hitch in her breath and her body stiffening was the only reaction she had for a few seconds, before she finally was able to respond. Raising her head up, she smiled sheepishly at the Betazoid diplomatic officer, and then leaned back against her chair. Oh Lord, that dress...

The top half of the dress would barely pass the test for indecent exposure...and it was making Vivian imagine her out of it, with the tall woman lovingly using her fingers to peel the dress off slowly, with Faye tied to the bed, all hers for the-holy fuck stop, Vivian! She can read your thoughts!!!

She swallowed hard and glanced nervously at Faye. Just how much of that did the woman see? And she rather wished Faye didn't dress so...beautifully. It was way too distracting. Not that Vivian was one to talk about attire, considering what she was wearing. Tugging at the side of lace on her dress which was threatening to slip off her shoulder, she suddenly realized she had yet to answer Faye's query, and it was only then that the question, and the tone, really registered in her hyperactive mind. “Faye...I mean...hi, yes...I mean no! No, seat's not taken...uhm...please...join me?” She gestured unnecessarily at the chair, and nervously adjusted her dress again, “N-nice to see you out and about...uh...h-how's things?”

She did her best to keep her eyes from going lower down the Betazoid's neckline, to her breasts, to her belly, to her...oh, she was doing it again. You're such a royal fail, Vivian. Eyes up top! She shot her eyes right back to Faye's beautiful face. Yeah, keep it there, STAY THERE! She wasn't sure why she felt so strongly attracted to her, and in so short a time too. Was it love? Or was it just a bloody itch that demanded a good scratching? And a lot more besides? It was positively maddening. She kept undressing her with her eyes...and mind, and then thinking of her tied to the try...something new, and exciting. She shook her head and smiled, “I-I'm so sorry, I'm sure you uh...saw all that...” how could she not? I'm practically projecting it at her. “...I l-love that dress you're's..really gorgeous on you.”

And so blasted distracting.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Spearhead Lounge | Deck 14 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triage 

There was a slow blink, as the Betazoid's coal black eyes went wide for just a moment, and a small, surprised little smile passed over Faye's face. She was getting so many glimpses into just what Vivian Martin was thinking. And wow, what a vivid imagination she has, the telepath thought to herself. Ropes? That's new she found herself very, very intrigued, and she shifted from one foot to the other.

It was so unfair to probe like this, and Faye did her best to tune out, but it was very hard, especially with thoughts about her, directed at her, intentional or otherwise. Vivian Martin was broadcasting, very loudly, and it was proving to be too much for Faye to ignore. There was heat building up in her cheeks, and elsewhere, she was sure of it.

After a moment's reflection, she realized that she didn't want to ignore them. There were regulations to consider, yes, but she didn't feel like she was crossing any egregious lines. After all, she was a Betazoid. It came with the territory, and she wasn't forcefully probing Vivian's mind to drudge up some secret the nearly raven haired woman wanted to stay hidden. No, Faye was being treated to a mental buffet of thoughts about herself. Unconsciously, she tapped her hand against her breast bone, as Vivian thought about the semi-sheer nature of her dress, and that surprised smile grew just a hint more sultry.

Dark eyes raked over the white lace that Vivian wore, and found herself privately amused by the contrast between their dresses. They flicked down, and then back up again, quickly, but quite satisfied with what she saw. She also rather enjoyed this flustered aspect of Vivian. It had endeared her to the Science Department head when they'd first met, days ago, and she was delighted to discover that she still found it cute enough to completely miss how long it had taken for Vivian to invite her to sit.

"Why thank you, I'd be delighted to," Faye said in a soft tone as she squeezed around to slide into the chair next to Vivian. Answering the woman's question, the ensign offered the ranking officer a winsome, sympathetic smile. "Things are about as crappy for me as everyone else. So, all things considered, bad, but could be worse." There was no heat in her words. They were all under the effects of heavy stress. She just hoped her smile was reassuring enough to encourage Vivian to relax. It was clear to her that Vivian was focusing more on her spiraling thoughts, and what Faye was wearing, than what she was saying.

