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[ ThanIda zh'Wann | USS Harbinger | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Amelya Duv & Husker

After stepping out, Ida laid eyes upon their enigmatic ally, and saw the last techniques he had utilised to neutralise the Brig Officer. Antennae angled forward, she assessed the Pinkskin once he faced her, and having seen what he did, she could not help wondering if he had schooling in Andorian martial arts given the close resemblance to the school of Vershaan. He was dressed in a white-collared Tactical Conn uniform, and since Ida knew the faces of the Lone Wolves, she quickly established that he had to belong to the Dor'GhItlh Squardon.

As to the question, which further strengthened Ida's idea that the Pinkskin truly did not know what to think about the madness that seemed to evolve around them, Ida answered while she walked over to the hand phaser - deftly scooping it up from the floor and checking its power cell. The fighter pilot had likely heard Trujillo saying that T'Rena and Vasser had performed a hostile take-over on the Theurgy, leaving Trujillo as the CO of the Harbinger, so Ida gave both the pilot and Doctor Duv her theory.

"The shelat shaysha spoke of T'Rena showing them all a vision," she said with a locked jaw, calling Trujillo a feces-covered insect not unlike the beetles of Terra, "and being that the Vulcan Commander was a Master Acolyte at the Temple of Kolinahr before she joined Starfleet, it is not unlikely that she has performed mind-melds upon them - twisting them to her cause. Her warped logic must have decided for her that it'd be better to flee than to fight, and she convinced Captain Vasser the same thing. They now wish to leave rather than challenge Starfleet Command - abandoning the mission to restore the fleet to proper leadership. No longer wanting to purge the Federation from the vermin that has infiltrated our ranks."

Ida presented the handle of the phaser to the fighter pilot, locking eyes with him across the proffered weapon. "I'm Lieutenant zh'Wann, the Theurgy's Deputy until I came here. I was supposed to be your Chief of Security... but I have no such desire now. You can either stay here and protect yourself... or you can come with us. Duv and I could your help, for we mean to get back to the Theurgy and set things right."

She paused, hoping that the man would see things in proper light. "So what say you, pilot? How would you like taking the helm of this old warship and ram it up the collective arse of your old officers?"

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[ Husker | USS Harbinger | Brig ] [Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann & Amelya Duv]

Chris listen to what the Zhen said and then nodded, "I'm with you, lieutenant zh'Wann. But if the corruption is as bad as I've seen over the last few days, we might not be able to fix this easily." he said, his tone changing to a slightly bitter one as he recalled Riptor's gloating. "I can promise you that I fully intend to do more than ram this ship up the collective asses of my former shipmates but if we come across Riptor, I may present his hide to your captain as a new seat cover."

The Asgardian shook his head for a second to collect himself. "Sorry, I'm Ensign Christopher Slayton, most people call me Husker because that's my callsign." he said with a respectable nod before looking over at the doctor.

"Is everything okay with you, Doctor, and what is the next step?"

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[Edena Rez - Jona in control]

Jien was right that there were still internal sensors that couldn't be fooled, and yet Jona didn't seem bothered by that fact.  He was always a manipulator, something that disgusted Ives about the man when he knew him, but one didn't get to be a manipulator without knowing how to get in people's heads, how to understand how they thought.  "How many security officers do you know would check the sensors before a visual confirmation?"  An Engineer always took a look at the warp core before they began a diagnostic, a shuttle pilot trusted his eyes before the sensors, and a security officer would lower a force field and look inside the cell for signs of foul play before he checked for life signs, and he would do it without raising an intruder alert, simply because he would not take the blame for an escape unless he had no choice but to call it in.

"You're asking the wrong person that question, Ives.  I was an SI officer through and through.  isn't the reason you left it behind because we were all too paranoid and distrusting?  I'd probably accuse half your crew of foul play, and I actually called for Edena to do full checks and interrogations on everyone.  She thought it was going too far, especially with my aggressive methods.  Wish she had listened to me now?"  Jien was in a difficult situation.  Too many times his crew had been compromised, by traitors or by outside forces.  He might have hated it, but he needed to be harder, less trusting, or there would be nothing left.  "You have a responsibility to this crew, and that means keeping them safe, even from themselves.  I don't argue you need to keep running a tight ship.  What you need to do is think outside the box from now on.  You go after people who know how Starfleet operate but will break rules, and they'll know everything they need to do to you to win."

[Nathaniel Isley]

Like every situation they ever found themselves in, things only got worse.  Rawley was out, creatures native to the planetoid were closing in, and Ravon wanted to leave her for dead.  The odds were against them, but he wasn't quitting.  Looking down at the fogged up visor of Rawley's environmental suit, he knew she was still breathing.  beyond, he didn't know her condition, but what did it matter?  As long as she was alive, that was what was important.  "We don't need to drag her.  Half-Vulcan, remember?  I'll carry her."  Hoisting her up onto his shoulder, Nathan thrust his arm into the snow, feeling around beneath where she had been laying, pulling out the rifle that had been in her hands.  He pushed it toward Thomas, a hard look in his eyes.

"You wanna call her a bitch for not trusting you, Razor?  You only get to do that if you prove her wrong!  Now, you gonna lay down cover fire while the three of us get back to our Valkyries together?  Cause I ain't losing anyone to this fucking place, not after all the shit we've survived!  We're too damn good for this ice ball!"

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[ Captain Jien Ives | Brig | Holding Cell A | Deck 07 ] Attn: Edena (Jona Rez)

Sweat dripping from his brow, Jien sucked deep breaths through his nostrils to keep his mind clear. He turned his oaken eyes towards Jona when he argued how the Brig Officers would react to him vanishing from the holding cell. Perhaps he had a point. There was a chance that they would come investigate, standing outside the forcefield. But would they check the diagnostics before lowering the field? A gamble, yet Jona seemed to think it was plausible. The Lieutenant Commander did have a point in that they would not sound the intruder alert unless they were sure he was gone, and especially not when people like T'Rena and Vasser were in command of the Theurgy.

Yet in regard to Jien's question of who were in on the mutiny, Jona resorted to his common arrogance - even going so far as to say he could have prevented it form happening if Edena Rez had not been the main host of the Trill's body. Typical, that he would undermine her authority to further his own importance. Even if it was true, that he had made such a recommendation to Edena and she hadn't listened, Jien knew he would have done the same thing if Jona had proposed his usual methods to her. If he had just shown some bloody restraint and not suggested those methods, Edena might have listened, and she could have made a better call. Would it have made a difference? Uncertain, yet it made Jien wroth with Jona; because of his lack of scruples, how he never knew moderation when it was needed; and even more so when he kept advocating his methods. The lack of atmosphere getting to him, he pushed away and closed the distance to Edena - facing her squarely and looking into the eyes of his old mentor with eyes cast in bitter certitude.

"You are damn right I have a responsibility to this crew," he grated with a locked jaw, "but I have a mission that requires their loyalty - and while I failed to reach the crew of the Harbinger, and lost some of my own people to Captain Vasser's bloody notion that the entire Galaxy should be left behind to rot from inside - I still cannot fail the very ideals we mean to preserve!" Jien's eyes were blood-shot from the throbbing headache he felt, and he'd had quite enough of Jona. He stepped closer, backed him and his host body up against the wall as his words disintegrated from his lips. "I was a fool to let Vasser convince me to make the phasing cloak and and break the Treaty of Algeron! As it turned out, we had no use for the cloak since Carrigan Trent disabled Sankolov's fleet, and the Calamity can likely see right through it anyway. So, I have yet to see merit in abandoning the ideals of Starfleet and resorting to twisted schemes and ruthless methods. If I could, I would yank you out of that body and throw you Vasser and his ilk, because I am sure the two of you would get along quite well."

