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Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 15 [1727 hrs] An Rousing Experience of Klingon Culinary Confusion
Last post by Eirual -
[Ens Mia Dunne | Djuunya’s Skiff, aka Party Bus to Oblivion, D’Takka | Qo’Nos]

Attn: @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker @Dumedion @rae @ob2lander961 @Juzzie

Mia was only barely cognizant that Zark was trying to give her something to drink, but she just could not get her mouth to function. Then all she could hear was a squealing happy Zark and getting squeezed way to tightly. Thankfully both of those stopped and Mia pretty much just slumped where she was once more. She again had that oddly weightless feeling as someone lifted her and almost felt like someone was dancing with her. “Is nize,” she mumbled almost incoherently, “I hasn’t damced for lon time.” She was able to focus on Hirek’s face for less than a second before she felt herself being lowered to a seat. She made a pouty face that the dance was already over.

The next thing she knew she was holding some crackers and Hirek was holding a drink to her mouth, but not much got into her before someone came and sat on his lap and started gyrating. She looked away only to find Zark doing the same thing to the Counselor next to her. She watched in fascination, wondering how anyone could move their body that way. Then turned her gaze back the other way and watched the Green Skinned woman all but disrobing Hirek before her eyes. Her eyes travelled to Hirek’s face, and she could tell he was definitely enjoying whatever the Orion was doing to him.

Rolling his head to the side, Hirek caught Mia’s gaze with his own and smiled, “Do you want a turn?”

Mia looked back at the gyrating female and the thought of doing that to Hirek decidedly piqued her curiosity. Looking back at Hirek she replied in a slightly slurred and stunned voice, “I don thin I haz movz like dat!”
Director's Cut / Re: [2381] USS Aurora: The Memories of Nobody
Last post by Nesota Kynnovan -
[Lieutenant James Harding | Engineering Bay (Distribution) | Deck 6 | USS Aurora]
Attn: @Brutus, @Eirual, @Griff and everyone else who wants to join! Just send me a PM if you are interested.

When an unknown voice suddenly spoke up, and quite loudly at that, James was startled so much that he almost fell backwards onto the deck. He quickly turned around and noticed that the source of the noise was a blonde-haired officer whose yellow uniform either made her an Engineer, an Operations Officer or a Security Officer. The brown-haired Canadian could feel his heart beating in his throat while he tried to regain his composure and, while he could hear how Jiří Ondrušek spoke a few startled curses in his native tongue, James realized that neither an Engineer nor an Operations Officer would ever risk startling them like that; they would respect the sensitive nature of their work in the Distribution Bay and either leave them in peace or contact them using their commbadges instead.

That, James realized, could only mean that the blonde-haired officer in front of them was a Security Officer. Upon realizing that, the initially startled expression on James’ face was replaced by a somewhat upset smirk; in part because he struggled to understand why this blonde-haired woman even interrupted them in the first place, but also because he simply couldn’t understand why she had chosen to startle them like this. When the woman, who identified herself as Lieutenant Amilee Monroe (the Chief of Security and Acting XO), told them to move it, James just stared at her with that same upset look of disbelief on his face. ”Yes, I’m sure it’s a pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant Monroe.” While he spoke, the somewhat condescending tone of his Canadian-accented voice only further accentuated the upset look on his face and somehow managed to make it look like a sort of arrogance of which James genuinely wasn’t aware. ”I was transferred to this ship to prepare her for the kind of stress that far exceeds the designs of Utopia Planitia so, wherever we are going, I’m certain that it must be important. Otherwise they wouldn’t have assigned me to this ship.”

While he spoke, James turned around and began to focus on his console again. ”Right now I’m carrying out the orders that were given to me by Starfleet Shipyard Operations.” Once again, without even realizing it, James managed to sound much more arrogant and condescending than he’d ever meant to be. On the other side of the room, Jiří Ondrušek began to hesitate on the wisdom of the ongoing events and instead kept facing Lieutenant Monroe; at that moment it became obvious how James had even managed to persuade the Chief Engineer to follow him as opposed to attending the senior staff briefing. All of this happened behind James’ back though, so he was oblivious to this as well. ”Give me a couple of minutes to finish up here and I’ll be all yours, we really have to get the power distribution up to shipyard standards before we can properly start our stress tests.”
Director's Cut / Re: [2381] USS Aurora: The Memories of Nobody
Last post by Eirual -
[Lt Amilee Monroe | Engineering Bay (Distribution) | Deck 6 | USS Aurora ]