And tonight, I'm fine with that, Ens. Eloi-Danvers decided. Aloud, she said, "I'm glad you like the dress. I'm rather fond of it. I'd wear something similar back home." She shrugged a shoulder and let her hands rest on the table top. "Though, it was a much warmer red-ish orange color. Considerably sheerer as well, but, regulations." She sighed and blew a few strands off of her face theatrically.

"You're looking lovely tonight as well," she gestured to the Scientist, and then, unable to help herself, smiled and reached out, placing a hand on top of Vivian's. "Its okay. I promise," she whispered softly, so as to ensure her voice did not carry. She licked at her own lips for a moment without realizing it.

"Yes, Vivan, I am getting almost...everything. Its not a problem," she continued on. "I really don't mind and its...flattering," she let those dark eyes drop for a moment and a blush creep over her cheeks. It was different kind of desire with Vivian, than with Riley. Both had their passions, but Riley was a deeper thing, beyond the physical. With Vivian, what Faye felt was very physical indeed. Burning desire to crush her lips to Vivians, and act out some of those naughty, naughty thoughts.

"I'd been meaning to catch back up with you, ever since our first run in," she said, trying to strike a line between professionally calm, and bubbly enthusiastic. "What can I do to help put you at ease?" She asked the question even as her thumb started to trace deliberate circles on Vivian's skin. "I came here looking for company tonight," she added, stressing the words company, and night. "and so I was quite pleased to find you here."

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[ Lt.Com. Vivian Martin | Spearhead Lounge | Deck 14 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus
Vivian envied the Betazoid woman's ability to maintain her composure, but she supposed it was a combination of her race and the fact that she's a diplomat. Maintaining self-control was important. That was something Vivian was suddenly finding harder and harder to maintain for herself, with what Faye started doing, after gracefully ignoring how long it took her to invite the black-eyed woman to sit. She had chosen to sith almost next to her, and then started doing that infernal thing to her hand. The Betazoid's every touch was fiery, and ignited passion within Vivian to such an extent she wanted to throw up. If she were less insecure about herself and everything, she would likely have acted on her desire to taste Faye's lips, but the way the woman looked at her, black eyes piercing into her dark windows to her soul...and her every word.

She was flattered by Vivian's thoughts...the woman barely caught on that, as she was so distracted by Faye's closeness, her smell, her being, and her dress...everything! God she's so beautiful. Vivian thought.

Her lips trembled as she barely caught herself from leaning further forward at first, when Faye mentioned how she wanted company. Oh I'll give you all the company you'll ever need...was her stray thought, and she took a breath, trying her best to steady herself and her nerves. Yes, Faye was doing the best she could to reassure her that this was clearly mutual, but Vivian couldn't help feeling nervous, even hesitant, despite her emotions and thoughts clearly screaming she was all for jumping right into this, to lock lips with the gorgeous woman, heedless of whoever saw them. Hell she would blow the telepath's mind right there, she would bet. Oh geez woman!

“You're killing me,” Vivian choked out, finally, her voice a mixture of breathy and squeaky, and her cheeks coloured a deep crimson, “I-I-I' a ways. That you can see my thoughts...” and my heart. she thought to Faye, “'s almost a relief, even if at the same time mortifying, how easily you do...what you do.”

She took deep breaths, trying to curb her excitement and desires. Yes, she knew and reciprocated. That was good, of course, and she approved of Vivian's choice of attire, much to the woman's delight of course, but no need to get a swollen ego, thank you very much. “What I mean to s-say...” oh God why does your touch BURN?!? “ I'm really glad for the company tonight, and the chance to take my mind off...uhm...everything else, y'know?”

Suddenly, she got a flash of impulse, and a moment of brazen courage, and she raised her hand, bringin Faye's with it, and pressed her lips to the woman's knuckles, and then lowered it, her thumb now resting atop the hand, tracing her own circles. “Thank you, Faye.” she smiled, and then asked, “ much did you see? A-and...if you would like to help-uhm-put me at ease...and if I can do the same for you...I think you would like to skip dessert.”