While Jien had not laid a hand on Edena, not even touched her, he was right in her face - their sodden chests almost touching. In the wake of his tirade, he was breathing hard to compensate for the cost of air. Shadows danced in his peripheral vision, and he had to put a hand on the wall next to Edena's head, lest he'd faint. He blinked hard, voice dropping again so that he'd not been overheard. "Now, would you be so bloody kind and crawl back under the rock from whence you came... so that I can have a word with my First Officer? In fact, I'd settle for anyone else than you, for I want to hear their plan when it is not twisted by your split tongue. How can we make sure they lower the field?"

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[Natalie Stark | USS Theurgy | First Officer Ready Room | Deck 01 | 1305 hrs. ] Attn: Benson, Tovarek, Callahan

The blow, well, she knew it was coming but that didn't stop the pain. The sudden impact, more from the back of her skull hitting Tovarek than the emitter in her eye socket, hurt and had her seeing stars for a second. A second that resolved itself into a whirl of fear. The emitter was cold to the touch. She knew it had fired not all that long ago - well, perhaps long, depending on how much time had passed since they were both shot down on the bridge. Regardless, it was cool to the touch, not a hint of the fury it could unleash. Something like that should burn the skin she thought bitterly.

She opened her mouth to tell him where to go. She'd been through this bullshit enough. Natalie was sick and tired of everything with a dick thinking it could just have its way with her. Lucan Nicander hadn't been like that. Rory Callahan certainly hadn't. But too many other things had thought her body (and more so her mind) where their private play things. A snarl built up in her throat, but died a cold, sudden death when P.O. Benson turned the phaser on Simon.

"I will burn a hole in his head," he breathed to her, baring his straight teeth, "just large enough to fuck before your eyes."

Suddenly it wasn't about her dignity any more. It wasn't about her life. It was about a subordinates. Cold, clammy fear clenched her gut, turned her stomach into a lump of ice. "You're a bastard." She told Benson, bluntly, eyes burning in cold fury as she looked up at him. With hands bound, and Lt. Tovarek's life forfeit if she failed to comply, Natalie had no choice. Her full lips parted, and her tongue darted out. Unlike the previous night, when she'd licked and tasted Rory, sweet Rory, this time, her face contorted into a look of disgust.

She lapped at him, in little flicks of her tongue, so she wouldn't have to taste as much. Just darting here and there, making her way up his curved shaft. A wave of revulsion wracked her body, and she nearly choked on bile that rose up. How she managed to keep it down, well, that was a mystery to her. She couldn't see anything but the cock in front of her, and the mans torso. It blocked her vision. She felt his arm give a little jerk, pressing that phaser harder against Simon. Insistent. She knew what he wanted and she hated to do it, but she parted her lips and slid them over his filthy cockhead. Her eyes burned darker, the hate building, as she sucked him in, slowly.

A bitter snarl bubbled in her throat - maybe he'd take it as a moan of pleasure. Sick bastard. She didn't care. For one glorious moment she contemplated biting down and tearing the offending member from his body. It was a vicious thought that the Natalie of a month ago would never have contemplated. But things had changed. The only reason she slid more of his cock into her mouth instead of rendering it a bloody mess was the fear that the pain might cause the bastard to depress the firing stud and burn a large chunk of Simon Tovarek's head from the rest of his body. To her shame, because she couldn't even use her hands to get the angle better, drool began to dribble down her lips.

It felt like forever - but it had hardly even been a minute - when thundering footsteps rang across the room and suddenly Kyle Benson's cock was ripped from her mouth with an absurdly loud pop. She gasped for air and looked up, hearing, more than seeing bottles crashing about. It was that voice - Oh God, his voice - that made her eyes go wide. Rory! She thought the name, then coughed it out, before shouting it. How was he here? If she'd only held out for another minute!

Even those self depreciating thoughts were washed away as the two men tumbled across the room. She struggled against the bonds holding her and Simon, she tried, she strained, to get closer, to help, to do anything other then watch, snarling in anger and fear. But she and the LT were tied down tightly, and all she managed to do was squirm in place as Benson began to choke her lover. She saw Rory buck under the P.O. and a new wave of fear swept her. Please God no, she begged. She could deal with the shame of what happened but right then she found out very, very abruptly that she could not forgive herself if Rory got killed over her.

Someone, or something, seemed to be listening. She saw the bartenders arm dart out, saw a flash of something catching the light, and then there was a shocking spray of red. Benson's body arched and tumbled to the side, arterial flow dousing Rory, the desk, and the corner of the office. It slid down the wall, and Natalie flinched at the sudden violence of it all. She closed her mouth, started to swallow, and nearly gagged, still tasting the now very dead Petty Officers cock on her tongue. But it didn't matter. Rory was soaked in blood, but it wasn't his own. He was pale, so pale, under the livid red coating him. "Rory..." she whispered, looking up at him, forgetting, for a moment, that Lt. Tovarek was bound behind her, a quiet witness to the savagery of the moment.

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[ Aisha S'iti | Corridor (turbolift to XO Ready Room  | Deck 01 ] Attn: Stark, Callahan, Tovarek

The turbolift door opened and the Cardassian stepped out. Slung over her right shoulder was a type three phaser rifle and at her hip was her type 2 sidearm.  In her arm rested the type two she feared she would be having to use within seconds as she made her way to the bend in the corridor.  She put her back to the wall and peeked out for a moment  setting her weapon to stun hoping to catch the guard not able to identify her but knowing once fired she would have to move quick to spring Stark and Tovarek.  Looking out she saw...Nothing.

'Odd,'  she thought having expected to see the guard outside the XO's office where the prisoners were being held.  Still she couldn't help but seem a bit perplexed as she began to approach the office She began to hear the sounds of a scuffle Not knowing what was happening but knowing she might be the last thing that could prevent another death on her watch.  She put her back to the door and it opened.  She spun around Pointing the type three phaser Into the room trying to seek out the security officer whom she would have to incapacitate quickly.  Instead of an officer she saw the end of what appeared a sexual assault of Stark ending and a short lived fight ending ended the assault.  All she saw end it was a flash of thin metal come out of a pocket then into the security officer splashing the one physically ending the assault with blood.  The dirty mop of hair and the bottle made the identity almost too easy to guess.  "Barkeep?"  she spoke the rifle still in her hands.

She couldn't believe what she had stumbled on.  Someone else had came up with a plan to spring the two.  'Damn' she thought, now she had to come up with an alternate plan to cover her own tracks.  What she didn't realize though was how easily the three could assume that she was not there to aid their escape but to hinder it and the way she held the type three in her hands only could add to that suspicion.

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[ Security Detail | Bridge | Deck 01 ] Attn: IronFerrox, Searcher & Nolan

Posted in the Theurgy's Main Bridge, Crewman Carla Roberts guarded the exit to the XO's Ready Room. Her large eyes, the color of charcoal, moved minutely as she observed the room and her many colleagues around the room. Commodore Vasser sat in the Captain's Chair, and everything was quiet. Quite bored, she took a deep breath and ran a hand through her wavy, black hair - quite aware that the gesture might draw the eye of the men in the room. She might have been short and had a lean build, but that did not make her any less able to bear children for the new mission. She was imagining how it would be like, not having to live on a ship and fearing for one's life all the time... when she heard some commotion from the door she was posted to guard.

Frowning, she glanced toward the sliding doors and wondered what was going on. The two prisoners were well guarded, so unless they'd had help, there was no way they had been able to escape. In the end, thinking she heard new voices too, Carla shifted her grip on her Type III assault rife and stepped towards the door. She had no idea what to expect, but as she stepped through and entered Commander Rez' Ready Room. The lights were dimmer than on the bridge, so she blinked and tried to make out the scene while she walked...