Amilee left the conference with quick strides and entered the turbolift. “Engineering” She called out and then called out “Computer locate Lieutenants Harding and Ondrušek!” The computer responded, “Lt Harding and Lt Ondrušek are currently on Deck 6 in the distribution level of the engineering bay.” Amilee frowned. She had studied the schematics of the Aurora and had seen the small section of the ship designated as distribution level. She also had determined only two possible access points. One on deck 5 and one on deck 7, either way it was necessary to use an access ladder to enter the desired location on Deck 6.  She exited the turbolift on Deck 7 and entered Main Engineering, pausing to get her bearings then made her way to the access hatch for deck 6’s distribution level.

She looked into the area before her feet reached close enough to step onto the deck. Seeing Lt Harding at one of the controls and talking about variances, while Lt Ondrušek was standing nearby with a decidedly unhappy look on his face. She watched for another moment, then heard the Liaison officer say something about working in quiet. Amilee decided his quiet was about to end as she climbed the last few rungs of the ladder.

  Reaching the top of the ladder she made her presence known rather loudly, “Lieutenants, what part of REQUIRED ATTENDANCE to a briefing did you NOT understand? Do you often disregard orders given by your commanding officers or is this something new?” Her eyes fixed on the liaison officer, “Lt Harding, you may not be an official member of this crew, but you were given a direct order and failed to obey it. If I had my way you would both be immediately transferred to another vessel! But as that is not possible, I may just allow you both to spend time in the brig for insubordination!”

She looked between the two officers, “Now, both of you get your asses down this ladder and into the Chief’s office. Since you deemed it unnecessary to attend the briefing you are getting a shortened version of it now. Oh! And since you missed the official introduction, I am Lt Amilee Monroe, the chief of Security as well as the Acting XO, Now move it!”

Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Chapter 4: When you wish upon a star [ Day 1 | 1400 ]
Last post by Eirual -
[ENS Mia Dunne | Aerodrome of the Erudite ]

Mia  listened  the Chief Medical officer also made a request of the Savi. Before Barpin could respond, two officers moved forward, one apparently being dragged by the other. Mia watched as Alistair introduced himself and the lieutenant to the Savi representative. Her first thought was why the hell was a temporal specialist in charge of this mission her second thought was and what the hell am I doing here? She had been hoping for a response from the Savi on her question but instead was pretty much chastised for her opinion on weapons and her ‘concern’ for her departmental concerns. She felt her face heat up, not from anger so much as from embarrassment of being dressed down in front of everyone. But she did learn one thing at least. They were headed to Hobus and would not be staying on the Savi vessel for more than six hours. After that she really was still in the dark.

But at least she wasn’t the only one that got a ‘talking’ to. Alistar also gave the CMO an answer. If Mia had been the CMO she might not have liked the answer about not being there to treat more seriously wounded due to the Savi’s fear of divulging any of their medical ‘secrets’. Once the team leader finished, Barpin actually answered her question. 

As a scientist she could understand the concern of contaminating the ‘Natural Progression’ of a species. But by her way of thinking they Savi had already done that a few times, considering it was the Savi technology and medical lifesaving knowledge that had allowed them to get her out of stasis in the first place. She was personally a bit miffed at the accommodations being based on the congregate of the collected species, and weapons were not considered. Secluded and secured quarters sounded like being in prison to her. She just hoped the congregate shelter was sufficient for them to have just a bit of space so they were not on top of each other all the time. While six hours sounded like a short amount of time, it could seem like an eternity if they could barely move without stepping on each other.

Mia sighed as they were told, or rather Leavitt was told to, for lack of a better term, muzzle the crew in the future. The Savi then instructed them to gather those remaining on board for Hobus. Which made Mia wonder who else was on the Savi vessel that wasn’t going all the way. Well, that was actually none of her business, so she just let it slide.

She only had to concern herself with one other thing at the moment, and so she looked at Alistair, “Excuse me Lieutenant Leavitt, are we to bring all of our equipment into this segregated housing as well? " She motioned to her rather bulky supply crate,  "Because, quite honestly, If they don’t trust us enough to share technology or knowledge, I certainly don’t trust them enough to leave my science gear somewhere I can’t keep an eye on it!” She purposely gave Berpin a side glance that relayed her ire.

Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Chapter 3: Stand and Deliver [ Day 1 | 1258 ]
Last post by Eirual -
[Kelistina Kavot Droga | Obervation Lounge | Deck 10 |Vector 01 | USS Theurgy

Kelistina had watched as the klin-onz ships came closer. She had feared they would not be happy with the ship breaking in their space, but much to her relief they did not act aggressively.  She still had no idea what she was supposed to do now that she was without her ship. They had provided her with a room, however the sleeping area was extremely small and she had ended up trying to rest on the floor, which was not comfortable at all. But since she was not certain if they would allow her to remain, and she had no idea who to speak to anyway, she would learn to adjust. She was lost in her own thoughts as to what her future would hold when she heard a voice behind her.

Kelistina turned to look down at the being who had spoken to her, her head tilted as she attempted to understand what he was saying. While the universal translator had picked up a lot of her language there were still a lot it did not know how to translate so she could understand and merely repeated what was said, such as the word he had just spoken. She did not know what ‘okay’ was. Was it a name? Somehow, she did not think it was that, however she tapped her chest once before speaking, “I am Kelistina of Kavot on Droga. I not know ‘okay’.” She sat down so that she was not looking down on the man speaking to her, “Is broken the ship? Now more pieces it is.” She looked out the large windows for a moment then back to the man, “Is Kling-onz not mad?” She poised her query as she pointed out to the Klingon ship she could see nearby.

OOC: I apologize for taking so long to respond, as well as the brevity of the post. RL decided to throw a wrench in my life and been spending way too much time dealing with the medical profession as of late.

Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 06 [0915 hrs.] Close Encounters of the Savi Kind
Last post by Brutus -
 [Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Holding Cell | Unknown Savi Vessel ]Attn: @Pierce @Nesota Kynnovan   

A bolt of pure liquid nitrogen lanced through Natalie's chest, coiling into a frozen ball beneath her ribs as she threw the Savi she had engaged into the room, slamming it up against one of the sleek 'beds' that the trio had awoken upon into their naked captivity. She prayed that the Ensign was wrong, that she had misheard, or simply that the redhead was over worrying about a Savi that had not yet succumb to whatever was plaguing these creatures. The one she herself grabbed seemed suitably disoriented, to the point that Natalie found herself flowing through the motions of a combat form she had learned not long prior, using the creatures gangly size against it as it tried to recover and took a swipe at the darker haired Martian. 

Whatever the case, it was clear that the redhead was giving into her own bottled rage in the moment, channeling it into the fight with the Savi she had taken on. Natalie could not afford to do the same. Her anger, she shoved aside, just as she did the frozen fear that a greater threat loomed in the room with them. She could only focus on what she could manage in the here and now, tossing the addled Savi back over her shoulder in the opposite direction from where they had been facing a moment prior. She thanked whatever powers that be who happened to be watching over them that she had recovered from the oxygen deprivation as fast as she did, and promised she would hit the gym more when she got back to the Theurgy.

In truth, seeing the bulbous headed alien sail thru the air and smack into the far wall was a kind of satisfaction that Natalie would have to worry about and discuss with her couneslor later. Though, considering her counselor was the one that invited her on this trip, and where that had led, she was less than sure it was a topic of conversation she ever wanted to address again. Giving an after action report to Ives was going to be the single most embarrassing moment of her career to date, and that was saying something. Bent over, hands on her knees, she sucked down the fresh, full air that the room created, as she watched the being she'd tussled with lay there in a still heap, its chest barely rising. Not dead then, she concluded as her mind caught up with the words she was hearing. 

Standing up straight and ignoring the sudden ache when she rotated her left arm about at the shoulder, Natalie looked to Amanda, weapon pointed down the hall, crouched by the door, and then over to Lauren, who moments before had been splayed out on the floor (a sight to see, that she did not want to think about then) had gotten up and was fiddling with the busted console by the door. Sweeping her messy mane of hair back, Natalie moved over to the unconscious Savi, giving it a pat down. Smirking, she slid something off its wrist and gave a sharp whistle. 

"Heads up, Ensign," she warned, before tossing the band at the redhead. "I think that one has a communicator on it. See if you can put it to use with those exposed wires. Maybe we can give it a boost and get a call out. Lietuenant," She stepped back from the alien, having pulled a rubber fiber free from its tunic, and was using it to tie her hair back into a messy tail that was at least better than falling about her face. 