She really hoped she would. She promised herself that if Faye just agreed, she won't be nervous...well, that's a lie, but she'd act on her desires, and give something she thought would genuinely surprise and please the Betazoid. Something she'd learnt, and would like to try on someone with as beautiful a mind and body as the Betazoid's.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Spearhead Lounge | Deck 14 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triage 

When Faye wasn't feeling utterly insecure, worried about the future, and completely off her game, she was very much a sexual creature. Openness was a key trait of the Betazoid culture. Acceptance. Understanding. There was little point in denying desires in a species where everyone knew what, and whom, everyone else wanted, quite intimately. While it was rude to go proving deeply, surface thoughts were assumed to be an open book. And so out of that culture came a very accepting, forward thinking and liberal attitude towards the physical. One that Faye had embraced as she'd come into her own, at the Academy.

Right now, floating in a sea of desire from Vivian Martin, Faye found herself wrapped in the armor of confidence and out right lust.  It was as heady as ever, and she used it to give herself a certain brazenness that she felt Vivian needed her to have in the moment. Vulnerability could come later - right now, Faye needed to be desired, and needed to be wrung out thoroughly. So that she could help the both of them, she justified in her mind. This time when she licked her lips, it was very much on purpose. She knew what Vivian was thinking, what she wanted, and Faye would be lying if she said she wanted anything other than to make that happen.

Questioning how to proceed, Faye shut her eyes for a moment and simply...felt. She blushed, deeply as she just let it all wash over her, before opening her eyes again. "It feels like cheating some time, being able to read whats going on in a mind, but having it be a one way street. I'm so sure that if you could see what I thought you wouldn't be worried at all," she told Vivian. She'd said as much to her sweet Riley before as well. Riley, too far away for Faye to turn to now. She could only pray...and do what she could to forget about all the worry and pain. Help Vivian at the same time was the best solution she could have.

This time, she was the one that picked up Lt.Cmdr. Martin's hand, and very aware of their surroundings, opened her mouth and gave just a small sucking kiss to one finger tip. "I saw everything," Faye confirmed, letting her tongue lap the tip of Vivian's finger before pressing a kiss to the top of Viv's hand. She swallowed, demurred softly, fluttering her eyes - a cheap trick but one that seemed to work on humans so very well - elaborating. "I'm wondering how your fingers would feel in my hair as well - and just what it would be like to be looking up at as you....settled down right here," she tapped her lips, not willing to say Sit on my face in the middle of an open bar.  Never mind how much the thought made her squirm in delighted heat.

"Can we please....please"[/i] she whispered with a sudden urgency. Feeling everything from Vivian was helping push the stress away, leaving her with a desire that would feed from what she felt. She wanted to be at this woman's mercy for a bit. and vice versa. "Dessert...your That would be very nice now." Faye was already up, out of her seat, tugging Vivian towards the door, and swiftly, to the scientists quarters.

She already knew the answer was yes, before it had even been said.

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[ Lt.Com. Vivian Martin | Spearhead Lounge | Deck 14 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus
Watching Faye was almost as good as being able to read her mind right back, Vivian quickly realized. The Betazoid's face was full of micro-expressions and telling signs of acknowledgement to the fact that she was reading the Edessan's thoughts and feelings. The way she licked her lips, it just made her more turned on than ever, and when she blushed, with her eyes closed, Vivian blanched, knowing just what she had been thinking at that moment, and obviously it might as well have been shouted by her across the room. She felt horror even as she felt relief at the fact that Faye clearly liked and even appreciated it.

Was this what it's like when two Betazoids...? was her idle thought, before she lost all senses for a split second when Faye sucked on her finger. Her free hand dragged her nails across the table in a desperate effort to keep from slamming something or stamping her foot while seated. She took shaky breath after shaky breath as she listened to the Betazoid and all she had to say.