...and as she soon discerned the aftermath - she powered up  her rifle and hastily tried to take aim against the bloodied one with the blonde hair. She saw that the Chief CONN Offficer was there too, and there was no telling what kind of role she had in what had happened to Crewman Benson. Changing her priorities, she tapped her combadge. "Security to-"

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[ Aisha S'iti | XO Ready Room  | Deck 01 ] Attn: Stark, Callahan, Tovarek

Before she could say more Aisha lined up her rifle and Fired a high stun directly into the Crewman Roberts's center mass.  The concussive force of the blast knocking her off her feet and back behind the door.  Quickly she took aim at the door panel and blasted it before Taking out the Type 2 phaser and putting it at a high kill setting and sending line of energy down the seam of the door as it shut quickly semi welding it shut.  "Shit! change of my plans. Rory,  think fast and catch!" she said  throwing the type three in her arms to him before sending a phaser shot to the door panel where she came in and another line to the far door sealing it as well.  Finally she cut the rope suspending the two with the phaser and looked over at Rory, "  Make good use of that damn cutter and get rid of their bindings, and get behind me!" she said forcefully, "Deck one just got too hot for me."  she added scooping up the type 2 that had belonged to the would be rapist. 

Now holding Two Type two phasers one in each hand and a type three slung behind her back.   She immediately headed to the XO Study knowing that Security would likely be heading for them.  As she recalled there were 4 other security officers on the bridge, One within the armory and three left on the bridge.  Undoubtedly there was a security detail immediately catching a turbolift to the bridge and one probably heading for the deck 1 corridor turbolift as well.  knowing the layout of the deck she knew that the security team on the bridge could attempt to head them off on both sides and knew the closest shortcut to the turbolift would be if they headed through the captains office and headed them off right at the turbolift. 

Knowing this it was imperative that her next objective would be attempting to seal off that particular door like she had done to the two in this room  then quickly get access to the Jeffry's tube on either side of the turbolift and head down a few decks as quickly as possible and try and exit somewhere below deck 2.  With this in mind she adjusted the recently taken phaser to a higher stun setting and Readied herself to make her move knowing she woudl need to use the stun phaser on any security she could encounter and the other to disable and semi-weld the doors shut behind her.

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[ Simon Tovarek | XO Ready Room  | Deck 01 ] Attn: Stark, Callahan, Aisha S'iti

While hearing Natalie whisper at first and eventually calling out the barkeeper his name, Simon noticed the door open once more. He laid his eyes onto the green skinned CONN officer and he saw the rifle in her hands. She seemed however surprised to see Benson down and Rory covered in blood. At this point though, Simon wasn't aware of the blood smeared Rory as his line of sight was obstructed. "Uh... I think we might have a problem..." Simon mumbled to Natalie as he kept his eyes pinned on Aisha. For all intents and purposes she was just one of the new mutineers trying to take over their ship, if that hadn't happened entirely already.

Yet before anyone else could answer Simon heard another door open and he could hear what the woman apparently said through her combadge. Yet to his own surprise the CONN officer opened fire and move out of sight, moving quickly now. Everything seemed to go into a faster pace of actions now and Simon suddenly felt the rope that was holding them up loose it's strength. He let out a relieved sigh as his muscles started to relax a bit and he looked at his chained hands while he could hear Aisha deal out orders to Rory. "Rory, get me out quick, I can stand guard or weld while you free Natalie." He said loud enough for the barkeep to hear.

Even now the situation became transparent to Simon. They had to move quick or they would end up dead or captured once more and he wasn't prepared to face either odds once again. He looked up at Aisha now and asked while waiting for Rory "You, why did you have a change of heart? Not feeling ready to turn into a baby booming factory yet?" he asked her and his eyes were trained on her. He wondered if she even had a plan doctored out to get them out of here, yet Simon was confident that the woman knew what she was doing. Than again, perhaps this might be a trap yet, time was of the essence. They had to move, now.

[ Amelya Duv | USS Harbinger | Brig ] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann & Husker

Amelya waited for the plan to unfold before her and she covered her eyes when the relays started to overload, knowing that Ida her plan had worked perfectly. She didn't make her exit as quickly as she did though as she waited for Ida to go first and he grabbed her inoculator with her just in case. While Ida give Husker the explanation of what was presumably going on and Amelya remained silent and eventually made her way out of the cell, she looked left and right before she turned herself towards Husker. Her eyes went over him and her mind tried to match the face with the records she had on him from back at the medical suite.

As she had made her exit out of the cell, she tried to keep her lab coat as tightly around her as she could. Yet the air seemed a bit cooler out in the brig and she could feel the cold air sneak between the openings of her clothing. Even though she tried to conceal as much of her body as she could, she couldn't help but show Husker some flesh, yet the most intimate parts were covered up. She looked at Ida while she gave him the phaser and she bit her lower lip slightly before she heard Husker speak up and address her. Her eyes darted over to his and she nodded slowly with a faint smile "I'll make it. Lets keep it at that. What about you pilot, are you alright?" she answered him and shuddered a bit "If we do head over to the bridge, we'll have to be careful though. No doubt people will be on the lookout."

[ Thomas Razor Ravon |Uncharted Planetoid ] Attn: Nathaniel Isley & Evelyn Rawley & unknown assailants

"I already proved her wrong more than once Mav..." he answered to Isley as he grabbed the rifle that was handed to him. With a quick touch he powered up the rifle to kill settings and started to blast away at the closing creatures that tried to have them as a snack. "Get some!" He shouted while he aimed down the sights for more precise fire. The red glow of the fire lighting up against his flight suit as he looked back now and again to cover Maverick while he carried Rawley back.

"How far till we reach the birds Nathaniel?" he shouted over comms while he continued a continuous barrage of phaser fire down onto the creatures that tried to creep closer. The cold was starting to bite through the suit bit by bit or so Thomas believed. Yet he fought off like a mad man trying to protect his prized possessions with furious anger. Somewhere deep down inside Razor, he wondered how Rawley was doing. Was she still alive, would she die on this rock? Yet his mind also took him back to the hangar, where he shot Nightmare with a precise shot. He knew that the shot itself wouldn't have killed her at the stun setting, yet maybe the drop did? Or the crew members that found her during the aftermath? Yet this was no time to dwell on these matters as these ugly creatures kept snapping and venturing closer.

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[ Husker | USS Harbinger | Brig ] [Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann & Amelya Duv]

Chris nodded in agreement to the doctor's question. "I'm fine, Doctor Duv. Just angry about what's going down, we're supposed to be better then what the Winter Queen is pulling." he answered bitterly but then he shook his head. "I'm sorry, it's not your fault and I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm mad at the two of you."

Chris then looked at the offered weapon and then held up a finger in a "hold that thought" motion before he went back into his now former cell and searched Deion for something before pulling out his replicator ration card and heading over to the replicator and inputted a couple of commands using the card and then withdrew the items which he then brought over to Duv.

The items in question was a clean uniform.

"I hope this helps, Doctor Duv. I'm sorry if I did something to offend you also, ma'am." he added respectfully, looking her in the eyes before gently placing the fresh uniform on the desk and then taking the prooffered phaser from Ida and then checking it's charge.

"I'll keep an eye out, lieutenant. Let me know when we're ready to move." he offered before moving to keep an eye on the door without being obvious.

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[ Amelya Duv | USS Harbinger | Brig ] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann & Husker

A faint smile appeared on Amelya's lips when she saw the pilot ventilate his anger and afterwards heard him apologize. "It's okay Husker, it's not like you can help it." She answered him kindly. When Chris however walked back to the cell, Amelya looked over at Ida with a frown and eventually here eyes widened a bit and her lips brought out a soft "Oh..." She walked forward to accept the package and her fingers raked over the soft fabric of the uniform before she looked up at Chris. Accepting the items from him, her lab coat slid open, allowing him a precious sight which most men aboard the harbinger would apparently kill for.