"Good thinking on watching the hallway. Keep your eyes peeled. If we can get a call out, we can hunker down here. Neither of these seem to have a tricorder, or anything like it, unless I missed it." She spun around slowly, not noticing the way she jiggled, as she tried to see if something had fallen free in the scuffle and managed to scatter itself about the stark confines of their cell, or perhaps back out into the hallway.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 09 [2055 hrs.] Girl Talk
Last post by Brutus -
[Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Quarters of the Executive Officer  | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Griff  

Confusion gave way to professed desire and Natalie felt another giggled bubbling up in her chest as she watched her friend argue over the Orion woman's role within the intelligence department. For her own part, Natalie was unsure of the Lieutenants specific duties, how much of it was publicly true versus a cover that was maintained, and what her day-to-day efforts entailed. It was one of the many things she should, as First Officer, review. When she had the time. Which was never. In truth she suspected that she did not know every little detail aboard, and that Ives still kept much to themselves in the need of utmost secrecy. Though she had been on the receiving end of a slew of eye-opening briefings in the time since she traded her black pip for a third gold pin, and her yellow tunic for one colored red. 

Setting that aside, Natalie delighted in being on the other side of the equation and watching someone else discover a truth about their preferences that they had not before realized. Lillee has her thing for spies, and I have my thing for pointed ears, apparently. This thought did not pass her lips, less she make the other woman uncomfortable, though she did glance at the blondes ears, ever so briefly. 

The moment passed swiftly however as Lillee realized the true nature of what Natalie was speaking of, and clarified matters in a way that had the XO leaping to apologize herself. "Oh no, I'm sorry. I had no idea and I haven't....well I haven't been prying into subordinates personnel files unless I have a legitimate reason to go digging. I didn't mean to drag up unpleasant memories." The words were tumbling out of her mouth before she could help herself. She took a moment to breathe deeply and settle herself, and then she smiled wanly. 

"He sounds like many men that I knew back at the Academy. It might be something in their chromosomes," she mused, laughing, and then blushing slightly as her mind traveled elsewhere. "Though, having gained something of an appreciation for my own sex, I suppose I can understand the appeal. Purely as a mental exercise in understanding others' viewpoints, of course." The XO perhaps protested too much in that regards.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 11 [2345 hrs.] Ships in the Night
Last post by Brutus -
[Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Xenobiology and Cybernetics Lab | Deck 17 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Number6 

There was more than a little bit of relief bubbling about in Natalie as Vanya sunk further into the roleplay that was developing, as well as sinking physically into the chair. As much as she enjoyed watching the statuesque beauty kneeling on the chair, the back of it hiding some of her more delicious fruits from Natalie's gaze, the off-duty XO much preferred the new pose the Romulan android had taken. Licking her lips at the sight was a natural reaction she could not prevent herself from indulging in. Vanya looked tasty, there was no other way to put it.

If you're being honest with yourself, you haven't had a moment to just drop the responsibility of XO from the instant Ives made the position permanent and you changed your collar from yellow to red. You're lucky your counselor hadn't mandated more leave for you prior to now. Natalie tactfully did not remind herself of what happened the last time Amanda tried to get Nat to relax and take some leave on Qo'noS. The detour aboard the Savi scout ship was not something that the XO wished to dwell on. Not when her girlfriend was twirling about in her self-declared Command-chair.

Something so ridiculous should not have been so damn arousing, but Natalie could feel herself growing damp at the idea of doing whatever Vanya asked - ordered - her to do. Her breath hitched for a moment as the spinning stopped, and the Romulan fixed her gaze on the very nude human woman, who still stood there under the dimmed lights, toeing the floor with one bare foot, hands clasped behind her back, resting on her ample rump. Shivering from excitement, and not at all from the slightly chilly lab air, Natalie gulped.

"Yes ma'am, very much," she let a bit of the desire bubble into her voice, while trying on the honorific for size. They were playing around with command protocols, their day to day, and Nat disliked the habit of being called 'sir' when she was in a position of authority. XO was a nice compromise, ma'am worked as well, and if someone insisted on sir, she wouldn't make a big deal of it - at least they treated her with the professional respect her rank deserved. But this was something far different. In the seclusion of the cybernetics lab, a different game was unfolding, and Natalie allowed herself to relax into the role - though she was sure that there would be exercise soon enough.