To her relief, she took the decision out of Vivian's hands, since the silly woman was so indecisive and nervous even now, with all the assurance that she wanted what Vivian wanted, she was waffling with the worry of potentially messing things up before they even began. But she envisioned how in her mind, she was going to blow Faye's apart. Oh the joys of imagination! But this was real, it was really happening, and as she followed the woman, led by the hand, the oddest thoughts ran through her mind, like how Faye wore black to Vivian's white, and they were both lacey designs, albeit the Betazoid's invited way more ogling, and that they were like ying and yang. Weird how an excited mind worked.

[ Vivian's Quarters | Deck 15 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]

One short turbolift ride later, they were both almost trying not to burst into a power walk to the quarters of the officer, and once inside, Vivian was trying her hardest not get too handsy, even if she made a calculated guess that Faye would welcome it. Instead, she reached out to lightly caress, in an almost shy manner, the Betazoid's shoulders, and the section between the neck and shoulder, using only her finger tips. The touch and act was more of a request for permission, but Vivian was already searching in her memory for where the hell she kept the silken bindings and cuffs, and her Hey a woman has needs okay? Don't judge.

“H-here's where...uhm...where the fun begins...”

She felt like an idiot, and utterly selfish, for wanting Faye to take the lead in all of this. For God's sake! She's already said it aloud! Just do this, Viv!

In a surge of impulse, she took Faye by the shoulders, and coaxed her to turn and face her. She had a good three inches over the Betazoid in height, so she used a hand to tilt Faye's head up gently by the chin, and she leaned in to kiss her, as she pulled back, she sucked on the woman's lower lip. And she reached her hands under the black lace dress by the shoulders, but she let Faye decide if she wanted it off or not. But either way, it was going to come off. With their closeness, Faye could feel the intensity of Vivian's emotions and desires. Even so, she spoke it aloud, asking her, “Will you lie back, please? Th-there's...something...I think we'll both like.” She smiled, at last, flashing pearly whites, her eyes glinting with mischief and adventure.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Spearhead Lounge | Deck 14 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triage 

Vivian Martian was a woman with an extremely vivid imagination, Faye was learning. This was likely a good thing for a scientist. A methodical mind, combined with a brilliant imagination, would be a most wonderous combination. The fact that said mind was devoting itself to utterly plundering Faye's depths sent a blush to her face and a heat between her legs that she swore could be felt across the turbolift. She was physically squirming from the intensity of Vivians desires, and Faye was unsure just how she would survive the night.

It was exhilarating, and she could not wait.

They stumbled into the Chief Science Officers quarters in a heat fueld rush, and this time, Faye barely paid attention to the decore. Instead, she made a bee line across the open living area towards the bedroom, stopping at the entrance to it. Waiting for Vivian.

She did not wait long, for there was a ghost of a touch that teased a tiny little moan out of Faye's mouth. Just a light caress but the younger woman knew it was a promise of more. She shut her eyes again and just...let herself be in the moment. she didn't tease Vivian as the older woman mustered herself  to slowly turn Faye around and start pushing her back.

Her hands flew to Vivian's hips as lips came down on hers. Oh gods, yes, i need this, she thought, and reveled in the knowledge that so too did Vivian. She could indulge her desires for physical comfort, and take joy in knowing that the woman she lay with would benefit just as much. She could only hope that her lover, Riley, could find solace while they were apart as well. But her perfect nurse was far away, hidden from her now, though always in her heart.

Vivan was there, kissing her, tasting her, pulling her lip and earning another moan. She could feel the desire to rid Faye of her dress...and why bother putting it off? She gave a wiggle and a shrug and the dress cascaded away. Underneath, the betazoid had forgone a bra - leaving her supple breasts on clear display. The brown nipples had become darkened peaks during the torturous turbolift ride. They now stood proud, begging for attention. Faye found herself wanting to be caressed, licked, pinched, bit...till she writhed and groaned for Vivian.

Lower still, were her hips, sporting the thin thin lines of a black lace, open crotch panty, buried under a garter belt that attached to a pair of mesh black stockings.