"I'll be right back." Amelya whispered and hurried herself back to the cell she shared with Ida and took her lab coat off. She stood with her bare back towards the two others in case they would peek and she hurried to get the uniform on. She listened carefully to what the other two would be discussing in the hallway of the cells. Once she got dressed she made her hair look a bit more decent before she'd come out to meet Ida and Husker once again

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Attn: IornFoxx

A small soft sigh of contentment spilled out feeling the soft nip on her neck knowing now who it truly was. Even if her eyes where lying to her she knew who he was and what he meant to her. Even if her eyes where lying to her, she knew who it was. Her head lowered as she nuzzled against his chest as he started talking and she worked on focusing on the sound of his voice above all else. Even if their current situation and that of Captain Ives and Commander Rez was not good she would remain curled up against him. She knew that they where going to have do something about the captives that where slowly languishing away near them. Her cheek nuzzled softly against his chest as he spoke of what he had went through when he had been interrogated. As he spoke of their plans for her and probably any other of her kind that would come across their path. She wasn't surprised with their plans to harvest her peoples natural healing ability. "I am not surprised that is what they want from me. That is why my people hide and why more then likely they will remain hidden. Safe from those would use us in such a way. If it takes my life I will keep them safe," she whispered as one of her hands softly moved to his tail as she lightly played with the soft fur. She could only just imagine what he had gone through with his violation. As he spoke of castration and cannibalism she would slowly lean back looking up at him with a questioning look still not seeing him with her eyes. Finally a small smile would cross her lips as she looked up at him. "Down boy," she finally whispered before she leaned in softly nipping his chest. "Do you have any plans on how we are going to get out of here or do you just plan on spending the time working out your frustration?" she asked him as she smiled softly.

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[ ThanIda zh'Wann | USS Harbinger | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Amelya Duv & Husker

It seemed that while Husker made promises towards sharing Ida's and Duv's goal to leave the ship and support Captain Ives aboard the Theurgy, the pilot was too wound up to accept the phaser she had proffered to him - instead naming one of his fellow pilots and alluding towards this Riptor having committed acts that merited severe repercussions. It was not the time to ask, and the Pinkskin - who introduced himself as Ensign Slayton - had already moved on to ensure the health of his former Chief Medical Officer. Now that the two Harbinger personnel were defecting, their positions on their new ship - if they even reached it and managed to take it back - were as of yet established.

Ida lowered the phaser and turned it over in her hands, somewhat in her own thoughts. While Doctor Duv offered word of caution, saying that the Vasser loyalists were likely on the lookout, Ida thought of Wenn Cinn and Edena Rez, who meant the most to her on the Theurgy, and if they were still alive. Husker arranged to replicate a new uniform for Doctor Duv, which was a chivalrous act that made Ida look up - a bit surprised. She had not expected that one of the pilots flying for that half-faced Wing Commander to make a woman's modesty his priority. Perhaps there was some honour behind the green eyes of the Ensign, and Ida found herself meeting those eyes briefly when he retrieved the hand phaser from her.

Moreover, when he did come around to arm himself, he did so with clear purpose - heading to the door to guard it from more security personnel. Who was this Ensign? As far as she was concerned, she might just steal him from Tactical Conn and dress him in a yellow uniform, because he clearly knew how to handle the situation. An errant thought came to her that he was not sore on the eye either, which was saying a lot for a Pinkskin, but she dismissed the notion quickly to focus on the plan she was making.

"No matter from which angle I look at our situation," she said and walked over to the Brig Officer's station, "it remains clear that the highest odds for success lie in a quick advance. We hold the element of surprise, and if we use that, never stopping and making sure we are not shot in the back, we can reach the Bridge with firepower and swift feet." Saying this, Ida picked up the Type III phaser assault rifle from behind the Brig's main console. With no-nonsense professionalism permeating her movements, she readied it for use and began to adjust its sights to her own preferences. She only paused when she noticed the bare back of the Trill inside the holding cell that they had shared, quickly averting her eyes from the doctor and letting her have a modicum of privacy when she dressed. She looked towards the Pinkskin instead, trying to nullify the visual impression by continuing to talk tactics.

"I will take point," Ida said, rifle at the ready in her hands as she walked over to Husker, "but I am counting on you to give me cover as best as you can from the rear, even if your first priority is the pursuers. I will make sure to employ a crouching or lying position so that you can shoot across my shoulder, but you have to make sure you don't hit Doctor Duv, since she will be right between us while we make our advance."

Doctor Duv emerged from the cell in her new uniform, which made it time to move. Ida squared her shoulders and came to stand before the sliding doors of the exit - widening her stance a little. "The more we linger, the harder it will get for us - the word likely to spread fast that we are out. Doctor, stay close behind me. Husker, set your weapon to high stun. We are moving out now."

Ida sucked a couple a breaths down her lungs through her nostrils, preparing herself mentally for the task. "Courage is fear," he breathed quietly, flexing her fingers around the handles of her rifle,"...when it has said its prayers."

OOC: One more post each from the two of you, Nolan and DocReno, then Ida will be charging ahead. We will be ending this thread in a fitting way with my next post, where events will continue in an upcoming thread.

[ Aftermath | USS Theurgy | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 | 1300 hrs. ] Attn: RosariaRosette

One might think the last moans of pain had ended. That the woeful siren-song of the battlefield was already gone - leaving quiet debris and abandoned trenches.

The fires had burned down and the shot-up bulkheads towered over the hangar like tombstones with scorched writing. Surely no one was alive? The quietude rang like shell-shock in one's ears, and at least two dozen bodies had been left behind, strewn across the ruined deck like the spare parts that had been used for cover. A couple of the Mk III Valkyries had been hit in the crossfire, while the victors of the battle had landed with their Mk II:s at the forefront of the bay. The Phantom and his pilots had left, joining their new Captain in the fight against the remaining resistance cells. One might think the moans of survivors had ended since the bodies had all been left behind...

...but this was clearly not the case.

Out of the dust and grime, from underneath supposedly fresh sheets of plating now blackened by phaser canons... a lonesome voice tried to make it self heard - hoarse and weary after countless efforts to raise attention. To tell the world that she - by the name Nightmare - still breathed. Then again, perhaps her voice was broken because of what she had done; because of the body not lying far away - the one she had killed for her new beliefs. For an Asian pilot lay there, a determined soul that had managed to find her way to her base ship regardless the distance. A halfbreed Betazoid, loved in her pack of Lone Wolves for her quirks. Her name had been Oracle, yet now she lay dead upon the deck of the hangar - blinded eyes wide open. Nightmare, who lay trapped underneath the sheets of plating, may have fired the first shot, but then the two Mk II:s - flown by Phantom and Riptor - had riddled her body with charred holes, depleted the power cells of their phaser canons across the whole area.

Yet besides the dead wolf, and the wounded one... there was a third wolf coming to.

They all belonged to the same pack, and yet she was the only one fit to stand. She was stripped of gear, with feet and legs bared, covered in oils from shredded cans, and her Valkyrie was gone from sight. Reduced to nothing, she was perhaps reborn, or baptised in the battle of the fighter assault bay. For the name of this wolf was Morrigan, and she was just about to bear witness the aftermath; to hear the moans of pain. Would she howl in outrage for what had been done to their home? Would she pry the truth of what had happened from Nightmare, or even remember how she had struck her down?

If she gleaned the truth, would she show mercy to her fellow wolf?

OOC: RosariaRosette, I will be playing Hannah "Nightmare" Slaverton for as long as Fasha lingers with her. Soo "Oracle" Young Seung is, however, dead, and plainly in sight.