As instructed, Natalie moved across the room and came to a stop in front of Vanya. She pondered how she wanted to sit on her lovers lap, and after a moment, turned her back and bent down, plumping her bum onto Vanya's thigh, and then sliding back, with a slow, deliberate roll of her hips, pushing back in against the Romulan, looking over her shoulder. She'd seen similar movements in holodramas that she would vehemently deny every viewing, and wasn't sure if she pulled it off or not, but could hope all the same.

"Like this?"
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 11 [2345 hrs.] Ships in the Night
Last post by Number6 -
[Lt. Vanya | Xenobiology and Cybernetics Lab | Deck 17 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ]Attn @Brutus
Vanya was completely  thrilled at the game Nat was playing    She was pulling out the experience, drawing the anticipation, teasing her about what they both, clearly wanted.    That Nat was playing along, taking a submissive role showed that she wanted to play the game in her way, and Vanya was more than happy to oblige.  She had many techniques in her time, but she decided to keep it more playful for now.   With a wink she dropped Nat’s panties and  went back to the chair, gracefully pulling  it out into the centre of the room.    It would be difficult to hide what they were doing, and that’s what made it all the more fun.   She lowered herself into the chair, her green eyes not breaking contact with Nat’s exposed body.    

“As the ranking officer of this endeavour, I hereby declare that this is to be my command chair”   She chose her words very carefully.   She didn’t want the computer flagging this up to the Captain or security as an attempted mutiny.  

She opened her legs, showing her moistening sex to the other woman.    Teasingly she started to rotate in the chair, three times, each time when she faced Nat she made a point of slowing the chair down.   
“Well as command seats go, it lacks arm rests, but I think that we can find plenty to keep my arms busy, can we not?”   she gave her a sultry nod before closing her legs and patting her knee seductively.    With her feet on the floor, Vanya could easily support both of their weight without putting undue pressure on the seat.   

“I would very much like your input into the situation.   Care to join me?”  
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 18 [19:33 hours] Three brains are better than two
Last post by Number6 -
[ Lt Vanya | Xenobiology and Cybernetics Lab | Deck  17 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ]attn @Pierce 

He's a nerd Vanya mused.     She liked the nerds.   They were deeply excitable, passionate about what they did, and didn’t look at her, or her Romulan heritage as something to fear.   Then there were those who saw her as the sex bot, something to try out and enjoy without consideration to the partners of them, or her own feelings.    True, she was no stranger to transactional relationships, but she had always hoped she was more than some loners tawdry holosuite programme.  

True, Nerds did see you as a puzzle to solve, but they were like that with most people.   Its just that her base code was easier to understand for them than fellow emotional beings.    And truth be told, Vanya struggled to understand humanoids herself.   She was pleased to be his first, and despite her earlier thoughts, she had to refrain from making a joke about first timers.  

“Poor old V-9” Vanya said.   “I don’t think they like me because they don’t really have the programming to understand me.”  

She nodded as he asked her to tell her everything about herself.   “Yes. Its difficult to say.   Romulans aren’t really ones for cybernetics.    But the design and the materials are identical to my own.”  

She walked over to the PADD.  

“My brain is multitronic.    I’m sure you are aware of the Daystrom M-5 Experiments.” She said.   Daystrom was still a legend in the field of computing and artificial intelligence, even so, his multitronic Matrix resulted in the death of hundreds of Starfleet officers and was deemed a failure.  

The Romulans stole the M5 files from Starfleet.     They remained in some isolated datacore until a rogue cyberneticist found it, and began to apply the work to androids.   You see, the ultimate flaw with the M5 Unit was that it was based on the mind of Daystrom, who’s ego was unstable and unpredictable.    My creator was far more mentally stable, and Multitronic matrix was far more viable.”   

She loaded up the file.   Every last scrap of data about her that she had access to before the Theurgy broke away.    Every file was listed.   All anyone had to do was press a control to access them.   She theatrically stepped away and gestured towards the console.  

“This is… me…   everything about me.   Starfleet's analysis when they found me, what files were with me when I was found, my own notes about my performance.   Someone could one day use this data to destroy me.   I am bearing my soul to you Lieu – Alistair.   If I can trust you, its all yours.”  
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