An impish grin spread across the ensigns face as she did as she was asked. All she wore did nothing to conceal and everything to entice. As it should be. She'd accented herself, desiring to be enticing to whomever she brought home - or went home with, in this case.

That it was Vivian, who had been so in a knot when she'd last seen her, filled her with a deep satisfaction of helping a woman she would hope to call friend.

She wiggled, and placed her bum on the bed, then slid back crawling on her butt and elbows. It took a bit of doing, but Faye kept her legs together, squeezed tight to hide her sex from view. She'd happly spread her legs - she knew that Vivian wanted her to - but she decided that she needed to hear Viv say it.

Or do it herself she thought, but did not say. Faye wanted to indulge this woman, very much. She was curious and excited, on the edge of her seat, rubbing her legs together with anticipation. Gods help me, how can she not smell how much I want her? Please...indulge yourself. Aloud, she asked, softly, submissively, "Is this how you wanted me, Vivian? "

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[ Lt.Com. Vivian Martin | Spearhead Lounge | Deck 14 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus
Oh my God...thought Vivian when Faye moaned just at the Edessan's touch on her shoulders. She could eat the Betazoid. But no...she wanted to taste her...everywhere. First. Then eat her. Yeah, that worked better all around. She was trembling with a powerful desire to just let lose, but the woman reined herself in, feeling partially shamed for losing control as she did, for it was all clear for Faye to read at her leisure. For fuck's sake, Viv! She's more than willing, STOP dawdling! “N-not quite, honey.” Said Vivian, blushing. She felt embarrassed for Faye, and yet at the same time, delighted. The pretty lace black dress lay in a pile at the foot of the bed.

Feeling the need to equalize the state of dress, Vivian, her cheeks crimson, plucked clumsily at her white lace dress by the shoulders, and with a bit more tugging, had her plump breasts exposed. Her body was well maintained and toned, as was evident for all to see. Faye clearly took care of hers too. Though between them, Vivian was still more modestly covered, considering her panties actually covered her womanhood. Slowly, and in a clumsy attempt at a sensual approach, the taller woman was standing on her knees on the bed, by Faye's feet. She found the silk binders lashed to the four corners of the bed, so she took Faye's ankles in each hand, and gently spread them apart.

She kept her eyes locked with Faye's, so the Betazoid knew this was going to be all part of the plan. When she'd suitably bound the woman's ankles to each corner, she then straddled her lightly around the waist, taking each hand and raising them over the woman's head, whilst she bent down to kiss her some more, this time her tongue reached out to taste the Betazoid's lips, delighting in the sensation of contact, while she worked to tie each of Faye's hands by the wrists. When she was done, Vivian observed her work. Faye was in an X-position, and completely at her mercy now.

Smiling, the Edessan said quietly, “Now...we're going to try something I hear can be really fun. At least...I think you'll get a laugh out of it.”

She reached with both hands and squeezed both her own breasts, then she reached out to do the same to both of Faye's, her long fingers gently, and playfully flicking at the Betazoid's nipples. Back and forth, she repeated the action, flicking at the erect nubs, her nails occasionally trailing gentle, patient circles around the areolas. She focused her mind solely on the task, letting her fingers do the talking, while her mind was cleared of thoughts, all desires, all fears and doubts fed into a mental flame where she burnt it all away, leaving nothing but the task. If Faye read Vivian's mind then, she would find nothing but the flame. Oh she was still getting more and more aroused, but there was also a single-minded focus now, on pleasuring and teasing Faye until her own mind was ready to explode.

She also had hinted at what was in store, and why she had bound Faye so firmly and left her so utterly at Vivian's mercy. She was going to get a laugh out of it. So Vivian hoped.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Spearhead Lounge | Deck 14 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn:

If she were a wolf, she might have whistled. But Faye, she reminded herself, was a refined woman. So she settled for simply licking her lips and letting her dark, burning eyes crawl over each inch of skin that Vivian was willing to reveal. And there was a lot to indulge in. When she had first me the Department head, Faye had glimpsed how Vivian viewed herself naked. Those images did not do justice, what so ever, to the woman in the flesh. The insecurity was adorable. The woman was....delicious.