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[ Fasha | USS Theurgy | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 | 1300 hrs. ]

Fasha could hear nothing, nor see anything it took her a moment to realize that she was indeed actually alive and not dead. She had not shared the fate so many others had already succumbed to around her. All except for other who's face Fasha could remember in such vivid detail. An Ally, Friend, Comrade...She had been all of these things. And yet her face was what she remembered last in the last few lingering seconds all she could remember were the yells and cries. The sound of a rifle being fired and Oracle falling motionless beside her. She lay motionless for a moment staring at the ceiling of the Fighter Assault Bay replaying her last moments of consciousness over and over in her mind burning the images into her brain.

Rolling over onto her stomach Fasha pushed herself up onto her hands and knees. Her head was throbbing with pain and the sudden motion caused a sudden wave of dizziness to overtake her senses. She took a few deep breaths closing her eyes and mentally counting down from 10, taking the time to gather herself before pushing herself up onto her knees. She looked around the hangar fists clenching subconsciously as she took in the sight of the ship that had become her home. Hot tears burned at the inside of her eyelids as she closed her eyes. It was obvious what had happened a battle had been lost the numerous dead strewn about the hangar told her as much. A battle her side had lost finally pushing aside her grief Fasha crawled over to where Oracle lay. She pressed her fingers against the woman's cartoid artery there was nothing not a single beat. Fasha bit her lip staring down at the dead wolf before placing her hand over Soo Young's eyes "Savon sha'is Oracle..." Fasha whispered closing the woman's eyes.

She then moved over to where Nightmare lay her eyes hardened as she took in the wounded form of her comrade. Her lips curled down into a scowl, No she wasn't worthy of that title she wasn't a member of their pack anymore. She reached out gripping Nightmare by her uniform jacket and pulled her up to bring their faces closer together. "Why..." Fasha said firmly. But in the next instant Fasha had stood pulling Nightmare with her lifting her a few inches off the floor by her jacket "Tell me why!!" Fasha growled.

(Savon sha'is: Find peace.)

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[ Miles Renard | Brig  | ] Attn: Dawinter

Miles couldn't help but smile a bit at her suggestion, "As much as I would love to work out my frustrations together with you I think we both know there's a better use of our time."  he said.  "To be honest I imagine the only one in this whole brig that could affect any form of escape would probably be you.  I mean it was you who managed to stop the assailant that tore through the Harbinger before.  If anyone has the ability to single handedly overwhelm an interrogation room I imagine it would be you."  he said quietly hoping that their captors didn't have listening devices within the cell.  "Perhaps since you have calmed you may be able to convince them that the mind meld took and you are one of them now?  I mean I am willing to bet that the reason they wanted me to see if I could snap you back to your senses would be to see if the meld was a success once you came to.  is there anything you can remember from the meld.  Perhaps you could use knowledge from it to convince them of your status as properly on their side.  Though I imagine thy may need some convincing that you truly are on their side."  he said hoping she got the gist that it was time to start acting like he had told her something in confidence and now she was ready to betray that information to them.

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[ Husker | USS Harbinger | Brig ] [Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann & Amelya Duv]

Chris nodded in respect back to the doctor and while inwardly he admired the bare curves of the stunning doctor, he didn't allow himself to outwardly show it because he needed to focus on the other situation and turned to keep watch again. "No problem, Doctor." he said.

Chris then moved himself just slightly from his place at the cell block entrance to keep himself hidden the best that he could while keeping watch but he could feel the Zhen's eyes look at him and tried to clear his head about the entire situation-but he stopped when Ida started to speak.

He to regard the Zhen and focused on her. "I agree but my question is do we have an operating plan as to how to get off the ship?" he asked as he reset his phaser to the setting that she suggested before moving it to a ready position as well.  "Let your woes become your deadliest weapons." he added with a grim smile before waiting for Ida to move forward. "You have point, I'm backman."

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[ Amelya Duv | USS Harbinger | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann & Husker

Amelya had overheard what the further plan of their escaped entailed and once she got out of the cell, she put the lab coat over her uniform. She nodded at Ida as she told her to stay close and she glanced over at Husker whilst he acted as rear guard. Amelya was unarmed at this point and she was grateful to be so. Even if she had a phaser, she wouldn't really know how to shoot effectively with a person in front and behind her. She did have basic training yet after that she never really practiced to use a weapon after that.

From that moment Duv decided to function as an extra pair of eyes, calling out targets to Ida and Husker or letting them know if something would seem fishy or out of place. She stuck close to Ida and at first she bumped into her far to often, yet she learned fast and after two or three times she kept her distance so she wouldn't bump into her anymore. She also checked if the pilot called Husker could keep up and remained silent for as long as it needed as they made their way through the ship.

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[ ThanIda zh'Wann | USS Harbinger | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Amelya Duv & Husker

The Harbinger pilot asked her - in so many words - if she had a plan, and Ida snorted with bitter humour while he took his position at the back. "If we board a shuttle, we'll be too exposed. The Harbinger has a skeleton crew since the majority has transferred to the Theurgy. If we move fast enough down these empty corridors, and overpower whatever resistance we meet, we can seize the Bridge. It is the only place where we can learn what condition the Theurgy is in , and then make a difference. Now, with me..."

Doctor Duv remained close to her, so close she bumped into her back when Ida stopped inside the security gate. It was a short corridor with a door on the other end that was controlled by the aide in the security office. He was likely looking right at them on his monitor when Ida changed the setting on her rifle and raised it, beginning to cut into the bulkhead above to the double doors - the beam carving its way sideways.

[Stand down, Lieutenant! I will vent the atmosphere in there unless you drop your weapons!] The young voice on the intercom sounded shaken.

"Too late," mumbled Ida as she finished her cut, powering down the beam for a moment and switching back to the highest stun setting. She had destroyed the hidden actuators for the door's hydraulic mechanism, so she resumed her advance with a mordant stride - heaving the left door back into its socket once she reached it. With her weapon raised in one hand, she stepped out into the main area of the Harbinger's security office. The panicked aide was facing her behind his station, so she shot the Pinkskin in the chest before he got his hand phaser up in time.

To the left, two other security guards sprang to their feet, going for the phasers in their holsters. Ida rounded on them, and in the split moment, she hoped that Husker was alert and able to take down at least one of them, since she had not set her rifle on wide dispersal.

OOC: Slight change of plans with some addendum for the first part of their escape. Hope you don't mind.

[ Aftermath | USS Theurgy | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 | 1300 hrs. ] Attn: RosariaRosette

In Hannah von Slaverton's mind, she had replayed the events in the flight hangar while she lay there under the hull plates. She remembered nothing after she was about to stun Evelyn Rawley, and in retrospect, she suspected that she had been shot in the back - stunned by someone who had seen what she'd done to Soo Young Seung. A phaser was deadly at point blank range, even at a stun setting, and Hannah remembered how she had managed to hit Soo right in the chest - likely causing her heart to stop beating.

Though she did not regret her reasoning, she hated that she'd have to go to such extremes to keep her fellow wolves to oppose Commodore Vasser and Captain T'Rena. She had not wanted anyone to get hurt, but things had escalated too fast. She had tried to explain it all to Rawley, beseeched her to see the truth - that they were heading for their meaningless deaths if they kept following Captain Ives' orders. Even she could see that; the party girl among the Lone Wolves, who never passed on a chance to dance, drink or gamble. How could it have been so hard for Ranger to understand?

Now, it did not matter. The Fighter Assault Bay was was in ruins, shot to pieces from what looked like the phaser canons mounted on attack fighters. Phantom and his pilots had arrived and put an end to the resistance. At least it was a victory for Vasser and the higher cause, but Nightmare thought the price had been to much. She had wanted for her fellow wolves to see the future at the hands of Captain T'Rena, and join her in common understanding - elevated from the obsession that Captain Ives held to fight in futility.

A shadow fell over Hannah's face - blocking the lights from the ceiling. For a moment, she did not recognise the silhouette of Morrigan, because she seemed to have been showered in oil and dust - even stripped down to a tank and her undergarments. Fasha had been the first one Hannah stopped; struck her down since she had been trying to board her Valkyrie. By the looks of it, her fighter was now gone along with her gear, and the skin of her now swollen cheek had been split by Hannah's strike - leaving caked blood down her neck.

"Argh!" Hannah cried out in pain when Fasha suddenly pulled her up - making the edges of the hull plates cut into her thighs and her arm. Morrigan demanded to know her reasons, as reasonable as they might be in a hopeless situation. Hannah was not sure how injured she had been when she woke up, but she had to blink tears and hair our of her eyes after the brutal handling she now suffered. She wanted answers? Then she'd get them. Perhaps she could understand.

"Because Captain Ives is a f-fool," she growled back, green eyes ablaze from pain and bitter frustration, "No matter what we would have done at t-this point, heading back into the Alpha Quadrant would only have made us end up dead, and the t-truth about Starfleet Command would have died with us. Did you not hear what the upcoming mission was about? Ives would have had us raid a starbase and draw all the search parties out there to us by doing so, only on the mere hope that someone would heed a message sent from the station. The idea was... that Ives would have reconsidered that course after we destroyed the new cloaking device..."

Hannah looked out over the flight hangar - their destroyed wolf den. "It would seem he - or she - did not have a change of h-heart after all. Ives forced Vasser's hand to try and save our lives... and..." The tears were no longer just from the pain. "Vasser's plan is the only way to save the Galaxy. T'Rena showed it to us; the way to defeat the enemy, and it is not through any battle fought today or t-tomorrow. I saw it all through T'Rena's touch, how we were about to die... and I couldn't let it happen. I only regret that you, the people I love, didn't see the vision... before all of this had to happen."

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[ Fasha | USS Theurgy | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 | 1300 hrs. ]

Fasha felt her grip on Hannah's uniform jacket tightening with each passing second, with each and every word that passed her lips all it did was pour fuel on the already raging flames of anger burning within the deepest part of Fasha's soul. Hannah's excuses fell upon deaf ears she'd wanted an explanation she wanted to know why the price for her own damned beliefs had to be paid in the blood of one of their friends, a part of their family. Ives, Vasser, T'Rena none of these names meant a damn thing to Fasha not now. Fasha tilted her head down still holding Hannah above the ground as warm tears slid down her cheeks burning as they slid over her wounds. "That's it? That's why?" Fasha asked quietly her entire body shaking with rage.

Letting Hannah down Fasha quickly dragged the former wolf over to where Soo Young lay gripping Hannah by the hair and forcing her to bend down over the body of their friend. "Was it worth it!?" Fasha yelled gripping the her former comrade by the hair directing her gaze at the dead woman's face. "Soo Young was our friend!! She was fucking family!!! You say you fucking loved us?" Fasha kicked Hannah's legs out from beneath her forcing her to her knees beside Oracle's still form. "Then why was it so fucking easy for you to pull the trigger then?" Fasha hissed venomously. "If you loved us, If you even gave the smallest semblance of a damn about us you would have stood with us! To whatever end we were fated to meet!" Fasha said her voice cracking as she released Hannah.

"You wanted to save us from death..." Fasha said quietly as she stood beside Nightmare over Oracle's body. "You did a wonderful job..." Fasha said coldly. She picked up her Tau'Kon'She pulling it from the leather sheath it sat in blade shining in the light of the hangar. Her mind howled at her demanding blood for Oracle's death and Nightmare's betrayal. But after a brief moment of silence between them the sound of Fasha sheathing her blade was heard. "Don't tell a soul about me...Or no force in this world or the next will be able to keep me from finding you Nightmare..." Fasha said taking a quick glance around to ensure that the ex-wolf had no weapon to use against her. Her eyes fell upon the Phaser that had once been held by Oracle she quickly scooped up the weapon as she clipped the sheath of her Tau'Kon'She to the waistband of her undergarments. The very rifle that Hannah had used to kill Oracle came next just touching the weapon left a cold and empty feeling in the pit of Fasha's stomach but in these times she couldn't afford to not bring it with her.

She quickly shouldered the weapon taking one last glance at Hannah "You betrayed us Hannah...But at one point you were a friend...You were family...I won't sink down to what you've become..." Fasha said before beginning her walk away. As she walked towards the exit to the hangar she felt her foot fall over something. Moving her foot aside Fasha knelt down picking up the item that she'd almost crushed underfoot. It was a combadge she quickly pinned the item to her shirt before leaving if it didn't come in use later it would at least ensure that her presence remained unknown for at least a short time if anything.

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[ Husker | USS Harbinger | Brig ] [Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann & Amelya Duv]

As soon as Ida was around the corner, Husker quickly moved the doctor into a good cover spot as the Zhen quickly rounded the corner and took out the guard there with a quick snap-shot from her rifle.

The other two security guards quickly started to move but Husker was already on them as he quickly snapped his own weapon up and brought it in-line with the two guards, catching the first one high in the left torso which caused him to twist slightly as he pitched forward and almost knocking his fellow guard over.

This action made the second guard stumble just long enough for the combat pilot to catch him square in the chest with a second shot which took him down which at that point-Husker made sure that Duv stayed low as he kept her cover so that she could reach the aide duty station and around the desk while he quickly recovered the fallen guards' phasers.

Husker then took a second to quickly check his phaser's current charge before checking the doctor over for any possible injuries. "Now what were going to say before you were rudely interrupted?" he asked Ida as he looked over his shoulder at the Zhen.

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[ Amelya Duv | USS Harbinger | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann & Husker

Amelya followed Husker into cover as the first shots were fired around. While in cover she kept her head down and each time a shot fell, she closed her eyes for a few seconds before looking back to check if Husker was still alive. Once the fight was over, Amelya poked her head out from cover and she was glad to see that Ida had made it without any wounds. She crawled over now to the aide at the desk and checked his vitals without her tricorder at hand. She did it the old fashioned way and could feel his pulse in his neck. yet when she did so, she heard a little voice in her head question herself. Why would she need to look after these people? They would surely try to do harm to her...

She remained by the aide for a few seconds as she tried to deal with her own issues. Telling herself that it was a vow that she took to look after the injured and wounded. She snapped out of her trance though when Husker asked Ida what she was saying. Se got up from the ground and lingered a bit past the console before looking at it. Maybe they could use this console for their further plans "Ida, could you hack into this console perhaps? We might be able to see what the easiest way is without detection risk."

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[ USS Theurgy | First Officer Ready Room | Deck 01 ]
Attn: Natalie Stark, Simon Tovarek, Aisha S'Iti, Rory Callahan & Declan Vasser

As the captives in the XO Ready Room were liberated by the Lounge Proprietor and the former Marquis, shouting was heard from the Main Bridge. Security guards scrambled and took pursuit, quickly choosing alternative routes than the welded-shut doors in order to intercept the small party before they could escape. During the commotion, a voice was heard on the intercom - emphasised by the shuffle of feet and the phaser fire.

[All personnel on the Theurgy, I am Lieutenant Commander Carrigan Trent. By now, you all know Declan Vasser and T'Rena have begun an attempt to hijack this ship by force of arms after a minimum of two sabotage attempts. I do not know the exact number of casualties at this time, but I know for certain Chief Engineer Tia Marlowe is fighting for her life, Helmsman Cale Winterbourne was murdered in front of me and Chief Tactical Officer Sjaandin Fedd was killed attempting to follow illegal orders.]

It was by a hair that the party managed to gain access to the Jefferies tubes by the turbolifts - having to hold off the Harbinger security guards with cover fire. With haste, one by one slipped into the darkness of the ship's maintenance chutes, all the while Carrigan Trent's voice continued to be heard over the intercom.

[They have accomplished this by planting their crew on our ship and by using mind melds and possibly other telepathic techniques to twist the perceptions of members of this crew. Vasser has also ordered the widespread brainwashing, the mind-rape, of every last person on our ship regardless of whether or not they join him.]