If only I could get her to see what I see she lamented, not for the first time, when she was with a non-Betazoid partner.

But that thought was quickly stripped away as Vivian knelt down and revealed a surprise - straps. Those eyebrows shot up wide. She'd had some forewarning before they left the bar after all, but again, seeing in person was something else entirely. She swallowed, slowly, and bit her lower lip, allowing Lt.Cmdr. Martin to tie her ankles down. She was breathing faster, just a bit, but it was there, anxious anticipation, with her legs now apart and she was fully on display. It would be quite evident that Faye was aroused. Puffy lips, swollen with need.

Those lips were not the ones that Vivian kissed however. Instead the woman from Edessa went for her mouth, probing with her tongue. Faye wriggled under the embrace, feeling the heat between Viv's legs hovering over hips. Oh this is delightful, she thought to herself with an audible purr as one, then the other, arm was lashed above her head. It was...invigorating. Faye thrived on new experiences, and sexual adventurism, and Miss Martin was giving her that and more. She did her best to stay out of Viv's mind, wanting to be surprised, and found herself whimpering a bit as the scientist pulled away.

For just a moment, Faye felt so very exposed, almost as if she were one of Vivian's projects. And gods help me but that is so, fucking, hot.

Fays hands itched to reach up, and cup Vivian's breasts - there was no envy, per say, in the Betazoid, beyond the fact that she was only able to watch the woman from the Resolve fondle those plump orbs and she could not. Of course, it was not as if Vivian left Faye all alone either - far from it. After tweaking her own nipples she leaned in, flicked the pert tips of the bound girls supple breasts, a giggle escaping her lips. It tickled slightly and she found her hips wiggling from side to side, before her back arched at the delightful pressure. "Ohhh, Vivian," she purred, thinking that perhaps this would delight the woman.

She wanted to compliment her partner for the evening, on how she was trying so hard to blank her mind, and doing such a good job of focusing on Faye. But she felt that speaking such would ruin the moment for the scientist. As it was, she kept trying to repress tiny little laughs, elicited by the soft, gentle caresses she received. Her heart was racing faster in her chest, pounding under her own modest bust, so that she was sure the scientist could feel it every time she leaned in to caress a nipple.

After...there will be time af-ohhhh gods She felt that desire from Vivian to cause the ensign to come completely undone. She felt burned by it, by the heat, the want. She was so exposed, and utterly at Vivian's mercy. And it felt so very much like what she herself needed. That was all she was able to pick up, and it stole her breath, as she delved into Vivian's thoughts, her barriers cracking as arousal built and seared. How could can I not...oh...ohhh "OHhhhhhh....." Just her nipples and yet, she was sure she was slick with arousal.

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[ Lt.Com. Vivian Martin | Vivian's Quarters | Deck 15 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus
This had to be the most delicate, most challenging operation ever attempted by the Edessan. But Vivian, insecure and uncertain as she was, tended to work well under pressure or...under pleasure...of which the latter was certainly in play here, and a different sort of pressure. As she worked her hands and fingers to the most minute detail on Faye's delectable form, she observed and took satisfaction in every successive or agreeable reaction to her ministrations and touches. She could feel the Betazoid's heartbeat, the thrum and buckling hinting at her opinion on how she was doing. It gave Vivian the necessary confidence to keep going and explore a little more boldly.

Chewing on her lower lip, she moistened her lips with a lick, and then reached down to kiss Faye, then kissed her eyes, the tip of her nose, her chin, her neck, running her tongue along the curves, kissed her shoulders, her fingers moved from Faye's nipples to lightly scratch and tickle the woman's underarms, whilst her lips began kissing and licking her breasts at indefinite intervals, lending no hint to when she'd shift or change. She kissed and sucked playfully on her nipples, using her tongue to flick at the erect nubs like a switch. She wanted to keep teasing the woman some more, but Faye was already so aroused and at a stage that was near to climax.

No, no, don't yield to temptation. No shortcuts. she thought to herself, and refrained from considering the "finishers" she could use. At this stage it wouldn't take much for Faye, and frankly not much for Vivian either. Yet, she steadied her own nerves before continuing. Promising herself to make this night a most memorable one for the both of them. One mischievous hand slipped down, running her fingers eagerly down Faye's entire flank, before dipping between her legs, turning her palm to rest against the Betazoid's wet and swelling womanhood, her fingers playfully dancing on the folds of the labia, applying pressure only so slightly, careful not to put too much. No, she had to hold them both at just the right amount of arousal without going over the edge. Not...just...yet.

Her own moan echoed Faye's as they both were getting there. But it was a game of savouring and timing. Her lips and tongue explored the rest of the Betazoid, tasting the flesh of her belly, tongue briefly dipping into the navel, her hands running freely about like a mad pianist on keys of flesh. “Mnnnmmmmh...”

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Spearhead Lounge | Deck 14 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triage 

Being completely at someone else's mercy was a thrilling (and slightly scary) experience. Thankfully for Faye, Vivian had the 'best' of intentions in mind. In Faye's mind, any kind of intention that left her a sodden, whimpering mess, hips aching up in the air, begging to be touched and brought to a messy release was the best kind of intentions. That those intentions also had her giggling madly and squirming about - well, that was turning out to be quite pleasant too! Much to her surprise.

"hehhehehahhahahah" she laughed, head tossing back, as the please of amusement soon shifted to moans of, "hahahahaaaaaahhhhh yesss right there!" The overpowering sensation of being tickled was mixing in with the waves of delightful pleasure building from the rock hard tips of her nipples. They were assaulted by the licking, teasing of Vivians tongue. It was truly divine. For the first time that evening, Faye felt the tension bleed away, replaced by a mixture of desire, moans, and laughter. The pits of her arms were sensitive, but the sides, along her flank, it was light lighting arching through her as her head fell back.

"Vi-vi-viviannnnn," she managed to whimper, her breaths coming faster now. Every nude inch of the betazoid was covered with a thin sheen of sweat as she pulsed against the scientists hand. She could feel how much Vivian was enjoying herself, and the diplomat positively delighted in the knowledge. "eeheheheaaaahhhh yes yes, ohhhh." She had to be dripping, she was sure of it. Those delightful, devilish fingers were spreading her, tickling her most intimate of places. She could feel juices of desire dripping down between the cheeks of her bum, staining the bedspread. She was grasping at the straps that held her wrists in place, and her toes had curled again, legs trembling, knees knocking against Vivian.

And sure enough, when she bucked upward against Viv's hand, the senior officer brought her tongue down and lashed about Faye's belly button. This too seemed to tickle and excite, and Faye found herself gasping and panting. The lithe woman practically thrashed for a moment in her bonds, before letting out another lung filling gasp for air. She bit her lip and tilted her head forward, to look down her glistening, nude form, trying to catch Vivian's eyes, wanting her to see the pure, unrestrained need she felt. Purely helpless. Lustful. Longing, deep and abiding longing and that burning, fiery need for sweet release. She felt like she was going to burst as she moaned out a ragged, "Oh please oh please oh ahahahahhaaaahhhh yes pleeeease."

For now at least, she was nothing but Vivian's play thing and gods help her, Faye was discovering that she really, really liked that.

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[ Lt.Com. Vivian Martin | Vivian's Quarters | Deck 15 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus
There was something to be said about Betazoid sensitivity! Vivian was idly curious if Faye's telepathy made her more sensitive physically because of the sensations Vivian imagined imparting upon her translated into both a mental and physical feelings. It was something to ask much, much later. But for the time being, the Edessan was struggling to keep control of her own self. Even as her fingers worked on Faye's labia, tickling and teasing the smooth folds, she resisted removing her other hand to touch herself. The pressure between her own legs was maddening and it was all she could do not to drive them both over the edge immediately.