Finally, the last one managed to slip inside the hatch, with only a quick welding-job done to gain a few seconds of escape before some of the security guards cut apart the hatch and followed them. Even in the Jefferies tubes, the words of the Lieutenant Commander continued - perhaps permeating their desperation with new hope...

[ USS Theurgy | Brig | Deck 07 ]
Attn: Miles Renard, Edena Rez & Dyan Cardamone

In the Brig, Zaraq and Riptor had just appeared and walked towards the shared cell of Miles Renard and Dyan Cardamone. It was time to claim the Asurian and the Vulpinian, both to be placed in separate interrogation rooms. Human and Klingon both armed with hand phasers, they ordered the forcefield to be lowered - Riptor grinning towards the SCO. He had obviously been graced with another opportunity to try and break the fox shapeshifter.

"Move it," rumbled Zaraq, motioning for them to go separate ways from the holding cell. Yet as they emerged from their cell, the voice of the Intelligence Officer was heard on the intercom. Riptor bared his teeth in irritation, and Zaraq tapped his combadge to give orders to the aide to kill the speakers, but it was too late, and the aide unfamiliar with Theurgy's systems. So the speech continued, even as Riptor cuffed Renard's hands behind his back and shoved into the interrogation room.

[Since Captain Ives and Commander Rez have been detained by Vasser and his cohorts, as a senior officer on the ship's rolls prior to this attack, I am assuming command as one of Captain Ives' lawful delegates under the auspices of Starfleet regulations pertaining to continuity of command. As such I will retain command of the Theurgy until such as time as I am relieved or ordered to yield command by the proper authorities or murdered on the word of the criminal Declan Vasser.]

Zaraq, with phaser to her torso and a brutal grip on her white hair, hurled the Asurian into the second interrogation room. His massive frame filled his end of the relatively small space, and while he had no idea what Dyan Cardamone saw instead of his figure, he did not care. They might have been colleagues on the Harbinger, but that was before Zaraq knew the truth about her... and about the future.

Now, she was the breeding stock and the DNA sample for a guaranteed victory against the enemy in a distant year - where they would all have access to her kind's healing power. Through her children, Vasser's new world would thrive. "Remove your clothes."

Still, the speech on the intercom continued in the whole Brig.

[Now, I ask all of you to listen to me. This enemy we fight needs us, the ones aware of its existence, at each other's throat. It needs Starfleet to be riven with cracks and to lose all confidence in itself and from the Federation at large. As such, so long as we remain Starfleet, so long as we remain true to our oaths and our procedures and regulations, we are strong! Vasser promises you what? Murder? Hiding? Forsaking everything you are? Look inside you! Look around you! To this vessel, to your shipmates!]

Everyone heard the speech, with the exception the shared holding cell of Captain Ives and Commander Rez, who had been been isolated from the outside world. Jien did not hear Carrigan Trent, even if he might have noticed how the Brig Officer looked agitated. Standing very close to Rez with his demand lingering in the air - eyes locked in challenge - he was unable to hear the commotion, and therefore , he noticed not how Miles Renard and Dyan Cardamone had been put into the interrogation rooms.

This meant also, of course, that they didn't hear how the speech continued...

[ USS Theurgy | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 ]
Attn: Fasha "Morrigan"

When Fasha dropped her to the deck, Nightmare sucked air through her teeth from pain, only to to let out that breath in a cry of agony when she was dragged out from under the heavy hull plates. She felt her skin and uniform trousers tear, and the loud noise of the metal hitting the deck rang in her ears. Yet nothing of it was comparable to being pushed down to see Oracle's lifeless face - eyes shut as if she was asleep.

Hannah wanted to protest against Fasha's accusations, awkwardly supporting herself on one uninjured arm after having been kicked in the knees and getting her hair twisted and pulled so that she could not look away. Yet the sight of the Betazoid hybrid with her white headphones robbed her of any such incentive. She wanted to tell Fasha that it had been an accident, that Soo had surprised her from behind and she had not realised how close she was when she rounded on her. It was the truth, but what did it matter? The outcome was still the same. The fact of the desolate flight hangar remained all around them, regardless of any protestations she'd make.

Soo had been Rawley's lover until she'd gone MIA in the Borderlands, and yet Soo's love for Rawley had made her find her way to Theta Eridani IV with her inborn abilities. While Rawley had laid injured in the triage tents when Soo finally reached them, and was not quite the same woman as Soo had loved before then, it was a story that came to Hannah's mind again when she was looking down upon that face. She head Fasha draw her knife, but in this memory, it felt just that she'd die as well. The only way the fear for her own life manifested itself was in how Hannah felt like she had to vomit, but she managed to swallow down the bile in her throat - to accept her own fate. She may have quivered from the pain, but she closed her eyes so that she did not have to see the blade when it came for her throat.

And yet the blade never came. "Don't tell a soul about me...Or no force in this world or the next will be able to keep me from finding you Nightmare..."

And so Hannah was left behind, on her knees beside Oracle's body. Fasha gathered weapons from the ground and walked away after twisting the knife of her words deeper into Hannah's heart. And while Fasha began to trek down the length of the hangar, the speech from Carrigan Trent was heard over the intercom. Perhaps it may have lent spirit to Fasha as she walked a path paved with corpses, but it only made Hannah feel more miserable as she heard the words echo across the destruction.

[....As advanced as the Theurgy is, she needs her crew! She needs all of you! Your friends and shipmates need you! If you are Starfleet, I ask you to remain at your posts and man your stations! I ask you to do your duty. If you are one of Vasser's accomplices, know that my first concern is to this ship and the enemy that hunts us. As such, I ask you ay least not interfere with those who choose to do their duty as Starfleet personnel. But if deep inside you remember who and what you are, your assistance will be most welcome.]

Hannah closed her eyes as she heard those words, and she curled her hands into fists. Where was the reason in this madness? The only reason she knew what that of the future and what needed to be done - the greater picture. T'Rena had showed her... There was no other recourse, regardless of the cost. She found no motivation truly of her own, but she knew that what she did was larger than herself.

[Those of you who choose to serve the Federation as you best know how, I am thankful for your duty and I will be honoured to command you for as long as is needed to resolve this crisis.]

Nightmare opened her eyes and glared at the deck of the hangar. It all had to stop. One way or the other. The Calamity was out there - looking for them. They needed to be ready, and there was no choice but to get up and finish what she had begun. With ginger movements, she eased out of her uniform jacket, beginning to tear the sleeves and to dress her wounds.

[This is Lieutenant Commander Trent, interim commanding officer. All stations, all departments: close up and report readiness!]

[ USS Harbinger | Brig | Deck 07 ]
Attn: Amelya Duv & CJ "Husker" Slayton

The pilot seemed to have paid attention to his phaser training as well, since he could handle both the present guards with two quick beams of energy. Ida was beginning to like the Pinkskin more and more given how resourceful he proved to be - armed or not.  Idly, she wondered how resourceful he was in the cockpit if he was so capable up close to the enemy... but Ida's artistic mind created an image of how capable he was in bed instead. Perhaps it was because of his physical resemblance to David Grayson... or merely that word for the pilot's cabin that Tactical Conn used. If she was to be completely honest with herself, the idle thought might not have been entirely idle, because she caught herself lingering at it before she answered him.

"Nothing," she said, shaking her head and frowning at her own lack of focus, instead quickly walking over to the door that led to the corridor. "That is the extent of the plan as of now, but we'll likely have to change it along the way. Things like these seldom have a way of working out as intended... So, we go for the Bridge and if we run into Trujillo... I won't be too displeased if he doesn't surrender."