But why delay? It would be sadistic torture to push her too hard. There was no need, she realized, as they both wanted each other, right? There was no doubt about it, even if there was a irrational fear at the back of her skull about her inadequacy. Even now I still think I'm an idiot...Vivian sighed against Faye's belly, and she closed her eyes, trying to concentrate on the Betazoid's delicious body and push her doubts down with a one ton anvil.

Faye's laughter and moans was infectious, and triggering. She tried to hold out, to drag this on, but ultimately she lost, and surrendered to both her own desires and her companion's. She sank one finger right into the folds of Faye's womanhood, reaching for that kill spot, kissing the woman passionately at the same time, and hugging her body close to her own, she allowed Faye to reach her climax and orgasm, and with one hand, undid her bindings on her hands and she smiled down at the woman, “Wasn't...that something?” she panted, aching with need herself, but ignoring it for now, just to see how her companion felt about it first. She felt like she ran a marathon.

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Spearhead Lounge | Deck 14 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triage 

In truth it was getting hard for Faye to tell where here reactions began and Vivian's anticipation ended. This was not the same kind of true bleed over she might have been able to experience with a true telepath, or even with a non telepathic long term lover, but all the same for Faye, Vivan's desires were mixing with her own experiences and that in turn heightened the response from the bound diplomat. She knew that Vivian got off on the way her attentions caused Faye to both moan, and giggle, and that in turn fed Faye's responses: she grew ticklish, more so than she might otherwise have been, and sensitive. More attuned to feel the pleasure that her partner hoped to impart upon her.

Every nerve was heightened at that moment, and Faye knew it was more than just her that was feeling that way. She could tell - she could feel that Vivian was aroused and then some. And all from teasing Faye. The conflict seemed to build up in the scientist and then - snap, like a twig. "Ohhhhggggods!" The Betazoid crooned, hips coming right up off the bed as Vivan thrust into her. The invasion of the warm, welcome finger that had been teasing her "Yesyesyesyesyesssspleaseyes," she squealed. Vivian's dexterous digit probed her depths and found that one, perfect spot.

The next mewling moan was swallowed as her lips were captured by Vivian. Into that kiss, Faye unleashed the pent up well of need that Vivian had brought to the forefront. Between her legs, her muscles rippled and clenched, clamping down on that delightful finger. She milked it for all it was worth as she felt liquid heat pooling between her legs. It was just what she needed, the pressure releasing in a torrent. She squealed and groaned against Vivian's lips as she reached her high and slowly came down, giggling and twitching under the Chief of Sciences.

"Something? Oh please....please do not sell yourself short." She gasped down a breath of air, and tugged on the bonds on her wrists, giggling a bit. "I'd wrap my arms around you and tell you just how amazing you are. Have to pass on the hug for a moment...oh gods..."

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[ Lt.Com. Vivian Martin | Vivian's Quarters | Deck 15 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus
Vivian blushed at Faye's response, and easily freed the Betazoid's bonds, letting the woman get free, and she ran a hand through the woman's hair, ignorant of how messy they both were at this point, and kissed her on the eyes, one after the other, then on the lips, clearly still far from sated, and also emboldened by her partner's words, she was prepared to continue exploring what they had found in each other, offering comfort, pleasure and reassurance in the only way she could think of right then.

She didn't care that what they had was not likely to be exclusive. After all, Faye was a Betazoid, and Vivian was...Vivian. She loved any and all, open to love in every form. Right now, all the love she had was concentrated on the petite dark-haired woman under her.

Pulling back reluctantly, she turned to free Faye's legs, and then quickly turned back to look at her. “I...I can be greedy...and more tireless than most would expect.”

She was still shy and would stop at the first request of her to really stop. But until then, she was determined to take this all the way and beyond. Lying back down beside the Betazoid, she left herself open for Faye do with as she pleased, and vice versa. She did her best to commit to memory every sight, smell, sound, feel and taste of this moment. It was going to get her through the rest of her coming days. Who knew if they'd ever get a chance like this again to meet up and...explore each other? Just in case that chance never reappeared, she wanted to have this to cherish forever.


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