The Harbinger's CMO had the idea to scout the path to the Bridge, and it was an excellent idea. She lingered by the door just to make sure there weren't any more security officers about to arrive. "Good call, doctor," she said, then she went to the aide's station to try and access the internal sensors. "It seems they did not rescind my new security clearance after throwing me into the Brig," she added, with a small smirk touching her lips. "They likely thought that T'Rena would have dealt with me right away, and didn't bother to remove the clearance since they would have had to restore it as soon as I left the cell. Damn idiots. I'm quite relieved I won't be their superior officer."

It took her a moment to scout the path towards the Bridge with the sensors, and she considered what more she could do from the limited access that the aide's station gave her. After a few moments, she put some commands into the console, doing what she could to ease their task with misinformation to the limited number of crew on the ship. Then she stepped away.  "I know where to go, but I can only do so much from this console. Our path ought to be cleared now, so let's go." She hoped that Amelya Duv would be able to stay out of harms way, because what they were attempting to do did not have favourable odds. Then again, the odds were a long way better than to try and attempt the same thing on the Theurgy - which was brimming with Harbinger staff when she left it.

And so they set a grim pace towards the closest turbolifts - about to seize command of the Akira-class cruiser.

[ Uncharted Planetoid | Outside the Class-9 Nebula ]
Attn: Nathaniel "Maverick" Isley & Thomas "Razor" Ravon

At first, all that she heard was the sound of her own laboured breathing inside the helmet. Then, Rawley began to hear other things, faint sounds of phaser fire and shouting voices. The howling of the blizzard overrode it all. "How far till we reach the birds Nathaniel?"

Razor's voice, coming from inside her helmet. There was something about Thomas that was important, she gradually remembered - disoriented as she was and unsure about what was happening. She tried to open her eyes, but there was only so much to see. She could just make out confusing motions, perhaps feet trudging snow, but not her own feet. Was she being carried? She was rocking on top of something, feeling week, having been pummelled in her fall... Yes, the fall. The avalanche. She had gone over the edge and brought down the lip of snow with her. That, however, did not explain why she was seeing Thomas shooting at... something that was moving below them in the snow. Things that were pursuing them, shrieking against the wind and the barrages of phaser fire.

The small slits of her eye looked away from the fighting, trying to see how much more Nathaniel had to carry her up the mountainside. The vertigo of trying to turn her helmet told her that she might have suffered a concussion. Something not good normally, but might be a tad worse because of her previous injuries. Her vision blurred and she remained limp on top of Maverick's strong shoulder. All she could see besides the mountainside and the snow was the orange skye behind her shoulder. It was their only source of light, and she rested her eyes there in order to keep her bearings.

That was when she saw it. A sight she remembered from outside the Hromi Cluster, and never to be forgotten. The shadow cutting low across the sky, deploying Reavers into the atmosphere.

"The Calamity," she mouthed, eyes wide.

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Attn: Miles Renard & Zaraq

Her own smile grew hearing if they had more time he wouldn't mind working out his frustrations with her. She hadn't expected him to take her up on her offer but it was still nice to hear. His words about her abilities made her smile as she looked up at him her hands softly brushing along his cheek. "I don't remember much from the mind meld but I can offer them something that I think they will be too eager to pass up. Right now I am the only one who knows where to find an almost endless source of creatures to harvest their healing abilities," she whispered hating the idea but if there was one thing people couldn't pass up it was the chance to harvest her peoples abilities. She nodded her head before leaning up her lips softly brushing against his before she would pull back slightly as she looked at him. "I promise I will do what I can," she whispered as she slowly stood as her fists flew out slamming as hard as she could on the sides of the cell. "Let out of this place I need to talk to Captain  T'Rena," she yelled as she looked back to the door. When the door opened and she was faced with faces that she didn't recognize she would still slightly as a low growl slipped from her pale lips. She could hear someone voice over the intercom. She slowly backed up tell she felt the phaser to her torso and the brutal grip on her hair as she was hauled and hurled to an interrogation room. When she was forced in she stumbled slightly before turning back to the behemoth that blocked the door. His order to remove her clothes would pull a soft smirk to her lips as her arms crossed over her chest and she tilted her head in a defiant tilt. "No," she whispered softly. Maybe if she got him close enough she would somehow find a way to over power him.

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Miles complied as he willingly went with the man whom he loathed, in his eyes was a defeated look almost on par with betrayal but not quite.  "You won..."  he said softly in a defeated tone.  It mattered not what the voice over the intercom said that would have given hope to others.  In the part he played now he had been defeated.  almost betrayed but not really.  The lady he knew was not herself at all anymore.  "I brought her back like you asked, but she is changed,"  he said in a voice of loss. "I guess changed into what you meant for her. All she could talk about was how her people would be a great asset to the cause.  She even desperately grabbed at me and attempted to mate with me as if a vixen in a maddening heat."  Figured what you assholes would make her into would be some sex crazed lunatic willing to destroy her own people for your insane cause."  He said as he felt himself being cuffed back into the interrogation chair.  "I would tell you to ask her about my pilot's contingency but I doubt that would do any good.  Seems there's other things she wants to talk about.  So...what exactly do you want to know."  he said in a voice of reasoned defeat.  "Or did you just drag me in here alone cause you found my body so irresistible that you wanted me more than the Lady next door."

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[ USS Theurgy | Interrogation Room 03 | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Cathreen Dawinter

Hearing the one word Dyan said to him, Zaraq grinned - pacing back and forth on his side of the close confines of the interrogation room. He breathed through his nostrils, seeing not his former colleague from the Harbinger any more. She was female, and Starfleet regulations for mating no longer applied. It was his duty to spread his seed, and he needn't fight his primal nature. He cast off Klingon honour many years ago, upon his exile, and now he could cast off the shackles of of his uniform.

"So you can understand me now," he rumbled in observation of her changed behaviour, holstering his phaser. Still he paced, like an animal. Meanwhile, T'Rena was heard on the intercom, making it clear she'd kill the human in one of the Battle Bridges. Zaraq cared not. Not his battle. He tore back his jacket from his shoulders - freeing himself and tossing it to the floor. The golden colour of his undershirt was something they shared, but not any more - not in that room. Not on Vasser's ship. "The mutt must have reached through to you somehow. Good, then you will appreciate what is coming to you... for what it really is."

With a sudden movement, he tore his undershirt up over his head, throwing it against the wall. His rough and powerful upper body caught the sharp light of the room, and he bared his teeth to her. "I always wanted to claim you for my own, Dyan. I looked at your body and I wanted it. The tail is a nice addition to it., and now that there are no... fraternisation rules between us, I mean to collect."

Then he draw his d'k tahg from his belt. "Take them off, Dyan." He held the blade before his face, spinning it in his fingers. "Or I will cut them off you."

[ USS Theurgy | Interrogation Room 02 | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Miles Renard

Daniel "Riptor" Ritwer paused his rough treatment only to hear the SCO out - tilting his head and listening. At the same time as Miles spoke of the reported progress he'd made with the the winged lady, T'Rena was making threats on the intercom. Riptor gave his Captain only a half an ear, since he had no orders to deal with the spy. No, he was supposed to help Zaraq, but that did not mean that he did not seek pleasure where he could find it. In the end, the Vulpinian teased him, as if he wanted more cock that he got last.

So he stroked his beard, tilting his head the other way to see through the gaping damage he had done to Renard's uniform trousers earlier. Only then did he answer. "I don't find that particular body of yours so irresistible," he said with a grin, "but while I should be pursuing the matter of your fellow wolves out there - all alone - I am more keen on sampling what your... Vulcine form has to offer. It's called Vulcine, right? The questions can wait a bit.... don't you think?"

Riptor held his phaser by the hip, but still levelled against the SCO. "Why don't you shift and bend over the table again. Let's see if your ass is better before or after loosing the fur." It was simply the case that Riptor preferred asses who looked more human. The Boslic little thing had been enjoyable in that way. No true surprises under her clothes, just that ugly forehead.  "Come on!"

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